269 My Classmate, My trainer

269 My Classmate, My Trainer
Part 1 of 5

My name is Murray. I made it through high school and am now a college freshman, living on campus in a single room. While I’ve never exactly thought of myself as being a prude. I could never have imagined sharing such a small, intimate space with another guy and being around him when he was naked or having him there when I had to get naked. How was I to know then how much all of that (and so much more) would change shortly after meeting Derek?

I met Derek in my history class, and we talked and studied together. He was a brilliant guy and was into athletics. He finally talked me into working out with him, convincing me to use weights and to start running, and now he was really putting me through tough workouts. I’m the sort of person who needs to be encouraged and even pushed, so I wanted – no needed – his assertive mentoring to continue, and that’s how we ended up here in the locker room. It was about our tenth or twelfth workout session, and each seemed to be harder and more demanding than the last. At the end of each, I could barely move.

What a great day, and what a great workout! Boy, had Derek put me through a tough grind, but I needed it. I’d always been an active and athletic guy, and although my body is nicely toned, I didn’t work out, or at least I didn’t before I met Derek.

There we were, sitting on a bench in the locker room. I had just finished a grueling workout and had taken off my shoes, socks, shirt, and shorts, and I was sitting there in my jock strap as I cooled down. Suddenly, I felt hands on my shoulders and heard Derek say, "That was a good workout. Now you need to relax with a warm shower.”

I nodded my head, almost too tired to speak. Derek's hands began massaging my shoulders, and then I felt warmth spread down my back like warm water rinsing me off, but how was he managing to pour warm water over my back and still have both of his hands on my shoulders? Then the fog cleared, and I realized he had to be pissing on my back! I started to stand as I said, "What the fuck?"

"It's okay, Murray," he said as he pushed down on my shoulders, "It won't hurt anything, and it is good for sore muscles."

I was too tired to resist, so I sat back down, feeling the stream move back and forth across my back. I could smell the pungent aroma of his urine - it rolled down my back, collected on the waistband of my jockstrap, and then down my ass, onto the bench, and onto the floor; I watched the accumulation on the floor snake it is way to the drain.

He removed his right hand from my shoulder, and I then felt his stream move up my neck - he was now directing the stream with his hand as he continued to piss up my neck and onto the back of my head, soaking my hair. I started to turn my head, but then I saw his cock, with the piss streaming out of it, pointing towards my head. I didn't want to get any on my face, so I turned back and faced forward as he continued to direct the flow. He let some flow over my shoulder and down across my sore pecs. Piss began to collect in the front of my jock, soaking my pouch; it felt so warm.

I was totally clueless. I had never before been this close to another guy’s cock, much less his piss. Of course, I’ve showered with guys in the gym and changed with them in locker rooms, but that was it. I don't think I had ever seen another guy piss except when I was a kid and a cousin, and I pissed in the backyard once.

The warmth of his piss soaked around my cock, and I could feel my dick stirring, but I didn't want to think about it. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back as Derek finished covering me in his piss. I could feel him rubbing his cock in my hair when he finished.

But why had my cock swelled and filled out my piss-soaked jock?

"Take it off," he instructed.

At first, I didn't know what he meant, but then I figured it out. He wanted me to take off my jock! I was lost in a fog - I was in territory I had never been in before.

Derek wanted me to remove my jock and expose my hardening cock. I didn't know why it was swelling, but it was probably because I was so close and intimate with a naked person, and I had never been this close to any naked person before. And he had just rubbed his cock in my hair! Nonetheless, I mechanically reached down and put my thumbs into the waistband of my jock, lifted my ass up a bit off of the bench, and slid down my jock, releasing my cock. It wasn't rigid, but it was on its way. I flushed red when Derek said, "Nice one."

"Now, Murray, piss on yourself," he said in a gentle voice.

I was shocked, but at the same time, I wanted to follow his instructions for some reason, so I tried to relax and concentrate in order to get the flow going. Finally, it started as a couple of drops and then as a stream. It flowed up my stomach, down into my crotch, onto the bench, and then onto the floor.

"Take it in your hand and direct the stream. Cover your chest. Try to get some on your face," he directed in the same easy voice.

And so, I took my cock in my hand and began to direct the stream up my stomach and onto my chest. With a thrust of pressure, I managed to squirt myself in the face. It went up my nose, into my eyes, and across my lips, and still, I continued to piss.

"Now, cover your legs and feet."

I moved my dick and began spraying my legs and down to my feet, but I ran out as I moved onto the other foot. The odor was overpowering, and yellow droplets glistened in the hairs all over my body.

"Stand up and turn around," he directed – not exactly an order, but more of a request that one feels one must comply with.

And so, I stood and turned to look at him. We were of the same height - 6 feet tall. I was blond, and he had dark brown hair. He had tremendous definition, whereas I was just beginning to develop muscle mass. His cock hung down over two golf ball-sized nuts. I had never really looked at his cock before - he was circumcised and seemed to be well-endowed.

"Now get yourself hard,” he said.

I was stunned. I had never been hard in front of another person before, and this was the stuff of jerk-off fantasies and pornography! Humiliation coursed through my body, and I flushed again, but still, I reached down and took my cock in my left hand, and began to fondle myself. I looked down to watch, but he said, "No, look me in the eyes." It didn't take much to get me to rock hard, with my dick angling up towards my belly and a trail of hair from my belly button down to my pubes.

"Murray, Move your hand away."

I moved my hands down to my sides. As I looked into his eyes, he looked up and down my body, then walked around me and looked me up and down some more. When he was behind me, he said, "Now bend over and spread your ass cheeks apart." I blushed, but once more, I complied. I then felt a finger trace down my crack, and my whole body trembled.

"Nice. Okay, stand up again." I did.

Then, we heard voices coming from the front of the locker room. Derek handed me a small face towel, which I scrunched up into my crotch.

"Sit down on the bench," he instructed.

I sat down with the towel wadded over my still throbbing crotch, and Derek used his foot to slide my clothes over the puddle of piss on the floor. He was still naked, but he wasn’t hard.

When two guys passed our aisle of lockers, Derek called out, "Hey, Tim and Mark! How's it going?" The two guys turned, returned to our aisle, and walked over to Derek.

"Derek! What's going on? We're just in for a bit of weight work. Looks like you’re just finishing up," the taller of the two said.

"Yes, just finishing up. Mark, Tim, this is Murray. Murray has just started to work out, but already he's beginning to show progress." Derek absently scratched his crotch as he talked, making my cock twitch and swell even more. There I was, sitting naked and sporting a hard-on, with just a little towel over my crotch, while two fully-dressed guys stood there staring at me.

“Murray, don’t be shy. Stand up and meet my friends,” Derek said as he removed the towel from my lap. I stood up with my now-bouncing boner exposed as they both reached out their hands to shake mine.

"Yeah, we can see your ‘muscle’ is getting in shape. Wow! That’s amazing!” Tim said, chuckling out loud. “Yeah, keep it up!”

I blushed again at being the focus of attention and because of his admonition to “keep it up.” I wanted to cover my dick with my hands, but because of the way Derek had just suddenly exposed me, I thought it would look more foolish if I did.

"Okay, guys, you’d better get to work - looks like you’re doing fine." Derek joked.

“Right, and one of you seems to be at the very height of his game.” Mark snickered.

The three guys laughed as Mark and Tim moved off to the next aisle of the locker room. They continued talking about me and occasionally pointing in my direction as they changed into their workout gear. I wished there was a hole I could crawl into, but since there wasn’t one, I sat down quickly and covered my dick with my stinky T-shirt.

"Stand up," Derek instructed.

I was stunned. I still had a raging hard-on, and guys were on the other side of the lockers!

"Stand up now, or I'll call them back for another show."

I blushed to my roots but did what he asked - I stood up. He then told me to turn, face him, and drop the shirt – and again, I did as I was told. My cock was throbbing now and beginning to drip.

"You really get off on this, don't you, Murray?" Derek asked as he once again scanned my body from top to bottom. I still reeked of piss and wondered if Mark and Tim had smelled it, too. I could only blush again - would this ever stop? - I nodded yes.

"Tell me what you like." He was whispering now, trying not to be overheard by the guys in the next row.

I stammered as I tried to talk, but then I got it together. “I guess I like being naked and hard in front of someone else. It … it … well, it makes me feel tingly all over, but at the same time, I find it terribly humiliating, so I don’t understand why this has made me so hard." I whispered. I couldn't believe I was telling this guy my deepest and darkest desires and thoughts, but I continued. "I like doing what you tell me to do. I like your strength, but I wish you wouldn’t expose me to strangers.”

"Will you jack-off tonight thinking about this?" Derek whispered again.

I looked down and nodded.

"No, tell me out loud what you will do," he whispered.

"I am going to jack-off thinking about this." I barely whispered, not able to look Derek in the eyes.

"No, look at me and tell me what you want to do," Derek said.

I raised my head, now nearly in tears, and looked him in the eyes and said, "I want to jack-off. I want you to tell me to do things. I will think about this tonight and jack-off to it." I said as I blushed and tried not to tear up.

"Stroke your cock for me right now."

I froze. I just fucking froze! For fuck sake, I was standing there in front of my locker completely naked – which, of course, was common enough – except that I had a big boner. Anyone walking by could see me. Anyone on the nearby benches could see me! FUCK!

Derek said nothing more, but his stern, fixed stare commanded me to do what he had asked. Although he was the same age as I, 18, he was a much more powerful man. We were the same height and about the same build. He was more developed and had this awesome commanding quality in his demeanor. There was nothing else I could do, so I reached down and grasped my pulsing seven-inch cock. I wanted to fist it fast and shoot before anyone saw me. I was so turned on - I wanted to feel that rush.

"No, slowly. Just a couple of long, slow strokes." He looked down and watched as I took two slow, full strokes of my cock.

Then he added, "OK, here is what you are going to do now, but don’t stop stroking until I’ve told you to,” he said.

“You are going to get dressed - no shower - and you are going to go to your next class. Tonight at 7 PM, I am going to come to your room. You are going to be naked and hard when you answer the door. You are not to jack-off between now and then, and you are not to take a shower. Do you understand? And don't nod - speak up and look at me when you answer.”

I looked him in the eye and said, "I understand."

"Okay, stop pumping now, and let's get dressed."

I didn't know what to do because my cock was so hard. I grabbed a pair of briefs from my locker and slid them on, trying to trap the head of my cock in the waistband so that my dick wouldn’t make a tent of my underwear. Derek silently looked at me and smiled. Then I got out my khakis and slipped them on, too, trapping the head of my cock in the waistband and cinching it tightly with my belt. My cock ached and begged to be finished off. I had never left myself in this condition before because whenever I was horny, I usually snuck off to a restroom and jacked-off there. While I was putting on my shirt, some other guys came into the locker room, passed our aisle, and went on to another. I was still blushing, knowing my cock was hard, and I felt vulnerable. I managed to get my shoes and socks on, and then I bent down to get my workout clothes - they were soaked in piss - Derek had used them to soak up the piss on the floor.

As I picked them up, Derek whispered, "Don't wash them. Let them dry, and you will wear them again tomorrow when we work out. I want them to be a reminder of what you just did in front of me." He held out an open plastic shopping bag for me to put them in, and I put that bag in my gym bag and my shoes. After we were dressed, he leaned in close to me and told me to lift up my shirt. I did, and he saw the head of my still-hard cock clamped in my belt and peeking out. He reached over and tickled my piss slit, then squeezed it.

Then he patted me on the back and said, "You are doing great! We just need to keep up your training.” I thought ‘training’ was an odd word for him to use. Then Derek continued, “And now I’m going to tell you something that is most important - you just pleased me very much. Don’t forget that. See you at seven," he said over his shoulder as he headed out of the gym. I grabbed my gym bag and backpack and headed out to class.

I kept smelling myself and smiling. “He was very pleased with me,” I mentally reflected. Fuck that felt great! But why? My cock was still throbbing, and I seemed to be wandering in a daze, but somehow, I ended up in my English class. I sat way in the back, away from everyone, as I didn't want anyone smelling me or seeing the rod in my pants.

I couldn't concentrate on anything in the class because I kept replaying what had happened. My cock was still jerking and throbbing in my pants as I relived the humiliation several times in my mind, not believing I had actually done those things. Never had I done anything like that before! Sure, I had imagined similar scenes taking place, but I had never dreamed that they would ever actually happen to me. I didn’t even hear the Professor say that the class was over, but I came out of my daze when I heard people packing up and leaving.

I carried my gym bag in front of me as I made my way back to the dorms. It was now 5 PM, and I had to wait two more hours for Derek to show up. I couldn't go down to eat, not in this condition, and I was starting to think my cock would never go down. I went to my room and wanted to grab my dick and feverishly beat it to a climax, but I knew that if I did, I would cum in seconds.

