338 Coach's Training

338 Coach’s Training
Part 1 of 2

This photo was taken in the Dean’s office on a private college campus. The student, Stevie Tanner, was a little shocked to hear his name called out over the public address system, followed by, “Please go to the office of the Dean of Admissions immediately.” He thought he was in trouble and that something was wrong with his desperately needed, year-long scholarship. Were they going to take it back?

Stevie had an excellent reputation throughout high school for being a swift swimmer and had already received nationwide notice. This young man could bring the school much attention, elevating its status for years. No wonder the school staff made such an effort to maneuver him to choose this school; they wanted him to become their darling of the swim team.

The guy on the right is not the Dean of Admissions, however. He is the head swim Coach, Jim Harlan. The Dean was not there that day. The fellow taking photos, Harry, is the Coach’s assistant. Why is the Coach using the Dean’s office? Well, there is an air of higher authority there and the presumed approval from the Dean regarding anything that transpires there. The Dean’s secretary escorted Stevie Tanner into the office.

“Tanner, I know you are new here, but we need to take some publicity photos of you to advertise the upcoming swim meet. The action shots will be at the pool, but we also need standard poses of you,” said the Coach as he checked out the impeccable way this student dressed. “So get into your Speedos so we can quickly get you back to your classes.”

“Coach, I need to run over to the gym and get them,” the boy said since he had arrived at the office off-guard and unprepared, but he was eager to comply with his new Coach’s wishes. He did not want to irritate the man who helped get him his first-year scholarship.

“No, no, no, Tanner, we don’t have time,” Coach told him, faking a bit of frustration in his voice but knowing quite well the boy would arrive exactly as unprepared as he did. He ordered his assistant, “Harry, go to the storeroom and get him a suit.” And off went Harry.

The coach said to the impressionable young student, “Go ahead and start undressing. Let me see how we’re going to do this.” Once the student had stripped to the waist, Coach added, “Better just to strip down to your underpants now, so I can see how this office light reflects off your skin.”

The swimmer looked around for a place to go and realized he was to strip here. As the Coach looked away at some papers on the desk to give the boy a sense of his disinterest, the boy took that as a signal to strip the rest of the way, nervously dropping each item of clothing on the floor. Knowing full well the student was naked except for his underwear as “ordered,” the Coach looked up at him with a phony surprised smile, OK, we can work with this.”

Embarrassed by the Coach’s remark, Stevie started to put his hands in front of the bulge in his briefs. At that, Harry reentered the office, but with no Speedos. “Coach, I didn’t see any swimsuits over there.”

“Oh, crap. OK, OK, get back to your camera, and let at least frame out a few face shots. Tanner,” the Coach said as he firmly grabbed the boy on his bare shoulder, turning his body for better lighting, “Face me; put your profile to the lens. Now, what about a full-body, head-to-toe shot? Let me think.”

“I know. Tanner, stand back there, just in front of that dark-blue tile where you piled your clothes.” The Coach, who was pretending to worry, muddled aloud, “We still need a swimsuit. Oh, wait… let me check with the Dean’s secretary.” The Coach stepped back to the Dean’s desk and pushed the intercom button on the phone. “Mrs. Waters? Would you come in here, please?” Stevie, who was panicking, just stepped back up against the wall behind him, unaware he was actually standing on his clothes.

Mrs. Waters entered, walking straight in toward the Coach and not noticing the near-naked young man in the corner. “Yes, Mr. Harlan?” she asked, feeling a little awkward since she was the Dean’s secretary and knew nothing about the Coach’s area of sports concerns.

“Are you familiar with the new centralized stock-room system? We are trying to find the supply of swimsuits we ordered for the team.” Just as Mrs. Waters opened her mouth to respond, the Coach stopped her. “Oh, stupid me, I forgot to introduce you to our new star speed swimmer, Stevie Tanner. He just arrived here a week ago on scholarship.” The Coach made a pointing gesture to the corner behind her.

He laughed, “Tanner showed up to be photographed for the swim-meet poster, and, I guess, being a little nervous, he can’t remember where his Speedos swam off to.” The Coach wanted to avoid the shock Mrs. Waters might feel at seeing an underwear-clad student in her boss’s office. His pretend joking worked. She was totally disarmed as she also smiled at the boy’s embarrassment, but at least she tried to hide her grin.

Stepping over to the blushing swim start and smiling broadly, she put out her hand, “How do you do? Welcome to our college, Mr. Tanner.” The student shook the woman’s hand as his body trembled from the humiliation of being near-naked in front of this woman, so much so he could not utter a sound.

