020 Football Team Initiation: The Sequel

Football Team Initiation: The Sequel
Part 1 of 4

From the original story: we saw how Kelly Peterson, a 16-year-old, had transferred to a Manchester High School as a sophomore. He was bright and had lots of friends at his previous school. Those friends, friends in general, were an important part of his life. Friends were a fabulous support group and he loved -- and needed -- that acceptance. So when he joined Manchester High’s variety football team (because he was a star on the football team in the school he just came from) he hoped to make new friends quickly.

The first week or so, he was the odd man out in the locker room. But then his whole world opened up. Kingsley Fisher, the football team’s captain, AND THE MOST POPULAR STUDENT at Manchester, came up to Kelly and put his arm around his neck and said he’d like to be his friend. Kelly could not believe his good luck. He was enamored with Kingsley. Kingsley Fisher was his way into the elite circle of friends on the team. He was in.

But, Kingsley had other plans. He saw the emotional power he had over Kelly, and he lusted in the power. He and the other central members of the varsity team would toy with Kelly, trick him and abuse him, little by little. Over time, Kingsley turned bright, charming Kelly into their lap dog, literally. They humiliated him and publicly embarrassed him, all because they blackmailed him into doing whatever they said. He was even required to get their permission to take a piss, and he had to wear the silly, pink faggoty clothes they made him wear!

Well, it got to a point where Kelly Peterson could take no more. He had enough. He came to his senses. After a long night of being humiliated, and when everyone left his apartment, Kelly collapsed in exhaustion. Cried. And then picked himself up. And so his new life – without Kingsley Fisher and his cohorts on the Manchester High Variety football team – would begin. Kelly recounts his “new” life.

Continuing: I took a very long hot shower, pissed and shit without getting anyone's permission, got dressed in my own clothes, and left the house before Kingsley arrived to pick me up. I took the city bus to school and felt a freedom I had not felt in days. Everything looked and felt better. I was a bit nervous because I knew I would have to face the senior boys at school, but if they caused any trouble, I would just go to the principal. I felt like a human being for the first time since getting hooked up with Kingsley. I even thought about asking a girl from my class out on the weekend.

I arrived at school very early and found an empty classroom where I actually did some homework and got caught up. As the time approached for my first class, I got my courage together and went out onto the school grounds to breathe fresh air. It wasn’t until after the first hour that I saw Kingsley. He was walking with some girl, his arm slung around her shoulder, his hand playing with her tit. She looked so proud to be with him. I couldn't turn and run, so I just walked up to him.

"Hi, Kingsley,” I said, trying to sound casual. He stood there in front of me, his fingers pinching the nipple of the freshman girl. I thought of how he had pinched my nipples the night before. A strange tingle went through me. He smiled.

"Kelly.” He had a way of saying my name that was so fucking sexy. He drew it out, almost as if he had a Southern accent. "I came to pick you up this morning, and you weren't there.” He made it sound like I was a really naughty boy who needed to be punished.

"Eh, yeah, well, I had to get to school early. I had some stuff to do.”

He sensed my antagonism. He stood up a bit taller and his hand stopped fingering the udder of the freshman cunt next to him. “I see,” he said at last.

"Yeah, I'm gonna be pretty busy for the next few days. See you around.” I said. I was feeling better and better about this. I brushed passed him and went down the hall. I didn't dare look back.

At lunch, the varsity team members never even approached me. Well, they were busy anyway because Ted had pissed in the faculty lounge coffee urn, and so they were all having a ball laughing at it. I felt free. I sat with some kids from the sophomore class and actually laughed and joked myself.

Everything went fine until after gym class. I was coming out of the shower with my towel wrapped around my waist when I saw six or seven sophomore boys standing around the bulletin board that announces the upcoming games and shit like that. They were giggling like school girls and nudging each other in the ribs. The boys all wore towels around their waists but were otherwise naked from the shower. As I approached the bulletin board my blood ran cold. I could see what had been posted there. A photo of me licking Kingsley's cock and a note above it saying:

“Kelly is a faggot cocksucker. He will suck any student who needs to blow a load. His phone number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX”

I stood there in a panic, but unable to do anything. My entire life had just been ruined for crossing Kingsley and the varsity team. Now I had to get out of this school. I stormed to the board, pushed some of the sophomore boys aside and grabbed the photo. "IT’S A FUCKING LIE!” I screamed as the guys kept laughing. “It's just a picture of some faggot who looks like me,” I turned to face six guys who had formed a circle around me. They were all my age and all pretty buff for teenaged boys.

"It's not a lie, Kelly. That's you in the photo. You sucked Kingsley's dick.”

"If that's true, then Kingsley is a faggot too!” I protested.

"Oh come off it, homo! Everybody knows that it's okay for guys to get blown by queers. The only one who is a faggot is the one who sucks, and it looks like you are the one who is sucking." Somebody whipped my towel off, leaving me bare-naked and surrounded by teenage dudes. "I'll bet he gets a hard-on just hanging with us in the locker room here. He probably throws a boner watching us shower.” The locker room was hot and smelled of steam, water, and boy sweat.

"I'll bet he'd like some cock up his pussy too,” Another boy jabbed and slapped my ass globe really hard. I pulled away, my dick and balls swinging. I backed down between a row of lockers, the six or seven sophomore boys following.

"It’s all a lie, I tell you. It’s not me in the photo, it’s been doctored or something. You know how you can do that on computers. It’s just a joke, fellas,” I was half crying, half screaming in anger.

"Then … how about these photos, are these all fake too?” I heard Kingsley's voice behind me. He flipped a stack of photos at the sophomores who grabbed them up like lottery tickets. I got a glimpse of them, me naked and beating off. Me crawling. They had taken photos of me in secret for the last few days, through all the shit they had made me do, they had taken photos and not told me. "This is you all right, Kelly. Here’s a photo of you right outside of your own locker. I recognize it and you are masturbating. What a fucking homo.”

"Jesus, look at this photo. He's looking at seventh-grade boys and beating his meat.” Another guy chimed out in disgust. It was true. They weren’t that young, but some younger students were in the background of the photo. They had taken a photo when I was forced to perform in front of the freshmen’s class athletes.

"I say we turn him in. The police would love this.”

"I say … we beat the shit out of him.” Nothing like a bunch of rowdy 17 and 18-year-old boys all worked up, I could feel the fever pitch of their group anger.

"Naw, fellas,” Kingsley spoke up but calmly, “that would create a scandal for the school. And we don't want that in the middle of our football season. Shit, we're going to state this year. I say we keep him around to play with. Let him do chores for us, you know, some of our homework. Clean up our filthy gym shit, clean the toilets, anything we want. Some of us seniors already got him doing ‘things' for us. If you know what I mean,” Kingsley laughed.

"Jeez, Kingsley. Could we make him suck our dicks too?”

"I don't see why not. I think we should keep his little pussy mouth real busy as much as we can. But the faggot owes you all an apology. He lied to you. You lied to them didn't you Kelly?" I stood there naked, a fully clothed Kingsley on one side of me and seven teens wrapped in towels on the other. I was shaking so bad my teeth were chattering. I was fucking terrified.

"Don't. Don't do this Kingsley. I'm sorry about this morning. Please, don't do this."

Kingsley shook his handsome head. "You gotta learn never to cross me, Kelly. You gotta learn that if you cross me, you get punished. Now I want you to apologize to these dudes and tell them that you are a cock sucking faggot.” I shook my head.

"It was part of a Football team initiation,” Kelly shakily defended himself. “I like girls. I can prove it to you. I … I … I had a girlfriend at my last school. You can call her, email her … ”

“Yeah. Maybe we can all fuck her!” One boy said, and everyone laughed. There's a certain erotic tension in the air when teenage boys talk about sex. I don't know what it is. The very way a teenage boy says the word fuck is so different from the way adults say it. It sounds thicker, heavier, fuller of cum. It’s so much dirtier.

"Oh come on, Kelly," Kingsley said laughing. "Who would suck dick to get on a Football team?" Kingsley pushed on, "Apologize Kelly, or it will get much worse for you. These photos will go all over the school as well as to the police.” I was trapped. What could I do? Am I a coward? Do you think I am a weakling?

“I'm sorry, I lied to you guys,” I muttered weakly.

“Tell them you are a faggot cocksucker,” Kingsley said softly and with confidence.

"Kingsley, please,” and Kingsley bitch slapped me right in front of all the guys. The room grew quiet. No one was laughing, but seven sophomore guys were getting turned on, watching Kingsley work me over. Kingsley grabbed my nipples.

“Look at these bitch nipples; he must play with them every night." They were still sore and red from the previous night. "Tell them, bitch, tell them you are a faggot cocksucker.”