But I couldn't. I wouldn't! I was determined to do what Derek had asked me to do, even as my cock dripped while I just sat there, completely naked. I also wanted to take a cold shower, but I remembered he had instructed me not to. I hung my piss-drenched workout clothes over the shower rod to dry, which for some reason, only made my cock throb more. I looked at the clock as I walked around nervously for about the 15th time: 6:45. Only 15 more minutes to go!

At 7 PM sharp, there was a knock on the door. As I swung it open, I rushed over and nearly shouted, "It's about time!" But instead of Derek, I looked up to see a pizza delivery guy. Being naked, I was stunned, shocked, and embarrassed. I slammed the door in his face, but he knocked again. I mumbled, "Just a moment," as I looked for something to slip on while trying to remember if the orders Derek had given me included that I must stay naked or was I just to be naked when I opened the door for him? I didn’t want to take any chances since Derek was due to arrive at this very moment, so I decided to remain just as I was.

My Classmate, My Trainer
Part 2 of 5

I re-opened the door, and the pizza guy was still there, but now with a grin.

"I … ah … didn't … ah … order a pizza," I stammered out.

"Well, it says to deliver it here, right at 7 PM. Your name is Murray?"

"Yeah, it's Murray.” I figured maybe Derek had ordered it for us, and it had just arrived a bit early. “How much is it?" I asked the teenager.

"It’s already paid for."

I reached to take the box from him, but he pushed his way inside. “Where do you want it?”

I pointed to the table, and he went there and set it down, but then he just stood there, looking at me.

“Can I help you?” I asked, trying to hurry him out of my room.

“Oh, I was told I would get a tip from you.” And then, without hesitation, he reached out and grabbed my dick. He did it gently, but I pulled back anyway. “Odd…I was told you wouldn’t resist.” the pizza kid said.

“WHAT? Oh…I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” I said as I stepped forward and passively stood before him. He then took hold of my dick again and touched it lightly, almost lovingly. I felt humiliated because here was a kid … how young? ... I didn’t know, but none-the-less, a skinny-ass twerp who was more than a foot shorter than I am who was playing with my big boner. GOD! I wanted to shove him out the door, but he said he was told to do this. Or was he? Then I remembered THE DOOR! I HAD LEFT THE FUCKING DOOR WIDE OPEN! I started to move toward the door, but the kid stood still and made no sign of releasing me. If I pulled away and went to the door without him, I’d be pulling my dick out of his hand, and Derek would get pissed. Or would he? He did set this up, right?

As I tried to slowly back away from his grip, he said quietly, “But I’m not finished yet.”

YET? What the fuck? I was all jazzed-up, my dick was throbbing, and I couldn’t think clearly. At one point, he had his hand opened flat, palm up, and my dick was lying on top of it like a huge sausage on a tiny plate. His hand was positioned such that his fingertips were touching my balls, and my dick rested from there to where my mushroom tip lay on his wrist.

I don’t know if he was doing it on purpose, but each time his fingertips wiggled, his fingernails tickled my balls, and my dick jumped on his palm - each jump made him giggle. This had to stop! I was freaking out of my mind because we were standing in front of an open door! I didn’t realize it then, but when we first took this position, his back was to the door, blocking my private parts from any hallway view. But now I was standing with my profile to the doorway, and my dick, lying on his palm, could clearly be seen by anyone passing by in the hall.

I mumbled, “Please, please, oh please, oh please, oh please … I want to thank you for delivering the pizza, but I think you need to leave now.”

“Of course,” he said, but he didn’t move. “Can I ask you a question?”

I nodded, hoping this would end my misery. I was sweating like a pig.

“What’s all this gooey stuff leaking out of your cock?”

“I ... I … um … ah.”

Then he squeezed the tip of my dick with his other hand, and a large glob oozed out onto his wrist and forearm. He fingered it and looked at it as if he were studying it. “It feels like snot.” I was shocked – I didn’t know what to tell the kid!

“Does your cock have a cold?”

Was he kidding, or what?

“I’m sorry,” I said, “But I really need to get dressed now. I have a dinner appointment and I …”

“You don’t want me to play with your cock anymore?” He pouted and put on a sad face.

“Could you at least just close the door, please?” I begged, not wanting to offend him. Since Derek had obviously put him up to this, I couldn’t help but think that if I upset him. I would also be upsetting Derek.

“Close the door? Why? Can’t you feel how stuffy it is in here? Look, man, at how much you’re sweating.”

Derek had never given this delivery boy any specific instructions. The boy was just supposed to deliver the pizza and leave. It was just a coincidence that the freshmen who lived in this dorm were often teased and hazed by the seniors … all in harmless fun … at the expense of the freshmen. Often, when deliveries arrived, the office staff would direct the messenger to the right room and, in cases of freshmen, encourage them to prank the recipients. Derek, of course, knew this, and this was not the first time he had enlisted a pizza delivery guy with the hope of entrapping and humiliating a freshman. There were only a couple of pizza places nearby, and the delivery guys did this so often that it had become routine to them. Thus, Murray was nervously obeying commands given solely by the teen. With no chance of repercussions from Derek.

“It is edible? Can you eat this icky stuff?” The kid looked so innocent. “Would you believe my older brother has nipples bigger than yours?”

I started to shake my head as if to address his foolish question seriously when he suddenly reached up and, with his free hand, began to pinch and pull on my right nipple. I moaned, and my whole body shook.

“Wow, does that ever make you dance around! Does the other nipple do the same thing?”

But before I could respond, he pinched that one, too. I moaned louder - I couldn’t help it - but he didn’t let go this time. Then I felt the hand that had been out flat, the one that was like a table under my cock, now fully wrapped around my dick, slowly pumping it.

“Please, Sir, please don’t … Derek will be pissed if I ... ah … if … I can’t control …”

“Who’s Derek? I don’t know any Derek.” the boy said.

“WHAT?” I yelled, jerking my body back in shock. “Look, young man, that’s quite enough. Please leave now!”

“K, but I don’t like being yelled at.” As he was saying that, he grabbed my balls with one hand and squeezed them firmly. “So, apologize.” This sweet little ‘innocent kid’ had suddenly turned into a demanding monster.


I closed my eyes and saw stars. I kept repeating how sorry I was, and he was gone when I finally opened my eyes. I quickly shut the door and tried to catch my breath - what an ordeal! How stupid of me! I had just been humiliated, and for what? Some stupid prank?

I had to collect myself. I needed to sit down and calm down. As I collapsed into a chair. I looked down, surprised to see that my dick had grown huge. It had gone down a bit when it was being squeezed, but now it was fat, stiff, and dripping! What a mess I was!

"Who is it?" I asked, not wanting to open the door for the wrong person again.

"Derek," came the reply.

I started toward the door but suddenly remembered I was supposed to be naked AND hard when I opened it. I looked down, and no problem - I was indeed bonerized. My cock led the way to the door. I didn't swing the door all the way open, but rather I opened it just a crack and saw Derek. He told me to open the door and to step back.

I did as he instructed, but he stood in the entrance for several seconds, looking at me. My heart was pounding. I was sure some of my dorm mates would walk by at any moment and see me standing naked and hard in my room. Finally, he entered the room, and then, just as someone was walking by, he closed the door.

He looked around my room, saw the pizza, and said, "I see you got the pizza I ordered."

I blushed again. "Yeah, I thought it was you, and I opened the door naked, and it was the pizza guy!" He chuckled at that.

"Just as I planned," he said as he swung off his backpack and set it down on the bed. "So, I see you’re still horny and hard. Want to take care of that?"

I blushed again and looked at the floor, and nodded.

"No, look at me, Murray, and tell me what you want to do.”

I raised my head, still red, and quietly said, "I want to jack-off."

"You want to jack-off in front of another guy?" he asked almost incredulously. My cock throbbed, and I think my whole body turned red as I nodded. "You have to learn to speak to me. Otherwise, I will have no choice but to punish you."

"I want to jack-off in front of you." I couldn't believe I had just said that.

"Good, that's better." He sat on my bed, reached into his backpack, and brought a camera.

"I am going to record you doing just that. I want you to do it on film. I want you to tell me while you jack-off what you did today and what you want me to do to you."

I started to protest, but he said, "You will do this because I have asked you to do this, just like you will do whatever else I ask. Is that understood?" he said as he pointed the camera towards me. "Tell me you understand."

I saw the red light go on, and I shivered. He was taking me to places I had never imagined I would ever go. I looked over at him and said, "I want to do whatever you ask me to do.”

"Good. Now go sit over there on that chair and pleasure yourself. Show me how you make yourself feel good. Will you show me how you make yourself cum?"

I had learned not to nod, so I managed to get out a “Yes” as I sat down in the chair. I closed my eyes as I wrapped my fist around my cock.

"No, open your eyes and look at me." When I opened my eyes, he said, "Now tell me what you are thinking about as you stroke your cock."

We were both 18. I lived in an on-campus dorm. He lived … well, he never said. Anyway, he just assumed command of me, and for some reason, I liked that.

"I am thinking about what we did this afternoon."

"What did we do this afternoon?" He was talking in a lower voice than normal as he kept the camera focused on me.

"You pissed on me, then made me piss on myself. Then you asked me to take off my jock and get myself hard. You asked me to stroke myself in front of you. You even examined my butt."

"And how did that make you feel?"

"I was humiliated, degraded, but also turned on," I was pounding away on my cock, caressing my balls with the other hand.

"Did you like it?"

"No! I mean … do I have to admit that?” My leg was shaking as I worked on my cock. I had never felt anything like the rush, terror, and thrill surging through me just then. "I am going to cum!" I don't know why I announced that.

"Tell me what you are thinking as you cum!"

"Youuuu, meeeeeeeee, naked, doing whatever you ask! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" and I shot and shot and shot. Ropes of hot cum landed on my hair, face, chin, and chest. It was the most intense release I had ever felt. I continued to stroke, and just touching the sensitive head of my cock made me buck in the chair. Finally, I finished stroking and realized what had just happened. I couldn't believe I had just done that, and I blushed again.

"Will you wipe up all of your cum, as much as you can, and then lick it off of your fingers?" he asked in the same level voice he had maintained throughout the interview.

I was in a trance. "Yes," I responded, and wiped up some of the cum from my chest, brought it to my mouth, and tasted my own cum for the first time. It was both sweet and salty.

"So, you’re a guy who jacks-off in front of another guy and then eats his own cum?" he said, taking his eyes off of the camera screen and looking at me. "How low is that?"

I lowered my head in shame, blushed again, and came close to tears as I turned away.

"NO! Look at me. Murray! This is what you want! You want to be debased and humiliated - it turns you on. Isn't that right?" I nodded without looking up.

"No, tell me and look at me."

I looked up, tears rolling down my face, "Yes, it turns me on.”

"Do you want me to ask you to do more?"

"Yes," I said softly.

"Will you do anything I ask?"

"Yes,” I said in the same voice.

"Good. Then we’ve only started."

Derek reached into his pack, brought a bag, and handed it to me. I opened it and looked inside. At first, I didn't understand at first, but as I pulled the various pieces out, it made sense. There was a bottle of lube of some sort, which I figured was for jacking-off. I had read about lube and heard about it, but I had never used any since I always just used my bare hand.

Also, in the pack, there was a dog collar and an oddly shaped piece of plastic, which looked like a plug of some kind, but I really had no clue.

And then it just hit me. I had just exposed my most intimate self to another man, which shook me to the core of my being. In the past, I had had private fantasies of being naked in front of someone, but to actually do it was a completely different story.

"Put the collar on. It’s to remind you that you are mine, to do with as I wish. I will determine when you have to wear it."

My hand shook as I reached up and fastened it around my neck. My cock throbbed as I put the end through the buckle and cinched it tight.

"So, what are you going to do with that?" Derek asked me, looking at the plastic piece.

"I don't know," I said honestly.

"It goes in your body." When that sunk in, I blushed - he meant for me to put it up my ass!

"Have you ever had anything up your ass?"

My face reddened so much I could feel a flush on my face. "No," I said, completely aghast at the suggestion.

"Not even your finger?" He asked incredulously.

"No!" I said again.

"Well, you will now. Murray, take some of that lube and put it on your finger, and then insert your finger up your ass." He said it so simply, as if this was what everyone did!

"Sit there and look me in the eye while you insert your finger up your asshole. Lean back in the chair, scoot your ass forward, and spread your legs like you want to show me your asshole and how much you love to plug it." A tremor went through my body, like a cold chill.

I was still in shock. I was trembling all over, but nonetheless, I slid forward in my chair. My cock was sticking straight up towards my stomach and dripping as I spread my legs. I squeezed out some lube onto the index finger of my right hand, fighting to remember to keep looking at Derek as I proceeded. It was so humiliating! I knew where my hole was, as I had wiped my ass often enough, but I had never put my finger up into it before!

