137 Hypnotized Detailer

137 Hypnotized Detailer
Part 1 of 2

This video, Hypnotized Detailer, is hot beat-off material on its face, but knowing how this young man was put in a trance and told to go out in the front yard and wash a car, bare-ass naked, adds so much to the video. And proves it is all too real!
So, how did this come about? I was watching TV, trying to get up the energy to wash my SUV. Fuck! That’s one task I really hate. I’d rather have a tooth pulled than wash my fucking car. “Ding-dong,” the doorbell interrupted my thoughts. And that’s another thing, why do strangers have to come to my door, always trying to sell me something I did not want. “Ding-dong.” I calmed down. “Oh fuck, Ok,” I said to myself as I decided to get up and answer it. “Ding-dong.”

I looked out the peephole and saw one of the guys on my porch. I also saw a little black car parked at the curb, which must be his. I opened the door to his greeting. “Hello, Sir,” one of two young men said just as I opened the door. “We want to spread the word of God to you. Can we talk to you?” Two bright-eyed, blonde cuties flashed Jehovah's Witness smiles at me. One held out a Watch Tower magazine. Both had nice suits on. I just looked at the cover without saying much, but wanting them to think I was interested. I was, but not in their church.

These were certainly a couple of very handsome young men on my front porch. They certainly piqued my … ah … my … interest. I tried to get my … ah … “interest” to not show so much of a budge. They did excite me. They both looked like fresh-scrubbed, light-complexioned, blonde, innocent, sexy college guys. Their company would be nice. But, actually, 3 is a crowd. I just wanted to visit with one of them. Either one would do. Even hearing a stupid religious pitch from a phony, anti-gay church member would be more entertaining than me washing my car.

I am a psychologist. I study human behavior, and sometimes I enjoy playful discussions of silliness, especially with someone as adorable as either of these two cutie-pies. Problem is, I needed a way to divide and contour. Divide the two and conquer the one. But how? I needed to give them a reason for one of them to go away, so I could enjoy the other. Even if there is nothing erotically interesting going on, it would be nice to sit and visit and stare into the crotch of a sexy kid and undress him with my eyes.

“Oh, … Hi guys, how are you?” I finally told them. I gave a nervous, hesitant smile, wanting to present myself as a shy and insecure loner and one who may be interested in their religious crap. “I was just sitting alone in the dark and feeling a bit like I was missing something, like something was missing from my life.”

”Don’t feel sad, mister. We are here to give you some great news from Christ. Can we talk with you?”

“I … I don’t know. I do feel like I need to talk with someone, but I’m kind of shy. I … I feel overwhelmed. It’s just a little uncomfortable talking about personal stuff with two strangers about my need for religion. What I have to say is so private … well ... one of you, … perhaps … but I don’t know … “ I pretended to think it over, “Ah, … no thanks, gentlemen, I don’t want to get ganged up on … I can’t open up that way. It’s too … too … intimidating. I feel too vulnerable and shy. Maybe God doesn’t care about me after all.” I started to close the door, slowly, very slowly, so they had time to interrupt me. And they did.

“Say, mister, we can help, please. How about if one of us visits with you? We have to knock on a few more doors, then we’re finished for the day, and I could come back, say, in an hour, and we could talk. Just the two of us. I know God wants me to do that, to help you. I know all about God and what he wants for you too.”

What a cocky, arrogant son-of-a-bitch this cute little shit is. I got want I wanted, the return of one of them, but still, I wanted to sound hesitant. “Oh … I don’t know, I have been missing something special but, well … I’m not sure what to do. I mean, I don’t even know you. You’re not some sort of … well … someone who would take advantage of a senior, are you? I’m just a lonely old man who needs God’s help.”

“Don’t worry, mister, I’ll come back in an hour, and we can talk. I won’t hurt you. I love you. God loves you. We’ll talk later.” We exchanged smiles. His smile signaled that he was excited to capture a new soul for Christ. My smile signaled I was excited to capture a new soul for my own use. And off the two went to my neighbor’s house, surely feeling proud they snagged another freak for Christ. I closed the door and thought about how I’d approach him to receive his help when he returned. I like not to plan these things out too much but rather just let things play out sort of on their own, with my nudging events in my direction, of course. So I sat and did some chores as I waited. I thought that an hour would give me enough time to vacuum out the car, but … God, I hate cleaning my car. So I watched some TV instead.

