171 Getting the Chair: The sequel

171 Getting the Chair, The Sequel
Part 1 of 6

In the original story, Eric, 21, was a newly hired housekeep for Dr. Franz Kilmer, who owned a mansion. The doctor was gone a lot, traveling to conventions and seminars. So he wanted a housekeeper to look after his home while out of town. Rex was Dr. Franz’s assistant. One day, while Eric was alone, he explored the various rooms, especially the mysterious downstairs laboratory where Fr. Franz spent most of his time working on his project.

He took the master keys with him since he knew the doors were always locked and gained entry into the lab, where what he saw made him very curious. It was a chair. But it was not an ordinary chair. It was a huge massage chair, and it seemed to have attachments he never saw on any chair. He sat down at the nearby computer and was surprised to find a computer program that activated the chair. He surmised it was a massage chair and that it would be wonderful to try it out.

First, when he sat on it, the computer scene displayed a message, “Remove all clothing and be seated.” He tried to work it while his clothes were still on, but the program would go no further. So he stripped naked and climbed back on the chair. As the massage began and progressed, his wrists and ankles were automatically secured in steel bands. He could no longer get off the chair. It’s like the computer program was taking over. Then a clear tube was fitted over his dick and began to pump him into an erection. Not only that, the chair would fuck any user up the ass. It was horrible … unless you liked that sort of thing. Eric did not. He was a top and always will be only a top.

Then this whole dynamic between Rex and Eric gets really heavy. And Rex was not only a top but a dominator. Poor Eric, he could not get his way to save his life.

Continuing, I roamed the house, still naked, wondering where Rex had disappeared. I found him sitting in the TV room, on the sofa, talking on a cell phone. He looked up. "Here, kid, Rex said as he covered the phone speaker. “I’m talking to your boss, Dr. Kilmer. While I’m conversing, get down on your knees and suck my dick.” I did, and Rex continued his conversation.

“Yes, Dr. Kilmer, he’s here now with me. I must say, he is doing a great job.” I licked and sucked Rex’s hard dick scared out of my wits what he was saying about me. “At this very moment, he’s doing some special cleaning for me, and …” And without covering the phone speaker this time, he said loudly to me so Dr. Kilmer could also hear him, “Get the spot a little lower. No lower. Yes, keep cleaning down there where that crack is. It’s perter dirty down there.” Of course, Rex was not “dirty” anywhere. He scooted his ass forward and lifted his knees a bit so his asshole was fully exposed and accessible to me. I licked his “drain hole” as he creatively instructed me to.

“Now, Dr. Kilmer, what were we saying?” And then he added. “Oh yes. We are in my room, in my bathroom shower. He’s cleaning my shower drain. It was clogged with hair, I guess. Just a moment, please.” Then again, he did not cover the phone and shouted, “Eric, get into my hole and probe it deep, as deep as you can, get all that crud out of it. I want my drain running smoothly.”

Of course, he meant his asshole. As he chatted with my boss, he wanted me to rim his asshole “deep” right then and there on the sofas. I did exactly as he wanted. The money was just too great to allow me to get fired.

“That’s it, work my hole really good. Eric, you make me so happy, and I feel great. Dr. Kilmer will be proud of you too. Get my plumbing all cleared out.” I can’t believe what Rex instructed me to do while my boss was hearing it all! “Good boy, get is spotless. Make me feel good.”

“What’s that, Dr. Kilmer?” A pause, then, “Yes, he is right there.” Then he turned to me, tapping me on the shoulder to stop. “Someone wants to speak with you."

I straightened up, and Rex handed me the phone. "Hello, Eric!" said Dr. Kilmer. He asked how I was doing with my duties.

"Uh...fine," I said quietly. "Things are fine."

"Great. I knew you were a good choice to keep an eye on the place this summer. Listen, I am in Kuala Lumpur now. I will be here until the end of this week, and then I have to go straight to Hong Kong for another week or so.” Dr. Kilmer said in his heavy German accent. “Are you cool with staying to watch over the house that long?"

I thought quickly. Shit! Two more weeks trapped here? Meanwhile, Rex had gotten up from where he was sitting and stood behind me. I could feel his hot breath against the back of my neck. Then, Rex’s hand came around the front of my body, holding the remote to the electric shocking device I was wearing around my dick and balls. But I already knew he had the power.

"Uh, yeah, Dr. Kilmer. I suppose that'll be alright," I stammered, feeling Rex reach down and grab my ass. He started running his hands over my buns, making it difficult for me to concentrate on the phone.

"Ok, Eric," said the Doctor. "Rex says you've been helping him with the testing and stuff down in the lab. That's perfect! I will direct deposit an extra five grand in your account as a bonus for the extra time and effort it's taking, for your staying at the house all this time, and for the time you're spending helping Rex. Just let him know if you need anything for the house. I'll be out of touch most of the time I'm gone, but he can provide money for anything that needs to be taken care of. Ok?"

"Yeah, yeah," I stuttered as Rex knelt behind me, kissing me on the ass cheeks and reaching in front to fondle my restrained dick and balls.

The phone clicked as Dr. Kilmer disconnected. I stood there frozen until Rex's hands turned me around, and then I felt his hot mouth on my dick. He kissed it on the head, making me moan involuntarily. I spread my legs a little to get my balance, and I felt Rex take my soft dick all the way into his mouth, using his tongue in a swirling motion around the head. I thought about pulling him off, but what good would that do? He'd force me to cooperate by using his electro-shock on my dick.

The cock ring caused me to get hard quickly as Rex used his mouth on me. This was the first time I had actually been standing in a normal position when forced to participate in gay sex, and I looked down to see what Rex was doing. He was gently sucking me, not being rough or mean this time. It felt the same, maybe even better, than when a chick blew me. Rex seemed to know how to get my whole cock in his mouth, and that was something most girls wouldn't even attempt on my long 7 inches.

The blowjob went on for a few minutes, long enough to get me very hard and turned on. I felt ashamed once again that I could enjoy having a guy suck my dick this way. I think he knew how much it bothered me, which is why he did it. I gasped and kept from moaning as he worked on my cock. I didn't want him to know that it felt good, and I couldn't control the fact that he could make me hard, but I didn't have to let him know I liked it.

He established a steady rhythm on me as he bobbed up and down on all 7 inches. He didn't seem to have any trouble engulfing me fully, and soon I felt the unmistakable sensation of my balls pulling up as my dick prepared to shoot. "Fuck it!" I thought and pulled Rex's head down on my big pole as much as possible. He didn't resist, and soon I felt my vision blurring as my cock swelled in Rex's throat and shot hard. He grabbed my butt and pulled me in as I continued to fuck his throat, making it that much more intense.

After it was over, Rex grabbed me by the hair, pulling my mouth against his own. I tried to pull back, but it was pointless. He was too strong. I felt his tongue enter my mouth, and soon he injected me with the load I had just shot off in his mouth. He had my face fully against his own, and even though I tried, I couldn't help it. I ended up swallowing the wad I had just shot into Rex's mouth. He continued to tongue and kiss me as I stood there, feeling sick again from what he had made me do this time.

I expected him to have some other shit in mind now, like making me blow him, but he released my head and looked at me, still standing with his hard, muscular body pressed against my naked form.

"God, baby, I love watching you come," was his only comment. "Now," he said, walking out of the room, "I have to leave for a while, and I'm sure you have stuff around here to do for Dr. Kilmer. See ya later."

"Hey!" I yelled at him. "What about this thing you've got locked into mt ass? How about unlocking it now? I can't even take a shit until this thing is outta my ass."

He paused and turned around. "Nope, I'm not taking it off. And I suggest you not try either, as you WON'T like what happens. As for taking a shit, just pull out the cord that's up your ass when you need to do your business, then reinsert it. If you leave the electrode out and I hit you with current, you'll get arc burns on your precious balls, so I suggest you follow my instructions and replace the ground wire back up your ass where it needs to be." He left. Minutes later, from the front room, I saw his Jag pull down the driveway, and I was alone in the house again.

I ran through my options. He had pictures of me, complete with a video of me sucking him and riding his cock. Since I'm no computer genius, I had no idea how to disable whatever he had done to make it get sent to everyone if I stopped cooperating. He had an electronic leash hooked up to my dong that could put me on the floor, in pain, in a second if I chose to try and get physical with him. And frankly, I didn't think there was any chance I could take him, not without a weapon. He was big and rock-hard muscular. You could tell he had spent at least a decade pumping at the gym with weights. My swimmer's build couldn’t compete with this guy's bulk and power. He had already shown me that when he roughly made me suck him and ride his tool. Jesus, the guy had fucked me like a jackhammer for hours last night. I was outmatched.

Therefore, I decided, I would have to play along for now. There wasn't a way out of this without worsening things. This guy was determined to have me for his fuck toy, and for now, there was nothing I could do to stop him.

I spent the day tending the grounds, almost forgetting I was outside naked, but the house was set back, and I doubt if anyone could’ve seen me. After that, I did my usual household duties. I was actually happy to have something to take my mind off the Rex nightmare and my aching asshole. I still couldn't believe he had fucked me like that, and with the machine in me, too. I wouldn't have even thought it was possible to get fucked that way. The guy was a genius when it came to inventive ways to screw someone and make them experience maximum pain.

After I finished my work, I took a swim for exercise in the backyard pool. The electric cock ring was obviously OK in water since he made me shower with it on. I was just glad nobody could see. I was still doing laps in the pool when I happened to catch movement from the corner of my eye. I looked up and saw Rex standing at the edge of the pool.

"Hey," he said, looking down at me. “You must have been on the swim team in school. I am impressed."

I trod water and looked up. "Yeah. Swim team since middle school," I replied. Not having anything else to offer and not feeling like making chitchat with this asshole, I got out of the pool and started toweling off. I could feel his eyes on me. Soon, though, he turned and went back into the house.

I went inside, wearing the towel around my waist and thinking about snagging a beer. Rex was in the kitchen when I got there, putting away some groceries he had just purchased.

"I bought some food and stuff for us," he said. "Whoa, boy, no clothes also means no covering up. Chuck the towel.” I immediately did, then he continued, “I am gonna hang out here with ya and work downstairs while Dr. Kilmer is gone. I assume you're OK with that?" he said mockingly.

"Yeah, whatever," was all I could get out. He finished what he was doing and handed me a beer, taking one himself. I opened it and saw him checking me out again. He took me by the hand, as if I were his boyfriend or something, and led me into the TV room, where he plopped on the couch and pulled me down onto his lap. Now I was sitting on him, and he nuzzled my neck briefly and turned my head to kiss me on the mouth. I went with it, not reciprocating but not fighting back. I had already tried that and gotten nowhere.

He turned on the TV with the remote, and I sat in this guy's lap like a little kid while he watched the news. Periodically he would reach up and stroke my long hair. He had a thing for my hair. That part was obvious. I looked at him as best I could from where I was positioned. He had what they call a ‘granite’ jaw, black crew cut, steely gray eyes, and a rock-hard 6-foot 2-inch body. He pretty much looked like a Marine recruiting poster. I found it hard to believe that a guy like this was gay, much less an aggressive gay dominator, and was currently forcing me to be his boy toy. I was uncomfortable sitting there on him.

He laid back, and I took the opportunity to move off his lap. He pulled off his shirt and kicked off his shoes. The next thing I knew, he pulled me down to my knees and pushed my head into his 501s. He didn't make me do anything but randomly petted my head and hair as he watched TV. I could smell the masculine scent of his body now that my head was against his jeans. I wondered if he expected me to just voluntarily start blowing him, but I decided not to do it. If I had to suck dick, it wasn't going to be me who initiated it. Let him force me if he wanted. I wasn't gonna be a willing part of this, no matter what he did to me.

He didn't make any sexual moves, though. I could feel the outline of his dick against my face through the thin jeans as I lay there, and the nearness of it was unnerving. I think he knew that and was using that fact to intimidate me. I could sense how much he liked keeping me on edge. The whole thing was a big game to him, obviously.

After we had lain there watching TV for a while, Rex asked if I was ready to have dinner. I told him I was hungry. He decided to order pizza and wanted to know if they were delivered out here. "I dunno," I said, "I don't really live here, ya know. I’m just visiting."

He got up and left the room. I stayed on the sofa. He returned shortly and said he had found a number for delivery on the speed dial and that they were on the way. He climbed on the sofa next to me again, putting his head in my naked lap this time. He placed the weight of his head right on my dick and balls, of course. It wasn't easy to ignore, and against my will, I felt my unit getting thicker as he lay there. He seemed not to notice.

The pizza took about 45 minutes to arrive. I was surprised to learn that delivery was available this far from town. When the bell rang, Rex asked me to get to the door while he went to grab his wallet. I looked down and said, "Uh, I'm really not dressed for company. Do you suppose you could do it instead?"

He looked at my nakedness and laughed. "Yeah, I guess I'll do it. Go get my wallet for me, then. It's in the top drawer of the second bedroom, the one right after yours." I was stunned! He finally did an unbelievable kindness to me. FUCK! He was thoughtful not to embarrass me, allowing me not to expose myself to the pizza delivery guy. Had Rex changed? Is the meanness over? Is he finally treating me with respect? I guess so. Thank God!

I went to get his money, but when I returned to the living room, he stood there with the pizza guy. I was already seen, so there was no point in backing out of the room now. In I went, as naked as the day I was born. Rex looked on in barely concealed amusement. The kid who had brought the pie looked about 17 or 18, and I could see his eyes on my dick as I handed Rex the wallet. I didn't know what the fuck to do from there, so I just acted nonchalantly and laid back down on the sofa, where I continued to watch the tube.

