111 Cum Farm

The Cum Farm
Part 1 of 5

A cheer rose as the run-down school bus pulled up to the farmhouse in the middle of Nowhere, Texas.
Not even GPS could find this place. The seven young men riding in the dusty heat for the two-hour trip from the city were restless and needed to stretch as they were a little sore from the hard seating. They were all dressed in shorts and T-shirts, each carrying with him a small duffle bag. Andy, a good-looking blond 19-year-old sitting at the front, mopped his sweaty brow with the back of his hand, looking forward to his summer job.

"Exciting full-time summer work for young men 18-21 must be in good shape, room, board, and work clothes provided," the ad had read.

At the application office, he'd found himself in a large room with several other guys who all underwent a brief interview and physical exam. It seemed easy enough, and the pay was great.

The driver honked three times as he parked between the house and a large barn. Two men, one in work clothes who looked to be in his early 20s and the other wearing a business suit and tie who appeared to be in his mid-30s, stepped out onto the front porch.

"Here's where you get off," barked the driver at his passengers. The small group of teen boys hastily picked up their bags and emptied out of the bus onto the dusty gravel driveway. The young man in work clothes waved at the driver, who said, "There's seven this time. The next batch will arrive next Thursday." The man smiled back as the bus took off.

"My name's Joey," he said to the seven new boys, "and this is Mr. Stevens,” nodding to the man in the suit. “We run the show here, and there's plenty of work, but we want you boys to have a good time, too." A small cheer went up from the group. Joey had them line up side by side, then walked down the row, inspecting them. "If you're lucky, you may get promoted. I was on last summer's crew myself and managed to work my way up to Foreman. I'm sure you boys will do just fine," he grinned. He stopped at the end of the line to check out Brian, a shy-looking 19-year-old with a mop of red hair whose sweaty shorts clung to his ass crack. "We're going to start your training right now."

Leaving their bags on the ground, the boys marched off to a low concrete building attached to a barn. Foreman Joey and Mr. Stevens led them into a small room with several chairs in a half-circle around a TV. The boys all seemed to be bothered by the heat.

"Sorry about the heat, boys," said Joey. "But the air's not working right now. Since we don't want anyone falling asleep, you boys should strip down to your underwear." Puzzled but glad to feel more comfortable, the teens slipped off their T-shirts and shorts. Some of the boys noticed that they all had rather large “packages” showing under their shorts and that all the boys were smooth-chested and very lean. It was odd that the boys were so similar in their build. Mr. Stevens checked out the sizeable packages bulging through their Y-fronts and licked his lips. He was a good-looking man of 36, successful, and used to getting his way. He stood back quietly while Joey ran the show.

"You boys, just take a seat, and I'll start the training video," said Joey. He lowered the lights and slipped a CD into the player. The boys waited in the dim light, expecting a short film on farm equipment or animal husbandry. Instead, they were all shocked but pleased to discover it was a porn video! It had been edited to get right to the action: a muscular blonde dude ramming his cock up a big-titted young woman's pussy while she was simultaneously taken from the front by a younger, dark-haired guy with a huge cock that she was trying desperately to deep throat.

The young guys gawked hungrily at the hot video and shifted uncomfortably in their chairs. The foreman and Mr. Stevens, watching through a video camera in an air-conditioned, adjacent room, could see their hard-ons forming in their briefs. The boys stole quick, awkward glances from lap to lap to see if they were reacting the same. They all did except Tyler, a cocky, red-headed 18-year-old who had already slipped a hand inside his briefs and stroked his thick cock to full hardness.

Seeing Tyler's comfort in stroking himself in the room, the other guys quickly followed suit, staring straight ahead at the porn movie to pretend they weren't aware of what each other was doing. It wasn't long before Joey and Mr. Stevens were treated to the hot sight of seven hard-bodied young studs stroking their huge cocks as they sweated away in the overheated room. The sweat lubed their hands and hard shafts, making it easy for them to jack off while they watched the flick.

The lengthy video being shown had been specially edited by Mr. Stevens and was actually a combination of several videos which had been edited together. The opening scenes were of heterosexual acts, which showed fat, ugly men fucking and being sucked by beautiful women, the women being the main focus. As the video progressed, the women were shown less and less, and the lens focused mostly on the male bodies doing the sex acts to these women. As the video evolved, through careful editing, they were seeing mostly shots of the men in the video, especially lots of close-ups of their huge cocks and balls ramming away at the girls. The teens didn’t seem to notice that the glimpses of women were now of unattractive girls, and the men they were staring at had changed to become handsome and hard-bodied.

"How do you boys like the training movie?" asked Joey through a microphone. The boys were silent for a minute, focused entirely on the porn video. Finally, 20-year-old Will spoke up quickly. "Fuckin' hot man!" he said as he shafted his growing seven inches.

As the video heated up, Tyler and Andy brazenly slipped their briefs down to their ankles and tossed them aside enthusiastically. They each spread their legs and started giving their cocks the full jack-off treatment while they cupped their heavy balls in the other hand. The other guys hastily followed suit, anxious to free their young pricks from their underwear. Their sweaty white briefs lay in a pile at the center of the semi-circle, and the distinct sound of sweaty hands rapidly working over their seven huge cocks added to the porno soundtrack. Joey and Mr. Stevens surveyed the image on the monitor, their own cocks at full stiffness from watching the young studs jack off. It was clear from the picture on the screen that Chad had the longest cock, though Curt, a baby-faced 18-year-old blond who looked almost hypnotized by the porn film, had an unbelievably thick one. They also noticed that Rick, a slim green-eyed 19-year-old in a crew cut, had a slight curve to his and was gripping his balls tightly in his left hand.

"Just relax and enjoy yourselves," said Joey. "Don't be shy now; keep stroking those beautiful cocks as much as you want." Just as he finished speaking, the young stud in the video (who was doggy-fucking the woman) pulled and aimed his cock at her back. He gripped his balls and rapidly jacked his angry red shaft, then bellowed loudly and fired several thick streams of cum over her ass and back. Instantly Tyler, Andy, and Rick followed suit, grunting and panting. They came. Shooting their cum high into the air and all over their washboard bellies and smooth chests. Their muscular legs shook as they came, and a couple of Andy's wads flew to the side and landed on Tyler's chest. The other boys were oblivious to the orgasms around them, or at least pretended to be, as their eyes were fixed completely on the video.

A blond dude getting deep-throated in the porno pulled out suddenly and made the girl kneel before him. As he desperately jacked his cock, she opened her mouth wide to receive his load while stroking his thighs. Then, for the last 10 minutes of the video, the boys saw only close-ups of the sexy men’s dicks, balls, asses, nipples, and muscular legs. They were having sex with the women, but the women’s bodies barely showed at all. The attentive boys were caught up in all the raw sex and in seeing the big dicks and beautiful asses of the men who looked very similar to themselves, and they were getting off on it big time.

The remaining four boys watching the flick heated up leaned forward and increased the speed of their cock-stroking. Their lips were parted as they breathed hard, working towards a climax. Suddenly the girl in the video slipped her right hand between the stud's legs and in between his ass cheeks. The camera shifted and caught a close-up shot of her middle finger slipping easily into his ass hole, right up to the knuckle. The next shot was of the young male porn star, who clearly hadn't expected the move, grunting and shouting as his cock jumped in his hand and blasted a good ten shots of hot cream onto the girl's face, only half making it between her lips.

The incredible finger shot was too much for Chad and Will. Chad let out a long, low groan, leaned forward in his chair, and soon a series of huge cum spurts flew from his thick shaft, landing squarely on the pile of white briefs in the middle of the circle. Joey and Mr. Stevens were amazed at how far his shots flew. Next came Will, who sat back in his chair and whose other hand seemed to have moved from his balls to even further back between his legs, although no one could actually see if he was playing with his asshole.

"Oh, fuck man! Look at those big dicks!" he shouted, instantly a huge volley of cum spurted from his cock and landed on his face and chest. He continued jerking and swearing, and his cock fired cum indiscriminately around him, hitting the two boys beside him on their chests and legs. Finally, with a low groan, he gave his red shaft a slow, long squeeze upwards, forcing out the last thick blob of cum from his cock as if extracting toothpaste. He seemed oblivious that he had been marveling at the men’s big dicks.

Only Brian and Curt were left, and they were both frantically jerking their cocks and stroking their balls as they watched the next scene. A minute went by, and from the way they were jerking and the looks on their faces, it was obvious that they were just on the edge of cumming, but they couldn't. Their faces were contorted, and their breathing was ragged, and it was almost painful for the other boys to see the extreme redness and stiffness of Brian’s and Curt’s cocks. Apparently, they were simply too nervous to cum in front of the other guys. Then Mr. Stevens, who until now had said nothing, burst into the room and confronted the other boys.

"All right, guys," he said. "You boys are expected to work as a team. That means that if one guy gets off, everyone gets off. So I want each of you to lend these poor boys a hand and give them some relief. Understood?" The five boys who had already cum looked nervously at each other. "Look, I'll show you," said Mr. Stevens. He took Tyler by the hand and placed his cum-slicked palm around Brian's scrotum. "Just keep stroking his sac like it was your own. See how he likes it?" Tyler did as he was told and caressed the younger guy's balls lovingly, and sure enough, Brian relaxed and spread his thighs a little wider.

"Now come here, you," Mr. Stevens told Chad. He made the muscular young dude kneel beside Brian and pushed his head toward the frantic boy's chest. "I want you to play with his nipples like you suck your girlfriend's." Chad placed his lips around Brian's left nipple and began to suck and nibble it while his other hand rolled and pinched the right one. Brian gasped and tensed up, his hand moving rapidly up and down his raging cock as Tyler continued to toy with his balls. Then, at last, with a long sigh, Brian’s hips bucked spastically, and a stream of fresh, salty boy cream sprayed from his cock all over their smooth torsos.

"Now that's what I mean by teamwork," said Mr. Stevens. "Now, what about this poor boy here? He looks exhausted." Everyone turned to look at Curt, whose sweat-drenched baby-faced bore the signs of excitement and frustration as he slowly stroked his huge eight-inch rod. He was totally worked up, but unable to cum in front of the others. Mr. Stevens directed Andy to kneel on the floor while the boys lifted Curt out of his chair and laid him down on the floor, his head resting face-up in Andy's lap. Andy leaned over and started to pinch and roll Curt's nipples in his fingers. Mr. Stevens then directed Will to kneel beside Curt and jack him off. Will had often secretly jerked off with other guys and had no trouble giving his younger teammate the hand job he needed.

Finally, Mr. Stevens had Tyler kneel between Curt's spread legs. "Young fellah, you are going to have the best job of all," he said, guiding Tyler's warm hand between Curt's smooth ass cheeks. He placed Tyler's middle finger over the boy's tender asshole and showed him how to caress and tickle it with his fingertip. "Just like that," he said, then he removed his hand and watched as Tyler took over the fingering of Curt's anus.

There was no denying that was just the trick Curt needed. Andy was playing with his tits. Will jerked his cock, and Tyler fingered his asshole. He went over the edge and let out a long, high-pitched wail.