I reached up, spread my cheeks apart, and inserted a finger into my hole. I began to work the finger in, which wasn’t easy. I was grimacing.

"Relax. Your finger will slide in if you push out like you are taking a shit. And by the way, you have a nice hairy ass there."

That made me blush even more - here was a guy looking at my ass while I did this to myself! I worked my finger in, following his instructions. It did go in more easily when I pushed out.

"Now work it around in there. See if you can find your prostate - you’ll know it when you find it. Slide down a bit more so I can see what you are doing." He continued to speak in his soft, authoritative voice.

I forced my finger in farther and wiggled it around until suddenly I hit something, and wow! My cock jumped, and my whole body twitched as I hit this spot inside my ass, but I was again struck with what I was doing and wanted to turn my head aside in shame.

"Now, lube up two fingers, insert them both up there, and wiggle them around."

I followed his instructions as if in a trance. I wanted to feel this but didn't want to do it. I was at war with myself, and my cock was winning. My hole was tight as I tried to wiggle the two fingers around, hitting that spot repeatedly.

"Now, see if you can get three up there. Man, can you believe this? You are so low that you are sticking your fingers up your ass and stimulating yourself in front of another guy! That’s what degenerates do, creepy whores!" He said it without any hatred or rancor, but it still ripped my soul to the core to realize what I had stooped to, and nothing could be lower than this. I worked on trying to fit three fingers in but couldn’t quite get them in. It was really beginning to hurt.

Derek must have seen the look on my face because he said, "That’s good enough for now, but we’ll continue to work on it."

That made my hole clench up, “WE were going to continue?” and “WE were going to work on it?” There was a ‘we’ in there and a ‘continue’ in there – and why exactly did that excite me?

"Lube up that plug and work it into your asshole. That’s a very small one, to begin with." He did it again - “To begin with,” implying there would be more.

As I lubed up the plug, I looked at it and was fascinated by how it narrowed and flared near the end. I looked back at Derek, he still had his camera out, and the red light was on. He laughed as I spread my legs and ass and worked the plug into my hole because I practically lifted one leg over my head, almost placing it behind my neck, to make the insertion easier. My raised leg was shaking as I worked the plug into my ass, and I had to push out to get my hole to relax enough to insert it. It looked to be only about four inches long and about an inch-and-a-half in diameter, but it felt like a two-by-four stud was being forced into my ass. I know I squeezed my eyes shut at one point from the pain, but then it hit my prostate, and my eyes flew open, and so did my mouth. At the nearly ‘in’ point, a little more push and it sucked itself in fully and snuggly.

My cock continued to drip more and more onto my stomach as my ass throbbed with the plugin. I started to unwind and lower my leg, but Derek said, “No, that’s a nice position - keep your leg up there. I want to film that plug base while it’s exposed to me.” Derek was recording the whole thing, and my shame was intensifying as my ass gripped, naturally, onto the neck of the plug.

“Now clench your ass muscles tightly - I want to get some close-up shots. Good, but now squeeze your ass closed and relax. Squeeze and relax. Keep doing that. Wow, look at you! Such a wonderful asshole you have!” And he laughed out loud.

"OK, now lower your leg to the floor. Great,” he said as he continued to film my crack. “Now wipe that goo off your stomach and lick it off your fingers," Derek instructed. "No, with the other hand, the one you had up your ass."

My face turned red as I hesitantly lifted my lube and ass-juice-coated fingers to my mouth. This was so gross! I told myself I couldn’t do this, but why were my fingers now in my mouth?

"That's it! Lick your precum off of those ass-covered fingers. Suck them clean of all your asshole gunk. Can you smell your own ass on your fingers? Tastes good, huh? Murray, suck the shit out of those shitty fingers. Slurp them up! You hungry finger-fucking slut." And I did. I don’t know why, but I did.

“Now tell me what an asshole slut you are.”

I nodded, near to tears again. This was too much!

"No! Tell me!" he insisted in that same steady voice.

"Yes," I blubbered out, ‘I’m an asshole slut. I can smell my ass on my fingers. I love to lick my shitty fingers. I love to play with my asshole. I love it when you order me to do this stuff.” Hot tears were rolling down my face.

"What does it taste like, having your ass and slime-covered fingers in your mouth?"

"It tastes … ah … uh, I don't know. It tastes awful but sweet.” I blubbered out.

"Does it make you hot to be sitting there, naked, in front of another guy, a guy who is fully dressed, a guy who has watched you jack-off, a guy who has watched you finger-fuck yourself and lick ass and precum off of your fingers? Does it?"

"YYYEEEESSSSS!" I said as I was crying. I was so humiliated, but I couldn't lie. My cock was rock hard, and I was so horny and lustful. I knew I wanted this, and that only added to my humiliation.

"Calm down, Murray. Breathe slow, deep breaths.” I did. “Tell me again what you said earlier."

I had to think. It was difficult in this situation, but then I remembered. "I said I wanted you to do this, and I said I would do whatever you asked," I said, looking at him through blurry tears.

"No matter what?"

"Yes, no matter what," I said as I hung my head in shame.

"And you like it? Look at me when you answer. Do you want this to go on?"

"Yes! Yes, I like it, and I can't imagine it stopping. I feel so fucking embarrassed and degraded. I feel like shit, like a fucking whore. But …”

“But?” Derek repeated.

“But I need it. I need you. I don’t understand it, but … I love it, all of it.” And then I sobbed a bit more.

"Okay, then, ask me if you can pleasure yourself while I watch. You want to get off, don't you?"

"Yes! Please! May I jack-off?" I said as I reached out my hand to encircle my cock.

"First, take your hand away from your cock. Here are the rules! You are going to let me move into your room with you. You will always be naked in this room, whether I am here or not, whether you have people in this room or not. You will ask my permission before you piss, shit, or jack off. I will tell you what you can wear outside of this room. I will tell you when you can eat, what you can eat, and where you will eat it. You will do whatever I say, no matter where we are or who is around. Any hesitation, any argument, any grumbling or complaining will be met with punishment. You will bathe when I tell you to, you will shave when I tell you to, and you will be mine to do with as I see fit. And I am doing this because you have asked me to. Do you understand? Do you agree? This is your one and only chance to get out of this.”

"If you say no, that's okay, but I will never visit your room again, nor will I work out with you again. It will be as if our friendship never existed. So, this is it - do you agree?"

I was racked with shame and guilt, and tears streamed down my face as I looked at him. "Yes!" I cried, sobbing due to my extreme embarrassment.

He got up off the bed and walked over to me, wrapped his arms around me, and patted my back. "You are mine now. I will make you go to your limit and beyond, and it will blow your socks off, but I am doing this for you. You will learn things about yourself and me that you cannot even fathom now." I wrapped my arms around him as he pulled me tight to him, and my throbbing cock became trapped between us.

He said no more but continued holding me until I calmed down. As I was calming down. I realized I still stunk of piss, so I released him and pushed back. He looked me up and down.

"You still want to jack-off?"

"Yes," I said as I wiped the tears from my face with the back of my hand.

"Okay then, slip on some gym shorts, a tank top, and your tennis shoes - no socks - and come with me," he instructed. I started to ask him a question but remembered my agreement.

I found a pair of shorts and slid them on (trapping my cock in the waistband) and a tank top, and my tennis shoes. Derek then opened the door and led me out. I started to ask where we were going but only got to the ‘where’ when Derek cut me off. "No questions. You will be punished for that, but later tonight." Then he removed my dog collar.

He said no more, nor did I, as I followed him down the hall and stairs to the exit from the dorm. I tried not to make eye contact with the guys from my dorm as I left, but I was sure they could tell my cock was hard. So, I couldn't look them in the face. It was also difficult to walk with the plug up my ass. It made my cock throb and leak as I walked. And I couldn't walk bow-legged like I wanted, or people would think something was wrong with me. I saw that my shirt was getting a spot on it where it hung over my dick head, and I was pretty sure my shorts were getting wet as well. I had never leaked so much before.

We walked across campus to the library. There was an elevator to the fourth level, the top floor, but he guided me up the stairs. Which really made the plug move around, and my cock nearly slipped out of the waistband of my shorts. I had to put my hand up to keep it in place, but at the same time, be careful not to be seen doing that. When we got to the top level, he headed down some stacks at the back of the library to a section with a reputation for being cruisy. As far as I knew, it was only hearsay since I had never been up there for my studies or anything else.

On our right were clear glass panels three feet high, where you could look straight down to the main floor below or to any of the other levels. On our left were rows of bookshelves, and the walkway along the low glass wall was about six feet wide. One could walk close to the rows of bookshelves, away from the glass side, and maybe not be seen from other levels. But that would depend on whether or not anyone was looking upward. Derek stopped and turned. He had his camera with him.

"Okay, take out your cock and jack-off."

My jaw dropped, but I didn't say anything. I was six feet from the glass. I looked all around and down, and I didn’t see anyone looking up. So, I pushed the front of my shorts down, keeping my cock between him and myself. I wanted to release it so badly!

"No, turn sideways. Face the glass. Yeah, now start pumping."

He had the camera rolling, and I did as I was asked. I fisted my cock and gripped it tightly, and started stroking. He must have known that I would not last long because he said, "And catch it in your hand when you shoot."

My eyes were rolling all over the library as I pumped my cock. Students were all over the place, but thankfully, not on this level. Just seeing people all over down below me triggered my dick, and I blasted my cum into the palm of my hand. A moan escaped my lips as I began pumping rope after rope onto my waiting palm. It seemed I came for hours, but I knew it was just a couple of seconds. As my breathing began to come under control, I pulled up my shorts, trapping my cock again.

"Now walk over to the glass rail and look down and see all the people.”

I did. It was amazing how many students there were this time of day!

“Now lick your cum off of your fingers and eat every last drop. All the while thinking about the fact that you have just exposed yourself in a public place, and you did your most intimate act in front of another man and other students who just might have glanced up at you."

I didn't think I could blush anymore after everything that had happened today, but I did, all the while licking the sweet-salty cum off of my hand. When I finished, I looked over at Derek, who was still smiling as he continued to film me.

"I never said you could cover your cock again, so take off your shorts and walk down two sections of this stack and back."

My mouth dropped open, but again, I looked around and then hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my shorts and pushed them down to the floor. I stepped out of them, took a deep breath, and walked. And, of course, my cock had gotten hard yet again, and I could feel it sticking out from under the tank top I was wearing. I looked at my dick…yep…it was blatantly pointing the way. I pulled the bottom hem of my stretchy T-shirt down to cover my dick and just kept walking, looking straight ahead, trying not to think about what would happen if someone saw me or entered the stack that I was in. I reached the aisle after the bookcase row, and at the second bookcase, I wanted to sprint past the opening, but I figured that would only draw more attention. Besides, I didn't think I could run with that thing up my ass anyway.

I reached the end of the second section, turned around, and returned to Derek. The fact that he had been taping the whole thing made my shirt-covered cock swell, and my face and body flushed. I thought about reaching for my shorts but then didn't. Derek was no longer smiling, though he continued to film me for another couple of seconds and then stopped.

“Who said you could pull your shirt down to cover your dick?”

I was stunned! I was so embarrassed about having fucked-up that I just wanted to leave right then, to get back to my room and apologize to Derek. I was so sorry that I literally couldn’t speak.

“Now, Murray, we have to do this again. I guess you love being up here.” He was direct. “Of course, I want you barefoot this time, so take your shoes off.” As he told me this, a male student approached our level and then approached us. I saw his earring. Was he gay? Did that mean anything? “Never mind that fellow- just do as I tell you.”

I whispered, “Yes, Sir.”

The student walked closer to us, to within 10 feet of me, but hung there and came no further. He was obviously curious as he had a big smile on his face. This was getting riskier and riskier by the minute! I set them down on the floor alongside my shorts when my shoes were off. I was naked from the waist down to my toes.

“Murray, now remove your shirt.”

WHAT? Then I’d be totally naked! I muttered to myself, or maybe to God, “Oh please don’t, please don’t…” as I nonetheless pulled my T-shirt over my head. I had tears running down my face, but I was being as quiet as possible. The last thing I wanted was to draw attention to myself. … MY FUCKING NAKED SELF! … IN A PUBLIC LIBRARY! … WITH STUDENTS ALL AROUND!

“See our visitor behind you? ”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Go over to him and ask him to hold your clothes,” Derek told me calmly. “But you must walk slowly.”

My stiff rod was bobbing and leaking, glistening with a string of precum as I walked over to the young man. “Hi, would you mind holding these for me?” I asked as I handed him all my clothes.

“Oh … ah … well … ah, could I touch you, first?”

