151 Blackmailed by Twinks

Blackmailed by Twinks
Part 1 of 2

Normally, Shane Duffy would be old enough to stay home unattended whenever his parents went out for the evening. But Shane got into trouble the last couple of times he was left alone, especially when he had some teenage buddies over. The last straw was when his folks came home last week and found him drunk on his dad’s booze, Mrs. Duffy’s favorite lamp broken and vomit on the floor around the toilet bowl. That was it. His parents now required him to have supervision anytime he would be left home in the evening.

The skinny, freckled–faced, redhead twink was as smart as a whip when it came to electronic and computer stuff. Even his high school teachers cherished his ability to fix things in her classrooms. He was in those rebellious years when most kids his age fought against parental rules. His desire to explore new curiosities was being stifled.

Shane’s dad saw the neighbor college kid, Steve, out mowing his lawn and thought he seemed quite responsible. Even though Mr. Duffy did not know the boy well, he was sure of a few things. First, Steve was on the all-stars at the University of Utah, and second, he taught Bible study to the children at his Baptist church. These two factors alone caused Mr. Duffy to place Steve on the pedestal of maturity and responsibility.

“Steve, Steve,” Mr. Duffy yelled out as he approached the young man. Once getting his attention, he asked, “Steve, you know my son, Shane, don’t you?” Steve nodded. “Well, you’d be doing me a big favor if you could come over to babysit him on certain nights that Mrs. Duffy and I go out. I mean, if it’s all right with your folks. Of course, I’d pay you. Could you check into it and see if we can work this out?” Steve smiled politely and seemed most agreeable. Steve did work it out. In fact, he “babysat” Shane a couple of nights ago. Can’t say that the two boys hit it off. Steve just watched whatever was on the sports channel, and since Shane had no interest in sports or in jock Steve, he just retired to his upstairs bedroom, where he video-chatted with his friends.

That evening was uneventful, except that Shane’s friends got into various chats joking about Shane’s “boyfriend,” Steve, and what it was like being “babysat” by the star university athlete all night. Of course, Steve was straight and romantically dating Betsy, and Shane wasn’t old enough to care much about dating seriously. But the joking went on for several days.

About a week later, Mrs. Duffy called Steve to ask if he could babysit Shane again. Shane overheard the phone conversation and his mom using the term “babysit,” and the shit hit the fan: “Mom! I am not a baby. I’m 15. Steve is not a babysitter! Ok? Stop saying that.” His mom apologized and rephrased her request, asking Steve to “stay” with Shane next Friday. He said he would be glad to.

During the week, Shane and his friends continuously chatted childishly about Steve, what he looked like naked, whether he was really a “holy roller” Bible thumper, and so on. Shane’s best friend, Freddie, kept questioning Steve’s character, saying that Steve was probably just as fuck-crazy as every other 21-year-old.

A plot was hatched between Shane Duffy, Freddie, and a couple of their buds, mostly as a harmless prank. They called it “Operation Porno.” Yeah, it was silly, and nothing would likely happen, but still, Shane took it as a challenge. It was quite simple. Freddie would bring over a porno DVD to be set where Steve would easily find it. The question then was would Steve watch it if he thought he was alone. Shane’s job was to secretly videotape Steve watching the movie if he, in fact, did.

When Friday afternoon came around, Freddie brought over six porno movies. “Six?” Shane shouted. “Why six? We only need one.” Freddie defended his decision by saying that Steve needed a choice in case some DVDs did not appeal to him. “Good idea, Fred. So, we give him a selection. Cool. Let's see what you got… ‘Four-way Honeymoon,’ ‘The Bride does the Maid of Dishonor,’ ‘Doctor Implants His Dick… in Her.’ Wow, there should be something here he’d be curious about. Good work, Fred,” said Shane.