"Oooooh my Goooood, Yesssss!" he shouted as an incredible series of cum wads sprayed from his pulsing shaft. They flew up to his face, moistening his lips, chin, and feathery blond hair. Andy and Will didn't escape the teen's huge orgasm and saw their hands coated liberally with his creamy juice. Everyone was so fascinated with Curt's incredible cum that no one noticed Tyler had already gotten another chubby from playing with Curt's ass.

"Now that's what I call teamwork!" said Mr. Stevens. "Is everyone clear on what that means?"

"Yes, Sir!" shouted the seven naked boys in unison.

"Good. Now I want all of you to march through that door to the showers and clean up." They did so immediately, and Mr. Stevens waited until they had all left, so he could watch each of the seven sweaty young asses walk through the door.

He then returned to the control room where Joey was waiting, kneeling on the floor. "I'm ready, Mr. Stevens," he said. Mr. Stevens unzipped his pants and whipped out a raging hard seven-incher. He grabbed Joey by the hair and shoved his cock into his mouth. Foreman Joey immediately began to suck expertly on the hot shaft, and Mr. Stevens sighed with satisfaction. "Those boys will do just fine," he said as Joey slurped noisily on his cock. "They're really going to learn how to take it." Then the thought of training yet another group of young studs overtook him. He held Jack's head tightly to his groin and grunted, shooting hot cum into the young man's mouth. Joey swallowed the salty juice obediently. Just as he had last summer when Mr. Stevens had trained him as part of the first group. He thought about what the new boys were in store for and felt envious.

Andy, Tyler, Chad, Rick, Brian, Curt, and Will sat on a shower room bench wrapped in the pale blue towels they had just dried themselves with, waiting for either of the two bosses to show up. In the showers, they had all washed silently, saying nothing, as if the experience with the training video had never happened. They had barely even looked at each other, though Curt thought he'd caught more than a couple of the guys checking out his young bubble butt. They all considered themselves straight, either already had girlfriends or sought one.

The door opened, and in walked Mr. Stevens and Joey. “Okay, guys, leave your towel here, and let's go into the barn across the way. ”

“Hold on,” Andy called out, “Where are our clothes?”

“Oh, right. Don’t worry. All the work clothes you’ll need will be provided.” Then the boys were ushered out of the room, naked, onto the walkway leading to the barn. When they got to the barn, they were confused. Looking around, trying to figure out why they had been brought there. From the rows of stalls, it had obviously once been a dairy barn, but now it was clean and odorless. There were still partitions up as there had been for the cows, but instead of hay, each one had a cot raised just over four feet off the ground. The boys noticed that the cots were bolted to the ground and that a curious railing system was attached to the ceiling over each cot.

"This is where you boys will sleep for the next eight weeks," said Joey. He assigned each of them a cot and recorded who was in which one since they were all numbered. He disappeared briefly and returned with a wheeled cart laden with food. He handed each boy a large tray of beef stew, mashed potatoes, and pie. They ate noisily as they sat on the ends of their cots. "Now, just wait here, and we'll be back for the next part."

“But what about our clothes?” this time, it was Brian who asked.

“Just wait here,” the foreman said again and left them. After their meals, the boys waited anxiously, sitting on the edge of their cots, fidgeting. Since the partitions were made of low-wrought iron bars, they could look through them and see each other.

"Man, this is kind of weird," said Rick after a long silence. A couple of other guys agreed. “Can’t they at least give us our uniforms? This is too weird. ”

"Hey, I don't mind it so far," said Chad. "They showed us a porno, gave us a shower, fed us, and gave us a place to sleep. Not too bad." The other boys seemed puzzled by Chad's comfort with the afternoon events, and Tyler was just about to ask him something when Joey and Mr. Stevens walked back in. Joey was carrying a large box that clinked with glass items.

"We need to run some health tests on you, boys," said Mr. Stevens, "So each of you needs to get on all fours on your cots, pronto!"

The boys responded immediately, some trying to repress smirks at what they thought was a joke. Regardless, they got on their hands and knees with their asses pointing outward at the open end of their cots. They were all facing away from the open wrought iron, so they couldn't see each other anymore, nor could they see what Joey and Mr. Stevens were up to. The two men were instantly impressed by the row of smooth asses and large dangling cocks that the boys were forced to present to them.

Tyler was in cot #1. Joey and Mr. Stevens stood back at first to admire the smooth, muscular bubble butt with the small tuft of dark hair between the cheeks and the generous, thick cock and scrotum hanging down at the base of the ass crack. His thighs were just far enough apart that the men could see the anal rosebud between the firm globes.

"These are straightforward tests that will help us to determine what kind of work you will be doing," said Mr. Stevens. He produced a strange instrument from the box with a long, thin, closed tube at one end and a small meter at the other. He set it down between Tyler's legs and then applied a generous lube coating to his right hand. He grasped the 18-year-old's thick cock in the lubed palm, and Tyler jumped. But he quickly relaxed as Mr. Stevens began lightly pumping his cock, which soon thickened and grew to full stiffness under his firm grip.

"How's that feel, young man?" asked Mr. Stevens.

"Unnnh, oooh yeah, just great ... awesome," groaned the teen stud as his hips pumped very lightly in response to his employer's handjob. "Fuckin' great!"

"Good," said Mr. Stevens. "Now, don't mind this." He squirted another glob of lube onto his gloved index finger and slowly inserted it into the boy’s asshole. Tyler jolted for a second, then moaned and wriggled his ass a bit as Mr. Stevens continued to caress and massage the inside of the tight asshole. He coated it generously, then slowly worked his finger in deeper to the second knuckle. Mr. Stevens felt the boy's cock, already hard as steel, twitch.

Suddenly, he withdrew his finger and picked up the rubber tube device. He held it by the middle and pushed the tube up the boy’s asshole. It entered smoothly with only slight resistance until it reached the six-inch mark.

"Hey, wh … what's that?" gasped Tyler.

"It's a device for measuring muscle strength," said Mr. Stevens casually. "We want to find out how in-shape your ass muscles are. If your ass muscles are strong. We figure all of your muscles are strong.” It made sense, so Tyler gave the man no resistance. Mr. Stevens stared at the tube's meter end, rating the ass muscles’ strength while it squeezed the rubber tube. It was on a scale of one to ten, and now it was at 6. Mr. Stevens continued to pump Tyler’s dick, increasing the speed with which he stroked the huge teen cock. The needle began to move, rising gradually from 6 to 7, then higher.

Tyler was breathing hard now, the slick hand job and the tube up his ass pushing him relentlessly toward orgasm. Mr. Stevens saw his balls twitch and sensed the cock grow even harder in his expert hand. He nodded to Joey, who produced a tall glass beaker which he placed directly beneath the purple mushroom head of Tyler's dick. Mr. Stevens aimed the boy's cock into the beaker and increased speed. Suddenly the needle on the dial shot even higher.

"Oooooh, cummin', fuckin' cumming! Aaaaah!" Tyler shouted as several generous dollops of his thick boy cream spurted into the beaker. Mr. Stevens continued to work Tyler's cock until the last dropped had oozed from it. He raised the beaker, twirled it under his nose, and sniffed it.

"Delicious," he said.

The Cum Farm
Part 2 of 5

"Eight point nine," said Joey, examining the meter sticking out of the teen's ass.
"Very good." Then he took out an ink pad and a stamp and stamped the image of a bright red cherry onto the young man’s right ass cheek. "It's almost indelible," he said to Tyler, still panting hard from his orgasm. "It'll wash off by the end of the summer." Then foreman Joey exchanged a knowing smile and a snicker with Mr. Stevens, knowing it was a noticeable and permanent marking.

After labeling the beaker and recording the amount, the two men moved down the line to Rick, in cot #2, then Andy, in cot #3. They repeated the procedure with each teen, stroking them to hardness, lubing and massaging their tight assholes, inserting the tension meter, then jacking them off and recording their tightness and the amount of cum, which they saved. Each rated eight on the scale, and each received the red cherry stamp on his right ass cheek.

Chad was in the fourth cot, waiting eagerly on his hands and knees. After listening to three of his teammates getting jerked off, he was already hard himself, though he had no idea what had happened. None of them did until it happened to them. With the incredible sensation of Mr. Stevens' warm, well-lubed hand job, complemented by the rubber hose being forced up his ass, it didn't take long before he grunted and bucked his hips. Joey grabbed a beaker and placed it under his cock just in time to catch the first of several shots of cum. Chad shot so hard that the cum splashed up the sides of the beaker.

"Cool," said Joey. Then he checked the meter and read it out. "Six point three." He exchanged a wicked glance with Mr. Stevens.

"Ever had anything else up there, Chad?" asked Mr. Stevens.

"No way, man," he replied in a strong tone. "I never tried that queer stuff."

"Sure," said Mr. Stevens, knowing that a boy’s asshole is usually weakened when repeatedly stretched with dildos or from being fucked. They moved on to the next boys but didn't stamp Chad's ass with the cherry mark.

Brian and Will both did well, producing huge amounts of cum and getting high marks for anal tightness. They were so worked up by the sounds they'd heard and the rising odor of cum, that their balls were ripe and ready by the time the bosses came around. They both got the cherry stamp.

Finally, they got to Curt in the seventh cot. He looked a little uncomfortable, his freshly washed mop of blond hair hiding a nervous look on his face, but he relaxed enough to enjoy Mr. Stevens' skillful hand job. Mr. Stevens was just about to lube up the boy's asshole when he stopped to admire the incredible smoothness of his butt cheeks. They were completely hairless, and even his crotch hair was scant.

"Do you shave your ass, boy?" he asked, still stroking the hefty eight-inch cock.

"Na … na … no, Sir," said Curt. "I've just never ha … had that much body ha … hair," he gasped as his cock continued to thicken. Mr. Stevens couldn't believe it. He was sure he'd find stubble if he checked close enough, so he ran a finger up and down the teen's ass crack. It still felt smooth, and the sensation was driving Curt wild.

"Well, there's only one way to be sure," he said. Then, still stroking the young stud's shaft, he parted his ass cheeks with his free hand, leaned forward, and began to lick the hot ass crack. He ran his tongue up and down the smooth cheeks, over the crack, and finally around the tender young asshole in the center. He probed and tickled it with his tongue, surprised at how unyielding the little knot of muscle remained despite the obvious pleasure its owner was expressing. Mr. Stevens increased the speed of his hand job as Joey set the beaker beneath Curt's spasming cock. Then Mr. Stevens licked the pinky finger of his left hand and shoved it quickly up the teen's ass.

"Ooooooow God!" he yelped at the sudden invasion, and instantly a seemingly endless stream of cum gushed from his swollen mushroom head and into the beaker. His smooth buns bucked wildly back and forth with each spurt, but Mr. Stevens managed to hold his own and keep the finger fully up the tight teen rectum.

At last, it was over, and all the boys had given a sample of their cum; everyone but Curt had enjoyed the muscle tension meter up their asses. Joey picked up the device ready to measure Curt, but Mr. Stevens waved him away. "Never mind," he said as he withdrew his finger from the still-tight little aperture. "Just give him a nine point five." They stamped Curt's ass with the cherry, packed up their samples and equipment, and Joey wheeled the box out of the room. Mr. Stevens stopped at the door with his hand on the light switch.

"Lights out at ten every night," he ordered. "And if you boys want to jerk yourselves off to sleep, please don’t. You all came twice today, which was a lot, so rest up now for your first day of work tomorrow. He shut the lights, and the two men left. In moments the seven young studs were snoring away in their beds, exhausted from their first day at the farm, but soon enough, they would learn that cumming twice a day was not enough; from then on, six times per day was to be the norm.

