351 Rich Bitch Kid Sequel

351 The Rich Bitch Kid, The sequel
Part 1 of 3 From the original story: There I was; his captive. Hank had kidnapped me from the school cafeteria where I hurriedly went to grab a bit. He is only a common laborer, a waiter, there to serving ME, a wealthy member of society. I don’t need anything or anyone. I just snap my fingers and my rich parents give me anything I desire. I’m not arrogant, that just life. My life. As for Hank, it was his privilege and honor to serve members of the upper class like me. Now, I was tied to a metal structure, blindfolded and naked, at his mercy.

I can’t explain it. I was so excited to be under his power and control. It was so new and so compelling. I wanted to know more, experience more.

“Tell me,” Hank said, “Would a little rich bitch like you make a good boy for me to train? I’d like to have a cute, handsome, obedient boy under my wing. You think you would like to be my little boy, Benjamin?”

“Yeah, sir, whatever, I will do it!” But how did he know my name? I never mentioned it to him before.

Hank smiled. He must have seen my surprise on my face. “My boy, you are cute and naïve, Benjamin. Your jeans and wallet are now mine, and I found your ID there. There is nothing magical about it. I may be a laborer, who works for low wages and tips, but do not assume I am stupid.” He patted my hair and then laughed. “Listen to me carefully, little boy, and be honest all the way. Have you ever sucked a cock?”

“No, sir.” I confessed to him. “No, it was just a jack-off thing, one time. I didn’t know anyone; I’m a loner at school. Besides, all the other students are… well… you know, lower class. I did know one guy, a soccer star at my high school. I would have loved to tie him down, make him suck my cock and force him to do everything for me. His family was all gardeners and laborers. I wanted him to be my big stupid mule servant. Be at my beck and call. I fantasized about ringing a little silver bell and he would come running naked to see what I wanted. I even thought about ringing the bell just to see him come running naked, sweaty, and kneel before me. It was all stupid dreams of what I always desired. His big muscle soccer body would be just for…” I stopped talking. I just realized I was talking to Hank, who is a muscular guy and a waiter at my college. Oh fuck, I just insulted the guy, who kidnapped me. Oh, shit! “Oh, sir, I’m sorry, sir. I did not mean to insult you. Please forgive me.” I was in a panic, and started to cry.

“Don’t feel sorry. Your words can neither elevate me nor tear me down. I am the king of my castle. I alone, control my life. But… I’ll tell you what I think about you. And I have had a while to study you. At first, you looked at me as another version of your stupid-ass laborer, a kitchen helper, a know nothing. And now…

The contract I presented earlier is an all-or-nothing contract. So, if you accept it now, but change your mind later, I will cut you off, completely and coldly. You will not see me again, or hear from me, ever. “You pleased me greatly today. Have I answered all your questions?” “Yes, sir. And… and… I… I don’t want to rescind our contract. I will do whatever you say, Master Hank.” Hank was so pleased. He hugged me. Then he went over to a table and picked up a single sheet of paper. He brought it over to me. It was the cum-covered contract. He held it up to his face and licked it in one motion, from bottom to top. Then he handed it to me. He nodded, and I also licked it from bottom to top, tasting my own semi-dried, salty fluid. He said that that made it final. I was now his for … for … whatever.

The Sequel begins: Master Hank ushered me to the living room. He sat in the overstuffed chair, and he pointed to the space on the floor, right in front of it, between his legs. Then he pulled my head over to his jock-covered dick and pressed it sideways, so my ear was actually resting on his jock-covered dick. I was looking at the inside of his right thigh. “Just sit comfortably there. Scoot a bit if you need to.” I moved a little closer, and adjusted my head some, still keeping my ear on his dick. He had a football game on TV, set on low volume, but seemingly not paying attention to it. “Lick that small area of my thigh in front of your nose and don’t stop until I tell you to.” I was eager to have my mouth anywhere on his body he wanted it. “Easy, bitch boy. Just go slow. We are resting now. Just relax me with your puppy tongue.” I slowed down and licked him tenderly, but just that one spot he told me. It was sort of hypnotic. I was his lap dog. That was fine with me. “Next Friday afternoon, after your classes, you will come over here, and we will start your training officially. You think you can make it here by two?” I nodded. I had a date with my girlfriend that night, but I’d just cancel that.

Then he picked up his cell phone on the table next to his chair and called someone. “Hey, Tony, it’s Hank. How’s it going?” After a brief pause, “Yeah, I have a new bitch boy. He’s a rich kid. You heard me, a RICH bitch boy … Yeah, when I met him he thought he was entitled to all the comforts of the wealth.” A long pause, then, “Yeah, ain’t that a hoot! But he is one cutie-pie … Hey, you know I will take good care of him. We’re going to get him all straightened out and properly trained.” Then a long silence, as the other person must be saying a lot. “Yes, new bitches are a lot of work, but I am an artist, I love my work.” He laughed. “Are you busy there on Friday afternoon? You’re having your giant summer sale? … Great. But can you work us in? I don’t mind if there are a lot of other customers there too. It’ll be good training for this new bitch.” Another pause, “That’s great. And you have your assistants to help him try the gear on? … Great. I’d like them to dress him up in doggie gear. And I’d like not to see him until they finish. Then they can bring him over to me. But leave it up to your assistants, as to what particular item they put on him. Just tell them to be creative and thorough. I want to see what they come up with.” Another long pause.

All this talk was scaring me. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. I did have the option of quitting. At least, I had until Friday to think it through. “Yes,” Master continued his phone conversation. “I’d like to sit down in one of your relaxing chairs and just wait to be surprised. Then, yes, of course, your guys can parade him around the store on a leash. Yeah, that’ll be a hoot!” Another pause.

I’m thinking these guys are talking as if I am some object. It’s as if I am not even here. I just kept licking Master’s wonderful thigh. But I was getting worried about what they had in mind for me. “Well, that’s what I like about your place. You sell all that leather kink stuff there, and you do tattoos and piercing in the back room. You’re like an all-in-one ‘service center.’” He laughed. “And you have that row of chairs where customers can sit to watch their subs model … whatever.” Master laughed again and then paused a bit.

What the fuck?! “Doggie gear?” What is that? A tattoo parlor? That’s not for me … and definitely no piercings. Definitely not. My mind was busying. Master gave me a little slap on the head when he noticed I stopped licking. So I started again.