Rex, meanwhile, insisted on making chit-chat with the kid, and soon they were talking it up. I was embarrassed about being naked and obviously hard in front of this guy, so I didn't join the conversation.

"Hey!" Rex told the kid, "What time do you get off work tonight? Feel like coming back for a few beers and a little smoke?" Rex looked up at the kid, waiting for a response, and put his hand on my thigh, stroking it for the kid to see.

"Uh," the young guy said, turning red as he searched for words, "I dunno. I don't get off work till 9 and all." He was clearly looking for an out, unsure of what he was being asked.

Rex handed the kid a hundred and told him to keep the change. "Go ahead and let yourself out. Me and blondie here are just gonna drink some beers and eat some pizza. See ya later if you feel like it."

Rex and I ate the pizza and drank beer. I thought about asking him why he had asked the pizza dude to come back but thought better of it. If I showed any interest, he'd use it against me somehow.

Pizza finished. Rex leaned back on the couch and rubbed his flat belly. "That was good. You get full?" he asked.

"Yeah. I'm good."

"Cool. Now I have a little project that needs doing in the bathroom. Come with me, please," he said, heading in that direction. And so I did.

After he stripped naked, I noticed he wore a chrome cock ring. I was sure it hadn't been there last night, or I would have noticed it when he was shoving his huge prick down my throat. He noted the direction of my eyes and said, "Yeah, I usually wear this when I know I'm gonna be fucking. I didn't have it on last night because I didn't know your little ass was waiting for me here."

"Uh-huh," I said, not bothering to hide my lack of enthusiasm.

He found that funny and giggled. "First things first. Let's get rid of this for a while.” He reached into the pocket of his jeans, which he had tossed on the floor, and took out the remote for my cock-shocker. I looked down at it, hoping he wasn't getting ready to zap me for no fucking reason. I don't know what he did to the remote, but the cock ring ‘clicked.’ He reached over, did something, and it came right off.

"Relax your butt, baby," he said, pulling the cord until the little marble-sized electrode thing popped out of my ass. He set the contraption aside. I considered doing something to it while it was off my dick but didn't want to worsen the situation, so I left it alone.

Getting the Chair, The Sequel
Part 2 of 6

"Ok," he said, producing a pair of cordless shears from an overnight bag. "We are gonna do a little pruning on your bush, kiddo. I like my guys smooth, and mostly you are, but the happy trail and the butt fuzz have got to go." I winced. Fuck. I didn't want to be shaved. I wasn't even hairy, to begin with. Goddamn him!

He went to work under my arms with the little cordless shears. In about 15 seconds, the light blonde hair on my pits, what little there had been, was gone. Next, he repeatedly buzzed the thing over my stomach, removing the little line of hair from my navel down to my pubes.
"Turn around," he instructed, and he continued running the shaver over my ass cheeks. He pushed me over and had me spread my butt while he got inside my crack. As I stood up, I felt behind me and noted that I now had the ass of a ten-year-old boy instead of a 21-year-old dude. He looked down at my dick and used the trimmer to reduce the pubes to just a trace. Then he put the shears away and got a disposable plastic razor and shaving cream. He turned on the shower and had me get wet under the warm spray, rinsing off the fuzz he had just removed from my body.

Using the razor, he carefully stretched my ball sack out, applied some shaving cream, and very gently removed any trace of hair from my balls and dick. There wasn't much to start with, but when I rinsed off the shaving cream, I looked down and saw my body as it had been when I was about 13 and pre-pubescent. I ran my hands over the newly exposed skin while I was under the water, and it was strangely a turn-on to feel that smooth skin where there had been fuzz only minutes before. Rex seemed to finish his work and joined me in the shower.

He took the soap while I stood there and washed me down. Then, using just his hands and no washcloth, he worked the lather, massaging me slowly. His hands rubbed over my cock and balls and my freshly shaved buns, making me aroused again. He pushed his body against mine and backed me up against the shower wall while he reached behind me and ran his hand along my ass crack. I could feel him gently insert a couple of fingers, but it wasn't rough like last night. He continued to lightly fuck my hole and then pulled his fingers away, handing me the soap.

"Your turn to do me now," he said, looking at me.

I had no experience giving another dude a shower. That much was certain. And I felt clumsy as I took the soap and started to lather him down. I noted how little body hair he had.

"Do you shave your chest and stuff too?" I asked, genuinely curious this time.

"Not too much," he said. "I'm not real hairy, just like you. I like to keep it trimmed around my dick mostly. That way, my cock is more visible. You can see that, right?"

I blushed because he had caught me staring at his dick. He took my hands and guided them to it, helping me lather it fully. It was heavy and solid in my hands, though not hard.

"Mmmmmmm, that feels fuckin' good," he growled as I soaped his cock and balls. "Keep it goin', man. I like your hands there."

I did what he said, realizing once again how good he was at finding ways to make me pleasure him. I tried to resist, but he had me do something new to get him off whenever I wasn't paying attention. The worst part, I realized, was how quickly I was getting accustomed to the experience of touching a man, having this guy's dick in my hands, and having his body next to mine like this, naked. I looked down and saw that I had a hard-on again, and I felt pissed at myself for continuing to let myself get worked up by a guy. This was so fucking twisted.

I started lathering his chest, abs, and then legs. I turned him around, just as he had done to me, and soaped up his back and ass. I couldn't bring myself to put my hand in between his buns, but realizing my reluctance, he reached around and put my hand there anyway. So I held his ass cheeks open with one hand and slowly rubbed the soap into his butt crack with the other. He seemed to be getting off on this treatment because, while lathering him, I could tell his breathing had quickened and gotten heavy. I didn't put my fingers up his ass like he had done to me. I wasn't interested in finger-fucking him and wouldn't do it unless he made me.

When he'd had enough, he turned around, and I saw immediately that his big dick was now rock-hard. I wished I could ignore it, but I knew he planned to do something with me about his condition. He was getting ready to use me to get off again. I hoped it would at least be something non-painful this time. I continued running my soapy hands over his body as he pulled me against him, grinding his body against mine as the shower soaked us with hot water.

Soon he had me backed up against the wall again and was pressing his cock against my own, humping my dick. He kissed me deep and long, working his tongue around in my mouth and pinching playfully with my nipples. I tried to will myself to not be excited by this. I tried not to let it turn me on, but it did. My cock was like steel against his, and I knew he could feel its length sliding against his hard dick as he thrust into me.

That action went on for some time. Damn, he kissed good. I'd never had anyone kiss me like he did! It made me feel weak, and I hated that he could do this to me so easily. I hated that he was doing it at all.

"Go down on me, man..." Rex said huskily, and I felt him push against my shoulders. Getting on my knees before him, I looked at his fat cock. It wasn't much longer than my own, as I'm hung fuckin' big, but he was so much thicker. That's what made it look so huge. The thing must have been as big around as my wrist.

Rex took his pole in hand and pushed it against my mouth. I let it slide in as best I could, and I felt it stretching my mouth, then my throat, as he moved it onto the base. Soon, his pubes were pressed up against my nose, and his thick meat was deep inside my face again. He didn't face-fucking me as I expected, though. he just kept it there. I couldn't breathe with 9-plus inches of dick shoved down my gullet, so I started to worry, then panic a little, as I tried to pull back. I felt his hands on the back of my head, keeping his dick fully penetrating my windpipe. I pushed against him, and he kept me there, face impaled on his cock, until I thought I would pass out from lack of air. Finally, he pulled out enough for me to breathe again, but almost immediately, he re-inserted his fuck tool so that, once again, I couldn't get any air.

This new game continued for a long time. Rex held me down tight on his prick, right to the point where I started to black out. Then he would let me get a quick gasp of air before he shoved his cock back in all the way. He had me by my hair tight, and I had no way of fighting him off, so I was forced to endure the breathing restriction until, at last, he soon allowed me to start sucking him normally. By then, I was happy to suck his dick. All I wanted was to breathe unimpeded, and if blowing him would make that happen, I would suck my very best. I worked on his cock with enthusiasm at this point, hoping he wouldn't start doing the breath restriction again. It seemed to work. He didn't block my breathing as long as I freely sucked his dick. That had been scary, and I knew he got off on scaring me with sex games.

Rex’s fat tool hurt my mouth, throat, and jaw badly from all the stretching. He finally pulled me off of him and helped me to my feet, still in the shower.

"God, Eric. I love seeing my big meat in your face," he said, pulling me against him and biting my neck hard several times. “You are so fuckin' hot, baby. So sweet. You were made for me to fuck."

He bit and tongued me all over, eventually getting on his knees and roughly turning me around to where I was prone against the wall. Then he buried his face in my ass, and I felt the hot probe of his tongue inside my hole. He didn't bother going slow with this action. He started tongue-fucking me hard right off, and soon I was yelling and whimpering while I pounded my fist against the wall from the intensity of the sensation. It felt better than anything.

Just when I thought I would go crazy from his tongue action, he stood up, and I felt his hand go between my buns to where his tongue had just been working me. He lathered his hand and was using the soap to lube me. I knew what to expect now and tried to prepare for his huge cock to invade my ass again. At least this time, I wasn't in the fuck-chair where I would have to get it from two dicks simultaneously.

Rex got my hole sufficiently slippery, and it scared the shit out of me. “Look, Rex, if you want sex with me, let me fuck you. I’m a natural top withw=emaen, so I can be a top ad a fuck guys if you want. But please don’t fuck me. I don’t allow anything up my ass! He ignored me, smiling like some powerful God. I felt the big head of his meat start to push in. I tried to relax as best I could. I was learning how to get fucked up the ass whether I wanted to or not. He pushed insistently, giving me no breaks, and I felt the familiar fullness as the hot tool spread me open and penetrated me completely. I gasped and hissed as it hit home, deep inside my gut. I still found it incredible that I could take a dick that big up my ass.

He grunted and started to fuck. His motions were as rough and fast as usual, but despite the pain, I could feel the action of his cock against my insides, giving me pleasure. I realized with horror that I was actually starting to enjoy getting my butt fucked by this dude's big dick. I looked down and saw my own tool, hard and ready for action. I put my hand on it and began to pump in time with the fuck motion of Rex's thrusts. He screwed me hard and heavy.

After a long, long time, Rex pulled out. I wondered what he was doing, but he shoved me roughly to the shower floor and jacked off his big prick in my face. I heard him groan really loud as my face was repeatedly blasted by shot after shot of hot come. I closed my eyes and waited for it to be over. He rammed his dick into my mouth and made me suck the last of the come out of it, then withdrew. I looked up from the floor to see him stepping out of the shower.

As I lay there, unfulfilled, I decided to finish myself off. I started stroking my cock rapidly. Rex leaned in and yanked my hand away, surprising the hell out of me. Usually, he was trying to force me to cum. Now he wouldn’t let me get off.

"Nuh uh, baby Eric. Save that load for a little later. We've got all night," he said as he grabbed a towel, started to dry himself, and told me to do the same.

When we were finished in the bathroom, Rex took me by the hand and led me, still naked, through the house and downstairs, my least favorite part of the house. He had snagged my electro-cock ring from off the counter in the bathroom but, surprisingly, hadn't locked it back on me yet. When we walked in, he still had it in his hand when we got to the basement lab and put it on a worktable.

"Ok, Eric. Hop up on the chair and let's get you ready for tonight's ‘test’ session," Rex announced. I did so reluctantly, wishing I could think of a reason to refuse that he would buy. When he and I were making out in the shower, I thought he might be nicer to me now during his sexual attacks. But apparently, the shower had just been a warm-up activity for him.

I laid down on the chair, and Rex came over to me. I could feel myself shaking a little, and he noticed it too. He positioned my arms over my head and ankles in the place designed for them and told me to "lay still." I did, closing my eyes and trying to be calm for whatever lay ahead. Letting myself have a panic attack wouldn't make this shit any easier. I had already learned that.

Rex did some things at the control keyboard, and soon I heard the chair's motors come to life. Gradually it grew warm beneath me, as usual, and a pleasant vibration and massage action commenced. I was getting into the sensation of it when I heard a click and felt the steel restraints lock into place around me. Now my wrists, ankles, forehead, and neck were locked to the chair with padded steel bands. Resolving to stay calm this time, I took several deep breaths and tried my best to enjoy the chair's action and ignore the fact that I was its prisoner.

Meanwhile, I could hear Rex working on something over at the worktable where he had placed my cock ring when we entered the lab, but I couldn't see him. Without missing a beat, he came and stood over me, holding the cock ring.

"I just wanted to see how this little baby was holding up," Rex said, showing it to me. "I haven't used it for long durations before, and I wanted to be sure it was still in good shape in case I wanna shock your little ass real good."

"I decided to move on to the second phase of testing this on you," he continued. "I am changing the little jellybean-sized electrode that goes up your butt with this new attachment. It has different features." He held up an egg-shaped and sized chrome addition to the cock ring, now connected at the end of the cord that ran up my ass when it was in place. "I think that'll make things interesting for all of us." he finished.

He did something else after he moved out of my view because the chair now spread my legs apart widely, giving him access to my ass. In a second, I felt the cock ring being locked tightly around my dick and balls. It had been nice having that thing off for a while, but now it was back. Then I felt fingers on my ass as he pushed the chrome egg up inside. I felt the cord yank against my cock ring when he shoved the implant in me to the max.