I nodded, and with his shaky, nervous hand, he reached out and rubbed my upper body. I could tell he was awed by this once-in-a-lifetime moment. He rubbed my shoulders and chest but stopped at my belly - maybe he thought he shouldn’t touch my dick because I would shoot? He ran his hand down my back all the way to my ass cheeks, rubbing them in a circular motion. Then his fingertips moved down the crack of my ass, where he discovered the butt plug. He smiled, and for the first time, he seemed relaxed enough to be able to touch me in such an intimate area, in such a public place. He tapped the base of the butt plug, and that made my body shake with erotic sensations.

Oddly, he looked over to Derek, mouthed, “Thank you,” and took my clothes. I, too, looked at Derek and noticed that he had moved further back, perhaps another 40 feet, so we were now separated by a distance of maybe 60 feet. He then signaled with his wiggling fingers for me to walk back to him.


Honestly, I have no idea how I ever managed to walk to where Derek stood. Reaching him, he turned me around. He gave me a gentle shove and forced me to walk back another 60 feet to my clothes. The young man had gone, but he was kind enough to leave my clothes there on the floor. Suddenly I heard noises, which woke me from my trance, and when I looked back at Derek, he nodded, so I bent down, the plug in my ass jabbing me, and quickly got dressed. At that time, I didn’t realize that my jockstrap was missing - the young student must have taken it as a souvenir. I trapped my cock in the waistband of my shorts, wondering if it would ever be soft again.

Derek grabbed my arm firmly in order to guide me down the stairs and out of the building because I was trembling and in an obvious, fucked-up haze, but we were not heading back to the dorm. He stopped me for a moment and fastened the black leather dog collar around my neck. That collar had excited me in my dorm room, but it terrified me outside the campus quad. Something more ominous was about to happen, which was saying a lot after what I had already been through in the school library.

My Classmate, My Trainer
Part 3 of 5

We walked to an alcove open to the sidewalk with a snack bar. I wore tennis shoes, no socks, gym shorts, a T-shirt, and a DOG COLLAR! At the counter, which a college student about my age staffed, Derek asked for two waters, a Baby Ruth candy bar, and a Hershey's chocolate bar. While the guy was getting the stuff, Derek moved behind me to block the view of what he wanted to do. He slid his hand down the back of my shorts! I nearly jumped out of my skin as he had never had such intimate contact with me before, but now his hand rubbed my bare ass, his fingers sliding down my crack until they found the plug. He then pushed and wiggled it, stimulating my prostate again. I could feel the juice flowing out of my cock and was horrified that the guy behind the counter would see the spot on the front of my shirt and probably the one running down the front of my shorts. I was thankful that while students were milling around, there were none too near us at the snack bar.

When the guy turned around, Derek’s hand was still inside the back of my shorts and still playing with the plug in my ass. The guy told us how much it was, to which Derek replied, "Murray, pay the man."

I had no money with me. I barely had clothes on! I looked at the guy and then at Derek, and in a flustered voice, I said, "I don't have any money with me. I'm sorry."

The guy looked at me and then back to Derek. Derek looked at the guy, then back to me, and finally said, "Well, maybe he’ll take it out in trade then."

I blushed again as the guy just kept looking at us. Finally, talking to me, Derek said, "I mean, this clerk might want to have some of this."

As he said that, he lifted the front of my shirt with his free hand and exposed my cock head, which was sticking out about two inches from the waistband of my shorts. At the same time, he gave the plug in my ass a wiggle, causing my cock to twitch and spew out a bubble of precum.

I must have been beet-red by then and didn't know where to look. The guy's eyes got huge as he looked at my cock and said, "Dude, I am not into whatever you are talking about. I just need the money." But he never took his eyes off of my cock. I think even my cock was blushing by then!

"Are you sure?" Derek continued. "Murray here is a great cock sucker, and I’m sure you could use a good blowjob, right?"

I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. I just couldn't believe what was going on - I had never even thought about sucking a cock!

"Ah, no, man. Not into that. Just need the money." Still, his eyes were glued to my cock until he finally looked over at Derek and said incredulously, "He really gets off on this stuff?"

"Oh, yeah, he can't get enough of it. Begs me for it all the time. He likes to show off, perform for anyone, suck anyone, and boy, you should fuck him. Really tight hole. In fact, he has a plug in his ass right now. He can't get enough of it."

I was overwhelmed by shame. Derek was putting me on display. Debasing me before a stranger, but inexplicably my cock was throbbing harder and leaking more! Derek pushed one more time on the plug and then removed his hand and said, "Pull down the front of your shorts and show him your cock.”

I knew tears were going to start anytime, but I reached up and pulled down the front of my shorts, releasing my dripping cock, which sprang rigidly forward like a proud flagpole, but I couldn't look at the guy.

"No, I just need the cash. But … man, he does whatever you tell him to? Can't believe a guy would do that. He just drops his shorts ‘cause another guy asked him to? Damn."

"Stroke it a couple of times, then you can pull up your shorts," Derek commanded.

I stared straight ahead at the wall behind the guy as I quickly stroked my cock and then pulled up my shorts, trapping the head.

"Yeah, he just loves doing whatever I say, don't you, Murray?" he asked me.

I could only nod.

"Tell the guy what you just did in the library," Derek said, laying the money on the counter.

"I, ah, jacked-off in the library," I whispered.

"Yeah, but you also took off all your clothes, Murray, and walked around completely naked, didn’t you?”


The clerk’s mouth was hanging open now.

"And did you enjoy it? Did it get you hard? And were you wearing an ass plug up your ass? And did I film the whole thing?"

"Yes, yes, yes, and yes," I said, looking at my feet.

"Damn, I can't believe a guy would do that just because you asked him to! Man, that’s pretty fucked-up!" the clerk said as he handed Derek his change and the bag with the stuff in it.

"Yeah, really fucked up," Derek said as he led me out of the place.

Once out onto the lawn area, Derek handed me a bottle of water. I opened it and drank about half of it. I hadn't realized how thirsty I was. I looked at Derek as my eyes filled up with tears… I was shaking…and asked, "Why did you do that to me? I thought you were my friend."

Derek opened his bottle of water but didn't drink any. "I am your friend. In fact, I am your best friend, and I did that for two reasons. It was part of your punishment for questioning me earlier, and two, because deep down, I know that you were totally turned on by it. Isn't that true?"

I immediately answered, "No. Why would I want to be treated like that?"

"Because you crave humiliation and debasement. It makes your heart pump faster, your cock twitch, and your asshole tighten up, doesn't it?”

I had to think about that, but then I realized that, yes, he was right. It was complicated to admit, even to myself, but yes, it did do those things to me. All I could say in reply was, "Please, don’t make me admit that.”

Derek smiled. "Good."

He then took his bottle of water and poured it over the front of my shirt and shorts, drenching them and making the outline of my cock stand out. I looked like one of those contestants in a wet T-shirt contest for women, only now my whole body was on display. Seeing how my dick was outlined, I suddenly remembered I had had a jockstrap earlier, but no longer. Derek poured the last of his water and poured it over my head, saying, "Finish up your water."

Derek turned and guided me across the lawn towards our dorm. Fortunately, there was less light in the center of the lawn, so we were soon in shadows. He stopped, turned, and handed me his empty bottle. "Fill it up." It took a second or two to register what he meant - why was I being so naïve? He wanted me to piss in it.

"I can't piss when I’m hard," I explained, "And I have a difficult time pissing with anyone else around."

He chuckled. "Well, that’s certainly going to change. We can stand here until you piss in that bottle, or we can go out into the light and have you try it there. Which do you prefer?"

"Here," I said quickly, not wanting the alternative. I then pushed down the front of my shorts (how many times had I done that already tonight?).

"No, drop them down and step out of them."

I did as he said, standing nearly nude in the middle of the lawn in the middle of campus. I took the bottle in one hand and my cock in the other. Nothing was happening.

"We can stand here until the sun comes up, but we aren't leaving until you piss in that bottle. Either that or you can walk over there to the light, just as you are, and try it there."

I repeated what I had just said earlier, to which he replied, "Okay, then, relax. Think of a rushing, gushing stream. It will happen."

Somehow, not thinking about pissing finally got it going. Piss started to flow out of my almost hard cock, and I began filling up the bottle. I looked over and saw that Derek was filming everything again, and I wondered how it would show up in such a dark place, but that was his problem. Mine was that once I knew he was watching and taping, my flow slowed, but I had still somehow managed to get enough into the bottle that I was finished.

Derek took the bottle from me, held it up, and looked at it.; It was about 2/3 full. He handed it back to me and said, "Now pour it over your head. Cover yourself with it."

He stepped back, raised his camera, and began filming as I raised the bottle slowly over my head and poured the warm liquid over my head and body. Before I was finished, he told me to pour the remainder over my cock and balls. I soaked them and the bush around my cock.

"Good. Now, Murray, squat down and push that plug out of your ass. Yeah, reach back and pull it out. Feel good?" I nodded yes. "Feel empty?" I nodded yes again.

He reached into his sack, brought out the Baby Ruth chocolate bar, and unwrapped it. He handed it to me and said, "Push this up into your asshole." My cock twitched more as I reached for it and inserted the candy bar into my ass. It slid in easily.

"Okay, stand up." I did as he instructed. "You nodded back there, and you have been told to always answer questions verbally. Remember that? So now you need to be punished again." I flinched, and my cock throbbed. "Pick up your shorts. No, don't put them on. Just follow me."

He led me down the lawn closer to the light, and I became worried. Was this how he was going to punish me? But he stopped before getting to the circle of light. "You may put your shorts on now." Without a word, I followed his instructions, again trapping my rigid cock in the waistband.

I followed as he entered the dorm and headed toward my room. Once again, I couldn’t make eye contact with any of the guys in my dorm hallway as we headed to my room. I was covered in piss. It was hard. I had a collar around my neck and a candy bar up my ass.

When we got to my room, Derek used his key and opened the door. But as soon as he closed the door, Derek stood still, glaring at me. Something was wrong. Shit, I was supposed to always be naked in the room! At once, I pulled off my wet tank top, pulled down my shorts, and stepped out of my tennis shoes.

"Good. Now go over to your bed and lie down on your back.” I did. “Put a pillow under your ass cheeks to raise your asshole.” Again, I followed his orders. “Now spread your legs. Yeah. Wider." He had the camera out again and was filming. "Now push that Babe Ruth Chocolate bar out of your ass as if you were taking a shit." I pushed like I was taking a dump, and the candy bar, now warm and gooey from my body heat, started coming out of my ass.

"Okay, reach between your legs and grab it as it comes out." I did. "Okay, now sit up on the edge of your bed.” I sat up, holding what looked like a turd. I had just shit out of my asshole. “Great. Now eat it."

What was the big deal? It was only a candy bar. Yes, it had been in my ass, but how bad could that be? Hadn’t I already licked my fingers? I did as he said and, at first, only tasted the chocolate and nuts, but then I got a tang of that same sharp taste I had tasted before, but not much. When I finished, I had chocolate all over my lips and fingers.

"Lick them clean." I did.

He turned off his camera and said, "You know what that will look like when the video is viewed? Like you shit a turd and ate it. I am not into scat - that's what they call playing with your shit - but I wanted it to look like you had just eaten your own shit. And if your family sees this, they will think of you as a shit-eating pervert." I was shocked - oh shit! I couldn't believe what I had just heard.

"And you licked your fingers clean with so much enthusiasm, they’ll know you loved it and were not being forced." He chuckled. "Now, are you ready to cum again?"

I began to nod but then remembered the rule and said, "Yes."

He smiled. "Good, but I haven't forgotten your punishment. That will still happen, but for now, stand up, open up your pizza box, and unwrap the other chocolate bar, the Hershey's.

I was confused. Was I eating, or was I jacking-off? I stood up, opened the pizza box, and then took the wrapper off Hershey's chocolate bar. I then looked over at Derek.

Derek had his camera out again. "Murray, jack-off for me again." He stressed the word "again," and I blushed. I reached down and wrapped my hand around my cock. It seemed like I had been jerking my cock all evening. It had either been hard and dripping, or I had been stroking it for Derek whenever and wherever he wanted.

"Tell me what you are thinking about," he instructed.

I stroked my cock as I looked into Derek's eyes. "I was thinking about how embarrassed you have made me this evening! You're making me stroke-off in the library, on the campus lawn, for that guy in the store. Making me walk naked in public, having fingers, a plug, and a candy bar up my ass. Having you watch me do all those things and having you film everything. Wondering what you are going to do with those movies of me." My breath was coming faster, and my heart pounded as I pumped my cock and re-lived how low he had made me become.

