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image Introducing our NEW Match Maker Program

Hi Darling, this is your Aunt Chovey here to tell you about our new Match Maker programs.

Here's the short version, Points 1 to 3:

Yes, there are two of them: Date Match, which is for nonsexual friends and causal to serious dating. But there is also a Sex Match, which is for those NSA (no strings attached) hot sex hook-ups, either in person, or over the phone or Internet. However, please follow some simple directions to allow either of these programs to produce the most and best results for YOU. Let Aunt Chovey make it all clear for you Darling.

Rules for both Sex Match and Date Match:

1. To set your wants in another person, hover or “Date Match” and/or “Sex Match” and click “Match Settings.” Check off which qualities or interests you desire in a match These stay as your defaults choices, until you change them.

2. If you are in the USA, put in your zip code and the maximum miles to seek, which is 99 miles. This is important to see who is out there for you. If you are in another country, say “France” just check off France, you cannot put in miles for countries other than for the USA. Since the country list is very long, before you check off your country, check “Uncheck All” to clear whatever may have been checked by accident. Then check your country.

Of course, if you are visiting another country, you can check (only) that one, to see who you might visit from (GayTies) over there.

3. Then hover again over Sex Match or Date Match, and this time click on “Run Match Maker.” If you get too few results, broaden your results by being less picky or too selective. Darling, the info below is really helpful in explaining how Match Maker works.

Here's the Inner Workings of Match. Points 4 to 7:

4. Both Sex Match and Date Match have many fields, which you can try to match, or just ignore, such as: Where he is from, His body type, His current relationship, Sexual interest and Endowment and so on. So the 1st rule is to leave unchecked any field that is unimportant. You can make sure of this by checking the “uncheck” box for each field so you are sure.

5. What to consider when completing the match forms: In fields that are important to you, make your select multiple answers to achieve the longest list of possible matches. You can always weed out the unacceptable one later. For example, let’s say you are into a guy who is “fit.” DO NOT JUST CHECK “FIT.” Many, many guys who are fit refer to themselves as “average” or “muscular” or even slender.

Yes, if someone one wants to be big and muscular, but he is only “fit,” he may well have marked himself as “slender.” You might think he is trim and fit, but he sees himself as slender. Therefore, Aunt Chovey suggests you check off the description you want, but also check off descriptions that may be considered close to that one. People use words differently, Darling.

Another example is say, … you want to connect with a nonsmoker. So for “smoking” you check off “No.” However, today, many polite smokers do not want to smoke when they are with non-smokers. Or, if they knew their habit bothered someone they cared about, they might just quit. If I wanted a non-smoker, I’d check off “no,” “socially,” “quitting,” and “not around nonsmokers.” I mean, Darling, if you were just an occasional smoker and had the hots for a guy who didn’t want to be around smoke, … wouldn’t you quit for him?

So be open to the many choices that are near your ideal.

Last example: Endowment. People think that most men prefer huge dicks. No, no, no, … not according the many surveys in gay magazines. Trust your Aunt Chovey, most men (certainly not all) actually prefer average dicks, not only for physical reasons, but for psychological reasons. As for cut and uncut, men seemed split.

The other kicker in here is that many men who are “cut” are only semi cut, they have a little foreskin, but not much. Do you know that half these men call themselves “cut, and half of them call themselves “uncut.” Plus, some guys call a 7 inch dick average, some call it large, and a few call it small. So again, people use words differently. Aunt Chovey’s suggestion is to leave this field blank if possible, or, if you want a small to average dick, check everything but “Huge”, and if you want an average to large dick, check everything except “small.”

6. What about guys in cyber-sex. This one is easy.

a. Go to the Sex Match, then “Match Settings” (hover), and under “His interests on GayTies,” check off the box “Cyber/chat buddies” only.

b. Under the “Erotic” section, check off “Top” AND “Versatile,” or “Bottom” and “Versatile.” (If this is important to you in your fantasy, otherwise, leave blank,

c. Under the “Erotic” section check off the specific erotic interest you seek to experience (cyber-wise). Find specific interests you’d like to work into your beat-off session, and check them off. Check off between 1 to 5 items. DO NOT CHECK OFF ANYTHING UNDER COUNTRY, LOCATION, SMOKING, ETC., BECAUSE NONE OF THOSE THINGS MATTER in a cyber-sex chat experience.

d. Then hover and select Run Match Maker

5 How about non-sexual chat? Also easy.

a. Go to Date Match, then “Match Settings,” (hover) and check off ONE box (under: His interests on GayTies) “non-sexual friends.”

b. Under the Lifestyle interest, find specific interests that you seek to talk about, and check off 1 to 5 choices. DO NOT CHECK OFF ANYTHING UNDER COUNTRY, LOCATION, SMOKING, YADA, YADA, YADA, … NONE OF THOSE THINGS MATTER in a cyber-sex chat. OK? Darling?

6. Here’s an important feature. There are 2 fields in which many interests are listed. Under Date Match we have the “Lifestyle Interest” section which list over 30 specific interests. Under Sex Match, you’ll find almost as many specific “Erotic Interests.” However (and this applies to both types of matching), if you pick 5 choices that you want in a date, those who match any one of your choices cause that person to be tagged as your match.

So if they match on 1 item, or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5, they are all considered equal matches to you. For example, if under Date Match you check off the following Lifestyle Interests: movies, camping, swimming, theater, and travel. If a member checked of ONLY movies, he will come up as your match (even though the other 4 interests were not matched).

If you really want someone as a possible travel partner, check “Travel” only. Or if you want someone specifically into photograph, check only “photography.”

7. To give examples of Sex match, the same rule apply as stated in #6). If you have a wide range of sexual interests, you can check up to 5 items, and again, a member who matches any one of those 5 will be considered a match, just as if they matched on 4 or all 5 items. That’s just the way it works. However, if you have one specific sexual or erotic interest you want your partner to have, say, to give oral sex, check ONLY “Oral sex.” Or if you want him to be into massage, check only “Massage.”