286 Harvey's Dilemma

286 Harvey’s Dilemma
Part 1 of 6

“AH FUCK!” I got out of the car and kicked the tire hard. I was pissed. My car wouldn’t start again. I lifted the hood and looked around at the mess of wires. All looked in order, but what do I know? “FUCK!” I should have taken this to the mechanic weeks ago when I noticed the alternator was misfiring. Maybe that’s the issue now. “FUCK!”

I was stuck, alone, on a dirt mountain road. My irritation then turned to worry. Let me explain`. My name is Harvey. I’m 23. About six months ago, my father (a lumber company executive) got transferred from the Pacific Northwest to a hole-in-the-wall town in the backwoods of Maine. I was trying my best, but I was just not fitting in here, not even at my new local college. I know. I’m old enough to have graduated, but I took time off after high school to relax from my studies and to work full time. So I am actually just a sophomore. I really hadn't made any new friends. Part of the problem is that I come off as kind of cocky. I am a jock and pretty good-looking and somewhat arrogant, which puts people off. I guess you can't expect other people to figure that out, though.

Anyway, there was some sort of mechanical problem at one of the lumber camps owned by my dad's company since no pickups or deliveries were scheduled there. My dad asked me to drive up and deliver the needed part and supplies. It would be a hassle since it was almost 100 miles each way, much of it on private logging roads. It would take most of the day. But since it was Saturday (no school) and I didn't have anything better to do, I said sure.

I delivered the part and supplies without incident and hadn't gotten even halfway back home when the car died. I had my cell with me and didn’t know anyone nearby. In fact, since all the land is owned by the lumber company. I don't think there is any human habitation nearer than where the logging road meets the public road, which must be another 60 miles or so.

It dawned on me that I didn't have a lot of good alternatives. I could wait in the car for help, but it could be a long time coming. No one but the lumber company was supposed to use the road, and they wouldn't have anybody coming up during the weekend. My parents would look for me eventually, but I had told them I might stay over with Pete, a baseball teammate, tonight, so they wouldn't miss me until probably tomorrow night. My plans with Pete were tentative, so he wouldn't think twice if I didn't show. Also, it was early fall and was supposed to get very cold tonight. It would be below freezing up here, and I only had a light leather jacket for warmth. I couldn't run the car heater with the car dead. I had two choices, walk 40 miles back up the steepest part of the mountain to the lumbering camp, or walk 60 miles (mostly) downhill to civilization. Downhill was best. I might be able to jog part of the way down.

I wasn't a marathoner. If I walked down the mountain toward home, there was no way I would make it before the temperature dropped. I had to hope that I would either run into somebody or find some sort of cabin or something on the way down, though I sure didn't remember anything like that in my past drives. The only good news was that it would be a full moon, so I could see okay after dark. Ultimately, I decided to go for it. Action seemed better than inaction. So I grabbed my jacket and started walking.

My mood brightened a little as I walked. It was still warm enough in the late afternoon sun, and with the leaves already turning, the woods were quite beautiful. After I had walked for about an hour. I started feeling horny. With being on the road and all. I had not masturbated today. I was at a bend in the road that overlooked a shallow valley with a slow-moving stream running through it. Downstream a bit was a small bridge. It was a nice view, and I figured this place was as good as any to beat off. I unbuckled and unzipped my jeans and let them slip to the ground. I pushed my underpants down below my knees. I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled up my undershirt. My manhood quickly sprang to attention as I began stroking it. I really like my dick! It isn't overly large, six inches, but it's nicely proportioned. I gave special attention to playing with the head and the piss slit. As I continued pumping with my left hand. I used my right hand to stroke my balls and then reached behind me to rub my ass cheeks and crack. I tickled that sensitive area between my balls and asshole and blew my load. I cleaned up, washed my clothes, and started walking again.

I had walked down the logging road for a few more minutes when I caught what I thought was the break of my young life. A rusty old black Camaro I recognized from school was parked on a wide spot in the road near a bridge. It belonged to Steve. A guy I had a couple of classes with. Steve was the undisputed leader of a group of kids who hung out together. They had kind of a bad reputation with the guys on the team. They didn't take part in school sports or other activities. They didn't like jocks. They smoked pot. I had pretty much given them the cold shoulder at school. However, NOW - I thought they were just about the best-looking kids in school. Steve was a senior; his sidekicks were Rick and Ryan, also seniors. Also, hanging out with Steve usually was his little brother Scotty, a freshman.

Sure enough, I could see Steve, Rick, Ryan, and Scotty sitting on the bank of the stream near the bridge. I walked up behind them, and I stopped short. This was the same bridge that I could see when I was jerking off! I had been silhouetted against the sun, and they could have seen me if they had been looking in my direction. Flustered, I decided to go on anyway. I called out, "I know you guys aren't supposed to be here, but I am glad to see you! What are you doing here?"

They turned and looked at me unenthusiastically. "Oh, hi, Harvey. We're just helling around. What brings you to the middle of nowhere?" said Steve. His killer smile was nowhere in evidence, but at least he showed no sign of having watched me beat my meat a few minutes earlier. I started to relax a little.

I could see that they were drinking beer and passing around a joint. I wasn't into pot, but I decided to ignore it. "Oh, I had to come up here on an errand, and my car broke down up the road. I think it's the alternator. Do you guys know any way to patch that up?"

Ryan, who I knew was in an auto shop and knew something about cars, said, "Nope, you just have to replace it with a new one."

"That's what I thought," I said. "Then I sure could use a ride back to town."

Ryan shrugged. "You'll have to talk to Steve. It's his car."