"You shouldn't be able to feel that too much during normal activities unless I make it do stuff with the remote," he was saying, "But it'll be noticeable against your prostate when you're getting fucked, and will probably make it even better."

Gee. Getting fucked up the ass was gonna be "even better?"

"I am hoping you'll actually like the new addition to your dick jewelry because I'm planning on leaving it there permanently," he said, leaning over me to kiss me fully. "I have some stuff to do upstairs, but I don't want you to be lonely, so I'll provide some entertainment for ya."

He did something, and the lights in the lab dimmed to the level I was accustomed to during my forced fuck sessions. I felt the headphones protrude from the chair's headrest and lock in place over my ears, muffling exterior sounds. Then the virtual reality device was moved into place over my eyes, and I was blind as well as deaf. The warmth of the chair and the continuing massage and vibration were all I had known for a long while. I wondered if Rex had forgotten to start whatever he was planning, but as far as I could tell, I was alone in the lab. I lay there in the darkness and eventually drifted off to sleep.

I don't know how long I napped there, but I remember waking up to the sounds of my own moans and gasps. Upon opening my eyes, I could see the VR screen was still on me and that the machine was playing a selection of the video record from my first session with the chair. As I watched and listened, I heard myself hiss, grunt, and occasionally yell cuss words as the image in the visor showed me getting my dick sucked off by the tube thing that first night. It was strange and kinda hot, actually, to watch myself straining against the chair and bucking my hips as the suck tube worked on my dick that night. The chair itself was still gently vibrating and massaging my whole nude body, but there was nothing sexual happening to me.

Then the scene in the visor changed, and I saw myself lying there with the big dick of my machine rapist pressing against my lips. I got a replay of when it had hurt me to open my mouth to yell and then shove the fat, fake cock down my throat. On the headphones, I could hear the noises I had made while struggling to suck that big dildo while the machine face-fucked me. Once again, I felt myself becoming aroused, even though the torture of that evening was still very fresh in my mind, even without the video record.

Another scene. This time, from the second session when Rex had straddled my face and forced me to suck him while he humped my mouth as if it were a chick's pussy. I could see his muscular ass flexing as he pushed his hard tool down my throat, and I could hear the strangled, gurgling moans I had made while I tried to suck him off.

Still, another scene was of me, face down, straddling the chair while Rex rammed my ass like a demon. I could see the contorted expression of pain on my face and the absolute, uncontrolled violent lust of Rex's assault on my ass. He growled and hissed and cursed in the headphone audio, and under that sound, I could hear my own whimpering counterpoint as he savagely fucked me.

Over and over, the scenes changed, showing me images of my debasement, graphically captured with stereo sound. I hated it, but I was also turned on watching this. I could feel my dick throbbing between my bound legs. I couldn't jack off, though, being securely fastened into the chair, so I lay there and continued to watch myself get fucked, sucked, and abused. It became a kind of torture because I was rock-hard and desperately needed to get my dick off.

After a long time, the images stopped, and the visor and headphones retracted from my face. Despite the head restraints, I looked around as best I could and could see Rex standing there, naked, in the dim light of the lab. He walked over and kissed me on the mouth, pushing his tongue deep and fully exploring me. I returned it. I had to admit I was hot from watching the vids of me getting used to that. I knew my dick must be standing straight up, and by the time my tormentor, Rex, had shown up, I was willing to take his intentions, whether he was a dude or not.

Rex got on top of me, then straddled my immobilized body. Continuing to kiss me, I could feel him pushing his dick against my stomach, and I could feel my own cock situated against his spread thighs and ass. He humped like that, kissing me hard for a long time, and I responded to it, not bothering to hide the fact that I liked it and wanted more. Rex had turned me into a fag. I wanted him to do these things now. I had to admit it. I felt shame and confusion, but it was overridden by the fire in my dick, and I tried my best to pump it against any part of his body it touched.

He sat back then, and I could feel him squeezing my hard-on with his muscular ass. I wondered if he was gonna finally ride my cock. I had been secretly hoping that sometimes it would be my turn to do the fucking, and maybe this was it. He was certainly getting me hot with the way he was bucking my dick between his legs.

Rex continued that for a while, and I finally heard myself pleading, "Rex, man, let me have your ass now, dude. Please. Please. I need to fuck you."

He leaned over and kissed me some more, continuing to torment my aching cock with the nearness and warmth of his ass.

"You wanna screw me, baby?" Rex laughed.

"Oh fuck yeah!" I said. "Please let me do it, man, please! I need it!"

He grinned in my face and kissed me some more but stopped bucking against my hard prick. "What the fuck makes you think I take it up the ass, kiddo?" he mocked. "Do I look like some kinda little faggot to you?"

"Oh, c'mon, Rex. You win! Let me fuck you! I can't take this anymore. I need to get off! You can fuck me first. Just do it!" was all I could say. I felt tears coming down my face as I realized I was saying these things out loud to him, and now he knew I liked the sex he forced upon me. I hated it, but I couldn't stop myself anymore.

"What do you think, Todd?" Rex said, looking up and behind himself. "Do you think we should help him out? He sounds like he needs it pretty bad."


Who the FUCK was Todd?

From the corner of my eye, I saw movement, and now even more as the figure standing in the shadows, which had gone unnoticed by me before, walked closer to where Rex and I lay. It was the pizza guy. I had forgotten about Rex having invited him back here earlier, and I now realized my mistake. He was stripped down to just a pair of boxer briefs and made no attempt to hide his interest in what he had been watching. He stroked and rubbed his dick through the thin material of his underwear and looked down at where Rex was sitting astride my pinned, sexually frenzied body.

Todd was maybe 18 and looked like a typical suburban pizza punk. His dusty blonde hair was long on top, short on the sides. He had several tats running down his chest and skinny arms. I could see his hard-on pushing out from the front of his shorts as he stroked it through the fabric. I felt ashamed and enraged that Rex had let me put on that show with someone else watching like this. Fucking typical of him - anything to keep me off-balance!

"I don't know, dude," Todd said breathlessly, "But this is fuckin' hot, that's for sure."

“Todd, are you straight or gay?” Rex asked.

“Some people tell me I am tri-sexual. They say I’d ‘try’ anything once.” Todd laughed at his own words. “But, hey, I dunno, dude.

Rex looked down at me and continued slowly rubbing his body against mine. I watched Todd watching us and felt myself glowing red with embarrassment. It was one thing to finally admit to myself and Rex that I liked what he was doing, but it was totally another thing to have some kid see me being turned into a queer while tied-up in a fuck-chair. Rex reached over and pulled the kid closer to where we were. He seemed hesitant, but I could tell he was turned on by watching this. His whole body was flushed, and his breathing was fast, as if he had been running.

Rex was now getting off of me. “Well, it seems to me that Eric is also a tri-sexual ‘cause he doesn’t have any choice here in what I want him to try.” Rex and Todd both laughed. "I think it would be adorable if you let Eric here give you a little blowjob, Todd," Rex said. "Todd told me upstairs that he'd never done a bondage scene before. Don't you think it'd be cool to help him learn?" I felt confused and angry now. I had nothing against the new kid, but I must admit that what I really wanted at that moment was Rex. After two days of trying to ignore it, I wanted more of Rex and didn't know what the fuck to think about Todd.

All of a sudden, the kid reached down and touched my chest. Clearly, he was overcoming his shyness and wanted to do more. I felt his hand running over my body as Rex stood there, looked down at me, and spread there for everyone's enjoyment. Todd got braver and leaned in close. He touched my face and hair and finally rubbed his thumb lightly over my lips. All the while, he continued to rub his bulge through the boxers.

His thumb pressed into my mouth a little, and I didn't resist. He was looking at me so intensely now that I couldn't help but be affected by it. I think he wanted me bad and was just now realizing it. I felt his thumb press against my tongue, and I closed my lips around it, lightly sucking his digit further into my mouth and using my tongue as if it were a little cock. I heard him moan and saw that he was deeply flushed. He liked this a lot.

"Hey, Todd-boy," Rex said. “Eric's likin’ you, and I can see you're likin' him. What say you pull off the skivvies and join him up on the chair, dude?"

Todd pulled his thumb from my mouth and quickly removed his shorts. His hard prick smacked against his stomach with an audible sound as the underwear came off. It stood straight up against his body, rather than out, and was maybe 6", cut, and not nearly as thick as my or Rex's big tool. He had practically no body hair, and when I looked closer, I could see his dick pierced with a metal crossbar through the head. It actually looked pretty cool.

Without any hesitation, Todd climbed up on the chair and basically mounted me. He looked at Rex for approval, or maybe to indicate a “thank you,” and then he turned his attention my way. He leaned down and kissed me. His lips were soft and warm against my own, different from Rex's rough treatment. I got brave and stuck my tongue out a little, and he sucked it right in, trying to get more. Soon, I was deep-kissing his mouth, and he was doing his best to suck my tongue out of my face.

"What shall we do with him now?" Rex said, watching us make-out.

Getting the Chair, The Sequel
Part 3 of 6

Todd stopped kissing me and looked confused. "I dunno. But Eric sure makes me hot," Todd said."

Rex laughed a little. "Fine. I'll make the decisions. You guys will have to live with what I think up, though. Remember that."

Rex jacked my dick harder, and then I saw his hand go to Todd's head. He pushed Todd down on my big prick. I couldn't see the action from my angle, but I could feel the kid's sweet mouth start to work on my cock. It was warm and wet and felt almost like a girl's mouth. I groaned and sighed as he sucked. He didn't engulf me roughly as Rex had been doing but gently licked the head and sucked it into his little mouth as best he could. It felt sweet.

"Turn around, Todd, so you will be on top of him, straddling him but facing his feet.” Todd complied and was sitting on my chest, playing with my cock. "Now, scoot your ass back and place your ass over his face."
Todd did, and soon, his little butt was spread right over my mouth. His sack hung against my chin, and I could see his balls were hard and full of cum already. I saw Rex push him back even more now, and his ass made full contact with my face. I knew I was supposed to start doing something to him, but I still felt pissed off that Rex was forcing me into having gay sex with another person. Shit, I had just gotten used to the idea of doing it with Rex!

"Do it, man!" I could hear, but not see, Rex ordering me.

"Fuck you, man! I'm sick of this shit! Let me up from here, NOW!" I yelled. “Look, if you want me to fuck you or anyone else, OK, man. I’m a top. I can do that. But don’t fuck my ass. I’m not a queer bottom. Just a top. Okay, dude?”

Rex laughed and pushed Todd’s rear down on my face harder, smashing the kid's ass against my mouth. "So, you’re a top who doesn’t like to bottom. You don’t want to be fucked. Let’s see if rimming works for you. Stick out your tongue and do it, shithead, or I promise you, you'll be sorry."

I didn’t tongue Todd’s ass. I refused. I could feel Rex sharply pulling on the hair on the top of my head, yelling something, and then stepping away. Todd was still sitting on my face, though he was doing it lightly so I could breathe, all the while leaning over and sucking on my cock.

While Todd was leaning forward and down, working on my dick, his ass lifted just a bit off my face. At that point, I could see Rex holding up that fucking shocking remote. Todd was still gently sucking on my cock, apparently oblivious to what was happening. Maybe he thought it was just part of the game.

Rex did something, and suddenly I felt a hot tingle deep in my asshole, like a vibration, but harder. It spread to my groin and ass, and I couldn't help but cry out, wondering what was happening. “Yeah. That's the new addition to your dick ring attachment, baby. Enjoy." Then Rex walked out of sight again.

Whatever that egg-shaped thing was doing inside my ass, it felt incredible. I involuntarily started bucking my hips, shoving my dick deeper inside Todd's sucking mouth. He probably thought I was positively responding to him sucking me. He leaned in and took as much of my length down his throat as he could, really getting into it. I could see his seven-inch tool was rigid and throbbing against my chest, and he humped it against me as he sucked.

I lay there, tied spread-eagled, moaning and whimpering as the electric waves moved through my ass and dick. The kid's throat was tight around my fat cock, driving me crazy. I knew I'd blow in no time now.

Rex returned, carrying a new item I hadn't previously seen. It was a four-inch, dick-shaped piece of hard rubber on a small base with various thick leather straps attached. I couldn’t guess what this was for.

As Todd leaned up, I began to yell. Just then, Rex shoved the thick rubber cock deep into my mouth. Quickly, he pulled the straps over the back of my head and tightened them, effectively silencing any further protests I might make, leaving me lying there with a thick rubber cock uncomfortably filling my mouth. It was really fat, and I was forced to breathe through my nose. I tried to yell but could only mumble indistinguishable sounds. At least I didn’t – couldn’t – rim Todd’s asshole.

"That's better. If you can't say something nice, don’t say anything at all," he smirked and stroked my face.

With Todd sucking on my dick, in combo with the action of the ass toy pushing me closer to the edge, I heard myself grunting around the rubber cock in my mouth, preparing to shoot my wad into that sweet throat working so hard to get me off. Rex seemed to realize this and abruptly pulled Todd's head off me, leaving my aching cock abandoned and further heightening the sexual frenzy I was experiencing. I wailed around the dick-gag in my mouth but couldn't be heard much. I struggled against the chair, but I couldn't move an inch. Torture. My dick was soooo ready to shoot, but now it was being ignored, standing straight up from my groin, bobbing back and forth, needing a single stroke to shoot.

