341 delivery man

The Delivery Man
Part 1 of 3

Adam had put some time into his body, and at 24, there was no denying how much it had paid off. He was tall and muscular, with tanned skin, dark features, and a well-sculpted body. He worked out very regularly and held down a good job that afforded him his own apartment in the city.

Until now, his life was pretty typical for a guy in his mid-twenties. He was constantly horny, working hard and trying to keep his body in shape while still finding time to party with his friends. His lease was ending soon, and he was considering moving in with some buddies to start saving up some money. However, this Saturday night, that didn’t matter. He had no plans except to sit around and jerk his 7” cock until he had covered himself in his own cum.

Adam was constantly horny, but hanging out with friends, working out, and staying late at work had begun to keep him from his regular jerk-off-breaks. It had actually been two weeks since he had shot a load. It was ludicrous to even think about it. So he decided he’d take it easy this weekend, maybe play some ball with the guys tomorrow, but nothing was planned.
Adam was in the middle of jerking his now rock-hard cock to a hot video of two guys fucking a girl hard. It was clearly a bi-video as the guys started by getting their cocks rock hard by blowing each other. Adam didn’t mind. His focus was on the big-breasted girl. The doorbell rang just as the two video studs began spit-roasting the girl.

“FUCK!” Adam yelled out loud, “Who the fuck is here?”

Adam threw on just enough clothes to answer the door. All his clothes were tight-fitting. That’s just the way he dressed to show off his nicely toned body. So he went to the door in snug-fitting boxers and a tee. His boner was visibly showing, but he would just hide his torso behind the door if he had to open it. He sluggishly walked over to the door, peeked out the security hole, and called out, “Who is it?”

Adam lived in a large sprawling apartment complex where each front door was to an outside approach-way instead of an interior hallway. It was a bit upscale, so he was paying about $300 more in rent than most places this size; hence, he needed to get a place with his buddies.

The figure outside who yelled out, “delivery,” was some UPS guy dressed in a dark brown uniform with a matching cap covering his shaggy hair and obscuring his face. He was holding a small box.

Adam sighed, undid the lock, and opened the door. He hid his boner behind the door and leaned outside, trying not to make it seem awkward.

“Hey, what’s up, man?” Adam asked a little nervously.

“Package for you here, sir,” The UPS driver replied.

“Oh,” Adam said with a tone of surprise, as he wasn’t expecting anything. Not wanting to step from behind the door that was shielding his near nakedness, he said, “Uh ... sure, just set it down inside, thanks.”

“You have to sign for it, kid.” The delivery guy shot back.

Kid? Adam thought to himself. This guy was probably mid-thirties. He didn’t have any right calling him a kid. In his pissed-off state, Adam’s boner shrank a bit, so he felt confident it wasn’t obvious. On a general basis, Adam was proud of his body and liked to flaunt it on the beach, in a park, or at the gym. He opened the door, revealing what he was wearing to the delivery guy.

“You got a pen, bro?” Adam said in an effort to characterize him as his equal.

“Yes, I carry one with me... in my pants,” the delivery guy replied condescendingly before handing him his company pen.

Adam took the pen, scribbled a signature on some stupid form, accepted the package then shut the door hurriedly. He locked it so no one else would be coming in. He was busy. He had jacking off to do. However, since he wasn’t expecting a package, his curiosity got the better of him, and he decided to open it first.

He tore open the tape and forced his hands into the package a bit before pulling them out, his way of ripping the box open. Adam didn’t exactly have time to see what was actually in the box. As he ripped it open, a puff of white smoke flew out into his face. The young man used his well-honed reflexes to quickly turn his head away and cover his eyes.

“What the fuck!?” he yelled out as the smoke blinded him.

He couldn’t see. Everything around him was a watery blur. What was worse was the gas had made him extremely dizzy. He fell to the floor. He was still conscious but acting like he was completely wasted. He crawled to find his cell phone in the front room for help. He reached for it and found he had no signal.

“Fuuuuck..” Adam looked helplessly through his blurry eyes.

He threw the phone on the floor and began to crawl to his room. As he passed the front door, he heard something strange. Like the scratching of a key into his door lock. Suddenly his deadbolt unlocked from the other side. The scratching then moved down to the lock on the doorknob. Someone was breaking into his house.

The adrenaline rush helped Adam focus a bit. He was still out of it, but he felt like he could get to his room to hide. He crawled back over to his phone as fast as he could, picked it up, and started crawling with all of his strength toward his bedroom. He made it to the hallway when he heard the front door open. He let out a very weak, “Oh fuck.”

Footsteps started heading in his direction. Heavy booted footsteps. Adam figured he’d try to lock himself in his room and buy some time, so he kept going. He had just about made it when two strong hands grabbed his bare ankles to pull him back to the living room. Adam’s fingers tried digging into the wood floors, but he slid helplessly as the intruder drug him back.