Just before Steve was to show up, Shane put the stack of DVDs on the end table near the sofa. The DVDs were stacked precariously and only stayed on the table because Shane carefully put a large bag of chips on top of them to secure them. The idea was that when Steve removed the bag of chips, the pile of DVDs would crash to the floor. Everything was well thought out, including the necessary camcorder angles that would be needed from the upstairs hallway shooting down onto the living room sofa. Shane needed to pan his camcorder from the TV to the sofa where Steve sat last time. Shane even put out an extra can of soda and a bowl of ranch dip for the chips so that Steve would not need to leave the room to get those things. It was 7 o’clock sharp, and all was set...

Steve arrived, and the Duffy’s hurried out the door, saying they wouldn’t return until midnight. Shane quickly excused himself, telling Steve he had a headache and wanted to go upstairs and right to bed. He made a point of turning off the upper hall light and loudly slamming his bedroom door closed. The only thing was, Shane was still in the hallway, hiding in the dark and now holding his cam, waiting to hear the pile of DVDs crash to the floor.

He eagerly watched Steve through the camcorder's zoom lens, seeing him remove his shoes and socks, flop on the sofa and flip on the TV. Within minutes, he found his channel and reclined lengthwise on the sofa. This was the first time Shane Duffy actually noticed Steve’s body in detail. Though Steve was six years older, they were about the same height. Shane was skinnier and had flaming curly red hair, while Steve was meatier and wore his black hair shorter.

Then Steve reached for the chip bag, and… CRASH! All the porn movies spilled onto the floor. He looked at them but obviously didn’t notice the titles. He ate some chips, scooped up gobs of dip, and then refocused on the big game. At the first time-out, he looked again at the mess of DVDs on the floor. This time, Shane noticed that Steve’s face scrunched up in a puzzled look as he began to read the titles. “Oh, my God!” Steve blurted out, then covered his mouth and looked at another DVD. “Jesus H. Christ! What are these?” That was Shane’s cue to turn on his camcorder and point it at Steve.

Shane was capturing Steve as he read every DVD from cover to cover and his shock at seeing the titillating images on each. He could hear Steve say, “What the fuck!” Steve was concerned about his speaking too loudly and looked up the stairway for any sign of Shane waking up. Shane remained motionless in the hallway's darkness, recording everything. Seeing and hearing nothing, Steve felt assured he was safe and would not be interrupted.

Then it happened. Steve placed a porn movie into the player, and it automatically began to play, so he reclined again on the sofa, and ‘Four-way Honeymoon’ started to play. At first, there was nothing pornographic, just two straight couples unpacking in a hotel room. The women in the movie were first to undress and then kiss each other. Shane panned to the TV to capture it. Then he panned back to the sofa, where he caught Steve taking off his pants and fondling his dick through his jock. Shane couldn’t believe his luck as he watched Steve’s hips gyrating as the two women on the screen licked each other’s pussy.

Shane wondered if the cam audio was picking up the low-level sounds Steve was emitting in moans and the occasional, “Fuck yeah, eat those pussies, you lesbo whores.” Then the two guys in the movie started to kiss and fondle each other. Steve grunted louder as he watched them strip and get into the 69 positions. “Shit… suck those huge boners, guys; yeah, swallow that fuck meat!” Shane’s cam was now almost continuously on Steve as he recorded him pulling down his jock and beginning to pump his own slowly-hardening rod. “Chow down, you horny fags,” he said to himself as if the porn stars were sucking him off. “I want to see you take my fuck snot, you homos.”

Steve looked around, but for what? Shane had no idea. Then all of a sudden, Steve scooped up a handful of the thick creamy ranch dip and coated his dick as he slipped his hand up and down on his now fully-erect dick. “Yeah, you fucking faggot cock suckers. Work THIS down your throat! More! Deeper! Oh God! Jesus Christ! I love you guys! Yeah, take my load!” Steve fisted his dick harder and faster with the ranch-dip lube. “Oh shit! Fuck! I'm cumming! Yeeaaahhh! Eat my fuck snot! Oh God! Here you go, boys!” Steve shot off like a pulsating geyser, squirt after gushing squirt until he was empty. He collapsed fully into the sofa after a blissful release.

