275 My Classmate, My Trainer, the Sequel

275 My Classmate, My Trainer: The sequel
Part 1 of 3

From the original story: My name is Murray, and I met Derek in my history class. We got to talking and studying together. He was a brilliant guy and was into athletics. He finally talked me into working out with him, convincing me to use weights and to start running, and now he was really putting me through tough workouts. I’m the sort of person who needs to be encouraged and even pushed, so I wanted – no needed – his assertive mentoring to continue, and that’s how we ended up here in the locker room. It was about our tenth or twelfth workout session, and each seemed to be harder and more demanding than the last. At the end of each, I could barely move.

What a great day, and what a great workout! Boy, had Derek put me through a tough grind, but I needed it. I’d always been an active and athletic guy, and although my body is nicely toned, I didn’t work out, or at least I didn’t before I met Derek.

There we were, sitting on a bench in the locker room. I had just finished a grueling workout and had taken off my shoes, socks, shirt, and shorts, and I was sitting there in my jock as I cooled down. Suddenly, I felt hands on my shoulders and heard Derek say, “That was a good workout. Now you need to relax with a warm shower.”

I nodded my head, almost too tired to speak. Derek’s hands began massaging my shoulders, and then I felt warmth spread down my back like warm water rinsing me off, but how was he managing to pour warm water over my back and still have both of his hands on my shoulders? Then the fog cleared, and I realized he had to be pissing on my back! I started to stand as I said, “What the fuck?”

“It’s OK,” he said as he pushed down on my shoulders, “It won’t hurt anything, and it is good for sore muscles.”

I was too tired to resist, so I sat back down, feeling the stream move back and forth across my back. I could smell the pungent aroma of his urine - it rolled down my back, collected on the waistband of my jockstrap, and then down my ass, onto the bench, and onto the floor. I watched the accumulation on the floor snake it’s way to the drain.

He removed his right hand from my shoulder, and I then felt his stream move up my neck - he was now directing the stream with his hand as he continued to piss up my neck and onto the back of my head, soaking my hair. I started to turn my head, but then I saw his cock, with the piss streaming out of it, pointing towards my head. I didn’t want to get any on my face, so I turned back and faced forward as he continued to direct the flow. He let some flow over my shoulder and down across my sore pecs. Piss began to collect in the front of my jock, soaking my pouch. It felt so warm.

I was totally clueless. I had never been this close to another guy’s cock, much less his piss. Of course, I’ve showered with guys in the gym and changed with them in locker rooms, but that was it. I don’t think I had ever really even seen another guy pissed except when I was a kid and a cousin, and I pissed in the backyard once.

The warmth of his piss was soaking around my cock, and I could feel my dick stirring, but I didn’t want to think about it. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back as Derek finished covering me in his piss. I could feel him rubbing his cock in my hair when he finished.

My cock swelled and filled out my piss-soaked jock.

“Take it off,” he instructed.

At first, I didn’t know what he meant, but then I figured it out. He wanted me to take off my jock! I was lost in a fog - in territory, I had never been in before.

Derek wanted me to remove my jock and expose my hardening cock. I didn’t know why it was swelling, but it was probably because I was so close and intimate with a naked person, and I had never been this close to a naked person before. And he had just rubbed his cock in my hair! Nonetheless, I mechanically reached down and put my thumbs into the waistband of my jock, lifted my ass up a bit off of the bench, and slid down my jock, releasing my cock. It wasn’t rigid, but it was on its way. I flushed red when Derek said, “Nice one.”

“Now, piss on yourself,” he said gently. From that point on, I was under his commanding erotic spell.

Continuing: Derek continued to guide me through his rigorous athletic program, which always included some heavy humiliation, and I always followed his lead. Why? I suppose it appealed to my gut, although I don’t understand it. I always pleaded with him not to do these things, but so far, he had always pushed me to comply. Like the next day, when we went to our lockers, he said it was time for some swimming practice. We usually went for a workout and then ran, so I wasn’t prepared with my swimsuit.

“Don’t worry about it, Murray. You know my rule. I provide whatever you need. Here, put this on.” He said as he tossed me a white Speedo-type brief. I looked at it and was so glad it wasn’t one of those ridiculous, indecent string bikini things.

“Finally,” I thought, “he’s treating me with more respect – a modest brief with three-inch fabric at the hips. That’s fine with me; at least I wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear it.”

I followed him out to the pool and over to the deep end, and we both dove in from the side. The water felt so good! Derek led me to the edge to hang on while we trod water, but then he moved behind me, slipped his hand down the back of my suit, and fingered my asshole. It was some kind of a big joke, but no one else could see because what he was doing was all underwater, so it didn’t matter. But then I felt my dick getting hard.

“Please, Derek, there are a lot of students around, guys and girls.”

“Tell me you like it.”

I moaned. “Yes, OK, but we still have a workout to do, right?” Then I looked down at myself and said, “And look what you did. My dick is rock-hard! I look like an obscene faggot whore.”

“OK, OK, no big deal. Just fix your dick sideways in your briefs, and you’ll be fine.” So, I did.

“OK, Murray, here’s your workout program. You’re going to get out of the pool, go to the diving board, and dive into the deep end. Then you will swim to the shallow end, get out of the pool and walk along the deck, in front of the bleachers.” Derek explained.

But there must have been some 15 students sitting in the bleachers to watch the swimmers practice, so I said, “But what if they notice my bulge?”

“The way you’ve tucked it in sideways, it’s just a bulge, like any lucky male loves to show off. Don’t sweat it. I just want everyone to see my boy-stud, so walk slowly.”

“You think I look acceptable like this? Can’t I do this after my dick goes down?” But of course, I already knew the answer: no.

“Yeah, Murray, you’re acceptable. Now let’s get serious - you must do the dive-swim-walk cycle 10 times, so you’ll have to walk back to the diving board – slowly, as I said – where you’ll dive again, swim to the shallow end, and walk back. Repeat that cycle 10 times.”

I was feeling nervous, and he sensed that.

“Look, the trick is to hold your head up high and not to look down as if you lack confidence. Never look around; never look at anyone unless it’s to look at me. Just keep your head up and walk slowly and with pride. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes. I’m sorry for giving you a hard time. Yes, I can definitely do this for you, Derek.”

“Good, because you aren’t allowed to leave the pool area until you complete your 10 cycles, as I have explained, or your punishment will be more intense than any other punishment you have received to date. understood?”

I understood. I could do this, and I felt stupid for acting so fucking weak. I got out of the pool and walked to the diving board. As I stood there, I blinked out any images of my body. My mind went into almost a trance. I just concentrated on obeying Derek … that was it. I stepped out to the end of the board and did a simple dive into the pool, and calmly swam to the shallow end. In somewhat of a robotic manner, I got out and slowly walked back past the students on the bleachers.

The students, especially the girls, were just there to enjoy themselves. They were all joking and laughing with each other, and I paid them no mind. As Derek had instructed me, I focused only on doing as I was told, and, honestly, Derek had come up with an excellent swimming exercise for me. The diving, swimming, and walking cycle was a great workout, and doing it non-stop made it a bit challenging. I guess they thought I was sexy in my white briefs, and, I must say, I was just so grateful Derek hadn’t made me wear one of those string bikinis. I don’t think I could stand being so exposed, and I would have just had to refuse or leave!

After four cycles, I had the urge to pee. I didn’t want to do it in the pool. I wanted to make a quick run to the restroom. So, after I walked past the giggling girls, I went over to Derek, who was just wading into the deep end where I had left him.

“A … Sir, I really need to take a leak. May I go to the restroom?”

“Well, I don’t want you to break up the momentum you have going on now, so you can pee after your next dive and swim down to the other end of the pool and get out. I want you to just stand and do it in front of all the students gathered on the bleachers.”

“WHAT? Are you fucking insane? I can’t do that - they’ll kick me out of here!” I yelled in a harsh whisper.

“Calm down, Murray. Look, when you get out of the pool down there, your body will be soaked and dripping water. As you pee, it will only look like water is dripping off you and out of your suit.” Derek said to me.

As I calmed down, I realized that he was right. Who could tell pool water from piss? Once again, I felt foolish and embarrassed that I had complained. If I didn’t get my act together quickly, Derek would just dump me. I felt so good when I obeyed him - I liked his control over me. And I sort of liked it when he pushed me, and I certainly liked the attention he paid me. And he was very caring and concerned about my athletic training, which I greatly appreciated.