The sudden dragging force made his dizziness return, and Adam was helpless to stop the intruder. He held Adam’s face into the floor with one hand and, with the other, pulled down his briefs and plunged a needle into the ass cheek. The effect was instantaneous. Adam could not move a muscle. He opened his mouth to speak, and it felt like it was filled with cotton. The man used his burly arms to flip Adam over onto his back. For the first time, Adam saw it was the UPS delivery guy. He did not look so serious this time. He had a huge, arrogant smile across his face.

“Yeah, you little fuck. Bet you weren’t expecting THAT surprise package in the mail, were you?” the delivery guy said in his smirky voice.

“There’s a whole bunch of other things coming up I bet you aren’t expecting either.” The man continued, “Don’t worry; I’ll get you sorted out. How do you like my little concoction? All that weightlifting, and now you can’t even lift your arms when you need to the most.”

Adam was summoning up everything bit of strength he had to get his arms to move. Nothing happened. It was so unbelievably frustrating. He couldn’t even feel his toes. What the fuck had the guy given him?

“Don’t worry, it’s not permanent, you little slut,” the man said. “It’ll stay in effect just long enough for me to properly prepare you for shipping.”

Still lying on his back, Adam looked up in fear as the man pulled out several full rolls of packaging tape from the same box with the surprise gas. Then he picked Adam’s sexy, naked feet and bent his knees so his feet were flat on the floor. He brought the kid’s knees were brought up in a peak. He scooted the kid’s feet back so his heels touched his ass cheeks. Then he tape-wrapped those bent knees to stay in the position tightly against his ass cheeks.

Then, like a doll boy, the driver pulled him into a kneeling position, his arms sleepily hung down from his shoulders. Now he picked up one hand and wrapped it up like an oven mitt, so it would be useless when the temporarily paralyzing drug wore off. He did the same, on the other hand. He let go of that hand, and both arms swung down to the floor. “Perfect,” the driver thought. Taking up the roll of tape, he placed the kid’s right hand against his right ankle and taped those two body parts together. Then he did the other side, securing the kid’s left hand to his left ankle. “Voila!” Even though the kid’s upper torso was not wrapped yet, seeing the boy in this position reminded the driver of some image of an Egyptian dog mummy.

Adam just knelt there, unable to push himself over or even to wiggle. In fact, Adam was mostly silent because he could not move his thick, dry tongue to form any words except to mumble. That would soon change. The drug would begin to wear off in another 30 minutes, so the driver had to work fast. The only thing Adam could do was look at the UPS driver with pleading eyes. A look the delivery man has seen before, ignored, or … maybe sadistically relished.

Next, the driver went out the door and wheeled in a large handcart with many packing materials on it. All taped up, Adam could only nervously watch as the man started organizing the materials on the floor before him. He felt tingling return to his toes and fingers, but it was too late. The man had taped him up securely. He wasn’t going anywhere … on his own. After all, Adam watched the process of his captivity in intricate and methodical steps. He knew his captor was not a novice.

That Egyptian dog mummy image was about to be more fully realized. The driver began wrapping Adams’ upper body next. He took a fresh roll of tape and began wrapping his upper body. He needed Adam to be more compact in size and shape. First, he applied pressure to the kid’s shoulders to push them down. Hence, his chest was close to his thighs, not too tight, because he did not want to interfere with Adam’s ability to move his diaphragm to breathe. The boy’s body was now shaped like a squished letter “Z.” His horizontal lower legs formed the bottom of the “Z,” and his now horizontal back formed the upper part of the letter. This was the ideal compacted shape the driver needed him to be in to fit Adam neatly into the shipping carton for removal. The driver began wrapping the tape around his shoulders down to the boy’s lower legs and the other side back to his shoulders. Around and around the tape went. Yes, just like a squished “Z.” The boy’s head stuck out at one end, and his feet stuck out at the other. Adam was now ready to be packed up for shipping.

His terrified expression made the delivery man smile as he got up and returned to his tool case to retrieve something. “Told you, you ain’t going anywhere except where I want you to go,” the man laughed.

Adam tried to talk; he could still only form unintelligible sounds. He figured it was better than nothing and began to mumble and grunt as loud as he could, hoping someone would hear him.

"Meeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh!" He yelled or tried to.

The delivery man was prepared. He quickly took a wadded-up cloth and shoved it deep into his mouth, almost to the point where it was choking Adam. Next, he wrapped the tape, about seven layers of it, around Adam’s head to keep the gag in place. Then the delivery guy sat right next to Adam.

“Woo... that was fun, man,” he grinned, “you put up a good fight.” Adam stared at the man and mumbled pathetically into his gag. “Naaah, you ain’t going anywhere. Not until I say. Do you know what’s happening?” The Delivery man continued on as if Adam was a willing participant in a friendly chit-chat.