I turned to Steve and said with what sounded even to me like a fake heartiness, "So, Steve, can I talk you into giving me a lift?"

"I don't know," Steve said slowly, "the Camaro is pretty crowded just with us. I don't know how I would fit in five."

"Come on, Steve. It's a long way down, and it's supposed to get below freezing tonight."

"Well, can you pay for it?"

I fished around in my pockets and came up with, "Here's four dollars," I said, handing him the money, "It's all I have on me, and it should be enough to cover my part of the gas."

"Well, okay," said Steve, "sit down until we're ready to leave."

I sat down on the edge of the old wooden bridge and tried to make conversation. It didn't go too well. It seems my presence had put a damper on the group. Steve wouldn't say anything. I knew Rick was in the photography club at school, and I tried to start a conversation about that with him, but he just answered in one-word replies. Ryan was at least courteous, but I only really had a conversation with Scotty. I learned from him that the four of them often came up the logging roads since they knew no one would bother them. This spot was pretty far for them, but they liked swimming in the stream. I helped myself to a couple of their beers since I had gotten thirsty on the walk down. After a few coughs, I also tried the joint and found I was getting a pretty good beer/weed buzz.

After a while, Steve announced that it was time to leave. He turned to me and asked me for his $4. "Hey, I gave you the $4 already," I exclaimed.

"That $4 went for the beer and weed you helped yourself to," said Steve. "You drank and smoked more than $4 worth. You owe us $4 more for the ride."

It was probably true. "You know that was all I had. But I will give you another $4, no, $5 when I get home."

"No, I don't extend credit for gas money. The car would have been too crowded anyway. You can just keep walking."

"Okay, fine," I bluffed. "Just do me a favor when you get back to town. Call my parents and tell them where I am."

"Sure," said Steve, shrugging. "If I remember." He started walking toward the car. The others glanced at me and then followed Steve.

I realized that these guys really didn't like me. I guess they did resent jocks. "Steve!" I called after him, starting to panic, "it's getting late, and it's supposed to get fucking cold tonight. There must be some sort of deal we can work out."

Steve turned to look at me. “Well, that’s your dilemma, isn’t it?” then said, "The four of us split the gas money for these trips. And it's all four of us who are going to be uncomfortable if you squeeze in the car. So you will have to make a deal with each of us to get our consent for you to ride along. If you can make a deal with these three, you can come back and talk to me. And there are two conditions. First, its cash and carry, no credit. Second, all deals are final. If you make a deal with some but not all, you don't ride, and you don't get to back out of the deals already made."

This didn't seem quite fair to me, but there wasn't much I could do about it. I thought I would give it a shot. If I couldn't make acceptable deals, I would just have to start walking again. "Okay, I'm game," I said.

The four of them looked at each other and then silently sat down in a semicircle, looking at me.

I decided to start with Scotty. I figured I had the best relationship with him. Besides, he was young, and I could probably out-negotiate him pretty easily. "Hey, Scotty, you heard Steve," I said, "so let's make a deal."

"I like your jacket," Scotty said quickly.


"I like your high school jacket," repeated Scotty.

"No ride is worth a leather jacket," I said.

"How about if I just borrow it for a while,” asked Scotty eagerly. "Say, a month?"

I thought about it. It was a nice jacket with the school logo, but I could live without it for a while. It wasn't really costing me anything to loan it to Scotty. I was pretty sure I could get it back. I knew where Scotty lived (in our small town, everyone knew where everyone else lived), and I could always beat him up to get it back if I had to. So, I said, "Two weeks, and we have a deal!"

"It's a deal if it starts now," said Scotty.

"Sold!" I said. I took off the jacket and handed it to Scotty. He looked ecstatic as he put it on. It was kind of cute to watch him; he seemed so excited. He started to stroke the leather on the sleeves. I felt pretty good about my bargaining skills. One down and three to go, and it hadn't really cost me anything yet.

I turned next to Rick. Rick smiled at me and said, "I'm not settling for some kind of lease deal. Anything I get, I plan to keep."

"Well, what did you have in mind?"

Rick looked me up and down and finally said, "That’s a nice watch."

I looked down at my wrist. It was a nice watch. It was given to me on my eighteenth birthday. It had belonged to my grandfather; I wasn't giving it up. "No sale," I said flatly. "The watch was my grandfather's, and it's not on the table. What else?"

Rick looked me up and down again and said, "What is your shoe size?"

"Eleven and a half."

"I am an eleven. Hand them over, and let me see if they fit."

I took off my tennis shoes and handed them to Rick. "They're probably a little big," I said doubtfully as Rick slid off his own shoes and tried on mine.

"No. They fit fine," said Rick. "This is what I want."

I looked at my shoes on Rick's feet. My shoes were a good brand of running shoe but were getting a little ratty looking. I had been considering retiring them to the section of my closet I rarely visited. They would be no great loss. But what really did it for me was when I looked at Rick's old shoes. Rick's shoes were virtually falling apart and looked to be the Walmart house brand to begin with. I started to feel a little pity for Rick.

"So what do you say," said Rick. "Deal?"

"Okay, deal," I agreed. Rick reached out his hand, and I shook it.

A thought struck me. "Can I have your old shoes, Rick?" I asked.

"No," said Rick. "The trade was for my consent to ride in the car, not for my old shoes." Rick stood up and walked over to the Camaro. He threw his old pair of shoes in the open trunk.

It was now time to tackle Ryan. I didn't feel too bad about my deals to date. Scotty hadn't really cost me anything, and Rick only cost me an old pair of shoes. I started feeling kind of cocky.