"Here, Todd. Eric needs a rest for a while. He's feeling cranky." Rex laughed and helped Todd down from the chair. He gently pushed Todd down onto his knees and then shoved his dick way down the boy’s throat. I heard him gag a couple of times, trying to adjust to the girth of this new invader. Rex pulled the kid's head close and began to slowly fuck his face.

Todd sucked the big dick as best he could, but taking nine incher down his throat was difficult, as I knew from very recent experience. Finally, Rex pulled him off gently and helped him to his feet. They kissed deeply, and I could see that Todd's prick was rock hard, and his nuts were pulled up tight to his body. He needed to get off bad, and I was desperate to cum as well!

Rex did something with the remote, and I felt the chair reposition my legs into the widely spread ‘you're gonna get fucked’ configuration. I swore at him but it came out in mumbles. Then Rex removed the electric device he had placed up my ass. That was a relief!

"C'mere, Todd," he said, leading the kid around between my spread legs. "Eric has something for you. I can see it's time for you to give him what he needs.”

Todd said nothing as Rex grabbed some lube from a table and stood behind him, lubing up the kid's stiff dick. Todd looked flushed and excited as he realized that he was gonna fuck me while I was strapped down, helplessly spread-eagled. Rex pushed Todd forward, and soon I could feel the head of his dick pushing its way into me. It wasn't as huge and terrible as the big fuckers that had so recently drilled me, and it went in much more smoothly. Rex placed Todd into position, and I looked into his young face. His eyes were bright and hot, and he immediately started pumping his dick into my ass. I could see Rex behind him, manipulating the boy’s hips to fuck me harder.

He drilled me like that for longer than I thought he'd be able to hold off, but then I saw him tense up, and he yelled, "Oh fuck!" and began blowing his load up my ass. He continued fucking me non-stop as he filled me with his pizza-punk cum.

Todd collapsed against me and lay on my bound, wide-spread legs. I could see Rex rubbing the kid's back. "Stay there," Rex said. "Right there." Then he walked out of view. Rex changed the chair configuration to better implement his next plan. As Todd was secured on his back, Rex wanted to put him in a better position for long-term fucking. Rex tilted the portion of the flatbed of the chair where Todd’s ass cheeks lay. He tilted this short 8” section up about 20 degrees. This caused the boy’s spine to curve upward at the hips and expose Todd’s asshole in a much better fucking position. Once he had Todd’s asshole properly displayed, he secured the boy to the chair and on top of me. I was belly up, and he was bent over me, belly down, with his feet on the floor. Rex said, “Perfect, so far.” But Todd’s bondage was not complete. Now Rex spread Todd’s feet wide apart and tied each ankle to a ring at the right and left edges of the chair's base to keep his standing legs spread. He was also now a prisoner of the chair, and his hard dick was still firmly lodged up my ass. "Now, boys, it's time for me to have some fun." Rex grinned. I knew something bad was coming.

Rex positioned himself behind Todd again. I couldn't see him now, but soon the VR visor moved into place over my eyes. Rex must have wanted me to observe a close-up of whatever he was getting ready to do because the camera came in at an angle clearly showing Rex. He slowly pushed the tip of his huge dick “at” Todd’d asshole. I heard a deep grunt from oh of them.

"Oh, Jesus ... Fuck!" Todd was hissing. I could see Rex pushing the huge head of his dick slowly into the kid's little ass. Todd was tense and sweating on top of me now, being forced, for the first time, to take a giant dick.

"Oh, God!" Todd yelled. "Stop! Stop it!"

But Rex didn't stop. He pushed harder, and I heard Todd scream and wail as that big prick stretched him more and more, invading his ass slowly but continuously. Soon, I could see on the visor that Rex had buried his dick all the way in and was resting inside Todd's ass. Rex remained still, giving the kid a brief chance to relax before the serious fucking began.

After a minute, Rex began to thrust. Todd screamed and thrashed against me, but it was of no use. I could feel Todd’s dick up my ass pushing in hard as Rex pushed his dick into Todd’s asshole. The action of Rex's thrusts pushed Todd's dick in and out of my butt, and soon Rex was literally fucking us both as we lay there, strapped in the chair.

Todd screamed and made tons of noise. I could tell he was NOT enjoying Rex's monster tool up his ass. Rex continued to fuck relentlessly. "Awwww yeah!" Rex yelled. "Take that big dick, kid! Take it! You like that fat cock up your ass, boy. You just don't know it yet!"

Todd groaned as Rex fucked him even harder. I could feel Todd's dick being thrust into my ass. He still had a dick of steel. For my part, I could do nothing but lay there, bound in the chair, while Rex raped us with each thrust.

That action lasted for 15 minutes until Rex got another idea and withdrew his dick from Todd. But Todd’s dick remained in me. The camera angle moved to show me that Todd's face was on my chest, turned to the side. Todd was now staring at the chair’s huge mechanical fuck tool as it slowly maneuvered itself against his lips. I recognized that dick. It had been down my own throat too.

"Open your mouth and suck it," I heard Rex yell. Todd opened his mouth a little, probably thinking it would enter just a little, but the machine immediately stuffed his mouth with its fake seven-inch throbbing dick. He gagged and struggled, but I could see the outline of the cock move down his throat. So as Todd continued to have his dick jammed up my ass, his throat was being jammed with the fake dick. Soon it was lodged fully in the boy’s throat. The sounds he was making now were horrible. Rex returned to Todd’s ass and continued to drill us both while the machine face-fucked poor Todd.

A minute or two later, the camera started moving again, this time pulling back to give me a complete view of the ongoing rape. Rex was sweating violently, pumping up Todd's skinny ass, and Todd's dick pushed up inside my asshole as the fake dick assaulted the boy’s stretched-opened mouth.

The cam angle moved in and showed me the close-up view of my ass getting fucked deep by Todd's dick. Rex was slamming him so hard that I could feel every thrust. Indeed, it felt as though Todd was actually fucking me again, but I could see he was not. The pain was awful. My ass was so sore from all the continuous ravaging that I thought I would go insane. I heard continuous strangled moans from Todd, so I knew that he was still getting face-fucked mightily by the big dildo down his throat.

"Yeah, guys." I heard Rex growl. "You feel all that hard cock inside you? You feel it? That's me, baby. That's my dick, fucking and raping you. Take it, man. Fucking take it all!" He thrust violently into Todd's ass for a couple more seconds, and then I felt him shove hard and yell as he shot and filled up little Todd with his hot man-seed. Rex roared like an animal as he shot load after load, roughly plowing his cock into Todd's ass.

When he was finished, he pulled out of Todd, and shortly after that, the visor was removed from my eyes. Todd was still secured onto me, but the fake dick that had fucked his face was withdrawn and out of view. Todd’s hard dick was still up my ass.

Rex came around to the head of the chair, where I could see him now. He was naked, sweating, and out-of-breath from the horrendous workout he had just perpetrated on us, his captive sex toys. Todd was breathing heavily, and I could see he had been crying, but he said nothing. Rex leaned down and undid the straps holding the rubber dick gag in my mouth, and soon I could breathe freely again.

"Fuck!" I yelled, catching my breath. "You didn't have to fuck him so mean like that, you fucking asshole!"

Rex said nothing. He petted my hair briefly, mussed up Todd's hair, and moved out of view. "You boys have a nice sleep," he said from the lab doorway. "I'll see you in the morning."

He departed, leaving Todd and me bound together on the fuck-chair, Todd's cock still up my ass. The light went out, and I felt Todd put his head down against my chest, resting his neck after his experience getting face-fucked by the machine. I could definitely tell he was still hard because his dick was still deep inside me.

"Is he just gonna leave us here tied up all night?" Todd said, looking up at me.

"I dunno," I replied, trying to see his face more clearly despite the awkward angle. I knew he couldn't move his legs or arms, and I was held motionless by the chair, too, and couldn't move an inch.

"God, man," he whispered. I didn't think he'd do it so rough and mean. Is it always like this?"

"Fuck, kid. I don't know. It's a long fucking story... but, as you can see, I'm not exactly a willing participant here either."

He twisted his neck to look up at me intensely. Since Todd was tied to me about a foot lower so his dick could fuck me in the ass, I had to crane my neck to look down at his face. I wanted to kiss him, and I could tell he wanted to place his lips on mine. With his head under my chin, it couldn’t physically happen, so he kissed and licked my chest and up to my neck instead.

I could still feel the heat of his seven inches up my ass, and I knew he was excited despite whatever trauma Rex may have induced during that force-fuck. He continued to kiss my upper body and suck my nipples. I could not place my lips on any part of his body, as I was tied up so helplessly. I could only receive his dick in my ass, and his lips on my chest..

I strained my head down so that I could look into his eyes. Our gazes locked on each other. Soon, we were passionately making out, even in the awkward way we were tied together. Since Rex did not allow him to climax, Todd was fucking me harder as he kissed whatever body parts his lips could reach. I could, at least, hump my hips in rhythm with his thrusts. I couldn't deny that it felt fucking great.

He grunted steadily as he lovingly worked me over. I could feel my big dick pressing against his stomach as he humped me, and I wished I were free to give it some attention. Throughout this whole ordeal tonight, everyone had been able to blow their loads except me. Todd continued screwing my ass for quite a while. Eventually, he moaned and jerked. I could feel his dick jump as it shot inside my ass. He pumped and groaned and filled me with his cum, and then laid his head against my chest when he was finished, his dick still inside.

We fell asleep that way, each exhausted from the sexual marathon Rex had arranged for us that night. After a rough night of forced sex with Rex, and Todd, the pizza boy, I was still bound to Todd in the fuck-chair when I woke. I could feel the weight of Todd's body on top of me, with his dick still pushed into my ass by the position we were forced to maintain. He did not slip out of my ass because he was a shower, not a grower. After he climaxed, he went soft, but his dick was still big and long. It did not shrivel. So it stayed inside me. I tried to move a little to get more comfortable, but the restraint bands on the chair didn't allow me any freedom of movement to speak of, so I lay there immobilized.

Todd must have been jolted by my attempts to stretch because his head moved from where it lay on my chest, and we awkwardly looked at each other. "Hey," Todd said, looking bashful. "You doin' ok?"

"Yeah," I replied, "I was just trying to get a little more comfortable. It's fuckin' hard to sleep strapped down like this with you on top of me and all." He looked at me and suddenly rubbed his lips over my nipples. We started making out. It wasn't very long until I could feel his dick thrusting inside my butt again, and he started to hump my ass, fucking me as I lay there in my restraints. I couldn't achieve a climax all yesterday evening and throughout the night. I was so fucking horny, but I needed friction on my dick, but there was no one to fuck, not even a hand!

"God, dude," Todd said breathlessly, "I know you might not want to be getting drilled just now, but I am tied on ya here like this, and you're making me hot as fuck! I can't help it."

I couldn't think of a reply, but I continued to raise my hips to feel the warm sexiness of our bodies touching and rubbing together. The issue for me was that I was always in control, always a top with women, and if I considered sex with a man, I’d NEVER be the one getting fucked. I’d only be the fucker! That’s who I am, a dom. His cock moving inside me continued to increase its tempo. Soon, he was growling and pumping hard. I had no choice at all but to lie there and take it. He came with a loud moan after about 15 minutes and then fell quickly asleep with his head on my chest. The same scene repeated itself three more times that night until the early morning hours, with Todd waking up horny, fucking me till he blew his load, and then falling back to sleep. Rex had arranged for me to be Todd's involuntary fuck receptacle as I tried to sleep.

When morning finally arrived, I woke up feeling disoriented and sore. I first noticed that I no longer had Todd on or in me. The second was that I was no longer restrained in the chair but simply asleep there. God damn, my ass hurts! I sat up and rubbed my wrists and legs, sore as fuck from being restrained to the chair all night while Todd fucked me again and again.

I got up and went upstairs, looking around the house for signs of Rex or Todd. I found Rex sitting at his laptop in the kitchen breakfast nook, eating a bowl of cereal.

"S’up?" he asked, looking up at me.

"Wazzzzup?" I mocked. "Well, lemme see, you left me tied up to that kid all night, and he fucked my ass about four times. How's that for ‘wazzzzup’?" Rex seemed to find this hilarious and laughed out loud. I was not fuckin' amused.

"You're a fuckin' asshole," I said and made myself something to eat.

"Awwww. You boys looked so sweet like that. I didn't wanna disturb you. I didn't hear any complaints from your new boyfriend."

"What the fuck ever, man," I replied, sitting at the table to eat. "Where'd Todd go anyhow? Did you kick him out this morning?"

"Nah," Rex grinned at me, "He’s out shopping for a bridal gown. I think you're not supposed to see it until the wedding," he giggled.

Getting the Chair, The Sequel
Part 4 of 6

"Un-fucking-believable," I said and stared at him. It was amazing what the guy took for a joke. He could do the most horrible shit and laugh about it the next morning as if it were nothing. Once again, I found myself feeling confused and kind of desperate, trying to sort out what was actually happening here. Rex had used me relentlessly. There was no doubt about that. But on the other hand, I felt oddly attracted to him. Despite the sick situation he had forced upon me, I couldn't help but be pulled to him. It was like some satanic spell that I couldn't break. And now there was this Todd thing too. What the fuck was that about?

"I am heading into the City for most of the day," Rex said, more seriously now. "I’ve got work to do, and I gotta hit the gym. You need anything for the house or whatever?"