“No, I want a lot more than just the standard puppy stuff. I’ll send an email with a complete list. But let your boys add to it or adjust it as they see fit. Now that you have your big sale, I’ll take advantage of it. So I’ll buy a lot, but we will just work with the dog stuff at your store. OK?” Then, “Great. And half price, too. Wonderful. Yeah, you’ll see the email, and it will have items such as a butt-plug dog tail, several collars, a muzzle for when he is a bad bitch, dog bowls, and, yes, a set of those new doggie paws that lace up.” A short pause. “Wow! You have a new device called Gates of Hell? That sounds wicked and nasty, I’ll take it.” Then silence. “Yes! Definitely, and…”

I licked Master’s thigh as he instructed me to, as he spoke on the phone, oddly, an old fashion corded phone. I liked that my Master decided to be clean-shaven; it suited him better. It did feel good licking him but was he really going to turn me into a dog? I mean, do I have to bark, whine, and beg, just like a dog? Do I get to pee on the furniture, too? I was trying to envision all this.

“Tony, of course, he will be embarrassed and likely humiliated, too. I told you he is new, new to even being a sub. Why … he just licked his first asshole not more than an hour ago. And he loved it.” My face must have turned beat red with humiliation. He just told a stranger I licked someone’s asshole! A pause. “If you don’t believe me, I’ll have him beg to lick your ass when we are there Friday. After all, you do need a tip.” Master laughed some more, and harder.

Was he serous? He was going to make me lick the ass of this store owner?

“Yeah, I’ll bring him there by three, Friday. No problem. He will do anything to please me. Say, I just got an idea. Since you are helping me out like this, and since the store will be full of customers, you can announce to your customers that he will be trying various gear on for them to check out. My new bitch is really cute; I’ll bet his modeling your kink gear will really increase your sales.” Another pause and a giggle. “Hey, I’m cool with that. If any of your customers what him to model something they are interested in seeing, that’s fine. He’ll be your loaner kink-wear model of the day.” Then a full-belly laugh.

Oh great, now I’m supposed to model leather pants and a G-stings for a bunch of old farts? This can’t be real; it can’t be. It must be a joke. Master hank finally hung up, and then soon dismissed me.

I had a lot to think about. When Friday came, I was at Hank’s right at 2:00 p.m. And he whisked me away to the nearby town, and parked in front of a store displaying the sign, “Dungeon Supply Center.” The store was on a main street, easy to find and had large display windows. I could see a a lot of customers inside. One guy was walking around in a rubber neck-to-toes suit, being pulled on a leash. Another guy was wearing a leather harness and a leather hood, which encased his head and had several zippers on it. My heart was pounding. I was getting freaked out. Everyone could just look in and see everything. What if the police came by? These two guys looked indecent to me. Master noticed my worried look on my face and said calmly, “It’s not as bad as it looks. You’ll do fine. You need to learn to trust me.” Then he placed his hand under my chin and pointed my face to his, and looked me in the eyes, “Are you going to make me proud, my cute little rich bitch boy?” I told him nervously, that I would. I don’t know if he bought it. I know I didn’t.

“Hey Tony!” Master yelled as we entered the rather-large store. Everyone turn their heads and looked up, then went back to what they were doing. There must have been 40 people in there milling around. Some leaving, more arriving. A few seated in a row of chairs, and most looking at leather stuff, or what I have come to know as leather gear, doggie gear, and slave and Master gear, and general S and M “toys.”

“Hi ya, Hank.” Master introduced me to the storeowner, Tony, who smile at me. “How you been Hank? Sorry we are so busy this afternoon, as I told you this is our huge half-price sale. But I assigned a couple of assistants to help you.” Hank was pleased to greet the store owner and see all the hubbub going on.

“So, you are Master Hanks’s the special new boy.” Tony smiled at me again but did not reach out to shake my hand. “What is your name?”

“I’m Benjamin Williamson Jr.,” and as soon as I said that, my face must’ve turned bright red. I was so embarrassed to give my real full name in a kink store like this. “Sorry, sir, I meant… I… I mean…” Then Master Hank interrupted me and told Tony to call me my “boy” or “Hank’s boy.” Tony smiled.

“Well, of course you are his boy,” Tony said, “That’s why we’re all here just for you.” Then Tony looked around at one of the young men coming out of the storeroom and waved him over to us. This is Chico. He’s going to be the main assistant for you this afternoon.” Chico came over and asked what Tony wanted. “Chico, this is Master Hank and his new boy. He is your assignment this afternoon. Get Teddy to help you. You’ll see a box of gear on the back counter, marked “MH.” Go fetch it please, and bring it here. But before you do that, do we have any dressing rooms available?” Chico shook his head, no. “Well, no matter, he can try things on out on the sales floor,” Tony said, pointing to a clear space, about ten-feet square, in front of the boot display.

“Hank, your email was very clear. Chico has it, so we know exactly what to do. Why don’t you grab yourself a cup of coffee, sit in one of the chairs, and relax. Chico will take care of everything. He’s only 15, but he’s worked here enough to know how to handle a new boy.” Master agreed and walked over to a table that had coffee and cookies on it and helped himself. Then he took a seat in an overstuffed chair, crossed his legs, and relaxed as he enjoyed all the customer-frenzy usually seen at an eagerly awaited sale.

Chico left to get the box of Master’s items and returned with another boy, also 16, but with very little experience. They brought the box over to the clear space that Tony had pointed to and set the box down. Then Chico waved me over to where he and the other boy were standing. It felt weird being “ordered about” by two young teenagers. I kept trying to look over to where my Master was seated, but I couldn’t quite see him.

“Teddy, start with removing his tennis shoes and socks, and getting him ready to try on this gear.” I was just standing there, and all of a sudden, the teenage Teddy stooped down and started to unlace my tennis shoes.

“Whoa! Hold on a minute. I can do that. Wait.” The idea of someone taking my shoes off gave me a feeling of helplessness. But Teddy just lifted up my right foot and placed it on his thigh, quickly undoing my laces. “Come on, I can do this. Please, let me do this.” The idea of being barefoot in a public store, full of customers, was embarrassing for a shy guy like me. But this 16-year-old was not paying attention to anything I was saying and removed my other shoe and sock. I was pre-occupied staring at my bare feet and wiggling my toes, I did not realize when Chico started to unzipped my hoodie and removed it. It was warm in there, so that was OK. And then he quickly started to undo the buttons on my shirt. I started to object more. I was in a public place after all. “Chico, stop that.”