I turned to where Ryan was sitting. "So, Ryan, can I interest you in a nice belt?" I asked. I started to pull out my belt to show it to him. It was a nice belt - leather with a heavy buckle.

"No, I have enough belts," Ryan said quietly, not looking at me.

"Well, you caught me at a time when I don't have much else to trade."

Ryan stood up and walked over next to me. "What is your waist size? You and I look about the same size."

"I have a 30" waist. I'm sure the belt would fit you."

"Forget the belt, Harvey." Ryan looked me right in the eye and said, "I'd like your shirt and pants."

"Uh, gee, Ryan, that wouldn't leave me with much on," I said with a shaky laugh.

"That's what I want. Take it or leave it." Ryan looked at me slyly. "I don't think you have much choice. You need my vote to get a ride, and I don't think you'll get far walking without any shoes."

With that emotional punch to my gut, I glanced over at Rick. He winked at me. I realized I had made a critical error in trading away my shoes before completing my deal to get a ride. I couldn't walk far on these rough roads without shoes. I really didn't have a choice; I'd have to make some sort of deal with Ryan. But I decided to bluff it out. "I can't trade you my shirt and pants, Ryan. I need something left to trade, Steve. Why don't you reconsider the belt," I said, holding it up for his review.

"Nothing doing," said Ryan. "Give me what I want, or you're walking back to town in your socks. But you may find it a little cold without your jacket."

That was a good point. Why did I trade away the two most crucial things to my survival? And I was so proud of my negotiating ability. I guess I could blame it on my now rapidly disappearing booze buzz. I looked down at my clothes. I hadn't dressed up for my trip today, but I had worn decent clothes since it was for my dad's business. Also, I pride myself on usually looking pretty together. Today I was wearing some new Jeans and a nice shirt. I glanced over at Ryan. He was wearing a tee shirt and some old jeans. It struck me that these were not particularly well-off kids, and my clothes would probably be the best things in Ryan's wardrobe. Again, a little pity welled up. Still, I hesitated.

"Take it or leave it," Ryan said again. Then, more gently, he said, "you really don't have a choice."

He was right; I didn't have a choice. I now had to accept pretty much any deal to get down the mountain. And, realistically, for survival purposes, losing a lightweight shirt and thin pants probably wouldn't make much difference once I had given up my jacket and shoes.

Reluctantly, I said, "you've got a deal."

"Fine," said Ryan, a little smile on his face. "Strip."

I slowly unbuttoned my shirt. I kept waiting for one of the guys to say it was all just a joke. But no one said anything; they just watched me. I unbuttoned the top of my pants and pulled out my shirttails. I handed my shirt to Ryan. I unzipped my jeans and stepped out of them. What the hell, I thought. I undress in front of guys every day in the gym. Yet it's a little different when you're the only one stripping, and everyone else is fully clothed and gawking at you. However, it wasn't like I was nude or anything, and I didn't feel I had anything to be ashamed of in the looks department.

"Here they are," I said, handing my pants to Ryan. "I left my keys and a comb in the pockets. Could you hold on to them until I get home?"

"Sure," Ryan said, smiling. "But I can see you don't have any pockets."

Harvey’s Dilemma
Part 2 of 6

I stood there in my white cotton Jockey briefs and watched Ryan peel off his old jeans. He stood in threadbare blue and white striped boxers and his tee shirt as he pulled on my pants. I could see that he must have really worked hard on his body. He had powerful legs and a strong chest and arms. He slipped my shirt on over his tee shirt and asked, "So, how do I look?"

"Honestly," I said, "you look great." And he did. My clothes really set off his looks. Ryan looked pleased with the compliment.

"Uh, Ryan," I asked, "could I have your old pair of je ... "

"No," Ryan said quickly. "You traded for my vote, not my old clothes." He turned and grinned at Rick. Ryan then threw his jeans in the trunk of the car.

It was now back to Steve. I turned to where he had been sitting silently, watching the negotiations. I tried to look on the bright side. Things hadn't gone so badly. I had gotten the consent of the other three. So what if I had to sit in my underwear on the ride home. Who was going to see it? I had to cut a deal with Steve now, and I was home.

Steve looked up at me and smiled for the first time. "I guess I shouldn't have gone last," he said. "Looks like you don't have much left to trade?"

I picked up my belt from where it was lying on the ground and held it out to him. "I still have the belt. You interested?"

Steve barely glanced at the belt as he took it from me. "Sure, I'll take the belt," he said, "but I'll need something more."

"Like what?" I asked suspiciously.

Steve laughed. "Don't worry," he said. "I don't want your used underwear."

"Well, I don't have much else," I said.

"I want that watch," he said calmly.

"No," I said equally calmly. "I said it's not for sale, and I mean it. Think of something else.

Steve sat still, staring at me, for what must have been close to a minute. I started feeling uncomfortable, particularly since you feel vulnerable in just your underwear.

Finally, Steve spoke. "Okay. I accept that. I have one final offer. Take it or leave it."

"What is your offer?" I asked.

"This won't cost you anything. It will just make the long drive home more interesting. It will be really crowded with the five of us in my Camaro. We'll have to stop several times just to stretch our legs. To give it a little interest, Rick, Ryan, Scotty, and I will each have a stop at which you must do anything that person tells you to do."

I looked suspiciously at Steve. "Anything?"

"Anything that person can think of," Steve replied. "Like truth or dare without the truth part."