The Coach continued with his humor: “Mrs. Waters, do you think we overpaid for this star swimmer who can’t even keep track of one tiny, teeny, itsy-bitsy Speedo?” Everyone gave a belly laugh except Stevie, who turned redder and flashed a sheepish grin. “God, Tanner, that thing was about as wide as a piece of yarn; you could have just taped it behind your ear.” More laughter.

As Mrs. Waters regained her composure and turned away from the fully exposed student, she told the Coach, “I think the sports department’s supplies, which probably included all the uniforms, have been moved to storage room C at the gymnasium.” The Coach thanked her, knowing damn well that no Speedos were ever ordered.

“Oh, Mrs. Waters? Before you leave, would you kindly pick Stevie’s clothes off the floor before he wrinkles them? We’re trying to frame out some headshots there.”

“Sure, Coach Harlan.” Smiling pleasantly, she stepped over to the nervous, underwear-clad swimmer and stooped down and tapped the freaked-out boy’s naked leg to have him lift his feet off his clothes. He tried to step backward but was already against the wall and “trapped” with Mrs. Waters on the floor before him. Oddly, instead of hurriedly scooping up the clothes, she stayed anchored there, picking up each item, looking it over, and carefully folding it to make a neat pile. Her thigh and hip were rubbing on Stevie’s naked leg. The back of her hand occasionally “accidentally” touched his barefoot as she lingered there, arranging the clothes to be picked up and placed on the Dean’s desk.

“Harry, please go over to the gym and see if the swimsuits are in storage room C. Thanks.” And Harry was on his way.

Stevie Tanner was trembling as he stood there. This older woman, on her knees, was lingering at his feet, accidentally touching him with the back of her hand. Just as she finished folding and started rising up with her arms full of Stevie’s clothes, she dropped them. “Oh shoot. Sorry about that,” she apologized. And back onto the floor, she knelt again.

“I… I can pick those …” Stevie blurted out.

“Tanner, stay where you are, but place your hands behind your back, all nice and casual-like.” He did. “There you go, the perfect shot I want. And don’t move. You want us to be here all day?” The Coach was trying to sound perturbed, but, of course, he wasn’t. He was enjoying Stevie’s humiliation.

Mrs. Waters was obviously fondling Stevie’s clothes. Everyone but Stevie realized it. “Oh, might as well lose the Jockey’s shorts too, the swimsuit will be here monetarily, and we should keep all the clothes altogether.”

Stevie Tanner assumed the Coach was talking to him and was waiting for Mrs. Waters to leave the room so he could take off his underwear. He thought he could slip into the closet and strip off in there, or, at least, he would be given a towel to wrap around himself until the swimsuit arrived. He imagined changing from his underwear to his Speedo the same way guys change at a public beach. He’d have a towel around his waist, slip off his underwear, and with the towel still around him, he’s put on the Speedo. All would be done with the privacy the towel provided. So Stevie just stood there for now.

HOWEVER, Mrs. Waters assumed the Coach was speaking to her when he said, “… might as well lose the Jockey’s shorts too.” So Mrs. Waters set the pile of clothes down, all nice, and re-folder. Without any fanfare and thinking anything of it, she reached up and placed her hands on each side of the waistband of Stevie’s white Jacky briefs and … and … and unceremoniously just pulled them down. She did it calmly and in one motion. The Jockeys were now on top of the swimmer’s feet.

Stevie was panicking but stood there as ordered, with his hands behind his back, frozen in fear. He stammered, “I… I… Please… I… I … just …” Although he kept his hands behind him as the Coach told him to, Stevie could not help but lean way over to try to hide his dick from view.

The Coach now had the camera in his hand. “Stand up straight, damn it.” He did. “And stay still.”

Mrs. Waters tapped Stevie’s foot, first one, then the other, to get him to lift them so she could remove his underwear. She held them up and noticed their size. “Oh, Coach Harlan, I see that his underwear is size 32. Does your assistant know what size swimsuit to bring back?”

“Good question. But his waist, referring to Stevie Tanner’s, does not look that small to me. I wish I could be sure.”

“That’s easy to check. I have a cloth measuring tape on my disk. Do you want me to get it so you can check?”

“Sir? Coach Harlan? May I have something to wear until the swimsuit arrives? Please?” Stevie was so embarrassed. He had been naked in front of the Dean of Admission’s secretary. And worse! She was the one who actually stripped him bare ass naked!

But the Coach ignored Stevie’s request. “That’ll be great, Mrs. Waters.” She hurriedly left the office, leaving the door open, AND absentmindedly taking the folded stack of Stevie’s clothes with her instead of placing it on the Coach’s desk.