"Shoot on the pizza and the candy bar when you cum." I was in oblivion. I was over the edge, and there was a fog in my head. I rose up on my curled toes, and my whole body tensed as I went over the edge. Ropes shot out of my cock, over the pizza, the candy bar, and everywhere else. I didn't even care! I was beyond caring. He could do anything to me at this point, and I would revel in it.

When I regained my breath, my eyes focused, and I saw that he was still filming me. I looked down and saw my jizz pooling on the cool pizza and splashing starkly across the chocolate bar. "Now pick up a piece of pizza and eat it. Eat a slice of pizza covered in your own cum."

I reached down and picked up a slice. My cum covered it and dripped off the edge. I bit into it and tasted my cum again, thinking as I did so that I might hurl. I was eating my cum again, eating the cum that had just shot out of my cock while someone watched and filmed me. Tears welled in my eyes again as I chewed.

I finished the slice, and then Derek told me to eat the candy bar. I picked it up as the cum slid down the bar toward my mouth. As I chewed on it, cum dripped onto my upper lip. Tears were streaming down my face as I wiped it up. I knew I was being a wimp, but I couldn't believe where I was and what I was doing.

Then Derek came over with the camera still pointed at me. "What’s wrong?" he asked in that same quiet voice. "Isn't this what you craved? Craved in the inner-most part of your soul? What have you looked for, imagined, and fantasized about for years? Isn't it?"

I nodded and then said, "Yes! Fuck yes! But why are you doing this, and how do you know what I want, need, desire, and dream about? How”

Derek smiled and said, "That’s a long story that I may tell you someday, but for now, just know I am wise beyond your years. And before I forget, I still have to punish you."

I was so far gone that I couldn't be shocked again. He set the camera on the desk facing a chair, sat down, spread his leg, and patted his thighs. "Come here and bend over my lap."

I walked over to him in a daze and laid belly-down over his legs, the fabric of his jeans burning across my legs and chest as I stretched out. My cock hung down between his legs, and my ass was open and exposed to him. It made me feel so vulnerable – this was a completely new experience for me as no one had ever turned me over their knee to spank me when I was a kid.

He placed one hand on my back. It felt warm and almost comforting as he held me firmly down with it. The other hand rubbed my ass. He slid his fingers down my crack towards my hole and softly said, “How does your hole feel?" He then pushed his finger into my tight ass ring.

"Sore!" I moaned as he pushed his finger deeper into my ass.

"Good! It’s good for a poor little boy to have his hole stretched. You’ll be getting more chances to wear your ass plug soon, as keeping one in there reminds you that you are low and pitiful. And it makes you hard when you have something up your ass. Don’t you get turned on when there’s something up your ass?"

"Do I have to admit it?" I mumbled.

"Turn and look at the camera and tell everyone that you like having something in your ass that makes you feel good."

I turned and looked at the camera, which I had almost forgotten about it. I felt heat rush through me, and I heard a pounding in my ears as I said, "I like having something in my ass. It makes me horny."

He wiggled his finger around in my hole and then removed it, but he massaged and rubbed my ass. This intimate contact was having an effect on my cock. Then he reached between my legs and cupped my balls and gave them a squeeze, at first gently and then with more pressure. I moaned again, and he squeezed even harder. Then I felt a stab of pain, and my body jerked.

"Don't move, or I will have to punish you more. Don’t you like having your balls squeezed?"

"It hurts," I mumbled to the floor.

“It hurts, but you are still getting hard? Is that the full story, Murray?” Derek asked me.

He gave my balls another squeeze, and I moaned again. He removed his hand from my balls and grasped my now hard cock, pulling it back and up between my legs. He couldn't bring it all the way up, so it was smashing my balls and hurting my groin. I moaned again. He let it go, and it flipped up and hit my stomach, which stung badly.

That's when he slapped my ass for the first time. SMACK! It stung, and I wasn't ready for it. My whole body twitched as I reached back to cover my butt.

"Remove your hands! Now you’ll get more for doing that. What’s the matter? It hurt your little boy's butt? When was the last time you were spanked like this?"

"I never was," I muttered, still stung by the slap.

"Well, you’d better get used to it ‘cause any time you break the rules, you’ll get punished." He’d been rubbing my ass while he talked, but suddenly SMACK! Another one.

"Ahhggg" I cried. He wasn’t holding back on the slaps, delivering two more in quick succession. I tried to bite my lip to keep from yelling, and I was clenching my ass cheeks closed, trying to keep them hard and tight. He rubbed my ass again and then smacked it two more times, harder than ever before! I started to cry.

He rubbed my ass for a while, and I continued to keep my ass clenched. He moved his hand and reached between my legs again. He grabbed my cock and squeezed hard. It was already about to burst. "Ah, the low- life cunt loves to be spanked!"

He released my cock and then told me I could stand up. After I did, he did, and then he turned my back to the camera and told me to bend over so he could show off my red ass. He then made me reach back and spread my cheeks to show my hole, the one I liked to have something in, he told the camera.

Then he turned me around to show off my hard cock, saying it proved how much I obviously enjoyed it. Then he got the camera and panned up to show my tear-stained face. "Ah, did I make the little bitch cry? But your cock says you liked it."

Derek then turned off the camera and came over to me. He wiped the tears from my face with his hand and looked me in the eye. "Tell me. Did I humiliate you? Did I degrade you? Did you get hard? Did you get off on it? Tell me!"

I looked him in the eyes and said, "Yes, yes, and YES! God damn it! You are fucking with my mind! How can you do this to me?" I was near my breaking point and thought my mind would snap.

“Follow me," he said. I followed him into my bathroom. My cock was still dripping cum, and it still hadn't gotten soft.

"Take off my clothes," he instructed. He sat down on the toilet and waited for me. "Start with my shoes and socks."

I knelt on the floor, sitting back on my haunches, my ass touching my heels. I lifted his right foot, untied his cross trainer, and loosened the laces. I then pulled off the shoe and set it to the side. I then pulled down his white sock, over his heel, and off his foot. "Smell my sock," he directed.

It was getting routine, but I blushed again as I lifted his sock to my nose and inhaled the smell of his sweaty feet - it was a rank, heady smell. Why? I don't know, but my cock twitched as I smelled it. "Oh, it even excites him to smell a man's socks! How low is that?"

I was still holding his foot in one hand. I put down the sock and looked at his foot. There was a bit of hair on the tops of his toes, and you could see the veins running across the top. He had a high arch. Why was I studying his foot? Murray asked himself.

I put it down, picked up the other one, and slowly removed the shoe and sock. This time, without being instructed. I brought the sock to my nose and inhaled. I put down the sock, lowered my head, and sniffed his toes. What a manly smell! It reminded me of a locker room, a gym, workouts, sweat, and all those things combined.

I blushed as I realized what I was doing. I looked up to see Derek watching me. He didn't say a word as I lowered his foot.

"Now, the shirt," he said.

It was a T-shirt, so I reached over and pulled it up over his head, exposing his well-defined chest. A bit of dark hair outlined his pecs, and a trail of the same dark hair led down from his navel. Dark hair curled out from his pits as the shirt came off over his arms.

"Now, Murray, smell the pits of the shirt."

As I raised the shirt to my nose and found a sweaty armpit to inhale, he moved his foot until it pressed down on my cock. I moaned and inhaled. Wow, what a heady mix of manly musk again.

"Man, are you really perverted enough to get off on smelling a man's BO? Wow, and your cock is still hard! You really get off on this shit!" Red heat flushed my face as I lowered his T-shirt. He moved his foot off of my dick and then stood. "Now the pants, but leave the boxers on."

I rose up, unbuckled his belt, and unbuttoned his pants. I looked at the trail of hair leading from his navel down into his pants. I unzipped them and let them fall to the floor. I moved the pants away as he raised each foot until he stood in his blue plaid boxers. My face was inches from his crotch, and I could smell his sweat, piss, and musk.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Take off my boxers."

I put my fingers into the waistband and pulled them down, mesmerized by the trail of hair that was exposed. His lower belly hair was dark and soft, and I only had to pull down about an inch until the top of his pubic hair became exposed. Next, a wide patch of wiry dark brown hair appeared. Another little tug and the base of his cock came into view. I continued pulling down slowly until the flared head of his dick appeared and popped over the waistband. I continued to slide them down further, all the while staring at the cock in front of me.

Other than when he had been pissing on me. I had never before been this close to another man's cock, and at that time, I hadn't been looking directly at it. His hung down about 3 or 4 inches and lay over two golf-ball-sized nuts. Wiry brown hair surrounded the cock and lightly covered his balls. He had been circumcised as I had been, but the head of his dick seemed to flair more than mine did.

"Now pick up the shorts and take a good smell of my crotch."

As I raised his shorts to my nose, I closed my eyes and inhaled the smell deep into my lungs, analyzing all the smells - sweat, piss, musk, soap, and more. He turned away from me and bent over. I came out of my trance when he said, "Okay, now stick your nose in my ass crack and get a good whiff."

I put the shorts down and saw that he had turned around and had spread his cheeks. I was looking right into his furry crack. "Come on! Any guy who is fucking slutty enough to sniff another guy's shorts has got to be fucked-up enough to stick his nose into another guy's crack and sniff!" Once again, I felt heat pulsing in my cheeks, but still, I leaned forward and put my nose into his crack. His wiry hairs there tickled my nose, and I got the same musky, sweaty, manly smell from his shorts, plus an acrid tinge that blushingly reminded me of the taste I had from sticking my fingers up my ass.

"Now, since you love being this low. How about giving my hole a kiss?" Derek said as he spread his cheeks wider. Blood pounded in my temples as I closed my eyes and leaned forward until my lips made contact with the rosebud of his hole. It was a quick kiss - I didn't linger - and then I moved my head back.

He let go of his cheeks, stood upright, and turned around, almost hitting me in the face with his cock. It seemed to have gotten bigger.

My Classmate, My Trainer
Part 4 of 5

The next day we were at the gym having a good, sweaty workout. That's me with the stupid look on my face; Derek's the one with the muscles. When we were finished, Derek led me to the lockers and told me to take out my ass plug. I bent down and grasped it in my hand. It was both tight and slippery from sweat. The whole time I was stooping and grunting, I was worried that someone would walk by and see what I was doing. My heart raced, and I hid it in the bottom of my backpack as soon as I pulled it out. I was paranoid someone would find out what I had become.

“Time for our run,” Derek told me as he removed his shirt. "Take off your shirt, too, and leave it here."

I started to, but then I realized my cock was reaching above my waistband and showing its head a couple of inches. “Go ahead, take it off. Just adjust it, Mur. Are you always hard?" he smiled. I didn’t really like him calling me ‘Mur,’ but it was better than ‘cunt’ or ‘bitch’. I took off my shirt and looked down. While Derek watched, I pulled open the waistband of my shorts and jock and adjusted my cock, so it was pointing more to the side than upward. I flushed red again, realizing I was doing this in front of another guy and in a public place.

Finally, I looked up at Derek when I was adjusted and ready to go. He had a pair of scissors in his hand. He stepped over next to me and took hold of the side of my shorts, and, starting at the bottom, cut up the seam until he reached the waistband. "Turn around," he instructed. I obeyed but couldn't believe what he was doing. He was cutting up my clothes! When he made the same long slit on the other side. It dawned on me that very little was covering me now because the sides of my shorts flared wide apart as I moved.

He put his scissors away and said, "Let's go, Murray." As he headed out of the locker room, I followed, all the while sure that guys were looking at my strange outfit once outside the gym. He started to jog, following the usual path that we ran. It went across the quad and then out to the road that ran through the university. I followed, as I always did, once we reached the road. He began to pick up the pace.

I concentrated on keeping up with him and keeping my breathing and form in line as he had taught me. He continued at a good pace, and I realized after about 15 minutes that my cock had gone down for what seemed like the first time in hours.

He stayed in front of me, and I continued to look at his back and watch his muscles flex as he ran. Sweat began to form on his back, and it ran down and collected at the waistband of his shorts. I also watched his ass flex as he ran - why was I becoming so infatuated with men's bodies?

Suddenly I needed to take a dump, but I knew I couldn’t make it back to the gym in time.

"Derek!" I called out to him.

He kept running and said, "Yes?"

"Derek, I need to stop for a moment."

He kept running. "Why?"

"I need to tell you something."

"What?" Derek yelled, not even slowing down.

"I need to take a dump."

I couldn't believe I had to yell this at him as he ran, much less tell another guy I had to take a dump in the first place.


“I said, I need to take a dump!”

He slowed his pace a bit, and I continued to follow him. I hadn't paid any attention to where we were as I had just been watching his back. When I looked around, I saw we were in some area I hadn't been to before. We were running by some park or forest land. Derek then veered off the path we were on and headed out into the forest. He slowed a bit more and wound his way through some trees and plants until he came to a clearing and stopped.

