Having Trouble Playing Videos?

  • Posted on 02-25-19
Fixing Video Issues

We want to talk about why some videos won't play for YOU, or maybe no videos will play for you, and how you can fix those issues.

The first thing we do when a member says he cannot play a video, we see if anyone else is having a problem playing that same video. Almost always, everyone else seems to have no problem. (If others do also, we fix it ASAP.) But if tens of thousands of guys are playing that same video you are having problems viewing, the issue is with your computer, not with our videos or GayTies.com website. You can do a few things to fix your issue:

First, empty your cache and delete your browser history. This usually works to free up your computer/device to have enough “space” to play videos. You should do this every week anyway.

Second, update your browser to the latest version.

If you have an iPad,
upload the new IOS 13 for IPad.

Third, if you don’t already use it, we recommend Firefox browser (also called Mozilla Firefox) or Google Chrome. We think these are the best to play videos on your desktop computers or device. BTW, we find Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to be the worst for viewing videos.

Fourth, keep in mind that over the years (decades) videos have been made with 100’s of devices with 100’s of variations of their programs. The result is that many videos out there, many on GayTies. Have odd elements to them which not all video players can play. We on GayTies re-process videos as part of our effort to clean them up, and make them sharper. This creates a common version of video that everyone with updated equipment should be able to view.

Fifth, get a good malware removal program. THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM AN ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM. MANY ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAMS DO NOT REMOVE ALL MALWARE. we HIGHLY recommend Malwarebytes: https://www.malwarebytes.com/products/ Avoid clicking on "buy" or "premium." Don't. The free version is spectacular. NOTE: After installing, you'll get a message that the free version will expire, or to "upgrade now." Ignore those. The free version will work forever.

Special Note: Recently, iPad users have discovered that the latest version of iPad (as of Sept. 2018) will NOT play some common video formats. We have fixed this.