“I can’t believe this; she took your clothes. God, where’d that bitch’s fucking mind go? What does she expect, you to go back to class bare-assed naked?” The Coached shook his head in wonderment.

Just then, Harry came in, bringing the stock clerk with him. Since Harry could not find the swimsuits in the gym’s storage room c, he thought the Coach would want to talk to the person in charge of putting all the supplies away when shipments arrived. Harry didn’t know that the Coach never ordered any new swimsuits.

“Coach, this is Denton. He’s actually the towel boy who works in the locker room handing out the towels to the guys when they get out of the shower.” Harry said, “But he’s been assigned to put all the sports gear away when it arrives.”

Just then, Denton turned around and noticed the naked swim star, “Stevie Tanner! Wow! It’s you, isn’t it! I’ve been following your career! Can I get your autograph?”

“Maybe. For right now, we are trying to figure out where the new swimsuits are for the swim team. The ones with the new logos. Do you know? Coach asked.”

“Oh gosh. Golly, Coach, I can check a few places. Sometimes shipments come in and are not unpacked for days if no one needs the items immediately.” Denton was so excited to see one of his sports heroes standing there. He wanted to go up and shake the swimmer’s hand, but he was naked. “Please, I really would like to shake your hand.”

Stevie was so embarrassed. He was in the presence of a much younger student staring at him with such enthusiasm. His dick was not hard, but it was nicely semi-inflated. So it hung down in a slow bend.

Then Denton asked the Coach, “May I officially meet him? May I shank his hand? Please?”

“Sure, kid,” the Coach finally gave in. “Tanner, step here and say ‘hi’ to your apparently biggest fan.”

“But can I have something to …”

“Tanner. You’re embarrassing me. Come here and greet this kid before he wets his pants from being overly excited to see you.”

“Yes, Coach,” and Stevie stepped to the front of the desk where everyone else was standing. “Nice to meet you, Denton.” Stevie put out his hand for the boy to shake.

To Stevie’s astonishment, Denton ignored the swimmer’s hand and hugged the swim star in a bear hug. “WOW! I am so glad to meet you, Mr. Tanner. I can’t wait to tell my friends that I meet the biggest swim star in the university sports system.” Denton was not letting go right away. He hugged his star, and in the process, he rubbed Stevie’s dick with his hip as he wiggled in his hug. It was all innocent, of course. “Thank you so much, Mr. Tanner,” Still holding on like a baby to his mama.

Stevie just noticed that when he came forward to greet the boy who idealized him, he was now naked in front of the open office door. The door to the lobby, where students would be walking by soon to go from one class to the other. “Oh shit!” Stevie said to himself. But he could not find a way to stay hidden.

When Denton finally had his long snuggle hug, he stepped back. Coach now noticed that Stevie had a full boner, sticking right out, level with the floor. Coach loved it! He wanted to prolong it.

Denton, too, looked and saw it. “Why … how come he’s… naked and with a hard-on?” Stevie snapped his face down to see his stiff erection and covered it with both hands.

“Well, that’s because of you, Denton.” There was a pregnant pause as inquiring looks were exchanged. “I mean his being naked. You were supposed to bring him one of the new swimsuits.” Everyone chuckled. Even Stevie let out a nervous giggle as he kept himself covered up. “As for the ‘hard-on,’ as you call it, many athletes take a lot of protein drinks, which can cause his manhood to show more… ah… fully.” Coach just made that up. “Happens to a lot of athletes in the shower rooms.”

“Where is my fucking swimsuit, and anything for me to put on? I’m in a fucking sideshow! Damn it!” he screamed inside his head, yet maintained a pretend smile on the outside.

“You really admire Tanner, don’t you, boy?” Coach said. Denton smiled in agreement. “Well, I see you have a cell phone in your pocket. How about if I use it to take a quick photo of you two. Then your friends will really be envious.”

“Ghee, thanks, Coach!”

“OK, Denton, glad to do this. Tanner, you and the kid step back against the wall. OK, let take a quick photo so you can get back to looking for the swimsuits, OK?” Denton handed the Coach his cell. “OK, you two, step back against the wall.” The boy and the swimmer did just that, but Stevie kept his hand down where they were.

“Ah, Coach, Sir? Please, just take close-ups. I’m sure Denton just wants my face, OK? Sir?’ Stevie pleaded.

