Membership Levels

Membership Levels & Benefits

Basic Members (free): Is for those who want a quick sign up (short form) mainly to see free photos and free videos. Quick and easy, no photo or long registration form required. You will see 90% of the total website content. (You may upload a photo and complete the longer form anytime you wish and get more benefits.)

Regular Members (free): Is a member who wants to see the free video and photos, but also want to connect and interact with other member. You complete the long form and get to send and receive messages from all members, use chat, have friends, and many other benefits.

FREE Premium Members: If a Regular or Basic Member uploads an approved profile photo (does not have to show your face), he gets a free 2-day upgrade to Premium Member and can see everything. Nothing is blocked. See all photos and video, and download them free. After the 2-days, you return to a Regular Member, unless you pay for an upgrade to Paid member. (There is only one free 2-day upgrade per member.)

Paid Premium Members: Photo and the longer signup form not required. Click on the green “Upgrade” link and select a term, and pay a small fee. You are upgraded instantly. Nothing is blocked. Optionally, it’s a good idea to upload a photo and complete the longer registration form so other members will be more likely to connect with you, and interact.

Sponsoring Members: These are members who want to support this website a little more. They pay a little more, but they also get special benefits no one else gets. No photo is ever required for Sponsoring Members, but then again, a photo helps people to get to know you.


Here is what Basic Members, and all other members get to do:


View 75% of all videos in Video Library, over 30,000

View 75% o all photos in Photo Gallery, over 40,000

FREE (one-time) 2-day upgrade with approved photo

Quick Search

View and contact all members

View all regular photos

Send Winks to say "Hi" to other members

Post comments on all regular photos

Post comments on regular videos

Block any members from contacting you

Block the GayTies routine newsletters.



                                                                          Upper Level Member Benefits 

Features for UpgradesBasic Regular Premium Paid Sponsor or Gold
See 4,000 extra Bonus video No No No
Yes Yes
Able to download video No No No Yes Yes

See adult material on GayTies No No Yes Yes Yes
Use Advanced Search No No No Yes Yes

Save this many searches 0 0
10 20
Can create this many photo albums 1 1
2 5 5
Can read Kinksville stores all at once No No No Yes Yes
Can view other members' friends No No No No Yes

Can view other members' visitors No No No No Yes
Album can have this many photos 4
Can post comments on adult photos No No No Yes Yes
Can password-protect albums No No No Yes Yes

Can send private messages per day 5 5 10 No Limit No Limit
Can store message for this # of days
30 30
90 120 120
Can upload this many intro videos 0 1
Can create Fav Video for easy finding 5 5 10 No Limit No Limit

Can have favorites members 5 5 10 100 100
Can view others’ favorites No No No Yes Yes
Can view others’ friends No No No Yes Yes