345 Rich Bitch Kid

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I’m Benjamin Williamson Jr., and I am just starting a new term at a new college. I’m a bit shy; better put, I tend to keep to myself. I grew up in a very wealthy family. I have everything I want. I only had to mention something I desired to my parents, and they’d get it for me. Even at only 18, I just expect the world on a platter. I’m not a snob or someone rude or mean, just a kid used to having anything and everything I want. Life was easy. I remember being very young and wondering why my school friends didn’t just ask their folks for stuff, or maybe they did not want what I did. I never put myself in their shoes or saw any need to do that. One unusual thing my parents did for me, which I did not realize the wisdom of, was putting me in a public school, both high school and here at this college. I saw many other students from different backgrounds having trouble with finances or having to buy used books. Some students went without a laptop or even a cell phone. That struck me as weird, but it did not bother me or affect me in any way. It’s just that they had their lives, and I had mine. They had their place, and I had mine.

A month into the term, I found myself running late. I forgot the time and all about dinner. I hurried into the school cafeteria near closing time. The waiter who approached my table was about my age, maybe two years older. It could be that his muscular build just made him look older. I was little for my age; I had to flash my I.D. everywhere. He looked like a muscle boy who spent his whole life in the gym. My body is not bad; I have muscle tone on the trim side, but not “muscular.” I never made any first-string team in high school. I was in a daze thinking about the perfection I saw on his strong body. His button read: Hank – Waiter.

He was sexy. I always considered common laborers and grunt workers as having a manly, virile, fun-to-watch attractiveness. Hank must like showing off his strong muscles since he wore a white, skin-tight, cotton t-shirt underneath his apron. His apron was not all that clean, but it was the end of the day. I could see his pointy nipple peaks pushing outward as if trying to pierce the otherwise flat, stretched cotton. His longish hair was mussed up, or maybe he just had a flyaway look. His faded blue jeans were even tighter, with intentionally cut holes in the thighs. They fit him like a second skin, showing me every curve of his well-trained form. He reeked of masculinity. His muscular bubble-butt cheeks were like nicely curved half spheres. I had trouble keeping my eyes off him, but I think he never noticed me covertly checking him out.

“You want to eat something?” Hank asked.

“Oh, sorry, yes. How about a burger, some French fries, and a large Coke… please.”

He smiled, “The kitchen is closed, but I will see what I can do. Just sit here and relax. We are shutting down, and it looks like you are my last customer to serve.” He smiled, looked me directly in my eyes, and wrote down my order. I liked the way he acknowledged he was here to serve me. I observed the outline of his big cock bulging. I studied his strong, tanned face. His eyes were deep brown. I noticed a little silver earring in his ear. I wondered if he noticed my staring look. He didn’t react, just smiled again as he walked away. I could see his firm muscle ass move like a well-oiled machine.

Hank returned after a while with my food and drink and placed them in front of me. Then he surprised me by taking a seat next to me. Only then did I notice that he had a tattoo on his left arm, maybe six inches tall? My mouth dropped open, having a closer look at it. On his strong left biceps is an inked image of a naked boy with a very big boner, holding his dick with two hands and squirting his load in the air. Under the image were the words “Boner Boy.” Hank saw my stare and flexed his biceps for me, just smiling.

I ate the burger and fries nervously and choked on my drink. The boner boy tattoo was over whelming. I kept thinking that he must be gay! I wanted him. I don’t know exactly how I wanted him, but he needs to be mine. He needs to be for my use, my pleasure. That’s part of his life where he provides “service.” It’s my life to be served. I said it to myself. But for the first time, I felt too little and too young and inadequate in the muscle department. Where is my natural sense of superiority? My inborn supply of power and control? His tattoo was mind-fucking me.

“Excuse me.” I went to the bathroom. My cock was hard in my shorts as I entered a doorless toilet stall. I had trouble taking a leak. I felt so horny; my erect cock made it difficult. I heard a bathroom door open and close and knew someone else just entered. I didn’t care. I held my boner, pointing it at the toilet, mentally trying to relax it. I didn’t look around. Why should?!

I felt a man standing very close behind me. I could feel the heat of the front of his body against the back of mine. Suddenly my world went dark in a flash. Someone … Hank? What it Hank who put a cloth hood over my head? That’s the last thing I remember.

At some point, probably hours later, I began to come back to life. I could feel the cool air on my smooth skin. I felt naked. Someone had removed and taken away all my clothes. Then I felt that I was wearing some silky briefs. How odd, I don’t wear silk. They were not mine; they were too effeminate for me. It was strange to notice this in such a weird situation. They felt nice on my body against my butt and crotch. I felt the briefs hug the natural curves of my skinny teen body.

The cloth hood was also gone, but a band of dark silk was secured over my eyes in its place. The blindfold also felt cool and pleasant against my skin. I started to sweat like a pig. The room wasn’t warm, but fear hit my young brain. Nobody knew I was here!

I knew I was standing upright, and there was what seemed like a hefty pole running horizontally to my chest, pressing against me, or rather, I to it. When I said “hefty,” I was not holding it up. It was holding me up. My arms were stretched out to each side and tied to it in three places: at the wrists, at the elbows, and at my armpits. There was a deep silence around me. I heard nothing. I wondered if someone was there quietly watching me or if I was alone. I was uneasy. I felt like I was not in control, which was strange to me. First, I was eating supper in a cafeteria on campus, then I went to the restroom, then I felt someone behind me, then… here I am. I was kidnapped from the bathroom. This must be a joke. But who would do such a thing? I’m new to this school. I don’t have any friends or enemies here. I didn’t know what to do. Abruptly I felt a big strong hand on my butt. I jumped up and yelled! Someone was here! I screamed for help. I kicked my legs, which were never tied, and struggled to free my bound, out-stretched arms. I couldn’t do a thing to free myself. I stopped screaming and quit struggling. A deep silence came back. I was lost in the unknown.

The hand came back and stroked me on my ass. It followed the curves of my silk-covered butt cheeks. The mysterious hand slid to my crack, pressing against it and stroking me through the silk fabric. I trembled in fear. At the same time, I was terribly excited. My young cock stiffened, stretching the silk briefs. Shit! I couldn’t help it. Stupidly, I hoped the guy who was manhandling me would not notice my erection.

Then a voice, “Wow! My boy’s cock gets very hard when I touch his ass with my finger.” Immediately I recognized Hank’s voice. “Don’t move again, and keep your mouth shut, boy. There is no way to fight me, you rich bitch. Yes, it’s obvious. Your high-priced clothes, watch, even your fancy suede shoes scream out, ‘I’m a rich bitch’.” Was that an evilness I detected in his voice? Shit! I thought to myself.

His finger touched my little butt hole through the silk material. My cock rose painfully in the briefs. I jumped again and tried to escape from his touch. “You are cute; you know that, my little boy? You want to see it all? You want to see me? My place? Where have I brought you? Just nod your head. That will be enough.”

I nodded my head and said, “Yes, please!”

“No, my boy, I said just nod your head, remember. No words from your cute lips. I’m in a good mood. So I will, at least, describe it to you. Be patient, my little boy. If you obey the rules of your Master, you will see it soon with your own eyes. Just nod your head like a little puppy.”

I didn’t know what to do. He called himself “Master?” I thought that was a strange title for him to use with me. Does he have any clue who I am? My family’s wealth? My family’s social status? “Little boy?” I may be quite a bit smaller in build than him, but we must be nearly the same age. And what was the meaning of his “little puppy.” I’m not a dog! But under these circumstances, even if I were free. I couldn’t fight off brawny Hank. What could I do? I nodded my head as he told me to do. Hank’s strong hand ruffled my now messy hair.

“Good boy, you will learn to do everything I want you to do very soon. You will be very happy as my bitch, rich or otherwise. But, your being my ‘rich bitch’ pleases me. Your being rich and having everything, having everything your way, gives you a much further way to descend into my world. It makes me a mightier Master. I like your nearly-smooth legs. You have a pair of my special white silk briefs around your little hips. The briefs look so nice on you, and they are totally white. Any fluid from your body will be visible on them. And believe me, you can’t see it now, but they are special. The thin silk becomes completely transparent with anybody’s sweat or other fluids. I can see your little hard boy cock outlined perfectly. Your ass is marble white, so, of course, I can see your lovely nearly-hairless crack.” He touched my ass crack again tenderly.

“Since you are blindfolded, I will describe your predicament. My boy,” Hank explained, “As you have surmised already, you are naked except for the silk briefs. You have a black silk blindfold over your eyes. I stretched out your arms to either side and tied your hands securely to a steel pole where you now stand upright. You kind of look like Jesus on the cross.” Hank chuckled. “Just in front of you is a small table, with a top only about 12 inches square. Soon, I will lower the steel pole to which your arms are tied and cause your body to lower until you kneel upright with your hips against that table’s edge.” I started to whimper, becoming frightened by his description, but he just continued in a calm tone.

