164 Getting the Chair

164 Getting the Chair
Part 1 of 5

My name is Eric. I'm 21. I recently answered an ad in the newspaper for some guy who needed help maintaining his house and property. The estate turned out to be really extravagant, and the pay was better than expected. I was damned happy when he called me back to give me the job.

I worked for Dr. Franz Kilmer for nearly two weeks at this huge house just outside the city. It was a far drive from my own apartment, but the money I was making more than made up for that. I was saving to go to school in the fall, as this was to be my junior year of college, and I was running low on financial aid. Things were going well for me; I was doing OK in school, scoring pretty well with the chicks since I was in college, and most people seemed to think I was fairly good-looking. The magic gene pool in the sky had been kind to me. I worked out and swam quite a bit, so the bod was always in top shape. I wasn't really muscular, per se, but hard and lean for sure.

Anyway, my work at the estate consisted mostly of cleaning and yard duties. Dr. Franz was cool to work for and didn't hassle me about little shit. He mostly just wanted somebody trustworthy to do the things he had no time for around the property. I didn't see all that much of Dr. Franz, but at his young age, I guess 35 or so, he must be making a lot of money doing something to afford this place. He spent most of his time in his workshop down in the basement. On rare occasions, I would see computers and whatnot being delivered to that downstairs room. I'm not sure, he never talked about his work with me, but I assumed he was into some high-tech shit.

One day, after mowing the entire property, dead tired and sweaty from the sun and heat, I went into the house to grab something cold from the fridge to drink. I noticed something was wrong because the orange juice I snagged was only lukewarm. Sure enough, the fridge was broken.

I went to the basement and knocked on the basement door where Dr. Franz usually worked at this time of day. No answer. I knocked again. Nothing. So, I opened up the door and yelled downstairs for him. Still no response.

Dr. Franz had told me to stay out of the basement due to all the delicate equipment down there and stuff, so I had never even been down there, but I needed to tell him the fridge was out before all his stuff went bad; I didn't want to be responsible for all that mess. I went down the narrow stairs to see if I could find him.

The stairway opened to a largish room, which was dimly lit. There were computer consoles and various equipment that I didn't recognize placed around, but no sign of Dr. Franz. I went through the room and down another hall where several doors were closed except the one at the end of the hall where I could hear the clicking of someone typing at a computer keyboard and various other machine sounds. I called out, but again, no response.

"What?" he said excitedly, poking his head out of the room at the end of the hall.

"Dr. Kilmer, I'm sorry to bug you down here and all, but the fridge is on the blink, and I thought you'd better know right away before everything goes bad," I hastily replied.

"Oh, Eric," he said in his German accent, "I suppose we'd better do something about that right now. He returned to the workroom he had been in, and we walked on down the hall to finish the conversation. As I got to the door frame, I could see a large, reddish leather chair of some kind in the middle of the room. The unusual part was that it was hooked up to his computer with a bunch of wires and cables, and there were all kinds of weird-looking attachments on the chair that I couldn't identify at all.

"What's that?" I said.

He turned around from his telephone conversation and looked startled for a second. "Uh, it's a special massage chair I am working on. A kind of medical device, I guess you'd say." It was obvious to me that he was quite uncomfortable with me being in the room and seeing his 'project.'

He finished his phone call and turned back to me once again. "Here. I don't normally let anyone see my projects while they are in the design phase, but since you're already down here, I guess it can't hurt to let you try it out." With that, he motioned me to the big black leather chair, and I sat down.

It was vaguely like a dentist's chair in shape but much larger and sturdier. For the life of me, I had the impression that I was sitting in a big hand. It even felt warm!

"So what does it do?" I said, looking up from my seated position to where Dr. Kilmer had gone to sit at his console.

"Well, it does a lot of things, he said, but I'll just let you get a taste of the body massage and see what you think about it."

He typed something on his keyboard and told me to lay back and relax. Soon, a gentle vibration came from the entire chair, then I started to hear sounds coming from underneath as various mechanisms whirred to life, and the whole thing started to undulate beneath me. My whole body felt like it was being rubbed all at once by a dozen hands. It was really something.

Unbeknownst to me, Dr. Kilmer only let me see and use this chair so that all the mystery of what he was inventing would seem benign and unremarkable. "What it's doing right now is just the basic body massage. It's not unusual; rollers and ultrasonic gadgets under the chair's padding produce various effects."

"Feels great!" I said, almost sighing. "I want one of these!"

He laughed pretentiously and then did something to the keyboard, and the chair's motion stopped.

"Well, I've got a lot more programming and tinkering to do with the mechanisms before this is ready for the public. And it'll cost a fortune!" he quipped. "Mostly, this will be used by the very rich who can afford expensive toys."

"Yeah," I said, standing up, "That's how it always goes. But what does all this other stuff do?" I asked, motioning to all the odd-looking devices in and around the chair unit.

"Oh … that … err … that's just some testing equipment," Dr. Kilmer replied nervously. "I can't tell you all that stuff, or you might run off and invent one of your own," he laughed.

"OK, thanks for letting me try it out. It felt great. I could have sat there forever."

"Now, onto more important matters. Eric, I just learned I must fly out of town starting tomorrow morning for at least a week. I really want you to stay here in the house and keep an eye on things if it's not too big of an imposition. You can stay in the guest room."

"Oh. I wasn't expecting anything like that," I said. "But I don't have anything planned in particular this week, so it should be fine, Dr. Kilmer."

"Great!" he said as we returned up the long stairway from the basement. "I would really appreciate it, and I will compensate you for this on your next check, I assure you. However, as usual, I don't want people besides you in the house while I'm gone and leave the basement alone. There's too much expensive and delicate work down there that you could fuck up."

"No problem, Dr. Kilmer. You know I'll take good care of the joint."

"Yeah, I know you will. That's why I hired you; you struck me as trustworthy."

So the next day, I came to the property early in the morning. On the front door was a note from Dr. Kilmer saying just to let me in and to keep things under control while he was gone. I didn't anticipate any trouble.

Most of that day, I spent doing my regular house chores. The guy came to repair the fridge. I washed up all the dirty laundry he'd left for me, folded it, and put it away. Just the regular routine.

By 4:00 pm, I realized I had the run of the place for the rest of the night. The work I needed to do was all done, and the next week or so should be a piece of cake! I grabbed a wine cooler from the kitchen, made myself a sandwich, and took it into the den, where I watched movies on the wide-screen TV; it was my little taste of the high life. It would be many years of hard work before I could ever afford a place with all these perks, and that was for sure.

By the third day, the newness had worn off, and my work around the house was either done or not really in need of further attention. I read some of Dr. Kilmer's computer books from the den and watched more movies. It's funny how quickly you can get used to having really nice things and how quickly they stop being entertaining.

By that evening, I was literally climbing the walls with boredom. I thought about going out and getting some action with a chick, but I couldn't bring her back here anyway, so that was out. Fuck, I was getting horny, and Dr. Kilmer didn't even have any porn in his video collection that I could jerk off to. I knew because I'd looked the first night. So I was stuck in this huge house; no women, no porn, nothing.

Then I remembered the basement. If I were a rich guy like Dr. Kilmer, I'd probably keep a porn stash somewhere down there where houseguests wouldn't normally find it. I thought I would go down there to check and see what I could find. I wouldn't mess with anything. I'd find whatever he had around that I could jack to, do my biz, and put it back so nobody was the wiser. No harm done.

My boredom and horniness did the rest of the thinking for me, and before I knew it, I'd used my key to unlock the basement and headed downstairs. It was great that he'd left me a full set of keys in case of emergencies.

I had a little trouble finding the switch for the lights when I got down and walked around the halls, but I eventually found myself in the main room where all the computer junk was stored. Nothing here, I thought. If he's got any magazines or anything stashed down here, they're probably on his desk. I went over to the door with the 'office' sign and used a key marked 'Master' to open it. I looked around and saw Dr. Kilmer's desk and that big black massage chair thing.

First, I tried his desk drawers to see if maybe there were some magazines or even videos that might be interesting. I was greeted by nothing but staples and computer disks and stuff like that. I checked around the office's CD cabinet and didn't find anything there either. Shit. Apparently, rich guys never jack off. Or if they do, they hide their porn pretty fuckin' well.

With that, I sat down at the desk and contemplated my next move. The computer was there, so I thought, why not go online and see if I could find some porn I could jack off to get some damned relief? I booted up the computer.

I didn't get the usual Windows desktop display when it booted up, only a folder icon labeled "Chair." Dammit again! I just sat and looked at the screen.

Then I thought, "What the fuck?" I'll start the massage up, climb in, and stroke while I get my back and buns rubbed by the chair. It'll be better than nothing, and that chair felt pretty damn good the last time I'd sat in it.

I clicked on the folder and then a subfolder and found documents entitled 'Startup Procedures.' From there, I went through a menu of stuff on the screen for the chair. Several apparently pre-programmed routines were given, but no descriptions were given, so I didn't know what they would do. Finally, I clicked on something called "SX7A."

It wanted me to pick a duration. I chose 2 hours. What the hell - I could end it earlier if I got bored with it. It asked for my language, gender, height, weight, and other physical info, so I entered it. Then it displayed "Selection Complete." Then, it flashed, "Remove all clothing and be seated. The chair will activate in 3 minutes".

Wow, remove my clothes? I was gonna jack off anyway, so I did as the program had suggested and climbed into the chair. I waited. Nothing happened.

The screen flashed again, "Remove all clothing and be seated." How odd! Well, I had kept my jockeys on, so I removed those and relaxed back into the chair. I felt the seat warming up. AHH, how nice and relaxing! There was humming from inside, so I lay back into it, waiting for the massage to begin.

Slowly, the vibration started, and the little fingers or whatever they were started to move beneath me. It felt really nice. Lazily, I reached down and started caressing my long, semi-hard dick. I was overdue for some action, even if it was just my hand. With the moving rollers beneath me, I was hard in less than a minute, my full 7 inches standing straight up in the air. I spit in my hand a couple of times to get my dick wet and started slowly jacking, taking my time and letting the motion and vibration of the chair help me get turned on. It was feeling really good.