"I, I, oh God, no please,” WHAP, WHAP. He slapped me twice more. My head flew from side to side. The room spun. "TELL THEM ASSHOLE. TELL THEM YOU ARE A COCK SUCKING FAGGOT FAIRY.” Kingsley demanded.

"I'm a faggot cock, a faggot cock sucker!” I sobbed. Kingsley demanded I shout it out loud.

"I'm a faggot cocksucker.”

"Louder, Cunt mouth.”

"I AM A FAGGOT COCKSUCKER!” I screamed and my voice rang through the locker room. There, my life was over. I am all finished. I sobbed and cried.

"Now to show these real men that you respect them, I want you to crawl over to them and I want you to lick the bare feet and toes of each boy. Suck on all these manly toes."

“Holy shit,” one of the jocks laughed and lifted a muscular arm to run his fingers through his hair. I saw his hairy armpit. They were so masculine, these boys. So tough. I was a sissy. I was no match for them. My head spun. I fell to my knees and started to crawl on hands and knees over to them. The guys laughed in amazement.

"No, not on hands and knees, slither on your belly like the fucking slug you are," Kingsley said, still in charge, as always. I dropped to my belly onto the wet tiled floor of the locker room. I pushed myself along on my chest and stomach, naked toward the waiting boys.

I was surrounded by naked teenage male feet. My heart felt like it would burst from my chest. I couldn't get enough air. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue and licked the nearest foot. "Suck their toes. Pretend they are little boy dicks,” Kingsley said, and everyone laughed again. Fortunately, the guys had all just showered. Still, some of their feet never lost the smell. I sucked on the toes of the first boy.

"Oh fuck, I'm throwing a boner,” he laughed as I sucked his toes. "Clean in between each of the toes as well.” I crawled on my stomach from boy to boy, sucking and licking his feet and toes. Someone got the idea of snapping my naked ass with a wet towel.

"His ass is still a little red from yesterday guys. Some of us seniors had to discipline him with our belts, Kingsley declared. “From now on, if he doesn't do everything you want, just take a belt to his ass.” After I had finished that, I was given all their dirty jockstraps and told to suck them clean. It took me a long time. Then Kingsley told me he would drive me home after school. Just as I had finished dressing, he grabbed me by the neck and steered me into the toilet area of the locker room. The bell rang. Kingsley whipped out his big thick prick. "Suck me off, faggot. Hurry up. Seeing you like that, got me all worked up." I couldn't even fit all of his dick in my mouth and he kept saying we had to work on that like it was a school project or something. He had the head of his fuck hose down my throat, and three inches still never got into my mouth. He fucked my mouth like it was a virgin cunt until my throat was raw and sore. I sobbed and tried to beg him to stop, but what can you do with fuck meat that size half way down into your gullet?

He dumped a load into my stomach and pulled out. He wiped his cock slop in my hair. "I'd have you lick it clean, but I don't have time. I'll see you after school. And boy, are you going to get punished for trying to skip out on us." I sat on the floor of the toilet and cried.

I was sitting there on the floor of a toilet stall, next to the toilet bowl crying, when I knew I had to puke. You know that feeling. Kingsley shoots so fucking much cum that it's like a mixing bowl full of cake batter being dumped down your throat. My stomach lurched and then tightened, and then I felt dizzy. I crawled to my knees and stuck my head over the toilet bowl and puked up all of Kingsley's cum along with any food that was in there. It hung in strings from my mouth and floated on top of the dirty toilet water. Some of it was thick with globs of something in it that looked like glue, other parts of it were watery and stringy, I heaved and heaved, re-tasting the jock's cock spooge in my mouth. I felt miserable.

"Kingsley's not going to like that,” came a voice from behind me. I jumped and still holding onto the porcelain toilet bowl, turned to see who was watching me. It was Liam, a wise-ass 15-year-old freshman at my school. Liam was younger than me. He was standing there in his blue underwear, scratching his belly with a huge grin on his face.

"Leave me alone, will ya, I 'm sick," I said, meaning every word of it.

"Course you're sick. You’ve been gulping down so much dick snot it’s no wonder. You’ve been slurping more prick than an addicted slut. Still, Kingsley wouldn't like it if I told him you puked up his baby batter.” Liam was a really cute kid who was also popular with lots of the girls. He had a farm boy fresh look about himself. His hair was fairly short and he let it hang over his forehead like a kid, with a floppy uncombed look. His body was buff.

"I'm serious, Liam, leave me alone; get lost!” I sat there on the bathroom floor, feeling awful.

"I'm serious too. You want me to go tell Kingsley you puked up his nice fresh fuck sauce?"

"No, Liam, I do not want you to tell Kingsley anything. I'm in a real bind with those guys, so please be a bud and cut me some slack, Ok?”

He grinned again and rubbed his hard smooth belly. "Sure dude. I won't tell Kingsley or the other seniors if you do a little favor for me.”

Here it comes, I thought. What the fuck was happening to me? To my life? I was an ordinary normal straight high school sophomore just a few days ago. How had it come to this? "Everybody wants a fucking favor from me!” I spat, still not feeling very good.

"Hey, that's no way to show me respect. You want me to talk to Kingsley? OK, I will.” He turned away.

"No, wait!” I couldn't have that. I was already in deep shit with Kingsley and the seniors. "What do you want?”

"A nice wet blowjob, for starters.” Jesus, how many dicks had I sucked? What was happening to me? "Come on Liam, I'm no faggot and you know it.”

"I saw the photos. You seemed to like swinging on Kingsley's fuck meat."

"I didn't, I hated it. Honest. He made me. I had no choice.”

"Oh, come on, Kelly, when it comes to dick slurping, a dude always has a choice. Personally, I rather die than suck dick. I mean it. I can't think of anything more disgusting for a dude to do. But you caved and ate prick. Now I want a really good, wet, sloppy respectful cock suck from you." Liam told me.

"Please, I am begging you, Liam, cut me some slack here.”

"I don't want to stand here all period and argue. Either you agree, or I go tell Kingsley you were puking up his spooge.” I slammed my fist into the stall wall in anger. He was like the youngest kid in school at only 15.


He shook his cute head. "That's not all,” Liam spoke calmly in a soft tone, “You blow all the guys. I want you to … ”

I abruptly stopped him. "I DO NOT BLOW ALL THE GUYS. I AM NOT A FUCKING HOMO, GOD DAMN IT.” He raised his hands defensively.

"Okay, dude, still I want something special. I want something Kingsley and the other varsity team members don't get. I want a special sign of respect from you. I want you to suck my ass!” There I was on the floor next to the toilet!


"You want me to talk to Kingsley then?”

"Liam, be serious, you can't mean it. I can't lick a guy's ass.”

"I said suck not lick, but now you mention it, I want you to lick it too. Right in the ass crack, up and down and then lick my asshole, and then stick your tongue up into my shitter and suck on my rectum.”

"How can you even suggest something so sick? What makes you even say something like that?” He scratched one pec. “I can't believe you are serious.” I looked up at the hunky young jock with glazed eyes. I was so confused and beaten by then. He put his hands on his knees and leaned down toward me.

"I am dead serious, buddy.”

"Oh fuck, all right. But you can't tell anyone what I did.”

"I swear on my mom’s grave.”

"Your ma is alive."

"If she knew about this it would kill her.” He laughed. "First, strip down, I want you naked when you do it, like some cheap faggot slut.” I couldn't believe what I had just agreed to. I know what you are thinking about me at this point, but let me ask you, what else could I do? They had me by the balls, all of them. It was getting worse and worse. Liam could tell other guys if I didn't do what he wanted, and I couldn't risk Kingsley getting any more pissed at me. I stood up and quickly stripped until I was bare-assed naked.

"Let’s do it, but only for a few seconds. I'll probably puke again." I dropped to my bare knees.

"I'll tell you how to do it and how long. But before you suck my asshole and dick, I want you to lick all Kingsley's cum out of the toilet.” Liam was extremely confident, since everything he wanted from me he knew he could get, just from the threat of telling Kingsley.

"You are fucking nuts!” WHAP. He lifted one naked foot and kicked me right in the face. I thought he had broken my nose for a minute.

"You show me respect, faggot. You never speak to me that way. You understand?”

"Yes." I moaned, holding my nose. Then he made me add the ‘Sir.’ I mumbled to a boy younger than I.

"We have to have an understanding here, cum sucker. I tell you what to do, and you do it. It's simple.” It seems like lots of guys had been saying that same thing to me. What the fuck was I, slave to half the world?