Truthfully, this sounded pretty juvenile to me. I was sure some humiliation or something else would be involved at each stop. Still, I was already standing around in my underwear. How much worse could it get? Besides, what choice did I have? This would get me home.

"I accept," I said finally.

"Good," said Steve, smiling. "Let's go home."

The five of us headed towards the car. Steve stopped to rummage around in the trunk and called me over. "Harvey, place your hands behind you, palms together," Steve told me.

"Why?" I asked as I held out my hands.

Steve pulled a long piece of rope out of the trunk and started to tie my hands together. "Because you're a pretty muscular guy," he said, flashing his killer smile. "I want to ensure you're just as agreeable at each stop as you are now."

This seemed unnecessary to me, but it was a little late to complain as he was finishing up his knots. Then Steve thought of something. "Hey, Scotty, want Harvey's belt?"

"You bet," said Scotty, taking the belt from Steve and putting it through the belt loops on his jeans. "Thanks a lot, Steve!" It occurred to me that maybe he ought to be thanking me, but I decided to let it slide.

After he finished tying my wrist, about 15 feet of rope was left over, which looked like a long lead, so he coiled it up and handed it to Scotty to hold. As we were about to climb into the car, Steve said, "Oh, Harvey, thanks for the show earlier."

I said, "What show?"

"Your performance up the hill earlier. You know, when you were jerking off!" replied Steve.

"We particularly enjoyed it when you started rubbing your balls and butt," added Rick, playfully swatting me on my briefs-clad ass.

"Of course, we didn't know it was you until you walked up a few minutes later," said Steve. All four of them grinned at me as I felt like I wanted to sink down beneath the pavement.

My face was burning as I quickly clambered into the back seat of the Camaro. As I sat down, I realized that Steve had been right. It was damn crowded in that car. Steve drove, and Rick took the other front seat, which wasn't too bad for them. But the back seat didn't have a middle seat; it was just a barely padded area over the drivetrain hump. Of course, this was the seat I got. I was jammed in between Scotty on my left and Ryan on my right. I almost laughed when I realized I was sitting between my clothes`. My jacket and belt are to my left, and my shirt and pants are to my right. I would have been much more amused if I wasn't so embarrassed and worried about what I had gotten myself into.

It was pretty uncomfortable in the back of that old Camaro. I had traded away my jacket, shirt, belt, pants, and shoes for this ride, and now I sat jammed in the middle of the back seat in just my briefs, tee shirt, and socks. Oh, and with my hands tied in front of me.

No one said much on the drive. Steve concentrated on driving the tricky road. Scotty seemed lost in his thoughts, and Rick looked like he had fallen asleep. Ryan tried to talk with me about school, but I was pissed off about having my hands tied, so I was kind of short with him. He went silent too. After what didn't seem long, Steve announced that Scotty would have the first stop and asked where he wanted to stop. Scotty said he didn't care, anyplace would do. I started to wonder what Scotty might want to do with me.

After a few more miles, Steve pulled the car over at a wide spot in the road, and we all got out to stretch our legs. "Okay, Scotty," said Steve, "you take Harvey back into the woods and have him do anything you want. We'll wait here. Don't be too long!"

"He'll do anything?" Scotty asked, looking sideways at me.

"Sure," said Steve. "That's what he agreed to. Isn't that right, Harvey?"

"Yes. I agreed to do anything you tell me," I said slowly.

"So, go knock yourself out, Scotty," said Steve. "How often do you have an older guy, a sports jock, at your beck and call!"

Scotty grinned and, picking up the end of the rope like a leash, started to lead me into the woods.

"Wait a sec," called Steve. He came up to me and unstrapped my watch from my wrist. He put it on his own, saying, "I just want to keep it safe and sound. I'll give it back when you get home. Probably."

"You better give it back," I muttered as Scotty led me away.

We walked until we were out of sight of the car. Despite my lack of shoes, walking wasn't too bad because there was a thick carpet of leaves on the ground.

"Okay, far enough, Harvey," said Scotty. He stopped at a large tree with an outstretched limb about nine feet off the ground. Scotty looked up at the tree and then hesitated. "You know, the others can't see us," said Scotty. "If you don't want to go through with this, we can wait a few minutes and head back to the car."

This was a tempting offer, and I thought about it momentarily. The problem would be if the other guys discovered I had bailed on Scotty. Would they take the position that I had reneged on the deal and leave me behind? It seemed like the better course was just to go ahead. After all, Scotty was just a kid. What could he have dreamed up to do to me? It couldn't be too bad, I figured. "No, a deal is a deal," I said. "I'm willing to live up to my agreement."

"Okay," shrugged Scotty. "Don't say I didn't give you a choice."

It took a little doing, but Scotty could throw the rope's end over the tree limb. He pulled it down and tied it off, yanking my bound arms straight into the air above my head. I almost had to stand on my toes. Scotty looked at his handiwork and seemed satisfied. He carefully took off the leather jacket and set it aside. Then he started looking at me.

Scotty went behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. He then slowly brought his hands down my back. He pulled out my tee shirt from where it was tucked into my jockeys and reached his hands around, under the shirt, to feel my abs. He moved his hands up my chest to my pecs, stopping to play with my nipples. He touched them with the tips of his index fingers and then traced around them with a circular motion as they became erect. Scotty then withdrew his hands from under my tee shirt and felt my ass cheeks through the thin material of my briefs. He moved around in front of me and pulled out the waistband to peer down at my equipment. "What do we have here?" Scotty giggled.