After a few minutes of lying there stroking, something new happened. The chair automatically reclined further back, and a voice from the computer speakers said, "Place your arms on the armrests and your feet on the footrests for Phase Two. Phase Two will commence in 10 seconds." Then, "Or give voice authorization code now to abort program."

What the fuck was 'Phase Two?' I wondered as I stopped jacking my cock. Well, might as well give it a try. I put my ankles and wrists in the places designed for them and laid my head back against the headrest to see what would happen.

"Ready to begin Program SX7A," the mechanical-sounding computer voice announced.

With that, I got a scary surprise. Silently, padded stainless steel bands enclosed my wrists, ankles, forehead, and neck. In one second, I was tightly locked in the chair. Shit!

At first, all six bands were not all that tight; I supposed I could somehow slip out. Then I heard "Adjusting." Immediately, all six bands tightened. Not painfully, but comfortably. The padding was thick and conforming to my limbs. Even the one that tightened around my neck was not choking me at all. But it was scary.

I thought that was fine, as it's more relaxing to be in a lying position. But then it moved my limbs horizontally. My legs were spread wide apart, and my arms were moved from where they were at my sides to an upward position. It was weird to be manipulated like a rag doll with no say. When the chair finally stopped moving, I'd been placed in a spread-eagle position; my arms and legs formed an 'X.'

I guess whatever 'Program SX7A' was, I was getting ready to find out.

At first, nothing changed except that the chair's vibration grew slightly more intense. I could hear the sounds of different mechanisms doing something around me, but since I couldn't move my head very much, I couldn't see them. Then abruptly, the chair began to change its configuration, and my legs were moving up, and my upper torso was moving down. The chair was becoming horizontal, like a bed. I was now level with the floor.

The next thing I knew, I could feel something slowly coming out of the headrest on each side of my head. I thought they might be headphones closing over my ears, but no sound came out. Instead, they seem to block my hearing.

As I wondered what purpose soundless headphones might be, a 'virtual reality' visor of some kind moved into place right in front of my eyes. It lined itself up at the proper angle, and the next thing I knew, my vision was totally obscured by a visor. Now I could neither see nor hear nor move even half an inch. I was getting really scared and could not get any help. I know I must have been yelling like mad, but no one could hear me.

With a deep vibration, the chair started to do that massaging motion again. If I hadn't been so fucking terrified, it might have actually felt good. I kept trying to figure some way out of this, but nothing at all came to mind.

I was shaken from my current thoughts about how to escape the chair when I heard sounds of grunts and groans and things like "Ah, fuck yeah!" I realized that these male 'voices' were coming from the headphones! My head was being pumped full of these sex noises, which grew louder and settled into a steady and constant background theme for my experience. It sounded like about 20 guys in a room jacking off and sucking each other or something. The moans were ceaseless in my head. Had someone made a soundtrack just for this purpose?

The massage lasted about five minutes, but then the black screen activated, and I saw images. The camera angle was unmistakable; it was me, locked up tight in the chair, writhing and straining to get free of my restraints. I couldn't believe this was happening, but I could see it well enough due to the VR visor over my eyes. I had nowhere else to look.

Then the camera zoomed in. Soon, I had a good close-up shot of my own dick. Still, hard, it stood straight up from my spread-eagle form. A clear plastic tube or something like that was immediately poised over my stiff dick. I couldn't see much of it as the camera was pointed right Again, I struggled against the steel bands to get free. No change; I was totally pinned. The VR visor on my eyes showed the tube thing, which was now starting to make its way down onto my hard dick, slowly sliding, engulfing the entire length of my dick until I could feel the tube edge pressing against my groin. Then came the computer voice, "Adjusting, please stand by." The tube seemed to be sizing itself to the length and girth of my dick. My dick was now trapped in a warm tunnel; the tube vibrated lightly as it secured itself onto my dick.

The intent soon became apparent. The tube began to move very slowly up and down on my dick. I was being forced to fuck this thing! I had no choice. It was gonna suck my cock. I could see constant suction being applied to the tube because my dick was being stretched and pulled to enormous proportions with each slow stroke the tube made. The sensation was similar to what a penis pump must feel like. It felt SOOO good! Good to the point of pain. Over the groans and sighs of the men on the headphones, I could now hear my own involuntary moans and cries as the tube sucked on my big dick. The camera was close-up on the action, so there was literally nowhere else to look other than to watch this thing work on my cock with horrible, slow strokes.

A couple of times, I thought I was getting ready to cum. I think if I hadn't been so afraid, I probably would have, but after about 15 minutes of the excruciating suck-off, the tube engulfed my hard-on all the way and stayed motionless. Meanwhile, the camera angle was changing again on the VR visor, giving me a look at what was next.

A leather device of some kind was now being maneuvered by the machine around my ball sack, which it attached to my trunk. I think they call those things' parachutes.' At any rate, it was soon affixed tightly around the top of my nut sack, and the camera pulled back enough to show me its function. It began to move away from me, pulling, stretching my nut sack downward. It was not painful, but scary, weird, controlling. The mechanism showed me, telling me, "These nuts are mine." How fucking strange to be out of control. I mean, this machine chair had me naked, strapped in. My torso, arms, and head could not move, it pulled and held my legs wide apart, and now it was pulling my balls away from my body!

Getting the Chair
Part 2 of 5

Initially, the tug on my balls began to pull slowly on the small chains attached to the parachute. I watched in horror as the camera showed my balls being pulled further and firmer from my body. I could still see my poor dick encased in that tube thing. This was erotic torture, for sure.

After the fucker had stretched my balls to the point where I thought they would rip off any second, it stopped. Then the camera showed me what I already knew, the suck-tube was moving up and down on my unit again, but now, it operated faster and more aggressively. I heard myself cry out in erotic pain as the fiendish fucking thing worked on my cock and balls and made me watch every second of it close up.

The pain in my nuts was terrible, but what the suck-off tube was doing balanced the agony with ecstasy. Over and over, I watched the tube slowly push its way down onto my dick and suck it for maybe 20 seconds before rising nearly off. Then repeat. It went faster now, much faster and harder, pistoning my poor dick like nothing had before. I was screaming, not in pain, but at my total lack of self-control. I wanted to climax immediately! I needed that release. But this stupid fucking machine could not even detect THAT! What stupid-ass, scientific "brainiac" created a machine so stupid it could not tell I needed to climax? Instead of giving me much-needed release, it played male orgy sounds in the headphones, which kept getting louder and louder, turning the entire experience into sexual torture I couldn't have ever imagined. The VR visor showed me every moment of what was happening to my aching, hair-trigger dick. I was held captive, spread-eagled, and totally helpless to stop any of it. On and on the tube went, sucking my dick to just near climax and immediately reducing the sucking, pausing, and repeating. WHAT A STUPID, STUPID FUCKING MACHINE. IT CAN'T EVEN GIVE ME A SIMPLE FUCKING CLIMAX. Whoever created this chair must have failed their Computer Programing 101 class.

at my cock, but I knew something really wacky was coming.

I felt myself starting to become numb to the experience. I wanted to come, but I couldn't. I wanted to get out, but I couldn't. All I could really do was watch the chair rape me.

Then a really horrible thought came into my head. How far was this shit gonna go? This fucking machine had already shown me that it could pin me down and torture my cock. What if worse things were coming?

As if in answer to my thoughts, the tube on my dick soon slowed and stopped, with my entire length still throbbing. The thing that was pulling my nuts didn't ease up one bit, however. I wondered what would happen.

I lay there long enough to catch my breath and then felt something warm brush my lips. At first, I thought it was my imagination, but the visor camera moved to show me the next phase of my ordeal. Poised directly in front of my mouth was a cock. Not a real cock, to be sure, but a damn good replica of one attached to yet another part of the machinery of the fuck-chair. It was "resting" on my lips.

I immediately figured out what I was NOT gonna do, so I pressed my lips tightly together so it couldn't make its way into my mouth. There was no way I was giving head to this goddamn STUPID FUCKNG MACHINE!

The camera angle moved close to my mouth, giving me a good look at my enemy, a large latex dick. It had veins like the real item and was about seven inches long. There must have been some tubing on the inside because the dick-thing had a drop of something pearly-white at its tip. Actually, the fake dick was seeping white stuff very slowly as it pulsed gently, not forcible, against my lips. I guess you'd say it was lightly rubbing my lips as it was seeping. But what the fuck is that? It can't be cum.

I watched in confusion, resisting the fresh-like projection at my lips, seeking entry. I kept my mouth tightly closed. The substance on the end of the fake dick smeared as it moved back and forth over my lips, teasing me. I couldn't believe it, but over the moans and cries on the headphones, I now heard a whispering voice say, "Open, please."

I refused. No machine was going to tell me what to do! I kept my lips tightly closed as the dick pushed against and taunted my mouth. The voice in the headphones kept imploring with pleasant moans. And now the tube over my dick, which had been idle, began gently sucking, so lightly, I didn't realize it at first.

I started to moan due to the erotic sensation of my dick being sucked slowly and gently. I supposed I relaxed my lips in the moaning. Because the dick pushed through my lips, parting them, and now the dick tip rested against my teeth which I held closed.

Wired, now I could taste something intriguing. Yes, It was the pearly-white fluid oozing from the dick tip. There was more seeping through the spaces between my teeth. I licked at it. The sound of moaning in my ears and the erotic sucking of my dick caused me to lick more and more. It was cum. I couldn't stand it. The fake dick was oozing cum into my mouth. I licked harder. I needed more. I tried to lick the cum through my teeth, but it suddenly stopped oozing. I opened my mouth, grabbed the dick tip with my lips, and pulled it into my mouth. It advanced a tiny bit. It wasn't enough. I opened my mouth wider to encourage it to enter deeper, and it did, but no more ooze. FUCK! I licked at it more intently. Nothing. I sucked a little. Nothing. I sucked harder and continuously, and then I got more cum. The precious fluid wasn't flowing easily. I had to really work at it. I stopped sucking, the cum stopped coming. I started sucking harder. It started dribbling more. I was sucking cum. I was moaning and sucking Hard to keep the droplets coming. The taste was alluring, pleasing, like a drug, I sucked and sucked, and my real dick expanded, and my body was so fucking pleased.