“Then I will lower the pole more, but as I do, I will move it forward, away from you. Since your arms are tightly secured to it, your upper body will follow, causing you to lean way forward, bending at the waist. In other words, you will be on your knees, bent forward at the waist, and your belly flat on the black padded table I placed there. Your head and shoulder will extend beyond the table surface, and your arms will stick out to each side, tied to the pole. I chose a small table to support you, only your middle truck and your belly, and it will not get in my way. The small top you will be bent over will allow your nipples to be uncovered on this front end and your dick to be uncovered and hanging down at the back end. The design of all of this will allow me to play with your exposed nipples and dick as I choose. It’s my own design for bondage.” I shuttered at the word “bondage” and simply muttered, “Please?” I now think I am getting in too deep and want out of here.

“Boy, looking at you standing there with your big boner, I’d guess you are enjoying yourself, even if my words are strange to your ears.” I felt so humiliated. I felt like a whimpering little boy, certainly not the proud member of a very wealthy family who was always on top of everything and everyone. No, I don’t feel so mighty or in control at the moment. My teen cock had his own will and stiffened more to try to poke through the thin briefs he put on me. For the first time, I felt my life was totally in some stranger’s hands. My cock stretched the soft silk briefs outward like a tent. I wiggled my hips some to get my cock in a comfortable position. As I wiggled my hips to get my dick to lie sideways, it pointed upward, with its tip peeking out of the top front of my waistband. I could feel that. I must look more obscene than before. I heard Hank release a chuckle; he must be enjoying himself. But he made no move to easy my embarrassment or to tuck my dick back into my briefs. He chuckled more.

Hank left my briefs as they were, obviously, either not concerned or just liking my predicament. He seemed not to care if they fell or awkwardly stayed where they were. His strong hand stroked my butt. He slowly explored my ass cheeks and my crack through the silk shorts. My dick was still trapped, peeking out my waistband. Why doesn’t he just yank these fucking shorts off me! My legs started to tremble. Why doesn’t he just remove my goddamn briefs and kiss my ass! I wanted to scream at him. The fucking thing will fall off soon, anyway. Just cut the crap and strip me naked! Oh god. I wanted to scream these things at him, but I remained frustrated and silent as he toyed with me.

“You want to be fucked, my little rich bitch? Would you like to feel my big cock in your tight little teen tunnel? Imagine how it would feel. Don’t speak, or I will spank your ass very harshly. Just nod.” Hank’s strong hands kneaded my butt more, massaging it or just owning it. I nodded my head; I didn’t want a spanking. “Ahhh. Now you are learning to obey. Yes, just nod. That is all I give you permission to do. Nod.” I nodded again to make sure he did not spank me.

“So… you’d like my big cock pressing at your asshole, me pushing in deep, of course, very deep. Taking it out and then pushing it in again… fucking your little rich bitch hole, very deep. You will cry out for more, of course. Wouldn’t you? You really want to feel my big cock fucking your warm boy hole. You will love that! Right? My big cock will slide in and out with a hard, steady rhythm, pistoning your asshole. Never slowing down, never speeding up, just steady pumping, plunging until I decide to blast my creamy, manly juice deep inside you. You would love every second of it.” Then he was waiting for my nod. I knew that. I did not want to get fucked, but I nodded yes. Or… did I really mean yes? I was so turned on by the images his words presented. I was in an erotic daze.

I stood standing rock hard and trembling with excitement. Yes, I did dream about being in a dominate-submissive encounter like I read in specific porn stories. BUT I WAS THE DOMINATE GUY! Hank’s suggestions aroused me, but I feared him at the same time. I was beside myself. I groaned. I nodded my head again.

“Good boy! I will do that for you. I will fuck you good if you are a good bitch boy. You have to earn all my special gifts. Now, you may speak to me, boy. But do it right. You will address me respectfully by calling me ‘Master’ or ‘sir.’ Tell me what’s happening in your rich bitch mind, my little cute boy.”

“Yes, would you do that to me? Master? But... please be gentle, Master Hank. Ah… sorry, sir! I’m new to this.” I admitted to him with a trembling voice, “Don’t hurt me, please. I’m afraid. Please understand; nobody has ever touched me this way. Please, sir, fuck my little hole, my rich bitch hole. Hold me in your strong arms!” I could not believe my own words. Was I really begging to be fucked? Here I am, naked, blindfolded, with my arms spread out, and tied to a horizontal pole. And I’m begging to be fucked! In a flash, I thought he would rip off my briefs and take my ass. What did I say? What did I confess to him? Shit!

Instead of preparing fuck me, Hank stroked my smooth chest and played with my nipples, making them stand out as hard nubs. I was trembling with excitement. I mumbled, “Please.”

“Not so fast, my little boy. You have to wait. You are a cute virgin, so I will take my time to properly train you.” His strong hands continued to feel me all over. Hank used both his hands to stroke me in different places at once. With one hand, he now caressed my smooth chest and belly. With the other, he kept stroking my smooth back and butt cheeks. Then he gravitated to caress the nearly hairless back of my thighs. When he moved his hand upward, he rubbed my silk-cover ass. He made a large slow circle over my brief cover ass. It was enough movement that it caused my dick to spring free. But the top of the shorts only slipped down to just under my jutting dick. Now the elastic waistband was hanging on top of my balls. My dick stuck out like a sword. I thought now he would just yank the damn shorts off. What is the fucking difference? My dick is fully exposed now; just yank the fuckers off! But I did not verbalize my frustrated feelings. For the moment, I was his new little puppy to play with his way.

“Tell me, would a little rich bitch like you make a good boy for me to train? I’d like to have a cute, handsome, obedient boy under my wing. You think you would like to be my little boy, Benjamin?”

“Yeah, sir, whatever, I will do it!” But how did he know my name? I never mentioned it to him before.

Hank smiled. He must have seen the surprise on my face. “My boy, you are cute and naïve, Benjamin. Your jeans and wallet are now mine, and I found your I.D. there. There is nothing magical about it. I may be a laborer who works for low wages and tips, but do not assume I am stupid.” He patted my hair and then laughed. “Listen to me carefully, little boy, and be honest all the way. Have you ever sucked a cock?”

“No, sir,” I confessed to him. “No, it was just a jack-off thing, one time. I didn’t know anyone; I was a loner at school. Besides, all the other students are… well… you know, lower class. I did know one guy, a soccer star at my high school. I would have loved to tie him down, make him suck my cock, and force him to do everything for me. His family was all gardeners and laborers. I wanted him to be my big stupid mule servant. Be at my beck and call. I fantasized about ringing a little silver bell, and he would come running naked to see what I wanted. I even thought about ringing the bell just to see him come running naked, sweaty, and kneeling before me. It was all stupid dreams of what I always desired. His big muscle soccer body would be just for…” I stopped talking. I just realized I was talking to Hank, a muscular guy and a waiter at my college. Oh fuck, I just insulted the guy who kidnapped me. Oh, shit! “Oh, sir, I’m sorry, sir. I did not mean to insult you. Please forgive me.” I was in a panic and started to cry.

“Don’t feel sorry. Your words can neither elevate me nor tear me down. I am the king of my castle. I, alone, control my life. But… I’ll tell you what I think about you. And I have had a while to study you. At first, you looked at me as another version of your stupid-ass laborer, a kitchen helper, a know nothing. And now …

The Rich Bitch Kid Part 2 of 5 “You are wondering why I picked you. I saw the attention you nervously paid to the bulge in my pants in the cafeteria. I read your face. I can sense things. If you want it, there is always a way. You can do anything if you really want it. Just one thing is important for you. You really have to want it!” Hank told me, sounding like a mentor. You have to be my boy all the way. You want that? I know you need it. I saw it in your eager eyes in the cafeteria. Begging me to take you right there, to tie you up, and rape you. Oh, not in a harsh way, but that is what you want. To be my little rich bitch boy all the way. Is that right, my boy?”

“Yes, sir,” I murmured. Oh, hell. He is making me open up more and more. More than I really wanted to do. More than my comfort level ever allowed. “Yes, sir!” I was drawn to Hank’s calm way of talking and his self-confident manner.

“Well, my boy, you will get the full-training experience. You will suck my big cock very soon, begging and moaning for more, until I shoot my white Master juice in your little rich bitch mouth. Of course, you will swallow my man juice. I’ll reward you, my boy. I will open your virgin ass very slowly. I will take it easy on you. I know you are new. I want you to be well prepared for some heavy action coming later today. You think you can do that, my boy?”

“Yes, I think so. I’m not sure, sir. I hope so. I’ll try.” I have no idea why I am surrendering. It is not… I mean… WAS not in my personality to surrender, ever. This strong, young “Master” may be a few years older, but I am certainly wiser and more powerful in society. Aren’t I? He works in a cafeteria. I’m from a rich family. I have everything. Yet, I seem to want to agree with him. Being his “bitch boy,” his captive, sounds awful, but … it oddly feels appropriate.