“Of course, you’re right. No one will know. I’ll do it.”

“And, as you walk, and for all other aspects of this exercise, only look up. Even when peeing, don’t add attention to your groin by looking down at your dick. Only look up and be proud. Keep up the image of high confidence. Make me proud of you, Murray.” Then he added, “And when you stop in front of the bleachers, face the students. Wow, I’ve just noticed that that group over there has grown to like 40 students…I wonder why? Anyway, don’t try to walk and pee at the same time. That doesn’t work. Just stand there, let them marvel at your well-developed body, and see how sexy you look in your white briefs as you slowly release your piss.” I nodded. He was right, of course.

“OK, no big deal,” I thought to myself. I got on the board, dove in, and swam over to the shallow end. I got out and, immediately, while a lot of water was still dripping off my body, walked out in front of the bleachers and stood there facing this rather large group. I quickly let it go. It felt so nice to relieve myself and empty my bladder! I closed my eyes and felt like an impish little kid who intentionally wet his pants when his parents weren’t looking. I even released a devilish little giggle to myself, knowing what I was doing while no one else could know.

All of a sudden, I heard people laughing. “Oh, my God!” My eyes flew open, and I looked over toward the spectators. I was surprised to see everyone looking back at me, and several girls pointed fingers at me. NO, they were pointing their fingers AT MY BRIEFS! I ignored my promise to Derek to keep my head up proudly. I looked down. I tucked my hips under to angle my groin further upward in order to better see my briefs. WHAT THE FUCK?

I WAS NAKED! I WAS SHOCKED! HUMILIATED! MY CONSERVATIVE, SOLID BEIGE SPEEDO-TYPE BRIEFS HAD BECOME TRANSPARENT! I became dizzy and faint. I put my hands over my now-exposed dick and looked across the pool at Derek, who stared back at me and then spread his hands wide apart, away from his body. FUCK! He was signaling me to stop covering my dick. I moved my hands to my sides, and when I looked down, I realized I was still in the process of an uncontrollably long piss. Piss was bubbling out of my transparent briefs and dripping … or more like flowing…down my legs. The laughter was loud and accompanied by occasional cheers and ha-hahs. I was making quite a mess as the yellow piss created a large puddle in which my bare feet stood. Again, I looked down at my briefs and could clearly see my bent, horizontal dick positioned to the right, spurting piss, and my plump balls showed clearly on my left side. I looked back at the students in the bleachers, and – somehow – Derek had joined them. He was just sitting there, grinning, and giving me a ‘thumbs up’ sign. I felt like an obscene degenerate, a pervert of the highest order, and I had no way of stopping my piss flow as my dick had a mind of its own.

My eyes silently implored Derek to ask if maybe I could leave, and I really wanted to leave, but my piss was still flowing. Our eyes connected, and he made a circular movement with his hand - he wanted me to turn around and face away from the gawking students. As I did so, the laughter swelled up, and guys were whistling and doing catcalls. Only then did I realize my ass was as fully exposed as my dick and balls. I couldn’t see it, but I knew my ass cheeks - my ass crack - were on full display.

OH, FUCKING SHIT! It suddenly dawned on me - it wasn’t just then, while I was peeing, that these students first saw my dick - they had been seeing me fully exposed since I had first gotten out of the water! I had been parading back and forth around the pool and on the diving board completely naked this whole time! And the worst part was that none of them knew I was being forced to do this, and it wasn’t a frat initiation day. No, all of these students must think I was doing this because I wanted to, that I enjoyed being a slutty faggot whore, and this is how I got my jollies!

Finally, Derek got up and began to slowly walk away. That was my signal – yes, he had trained me well – for me to follow him. The students applauded while I quickened my pace to catch up to him.

“Sir, I have never been more humiliated in my life, and I’m so happy it’s over. Please get into the locker room, get dressed, and go.” I was so freaked and so glad to leave. How could I ever practice swimming here again?

“No, Murray.”

“No?” NO? Sir, I’m naked! I am completely naked! And everyone here can see that I am naked! I can’t stay here any longer!”

“OK, if you feel that strongly about it, then go. If you love your modesty more than my training program, then OK, you may leave. But if you do, I will never see you again. I’ll pick up my stuff in your dorm room and be gone … forever.” Derek looked me deep in the eyes, and I knew he was dead serious. Fuck, I hated being humiliated, but at the same time, I hated not being under Derek’s control. I was fucked.

I hung my head down and said weakly, “OK. What else do you want? I’ll do it.”

“Just what I’ve already said! Do 10 cycles of dive-swim-walk. However, since you challenged me, you’ll have to start over. So, when you are ready, get on the diving board and start with cycle number one again. And NEVER cover your dick; NEVER move quickly - it’s walking only. Got it?”

“Yes, Sir.” And so, I got onto the diving board again, but it felt so different now. Now I knew I appeared to be nude, and I knew everyone could see my dick and balls … I was clearly on display. By this time, I seemed to be totally naked! The beige material seemed to dissolve off me! I dove and swam, got out, then walked past the students – except now there were even more, maybe 75 or so, and there were teachers there as well, all smiling. I was in a daze, but I guess they considered this a harmless prank rather than an act that would get me expelled. I walked right past them all as they shouted and hooted and applauded and as I walked away from them. I knew they could see my entire ass and crack clearly. I did the 10 cycles as Derek had told me, and then he nodded and pointed for me to head on into the locker room.

We made it to the locker room, and Derek started to laugh. I guess I started laughing, too, perhaps due to the heavy tension in my gut. Laughing at the predicament I had just experienced at the pool relieved me, and I was actually close to being hysterical.

Derek pulled off his suit and then used it to wipe my face. I pushed my transparent nothing-suit down and off, and as I did so, my cock sprang out. I was still laughing and weeping because I was so emotionally messed up. Derek put his towel over his shoulder and headed to the showers. I followed. It wasn’t until I hung up my towel and headed into the communal shower that I realized I was rock hard again. Walking around the public locker and shower rooms was also a bunch of guys who started shouting stuff like, “OH SHIT!” and, “OH FUCK!” I ducked under a shower spray, but it didn’t seem to help. I was stuck there, naked, hard, and the center of attention. I looked over at Derek, who made a hand-jerking gesture.

I couldn’t believe it. Was he ordering me to jack off in the shower with all those guys around? I looked around and saw everyone was busy doing their own washing routine, and none were not looking my way except for one guy who kept turning his head toward me. As much as I was embarrassed, jacking off did seem to be the only way to get my cock to go down. So, I took my cock in hand and started stroking it. Derek nodded and went back to soaping himself up. No one seemed to be paying any attention to me – none of the guys were looking my way - but I could still feel their presence.

While standing there, I realized that because of my damn see-thru suit, everyone had already seen me pissing by the pool. I had pretty much been on display this entire time, so what difference would it really make if I grabbed my cock and played with it now? When my body began exhibiting signs of impending climax, Derek motioned for me to stop. Just like that, he raised his hand and signaled for me to stop right when I was on the verge of coming.

“Steam room,” Derek said as he left the showers without drying off. I followed him down the short, tiled hallway, where we both hung up our towels on pegs. I also realized he had brought his swimsuit with him, which he stepped into just before entering the steam room. Since he didn’t bring a suit for me. I had to stay naked as well as being all boned-up.

We entered, and because of the movement of the door, a whoosh of fresh air caused a momentary break in the dense steam within. The steam heater immediately clicked on, and the steam soon became solid again. I saw at least seven guys in the room in that brief moment of clarity. All wear swimsuits or gym shorts. In a matter of seconds, the steam had re-filled the tiled room, and I could no longer see a thing. I felt Derek’s hands on my upper arms, guiding me to the back. He forced me to remain standing. I was squinting to see who else was in the dense steam. I felt the edge of the redwood bench on my knees. I still couldn’t see anything. I’d been in this steam room before, and the steam had never been this thick. Someone must have turned it up to high. Derek let go of my arms, but he then grabbed hold of my hips, kind of turning me. Or had he just transferred me to another set of hands?

I heard the door open a few times, but since I was – I think- in the back end of the room. I didn’t notice any breaks in the steam. Someone lifted my right arm up and held it out level - was that Derek? And then my other arm was pulled out. They couldn’t both be Derek’s. “Derek?” I whispered a few times, but no one answered.