As soon as Chico had my shirt unbuttoned, he removed it. Then, without skipping a beat, he pulled the bottom of my T-shirt out from my pants waistband. “Hold on, let me get to a dressing room or something, please. People might think I’m weird without a shirt on.” Then, in one slick move, Chico raised the bottom end of my T-shirt up over my body and off my head. I was barefoot and shirtless in the middle of a store. People started to notice me, and that made me feel uncomfortable. “That’s enough. Now, are we done? You want your boss … Tony … to fire you? Please, guys, I don’t want to get arrested.” That comment was all it took for both boys to break out in giggling. I didn’t realize that this part of town was sort of “hands off” to the police. “Just fucking stop, OK? This is embarrassing the shit out of me!”

I guess I finally got through to him, because Chico calmed me down, “OK, boy, OK. We are done stripping you. And for your information, this is a kind of ‘red light’ district were the police usually don’t patrol this area and don’t hassle our patrons.” He continued, “Now, we can start doing as your Master asked, and begin dressing you in the doggy gear he choose for you.” I felt somewhat relieved, though I did want my shirt back on.

“OK, Teddy, let’s start him modeling the items his Master selected. One thing though, he’s causing too much commotion, and disturbing the customers. So let’s start with the wrist binders.” Teddy nodded and then searched the large cardboard box for the leather cuffs. My stomach felt queasy, but, at least, I was still semi-dressed. And Master did want me to model stuff for him. I thought about the need to obey and please Master. I was looking for my Master and not paying attention as Chico and Teddy each placed one of my wrists behind me and I felt the leather cuffs wrap around my wrists. Then Teddy handed Chico a tiny pad lock, the type you might see on a jewelry case and I did not know why. Then I heard a CLICK. My hands were now secure behind me. What a sinking feeling. But as I was trying to figure out some questions to ask why, Chico simply said three words in his calm voice “Open - your - mouth.” It’s just a habit, someone in charge tells you to do something, and you mindlessly comply. I didn’t even think about it. Then, from out of sight, Chico quickly pushed a black rubber something fully into my mouth, brought the straps around the sides of my head, and secured behind my head with another CLICK.

I snapped at him screaming “What the FUCK?!“ That came out a very muffled, “Mummph mumph MUMMPH!” I doubted that anyone except Chico and Teddy could hear me. I was trying to move my tongue around what turned out to be a thick, black penis gag, but it was too big. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but it was clearly lodged almost to the back of my throat. I started to sweat, breathing heavily through my nose. I was scared. I really didn’t want to make a scene, especially being shirtless and gagged and… handcuffed, in a store with dozens of customers. Luckily, few even looked at me. I certainly did not want to draw more attention to myself. But I felt compelled to communicate that I did not want this, so I told them in a low voice, “Mummph mummph mummmph mumph mummmmmph, mummph.” In there were a couple of “pleases.”

“OK, Teddy, he should be no trouble from this point on,” Chico surmised with confidence and became more relaxed now that the struggling and arguing was over, from his point of view. “Ok. Let’s finish this part.” Chico picked up a piece of paper, “Now, according to the instructions in Master Hank’s email to Tony, we can fix him up in any gear we want, but keep to a doggie theme. Get this. It says, ‘gear him up thoroughly and be creative.’ Well, there is certainly enough stuff here this box to do that. So I guess we pick out what we think is creative. And, of course, we have other stuff all over the store to add to this stuff. His Master wants to see him only when we are finished. Says, we are ‘to surprise him.’ OK, Teddy, fetch me the black leather collar, the one with all the rings on it, and ready him for the Gates of Hell contraption.”

I just stood there, dumbfounded, wondering how I got myself, gagged and handcuffed in a store. As I was thinking about everything going on, Chico came in front of my face, and held up a black leather dog color. This he allowed me to take a good look at. He actually was explaining it in so much detail. I was trying to understand and focus on his words, and I was totally unaware that Teddy was below, on his knees, slowly, unfastening my cargo shorts, and easing slowly down my legs. “You see, boy, Master Hank may want you to wear these at all times. Look closely at how this dog collar has this fancy lock at the back. Look at it; you think you’ll be able to remove it yourself? Look carefully.” As I listened to Chico and tried to understand how the collar locked, Teddy now also had my underwear resting on top of my shorts, puddle around my bare feet. “And this lock, and any other locks we put on you all have the same key. It’s a small lock, but these are a good quality.” One of my feet was lifted and then the other. I wanted to ask how many locks would be used and would I also get a key for emergencies, but, of course, I was gagged. “Keying the locks the same makes it easy for your Master.” Oh, well, yes, things should be easy for my Master, I almost chuckled to myself. My thoughts were interrupted by an announcement over the store speaker system.

“Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please,” I also looked at Tony, “Thank you all for coming to our gigantic sale event this afternoon. We have many new items in our inventory, so feel free to browse as much as you like. Help yourself to coffee and cookies. Also, if you look over there,” Tony was pointing right to me, “you will see a cute model being dress up… ah… in … ah… doggie style.” Everyone looked at me and laughed at the “doggie style” sex term. Then many used their cell phones to photograph me. I looked down, and for the first time, I saw that I was NAKED! I was FUCKING NAKED in a public store with a ton of customers. They had ignored me at first, but now I was standing there gagged, with my hands cuffed behind my back, and TOTALLY NAKED. I could have died! I was absolutely shell shocked! Then Tony turned on some floodlights to highlight me. The store lights were all on, but these floods made me more of a spectacle. I finally realized that this “cleared area” of the store was actually a low, foot-high stage. Now, it dawned on me that I had stepped up a foot to get on this low, wooden platform. I was on a fucking STAGE! I WAS ON A FUCKING STAGE NAKED! In a public STORE!

“… This lad came to me a while back and asked if I needed a S and M gear model, and I said, ‘yes.’ So let’s all give him a round of applause.” I practically leaped out of my skin when I saw Tony pointing at me again and saying I volunteered to do this. Immediately, I felt sweat covering my body, and my face must have turned a bright red. I was so embarrassed and humiliated to have all these people staring at me, photographing me. How much more embarrassing could this get? And then I found out.

“Yes, this handsome boy will demonstrate how various items are worn. And we’re going to start with a new cock and ball harness that we just got in, and you have never seen before. This boy makes the perfect model, not just because he is cute, but also because he loves doing this. Just notice how big and hard his dick is, and… oops… now he is dripping on the floor. Oh my,” My dick was not all the hard, but I had a hunch it would be soon. Tony said as his giggled. And everyone laughed and applauded. I looked down, and wanted to cry. My dick was erect, and I did have a string of precum hanging from the tip of my dick. “Chico. Could you please wipe off the drippy stuff before he puddles all over the floor?” More laughter. “On second thought, leave it there; customers may think it adds to his… his… outfit.” Cheers and more laughter. I had to get out of here, and NOW! But I realized that Chico and Teddy were standing on each side of me for that reason, and there was no escape from this stage that I could see.