“Boy, I’m going to put this horizontal steel pole that your arms are tied to down, which will cause you to go down on your knees.”

Being blindfolded allowed me to sense things even more. I know I was naked, standing, with my arms tied to a steel pole. It must have looked like I had been crucified. I felt the horizontal steel pole being moved. It frightened me. I had no control over where my body was going because my arms were sticking straight outward, tied to it. I was going where the pole was going. He knew I was extremely nervous, so he spoke to me as he moved me into a new kneeling position, telling me what he was doing. He said he didn’t want me to freak out too much. I was still blindfolded and naked. In an odd way, he was very caring.

He explained, “As you can image, I am turning a crank to lower the steel pole to which your arms are tied. As I do, it’ll lower your body until you kneel on the floor.” And I was lowered to a kneeling position with my upper body upright. “There you go, my cute little bitch boy. Next, I am pushing a small table a bit more toward you.” I heard the table sliding and then gently felt it touch against my upper hips. He left it there. “Now, I’m lowering the pole more, which will angle a little away from your knees. As you can tell, your body is bending fully over the table. And now your upper body is horizontal, and your belly rests on this tiny flat support.” It was true; I was on my knees, bent over the table. The weirdest sensation was that my arms were still tied tightly to the pole, stretched out in opposite directions.

“You now look like an airplane about to take off, with your arms in the position of the wings. You should be quite comfortable, my little cute bitch. Just let your head fall naturally over the table edge.” I started to whimper, frightened by his description and how he easily controlled everything about my body position. He continued in a calming tone. “I table is my special design. As you lay on it, it does not obstruct your provided parts like your nipples, and I can reach under you and tease them or your dick, which is now hanging down. Or should I say, fiercely jutting downward?” He chuckled.”

I felt something wet and hard on my lips. “Kiss it, my boy. It will fill you up very soon.” I kissed the rubbery-like “thing” placed on my lips. “Have you ever had a dildo up your bitch ass, boy?”

“No, sir.” My voice trembled in fear of pain.

Hank gently shoved it into my mouth. It was huge. “I know this is large, and I realize your ass is new and tight, but you need to learn to trust me.” It was so big I feared it would choke me if he shoved it in too much and wreck my ass if he pushed it up there. I wanted to trust Hank, but I was getting freaked out with each passing minuet. He let go, and I tried my best to hold it in my mouth as he instructed. Then he went to my ass; I felt a cool greasy feeling, like a lubricant on a finger, rubbing first my ass lips and then massaging the inside of my hole. I moaned.

Then he took the hug, fat rubbery dildo from my mouth. “Boy, just relax. I know you felt the big size of this monster in your month. I know you don’t know how long it is, but I get you guessed it to be about 6 inches around. Right?”

“Please don’t. Please don’t, Master.” I softly whimpered. I did not want that monster shoved up my ass. It would tear me apart. Being blindfolded, I did not see Master Hank put down the 12-inch dildo that was in my mouth and pick up one that was a little smaller than medium. “Trust me, I know how to insert even a huge dildo like this.” Then he gently pushed that smaller dildo against my ass hole, with me thinking it was that huge one. “Let it in. It will hurt you less and enter you fully, just as I want it to.” I felt it. I did try to relax as he rubbed it round my ass lips to tease the opening. He applied just a small amount of pressure, but not enough to push it in. He wiggled it to tease my ass, and he laughed. His laughing seemed not to be in meanness but more due to his enjoyment. “There is now that big dildo at your back door. It’s not inside you yet, but relax and be patient as I insert it. Don’t be tense or afraid. Trust me. You had it in your mouth, so it’s lubed with spit.” Actually, he greased it up with slippery goo to slip in much easier. “It may feel way too big because your ass is virgin.” Little did I know it was medium size, not the 12 inches. If only he would have told me, I would not need to trust him so much. Or ... did I just have a critical thought? “Your virgin ass can take it without trouble if you relax and trust me.” I felt weird as he manipulated the huge dildo into my never-used asshole. “Good boy, good little puppy. Relax. I’ll give you all of it, a little at a time.” He twisted it and slowly started to invade my hole more. “It will feel great in your cute little tunnel.” It was very uncomfortable entering my virgin asshole, but I tried to relax and give in. I now thought it was fully in, but… I felt the dildo pushing more into my asshole. I fought back; I bucked and tried to eject it.

Hank just ignored me and pushed on, stroking my smooth back all over, petting me, whispering some words of encouragement. “Just take it, my boy. You will love it! At least, you will love it before long.” I hated the painful stretching of my ass. Hank was definitely right. It did hurt a lot more in my ass than in my mouth. I felt like I needed Hank to be proud of me, take it, and trust him. Hank stroked my body as he left the dildo where it was. He needed to calm me. He did a long reach under the small table to find my nipples to tweak and tickle them one at a time. It felt ecstatic. I moaned and groaned. “Yes, bitch, purr, and make all those wonderful sounds of pleasure. You do want me to make you my little boy.” He whispered in a low, sexy voice. I shuttered and then nodded.

“You are doing just fine, my boy. I know this is your first time. I’m going slowly. I told you this 12-inch dildo would feel huge in your ass. Just relax and give your discomfort and pain to me. Give it to your Master. You have to learn to accept what I give you! You understand that? Don’t speak; turn all your energy to your stretched-ass lips. Just nod your beautiful head when you agree with me. Nod that you will accept Master’s gift of this ass-training tool.” I nodded my head and tried to relax again. Hank pushed the dildo slowly deeper into my ass.

Pain increased. My ass lips were burning with a strange unknown pain. Hank stroked my body and kissed my soft, smooth ass cheeks to distract me as he worked the dildo as he wished, slowly in a little, out a little, and in more. I focused on his gentle petting of me and his calming words rather than the pain in my ass. Hank was massaging my naked body with his other hand and started to press the front of his naked body against my full backside. He licked and sucked my neck as he rubbed me all over, more distractions for me to take in. I felt his teeth nibble my ear, too hard to feel good.

I gave him an “ouch!” But he never backed off. His teeth nibbled at one ear and then the other. He gave me little baby bites on the back of my neck. If only he were not so rough. But then again, this was going to be done his way. To be honest, he was not being that rough. He knew what he was doing and needed to do.

“Relax, boy. Give your Master the most private part of your young body. Be a good, willing bitch boy. Be a good little puppy for me! Remember, your answer was a loud ‘yes’ to me. So give yourself to me.” Slowly, I felt the dildo opening my ass lips even wider. Hank pushed the dildo slowly up my ass. Deeper and deeper, it went into my virgin hole. The distracting biting became more intense. I was so focused on the now-annoying nibbling and biting of my back and everywhere. I did not realize it when he finally fully planted the dildo up my ass. I didn’t realize my ass lips grabbed onto a recessed indentation “lock” and held it right there. I felt truly stuffed, but at least it was in and held in there by my ass lip muscles. “Ahhhh, there you go, my sweet little bitch boy. Your ass will very soon love Master’s dildo. It’s made so that only a half-inch sticks out for me to grab and twist if I want.” Hank sounded as if he was reporting a “mission accomplished.”

He was now thumping the exposed butt end of the dildo, sending tiny shocks to my dick. Hank knew well what I was feeling. I had sweated a wet coat, but now I could relax. “Oh god, sir. I just took 12 inches up my bitch ass! Sorry, I was such a baby.” Unbeknownst to me, Master chuckled in his wisdom of knowing how to mind-fuck me and allow me to think I had taken something a lot longer and fatter than the one he actually inserted inside me.

I was naked, bent over a small table with a “huge 12-inch” dildo firmly planted up my ass. In order for my ass to shit out the dildo, my ass lips would have to stretch very wide to release it. And those ass lips were stretched all they could be for now. I was cooing and moaning. Master Hank, somehow, had pegged me correctly. I did need to be dominated. I did need to be his bitch boy. But I was still unsure of what would happen to me and afraid it might be a weird part of me emerging.

“Are you ready for the next step, my boy?” Master asked, knowing I did not have a choice in the matter. Not really.

“Yes, sir. I think so. Please be gentle. I’m new, sir.” I was still shocked by my own words. Being his “boy?” Confessing my feelings to this strong, earthy man who kidnapped me was confusing. Hank stroked my sweat-covered back. Then I heard a “CLICK.” The dildo started to vibrate. “Oh, my! Oh god! Hell!” I screamed in pleasure. Hot sensations shot through my body. My cock, which was hanging down from between my legs, was on fire! The tabletop I was bent over was so small that it only supported my belly. My tits and dick were hanging down each side of the tabletop.

I heard another “CLICK,” and the device in my tender, never-used asshole changed to a wave pattern of motion. At least it felt like motion. Now extraordinary waves of vibration aroused me from my asshole to my dick and all the way up my spine. Oh, fuck! Strange, hot, horny sensations flowed through me in warm, erotic surges!