I stopped as well and looked around. There was no restroom there. "So, where's the restroom?"

"There isn't one. You are going to have to go here, Murray."

At first, I was confused, but then I figured out what he meant. I couldn't believe how I still remained so naive about everything!

"Yup. Right here in the middle of this clearing. Use your heel, dig a little hole, and do your business. Wipe your ass with some leaves, and then we can go. By the way, you did well by telling me you had to go."

I blushed again at the thought of having to tell someone else all my personal business. Was I going to have to take a dump out in the open? I kept hoping he would turn his back, but he didn't. I used my heel and made a hole in the forest litter of leaves and topsoil, and then I turned my back to him as I began to lower my shorts and jock.

"No, don't turn around. Take off your jock and shorts and hand them to me.” I did.

“Now, your shoes.”

FUCK! Why do I always have to be completely naked when I only want to take a private crap? But I handed him everything, including my shoes, and stooped down over the small hole I had made.

“Remember, boy, you gave up all your privacy. You are so low now you will do anything, anywhere, in front of anyone. Remember that."

Taking a dump while someone watched was so humiliating! I flushed again and squatted over the hole, having decided to do it quickly and get it over with. I looked up once and saw that Derek had that smile of his on his face while he watched me.

I forced it all out, then stood, walked over, pulled some leaves off a bush, and wiped my ass. I dropped the leaves on my pile and then kicked leaves and dirt to fill in the hole. As I walked back over to Derek to get my clothes, my cock swelled again. What was wrong with me?

When I reached for my shorts, he said, "Not yet. Follow me." He then turned and walked through the bushes. I had no choice but to follow. He walked a bit through the trees and bushes until he came to another clearing. By this time, my cock was getting stiff again. Walking around outside naked - wow - that was a turn-on for me too? I didn’t know that about myself.

He stopped when he reached the clearing, turned, and faced me. "Come here," he instructed, and so I walked over to him with my cock pointing the way. Again, he smiled that little smile of his when he saw my condition. He raised his right arm, put his hand behind his head, and said, "Now put your nose in my pit and smell it."

I moved closer, and my cock jumped as I put my head in his pit and sniffed. I was standing very close to him, just off to the side. My rigid dick rubbed his belly at the button. His heady aroma of sweat and musk overpowered me. I closed my eyes and inhaled more. "Now lick it," he said in the same even tone he always used with me. I did as he said, sticking my tongue out, and licked through the tangle of wiry hair into his armpit. The salty, acrid taste of his sweat made me want more, so I licked again and again.

He chuckled. "So. My cunt-whore cocksucker likes licking up a real man's sweat!" I looked at him as I felt the heat rise in my face. He still had that same smile. "Now do the other one." He switched arms behind his head, and I moved over to the other pit, put my face in, and licked up his sweat even as my face pulsed with another rush of heat.

After I licked several times, he pulled back. "Now get down on your knees and pull down my shorts. Leave my jock on."

I knelt before him, feeling like I were some sort of servant or slave. I reached up and pulled the waistband of his shorts down, exposing the full basket of his jock. Once I had them down around his ankles, he stepped out of them.

Then he turned and presented his ass to my face. He bent his body over as if he were sitting in an invisible chair with his ass stuck out. "Now, Murray, place one hand on each of my ass cheeks and spread them apart.”

I was getting dizzy. This just couldn’t be happening! And why was I doing this? Why couldn’t I just walk away?

“Now lick the sweat up." In a daze, I leaned in, stuck my tongue out, and licked the sweat from his fuzzy ass crack, soaking his ass hair in the process. I got that same acrid taste of his hole that I had gotten from mine, but I kept on licking. I do not know why, but I did and wanted more of it. It was addictive. I licked up and down his crack and even across his rosebud asshole.

He chuckled and said, "This cocksucker is so disgusting, so pathetic, that he licks sweat out of a real man's ass."

My face flushed again upon hearing his words, but I wanted every last drop, so I lapped his crack again. He moved away from me then, but I scooted along behind him, my face still in his crack, wanting to stay in it. He chuckled again when he turned and saw me practically fall forward as I was leaning to keep my tongue in his ass crack.

Then he faced me and walked up to me. "Now pull down my jock."

He stood there with his dick pouch just inches from my face. I reached up and grabbed the waistband and pulled it down, mesmerized again by the trail of hair being exposed until I reached his pubes. They were so thick and wiry, and he smelled of sweat, piss, and musk. It made me light-headed. I pulled his jock down to his ankles, and he stepped out of it. He was now as naked as I was, except for his tennis shoes. It didn't seem to faze him. His cock had swelled some, but it wasn't hard yet. I knelt there looking at his cock while he just stood there.

And then it happened - he started to pee. The stream first caught me on the legs, and then he took hold of his cock and directed the flow upward. He aimed it at my thighs, at my crotch, and on my throbbing cock. Then he moved it up to my chest, across my face, and into my hair. Then he directed it down to my shoulders, where it ran down my back. When he was finished pissing, he rubbed his cock on my head and then stood back.

"Now, stick your face into my crotch and lick the sweat off. Make sure you get my balls really good."

I next found my face buried in the wiry hair of his crotch, trying to lick my way through it. My nose was filled with smells that were overpowering me again. I licked away on his crotch and moved to his golf-ball-sized nuts.

As I nuzzled them, trying to get all the sweat off of them, he said, "Wow! Look at this scum, drenched in piss, sucking the sweat off of my balls!" I closed my eyes in shame and felt the heat on my cheeks, but I kept licking. When I opened my eyes. I was face to face with his cock, and it had grown - it had gotten thicker and harder. My nose brushed along the length of it, smelling it. I couldn't help myself - I let my tongue lash out and lick along the shaft.

Derek stepped back from me, and I looked up at him. "Who told you you could lick my cock?" he said in the same tone he always used. I couldn't tell if he was mad, disgusted, or what. "Why did you think you could lick my cock? Are you gay? Do you like sucking dicks? Do you really want my cock in your mouth? Look at me! I have told you never to lower your eyes when talking."

I raised my head, feeling a hot blush on my cheeks, and I knew that tears would begin any moment. "You..." I couldn't go on.

"What?" he demanded.

"You are always calling me a cocksucker and a cunt and a whore, but I’ve never sucked a cock before in my life! I’ve never even been this close to a cock until two days ago!”

"Are you saying you want to suck my cock?"

My whole body must have turned red as I said, "Yes."

"Well, then, ask me. Beg me to let you suck my cock. My cock belongs to me, not to you, so you have to ask for it. And by the way, your cock belongs to me as well - you can't use it without my permission. In fact, your whole body belongs to me, so if you want something, you need to ask."

"Derek, Sir, Please. Can I, ah, may I suck your cock?" How could I be uttering those words? This couldn’t be me speaking!

“Are you asking me if you can suck MY cock?"

"Yes, Sir. Please, may I suck your cock?" I knew I’d start crying soon but I couldn't help it. I needed to do this. I hated myself for it. I despised myself for it, but my cock said I had to do this. I was feeling so torn up inside. My heart was pounding, and I could feel a throbbing in my temples, and I knew my cock was pulsing to the same beat. I wanted so badly to lower my head in shame for the very thing I was now begging to do.

"You want to put your mouth around another guy's dick and suck on it? Do you want to eat my cum, too, like you ate your own?"

He was really pushing me. With tears rolling down my face, I looked up at him and said, "Yes, Sir.”

"Okay, since you asked and begged me to let you do this, you can now become a cocksucker, too," he said as he moved back up in front of my face. I leaned forward and took the head of his cock into my mouth. It was so smooth and velvety, and I could feel it expand in my mouth. I ran my tongue up to the slit and licked there, too. His cock stiffened and became even more rigid. I had to reach up and hold his cock because it wanted to thrust straight into me. It was the second time I had held his rigid cock in my hand, and I loved the heat of it. I wanted to taste all of it. I took my lips off the head and ran my tongue up and down the shaft, down to the hairs and balls I had recently been licking.

I did this several times before returning to the head of his cock. As I took it back into my mouth, I swirled my tongue around the flange of it. It was big, filling my whole mouth. I began to bob my head back and forth on his dick. After about a minute or two, I felt Derek take hold of my head and start pumping into me more forcefully – he was pushing further into my throat.

I thought I was going to gag, so I tried to push back from his legs, but he said, "No, you asked for it, and now you’re going to take it. Just relax your throat and breathe through your nose when you can." He didn't let up - he kept pushing more and more of his cock into me, and each time it seemed to go further and further down my throat. This kept on for several minutes until he took hold of my head and pushed his cock all the way in. My nose was in his pubic hair, and his balls were against my chin.

I panicked because now I couldn’t breathe! I felt as if I were going to pass out. I was completely helpless as my mouth and throat filled with his cock, stretched to their limits. I tried again to push back on his legs, but he just chuckled and said, "Hold on, you aren’t going anywhere, so get used to it. You asked for it." He held my head there for a few seconds, his cock pulsing in my throat.

Then he released my head and pumped it a couple more times. Meanwhile, my hands had gone to my own cock, which was leaking and wanting attention. "NO! You are not to pleasure yourself. You didn't ask permission, and YOU are taking care of ME now. Remember that it was YOU who begged to suck MY cock. OK now, lay down on your back."

I removed my hands and laid down on my back. He then moved around, put his feet above my head, and spread his arms over my chest, telling me to open up. I opened my mouth and realized what he was doing - he was fucking my mouth. I was just lying there, being used by him, as he pumped himself in and out of my mouth as if he were fucking a cunt.

For some reason, this was even more humiliating. Apparently, I wasn't good enough to suck his cock, so he would just fuck my mouth! Tears rolled down my face as he pumped himself in and out of me, using long, slow, deep strokes and pushing his dick all the way down into my throat and then back up. He pumped his ass up and down, fucking my face. He kept this up for several minutes, and all I could hear was the slurping of my mouth around his cock. Then his pace began to speed up, thrusting even faster into my mouth. Each time he was all the way in, his nuts covered my nose.

Then, after a while, I noticed that his nut sack had tightened up, and his pace had increased again. He began to groan, and, through gritted teeth, he moaned, "Yeah, take that, cocksucker. Take my cock, you scum, you faggot! Are you ready for my cum?"

There was no way I could respond as his whole body tensed. He continued to pump in and out of my mouth. Then his cock swelled even more, and I felt hot liquid hit my throat. He pulled back, and suddenly cum flooded my mouth - he grunted as he pumped his load into my mouth. I struggled to swallow it all, and I knew some of it leaked out of my mouth. When he was finally done, he kept his cock in my mouth, thrusting in and out a little more, and said, "Lick it up, cum-sucker. Clean up all my juice."

I lapped around his cock and sucked the piss-slit clean. I was also trying to wipe up the cum that had escaped my mouth using my tongue. He finally pulled out of me and knelt back on his knees. He watched as I used my hand to wipe up the cum that had run down from my mouth, and he continued to watch as I then licked that hand clean too.

"What a low-life scumbag! Not only do you eat your own cum, but you also eat the cum from another guy's cock!" Gazing down at my body, he added, "And, Murray, your cock is dripping away like mad…you really get off on this shit!"

Then he stood up and looked at me lying there. "I wish I had had my camera for this. We’ll have to do this again and get it on film right out here in the woods. You’re just a shit-hole who stripped himself naked and then begged me to let you suck my cock and drink my cum. Man, I’ve got to get that on film." He was wiping the sweat off of his forehead as he spoke.

I moved around and got on my knees. "Derek?"


I know I blushed again as I asked, "May I jack off now?"

"Stand up, asshole." I stood up.

He moved over to me and said, "Put your arms behind your back." I did as I was told. "You want to jack- off now?"

"Yes, please, Sir."

Suddenly he used his right hand to swat my cock really hard. It snapped back up and flapped against my chest. "This little thing? You want to beat this little thing off?" he said, swatting my cock down again. It hurt!

"Ahhgggg. Yes, Sir, please!"

He hit my cock again and again, each time a little harder. I grimaced with each blow. "This little thing?" He kept it up. Hitting first one way and then the other. One time he slapped it down so hard that it hit my balls, making me see stars. But all the time he was doing that, my cock continued to drip.

Then he took hold of my dick and said, "Let's see how far down we can bend this. Don't move or bend over while I do it." He then pulled my rigid cock way down, nearly parallel to my legs. I inhaled a breath through my teeth - damn, that hurt!

"Oh, fuck! Please don't!" I said, wanting to reach around and cup my sore cock and nuts.

"Why should I stop, Murray? You have lots of punishments coming, and you’ve been adding more to them all day." He slapped my cock again, making it pop back up against my stomach. "Don't you like this?" He did it again. "Your cock seems to like it, doesn't it?"


"What?" and he slapped it again.