I wasn't paying attention to the images in my visor until I felt the fake dick increasing in girth, getting fatter. I saw I had about three inches of rubber cock inserted in my mouth. I was sucking it, working at it, frantically working it to keep the droplets coming, But now, the fake dick expanded. It now stretched my mouth wide to encompass this thicking intruder. My mouth was straining. I had no choice, I tried to push it out with my tongue, but it wouldn't budge. The heavy male voice in the headphones was saying, "Good boy." I wasn't paying attention, but it was saying that all along.

The thick cock pushed in hard now, filling my mouth and making me gag as it inched toward my throat. I watched in terror as the camera showed me sucking the hard, throbbing tool all the way down. I now had seven inches of fat dick rammed at the entrance of my throat. It stayed there just a second and started pulling out. The guy in the headphones moaned in pleasure, and I tried to catch my breath, but the prick moved in again, too fast for me to stop it. All the way to my throat again, seven thick inches of dick barely entered my throat.

Over and over, the dick fucked my mouth, stopping only long enough to let me get a quick breath between each stroke. It pushed in harder and faster as it went along, just like a real guy would do in the intense heat of passion, seeking climax. I lay there and watched myself getting face-fucked for about ten minutes and then felt some relief as the suck-tube started working more rigorously on my cock again. Soon, the tube sucking my dick and the cock stuffing my throat were moving in unison, going faster and faster as they violated me. The headphone sex sounds were pumped up in volume as the male voices made noises like they were coming. I realized that I was getting ready to shoot also, even though I really didn't want to give myself over to this fucking machine. I was trapped in it. It was controlling me, all of me.

The grunting and moans in the headphones reached a frenzied peak, and the suction on my cock pushed me over the edge. I blew my load big time inside that tube. I felt shot after fucking shot of cum spray out of me, and that tube thing kept sucking me like a starving madman. I couldn't scream because I had seven inches of fat dick in my mouth and was getting face-fucked like crazy. Then the cock pulled partially out, and in the headphones, the deep male voice said, "Good boy." The fake dick pulsed and sent shot after shot of warm, thick, salty liquid into my mouth. It was too deep for me to spit it out, so I was forced to swallow whatever was spewing down my throat. The suck-off tube never let up on my dick during this, so I was still being forcibly milked while I drank the jizz of this big dick stuffing my face.

Finally, the dick stopped shooting. The guy in the headphones kept saying, "Good boy," and stuff like that. I was hoping to God that this shit was over now, especially because I already blew my wad. The motion on my dick stopped, and I felt the suck-tube press hard against my groin again. It still engulfed me, and my dick was aching from all the action and the fact that I had just shot so violently.

I expected the fake dick in my mouth to pull out now, but it stayed right where it was, about three inches into my mouth. I could breathe just fine, though my jaws were stretched tight around the girth of it. The fucking orgy boys in the headphones had gone quiet. I was alone again. I could only see my face strained around that thick cock on the VR visor. Then something soothing. The chair began vibrating warm, calming sensations. How relaxing. Except for my wide, stretched mouth, I felt good in the afterglow of this intense sexual experience.

I don't know how long it let me rest, but it wasn't long before the headphones', in a more mechanical voice, told me, "Give voice authorization code now to abort program." What the fuck? "Or Phase Three will begin in 20 seconds." Even with the big dick still inside my mouth, I managed to yell, "End program! End program!" I was hoping that would make this torture session log-off and release me. No such luck. I saw the timer flashing, 16 – 15 – 14 – 13… I yelled again, "END PROGRAM! STOP PROGRAM!" The male voice came back on the headphones and said, "4 – 3 – 2- -1," then, "Thank you for using the Program SX7A, phase three."

I remember trying to scream, but I had no more than started to speak when the big cock moved into my mouth further, pushing my tongue down flat as before. The camera showed me my face, tears streaming down my cheeks, filled once again with a seven-inch dick. The fuck noises in the headphones started up once more. "Program SX7A, Phase three, beginning." Then I heard several different motor noises.

I cried soundlessly as the big dick in my mouth started to throb and gently fuck my face again. Not as rough or deep now, though. At least it was giving me a bit of a break. I watched myself suck the fat cock and hoped what I was afraid of wasn't getting ready to happen.

Next, I felt my legs being repositioned. The parachute thing was still tugging at my balls hard. I yelled around the dick in my mouth as my legs were spread impossibly wide. Now the camera moved away from my sucking mouth to give me a view of what was coming up from down below. I saw my poor, red dick still trapped in the suck-tube. Then, I saw it.

Positioned between my wide-spread legs was a monster! That's the only way I can really describe it. It was a black, dick-shaped fuck tool about 12 inches long with increasing girth. I couldn't believe this thing could EVER actually fuck a real person. Surely this must not be for real. Surely this must not be happening!

The camera moved down to give me a good view of the thick black latex dick. It was veined and seemed hard, like the tool slowly fucking my mouth, but 50% longer and thicker. This dick also pulsed and throbbed. I yelled and screamed around the dick, stuffing my face, but I knew nobody could hear me, and I could not enunciate words anyway. I knew this thing was getting ready to tear me apart with that huge monster dick, and I knew I couldn't do anything to stop it.

"I could hear the hot fuck sounds in the headphones starting up again, but this time they were louder and 'voiced' with more excitement.

The tip of the black fucker was excreting a jelly-like lube. With excruciating slowness, the huge dick moved between my ass cheeks and "kissed" my asshole. They twirled, spreading the lube. It continued to slowly turn as it entered a short distance into my hole, perhaps spreading the lube more inside me. I immediately felt its size down there and wondered if this would actually tear me apart. It began pushing a little more against my asshole.

The camera angle changed to give me a perfect view of the assault. The dick in my mouth pulsed and throbbed and fucked. The parachute on my nuts gently but firmly pulled, and the tube sucker on my tired dick started to suck and ride me again. Totally against my will, I could see from the camera that my dick was getting hard. Somehow, even though I was about to be rape-fucked by a giant dick from hell, my cock was getting hard and aroused. Un-fucking-believable!

The dick in my mouth redrew a bit, leaving only three inches in my mouth. It then dribbled cum, or what tasted like cum. I licked it up, enjoying the taste. But the little bit of cum was all gone. It was just a teaser dose. I sucked on it. But, nothing. I sucked harder. Nothing. I moved my tongue all around the fake dick as if trying to pleasure it. Only THEN did it release more dribbles of cum, but it took a continued effort to keep the tiny flow of alleged semen coming.

I returned to mear sucking, but the cum ended. FUCK! So back to sucking and teasing that fake dick, moving my tongue all around. BINGO! I was rewarded with sweet nectar. I moaned, and my body shook. I trembled and continued to pleasure this fake invader, and it continued to reward me with its sex drug. Was I manipulating it, or was it manipulating me?

My pleasure bubble broke when I was again drawn to that huge black tool pushing against my asshole. It oozed more globs of what looked like white jizz with every shove, lubricating my hole, I suppose. The head of the thing was like a normal large dick, but its girth became large inch by inch, to the point of being as thick as a man's wrist. I knew there was no damn way that fucker was going up my ass. Still, it pushed, retreated, pushed, retreated.

"Please relax your anus." Yeah. Like I could easily do that. I did the opposite. I squeezed my ass to create as much resistance as I could. But then I noticed the dribble of cum in my mouth stopped. I tried to relax my asshole, and as I did, the dribble of cum started again. Ah, the sweet man juice. Man, did I love that! I needed that. So I relaxed my ass all the way. I surrendered. "Thank you for relaxing your anus." Cum entered my mouth with less work. I still had to suck and tongue-tease that fake dick, but the cream was now slowly flowing. I learn to relax and give in to the machine. I relaxed my hole more, and the cum continued.

After about ten minutes of constant tube-stroking, my dick was hard as granite again. I could see the suck-tube doing its thing while I was also forced to watch the dick at my ass progressing further. It was pushing a little harder now, and the pain was getting pretty bad. I could see that my asshole was actually starting to widen around the grith of the shaft on the thrusts. I watched and sucked while it pushed in a little deeper with each moment. I screamed again and heard the headphone guy say, "Please relax your anus." I did, and more cum squirted in my mouth.

With that, the dick stopped stroking and held its place inside my pucker for a minute; I could almost relax. Then, without warning, it started pushing in for real. I couldn't believe it, but now the thing was crammed almost halfway up my ass. There must have been at least 8 inches of it filling me. My asshole was stretched tight around it, and the lube it kept squirting was dripping from my cheeks. Then it stopped again, waiting.

I thought briefly that maybe it was over, but then it began to push inside me again. This time, there was no stopping or pause. It pushed in hard, but I was rewarded with more cum. "Thank you for relaxing your anus." Oh god, this fucking machine chair is treating me so kindly. I watched my get ass get stuffed completely by a dick bigger than any I've ever seen. It pushed, shoved, and forced it's way entirely to its base. I screamed and cried out around the thick dick in my mouth. The pain was worse than anything.

And with that, the thing started to pull out. I felt like it was dragging my guts out with it. I watched through the visor as the camera showed me this huge, thick cock emerging from my ass. FINALLY, IT WAS OVER. Even though I did not climax, it was over. I was so glad! Then I realized even though the black dick was out of my ass, the big fat dick in my mouth continued throbbing and fucking. AND the tube sucking my cock, worked faster and rougher with each stroke. This thing was tearing me apart.

The thick head of the fuck tool that came out of my ass was only on pause. FUCK! It was now forcing its way back in. Please relax your anus." Faster this time, my ass was much looser. This time, no hesitation. It went all the way to the base and pulled back out. Each time it would pull completely out and then re-enter. "Keep anus open." I watched my ass swallow the huge monster over and over and over. It started going faster now, too. Rougher. The guy in the headphones said, "Good boy."