The boys woke up suddenly to the sound of a buzzer ringing and the bright fluorescent lights of their bunker flickering. Andy looked at his watch: it was exactly 6:00 AM. Groggy and unaccustomed to waking up that early. He and the other six guys on the farm work team rubbed their eyes and stirred slowly in their raised cots. Each lay back down momentarily, recalling vague but highly erotic dreams from the night before. Chad was the first to come alive and fully sit up. When he did, he noticed something very odd. There was a clear rubber hose running from beneath the bottom of his sheets on up to the ceiling, where it was suspended by the metal railing system over their cots. At once, he whipped off his sheet and was shocked by what he discovered. His flaccid cock was encased in a clear plastic vacuum pump, with a rubber ring at the base where it ‘sealed’ to his groin. Around his cock was a pink rubber ring attached by thin wires to the end of the tube, and at the very end of the pump was the hose that led to the ceiling system.

By now, all the boys on the team had discovered the same thing, their cocks were encased in vacuum pumps that were so light and well-fitted that they hardly noticed them when they first woke up. The apparatus on each boy included a clear plastic hose that led up to the ceiling rails, where they all fed into a single central tube that ran through the wall to who knew where. Brian touched the pump and fiddled slightly with it to see if he could simply remove it.

"Don't touch that!" someone barked. The boys jumped. It was Mr. Stevens. He had just walked in with Joey and seemed relieved to have caught Brian in time. "We'll show you how to remove those in a minute." He strolled down the aisle, checking out the hot, well-muscled teens in their separate partitioned areas and on their cots. "How did you fellows sleep?"

"Great!" they all replied. Joey smirked, knowing what that first night was like.

"I suppose you young men are a little surprised at what you've found this morning. Well, let me explain." He held up a plastic jug with a picture of a flower on it. "This is what it's all about. You boys aren't here to harvest crops or to pick or plant anything. No, you're here to … produce!"

Taking pleasure in their puzzled expressions, Mr. Stevens went on to explain. “This is a cum farm. You are here so we can harvest your semen and then sell it. It has many uses for the wealthy. It can, of course, be used for the traditional purpose of creating life. Still, it can also be processed and used as a nutrient in vitamin supplements. Lately, we have been selling mass quantities to practitioners of voodoo spells in New Orleans and elsewhere. At $1000 an ounce, it fetches a nice price.” Then he added, “Think of it this way. You are helping our sluggish USA economy to grow.”

"So that's what’s going on," he concluded as the boys' nervous snickering subsided. "You will all be milked regularly, six times daily, in fact, and all your cum will be reserved for processing. All you boys need to do is to stay healthy, sleep and eat well, and enjoy yourselves." Then he walked out.

Foreman Joey then took over and explained in more detail, telling them they would be milked six times a day at regularly scheduled intervals. “Last night, your sample loads were taken at ten, then after being fitted with dick pumps and hoses, you were mechanically masturbated at 1:00 AM and 5:00 AM. Without realizing it, you have already started to be productive members of our society!” He didn’t mention that there was a sedative in the stew they had eaten for dinner, which allowed them to be manipulated during the night without waking.

The foreman instructed them to remove and reattach the pumps; it was very easy - even pleasurable. Then they showered and put on their ‘uniforms,’ which consisted of white Onion Skins brand lightweight nylon shorts with no underwear. They were so thin and sheer that you could see their dicks under the flimsy material. The uniforms were rounded out by white athletic socks and mostly white tennis shoes - that was it. They were then led to the dining room, where they had breakfast at 7:00 AM. There was some snickering because they'd noticed that everyone except Chad had their asses stamped with the red cherry, but they thought little else of it. They ate quickly and well and were brought outside at 8:00 AM without much of a pause.

"For the next hour, you will exercise," said Joey. "Your morning physical activity will change each day."

They did jumping jacks, sit-ups, and then finally ran. Mr. Stevens watched through binoculars from the sidelines, enjoying the sight of the boys' large, flaccid cocks flopping up and down in their loose, sheer nylon shorts as they jumped and ran. Because of the erotic sensation caused by their dicks rubbing against the nylon material, by the end of the workout, they all had impressive hard-ons. And since the Onion Skins had full slits on each side all the way up to the waistband, there was no structure to the shorts to hold down or contain an unruly dick. Thus, their erect teen pricks jutted forward, tenting the front of the shorts while an outright full erection would stick out like an obscene flag pole draped in sheer material.

At 9:00 AM sharp, Joey blew a whistle, and they all stopped. He ordered them over to a high brick wall at the end of the workout field and had them slip out of their shorts and face it with their hands on the wall, leaning forward, legs spread, as if they were being arrested. He walked up with a clinking box of glass beakers and a bottle of lube.

"Milking time!" he said. Mr. Stevens insisted on milking the boys immediately after heavy exercise because it made their semen richer in oxygen and more fertile. This was fine with the teens since they had been deprived of their habitual morning jack-off and was more than ready for a little relief. They lined up in the same order that they had slept in and, one by one, with a technique almost as skilled as Mr. Stevens', Joey gripped the hard teen’s cock in his well-lubed hand and jacked them off into the beakers, giving each a final squeeze as the panting young studs oozed out every drop of cum in their balls. It was a plum job for Joey, who got to watch their firm round asses buck and tremble as they came. He was permitted by Mr. Stevens to take small liberties, such as occasionally prodding or rimming a teen's asshole or tweaking his nipples if he seemed to be taking a little too long. They were highly effective tricks and never failed to bring on the hot cream.

When all the team members had given up their fresh cum. They headed off to relax in the lounge. Lunch was at 11:30, and afterward, they had some time to watch TV or play video games. They were forbidden to drink or smoke, but being such healthy specimens, they were hardly inclined. But fun time ended at 1:00 PM when the next milking was scheduled. This time, Mr. Stevens explained the schedule in more detail.

"Every afternoon at 1:00 PM, you will have freestyle masturbation," he said. "You can do it however you like, and take as long as you like, just as long as you don't spill a drop." He smiled as he watched Joey instruct the boys on how to hold the beakers to their cocks, so they could catch all the cum, remembering how he himself had trained Joey last summer with the first milking team. Joey had been his top producer and was now his personal assistant.

Each of the boys was given a bottle of lube. "There are porn videos and mags in the cabinet," said Joey as he walked out with Mr. Stevens. "Help yourselves." Everyone grabbed something to read or watch. All the porn was straight, so Andy chose a stag video. Soon the boys were noisily pumping their slicked-up cocks to their visual erotic stimulation. After the rapid whack-off this morning on the workout field. They were glad to have a more casual masturbation. Then the lounge doors flew open, and the two bosses walked in, looking disappointed.

"Sorry boys, but that's not quite how it works," said Mr. Stevens as he stormed into the room; he had been watching on closed-circuit TV. "It seems you've all forgotten the important lessons of yesterday afternoon." The boys looked puzzled, their hands still lightly stroking their fully thickened cocks despite their apprehension.

"Teamwork, God damn it! Teamwork!" shouted Mr. Stevens. "If you guys just do it by yourselves, you'll under-produce. But if you've got a buddy to get you off while you relax, you can produce ten percent more! Now, let's see a little team spirit here!" The teens were now less awkward about this than they had been yesterday, so they casually divided up into two pairs and a threesome. The fact was that the past twenty-four hours had increased their comfort with homosexual activity and also made them more aware of what gave them pleasure. Andy and Tyler paired up, as did Chad and Curt, and Brian, Rick, and Will formed the threesome. They began touching, then stroking each other's cocks and balls, and then each other's nipples and asses.

Andy and Tyler were slowly but firmly jacking each other's cocks while Andy also fingered and pinched Tyler's nipples. In the threesome, Brian and Will started rubbing their well-lubed cocks together while Rick stood behind Brian. He pressed his cock right up against Brian's cheeks while reaching around to stroke Will's firm teen bubble butt. Chad and Curt formed a naturally dominant-submissive pair. Chad helped the baby-faced blond 18-year-old to his knees while Chad sat back on the sofa. Gently but firmly, he held Curt's head between his hands and lowered his mouth onto his rampant nine-inch cock. He began to suck and slurp on the 21-year-old's thick meat and responded enthusiastically when Chad also guided his hand to his balls and told him to caress them. Curt was only beginning to discover that he loved being told what to do.

"Now that's what I like to see!" said Mr. Stevens enthusiastically as an obvious erection tented his crotch. "Everybody helps each other out - the team way - and we all win big that way. Just remember if you're sucking or jacking your buddy off. You're the one responsible for making sure his cum gets saved in the beaker." The teammates did not respond. Now fully caught up in the hot action and totally at ease with each other. Fingers were slipping into ass cracks, teeth were gently nibbling erect nipples, and hips were pumping and grinding everywhere. A sweet, distinctive odor filled the room and was kept slightly warm to ensure increased productivity. Mr. Stevens and Joey walked out and headed to the control room, where they continued to watch the video monitors.

In the warm, relaxed atmosphere of the lounge, the team members were well into their mutual jacking and cock sucking. Rick knelt down behind Brian and noisily slurped away at the 19-year-old's asshole while Will vigorously masturbated him into the beaker. Brian was the first to cum. He let out a groan and a whimper, then fired a voluminous sample of jizz into the glass. Not forgetting his responsibilities, Will squeezed the last two or three drops from Brian's eight-inch cock into the beaker. The sound of Brian cumming set off a slow chain reaction over the next ten minutes in the room. One by one, the young studs came. Each one sees his buddy capture his valued cum in the beakers. The bitter scent of cum mingled with the smell of sweat. First, it was Tyler, gripping Andy by the shoulders and breathing hard as he produced an impressive series of thick wads; then Will, leaning back against the wall and moaning loudly as Rick aimed his thick shaft into the vessel while Brian sucked his heavy balls. Rick was content to finish himself off, though Brian helped by kneeling before him with the beaker.

Chad's groans were growing louder as Curt continued his apparently expert blowjob. Chad's big hands were wrapped around Curt's head to ensure he got sucked off.

"Yeah, baby, suck it just like that...uh...fuckin' awesome!" he groaned. He started buckling his hips, banging his groin into Curt's face. Chad's young suck mate was gagging slightly and wincing at the rough treatment because Chad was gripping his head so close to his groin. He felt the older teen's cock increase in hardness and reached for the beaker.

"No ... naw...it's too late ... gonna fuckin' cum!" he gasped. Everyone's eyes widened as they thought Chad was about to commit the forbidden act of wasting his cum, but before it could happen, Rick raced over with an empty beaker. Freed Curt from Chad's muscular grip and jacked the groaning boy's thick cock off into the beaker.

"Aw yeah....yeah...huuunh!" he grunted as Rick narrowly managed to catch the first volley of steaming jizz. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as the last few drops dribbled down the inside of the glass. "Thanks, man," said Chad.

Now only Andy and Curt were left, both with raging purple hard-ons and sweat shining on their hairless chests from their efforts in the overheated room. Andy asked Curt to kneel on all fours beside him on the couch, with his ass pointing enticingly toward him. Andy sat back and let Rick jack him off with both hands while he lubed up a finger and slowly wormed it into Curt’s anus.