"NO! Please no! Please stop! Please!"

"Why?" and he hit again.

"Fuck, because it hurts!" My face was wet with tears now.

"So?” WHACK! "What does that" WHACK! "matter" WHACK! "to me?" WHACK! Then he stopped momentarily and added, "You belong to me, remember?"

"Yes," I sobbed, glad for the respite.

"And your cock belongs to me, right?"


"And your whole body belongs to me, right? Your mind, your heart, your cock, your balls, your ass, your face, your mouth…everything you have belongs to me, right?"

"Yes," I sobbed again.

"Everything you are, have, and do, belongs to me, right?"


"So, what does it matter if I slap your cock around?" WHACK!


"Or if I want to smack your balls?" SMACK!

"Ahhhgggg!" I thought I was going to throw up. Nausea was making the pit of my stomach contract in jolts.

"Do you deserve to be punished?"

"Yes," and I nodded my head.


"Because I’ve been bad." Snot ran from my nose down to my lip.

"Because you are bad, and you are a perverted, degenerate cum-dump pig?"

"YEEEESSSSSS!” I was really broken.

"What will you do if I stop hitting your cock and balls?"

"Anything! Anything you ask! Just please, stop!" I was pleading now.

"Anything? Murray? No matter what I ask?"


"No matter when I ask it?"

"Yes," I said again as my whole body sagged. I felt beaten down.

"Okay, then I'll stop."

What happened next amazed me. He walked over to me, wrapped his arms around me, squeezed, and then patted me on the back. "It's going to be all right. This was a hard place to get through, but I think you’ll be better for it." He patted me again, and I raised my arms and squeezed him tightly, sobbing into his shoulder.

"You have surrendered yourself to me completely now. I have a feeling this will need to happen a couple of more times, so remember, I’ve warned you it will happen." He held me as I tried to gather myself, but I kept sobbing. My whole body was shuddering.

"You did well. You got to the point where you asked to suck my cock. You broke through something, then. There will be other breakthroughs - you can't imagine them now, but there will be. Some may happen quickly, and others may take some work, but I’ll be there to get you through all of them. You’ve turned yourself over to me now, and since you are mine, I’ll take care of you." He patted me again, and as I began to control myself, he stepped back, rubbed my head, and said, "After all, what Master doesn't take good care of his dog?"

He then moved around, picked up his jock, and slid it on, followed by his shorts. I looked around for my stuff too, but he said, "No, not yet."

I realized then that my cock had gone down a bit while I had been crying, but everything suddenly came rushing at me all at once. Here I was, in the middle of a public place, in broad daylight, naked. I had sucked a guy off, and I had been fucked in the mouth by him, and yet I was still naked, and he had his clothes back on. Fuck! What was I doing? I began to panic again - what if someone came by? What if someone had seen me? Oh fuck! What was I doing, telling this guy that I belonged to him? Was I fucking out of my mind? Fuck it, my life was over. I would never be able to show my face in public again!

How low had I sunk? Shitting in front of someone, being stripped, being pissed on, sucking cock, being abused…what more could happen to me?

I looked up and realized that Derek had been watching me. I looked at myself, and, unbelievably, I was hard again. And I was covered in dirt and mud made from his piss and the ground I had been lying on. In short, I was a mess.

"Follow me. And you must always say 'Sir' when you are talking to me. You will always follow me - you are not my equal. You are beneath me, so you will always walk behind me."

Red spread across my face as his words sank in. I followed him, naked, through the tree. I was still in a daze, and my head was whirling with everything that had happened, yet I followed Derek without question. Then the fog cleared a bit, and I realized I was actually walking naked through a public park, albeit in the trees and bushes, but I could still come across someone at any time. I don’t know why, but this only made my cock twitch more. I moved to grab it, but then I remembered. I didn’t have permission to jack off.

The bushes were getting thinner, and I was getting more nervous. I didn't want to question him, but I just couldn't walk around in public, in the open, the way I was.

I was just getting ready to say something when Derek stopped, turned, and looked at me. He saw my still-dripping cock and my mud-spattered naked body and gave me that little-crooked smile of his. He handed me my shorts and told me to put them on.

I did as he said, once again having to trap the end of my cock in the waistband. There was no way I could go back to school like this. "Ready to run?" he asked.

"Derek, please, I can't run like this! Please let me have my jock back. Please!" I was begging again.

"Okay, how about I give you just the jock, and you can wear that and no shorts?"

A look of horror must have crossed my face because he said, "What, you don't want to run back through the campus with your ass hanging out? I am sure some girls would like to see that ass of yours, and maybe a couple of guys, too." He reached over and patted my ass lightly. I blushed again and looked at my feet, but then I remembered and raised my head.

"Derek, please," was all I could say.

He looked me up and down for a while and then said, "Okay, but you’ll pay for this. And you’d better get that cock of yours under control because you WILL be taking a shower in the gym when we get back. I am sure you don't want to be flashing that nasty thing everywhere when you go to the showers and back."

The thought made me ill. My stomach tightened up and flipped over. What was I going to do? I was shaking as I removed my shorts again, put on the jock, and pulled up the shorts.

Then Derek walked around behind me. He lifted the back-right section of my shorts; because of the cut he had made on the side, he could expose nearly the whole cheek. He tucked that section up into my waistband and then did the same on the other side. Half of my ass was now showing, and the straps from the jock were visible. He then stepped in front of me and lifted the flaps there, so now it looked as if I were wearing some kind of bikini that didn’t cover very much of me. But although I really didn’t want to be running around campus like this, I had to admit to myself it was better than running in just a jock or just the shorts.

My Classmate, My Trainer
Part 5 of 5

After our very long, exhaustive run, we got to the gym, and I followed him into the lockers, stripped off my clothes, grabbed a towel, and headed to the showers. Once in the showers, I got the water temperature just right and stood under the hot, steamy water. That me in the center, all uncontrollably boned up. I felt the ache in my legs releasing and stood for a bit, just enjoying the water beating down on my shoulders. I pumped some soap out of the dispenser and started lathering myself up, which is when the fog cleared again. I remembered that I was shaved and didn’t have a hair on my body from my shoulders down. I looked up with big round eyes to see if anyone else was around me.

Derek was also under a shower, two down from mine, and there was one other guy further down near the entrance. I turned my back and realized that I was blushing again. It was amazing to me that, at this point, all I had to do to get an erection was simply to think about my shaved body and who might see it. Derek had rewired my brain, or was it my dick? My cock had gone down during the run back, but now it was beginning to swell again. Oh fuck, I couldn't let that happen! I mean, if anyone saw me in the showers with a boner, they would think I was a perverted faggot. Or would it be more correct to say that they would know I am a perverted faggot?

I looked over at Derek. He was looking back at me and smiling as he lathered up his cock and balls. That wasn't helping. I turned the water to cold and nearly jumped out of the stream, but then I got back under it, which seemed to help. I then concentrated on getting all the road dirt off me while shivering from the cold. I could hear Derek chuckling.

When I was finished, I grabbed my towel and tied it around my waist. Derek did the same with his and led the way to an adjacent drying area. However, before my locker, I assumed we would towel off in the more private section. Derek said nothing, but I could tell by looking at him that I should stop there and dry off. I actually appreciated that he hadn't said anything. I stopped and took off my towel and began drying myself with it, keeping the towel covering my crotch all the time, but then I looked at Derek, and he was shaking his head. FUCK! Now he had me responding to his silent signals by only the expressions on his face. He had trained me well enough at this point to know that his punishments for disobedience were tough to take.

He then put his towel over his shoulder and started drying his back by rubbing it back and forth between his outstretched arms. Obviously, this is what he wanted me to do, too. I was pink as I moved my towel and mimicked his movements, feeling a little like I were his toy puppet. This, of course, completely exposed my shaved crotch and swelling cock to anyone walking by.

And a couple of guys walked by they, glanced at me, then walked on into the showers. Then the other guy from the shower walked out and started drying off right in front of me. I caught him taking a look at my shaved crotch, and it made my cock swell more, causing me to turn even redder. But then, thankfully, he turned away and went back to drying himself.

I finished drying, wrapped the towel around my waist, and walked back to the lockers. And once again, Derek shook his head and draped the towel over his shoulder as he headed back to the lockers. I had no choice. I put my towel over my shoulder and followed him back to the lockers, my big, fat dick pointing the way. I tried to keep my eyes straight ahead and not look to see if anyone was looking at my naked crotch and my bouncing boner.

I was nearly rigid when we got to the lockers, so I sat down quickly and put the towel on my lap. Derek only chuckled. He reached over and rubbed my head as one would ruffle the hair of a kid, which only made me blush more. I then reached into my locker to get the clothes I had on earlier.

But Derek said, "No, Murray, I have something different for you to wear this afternoon." He reached into his bag and brought out a pair of khaki shorts with cargo pockets. I put them on and tried to zip them up, but the zipper was broken. A single button held my pants up - pants that were too big for me. If I let go of the waist, they would fall down.

Next, Derek got out a belt and threaded it through the loops of my pants. Then he positioned my stiff dick upward so that the tip was at my belly button. He fastened the belt tightly so that it wrapped over my dick at the mid-length point, so a couple of inches of my dick showed above the waist of my pants.

The pressure on my cock was acute. It felt almost like a tight cock ring. I was dying to cum as I had been hard for hours, but I had yet to shoot. I could also feel my cock leaking onto my stomach. Mercifully, he then handed me a loose T-shirt to put on as well - thank God! -because the T-shirt covered my dick. Then he sat down on the bench, slid his bare feet toward me, handed me a pair of socks, and said, "Put on my shoes and socks."

I looked left and right and then sat on the bench beside him. He turned to face me and brought his foot up between my legs. I loved the look of the hair on the top of his toes and the way the vein snaked across the top of it. And his big toe ... What the fuck was I thinking?

I took the sock, and as I bent over to put it on, I noticed that the zipper of my pants, the broken zipper, was wide open. MY FUCKING BALLS WERE IN CLEAR VIEW! I tried to pull the zippered sides together, but they would only flare apart as I sat there. FUCK! He switched feet, and I put his other sock on. While I reached to pick up his shoe, he moved his foot so that the heel of it pressed against my balls, and his toes wiggled to tickle the exposed portion of my trapped dick. I think I moaned, but he just chuckled.

Never in my fucking life had I ever found a man’s feet sexy, but with my rewired brain – FUCK! – I wanted to suck those toes so bad I was leaking precum at the very thought. I swear if he had told me I could suck his toes, the toes which were erotically tickling my dick, I’d fucking have done it right there and then!

"Okay, off to class, Murray,” Derek said, shaking me from my toe-sucking fantasy. “See you back in your room after classes. We have some punishments to take care of, and maybe we can make another video or two." This last comment made my heart pound, my face blush, and my dick pulse with slut juice. He had yet to let me climax, so I was dripping all over the place.

After classes, I was glad to get back to my room. I stripped naked, as usual, but was physically buzzed out due to my pent-up need to shoot.

Moments later, Derek waltzed into the room. Upon seeing how agitated I was, he said, "Sit down and calm down.” I did. I sat on my bed, controlled my emotions, and looked at him. "Right now, I think you need to get something to eat." He got up. His cock bulge was inches from my face. I started to open my mouth, but he said, "What have you had to eat today? I mean, besides your cum and mine?" I closed my eyes, trying to remember. He was right. I’d had nothing but my cum this morning and then his around lunchtime.

"Come on, pull those shorts on, T-shirt, and shoes on,” he says as he pointed to the pile on the floor. “I'll take you out for dinner."

As I started for the door, I realized I needed to take a leak before we left, so I asked Derek if it was okay. "Sure. Bring your backpack with you then. That has your bottle in it, right?" For the briefest moment, I had forgotten about his new rule: I had to collect my piss in a large bottle instead of using the toilet like a normal person. This was only the latest reminder that I was no longer normal.

"Yes, but the toilet is right in there,” I wanted to say, but I didn't - Instead, I just grabbed my backpack and followed him out. I noticed he had a small pack with him as well.

When we got to the parking lot, Derek led the way to his car. Once we got there, he told me I would be driving, but before I got in, he told me to get out my bottle and piss in it. I set my backpack on the roof of his car, opened it, and retrieved a large plastic, wide-mouth juice bottle. It was now about half full. I looked around the parking lot, and no one else was around, so I pushed down my shorts and worked to get my hard cock aimed down and into the bottle. I blushed again because Derek was standing next to me, watching me intently.

This was not going to be easy! Standing outside in a public parking lot, my hard cock forcibly bent down and sticking into a bottle and all in front of someone else. Derek said, "We can stand here all night if you want - it’s up to you." I stood there a while longer, but now other students were going to their cars. Then Derek said, "Here, let me show you how it is done."