I could see faint ghosting of some dark-haired men, but I couldn’t make out any faces. Then my right foot was lifted up and folded at the knee so that my right heel touched my right buttocks. It didn’t hurt because I was very relaxed and limber then, and the wet heat made me more so. However, I couldn’t stand alone like that for more than a few minutes. After that, if I weren’t still being held up, I’d fall to the floor. I wondered if Derek was helping me stand on one foot, but whoever it was, I was glad for the support. The last thing I wanted was to look stupid in front of Derek by falling clumsily down to the floor.

Suddenly there were bodies right in front of me - two heads. One seemed dark-skinned and the other white-skinned, both fading into the thick steam. “Ahhhh, fuck, that feels good.” I moaned as two mouths began working on me, one on each nipple. “Ahhhh, fuck!” I was being tilted backward, my one foot still on the floor, and a strong arm was under my lower back to support me. It wasn’t painful at all but rather comforting. Finally, I felt I could let go mentally and not strain physically, but then a weird thing happened. My bent knee was moved upward and away from my other leg so that knee was moved way out to the side - an odd way of spreading my legs. “Gee, I wish I could see something,” I thought. It was like the one time I was in a small two-seater airplane a friend was piloting. When he flew into dense clouds and did summersaults. I lost all orientation of what was up and what was down. Just like then, I was now in a disorienting world of white.

Someone began to tickle my balls. “Ahhhh fuck!” I thought, but no, it was a tongue licking my balls. The toes of my bent leg (the foot that had been held up against my ass) were also being licked and sucked. I was literally floating on a cloud of ecstasy. My body as well as my mind. I think my upper body was facing the ceiling, but maybe I was facing downward. My dick must have been sticking straight out … in some direction. The wet heat was causing me to become light-headed and more unsure of myself. Then I felt my body being twisted. I didn’t even notice the steam room door opening and closing multiple times. But there was a sense that now bodies were more densely packed around me than before. It was as if I were in a large elevator, and people just kept coming in on each floor with no one leaving. My foot was no longer on the floor. I was supported, it seemed, by dozens of hands. Someone was touching every area of my skin, and it was all so gentle. I saw a hand right at my nose, and then a finger went into my mouth. I sucked it in…the only thing I knew for sure was that I was sucking a finger – the details of all the other wonderful, erotic sensations were guesses on my part. But who the fuck cared what they were, exactly? I focused on the finger and on sucking it. And suddenly, my asshole was being teased. “Ahhhhh, fuck!” That felt great!

As soon as I felt that finger slip into my ass. I knew it belonged there. As I simultaneously sucked away at the finger in my mouth - the only active thing I was doing - my ass tensed up and then relaxed. I had no idea when it started, but my other toes were now being sucked and teased, and then my fingers. Both hands were being sucked into nice, wet cavities. My ass felt so good, so pleasantly stuffed, like when you overeat at a Thanksgiving dinner - I was experiencing a sense of having all one can possibly have, of being totally fulfilled. Still, the wet heat of the steam was starting to cause me to get dizzy.

In addition to all the mouths on me in strategic places, roaming hands were rubbing up and down my shins. I was being caressed and loved and adored. I’m not sure when it happened, but the leg which had been bent at the knee was now straightened out, and it was being held chest-high, facing up. There was a slight pressure in my outer hips because my legs were being stretched wide apart. I was oddly trying to buck my hips upward, my body mechanically wanting to fuck something.

All over my body, mouths were leaving, and different mouths were taking their place. Different tongue movements started, and different hands were wandering all over me. I was now being held with my head down and my feet upward, or maybe at some other weird angle. A long tongue snaked rigidly up my asshole, or was it something else? “My dick, please, my dick, oh please!” I begged no one in particular. I kept bucking the air in front of my dick, but it was only air - steamy, moist, hot air. Then it felt like there was some kind of device on my dick, unlike anything I had ever felt before. It lightly tickled and teased my thrusting dick, the entire eight-inch shaft, but not the tip.

No, it wasn’t a device. It was dozens of fingertips on all sides of my shaft. I thrust my hips harder and faster. The teasing was light but continuous. There were wet, sexy tongues in my ears, and what was once a finger in my mouth was now a dick. I was being slowly spun around, I think, in this cloud of wet whiteness. “Please, please … my dick.” The dancing fingertips on my dick suddenly stopped. My body shook and trembled, and my legs and belly spasmed. “Oh God, please, my dick!” Then something wet touched the tip of my dick - a finger, a tongue? I couldn’t hold back any longer and shot load after load. My suspended body jerked and flip-flopped like a fish on a hot sidewalk. I remember shooting and being carried, but the heat was so intense that I passed out.

“Murry. Murray?” I awoke to Derek’s voice, “Murray?”

Next thing I knew, I found myself lying on my back on one of the redwood bench seats. I looked around and saw that the steam had been shut off. “Murray?” I slowly sat up and placed my feet on the floor.

“It’s time to get dressed and go back to the dorm.”

I just nodded, still feeling a full, light-headed effect and a wonderful afterglow.

My Classmate, My Trainer: The Sequel
Part 2 of 3

I wrapped the towel around myself and headed back to the lockers. Some guy was there stripping out of his workout clothes a couple of lockers down from mine. I watched his muscles play in his back, arms, ass, and legs as he removed his sweaty workout clothes, which he had just dropped on the floor. I was in a daze as I could not help but follow him to the showers. I stood behind a wall as I craned my neck to watch him get into the shower and soak himself. What had I become? Why was I all-of-a-sudden so fascinated? I came out of my daze and realized I was staring, but luckily, he hadn’t turned around to see me.

Obviously, Derek had been observing me because when I looked back at him, he said, “You like what you saw?”

Fuck! I should just dye my skin red and be done with it. Damn it, would this fucking blushing ever stop? And why was I fucking swearing in my head? I’d never done that before.

“Yes, Sir.” I was now programmed to always respond that way to Derek.

“Then get back to his locker.” We did. Pick up his sweaty workout clothes and put them in this backpack.” Derek picked up the guy’s backpack and held it to me. I looked at him like he was crazy.

“Take his stuff.”

I hesitated and looked around. Then I moved over and scooped up his workout clothes - smelly from his sweat and musk. I dropped them into the backpack.

“Now check his locker. He shut it, but he didn’t put a lock on it.”

When I opened it, we saw his shoes, and his cell, keys, and wallet were in the shoes.

“Grab the shoes, but hand me his keys, wallet, and phone.”

I pulled them out of his shoes and handed them over. Derek looked them over and then told me to lay them back on the shelf in the locker.

Then Derek let me get dressed. I was wearing the same shorts I had worn on the way over, the ones without the lining. My cock had been limp since I awoke, but suddenly I felt an erotic rush from stealing that guy’s clothes. So now it just sort of hung down, almost below the hem of the shorts. I followed Derek out. I was carrying the guy’s clothes in his backpack, looking over my shoulders several times to see if the guy was coming out of his shower.

Derek led us toward the parking lot rather than toward the dorm. When we got to the car, Derek stopped at the passenger side and said, “Open his pack and put on his sweaty workout clothes. Leave his other clothes in the pack.”

I was waiting for him to open the door so that I could get in and change, but he just kept standing there. Finally, I got it. I had to change, standing there next to the car. I got out the guy’s moist, smelly clothes and laid them on the roof of the car. I then looked around and stripped naked. I quickly put on the sweaty workout clothes - his jock, gym shorts, T-shirt, socks, and tennis shoes. The shoes just happened to be my exact size.

I immediately got a boner just thinking about his big, muscle-bound body wearing these same clothes. Luckily, his jock did its job and kept my twitching dick in check. I loved the feel of his sweaty clothes! It was so hot to think that I now had my cock and balls in some stranger’s jock, the same one where his cock and balls had just been. Maybe he had even dribbled piss in them? Twitch! Maybe he had even cum in them? Twitch! FUCK ME - what was going on with me, suddenly being so fixated on men’s underwear and cocks?

“Keep his street clothes in his backpack.”

I left those items in. Then he popped the trunk and said, “Place your clothes in the trunk. You won’t be needing them anymore.”