“Part of me wants to tell you, but I just like the final reveal and the shock of the boys when they finally understand. It’s so fucking hot,” the man said in a sadistic tone.

Adam turned his head to look into the man’s eyes. The boy thought the delivery man was actually a pretty handsome dude. He had dark brown shaggy hair, blue eyes, and a clean-shaven face. He was smiling evilly at Adam, but other than that, he was definitely handsome. Adam just stared back and pleaded at him with his eyes.

“I’ll tell you this,” he said after a long uncomfortable silence, “I always leave you boys with the same personal gift. You see, it takes a while to set this up, and I have a life to live. So while I’m finding out about a new friend, I keep in shape by working out for two hours every day. What you are currently chewing on is the fruit of that labor. My sweaty, musky, four-week-worn, dirty, stinky-sweat-smelly, piss-strained, shit-streaked, workout underwear.”

Adam’s eyes bugged out as he tried to use his tongue to expel the now-revealed gag. He’d thought it had tasted terrible, but he didn’t expect to be licking piss and shit! His attempts to dislodge the gag were hopeless, of course, and he even knew that before making the effort. All it did was allow him to taste more of it, which for some stupid reason, made his dick twitch.

“OK, bud, time to get on the road. I got a schedule to keep.” The man sighed as he got up and laid out a huge unassembled, heavy-duty shipping carton on the floor.

He partially assembled the box so only the top was open. He then had one wonderful chore left to do. It was like eating an after-dinner candy to top off a fabulous meal. He picked up scissors and snipped off Adam’s one remaining garment, his boxers. Adam felt the now rag being pulled off him. He tried to protest with mumbles and wiggling, but neither actually happened. The cloth was easy to remove since the driver avoided placing tape over the underwear material. Now Adam was totally naked and ready for shipping. He picked up the naked, taped-up bundled captive and set him carefully inside the box, on his butt and feet. He stood back and proudly surveyed his work, including all the careful planning it took to get the 24-year-old “kid” to this point. A perfect fit. Adam‘s head was now staring at the driver from inside the box. “OK, kiddo, let’s seal you up.” With that farewell, the driver gently pressed Adam’s head to bend it down so his chin was against his upper chest and closed the box. The UPS driver finished the packing job by sealing the box with a massive amount of sealing tape to keep it closed and enhance the strength of the already heavy-duty shipping carton. He did not want Adam to use his head to push the top of the box up and open.

To emphasize what he thought of Adam, he picked up a large peel-and-stick sticker that said “Fragile Cargo” and adhered it to the box top. The box already had the words “This End Up” in large black letters printed on it. The UPS driver then placed the large shipping carton on his hand truck and wheeled it out the front door. The driver closed the door behind him, making sure it was locked. Before leaving the porch, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a little black plastic box. He turned that cell phone jammer off. He didn’t think Adam could get to his phone once he was gassed, but he wanted to ensure that it would be useless if he did.

Adam was fighting against the tape that securely “bundled” him inside the heavy-duty shipping carton. Now that the drug had mostly worn off, he used his renewed might to struggle to extricate himself. But even at full strength, the tape held him in place. He couldn’t even expel the dirty, smelly underwear gag. Adam was unable to make appreciable noise from inside the box.

The Delivery Man
Part 2 of 3

The delivery man began to whistle as he walked with a lot of bounce in his steps, as he pushed the hand truck through the apartment complex and out to the street. Turning left, he continued down the sidewalk a full block passing a park where kids were playing and headed towards his large, clearly-marked United Parcel Service truck parked there. Was this an actual UPS driver? Or was he someone who borrowed the uniform, equipment, and truck from a friend who worked for that company? Did he tell his friend, “Hey buddy, can I borrow your truck for a few hours? I need to help a handicapped guy I know move some furniture.” Then maybe the actual UPS friend told him, “OK, but you better wear my uniform too, or it will look suspicious to see a guy in street clothes messing with a UPS truck. But yeah, borrow everything.” Who knew?

As the driver approached “his truck,” he wheeled the cart into the street and set it against the curb. Then he unlocked the large cargo door, slid it up in one strong thrust, and pulled out some steel ramps on rollers to serve as a ramp. Now he could easily pull the hand truck up the ramp and into the truck bed, taking the hidden naked captive inside the otherwise empty cargo area.

He left the box on the cart but secured the box and cart together with wide canvas straps, crisscrossing in all directions and tying them off to the sidewall and floor. The strapping pattern was such that Adam wouldn’t shift around during the trip. The driver smiled to himself as he heard soft moans coming from inside the box and visualized, like Superman with X-ray vision, that Adam was releasing a content stream of pre-cum and making quite a complete fucking mess of it, too.