"Now Kelly, you just stick your pretty little head into that toilet bowl and lick that cum scum off of that toilet water. And I want to see it all gone when you are finished.” Fortunately, I hadn't had much to eat, and the crap in the toilet was mostly cum and only a little vomit. Listen to me justifying eating puked up cum out of a toilet, like it wasn't so bad. I must be fucking nuts myself. I was so damned confused. I stuck my head in the toilet bowl and scooped up as much of the barfed up cum as I could on my tongue. I gagged and Liam laughed.

Football Team Initiation: The Sequel
Part 2 of 4
br> "Don’t puke up anymore, or you'll have to lick that up as well.” This high school junior was standing there, playing with his teenage dick through his underpants and watching me with an amused smile on his face. "Come on, dude, get it all up. Eat that cum like a good cum toilet.” The toilet water helped. It really did. Does that sound sick? Well, it did. The water thinned out the cum and puke and actually tasted cold and refreshing. Finally, I had re-swallowed all the cum. "Good boy, Kelly. You are coming along real good. Now I need my prick sucked real bad. Look at this fat fucker.” He flipped his fat teen dick out from his underpants. It was throbbing and leaking. "Do you like it, Kelly?” I knelt before him.

"I don't like prick. I am not a faggot.”

"Tell me how much you like my fuck meat. Tell me how beautiful my cock is.”

I hung my head. "Your cock is very beautiful, Liam. I really like it.”

"Lift your face and look at it when you say that.” Jesus, I felt like one of his little freshman dates. I stared at the thick, pulsing, dripping cunt buster.

"I really like your cock, Liam. It is a very beautiful cock.”

"Then beg me to suck it. Beg me, ass wipe!”

"Please, may I suck your big fat beautiful dick?”

"Beg more. Tell me how you think about my prick all the time, and how you have wanted to suck it ever since you first saw it in the shower." I would have cried again, but I was out of tears. I was just so tired. It seemed impossible to refuse this kid who was a year younger than me.

"I think about your big fat dick all the time, Liam. Ever since I saw you in the shower last week, I can't think of anything else. I want to suck it so bad.”

"Get yourself hard, so I can see how much you want it.” I knelt on the floor, beating my meat, looking up at his teenage dick. "Okay, Faggot, lean in and lick my balls." I leaned in and stuck out my tongue. I began to lick his full, fleshy scrotum. Let's face it, what guy doesn't like to get his balls licked? Liam stood there, legs wide, moaning as I wet down his balls with my spit. "Awesome, you are better than a cunt. Now lick up and down the dick stalk.” His fat teen fucker drooled a bit on my face as I licked up and down the throbbing prick shaft.

It seemed to take forever, he loved it. He just stood there panting while I licked his cock root to helmet. "Jesus, you are some awesome faggot cocksucker. No wonder Kingsley likes to get it from you.” He grabbed my hair and impaled my face on his prick. He had about seven inches of dick, maybe seven and a half. Very thick. Easier to take than Kingsley's of course. Or Ted's. His prick was swelling and pulsing in my mouth, his cock-knob pushing down into my throat. All of a sudden, he pulled out and stepped out of his blue briefs. He turned around and reaching back pulled apart his muscular ass cheeks.

"Okay, faggot, now suck my ass!" What happens to a boy when he sucks his first ass? Is he ruined for life? Is it all over for him. Can he ever respect himself again? How could I stand doing it? Sticking my face in between the ass cheeks of a 15-year-old jock. Licking up and down his ass crack. Tasting and smelling ass! I HAD NO FUCKING CHOICE. NONE! I couldn't help it. I licked his ass. I licked jock teen ass. I swiped my tongue up and down in his ass crack, gagging a bit, but able to do it.

"Okay, tongue my shithole!” He was beating his meat while I licked his ass. I looked at the tiny puckered pink asshole. There was a little hair around the asshole. I hoped he was clean. I ran my tongue over his rosebud. “Oh Jesus, fuck yeah! Oh shit, that feels good, faggot. Stick your tongue in my asshole, tongue my fucking shithole!” It was inhuman what he was asking of me, and inhuman what I was doing. It made me some kind of animal. I was an ass sucker now. I could never NOT be an ass sucker again. And not a chick's ass, a guy’s ass! I WAS SUCKING A GUY'S ASS!” Could there be any more perverted act on earth? I had my tongue up into the asshole of a teenage jock. I had my tongue in the hole where his shit came from!

"Oh Yeah, Kelly. Get that tongue way up there. Way up my fucking rectum." He spread his cheeks more and pushed his muscular ass back against my face. "Oh Jesus, yeah, oh that feels fucking fantastic." He was yanking on his dick so hard, I thought he might pull it off. You know how hard teenage boys jerk on their meat when they masturbate, they yank it hard with all of their strength, rough, fast, hard pulls of prick flesh.

"Quick, put the back of your neck on the rim of the toilet!” Huh? What the fuck. So I pulled my tongue out of his asshole. “You heard me, sit on the floor and lean your head back on the toilet rim and look up at the ceiling.” I did as he asked, and then …

HE SAT DOWN ON MY FACE. HE SPREAD HIS ASS AND SAT DOWN RIGHT ON MY FACE! I COULDN'T FUCKING BREATH. "Suck ass, suck ass, Faggot!” He forced his asshole down onto my mouth, I shoved my tongue up his shit chute, hoping he would shoot a load and have done with it. "Oh yeah, oh yeah, suck ass bitch, don't just tongue it, suck that fucking ass, Bitch!” The room spun. I was smothered by his ass. I started to suck on the ring of his asshole while my tongue was still up him. "Oh yeah, fuck, I'm shooting, oh shit, I'm shooting.” He grunted and bounced on my face. Then it was over. He got up. My face was covered with ass sweat and spit.

He looked down at me. "You are fucking disgusting, you know that? A fucking disgusting pig!” He nodded toward the stall wall, I saw his fresh load of teen cum running down the wall, over the dried pecker tracks of other boys who had beat off in the stall. "Lick it up, faggot.”

"For Christ's sake, Liam, you can’t … ” I never got the rest out. He grabbed my head by the hair and slammed my face into the stall wall. "I said lick up my dick snot!" I licked the dripping teen jock sperm off the stall wall, gagging not to puke again.

"Just a minute, stay where you are.” He disappeared. I couldn't move if I'd wanted to. I was numb. I was in shock. Cum dripped from my lips and my chin. I used to be a cute NORMAL, STRAIGHT TEENAGER with a nice girlfriend. Liam came back, holding a glass. He smiled sweetly at me. "I figured you might be thirsty after all that ass sucking and spooge swallowing.” He held the glass under his now flaccid prick and pissed into the glass.

"Ohhhh no, no, no, no, no, please,” I started to sob, dry sobs.

"Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.” He laughed and shook the last drops of piss from the big head of his wrinkled dick. "Drink up, Kelly.” He held the piss filled glass out to me. I had honestly never known until the last few days that human beings could be so sadistic. I had never known that teenage boys could get such a thrill abusing and degrading a fellow teen. What is it about teenage boys that make them that way? Why do they get such a kick humiliating and unmanning another dude? Is that trait in every teen boy?

I drank the glass of Liam's piss and didn't puke it up. I guess I should have been proud. He pulled up his underpants. "Wait here!” he said. Then he went away. He came back five minutes later dressed. "Good little pussy, waits, just like he's told to do. Jesus, you are really disgusting Kelly, you know that? I can't fucking stand you!” He scooped up my clothing and sauntered off with it. "Liam, NO! MY CLOOOOOOTHES!” But he was already out the door and into the school.

There I was, on the floor of a toilet stall with no clothing. I cleared my head and ran to my locker. There I found my gym shorts, nothing else. Well, it was better than nothing. I put on the white shorts. There wasn’t even a tee shirt. I realized then that I would have to go home wearing only shorts. That meant I couldn’t ride the bus. I’d have to walk. I knew I would look really stupid, but rationalized it that maybe I could pretend I was a jogger, doing some kind of fitness run. About twenty kids saw me and pointed and laughed as I left the building.

I got home two hours later. I called the school secretary to tell her I had gotten suddenly sick and left school. I endured the secretary’s tirade that I was supposed to report to the office before I left, then hung up and immediately crashed on my bed and fell asleep.

At 3:30 PM the telephone rang. “It’s Kingsley, you fucking ass wipe. What the fuck do you think you are doing?”

“I had no clothes man, that fucking junior jock took all my clothes.”

“Look, faggot, that’s not my problem. You can’t blame some kid for having a little fun with you. You should have let me know and waited for me to drive you home. Now you have a whopping big punishment ahead of you. I’ll telephone you later tonight.”

“But my ma is coming home and … ” He hung up on me.