"Ooooh, yeah," said Curt, shuddering with pleasure and remembering how Mr. Stevens had fingered him last night. With Rick taking care of his cock. Andy devoted all his attention to finger-fucking Curt and stroking his amazingly smooth ass cheeks. Tyler grasped Curt's huge teen cock from underneath and began to jack him off rapidly.

The other four boys watched silently as the last of their teammates got their rocks off. The slick sound of well-lubed hands and fingers working away was barely audible over the heavy breathing and groaning. Noticing how fixated Andy was on the smooth boy's ass beside him. Rick obliged by snaking a finger under Andy's big balls and right up his rectum. That really got things going. The finger fucking, and cock-jacking sped up, as did Curt and Andy's breathing. Curt bucked his hot little ass against Andy's vigorous finger-banging, and Rick's wriggling finger up his ass brought Andy over the edge.

"Aw yeah, hunh, fuckin' BITCH!" he shouted, replacing the caresses of Curt's bubble butt with two final, stinging swats. His body shook as he fired his cum right into the beaker while Rick continued bringing him off, shot after shot blowing into the glass until he sat back, exhausted, and let his hand slip from Curt's tight ass.

The other boys snickered as a flaming red patch began to form on Curt's ass cheek, but the boy himself was oblivious to it, bucking and thrusting his thick meat into Tyler's agile palm. At last, he froze, shuddered, and, with a long sigh, ejaculated generously into the beaker. The teammates cheered one another and then lay down in the chairs and sofas, thirsty and exhausted.

"Very nice," said Mr. Stevens as he watched the monitor in the control room. "These boys are definitely high-caliber producing stock. Mmmm, yeah..." With that, he leaned forward and slid his hard seven-inch shaft up into Joey, leaning over the console with his pants around his ankles. Mr. Stevens had enjoyed the sight of the seven teenagers getting each other off. Just as he'd watched Joey do it with his teammates last summer. He grabbed Joey's hips and pumped him harder.

"Just as tight as ever," said Mr. Stevens. Joey didn’t reply since Mr. Stevens had gagged him by shoving some of the boys' underwear into his mouth. It wasn't long before the boss himself was cumming, squirting his cum into Joey's bowels with a satisfied grunt. Joey was busy whacking off too. Then they would rest as well and get the boys ready for their evening chores.

For the rest of the afternoon, the team did small chores around the farm: cleaning, gardening, and some laundry. They had a good time with it since their spirits were high, knowing they were being paid well to do a little work and a lot of cumming. None of them felt even the least discomfort after having masturbated so many times that day. When these boys were home, they’d jack twice or thrice a day anyway. Of course, it would be six times each day, but they were all healthy young studs. Mr. Stevens liked to see them having fun, too, for he knew that keeping them in good mental health would keep their juices flowing.

They were marched off to the barn at a quarter to five for their 5:00 PM milking. Mr. Stevens and Joey led them to the same room where they'd started yesterday, except now there were seven large armchairs seated around the large-screen TV and wires and small machines were leading from every chair. They stripped out of their super-thin shorts, pulled off their shoes and socks, and each sat in the oversized chairs. They were ordered to belt themselves in with a kind of seatbelt. Each of them was given a bottle of lube and a special condom with an extra-large reservoir tip designed especially for high-producing studs like these, then Mr. Stevens and Joey proceeded to wire the boys up. On each team member, Joey attached one electrode to the back side of the boy’s balls and the other to the back of the boy’s jerkoff hand, whichever one the boy used to pleasure himself with. The devices, which looked like miniature lie detector machines, made a low humming noise when switched on. When they were all wired up. Mr. Stevens stepped in front of them with his back to the TV and a videotape in his hand.

"The morning post-exercise milking is done to obtain a higher oxygen content," he said. "But because it is taken quickly, other nutrients in your samples are deficient. In order to obtain a higher nutrient grade, the samples must all be extracted very, very slowly." He turned and put the tape in the VCR and turned it on. To no one's surprise, it was another porno, and instantly the boys fitted their condoms and reached for their lube.

"Now, before you boys start spraying all over the place,” they all laughed at this, “you should know how this works," continued Mr. Stevens. "To allow the nutrients to build up high enough in your cum, you must take no less than THIRTY MINUTES between the time you start jacking and the time you blow your wads. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir!" they answered together. Though they had no idea how they could hold off for that long. Most of them were used to quick, furtive jack-offs under the sheets at home, and they didn't last more than a few minutes when they were in the back seats of their cars with their girlfriends.

"I suppose you're wondering how boys your age can last that long," said Mr. Stevens. "Well, to train you properly, we've included a little … incentive to help you along. That will be all." He left and took Joey with him to the control room.

The Cum Farm
Part 3 of 5

Back in the TV room, the boys lazily stroked their big teen cocks while they watched a video in which a small blonde woman was sucking off a large black man. The guys watching all had electrodes on their balls and hand-sent information back to the machines beside their chairs, but the video was set loud enough to cover the hum of the devices. After a few minutes, the action in the video picked up. The man picked the woman up by her waist and laid her on all fours on the bed. The guys watching each grabbed another guy’s dick and began to beat it. In the video, the guy got behind her and shoved his huge cock into her, and started to pump her doggy-style. Immediately the boys responded by jerking off more rapidly. Forgetting their instructions and obeying instead of their primitive impulse to cum.

Brian was especially caught up in the video. He loved doing it doggy style and thought the woman in the video looked like his ex-girlfriend. "Unh, yeah bitch ... take it all the way," he muttered as his lube-soaked hand flew up and down his eight inches.
His breathing grew ragged as he approached orgasm. He looked at the clock: seven past five. There's no fuckin' way I can do this, he thought. The machine behind him whirred a little louder, and as he continued his frantic masturbating, the small green light switched to yellow. Then the yellow light blinked 3 times.

"OW!" shouted Brian, as his hand leaped off his cock. A sharp electric charge had been delivered to his right hand, and it took him several seconds to recover. So that was it. What else could keep healthy, horny eighteen and nineteen-year-olds from cumming in less than five minutes other than a small dose of pain? Undaunted and still extremely horny, Brian resumed the slow, careful pumping of his cock. Soon he was right back into it, experiencing the benefits of taking it slowly for the first time. The green light returned.

There were a few more yelps in the room as Will, Tyler, Rick, and Chad were shocked when their yellow light blinked three times. They also took a minute to recover but then carefully resumed their masturbation. For a few minutes, it seemed pretty easy, and the boys settled into a group rhythm of slow, firm stroking, but by a quarter past, the pressure had become unbearable for them. Their cock heads were hugely swollen and had turned an almost unnaturally deep purple, their hands were overheating, and their balls were starting to ache. BUT … all the boys had learned that they had only three seconds to let go or back off when the yellow light came on. They knew they'd get shocked once the light blinked three times.

Some boys shifted uncomfortably in their chairs, while others groaned with near agony. It was so good, but it hurt too. The video had heated up to a group sex session of three women and seven men, making it impossible for these horny young studs not to watch. But none of them had ever taken this long to cum, and the strain was showing. Each had a slow trickle of pre-cum leaking continuously down his shaft into the condom. By twenty-two past, Tyler couldn't take it.

"Aw man, I can't do it ... can't hold off, gonna cum ... yeah, gonna ... OOOOW SHIT!" he cried out. The next shock was even bigger than the first, causing his hand to literally spring from his cock. The discomfort in his voice instantly brought the other teammates under control as they dreaded suffering the same fate. It was unbearably clear. Fluid pre-cum was flowing freely from each of their cocks and lubing up their condoms from the inside, increasing the pleasure. Sweat ran down their hairless faces and chests, causing them to glisten in the low light, but their balls and cocks ached from the constant rubbing and the long delay.

At last, it was twenty-nine after. The boys were panting and groaning, squirming in their chairs as they struggled to delay their orgasms for less than a minute more. Andy thought he had never before experienced such exquisite aching deep in his groin, but at the same time, he was unable to take his hand off his cock. Their groans and breathing deepened as the second hand ticked momentously towards the minute, then finally, the clock clicked over to show 5:30, and a small bell rang.

They had been riding the yellow light but knew to back off and not stimulate themselves to the point where it would begin blinking; they were learning how to edge themselves. But at 5:30, the light just went off. The room exploded. Every boy in the room let out a loud yell and gripped his cock with intense pressure as they started to cum. Some buckled and sat forward while others pushed back into their chairs and raised their legs and knees high into the air, exposing their assholes. However they were sitting, their balls were all spasming and pulsing in unison as they poured what felt like a double load of cum into their condoms. Shouting and moaning, not caring how they sounded, they squeezed their thick cocks tightly as every one of them experienced the most agonizingly delicious orgasm of their entire life.

Mr. Stevens was pleased with the outcome and was amazed that the machinery kept the boys from cumming until the 30-minute mark had passed. He congratulated himself on his ingenuity and treated himself to the unusual pleasure of removing the condoms from each boy on the team. By the time he got back down to the TV room, they were all lying, some still moaning lightly in discomfort at the ache in their balls. Their cocks were flaccid but still flaming red at the prolonged swelling, and the condoms slipped off easily without spilling their valuable, highly scented contents.

The team was rewarded with a satisfying dinner and given plenty of time to rest. Despite their earlier condition from the 5:00 jack-off, they recuperated quickly, and their discomfort soon passed. They played video games loudly and made crude jokes in the lounge, talking about girls and how they would spend their paychecks.

At 8:30 PM, they returned to the barn stalls where their cots were in the portioned stalls. Each of the boys found the following note taped to the inside wall.


0100 Mechanical collection
0500 Mechanical collection
0900 Post-exercise milking
1300 Freestyle masturbation--with team effort
1700 Delayed-response collection
2100 Evening sample collection

Team members are responsible for getting proper rest and food intake. Alcohol and tobacco are strictly forbidden, and there is to be ABSOLUTELY NO unauthorized masturbation or other sexual activity without the consent of management."

That last warning was stern but really unnecessary since who could climax more than six times a day, every day? However, look at it from an accounting perspective. If a boy’s climax resulted in an average of two ounces of semen, the seven boys, climaxing six times a day, would produce 84 ounces of boy juice every day. And at $1000 per ounce, well … THAT’S $84,000 A DAY! EVERY DAY! No wonder Mr. Stevens is so concerned that the boys’ climaxes are controlled and the ejaculate never wasted.

As they were undressing for bed, the door opened, and the now-familiar sound of the wheeled trolley with the box of clinking beakers entered the room, with Joey and Mr. Stevens behind it. Tyler, Rick, Andy, Chad, Brian, Will, and Curt all turned dutifully over and got on their hands and knees, ready to provide their bosses with the evening sample. They raised their asses high in the air, with their cocks and smooth balls dangling beneath them, and it was a sight that brought joy to Mr. Stevens' eyes. Soon the exquisite, awe-inspiring sound of seven young studs getting hard and cumming filled the room. As he and Joey moved down the line as they had last night, jerking the boys off into the beakers with a good night finger up their tight young asses. Mr. Stevens thought for sure that, at that moment, he deserved to feel like he had practically invented capitalism.

For the next two weeks, things went smoothly at Mr. Stevens' cum farm. The seven boys he'd hired for the summer to supply him with cum were doing fine, producing huge amounts of rich teenage cum six times a day, seven days a week. And, thanks to a change in their food, their production had increased by six percent since they first arrived.