Hank walked from my butt to my face, hanging over the low tabletop. He knelt before my head and lifted it to face his strong chest. Without any instruction or reason, I started to lick and suck his beautiful skin pressed against me. He moved my head to his nipple, and I sucked it in my mouth and worked it gently with my teeth. Then he moved my mouth to his other nipple, and I did the same with it. I tasted the salt of his skin and his wonderful sweat. The vibrator deep in my ass was turning me on so much that I wanted to hug him lovingly and wrap my arms around him and hug him lovingly. But my arms were still stretched out like airplane wings, tied to the horizontal steel pole. I was naked and kneeling over his little table. My ass was stuffed with a vibrating dildo. He held my head firmly in both hands and moved my mouth all over his muscular chest as if my mouth were his pleasure machine. I was just his bitch toy. I was excited but also scared because I did not know what dark behaviors he would teach me.

It was blowing my mind! He actually let me suck on his powerful nipples. I moaned softly, “Thanks, sir, Master Hank! Thank you so much, sir!” My cock, begging to be touched, was dripping precum as it pointed stiffly to the floor between my kneeling thighs. My little teen balls were pulling close to my body. I wanted to cum! I needed to cum hard for my Master, Hank. I wanted to shoot my load all over the fucking place. I finally wanted to admit to the entire world, and especially myself, that I was gay. That was the only way I could truly be his little bitch boy! Could I do that, being his boy? Admitting I was gay?

Hank stood up and walked to the ass end of the table. He actually lay on his back, pushed my knees apart, and slid his head under my pointing down dick. Yes, it was ridged, dripping, and trapped, hanging down. He got to where my dick was, sticking out his tongue to lick a few drops of my precum. He did not suck my dick, as I so desperately needed him to do. He did not even lick it. He only touched the tip of his tongue to the tip of my hair-trigger dick. He did it a few times. I could barely feel it, but I did, and my dick bobbed fiercely each time. Master was only showing me he could do that if he wanted to, whenever he wanted to. And right now, he only wanted to touch barely the tip of my dick with the tip of his tongue. That was his power. He wanted to demonstrate complete control over my body, including my erection. Then he pulled himself out from under my hips. Then he leaned over and kissed my neck, saying, “Later, my boy, all in good time. I want your boy juice to keep building up until I am ready for you to release it under my conditions. Behave yourself, and remember that you can only cum with my permission. You have to learn to control your body.”

“Yes, sir,” I said sadly. I wish he would remove my blindfold so I could see him. The mechanical butt device was deep inside my tight ass. I heard Hank kneel in front of me. I smelled his muscular body and loved it. Hank stroked my smooth face and my hair. “OK, my boy, let me guide your head. Be a good boy!”

My head and shoulders were hanging over the edge of the small table, and Hank, taking my ears, guided my head upward so my face was facing him instead of the floor. In a couple of seconds, my lips were being rubbed by wet flesh. It took me only a moment to realize it was his cock. My tongue darted out, and I was licking the slit of his cock! I could taste and smell him. My tongued danced all around the tip of his cock. I never ever sucked a cock before! Now I am begging for it! He must have reached one hand to my ass because I felt him push on the dildo, not that it could go any deeper, but he wanted me to feel him by thumbing it. It was still vibrating, sending trimmers throughout my body. My lips on his big, manly cock made me feel so good. I wished I could see it. I tried to engulf his dick fully, but he told me not to do that. I was just to lick it.

I wanted to wrap my arms around Hank and, at least, fist his big cock, if I was not allowed to lick it. At least I could smell my Master and feel his cock on my smooth face touching my lips. I felt and tasted his precum mixed with the natural musky scent of this strong man. I just continued licking his big cock eagerly, as his little, teen bitch puppy in heat.

I was in heaven and whispered, “Oh god, I’m fucked; it feels so good, Hank. I’m not a virgin anymore. I can have it. Please fuck my ass. Do it hard, please, sir. I can take it. I need you right now!”

Hank stroked my sweat-covered body and reminded me to be silent, “Stop talking, little man. I will fuck your little ass when it is time in your training, and not before. But first, I have a surprise for you, a little treat. Or should I be more descriptive and say a huge treat?” He paused, probably smiling. “OK. Now you may wrap your warm boy lips over my cock head and swallow it. Enjoy the taste of a manly cock, a real stud, a man who uses tools.” Without hesitation, I opened wide, and the dick just inserted itself. I closed my lips just around the rim. I wanted more of it in my mouth, but he only gave me so much.

“Good boy, you are good! You are so hot. I will make you my personal little rich bitch cock sucker, Benjamin Williamson Jr. You will do this all the time, and you will love every second of it. My dick and giving it pleasure is what you will now live for.”

My eager mouth tongued his cock-head harder and harder, swaying my head from side to side and even twisting my neck around. He was so right. I did want to give him pleasure! I loved the feeling of sucking his big cock. “Good little boy. Hell! You give good mouth action, boy! Now take me in deeper. Relax your mouth, boy. I want to feel your little tight tongue down the sides of my rock-hard shaft. Do it, boy! Do it for your Master.”

The Rich Bitch Kid Part 3 of 5 I took a deep breath every time he pulled back, licked, and kissed my way back to his sensitive cock head. I was prepared to do everything for him, to taste his cum and to swallow it all. I will not let him down on the supreme moment. I wanted to be his little bitch cock-sucking boy!

“Oh fuck. My little boy is learning well. You’ve got my giant cock in your little mouth and up to your throat. Good boy, your Master is pleased! You are learning not to breathe when I push in deeply. When I retract it a little, breathe through your nose so your lips can stay closed and loving. That’s better.” He raised my head again, and I took a breath and swallowed him again. He bobbed my face up and down on his cock. I wanted to use my hands so badly to grab and hold him, but they were still tied and stretched out. My eager boy cock was stiff and dripping precum as it pointed down between my legs. But… my reward was close! A real man’s cock, Hank’s manly cock, was about to spurt in my little eager mouth! Hank, my new teacher, owner, and Master, moaned when I sucked him hard.

“Oh, boy, I’m gonna cum! Right in your little mouth, boy. Swallow it; swallow Master’s sweet cum. All of it! Get your reward. I will feed you my mighty, manly, power juice. RIGHT NOOOOWWWW! SWAAALLLOOOWWW IT - BOOOOYYYYY!” Hank screamed.

I felt his massive cock jerk and then push into my throat. I felt his first shoots of cum squirt directly down my throat. I felt his strong hands on my head, holding me in that same position, not letting me breathe. My job was not to breathe but to consume. Who needs air? His dick was still pushing at the opening of my throat, shooting more. SWAAALLLOOOWWWW IIITTTT!”

As he pulled back a little to let me breathe, he continued to shoot more on my tongue. I continued to suck him like a starving puppy on the tits of its mother. I swallowed and gulped as his hot cum filled my eager mouth. I squeezed my ass lips on the dildo buried in my stretched ass. I loved this! I sucked his juices out of his balls. I wanted to drain him, to make my Master happy.

Finally, he pulled his dick away from my mouth. I left his spent cock covered in my slobber. My face received the last few small splatters of his manliness. “Wow, boy, you are the best cock sucker I ever had.” I felt proud of his words. “You are going to be mine. I will train you, punish you, and even torture you, but I will never hurt you.” In about an hour, you will be tested.

I thought those were strange words. I did not know what he meant. But I did not want to think about it. I just consumed his load, yet I was still tied up, blindfolded, and butt-plugged. My dick was left ridged, bobbing, and oozing. How could I think? And what was this test? I didn’t want to think about that either.

As I lay bound horizontally on his coffee table, still oozing from my hard erection, Master Hank reached under the table, found my exposed nipples, and tweaked them. He pulled, tickled, and erotically scratched them with his fingernails. I knew what was coming. I’m a smart kid, after all. He would let me finally shoot my pent-up load of boy cum. He just shot his down my hungry throat; now it’s my turn. I mean, my throbbing dick must have oozed a large puddle of precum in the spot under it. He got up and walked over to my ass. He petted me continuously, which made me tremble in excitement. Then he knelt there, reached under my groin, found my stiff dick, and finally began to stroke my begging cock as it bobbed up and down between my legs.

“Spread your knees apart. Good boy, I like your hefty, full boner, boy.” He said it as he fingered and teased my dick to get ready to milk it. “Oh, my boy is so very hard. If I stroke it just right, it will shoot its load. Yes. And Master knows just how to stroke it to make it surrender all its sweet boy juice.” My body was jerking and shaking, ready to shoot for my Master. I could hardly wait. I was so excited, so exotically on edge. My gun was cocked and on a hair-trigger to fire. Just one more touch, and I will be I heaven.

“There you are, my boy, all worked up and prepared to shoot your juice. I am so happy, so very pleased, and happy. Now… keep it hard that way.” Hank whispered.