I started thinking that this wasn't going to be too bad. He would feel me up a bit, and we could be on our way. Then, without warning, Scotty reached down and squeezed my balls. I yelped (more in surprise than pain since he didn't squeeze very hard), and Scotty reached up and slapped me in the face. "No sounds out of you," Scotty ordered.

The next thing he did surprise me even more. Scotty reached into his pocket and unfolded his pocket knife. He held the point up and said, "we're not going to speak unless spoken to, right?" I nodded silently.

Scotty then reached for the knife under my tee shirt and ran the blade carefully down my chest from my collarbone to my waistband. I barely breathed, but he was careful not to touch me with the edge. He then used the knife to tear my tee shirt all the way down the front. A few more cuts with the blade, and my tee shirt was in ribbons on the ground. Then to my relief, he folded up the knife and put it back in his pocket.

Scotty pulled off his sweatshirt. He wasn't wearing anything underneath, and I could see that his chest, while not overly muscular, had a nice definition. He pulled his belt (formerly my belt) out of his cargo shorts and put it aside. He then slipped off his shorts and stood there only in red plaid boxers, socks, and shoes. He looked to be about 5'9", maybe 140 pounds. With his blond hair, he was a pretty cute kid.

Scotty picked up a branch from the ground and walked back behind me. He lightly flicked the branch across my shoulders a couple of times. Then a stinging blow landed on my back. I gasped. "I said no sounds!" Scotty growled. Further blows landed on my back and then on my butt. The thin material of my jockeys was little protection. The whipping stopped momentarily, and then even that protection was taken away when Scotty pulled my briefs down to my knees.

Scotty dropped the branch and picked up the belt. He started laying on my back with it. He would alternate light touches with heavier ones in a random pattern. But I noticed that he was not using the buckle end, and while it hurt, I think Scotty was being careful not to whip me hard enough to inflict any real damage.

Scotty's next barrage was on my bare ass. I didn't protest because, after all, I had agreed to all of this. Also, I didn't want Steve, Rick, and Ryan to come running. I didn't want my classmates to see me, a 23-year-old, being humiliated by this kid.

Scotty then stopped with the belt and started slapping my ass with his bare hand. He kept up a rhythm; first one cheek, then the other cheek, then across the middle. He kept that up for quite a while, making the blows come heavier and faster as he went along. He would reach under every third or so set and give my balls a light twist. Finally, out of breath, he stopped hitting my poor ass and came around in front of me. I could see his hard dick poking through the slit in his boxers. What shocked me was that I was sporting wood too. Was this all turning me on? I think it was just my being nervous.

Scotty slipped out of his boxers, exposing a hard five-and-a-half-inch cock and a bubble butt. He walked right up to me and grabbed my six-inch boner. He held it together with his own and started masturbating the two of us in his right hand. With his left hand, he tweaked and pinched my nipples. Scotty was quite gentle as he rubbed our two dicks together. I had never had another man's cock that close to mine before. I started moaning a little as I got close to coming. Scotty then dropped my dick to concentrate on his own. He came pretty fast, considerately turning away so as not to spurt all over me. He then started stroking my shaft again. He was pretty good at it, concentrating on the sensitive head. In no time, I blew my load. Scotty finished milking me until I became soft. Then he thrust his hand, covered with a mixture of our cum-mix in my face. "Lick it clean," he ordered. I started slurping at his hand. He stuck each finger one-by-one into my mouth to suck clean. I had never tasted cum before. It was kind of salty but not bad.

When he was satisfied with the cleanliness of his hand, Scotty put his clothes back on. Then he pulled my briefs back up and untied the rope from the tree. "That was great," he said, "and thanks a lot. I'll never forget it." I had mixed feelings. I was starting to realize I had enjoyed Scotty's activities!

Scotty led me by my rope leash through the woods and back to the car. It was after sunset now and getting dark. Steve, Rick, and Ryan were lounging against the Camaro. They watched us walk up. I was careful to keep my back on them because I didn't want them to see any marks left by Scotty.

"So how was it, Scotty," asked Ryan. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

"It was okay, I guess," shrugged Scotty.

"Hey, what happened to his tee shirt?" asked Rick, noticing I was now bare-chested.

"Uh, I guess he lost it someplace," said Scotty lamely.

"Pretty careless of you, Harvey," said Rick as he winked at Scotty.

Steve was looking at Scotty's shoes. "Your shoes got pretty dusty walking through the woods."

"So?" said Scotty.

"So, why don't you have Harvey here clean them for you?"

"Can I?" asked Scotty.

"Sure," said Steve. "It's still your stop."

Rick, being helpful, put his hand on the back of my neck and pushed me down to my knees in front of Scotty's shoes. I tried to dust them off as best I could with bound hands.

"Not with your hands, you dumb ass, with your tongue," snickered Steve.

I gave him a dirty look but then bent my head down to lick Scotty's shoes. It didn't take too long because I had already gotten a lot of the dust off with my hands. Fortunately, no one suggested that I clean the soles. However, I didn't like the taste of dirt, and I didn't like the guys seeing me on my knees, dressed only in briefs and socks, licking Scotty's shoes.

Ryan must have noticed my back when I kneeled because he looked closely at it after I stood up. Rick then wandered over and also looked at Scotty's handiwork.

"I'll bet it's on his ass as well," said Rick as he yanked down the back of my underpants.

I looked behind me to see Rick, Ryan, Steve, and Scotty, all apparently transfixed by the sight of my red ass. Scotty had also turned red. Each of them was now tentatively touching the marks Scotty had made with the belt.

"Bend over so we can see better," ordered Rick, pushing my head down.

"Well, no real harm done," observed Ryan. "There won't be any permanent marks. But I'll bet it’ll be sore for a while."