The movie continued, but Steve was done. He was glad he was alone and could have this secret special moment. He was in the afterglow of having one hell of an erotic fantasy. It was just a onetime thing, never to be repeated. He was so content and happy. He lazily grabbed the remote and flipped off the DVD and TV, no longer caring about the game. He just wanted to relax in his erotic high.

“That was great, Steve. Wow! I never really saw a guy shoot cum – not like that,” Shane shouted after having snuck up on Steve to shock him back to reality. Steve jolted, almost falling off the sofa, and stared at the grinning Shane. He was so shocked and embarrassed in his obscene, cum-splattered nakedness that his mouth was stuck open.

“Shane! What the fuck! Where did you… You were asleep. I never... Is that a video camera?”

“That was great, Steve. Wow! I didn’t know you were into porn and guys sucking dicks,” Shane shouted.

“Shane! What’s going on here? Really, Shane! I don’t… I was just…” Steve reached for his jockstrap to quickly wipe the cum off his face and chest.

“Stop that, Steve! Leave your undies exactly where they are,” Shane said as he mustered up a more authoritative voice to take control of his 21-year-old babysitter. “And just stay where you are like you are.”

“No. Steve, leave that right where it is. Don’t you try to dress now? It’s too late for that. I call the shots now, not you.” Shane spoke with a new-found tone of authority in his voice.

“Fuck you, Shane. You can’t talk to me like that. You can’t prove anything. I was just messing around.” Shane said nothing as he took the TV remote, turned on the TV, reached behind the electronic equipment to fish out a connection cable, and plugged it into the camcorder he was holding.

Steve finally noticed the video cam. “Where’d you get… You didn’t… You wouldn’t… Shane, we are buddies. I’m your fucking babysitter! I was just screwing around here. You can’t prove anything different.”

Shane Duffy pressed the play button on his camcorder, and like magic, Steve could see his life-changing before his very eyes as he watched himself now on the TV beating off to a porno movie. “Shane, what are you going to do with that? Please give it to me. Or… I’ll take it from you.”

“First, let me tell you that as I was recording, my bud Freddie was receiving the signal.” That was a lie, but he wanted Steve to feel it would be useless to take his cam, thinking there was a second recording of him. Steve fell for it. “Let's just say that Freddie and I will do nothing with it as long as you obey our wishes.”

“Your wishes? But I can’t… I mean... I want to help you out on stuff. But what about my church work and… school practice? I’m afraid I... I’m all booked. Besides, Shane, this was all a big joke. Right? Very funny, you got me. So just erase it now before…”

“Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the most important thing to you now the need for this video to remain a secret from your church, baseball team, and parents? Am I correct, Stevie?” Shane smiled broadly at his new toy stud. Shane realized what this could all mean before Steve even considered the full negative impact of that video getting out.

“Shane, you’re not thinking this through. That video could… ah… well… I’d be ruined! How about you give me all copies of the video, and we can talk about me helping you with homework and whatever?

“Stevie, who has control of this video and all copies?”

Steve whispered, “You, Shane, you do.”

“So, who has control of what will happen next?” Steve gave the same answer again.

“Since you just admitted that, I want you to prove it to me and Freddie right now,” Shane insisted.

“Freddie? What’s he got to do with this?” Steve suggested his own answer. “Oh, shit! He has the other copy?” Of course, it wasn’t true… yet. But letting Steve believe it gave Shane all negotiating rights over Steve. “How do I prove… whatever do you want me to prove?” Steve asked, almost in tears.

“It’s simple, and it will be over soon, and we will be all past this. OK?” Steve eagerly nodded. “Ok then, since you referred to yourself as my babysitter, a term I have come to hate, I’ll treat YOU as a baby. With you over my knee, I’ll spank you ten times on your ass. If you fully cooperate, all this will be over.” Knowing Shane held all the cards, Steve quickly agreed, just to conclude all this.