I was in agony. I was being fucked up the ass by a huge dick and fucked in the mouth by a dick the same size as mine. My own dick was being stroked by the suck- tube so fast that I thought it would rip off.

"Please relax throat," the voice ordered me. The huge dick really started to ram me hard now, thrusting with machine precision as I gagged from the dildo cock that was drilling my throat. Both dildo dicks were going all the way in and all the way out with each thrust.

My own dick was hard to the point of feeling tortured from all the intense sucking. It looked like it was gonna explode. The guy in the headphones said, "You will not climax." I felt the dick in my mouth stop thrusting but increase its pulsing as it shot thick goo down into my throat again. Then the tool in my ass stopped pumping and just continued to stay deeply planted into my ass. I could feel it throb and pulse as it, too, shot load after load of cum into my guts. "You will climax now." I couldn't help myself; my own dick shot off by itself. I had no control over it. I had the best climax ever. I shot and shot and shot until I finally blacked-out. "Thank you for using the Program SX7A. Phase three is concluded."

Getting the Chair
Part 3 of 5

When I woke up, I was free. The chair had resumed its regular shape, and I was no longer a prisoner. I could barely walk as I stumbled out of the torture lab, limp from the pain and agony.

I stumbled down the hall and back up the stairs. Everything was a blur, and my whole body hurt, especially my ass and dick. The machine had worked me over like nothing ever had before. I went into the guest room where I was staying and got in the shower.

I stood there under the spray for an hour, trying to wash away the memory of what had just happened to me downstairs. I still couldn't believe it. That machine held me down and raped my face and ass for two hours! I hated it and loved it!

I got out of the hot spray, dried off half-heartedly, and fell into bed. It was hard to think that everything had been normal a couple of hours ago. Now I was the recent victim of the meanest fucker ever devised. The crazy thing was that I didn't even have anyone to be mad at. I had willingly submitted myself to it. True, I hadn't known the total control and torture it was designed to inflict, and I briefly felt a rush of anger at Dr. Kilmer, but fuck, he had told me to stay out of the basement. How the hell could such a 'normal' looking guy have ever created something that fucking sick and twisted anyway? Jesus! I love it, and I never want that experience again!.

The next morning, I awoke late. No great surprise there, as I had been through a hell of a lot the previous evening. I stood up, stretched, and looked down at my naked 6-foot frame. My long dick was still red and stretched-looking from the suck-off tube. I went into the bathroom and used a hand mirror to check out my poor ass. That huge fuck-monster had plowed me relentlessly, and I was surprised that I even survived it. My hole was inflamed-looking, but there was no blood. It felt like I had been fucked by a telephone pole, though. Thank God I hadn't set that duration for more than 2 hours, or things might have been way worse.

I dressed in some casual clothes and went out to the kitchen. I made some toast and sat at the table, thinking about the previous night. I had NEVER done anything gay, and I had never been with a guy in my life. Last night, though, that machine had used two enormous dicks to fuck my mouth and ass and had made me come like crazy. Yeah, it had been a horrible experience, but goddamn, I've never cum like that! It actually made me blackout! The awful part was that when I thought about it, I could feel my long, seven-inch dick start to thicken in memory of the event. I didn't get it: how the fuck could I be feeling turned on when I had been force-fucked against my will? The whole thing was totally whacked.

I remembered leaving my clothes downstairs when I got undressed for the 'massage.' I berated myself for being stupid about feeling afraid to go back down there. It wasn't like the chair was gonna grab me and fuck me again, and I needed to go back to get my stuff and wipe away any trace that Dr. Kilmer might see of my foray into his office. He would be gone for at least a few days, but it seemed like a terrible idea to have evidence of what had happened. How the fuck was I going to face Dr. Kilmer when he got back anyway? I still found it hard to fathom how he could be the guy responsible for making that twisted fuck-chair. It was literally the grossest thing I had ever heard of in 21 years of living.

I finally gathered up my courage and headed downstairs to the basement to get my clothes. When I entered Dr. Kilmer's office, the chair I saw the chair just sitting there. It didn't grab me and try to stick a dick down my throat or anything. It was, after all, just a machine. I could see that the chair had done some maintenance routine on itself since it was spotlessly clean; all traces of last night's fuck session, lube, sweat, etc., were gone. My clothes were lying on the desk where I had left them. The computer monitor was still on, of course. I sat down at the keyboard and read the screen: "Routine SX7A Complete. Cleanup routine Complete. Next selection?" And then there was the same menu I had looked at last night before the nightmare. Fuck! There were at least 40 selections, but none described what they might entail. I looked for a help icon, but I saw none. Then again, Dr. Kilmer had mentioned that he still had much work to do on the machine before it was complete.

It had certainly done a number on my sore dick; I wondered if I'd ever be able to fuck again. I clicked the shutdown icon, and the chair retracted several mysterious arms. The noise of the motors also stopped. The monitor went blank, and the office became silent.

I walked over to the chair, feeling safer now that everything was shut off. I tried to get some idea of what the various attachments might be for, but there was no way to open the stainless steel enclosures housing them. I knew at least a couple of these arms had been responsible for the forced-fuck I got. The big artificial dicks must have retracted inside. There were many other appendages on the machine, but it was impossible to tell their purpose. Now that it was over, I found it difficult to picture myself trapped in that chair, impaled on two huge cocks, but the VR visor had certainly shown me the action close-up. I had to admit that I was much less afraid of the thing now that I could see it deactivated. Now it was just a chair; last night, it was a mean rapist, taunting and fucking me ruthlessly. I took my clothes, turned off the lights, and locked the office.

I did some work around the house and watched TV that afternoon. As a matter of fact, I was watching a movie when the phone rang; it was Dr. Kilmer. He had just called to see how things were going and wondered if everything was OK. I told him that everything was fine. Obviously, I wasn't gonna mention that his robot-fuck-chair down in the basement had nearly screwed me to death. He said that his partner, Rex, would be over that afternoon to do some work downstairs in the office lab and that the guy had his own keys to everything he needed. He said to help him with whatever but that he shouldn't need much. I said, fine and we hung up.

At about 2 pm, Rex showed up at the front door. He was a big guy, about two inches taller than me, and looked like he must do a lot of free-weights or something. He had a short, black crew cut and was wearing jeans and a black T-shirt with another dark blue shirt, like a jacket. He looked to be about 28 or so.

"Hi, I'm Eric," I said, showing him in.

He looked at me briefly, "I'm Rex, Dr. Kilmer's associate. I'll be working downstairs for a few hours. I'll let you know if I need anything."

"Alright," I stated flatly as I watched him enter the basement and close the door behind himself. Not really friendly, but whatever. At least I'd already cleared up the clothing I had left in the office last night, so there wouldn't be any questions to answer about that!

I didn't hear anything from Rex for a couple of hours. Meanwhile, I made a sandwich and ate it in front of the TV when the house intercom buzzed on the wall. I went over to it and said, "Yeah? This is Eric."

"Eric, I am testing something down here and need you to help me. You have a key for the basement, right?" he asked.

"Yes. I'll be there in a second." I replied and switched off the intercom. I wasn't thrilled about helping this guy downstairs with the fuck-chair, but Dr. Kilmer had told me to assist, so that was that.

When I got to the office, Rex sat at the console, typing things on the keyboard. He looked up and said, "Good. I need you to sit in that chair while I try some things here."

I REALLY didn't want to do that. I almost said no, but I couldn't think of any way out without looking like an idiot. So, I walked over to the chair and climbed in. I felt my stomach clench up, and nausea tore at me as I remembered last night in the same position. It was really unpleasant to be in that thing again.

"Now," Rex said from the desk, "Tell me at what point the vibration goes from pleasant to too strong." He did some things to the controls, and the chair started to massage and hum beneath me, lightly at first, then stronger. It seemed too much when it reached a certain point, and I said so.

"OK, that's just what I need to know," he said. "Stay there, as I have to calibrate several different controls and servos, and I'll need you to tell me about each one." He went through the same test with various parts of the chair, and I told him when the vibe was stronger than pleasant. What I really wanted was to get the fuck out of this office and away from that machine.

"Now I will test the overall effect that we have established," Rex said and did something at the keyboard. The chair began to pulse and hum under me, like a thousand little hands working on my whole body. Despite myself, I could feel my tension fade away, and I lay back, enjoying the sensations. Then, he must have done something to the controls because it stopped again. I looked up. "This is not working. Here's the problem, Eric," he said, looking at me from the desk, "This thing is intended to be used on someone who is not wearing clothing, as with a normal massage. Would you mind stripping off your clothes, please, so we can test it under real operating conditions."

I just looked at him. "Uh," I stammered, "I'm not jazzed about that idea."

"Listen, kid," he replied, "I did 8 years in the Marines, taking my showers with 20 other guys every fuckin' morning. It ain't gonna kill you to drop your gear and help me with this shit." Once again, I couldn't really tell him why I didn't want to cooperate, so I got up from the chair and pulled off my T-shirt. He sat there looking at me. "Go ahead with the rest, dude. I want to get this done sometime this year."

Giving up, I reached down and pulled open the buttons on my 501s, revealing my pubes and dick. Yeah, I was commando.

"No skivvies, huh?" he said as I pulled off my jeans after removing my shoes and socks.

He underwent a few tests and told me to lie back while working. I did and closed my eyes, wishing I weren't lying naked in this fuck-machine again. Of all the damn things for him to want me to do!

After the vibrating massage had worked on me for a while, I began to feel more relaxed; I was almost sleepy. Rex continued to do things at the console. Then, suddenly, I felt something horribly wrong. I opened my eyes in time to see the stainless-steel bands closing over my wrists, ankles, neck, and forehead again…just like last night.

"NO!" I yelled and tried to sit up but was restrained in the chair again. I couldn't look in his direction due to the restraints, but Rex got up from the desk and came to stand over me.

"So, Eric," he said, looking at me pinned in the chair, "How did you like your session on this last night?"

