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imageHow To Help Get More Guys Using Our Chat Rooms

Of course, members can go into chat anytime with anyone individually, but you can also get a small group into chat to help guys discover how it all works. This is actually quite simple.

For a group chat, all you do is invite guys into chat, then let them explore how it works as they chat with you, or anyone else who is in there.

Here are the 3 steps to start a chat group session:

First click on “Last 200 logins” and scroll down to see who is currently online. To the right of the photo (or non-photo) you will see “Here for:” and it shows their interests on GayTies.com. Look for those who included “Cyber/chat buddies” as one of their interests.

Second, type out (or copy and paste) a short invite such as: “I am creating a group chat season in 5 minutes, please click on 'Chat Rooms' and join us.”

Third, send this message to ALL those currently “on line” who selected “Cyber / chat buddies” as their interest.” Usually you see about a dozen members who are currently on line, AND interested in chat. Use "Send message" link under each member's photo and simply paste that message invite and send.

Do this sort of quickly so everyone gets the invite within a few minutes or so. Send this invite ONLY to those who have stated their interest in chat. Please do not invite members who are not interested. On the other hand, don’t be selective, invite everyone who seeks chat.

And …. that’s it. You are done. You don’t really need to chat with any of them, but since you invited them, it may be helpful for you to explain some features in chat.

Now, we want to explain some important points that make this work:

1. Use this “shotgun” approach and invite every interested member who is currently on line into chat, regardless of whether they have a photo, or what their age is, or where they are located. Since some are watching videos and doing other stuff, maybe only half will accept your invite. That’s fine. So don’t limit your invites to just one or two members you think are hot. This is a group affair. The more members you invite to use chat, the sooner chatting will become enjoyably contagious.

2. You guys who receive an invite to a group chat must not be offended, since you indicated this is an interest they share. Also, don’t get too caught up in who invited you, because many others will be there also who you may wish to get to know.

3. We suggest that before you send out your invites, go into chat first and click on everything. Get a little bit familiar with the rooms, how to have private “whisper” chats, and especially click on the book icon, which contains very simple chat instructions.

4. It is not critical, but the rooms are for different subjects of chat. People can chat in the Lobby, or go into a subject room to be with those of similar interest. The Kinky Basement is for guys into kink talk as well as beating off, the Boner Room is for all kinds of jo scenes, and the and Friendship Lounge is for guys seeking a non-sexual chat with cyber friends. And, you can create your own room and make it private or public.

So we ask everyone to be courteous and patient as we all get to learn more about how chat works. Finally, we suggest one other thing, … be adventurous and have fun.