The Rich Bitch Kid, The Sequel Part 2 of 3

Teddy picked up some contraption that I could not figure out, except it looked like a hand- full of chrome rings and some tiny black leather straps. He handed it to Chico who held it up for all to see. Tony continued, “This device is called the ‘Gates of Hell’ and it is guaranteed to be escape proof once it is tightly slipped on. Of course, the dick must be mostly soft, because the erection is what holds it firmly in place. AND, it causes the wearer to keep an erection. Therefore, the erection, itself, is the locking mechanism. OK, boys go ahead.” Chico knelt in front of me, first squeezing my balls to force my dick to deflate. "FUCKING BITCH! THAT HURTS!" I screamed, which came out a muffle. but my dick relaxed to his satisfaction. I recovered with a few deep breaths through my nose. Slowly he worked my dick and balls into the one largest metal ring. It took a bit of effort to further gently first squeeze one ball and then the other ball through it. My dick was flaccid enough to allow him to fold it and push the rubbery shaft through the same large ring. Now that chrome ring was right up against my body with my gentiles hung through it.

All I could think of is that I may have to go through this humiliating public spectacle, and when I am out of here, cancel my contract with Master Hank. That slave contract I signed with Hank did leave me one exempt clause. However, if I canceled it, I would not be allowed to see Master Hank again, ever. And I was really drawn to him. He is the sexiest, 22-year-old man I have ever seen. But the deal is I had to be all in, or leave him altogether. I think I have had enough degrading humiliation for a lifetime, and “nothing” was the option for me to take. I really had enough.

Then, very methodically, Chico worked my flexible dick through each of the other 6 rings. The “Gates” had that one large ring, then 5 medium rings which he worked the shaft through, and at the end, one small ring, which rested just under the mushroom head of my dick. Chico worked quickly; I guess he knew my dick would stiffen as soon as it was fully placed on. My dick was getting harder - and longer – in seconds.

I was not hard when they started putting this harness on, but with all the fidgeting they were doing with my dick and balls, my dick got more erect. Then I realized why it was called the Gates of Hell. As my dick became more erect and tried to expand further in girth, the six straps along the shaft restricted my dick from expanding at all, which made me even more firm, if that was possible. I have never been like this; it was like a steel pole jutting out from my groin. Teenage Teddy was so fascinated by all the restrictive shiny rings circling my dick at precise intervals. The boy was very impish and full of curiosity and could not help touching my dick. It was like he was tickling me. My dick bobbed upward and released a little bit of precum. I moaned, and Chico told Teddy, sharply, “Stop playing with his dick. Be patient; we don’t even have the the other control devices on him yet.” That sounded ominous to me.

Now Chico was holding a small piece of thick, ridged, black leather, shaped like the letter “C.” When it closed, it was like the letter “O,” a short cylinder about a half inch in length. Chico called this a ball stretcher. It looked like a tiny wristband. Teddy reached under my body and gently grabbed the top of my ball sack and pulled my balls down to the bottom of the sack. I was surprised, and bent my knees thinking he would pull on me too hard. But it didn’t really hurt, so I stood up straight. He was holding my scrotum in such a way that he was keeping my balls as far down in my scrotum “bag” as they would go. Then Chico opened up the C-shaped leather stretcher, wrapped it around the stretched part of my scrotum skin, and secured it tightly closed. It was odd but comfortably and was now fixed between the top of my pushed down balls and my body torso. Then he placed one of the locks on the metal ring to secure this wrap-around leather band was not coming off. Now my balls were forced down an inch from my body.

Now the scrotum skin was stretched tight and smooth making my balls displayed as a large bulging balloon shape under the balls stretcher. I thought they were done with my balls, but Teddy handed Chico a small leather strap a few inches long and a quarter inch wide, with metal snaps on each ends. I could not see my balls, because I was standing upright, but I could feel this strap being attached to the front of the ball stretcher. Then I felt fingers gently separating my two balls one to each side, and then the strap passed over and between my balls and was attached to the backside of the stretcher. The strap separated my balls, so the each ball was bulging on each side of the strap. There was a small D-ring at the center of that ball-dividing strap. Chico explained Teddy that it could be used to attach a least or some weights. Then Chico asked Teddy to give him the small chrome chain. He clipped it on the D-ring. Now, that chain was a three-foot-long leash. My cock and balls were fully secured by these two pieces, the gates of hell and the ball stretcher. Instead of hurting, it gave me a pleasant erotic feeling and an odd sensation that these private parts were not under my control, that they did not belong to me. My boner was in a state of permeate erection, and doing anything about it was out of my control. The Gates caused me to display my huge boner to the world in any way “others” want it displayed.

For some reason, Teddy was preoccupied with my smooth-skin covered balls. First, it was my dick, and now my pushed-down separated balls. My god, he’s only a teen, maybe he just never saw large balls on a man, especially ones he could touch. He was just sitting on the floor in front of me, staring. Chico looked in the box of stuff, and not finding what he wanted, mumbled something to himself, and left. Teddy reached up and started to tickle the smooth bottom of my balls. He was using his fingertips, and I was feeling electric shock go through me. He pulled his hand back in surprise as my body suddenly twitched and jerked, and my dick bobbed once. But then he chuckled in amazement like a kid with a new toy. I saw in his impish eyes as he mumbled the word “awesome.” He waited until I was again still, then oddly he grabbed my right foot and moved it a tad to the right. That spread my legs about 18-inches apart. He did that again, and now my feet were more than two feet apart.

That was weird, I thought, as well as humiliating. Here was a younger teen, a skinny, scrawny twink, fucking with the placement of my feet, making me have a wider stance on the platform. “Leave them like that,” Teddy told me. There were as many as 50 customers in the store, now, most were milling around. I looked for my Master, but could not see him. God! I felt so embarrassed and indecent in this store totally naked, tied up, and now with my feet spread wide, like a display dummy. I was about to place my feet closer together, but then I wondered if my Master was watching me and if my Master was directing this kid in some way. So, very vulnerably, I stood with my feet wide apart, just as he placed them, in case it was my Master’s wish for me to obey. Without warning, wicked, little Teddy reached up and tickled the bottom of my ball sack again. Again, my body jerked and twisted involuntarily. Teddy chuckled at the power of his fingers on a muscle-toned jock like me.