“NOOOOOO! PLLLEAAASSSE! LEEETTTT MEEEE,” I yelled. I could not restrain myself. I just broke into tears. I complained to myself how much I needed to climax and let it all out, still boned as ever, dripping and bobbing. This time, Master did not punish me for speaking out. He understood my emotions. He smiled and whispered in my ear, “You make me so proud. You live to please me. I love you so much. Yes, go ahead and cry out all your frustrations. I love it. I love your bobbing dick dancing just for me. I love my boy so much.” He stood up and walked away.

As I calmed down, I really felt he was testing me. I wondered if he left the room. Maybe he did. I tried to hump the table, but my dick was not on it. It was hanging, pointing down to the floor. I was humping air. But I wanted to be strong for Hank. That made me feel proud; I could control my mixed feelings. OK, my teen cock was not going to go flaccid. I would show him I could do it, do everything for him. I heard him coming back into the room. “Good boy, waiting for his big, strong Master.”

“Yes sir, I am so fucking sorry I yelled out,” I said. I liked the feeling of being his little boy, his obedient servant.

“You’re doing very well, my little boy. I’m proud!” He came over to my head and started petting my hair like I was a real dog. “I think it is good to give you a little rest. Not long, just an hour or so. Then we will continue your training.”

“Yes, sir, Hank.”

He walked behind me and started to feel up my white butt cheeks again. Without warning, he turned the dildo off and, with a firm pull, yanked it and then slowly pulled it out. A moment later, he pushed it back in, not as far. Then the slow, very slow rhythm of in-and-out started. My ass was being massaged on the inside. I moaned and groaned with pleasure. My dick was still ridged like a steel pole. He was fucking me slowly, making me want it even more. After some trust, Hank took out the dildo. I felt empty and very naked. I missed the dildo in my now-empty ass.

“You want it all, my little boy? All the way? Well, I know your answer. But you will rest. In a little over an hour, the doorbell will ring. And I will open it up. I know you cannot see it, but your ass is lined up with the door. Anyone who comes in will see my little boy’s ass and his empty asshole.

“Oh please, no, PLEASE! Oh god. Someone will see me? Like this? Master, no, please don’t…” Right then, I felt a really hard smack on my ass.

“I will forgive you for this one outburst. But if you speak just one more word without my permission, I will untie you, toss you out my door, naked. You will never hear from me again.” Hank was not yelling or even sounding angry, but he was serious. And I knew it. I just shook my head that I understood and would not utter a word. I had no idea where any of this was leading me. I don’t even know if the end result will feel good to me, but I am drawn to Hank and his power over me.

“I have called a good buddy of mine, who I want to meet you. He will be here very soon. Don’t worry; you look fine.” Hank laughed, telling me how wonderful I looked with my gaping whole ass sticking out for all to see. “You look much better than fine. You look delicious. He will get a kick out of seeing you.” Hank chuckled. “Maybe I will let you see him, too? Would you like that?” I nodded yes so he would remove the blindfold. “As long as you obey, such as not speaking unless told, you will have little treats, such as the blindfold removed. However, the least little infraction, you will be a very disappointed little boy; I assure you.”

“Are you wondering why I have someone come over to meet you?” I nodded, being careful not to say anything out loud. “My little rich bitch slave needs to demonstrate to his Master just how low and obedient you can be. You will be given a few challenges, and I will help guide you through them, but it is up to you to always obey me. You’re going to kiss him.

“I’m going to teach you real obedience, boy. You want to be my loyal bitch slave? And obey me completely? When the doorbell rings, it will be your test. You will be my horny little slave, begging for more because you will love it. There is a condition. You will continue not to speak to me and not to speak to the boy. And remember not to cum without my permission. I’ll watch your dripping, twitching teen cock through your entire task. You will not cum, whatever it takes. Otherwise, you will be punished hard! I will punish you by spanking your little ass, making you cry, and spanking you more and harder. I don’t care how harsh you think I am with you. I know better. I, more than you, know what you can and will do. I will push your limits, and you will not disappoint me. I want my little slave boy to always be perfectly obedient!” Master Hank told me all this in a firm voice.

FINALLY! Hank untied my black silk blindfold and removed it. For the first time, I could see where I was. I could see Hank wearing only his jockstrap. The room was lit with some candles. His powerful frame was standing in front of me with his tanned skin. His chest was massive and muscular. He was just as I remembered him when he served me dinner as my waiter at the school cafeteria. I licked my lips, looking at his manly nipples.

Then, another surprise; Hank untied me. He had me walk around to stretch all my joints and relax my body. That did feel good. I stretched in all directions. Then the doorbell sounded, and Hank answered it without hesitation, wearing only his jock strap, “Hi, Timmy!” he said as he flung the door wide open. I just stood there, gazing at the most beautiful young man I have ever seen. I could not believe it. He actually walked in naked! I wondered where he came from. How did he get here with no clothes on? Who saw him? Who was he? I was abuzz with questions but with no permission to speak. I just stared, probably looking dumb.

A little, strong, naked teen came in and walked up to me; he was maybe 16. Did he arrive here totally naked? OMG! Timmy stood there close to Master Hank, watching me. His young, trained, athletic body and face were kind and powerful. Timmy had a totally hairless body, and I wondered if it was natural or the result of shaving? Even his beautiful dick and balls were hairless, so it must result from shaving. His dick was semi-hard, sort of swaying from side to side as he approached Hank.

The smooth teen dropped to his knees and kissed Hank’s naked feet. “Good boy; you are right on time. I have to train this new rich bitch of mine, a member of the social elite. His name is Benjamin Williamson Jr., but that name will not be used from now on. I want your help, my boy. You teach him the ropes as I did to you. You understand? You remember?”

Timmy bowed his head and said, “Of course, sir.”

“Bitch, go over to that wall and kneel down, facing me,” Hank ordered. “Put your feet flat against the wall and stay there.” I did as Hank told me. Timmy walked the few steps to me, very close to me, and smelled my body. Then he reached out and stroked my chest, feeling my sweat and some clinging cum. Hank sat in an over-stuffed chair, like a king in a thrown. “My little bitch, put your face on Timmy’s feet, one at a time, and kiss each one repeatedly and all over.” I did. It was odd, but I bowed down and enjoyed it. He was such a handsome, tan teen. “Continue to lick his feet all over, and don’t stop until I tell you. You may lift each of his feet to service them better.”

I have never done anything like this. I fantasized about some labor servant licking my feet. But I never considered myself doing it to someone else. I thought it would gross me out. But… I was in heaven. I was moaning. My eyes were closed, and I was kneeling in a worshiping, honoring posture. I did not notice my dick getting hard again until it was pointed out. “Timmy, take a look at this bitch’s dick. See how he honors me with his erection?” Timmy giggled. “See, this new slave bitch is all boned up because he enjoys obeying me. He is new but a quick learner. Yet, he is not worthy to kiss my feet. He needs practice first. He needs you to teach him his first experience in body worship.” Timmy nodded and giggled more, probably because my inexperienced, adventurous tongue was tickling him.

What was odd was that Hank positioned me all the way back against the wall. My butt pressed firmly against it as I was now fully bent over. I could move back at all, and I felt extremely cramped positioned like this, licking and kissing his feet. It would have been more comfortable if either I could back myself up or Timmy could take a few steps back. I ignored my awkwardness in being trapped between Timmy’s body and the wall behind me.

“Good bitch boy, good tongue, bitch. You are pleasing me. Now work your mouth and tongue up his handsome teen body.” I eagerly did, eager to get to his dick. I licked first one leg to his knee, then the other. Then, I started on one well-toned thigh toward my reward, his dick, now fully hard. In fact, as I got closer to it, his jutting dick rested on the top of my head. I nodded slowly because I knew the hair on my head was teasing the underside of his balls and the sensitive dick. Then I tickled his balls with my hair as I nuzzled my head lightly back and forth. Timmy was cooing. He knew what I was doing, and Master was laughing. But Master interrupted me, “You will not lick his balls or his dick, just everywhere else, as you work up his front.” I enjoyed licking his skin and kissing him all over, so it did not bother me. I licked his hipbones and then worked around his dick to lick his belly without touching it.

To lick his chest, I just awkwardly stood up. No one stopped me, so I guess it was OK to stand. Now I was not crushed against the wall. I had a bit of room. Timmy and I were the same height. We were both pretty short. I guess Hank liked his boys to look like… well… boys. I did not notice that Timmy, moving slowly, took a few tiny steps closer to me. I was licking away, and when my back touched the wall behind me, I did not care, but I was once again cramped a bit between the wall and Timmy’s chest. The back of my head was now touching the wall, and my face was slightly pressed into his chest. But I was just doing as I was told, and maybe Timmy just liked being close to me.