I spend the afternoon cleaning the house and getting things sorted out for my ma’s return. She got in about five, bushed as usual. We talked for a couple of hours, and I made dinner for us. I didn’t tell her about any of the shit at school. I just couldn’t bear it. She told me she had to go out of town for the weekend. I was getting used to it. We both knew, her future at the company depended on it. We watched some TV then she fell asleep on the couch. About 9:30 the phone in my bedroom rang. I ran up and picked it up.

“Are you bare-assed, Fuck head?”

“No way, man, I was with my ma.”

Kingsley snorted. “Were you sucking her pussy?”

“Kingsley, please leave my mother out of this!”

“Shut the fuck up, faggot, or I’ll make you fuck her. Now get your clothes off now. You know you are to be bare-assed whenever you are in your room.”

“Kingsley, I can’t do stuff now. Can’t you wait until my mother leaves town again? She’ll be gone all weekend.” Telling him that was a mistake I should never have made. But I didn’t realize that until days later.

“You got 15 seconds to get bare-assed naked and stand in front of your bedroom window that way, so we can see that you followed orders.”

I tore my clothes off and stood there buck naked. I moved to the window with the telephone in my hand. “Kingsley, I’m naked, but please don’t make me stand here in front of the window. Anyone across the street could see me.”

“You got 15 seconds to turn on every light in your room, then raise the blinds and stand in front of your window.”

I’m only 16 years old. Don’t you think God would have a little pity on me? I felt myself near to tears again but forced myself to stop being such a sissy. I turned on the big overhead light and the lamp near the window. Then I raised the blinds. I could see Kingsley’s car parked out front with five guys packed into it. I’ll bet they were having the time of their lives laughing at me.

“You look really cute up there, Kelly. Take one step back, so the light hits the front of your body and your face.” I stepped back and the light played across my chest, stomach, and prick and balls.

“Now Kelly, play with your dick until it is standing up nice and stiff.”

“Kingsley, I am begging you.”

“And I am fucking sick of your begging. Now get your dick hard.”

I fingered my dick and rubbed my nuts until my cock started to thicken, then I pumped it. I stood there in front of the window jerking off. I could see lights across the street in the Johnson’s house. That made me more nervous.

“Good girl, Kelly, now turn to the side so we can see your stiff dick in profile. Put your hands behind your back and rub your ass cheeks. And stick those tits way out.” I heard wild laughter in the car over the phone. I turned to give them a profile shot of my hard dick.

“Now get your bare ass down here to our car, I got a little present for you.”

“You want me to come outside naked?”

“You got it bitch, and your dick better be hard when you reach the car, or we’ll make you do it all over again.”

“Kingsley, my ma is downstairs. She’s on the couch watching TV.”

“Then you better be real quiet going past her. And you better be quick, or I’ll start blowing the car horn.”

I turned and ran from my room and down the hall to the stairs naked, my fat dick bobbing, and my teenage balls swinging. I felt so degraded, so ashamed. I tiptoed down the steps as fast as I could, my bare feet feeling funny on the carpet. I then moved quickly passed the living room where my ma was sleeping on the couch, to the front door and outside. My dick was growing limp from fear, so I had to stop to jerk it back to erection. I had never felt so naked, so vulnerable in my life. I dashed down the steps toward Kingsley’s car. When I reached the car, I could see Ted and Lester and Mack, and another guy, and Kingsley all busting a gut with laughter. I tried the door, but it was locked. I wrapped on the window. Kingsley opened it just a crack.

“Yes?” he said, imitating a butler in a B-rated horror flick.

“Please Kingsley, someone is sure to see me.” It was a cool night and I hopped from one bare foot to the other on the grass.

He spoke through the small crack in the window. That’s too bad, and it’s too dark. How can I see if your dick, is hard or not?”

I gave my dick a couple of pumps. “It is, I promise you.” I held my hard prick up to the car window for them to see.

“Nope, I can’t see. It’s too dark. Go stand in front of the car, in the headlights.”

“Jesus! God in Heaven, don’t do this to me, Kingsley. My ma is right inside, and the neighbors are all up.”

“You got five seconds to get in front of the car, or I lay on the horn.”

I ran to the front of his car and stood there. Then the headlights came on high beam. They all watched me like frightened deer. I stood there, 16 years of naked boy flesh, a totally bare teen boy, in the bright glare of the headlights. I heard the guys in the car screaming with laughter. Kingsley yelled from the car. “Now masturbate your dick for us, give us a show.”

In the glare of the car's headlights, I stood there jerking on my cock for the gang of jocks. I wanted to die. It was indescribably horrible. When my prick was belly slapping stiff, I showed it to them.

“Now turn around spread your ass cheeks and show us your pussy.” I did, grabbing an ass globe in each hand and spreading, so my crack and hole showed to the boys in the car.

“Bend over,” came Kingsley’s command. I did. “Push that pussy out toward us.” I did. Then the lights went out, and I almost collapsed from relief.

“Get over here, fuck face, we got a present for you.”

I stumbled to the driver’s side of the car, and Kingsley handed me a bag through the gap in the window.

“Take this upstairs to your room and follow the instructions. This is your punishment.”

He hit the ignition, and the gas, and pulled away, blowing on the horn, leaving me standing there bare-assed outside with a hard-on, and holding the bag. I looked up and saw two heads in the upstairs window of the Johnson’s house. Someone was watching me. I turned and raced to my house, leaped two stairs at a time and went inside.

“Honey, is that you?” My ma said from the couch, sitting up and turning.

“Yeah ma, it’s nothing.” I raced by the opening to the living room and hit the stairs, three at a time, down the hall and into my room where I locked the door.

“Kelly is everything all right?” she yelled from downstairs.

“Everything’s fine ma, I just needed some help on a math problem. I’m doing my homework.”

“Okay, darling, I’m turning in.”

I sat on my bed, trembling. My dick had wilted again. My tits were hard as little pebbles. I was breathing like there was a shortage of oxygen. I tore open the bag. There was a large banana in the bag and a note.

“Dear Kelly, because you are such a fucking twerp and can’t follow orders. You will have to be punished. We don’t want to be hard on you. We want you to be our friend. But you are so fucking independent and such a total ass wipe, that we have to teach you to respect us. Now do as ordered, and we will go easy on you. By eleven o’clock tonight we want you to email every guy on the varsity football team. We want you to send them each a photo of you, with the banana up your ass! If every guy doesn’t get a photo by eleven tonight, I will have no choice but to release the photos I have of you doing all the faggoty degenerate stuff with guys. And make sure the banana is way up your ass, way up. Your pal, Kingsley.”

I lay on the bed, and after I stopped sobbing, I got my computer ready to take the photos. Then I posted the photos of myself with a banana up my ass. And it really hurt, let me tell you. I had never had anything up my ass except Allison Troyer’s finger while I fucked her. It took a long time for me to get the fucking banana up my shithole. I felt really stupid laying there with the camera from the computer pointed at my legs and asshole. I took the pics and posted them to all the guys on the varsity football team. I didn’t want to even think about what they would think or do. I hoped they would realize it was some kind of hazing and wouldn’t think I was a fucking freak.

Some of the guys emailed me back, saying stuff like, “Nice pussy.” I was ashamed and totally embarrassed, but I hoped they were just kidding me.

Then came Kingsley’s email, “Cunt face. I am very disappointed in the banana pussy photos you sent out to the team. First of all, you don’t show your face. How the fuck are we supposed to know it is you in the pics? Secondly, you peeled the banana, so it can go all soft as you push it into your cunt. That’s fucking cheating. I hope you at least ate the banana after it came out. Tomorrow I am going on a field trip with my class, but I will come over to your house after school. Be home after school, waiting for me. You need some severe discipline. Don’t forget to work your tits tonight. You have bathroom permission.”

I almost gagged when I read the part about eating the banana. It had been a real mess when I pulled it out and I ran to the toilet and tossed, and wiped and then washed out my ass the best I could. I felt really happy that the seniors were going on a field trip. It meant no varsity practice and no seniors hanging around school to harass me.

I had some trouble with that fucking freshman Liam at school. I was standing by a locker talking to this one cute girl, Marie. I know I wasn’t supposed to talk to girls except with permission from the seniors but fuck that crap anyway, I think Marie is cute and really likes me. Anyway, right in the middle of my conversation with her, Liam walks up to us and says to me, “So, you suck any more dick lately, Kelly?”

“Shut up you fucker,” I snapped back and grabbed him by the shirt front. Marie kind of went pale and stepped back like she was suddenly ashamed to be talking to me. I was really pissed.

“You better take your hands off me now, faggot, or I tell Kingsley what I saw you doing yesterday.” Marie’s head went back and forth, looking at each of us like she was trying to figure out who was telling the truth.