Coach ignored the suggestion, “OK, stand up straight, Tanner.” He did but would not reveal his hard dick. “Tanner, if you want me to use just the close-up… stand up straight and put your hands behind your back.” Coach was speaking in a code Stevie understood. It signaled to Stevie that if he cooperated and let his dick be exposed to everyone, Coach would only photograph his face and upper body. Stevie knew he had no choice but to do as the Coach “ordered” him. Nervously, the swim star put his hands behind his back. “Better keep them there,” he said with a wisp of an evil grin.

“FLASH,” finally, the photo was taken. Stevie started to relax.

“Hold on, guys, you look so stiff standing like that manakins. Let me take another, but get closer together. Denton moved closer. “No, get closer.” The kid got right up against Stevie’s side. “Ah, Denton, give your hero another big hug from the side.” And Denton placed one hand across Stevie’s chest and his other hand onto his ass cheek.” The hand on Stevie’s’ chest placed the boy’s finger on his nipple. It looked causal, but Denton was slightly tweaking the swimmer’s tit. The hand the boy placed on his ass cheek was now squeezing that big-mounded muscle. Up to now, no one knew that Denton was intentionally causing sexual arousal in Stevie. His boner was not by accident; Denton did intentionally grind his hip into Stevie’s big dick to firm it up in his first bear hug. The cat was out of the bag, so to speak. Yet, Denton was not being mean. He liked his hero Stevie Tanner and was sincerely all gaga over him, which included his desire to feel him up.

“Oh wait, I had my big finger over the lens. Let's do it again.” Denton was moving his fingers up and down Stevie’s ass crack gently, in a tickling sort of way. Stevie’s nice stiff cock bobbed up and down twice. The Coach was now sure that Denton was feeling up his swimmer, teasing him erotically, and he approved.

“OH, I got it!” Coach kind of shouted as if he just thought of it, “Let’s do a couple of funny shots.” Stevie was not happy. He hoped the Coach was keeping his word and not photographing him below the waist, but who knows?

“Stevie, make a funny face like you are shocked. And Denton, keep your hands out of sight behind Stevie’s ass. Pretend you are finger fucking our swim star.” And that bastard Denton did just that. He shoved his finger up Stevie’s asshole all the way. Stevie made a shocking, frightful face. “That great, Tanner.” FLASH. “Just great.” FLASH. “Hold that terrified look. Let me take more shots of Dentin pretending to finger fuck you. FLASH, FLASH, FLASH. “That’s just great.” It would be weeks later when Stevie noticed THESE nude photos on the internet. Although his face was blurred out, Stevie now knew that Denton had nude photos of him, clearly showing his face. He wondered if those would come back to haunt him, such as in blackmail.

Just then, Mrs. Waters returned with the measuring tape. “Sorry, Coach Harlan, to take so long. I received some urgent calls I had to take care of.”

“Oh, that’s OK, Mrs. Waters, we were just messing around. But now, let’s get back to work.”

Stevie was still standing against the wall, and Denton STILL had his finger up his asshole. No one could tell that. It looked as if Denton was just standing there next to Stevie, idle. But he continued to wiggle his inserted finger as well as pull it out and push it in. Stevie wanted to nudge the boy away, or simply tell him to leave --- OR TELL HIM TO GET HIS FUCKING FINGER OUT OF HIS ASSHOLE! But, now, with the secretary there, he thought he should remain silent.

“OK, Mrs. Waters, let’s see if he, indeed, wears a 32-inch speedo. Please. Just go over and measure him.” She went to the back wall and noticed the boy Denton just standing there. “Oh, don’t mind, Denton. He’s Tanner’s number-one fan. He asked if he could just observe his hero.” Then another “command, “Tanner, you are not to move, got it?”

“Oh, fine, Mr. Harlan. “But this was getting all too weird. She had a clear look at Stevie’s huge boner and did know quite what to say about it. Under her breath, she mumbled, “Oh dear.” As Denton was on one side of Stevie, fucking his asshole with his finger, she went to Stevie’s other side. She gave him a bear hug of her own in order to put the cloth measuring tape fully around his waist, Passing the end from one hand to the other. She didn’t actually stick her head behind the swimmer, so she did not know what Denton was doing. “Mr. Harlan, he measures 30 inches.”

Just then, Stevie let out a moan. Denton was moving his finger and massaging the swimmer’s prostrate. He moaned again. Whatever the secretary was thinking, she did not mention anything. Then she obviously looked at Stevie’s dick, where a long slimy string of precum was hanging. “Oh, dear,” she muttered again.

“Ah, no, that’s not right, Mrs. Waters. The speedos hang very low on the hips. So, if you don’t mind, please do it again, and this time, encircle Tanner’s waist lower, more over his hips. Ran the front of the tape just above his… his… ah… “Then he just said it, “His dick.”