"What?" I stammered. "I didn't, uh, what are you talking about?"

"Eric, dude," he said smugly, "When I came in and went through the diagnostics, I first noticed that someone had been using this chair. I looked at the logs and saw program SX7A was running for two hours last night at 11:03 pm. Then, I watched this." He held up a CD. "It's an MP4 video log of you getting the shit fucked out of you by this machine. It's all right here. So, what do you have to say about that?"

"Goddamn! Just let me go!" I cried out. "I want out of this fucking place!"

"I don't think it's gonna be that easy," he said, leaning close to my face. "I don't think it's gonna be that easy at all...." As he spoke, I realized something awful. The voice … his voice… was the one from the headphones during last night's rape session. He was the guy who supplied the dialogue for this thing. It was his recorded voice that had talked to me. I felt like crying.

"I want out of this thing right now!" I screamed and thrashed against the metal bands that enclosed my nude body. "Let me fucking go!"

He looked down and smiled a little, then disappeared from my view as he returned to the desk. The lights in the office dimmed, and I wondered what the fuck was going to happen. The last thing I wanted was to be strapped in this chair naked AGAIN, which was exactly what I had allowed him to do. Shit! I lay there for about a minute, hearing sounds from across the room where Rex was doing something, but I couldn't move my head to see. I heard tapping at the keyboard, and the chair started to vibrate and massage my nude body like before, with me as the bound prisoner of its attention.

"Kid, I gotta say that I am really fuckin' happy I came over to work this afternoon," Rex said from out of view. "I had no idea what a great surprise was waiting here."

"Listen, I don't know what the fuck you guys are doing, and I don't give a shit. Just let me go. I promise I'll leave and never say a word to anybody about this." I hoped I could convince him to stop whatever he seemed to have in mind. This part was scaring me even more than last night's events. Then, it had just been me at the mercy of a mindless machine. Now, this guy seemed to have a whole plan about what would happen, and I wanted nothing to do with it.

"Baby, I saw the video of you in this chair, getting off big time," Rex said as he walked over to where I was stretched out. "Those records don't lie, man. You had the fuck of your life. It might not have been your choice, but it got you off. And it got me off watching you do it."

Rex stood over me, looking down at my nude body, fastened securely to the chair. I could see he had taken off his shirt but not his pants. He was muscular and had a tattoo on his right arm that said 'USMC.' He reached down and rubbed my chest and pecs with his hand. I felt sick.

"Here's the way it's gonna go, kid," he said, "I am getting ready to do some stuff to you that you probably won't like. That's just too fuckin' bad because I'm gonna do it anyway. You are in NO position to argue, you can't escape, and I won't stop no matter what you say. Does that compute?"

"Why the fuck are you doing this?" I demanded. "Just because I got trapped down here last night with this fucking machine of yours doesn't mean I liked it. I'm not gay! I don't want any of this shit!"

"Dude," Rex laughed as he continued stroking my pecs, "I KNOW you're not gay, and I KNOW you don't want this. That's what makes it so fucking cool for ME. If you were cooperating, it wouldn't be any fun at all." He paused and then decided to explain. "You see, this chair is being designed for the super-rich Arab entertainment market. The Emirs and Sheikhs in Middle East countries like to erotically torture some of their … let's say … 'friends.' Those 'victims' are not willing participants either. So, your being unwilling is the ideal test. Dr. Kilmer and I never dreamed of being able to experiment on an unwilling individual, but … here you are."

With that, he leaned over me and fully ran both hands over my body, feeling my swimmer's torso muscles and then running a finger over my dick and nuts. Then he grasped my balls in one hand and pulled them roughly away from my body. I yelled, encouraging him as he pulled even harder, looking me right in the eye.

"Ya got a nice package, kid. I'm gonna enjoy getting to know it better." With the hand that wasn't squeezing my nuts, he rubbed the bulge that had risen in the front of his jeans. "I'm gonna give you a chance to get to know THIS better too. Ya know that cock that stuffed your mouth last night? That was a molded replica of my dick here," he said, massaging his crotch. "You're gonna get the real deal this time."


But his hand on my dick was making me hard. I didn't want it, it was still sore from last night, but I couldn't help myself. I was getting a boner in this guy's hand, and he was stroking it along. I couldn't look down, but I could feel my dick growing. The lump in his pants had gotten really fuckin' big, too, as he rubbed through his jeans. "Oh baby," he said, "This is soooo fucking sweet. We are gonna make a memory here."

I wanted to kill him. I thought of various things to say, but anything I offered would only worsen things. Suddenly I lost it, I guess, and just started screaming and thrashing against the steel bonds that held me to the chair. "GET ME OUT OF THIS FUCKING TORTURE CHAIR!" He backed away and looked down, clearly amused.

"Kiddo, that noise isn't gonna get you anywhere. You surely must know that not one fuckin' person on Earth can hear you down here. Give it up." I yelled more. I called him a motherfucker and a fucking faggot. He stood there and rubbed the big bulge in his jeans while I struggled.

"I think I know how to quiet you down a little," he said mockingly. "Lookie here...." With that, he started undoing his jeans. He pulled them off easily and stood there in sexy white briefs. I could see him rubbing the massive lump at the crotch; his dick was almost full-on hard now. He saw me looking at it and came closer, aiming the bulge at my face. "Ya see this, dude? This is the same cock that face-fucked you all night and shot jizz down your throat. Expect we made the machine version a bit smaller to look more average. The one is seven inches. Mine is nine and much fatter." He laughed.

He pulled off the white bikinis, and I got my first look at his dick. It did, indeed, look the same as the one the machine had used on me. He stroked it a little, and it was now shiny and hard at least nine inches, and exceeding fat. He wadded up his underwear and stuffed them into my mouth. I tried to spit them out, but it was no use. He was in control.

"Now," he said, standing there naked and hard, "I think I've heard everything from you that I need to hear for a while. Let's have some fun." He walked out of my sight, and I heard clicking at the keyboard. I felt that suck tube sliding down over my dick a moment later but couldn't see it. I felt clear gel fill the tube, just like last time, and then in a minute or two, it started to slowly coax my dick fully hard by slowly sucking and stroking me.

My human tormentor returned and started running his hands over my chest again, paying special attention to my nipples. He started to pinch them, lightly at first, but then harder and meaner. I gasped through the underwear stuffed in my mouth, but he looked intent on his task. He was accustomed to this action and knew exactly what he was doing. On the other hand, I could only hope to figure out a way to stop this shit before it went too far.

Rex leaned over me and started to suck on my nipple. Combined with the suction on my dick from the tube, that aroused me. I wondered to myself how the hell any of this could feel good when all I really wanted was for it to stop.

I felt teeth as Rex bit down on my nipples, going from one to the other. At first, he did it lightly, but then he started to get rough, pulling and biting hard. I squeezed my eyes shut and moaned from the pain. When I looked at him again, he seemed excited by my discomfort, and I could see him watching my face while he bit and sucked on my now-hard nipples.

"God, baby, you look really sweet like that, laying there helpless while I give you pain." He reached up and stroked my cheeks with his hand as he continued intermittently biting and hurting my sensitive little nips. I had never even had a chick suck my nipples like this before, much less a dude.

He stood up completely and started stroking his long, thick monster cock. It was just inches from my face; I tried to look away. He saw this and thrust his dick forward, rubbing it over my face and eyes. I yelled at him through the underwear stuffed in my mouth, but he seemed to get off on that, too. He pushed his dick harder against my face, thrusting against it randomly. All I could see was his giant cock forcing itself against me at close range. He stopped and looked down at the slow blowjob I was getting from the suck tube.

"Looks like we got that big blonde dick all ready for action. How's that suck rhythm, kid? Should we turn it up some?"

I shook my head "NO" violently, and he smirked. He disappeared, and, of course, I felt the suck tube's speed double and increase in intensity. My dick was getting rough-stroked now, and the added suction was making it hurt. I looked up to see Rex standing next to me, stroking his big dick. "I think you can guess what I want you to do to this, baby boy," he said. "But I'm worried you'll get some ideas about biting my dick off... So, I have a little insurance policy here."

He held up a remote-control unit of some kind. "This little guy controls the current to a wire which feeds into that tube working on your dick right now. Let me show you." He aimed the remote at my dick like a gun. I screamed.

It felt as if a million needles were stuck in my cock all at once as the electricity filled me. It only lasted a few seconds, but I started sweating and screaming through the gag for him to stop. "Yeah. I thought that would give you the idea," he said, looking down at me. "I can make that last a long time if you do anything I don't like. Got it?"

I nodded quickly, "Yes."

Rex proceeded to climb onto the chair with me. The chair was big and wide enough to support both of us. He did something with the remote, and my arms moved to an over-my-head position. Then he straddled my chest with his thick, muscular legs and looked down, removing the underwear gag from my mouth. I breathed deeply and looked at him.

"Please don't do this! Please!" I implored. He grinned and thrust his crotch toward my face. I closed my eyes. Soon, I could feel the spongy head of his dick moving back and forth over my lips.

"Jesus baby, your mouth is so fuckin' sweet. I gotta get in that mouth, kid. I gotta have it." I knew fighting was useless; I didn't want the electro-shock on my dick again. I opened my eyes and looked at him, straddling my face - he was rubbing that massive cock against my mouth. "Tell me you want to suck my dick," he whispered, faining sweetness." "Yes." "That doesn't cut it. Beg me to let you suck my dick." He held up the shocking remote. My eyes bugged out, "Please let me suck your dick. Oh god, I really need to suck your beautiful dick so much." Fearing the worst shock of my life, I forced myself to open my mouth and let him in.

Getting the Chair
Part 4 of 5

I heard him moan in pleasure as his tool entered my mouth. The thickness was uncomfortable as I tried to stretch my lips around the thing. Last night, when I was being face-fucked by the chair with a smaller version of his dick, I didn't have to worry about doing it 'right.' With Rex's nine incher in my mouth, I either suck him good or get my cock fried off.

