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Your use of our websites and services constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the's Terms of Service and of these Community Guidelines.  You are responsible for reviewing and becoming familiar with all of these terms. As a participant in the community, you agree to act in accordance with the guidelines that follow.

In exchange for your compliance with our guidelines,'s staff is committed to nurturing a respectful, fun and lawful environment where lively discussions of LGBT issues are celebrated and honored, and where appropriate action will be taken against reported violations of this safe haven.


Only Adults May Enter, Visit, Join, Or In Any Way Use



 Adult Content allows adult content, including adult photos.  By signing up or registering to enter, you are certifying that you are 18 years of age or above. content and services are for adults only and may contain adult images or graphic language not suitable for youth.

Adult Photos
Any member can upload adult photos to their profile, but a member's main public photo cannot be adult. If you do not identify an adult photo as being adult, we will do it for you. You may also make an adult photo private if you want more control over who can see it.  We reserve the right to determine which of your photos are adult, and to deny approval of photos that do not meet our guidelines.  For example, adult photos will not be approved if they depict anyone who appears under 18 years of age, or sexual activities such as bestiality, masochism, sadism or abuse.

What We Mean By "Adult"
Depictions of the naked body, including individuals in sexual postures or activities and sexual engagements between or among individuals are considered adult.  Every depiction that falls into this category must be identified as "adult" by you, the user.

What Types Of Photos Are Not Allowed?
While we celebrate the diversity of the LGBT community, we do not permit certain pictures that we believe would place our business or our members at risk.  The types of images or pictures we may immediately remove in our sole discretion are: 


* Copyrighted images where it's clear that you do not own the copyright or have permission to use the image; this includes cartoons and other images you may have found and downloaded while searching the web.


* Pictures of children, including pictures of you as a child. (We realize you may have the best of intentions, but in the interest of keeping children safe online it is best to avoid uploading any child photos). 

* An animal in any sexual position. 

* Any drug paraphernalia or icons, including "poppers." 

* Any sort of nudity and/or sexual activity that you did not mark as "Adult." 

* Any pictures where an erection is clearly visible (clothed or not) that you did not mark as "Adult." 

* Any "scat" pictures. 

* Any photos depicting blood or violence including photos of guns, knives, razors, etc.


Objectionable Content
Member submissions that warrant further investigation and that are subject to immediate removal from the site include depictions or descriptions of violence, bestiality, incest, child pornography and any other images deems to be objectionable, a potential violation of law or compromise of user safety.  Depictions that fall into the category of unacceptable adult materials are ultimately subject to's litmus test of violation, not the user's personal opinion. reserves the right but is not obligated to remove any profile, including content and images, which we deem inappropriate for a particular site and its viewers.

Don't Be Afraid is a community dedicated to providing a conversational safe haven -- an online world where you can openly discuss the issues important to you.  If you are new to the community, participating may be a scary proposition.  But try it out.  We encourage you to jump into the conversations and see what a friendly welcome you receive.

Keeping Quiet Is Okay
Just like in any community, members have a different way of approaching new people.  If you are not the forward type, feel free to enter any of the chat rooms and look around, listen for a while.  While we suspect you'll be chatting up a storm in no time, we want you to know it's okay to watch.

Taking It Offline
While is a place to make friends and acquaintances, we encourage all members to act responsibly in choosing their offline interactions and in being conservative in the distribution of personal information, such as name, phone number and address. We cannot accept responsibility for what happens as a result of a connection made through services. does not conduct background checks or otherwise pre-screen members for criminal histories, mental illness, etc.

No Hate Here
Expressions and/or threats of bigotry, hatred, harassment and abuse are not tolerated on the network of properties. Bashers are subject to immediate removal from the site no matter the status of your membership.

Support Each Other
This is your community and we encourage you to interact with each other respectfully, peacefully and thoughtfully and in accordance with the law.  Below are a few things to keep in mind.


Welcome Newcomers. Remember what it was like to be new to the site yourself.  When you see someone new, welcome them and show them around!


Don't Attack Each Other

 Always "cease and report" when faced with a potential "flame" war.  If another member writes or says something that offends or irritates you, think before responding!  The staff is here to support you and we ask that you report the member to us, rather than engaging hostile people.  We want to take appropriate action to keep a civil, courteous and lawful atmosphere here at, but we need your help to do it.

While strong opinions and lively debate are welcome and encouraged, name-calling or personal attacks directed towards other members using our service is not allowed and violators will be subject to removal from the site.  Please keep the conversation respectful of differing opinions, and carefully consider your comments.  We urge members to work out personal differences privately.


Keep It Kind

 Hate speech is taken extremely seriously.  It is a violation of our Terms of Service and will not be tolerated.   This type of communication subjects you to immediate and permanent suspension of membership privileges and/or termination of your account without any right of a refund.  In addition, we respectfully request that you refrain from profane, defamatory, or communications that otherwise violate the Terms of Service.  If you feel another member is communicating in this fashion, tell us about it. asks that you refrain from using extremely explicit or vulgar language.  We do allow discussion of sexual topics, but we ask that members refrain from using terms or words normally considered vulgar or rude.

Stating your opinion and observations about a subject is appropriate in a topical discussion.  When stating a position as "fact," you should provide supporting documentation or a source for your position.

Be Considerate
The time and energy of every member at is valuable.  We respectfully request that you refrain from repeatedly sending messages, or extending a single monologue, even with different ideas.  In other words, let others into the conversation!

Members that post commercial advertisements, including web pages that redirect users to membership-based pay-per-use sites and escort services, are subject to suspension of membership privileges, removal of content or removal from community areas. To advertise with, please email us.

Posting offers for sale of products or services is not allowed in any part of our service with the exception of areas that we designate.  If you do offer for sale products or services, you must do so in the appropriate categories only.

Copyrighted Information
Information copyrighted by an individual or entity other than the author should never be posted or pasted within the community.  In the event this does occur, the individual posting or pasting this information will be held responsible. cannot accept responsibility for this type of unlawful communication.  See our Terms of Service and the Notice of Infringement for more information.

Customer & Member Care Team
The Staff reserves the right but is not obligated to hide inappropriate comments, messages and/or image(s), suspend members and block select privileges, based on the standards set here and in our governing Terms of Service.  Above all, the Staff has complete and sole discretion in determining if a member is complying with these guidelines or the Terms of Service.

If you are not completely satisfied with our website and your paid membership, you may have a complete refund in the first 24 hours. That is enough time for you to determine if this website is for you. After that period, there are no refunds.

Ask Us!
If you feel another member is violating these guidelines or the Terms of Service or are uncertain whether you might be or will be in violation, do not hesitate to contact us to find out for sure.  And remember, have fun!