"No," I said. "What's the deal with me not being able to come and go as I please? You said yesterday for me not to leave without permission. Does that mean I'm stuck here until you say I can go, or what?"


When Rex returned to the house a few hours later, I was lying there, naked - as required –playing a video game. Rex strolled into the room, came over to where I lay, flopped down, and started kissing me.

"What the fuck, man?" I said, pulling him off my face. "Can’t you give me a break? I’m fucking tired of staying here. I want to go out. I want a rest from you. I want to cum, big time … with Todd! I am so fucking frustrated. Where's Todd anyway?"

"You gotta have some goddamn patience, kiddo. Stop being so demanding. You know I love you, sweetie. I love controlling you. I love that you crave a climax. You make me so happy and proud!" he said and went to work kissing my mouth with his own again. I liked it. I didn’t want to tell him, but I did. His mouth was hot, and I wanted more. I was so torn between having my freedom and my choices, and having him.

"Alright, baby, he said finally, "Come on downstairs now and see what I have ready for ya. You’ve been to the can lately? We're gonna be busy for a while."

"Yeah, man, I'm good." I grabbed his head and pushed my tongue into his mouth, getting rough with him now just as he always did with me. He kissed me back just as roughly, grabbing my hair and biting my tongue. He liked this, wanted it, and snarled at me, looking fucking evil for the first time. He laughed. He reached down and bit my nipple hard and then slapped my ass so hard that it hurt badly. I gasped, and he laughed again and bit me on my lip.

"Fuck, baby. You're learning fast now that you've given up the straight boy bullshit, and I keep you all sexually pent up." Rex hissed, looking sinister. "I'm fuckin' proud of ya."

I had to laugh at that. Rex grinned back and took my hand, pulling me to the stairs, and down we went. I wasn't surprised to be led into the lab, where the chair awaited me. Rex just pointed to the chair. That was it. I climbed into it and lay back, thinking about Todd. Rex leaned over me again, kissed me hard, and walked away. The steel restraints clicked into place over my body in one second, pinning me down. At the touch of his button, steel bands encircled my ankles and wrists and another around my neck. They were padded, so they didn’t hurt, but they were effective in not letting me out or even moving. I was getting used to being locked in this thing, I realized. It felt natural. How fucked up was that?

The lights dimmed down to nothing, the chair began to hum and vibrate, and Rex was soon standing over me again. I felt him touching my dick, and something cold and unfamiliar was being attached to it. I tried to look down, but the neck restraints kept me in place.

"What's that?" I said, hearing him working at my crotch.

"Your new best friend," he replied.

I felt something cold around my dick and balls, then something metal went into my asshole. Whatever it was, it was heavy. Rex finished attaching it and came up to my face where I could see him. He leaned in close and ran his tongue over my lips.

"Alright, baby, you're not gonna like this next part too much, I don't think, but it's gonna happen anyway. I am leaving you here now for quite a while. I'll be keeping an eye on you, but don't expect me to let you go till it's over." Rex said, looking at me intensely.

I didn't know what to say. I suddenly felt scared and started to say something more, but Rex had left my limited field of view, and I sensed I was now alone in the lab, locked in the chair, with something cold and heavy encasing my dick and balls. I couldn't see it, but I could sure feel it there.

A few minutes passed, and I heard the whine of motors engaging in the chair. The VR visor moved into place over my eyes, and the headphones enclosed my ears, sealing out the world. Nothing happened for quite some time, but then I heard sounds in the headphones, and the visor engaged to show me a room I had never seen before. It was sparsely lit, but I could see a padded table in the center of the room. On it, tied up naked, was Todd.

I watched as Rex entered the room, also naked except for his cock ring, and walked up to the camera. "Hey, Eric," he said, waving his hand. "Todd and I are gonna put on a little show for your amusement now, and you're gonna lay there and watch. If I were you, I'd try not to let your dick get hard while watching this. That new attachment I hooked up to your cock is a kind of chastity device. It's a chainmail mesh tube that encircles your dick and balls, all seven inches. If you get hard, it's gonna hurt like fuck because you CAN'T get hard, the mesh is too thin, and your dick has nowhere to expand, so it's gonna feel pretty bad. Sucks to be you, man." He grinned and turned his attention to Todd.

If someone had told me five days ago not to get a hard-on while watching guys fuck, I'd have said, "No problem." But now I wondered if this would be the worst torture yet. I hadn't cum for almost two days despite almost continuous sex with Rex and Todd, and I was already in dire need of shooting a load. This was shit! I felt pissed at Rex for making me go through this for no fucking good reason except to be his entertainment. Hell, he'd already gotten my cooperation and even stimulated my interest in having gay sex with him. Now he was going to deny it to me? Fucker!

I could see that Rex had tied Todd's wrists and ankles to the black leather, padded table, like a massage table. He was face up. Rex went to the side of the table and began to kiss him on the face and mouth. Todd returned the kisses hungrily and squirmed against the restraints on his arms. They continued making out like that for a while, and I could see Rex humping against Todd and getting into the action.

Rex moved into position, straddling Todd's face and rubbing the head of his big dick over the kid's face. Soon, he was pressing the head of his cock into Todd's mouth, and I could see Todd strain with the effort of taking that big fat rod down his throat. The headphones gave me stereo sound of Todd's noises and Rex's moans as Rex began to face-fuck Todd. It was slow at first, then soon got harder and more intense. It was easy to see the outline of Rex's huge tool making its way in and out of Todd's skinny neck. The kid was getting filled all the way.

Rex began to thrust and fuck as if he were drilling a chick. I could hear him groan, and Todd gagged while Rex stretched his throat fully with that hard fuck tool. I don't know how poor Todd could stand it, but Rex fucked that kid's head so hard I thought he was gonna smash his face in.

Meanwhile, I could feel the uncomfortable stirrings of my big dick as it grew in its mesh prison. I tried to will it away, but my cock was getting hard from watching the guys in action. As I lay there, bound in the fuck-chair, the vibrations of the chair continued, and then something new happened. The thing in my ass attached to my cock ring started to hum. I could distinctly feel the warm sensation of it moving inside me, and I gasped and thrust my hips upward by reflex in response. It grew more and more insistent now, and I realized this was going to make me hard. I tried to ignore the sensations and images I was watching but couldn't help it. I needed to get off badly.

The vibrator started pulsing in a faster rhythm and made me moan again. On the visor, I could see Rex was using his dick to restrict Todd's airway, forcing the whole thing in and leaving it there until Todd started pulling and jerking against his restraints to try to get Rex to let him breathe. Then Rex would pull his cock out just long enough to give the kid some air before he shoved it back in again. Goddamn, it was hot watching Todd being forced to suck him like that! The egg vibrator up my ass was driving me crazy too, and I could feel the tight sheath of the chastity device squeezing my dick uncomfortably. I winced as my dick tried to get hard, and I felt the cold metal bite down on my dick, keeping it from growing. It was starting to hurt pretty bad, and the warm, pulsing vibrations of that thing up my ass made me thrust involuntarily against the torture device, making it worse. This sucked, big time.

Rex got tired of suffocating poor Todd with his monster cock and withdrew it from the pizza punk's throat. He leaned over Todd's face and kissed him hard, driving his tongue into his mouth while Todd gasped for air from the rough face-fuck he had just received. Rex went down to the kid's nipples and began to suck and bite them. I heard Todd cry out, and he pulled against his leather restraints as Rex used his mouth to hurt the kid's tits. It was hot watching him work on someone else the same way he had done me, and my dick was pushing hard against the inside of its metal cage, making me sweat now as I realized there was no way I would get off with this thing on my cock. I wanted that more than anything now.

Soon, Rex moved down to Todd's dick and balls, roughly biting and sucking on the sensitive parts. Todd would periodically yell in pain as Rex bit down on his nut sack or dick. Todd's six-inch cock was rock hard, though, and I knew that despite the pain, he was getting off on this totally. Rex unbuckled Todd’s ankle straps and lifted Todd's legs over his shoulders. Then Rex went deep-diving, forcing his tongue into Todd’s asshole. Todd moaned, squealing and struggling against his wrist bonds while Rex tongue-raped him. The vibrator in my ass made me thrust against my tormentor, which was sheathing my dick, which hurt bad enough to bring tears. I wanted to fuck so badly! I needed it…I had to have it!

Then I felt something brush my lips. The chair’s rubber-dick appendage came from over my head as before. It was big, warm, and pulsing, just like the last time it had been in my mouth. Again, I wanted to keep my mouth shut when I felt the big throbbing cyber-cock of the machine pushing in my face, as the last thing I wanted right now was a face fuck. But it was too late to try to resist. I knew once that thing was in my mouth, it wouldn’t stop until it was programmed to end. I guess Rex had set all this up in advance, knowing that being forced to suck this thing would make my dick torture even more severe. As for my cock, it felt like it was being pressed in a vise. I knew it was straining against that metal mesh hard as hell, and, of course, there was no chance for escape.

Todd babbled incoherently as Rex continued working on his asshole with that long tongue. I knew how good it felt to have Rex do that, and I wished he was doing it to me. Meanwhile, the pulsing dick in my mouth had started to slowly face-fuck me, inserting all seven inches and withdrawing while I strained my mouth around it. That thing around my cock was making me hurt like hell. I couldn't believe how much pain my hard dick could be in while trying to expand of its cage. The vibrator in my ass buzzed against my prostate, causing me to thrust hard against the air and yank against the bondage of my chair. I wanted to yell, but the cock in my mouth kept me quiet, pushing its way down my throat over and over.

Then Rex lined his cock up against Todd's skinny little ass and started to push. I heard Todd hiss as the big dick entered his ass and began to make its way inside.

"Oh, God! Rex, please! Take it easy, man! You're fuckin' killing me!" Todd screamed.

Rex grunted and thrust even harder into the kid's ass. Todd yelled and groaned as the huge cock went all the way in. Rex didn't wait. There was no transition time. He immediately started to roughly fuck in and out, withdrawing his hard dick with each thrust and stuffing it back in fast. Todd was gasping and squealing as Rex used his ass. For my part, I was in my own hell as I continued having my face stuffed with nine inches of pulsing cock. My dick was smarting and stinging from the restriction of the mesh cage, but the action of the butt toy kept me hard despite the pain. Rex had arranged this torture for me effectively, as usual. I wailed around the fucker in my mouth and sweated with the exertion of my torment.

Something kicked in the chair switch, and I felt my legs being spread farther apart. Almost immediately, I felt the hard nudge of the big black cock that the machine used to fuck me, but something else was happening too. It was the chair’s mechanical dildo, pushing against my asshole gently at first, getting me ready. Then the mechanical dildo gave a hard shove and pushed the electronic vibrator into my ass further inside me. The dildo was penetrating and inching in relentlessly. I moaned and grunted, trying to open and relax my ass as it filled me. It was all the way in, pressing hard against my insides and causing the vibrating egg in my ass to push on my prostate like mad. I screamed and cried as my dick continued to be squeezed by the mesh of the cock-cage contraption. The cock in my mouth drove in and out without pause, giving me no break from the continuing assault while the enormous mechanical dick shoved up into my ass, then withdrew slowly, and then punched inside hard and fast again, making me scream in pain. It withdrew slowly again, then pushed inside hard, like a fist. I was in agony.

The show on the visor continued with Rex drilling Todd's little butt much in the same way the machine was drilling my own, rough and hard. I could clearly hear Todd groaning and panting as Rex drove his nine inches up that tight ass. The dick in my own ass was bigger, and punch-fucked me just as hard. I watched Todd's sweet little face contort in pain as Rex fucked him, and I knew my own face, distended around the big dick stuffing its way into my throat, must look the same.

All this hard fuck action continued for a long time. Rex was almost as much of a fuck machine as the thing I was strapped into. Todd moaned and struggled to take the hard cock up his ass, and I struggled equally to take all the cock that was filling my body as my dick was pinched and pressed in the tight mesh. Rex pulled out of Todd suddenly and let his skinny body drop exhaustedly to the black leather mattress of the bed. He moved up, kissed the kid's mouth, and wiped the sweat off his face. I must have blacked out for a moment, because when I came to, I was still secured to the chair, but Todd and Rex were gone. In the visor, I saw another room where Rex had Todd on a type of padded massage table. Todd was on his back, and Rex was pulling Todd's legs up high. Rex produced some other leather straps and adjusted Todd’s legs where he wanted them. He was being precise as usual.

Of course, this position aimed to have Todd’s ass in the air, and it was now about eight inches off the pad. His ankles and thighs were locked with padlocks to hold him in that position, just as his wrists were padlocked to the headboard top of the table. There was no escape for trussed-up Todd. His ass was now fully exposed, with his legs spread.

I noticed that Rex disappeared from the camera view for a second, but then he returned with a dildo. I had no idea my dick could ever hurt so bad from being forced to stay overly hard for so long. Tears were running down my face, and still, the machine fucked me on and on. In addition to the large dildo, he brought a can of Crisco. When he got on the bed, he began to lube up that huge dildo. It was at least as big as the mechanical fucker that was doing my own ass. I couldn't see how Rex would ever get that thing in a butt as tiny as Todd's.

I watched them in agony as the machine continued to fuck me from both ends. I felt the chair mechanism attach something to my nipples now, pinching them really fucking hard. I thrashed against my restraints uselessly, as each nipple had something clipped onto it. Whatever they were, they were tight as fuck. Without warning, a hard jolt of electricity ran through the nipple clamps, giving me a whole new kind of pain as the fucking continued. The electric pulse died down slowly, and it began to build again. The pulses started jolting me intermittently now, and it was horrible. I screamed around the dick that was thrusting into my mouth. This was hell.