I was mortified to have my ass hanging out there on display. I tried to pull the back of my briefs up, but Rick pushed my bound hands away. I knew I was blushing beet red.

Steve eventually broke the spell. "Well, we can't spend all day here," he said briskly. "Scotty, you animal, you want to pull his underwear up or leave his ass exposed?”

I like them like that.” Scotty giggled, feeling his new power over an older jock.

“Everybody, back into the car. Ryan, your turn is next. Figure out where you want to stop."

We climbed back into the car. My Jockeys were over my dick in the front but under my ass cheeks in back. Oh well. The back seat hump I was sitting on bare-ass was even more uncomfortable now. Scotty said nothing. Ryan refused to make eye contact with me. My face remained as red as my ass.

"Where do you want to stop, Ryan?" asked Steve after we had been driving a while.

"That old broken-down shack," he replied. "You know the one, we've been there before."

"Yeah, yeah, I know what you mean. Good choice," said Steve.

I had no idea what they meant, but it had gotten to the point that I was almost looking forward to the next stop. I was extremely uncomfortable sitting in the back seat of the Camaro. I was dressed only in my Jockey briefs and socks since I had traded away the rest of my clothes for a ride home. My hands were bound in front of me to ensure my compliance with my agreement to do what they told me at each stop. I kept shifting my weight from bruised bare-ass cheek to bruised bare-ass cheek.

At the next stop, Ryan's turn to order me around. I didn't know what Ryan might dream up, but I would just as soon he not have the same S and M fantasies as Scotty. However, Ryan was starting to make me nervous. He had been avoiding eye contact with me, but now, suddenly, he was eyeing me directly. I started to feel a bit like a piece of meat.

After several miles, the car stopped. We all got out of the car. It felt good to stretch my legs. While the others waited at the car, Ryan motioned me to walk ahead of him on a barely visible trail leading from the road. It was a moonlit night, so I could see pretty well, but the terrain was rough without shoes.

Ryan had me walk in front of him rather than lead me on the rope like Scotty had. It was getting pretty chilly, so I moved quickly. I wondered if Ryan was watching my backside as I walked.

After a couple hundred yards, we reached a small, dilapidated cabin. It obviously hadn't been occupied for many years. Ryan forced open the door (it was warped, not locked), and we walked in. Ryan rummaged around and found some candles and matches. He lit the candles, and I could see around the cabin. It was only one room and showed some signs of recent activity. There was an old mattress, some empty beer bottles and food wrappers, and several used condoms on the floor. It looked like this was the local make-out spot.

There was even some kindling in the fireplace, and while I was concerned that the whole place might burn down, Ryan got a nice fire going. While I got warm, Ryan continued to search the cabin. I could see Ryan put aside some nylon rope he found.

"Okay, let's look at you," said Ryan, smiling. I noticed that Ryan had a rather sweet smile.

I stood at attention before Ryan. He looked me up and down and right in the eye for a few seconds. Then he gently ran his fingers through my hair. He slowly moved his hands down my body to my hips. He hesitated a second and then pulled my Jockeys down to my ankles. I stepped out of them and was nude except for my socks. Ryan crouched and looked closely at my dick and my balls. He turned me around and examined my butt. "I was right," said Ryan, "Scotty's marks have already almost completely disappeared." I was glad to hear that though my ass still felt sore. Then Ryan noticed I was favoring my left foot.

"What's wrong with your foot?" asked Ryan.

"I don't know. I think I stepped on something on the trail," I said.

"Okay. Sit down on the mattress," ordered Ryan.

I did as he said. Ryan knelt and pulled off my socks to examine my feet.

"It's a thorn," said Ryan, pulling it out of the sore foot. Ryan then started to massage my foot. He used both hands and was really getting into it. It felt pretty good, but then, suddenly, Ryan blushed, dropped my foot, and stood up. "Let's get down to business. Stand up," he said somewhat gruffly.

As I stood up, Ryan picked up the nylon rope. He tied one end around the top of my ball sack and the other to the far end of the cabin, furthest from the one door. He then untied my hands. "I've untied your hands, but you'll pull off your balls if you try to run for it."

Why did he bother’ I thought to myself? Where was I going to go? But it felt good to be able to swing my arms.

"Now take off my clothes," said Ryan, standing directly before me.

I reached out and unbuttoned his (formerly my) shirt. I moved behind Ryan and pulled it off his back. I then folded it and put it down on a table at the side of the room. I reached down and unbuttoned his khaki pants. I knelt to slip off his shoes and then, still kneeling, reached up to unzip the pants. I carefully lowered them as Ryan stepped out of the legs. I looked up at Ryan, now dressed only in blue and white boxers, socks, and a white tee shirt. I stood up to take the pants over to the side table. I then pulled Ryan's tee shirt off over his head. I stopped to take a good look at him. Even in the flickering light, I could see he was fine-looking. Ryan had broad shoulders tapering down to a narrow waist. A line of fine hairs led from large squared-off pecs through a perfect six-pack to disappear beneath his boxers. He looked like he didn't have any body fat on him.

"Umm, Ryan, may I ask you a question?" I said.

"Depends what it is."

"Do you work out a lot?"

"Yeah, almost every day. But on a different muscle group each day. I have an old free weight set at my home."

"That's great," I said. "I work out on the crappy equipment at school."

"My weights aren't much better," said Ryan, "but you're welcome to come over and use them. Any time. I'll be glad to help you train."

"Gee, thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. I'll take you up on that." I was flabbergasted. Are we going to become friends? I wondered.