“OK. A wise decision, Stevie. I’m going upstairs for a minute. Stay here, and do not touch your cum-coated body. Shane disappeared for a few minutes and returned with a tripod. Then he connected his camcorder to the tripod and aimed it at the empty burgundy chair.

“Wait a minute, Shane Duffy. You said nothing about your filming me getting spanked. I won’t do it.”

“Ok. That’s it. You can get cleaned up and dressed, and as soon as my folks return, you can leave and go back to your school buddies and back to teaching all the kiddies at Sunday School. I’m done here. You have nothing to worry about me.” But Steve was waiting for the other shoe to drop and made no moves, not even to stand up.

“Go ahead, Steve, get cleaned up. I know you want your school life as it is now and to remain in good standing with your church.” Still, Steve did not move.

“What I don’t know is,” Shane said as he finally divulged the diabolical plan he was making up on the spot, “what all the parents will say…. or worse, do to you after Freddie presents the video to your minister, and how your teammates will react when Freddie sends them …”

“Stop, OK, I get it. We must appease Freddie with proof that I complied with this little spanking.” Steve hesitated. But he came to the only reasonable conclusion that appeared in his freaked-out jock brain and did so rather quickly. “Let’s do it and be done with it. Then I get the video copies, all of them. That’s acceptable; I fucked up! Where do you want me, Shane?” Steve said as he got up from the sofa, put on his jock and pants without being told, and immediately walked over to Shane, who was already seated in the burgundy chair. “How do you want me?” Shane said nothing; he simply patted his lap, taking in Steve’s sense of helplessness.

Shane said clearly, “It’s important to Freddie and me that when you are being spanked, you express your true feelings about watching the video. I mean, you did beat off to it. So you enjoyed it, right? Frankly, I don’t care about the porn or that you enjoyed it. But you were supposed to watch over me instead of exposing me to that adult smut. So, I want to hear full honesty from you. No bullshit. No lies. It’s just a onetime video, and it will be over soon…. If… you do this correctly. Of course, you’ll tell me how sorry you are and beg for my forgiveness.”

Steve took it all in. There was some truth in what Shane told him, and everything would be erased anyway. Steve accepted it all as he continued to lie belly down across Shane’s lap and asked when he would get all the copies, but Shane did not address that.

“Oh, Stevie, I almost forgot. Would you mind getting up and switching the camcorder on for this? Just press the ‘REC’ button.” Steve got up, turned on the camcorder, and returned to his belly-down position as before. Shane loved getting Steve to be a part of his own demise.

Blackmailed by Twinks
Part 2 of 2

“Are you ready for your ass spanking, Stevie?” Steve nodded, wanting to finish this before the Duffy’s returned. “Well, Stevie… I’m waiting.” That brought the strangest look from Steve, who did not know anything he did wrong or what Shane was waiting for.

“Stevie, I never said I was going to spank your pants. I said I was going to spank your ass. So, we can get this over with whenever you present your ass nicely and properly for its spanking.” Steve was about to protest, but what was the use? He’d already been filmed beating off, so one more time couldn’t be any worse. Right? Steve got up, shoved his pants down to his ankles, and stopped there. Shane just looked at the underwear and nodded. Steve then shoved those down as well and resumed his belly-down position over Shane’s lap with his lovely bubble butt pointing up.

Playing to the camcorder, Shane fanned innocence, “Stevie? Are you sure about this? I mean, do you really want me to punish you like this?” Steve understood this was where he was supposed to confess, apologize, and so on. And he said, in a low voice, that he did.

“Stevie, if you want me to punish you, you’ll need to speak up and admit fully what you did and how you felt about it. I want to be fair to you and allow you to express your full honesty. I mean, it really breaks my heart to spank you or do anything painful to you. You are a great neighbor, and I care so much about you.” What bullshit Shane was coming up with, an Oscar-winning performance. This would give his buds a good belly laugh when they saw this “movie.”