Rex finished lubing the huge fuck toy and positioned it against Todd's little hole. I noticed that he continued stroking his hard cock as he got ready to tear Todd up with that big dildo. He pushed, and Todd grunted as the fist-sized head of the latex dick shoved against his ass.

"Rex, man, PLEASE! IT’S TOO FUCKIN’ BIG! PLEASE! I CAN’T TAKE IT! PLEASE!” Todd SCREAMED. But Rex continued to push the oversized rubber cock into him.

"Oh God, baby, you're gonna take this big dick up that ass. I'll get it in all the fuckin' way, you'll see," Rex growled and pushed the dick in more. Todd screamed as the head of the big cock disappeared into the boy’s upturned ass. Rex worked it around some, loosening the kid's butt for the rest of the long rubber prick. I felt bad for Todd, but a huge cock was continuously reaming my own ass, too, so I had other things to worry about. The pain in my tits from those electric shocks was awful. My whole body was sweating and tense as the machine's programmed assault progressed. Todd's agonized yelps accentuated my own as we were both fucked and tortured.

Rex began to force more of the big cock inside Todd, and I could see the look of pleasure on Rex's face as the pizza boy squirmed and strained against the leather restraints.

"Please, man, please! Don't fuck me with that thing," Todd was yelling. "I can't fuckin' take this, man! Ohhhh God!"

Rex shoved it in more and moved it around in Todd's protesting ass. He had managed to work in almost half the length of that big tool when he started to make fucking motions with it. He stroked it in and out, pushing it deeper with each shove. After about a dozen strokes, I saw that he almost had the whole thing inside the kid. Todd cried and screamed.

I was panting and crying myself as my own torture continued. My aching dick was the central point of all the other points of pain as the machine worked me over. I never knew a person could endure pain like this.

While I watched, Rex successfully penetrated the entire length of the big rubber dick up into Todd's ass. He was fucking the kid slowly with that thing, withdrawing it almost completely before pushing it back into the base. I couldn't believe it, but Todd was actually taking that whole thing up his ass. He was in obvious hell, sobbing and whimpering with every stroke, but that made Rex ram it in faster. I watched him fuck Todd like that for at least ten minutes, all the while enduring the harsh action of the machine on my own poor body.

Rex abruptly shoved the whole length of the big dildo up inside Todd. I saw him take hold of a strap at the base of the fuck toy, attach it around Todd's dick and balls, and around his waist. Now the thing was fully embedded in Todd's ass.

The pain and torment on Todd's face mirrored my own as I got fucked just as hard and mean by the chair. All I could do now was lay there and watch. How I wished I could reach down and take that fucking thing off my cock! I just fuckin' wanted to jerk off now. I just needed to blow a load! My balls were pulled up tight, and my aching dick could not expand. It was entrapped in its metal prison.

The programmed action of the chair continued assaulting my mouth, ass, and nipples while I watched Rex resting against Todd's immobilized body. Suddenly, the big mechanical dick shoving down my throat over and over tensed, expanded, and started shooting load after load of warm, thick liquid into my mouth and throat. I guess it was some kind of artificial cum. Tasted like it. The much bigger prick up my ass seized up as well, and I felt my ass getting filled with hot, sticky goo. They both shot repeatedly, and I was forced to swallow the salty blasts from the dick in my mouth as it was too far for me to spit it out. Finally, the chair finished.

Imagine a mechanical chair with the ability to climax … Twice!

The tool in my mouth pulled back a little but stayed about four inches in my mouth. The big cock up my ass pushed all the way inside and lodged there, motionless. The electro-shocks to my nipples stopped, but there was no reprieve for my aching dick, swollen and hurting inside the tight cock cage. I moaned in agony, wishing to God I could just be allowed to cum.

I saw Rex remove the huge dildo from the boy’s asshole. But then I saw he had what looked like a pair of tongs, but medical grade, which he was lubing up. It was the weirdest thing I ever saw or could even imagine. Was he going to shove those long BBQ-type tongs up Todd’s ass? What the fuck for? He’ll kill the boy!

Instead, he used the tongs to pick up a golf ball size metal ball. It was all shiny and perfectly round. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Next, Rex pushed the metal ball into Todd’s gaping asshole. Not just a few inches, but like a foot up into his hole. He seemed to do it carefully, and Todd was scared shitless. The boy was crying and trembling, going out of his mind due to the unknown purpose of this odd, maybe high-tech device.

“There you go. I’m not going to hurt you anymore.” Rex whispered in Todd’s ear. I have no clue what else he told him, except the look of horror on Todd’s face scared the shit out of me, too. Moments later, it looked like Todd blacked out in shock. Lastly, Rex pushed in a butt plug. Then he left the room with Todd secured in his upturned-ass position. I heard the door slam shut.

Several minutes later, the goggles pulled away from my eyes, and I could see Rex standing in the dimly lit lab, naked. He stroked his red, swollen cock and looked at me, still laying there in the chair, face, and ass fucked for his entertainment. He said nothing but continued to pump on his slicked-up cock with his right hand. Eventually, he came over and began to tap on the nipple clamps, sending shocks throughout my body.

I felt searing pain as he reached down and played with my dick. It was swollen and painful inside the tight metal mesh, and any touch was agony. He thumped and manipulated it roughly while he continued to jack off, obviously excited by my pain. After a few minutes, he removed the huge rubber dick from my ass and replaced it with his own. He grunted and thrust, and I could feel his hard-on shoving up inside me. He reached down and rubbed my dick, making me cry in pain around the mechanical dick still in my mouth.

“Eric, here’s the good news. I’m going to let you climax and do it any way you wish. Just be patient, and you’ll be able to, I promise.” That sounded great to me.

Getting the Chair, The Sequel
Part 5 of 6

It didn't take him long to fully insert his dick and start fucking my ass harder. I felt the length of his big pole pushing and probing me while he roughly massaged my aching cock and balls. I knew he had just gotten off in Todd, so this would be a long, hard fuck before he could get off again. I was right. he fucked and fucked. He drilled me and squeezed my tortured cock like that for twenty minutes before he finally groaned and shot his load into my ravaged ass. When he finished cumming, he withdrew his dick almost immediately. I couldn't see anything because I was restrained, but I heard tapping at the keyboard's controls, and soon the fake cock in my mouth withdrew. I gasped for air now that I could and then screamed in pain as the machine chair unclamped my nipples. Having those things removed hurt almost as bad as putting them on me. I was free again in a second, for the machine had also released the rest of me.

I struggled to sit up but could not. The strain of my muscles against the chair while the machine had worked me over was too much, and I was exhausted. I wondered when I was going to climax. It was all I could think about. I needed it so fucking bad! I was exhausted, yes, but I also needed to shoot my guts out soon.

Rex approached me, offered me some water, and helped me drink it since my arms were too shaky to hold the cup. I was so out of it that I didn’t quite register that the water tasted odd. I was just so dehydrated. I thanked him, and he kissed me tenderly on the mouth, then told me to come with him. I had difficulty sitting up again, but with Rex's help, I got shakily to my feet. Rex propped me up alongside him, and we went down the hall to where I could see an open door. As we went inside, I realized this was the room where Rex had just screwed Todd.

The skinny body of the pizza delivery boy lay there on the black leather padded massage table, wrists still secured with his ass stuck upward, and his asshole on perfect display. Rex helped me to the stand next to Todd. Finally, it seemed like I would be allowed to climax because Rex removed the wire cage from my dick and balls and the electric metal egg from my asshole. I was truly free. WOW! It felt good! I looked at Todd, still trussed up like a turkey with padlocks on his wrists and straps holding his legs up and out to the sides. His ass was nicely jutting up about eight inches off the table surface.

Rex leaned over me, stroked my hair and face, and kissed me again on the mouth. "Thanks, baby," he said, leaving the room.

“’Thanks baby?’” What the fuck was that about?

I heard the thick metal door close solidly behind him and realized I was probably now a prisoner in this room along with Todd. I relaxed as I shook my limbs, working out all the kinks. There was more water there, and I drank a lot of it. I wondered about the off-taste, but the thought quickly left me when I looked over at Todd’s thin, toned, handsome body. Next, I took a piss in the tiny bathroom.

After that, I looked back at Todd, but he seemed wasted and out of it. I wanted to remove his restraints, but that required keys, and I was unsure if Rex would allow me. I thought it would be best to let him sleep, but I was drawn to him. I had been sexually pent up for two fucking days and was as horny as ever. I couldn’t help softly, gently, petting and caressing him.

Todd looked so fucking good! I wanted to kiss and massage him. How dare Rex treat him like a piece of meat, tie him up, and relentlessly and brutally fuck him over! It’s rape! It’s fucking brutal rape! That bastard Rex is such an asshole. If you gonna fuck someone, you need their permission. Period. I was so focused on lightly petting Todd’s wonderful, sexy, sleeping body that I didn’t realize my dick was hard again. My dick had been all bound up, but now it was free. I was free. I petted Todd’s body. I knew his ass was a terrible source, so I petted it too. I began to kiss his body all over to soothe him. Realizing his tussled-up ass had been attacked, I kissed it all over. My dick was hard and dripping. I guess it was all the sexual abuse and erotic teasing I had been put through this last day and a half, AND NEVER BEING ALLOWED TO CLIMAX!

My movements around the room must have awakened Todd because he looked up at me now, the dim light shining in his confused blue eyes. "Hey, man. What's happening?” he asked me. “Rex was fucking the shit outta me, and then I musta blacked out. Where's he gone?" Todd said.

"He just brought me here to attend to you, I guess, and left us alone. But I know what he did to you, I was strapped in that fuck-chair watching it all on my visor. I saw him plunge his dick into you and rape you and fuck the shit out of you and force his big fuck pole into your asshole. That fucking asshole bastard! Fuck! How dare he! I couldn’t stop staring and wanting to help you.”

“Eric, you have been so kind to me, so sweet and all, and someday, if we get out of this insane hellish mess, maybe we could connect. But I am physically wiped out. I’m in agony, wasted, all used up. I just need to be alone right now. I can’t take anymore. I just can’t. My ass is so sore and painful - I don’t want to be touched for a very long time. Eric, I am so fucking scared…maybe I’m seriously injured.”

While listening to this, I started petting Todd lovingly, trying to get him to relax and calm down. I was ashamed that my fingers sought out his inviting asshole, lightly tracing his ass lips round and round in a circular motion, gently feeling his oh-so-sweet butt hole.

"Please don’t touch me there. Christ, man," Todd sighed, "That shit fucker Rex hurt me so bad! I kept telling him to stop, but he wouldn't! What a fucking asshole to be so uncaring and brutal! There's something up my ass still!" But I didn’t stop teasing his ass lips. Instead, I leaned over and kissed his mouth and everywhere on his face.

“Eric, can you get me out of this? Get me untied?” I could see the padlocks securing his arms above his head and his knees and legs, which folded him in half - forcing his ass in the air. I only pretended to try to loosen those straps.

I knew from looking at the bondage that they were not coming off without keys. I told him, “Hey baby, these are all locked on. I can’t move them or even get them slightly looser. Sorry, Todd.”

“Eric, look for the keys. I noticed he placed them up on top of that chest of drawers. I am in so much pain. I can’t take this anymore.” Todd started to tear up.

I got up to search for the keys. My dick was bouncing and leaking more pre-cum. When I got to the dresser, I saw the padlock keys right in plain sight. “Well, they’re not here,” I lied, “But let me check the bathroom.” I went into the bathroom and pretended to search everywhere, then yelled to Todd, “Sorry babe, I am so sorry. I don’t see the keys anywhere.” Then I came out and stood at the side of the table next to my trussed-up blonde, swimmer-built, sweetie pizza boy. God, he looked so sexy!

I was ashamed, but not as ashamed as I was horny and desperate for a good and long-lasting fuck. Todd’s my new friend, and I did care about him, but right then, my mind was focused only on his wonderful ass, all locked in place. It was so good of Rex to secure it up in the air and ready it for me to fuck, I thought as a joke, never realizing that that is exactly what Rex had in mind. I had almost forgotten that he had told me he would allow me to climax. Rex had arranged all of this so that I could fuck and climax but at the expense of furthering Todd’s misery.

Actually, that was not entirely true because Rex had clearly left the padlock keys out in the open where I could see them and Todd could not. This was my permission to unlock Todd. So, I had the power to unlock and release him. Yes, he gave me a fucking choice. I could fuck Todd all I wanted to like this, or I could release him, and Todd would prevent me from fucking him. I had the choice to be kind and loving, or I could choose to satisfy my own primal sexual needs.

But I was concerned about that metal ball Rex had placed deep inside Todd’s asshole. I wondered if it would somehow shock my dick when I pushed it into my sweetie’s ass. Ok, so my evil side was taking over my behavior. I was on some kind of an intoxicating, dizzyingly high, which made me scream to myself, “I NEED SEX! I’M NOT REALLY LIKE THIS, BUT RIGHT NOW, I AM A FORNICATING BEAST.” I wondered if the weird tasting water had some sex stimulate. I’ve never felt so crazed as this, sex staved and crazed. In fact, I wasn’t concerned about further harm and injury to Todd, only about harm to my dick if I fucked him.