“Oh, dear.” This time, she knelt down in front of Stevie. Again, she reached both hands around to his back and tried to hand one end of the tape to her other hand. Denton had stepped a bit closer to his hero, possibly to interfere with her task. So she had some difficulty handing the tape end from one hand to the other. As she fidgeted, she had her face directly in front of Stevie’s huge, now bobbing boner. The secretary’s face was also moving around as she reached to grab the end of the tape. A glob of precum was transferred to her cheek.

Denton was not making this easy, so Mrs. Waters squeezed her hand between Stevie’s back and felt Denton’s hand positioned at the swim star’s ass. If she knew what was going on, she didn’t mention it. Finally, she managed to get the end back around the front and place it just about Stevie’s dick. In fact, the tape rested on Stevie’s jutted-out dick.

Denton said, “I’ll hold the tape around the backside at his asshole level.” Well, of course, the tape was resting on Denton’s hand, at Stevie’s asshole level.

“32 -inches,” She announced. “Will that be all, Mr. Harlan?”

“Yes, and thank you. I guess it was 32 all along. But it was good to make sure.” Then, the Coach asked Denton to see what he could do to find the new swimsuits and get a 32-inch one for Stevie. Denton and Mrs. Waters left the room. She still had a string of precum dangling from the right side of her face.

1 Coach’s Training
Part 2 of 2

The office quieted down. It was back to the publicity photos that Coach wanted. “Harry, let’s get some shots anyway, even if he is naked. We’ve been wasting too much of this young man’s time. Once we see which of these shots work, we can repeat them when he manages to find his tiny little dick warmer. ”

“OK, Tanner, listen up. We’re going to take a few memorable photos of you. First, I want you to face away from Harry, feet wide apart, bend way, way over, grab your ankles, and bring your cute adorable puppy face down between your legs to smile at the camera.

“Then I want you to stick your hungry wet puppy tongue way out like you’re begging me for a treat.”
Stevie Tanner was in total shock, just looking at his Coach with a blank stare, trying to process what he thought he had heard. “Tanner, now don’t worry. I know what you are thinking, but listen up pup. I phoned your Dad this morning. He, too, was worried about your next year’s college tuition fees and told me he can’t afford any costs like that.”

Stevie’s head was spinning, and his stomach was queasy. Confused and trembling, he tried to speak up, “My Dad? You spoke with ….” Stevie’s voice trailed off.

“Your Dad’s a great guy. Isn’t he?” Stevie nodded his head. “He must have been teary-eyed when I told him not to worry about your next year’s costs because I will take good care of our little swimmer boy. Yes, Sir, but I gave him a serious warning, ‘As long as your son follows my personal training program and obeys all my rules, he will have another scholarship next year too, and maybe for all four years.’”

“Four years of scholarships?” Stevie echoed.

“Yeah, that’s right. Then he mentioned that you go home on weekends. Well, I just flat out asked him if it would be OK that you do not go home for a while because I intend to take personal control over your life, and you’ll be pretty much tied up in very special training sessions.”

“Don’t go home?”

“Your Daddy thanked me repeatedly, pleading with me, saying stuff like, ‘Please do whatever you need to do with my Stevie, please… I don’t want my boy to have to drop out next year… I can’t afford his schooling without financial assistance. He needs a determined Coach like you… Please. You have my full permission… I appreciate all you are doing and going to do for my son.’“

“Then I told your Dad not to worry, ‘I like your son. He has a lot of potential. I can turn him into something extraordinary.’ Then I hesitated, like a new thought just occurred to me, and told him, ‘I’ll tell you what. I’d be willing to go out on a limb here for you and offer to manage your son’s scholarship funds. That way, we can be assured he’ll toe the line.’ Your Dad was so fucking happy. He asked me to send him all the necessary paperwork so he could authorize my financial control of you, starting immediately. Isn’t that great?”

“But... but… I can manage my ….” Stevie tried to interrupt.

“You can’t even manage your own clothes? You let that bitch run off with them, didn’t you, pup?” Stevie just absentmindedly nodded in agreement. “Besides, you’d spend that money all wrong. Wouldn’t you, pup? I know what’s right for you. I know what you need.”

“But I can manage all ...”

“I’m telling you, pup, you would never have even thought about buying yourself a nice studded, black leather dog collar, would you?”

“A black studded dog …”

“Or how about a shiny chain leash? Would you have thought of that? Can you say no, Sir?” Stevie again just shook his spinning head in agreement.

“No, I said, can you say, ‘No, Sir?’”

Stevie was thinking if this was all a bad dream. His mind was in a fog.