“Ding-dong.” I looked up at the clock. Was it an hour already? Ok, my little lovely, I said to myself, I’m coming. Time to put on my depressed face. Another critical issue in my scheme was that I didn’t want to talk to him on my front porch, which was way too distant. How do I get him inside, I wondered as I opened the door.

“Hi, mister. I’m Chris from earlier. Say, is it okay to park across the street? This side is no parking.” I nodded that it was. “And is this a good time to talk?”

“Oh, hi Chris, I’m Sam. Well, I guess this is a good time, but it’s not a good place to talk. I kind of hurt my back and need to sit. So … just come in, and we can sit and visit awhile. Just take off your shoes and socks. Thanks.” I did not wait for him to respond; I just left the door open and walked over to my small sofa, sitting on one end. He entered, closed the door, and then took off his shoes and socks, which I came up with just so I could see his sexy feet. Then I gestured to the other end of the short sofa for him to sit. It was a loveseat made for just two people. So we sat not too far apart.

Chris was thumbing through several booklets to find something he wanted to read to me. But I interrupted him, “Wow, Chris, look at your watch! Boy, that is mighty fine.” His watch became exposed under his coat sleeve when he bent his arm to organize his reading materials. He was about to thank me for the comment, I guess, but I went on non-stop. I was going to control this … interview.

“Look at your watch. Notice the bright shiny metal. Look at how shiny that gold is. All bright and shiny. I know it’s your watch, but did you ever look at it close up? I mean, just look at all that detail. It’s marvelous!” I spoke excitedly, and he took the bait and stared at his watch, trying to see the wonderment that I was pointing out. I kept his focus on the watch. “Look, Chris, you want to look at the numbers? Look at each unique number. See the 12 … and the 11 … and the 10 … and the nine …” He never broke his stare as his mouth slowly opened in awe at what he saw.

“Look at the gleaming light reflecting off the face of it. How the light dances as you slowly turn your wrist. You like that. You like it so much you can’t take your eyes off it. You want to see more and more dancing reflections undisturbed. You see nothing else; you hear nothing else but the sound of my voice. The pleasing sound of my voice. See the eight … and the seven … and the six? My voice is drawing you deeper and deeper into the captivating appeal of that watch. You can’t help it. You can’t resist it. My voice is so pleasing, so wise, comforting, so all-powerful.” The look on his face was dumbed-down to that of a robot. “Wow! See the five? Such a wonderful, magnificent number. You never saw it like this before. You feel so relaxed and calm and safe.” All the pamphlets Chris was holding on his lap all slid to the floor, unnoticed by him. “These numbers on your watch are so over-powering that you can’t look away. My voice is so powerful that you can’t stop hearing it. You most want to hear, obey, and follow my voice. It’s so pleasing and all-knowing. You love my voice. You want to obey my voice.” His mouth remained open, and spit dripped down his lips' corn. “See the four … and the three … and the two? And, finally … you see the all-powerful one.” I continued guiding him into deeper and deeper hypnotic sleep for another five minutes. His body slumped a bit, and his chin rested on his chest, closing his mouth. His eyes finally closed restfully.

“Now, Chris,” I said in a monotone voice as I tested his state of trance. “Wiggle the fingers on your right hand.” He wiggles them. “Now I am going to tell you to lift your right foot, but you won’t be able to, it will be too heavy. You will try as hard as you can, with all your strength, but you will not be able to lift it. It is glued to the floor.” Chris was breathing deeply, a good sign. “Okay, Chris, lift your right foot.” He tried. His knee moved back and forth, right and left, to try to free his foot from the floor. He grunted and strained. He even grabbed his knee with his two hands under it to lift his foot by pulling from under his knee. His foot never left the floor. Bingo. Chris was now all mine. “Ok, Chris, now your foot is free to move.” He moved it again and smiled in relief.

“I’m going to count to three, and you will wake up happy and alert. You will not remember being under hypnosis, but you will remember these few things:

1. You feel uncomfortable wearing clothes from the time you wake up here until you next see the place where you live. In fact, when I count to three, you will plead with me to let you take your suit off.