He pushed forward, completely filling my mouth, and his long dick started to move down my throat. I could hear him moaning, "Oh yeah, oh yeah," as he began to fuck my face. He began to thrust his hips, withdrawing and humping as if he were fucking a woman. I gagged and sputtered as his dick violated my throat.

Meanwhile, my cock was being unrelentingly stroked and sucked by the tube. It was too rough to feel good and added. I could see Rex's face as he looked down and admired his handiwork. He was getting off seeing me helpless like this, force-tube sucked and face-fucked. He thrust in and out, in and out, harder and meaner with each stroke. With his big tool pushing so fast, I could barely breathe at all now, and there was no way to stop it.

I was surprised at how long Rex could keep fucking me like that; it went on forever. Then I felt him tense up, and his dick swelled even bigger in my throat. I heard him yell, and the next thing I felt was shot after shot of hot cum going into my throat and down. He was shoving it in so far it was shooting straight into my stomach. I couldn't breathe. He pressed his cock in as hard as he could and wiggled his ass as he filled me with jizz. All I could do was lay there, hold my breath, and wait for him to finish. My dick was past the point of agony from the suck- tube. God, how I wanted this to be over!

Rex pulled his fat dick from my throat when he finished coming, and I struggled to catch my breath. "Oh God, baby. That was so fuckin' good. Soooo fuckin' good. Oh, man!" Rex was saying as he looked down, straddling my chest. He took his dick in his hand and rubbed it all over my eyes, mouth, and face, looking satisfied.

"Please, Rex! Take that thing off my dick, man! It hurts!"

"Awwww. Does your cock want my machine to stop sucking it for a while? Too bad... Ain't gonna happen. That's not an option for this experiment," he replied, and he climbed off of me.

He disappeared from my field of vision, and I lay there feeling the warm, vibrating tube sucking up and down, up and down, on my aching cock. I was in too much pain to cum, but my dick felt like it would burst. The machine kept going. I closed my eyes, trying to will away the pain in my dick. I could hear myself sobbing and moaning. I felt the sensation of those headphones closing in over my ears. The noises of men fucking came on and permeated my head. It was loud, so loud that I couldn't hear anything else. The guys were groaning, "Oh yeah! Take that dick! Take it!" in my head, and the tube was working steadily on my cock, making it the center of my universe.

Now the virtual visor was moved into place over my eyes. The camera turned on, and I could see Rex standing at the foot of the chair. He did something with the remote, and my legs were spread far apart, making me vulnerable to whatever the bastard had in mind. I watched in disbelief as the camera showed him kneeling between my spread legs, then zoomed in on his face. The fucker looked into the camera and winked at me.

He moved his mouth between my thighs, and I could feel him start to suck my balls. The camera moved again to show his mouth on my sack. He licked and sucked one, then both balls into his mouth. Meanwhile, the tube was still pumping away on my dick, and the fuck noises were hard and heavy in my ears. This was total immersion sex. I was locked in focus on sexual pleasure, with no distractions.

Rex began to get rough with my balls now, biting down on them and pulling my sack hard with his teeth. I heard myself yell over the noise in the headphones. He seemed to like that and did it rougher. Each time I would yell, he would take my balls in his teeth and shake them back and forth hard, like a dog with a chew toy. It was agony on top of agony, and he was clearly having a blast.

Then he pulled my balls to one side with his hand and did something I didn't expect. He started to lick and tongue my asshole. He knew what he was doing. I had never been more pleased when his hot tongue pushed its way into my asshole and teased it. I watched on the cam as he literally buried his face in my buns and tongue-fucked my ass. The sensation was unlike anything I've ever experienced. He continued with this tongue play until I eventually felt myself struggling against the restraints again, trying to make him stop. It was too much, the tube sucking, the tongue fucking my ass, driving me crazy! He and the machine went on, giving me no rest or reprieve.

After a time, I got to a point where I just cried and babbled because he wouldn't stop, and I couldn't cum. I don't know why, but the machine harshly worked my dick to the point that the pain wouldn't let me get off. It hurt so bad, and Rex's tongue on my asshole felt so good. I had no idea a tongue could do that! I was thrashing back and forth, blubbering, wailing, sobbing, and trying to escape from all of it.

Eventually, Rex was tired of this game and looked up at me through the camera lens. He must have also done something to the machine because the sucking on my dick stopped, and I felt the tube withdraw from my exhausted cock for the first time since this had started. My dick felt numb. The visor went dark, and the fucking soundtrack on the headphones went quiet. Everything went quiet and still.

I was suddenly moved from a world of over-stimulation to one of no stimulation at all. I couldn't see or hear, and all the torment from Rex and the fuck-chair ceased. It was almost scarier than when I was being tortured. I lay there for an unknown amount of time, unsure of what was coming next. Was it the quiet before the storm? I kept hoping maybe Rex was done with me, had gotten his jollies, and was ready to turn me loose.

I suddenly felt something going on between my legs. I obviously couldn't see, but I had the sensation of something being fastened around my cock and balls. I had worn a cock ring a couple of times, and it was like that. Next, I could definitely feel something being maneuvered into my asshole. Rex was down there doing some hellish thing, and no doubt he would soon let me know what it was.

Nothing happened initially, but the headphones retracted, and the visor moved away from my eyes. In the dim light of the office, I could see Rex; he was standing beside me as I lay on the fuck-chair. He reached down and petted my hair. I felt like spitting at him but didn't dare.

"OK, kid. Now we're gonna play a different game. It's called, 'I will tell you what to do, and you will do it without hesitation.' Do you understand?"

Exhaustedly, I replied, "OK."

"Fine." He held up the remote and said, "This is the control for the cock ring I attached to you. It's a special cock ring with batteries and a little electrode on a wire that runs right up your ass. That was what you felt me inserting just now. It's locked on until I take it off. Understand?"

I nodded.

"Now, I will show you how it works."

With that, he walked away from me a few steps and did something at the keyboard on the desk. Easy as pie, my restraints cycled open, leaving me a free man lying there. I felt like crying.

"Stand up," Rex said.

I was shaky and barely able, but I climbed off the table and stood on my feet. I looked at him and wondered what he thought would keep me from killing him now. Yeah, he was bigger than me, but I wasn't sure that would matter. I thought about it for a second and made a decision. I quickly attempted to get at him, where he stood by the desk.

As soon as I made the slightest move, he saw my intent and pushed the remote. White light filled my head, and I screamed as the cock ring and the embedded wire in my ass sent about a zillion volts of electricity through me. I fell immediately to the floor and wrenched a couple of times. I thought I was gonna puke.

"OK," Rex said from where he stood. "Now you understand why that was a terrible idea, don't you? I wouldn't try it again. I can make it last longer. Much longer. Now stand up, dickhead."

I struggled to my feet and stood there silently. Yeah, I was released from the fuck table, but I was still a dog on a leash for this guy. I couldn't think of anything to do. I wanted to bash his head in.

"Now, Eric, I'm gonna lay down in this great chair you've been enjoying the past two days, and you're gonna do what I tell you to. Right?"

"Yes," I said, fighting back the rage and tears.

He was still naked, but neither of us was hard anymore. My dick looked red and tormented, like it had been through hell; I guess that was because it had. Rex climbed into the chair and laid back. It was now in a semi-reclining position, so he wasn't lying down. I wondered what he had in mind.

"I want you to climb up here between my legs," he said, spreading them apart. I got on the chair and took a position between his thighs. He reached down and stroked my long blonde hair and my face.

"So fuckin' pretty, baby. You're so fuckin' pretty. I want you to lick my balls now, man. You're gonna learn how to do the things that make a guy feel good."

Jesus. I thought of trying to get that remote away from him, but I didn't think I could get it without him zapping me again. The memory of the pain made me decide to cooperate - for now. I put my head between his legs and got close to his nuts. They smelled like balls, alright. I stuck out my tongue, licked, and felt him put his free hand on the back of my head, pulling me in tighter to his crotch.

I licked more and started to suck his nuts, just as he had done when he had me restrained in the chair. I hated it and wanted to stop, but his hand pulled me closer, and he groaned a little as I sucked.

"Now baby, go down and tongue my ass," Rex said in his deep voice.

I hated it but continued licking and moved lower to his ass. He pulled up his legs, spread them wider to give me access, and pushed my head between his ass cheeks. I stuck out my tongue and began to work on his hole. This was nothing at all like eating out a chick. I first licked along the outer parts slowly, hoping that would be good enough. It wasn't. Rex pulled my head deep between his legs and made me stick my tongue all the way in. He kept pushing my head harder and harder, even though I was tongue- fucking him as deep as I could.

"Oh God, yeah, man. That's it. Don't fuckin' stop, baby," Rex was moaning as he pressed my head so hard I could barely breathe. All I could do was lick and try to get him off to be done.

After about 15 minutes of this, he let up on my head. I pulled back and tried to catch my breath, but he grabbed my long hair and pulled my head to his dick. It was hard now, and it was obvious that I was supposed to suck it. At least I wasn't pinned down being face-fucked this time.

I opened my mouth wide and stretched my lips over the big head. It throbbed against my tongue as I forced myself to go down lower. Rex got impatient and grabbed my hair, forcing me down hard. I gagged and choked, but he ignored that and started using my hair to pull me up and down on his huge dick. I tried to use my hand to help keep him from choking me, but he knocked it away roughly and continued using my head like a sex toy.

His hard, thick cock hurt as he roughly shoved it down my throat. "Suck it, man! Suck it! Take that fat dick down your throat like you want it!" Rex yelled and shoved it in deeper and harder. I was in misery trying to suck this guy off. Eventually, he got enough of the rough suck he was making me do and pulled my head off his cock. I lay there panting with my head against his thigh.

"Come up here. Climb on top of me," he said quietly. I did, and soon I was on him, looking him in the face.

"Kiss me," he said without a trace of emotion.