Oh my god! I reached his right nipple, kissed it, licked it, sucked it, and worshiped it. Timmy’s legs were getting a little weak, as he needed to strengthen his stance to stand tall. He pushed his chest out and moaned and groaned. I attacked the other nipple and treated it with just as much erotic love as the first. Then I sloppily licked upward to his neck. I nibbled, kissed, and lingered before moving up to his face and ears. I nibbled, kissed them, gently bit his lobes, and licked my way to his cheeks. I was anticipating that Master would order me to avoid kissing his mouth. I moved my mouth over the luscious lips of this teen stud. I licked and kissed them, encouraging his mouth to open, but I got tired of waiting, so I used my fingers to gently pull his chin down. His mouth opened enough for me to get my tongue in. I was expecting Timmy to use his tongue to kiss me back or insert his tongue in my mouth, but he only allowed me to French kiss and tongue him. He allowed me to open his mouth as much as I wanted without resistance. I licked the full inside of his mouth.

“Good boy. Lick Timmy’s mouth all over. All around the outside and everywhere around the inside.”

The Rich Bitch Kid
Part 4 of 5 Master told me to do simply as I was told.” I wanted to scream out an enthusiastic, “YES, SIR!” but I knew not to speak. I was in spit heaven. Except for his ass, I’d love to lick him everywhere else. Then I felt Hank’s hand gently fingering my super hard, bobbing dick. “Oh, and look at you, my bitch boy, dripping cum all over Timmy’s gorgeous legs. I like a messy boy, at least this type of messy boy.” Master’s words really got to me. I was kissing the most beautiful teen I’d even seen, and Master was playing with my bobbing, leaking dick. I was ready to shoot my load as I quickened my hip thrusts against Master’s hand. “Oh, no, my boy.” And he let go of my dick. I knew that was a sign for me not to go over the edge. More accurately, it was his way of telling me to stay on the edge. It’s obviously part of my training. It’s difficult, but I am trying to learn to behave.

It is odd that Timmy was not kissing me back. His tongue stayed motionless in his mouth. I now realized a new concept was becoming clearer and more apparent. Timmy was not there for us to make love or for us to have sex. He was there for me to serve him. He did not need to give anything back. I was to provide him with pleasure; he could be as passive as he wanted or was instructed to be. He was a tool OUR Master was using to train me, to give me experience, to make me more suitable and usable to Master.

I wondered if I could do better. I made the decision to fondle his hard dick. I started pumping it gently as I kissed him passionately. All of a sudden, a hard SMACK! To then side of my ass. “Who told you that you could touch his dick? Who told you that you could act independently? Perhaps I have given you too much credit for learning quickly. I’ll take care of you.” Master quickly went to a cupboard and returned with some leather cuffs. Before I knew it, my wrists were cuffed behind me. “Now you can focus on using your mouth, and only your mouth.” He ruffled the hair on my head like he was petting a dog, smiled, and said, “Continue.” This messing up of my hair was his way to remain in “affectionate control” and signal that although I broke a rule, he was not upset with me. I did as he said. I continued to kiss Timmy’s mouth and suck his tongue. I could no longer use my hands, but that pleased Master.

“Enough of the mouth work; I figure you don’t need to learn too much there. That usually comes very naturally to a boy. Timmy, turn around and let rich bitch start at your neck and work down. Bitch boy, as you take your time working your way down, lick and suck every square inch of his backside. As I watch you work down, I will tell you when to skip a part of his anatomy. But only skip the parts I tell you. Understand, my bitch boy?” I nodded, fully eager to please, and enjoy this “assignment.” I was glad he would let me skip licking certain parts of his body, especially his ass. That I could not do.

I nibbled his neck and licked his shoulders. I kissed, licked, and nibbled all of his upper back and worked down. I worked my way down to his lower back, so I awkwardly had to kneel again. I had my back to the wall. Timmy’s standing body was very close to me once again. Weird. As I worked my way down, I had to kneel. I had to squeeze into the small space allowed me, between Timmy and the wall behind me. With my hands now bound behind me, it was difficult to kneel; I had lean on Timmy’s back with my face to let myself slide down to my knees.

The heels of his feet were taped on my knees. It was a signal to move further back. So I moved my legs back as far as they could go. The soles of my feet were now flat against the cool wall behind me. I was really cramped, AGAIN. I could not move my legs back anymore. I could still lean my head back about a foot and press the back of my head against the wall. So my head had some room to move backward. As I was “placed,” my upper body was in very close contact with Timmy’s lower body. I was so cramped I wiggled to get a little more comfortable. I could feel the body heat wafting off his body. He had a mix of smells, from sweat to a touch of cologne, to general maleness.

As soon as I felt sort of OK with my kneeling wedged in the tiny space I was afforded, I was shocked when Timmy stepped backward. Because his heels were already tight against my knees, he moved his feet apart and stepped back by placing his feet on the outside of my thighs. What the fuck! I thought. I had just adjusted myself to be OK, cramped against the wall. But now, I had Timmy’s ass too close to my face. If my hands were free, I would have gently placed them on the back of his thighs and nudged him slightly away from me to move him forward to allow me more room behind him. As is, his ass was only about six-inches from my face. He was likely only trying to be helpful to make it easier to lick his lower back and then skip down to his upper legs. The other weird thing he did was tap my thighs with his heels. I did not know what he wanted at first, but then he tapped the outside of my thighs a little harder. I realized he wanted me to l close my knees together. I budged them a little closer together. Having my knees wide apart made it easy to keep my balance. But, weirdly, with my thighs closer together, it was more difficult to hold myself stable. Then another tap, so I squeezed my kegs together tightly. Now I was even more unstable. I had to kind of lean my head onto his body to stead myself. Weird.

Finally, I returned to my job and began to lick around his lower back. He did taste good. I waited for Master to tell me to skip down to his thighs, but he was silent, so I licked his right butt cheek. I was surprised at how firm it was. I spent a lot of time lingering there and then went to the other cheek. I did not know what more to do. I licked and kissed his ass cheeks all over, making sure not to get close to his ass crack. I waited for Master to tell me to go on to his legs, but as I glanced up at him, he simply looked back at me. I guess he noticed I did not do Timmy’s tailbone at the upper part of his ass crack. I moved my mouth to that very spot and licked his tailbone. Once again, I looked up at Master with pleading eyes, wanting to be instructed to skip down to his thighs, but… nothing. I moved my tongue slowly over his tailbone, not knowing where to go with it next.

Finally, Master spoke, “Did I say anything, boy? Unless I tell you otherwise, I instructed you to lick every square inch. Did I tell you to skip any part of his backside?” I sadly shook my head no, knowing he wanted me to lick Timmy’s ass crack. God, I could not do this, not even for Master. I come from a family of super-rich parents. I’m high society, not an ass crack licker! We don’t do humiliating things like that. But, then again, Master stared at me with his handsome, powerful look. I stuck out my tongue and hovered over the upper part of his crack. At first, I feared the smell of his young ass, but he smelled clean. Seems like he must have just bathed, and the crack of his ass was no more unsanitary then his toes, I guess. So I made contact.

I sheepishly licked the top of the hairless crack a few times and looked at Master Hank as if to ask, “OK, I’m done here. Where next, Master?” Just another stare from him. I had no choice. I took a deep breath and went to work. I did not notice that Timmy had made a few tiny steps back toward me, bringing his ass closer to my face. Unconsciously, I moved my head back a little as I lightly licked his crack, not wanting to get into it. I also tried to maintain as much space as possible between his ass and my face. I didn’t really think about it. I licked all the way down to his balls, skipping over his asshole. I had to twist my neck to get my tongue to lick the space near his balls, the perineum. Timmy must have realized I was trying to reach that spot under his body, so he bent over from his waist a little to make it easier for me to reach.

I was being so diligent and getting so into licking everywhere as ordered I did not notice that Timmy moved another few inches back toward me. His doing that caused me to be more cramped against the wall. Each time I made a licking strike, the back of my head lightly bumped the wall behind me. That was a little uncomfortable, so it was better to just let my head rest against the wall continuously. At least I was maximizing the space between my nose and his ass. I let my head stay against the wall as I licked. It also steadied my body and helped me from tipping over. With my hands behind my back and Timmy’s feet forcing me to squeeze my legs together, I needed to sort of hold my head “onto” the wall to steady upright.

When I first got into this position, there was about 18 inches of space between the wall and the back of my head. I was too engrossed trying to figure out how to avoid licking his ass to realize that now there was no space between my head and the wall. And I had only about one or two inches between my face and the deep valley of his ass crack. I wanted to use my hands and gently push him back a few inches to get a little space, a little comfort zone. But I was cuffed.

My mind was on Timmy’s reactions, his trembling, moaning, groaning, and loving my attention. And I was right there with him. I licked my way up and down his ass crack, skipping only over his asshole. Somehow it was OK. I’m not sure how it became OK, but I see I am licking his ass crack, giving him pleasure. The back of my head stayed in contact with the wall. Timmy was moaning in pleasure. Timmy’s body shimmered. His ass checks shook back and forth. I was unaware he had maneuvered my face deep into his ass crack simply by that distracting trembling of his buttocks which he did as he moved his body backward about another two inches. My face was snug in his ass crack. My nose was forced fully into the valley. And worse, I could not back my head out of there. My nose must have been pushed into the rosebud of his asshole, and the back of my head was against the wall. I could not twist my knees to one side to escape because his feet kept them pinned tightly together. Nor could I move my face to either side because my nose was wedged deeply seated into his ass hole.