Once the box was secured, the delivery man headed toward the rear door, hopped onto the pavement, and slid the two ramps back into place. Before pulling down the large panel door, he yelled out to the kid in the box, it’s a couple-hour trip, bro,” the man mocked, “Hope you’re plenty comfortable. Holler if you need anything.

The driver laughed to himself as he slammed the door shut, locked it, and headed for the truck cab. Right as he turned toward it, though, a shirtless eighteen-year-old boy just about ran into him while jogging hard. “Whoa, sorry!” the kid said as he about fell over.

The kid stopped for a second, panting. It was long enough for the delivery guy to check the lad out. He had a well-toned, lean runner’s build, a boyish young face (not even a hint of facial hair), light brown hair matted down from sweat, and light grey-green eyes. All he was wearing was running shorts.

“So what ya hauling,” the kid asked as he was catching his breath.

“A dangerous circus animal,” the man deadpanned, “I had to stop here to let him out to graze.

The boy sat confused for a while before laughing, “Ha ha, right. Come on, tell me.”

“OK, boy, OK, it’s a monster that kidnaps children for sport.” The UPS driver told him, trying to act seriously.

“Stop teasing me. Just tell me. Really, what are you hauling in there?”

“OK, OK. You win. You see, I’m not really a UPS driver. I’m just a horny sadistic dude. I borrowed this uniform and this truck from a buddy so I can go around and kidnap handsome young men, strip them naked, tie them up, crate them up, then haul them across the country where they are …”

The boy interrupted the driver, “OK, don’t tell me. I was just making idle conversation. Well, my buddies are waving me down, so I better go.”

“Cool, man, have a good one.” Then the delivery guy turned and saw a sight he couldn’t believe, two shirtless twins with red wavy hair, decent tans, and freckle faces.

The man watched as the boy joined his friends to run along the jogging path with his buddies. They were a couple of years younger than Adam but just as buffed and obviously local guys. But they would have to be a project for another day. A project like Adam's took a couple of month’s research to determine his suitability and at least that long to plan the snatch. Then there’s the logistics that have to be worked out. Remember the advertisement,” UPS know logistics?” That was critically important. So the shirtless teen joggers, one or more, would just have to wait. But he made a few written notes about the guys, their bodies, and the surrounding area. He would be back if his research showed they were “doable.”

The driver fired up his truck and drove to his destination. He spent two and a half hours on the highway to get to the industrial complex several cities away, where he had a rented warehouse. After unlocking the huge door, he pulled into his space, drove inside, and parked. The first thing he did was to re-lock the warehouse door to secure his privacy. Then the driver unlocked the rear doors of his UPS truck and pushed it up. He hopped in. The box mumbled and moved a little. That was great but expected news. The kid was as good as any of his past packaged cargo. Then he noticed that much of the carton’s bottom was wet, and the van reeked of piss. That was also fine. The wetness was not going to make the container weaker. It was too sturdy. It would continue to hold him just fine.

The huge, open, 3,000-foot warehouse space was pretty much empty. It had brand new lights illuminating from high above; the plain concrete floor was clean, as the delivery guy took pride in a tidy and clean workspace. He parked the UPS truck on the opposite side of the area, where he had his desk, a couple of chairs, and a computer with an oversized monitor. One of the chairs was a special sturdy, wooden high, back chair with a sturdy mounted large 9-inch black dildo in the center of the seat. Other than those few items, the place was empty.

The man stared at the large box containing his most precious cargo. The boy was still taped up inside the secured box, moaning and groaning, struggling. The delivery guy sighed pleasantly and started to retrieve his cargo. He unstrapped the box still on the hand truck and rolled him down the ramp into his little “office area.” Then he used a box cutter to open up the box, where he found Adam cursing into his sweaty gag. “Have a nice trip, bitch?” the man asked.

Adam tried to look up, but he couldn’t. He was pissed and tried to yell through his gag. The quite muscular man reached in and lifted him out of the box to set him gently on the cold concrete. Adam was still struggling, but as he looked around, he thought for sure the dude had brought him here to kill him. He was in some weird, empty warehouse which, he figured, could serve no other purpose. No one was around, and he was immobilized. It wasn’t until he glanced at the dildo chair that Adam was filled with a new fear. Was this dude going to rape him first?

“Oh, that?” the man asked, smiling as he noticed Adam looking at the obscene wooden chair, “that’s going to be like … kind of a test for you, boy.”

The man dragged Adam closer to that chair, leaving him to ponder its use. Then the driver went to the cab of his truck and fetched a big black gym bag, and strolled back to his boy mummy. Unceremoniously, he spilled the bag’s contents into a pile onto the floor, directly in front of the kneeling Adam. The boy’s eyes bugged out in horror. It was a pile of leather, metal, rubber, and plastic sex toys. He recognized handcuffs, leg cuffs, gags, hoods, coils of rope, and a whole host of other stuff that Adam had only seen in rare porno videos. Kink was not his thing. He was into fucking girls and eating cunt. That was it. The delivery guy poked through the pile of gear and held up a variety of butt plugs, several types of nipple clamps, and some items Adam never saw before.