This time I fucking cussed at him, “Mummph mummmph mummph,” but he ignored me and now tickled my balls without stopping. He caused me to wiggle my hips in a way that looked like I was thrust stabbing the air in front of me. Teddy giggled. Now, I begged and pleaded submissively for him to stop, “Muuumph mummph mummmmmph mumph.” He giggled louder, as I really started moaning and dripping strings of precum. I was ready to blast, right here in the middle of a crowded store, people started to notice my gyrations and cell phone flashes went off again. I could not stop my pent-up, impending climax. My balls were trying to pull up as they naturally would, but couldn't. I was just starting to… to… to… then SLAP! “MUMMMPH!” I opened my eyes and Chico was in front of me. He must have noticed what was about to shoot. He quickly picked up a foot-long steel ruler and smacked my balls one time. Oh god! Fuck, that hurt. I doubled over and tried to massage my sore balls with my thighs. Shit! I lost the urge to climax.

One might think Chico would be upset with Teddy for teasing me and fucking with me without his permission. But, no, Chico was unconcerned. He put the ruler down.

My dick stayed extremely hard because of the way it was all bound up in the Gates of Hell. I just straightened my knees, stood fully upright, and calmed down. I looked at my dick and there was a slimly string of precum hanging all the way to the floor. I wondered if anyone would have the decency simply to wipe it off so I did not look like a sexed-up whore. It just hung there, glistening in the spotlight. Nobody cared about assisting me. They all thought, as Tony announced, that I volunteered to be the stores S and M model for this huge sale event.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I see our wonderful model is getting close… ah… very close… to… to… coming... becoming nearly fully prepared for showing off.” Teddy took a chain leash out of the box, clipped one end to the ring at the tip of my cock harness, and held up the chain for all to see. He seemed to be hamming it up. Everyone applauded and cheered. It was amazing the way the customers applauded. I was now a bitch boy on a dick chain. “Ladies and gentlemen,” Tony continued, “our boy is nearly ready to be paraded around the store so you may all get a closer look at the gates of Hell, and all the other bondage-slave gear he is wearing for us. But we have to add a few more accouterments to his body before he leaves the stage.” Fuck! More?

Teddy pulled out of the box a type of black, rubber butt plug that had a stubby doggie tail on the end that would stick out. He handed it to Chico, who held it out for everyone to see. Customers seemed very interested in it and many came closer to the stage to watch. Just then, Chico turned me around so now my ass faced the customers, and they could all see how this doggie tail is inserted. The first thing he did was to place his hand on my upper back and pat me to tell me to bend over. I did, a little. Then he patted me more, and I bent over so my back was horizontal, and my ass was fully exposed to everyone. I felt Chico rubbing some lube over and into my asshole. He stuck his finger in deep and was moving it around, greasing my ass good.I moaned.

I was there, on a spot-lighted stag, naked, hand-bound behind my back, my dick and balls in some leather tortured device, keeping me all boned up, gagged with a black rubber penis, and now… I was bent over, showing my ass to the customers, as they watched Chico finger my hole! HOW FUCKING HUMILIATING! I was weeping to myself at the state of my degenerate indecency. I have a wealthy family; what would they think if they saw their one and only son stripped naked and on display, being treated like an asshole slave … and with a roaring hard-on. God, did I love this. But I was so ashamed for loving it. I was so embarrassed. I have everything I could ever what; my folks hold nothing back. Why do I want this?

After lubing my asshole in front of dozens of strangers, he intentionally rubbed my prostate gland forcing me to moan louder, like a cheap whore. His teasing massage caused my dick to try to stretch the Gates of Hell harness tightly strapped around my dick shaft. I was as boned up as ever. He started to insert the dog tail dildo by slowly twisting it as he pushed. At first, it was pleasant, but soon he started to just jam it up harshly inside me. “Mummmmph, Mummmmph.” I complained. It was bigger than I thought, and he was not as gentle as my Master had been a few days before when using a dildo on me. Chico finally gave it a hard, firm push, and in it popped. Thank god. He twisted it so the tail was sticking out in the proper position, pointing up.

Chico then tapped me to stand up straight and grabbed my arm to turn me around. I hesitated, knowing I was so obscenely boned up and the customers were all closely gathered around the demonstration stage. Again, Chico tugged on my arm and I finally turned to face the audience. As soon as I turned, several customers made a gasping sound and pointed to my bound-up dick. I looked down and again saw my dick bobbing and dripping more strings, flowing strings, of glistening precum. I was creating a puddle on the stage. Chico could have done me a huge favor and just quickly wiped it off, just to save me some embarrassment. But, no. In fact, he pointed it out for all to see, telling them that I must really love all this doggie gear. He invited people to photograph my hard, drippy dick … close-up. I never felt so naked and obscene in my life. I was so caught up in the embarrassment that I stopped paying attention. Someone was asking about the dog collar on my neck.

Chico told them it was 1-inch thick with a locking hasp in the back. He pointed out that there were three, large chrome “D” rings on the collar, two on each side of my neck and one in front for a leash. Teddy seemed fascinated, as he knelt before me, looking up at me being transformed. Chico had to get his attention, “Teddy, Teddy. The puppy paws, please.” And as Teddy was fishing through the box of leather items, Chico was behind me unlocking my wrists cuffs, which he tossed back in the box. I lowered my hands and rubbed my wrist. I could see that the leather cuffs were fur lined. It was interesting to me that much of the leather gear was made comfortable to wear. Then Chico looked at me and said, “Your right hand.” And I held it out to him, again, without thinking.

Teddy then handed Chico what looked like a black leather mitten or glove, except there were no extensions for thumb or fingers. He slipped the black, leather doggie paw over my hand, but it didn’t fit at first. “Make a fist.” And I did. That allowed him to pull the leather paw fully over my closed hand. The doggie paw had lacing at the wrist, which he laced it up tightly. At the knuckles (the closed end of the paw) was a chrome “D” ring. “Other hand.” And he placed the second leather paw over my other fist, and laced it up too. Now both of my hands were locked in fisted positions and held that way. I had no way to grab anything. My hands were rendered useless “paws.” He said, "right paw." And I offered him my right paw. He gently pulled it up close to the right side of my neck. Teddy was holding up another lock and Chico took it and locked the paw “D” ring to the right side collar “D” ring. “CLICK.”

