About Photos
Why won’t my photo upload? Your photo may be too small or not in the required JPG or GIF format.

Your profile photo must be of YOU, or your headless torso/body, either front or back, and G-rated, which means that you cannot show dick, balls or ass. You cannot have an X-rated photo as your profile photo. X-rated photos can be in your album(s), of course. Just upload a G-rated photo for your profile. This is to respect the sensitivity of others. Thank you.

To upload your profile photo: Go to the “My Profile” tab and click on “Change photo.” And upload in a G-rated photo.

Album photos can be anything legal (read and respect the Guidelines):

To upload Album photos: Go to the "Media" tab and then “Pictures” then “Create Album.” Once you create an album, click on it, and you will see “Add picture.” Click on that and upload photos to it. These can be G-rated or X-rated. Please note that all X-rated photos (photos showing nudity) must be “Mark picture as Adult” = YES.

Quality of your photos. All photos must be of good quality. The managers of this website have the right to try to improve the quality of your photos, or, if they cannot be improved to an acceptable quality, they may be deleted.

My photo is not good (too big, sideways, too dark, wrong format, needs cropping, etc.). What can I do? Send your photo WITH YOUR USER NAME, to Webmaster. Send it to GayTies@gmail.com We will correct it as much as possible and upload it to your profile page. We can only correct one photo for you which is the G-rated profile photo. Allow 24 hours.

Why can I not see other members’ photos? It is one of two reasons: You need to be a Premium Member or Paid Member to see any adult photos uploaded by members. So upgrade to a paid membership today. The second reason for not seeing member photos is because the member restricted certain photos or photo albums to his “Friends only.” Just send that person a “friend request.” Members usually accept new friends.

Personal Ads
We have several members’ Bulletin Boards for Ads and a Hot Topics (Forums). To post an ad (we call ads "Topics), click on “Personals.” Then go to the type of ad you want to post (or read). Then click on "New Topic" and write your ad. To reply to a posted ad, click on the "Post Reply" link. You will also be able to check out the poster's profile. Write your response.

1. Bulletin Board for Roommates is for all members to place an ad seeking roommates and for offering a room to rent.

2. Bulletin Board for Dating, LTR’s, friends, and casual hook-ups. You can post any ads that fit into this topic, such as seeking love, sex, or friends.

3. Bulletin Board for kinky interests: Here you can post ads (topics) or reply to them to find a contact for bondage, leather, slaves, Masters, dog and pony personas, medical play, BD, and any other safe erotic exploits.

4. Forum for “Hot Topics” - For all members to express their views on any topic in the news, for Obama, to gay rights, to health issues, to wars, to celebrities, and so on. You can either start a new topic (create a post), or add on to one that is already on-going.

5. Forum “Help” - Have a question? Questions can be about anything: How this website works, or about any of its features using the help forum. Website staff will go there regularly and respond to questions.

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Report bad behavior: It is very important to report any member who is violating our Terms of Service or any Guidelines. If you notice any one who is causing a problem for anyone, please report them to the webmaster and mention what the specific problem is. Use "Contact us" or click on any "Report" button.