“Freaked out yet?” the man asked, laughing. Adam nodded in fear. He was frantically mouthing something unintelligible. “Well … I’m guessing from your mumbled anger and draining sweat that you want to leave. Which …. is cool with me. This place isn’t for everyone,” the guy said in a calm, believable tone. Adam nodded his head quickly, still restricted from talking due to the tape-in filthy underwear gag.

“Alrighty. No problem. But since I dragged you all the way out here against your will, you’d probably want to seek some kind of legal retribution against me.” Adam fervently shook his head no. “Of course not,” the driver joked. “Let’s say we make a deal. If you can sit on that dildo in ten minutes, and I mean sit so it goes all the way up your ass, that will show me just how serious you want to leave. Then I’ll let you leave here today. No one at your home must ever know this happened. Neither one of us will mention it … EVER.” The delivery guy promised.

Adam was flush with nervousness. The deal didn’t sound too bad compared to what he thought this guy would do. Getting fucked by a dildo will be painful, but he could do that to earn his freedom and end this nightmare. He had tried a dildo a few times years ago, as we all experiment, but it was much smaller, and he found it hurt, so that was the end of that. What made it not sound too bad was that he knew other people enjoyed it, making him think it was a survivable experience. He would gently and slowly work it up his ass and then be out of there.

Adam would still report the driver anyway. No, Sir, he would not let some rogue UPS guy get away with drugging and kidnapping him. He’d go straight to the police. He would not even wait until he found him sway him. He’d go to the police station that was here, in whatever town he was in. In order to fulfill that threat, he’d do whatever it took to get out of here, including promising this guy anything, including fucking himself. Finally, the boy nodded his head in agreement.

“Great! Then we are all set. The man smiled as he began cutting off and peeling away all the tape on Adam’s body. Once he had him out of his cocoon, he undid the bands from around his legs, knees, and thighs. Adam was almost entirely free. He was still gagged, but he was still contemplating how to make a run for it. He thought he’d push the big guy over and make a beeline for the door, where the latch was. Yes, he’d do just that.

“Safety precaution,” the delivery guy announced as he quickly produced a smelly rag and held it over Adam’s face. The smell crept up Adam’s nose, and suddenly, he was very woozy. The man didn’t need to hold the chloroform on his face long. He just wanted Adam incapacitated long enough to get him set up in the locking leather binders that would hold his wrists tightly behind his back and attached to a locked dog collar that would soon be secured around his lovely neck.

The man waited a bit for Adam to get his strength back. Then, with the symbol of everything controlling, he secured the dog color around Adam’s neck and locked it.

When Adam came too fully, he tested the leather bindings tightly, holding his arms behind him. He thought he had a deal. Wasn’t he just going to dildo-fuck himself and then be released? Why were his hands bound, and why was he wearing a dog collar? “Damn, you look like one hot stud son of a bitch, boy,” the man said, “I bet you love cumming.”

The man teased and played with Adam’s dick expertly, causing Adam to roll his eyes in the back of his head in sheer pleasure. He started moaning into the smelly jock gag. He was ready to climax.

“Awww, but you want to get moving, though,” the man said as he released his now stiff cock and started undoing the tape gag. Adam yelped and spit the sweaty gag out on the concrete floor when the last layer of tape painfully ripped off his face. Finally, he could speak to his captor.

“Listen, man, I won’t tell anyone. I understand people got their fetishes,” Adam explained, “I actually respect that. You just got the wrong guy. I’ll keep my mouth shut. No one has to know. No one will know. I promise. Just let me go, and we can move on.”

“Oh, that’s not really appropriate, Adam. I’m the guy that’s running this show,” the man replied. “Remember, boy, we have a deal. And, for now, call me Sir. That seems better to me. Cause, let’s face it, I kind of got you by be balls.”

Adam was on the floor, totally naked except for the leather binding that secured his arms behind him These were no pair of simple cuffs. He was secured in long, leather gloves that secured his hands at the lower back, just above his ass. Each of his hands was inserted a type of glove “pouch,” and the binding was laced up his arms all the way to his elbows. Then the gloves were laced together. This brought the boy’s elbows nearly together and caused his chest to trust out. The delivery guy could have laced them tight to make them painful, even painfully unbearable. Still, he did not tighten them in that way. He wanted the boy’s hands and arms firmly restricted but not done painfully.

Adam tested his new bonds. They were very tight and kept him helpless. The guy was right. “Well... Sir,” Adam continued, “Do I really have to do this for you?”