Finally, Derek let me get in the car after I had put the guy’s backpack in the backseat. Derek handed me a school baseball hat and told me to put it on. He then handed me a cell phone. “Keep this. If I need to get hold of you or if I want to know where you are, I will call you. If you need to reach me, I am on speed dial, number 2.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Derek drove out of the lot and headed into town. Man, I was fucked up. My heart was racing, and my head started spinning as images of people and cocks and lips and cum and piss and underwear and dildos and bottles of piss and Oh Fuck - I started feeling light-headed again.

Suddenly, Derek held my arm and said, “Hey, calm down. You’re panting like a dog on a hot summer day. What’s wrong?” He stopped the car on the side of the road, and I struggled to focus on what he was saying.

“I don’t know. I just got caught up in everything that has happened, and I think it just hit me, and I got apprehensive and confused and upset, and my head and ... oh fuck there it goes again!” I realized I was panting again, breathing fast in and out, and that made me panic and made me breathe even faster, and my heart was pounding.

“Put your head between your knees, Murray,” Derek said, holding on to the back of my neck and pushing it forward. When I was down there, I could really smell the funk of this guy’s sweaty jock! Derek removed his hand for a moment and then handed me an empty fast-food bag. “Here, blow into this.” Then he put his hand on the back of my neck again and began rubbing it. I took the bag and started breathing into it. I don’t know why, but my breathing began to slow down, and I began to focus again. When I felt I was breathing normally, I removed the bag and tried to sit up.

“I think you just had a panic attack. And when was the last time you had anything to eat other than cum and piss?” he asked me, smiling again.

“I don’t know.” I honestly didn’t know.

“OK, let’s go get you something to eat. Are you OK now?”

“Yeah, I think so,” I said, leaning back into the seat and closing my eyes. Fuck me, I was a mess!

A short while later, we stopped at a fast food place and went in and ordered. Derek got the food - I didn’t have any money with me - hell, I didn’t have a wallet, keys, or even a coin - just the cell phone Derek had given me. I wasn’t even wearing my own clothes! After we got our order, Derek excused himself and went to the men’s room. When he came back, he set his drink in front of me and said, “This one is yours.”

Being slow, it took me a moment to catch on. I switched cups, took a big pull through the straw, and got a mouth full of warm piss! He had emptied out the cup and filled it with his piss! I made a face, but he just smiled that fucking smile of his.

“After you finish that, I will get you a bottle of water to drink.”

How fucking nice of you, I thought. Warm piss was an entirely different thing from the previous piss I had tasted. Cold piss wasn’t too bad, but when piss was warm, the bitterness, the saltiness – the taste seemed to be magnified.

I worked on my lunch, trading off with gulps of warm piss. I was trying to finish it up so that I could get some water, but the more I drank, the less bad it tasted; after all, it was from Derek! Man, I was a fucking mess!

As I finished my second burger and most of my fries, I also finished the piss, and then he brought over a bottle of water. “Drink it all,” he instructed. I sat there and downed 20 ounces of water while he watched. I felt bloated.

“Good! Now let’s go hunting.” He got up from the table and headed to the car. I had no idea what he was talking about.

He drove to a smaller mall on the edge of town. We then got out and went into the mall. Once inside, we made our way into a bookstore and started walking through the stacks. When he got to the gay/lesbian section, we saw a guy standing there. Derek walked up next to him and stood very close, and when the guy reached to get a book, Derek reached his hand out as well. Their hands touched, and then the guy turned and looked at Derek.

The guy was in his early twenties, with kind of short, curly, reddish-brown hair. I don’t know why he reminded me of a tennis player, but it seemed to match his build. I could see his eyes as he looked into Derek’s - they were a piercing blue.

He stared into Derek’s eyes for a long time, leaned closer to Derek, and said, “What?”

To which Derek replied, “What’s your name?”

“Friends call me Ace.”

“OK, Ace, follow us.” Derek led both of us to a back corner of the store, behind the last shelves. Ace looked a bit nervous, and Derek must have noticed that too. “It’s OK. I think we’re here for the same purpose, so relax.” Derek moved in closer to Ace and looked him in the eyes again. “Why don’t you take off your shirt?” Ace blushed but followed Derek’s instructions. “Hand it to Murray,” he said, pointing over at me. I was amazed. Was this guy really going to do whatever Derek told him to do? I doubt they knew each other - Derek seemed to have randomly picked him up.

“Now, lose the pants,” Derek instructed.

Ace looked from Derek to me and back again to Derek. He hesitated, and Derek said, “Just do it, and don’t worry about anything. Just do as I say, and you will enjoy yourself, I promise.”

Ace blushed again but undid his pants and let them drop. Then he removed his shoes because he needed to remove his pants and stepped out of them. He was also trying to hide the cock that was tenting his boxers. Derek pointed to me, and Aced handed over his jeans.

Then Derek said, “Move your hands.” Upon realizing we were serious, Ace looked at both of us and removed his hands. I was getting turned on, but something else was happening, and I couldn’t yet figure out what it was.

“Remove your socks, too.”

He did and was now standing in only his boxers. Derek and I looked him up and down - Derek liked to occasionally create a good pregnant pause.

“Murray, now the boxers.”

For the first time, Ace’s hands began to tremble. He stared Derek in the eyes as he removed his last piece of clothing and handed it to me. Wow, his dick was very hard and stuck out like a sword! Ace moved to cover it, but Derek barked, “Hands down.” What about Derek’s voice, look, or demeanor made guys like me comply without hesitation? Fuck, I didn’t know, but boy, this guy was submitting to Derek. I was rock hard again, but something else was going on too. I was irritated about something - I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Now get down here on your knees,” Derek ordered, pointing to the floor in front of him. Ace knelt and continued to look at the floor. My stomach was churning, I was sweating, and I could feel perspiration running down from my pits. “OK, now, open up my pants and take out my cock.” The guy reached up and unbuttoned Derek’s shorts and unzipped them. He pushed the flaps of the fly back out of the way and dug into Derek’s boxers, and pulled out his cock. My heart raced at the sight of it - man, what was wrong with Ace and me that a cock could do that to us? I felt sweat on my forehead and thought the room felt warmer.

"Suck it."

I’d heard that many times in other public places, and every time it roiled my gut and caused my boner to take over my common sense. I looked around the store, and what I could see of it from the back corner we were in, and there were other customers, mainly students, milling around, some coming our way. Ace leaned in and took Derek’s not-yet-quite-hard cock in his hand and licked around the crown of it. Derek’s cock expanded as he did this. As he continued to worship Derek’s cock. I realized what made me feel weird - that should be me sucking Derek’s cock! I was the one who was supposed to be submitting to Derek, not some stranger!

Derek finally took the guy’s head in his right hand and started pushing it down further and further on his cock. At one point, Derek got it all the way into Ace’s throat and held it there. Ace was trying to push back Derek by pushing on his legs, but Derek held him there for a couple of seconds longer before finally releasing him.

Derek continued to guide Ace on his cock, ever-increasing the pace. As he increased his speed, my displeasure rose. I couldn’t believe the effect this was having on me, yet I didn’t feel I could say or do anything; Derek was in control, as he always was. But why was he doing this to me? He knew I would do this for him - was I not good enough for him? Did I not please or pleasure him when I did it? Had I done something wrong?

I was really hot by the time Derek shot his load. He threw his head back and was groaning and slowly thrusting in and out of the guy’s mouth, and I knew this was what he did when he was shooting and filling a guy’s mouth with his sweet cum.

Derek then stepped back from Ace. He wiped his cock on Ace’s red hair, then tucked his cock back into his underwear, fastened his shorts, and zipped up. He then pointed to the floor in front of Ace as a signal for me to drop his clothes, which I did.

“You did well, so now I’ll allow you to squirt all over your pile of clothes,” Derek said as he turned and walked away from the cocksucker. He didn’t wait for Ace to comply. He knew he would, so waiting and watching was unnecessary. Besides, a few other male students were coming to this very row. So it seemed prudent for us to leave. I turned back to see Ace wipe his face with one hand and grab his cock with the other and begin to stroke it. In a matter of seconds, he shot a load all over his own clothes. Disinterested, Derek ushered me to the door and nudged me out onto the mall’s main corridor.

I was blindly following Derek through the mall when my shoulder was grabbed, and I was spun around, and some guy started yelling at me. “What the fuck do you think you are doing?” He looked as if he were about to punch me in the face. “What kind of pervert are you, anyway?” I was terribly confused - had he seen me doing something with someone someplace? Shit, there were a lot of possibilities.