“Other paw.” He brought my left paw to the left side of my neck, again took another lock from Teddy, and secured the paw “D” rings to the “D” ring on the other side of my collar. CLICK. Now my leather-covered fists were locked on each side of my neck. I could no longer reach down and push anyone away from my dick, or protect myself in any way. There were a lot more people watching me, many looking amazed. Of course, all these customers thought this was all planned, and I was some kind of over-sexed exhibitionist volunteer happily doing this. It was a strange combination of erotic feeling from the forced public humiliation, and fear of what is going to happen to me. My dick twitched almost continuously, bobbing up and down, as if nodding "YES", "YES", YES."

I stupidly tried to speak out, not loudly, but whimpering, “Mummmmph, Mummmmmmmmmmmmph,” at my helplessness, and the awful feeling that I am so erotically charged up and totally out of control. I don’t even know what I was trying to communicate. Chico whispered in my ear, “You are one, hot, fucking boy. I have never seen a boy as beautiful as you. I know your Master, and I know he must be extremely pleased with you. You must be making him very proud.”

And Teddy held up a length of chrome chain about 7-inches long with an alligator clip on each end and handed it to Chico. Chico spoke again showing a little more compassion toward me, “These two alligator clips are going to hurt when they bite into your nipples, but I promise you, the pain will dissipate very quickly. So don’t freak out. Take a deep breath, boy,” Chico said as he pulled my right nipple away from my chest, pinched it a few times to make it stand out harder, and then slowly closed the bite of the clip on my nipple. I gave a muffled scream, lifting one foot and then the other in reaction to the sharp pain. Without giving me much time to think about it, he quickly did the same with my other nipple. I looked down and saw my nipples linked together. Fuck, they were so painful. I hoped Chico was right that the pain would abate soon.

“Ladies and gentlemen, our model is now ready to parade around the room. You may take all the pictures you want and examine closely all the devices he is wearing for you.” Fuck, I had a leather collar locked around my neck; my fisted hands were laced in doggie paws and attached to my collar. My dick and balls were bound every which way, including the attached ball stretcher and ball separator. I had a dog tail butt plug forced up my ass, and completely gagged and a huge dildo gag in my mouth that was locked on. Then Teddy attached a chain leash to the ring at the tip of my dick! The two-foot chain hanging from my balls just swung free. Finally, I was ready to be “PARADED?”… around to all the customers? My dick was so hard it was continually pointing to the ceiling. Fuck! I was angry with myself for loving this dehumanizing public humiliation.

Since the huge penis gag was the very first item they put on me, I was unable to communicate my protestations of everything else they put me through. The worst were these painful alligator tit clamps that bit into my tender nipples. I was led around the S and M store in front of maybe, now, 75 customers who were attending the summer sale. They used me, with my Master’s permission, as the store’s model to help display the doggie gear they sold. Teddy, a teen younger than I am, was the store helper who was leading me around on a chain leash, which was attached to a ring in the tip of my dick harness.

How did I get like this? The son of very rich parents, who loved me and gave me anything I wanted. Why was I drawn to a man, a handsome man of 22, who was into S and M relationships? I met him only 4 days ago and here I am in some public humiliation training session.

The Rich Bitch Kid Part 3 of 3

Then Tony continued speaking over the intercom, “You may ask any of our sales clerks any questions about what our sexy teen model is wearing for you. Well, he is 18, I guess he is a man, or, as presented… a big doggie.” Everyone laughed and applauded. Not only did they applaud me, but also many shouted hoots and thank yous. Tony continued. “Now normally, we would parade him around with the leash attached to his collar and with him on all fours. But, so that you may see all his attachments better, we’ll keep the leash on his dick and parade him around the room, upright.”

I was paraded around like a rich bitch boy by a 16-year-old! Yes, and that is what I had become, a fucking bitch boy. My dad owns three companies, we live in a kind of a mansion, I can have any thing I want, any new high tech gadget, and car, anything! And now I am nothing more than some common laborer's bitch. Not just that, but I am his prized bitch to be shown off publicly. Humiliated, publicly. I wanted to protest, not to my master, but to this kid, but I have a large penis gag in my mouth and I could not say anything. I could not even mumble. I wanted to rip the sawn gag out of my mouth and yell, “leave me the fuck alone, you snot nose pervert!” I was crying. I fucking Rich dude like me, from the privileged class of the rich – I was fucking crying! Not from the pain so much, but from the humiliation and dehumanize and obscene spectacle I was made into. Some of the customers grabbed the chain hanging down from my balls to see how tight they could pull on my ball stretcher. Other customers tried to tug on my tit clamps until I screamed my new scream, “Mummmmph, Mummmmph, Mummmmph. Tugging on those biting alligator clips really hurt. In fact, I could not help crying tears. I was crying and screaming into my gag for them to stop.

“Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, our model has tears of joy. He moans loudly and is full of tears of joy. He wanted to be here for you to demonstrate all this S and M gear just for you.” Boy! Was that a crock of shit. “In fact, when I offered him the usual modeling fee of $500, he refused it. He said he just wanted to be here for my customers use and enjoyment.” The room broke out with more applause. But that was all a set up. I never volunteered for doing this. I am only here because my Master tricked me. I wanted to hate all the public humiliation being heaped on me. I wanted to hate my Master who was out there somewhere, but my dick loved this, all of it. Teddy paraded me around the room several times, as some customers fingered my stiff dick that was all locked up in the new Gates of Hell device, which this store featured. So I was displaying that as well as everything else they put on me. I was naked, dripping, and leaking precum. I must have made a wet trail around the store.

Teddy finally brought me to my Master and handed my dick leash to him, along with the keys. Master Hank pointed to the space on the floor, between his legs, and I obediently knelt there. I was still shaken up by all the harsh and erotic treatment I received in the store. The sharp alligator tit clamps where the worst. But I was told that the pain subsides, as long as no one pulls on them. Master pushed my head flat against his groin, and I rested my head there feeling secure and comforted as he petted my hair. My erotic torment was over. Some customers took pictures of the two of us – the Master cuddling his slave dog. It was obvious to everyone we were a pair, and who, or I should say… what I was. This was an S and M store after all. As he noticed more people taking photos, he pulled me up to sit on his lap. I had to slouch a little to position my dog-tail butt plug to rest between his thighs so it would not press it on his dick. As I sat there naked, my puppy hands secured to my collar, my bound-up dick was as hard as it could possibly be. Master closed his knees together and pushed my knees to the outside of his, which spread my thighs wider. Then, he opened his knees making my legs go fully out to each side, proudly flaunting my jutting boner. Master was showing me off as his possession that deserved no privacy or modesty. Everyone could see my big, strapped-up boner still leaking precum. Even Teddy, who paraded me here, was sitting on the floor, at Master’s feet, taking it all in. Then Master whispered in my ear, “Would you like me to pull on your tip clamps? I know it will hurt, boy. But I would enjoy that.”