The man picked up a bottle of lube and squirted a big glob into his hand. He then coated the dildo, which was firmly attached to the seat of the chair to make it nice and slick. Adam didn’t like where this was “going.”

“You want me to lube your ass too? It might make it easier to take.”

Adam was struggling to not say yes. He did not want to go on with the deal if there was any way he could escape this torment. “Sir? Kind Sir? Isn’t there any other way for you to just simply released me?”

The delivery man listened to and enjoyed the pleadings of his victim as he reached over and turned on his computer and monitor. He was busy typing away for a short while. When finished, he held up the squeeze bottle of lube, “This is for your ass if you want it.”

Adam’s head sank. He took a deep breath and tried to find a way out. He was having trouble speaking up.

“You think I don’t care about you, don’t you?” Adam just stared. “First, I already agreed to set you free. I mean, as you just said, I picked the wrong guy for my little erotic prank. Sorry about that. And second, I offered to lube up your asshole to make things the easiest for you. I mean, gosh, do you really want to get your asshole pussy torn up while showing me how sincere and eager you are to be set free?”

The Delivery Man
Part 3 of 3

The man offered while switching on his video cam and getting the recorder adjusted and ready. Adam now saw why he was doing this; blackmail. So the man would know that Adam could not go to the cops. The good news, Adams thought, great news, actually, if the guy was worried about his captive going to the police, it meant he was going to release him. For sure, he was definitely not going to keep him here. This took Adam’s blood pressure and stress down a great deal. He was definitely going to be released, and probably very soon. Now, all he had to do was cooperate.

“Yeah, if you don’t mind... sir,” Adam replied.

“Yeah, what?

“You can put lube on me.”


“Up my ass.”

“You have to be willing to spell it out … in detail, boy.”

“It’s OK to but lube up my ass.”

You, you have been hesitating and unsure about my kind suggestion about the lube. So I want you to beg me, plead with me, be descriptive. You refer to your pussy asshole cunt.”

Adam was in shock. “But …but … I …”

"Boy, if you don’t grabble like a fuck cunt bitch in heat and beg me loud and clear like the faggot, shit-eating fucked up dog, I’m going to force this 12-inch dildo up your bloody ass hole and pound it in and out for an hour. You fucking get me, you pussy piss-drinker slave whore?” Of course, the dido was only 9 inches.

This was the first time the delivery driver actually yelled at him. Adam was now terrified. He nodded and tried to speak.

“I’m waiting, turd face. You better use every degrading, disgusting, self-deprecation name you can call yourself. Or I’ll pick up your body, pound you on that dildo chair, tie you to it, and leave!”

“Oh Sir, kind Sir, Please lube up your cunt bitches ass hole. Oh god, please, I am just a shit-eating, disgusting piss-drinking piece of dog shit who is so appreciative of all your fairness and kindness.” Adam was fighting back tears as he remained kneeling on the floor with his arms bound behind him and wearing “his” dog collar. “Please have mercy on this faggot pussy cunt, sissy. Please lube my disgusting asshole and coat my cunt with the smooth lotion. Please. I promise to do whatever you say.” Then he whispered, “Oh god, please, sir, please don’t hurt me.”

Now, that’s a good bitch.” The man said as he picked up something else from the pile of sex toys on the floor. “First things first, though.” He fished around the gadgets and selected a bright-colored ball with straps on each side. The man fitted the ball gag onto Adam by shoving the ball into the boy’s mouth and then fastening the straps behind his head. Adams became a drooling mess in moments and could not repeat a word. “The movie we’re making is better for me if you’re gagged. Just a fetish of mine,” the man explained.

Adam calmed down and resigned to cooperate without further resistance. He just nodded in agreement. The delivery man then bent him over so he could have free access to Adam’s tight, muscular ass. He re-lubed his hand and gently poked the boy’s ass with the slippery cream. First, he just used one finger, then two, then three. Soon the delivery guy was finger fucking Adam as the boy leaned way over on his side to allow him to grease up his hole and lessen his impending pain. Adam felt weird. He felt his dick tingle and expand as the guy worked his ass a lot more than necessary to lube it.

“All done,” the man announced in a calm voice. Adam was going to cooperate. The last thing he wanted was to be at the receiving end of another tirade from the delivery man.

“OK, now we can get back to our deal. You sit on the dildo for 10 minutes, and I’ll set you free, as promised. He went over to his computer and set a timer for ten minutes. “Alright bitch. You have exactly ten minutes to get your naked ass off the floor and fully onto that dildo seat. GO!” the man yelled out suddenly while he clicked the timer to start.