One day Mr. Stevens was looking over the production data and noticed a problem. The quantity of cum the boys produced at night was dropping slightly. At night they were hooked up to mechanical milking devices, plastic vacuum pumps that masturbated them in their sleep. These work by having a lubricated rubber ring inside the pump slide up and down their cocks in coordination with the sucking action of the vacuum, after which a full load of cum is sucked through a tube at the end and into a central storage system. The boys on the farm team had no waking memories of the milking, only vague recollections of highly erotic dreams in which their girlfriends, prom queens, or slutty girls they knew at college were expertly sucking them off. They never knew there was a sedative in their evening meal that prevented them from casual awakenings.

Mr. Stevens thought about it and then realized the problem was that the routine of bi-nightly milking became less erotically exciting. That made their orgasms less intense and the quantity of ejaculate smaller. It didn't take him long to figure out a solution.

That evening after 9:30 PM, the boys were lying back on their cots, relaxing and settling in after having been milked by Joey. He was just finishing up and packing up their samples when, instead of leaving, Mr. Stevens brought another large box with wires hanging over the edge.

"I'm afraid you boys have begun to underproduce at night. No, don't worry. It's not your fault. It's just that you've become too accustomed to the sensation of the vacuum pumps." As he spoke, the boys began the routine of fitting themselves with the pumps. They were responsible for fitting them at night and removing them in the morning. Mr. Stevens looked on with pleasure as he watched the seven teens stuff their thick cocks into the clear plastic tubes, then close the rubber seal at the base just at their groins to ensure a perfect seal when the machine started up.

"I've been watching you fellows over the past week to understand what helps you to produce more, and I've come up with a simple, cheap solution." He wheeled the trolley down to the first boy, Tyler, who had just neatly encased his dick in the vacuum tube under the thin cotton sheet that was their only bedding. Mr. Stevens reached into the box and pulled out a long black tube with wires at one end.

"Now I know none of you boys is really into any of that queer shit, and as soon as your work here is done, you'll be back doggy-fucking Mary Jane and Becky Sue in the back seat of your sports cars, but I also know you boys have come to appreciate variety." He gestured impatiently to Tyler for him to raise his legs. The 20-year-old stud raised them high and gripped the backs of his thighs open, exposing his asshole. "From now on, you'll also be fitted with one of these stimulant attachments every night, which should solve our production dilemma." He passed the device to Joey. It was made of smooth, shiny black vinyl, with a slightly bulbous head like a dildo. But it was also a little thinner than a dildo so as not to stretch the boys too much … yet.

Joey lubed the device up well and worked it up Tyler's ass. The 20-year-old twitched a bit as he was unused to being penetrated more than the length of a finger, but it went in easily, and he soon found it unobtrusive. Then Joey took the wire dangling from the other end and plugged it into a wire connection suspended from the ceiling. Eventually, all seven boys on the team were fitted with the devices, and the increased number of wires and tubes dangling from the ceiling over their beds made the room look more like a mad scientist's lab.

When they finished installing the devices up all the boys' asses, and each boy was comfortably lying on his back, Mr. Stevens and Joey packed up and left without further explanation. "Sweet dreams, boys," the boss said as he shut off the lights and closed the door. Soon the seven members of the cum farm team were fast asleep and snoring loudly.

Mr. Stevens stayed up late that night, watching the business news and sipping a glass of whiskey. At a quarter to one, he turned off the TV and crossed the small field separating his residence on the compound from the barn where the boys were kept. He re-entered their room quietly, finding his way with a flashlight. He pulled up a chair in the middle of the seven partitioned stalls and waited.

As the clock on the wall struck one, the machines went into action. First, with a lot of quiet whirring and clicking, the vacuum pumps started up, subjecting the teens' thick cocks to a gentle in-and-out sucking action. The sucking forced the lubricated rubber rings inside the pumps to glide up and down their dicks, helping them get hard fast. The boys twitched and rustled a bit in their sleep as they began to dream about having their cocks sucked.

A low buzzing sound came next. It was the vibrators Mr. Stevens had planted up their asses. The boys twitched and shifted in their cots at once as the deep-penetrating rods buzzed and tickled their anal rings and rectums. It was a success, for the boys quickly got so hard, so quickly that their vacuum pumps jumped between their legs. They began to moan quietly as their breathing increased. Some of them reached down to their groins and dreamily clutched their heavy balls while the machines sucked and reamed them, and a few of them began muttering the names of girls they knew back in the city. The sedative put in their evening meal was special - it only inhibited their waking up during cum production time. It was short-lived and had no sleepy effect on the boys during the daytime.

Mr. Stevens walked down the row of partitioned, elevated cots, inspecting his prized livestock with the flashlight. The pumps made their already generous cocks even huger and almost obscenely, frighteningly large. Their muscular chests rose and fell as they breathed hard in their arousal, and they were all unconsciously cupping and caressing their big balls.

The program that ran the night-time milking machines increased the speed of the pumps and the vibration frequencies of the dildos. The interior rubber rings ran quickly and tightly up and down their cocks, programmed to imitate the same firm, quick strokes that the boys had practiced back home in their beds and showers. Their chests rose and fell more rapidly, taking in the large amounts of oxygen they needed to work their big cocks and produce their valuable juice.

And then the boys began to cum. Almost simultaneously, they began to thrash in their cots and buck their hips as the warm, translucent cream jetted copiously from their fat teen dicks. The vacuum machine at once sensed the change. It activated the sucking device that extracted every drop. Mr. Stevens watched with pride as all the thick cream ran up the clear tubes, across the ceiling from which the metal rails suspended the tubes, then through the wall and into the central collection tanks in the next room. When it was over, the vacuum pumps and vibrators slowed gently, then stopped, and the milking program shut down. He looked at his watch. It was seven minutes after one. The boys, some of them still cupping their balls, settled back into a deep sleep and loud snores.

Mr. Stevens went into the collection room beside the stalls and checked the output wonderful. Not only had the anal stimulus managed to raise the boys' cum production, but it had increased it by eight percent. He would buy that winter home in Belize yet.

Everything was going swimmingly at the cum farm until the third week. Until then, the boys were healthy, well-fed, and producing more generously than ever, and Mr. Stevens was converting their cum into packaging jars to sell as a high-end, super-cum product. The ejaculate business was amazingly profitable. Just when he began to concern himself more with how to spend it in the future, trouble began.

At the start of the third week, the library of video porn was clearly getting stale. This happens to all stud teams at some point during the eight weeks. When they watched the straight sex videos, they became fixated on them and the women in them, but when it was time for these boys to help each other climax, it was, to say the least, strange to help each other get off. So, the video-watching sessions would always begin with 100% heterosexual sex in week #1 but would slowly and cleverly evolve into gay sex over the eight weeks, as shown below. It was a clever piece of editing and execution, which adjusted over time, as follows:

Week 1: Straight couples having sex - Showing more females
Week 2: Straight couples having sex – Showing males and females equally
Week 3: Straight couples having sex – Showing males more
Week 4: 3-way sex with 2 men and 1 woman
Week 5: 4-way sex with 3 men and 1 woman
Week 6: Gay couple having basic suck-fuck sex, no kissing or emotions
Week 7: Gay couple having passionate sex with love, kissing, and massaging
Week 7: Gay couple having passionate sex with sex toys, leather, rope, and collars can cuffs

The Cum Farm
Part 4 of 5

So once week 4 started, the boys were visually encouraged to connect to a wide range of erotic and sexual gay conduct. That made the guys helping guys to climax seem not so strange at all. There were no women there, so … monkey see, monkey do, or chimpanzee see, chimpanzee do.
The boys were normally well supervised during the day, especially during milking. In fact, it was hardly surprising that Mr. Stevens and Joey enjoyed watching them. It seemed you could never grow tired of watching seven smooth, muscular young guys with big cocks getting off six times a day, seven days a week. The supervisors especially enjoyed watching them through the security cameras during their regular 1:00 PM freestyle masturbation. That’s when the boys generally got into such frantic group action that Mr. Stevens had to supervise to make sure that the overworked young studs managed to catch their cum in the beakers he provided.

But the night collections were different. Mr. Stevens had full confidence in the automated machinery. He was satisfied to check the morning take rather than interrupt his sleep to personally check on the 1:00 AM and 5:00 AM milking.

One night this became a problem. Chad, who usually slept through the night like all the other boys, woke up around 12:30 AM. He sat up for a minute, listening to his teammates snoring in their cots, then took his sheet off. At the initial interview, they'd asked if he was a sound, deep sleeper, and he'd said yes. That wasn't true since he slept quite lightly and could awaken at the slightest noise. He'd also lied to Mr. Stevens when he'd been asked if he'd ever had anything up his ass, but since Mr. Stevens had refused to stamp his ass with the red cherry, it was clear he couldn't always be fooled.

Carefully, Chad removed the vacuum pump from his dick, then withdrew the slim black vibrator from his ass. The sensation of the bulbous head passing through and stretching his anus gave him a hardening dick, and he withdrew the device with deliberate slowness to enjoy it. He got out of bed and walked down to the last cot, where Curt slept.

Over the past three weeks, ever since that afternoon when he'd forced Curt to his knees to suck his big cock, Chad had developed a thing for the young, baby-faced Curt. He could read submissiveness in his eyes and movements whenever he was around him, and he always tried to nab him first for the two o'clock freestyle, so he could fuck his hot mouth or finger his extra-smooth ass. He loved the sight of that sweet, tender pink hole nestled between those muscular cheeks and the way it flexed and contracted when the blond teen shot his hot wad.

Chad reached over and slowly removed Curt's bedsheet. The room was kept warm, so the sleepers were comfortable. He stood back to admire the hot, smooth-bodied teen sleeping innocently in his cot. His asshole was wired up to the anal vibrator and the pump tubing. Chad reached over and gently caressed one of the boy's nipples until it hardened beneath his fingers. Curt groaned in his sleep and reached up to touch it too. Chad then pinched and tickled the other nipple until it was just as stiff, and Curt moaned his girlfriend's name. His cock began to swell in its plastic housing.

When Chad saw that, he knew he needed a taste of it. He carefully removed the vacuum pump from Curt's cock, which flopped semi-rigidly out of the tube. Because the cots were four feet off the ground, the teen's cock was level with Chad's belly. He gripped it by the base and stroked it to full hardness, loving the moans and sighs that Curt made. Then he leaned forward, placed the bulbous mushroom head of the boy’s dick in his mouth, and began to suck.

Chad loved that cock. It tasted fresh, solid, and warm. He whirled his tongue around the thick shaft as he began to suck harder, bobbing up and down the large tube of teen meat like an expert. He nibbled on the spongy head and caressed the boy's heavy balls, listening to him sigh and moan in his deep sleep.

Suddenly, the whirring and clicking sounds of the milking program started. It was one o'clock, and all the boys began to rustle in their beds as the vacuum mechanism masturbated them. A few seconds later, the low buzzing of the vibrators kicked in. Chad, who had never observed the process, was fascinated for a bit by the sight of the other five young studs being made erect and horny by the machines. It was an unusual sight, and the taste of Curt's big cock in his mouth got his own prick fully erect and jutting forward.