I reached down to take off Ryan's boxers. "No," Ryan said, "not with your hands."

I knelt down and grabbed the waistband of his boxers with my teeth. I pulled them about halfway down his crotch, my lips brushing his pubic hair. I released his waistband when my chin ran into Ryan's half-hard dick on the way down. I then crawled around behind Ryan and grabbed the rear of his boxers with my mouth. It felt like I was kissing his ass as I pulled his boxers the rest of the way down to the floor. Ryan kicked them over to me with a smile. I caught them and took a good look at his nude body. Ryan had a nice uncircumcised dick and big low-hanging balls. He had a large, firm ass on top of powerful hairy legs. He was a damn good-looking guy!

I started to feel a stirring in my dick while looking at Ryan. Surprised and slightly embarrassed, I jumped up to put Ryan's boxers and other clothes on the side table. I put them down neatly, and as I turned back to face Ryan, he stepped forward and planted a big kiss on my lips. He embraced me, and I felt his nude body press up against mine. “WHAT THE FUCK?!” I YELLED IN MY MIND. He then ran his hands up and down my back. I felt something unmistakably hard press against my midsection. Was Ryan GAY? I thought Ryan planned to have fun ordering me around and maybe get his rocks off with the only person available. But the passion of Ryan's kiss suggested some deeper feelings. Still, in shocked, I didn't reciprocate Ryan's kiss but just stood there like a statue.

Harvey’s Dilemma
Part 3 of 6

Ryan stepped back and looked at me in surprise. He had a raging hard-on. It looked to be a little longer than 7 inches and quite thick. I must have looked like an idiot standing there with my mouth open, dumbfounded. Ryan blushed bright red, then quickly turned his back to me.

"I'm sorry, man. It's okay. You just took me by surprise," I babbled. I felt bad. I was starting to like Ryan.

"No matter," said Ryan coldly, still with his back to me. "Kneel on the floor!"

I got down on my knees. Ryan thrust his ass in my face. "I didn't clean up too good after my last crap," said Ryan. "Lick it clean."

"No, Ryan, I don't want to do that," I pleaded. "Don't ask me to do that."

"Did I hear someone talk back? If I heard someone talk back, that someone's ass will get sore all over again!"

"Okay, okay," I said as I leaned into Ryan's ass. There was a slight musky smell. Ryan had a fair amount of hair in his crack and a light tracing of hair on his cheeks. I searched out his puckered asshole. I gingerly stuck out my tongue and swirled it around his hole. Ryan must have been kidding about not cleaning up because he was clean as a whistle down there. I then remembered that he had also been swimming earlier in the afternoon. With a little more confidence, I flicked his hole with my tongue. I could feel Ryan shudder a little. I tried a circular motion for a while and then tried to push my tongue into his tight hole. Ryan was breathing heavily. I swirled my tongue around a little more. Finally, he croaked out, "That's enough. Stop now!"

I pulled my tongue out of Ryan's ass. He turned around. His hard-on was angry red, and throbbing. Ryan struggled to get himself under control for a few moments.

"Suck my dick," Ryan then commanded. I licked the precum, which was oozing from his slit. Then I placed my lips around the head of Ryan's cock. I was careful not to use my teeth. While exerting a sucking force on his shaft, I swirled my tongue around the head, under the foreskin, and in the small slit. Ryan moaned. I expect he was a little surprised at how good I was at this, but I had never licked ass before; I did have some experience in sucking dick. Back in junior high school, I had fooled around a little with my best friend. It was mainly jerking each other off, but we had graduated to giving each other blowjobs until we had become uncomfortable and stopped the whole thing.

"Grab my butt," moaned Ryan. I reached behind him and grabbed a couple handfuls of ass. Damn, he had a muscular butt; they were buns of steel, all right. I started massaging each cheek, kneading it like dough. I could feel my own dick rising straight up. Then I thought I saw from the corner of my eye a flicker of movement at the cabin window. I started to look, but Ryan hoarsely ordered me to keep my mind on business. I removed my mouth from Ryan's cock and gently nibbled on his balls. I took one and then the other into my mouth. I then started sucking on the head of his dick again. When Ryan straightened, I traced his furry crack with my finger, knowing he would explode. He started bucking his hips, shooting what seemed like gallons of semen into my mouth.

"Don't swallow it. Keep it in your mouth!" Ryan ordered. I held it in my mouth while he finished spurting and withdrew his now soft dick. Ryan then dropped to his knees and once again kissed me. Ryan suctioned his jism out of my mouth into his and swallowed it. I was astonished; this guy was full of surprises.

"That's a snowball!" announced Ryan with a goofy, cum filled grin.


"That's what they call it. A snowball. When you suck back your own cum and swallow it."

I just looked at him. Then Ryan ordered me to clean up his mouth and dick. I knew what that meant. I licked the cum from around his lips and then swirled my tongue around the inside of his open mouth. When I had gotten the remaining cum, I knelt and took his now flaccid cock in my mouth. I sucked it clean. Satisfied, Ryan looked down and noticed that I was fully erect.

"Jack yourself off. I'm ready to see it up close this time," said Ryan.

I took my member in my hand as Ryan lay down on the mattress to watch. I ran my left hand up and down the shaft, using the precum for a little lubrication.

"Rub your ass like you did up on the hillside," ordered Ryan. "And your balls." He was idly playing with himself as he watched me intently.

I stroked my balls with my right hand. I then reached around and rubbed my ass cheeks and crack. My dick was pulsating, and I straightened up. I soon felt the familiar rush as I came. I kept stroking until I was soft.

