Your Daily Horoscope!

Aries Daily GayScope for December 15, 2019

You've been kissing a lot of frogs lately, yet none of them has magically transformed into Prince Charming. Narrow your vision today, and set your sights on someone like you. Seeking out the company of like-minded people who share your interests and hobbies will give you an instant rapport, and make pillow talk all the more interesting.

Taurus Daily GayScope for December 15, 2019

You find yourself attracted to someone who's a little unusual, and who others find just plain weird. While kooky can be cute, ask yourself how his behavior meshes with your conservative views and lifestyle. It could make things really interesting, or really annoying.

Gemini Daily GayScope for December 15, 2019

Just when you thought things were getting boring, someone really different may take a place in your world today. He could come from another country or another neighborhood. But his vivaciousness has the power to transform you as he shows you new and enriching ways to enjoy life.

Cancer Daily GayScope for December 15, 2019

You find yourself attracted to intellectual people today, a good thing for an emotional live wire like you. Seek out guys who stimulate your brain as well as your bod, and you will find harmony. He doesn't have to hold a PhD, or be a member of a think tank. Maybe he's just someone you can watch 'The McLaughlin Group' with.

Leo Daily GayScope for December 15, 2019

Someone who's as brash, proud and strong as you will enter your world today, and it's freaking you out. Has the lion finally met his match? Trying to match his bombast could lead to ego clashes of Olympic proportions, and the ensuing power struggles could have you letting go.

Virgo Daily GayScope for December 15, 2019

You are Roper AND Ebert today, and nothing escapes your critical gaze. Whether it's his hairstyle, his fondness for Russian ballet or his car, you'll find something to pick apart and criticize. You are fault-finding to a fault, and it may be scaring him away. Find ways to offer constructive criticism rather than just tearing things down. There's no such thing as perfect.

Libra Daily GayScope for December 15, 2019

A recent intellectual connection has inspired you to break outside your box and try something new. It's a good day to get creative, and look no further than your own home. Maybe it's time to change the color scheme of the bedroom, or look through swatches for the perfect curtain fabric. Feathering your nest will give you the feeling of comfort and security.

Scorpio Daily GayScope for December 15, 2019

You may think you are a member of the Carrington family as problems with older relatives tap into your inner Alexis. Avoid emotional outbursts as conflicting ideas stir the pot. No one can get to you quite like your family, but patience and understanding could make you one big happy one again.

Sagittarius Daily GayScope for December 15, 2019

Go green, and do something for Mother Earth today. Teach others the value of recycling, ride your bike to work or pick up trash you may find on the beach or hiking trails. Environmentalism may be a global issue, but it starts with one person doing their part. That means you, mister.

Capricorn Daily GayScope for December 15, 2019

Your well laid plans for the future may not be going as well as you like, and you may be thinking of a new approach. You're never one to break out of a routine, but look to see how a slight course change could have you sailing in smooth waters again.

Aquarius Daily GayScope for December 15, 2019

Get on your soapbox and let your voice be heard today, especially about topics that are near and dear to your heart. You are excited about the world around you, and others will be inspired by your intelligence and passion. If your words have people supporting a cause or taking action, you've done your job.

Pisces Daily GayScope for December 15, 2019

Recent clutter in your life is making it hard to focus, and you may be losing touch with your inner self. Take some time today to slow down and daydream about future careers, future lovers, future happiness, future everything. Dreaming is the first start to building a better tomorrow. You can't build a future unless you dream about it.