I released Liam and stood there, glaring at the handsome jock. He smiled and turned to Marie. “Marie, you better not hang out with this faggot, or you’ll ruin your reputation all over school. You’re a cute kid, nice tits. I’d even consider taking you out. But not if you’re friends with a faggot.”

“I’m not a faggot!” I was so angry my jaw was clenched and the words hissed out.

“Yeah, right, follow me, Kelly. NOW!” He turned and headed for the boy’s restroom.

“Eh, Marie, I’ll call you,” I said, backing away from her and following Liam, scared of what he was now up to. I needed to convince him to keep his mouth shut.

“Oh, better not call me. I’ll … eh … I’ll call you sometimes.” She said, and I knew Liam had ruined my chances with her. God knows how many other chicks she would talk to.

Football Team Initiation: The Sequel
Part 3 of 4

“You’ve got no right to do that,” I screamed at Liam in the large empty boy's bathroom. “I did everything you wanted, and you promised to keep it quiet. How could you do that?” I paced and fumed. Liam smiled and walked up to me and slapped me hard across the face.

“I will do whatever the fuck I want to do. I may only be a junior, but I am one of Kingsley’s best buds.” He stood there a few feet from me in the boy’s toilet. I didn’t know what to say to him except, that he promised. I must have sounded like a six-year-old. He laughed in my face and then spit in it.

“You want me to tell the other guys in my classes? You want me to tell the other guys on my sports teams?”

I was beaten. I hung my head. “No Liam, please don’t tell them. This whole thing has gotten way out of hand. I can’t take it anymore.”

“Then you gotta apologize for embarrassing me in front of that cunt out there. You grabbed my shirt.” Liam told him.

“I’m sorry, Liam, I lost my temper.”

He shook his head. “Not good enough. Strip.”

In my head, I screamed, “No more, please God, no more!” but I only said, “Liam, what if some other dude walks in here?”

He grinned. “That’s just a chance you will have to take. Now strip.”

“Liam, please don’t take my clothes again. I can’t skip school again, I’ll get in trouble.”

“Okay, if you do what I tell you to do, I promise not to take your clothes.”

Fucking jock, telling me what to do as if I was some dumb cunt. I stripped.

Soon I was standing there barefoot and bare-assed, the bathroom floor cold on my naked feet. I had my clothes in a neat pile on the floor. I stood there, my hands over my prick and balls, praying to God that no other guys would come in. How could all of this be happening to me?

“All right, ass wipe, I want you to get onto the floor and crawl on your belly over to the toilet and lick it clean.”

“You gotta be kidding. I could catch some disease, I could get sick.”

“Just do it. Do it now, or I open the door and throw your clothes into the hall, and yell out that you are a faggot and that you hit on me.”

“How in God’s name can you be so cruel, Liam?”

“Just fucking do it.” I dropped to my knees and started to crawl across the tile. “No, on your belly, crawl on your belly like a worm.” I lowered myself to the cold floor and pushed myself along on my stomach.

“My God, you are really a sick fucking pervert.” Liam laughed, groping his dick lump through his pants. “I love doing this shit to you.” I crawled to that toilet. It reeked of piss. This was a bathroom that was kind of out of the way and consequently wasn’t cleaned as often as some of the others.

“Stick your head in there and lick it out. Lick out the piss residue from all the dudes who took a leak in there recently.”

How could I do such a thing? Well, I’d done worse. So I guess it becomes possible. I just put the shame and humiliation out of my mind and stuck out my tongue out to lick.

“No, not the bowl … yet. First, lick the top of the seat, then lick the underside of the seat. And then you have my permission to stick your head in the bowl and lick all around the porcelain.”

“Please no?” I begged. There was no reprieve. I got up on my hands and knees and began to lick around the top of the seat. It did not seem dirty. My big surprise was when I lifted the seat lid to lick the underside. FUCK! It was speckled with droplets of yellow piss and brown shit that splashed up from hitting the water.

“NO, OH GOD, PLEASE NO. NOT THIS. PLEASE, ANYTHING BUT LICKING SHIT! PLE …” I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, but all that I did was tear up and begin to lick the filthy, disgusting, underside of the seat.

“You are the most disgusting guy I ever met!” said Liam almost in awe of my degradation. “Now get your fagot head in the bowl and lick it clean.” The toilet had not even been flushed. “May I flush it first?” I asked, rising up to reach for the handle.

“NO!” I started to cry, really getting it all loose, all my emotions, all my humiliation, and extreme degradation. I stuck my head in the toilet bowl and started to lick. “STOP!” Liam yelled. “You have obeyed me so far, and I am pleased with your submission. No more- toilet-licking today. I fell backward and cried and cried. “Oh Thank you, Liam, Oh, you are so kind. Oh God! Thank you.” I was crying uncontrollably as I got on my knees and hugged Liam’s naked legs and squeezed and kissed his thighs. “Oh, thank you so much for being so kind to me.” I was exhausted as I cried out all my pent up emotions. Finally. FINALLY! Liam and – I guess – the rest of Kingsly’s group, had just ended their abuse of me. I was so pleased and so happy this was all over. I was so thankful to Liam for his kindness I couldn’t let go of his legs. I was a tough initiation, but it was over. Liam patted me on the top of the head like I was being a good boy. “Holy fuck, what’s going on?” Came a high thin voice of a 14-year-old teenager, Stoner, just as he pushed the door open and saw the two naked teens, one kneeling and embracing Liam’slegs. “Just teaching a faggot a little respect.”

“WHAT?!” I said in surprise. No more abuse, I thought to myself. “I’m not a faggot; this degrading trial is over,” I told, trying to regain my dignity, even though I was bare-ass naked in a public restroom.

“Jesus! Fuck, Kelly, is that you? What the fuck are you doing?” Stoner closed the door and came over to Liam and me.

“He’s just about to clean this toilet bowl with his tongue.”

“Ah … um … what? …” I sheepishly said, in a state of extreme confusion. [break_free] Stoner’s cute face crinkled into a smile. “No fucking shit. He’d fucking do something like that?”

“Sure he would. He likes it. No, he loves doing it. He was just hugging me and begging me to let him lick another toilet. He likes guys’ piss. Don’t you Kelly.”

I slipped into mindless surrender again. “If you say so.” I was trembling, but whether from anger or fear, I don’t know.

“He likes anything that comes from a dude’s dick. Even spooge!”

“No fucking shit?” I could see that Stoner was getting excited by all the dirty talk.

Shit. Even a 14-year old twerp like Stoner was considered more of a man than me. What was going on? What had happened? How had it happened? “DO IT!” Liam growled and hauled off and kicked me in the gut, no doubt to impress Stoner. “Got to learn how to treat faggot pussy boys too.”

“Shit, I never knew Kelly was a fucking homo.”

“Don’t go gabing it about. It’s more fun if it’s our secret. LICK THAT PISS, ASS WIPE.”

I put my head down into the other toilet bowl and lapped up the stale piss. I gagged, but so what, who the fuck cared. I gagged more and lapped up the piss until the bowl was clean. “That is so fucking awesome. Does the faggot do anything else?”

“Anything we want. Do you gotta take a leak?”

Stoner kind of hopped around. “That’s why I came in here.”

“Kelly, lay on your back.”

“Don’t, Liam, please don’t do this.”

“We gotta show Stoner here how to treat faggots. Lay with your head, face up, on the fucking tile floor.” Liam declared. I turned onto my back.

“Open your mouth,” Liam ordered. I opened my mouth.

“Okay Stoner, go take your piss.”

“Into his mouth? Holy Fucking Shit!!!!”

“That’s what faggots are good for.”

The cute 15-year-old opened his pants and stood over my body, one leg on each side. He took out his teen dick, which was kind of small. He wagged it a few times over my head. Then he let loose with a torrent of teen piss. The piss splashed down onto my face. It ran into my open mouth, and I began to gag and cough again.

“Whhhhooooooaaa” Stoner yelled and squatted a bit so the piss would splash more on my face. He couldn’t get over it, he moved the piss spray all over my head, soaking my hair, clogging my nose and filling my eye sockets. The piss burned and stank.

“See what a fucking disgusting animal he is. He fucking loves it,” Liam came closer to watch his buddy taking a leak on my face. Stoner finished and squeezed the head of his dick until no more piss dripped out.

Now Liam hauled his big dick out of his pants. “I gotta fucking piss too.” He turned and pissed right onto the tiled floor of the boy’s toilet. He just pissed onto the floor itself. He held his big fat dick in two fingers and leaned back so both Stoner and I could watch the piss arc out from the big piss hole. The stinking yellow piss splashed onto the floor and formed pools.