I tried to control my disgust and leaned forward to kiss him. I had never kissed a dude before, and despite all the gay sex I had recently been forced into, this still felt really weird. He laughed at me. "Jesus, kid, you can't kiss worth shit. You've got a lot to learn." And then he grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head against his. Soon, his tongue was in my mouth, and he was doing things to me that I couldn't deny turning me on. I reluctantly used my tongue on him too, and we kept this up for several minutes, lip-locked and swapping spit. Finally, he let me go and looked at me again.

"I felt your pretty blonde dick get hard against my stomach while I was making you kiss me, baby. You liked that, huh?"

I hated him. "Yeah, I guess," I lied. But my dick was hard as a rock now. His kissing me like that made me get hard. It made me hate him even more.

"Straddle my face, just like I did to you. You are going to get your dick sucked now by something other than the machine," Rex ordered. I sighed inwardly and did as he said. After I straddled his face, I wondered what he expected, exactly, but I just decided to treat him like I would have a chick and stuck my cock against his lips. He opened his mouth and sucked the head in like a pro. It felt good, and I hated that too.

He grabbed my ass and pulled my whole dick down in one gulp. I was surprised to see my dick go down someone's throat because most chicks can only take it part way. Soon his sucking got me so hot that I couldn't help it, and I started fucking his mouth just like he had done to me. I forced it all the way in and pulled out with every stroke.

He wouldn't let me stop, even when I knew I was getting ready to shoot. He pulled my ass and made my dick go all the way down until I yelled and started to cum; I couldn't believe how strong it was. I shot and shot as Rex kept me tightly pulled to his face. I had no choice, and the intensity of the orgasm made it seem that much more twisted to me. I hated him for making me cum like this.

I tried to pull out when I was done shooting, but he wouldn't let me. He kept sucking my dick in his face by grabbing me around the ass. It didn't take long before the pleasure of the blowjob I had just gotten turned into another torture, as Rex made me keep getting sucked even though my dick was spent and hurting.

Now he added a new trick to this sick game. I felt him slowly shoving his middle finger up my ass as he continued to force-suck me. I tried to stop his action on my dick, but I couldn't, and, against my will, I was getting hard again; it hurt like hell.

Meanwhile, Rex had added a second finger up my ass and was stretching it wider while fucking them in and out of me. The fleeting pleasure I had received while I got off in Rex's mouth was gone, and the pain of what he was making me do now replaced it. My dick hurt so bad as he continued to suck it harder and harder. I cried out in agony, and that seemed to spur him on as he sucked even faster and added a third finger to my ass. I was grunting steadily now, the fingers pushing and stretching me wide.

Four fingers. The bastard shoved four inside me and continued to suck. He moved his fingers continuously in and out of my tender ass, and I did my best not to scream as he opened me up. I wondered if he would try to get his whole hand up my ass, but then he stopped, pushed me away from his face, and said, "OK, baby. I think you know what comes next.... have a seat." I looked down at his dick. It was rock-hard. I looked at him and pleaded, "Come on, man, let me suck you off again. My ass hurts so much already from last night! I'll do whatever you want, but I’m a top with women, so a top with men too. I don’t get fucked. I will fuck you if you want, but please don’t fuck me. Don't make me sit on that dick, please!"

He laughed. "Nuh-uh. You'll ride my dick until I blow my wad in your ass, and you'll like it. "He lay back and looked at me expectantly. Slowly and with resolve, I edged back and positioned myself over his cock. He reached between my legs and grabbed his big dick, pointing it straight at my hole.

"Get down on it." I lowered my ass until I felt the thick head touch my hole. Then I held my breath and let my weight take me further down. Fuck! It already hurt as soon as it started pushing in, and it wasn't even in yet! "Down!" Rex yelled, grabbing my nuts, squeezing tight, and yanking hard.

I yelled in pain and pushed my ass down further on the huge rod. I felt it agonizingly force my asshole open, pushing inside me. Somehow the fact that I was being MADE to do this to myself instead of having someone else do it made it much worse.

I pushed and let my weight carry me further down on that big dick until I nearly sat on his belly. Rex groaned, "Oh fuck yeah!" and I could tell he was loving it. I felt like it was tearing me apart. "Keep goin', man. There's plenty more. Sit all the way down on my fuck stick." Rex growled, so I sat down further, feeling the big thing sliding roughly inside me. Finally, I was down as far as I could go; the pain was horrible, and I could feel myself shaking. "Ride me, mother fucker. Ride that dick!" Rex yelled and yanked my balls hard.

I started to pump up and down on that big fuck stick; it hurt so bad I was moaning and grunting with each stroke. "Faster!" Rex yelled. I went faster, quickening the rhythm, enhancing my own torture as I was impaled on Rex's huge cock, forced to ride it hard for him.

"Now, baby, jack off your dick," Rex hissed.


"DO it!" he insisted. I reached forward and took hold of my aching cock while I rode him. My dick was semi-hard from all the non-stop sexual activity, but I was in no condition for a jack-off session. I stroked it anyway, knowing I would be punished if I didn't. Soon, to my surprise, the motion of Rex's dick up my ass caused me to get a full hard-on again. Rex grabbed my dick away from me and started jacking it roughly.

"Now ride me hard while I make you shoot!" he said and fisted my dick furiously. It hurt, but once again, I was past the point of pain and was only doing what I had to, what I was being made to do. I fucked myself harder and faster on Rex's enormous cock. I could feel it punching my insides like a jackhammer. Rex continued pumping my dick in his fist. I screamed out and felt my whole body convulse as my cock exploded in Rex's hand and sprayed him with thick white cum. He yelled, too, and fucked his hips wildly against my ass as my whole world ended, and I collapsed against his body. I couldn't do anymore. I was spent.

I laid there on him for several minutes, impaled on his throbbing cock. I WAS SO GLAD WE WERE FINISHED! FUCK! This horrible day was finally over. Thank God! He pushed me off and then got off the chair; I guess he was exhausted too. I was anxious to get upstairs, shower, and … crash on my bed, but …

Then he told me to get back on the chair, face down, on my belly. What the fuck? I was still limp and exhausted and did understand what he was up to. The chair was all extended - horizontal - like a bed. I lay there on my stomach for a second or two and felt the chair move under me, changing shape. Next, Rex was back, arranging my arms over my head and my legs apart. I heard a click and twisted my head to the right to see the thick metal restraint bands back on my wrists. I tried to move my legs and discovered they were also secured again. I was too tired to even bother trying to fight.

I couldn't see behind me, but Rex took care of that. The VR visor was attached to my face again, and I could see Rex standing behind me. He waved to the cam, positioning himself between my forced-spread and vulnerable ass. The cam zoomed in, and I could see him rubbing the huge head of his dick over my asshole. I could feel him getting ready to fuck me, and I was forced to watch. He suddenly pushed with his hips forward, and I yelled as his big prick started pushing up my ass. He wasted no time with foreplay and started pumping me hard. It felt like a bulldozer was fucking me. He pushed rough and fast. He drilled me like that for at least 20 minutes, sweating heavily on me until we were both soaked. Then he stopped and propped himself up on his elbows while lying fully against my back, his belly on my back. His hard rod, fully impaling me, whispered in my ear, "Hey, baby. How ya doin'?"

"Fuck you," was all I could manage to say.

He pulled out and then pushed back in really rough. His weight was fully on me, and his dick was inside my ass. We need to invite your friend to join us here, man. I think you'd like that a lot...."

I had no idea what he was talking about. The angle in the visor changed now and moved in behind where Rex had me pinned, fucking me on the chair. As the camera pulled back, I could see the enormous black fuck monster that had drilled me so savagely last night positioning itself behind us.

"NO!" I yelled as I could feel Rex start to hump me. "NO! Don't do it!" I screamed.

The camera showed me what I had already guessed, that the chair's mechanical fuck tool was gonna push into my ass while Eric, laying on top of me, was also fucking me. I was about to get fucked by two huge cocks simultaneously! I fought against my restraints to no effect, and Rex fucked and nuzzled his mouth against my ear. "Oh God, baby, this is gonna be soooo fucking cool!"

I could see that huge fucker lined up against my ass. It drooled white jizz and throbbed as if eager to get on with the job. I cried and watched it push against my hole, already stuffed tight with Rex's big dick. He continued to fuck in and out while the machine worked at a slightly slower pace, gently punching the big head of its cock against my already full ass.

Rex cooed and bit my neck while he fucked me. "Awwww yeah! You feel that, baby? You feel that big dick getting ready to join me inside your little ass? Oh God, yeah!" I could feel it for sure. It was tearing me apart as it pushed against my hole and smeared jizz-lube to help it get inside. I could see it progress as my ass widened to take it in a little. It pushed against Rex's dick and squeezed in alongside it now, entering deeper. I heard Rex moan in pleasure and myself scream in pain.

The pressure of the thing against my butt was too great, and I gasped as it slid into my ass. It pushed hard and buried itself in, right along with Rex's huge tool, and started to slowly fuck. Rex started fucking with it. The two of "them" worked in unison to stretch my ass open wide enough to take them both. I watched as the big black dildo finally pushed in, and Rex shoved his dick right in with it. At least the slimmer part of the black dick went in me and not the thicker part. They paused, and then the machine took over and started to fuck. He must have set it for a rough fuck because it didn't play around. I heard Rex grunting steadily as the big machine cock fucked my ass, along with his dick, in long, hard strokes. He bit and taunted me while I strained to take the huge cocks up my ass. The torment was unbelievable, and Rex seemed to love watching me suffer.

I watched the "two rapists" fuck me like that for at least twenty minutes. At last, Rex couldn't hold off anymore and started drilling me even harder than the fuck machine. He screamed and flooded my ass with hot cum. The machine also tensed up and pumped me full of its jizz while Rex was still thrusting. It was beyond anything.

I remember gasping when Rex and the machine finally finished. Rex pulled out, but the enormous black mechanical fuck tool stayed inside my ass. Rex got off my back, kissed my neck from behind, and said, "Night, night, kiddo. See ya in the morning." And with that, I heard him leave. I was still restrained in the chair with the huge mechanical dildo up my ass, but at least it was motionless. Eventually, I must have fallen asleep or just passed out.

