How to Write a Personal Ad

  • Posted on 11/21/2013

Posting Personal Dating Ads

Our ad boards (sometimes called forums) are unique to in the sense that they are not all about sex. Sex is nice; and feel free to place to find gay sex or romance, but you can also place an ad for friends: like for a guy to go to the movies with, or to go shopping or to the beach. That’s important too. Or, for those who want a roommate, there’s a board for those ads as well. We get many thank you notes from members who have found a wonderful gay partner on our website.

Find a gay partner, or a roommate, or ...

To place an ad. Make sure you read the Guidelines shown there first. Then place the ad in 3 easy steps:


1. Click on the green link, “All Personal Ads” (This is the same link you click on if you want to post or read an ad for a roommate or "Hot Topics." 


2. Now, click on the geographic area of interest to you, (usually your home state), or if outside the USA, click on "Non-USA."


3. An "Ad" is referred to as a "Topic." So, to post an ad, click on the “New Topic” button and write a title that begins with the 2 letter designation for your state and then a large city near you; such as:


FL – Miami: Seeking Sincere Guy to Date.


OH – Cleveland: Bi Guy, 36, Seeks male Oral Sex Partner.


In the body of the Ad (topic) write all the details about who you are and what you want. These are special for gay ads posting. Click “Preview” to review it, “Edit” to correct it, and when you are satisfied, click “Submit.” That’s it!


To place an ad when you live outside the USA, list the country name first (spell it out completely), then a major city near you, such as:


England - London: Top man seeks bottom for safe play.


France - Paris: Gay couple welcomes visitors.  


To respond to an Ad (topic), click on the Ad category: “All Personal Ads,” or "Roommates." Read the guideline because it contains the rules as well as sample ads. Now, click on the geographic area of interest to you, usually your home state. Read the gays ads posting. There are many gays ads posting here. When you find one that interests you, click on the "Profile" to check that member out. Then use your browser back arrow to return to the ad. If still interested, click on the “Email” button to connect that member. Make sure you mention in your ad, 1., 2. YOUR USER NAME, and 3. The particular ad you are responding to, he may have more than one ad posted.


Neat, huh!


Feel free to write a true gay's ad for a non-sexual friend, or a roommate, or new romance, or to find a fuck buddy,  or a human pup, or.....  whatever.