“Snap to it, pup, I said. Can you say, ‘No, I would have never thought about buying myself a nice chrome chain leash?’”

“Yes, but it’s now all arranged. Shame about his accident and his wheelchair thing... Anyway, here’s the deal, you play ball with me, and I’ll see that you get a full, four-year scholarship and become a champion swimmer to boot. I talked your Dad into… tricked him actually ... to put me in charge of all your finances. It’ll be all signed and legal. So, all you need to do is behave.” Stevie was stunned and started to feel dizzy. He could not believe the Coach was manipulating his entire world.

“Fuck, pup; you’d just waste those funds anyway. Why … you’d use it to go to fancy restaurants and have expensive dinner dates. Wouldn’t you?” His Coach added, “And what about dates? You’d spend - I mean waste – a lot of money on girls. Wouldn’t you? Did you ever think you wouldn’t have time to date girls? Huh? I tell you, you are so lucky to have me ordering your life. By the way. Are you dating anyone now?”

Finally, a question he could answer. A positive, upbeat question in which he could finally express himself on a normal subject. He snapped right into his up-lifting response, “Oh yes, Sir! Sophia and I have been dating for six months; she is the neatest, kindest, most beautiful young woman I have ever met. She thinks I’m handsome and that… well… we are planning on…”

“Sorry,” Coach interrupted both Stevie’s response and his big smile, “I’m putting the kibosh on your Sophia. No time for her and anyone else.”

“But Sophia and I are…”

“Are nothing. Before you leave here today, after we are finished, you’ll call her and tell her you suddenly figured out that you are queer, a fucking pansy, a homo cunt. You’re …”

“But, Sir, that’s not true. I can’t. I won’t. I’m not …”

“Do you think I was kidding about inviting your Dad over here to watch your... ah… training? Really? Or, to make it easier on him, I might just video you – which I was planning on doing anyway – and send him a video of you in your new dog outfit, eating dog food out of a dog dish, wagging your fucking black rubbery dido dog tail. Really? And he’ll see just how well his son dog bitch, sucks cock and gets fucked.”

“Ah… but… I …”

“Your Dad shared something with me. He mentioned that he could not work because he had a heart condition. Did you know about that?” This was not true. Coach just made it up for more leverage.

“A heart condition?”

“Yeah. I can just see your poor old, loving Dad, sitting in his wheelchair, watching a video I sent to him titled, ‘Stevie Tanner, New Homo Dog Gets Fucked on Campus.’ Look at me!” Coach ordered. “I’m not kidding!”

“Stop, please, just stop. I‘ll do it. I’ll break it off with Sophia. I promise.” Stevie was practically in tears, but in the back of his mind, after he was finished with his Coach, he could tell Sophia it was all a big misunderstanding at some point. He’d break it off by telling her he needed his space to concentrate on swimming and he needed not to see her for a while. He’d say he was sorry, but it was just a month or two. She’d find that OK. The Coach does need to know the details. “Yes, Coach, I’ll stop seeing her.”

“Not good enough. What is her number?” Coach said as he pulled out his cell.

“Why? I’ll call her later, Coach.”

What’s her number?” And Stevie reluctantly gave it to him.

As Coach dialed the number, “Remember, you are going to tell her you just realized that you are a homo, a faggot, and a pussy cunt. And that you now have a new boyfriend. And you can’t see her anymore. Tanner, you have this one and only chance to be this specific. Got it.” The phone was ringing, and Coach handed it to him.

He got her answering machine, then, “Sophia,” Stevie started to cry, overwhelmed with humiliation. “I… I need to tell you something. I … found out that I am... I am... I’m gay.”

Immediately Coach shook his head sternly, “Better stick to the scripted as ordered, boy, or else.”

He was sopping openly now, “Sophia, I’m a faggot, a cunt, and pussy.” He cried into the phone. His sobbing tears actually made him sound truthful. “And I have a new boyfriend. I can’t see you anymore. I am so, so sorry.” Then, without hanging up, he just handed the phone back to his Coach.

“Wise move and a great performance.” Coach ended the call. “Now wipe your eyes and settle down.” Coach gave him a minute to recover. “I know it was tough for you, but you saved your Dad. And I promise we won’t bring your Dad into this again if you behave. This is after he signs the papers giving me complete control of all your college funds.” Coach smirked.

“So, I’ll handle your funds, including your free spending money. I’ll have it all. So no Sophia and no other girls. I don’t even want you to socialize with girls, or with guys, for that matter. Restaurants are too expensive for you, pup. A good can of dog food has all the protein you need. By the way, do you prefer chicken-based or liver-based can dog food? Or… maybe we’ll try the dry kibble. It’s a lot cheaper. But… never mind that now. I’ll see what there is at the pet store tomorrow.”