So, I presented myself to Todd as a kind, caring, loving pal, speaking in low, calming tones. “Sorry, I can’t free you. However, at least I can remove the butt plug,” and did immediately. “We just have to bear this out until that fucking bastard Rex sets you free. I’d do anything for you, you know that, right?” He nodded.

“What was that metal ball thing Rex inserted in your ass? I noticed on my cam, from my chair, that he used long-handled tongs to place it deep inside you.” Todd started to cry.

Todd started to tremble, shaking and crying. It took him a few moments before he was able to speak. “He told me it was a hi-tech shocking device. It was some kind of a metal ball inside a metal ball, with some circuitry inside.” Todd teared up and sniffled again, “Rex said that if I move or was jostled, the ball inside me would give me a terrible shock. As long as I remain still, it wouldn’t produce any shocks. So, I need to remain motionless until Rex releases me.”

“Well, I guess he wouldn’t be able to fuck you then, or else he would get shocked, too, right?” I waited for this critical answer because I didn’t want to get my dick shocked if I fucked Todd right now.

“No, not exactly. Rex told me he inserted it about 12 inches inside me because his dick was only nine inches long, so he wouldn’t get the shock. Only I would.”

I guess that’s why he used the long tongs to place it inside my sweet Todd. And, I thought, if Rex wouldn’t be shocked when fucking Todd, neither would I. “Oh babe, I am so sorry. Let me hold you, my sweetie.” And as I gently held and petted him, he calmed down and stopped crying. He seemed relaxed and comforted by my gentleness.

I kissed his lips and then deeply French kissed him. He kissed me back. As I did this, I sneakily placed my fingers on his asshole and teased it.

“No, Eric, not there, please!”

“Shhh, shhh, just relax,” I told him softly as I continued to rub his asshole and, on occasion, slip a finger inside. Not deeply, just up to one knuckle.

“Please …” He tried to deny me.

“Shhh, shhh, I will take care of you.” And then my finger went inside his asshole again, slowly but fully. I moved it tenderly, massaging the inside of his inviting, quivering hole.

I pushed my tongue deep into his mouth, as full as I could, to silence him. I removed my finger and maneuvered my hips to angle my drippy, steel-pole dick into his warm, wet, beautiful hole. I rubbed my slippery dickhead all around his ass lips, leaving large deposits of pre-fuck slime. He was all bound up, his arms above his head, his knees folded up to his chest, which left his asshole all nice and secured eight inches above the mattress. I shifted my position further and straightened up. I was now directly settled in at his asshole, with my dick just at its entrance.

“No, Eric, please don’t. Please don’t fuck me! I am too exhausted, too scared, in too much in pain, and that electric shocking device will fry me. Please don’t. I care about you so much!”

“Shhh, I care about you too. You are the only one I care about. I will be slow and gentle.”

“No, please, please, ple …”

I couldn’t stand it! My sweetie was begging me to stop. A heavy, white wool sock was on the floor, so I picked it up and gently jammed it into Todd’s begging mouth. Then I fully packed it in there. His cheeks expanded like a chipmunk, and there was no way he could expel it without using his hands.

Now the cat was out of the bag, and I didn’t care. I was so fucking horny! It wasn’t like me. I don’t know why this animal instinct came over me. I’m not a rapist, but I am a natural-born top, a fucker of women and now of men too. And nature does call at times. Regardless, I pushed my dick in slowly because I didn’t want to jostle him, or he would get shocks from the mean device up his ass. I was in heaven. Fuck! It had been almost two days of teasing and erotic torture, and edging! All that time, I wasn’t allowed to climax. I had a dozen climaxes worth of cum in my balls, and I wanted it to blast out of me like a cannon. I needed to shoot to fucking high heaven!

Todd’s body shook. He couldn’t move much, but his head shook, “No!” Yet I ignored him. His ass was so sweet, and I felt heady and powerful, like a locomotive. I stepped up my fucking into a frenzy of selfish sexual aggrandizement.

Suddenly, Todd’s eyes bugged out, and his face and neck veins seemed to pop through his skin. He wildly shook his head to stop me.

At that moment, I knew his insides were getting shocked by the evil device Rex had planted in his asshole. He looked like he was being fried from the inside, so I immediately stopped. I started thinking about what I was doing to this poor, kind, loving friend, and I didn’t want to hurt him. His face and body began to relax.

However, my dick was still hungry to conquer his ass and body. My hips started slowly pumping as if with a mind of their own. It felt so good! I could see from Todd’s face that he was terrified of another series of shocks, so I just closed my eyes and sped up. My hips and dick were on full bore - I was fucking him harder than I’d ever fucked anyone. I could hear mumbled screams. I opened my eyes. He was crying and sobbing and jerking all about. So I closed my eyes tightly. I fucked and lunged and pushed into his fully bound body as hard as I could. The sturdy table was moving in sync with my forward and backward plowing force. I fucked and fucked. I realized the muffled screams were real, but now I didn’t care. My body was sweating like a river - I was insane. I was a fuck machine. It felt wonderful!

But then I opened my eyes and saw Todd was pouring tears, trying to scream through the gag. His face was wet with tears, and he went limp.

Did he black out? Or was it more than that? I saw his body twitch, I assumed, from the electrical shock, but I continued to fuck him anyway. At least now I could do my worst and not hurt him anymore. And then, at last, I blasted volley after volley of my pent-up juice into his hole. I couldn’t stop. I kept thrusting until I was satisfied and empty. I was done, content, complete. What had come over me? I slowly pulled my dick out of Todd and collapsed over his bound-up body. I left the room worried about what I had done. Yet, so glad to have finally climaxed my guts out. Todd did not speak for days, and when we did, there was an uncomfortable coolness about him.

Over the next three weeks, Rex kept us both as his sex slaves. He controlled us and used and abused us. Rex had all kinds of videos and photos of Todd and me doing degrading and dehumanizing stuff, which was sufficient blackmail to cause us both to obey him. The situation lasted until my house-sitting job there ended. Dr. Kilmer, who owned this mansion, was only supposed to be gone for a week, so I agreed to stay the week. But that week turned into over a month. As his housekeeper, I was stuck there until the doctor came home. The day before Dr. Kilmer returned, Rex released Todd and me and allowed us to return to our normal lives.

For the first two months after we parted ways, it was quite a struggle to get back to the female companionship I used to enjoy. I continued to reflect on male-to-male domination. Fucking men, being a top to men, was seeping into my mind as a new interest, though I refused to own it. Suffice it to say, thoughts of dominant men peppered my mind occasionally, but I never acted on those desires. And, I will never admit that there was sometimes very powerful about being dominated, brutally, and cruelly dominated… by men. Me? A sub? A sub for gay men? Don’t make me laugh! I only wanted my routine, mundane life back. Since leaving the mansion, I hadn’t seen Todd or Rex, so I assumed that chapter was closed. Good riddance!

Then, about four months after I left the mansion, I ran into Rex at a coffee house. “Hey, Hiya Eric! How’s it hanging?”

I didn’t know what to say. I’ll admit I enjoyed his sexy body, huge dick, and the weird sexual stuff we did, but he just went too far. Way, way too far. Now, I was determined to keep my private life and my freedom. “Hey, Rex. I’m OK. How did your fuck-cha … I mean, your massage chair work out? All fine-tuned now?”

“Dr. Kilmer is still working on it, but we are progressing. Say, Eric, do you want to come over and have a little training session with me?” Rex smiled wickedly.

“You know, maybe that could have happened, but you went overboard. The way you treated me, especially Todd,… was way too cruel. Todd wouldn’t even see me after that horrible experience you put him through.”

“Oh really, Eric?” Rex smiled suspiciously and continued. “That ‘horrible experience’ I put him through? Really?”

I was confused. Why wasn’t he owning up to what he did? Clearly, his selfish, mean, evil self set this all up!

“Let’s see, Eric. Remember when I locked you and Todd up in the basement bedroom? Where he was all strapped in the bed with his legs secured up to double him over? Remember his ass, his nice sweet ass up in the air in that wonderfully fuckable position? Do you remember all that?’ I told him I remembered every detail of his mean, diabolical schemes and plans.

“Well, Eric, did you know I was in the lab watching you?” My face went white. My eyes bugged out. I was shocked with embarrassment.

“I saw you with your sweetie, your lover boyfriend, treating him so kindly, so tenderly, so caring.” Rex laughed aloud. “I saw you at the dresser when you found the padlock keys to untie him. I heard you telling him how very sorry you were that there were no keys to let him loose. I saw you playing with your drippy dick and making sweet love to him. Am I reporting all this correctly? Am I right? If there is any doubt, I can play the video I made of you.”

“But I … I … I was ... I was … all sexed up ... I couldn’t help myself ... I … Oh God … I …” I was stunned, absolutely flabbergasted. Speechless.

“Yes, Eric, I was in control, a control freak. But you, you …”

“Rex, I couldn’t help myself! I had no choice! You tied him up so you could fuck his gorgeous ass, and then you left him like that when you brought me in. I had nothing to do with it! You left him like that, ready and ripe for the taking. That was all you!”

“Oh? You had no choice, did you? I saw you found the keys and refused to use them.” He paused to let me stew in the embarrassment of my past frenzy and desperate lust. “But worse, he told you about the device I stuck up his ass and what it would do to him. That hi-tech device would shock him terribly if his body were jerked or nudged. However, my friend, your only concern was that YOU would not be shocked if you fucked him! You knew the harm and pain it would cause him if you fucked him harshly. That the fucking motion would trigger a series of painful, even unbearable, electric shocks to his insides. But you didn’t care, did you?”

“I saw in the video how you intentionally behaved. You knew you could fuck him very gently without slamming his body. You knew you could give him a nice, loving ass fuck. At least that way, he wouldn’t get shocked. But Eric, admit it, you still wanted your selfish, mean-spirited, harsh, frenzied, maniac sex session with him, no matter what.” “No … don’t say that … stop … I …” I started to cry. My hands were shaking at his truthful words.

“Whatever I did to you, I warned you ahead of time. What we did together was only an erotic, sexual thing, not a ‘real love’ thing. You knew that as I was using you. But with you and Todd, well … he loved you. He wanted you. He made plans with you, at least in his own head. That sweet boy was innocent and kind, and you knew that. By seizing the opportunity to fuck him so brutally and selfishly, well … that was all you.” Rex laid it all out, and he was correct. It was awful.

“Such a pity. Todd still cares about you.”


Rex replied calmly, “I said Todd still likes you.”

Getting the Chair, The Sequel
Part 6 of 6

“You mean you have seen Todd? You have talked to him?”

We sat therein a crowded coffee house, just catching up.
“Actually, we live together. Oh, I don’t control him anymore. We’re just roommates. He got kicked out of his place for being gone so long. It was my fault because I held him at Dr. Kilmer’s for all those weeks, so I owed it to him. So, yes, we are roommates and friends.”

“You see, you and Todd were on different journeys when you were ‘locked up’ in the mansion. You each had very different experiences with very different outcomes. It was unplanned and unexpected, but you came to like how I controlled you. Todd didn’t.”

“But I didn’t I … I … I don’t want …”

Rex cut me off. ”Don’t interrupt.” For the first time that day, he was stern with me. “Just shut up and listen. You were never in love with me, but you ‘loved’ what I was doing to you. Oh, yes, painful, cruel at times, erotic almost always. And you were, are, drawn to me as your complete controller. Your dominator. You are a true sub, someone who needs to please his Master and is only fulfilled when you are being used and abused by him.”

I wanted to interrupt. I mean, that wasn’t the real me. I’m not a sub. I was just overpowered in a mindfuck. It’s all a lie, a false interpretation, but I thought it better not to say it out loud.

“Todd, on the other hand, discovered he did not like being dominated. It is not who he is. But, he did discover that he enjoyed parts of what I was doing. Todd realized he was a top, not just a sexual top, but an S and M top. Funny, before meeting me, he always assumed he was a bottom and a sub because he was smaller built, boyishly cute, and on the skinny side. He looked like a typical faggot queen. Gay men just saw him that way, so he saw himself that way and lived sexual experiences as a bottom. He appreciated what I showed him. He actually respects me! I guess I brought that out in him. Me, a role model! Wow. We are just two rough tops, living together, with no sub to use.”

Then there was a pregnant pause. Why exactly was he telling me this? He was looking at me, smiling. I had learned a lot in our brief conversation, and now I wanted to go, but it was awkward. He didn’t move, nor did I. I just sat there, reflecting on what he said. There we were, sitting in a public coffee house, when suddenly he said, “As I asked you earlier, Eric, do you what to come over and have a little training session with me, meaning Todd and me? Or, how about just for a drink?”

Fucking shit. Why can’t I ever just talk, say stuff, say what I want, say what I mean? I just sat there like an idiot – mute - staring at him.

“Actually, I already know your answer.” Rex laughed, not loudly, but just to me.” Your answer is ‘Yes.’ The details we can work out later. Yes, you have questions, and we’ll work those out too. But your answer is definitely ‘Yes.’” He chuckled with pleasure.

“Now that I’ve told you what you want, I will tell you what to do. Empty your pockets and put everything on the table.” I hesitated, but oddly not for long. I did as I was told. Stupid, I know. I didn’t have much, just a cell, wallet, and keys, which I plopped on the table. He picked up all three items and put them in his own pocket. Then he got up and went to the cash register. He spoke to the cashier but also made a call while standing there. It seemed like an animated conversation, but I didn’t hear any of it. He came back with a large paper bag. I just sat there, dumbfounded, sipping the last of my coffee.