Adam tried to jump to his feet, but with his arms bound behind him, it was more difficult than he thought it would be. His hands would be of no help. After wasting 30 seconds to stand, he sprinted the few steps over to the chair, all the while making unintelligible grunting sounds from behind the ball gag. A trail of drool followed him as it dripped out of his fully gagged mouth. When Adam reached the wooden chair, he turned around, trying to line up his ass with the tip of the dildo. He squatted his ass over the chair to fill for the tip of the dildo, which was slipping up and down his ass crack and around his tightly clenched ass target. He didn’t realize he was working against himself by keeping his ass hole tightly closed. Adam maneuvered to try and get a better approach to the dildo tip. The delivery man watched on the camera in delight as the 24-year-old stud was forced to give the dildo seat a lap dance.

Without the use of his hands, he had to use the great strength in his legs to half-hold him in a semi-stooped position. He worked the rubber head into his prepped asshole. There wasn’t much pain since it only began to enter him. Realizing that he was now riding a dildo on camera caused him to freeze and face the delivery guy. The chair was placed sideways to the camera so the guy could capture a clear image of the boy fucking himself and how the dido was slowly invading his asshole. Sweat poured down his face, and a slight moan of pleasure escaped his gagged mouth. The dildo was only in him about one-third of the way. The boy’s stronger legs were cramping from the strain of him holding them in a precise position.

The delivery guy smiled, “Six minutes left, you little whore. Maybe you want to stay for an extended period after all.”

That announcement caused Adam to double his efforts. He rocked back and forth on the dildo until seven of the nine inches were deep into his ass by the two-minute warning. An exhausted Adam finally just sat down in the chair as the dildo plunged fully into his ass. This caused Adam’s eyes to grow to bug out and to exhaust a long moan as sloppy droop seeped from both corners of his mouth.

The delivery man stood up, clapped, and walked over to the worn-out boy, who was fully seated and with feet flat on the floor, taking pressure off his ass. The driver then kicked Adam’s bare feet out to the sides, so his full body weight was suddenly trusted onto the dildo since his feet were now unable to take any weight off the seat of the chair. “Well done, boy. Well done!” the man beamed with pride down at Adam, who also felt good about himself for some weird reason, like he did a complicated thing, or was it because he got praise from the delivery guy?

“Alrighty, I’m a man of my word. You are leaving today!” the delivery guy announced. Adam breathed a sigh of relief. He was exhausted and happy and relieved! He had succeeded and pleased his capture. Finally!

But the boy’s jubilation was interrupted when the man stooped down and secured Adam’s ankles to the horizontal leg supports of the chair. Securing his feet to these horizontal rungs kept Adam’s feet a few inches off the floor. This was important in the delivery man’s bondage. If Adam had been secured with his feet flat on the floor, he would have had some sense of support or control, little as it might have been. So this small but significant additional bondage made Adam feel more helpless and out of control. Exactly how the driver wanted him to be and feel.

Even with his feet off the floor, he could still push his legs down to raise his body off the seat and off the dildo. To keep the firmly-lodged dildo up the boy’s asshole, the man secured the back of the boy’s dog collar to the back of the chair’s back structure. Now, and only now, could the boy not raise his body off the dildo. Securing his neck to the back of the chair prevented him from standing to lift his body upward. To be precise, it allowed him to move six or seven inches off the seat of the chair but not fully off the nine-inch dildo. This was all by design. As Adam struggled to lift his body off the dildo, he began to curse his tormentor out through his gag. “MMMMFFGGGGHGH HWWHHFHFGGG!” Adam gargled as drool sprayed everywhere and ran down his muscled chest.

“I said I’d let you go today,” the man explained as he returned to his computer, “but you were the one who signed up to be a sex slave for the highest bidder.”

Adam’s face went pale. He stared at the man in disbelief before struggling tightly in his inescapable bonds. This also caused the dildo to send shockwaves of pleasure to Adam’s dick, making the situation so much more complicated.

“Yeah, that form you signed when I arrived at your apartment, you never read,” the man continued, “It basically says this: ‘the undersigned forfeits all freedoms for an undetermined amount of time to be sold at the earliest convenience of Slave Maker Delivery Service.’ I thought up the name myself.” Adam was mortified that this man, or any man, could or would do this. He didn’t care what he signed. There was no way this was happening.

“Now, do you or do you not watch a significant amount of dick-sucking porn on your computer?” the man asked Adam.

How did he know this? Adam was closeted. He used a separate email account. He never purchased any actual videos. He just browsed the free content on various sites, such as GayTies.com. It was true he enjoyed seeing a dude get face fucked by another stronger, more dominant guy. But still, it was just oral sex, safe oral sex, as he would beat off.

The man clicked a button on the computer. Suddenly, the dildo up the boy’s ass began to vibrate. There was a small motor under the chair seat, which sent Adam into uncontrollable lust. He began struggling against his bindings, not to get free at this particular moment, but so he could work his ass on the dildo and hopefully cum.