I did not want that, but I know Master did. I took a deep breath through my nose and I slowly nodded yes. Then Master had a second thought. “You know what will please me more would be if you pulled on your own tities.” I did not know what he meant, until he took a key, and unlocked my paws from my collar. It felt good finally to lower my hands. But Master had other plans. He took my paws, and used one lock, to loop though both the rings at the ends of my paws, AND the chain between my nipples. Now I could hold my hands up and have no pressure on the chain connecting the alligator clips. Or, let my arms relax a little and create a downward pull on the chain, and inflict my own pain. It was all up to me. I was afraid to let my arms down. The alligator clips would dig into my sensitive nipples, and they already were extremely painful. Master was just allowing me to sit on his lap, legs spread very wide, my dick standing like a tower, and to think about what I wanted to do. He was not upset that I was hesitating; he was very patient. He even petted me on the top of the head, as he had a habit of doing to show his affection and support.

“You are my good rich bitch boy; aren’t you?” Master whispered lovingly in my ear; I nodded. “You enjoy pleasing your Master, don’t you?” I nodded. “I am very proud of you. You mean the world to me. I will take great care of you whenever you are with me.” I just could not take it anymore. I slowly lowered my doggie paws until I felt the chain pulling on the alligator clips slightly, which caused them to bite more into my nipples. Oh god. I was scared. My poor nipples were starting to bleed, and I was barely pulling on the chain. I was hoping Master would stop me and say, “That’s good. No more. You did it.” But he did not say anything. I started to cry. My arms were tried and heavy, and I felt them gradually pulling down on the chain. Oh, fuck! Tears were starting, and I was whimpering. My dick was bobbing up and down dripping more precum.

Then he reached down to my balls, and found the short chain leash that was hanging from the ball stretcher. “Here you go.” I did not know to whom he was talking to until I opened my tearing eyes and saw he was holding my ball chain out to Teddy, who was still seated on the floor a few feet to my right. The boy took hold of it and was very gently pulling on it, causing my balls to be tugged to the right. Then Teddy got more comfortable and started to pull much harder, and he smiled at his power over me. Though I was only two-years-older, I was more muscular, and I guess he like controlling a jock guy like me. So he pulled, as he wanted. He was watching my dick bob to his tugs. I was crying from the pain on my nipples, and the public humiliation, and being naked in front of all these people, from seeing myself transformed from a rich kid, to a rich bitch boy.

The leash that Teddy used to guide me to my Master was still attached to my dick, and the other end was loose on the floor. Master reached down and held it out to a guy, who was standing to our left. He took the leash and pulled it upward and to the left. He was not so gentle. He smiled, as he tried to stretch my bound-up dick toward him. So my balls were being pulled down and to the right by Teddy, while my dick was being pulled up and to the left by this new stranger. I was sort of sitting on my dog-tail butt plug, jamming it against the seat. Though it could not go further up my ass, I could feel additional erotic pressure from just sitting on it. My doggie paw hands were pulling on my own tit-clamp chain. I made a lot of muffled moaning sound. I was naked, and bound up every which way. My dick was screaming to be allowed to climax. I was the center of everyone’s world, at this moment in time. All of a sudden, there was a flurry of cell phone flashes. Everyone was taking photos. My body was trembling and twitching, like an erotic spasm, and I was seeping tears down my cheeks.

Master said to me, loud enough for everyone to hear, “You know, my sweet bitch boy, it would please me even more if these two guys that are holding your ball leash and your dick leash, would pull much harder. I’d be so pleased to see your balls pull in one direction and your steel-hard dick pulled in the other. But… I’ll let it be your decision this time. Would you like these two guys to pull on your leashes more harshly? I mean, they would probably enjoy doing that.

“Mummmph, mummmph,” and nodded yes. I felt my balls pulled firmly away from my dick, which was pulled even more. I was shaking. I could not help it that my arms were shaking, too, tugging more fiercely on the biting clips in my nipples. I wanted to, at least, close my legs, but Master’s knees were forcing them to stay wide open.

“You are such a good bitch boy, so obedient. Now, do you want the reward of me reaching down to your hair-trigger dick and stroke it. So it will shoot, and you can finally climax?” FINALLY! I could shoot! I was about to nod vigorously YES, OF COURSE! PLEASE! MAKE ME CUM, MASTER! But Master continued to speak, “Or… would you rather please me and let me enjoy your erotic suffering, your frustrations, your embarrassment, your public humiliation, and your complete helplessness? It’s up to you, my cute bitch boy. Just nod yes, if you want me to jerk you off. I really had no choice at all, but to please him. I shook my head no. I did not deserve to climax, unless it pleased my Master.

“My wonderful, cute little rich bitch boy is making me so fucking proud. I can’t tell you how proud I am and how happy you make me. And just think; your training hasn’t even begun yet.” And then he kissed me on the side of the forehead. I was still trembling in my own erotic despair when he waved to get Tony’s attention, “Tony, we will be leaving now. Will you have the other things in the box brought to my truck out front? Oh, and don’t forget the other two boxes of gear that you are holding for me. Just send me the bill.” Tony nodded for assistants to gather all the items and take them out to Hank’s truck.

Master helped me stand. He unlocked my doggie paws from the nipple chain so I could lower my arms. That was a huge relief. Then he slowly released the biting grip of the alligator clips from my nipples. I shuttered in agony, but it was for just a few minutes. He let the chain that was hanging from my balls just remain there, swaying. He removed the leash from my dick and reattached it to the front “D” ring in the front of my collar. Everyone slowly backed away just a little to give us space to work our way to the front door. I still had the gag fully plugging my mouth, the Gates tightly binding up my dick and my balls. The doggie paws remained on my fists, making my hands useless, and the butt plug-dog tail stayed planted up my asshole. The inserted plug was nearly flush with my ass lip, so only the flexible tail hung out my ass. That is how he led me out the front door of the shop.

He brought me to his truck and stood me on the passenger side. The helpers brought, not one, but three full boxes of stuff and set them in the back of the truck. Two of the boxes were still sealed, but, most assuredly, it was all S and M stuff that I would become very familiar with in the weeks and months ahead. Master unlocked the truck doors with his beeper keys, then unclipped my leash and let me stand on the side walk, naked, all boned up, and dog-like. I just wanted him to tell me to get in, and I would dive quickly inside.