Steve put on a serious face to please Shane and spoke somberly, “Yes. I watched one of your family’s porno movies, and I really liked it. It made me all excited and hot and horny. And…”

“Hold on, Stevie. We don’t have any porn movies in this house. Don’t you mean you brought them over with you?” Steve did not care how Shane wanted the script to go, not at this point. It did not matter since the video would be short-lived, so Steve nodded in agreement.

“So, you just told a disgusting, ugly lie by saying my parents watch porn when, in fact, you brought all those filthy, sick, X-rated sex movies over here with you. Do I understand this correctly, Stevie?” Steve gave an exaggerated nod to please Shane, but it was all getting weirder sounding at every step. “A child might nod, but Stevie, you are a grownup, so act like one and speak out clearly. Explain in detail all of your actions tonight in my parent’s home while they trusted you to babysit me, their impressionable 15-year-old son.”

“Shane, I am so sorry. I bought those sex movies over here and watched them all, and you were still awake. I wanted you to watch them, too, to seduce you. Then I started playing with my penis, and I couldn’t help it but…”

“Stevie, you are leaving out parts. Aren’t you? Were you nude? Did you use my mother’s ranch dip? Did you yell out disgusting profanities like ‘shit’ and ‘fuck’ and swear at our precious Lord? Did you want to sodomize me? And force me to suck your… er… penis, too? Stevie, I don’t want to interpret anything, so you tell me the truth. If you don’t, I will use my leather belt on your butt until you bleed. Stevie, I am so sorry, too. My good friend and buddy, who I care so deeply about, you must either confess the full truth, or it will pain me terribly to beat it out of you.

Now Steve was trembling, genuinely scared as he spoke loudly, almost yelling, “Shane, all those stupid, sick sex movies are mine. I brought them here and tried to blame your family. I am so, so sorry for lying. I did watch one… I mean… all of them, and I was so happy and excited my penis was fully aroused. I took off all my clothes, and I played with my penis. And I yelled out all sorts of profanity and swore loudly at the Lord, in an attempt ta … to… to …”

Now Steve, standing naked and showing his spanked ass, was trembling, genuinely scared as he spoke the words Shane insisted he speaks into the cam. He was so nervous he was practically yelling, “Shane, all those stupid, sick sex movies are mine. I brought them here and tried to blame your family. I am so, so sorry for lying. I did watch one… I mean… all of them, and I was so happy and excited my penis was fully aroused. I took off all my clothes, and I played with my penis. And I yelled out all sorts of profanity and swore loudly at the Lord, in an attempt ta … to… to …”

Of course, these were all lies, but Shane wanted a good video to blackmail Steve if needed. And Shane loved how he cooperated 100%.“Go on, Stevie, you know what else you need to say,” prompted Shane, trying to hide his devilish smile by looking shocked.

“Shane, ... I... I... attempted to get you to come over to the sofa so I could fuck you… ah... sodomize you and force you to suck me off. I am so sorry, Shane. But I just went crazy with sexual feelings. I have suppressed my need for sex for years. I am nothing more than a sinful pervert, and I don’t want to stop. I love watching porn movies where they show huge breasts all over the screen. I love pretending to grope them and suck those big fat nipples and… … eat their pussies out, a… ah… their cunts. I… ah… want to fuck them… I mean, copulate with them and shoot my cum in their twats.” Steve was now in tears. He knew what he was saying about getting Shane involved was all false and that he was just saying that to please Shane and Freddie. But still, he got swept away by his emotions.

"Stevie, step out of your fallen jockstrap and come over to me again." Shane patted his lap just as he did a short while ago when he first spanked Steve. Steve went over to him, thinking, "Oh fuck, not again." Trembling, he laid himself across those firm, boyish thighs. “So Stevie, why are you over my lap again? What do you need me to do for you? What huge, disgusting favor will you beg me to do?”

“Please, Shane, please spank me good. Please forgive me and spank my ass harder this time. I need punishment.”