He squeezed my head back against the wall, ensuring my nose was positioned against his rosebud. I wanted out. I needed to stand up to get some fresh air and relax for just a moment. Timmy had other plans and seemed to be working on those plans. He knew how to hold me in place and allow me to breathe just enough. I labored to draw in air from my nostrils.

I was thinking to myself, as I labored to breathe, I’m a rich kid. My parents are worth millions. How do these two guys dare to hold my face in clinched ass cheeks? I’m Benjamin Williamson Jr. How did I get into this mess? I tried to move my head up, down, or to the side, but I found myself too jammed against the wall. Kneeling on the floor between Timmy’s feet, my hands cuffed behind my back, my face was nestled between his ass bubble butt cheeks. And I was struggling to balance myself on my knees, but it was difficult. I could not move, and I could not get out of Timmy’s suffocating position. He held my face trapped between his tight and muscular clutched ass cheeks! I was getting dizzy, light-headed. What in the fuck did he want from me?

He had all the leverage. He was standing. It was easy for him to apply a bit more pressure on my face by leaning back on me to cut off my air altogether. At that moment, I could not breathe. I started to panic. I started to yell and scream, though it was greatly muffled. I tried to shake my head loose from the over-powering grip of his muscle ass. Were they going to suffocate me? Then I heard Hank.

“Bitch boy, I told you not to make a sound. I suggest you obey… immediately.”

I don’t know why, but obeying was my only choice, so I did. I stopped yelling and struggling immediately. I had no choice. I felt light headed. I started to see stars.

Air; I could breathe again. I sucked up the air like a desperate man. Timmy was still pressing against me, but he had eased up just a little, just enough to allow me to breathe. I took in all the smells of Timmy, his ass, his sweat, this natural body scent. I could not help it; my mouth and nose were still firmly held against his ass hole. Timmy knew what he was doing. He knew when I could breathe and how to set his body more forcefully against my face, so I could not. He knew how to hold me exactly where I was, with my head squeezed against the wall.

Then Timmy leaned further back, pushing his bubble ass firmer onto my face again. And, again, I could not breathe. Instinctively, I started to panic and struggle. But then, I remembered, and I let go. I stopped all movement. I even stopped trying to inhale. I surrendered to my training. I waited. It was longer this time, but I waited without any fight left in me. My head was spinning.

Then I could breathe again. Finally, I could smell all of Timmy’s wonderful body and ass smells. He relaxed his body weight against my face and allowed my nostrils to open. I could suck in precious air once again. I could not pull my head back; it was pressed firmly against the wall. I could not turn my head right or left because my face was too firmly tucked into his ass crack, which made a firm holder for my face. But… he was allowing me to breathe. I took in warm, sweaty, musky smells. Air was like a gift, actually, more like a reward. I was rewarded.

Then, no more air. This time, I did not even start to fight him. I stayed dormant and still. I was accepting and patient. Trusting. Obeying. I greeted my dizziness with a calm surrender. It seemed like many minutes had passed. I calmly tried to inhale, not forcibly, but just to test if he was granting me air yet. I tried to lick my lips, and Timmy jerked and moaned. I licked them again and again. Then air!

Air. I felt air. I inhaled deeper than ever. Timmy’s wonderful kindness honored me. I opened my mouth to get as much air as I could. I was so happy. I was deliriously thankful for Timmy’s rewarding me. Then I thought, for what? I just licked my lips. And I was rewarded with marvelous air. All the funky body-sweat smells from his asshole were a joy. I stopped licking my lips and just inhaled. But, then … no more air.

His body weight and ass cheeks pressed more firmly against my face, sealing it off once again from air. I remembered to remain still, motionless. But still, I was not allowed air. I was about to panic. After all, I obeyed by not moving. But no air. I licked my lips in nervousness and inadvertently licked his asshole. He moaned, his ass cheeks tensed, and I licked. He jerked, and then I was rewarded with more air. I kept licking his asshole and sticking my tongue all around it. I nibbled on his ass lips and teased them in every way I could. I wanted to keep my air flow coming. Such a macho taste. I expected my air to be cut off at any moment, but it was not. I licked his ass crack up and down. Then I rested because I had wonderful air to breathe. Then no air at all. This time, I licked his ass and slobbered all around it. But no air. I quickly thrust my tongue into his ass hole and pushed it. In a panic, I pushed my tongue and swirled it all around. FINALLY! AIR! He twitched and groaned. He loved the sensations I was giving him. I still could easily breathe. My face was too buried in his ass to see. Apparently, he reached back and spread his ass cheeks wide apart as I licked his teenage boy asshole alternately, plunging my tongue inside his boy hole.

In my mind, I could faintly hear Master saying, “Good bitch boy.” Over and over again. I was obviously doing the right thing. But I wondered if I was eating Timmy’s ass because I was being trained to do it, or was I doing it simply for my pleasure? My tongued darted into his hole and out again, then in. Timmy was trembling and shaking. I was rewarded with a continued flow of air. I plunged my tongue fully in again and swirled it around. I ate out his ass, and he must have pulled his cheeks even wider apart, so I could get in there and snake my tongue deeper. “Good bitch boy” was being whispered to me in my ear, like a chant. It felt so good to hear those words. The chanting encouraged me to give it my all as unselfishly as possible. But I had a job to do. I kept licking and rimming his wonderful teenage tan, firm ass. I was in heaven.

At some point, I realized I was no longer being held against the wall. His ass was not forcible, holding me in place. My body was slowly moving away from the wall as I continued to lick and now suck Timmy’s delicious asshole. I guess I was voluntarily moving my face forward so my tongue would not lose contact with Timmy’s asshole. At some point, Timmy let go of his ass cheeks, and I lifted my hands to spread his cheeks myself. I don’t know when my wrists were untied from behind me, but they were free now. I pulled his ass cheeks wide apart. I changed my pace from aggressively using my tongue to being gentler and lovingly working my tongue in and out and all around.

Then the grunting started – a lot of grunting, continuously. It was getting louder and louder, and Timmy’s body was jerking and twitching more uncontrollably. Then he sounded a low animalistic throaty sound and quickly turned around. He took one giant step back as he pumped his beautiful cut dick with one hand and fired blast after blast into my hair, face, and chest. I just closed my eyes and accepted his cum shower. I found my place. I held my arms outward to welcome his warm, wet, blasting loads of cum from his magnificent dick. He stood before me as a god. When he finished shooting, I remained kneeling as this bitch puppy dog boy. I bowed my head in respect. I looked up at Master Hank and, with my most pleading look; I begged to be allowed to climax. My dick pointed up, bobbing forward and backward, dancing and leaking precum. I cried tears of pleading and begging.

The Rich Bitch Kid Part 5 of 5 “So, it looks like rich bitch Benjamin Williamson Jr. loves to lick ass. Not just that, but he needs to get his tongue deep in a man’s ass and rim him good. Now you are on your way to becoming a real bitch boy!” Master smiled with great pleasure as he stared at me. I was so embarrassed and humiliated, yet my dick danced proudly upward from my lap. It was dribbling goo, to Master’s great delight. “Well, beating off is not how I want to train you to climax. It’s just not in the cards.” I nodded my acceptance and just knelt there. “Get on all fours, my sweet bitch. You have done well, and you pleased me a lot. You have earned a reward.”

With that said, I felt Master fingering my ass. Timmy came over, knelt in front of me, put his hand on each side of my face, held it, and looked into my eyes. He began kissing me passionately, just as I hoped he would do when I was kissing him. I guess all things were to be done in Master’s own time and in Master’s own way. I felt Master inserting his huge dick into my ass. It hurt. It hurt a lot. But he was gentle, and the pain quickly subsided. Slowly in, then out, then slowly in, further, and then out. Bit by tiny bit, he gently rocked my body with his hands on my shoulders, and his dick was going further up my ass. We were moving in unison, all three of us. Hank’s dick would enter just a bit more on each forward thrust. Timmy’s tongue was distracting me by licking the inside of my mouth. I loved it. My ass felt so warm and tingly. Master picked up the rhythm and increased his force, little by little, knowing I loved all of it. Timmy pulled his tongue out of my mouth and stopped kissing me. He, instead, started tweaking my nipples and lightly pinched them. I was moaning. I was receiving so much pleasure.

“Tell me, bitch boy,” Master whispered in my ear. “Whose bitch are you?” I moaned that I was his. “And do you accept all my rules without even knowing them?” I told him I did as he continued his thrusting. “And will you accept every punishment I deem appropriate for you, whether you do or not?” I said, of course. Master was fucking me, and Timmy was teasing my nipples. Master and I were rocking harder and harder, forward and backward, as he pushed inside me with more and more force. “Any instruction I give you to do, you will obey without question.” I swore I would.