Getting the Chair
Part 5 of 5

I awoke several hours later. I had no way to tell how much time had passed. The VR visor was still over my eyes but turned off now, and I was in total blackness. My ass hurt. I could feel the big mechanized dildo still fully inserted into me, gently throbbing and humming. At least it hadn't been set to continue fucking me after Rex had finished his part, or I would probably now be literally insane from the agony. I was restrained in a kind of straddle over the fuck-chair, with my ass up and vulnerable. I tried to get more comfortable, but since my legs and wrists were totally immobilized, I had no choice but to stay exactly as Rex had left me.

I tried to sleep again, hoping that eventually, Rex would come back down to let me out of this, and then, hopefully, that would be the end of my ordeal. Surely this asshole wasn't crazy enough to actually kidnap me and hold me as his sex toy prisoner for an extended amount of time. The problem was that I had told my roommate and friends that I would be out of town for at least a week when I had agreed to watch Dr. Kilmer's house. They had no reason to come looking for me for at least four more days. If Rex continued his sexual assault, I would surely be dead or insane. It was frightening.

I strained my ears, listening for any sign that Rex was in the room or anything else was happening, but all I could hear was the sound of the machinery that operated this goddamn chair humming around me. After a time, I slept again, exhausted from my continuing ordeal. The next time I became conscious, I was startled and jolted awake by the realization that Rex was beside me, slowly stroking my hair and back.

"Hey, kid. You still alive?" was his opening taunt. I saw him smiling somewhat and realized he had removed my visor. As I became more awake, I also realized the big fuck tool had been withdrawn from my poor ass as I slept, relieving the uncomfortable fullness. My wrists and ankles were still restrained in cold, stainless steel bands, keeping me motionless. "Answer me," he said, looking more serious.

"Yeah, I'm fucking alive. No thanks to you, you fucking psycho! You've had your fun. Why don't you just let me go now, and we'll call it even," I said, not bothering to be polite.

"Is that any way to talk to a guy who showed you such a good time last night?" Rex quipped. "I would have thought you'd be all grins and giggles this morning," he said as he petted my head.

"You've gotta be kidding. You have done the most horrible things to me that anyone has ever done in my whole life! And you fucking think it's all a big joke? What the hell is the matter with you? Let me go!" I said, tears of rage involuntarily coming forth. He stopped petting my hair, leaned down, kissed me lightly on the cheek, and stepped back.

"Fine. In that case, you obviously need a lot more work; I have time, and you don't know it yet, but so do you. I am going to let you loose from the chair now. Remember, your pretty dick and balls are connected to my shocker, and I have the remote right here." Rex said, holding up the device. I was not looking for another painful shock like that.

He sat in the chair of the console, and I heard tapping. The metal around my limbs retracted immediately, leaving me 'free,' at least as free as I could get. I could barely move, having been restrained as I had been all night. I turned over and sat on my naked, sore ass, rubbing my wrists which were red and swollen from my attempts to pull free during my fuck session. I finally remembered to look up at my assailant: Rex stood in his jeans, no shirt, looking pretty neutral- not like that sex-crazed animal who had butt fucked me savagely for hours.

"Here," he said, offering me a bottle of water. "I'm sure you can use some liquids by now. We had quite a workout last night." I quickly drank all the water in one go; I was fucking thirsty, hungry, sore, and pissed off. Mostly, though, I was still scared. I quietly wondered if this guy would kill me or something. How far would he go to get his sick jollies, and what would he do with me when he was finished?

He took the glass back from me and set it aside, looking at me as I sat sideways on the chair, rubbing my poor, hurting parts. My dick was as red and distended as I've ever seen it. It had been sucked to the point of bursting last night, and I hoped it wasn't permanently damaged. I surveyed my body in silence, noting some redness here and there, but overall, I was intact, though I worried if my asshole would soon recover from its over-stretched condition. I had no idea a human body could take that kind of punishment and still be functional.

"Yeah, I'm sure you've got an achy-breaky ass today. Getting fucked hard will do that to a guy. You'll live. Let's go upstairs and get yourself cleaned up and fed. We need to have a discussion."

He gestured to the door. I climbed from the chair and walked ahead of him, wobbling down the hall and the stairs. Just being free of the basement where I had experienced all the chair torture made me feel much better about things. As we walked, I looked down at my cock. The thick stainless steel cock ring was firmly locked around my dick and balls, and I could see that it had a tiny built-in battery pack that my nuts rested against. A thick cord ran from the pack between my legs. I knew from what Rex had already told me that it went up my ass to an electrode situated there. I wondered how hard it would be to get that thing off my dick without having the key. It looked to be on tight, pushing my big dick and balls out ahead of me, almost as if I had a semi-hard-on. I resolved to try to get it off as soon as possible.

Rex told me to head for the shower in the guest room where I was staying. I did, and soon I was under the warm spray of the water. I tried to close the shower door, but he told me to leave it open so he could keep an eye on what I was doing.

"I don't need you trying any stupid crap when you think I can't see you," he said. I soaped my sore body and wished I could also wash away the events of the past two days. Things had gone from bad to awful. It seemed unlikely I could make an escape with this big dude keeping a constant vigil over me, and of course, he had his remote control cock- shocker. I already knew from experience that it could put me down instantly.

Rex leaned into the shower and took the soap from me as I washed. He told me to turn around, and he then proceeded to lather my ass crack around the ass plug I was wearing. I jerked and trembled. "Relax, man. I'm not out to have any fun with your little butt at the moment. I'm just checking to be sure you're OK and that my gadget is properly in place," he said, probing me completely.

He turned me around by the shoulders and rinsed off the soap from his hand while rubbing my buns and rinsing them too. It was a curiously warm gesture from the fucker who had raped and tortured me throughout the night. I stood in silence and endured his attention. After I finished the shower and dried off, I went to the bedroom and looked for my clothes.

"Nope. I like you fine the way you are, baby." Rex intoned, taking me by the shoulder and leading me out of the bedroom. "It's not cold in here, and I like watching your pretty blonde cock swing around as you walk." He giggled, and I sighed. What a fucking bastard this guy was.

I ate cereal and toast in the kitchen and drank a big glass of orange juice; I was starving from last night's session with Rex. I guess getting fucked uses up a lot of energy. Rex had apparently already eaten and sat at a fancy-looking laptop, reading while I ate. I assumed he was probably catching up on the news. I often used my own laptop here to do the same.

"I want you to see something," he said after we had sat in uncomfortable silence for quite a while. He turned the screen of his laptop around so I could see it, and there were pictures of me from last night. Obviously, he had made screen captures from the video logs downstairs and now wanted to show me his work.

The captures he had chosen were graphic, showing my face stretched around his fat cock, showing me with my head thrown back in pain while he fucked me from behind, showing me licking and tonguing his ass. I started to feel nauseous and stopped eating. "These pics are Stage II of my insurance policy that you will continue cooperating with me here, Eric. I have loaded these, and about 200 others, onto a server. The footage shows you having fun in all kinds of ways downstairs, both with me and with the chair."

"Yeah," I stammered. "That's just fuckin' great. Are you gonna open up a website for rapists now, asshole?"

He laughed at me. "Nothing so public. Not yet, anyway. What I have arranged is more personal. I went into your room this morning and used your laptop. Hope ya don't mind," he winked. "While looking through your data files, I found your address book." He punched up something on his laptop and turned it so I could see. "Here, kid, are the names of all your little friends from school, some of your teachers, relatives, and even your parents. Correct?"

I looked. "Yeah..." I admitted. What the fuck was he up to now?

"What I have arranged to keep you quiet about what we do here is for all those pictures and the video to be sent automatically to each of your contacts. The only thing that stops them from being sent out automatically is me logging into the server each day. My logging in prevents these from being sent. So if anything happens to me, your friends, family, and all your other contacts will receive all this wonderful pornographic material adorable featuring YOU. Isn't that clever of me?". "Ya, clever." He had me by the balls again, this time for sure. There was no fucking way I wanted any of that shit to be seen by all the people who knew me. I was screwed again in more ways than one. I felt myself start to cry. I'm not a crybaby, but I was at the end of my rope here.

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! I yelled through the tears. "How much more do you think I can take? I've already sucked you and had your dick inside me fifty different ways! I want to forget about this now and get out of here. I won't say a fucking word. You know I won't, I can't, since you have all that degrading evidence on me. I want out of this place, now!"

He sat back and looked at me calmly. I cried more and looked at the images of my torture on his laptop. This whole thing was fucked-up beyond belief from the beginning and got worse and worse with each passing minute. I couldn't think of one goddamn thing to do to make it better.

"Listen, kid, I know you're pissed, and I totally understand. But you will have to live with the idea that I'm in control of you now. Period. Unless you want those pictures scattered all over the Internet, you will do exactly as I say. I can't watch you every second of the day and night. This way, you have a tremendous incentive to obey me. You can either sit back and enjoy the ride or fight it out every step of the way; either is fine by me. If you succeed in hurting or even killing me with something when I'm not looking, the pictures go out automatically if I don't log in every day to stop it. If you leave here without my permission, the pictures go out. Anything you do to cause problems will make me send them; that's just how it will be. Think carefully before you make your next move." And with that, he got up and left the room, leaving me feeling sick, lost, disgusted, and utterly alone. I finished eating and sat there for a while. If there was some way out of this shit, it wasn't coming to mind. All I had wanted was a simple fuckin' summer job, and now I was at the mercy of this prick. What did he want? Hell, he'd already fucked me and used me like a sex toy. What more could he think I had to give?

At least it would all be over soon…..

The End

But … did it really end like that? Was Rex the dominating bastard Eric had to submit to? For how long? And what was Dr. Franz Kilmer really doing in his lab? Was it really just a massage chair or was it more diabolical? Hint: the relationship between all these people changes to something you would never have imagined. Read the sequel in 2 days., to get the full truth. Copyright 2018 GayTies.com. Each story part is displayed for only 24 hours, and is reposted only once every couple of years. So, log-in every day (or upgrade) so you don’t miss a one of them!