“Did you think that was funny?” He continued shaking me. Derek was standing there silently, just watching the whole thing. “Speak up, you little shithead!” He shook me one more time and then leaned in close to my face and said, “Look, you fucking pervert, you stole my clothes, my dirty clothes, and then you have the balls to wear them to the mall?” A light bulb suddenly went on in my head. “Do you get your jollies that way?” he asked as he pushed me away.

“Give me back my clothes!”

I thought he was going to rip them off of me right there!

“OK, OK, OK,” Derek finally said, stepping in between us. “Why don’t we go outside and take care of this?”

“Who the fuck are you?” the guy demanded.

“I am his friend, and yes, he has a little problem, but I didn’t know he had stolen your clothes. He told me he found them in a trash can. Look, follow me, and I’m sure we can fix this.”

Derek began to walk towards the exit, and the guy grabbed my shoulder and dragged me along with him as he followed Derek out of the mall. I’m not a small guy, and this guy was about the same build as I am - I mean, I was wearing his clothes, after all – but somehow, he seemed immensely more powerful and quite easily propelled me.

Derek walked over to his car, which wasn’t far from the entrance. When he got there, he stopped. “OK, Mur, now you can take off this guy’s clothes and give them back to him.” I thought I was going to die! There were people all over - shoppers, some within 10 feet of me - families, kids, right where we were standing!

But I just wanted this to be over, so I said, “Is it OK if I get in the car and strip?” I thought it was a reasonable request.

“Why? So, you can drive off with my clothes, you fucking asshole? Do you think I’m a fucking idiot?” the muscular guy screamed. He wasn’t concerned about being heard by the people walking past us, causing the shoppers walking to and from the mall to stop and watch.

Then the angry muscle guy grabbed my shirt – actually his own workout shirt – and put his face into mine. He looked like the devil! I thought he was going to start punching me. “STRIP!” I freaked and began pulling off the guy’s clothes.

“OK, OK, I’m doing it!” I pulled the shirt off, undid his tennis shoes, peeled off his socks, and pulled down his workout shorts. I then bent over to pick up all of his clothes from the pavement and handed them to him.

He immediately took hold of my upper arm and shoved his face into mine again, “The jock, too!”

Without hesitation, I grabbed the jock by the waistband and pulled it down, and … BINGO! My hard dick sprang out as if it were a springy diving board. By this time, there must have been a few dozen people standing around us, all wide-eyed and waiting to see how this spontaneous drama would end. I even noticed a couple taking videos or photos of me.

“And where are my backpack and my clean street clothes?” he said. I pointed to the backseat of the car.

“Get them.”

At least he had stopped yelling, although his anger didn’t diminish. I reached in and got his pack, and handed it to him. He opened it and quickly noticed that everything was there. He also placed his dirty workout clothes in the pack and then finally let go of his vice-grip on my arm.

“Fine! Whatever! Fucking pervert!” With his backpack in hand, he turned and walked away from us. I was still breathing hard, furious at the world!

I turned to face the car, leaned on it with both hands and sighed with exhaustion.

“Ah, Murray? Are you going to stand out in the parking lot, naked and with your dick dripping on the pavement, or will you get into the car?” Derek said calmly, obviously not caring if I stayed naked in public for hours.

I turned a new shade of deep red as I heard what he said. The people crowding around me would be talking about this for years. I opened the car door, got in, and slammed it shut. I knew my own clothes were in the trunk, but I knew better than to ask for them. I just sat there, naked. I was too embarrassed to look at anyone, so I stared straight ahead, breathing hard, a strong pulse pounding in my temples. Derek started the car and drove out of the lot.

The next day, he said he wanted to train me another way. He tied me spread-eagle to the bed and then gagged me. I began to panic because I didn’t know what he meant by ‘another way.’

“Calm down! I won’t kill you and can’t rape the willing, so just calm down. Let’s see how ticklish you are first.”

He then brought out some feathers and used one on my armpits. I started laughing and tried to escape it, but I couldn’t move as the cuffs held me nearly immobile, and the gag stifled my laughter. Tears started rolling down my face. He then used it on the sides of my stomach and the soles of my feet. There wasn’t an area that he didn’t use the feathers on, sometimes one area at a time, other times two at the same time.

I was dying there. The tickling quickly went from fun to agony as I never knew where he was going to zap me next with a light, maddening touch of a feather. He rubbed one lightly around a nipple, and my cock twitched and got even harder. My dick never went down with all the tickling, but I only seemed to enjoy it more and more.

He stopped, and I thought he was done, but then he came back with a soft-haired makeup brush and used it lightly everywhere on my body. It was sheer torture the way it tickled -and I think I only stopped crying because I couldn’t cry anymore. It seemed as if he had been at it for an agonizing hour when he then started in on my cock, tickling it, running his fingers, the feathers, and the brush lightly up and down its length.

I thought I would cum, from the torment, but he would always stop before it got to that point.

He then stopped for a bit, and I thought he was truly done at last, but he made no motion to release me. Instead, I heard a buzzing sound. I tried craning my head to see what he was doing but couldn’t move far enough. Suddenly I felt him tug my balls tight, and when he stretched the sac holding my nuts. He held something that vibrated against my balls. At first, it tickled, but then it began to hurt. I protested, but he just kept doing it anyway.

When he put it on the spot behind my nuts, I felt as if I would both die and shoot a load at the same time. At one point, he raised it over my head so I could see what he was tormenting me with. It was an electric toothbrush! He looked at me and smiled, and I couldn’t see him anymore. And when I felt it in my armpit, I tried to thrash around to get away from it because it tickled so badly. Still, he just moved it to my tender left nipple, then down to the inside of my left thigh, then to the underside of my cock head. I never knew where he was going to go next!

I was in agony, but then he stopped for a bit, took hold of my cock, and stroked it slowly and gently. I tried buckling up into his hand to get more contact and friction, but he wouldn’t. He lightly rubbed the crown of my cock. Then he took some of the precum that seemed to continually ooze from me and smoothed it around underneath my dick head and around the piss slit where it was so sensitive.

I tried to fuck his hand again, but to no avail - he was in control of everything. Finally, after what seemed like another hour, I knew I was close. I could feel cum building in my balls, and my whole body trembled. He was pushing me towards that fabulous point when every part of me would literally climax.

And then Derek stopped. I moaned into the gag until spit ran out of the side of my mouth. I even tried arcing my body into a hand that wasn’t there. Then I felt the toothbrush on the soles of my feet again, and the whole process repeated. He once again teased every part of my body at random and then got back to my cock and worked it ever-so-gently and softly until I thought I would climax, and then he would stop again.

I began to cry as I begged to get off - I wanted it so badly! I would have promised him anything just to have him take me to completion. He took me to the edge five or six times - I lost count because I was getting so frantic with lust. I didn’t know where I was or what I was doing, I was just trying to fuck the air, and my cock had oozed out so much precum I thought I would be dry by the time I actually came to climax, if ever.

I know I had sweat gallons there on the bed as I struggled in vain to get off. The sheet under me was soaking wet, and every surface of my body ached from being overly stimulated. It felt as if my nerves were on fire. Finally, I got to the point where I didn’t care anymore. Obviously, I was going to have to just accept that I would be on this merry-go-round the whole fucking night! He just kept getting me close and then backing off. My wrists and ankles hurt from yanking on them, and I cried more that night than I think I ever had in my entire life.

And then Derek was back on my cock, using those same soft, gentle strokes, but this time I didn’t try to fuck his hand. I just allowed it to build up in me. I felt a rush again, and I knew that I wouldn’t make it to the point of no return, but my body still tensed, my toes curled, and I felt my left leg twitch and shake. Even my right bicep started twitching and wouldn’t stop. Relentlessly, Derek kept up the slow touching and rubbing of my cock, balls, and the head of my dick. I moaned again into the gag, and tears rolled down the sides of my face.

I knew he wouldn’t stop anytime soon. He knew all the spots that could bring me to erotic agony and tears, and I could do nothing about it. I wasn’t in control - I was at his mercy. I decided to just surrender myself to him, body and soul, so I stopped begging because I knew it would do no good. I just writhed involuntarily as my body mechanically tried to reach that pinnacle of pleasure on its own.