Liam shook off the last drops of piss. “Get your faggot ass over here, Kelly, and lick this piss off the floor.” He stood there like a young God, with his hose of a dick hanging out of his pants.

“Mother fucker,” Stoner cooed as I crawled from the toilet to the rather large puddle, my face, and hair covered with piss. I put my face to the floor and started to lick up, and suck up, the first puddle of Liam’s piss. The flavor and stink were really strong.

“Get that whole floor nice and clean, Kelly. Don’t leave any piss anywhere.” Stoner and Liam watched me suck up the piss as if my mouth was a wet-dry vacuum cleaner hose. I felt like I was their pet, their animal, putting on a show for them. Some kind of circus freak. It was like I had no dignity at all left anymore. I licked up all the piss. The floor was basically clean. I looked up at the two boys. “Now, get on over here and lick the head of my dick clean,” Liam said, pushing his hips out toward me.

I lifted my head to Liam’s crotch. His fat fuck hose hung limply out of the fly of his trousers. He was a jock stud, no doubt about it. He didn’t lift the dick to help me. He just stood there, so I had to kind of twist my head and move my face in beneath the prick head. I licked the piss hole and the dick swung. I put the cockhead in my mouth and sucked.

“What an asshole. He really is a fucked up piece of shit, isn’t he? Imagine taking another dude’s dick in his mouth. Holy Fuck!” Liam pulled away and put his prick away. “That’s all the treat you get for today, Kelly. But don’t worry, there’s lots more where that came from.”

“See you!” Liam said to me and turned and sauntered out of the bathroom with one arm draped over Stoner’s shoulder. I knelt on the cold, hard floor, naked, and cried. At least Liam kept his word and left me my clothes.

When I got home from school, I was shocked to see Kingsley's car in my driveway. Shit, my ma was home, and Kingsley was with her. Suppose he said something to her about what they were doing to me? I ran into the house to see Kingsley sitting at the kitchen table chatting with my ma who was leaning against the counter. She was obviously as smitten with him as every other female was, even though she was old enough to be his ma. He sat on a kitchen chair with his legs spread wide, the huge lump in his jeans clearly visible. My ma couldn't take her eyes off of it. He sipped a coke with one hand, while the other rubbed his chest and stomach beneath his tee shirt. He had that nasty charming smile on his tough jock face. I had to admit that he was fucking handsome, like a model or something.

"Why Kelly, you never told me what a charming young man your new best friend Kingsley is. We have to have him over lots more when I'm in town." She ran a hand through her full head of hair, smiling at Kingsley. Shit, my ma was acting like a cock hungry slut for a high school boy. What the fuck was happening? I knew she was lonely and frustrated, but to go after one of my school buddies. "Of course, Kingsley here is probably bored out of his mind, talking to your mother!"

"Not at all. You seem more like Kelly's sister than his mother. You are so beautiful." Kingsley said, shifting slightly in the kitchen chair so his dick lump looked even larger. I stood there totally freaked. My ma blushed and giggled at this new attention from young stud Kingsley.

"Well, sadly,” she said, “I have to go. I have a meeting with a client. But I'm sure you two boys have lots of things to do to occupy yourselves." She continued her smile as she walked away like she was floating on a cloud.

"Oh, you bet we do," Kingsley said, glancing at me and grinning. I had some sick inkling what that meant.

"Okay, you two boys have fun now," she said turning at the door and offering Kingsley a wink and a giggle.

"Don't worry, we will!" Kingsley answered for both of us.

"Bye honey, see you later." She blew a kiss at me and went out.

Kingsley glowered at me. "Bare-assed. NOW!"

"But my ma isn't gone yet. At least wait until she,"


I stripped naked there in the kitchen in front of Kingsley, and I breathed a sigh of relief as I heard my mother's car pull out of the drive.

Kingsley smiled at me sweetly and pointed down at his spread crotch. He repositioned his legs further apart so the dick bulged at the jeans. "Crawl over here and say hello to me properly." I dropped to my knees on the kitchen floor and crawled toward the high school senior. When I was between his legs, I looked up at his handsome face. "Come on Kelly, bury your cute face right here and smell my dick."

I put my face down to his blue jean covered crotch. He put a hand on the back of my head and forced my nose and mouth right into the dick lump. I felt so helpless. So used. His crotch was warm and I could smell his cock through the material. I could also feel it twitching in his pants.

"Your fucking ma made me so hot, I soaked my boxers with pre-fuck. It's like a fucking swamp down there. Jesus, Kelly, I really need to fuck your ma. And you could see that she was hot for my prick as well. I wonder if she's ever had one as big as mine in her? Come on Kelly, let me hear you sniffing my dick."

Shit, I didn't know what to do. I made piggy like sniffing sounds, and I guess it was good, ‘cause Kingsley laughed and pushed my face deeper into his groin. He lifted one large tennis shoe clad foot and put it on my back.

"You like that, huh, Kelly? You like smelling my dick and balls? Sure you do." The kitchen door opened, and in shock and fear, I tried to pull my head up, but Kingsley forced it deeper into his smelly crotch. "You stay right there, smelling dick, like a good little faggot. It's just Lester and Ted.”

“What's up guys?" Lester shouted. What the fuck is the faggot doing now?"

"I'm letting him smell my dick."

"No shit, that's really nice of you Kingsley. Is there any beer?" Kingsley grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my head back. "You got any beer, cum wad?”

I was totally disoriented. I saw Lester stroll into the living room. "Ah, in the fridge, but it's for my ma's friends. She doesn't want kids drinking it."

Kingsley pushed my face back into his crotch. "In the fridge. Crack one for me and the Lester too." He slapped my head. "Come on boy, I wanna hear you smelling!" I made grunting sounds.

"What's new with you?" Ted asked, behind me, and I felt the cold wet side of the beer bottle rubbed along my ass crack.

"This cunt's ma is dying for my fuck meat. No kidding, Ted. You should have seen the horny middle aged bitch. Yeah, just before you got here, Kelly and I were discussing how I should fuck his bitch mom and let him watch.”

Kelly started to tear up and whimper, “Kingsley, please don’t call my ma a bitch or cunt or any derogatory names. She’s my ma.” Then he just cried. “Please?” He was reeling from all the different directions he was being emotionally pulled in.

“But Kelly, she was licking her lips and getting hard nipples and everything, just looking at me." Then he pulled my face up an inch. "Open my zipper with your teeth." Ted took a beer in the other room for Lester and returned.

"So you gonna dick her or what?" Ted asked.

Kingsley looked down at me. "Fucking A I'm gonna dick her. I'm gonna turn both mother and son in cock sluts for my fuck sausage. I'm gonna have them fighting over it pretty soon." I took the zipper tab in my teeth and slowly pulled it down to open up his jeans. I could smell the dick more distinctly now. It must have been leaking pretty heavily. "Get your nose in there and smell my slime soaked boxers."

He grabbed the back of my neck with one strong hand and forced my face into his open fly so my nose was indeed pressed against the wet sticky material of his boxer shorts. Beneath the shorts, the huge dick gave a lurch. I was now lost in his magical balls smells. The other two drank beer and chatted while I smelled Kingsley's dick.

Then Lester called from the living room, "Send the faggot in here when you get a chance." Kingsley kicked my back with his foot. "You've had enough treat for one afternoon, cunt boy, time to put you to work. We got to punish you for being a bad boy. Crawl into the living room.”

I pulled my face from his dick lump and shook my head to clear it. My nose and lips were coated with dick drippings from the shorts. I turned and started to crawl into the living room. Ted and Kingsley followed, beers in their hands. I got into the room and stopped in shock.

Lester was lying naked on my ma's couch. "Be a pal, Kelly come over here and suck my ass, Ok?" Lester squirmed on the couch, sticking his tight small round ass cheeks up in the air.

Kingsley hauled off and kicked me in my ass hard. "You heard the man, Kelly. Get your mouth over there and take care of his ass." I was hesitant, big time.

I knelt there naked on the carpet of my ma’s living room, a bare-assed abused schoolboy, my dick shriveled with fear. "This has got to stop, fellas. You can't do this to me. I never did anything bad to any of you. I haven't hurt you. I wanted to be your friend. Why do you want to hurt me?"

Kingsley had drained his beer. He now squatted down next to me and threw one arm around my neck. He leaned in close to me as if to share some secret with me. "Because, Kelly, we are just having too much fucking fun to stop. I got nothing against you either Kelly. I like you. I do. But doing this shit to you is just so fucking wild it's like a drug addiction or something. I mean it's all I and the guys talk about, what nasty shit we can do to you next. It's nothing personal, but you are such a fucking pussy, Kelly. We just gotta go with the flow man and see where it takes us. One thing I do know, it will be a lot easier on you if you just do what we say and don't give us any trouble. Just let us do your thinking for you. Don't you worry about a thing? Your job is just to do what we tell you to do, without argument. If you do that, everything's going to be just fine."