The vibrator fascinated him, and he saw an opportunity to control Curt's pleasure even more. He grasped the device by its base and slowly pumped it back and forth up the boy's ass. Timing it to the rhythm of his blowjob. Curt's moans grew louder as the increased roughness of the action slowly roused him from sleep. Chad sucked harder and faster, thrusting the vibrator in and out as the boy's breathing grew deeper and more ragged.

Suddenly Curt's cock twitched in Chad's mouth, and his balls jumped in his hand. Chad awoke suddenly to find himself cumming hard.

"Hunh ... oooh ... what's hap … oooooh!" he sighed and spurted several large dollops of hot, salty cum into Chad's sucking mouth. He swallowed every single one, squeezing Curt's balls to ensure every drop came out. Then, just when Curt thought he had cum his last [finished cumming], Chad slowly pulled out the vibrator, giving one last twirl of his tongue around the boy's shaft as the bulbous head stretched through the tight anal ring. Curt spasmed violently in his cot, shot two final wads into Chad's mouth, then lay back gasping for air.

"Hey man, who's there, who … " stammered Curt as he came around. Chad suddenly realized that Curt's noises had been concealed, partly by the slight noise the other team members and their machines had made. But now that they had all just cum as well, there was silence. He threw himself forward onto the cot, landing right on Curt. He clamped his left hand over the young stud's mouth, then, when Curt raised his hand in self-defense, grabbed him by the wrist with his other hand and pinned him down.

Curt was helpless and confused, unable to speak and panting nervously through his nose, his fighting arm pinned solidly down by Chad's impressive strength. The dominant boy was right on top of him, his hard shaft pressing into his muscled abdomen, and both their bodies were slick with sweat.

"Now listen here, bitch," hissed Chad into Curt's ear. "I've had my eyes on your little boy's pussy since day one. I trained you to suck cock and how to take a finger up your ass, and now it's time for the next lesson." Curt thrashed in panic, trying to throw Chad off. But despite his slightly smaller stature, he had a far more solid build and a solid lock on Curt. Chad's cock was rock hard and leaking an almost continuous stream of precum since he was so aroused at the thought of taking Curt's tight cherry.

Curt was on his back with Chad on top of him, on one side of the cot. But then Chad hopped up onto the four-foot high bed and forced Curt’s legs apart. When he succeeded in pushing the boy's thighs apart, Chad kneeled between them. He lifted Curt’s calves to better access that hot asshole pucker and then nudged himself and shifted forward until he felt his cockhead between the 18-year-old's smooth ass cheeks, right up against his anal ring. Curt's eyes widened with worry and pleasure as the dripping shaft nestled against his asshole. They lay like that momentarily until Curt slowly relaxed and closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of the pulsing mushroom head at his back door. But Chad never relaxed his grip over Curt's mouth.

Suddenly Chad began to push upward. His cockhead popped into Curt's cherry ass, and he screamed. Chad had his hand clamped so tightly over Curt's mouth that it sounded like nothing more than a deep sigh, and he kept pushing. Curt thrashed and shook as the huge, thick shaft drove mercilessly up his tight anus. He squeezed hard, trying to expel it, but that only made matters worse since the increased tightness excited Chad and made him even more determined to fully bust the young stud's cherry. Unable to regain control, Curt raised his legs high in the air to reduce his discomfort.

When Chad was all the way in, he began to fuck Curt hard. He had to make as little noise as possible as he pumped in and out of the exquisitely close-fitting rectum. The only sounds in the room were the other boys snoring, the slight creaking of the over-weighted cot, and the strained panting and grunting of the boys. Chad was pumping his pussy boy hard, enjoying the thrill of taking him by surprise. Eventually, Curt's asshole relaxed, and he began to enjoy it more, and his cock slowly returned to stiffness. When he felt Curt get hard, Chad spoke again to him in a harsh whisper.

"All right, you fuckin' bitch … unh … I know you fuckin' love it … unh … you love daddy's tool up your back door … huunh … now daddy's gonna give it to ya!" he hissed. He released Curt's mouth and wrist from his powerful grip, then stood up at the end of the cot, his cock still buried deep inside his boy toy. He grasped Curt by the hips and began to slam hard in and out of his ass, his sweaty balls slapping noisily against his ass cheeks. Curt reached down and began to jerk himself off, panting hard as he endured his teammate's brutal ass fuck.

Chad lunged forward one last time and tightened his grip on Curt's hips. At once cum pulsed violently from his twitching balls and deep into Curt's bowels, causing Chad to gasp and groan quietly as he emptied his load. The throbbing in his ass brought Curt off. He squeezed his big balls with his other hand and sprayed a second load all over his smooth belly. For a few seconds, there was nothing but the extraordinary image of two young studs, their muscles rippling and glistening with sweat, joined at the midsection as they lost themselves in orgasm. Then, at last, they relaxed, and Chad pulled out of the sweet 18-year-old’s ass.

"Just remember, not a word," said Chad menacingly to Curt before returning to his stall. Curt fumbled nervously with some tissues as he wiped his belly, then quickly reinstalled his vacuum pump. Then he slowly re-inserted the vibrator up his ass. He was surprised as he did that at how different it felt, comforting, somehow. He lay there for a while, unable to sleep as he attempted to figure out what to make of what he'd done. But by the time the machines began to whir and click again with the five o'clock milking program, he was lost again in a deep sleep.

As Chad had intended, that was just the beginning of a sequence of illicit and absolutely forbidden encounters that he initiated with Curt. Despite the rigid rules against wasting cum and engaging in unauthorized sex, he now regularly made use of the boy's deliciously tight ass for his own cum-wasting pleasure. This went on for over a week and quickly accelerated to meet the true pace of Chad's rapacious sexual tastes and urges. He regularly took Curt once at night, and during the day, he took pleasure in finding various ways to enjoy the young blonde’s smooth and submissive body. Though they always made it back in time for the regular daytime milking and produced enough, they also wasted huge amounts of the precious cream onto the floor, down the shower drains, onto their bellies, up Curt's ass, or down each other's throats.

In the shower room, while the other team members were playing video games, Chad took the belt from a bathrobe and tied Curt's wrists together. Then tied the other end to one of the high shower heads. Forced to stand on tiptoe, Curt hung awkwardly against the wall while Chad fingered his ass, jerked him off into the shower drain, or fucked him--always very hard. He liked to jerk Curt off as he fucked him, to make his anus pulse with orgasm around his cock just as he came to.

In the machine shop, he made Curt lay face-up on the floor and tied his ankles and wrists to opposite poles. Then he squatted over the squirming boy's face and forced him to eat his muscled ass, punishing him with hard pinches of his tits if he failed to lick his master's anus as he asked. Whenever he did this, Chad sat facing Curt's feet, and the intensity of the forced rimming caused Chad's cock to leak an almost continuous drool of pre-cum onto Curt's chest, so copious it would start to pool on the floor before he came.

And there were many other innovations: he found an enema set in a storage closet, a dowel from the shed that he carved into a double-headed dildo, and the discovery of where the lube supply was kept - but those were time-consuming projects. All Chad needed to carry on his forbidden affair was the odd bit of rope and at least ten minutes of privacy here and there. He introduced Curt to several intense pleasures, and in his capacity for sexual invention, Chad, always a vain young man, thought he rivaled Mr. Stevens. How wrong he was.

One day, just after lunch, Mr. Stevens interrupted the team while they were relaxing in the lounge, saying he needed their help for a moment as there was some heavy lifting to do. He also asked them to come naked, so they all casually slipped out their shoes, socks, and sheer Onion Skin shorts. He and Joey led them to a small building near the dairy barn where they slept, and when they entered, they found themselves in a large, brightly lit warehouse full of boxes with ropes hanging from the ceiling. Mr. Stevens reached into a bag he'd brought and produced two odd-looking large, black sheets.

"Today, I would like to honor a couple of your teammates who have made exceptional leaps in productivity," he said. "Chad, Curt, please step forward." They stepped up to him, Chad smiling smugly, believing he had really deceived Mr. Stevens. And more than that, Curt, orphaned at a very young age, liked the warm emotion of feeling loved by Mr. Stevens. "Boys, your productivity of late has been astonishing." Mr. Stevens patted both of them on the shoulders and said, “We have a special treat for you both, a wonderful massage. Lay down on these two blankets, one of you on each, and relax.” The two were excited and giddy at being heralded in this special way. They knew they didn’t deserve any reward, but as long as the bosses never knew about their wild sexual activities, why tell them now? So they reclined on the blankets in their complete nakedness. “Now, just relax and close your eyes as we prepare you both.”

Curt was so proud of himself! He had always wondered how it would feel to be fully accepted and appreciated by a Dad. After going from foster parent to foster parent, he had missed out on any solid, constructive home life. For some weird reason, Mr. Stevens was filling that Dad role at that moment.

Chad and Curt heard Mr. Stevens and Joey whispering to the five other boys, all completely naked. Tyler, Rick, Andy, Brian, and Will made some snickering sounds and low giggles. The two trusting boys, with closed eyes, could not tell that their five other teammates and their two bosses were quietly stooping at all corners of the two blankets.

In unison, everyone crouched down, grabbed an ankle or a wrist, and quickly placed a leather strap around each one. Then the surrounding boys quickly yanked the two blankets out from under the bodies. And there they were; Chad and Curt were lying on leather slings placed on the floor or, I should say, laying on them AND strapped into them. Then Chad and Curt noticed the eight ropes hanging from the ceiling rafters as foreman Joey instructed the five buddies to attach the ropes to the slings, one to each corner. And with that, the slings, about three feet apart, slowly rose off the floor to about three feet high.

At first, Chad and Curt were silent because they were so stunned. They had been expecting a gentle massage, but they now found themselves secured to the four corners of a sling. They tugged and jerked, but the leather straps were tightened properly - they were going nowhere. They were suspended face-up in mid-air, about three feet off the ground, and in these slings, they were strapped spread eagle with their legs spread wide. Also, each boy's head was not supported; there was a short, wide strip of leather under their necks which was lower than the sling itself, so when they let their head fall back, their necks weren’t supported by the neck strap. That put their mouths at dick level for anyone standing at the head end of the hanging harness. Curt and Chad looked on in horror as the remaining five naked boys stood there with boners. Mr. Stevens and Joey stood back and laughed. Yep, they were strung up helplessly in the two hanging leather harnesses, and their bodies were placed at the exact position and level for fucking their faces and asses.

From where Mr. Stevens stood, it was a fine sight indeed. Two smooth, muscled young dudes bound in utter helplessness in mid-air, their asses fully exposed, begging for mercy. Mr. Stevens reached into his bag, pulled out a short flogging whip, then approached Chad and turned to the other five boys.

"Now you're going to see what happens to thieves!" he yelled. "These two little snots have been stealing regularly from me for over a week, and I will not tolerate it for one more minute!" And with that, he delivered four sharp, stinging lashes on Chad's torso. Chad howled in pain as the leather stung his flesh. In mere seconds his belly and chest were beet red. This was not a type of whip that broke the skin. It simply reddened it, scared the receiver, and was the effect the bosses wanted. Mr. Stevens did likewise to Curt, who wailed and cried with each fling of the whip. They stopped struggling only when the whipping stopped.