I did not notice it, but Hank nodded to Timmy to fetch a sheet of paper from the table. He did and placed it in front of me on the floor. I looked down and read the few words written in giant letters:

“I, Benjamin Williamson Jr., from here on now known only as ‘bitch boy,’ hereby surrender the ownership of my body to Master Hank. I will obey any and all rules he chooses to make for me, and I fully accept any punishment he deems appropriate. In exchange, he will train me to be of value and amusement to him, giving me the gift of experiencing my true purpose in life. I sign this contract agreement with my cum.”

I did not understand that last sentence but knew I would surrender completely as his slave. I closed my eyes as Master pounded into my ass to the hilt. I was moaning, and my body was trembling as he pumped away. I felt one with him. I no longer cared about my individuality or about any pretended purpose I thought was important. Master grunted, thrust, and pounded his magnificent cock into his bitch’s ass. It was his ass to do with, as he wanted. Louder and louder, he grunted as I made loud throaty sounds in unison. I felt his dick swell in diameter and finally pulse and pulse as he shot his loads into me. That triggered my dick - with no one touching it- to shoot everywhere, including all over the paper in front of me, our contract. It just occurred to me that I did not climax with my own dick. Master shot my dick. I had nothing to do with it. Master and I labored to regain our composure. We were both exhausted, huffing and puffing.

I looked down, and the cum-covered contract was removed. Timmy must have put it somewhere. After climaxing, I did not know what to do. Do I hug Hank? Kiss him? Do I just sit there? Do I say, “Thank you, sir?”

“Boy, we are now going to talk. I will explain the contract and give you this one and only chance to cancel it. I know you have questions. A decision like this can never be made in the heat of passion.” Hank smiled. “I am going to shower now. Timmy will get you something to eat and some water. Then we will talk.” I wanted to take a shower, too. I’d love to take it with Master, but it was not offered. Timmy had me stand and follow him to the kitchen.

“You did well, rich bitch boy. Master Hank is very pleased with you,” he said, handing me a glass of water and a nutrition bar. I asked him if I could now talk to him, and he said yes.

“Well, first, I am all sticky and sweaty; can I talk a shower? I mean, my cum and your cum are dripping all over the front of me. I’m making a mess on Master’s floor.”

“Master decides that,” Timmy told me bluntly. “He did not tell you to clean up, so he expects you not to. Likely, he wants you to feel uncomfortable since you are still trying to control things, like when to bathe. Don’t worry. It takes a few weeks, maybe a month, before you surrender your lifestyle and fully accept his authority. Right now, you are thinking you have decisions to make. You don’t. Or, I should say, you only have one decision to make: to rescind your contact or not.”

“How does this work? Do I go home to my parents? Go to school? Have my own social life… though I never had one before, anyway? I don’t know if I can leave home. I love my parents.” I asked Timmy these questions in all sincerity.

“What Master wants is your full loyalty while you are with him. Your family, school, and friends don’t usually appear. And since you live on campus, it will make getting together easier for you two. In some ways, he is reasonable. He knows he cannot have you and train you if you feel uncomfortable and threatened that you might lose your home, school lifestyle, or anything else that is important to you. You already know Master is not stupid. He is always thinking, planning, and training. Master has a very high I.Q., but he decided to either get educated in stuff that did not interest him or participate in meaningful life experiences. He chose the latter because he can always self-educate himself if he needs it. ”

“Ah, Timmy? You said he is reasonable in only some ways. When is he unreasonable?”

“Maybe ‘unreasonable’ is not the right word. What I met was he could be uncompromising. When you are with him, he owns you. That is a fact. He is not going to hurt you, ever, not really. But he will have from you what he wants and how he wants it. You will behave as the bitch boy he wants you to be. He will not compromise on that. It is not a negotiation. The comforting side to that is he is a good trainer. He knows how to transform you, encourage you, and bring you along to get you thinking as a bitch boy.”

I thought about what Timmy was telling me. I had to ask, “What if, after a few weeks, I change my mind and decide I don’t want to be his… slave… anymore. Does he beat the crap out of me? Or…”

“Of course not. But it is an all-or-nothing contract. So, if you accept it now but change your mind later, he will cut you off completely and coldly. You will not see him again or hear from him, ever. He will consider his time with you a waste, and he will devote his future time to seeking out a new bitch.” Timmy hesitated to say something but let it go, “When I was his bitch boy, he gave me challenges that I first thought were impossible. I actually made up my mind to quit. And just as I was about to tell him I quit, I looked into his eyes and searched his face for the sign I needed to see. The sign I needed to see in him was that he would always be there for me. He was right to push me. He knew much more than I what I could do. Then, he gave me encouragement to complete his ... challenges. He did manipulate me a lot and mind-fuck me, but it was for my own good to bring me along in my development. It all worked out in the end, though the process was hell to deal with. I was amazed I actually succeeded. I was so proud of myself, not because I succeeded, but because I trusted Master Hank. He got me through the rough times, and there were many. Yes, I did not always succeed the first time, but as he worked with and trained me, I learned how to succeed and please him. I allowed him, without resistance on my part (that took a while), to mold me, alter my behavior, and become what he wanted me to.”

“Timmy? Are you still his bitch boy now?” I asked, wondering if it was an appropriate question.

“No. But I never quit. I went completely through his training program, and now I am his boy, and I assist him when he asks me to.”

“How long was your training?” I asked. Timmy said it was different for everyone, and I would only know how long it would be for me if I went through it. In general, I was very comforted that Master Hank was a good man with his own way of doing things. And, of course, he had his own brand of kink. But I felt assured that I would be physically safe and my family and school life would remain my business. The scary part was the unknown, the training itself, the “challenges,” as Timmy put it.

“Ah, Timmy, I do have one last question for you. When you came into the house, you were naked. And I don’t recall seeing your clothes piled up at the door when Master opened it wide. Did you come over here naked?” Timmy laughed and told me he did not want to spoil any of my further adventures. He said I just might find out very soon. Just then, I finished my snack, and Master came in wearing only his jockstrap, a fresh one. His hair was combed, and he looked freshly scrubbed and smelled great. God, he was handsome.

“Well, looks like you guys are all content. Timmy, you are dismissed. Thank you.” And Timmy knelt and kissed his Master’s bare feet. Not just a quick kiss; he used his tongue, made slurping sounds, and lingered. Then he got up, looking disappointed at leaving. “You pleased me greatly today.” And Timmy smiled, went to the front door, opened it, still naked, and left. I wanted to jump to the window to see if he was getting dressed on the porch or going home naked. But I stayed where I was, standing in front of Master Hank.

“I assumed Timmy answered all your questions.” I never realized Timmy acted on Master’s orders to speak to me. Master said he would talk to me but did it through Timmy. How interesting. It took me by surprise. I nodded yes. “It’s OK. Now you may speak to me, say, or ask anything.”

“Yes, sir. I answered,” He did answer all my questions. And… and… I… I don’t want to rescind our contract. I will do whatever you say, Master Hank.” Hank was so pleased. He hugged me. Then he went over to a table and picked up a single sheet of paper. He brought it over to me. It was the cum-covered contract. He held it up to his face and licked it in one motion, from bottom to top. Then he handed it to me. He nodded, and I also licked it from bottom to top, tasting my own semi-dried, salty fluid. He said that that made it final. I was now his for … for … whatever.

Then he ruffled up my cum-coated hair and ushered me to the living room. He sat in the overstuffed chair and pointed to the space on the floor, right in front of it, between his legs. Then he pulled my head over to his jock-covered dick and pressed it sideways so my ear was actually resting on his jock-covered dick. I was looking at the inside of his right thigh. “Just sit comfortably there. Scoot a bit if you need to.” I moved a little closer and adjusted my head, still keeping my ear on his dick. He had a football game on T.V., set on low volume, but he was seemingly not paying attention to it. “Lick that small area of my thigh in front of your nose, and don’t stop until I tell you to.” I was eager to have my mouth anywhere on his body. He wanted it. “Easy, bitch boy. Just go slow. We are resting now. Just relax me with your puppy tongue.” I slowed down and licked him tenderly, but just that one spot, he told me. It was sort of hypnotic. I was his lap dog. That was fine with me. “Next Friday afternoon, after your classes, you will come here, and we will officially start your training. You think you can make it here by two?” I nodded. I had a date with my girlfriend that night, but I’d just cancel that.

Master Hank then added a most ominous comment, “Now, your new life begins, and there is no turning back.”

The End

Really? “The end?” You know better than to think a GayTies erotic story would end so simply, right? This rich bitch, now turned total slave boy, is totally commented to his new Master. They each “licked” the contract. And the rich bitch slave’s new life will now begin. But what did Master Hank mean? Of course, there is a sequel that will blow your mind. The degrading public humiliation and forced public exposure will have you all boned up and leaking in just the first few pages. So see the sequel in 2 days.

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