He must have reached his hand back to my ass because I felt the tip of his empty beer bottle rubbing against my asshole. He twisted the bottle just a bit so the top went inside my ass lips. I tried to move away, but he held me.

"There now, you see. You are causing trouble for yourself already. Don't piss us off, Kelly. You just let us do whatever we want to do to you, and things will be all right. Can't you understand that?" He pushed more of the bottle tip into my asshole. It hurt. "We get to do whatever the fuck we want to you, and you can't do anything about it. That's the way it's gonna be. You gotta understand that, Kelly, for your own good." On the last words, he pushed about an inch of the neck of the bottle up into my asshole. I screamed out in pain.

"Shhhhh, it's okay, Kelly,” Kingsley soothed. “Cunts like you take this kind of stuff all the time. Now be a good baby and crawl over there to the couch and suck Lester's asshole for him. And do a really good job of ass sucking."

Football Team Initiation: The Sequel
Part 4 of 4

I felt the tears running down my cheeks and dripping off my chin. In less than a week, my entire life had been ruined. Here I was, a formally normal 16-year-old, being made to do the most unspeakably perverse things for the pleasure of some sadistic high school jocks. I had thought that they wanted to be my friends and have me join the varsity football team at my new school, but it turns out, they are a bunch of sick bullies who enjoy totally degrading and humiliating others.

I crawled naked from my kitchen t my living room. I saw naked Lester who was laying on his stomach on the couch. He raised his tight small bubble ass up in the air and wiggled it at me. “Come on Kelly baby, suck my ass for me!” Now I know how much teenage boys like to get their asses sucked. Shit, I am always ready to have some chick lick out my shithole. It’s one of the best feelings on earth. But for a guy to have to do it, I mean that is totally sick, right? I mean let’s face it, chicks dig that kind of stuff, but to want and expect a guy to lick another dude’s ass is really seriously sick!

I stared in the direction of the couch and Lester wiggled his ass higher. “Come on Kelly, I got this bad itch deep in my asshole.”

“Hey, Kelly,” Kingsley said standing behind me, “Whenever you crawl, you gotta spread your legs more so we can see your nuts swing.” Imagine how I felt. I spread my legs which made it harder to crawl and moved forward on hands and knees. I felt my asshole and balls open up more to the air. “Arch your back more so your ass sticks up higher,” Kingsley kicked me in the ass, not hard, but enough for me to get the message. I arched my back so my ass was up high, now it was really difficult to crawl.

Ted was standing to one side, sucking on a beer, fully dressed, his dick lump prominent. “Look at that beautiful ass Lester has got for you to suck. Do you know how many girls would love to slurp on that hot tight little rectum? But he’s saved it just for you.” As I awkwardly approached Lester’s ass in my lobster crawl, I could smell the musky boy ass smell, it wasn’t dirty, but still, a teen guy’s ass always smells like ass, no matter what. Suddenly my mouth felt very dry.

“Well, what the fuck are you waiting for, a written invitation?” Kingsley said as he noticed me trembling like crazy. Then Kingsley changed his tone to something softer, kinder, and even parental. He stooped down to the dog-crouched, sniffling boy. “Kelly? I know you are frightened, feeling all freaked out.” He began to pet my head as if I were a scared puppy. “Look, this is not so bad, is it?”

“But I don’t want to lick anyone’s ass.” I blubbered out in tears. I was trembling.

“Shhhhh. Calm down, Kelly. Shh, shh. I know you think you don’t. But if I gave you a task you loved, how would that show us you respected us and were showing obedience to us guys? Hm?” He continued to stroke my head and face. “Don’t you know that you’re showing us how much you want to be a part of our group will give you such great rewards later? You’ll soon feel rightly honored and pleased to be of whatever service we train you to perform for us.” Kingsley still speaking in low tones, not so other can’t hear, but to get my attention and make me listen more carefully. Kingsley slowly wiped away my tears with his thumb and continuing speaking calmly.

“There, there. You know you need to be a jock stud pleaser, our precious bitch boy. It’s just in your genes. This may seem cruel to you now, but soon you will realize that we are only helping you become what you know you are deep inside. Look, this is a lot of work for us. Training you takes a lot of care and patience, not to mention a lot of time that takes us away from our school work. And … and … we will always be here for you?” I stopped crying.

“Now, that ass, that wonderful manly ass right there, is waiting for you to learn how to please it. And when you do, you will please all of us. We will be so proud of you, our courageous little best bitch buddy.” Kingsley stopped his petting, as I got calmer. “Now, no one else gets to do this for us. No one else. Only you. Are you ready to be our one and only precious, ass licking slut?”

It was just so unreal. My face was now directly over Lester’s ass. I didn’t say anything, but I found myself nodding my head ‘yes.’

Kingsley then reached down and pushed my head into his buddy’s ass. My nose went into the ass crack, and Lester moaned and pushed back against me.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, little bitch, lick and suck that ass.” Kingsley continued in calm, reassuring tones. “Start off by licking up and down the ass crack for Lester,” Kingsley instructed.

“Oh God, guys, PLEASE don’t do this,” I had no right to object of course. After all, this was an honor? I received a gentle slap to the back of my head for daring to voice my resistance.

“Shut the fuck up and lick his ass crack.” The calm tones disappeared. I stuck out my tongue and took a swipe of the small built athlete’s tight young ass. His ass was well shaped with tiny hair fuzz in the crack. I ran my tongue up and down the ass crack while Lester moaned with pleasure.

I pulled back slightly, but Kingsley’s hand was there on my head to guide me. “Get that crack really wet with your spit, come on.”

Lying on my ma’s couch, Lester spread his legs to open his ass up to me. The musky smell grew stronger and more of the ass crack was exposed. “Now get your tongue way in there and run it across the shit hole!”

Jesus in Heaven, did Kingsley have to call it a “shit hole?” Did he have to use that worst of all names? Did he have to remind me that this was the hole from which Lester took his shits? I ran my tongue up and down, deep in the crack, my nose sniffing up my own spit and the ass funk. My tongue ran across the puckered rosebud of tight teen boy asshole.

“Oh yeah, oh fuck, oh Christ, that’s it, bitch, get your tongue into that asshole, get your tongue up my shit chute!” Lester cooed. I was too slow in responding to the order, and I suddenly felt a stinging slap across my own ass cheeks. I curled my tongued into a cylinder and drilled it deeper into Lester’s asshole. It was really tight and I had trouble getting my tongue in there. Once my tongue got inside the wrinkled hole, I found it to be moist and slippery. I could smell and taste the ass sweat.

Kingsley leaned down to supervise. “Get that tongue way in there Kelly, I wanna see it way up there!” I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and pushed it deep into the teenage boy ass. The taste got thicker and darker and more bitter.

“Now suck ass, keep your tongue up there and suck ass!” Kingsley ordered. I sucked ass. I know, I know, that makes me a dirty little ass sucker. That makes me a fucking freak. But what could I do? I could feel Lester’s body tense under me as I buried my face in his ass and sucked on his shit hole. His leg kicked against me and I felt his naked feet slap against me.

“Oh Fuck, oh fucking shit does that feel good. Holy fuck, he sucks ass as good as Lisa Jory.” Lisa Jory at our school was known for her superb ass sucking skills. But I guess I was the superior ass sucker. “Oh yeah, faggot, suck my ass. Wait ‘til the other guys hear about this. They’ll be lining up for ass sucks.” In my delirious feverish mind, I had nightmare visions of all the guys on the Football team lining up in the locker room and me having to go from guy to guy, licking and sucking all their asses. Oddly, I just noticed my dick was all boned up. What the fuck!

I sucked his ass for what felt like hours, but it was really more like 10 minutes. My mouth and tongue grew numb. Each time I slowed down my sucking efforts, Kingsley slapped me across the back of my head. Lester’s asshole became real loose and sloppy and ass slime mixed with my saliva for a most unusual and not very pleasant taste. But still, I was hard?

Suddenly Lester screamed, and Kingsley pulled my face back. Lester flipped over on the couch to lie on his back and his big thick wet hard teenage dick slapped me in the face. I could smell his balls, wet with the spilled spit and ass slime. His dick was leaking and when it whipped me in the face, it left pecker tracks across my nose and cheek.

“Okay, cunt face, suck it!” Lester shouted, bucking up his hips so his dick waved in the air, eight inches of teen prick.

