Having Trouble Playing Videos?

  • Posted on 07/23/2018

Fixing Your Issue:

The first thing we do when a member says they cannot play a video, we see if anyone else is having a problem playing that video. If tens of thousands of guys are playing the same videos you are having problems viewing, the issue is with your computer, not with our videos or GayTies.com. But you can do a few things to fix your issue:

First, empty your cache and delete your browser history. This usually works to free up your computer to have enough “space” to play videos. You should do this every week anyway.

Second, update your browser to the latest version.

If you have an iPad, try the Chrome browser.

Third, if you don’t already use it, we recommend Firefox browser (also called Mozilla Firefox) or Google Chrome. These work differently, try them BOTH. We think these are the best for desktop computers. BTW, we find Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to be the worst for viewing videos.

Fourth, every time your browser updates, as well as our sever software updates ... it can cause some things to work better, and other things to stop working ... until the various software issues get resolved. This we cannot help.

Fifth, understand that with today's complex internet, newer computers are required to properly do the many different tasks we ask of them. Watching videos is one of those things.

But, tell us if these hints solve your issue, please. We need to know, we want to fix it.