Whenever my body rushed headlong into climax, my mind simultaneously knew I would only hit a brick wall and crash. Nonetheless, the speed this time was especially intense, and my whole body tightened, and I thought I might rip the restraints out of the bed as my arms and legs tensed. The rush kept coming, but it continued until I couldn’t help myself anymore. I bucked up into Derek’s hand and strained to get more pleasure, friction, and anything. The rush kept building and building until, OH SHIT! OH FUCK!

Then it finally happened! I was coming! “Fuck Me!” I cried as it racked my body, and I convulsed and convulsed and convulsed. Cum shot everywhere - I came wave after wave as pleasure washed over me and out of my cock. It felt as if it would never stop. Derek’s hand was still gently moving up and around my spurting cock, making the head so sensitive that I tried to pull back from it, but I couldn’t move. I screamed and cried into the gag. The simultaneous pain and pleasure were too much!

It probably only lasted a few seconds, but it seemed like half an hour or more that I pumped, squirmed, and writhed. Finally, there was no more, and I felt my whole body collapse into the bed. I think my eyes had rolled back into my head when I came and when I finally opened them. I saw flashes of Derek and his smile and stars and fireworks against a field of blackness.

After it was all over, Derek approached me with a cold washcloth and began to wipe my face with it. When my breathing had settled down, and my eyes could focus, he said, “OK?” I nodded, but tears still streamed down my face. I think they were tears of relief and release. Derek reached back, undid the gag, and removed it, finally allowing me to move my jaw. My mouth had gotten sore because of the ball gag and my attempts to scream, and I doubted I’d be able to talk for a while as I thought I had screamed my voice away.

I thought Derek would then unlock my legs and hands, but he didn’t. Instead, he wiped up some of my cum and fed it to me. I felt him wiping up my stomach, my knees, my shoulders – everywhere - then he moved up and straddled my body. When I looked up, I saw his rigid cock in front of my face. “You were so fucking hot, you got me so turned on, now I need this,” he said.

I cried again and nodded my head, not trusting my voice. I opened my mouth wide, and he slid his cock right in. He assumed a position that allowed him to fuck my mouth, and that is just what he did. There were no preliminaries. He pushed in deep, and I sucked. I worked to take it all in until his pubes rested against my face and his balls were on my chin, then he just started fucking as I tried to breathe.

He grunted and panted as he rammed his cock home time and time again, then I felt him tense up - it hadn’t taken long. I felt his balls draw up, and then I felt the first blast deep in my throat. He pulled back some, and I tasted it, then he thrust back in deep. He let out a loud moan and again rammed his cock deep into my throat for the last two spurts and then collapsed on top of me.

I panicked then because I couldn’t breathe. I tried mumbling into his cock and shaking my head, but he just moved his hips, making his cock move in my throat. I was trying to pull my head back, shake it, and do anything I could to get a breath. Finally, he rose up and removed his cock, and I inhaled and felt air rush back into my lungs.

I croaked, “You nearly killed me!”

“But I didn’t, Murray. Remember that you trust me, right?” He wiped some cum that had escaped from the side of my mouth and fed it to me. “OK now, if you are tied up here all night, where am I supposed to sleep?” he said, looking down into my face as he sat back on his legs on either side of my chest.

“Derek, if you want to leave me tied up, that’s your privilege, but I would rather you didn’t. My muscles are sore as it is.”

He reached down and made that ruffle-of-the-hair gesture on my head and smiled. “You did well, so, as a reward, I will allow you to be unrestrained tonight.” He smiled and moved off of me. I expected to feel him undoing the wrist and ankle straps, but he didn’t, and I couldn’t see him anymore with my limited view…and then I couldn’t hear him, either.

I lay there, knowing there was no use struggling. I heard him pissing in the toilet, a sound that made me have to go too. I croaked, “When you are finished, I need to pee too.”

“Your voice sounds terrible. I hope it sounds better by Monday for school.” He didn’t seem too concerned. “But I understand that cum is great for sore throats,” he chuckled.

He then came over and held a large-mouthed bottle up to my limp cock and guided my dick inside. When the bottle was between my legs, and he was holding my cock in position, which made it want to swell, I began a sweet piss release. My cock enlarged a bit, but I knew it would be a while before it was ready to go again after such a major climax.

When I finished, he asked, “When do you want to be released?”

“Now, please, Sir.”

He reached over and unbuckled first my left leg and then the right. Then he freed my right wrist and then my left. I rubbed each wrist in turn, then I sat up and rubbed my ankles. I tried to stand up, but every muscle in my body seemed to have different ideas.

“Here, move over to the chair, and then you can sit and relax.” I groaned - boy was I fucked up!

My Classmate, My Trainer: The Sequel
Part 3 of 3

After a couple of days of no training, I thought maybe he was done with all that, and I needed no more of his strict lessons. The thought was bittersweet - it frightened me when I was being trained, yet I craved everything he did to me.

One day when I got back to the dorm from my classes, I found him waiting there and smiling. “OK, now we’re going to work on training you to withstand even more pain. Also, we’re going to work on this issue you have with cumming.” I didn’t move, as he hadn’t given me any direction. “Good, boy. Now come over here and lay down on the bed.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I got up, moved over to the bed, and laid on it. Derek, who was also naked, came over and sat beside me. I assumed he would tie me down, just as he had done a few days before when he practically tickled me to death. I noticed that his cock was soft.

“Do you remember these?” Derek held up the clamps he had used on my nipples once before.

“Yes, Sir.”

“They are called ‘clover clamps.’ They have no teeth, just padding, but they get tighter the more you pull on them. And if you pull hard enough, they lock into a secondary spot which keeps them that tight. You kept them on for several minutes the last time, but tonight we are going, to begin with two minutes and work up from there. But first, I want you to get yourself hard.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said as I reached down and massaged my cock. It didn’t take long for it to get hard.

“Good, boy. Now take these clamps and put them on your nipples yourself.”

“Yes, Sir.” I reached up and took the clamps from him. I looked down at my shaved chest, opened a clamp, and put one on my left nipple, pain seared through my chest. Then I took the other clamp and put it on my right nipple – again, pain surged through my chest. “Now, stroke yourself.”

“Yes, Sir.” I started stroking and was amazed to discover how the pain sensation quickly changed. The pain added to the sexual rush derived from stroking my cock…it became sensual.

“Now take the chain and pull up on it a bit.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said as I reached down and picked up the chain. Just taking the tension out of the chain made the pain sear afresh. I pulled up on the chain and winced as my dick began deflating.

“Thank me, boy.”

“Thank you, Sir. ”

“Now do it again, but without any sense of drama. Just do it.”

“Yes, Sir.” I pulled up on the chain and fought the temptation to make a sound or a face. “Thank you, Sir,” I said as I released the chain.

“Stroke yourself hard again.”

“Yes, Sir.” I reached down with my left hand, the one I usually used.

“No, use your right hand.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said as I switched hands.

“Now stroke yourself and get close.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said as I continued to work on my cock, focusing on that pleasant sensation to overcome the pain.

[Note: Actually, Murray did not have that correct: Derek’s tactic was to have pain and pleasure occur simultaneously, and, as such, the sensations would blur. Pleasure would become associated with pain, and pain would become associated with pleasure – the goal, of course, being for the sub to derive erotic pleasure from pain.

I was totally focused on my cock when he said, “OK, your time is up on your nipples. Remove the clamps.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said as I removed the right one first and then the left one; as the blood rushed back in, the pain shot through me again. It hurt!

“Now, boy, take the clamps and clip them to the flange head of your cock.”

“Yes, Sir.” I swallowed but nonetheless reached down and, taking a clamp and with my teeth clenched, attached it to the left side of my cock; the pain seared through me. Then I did the right side, all the while holding my breath to not make a sound.

“Now, Murray, finger your asshole, and keep doing that for as long as you feel pain.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good, boy. Now take this.” He handed me a rather large, lubricated dildo. “Work that up your ass and, as you do, take the chain and pull up on it toward you.”

I tried not to think about how this would feel but to just do it. Just lifting the chain caused my cock to hurt more, while working in the dildo caused more pleasure.

“Yes, Sir.” I worked hard not to let emotion creep into my voice.

“Now, boy, I want you to pull up on the chain, but harder. And work the dildo all the way up into your hole - really fuck yourself,” Derek said. I noticed he was rock hard as he instructed me. This was really turning him on.