“But Stevie, I’m just 15 years old. I’m just a scrawny teenager. You want me to spank a jock celebrity like you? Again? Harder? Longer? You are so much more important than I am. You’re famous, a school hero and all. I’d feel awful treating you like a little kid and still giving you another spanking on your naked, glowing red butt. How did you go from practically being the athlete of the year at the University of Utah and a Baptist deacon… to … to begging me to give you a naked spanking? I guess becoming a sexual pervert greatly lowered your status, huh, Stevie? You need me to do this, though, don’t you?

“Please, Shane, give it to me. You know best.”

“And Stevie? Why did you insist that we video your detailed confession and spankings?” Steve was totally surprised by that question. He did not know what Shane wanted in the way of an answer. He became quiet and stared at Shane for a clue. Shane filled in the blank for him, “Go ahead, admit it. It’s OK, buddy. You wanted me to make and keep this video for your own protection?” Steve still was confused and dumbly nodded yes. “So that if you repeat any of your sins and degrading sex acts, you will trust me to turn this video over to the police… or, at least, give copies to your parents, coach, and minister. Is that why you insisted we make this video, Stevie?” It sounded worse than a horrible nightmare. Steve could only nod yes.

“Well, Stevie, you’re asking a lot of me, but we’re buds, and I will do as you insist. And I’ll be strong for you. Even if you change your mind and want this video erased, I will keep it locked up and safe. No, no, don’t thank me. I’ll do that for you, my friend. So are you ready for another spanking?” Again, a nod from the disbelieving Steve, not even sure what the hell was going on or what he kept agreeing to; hopefully, it was all a childish game.

It was nearing 11:30 p.m., and the Duffy's would be home soon. Steve thought time was running out. He did not want to be caught stripped naked over their son’s knees and the room all disheveled with porno movies still on the floor, not to mention deposits of cum on the furniture. He started to panic.

“Please. For God’s sake! It’s almost midnight. Your folks will be home soon. Please, Shane, spank me good. Please, let’s just finish this quickly.

“Well, if you are that headstrong about it. OK.” Wawk! Wawk! Wawk! Only three swats to Steve’s mounded butt, and already Steve wanted Shane to stop. He but was blistering from before. He even tried to lift himself off Shane’s lap, but Shane firmly held him down. “Stevie, you know the rules we discussed.” Steve was about to ask, “What rules” when Shane interrupted his thoughts. “You know, if you move, you want me to start all over again. I mean, Stevie, it’s only ten swats this time. That’s not too much for a university superstar jock to take. You said to start over, so here is one.” Wawk! And Wawk! Wawk! Wawk! Wawk! These swats were delivered with full force. Shane had a lot of pent-up hostilities for dumb jocks and Bible-thumping assholes, and Steve was both. Shane abruptly stopped.

Steve yelled at him. He was worried that Shane’s parents could open the front door any minute. “For fuck sake, Shane, swat my ass ten times! I fucked up. OK, I even tried to seduce you and force you to suck my dick and tried to rape you. What the fuck are you waiting for!”

Calmly Shane spoke, “But, Stevie, you never finished telling me the truth about the sex movie, ‘Four-way Honeymoon.’”

“What the fuck? I told you everything, I confessed. Shane, we don’t have much time.”

“Actually, what got you off in that particular porno movie was when the two guys got it on with each other and were in a 69 position. That’s what really caused you to shoot your messy load all over the living room. Wasn’t it, Stevie? You want to leave quickly before my parents walk through that front door? Without completing your confession? You’re the one wasting your time. It’s 10 to midnight; care to finish your details? Shane never mentioned to Steve that his parents never got home before one in the morning. He wanted Steve to feel the intense pressure of the supposed “midnight” time limit.

“Aw, fucking shit! Shane! Your folks will be home. Please. I’ll be ruined. I’ll get kicked out of school. Please beat my ass, please. I’m begging you.” But Shane didn’t take the bait.