I stupidly put one hand on the door handle to open it, but with the doggie paw on, I had no fingers, no grip. Master just smiled at me as I realized more and more just how helpless I was, and just how much I needed Master. I had to stand there; fully exposed on a public sidewalk, in the downtown red light district, as he tipped the two helpers who “dressed” me up. I looked back at the store and saw dozens of customers and staff, wide-eyed, obviously completely amazed at seeing me as a public spectacle. All of them thought I volunteered to do this for the store sale. They assumed I enjoyed all of this, even standing here in the light of day.

I did not “enjoy” it. I could never just do this. But… there was a hunger, deep inside me that brought me here. There is something that Master Hank knew I needed. Fuck! I can’t explain it, but as I reflected on all that happened, my dick started to expand bigger inside the Gates of Hell. I was dripping again. I was in the highest erotic state my brain could handle. Fuck! I am for the purpose of pleasing and entertaining Master Hank and whomever else he so wishes. I was still scared and nervous, and fully humiliated. But I have never been so fully alive. Fuck! I am a bitch boy, rich or otherwise. I had no idea where Master would take me in training, especially when he said my training had just begun.

Master casually walked around to the driver’s side and got in, adjusted his seat, checked his GPS, looked in the mirror, brushed his hair back with his fingers, smiled to check his teeth, and put on his seatbelt. All this while I stood like a naked slave bitch watching him. Finally, he pushed the button to roll down the passenger window, looking at me and said, “My sweet bitch boy. I am so fucking proud of you. You have pleased me so much. You have surpassed all my expectation.” Then he rolled up the window, started the engine, revved it up, released the parking brake, and drove away. My mouth would have fallen open in shock and disbelief if I were not fully gagged. I stared at the back of his truck, as he drove off and turned the corner.

I could not comprehend how empty I felt, how lost, how disappointed I was. I was shaking and trembling. I was frozen in my stance, all alone on the sidewalk. I felt dizzy and confused. My mind was flashing images of all the things I just experienced – all my emotions. My thoughts were interrupted with a horn honk. I looked up, and there was Master Hank’s truck behind me, he drove around the block to mind-fuck me. He leaned over and opened the passenger door for me. My heart started to beat again, and I hopped in on the towel- covered seat. (I guess he did not want me leaking on the fabric.)

I broke down completely, releasing a flood of pent-up emotions and tears. My sounds were all muffled, of course, but I just could not stop. I reached over to Hank and put my fingerless paws on his handsome face. I wanted to grab him and pull his face to mine to kiss him all over. But my paws could not grab him; only rub his sexy, handsome face. He leaned over to me and kissed me. It was a long, passionate kiss, as best as one could deliver on a rubber-gagged mouth. But I fantasize his tongue in my mouth.

He leaned back, smiled blissfully at me, ruffled my hair, and said again, “You are such a good bitch boy. And look at that bound-up dick, all stiff, like a steel pole, pointing straight up. I’ll bet you’d love to grab it and pump it a few times and blast your hefty load right now.” I stupidly brought one hand to my dick, as if to take it in my fist and do just that, right here in his truck. It was not a chuckle, but a full-belly laugh he bellowed out. He was looking at my fisted black-leather paws on the side of my dick. I could pump nothing. My hand was useless. I could not get any friction on my dick at all. He looked at the puzzled look on my face, and he continued to laugh, and even tears were coming down his face.

“My poor little bitch pup. Felling helpless?” I did not even nod. I just sat there feeling foolish. Then Master added, “Do you want me to touch it for you?” Was he joking or serious? I took the chance and nodded yes. And he reached his index finger to the tip of my dick. He just lightly taped it. It bobbed. He lightly tapped my balls, and my dick bobbed again. I moaned and shivered. He tapped the topside of my dick, and it bobbed twice. After it bobbed, he tapped it again and again, and it bobbed with each tap. He just kept doing that, with just one finger.

I stared down at it doing this erotic dance. My dick was so excited, he did not have to tap it any more, he just gently, barely touched it, and it would bob. Again and again and again. He very lightly touched it, and each time my dick made a pronounced up-and-down motion. He started to hum a song and made my dick bob up and down to the rhythm. I was breaking into a sweat. Watching my dick, I saw just how light his touch was. I could barely feel it at all. But my dick was so extremely sensitive; it reacted with a firm up- and-down motion.

I looked out of my side window, and several customers from the store were approaching to see why we were still parked at the curb. Hank lowered my side window to allow them a better look. He leaned over and whispered in my ear to put my hands up and hook them over the back of my seat, which expanded my chest. I did. Then he resumed humming that same song and ever-so-lightly touching my dick to make it bob to that rhythm. More people were gathered around the truck, some looking through the windshield, others through my side windows. A bunch of cell phone flashes went off and sporadically continued. I was so humiliated. I was naked, all bound up and holding my pawed hand hooked behind my seat back, posing like a slut for all to see my dick dance… and leaking like a sieve. As I looked down at my dick, I saw Hank move his finger about one-inch away from my dick, so that when he did the motion to touch it, it never actually touched it. But my dick was still bobbing to the rhythm he was humming. It’s as if he bypassed my nervous system and trained my dick to respond directly to his tune. Up, down, up down, as he hummed along.

The towel I was sitting on was collecting an ever-increasing pool of my precum. I felt the wetness on my ass. Master was slowly pumping out my precum. Was I somehow ejaculating without the “necessary” blasting off, without my dick being touched? It was like a very slow, oozing lava fountain. There were oohs and ah’s, and even applause from the people surrounding the truck. Tears slowly seeped down my cheeks quietly, as I stared at me dick, feeling like a sex freak, a sex freak I was being trained to be. Master owned every part of me.

Finally, he looked around and smiled at everybody, and waved them away from the truck. He removed his hand from my lap to grab and fasten my seat belt. Then he started the engine and placed both hands on the steering wheel. Master took one long look at my dick continuing to ooze and bob to the tune he was humming, as he pulled away from the curb. “You have made me so happy and completely satisfied today. Then he added, “Tomorrow, we will do something daring." Master seemed to smirk. “I’m sure you will find it a real challenge.”

“DARING! Did my master just say we’d do something ‘daring’ tomorrow?” My mind was in a frenzy trying to imagine acts of more extreme humiliation, degradation and erotic torture. “What the fuck did he just put me though today? A picnic?” I trembled. My voice was stuck in silence. I just stared at the bobbing, bouncing dick that used to be mine. Master Hank’s smile was obviously full of joy; he then rubbed my hair as if I was his lovable dog. He started driving home, him humming, me bobbing, just like a good rich bitch boy should do. The End

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