“Yes, Sir,” I said as I lifted the chain and pulled up on it. I broke into a sweat.

“Good boy. Now do that 10 times and thank me after each time. Know that this pleases me greatly.”

“Yes, Sir.” I was blown away that my cock could still be hard through this.

Without emotion, I tugged up on the chain and said, “One, Sir, thank you, Sir.” And as I was counting and pulling and fucking … BINGO! I got rock hard - my dick was bobbing, and so was Derek’s. He was enjoying this - he was enjoying my pain.

Each tug sent waves of pain through me, but I continued on, and my cock swelled even more as I saw the effect this was having on Derek’s cock. On six, I pulled a little harder, and pain shot through my groin and caused my voice to squeal. Somehow, the dildo became unimportant. I was now getting all my pleasure solely from Derek’s approval. In fact, I stopped using the dildo altogether as I continued pulling on the chain.

I tried to pace the tugs and keep my voice calm. When I finished the 10, my cock was throbbing both from the pain and from the pleasure of pleasing Derek.

“OK, boy, 10 more, but without the emotion this time,” he instructed. Man, was his cock dripping! I was so turned on - I didn’t care how much pain I gave myself. I was so fucking turned on!

I repeated the process, this time keeping the emotion out of my voice. My cock stayed hard, too, as I felt the mix of pain and pleasure with each tug of the chain.

“Good boy. Now jerk the clamps completely off of your cock.” Derek’s cock swelled and throbbed as he watched me writhe in agony.

“Yes, Sir.” I hesitated for a split second, anticipating the pain, but when I jerked on the chain OH SHIT, OH FUCK! I screamed! The pain was excruciating, and the clamps never did let go of my flesh - they were still connected to my cock! I grabbed my dick, my every-stiff dick, and I curled up into a ball. I howled in pain, sobbing.

“OK, Mur, take the clamps off, boy,” Derek said without emotion. He watched as I unbent so that I could get at my cock.

“Yes, Sir,” I sobbed as I gingerly removed the clamps and rubbed the head of my still-not-softened dick. Blood rushed back into the abused mushroom head in anger. Aears rolled down my face, but I was only worried about my cock. I wanted to make sure it was all right and that there were no tears or holes or blood. It appeared to be fine, but it was sorer than shit.

“You did well, boy,” Derek said, tweaking one of my nipples. “And your dick stayed hard, which is great! Get down and sit on the floor now.” I did. I sat on the floor with my legs straight out in front of me. “Now stroke your dick lovingly.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said as I reached down with my right hand and began to stroke my cock ’lovingly’.

“Take yourself as close to the edge of shooting as you can. Get drippy wet for me.” He studied my face as I continued to stroke.

“Yes, Sir.” I was thinking of him and what we had done together to get me hotter and closer. I continued stroking, gradually increasing the intensity. I discovered that when I pumped with my right hand, I used only my thumb and first two fingers, but when I used my left hand, I used my whole fist. I was fast approaching the zone of climax.

“Sir, I am close,” I said with panic in my voice.

“Stop, boy. Squeeze the base of your cock really hard now and reach down with the other hand and squeeze your balls. Make yourself stop. DON’T CUM!"

"Yes, Sir,” I said as I squeezed the base of my cock hard and then squeezed my balls until I felt an ache in my stomach. My cock softened a bit.

“OK, boy, release your cock.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Did you climax at all?” Derrek asked.

“No, Sir. Just one drop of precum came out.” Derek put his face close to my dick to examine it.

“No, that’s not precum. That’s actual semen. You produced one drop of semen.” Derek said proudly. “Now wipe it off with your fingers and lick it off.”

“Yes, Sir.” I wiped it up and licked my finger clean.

“Again, boy. Get yourself hard and get close to the edge.”

“Yes, Sir.” I began stroking again. It wasn’t long before I felt that closeness - more than close. “Sir, I am close. I’m coming!”

“STOP! Quickly squeeze your cock and balls as I have told you to.”

I did as he said and squeezed until I softened a bit and felt the ache of my balls wrench my stomach. I then released my cock, and a bit of cum, a few dew droplets, came out.

“Good boy, Mur! Now wipe it up and eat it.”

“Yes, Sir.” Again, I tasted my cum.

“Your goal, boy, is to just kiss the point of climax, allowing only one drop of actual cum to leak out, and then to quickly squeeze your dick and balls to stop it just as it starts.” Wow! Derek was killing me - he wanted me to start to shoot each time but then to stop it immediately so that I produced only one drop of cum at a time. Wow!

“Yes, Sir.” I was worried that I would get so close to coming that it would be impossible to stop the volleys of cum from shooting out of me, that this was an impossible goal.

I continued sitting on the floor, working my dick as I had been told. Then Derek placed his body in a very unusual position, something like a gymnastic pose. He kneeled, leaned way back, and placed his hands on the floor behind him. Then he raised his knees and placed his feet flat on the floor as well so that his chest was facing the ceiling and was held parallel to the floor by his hands and lower legs. When he had finished contorting himself, he looked like a coffee table: His torso and thighs were level with the floor, supported by his arms at one end and his lower legs at the other end.

As I watched him, I was simultaneously working my dick, building up to a climax in order to yield one drop and then squeeze my balls to avoid shooting. Derek, meanwhile (and this seemed even weirder), spread his thighs and ‘crab-walked’ his body so as to place it over my legs. He then walked it even further in order to place his groin right into my face. He had to stretch his thighs wide so that they were on the outside of my shoulders and his crotch could be against my face. He had literally ‘parked’ his groin at my chin. I didn’t know what he was doing until he raised his pelvis to line his ass up to my mouth.

“Now, let’s see how well you can rim me.”

I had to lower my head a little to perfect the alignment, and then his hole was open to me. I could see the rosebud of it, and I wanted it.

“Yes, Sir.”

I moved my mouth in between his outstretched legs and lowered my face to his crack. I loved the smell of Derek! I closed my eyes to intensify the experience of his tastes and smells. I licked his crack and enjoyed the feeling of his hair on my tongue. I worked my tongue around and around his asshole, savoring the taste of everything. I began to work my tongue on his asshole. I tried to get it inside, but I couldn’t make much headway, although that didn’t deter my enthusiasm. I just kept lapping away.

I moved my face up to the area between his balls and his asshole and smelled the musk and aroma of him. I licked the strip of soft flesh between his balls and his ass, enjoying every taste along the way. I heard him moan a couple of times while I worked.

After a bit, he stopped me and told me to kneel. He got off me and stood to face me, his hard dick pointing toward my mouth. “OK, boy, now suck me off. Take me where you are not allowed to go yourself, boy.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I eagerly licked my lips as I looked at his cock. It glistened in the light where the precum had dripped. I lowered my head and took his cockhead into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around and under the flare of it, gathering all the juice I could find. I loved the taste - I wanted more.

I licked up and down his shaft's sides as if licking a Popsicle. Then I took the head back into my mouth and sucked on it. I stuck my tongue into the piss slit, trying to coax out even more nectar. I began working on the head in earnest, then sucking, licking, and swirling my tongue around the head. I heard him moan, and I knew he was close. He pushed my head down on his cock, and I felt him push deeper into my throat. I fought my gag reflex and took him inside me until my nose rested on his pubes. I loved that smell, and then I felt his cock engorge in my throat, and he began to shoot.

He pulled out a bit then so his cum could fill my mouth. I tasted it, savoring every drop. I wanted it all, and I wanted more. He moaned again as I sucked out every last drop, then he lifted my head off of his cock and brought my face up to his. He kissed me deeply, and I never wanted it to end. Finally, he released me and said, “Good, boy, Mur.”

He signaled for me to get on the bed again as he joined me. He laid on his back, with his head on the pillow, and had me lay such that my knees were beside his head. My head faced his feet, and his dick fell into my mouth.

“I’m going to relax, but I want you to keep my dick in your mouth. Just let it lay there until I fall asleep. Then I want you to carefully and slowly get off of me and just sit there and watch over me. Move onto the floor next to the bed when you can no longer do that. Sleep there on the floor, protecting your Master like a dog.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said, enjoying his dick in my mouth. It was difficult to just let it lay there because I wanted to suck on it, but I managed to rest it on my tongue. Then I relaxed and lay there listening to Derek’s breathing.

It made me so happy to be there with his cock in my mouth, giving him peace so he could sleep. I felt as if I could lay like that forever, that this was the perfect place for me - I belonged there.