2. For as long as you are here or driving home, you will have no concern for any clothes. Clothes mean nothing to you.

3. You love cleaning cars, especially detailing cars, and vacuuming cars. Getting them spotless. Cleaning my car is more important to you than anything else. It is the only thing that truly makes you happy. You will have a desperate need to clean my car. If you are denied cleaning my car, it will make you feel sad and even in pain.

4. You have a powerful need to please me, do as I say, and ensure I am thrilled with all your work. Even if other people make comments about you, my comments are the only ones you hear and respect and believe.”

5. If you happen to get a hard-on while washing my car, it is a sign that you are so pleased with me. Pleased that I allowed you to wash and detail my car. There is nothing indecent about you having an erection when it shows your joy and happiness for me. You know my neighbors will applicate seeing that erection, and some may honk to show their approval.” I repeated this information again, as well as to make sure that all hypnotic suggestions would end when he went home. Then he will return to normal with no clue as to why he drove home naked, what happened to his clothes, or what he did this afternoon. Now, it was time to wake him up and get my car washed by a cute, naked boy in my front yard.

  Hypnotized Detailer
Part 2 of 2

“Ok, Chris, One … Two, … Three. You are fully awake and happy to be here.” He had a broad sexy smile. But then the smile faded to a look of discomfort.” What’s wrong, Chris?” I spoke as if I was very concerned.

“Em, … Sir, … ah…” Chris was fidgeting with this shirt collar and fussing with his clothes.

“What is it, Chris? Is everything ok? You look uncomfortable. I am displeased when you are uncomfortable.”

“Um … Sir… May I please take off my suit? It really freaks me out. Please. I feel sad that you are displeased. So can I? Sir?” He was almost sweating from nervousness.

“Of course, you can, but first, I want you to go to your car and take everything out of your pockets, your phone, keys, wallet, everything, and place all that stuff in your car. No need to lock it. Just come back in here. Chris darted out to his car and returned in a flash, waiting for my next instruction to lose his nice grey suit. I was happy to oblige.

“Now, you may take off the suit.” Chris immediately mumbled, "Oh, thank you. Oh, thank you," as he began to strip off his coat, white dress shirt, and light blue necktie, undid his pants, and removed them too, dropping everything in a pile on the floor. He still had his underwear on, both white Jockey briefs and a T-shirt, but he seemed to feel better and be more relaxed. He showed no discomfort standing in front of me, a total stranger, in only his underwear.

“Such a good boy. I am so pleased, so very, very pleased.” He smiled so widely that I thought his face would split sideways. He thanked me.

“Chris? Is that where your clothes belong, piled in a mess on my floor?” Chris immediately became nervous, sensing I was displeased. “Chris, you know where those clothes go, including your shoes and socks you left at the door.” He had a little frown, not sure what to do. “Don’t worry, Chris, I’m here to help you.” His face lit up with a smile, obviously glad I would assist him. “Now, Chris, pick up all those clothes, including your shoes and socks. Right now, please.” He gathered everything up in his arms and then stood there in his underwear, looking at me for additional instructions.

“Good boy. What a nice boy. I am so pleased with you. Now take that armful of clothes out my back door, where you’ll find my tall grey trash can. Put them all in there with the smelly garbage. Then come back here. Amazingly, Chris did not so much as make a face, ask a question, or hesitate. Chris just did it and came back to stand in front of me, as calm and natural and relaxed as he could be.

“Now, Chris, I was just about to clean my car, and I want you in the garage to watch. You will love watching me…”

“Oh no, no, no. Please, Sir. Oh, God. Please let me clean your car. I love doing that, especially for you, to please you. Oh God, oh please, I need to do this so much.” I thought he was going to wet his Jockeys. He was so excited.

“Well … are you sure?” Chris nodded quickly. “Let’s go into the garage and check it out.” Chris walked behind me, almost pushing me to go faster, wanting to see my car. I opened the door from the house to the garage and the larger, double-wide garage door to the street. Chris was drooling. I told him to wait while I pulled it out onto the driveway. I parked it like that.