Steve had no choice but to continue his mix of lies and truths, “OK, OK. You’re right. I loved the guys sucking dick. I fantasized that they were sucking my own dick, and I was deep-throating both of them, one at a time. I was grabbing one of them by the ears and pulling his facing to get my dick as deep as possible down his fuck-throat. There! Now, can we be done? Please, Shane, anything you want, Please, I’ll do anything! Just let’s finish.”

“Didn’t you also get off on the idea that one of them would fuck you up your ass? And you desired to eat that other guy’s ass out as you got fucked? Better finish the truth, so you don’t get… ah… ruined.”

“Yes, yes, I was thinking that, and it got me off. Now, for God-fucking-sake, work my ass. Please beat the shit out of me; just do it now. It’s nearly midnight … your folks will find us here like this. My life will be ruined. Please. Anything, Shane. Please!” Steve was begging and bawling like a baby. He knew if Shane’s parents saw him and the room as it was, he’d genuinely be kicked out of school and his church and he could never show his face again in this town.

“Well, since you said ‘anything.’ And since you need to clean up this mess in the next few minutes, we’ll finish your spanking on another day. And… I will take you up on your two offers. Now, get dressed and clean this place up!” Steve hopped to it as Shane turned off the camcorder, picked up the six DVDs and his tripod with the attached camcorder, and went upstairs.

When Shane returned some five minutes later, Steve was dressed and calmed down, feeling this nightmare was over. He even had the living room back in order. So he politely asked, “What two offers have I made?”

“You remember Stevie, the offer that ‘anything’ goes. And it will be anything I choose. I plan on having a lot of fun with you entertaining me and my friends.” Steve gulped loudly, and his face turned a pinkish red. Shane continued, “The second offer you mentioned, of course, was that you begged me to keep our new video safe and use it against you if ever you disobey my slightest desires.” Shane spoke in his most wicked voice, noticing that Steve realized the camcorder was nowhere in sight and assumed it was hidden.

“But Shane? Can’t we talk about this? Please?”

Shane sat back down in the burgundy chair and motioned for Steve to come over to him. “Stevie… if you want to ask me for any favors, I suggest you begin by showing respect. Go ahead, kneel down.” Steve dejectedly plopped to his knees in front of Shane. “Good boy. Now listen up, Stevie. You did all your talking on the video, and you did it beautifully. That’s what I’d call a million-dollar video. I now control you. You’ll want to do whatever I say without question, or… you’ll be publicly disgraced, kicked out of school, and out of your stupid fucking church. Maybe you’ll end up in jail. But… that’s of no concern to me.”

“Stevie, the camcorder is gone, all hidden away, so no more pretending. Now I want to hear it from you for real. Who has the power to ruin you? Who will you be kneeling before and obeying? Who controls your schedule and your world? Who will be teaching you new ways to please me? Who now owns you, boy?” Shane spoke in his usual soft voice but in a stern tone as he feasted on the defeated look on Steve’s face.

Steve said weakly, “You do, sir.”

“Good. Very good. As long as you obey me, I’ll let you have a fairly normal life in front of others and at school, where I’ll allow you to continue to play the superstar role. However, you will break up with that bitch… er… what’s her name… and date no one else. Serving me and my friends will take all of your non-school time.” Shane stood up and went to a table to write something down. Steve remained kneeling and silent. Then he handed the paper to Steve, saying, “Here’s your next assignment. You will be at Freddie’s house next Friday, at 7 p.m. I’ll give you his address later. On this sheet is a list of things you’ll buy and bring with you.”

Steve’s jaw dropped, and his face turned a ghostly white as he read the list just handed to him:

Can of shaving cream
Pack of disposable razors
Leather dog collar (that fits your neck)
Chain dog leash
Dog dish
Can of dog food
Sturdy handball paddle
Package of wooden clothespins
50 feet of clothesline
Roll of duct tape
Enema kit (bag and hose)
6-pack of cold beer

“Don’t ask any questions … from now on. Oh, and Stevie, tell your nice folks you’ll be spending Friday night with several of your new, closest buddies.”
The End  

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