Kingsley slammed my face down on the fat dick. I felt the cock head slide between my lips and the prick wedge its way down into my throat. Kingsley pushed my face down into Lester’s prick bush, and at the same time, the young jock I was sucking, was fucking my face. It didn’t take long before he shot gobs and gobs of jock spunk down into my stomach. I was choking on the river of cum coating my tongue and throat and gullet. Even though it must have been obvious that I had trouble breathing, Kingsley held my head down fully on the prick until Lester was finished cumming and sank back on the couch, wiped out. “Thanks Kingsley for helping me get my ass worked on.” Why thank Kingsley? Why not thank me?!

“Hey, it’s the least a guy can do for his buddy.” Kingsley grabbed my hair and yanked me off Lester and threw me down onto the carpet. Cum ran from my nose and mouth. I was coughing up teen spunk. My vision was cloudy and my face smelled of boy ass.

“Okay Kelly boy, life can’t be all play and no work. You’ve had your treat, now it’s time for you to do your exercises.”

“My exercises?” I said, my mouth thick with dick slop.

“Yeah!” Kingsley smiled and set the beer bottle he had been holding down on the carpet. “Your ass exercise. You’re going to sit on this beer bottle for us.”

“Holy shit,” Ted said and giggled a kind of high pitched girlish giggle.

I shook my dazed head. “No way, man, you must be crazy, I won’t do it. You can’t make me do it.” Then Kingsley, for the next ten minutes, kicked and punched me, while Ted joined in. The two of them kicked me in the ribs, balls, and ass. They punched me in the stomach and face. I was a squealing mess in no time. I cried, I begged, I wailed. I was a fucking pussy.

“STOP HITTING ME! This will kill me!”

Kingsley laughed. “Oh don’t be such a pussy. Cunts take more than a bottle up their asses all the time. There is no reason why you can’t. Now squat down and put the top of the bottle against your asshole. And, for now, just press against it with your ass hole.”

I was wiped out. No more fighting left in me. It was useless to argue. I squatted down, my legs spread until the bottle was firmly against my ass ring. It felt cold and smooth and very odd. My balls and dick hung over it. Ted and Kingsley leaned down to get a good look. “Good, now push down until the lip of the bottle goes through your ass lips. That’s all, just that tiny bit. Just the very top of the bottle. You can do that. Sure you can.” I thought to myself, well if it’s just the top of the bottle, that was do-able.

But when I actually tried it, it was difficult. I never had so much as a small dildo up my ass. I don’t know if it was because my ass was too tight, or it was just the idea of a bottle going up it. “My asshole is too small. It just won’t go in,” I really felt like I was trying, but I guess I wasn’t. Kingsley put his large hands on my shoulders and pushed me downward, I felt my ass open around the head of the bottle, I felt the top of the bottle spread my ass lips and then enter my asshole.

“Oh Shit, it hurts, it hurts, it’s too big. Please, guys, it’s too fucking big. It hurts.”

“Of course it hurts, but look at that, guys, the bottle is going in his ass.” Kingsley and Ted squatted down to see better and Lester slid off the couch. I was almost blind with pain. It really didn’t hurt that badly.

“Okay, Kelly, now push down so more of the bottle goes up your cunt.”

“I can’t, it's too dry, can’t you at least put something on it to lube it?”

“No way man, that would spoil the fun. Now push down, or I’ll see to it that you do!”

I didn’t want them forcing it up me, so I pushed down squatting deeper onto the bottle. I felt two or three inches of bottleneck go up into my ass. It started to burn as well as feel stretched. “There we go, you are doing fine now Kelly, now keep going, push down on the bottle, get the shoulder of it up into you, also.”

Imagine the sick sight. Me, bare-assed naked, squatting with a beer bottle up my ass to entertain three twisted teenage boys. I pushed down and felt more bottle enter me. It felt like a painfully large turd – A REALLY PAINFUL AND REALLY LARGE TURD – but more rigid and ungiving. There was no flexibility at all. The dull ache in my rectum turned to a burning and throbbing pain. “Oh God, it hurts!”

“That’s ‘cause you’re coming to the part where the bottle gets wider. Keep going.”

“I can’t breathe, I can’t. I can’t take any more, I … ” The room began to spin around me and the bottle in my ass felt three times its size. Kingsley rose and put his hands on me again.

“Fuck yourself on that bottle faggot. You know you want it!” He pushed down hard and three more inches of bottle entered my rectum. I screamed out in agony and fell over AS THE WIDEST PART WAS NOW WEDGED INSIDE MY ASSHOLE. I THOUGH I WAS GOING TO DIE! I couldn’t handle it. I lay on my back with my legs up and spread, a beer bottle sticking out of my asshole. Ted held me down while Kingsley spread my legs and forced more bottle further up my ass. For some reason, keeping my legs up was less painful than lowering them. I tried to kick him away, out of my mind with pain, but Lester joined in to hold me down while Kingsley began to fuck the bottle in and out of my ass harder and harder.

“By the end of the week, this will feel like nothing to you, I promise.” He hit the bottle with the heel of his hand to force more up inside of me. I saw stars. I was going to blackout. I grunted and had the dry heaves. Lester’s cum bubbled up from my stomach and some oozed out of my nose and dribbled from my lips. I opened and closed my mouth, trying to gulp down air as my body jerked and twitched on the living room floor. I felt like I was dying and even wanted to die. Kingsley wasn’t happy until there was only one inch of the bottle of the bottle sticking out of my grotesquely stretched asshole.

“There, see, that wasn’t so bad, now, was it?” He laughed, sitting down on the carpet and relaxing. I lay on the floor like a wounded animal. Lester and Ted sat back as well.

“He took it all, what a fucking pervert!” Ted said, shaking his head, with a big smile on his face.

‘Yeah, he is one sick faggot all right.” Lester said, pumping a brand new hard-on.

“I … I think I … need a doctor.” I moaned in pain.

“No, you need to do your exercises.” I could not believe he said that. I told him I was finished. I could do no more. Kingsley laughed again. “No Kelly, this was just the prep. Now I want you to get up and run in place for five minutes without losing that bottle out of your ass. If you have to use your hand behind you to keep it in, do that.”

They kicked me again, but without much enthusiasm this time, until I struggled to my feet, standing bent over, my gut wrenched with pain, stomach cramps shooting through me, and my ass feeling stretched and torn. I stood there like Quasimodo, bent over.

“Stand up straight, mother fucker, like our proud ass-licking slut. Kelly, we are proud of you, so be proud of yourself.” They continued to parade me around the room for a while.

Then Kingsley told me, “Now, sweet bitch, we all need to lay back, relax and drink our beers. So, just leave us alone. Well, not totally alone. You know rules one through six; let me introduce you to Rule Seven. ‘Whenever we don’t have any specific need of you, like at this moment, you will go from man to man and lick his bare feet. Just do it quietly so you don’t disturb us. If anyone’s feet are not bare, just remove their shoes and socks, you don’t need permission. And lick all the feet in the room. When finished with the last guy, start over again and keep going.’ That is your new rule. So as we get to enjoy some pleasant quiet time, so do you.”

With the beer bottle still firmly lodged up my ass, I immediately kneeled down and began to kiss and lick Tony’s feet since he was the closest to me. I have to admit, the bottle stretching my ass, became less painful as I concentrated on my new foot licking task. I just was refocused. I wanted to do it correctly. It was my job to let these three guys relax and not be any trouble to them. I tried to work quietly as they were now watching the football game and drinking their beers. I was trying to develop a creative method of starting with the little toes and sucking it and work my way to the big toes. I wanted to ask Tony if I was doing OK, but did not want to disturb him as he joked with his buddies. Then, I returned to the little toe and pushed my tongue between it and the next one and I licked and washed between each one. Then, I sucked each one, as if each toe was a nipple.

No one was making any comments about me. I did not know if I was doing this OK or not. How much licking and sucking did they want? Was I supposed to clean the bottom of each foot? I concluded that I needed to be overly thorough, at least this first time under Rule 7. So I lifted the foot in my hand up to my face and begin to wash the bottom of that foot with my tongue. What was that?! I think I heard him moan! Fuck! Wow! I did hear a moan. I was pleasing Tony. I was doing it correctly. Fucking Shit!

He likes me. Oh god, this is great, a wonderful sign that I am doing a good job. A great sign that he, and likely all of them have finally accepted me as their buddy. I did not notice any pain in my ass anymore. That one moan was followed by another was such a tremendous reward, an ego boost. I am doing such a great job. And no one else will be allowed to do this for them. I pick up his other foot and began all over with licking his small toe first and working my way to his big toe. Yes, I was on a mission, and important assignment. I heard no complaints. I know they like me. They accept me. I was so proud of myself, so fucking happy!

The End

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