"You two little bastards have stolen a lot of product from me over the past ten days, and now you're gonna pay for it!" Curt's thoughts raced back to a panicked review of his illicit episodes with Chad, and he thought regretfully of all the cum he'd sprayed down the shower drain or wiped away with a tissue.

"Ba … ba … but Mr. Stevens, it wasn't me," he said fearfully, trying to explain himself. "Chad made me do it. He… OOOOOOW"! Mr. Stevens' reply to the appeal was another brutal stroke of the paddle on the boy's already tender ass.

"Shut up!" bellowed Mr. Stevens. "Both of you are equally responsible, and I don't care who started what. All I care about is seeing you two whores made very sorry and returning all the cum you've stolen from me!" He dropped the flogger to the floor. "I didn’t realize it at first, but then I went back and reviewed the security tapes, and every damn moment was caught on camera," he said more calmly. "I've calculated just how much cum you little bitches stole from me, and you're going to pay it back today—every single drop. And in the spirit of teamwork, everyone will pitch in to help.”

He instructed the other five guys, whose cocks were now all rock hard at the sight of Chad and Curt's helpless bodies, pink bellies, and exposed assholes, that they were to personally extract three climaxes from each boy to make up for what they had wasted together. AND … they were to provide this in addition to being subjected to their daily milking quota.

At first, the other boys were focused solely on the supposed impossibility of this task, but Mr. Stevens had anticipated this. He appealed to their self-interest by saying that to make extraction easier and as a reward to them for their honesty, they would each be allowed an additional two orgasms during this punishment process--so long as they collected it as well.

That did the trick. At once, their faces registered wild animal lust. Tyler and Rick, standing at the front, started shafting their big eight-inch cocks in their hands until they were dripping precum onto the concrete floor. The other three followed suit, cupping their balls and toying with their nipples as they waited for the signal to start. Mr. Stevens produced some condoms and beakers for them to collect their product in, several tubes of lube, and a couple of large, ridged dildos.

"Now go to it, boys," he said gleefully. "Don't spare their thieving asses or their lying mouths. Just get me back what's mine!" The remaining five young studs went after Chad and Curt with a lustful vengeance. The two captives thrashed in their leather slings, trying to loosen their straps, but it was pointless. They were at the mercy of their teammates' limitless sexual energy.

The Cum Farm
Part 5 of 5

Tyler, who had never really liked Chad all that much, kneeled before his swaying harness and, with his hands firmly on Chad's ass, fingered the boy’s hole somewhat violently. Rick positioned himself with his ass at Chad’s face. He spread his own cheeks and pushed backward. Chad’s head was hanging upside down off the end of the sling, so his mouth was completely lined up with Rick’s asshole. When Rick felt Chad’s nose just above his asshole, he let go of his cheeks to ‘capture’ Chad’s face between them, then he pushed back more firmly. Chad's head couldn’t wiggle free, and Rick wouldn’t allow him air until he felt the delinquent boy’s tongue moving around. Chad struggled in his bonds, unused to submission, but his cock swelled as he felt three fingers reaming around in his asshole. Rick allowed him air since the licking and rimming were to his liking.

Curt was also getting it from the other three, and he was finding new pleasure in being a bottom,
being more of a sub. He quickly submitted to the domination of the others as they worked him over. Andy had turned the boy's head and was slowly feeding him his thick, veiny shaft and experienced with amazement the kind of succulent cock sucking that Chad had secretly enjoyed for over a week. Meanwhile, Will had greased up a ridged dildo and was slowly pushing it up Curt's ass, keeping a steady grip on the bound teammate's smooth thighs to keep him from wiggling away from it. Brian stood beside Curt, fisting his own cock with one hand while, with the other, he shafted Curt's with agonizing, unbearable slowness. The smell of seven sweaty cocks dripping pre-cum filled the room.

Brian, who later got to fuck the boys, began to do a lot of the teasing, which was an equally essential task. After all, getting a boy to climax once is easy, but the second and third time takes a more coordinated stimulation attack. This involved pinching nipples and tickling them, licking ball sacs, using fingernails to rake the torso skin, and even tickling the underarms and the soles of the feet. Brian was artful in all these tasks. When it was Will’s turn at erotic touching, he liked to use his tongue - sticking it in ears, licking nipples, running it over balls, and licking between toes.

Tyler fitted one of the large condoms over Chad's cock and began to milk him as Chad continued tonguing Rick’s asshole. Chad groaned from between Rick's ass cheeks, and a minute later, he spasmed in his harness, filling the condom with hot cum. Mr. Stevens came over and removed it carefully, then leaned over and sucked the thick, flaccid meat clean, leaving it ready for more.

Andy was pumping faster in and out of Curt's sweet mouth. Suddenly he withdrew, groaning and gripping his cock, and quickly reached for the beaker. He picked one up just in time to blow his load into it, then passed it to Mr. Stevens and returned for more. Next, it was Brian's turn, beating off into a condom as he continued to torture Curt with a slow, well-lubed cock-stroking. He filled the extra-large reservoir with his cream, removed it, and fitted a fresh one over Curt's cock. The dildo was replaced with Tyler’s condom-covered dick, which wasted no time in fucking the boy hard. Curt buckled in his harness as his dick swelled again until he gave up his load, filling the rubber condom with a double load.

But it was Will who took the prize. He switched places with Tyler and replaced the dildo in Curt's ass with a couple of his fingers. It wasn’t long until Will removed his fingers and grabbed Chad's thighs, placing his cock against his loosened asshole, then shoved hard. Chad let out a long, pleasure-filled wail. Soon Chad's red, exhausted cock was back to full stiffness as he swayed back and forth in the harness with Will's vigorous ass fucking. Unlike the others, he was taking his time, wanting to savor the pleasure of using his cock to punish Chad and to bring him back in line as a teammate.

Rick was content where he was, his hands still gripped under Chad's head as he continued to force him to eat his hot ass. "Unh yeah, bitch, eat my ass out, tongue it good," he grunted as he rotated and ground his lower body over Chad's captive tongue. Suddenly he shivered and shut his eyes, and his cock jumped violently. Joey ran up with a beaker and grabbed Rick's cock, milking it aggressively to extract as much as possible. Rick grunted and swore at the double action on his asshole and cock, filling the glass with one of the biggest deposits Joey had ever seen.

A bit later, Tyler was fucking Chad, and Will was fucking Curt again. They happily pumped away, loving the intense ass-pounding that the swinging harnesses permitted each of the fuckers. Their faces were coated in sweat, and their hair was glued to their foreheads. Chad and Curt groaned and panted in their bondage, their newly erect cocks giving the lie to their feeble struggles to resist. Then Will looked over at Tyler.

Since no one was supposed to cum inside asses or mouths without cum-catching condoms, and they were not wearing one just then, Will yelled to Tyler, "Hey man, you wanna cum together?"

"Yeah, sure, let's fuckin' do it!" answered Tyler. They both pulled out of their captives, who shivered and groaned excitedly as the boys' bulbous cockheads stretched past their anal muscles. Tyler and Will now stood facing each other and grasped each other's cocks with freshly lubed hands and began to beat each other off while their other hands stroked the other's heavy balls. They strained and grunted with effort, their muscles rippling in the cold light of the warehouse. Sweat streamed down their contorted, grimacing faces as they ran their sweaty hands rapidly up and down each other's raging hard dicks. A minute passed, and they still strained, increasing their speed as their muscular legs began to tremble with exhaustion.

"Oh, man. I can't hold back any longer!" groaned Tyler. "Feels too good. I gotta shoot!” Will grunted and nodded in agreement. Mr. Stevens quickly called out for Brian to kneel down between them. Mr. Stevens held out two beakers which Brian quickly grabbed and placed directly in front of each dripping, purple cock. Mr. Stevens went and stood behind both straining studs and deftly shoved two fingers up each boy’s ass.

At once, the boys exploded as they bellowed and shook with pleasure. Mr. Stevens and the others watched as each blew a gigantic load of cum into the glass vessels. From where he was kneeling, Brian could see their huge balls jump in their sacs as they pumped the thick cream out in huge quantities. Then, at last, they were done. Mr. Stevens withdrew his fingers, and the two exhausted teammates fell to their knees, panting.

Mr. Stevens returned to his chair, beside which Joey sat on the hard floor. He looked at his watch and poured himself a glass of ice water.

"More," he said flatly. "I still need more." Two boys seized Chad and Curt's cocks and began to milk them. Then gradually, the whole scene started over again in a new pairing configuration. Mr. Stevens drew Joey towards him, and his assistant unzipped the boss's pants and sucked him off as he watched the two delinquents pay back their stolen cum.

On and on it went, most of the energy now going into making Chad and Curt produce several huge loads in 90 minutes. Of course, the third load was not much, and the fourth was almost a dry climax. By the end of the punishment session, their tender balls were purple, and they were squirming with discomfort, and Mr. Stevens took pity on them.

Mr. Stevens then had them unstrapped from their harnesses slings and let out, and they both knelt beside him on the floor. He rested his hands lovingly on their heads and spoke kindly to them.

"Boys, I don't want you to think badly of me. I want what's mine, and I expect fair play. I also want you to feel respected and be a real part of the team. All is now forgiven." Chad and Curt stood and shook hands with Mr. Stevens, and everyone cheered. The team jogged off in unison to the showers, after which they relaxed to prepare for the five o'clock milking.

Later that evening, at a quarter after five, Mr. Stevens watched the boys give themselves agonizingly slow handjobs that were prolonged with mild erotic shocks. He tapped away at a calculator to figure out what he'd made. Not every one of the five boys produced two loads each - together, they’d climaxed only seven times. The two being punished ended up producing a total of 11 loads. It was less than the target amount, but it did give Mr. Stevens 22 ounces, so he was satisfied. After all, that totaled $22,000 for 90 minutes of … ah ... punishment.

By week seven, all of these straight guys, without exception, looked forward to having sex with each other. The experience very well might be likened to straight men in prison. Most people seek intimate contact, and when there are no women in a men’s prison, some have sex with each other. Studies show that when they are released and returned to normal society with available women. They easily revert, back to total heterosexual, with no adjustment period needed.

But there are exceptions in cases where the men in prison had hidden or suppressed gay tendencies. In those cases, some continued their newfound and newly accepted lifestyle even in regular society. Intimate, male-to-male contact in prison just revealed to them that they had a choice.

On the last day of the eighth week, all the boys took their morning showers, had breakfast, and finally returned their clothes to them, the same clothes they had worn when they had arrived eight weeks prior. Bus transportation, or in a few cases, air flights, were arranged.

“OK, boys. I want to commend you for a great eight weeks.” Mr. Stevens told them, “You all kept to your signed agreements, with some minor corrections needed. But, in the end, you all did well, and I am proud of all of you.” The boys, looking refreshed and properly dressed, applauded. “Here are your pay envelopes.” He called out each boy’s name and handed him an envelope.

They each received a lump sum of $16,000. They were glad for the money but mostly glad that their eight weeks’ stay at the cum farm was over, but there were mixed feelings. They were invited to return after three months, and several of the boys expressed an interest in doing so, but after more careful consideration, would they really?

“Just wait here for your transportation. Which will arrive during the next few hours.” Mr. Stevens continued. “Joey and I wish you all well.” And with that, the bosses left the room. When the boys saw their transportation arriving, Curt saw Chad go to the restroom and followed him. Each had their own backpack, the one they had arrived with. They were alone. “Chad, I … I … want … I want to…”

“What? What do you want?” Chad said with an unexpected coldness in his voice.

