Your Daily Horoscope!

Aries Daily GayScope for October 23, 2016

You may have to walk a line between being forceful and nice today. Still, some guys won't take no for an answer, and you may have to hurt a few feelings. Be prepared to fill out a restraining order because, as we said, some guys just won't take no for an answer.

Taurus Daily GayScope for October 23, 2016

You'll spend a good deal of time getting yourself ready for romance tonight. You primp yourself just right and do your best to stave off nervousness. But then the time will come and you'll turn on the computer. Hey, romance is romance, even if it's with someone you've met online and who you've never seen.

Gemini Daily GayScope for October 23, 2016

You've heard the rumors and now it's time to meet that guy friends have warned you about. But you'll be surprised to find that he's nothing like what you heard, and he's actually quite a catch. The busybodies will be surprised to see you together, so brace yourself for a whole new slew of gossip.

Cancer Daily GayScope for October 23, 2016

You're the life of the party at dinner gatherings, but do your best to keep from falling overboard tonight. Put a limit on the libations and maybe just drink water instead. Your hosts barely tolerate you stumbling around telling everyone you love them, but they'll throw you out the minute you drop your pants.

Leo Daily GayScope for October 23, 2016

The lemmings will be out in full force wearing the stock uniform of the unimaginative gay man. But you'll eschew looking like a clone by dressing in your typically unique style. You'll proclaim proudly that you're not one of them, and they'll all secretly wish they were you.

Virgo Daily GayScope for October 23, 2016

Spending a first date at an unusual dinner spot tonight might not be the best idea. He might not be into a restaurant where the waiter is dressed like Captain Jack Sparrow and off he'll go. Hmmm, maybe you should have gone to the one that looks like a western saloon with the waiter named Wild Bill.

Libra Daily GayScope for October 23, 2016

Remember the rules of etiquette when attending dinner parties tonight. Use the proper knives and forks, place your napkin in your lap and, most importantly, sip your wine rather than guzzle it. It may seem fun at the time but dancing on the dinner table will prove to be a socially fatal mistake.

Scorpio Daily GayScope for October 23, 2016

Seeing your most recent ex out with another ex may make for a WTF moment today. But don't let feelings of jealousy ambush you. There may be a good reason why they're no longer with you, and you know in your heart that the fault may be all yours.

Sagittarius Daily GayScope for October 23, 2016

It's easy to become attracted to the outer man. But it's the smaller details that'll determine if he's sponge worthy. A body like an AandF model may be pretty to look at, but there may be a real big empty upstairs. Then again, big and stupid may be exactly what you're looking for tonight.

Capricorn Daily GayScope for October 23, 2016

It may be hard to remember to relax today. Running errands and doing chores may be hard work that eats up most of your day. So settle in at the end of the day with a glass of wine and a movie on TV. Your naked houseboy will make sure that the rest of your needs are met.

Aquarius Daily GayScope for October 23, 2016

A guy you're dating could be labeled eccentric, but you're not sure how long it will last. At first his quirks and tics were cute and endearing, but now they're annoying and downright embarrassing. You may begin to think you're dating an actual child, and not a 40-year-old man who acts like one.

Pisces Daily GayScope for October 23, 2016

You enjoy handwritten love letters from boyfriends because you're a romantic at heart. But your new man may be more into e-mail and text messaging instead. You may miss the personal touch of seeing his penmanship, but after a long dry spell you'll take whatever you can get.