All about our NEW Chat Program

  • Posted on 11-01-19
Yes, We Now Have Text-Chat, Voice-Chat, AND Video-Chat!

All members,Paid or FREE, will see the blue chat box in the lower right of your screen. It’s all free to you, even video chat! Please note, when you start to up chat, nothing happens ... for about 1 minute. It usually takes 1 minute for the system to get connect. So be patient.

The first thing you should do is set your chat availability to indicate that you are, or are not available to chat. Click on the blue box at the very bottom right of your screen, then click on the 3 dots. There you can change your chat availability status to: AVAILABLE, BUSY, AWAY, OR INVISIBLE (if you don’t want to not be bothered by chat invites).

Next, click on the blued box "Contacts" Use ctrl +F5 to refresh that list of members available for chat. But you only need to do that once. It should update automatically after that. You may call anyone into chat my click on their name in the chat window. That automatically opens a text chat, just type in the bottom box. Then it is up to them to respond. If you’d like a phone or video chat, click on one of those icons. Of course, both parties need a working video cam and microphone for video chat, and a speaker and microphone for phone chat.