Turning abruptly to his assistant, “Harry, make a note to remind me to get pup a doggie dish and the collar and leash. Oh, yes, and for fun, pup needs a chew toy.”

Though light-headed, it was all sinking in, bit by bit, into Stevie’s brain. “Sir, I can’t ... I don’t think ... My Dad can’t ... he wouldn’t… I… I …” He stopped himself. A tear came down his cheek as he started to realize that his Coach owned him. His father, who he loved so much for all his self-sacrificing efforts to keep his family fed, was unwittingly sealing his fate.

“Oh, stop with all the drama crap, pup. At school, you’ll be the star of the swim team. And at home… Oh, did I mention that I am not going to waste your scholarship funds on those expensive dorm fees? So, you’ll be moving in with me.”

Turning back to Harry, “Better add a doggie bed to your pet supply list, don’t want a pup to sleep on the cold floor.” He and Harry chuckled as Harry wrote down everything the Coach told him to.

All of Stevie’s fond images of a sociably enjoyable college life were quickly fading away. The Coach spoke again, “Hey, cheer up, you’ll be my little toy stud puppy… isn’t this great! Think about how much you will please your Dad when he sees you as a champion swimmer. No tuition, no worries, no decisions to make. Isn’t that wonderful? Go ahead, pup, say, ‘Yes Sir.’”

Instead, Stevie mumbled, more to himself, ”No decisions? ... Ah ... doggie bed?”

“Razor blades, I’ll need a large supply of those disposable blades to get all that hair off of you. I mean, except for school use, you won’t have any clothes at home. Do you want me to look at that hairy body of yours? Do you, pup? God! A little pussy pup with manly hair around your dick and balls, now that’s a laugh! But don’t worry, I’ll train you to shave your body every other day from the neck down. Harry,” the Coach nearly shouted, “He’ll also need a large hand mirror so he can see to shave the crack of his ass. Can you say thank you, Sir?

“Thank you?”

“Better learn the proper slave lingo, pup. That’s ‘Thank you, Sir.’ And with an exclamation point in your voice. OK, pup?”

“Thank you, Sir,” he finally barked as told. He felt sick to his stomach.

“Maybe we’ll try the permanent hair removal cream; well… I’ll figure that out later. I’ll take care of you. Don’t worry.”

Stevie was in a dream-like state, faintly shaking his head, but said nothing aloud. So the Coach again looked at Harry, “He’s going to need a metal cage for when he needs discipline. I mean, what if I have my buddies over and pup here? Forgets how a dog is supposed to prance around naked on all fours, happily wiggling his butt.”

Coach added, “Oh, yes, a butt plug doggie tail. Yes!” Coach smiled, happy with himself for thinking of the needed dog tail. “I’ll train you to greet my guests by eagerly sniffing everyone’s dick or asshole.” Coach then motioned to Stevie, “Get down on all fours and wiggle your ass as if you had a tail. Remember, the more you sniff dicks and asses, the happier you’ll be, and the more exuberantly you’ll wag your tail when you get one shoved up your pooch asshole. So let me see you wiggle your ass.”

Stevie was on the floor, shaking his ass, but it was awkward. He tried doing it in different ways, but he found it difficult.

Harry interjected. “May if he just wiggled his ass from side to side instead of all around.”

“Try that, pup,” Coach told him.

Stevie did. It worked better, but not up to Coach’s standards. “Well, that’s why you have me, to train you to do it right. Don’t worry about it; we’ll work on the wagging. You know, all these things take time.”

“I think he’ll be a fast learner. Tanner’s pretty sharp at picking up new swimming techniques,” Harry added.

“Of course, he will be.” Then Coach thought, “Maybe I’ll host a summer pool party, and pup can demonstrate how he learned to pee by lifting his leg and hosing down the Elm tree trunk in my backyard.”

Stevie was still in shock. He was so weirded out; he could not absorb all that was being said. The Coach stared at Stevie in a serious way to encourage an overt affirmative from him, but did not get. Without turning his glaring stare away from Stevie, he told Harry, “Let’s add a flogger and a hardwood handball paddle to that list. Pup may need his bubble butt warmed and red to help him learn faster.” The Coach was holding back nothing to convince Stevie to comply.

“I know what would be cool,” Coach said thoughtfully, “I can invite your sweet Daddy over to one of my special parties with my buds. I can toss a large dildo across the room and have you fetch it, running on all fours and wagging your tail when you pick it up. This way, your Dad can see how well your ... ah ... ‘training’ is coming along.”