He took the bottle away from me, unzipped his shorts, pulled out his flaccid cock, slid it down into the opening, and let go with a foam-making stream. Watching him do that made me have to go even more. When he was finished, he handed the now-warm bottle back to me. Once again, I put my cock into the bottle and finally got a stream going, and then suddenly, it came out in a flood – I thought the bottle was going to overflow! "Don't spill it," he said as I filled the bottle near the top. I then replaced the cap, put it back in my pack, and tucked my dick away. I unlocked the car, and we got in.

"Where to?" I asked.

"Head out of campus and then turn west." I followed his directions, and he told me to pull over once we were off campus. I did as he said. Once we were stopped, he pulled out his camera and said, "Take off all your close, including your shoes."

I hesitated, but only for a couple of seconds this time. I unbuckled and then worked my shoes off, the T-shirt, and the shorts. I looked over, and Derek was filming the whole thing. Then he took the clothes from me. I buckled up, but my cock was free this time, sticking up between the steering wheel and my belly.

"Okay, now start driving, and I’ll give you directions. Drive with your left hand and stroke yourself with your right hand. Don't cum! Just lightly stroke it. If you get close to cumming let me know, but stop stroking before you cum."

I put the car into gear and, conscious of my nakedness, drove carefully as I didn’t want to be pulled over by a cop. Then, when a rather large amount of precum had oozed out, Derek said, "Wipe that up and lick it off of your fingers." I did as I was told, shivering as I tasted my precum.

We drove to a fast-food place, and Derek told me to turn in. I began to sweat. He wasn't going to make me go through the drive-thru like this, was he? It sure looked as if he was enjoying the fear on my face. There were six cars in line ahead of us, so I had a lot of time to get really worked up. I was freaking out, and the next thing I knew, we were beside the speaker box.

“What do you want to eat?” he said.

I told him I wasn’t hungry and asked if we could leave, but he ignored me.

“OK, so a double burger, but plain, nothing on it - that’s a great choice! Order two.” he decided for me. “Tell the girl on the speaker box and get one large Coke.” I did as he asked. The girl’s voice was so cheery. She sounded like she was 14. I was so fucking nervous! Just then, the car currently at the window pulled away. There were now only five cars ahead of us.

I stopped pumping my dick and turned to Derek. “Please, oh please, no, Sir. Please no! Not here!” I begged in a whisper but was never more sincere or desperate.

“Keep playing with your dick, Murray. I’ll tell you if you can stop or not.”

“Please, Sir, I’ll do anything, but please let me pull out of line. Please?”

“Tilt your seat back, just a bit. I want the girl at the window to get the full shocking effect of your naked body and big boner sticking up.” Another car peeled away, and the line moved up by one. Now only four cars were ahead of us.

I adjusted the latch and moved two notches down the back of my seat. My upper body was now leaning back at a 45-degree angle. Worse still, this made me look like I was trying to show off my body and dick like a cheap street hustler. “Sir, I am so, so serious. Please don’t do this to me, please! It will fuck me up big time. Please!”

“Oh, and when you get to the girl in the window, ask her for an extra-large paper cup. And have her put some ice in it too, about one-third full of ice.”

“I can’t do this! No fucking way!” I didn’t yell but was as direct and forceful as I thought he would allow. “I can’t! I won’t.” Oddly, though, I was still pumping my dick slow and easy as he had instructed me to do when I first got in line. My hand was obeying him, but my brain was not! Boy, was I fucked up.

“And make sure she gives us two straws.” As he said that, he reached behind the seat, retrieved my bottle of my - I mean OUR - piss, and held it in his lap. I guess he felt I might have to piss some more since I was so fucking nervous. Another car finished, and now we were third in line.

“This is going to end everything. I’m really not going to go through with it. I’m done.” He didn’t acknowledge my demand, so I continued, “I’m not!” Derek just remained silent and smiling.

“SIR, THIS IS FUCKED! YOU ARE FUCKED! YOU ARE FUCKING SICK! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME DO THIS! … Sir!” I desperately said in a low volume, not wanting anyone in the other cars to hear. But this was not going to happen!

“Well, what if I hand you your T-shirt to cover up your lap?” Derek seemed so calm. Another car peeled away, leaving only one car in front of us. Only one car between us and the serving window.

“YES! YES! Please hurry! Please, we’re almost there!” I didn’t even realize I was still stroking my dick as I added, “Please hand me my shirt - you tossed it in the back seat!”

[What Derek had been counting on was that Murray was driving. Murray was in the driver’s seat. There was no barrier to keep him from pulling out of the line or driving past the service window. Derek always allowed an ‘out’ for a submissive boy to end a scene if he wanted to. However, Murray was still asking for permission - he was still acknowledging Derek’s authority, but in reality, nothing was stopping him from just pulling the car away - nothing except his deep, inner desire to obey and to please Derek.

“I didn’t say I would hand you your T-shirt. I just asked you if you would like it if I did.” Derek said in a pleasant tone, smiling. “But I’ll tell you what. I’m hearing your concerns, and I will go way out of my way to help and comfort you.” I was all ears, waiting for him to tell me I could cover my lap. “You may stop pumping your dick, but do nothing to cover it up.” I don’t know why the last car pulled away, but I stepped on the gas and pulled up to the window.

“OK, you ordered two … “Then the guy at the window – and I was so relieved it was not a girl - stopped speaking mid-sentence and stared at my dick. He was speechless. I was speechless.

Derek leaned over from the passenger’s seat and said, “Yes, we ordered two double burgers.”

“Ah … ah … ya … ya … yes, Sir.” He then proceeded to pick up the pre-bagged burgers and handed them to me.

“Tell the boy, ‘Thank you, Sir.’” I was so fucked up, and my dick was oozing all over my lap. I reached out and took the bag, and said thank you.

Derek took the bag from me and immediately opened up the wrapper on the plain burger. Then he leaned over again and asked the boy, “Do you have extra sauce for these burgers?” He paused and said, “Never mind.”

Derek then opened the burger, so he could put extra sauce on it, I thought, but instead, he placed the bottom half with the burger meat on my lap and said, “Here you go, Murray. Go ahead and put some extra sauce on your burger.”

At that moment, I FUCKING CAME! I JUST BLASTED MY FUCKING LOAD! THERE WE WERE AT A PUBLIC DRIVE-THRU WITH ME TOTALLY NAKED – MY SEAT LEANING BACK AND MY DICK JUTTING OUT, ON FULL DISPLAY FOR THIS BOY TO SEE – AND DEREK WANTED ME TO SQUIRT MY ‘EXTRA SAUCE’ ON MY BURGER – RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE BOY! My dick started shooting. I tried to point it at the burger, but I was so dazed and out of it that my cum squirted on my face and chest, on the car roof, and even on the windshield. I thought I was going to pass out.

“And oh,” Derek said laughingly to the boy, “We’ll need extra napkins, too.”

“Here … here … here you go,” the boy said as he handed me the napkins. I just took them as I was too freaked out and didn’t know what else to do.

Again, Derek leaned over and said, “And one last thing…we also ordered a large Coke and an extra cup with one-third ice.”

“Oh yeah,” he said, but he still couldn’t take his eyes off me and my dick. The boy moved away from the window in slow motion, and when he finally came back with the full cup, Derek reached over and grabbed it out of his hand. Then he handed over the extra cup with just ice in it.

Derek set the full cup in the drink holder and then handed me the cup with only ice. I took it and, dumbfoundedly, just held it.

“You sure you don’t want water in that cup?” the boy asked.

“No, my driver has a special drink he prefers,” Derek said, picking up and opening the full bottle of urine I had collected. He then began pouring it into my empty cup.

“Go ahead, Murray, tell the kind young man what your special drink is,” Derek said as he poured it very slowly into my cup, drawing out my anxiety and humiliation.

“It … it … it’s … my … pee that … I … I sa … sa … saved up … to drink.” I wasn’t crying, but I was so light-headed I thought I would faint.

“Go on. Murray! Tell the kind man how you love to drink your piss. Yours or, in fact, anyone’s piss. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, I … I love … I love … oh fuck!” Derek put the full cup in front of my face, and I began drinking it. I guzzled it down. I was so fucking dizzy that my mind was floating.

Somehow, Derek guided me to move the car a few yards ahead into a parking space where, moments later, I found myself walking around the front end of the car, naked and boned up and dazed. It’s not that I didn’t care. It’s just that I was mentally fogged out and unaware. At some point, I must have passed out, and when I came to, I was riding in the passenger seat, and Derek was driving us away.

“Boy, you got your cum all over the car, so now I want this car licked cleaned by the time we get back to the campus. And finish that drink as well.” I don’t think I heard him, but I was doing that anyway. Maybe it had just become a force of habit by now?

The next thing I clearly remember is waking up in my bed. I had had dreams, nightmares really, about how angry Derek was with me because I kept disobeying him so much. In the dream, I had told him to fuck off. I told him I was through. We were driving in the car, and I came all over the place without his permission, so he warned me that that was the last straw. I also remembered something about a teen at a MacDonald’s who was watching me. I could only imagine how upset Derek was.

But was it a dream? FUCK! My brain was all screwed up, but then I slowly realized it had really happened, and it was I who had told Derek he was fucked up and that I was through forever! I lay in my bed, naked and, oddly, not hard - just limp. I looked around for Derek, but I guessed he had already packed up his stuff and moved out.

I felt sad and relieved at the same time. No … just sad. I thought about getting dressed and doing something…after all, it was Saturday. So no classes, but then I heard the key in the lock, and Derek came in. I saw that he wasn’t smiling. He didn’t look happy. He wasn’t pleased with me.

I just sat up on the edge of the bed and slumped over. He’d made up his mind to leave, and that was that, but I did want to apologize, I mean, for the record. I had just reached my limit and couldn’t do this anymore. I had fucked up royally, and now it was over.

“Derek, I need to tell you something important,” I said. As I was talking, he began to walk toward me, looking a little as if he would hit me. Well, maybe I deserved to be hit. “Derek, I know you’re through with me, but just the same, I need to tell you how …”

But instead of hitting me, Derek grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed his face into mine, and HE KISSED ME! My body went limp. I felt like Jell-O. He pushed his tongue into my mouth, grabbed my head, and held my face in both his hands, AND FRENCH KISSED ME! My head was spinning. What the fuck did this mean? It felt good, fabulous, wonderful, so I didn’t resist. I just let him kiss me. I became dizzy, and when I opened my eyes, everything became blacker and blacker until I lost consciousness.

“Murray, take a deep breath.” I did. “Keep breathing, slowly and calmly.” I came to. “Murray, I am so fucking proud of you.” and he kissed me again.

“I’m so sorry I fucked-up so much,” I said. “I am so ashamed. I can’t believe how I disrespected you and…”

“Stop! I am very proud of you! You took my challenge like a true, obedient boy and went far beyond what I expected. I am so pleased and proud!” He then embraced me in a tight bear hug.

I cried and cried, and he knew they were tears of happiness. I had pleased him - I’m not sure how - but I accepted that he was pleased with me, and I felt like floating on air.

“That’s right, just let out all those emotions,” he said as he gently pushed my chest down on the bed, lifted my legs, and rested them on the bed as well. I sobbed, releasing all the pent-up, mixed-up emotions in my gut, all my extreme frustrations, my extreme fears, my extreme lust, and my extreme love.

Next, I felt a warm, soothing wetness on my chest. I opened my eyes, and he had a small bowl of warm, soapy water and a hand cloth, and he was washing my chest - and he was doing it so lovingly. “You’ve been through a lot these last few days, and I am so proud of you.” He moved the warm, wet cloth around and up to my face. I reached my hand up to take it from him, to signal that I could do this for myself, but he gently pushed my arm back on the bed and continued bathing me. I had just about stopped crying when I fully realized how much he accepted me and wanted me, and my tears started up all over again, kind of a soft, moaning sob.

I closed my eyes and remembered that I was probably gooey, sticky, and quite a mess when I got home the night before. I didn’t really know - I had no idea how I had gotten into bed. The soothing washcloth moved around my belly, and then he slowly spread my legs apart. I felt the cloth gently washing my balls and dick, and then it moved down my thighs and down my legs. He lifted up one foot, placed it on his lap, and washed it all over, and then each toe, so gently and with such care. As he did this, I fell into a deep sleep.

The End

Such a wonderful ending! Murray tried very hard and succeeded in learning how to be obedient. His deeply hidden need to be humiliated, publicly humiliated, was stated. It nurtured him. It gave him new meaning, a new life. And Derek was born to be in control, unquestioned control. He had obviously pleased Derek greatly, far beyond his expectations, and eventually, Murray became his match, his other half. But … is this the whole story? Isn’t there more? Well, the sequel does give us more details, so read it in two days and find out!

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