What Adam didn’t know was the man wasn’t only recording his erotic antics, he was broadcasting on a closed network to dozens of potential buyers across the country. His selected viewers were men who were researched and approved solely by him. This UPS delivery guy was a collector of sorts, but he never kept his prizes for long. He unloaded, through a bidding process, to wealthy gay men that wanted their own personal slaves. He chose these slaves by watching young men interact. He knew the type. Those bitches he met today at the park were the type, and Adam was definitely the type to be used. He’d fight, but eventually, he’d be a willing slave and wonder why he ever considered anything else.

The video started broadcasting right when Adam started to mount the dildo. Now as he was nearing orgasm, bidding had already reached $25,000. The man was indeed pleased, but he knew he could earn more. He shut off the dildo and thought to himself how to get more from his slave captive. He walked up to Adam and stripped off his own shirt, revealing an incredibly muscular chest dusted with hair.

Adam drooled at the sight of the well-built delivery guy. Maybe he shouldn’t have stared. For a moment, he forgot about his own cock as the man rubbed a huge bulge in his cargo pants. The outline of a huge hard dick began to form. Adam couldn’t keep his eyes off it.

“Like what you see, boy?” the man asked. Adam just nodded in agreement. What happened to Adam being straight? Who knows? He almost did it robotically, without thinking. He actually wanted this man’s cock even after all he had put him through.

“Gotta earn it first, boy,” the man warned as he attached alligator clamps he had produced from his pocket to Adam’s nipples. The added pain helped subside his need for an orgasm. But the man wasn’t finished; he also attached three clothespins to Adam’s ball sack before heading back over to the computer, where he stripped naked. He backed up slowly toward Adam to flaunt his muscular lower body and hot hairy ass, and as he turned to face Adam, his thick eight-and-a-half-inch cut cock.

“Impressive, isn’t it?” the man asked his cock, hungry prisoner.

“Mmmggm hmmm,” Adam agreed in his gag and nodded.

The man glanced over and saw bidding was up above $30,000. It was time to switch the vibrating dildo back on. Adam’s horniness betrayed him. He was immediately thrown back into a state of uncontrollable lust as he willingly pushed his body up and then let it fall on the dildo. He impaled himself over and over again. Even though his binding allowed him to only raise up seven inches, he did so eagerly. Then he plunged himself down again and again, driving the dildo in and (almost) out of his hole. The clamps and clothespins actually worked to heighten the thrill, something Adam had never tried before. Soon, all he thought of was getting to orgasm as he came closer and closer to it. Before he did, though, the man decided to tempt Adam further.

“Tell you what, you start begging to suck on this dick. I’ll bet you’ll cum even faster,” the man offered while waving his big dick in the air. He unstrapped Adam’s ball gag and let it fall to the floor. Adam gazed at the monster sway from side to side. He’d never sucked a dick before, but he was always curious. And the offer was too tempting to resist. Forgetting his situation, he began to moan and plead to be fed that great dick. The delivery man was happy to oblige and present his dick to Adam’s lips, but he did not stick it in his mouth. No, Adam’s task was to try to capture that huge dick with his tongue.

All this was happening with the camera rolling, and it was positioned all along at a side angle, so it captured Adam’s attempts to willingly suck dick, desperate to suck dick. Adam took in as much as he could without missing a beat. He started to suck him off like he’d wanted to suck off one of his buddies a year ago. He never got much dick to suck, just videos to watch. Of course, he never thought about a dick this big. The huge piece of meat filled his mouth. For a second, Adam remembered the last porn he had watched and pictured himself in place of the girl getting spit-roasted. It was all too much as his orgasm rose out of his balls and exploded out of his dick, covering his chest in thick sticky cum.

“Looks like we got a live one here, gentlemen,” the man said as he took his dick from Adam’s mouth and beat his face with it. Adam tried to catch the dick back into his mouth. It tasted so good, and he wanted to take more of it.

“Please, Sir, can I have your dick again? Please? May I get it to shoot into my mouth?” he begged.

The man turned to the camera, “See? He’s a total slut for big cock. Don’t let this boy go too long without your meat.” It now occurred to Adam that he was being viewed, but once the delivery man fed his cock back into him, he obediently sucked him off and bucked up and down on the stationary dildo as best he could. Soon his cock was hard for the second time, but the man was closer. Without warning, he pulled out of the boy’s mouth and groaned deeply.

“I'm cuummmmminnnngg!" he yelled as he coated Adam's entire face with thick, hot white cum. Spent, the man returned to the monitor. The bid was at $86,000. It stayed there for a moment without increasing, so the man hit a button, and Adam was sold.

Soon after, Adam was again drugged and transported by the delivery man to a wealthy 34-year-old in Hollywood. As soon as that was completed, he started researching his shirtless teen runner at the park. He needed to do some initial research, but he figured they would also fetch a fine price.

The End

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