Credits (to send members gifts) are a great attention getter!

GayTies Credits are free when you first join. You get 50 of them. After that, there is a small fee.

Gifts are not real objects; they are images ranging from a cup of coffee or a glass of beer, to various food items, to movie invites, to whip cream or handcuffs. Why send images and not just words? These images are very powerful and a great way to get another member's attention. So we included some of everything, a lot of erotic and kinky gifts, but also a lot of symbols of love and friendship, like a teddy bear, a rose, a puppy, or a walk on a private beach. What a great way to start online gay dating! All these images are designed to give guys you are interested in, suggestions of what you’d like to do with them ... or to them. (Smile)

Now you ask… But where do I see the gifts and how do I send them?

Easy, just click on the profile of the member you are interested in. Under his photo you will see the yellow link “Send Gift.” Click on that. Then scroll down to see all the gifts available and how many credits it take to send him that gift. Remember, each of you received 50 free credits when you joined. You may still have those. Click the tiny circle of the gift you wish to send, and add a note if you wish (nice touch). Click “Submit.” If your interest is sexual, pick a sexual gift like a dildo or cock ring. If you are interested in becoming friends, pick a nonsexual gift like a cup of coffee or a teddy bear. And if it is KINKY ... Oh my! .... Send a dog collar, or spanking paddle or bondage rope! OH, that's exciting! You will not find these special "gifts" on any other gay sites. is the place.

They are easy to buy, just click on the "Settings" tab and then "Purchase Credits" tab and pick the credits package you prefer. Credits cost as little as $5.00 for 100. So send image gifts all you want.