After a bit, I heard Derek begin to softly snore. I waited a little longer and then removed his cock from my mouth. I then moved up to the edge of the bed and sat and watched him sleep.

We were thus slowly developing more and more trust in our relationship. I was becoming more trusting that he’d never really hurt me or get me arrested. He was beginning to trust that I would obey his every command, no matter how odd, insane, or dangerous I thought it was at the time. My cock twitched a bit, thinking about his grander schemes of erotic training.

Derek was now sleeping soundly, so I got into the shower and mechanically went through the process of washing myself. While washing my smooth body, I thought of all the times I had shaved for Derek. I turned off the shower, grabbed a towel, and dried off. I left the towel in the bathroom with my dirty clothes pile and headed back into the room.

“What the fuck is all this mess?” Derek yelled out, looking into the bathroom. I was surprised. I thought he would be asleep for a few hours, but here he was, fully awake, not even 30 minutes later. “And who said you could shower?”

“I … I … I was going to clean it up before you …”

“Come here, boy! Over my knees,” he said as he sat down in a chair, the same chair he always sat in to spank me.

He began swatting my ass, and it was a tough spanking, as hard as any I’d ever had. Just yesterday, I wondered if he was gradually lightening up, getting easier on me (which I really did hope for). However, I never wanted him to let the relationship evolve into a mundane and boring routine. Well, he put that notion to rest as he swathed my ass, ignoring my tears. He stopped only when his arm grew tired.

When he was done, he let me up easily, almost gently. He guided me into a standing position as he, too, stood. Then, something that had only happened once before, the thing that he had done which had floored me, the thing that had swept me off my feet – happened again. He leaned forward and kissed me hard on the lips. I returned his kiss with great enthusiasm.

“I want to be with you, and I want to live with you, and I want to do things to you, and I want to do things with you,” he said, and those words made my heart beat faster.

Derek continued, “And there is something important I want to tell you. I have rented an apartment of my own, or should I say - if you agree – I have rented an apartment for us to share.”

“But, but, but,” I stuttered.

“Yes, you do indeed have a nice butt!” Derek playfully countered. “In fact, I would love to whip it! Beat it! Kiss it and fuck it!” he smiled. “That is if you want me to. Do you?” He looked me in the eyes again.

“Yes, Sir!” I said, with tears rolling down my face.

“Good! I hoped you might.” He wiped the tears away from one side of my face and licked his fingers.

He then spun me around and smacked me on my red, warm ass. “Now get in there and get that ass dressed!” he laughed again. I walked over to the closet but stopped and turned around to look at him. I needed to make sure this was real! Yep, he was still there, and he was still smiling. “Get dressed!” Then he added, “We have to get you in shape. I like my boys to look good.”

I froze at his use of the plural.

“I meant MY BOY!” he corrected himself.

I put on my running shorts, and then he handed me my running shoes. I followed him out and down the stairs, and when we got outside, Derek took off, leaving me in the dust because I was hard-pressed to jog, much less run. Derek stopped, turned around, laughed, and waited for me to catch up to him.

“Yeah, we have a lot of work to do. Looks like we’ll be spending a lot of time on the running trail, in the gym, and in the locker room. Remember the locker room?” He smiled. “That’s where it all started.”

Yes, I remember him standing behind me, pissing on me. That’s when everything changed for me. My eyes welled up again - fuck was I going to cry my life away? He started off again at an easy jog, keeping pace with me while I worked hard just to keep going. After 20 minutes, he angled off into the woods, slowed to a fast walk, and then stopped in a clearing.

“Strip,” he said, and I started getting hard before I even got my running shorts down. He smiled as I stood and showed off my nearly-hard cock. He held out his hand, and I handed him my shorts. “The shoes and socks, too.”

He stood and watched as I toed off my shoes and then raised each foot to remove my socks. My cock was now fully hard and straining. I was so turned on!

“Hand them to me.” I bent and gathered them up and gave him my socks.

“You are now completely naked, Murray, and completely dependent on me. How does that make you feel?”

“It feels wonderful!” I said, not hiding the emotion in my voice. FUCK! HE KISSED ME! FUCK! FUCK! I was so happy!

“So, what would you do if I took all your clothes and told you to stay here for 15 minutes and then go back to the dorm?”

“I would do that,” I said in earnest.

“Good. I won’t do that, but it gets me hard to know that you would follow my instructions.” I noticed his shorts were beginning to tent. “So, what do you want to do right now?” he said, smiling.

“Derek, I want to do whatever you want to do. I want to suck your cock, I want to be fucked by you, I want to do whatever you want.”

He chuckled and said, “Right here, in the open air, you would let me fuck you?”

“Yes,” I nearly groaned, and my cock throbbed.

“Murray, I want to fuck you!” he said as he dropped my clothes to the ground. Then he pulled off his shorts, exposing his beautiful cock. Then he tossed his shorts next to mine and said, “Come here.”

I walked over to him, and he took me by the shoulder, turned me around, and bent me over. I heard him spit into his hand, then I soon felt his cock head pushing at my hole. I relaxed and pushed back onto it, and we both sighed as he slid into me. He took hold of my hips and pulled me tight against his cock, and held me that way for a moment or two. I could feel his cock flexing inside my ass.

Then he slowly pulled out, almost all the way, and back in again. I moaned because I wanted more of him. He slow-fucked me that way for several minutes, then he increased his pace.

Then I noticed that there became an urgency to his thrusts as if he wanted to hurry the process along. He began to fuck me harder and faster, grunting as he pounded my ass. My own cock was throbbing and dripping as he worked on my hole. FUCK! HE KISSED ME! I couldn’t help but recall that wonderful feeling I had back in the dorm 30 minutes ago - he had kissed me!

He then began to apply pressure to my prostate as he fucked me, and I felt increased sensation and pleasure as he worked it over. At the same time, I was enjoying the intense friction in my hole. He picked up the pace and began jackhammering my hole, and when he started moaning, I began to moan as well. I knew he was close, and I wanted to cum with him. I began to moan louder, not caring who else might be around in the woods to hear. I felt him begin to shoot and fill me with his warm cum, which triggered me to shoot all over the place. My head was writhing back and forth as he pumped me full, and still, I continued to shoot.

Finally, he held me tight and still. When he pulled out, he turned me around, took my face in his two hands, and kissed me hard on the mouth again. Tears streamed down my face. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” I yelled inside my head in jubilation. He wiped my tears away and gave me a bear hug. That was the first very intense hug I had ever received from Derek! When he pulled away, he handed me my shorts, and I put them on. He then handed me my socks and shoes, and I put them on, too.

When I was done, he started jogging away slowly but quickly picked up the pace. I followed along, still feeling Derek’s cum running out of my ass and down the insides of my legs. This was the way it should be, I thought to myself.

I followed Derek as he led the way back to my dorm room. I wasn’t so fucked-up after all!

And now? Derek and I are doing great! He’s been working with me to get my grades up, as well as my physical strength. My body has become very similar to his own muscular, lean machine, so now I can keep up with him when we run every morning. I have to admit that I look pretty buff these days.

We’ve been living together in our new apartment for two years now, and it’s wonderful. I love caring for him, and he loves using me to please us both. I stay shaved for him, although he lets me keep my head hair a bit longer … unless I really fuck up, and then my head becomes bald again.

Derek really understands me and knows what turns me on. Every once in a while, he’ll invite someone over whom I haven’t met, and he lets the guy watch as I suck or get fucked by Derek. Sometimes I even have to perform more demeaning acts, but it still turns me on to have to do them for a stranger like that.

And we also have our own little rituals with each other. If Derek finds even a single hair on my body (and he spends time every week examining every inch of my body), he yanks it out.

But I get to drink his piss every Sunday morning as a treat!

I have taken Derek to meet my parents, and after the initial shock, they’ve been great about him – and about us. They think he is a great guy, and I am lucky to have him, and I agree! They have us up one weekend a month and spoil him terribly, fixing all his favorite dishes and waiting on him hand and foot, which also pleases me to no end.

I think that we’re in this together for the long haul. I like serving him as my one and only lover, and he likes using me as his lover. So far, he’s never let me go too long without putting me through some new and nervous-generating training, which still freaks me out, but with his help, I always find a way to obey. Together we give each other such pleasure - yes, we are united for the long haul.

The End

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