“Come here, Chris; walk around to the front of the car with me so I can show you how dirty the hood is.” We stopped there. “I don’t think you know how to clean a car this dirty.” We were fully exposed to the public, the people jogging along the sidewalk, and those in the cars passing by. And there was Chris in only his underwear. More importantly, he had no thought of being seen in only his torn Jockey and a t-shirt. No concern at all. How lovely.
“Please. Oh, please, let me do this. Oh God, I really want to clean your car. I’ll do it exactly as you tell me.” I delighted him to death, telling him “yes,” and giving him the vacuum cleaner and some rags. He was happier than a pig in a pile of shit.

“Ok, first pop the hatchback and hop inside. Let’s vacuum there first.” He started the vacuum and was busy at work. “Chris, better give me that T-shirt. It's totally useless.” And off it came without a hint of hesitation. I could tell he felt a bit of relief to be rid of it, just as the post-hypnotic suggestion programmed him to feel. I enjoyed watching his dick and balls bounce around. Five minutes later, I asked for his T-shirt. Again, he pulled it over his head, handed it to me, then quickly picked up the vacuum to return to the work he enjoyed.

I love teasing a boy in a trance; I like to see exactly how well the programming works. So I said bluntly, “Chris? I guess I’ll just toss your underwear in the garbage can, too, along with your suit.” He never stopped vacuuming, nor did he bother to look up at me when he calmly replied, “Okay.”

I don’t want to spoil the video, but so far, I have not. But you will see Chris totally naked, all around my car, showing his big dick and his nice balls to anyone who casually glanced his way. He had no concern, no thought that anything was unusual. He was happy to clean the car for 2 hours. I encouraged him from time to time, saying the two most powerful words he wanted to hear, “Good boy.”

When I was finished having my fun, I did use his mouth as my personal vacuum (but you need to see the video yourself), then patted him on the head, gave him another “Good boy,” Then gave him his last command, “In three weeks you will have an intense need to return here. You will need to please me. And I will do you that huge favor and allow you to please me.” Then I sent him home, as naked as the day he was born. Remember, when he arrived, he parked across the street and would now walk back across the street to his car, but this time … totally naked. God, I love this! And, like in a dream world, I watched him casually stroll to his little black car. He even casually waved to one of my neighbors. It only shows in the video briefly, but you can see his car across the street.

I have done this several times. However, having a naked “boy” in my front yard, although it works fine for me, can cause problems with the neighbors. So I have chosen to keep the hypnotized lad in his underwear on other occasions, in other videos. And having set my trance victim up to strip only to his underwear, I would then tear his underwear into pieces. In fact, I can even beat his dick to a full erection and leave him in that delicious state. I played with his dick behind the car and then let him then go all around the car in his torn underwear and with his lovely boner.

People ask me, “Does he really not know he is indecent in your front yard?” Actually, he knows what he is wearing and the torn state of his underwear. He even knows when he is erect, but the state of his displayed body is unimportant to him. The hypnotic suggestions rule, and he believes he is fine. Whether he, or anyone else I use, is fully clothed, naked, or boned up, is of no consequence to the hypnotized lad.

The other question guys ask is, “Have you ever been caught? Has anyone complained either to the police or just you me?”

When I had my car detailer completely naked the first time (which is the video we are referring to here), a couple walking their dog strolled by and said they would report me. I foolishly ignored their threat and continued to make this video. No, the police did not come, but still, I should have stopped. Lucky for you guys on GayTies.com that I did not stop!

There are other videos on Gayties.com where I do not have my hypnotized subject completely naked. I changed to the practice of having him wear underwear. Understand that when people see a young man washing a car in the front yard in underwear, they assume, automatically, that he is wearing swimwear. They never think about it twice; it’s just human nature.

And when a lad’s underwear is ripped - really ripped and hanging off his hips - still, the idea of a lad washing a car in public wearing torn underwear is preposterous. It is simply not considered. That holds true for when his hard boner is pushing out the material or even when his beautiful dick is poking out of the material. In psychology, we know that people easily see what they expect to see. In other words, they jump to conclusions. It’s human nature.
To find this video, go to https://www.gayties.com/videos/ “Video Library,” then click on “Filter,” then type in “Detail,” and you will see it come up.

I did make other videos of this same lad because he was so easily put under (and not everyone is). And what the video does not show is that I gave him another subconscious suggestion at the end of the car wash scene. I hypnotized him to come back a few weeks later. When he did, I did put him through other trance-forming pranks.

The End

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