Stevie stood there, physically drained and totally defeated. In a barely audible whisper, he said, “Please?”

“Please? Please, what, pup? Please let you be my stud puppy? Please don’t involve your Daddy? Please continue with the photo shoot? Is that it, pup? Is that what you want?”

“Yes, Sir,” was all the defeated boy said as he stared blankly at his owner.

“Good pup. Well then… if that’s what you want ... go ahead… come on, pup, get into the proper position, as I told you.” Stevie then turned his back to Harry, spread his legs apart, bent over and grabbed his ankles, and showed his frowning face between his legs.

“OK, OK, ... but that’s not quite right, pup. First, spread your legs wider.” He did as he was told, staying in the bent-over position. “Now, instead of grabbing your ankles, reach behind you and put one hand on each ass cheek and pull those honey buns apart so we can see your pussy hole.” Stevie just stood bent over, looking between his legs at his upside-down Coach, not letting go of his ankles.

“What’s wrong, pup? Don’t you know how to grab your cheeks and pull them apart? You need someone to assist you in displaying your pretty little rosebud fuck hole?” Without waiting for any response from Stevie, the Coach reached over to the intercom again and pretended to press the button. He leaned his head to it and spoke loudly,

“Mrs. Waters, I’m going to need your assistance in here...” That’s all it took for Stevie to immediately whimper,

“Oh, please, no. Not now, not her. Oh, fuck! With me like this? Look, look, Sir, I’m doing it all by myself.” He quickly grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them wide apart. The Coach was pleased but wanted to be assured the school’s swim champion would fully comply. The Coach stalled, then he leaned over to the intercom again, “Hold on, Mrs. Waters, one moment...”

“That’s better, pup, but not exactly what I asked for, is it? Did you forget about the smile and the tongue thing?” Stevie cocked his head at an angle to the right and forced himself to make a big, stupid-looking, red-faced grin as he stared between his thighs, back at the camera. Then without further prompting, he stuck out the long, wet tongue and made panting sounds. Stevie cocked his head back to the left and then to the right and stuck his tongue out as for as possible, panting and praying that his Coach would not ask the secretary to come into the office again.

He pleaded between his brief dog-panting displays, “Please, Sir, Please. Start taking photos.” More panting, “Yes, Sir, please begin now. Can you see my fuck hole pussy, OK Sir?” More exaggerated panting as he tried to convince the Coach he was now with the program. “Woof, woof. Oh, please, God. Am I positioned correctly, Sir?” There was louder panting now. “Oh fuck, Sir, I don’t need any assistance. I’m ready now, Sir. Please, photograph me as you want?”

Satisfied with this stage of Stevie’s submission, the Coach continued his fake intercom call as he leaned over it again, “Never mind, Mrs. Water, the problem resolved itself.” And to Harry, he said, “You can scratch off the flogger, but leave the paddle on the list, just in case.” Yes, Stevie was showing submission, but the Coach knew he had a long way to go to complete his humiliating descent into total submission.

Smiling broadly, he told Stevie, “Yes, I think that will do nicely. OK, Harry, click away.” And Harry did. The Coach sat down at the desk, took out an empty envelope, and started to write on it, speaking to Stevie simultaneously, “Oh … and pup, don’t worry about your clothes. In about an hour, when all the students flood the lobby as they leave their classes, you will go out into that lobby as naked as you are now to Mrs. Waters’ desk and ask her for your clothes. Secondly, you will ask her if you may get dressed right there by the side of her desk in public view.”

Stevie, whimpering, crying, making a big forced clownish smile, all at the same time, pleaded in his bent-over position, “But ... Sir, I’ll be good, please ... not out there. See, I’m a good pup. I’ll be good. Woof, woof. See Sir? I can dress in here, please?” Then he added more panting as the camera flashed repeatedly.

“Well, at least you’re off on the right foot ... or should I say, ‘paw.’” The Coach said confidently. “Oh yes, pup and you’ll soon learn to obey me without question or hesitation. You see, I just addressed an envelope to your poor, sick, crippled Daddy. I even put a stamp on it. I’m going to keep this in plain sight in our home. It will be your constant reminder that at any time you hesitate to obey me, I will fucking print a couple of these photos and mail them off to your Daddy.” Then the Coach raised his voice to a near yell. “Now, I am fucking sure you will be totally delighted to get your naked bitch ass out there and dress in the lobby!”

Stevie immediately barked in agreement, adding a loud and clear, “Yes, Sir!”

The end

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