“OK, Eric, take your shoes and socks off,” he said as he sipped his coffee cup. I thought, what the hell? I looked at him as if to ask where to put them, and he pointed to the empty, opened bag on the table. So I placed them in it. “Now, remove your shirt.” He was so cool, soft speaking and confident that I would do as he asked. But my hands were shaking. I was not going to do it. “You know, Todd is anxious to see you again. Really he is.” And I wanted to see him too, so off came my shirt. I had no T-shirt on, so now I was bare-chested.

I thought about the general restaurant rules, “No shoes, No shirt, No service.” I wondered if I was going to be asked to leave. I wondered if the other patrons, looking at me stripping down, were upset or just laughing at me. Would the management call the police? But here’s the thing. The great thing about taking orders is that if I follow orders, all repercussions are the responsibility of the one in charge. Still, I felt weird as I placed my shirt in the bag.

‘Now, pants.” “Now, pants.” Oh fuck, where was this going? I was trembling. I was nervous, but I remained silent, trying not to resist. I didn’t want to draw more attention to myself (as if there was anyone here not already looking at me), so I remained seated and undid my pants, slowly slipping them off my bare feet.

I didn’t want to hold them up and wave them around like a flag of surrender, so I held them under the table and looked at Rex. He pointed to the bag. I was only wearing bright red underwear. It’s one thing to be in underwear in your home or gym locker room but in a coffee house? Really? I sneakily folded the pants as small as I could and quickly placed them in the bag.

He looked at me. I stared back. I wanted to say, “Now what?” But I guess he wanted me to figure it out for myself.

“Yeah, you might have noticed that I made a call just now. Yeah, I was talking to Todd about you. He seemed very interested in seeing you. He wanted to know if you had wised up.”

“’ Wised up?”’ I must have looked stupid. “About what?” I asked.

“Whether or not you’ve figured out your place in life. He wants me to bring you to our apartment, but he has the same conditions I have. He and I are now looking at you on the same wavelength.”

“What do you guys want? I’m sitting here in a public coffee shop wearing only my fucking underwear. Everyone is staring at me because I am in my fucking underwear!” I yelled in a forced whisper as I curled my toes in nervousness.

“BINGO! That’s the problem. We want you to come home and be with us. We will help you discover more deeply who you really are. We just need a sign that you know what you want. … as you sit there … in your underwear.”

What the fuck! I know who I am. It’s who I have been all my life. I’m just fine. I am me, for fucks sake. But I was curious, very curious, and said nothing. I must be dumb. I had nothing left to give him. And there I was, practically naked, in public.

“I know you are stupid at times, Eric, but I think you are more scared than stupid right now. You can either sit there in your underwear or come along with me now.”

That’s what I wanted to hear. I wanted to go to his place, to Todd. Yes, of course. So I stood up. I wanted to quickly shoot out the door so no one could feast their eyes on my briefs for more than a second. I wanted to be a flash out the door. But as I contemplated a run for the door, Rex did not stand up. He just sat there.

“I said, you can either sit here in your underwear or come with me.” Then he pointed to the bag.


“Todd is really excited with the anticipation of seeing you. He has always had the hots for you, all this time. Of course, things have changed. He now wants to have total control over YOU. He wants to own YOU, give YOU lots of rules that YOU will have no choice but to obey. Yes, he wants your sweet ass, all for himself.”

Rex had just acknowledged a few minutes before that he saw me acting like a total top. And even more, like a sadistic control freak when I fucked Todd so cruelly. But if Rex is a top, Todd is a top, and I had been acting like a top, who gets fucked? If the three of us are tops, and we go to his place to have wild sex, who will surrender being a top? Can you see my confusion?

I started to mutter, “But how are three tops … I mean, who is … how are we …?

“Look at yourself!” I was in a coffee shop in my underwear, and I was not looking at all like I was in charge of anyone. I was not even in charge of myself. How did things get so twisted around? I felt strong feelings for Todd; apparently, he felt those same feelings about me. That’s awesome. But how does sex, rough sex, happen? One of us has to be the bottom. One of us has to be genuinely into submitting. It won’t be me because I’m a Dom. But I think I love Todd, and he is a Dom. So one of us has to be a sub. Or … I’ll lose Todd for real.

I didn’t realize it until just then, but my underwear was all tented up. I followed Rex’s stare and brought my eyes down, and there was a big wet spot from my pre-fuck juice. I was not only displaying a stiff rod but also a leaky one ... AND IN A PUBIC COFFEE SHOP! I was so humiliated. My face was red. I looked back at Rex and leaned way over, and whispered, “Look, OK. Let’s please go. I know you want my underwear in the bag, but let me do it in the car. I can’t be naked right now. I have a raging boner. I’m leaking all over my fucking briefs. So can we please get out and get on our way? I really want to see Todd, and then we can figure things out, like find us a bottom boy. ”

Rex said nothing. He just thumped the paper bag and looked at me. I was trying to think of a way to sneak the underwear off and make a run for the door, covering my hard, bobbing dick with my hands. If I could do that, they’d all think I was just a college student doing a streaking prank as I shot out of here.

I looked at Rex for help and searched his eyes with my pleading eyes, but he only thumped the bag again. So, here goes. I slowly removed my Jockeys and slowly snuck them into the bag.

“Wait here.” Rex stood up, took the bag to the trash can near the cashier, and tossed it in as if it were full of used plasticware and dirty napkins. FUCK! MY CLOTHES! I’M HERE TOTALLY NAKED! FUCK! LET’S GET OUT OF HERE! Then he came back and sat down. “Ok, here are Todd’s new rules.” Then he listed three of them.

“One, just follow me, and I will get you out of here ASAP. Two, keep your hands clasped behind your back. And three, say nothing unless asked.”

I was trembling. “OK, let’s go.” I got up and immediately waited for Rex to stand, which he did slowly. “Where do you keep your hands?” I placed them behind my back. I was so fucking embarrassed. I had a stiff dripping boner and was anxious to leave

“OK, we should leave a tip. Let’s see, how much?” I suggested a dollar. Rex responded, “I’m not sure. I just have a $100 bill, but let’s go the register for change.” So I followed him to the cash register.

“Hi, Susan. Nice to see you working today. Oh, this is Eric. We need change.”

“Oh.” She was stunned by me being naked, and all boned up. I wished I could die, but then she said, “OK, but please wait. I need to serve a customer his beer first, OK?”

Rex told her, “No hurry.” But my friend here will be glad to do that for you." And she thanked him.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!" I screamed to myself.

Then Susan handed me the beer and said, "OK, sweetie, it goes to that gentleman in the grey shirt, the guy on the phone sitting with his friend. And be sure to serve him with a smile."

In a dumb daze, I took the beer, walked over to him, and handed it to him. Everything was surreal. Oddly, he looked at me but kept talking on the phone as we stared politely at each other. Actually, he was staring at my dick, as were the men with him. God, I wish it would at least go down. I stood there with the tray in one hand and held out my other hand with the ice-cold beer. EVERY fucking person in the place had their eyes locked on me in silence.

Why the fuck didn't I just set it on the table?!

I think once I held it out to him, I was committed to handing it to him and waiting as long as it took. I guess l felt that if I just set it down on his table now, it might be rude ... but what the fuck do I know? As the customer continued to talk on the phone, he reached out nonchalantly and gently cupped my balls in the palm of his hand. He continued to hold them without thought like people doodle on paper as they talk on the phone.

I wanted to politely say, "Please, I need to go," but now I felt it would be even ruder to just set the beer down and leave. It's like it was serving some purpose, and the customer is always right. I next realized that I was back at the register returning the tray.

Rex handed me a $20 bill. Then speaking much louder than necessary, he said, “Eric, stay in line to get my change so I can leave a $5 tip. I’ll be in the restroom. And you’d better not drip on the floor, understand?” he said sternly. Rex handed me the bill and went to the head, leaving me there … NAKED! I returned my hands, holding the bill, to my backside.

I was so humiliated and embarrassed. My dick was bobbing, and I could see it starting to ooze more precum. An elongated precum ‘string’ slowly stretched toward the floor from my dick. It looked like snot.

A 30-something-year-old woman behind me was in line, dressed in some weird punk clothing style. She must have heard Rex’s comment about not dripping on the floor, so she spoke up. “Ah, do you want me to wipe your … ah … shaft off for you?”

If there had been a hole, I’d have jumped in it. I was so red-faced! But I said to her, “Yes, please!”

I thought she would get a napkin from the counter before us, but she just wiped my dick off with her hand. Wow! I had my back to the room, hoping no one saw her. She scooped it up and caught the long drip. Then she said, “You want this, don’t you? I taught my boyfriend to eat his man drippings too.”

I didn’t even think about her question but nodded in agreement. She immediately pushed her palm into my face, and I had no choice but to lick it off. She was standing in front of me while I was still waiting either for Rex to return from the bathroom or for the clerk to give me change. Since neither had happened yet, she started making small talk with me. “Does your Master spank you when you’re bad?” Then she added, “I make my boyfriend wear a collar when we’re out. Don’t you have to?” I was shocked and just stuttered.

A couple of weird things were happening. As she talked to me, she waved other customers to go ahead in front of us as if she wanted more time with me. The second thing is her left hand never left my dick. She was teasing it as if she were a pro at domination. Most of the time, she had a single finger or two tickling the underside of my dick, then she’d make tiny slippery circles on the mushroom head, rubbing my precum around it. FUCK! Where was Rex?! My dick was bobbing and jerking.

Then, this punky-dressed redheaded woman slid her loosely closed fist over my dick. She was not grabbing it firmly, just barely, just enough to get me to shoot. “Please. Please, Ma’am … please don’t … please …” I whispered in the lowest tones. I was just about to shoot when Rex approached us, and she let go of me. I was sweating, trembling. My dick was in a frenzy. I hoped it would hold off, and I could relax, but it stayed on high alert for any touch to trigger its much-needed release.

I was so distracted I didn’t even notice that Rex had taken the $20 bill from my hand and was making change, then went over to our table to leave the tip. When my daze finally ended, I quickly walked over to him. He never addressed me, never reminded me to hurry along. I just followed him as he FINALLY went to the front door. I was so glad to get out of there I was sweating and shaking with humiliation. I was following Rex so closely that when he stopped suddenly, my dick poked him in the ass. But why did he stop?

I didn’t realize he was looking out the big store-front window, looking for signs of police. At this point, he took full responsibility for me, my behavior, and my nudity. Apparently, the coast was clear, not of people, just of police. So he felt it was safe for us to go onto the street. But before he did, he said, “Ok, Eric, turn around and wave goodbye to all these nice people.” I smiled with embarrassment and waved. My dick was at full salute and dripping. I waited for Rex to quickly step outside so I could follow him, as told, but he took his time. People applauded, and my dick was ready to shoot. I was completely embarrassed. Finally, we went outside to his nearby parked car. We got in and left.

THANK GOD! My car was there too, but I guess it was no longer my concern. I had no clothes, and Rex held my wallet, keys, and phone, and my car was in the parking lot. But they were no longer my concern. MY CAR WAS NOT MY CONCERN? I know this sounds stupid, but I was excited and happy. Tremendously nervous, of course, but there was a strong sense that I needed to be with Rex and Todd to be used and abused. This is who I really am.

In the two years – so far – of this arrangement, the three of us have lived together. With Rex’s help, Todd has become a fine and experienced S and M Master. Rex is kind to both of us but rarely joins us in sex or any S and M sessions. He realized, long before I did, that Todd and I had become tight, more of a monogamous Master-slave relationship. No matter who came over, I was never allowed to wear clothes at home. No matter if it was one of our very dear friends or family members, no clothes were allowed. We were a very stable S and M couple. Anyone who didn’t like it and didn’t respect us could go fuck themselves. I loved to please Todd and Rex whenever Todd approved of his inclusion.

We visited the leather festivals in San Francisco and other major cities annually. If you know these events, nudity is allowed under certain conditions. Todd would take advantage of that.

The most I was ever allowed to wear at these festivals was a black leather collar, a black leather cock ring (he had many different leather and metal rings around my dick and balls), and, on rare occasions, a black leather jock. Todd felt that being barefooted was an important sign of submission, so footwear was rarely allowed.

Todd had several obscene “briefs” he'd make me wear if we were at a non-leather event, party, or other gatherings. These “outfits” ranged from skimpy bikinis to G-strings to a jockstrap. One of those items, along with my black leather collar, was my entire wardrobe. On one occasion, at a formal gay wedding reception, Todd had me wear only the black leather collar around my neck and a black silk bowtie around my dick, balls, and nothing else. Of course, he had the grooms’ approval. And in all the above occasions, bare feet were required.

He had more conservative outfits for me when going to a casual restaurant or supermarket. These included a T-shirt, jeans, white socks, black boots, and the ever-present black leather collar. However, all of the jeans had large holes in them, not just at the knees, but these holes exposed much of my private parts. They were precisely placed so that depending on how I stood or sat, anyone could see my asshole, my balls hanging out, or even my dick partially or completely protruding.

Sometimes, with couples, you reach a point where it’s ‘been there, done that.’ Life can get a little boring, but not with us. Rex would suggest rule adjustments over the years, and some new elements would be added periodically. These include dog training, heavy metal piercings, new painful punishments, and interactions with other groups at odd public places. Being a slave sub is never boring. I didn’t have to plan anything or decide anything. I just trusted and obeyed. I have truly found my place in life.

The End

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