“Pa … pa … please? Chad? I have nowhere to … ah ... I don’t have anyone back in …” Curt started crying.

Chad was listening to what Curt was trying to tell him, but Chad was not moved by Curt’s behavior. He stood tall and confident as he looked at the slouching boy without making a move to reach out and comfort him.

“Go ahead. Let it out. I’ll be leaving soon, so this is your last chance to say what’s on your mind,” Chad said, still unemotional.

Curt never looked him in the eyes. He stepped closer, grabbed Chad at the waist, and slid down as he crumpled onto the tile floor, his hands firmly wrapped around one of Chad’s legs. His face was red, tears ran down his cheeks, and snot dripped from his nose. He held onto Chad as he wept. He desperately clutched Chad’s leg like a near-drowning boy holding onto a large tree branch in a rushing river to keep himself from being pulled away by the current. Still, Chad never touched the boy or offered any words of compassion.

“Go on,” he said.

“Chad,” the boy said as he found his voice again and wiped his wet face, “Chad, I need you. I have never felt so wanted and loved as I have by you every time you took control of me.”

“But the other guys were also working you over during our punishment.”

“Yes, but you were different. They were following orders. You were being you, your natural you.” Curt said with much emotion.

“So, what do you want?”

“I’ve never … I’ve never … had anyone who’s paid any attention to me.” Curt was hesitant to spell it out. He wasn’t that bold of a person. “Please, Chad, please, can we … ah … connect?” Curt finally said. “Can I go with you?”

Chad knew where this was going, but he wanted a full capitulation from the kneeling boy who refused to let go of his leg. Chad had never engaged in any kind of gay sex other than during these past weeks on this cum farm, but he always had been a natural Dom to submissive women. He wasn’t abusive. It was always a complementary understanding. Sub-women wanted to be his sub, and they wanted to be dominated by him, so it wasn’t much of a leap to feel and to be dominant with a sub-male. If such a relationship was ever going to happen between them, he wanted Curt to express his desires fully and specifically.

“You’re beating around the bush. Spit it out. I’m leaving in a few minutes.” For Curt, it was now or never. “I want to serve you, to be your cunt slut.” Curt covered his mouth with his hand in complete embarrassment and began to tear up again. “I liked how you treated me. It’s as if you really care about me.”


“I want to please you by doing whatever you want; to suck your dick, to be your fuck cunt, to be your tied-up whore for your use, or to be your punching bag, if it amuses you. I want to live with you, obey your rules, and be your maid, cook, butler, and chauffeur. I was so overwhelmed when you took charge of me here.”

Curt finally let go of Chad’s leg, then leaned over and kissed Chad’s sandal-covered foot. He boldly licked the clean-smelling flesh between the leather straps, praying that Chad wouldn’t disappear. He’d die if Chad left after he’d just poured his guts out.

Chad, still silent, bent over and reached down to pet Curt’s hair. Curt let out sobs as he trembled and shook. He wasn’t reacting negatively but rather with an emotional release of all his pent-up worry and fear of being left alone. He hugged Chad’s leg again.

“So, you think you can obey me? Strip.”

Curt suddenly thought about what would happen if someone came into the restroom. That they might be caught. Maybe they should go somewhere else? But then he realized that it wasn’t his decision. He wasn’t being asked for his opinion on whether or not it was a good idea to strip in this restroom. No, he was simply told to strip. Curt put his backpack on the floor, pulled his shirt over his head, and quickly unbuckled his pants. He wanted to hurry so that whatever was going to happen would happen quickly so that he could get dressed again and they wouldn’t miss their transportation out of there. Off came his shoes and socks, which allowed his Levi’s to side off his feet. Now, clad only in white briefs, he wondered for a moment if Chad intended for him to stop at that or to be completely naked. But, almost without skipping a beat, he dropped his Jockey underwear too. And there he stood, naked, with his clothes carelessly piled on the floor.

Curt stood there, waiting for whatever would come next. Chad couldn’t help smiling at Curt’s being all boned up, and it was a beautiful dick. Curt was worried that someone might come in and see him naked, which might be a common enough scene in a restroom, but he had a big, stiff dick. How could that be explained?

The door opened and closed. “Hey, Chad,” Joey said as he walked in with a large envelope. “So, you got the file on Curt?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

“I wanted to give you everything. I know I gave you copies of his application and interview forms yesterday, but I also found a few more letters. I don’t know if they are of any value to you, but here’s the rest of it. So now you have everything, medical, psychological profile, all his answers to the interview questions, his financial stuff, the application, all of it - just as we discussed yesterday.” Joey said cheerfully. He seemed excited about something.

Curt was standing there, totally naked and with a big boner, yet Joey never addressed him or even gave him a nod of acknowledgment. He panicked when he heard that his confidential application and interview form had been given to Chad. Curt suddenly recalled all the private and intimate details he had written in his application and all the embarrassing things he had said in his interview. He had been told to hold nothing back, so he exposed himself in detail by describing all his fantasies and humiliating thoughts. He had even turned over his finances, showing that he had nothing and not much of a future in his small hometown of Altus, OK, population 23K.

Curt wanted to rush over and hug Chad, kiss him, squeeze him, rub his athletic body all over, and get lost in their embrace. But he sensed he needed to wait for Chad to direct him. Plus, with Joey there, he didn’t know what was going on. Chad smiled more broadly. He obviously liked what he was seeing. That was a good sign and a comfort to Curt, but still, he didn’t move.

“Don’t speak.” That was a surprising thing to say to Curt, and he had so many questions. I mean, he had an urgent need to ask questions! Like, when would he be able to dress? Could he get the extra shorts and a shirt out of his backpack now? When would his or their transportation arrive? Why was Joey there? Why did Chad have all his paperwork concerning his acceptance to the cum farm program? What did Chad have in mind? But, again, he stayed silent as he correctly thought he should. He stood at attention, feet shoulder-width apart, with his hands clasped behind his back, just as he had been instructed to do during one of their off-the-record domination scenes a week before.

Right in front of Joey, Chad stepped up close to Curt and touched his right nipple, lightly scratching it with his fingernail. Curt’s knees started to give way as he moaned, and his body shook. It was a quick taste of heaven. That one nipple tickle made his body tremble. Curt desperately wanted to embrace Chad, thank him, and show his love and appreciation, but he thought better than to move or act alone. So, he just stood still as he had learned to do.

“So, we’ll meet at your place in Austin on Tuesday?” Chad nodded.

“That will give you a little time alone for his orientation. Great! I can’t wait!” Joey said and turned to leave.

“Oh, Joey, get rid of all this stuff, won’t you?” Chad said, pointing to Curt’s backpack and clothes on the floor as he teased and pinched Curt’s nipple.

“WAIT! ALL MY STUFF IS IN TH …” Curt frantically spoke up, but quickly stopped.

“I thought I told you not to speak?” Chad asked in a calm voice. He knew he had a lot of power over Curt, and when you have all the power, there is no need to yell. Then he said, “When your opinion is important, I’ll … Well … it’s never going to be important.” After a pause, he said, “But you will have a chance to express yourself later.”

When Curt heard that. When he actually felt that power from Chad. His dick started to twitch and bob. He let out a moan. There was something fundamental, very inner-soul about Curt’s need to surrender. There he was, standing naked, all boned up. Joey came in and didn’t even greet him, acting as if he were nothing. He watched all his possessions being picked up and discarded in the trash - he had nothing. Yet while Chad was teasing both his nipples, Curt only wanted to remove his clasped hands from behind his back and hug and squeeze Chad to death. He wanted him so much! He had no clue what was happening or what would happen in the days and weeks ahead, and that was very, very scary for Curt. And yet the fear was a tremendous turn-on.

Joey didn’t even pause in his task of gathering up the clothes. “Sure thing, Chad,” Joey said, taking the backpack and all its contents to the trash can out back.

When he reached the door, he turned. “Oh, your transportation is here.” Chad nodded. He removed his finger from Curt’s nipple and went to the door. “Come.”

“WHAT THE FUCK?” Curt screamed in his mind. He was naked and boned up and dripping, and … and … he was supposed to just walk outside? LIKE THAT? And to go where back home or to wherever Chad had decided? This was it! This was the big moment. He had to decide whether or not to go back to Oklahoma or to do something very, very different. He’d be putting himself at great risk for the present and the future, perhaps even in danger, and apparently, he wouldn’t be given any information to make a wise decision. That really freaked him out, yet he followed Chad outside.

The cum farm was in the middle of Nowhere, Texas. Chad lived in Austin, about a two-hour drive from there. A few ranch hands working nearby looked up and stared as the naked boy walked outside. All the cum teammates had already left. With his backpack, Chad approached the van, opened the door, climbed in, and slammed the door closed. Curt, as vulnerable as he had ever been, just stood there in the desert sun outside the van, in front of the passenger door. He saw Chad and the driver talking. It seemed like a very animated discussion. Curt wondered if Chad would leave him, a thought that scared him, and he started to cry. Chad noticed but was in no hurry to comfort the boy in any way.

Finally, he opened the door. “This is the moment where you may express your desire. You get to make a final decision.”

Without much hesitation, Curt made his decision. He had actually decided when he first met Chad in the restroom. He said, “Yes, Sir,” and entered the van.

This van had a spacious floor area, so he sat where Chad pointed on the floor. But this time, since Chad was wearing shorts and his muscular legs were exposed. Curt couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Curt began rubbing his master’s legs. Then he removed his sandals to worship his Master’s bare feet. Chad allowed it all to happen. He was as happy and content as Curt.

“Let’s go,” Chad said to the driver, and off they went.

As for the others, Andy, Brian, Will, Rick, and Tyler never mentioned how they had spent their summer with their family. Each came up with a creative explanation for their two-month absence. Oddly, as weird as it was for straight guys to have sex with other guys, each in their own way was proud of what he had done and sometimes talked about it with close friends. They had behaved more like teenagers who were often open to out-of-the-box experiences. The five boys, all from different cities and towns, had no interest in maintaining contact with each other. For them, this had been an interesting adventure. They enjoyed having the money, if not the experience, and that was that. And from that point on, they resumed their old lives.

As for Mr. Stevens, well, he assembled a new batch of young athletic boys after taking a full month off. His schedule was two months at the cum farm and one month off. Mr. Stevens decided not to pursue the purchase of a winter home in Belize but rather to focus on re-investing his profits into his already lucrative business. He and Joey continued to work well together.

Three days later, Joey met with Chad and Curt at Chad’s place in Austin, where he and Chad made plans to train Curt. Joey only stayed with them for a few days and then headed back home and, one month later, went back to the cum farm to work with the next set of cum-producing boys.

About 8 months later, Joey, who hadn’t kept in touch with anyone in the group, received a letter from Chad. Well, it wasn’t a letter - it was just an envelope containing a photo. In the picture, Curt was on his knees and wearing a slave collar and tit clamps and nothing else; from the background, it was obvious that they were in a public park. Chad was fully clothed, but he had his erect dick out, which Curt was sucking on. On the back of the photo was written, “We are doing great. Thank you for helping us connect,” signed Master Chad.

The End