"I liked it better last time," said Ryan with an air of disappointment. "It was more spontaneous. Oh well, fun's over. We better get back to the car." Ryan stood up and started pulling his clothes back on. I realized I was a little disappointed that he was now covering up his great body.

Ryan ordered me to put my arms behind my back when he was dressed. He then started to tie my hands together.

"Why are you retying my hands behind my back rather than in front?" I asked.

"I don't know. Maybe I think it looks sexier," replied Ryan. Ryan then untied the nylon rope from around my balls. I breathed a sigh of relief. Ryan pointed down at the cum I had shot onto the cabin floor. "Clean up your mess before we go. You know how."

I knelt on the floor and lowered my mouth to the pool of jism on the floor. I licked it up and stood up. Ryan opened the door and motioned me out.

"Hey, Ryan, can I put my shorts back on before we go," I urged.

"No," said Ryan. "You get them back when we reach the car, not before."

"But Ryan, I don't want the guys to see me buck naked like this."

"Tough," said Ryan, and he stuffed my balled-up underwear into my mouth. Then he pushed me ahead of him out the door.

We walked back along the trail towards the road. I knew I would get shit from Steve and Rick when they saw me nude back at the car. They didn't know what I was doing at these stops, and I was still trying to maintain some dignity in front of them. I had more than that to think about, however. Was Ryan gay? More importantly, was I gay? I had always thought of myself as basically straight. I was still a virgin, but I had dated girls and liked them. My experiences with guys were long ago; I had put them down to youthful experimentation. But there was no denying that I had been turned on by Ryan's body. I was confused.

When we were near the car, Ryan took pity on me and told me to stop. He took my briefs out of my mouth and held them out for me to step into. He pulled them up and gave me a playful slap on the butt. Then he took my socks out of his pocket, and as I held up each leg in turn, he pulled them on. We then proceeded to the car.

When we got to the car, Rick, sitting in the front seat, opened the door for me. There wasn't much room, and I fell into the back seat with my hands tied behind my back. Ryan jumped into his seat and tried to maneuver me around. I'm pretty big, and moving around with my hands behind my back was awkward. Scotty and Ryan pushed and pulled, but I got jackknifed with my head between Scotty's knees and my ass in Ryan's lap. My legs were squashed against the floorboards.

"Can't you sit him up?" asked Steve in an annoying tone.

"No," said Ryan. "He can't help himself with his arms tied behind him, and he won't fit in the seat."

"Fine. He can ride that way until Rick's stop." Steve put the car in gear, and we took off. I realized that in that exchange. No one had addressed me. Obviously, what I thought didn’t matter. As the ride went on, the guys seemed to think of me less as a person and more as an object. This disturbed me.

What disturbed me more was when Rick reached into the back seat and rubbed my hair. Then he announced, "I know where I want to stop, Steve. I think I have something pretty interesting planned for our friend Harvey." I didn't like Rick's accompanying little smirk. I had a funny feeling that whatever ‘interesting’ thing Rick had planned. It might not be something I was going to enjoy.

As I lay in the back seat of the car, wondering what Rick had in store for me, I became aware of a growing bulge in Scotty's lap. This was hard to miss since my head rested between Scotty's legs. I ignored it since I felt that Scotty had already had enough fun with my body tonight. Harder to ignore was that Ryan was now playing with my ass. I was dressed only in my white Jockey briefs and socks (since I had traded away the rest of my clothes for this ride home), and my rear end was resting pretty much in Ryan's lap. My arms were tied behind my back, and my legs were jackknifed into the floorboards of the cramped back seat.

Ryan had started by resting his hands on my ass cheek. Then he began running his index finger slowly up and down my crack. I tried to block him by moving my bound hands across my butt. Ryan countered this by simply giving my balls a squeeze. That was enough of a warning not to interfere with his desires, and I quickly moved my hands out of his way. Then, through the thin fabric of my Jockeys, Ryan started to finger my asshole. Despite my efforts to remain calm, the stimulation began to arouse me. Ryan must have known this since my hardening dick was pressing against his thigh. Ryan then knocked off his fooling around; maybe he feared I would blow my wad on his pants.

"Okay, Rick, where are we heading?" asked Steve.

"Joe's Place," replied Rick.

My blood ran a little cold when I heard that. I knew of Joe's Place. It was an unlicensed tavern where the younger, rowdier element in town hung out. It was back in the woods someplace, and I had never been there, but it had an unsavory reputation. However, I didn't even think of protesting; I knew it wouldn't do any good, and besides, I had agreed to all of this. Plus, I felt considerable fear about what Rick might do there. I couldn't deny a thrill of excitement too.

But apparently, Steve didn't want to go there. "I don't like that place. And it's out of the way," complained Steve.

"It's where I want to go," said Rick. "It's not that far."

"Well … if it's what you want," said Steve.

We kept driving and eventually left the rough logging roads and entered the public road. After we drove down some back roads I didn't recognize, we pulled into the gravel parking lot of an unassuming roadhouse with no sign, but I guessed it was Joe's Place.

"You're going to have to stay in the car, little bro," said Steve to Scotty. Scotty didn't object but just nodded. I got the feeling that he didn't want to go inside anyway. Steve, Rick, Ryan, and I exited the car and headed for the front door.

"Well, Harvey, your time with Scotty and Ryan was entertaining, but I don't need you to get my rocks off. I have something more rewarding in mind," said Rick.

"Entertaining? You mean you were watching!" I exclaimed.

"Sure. Steve, Ryan, and I followed you and Scotty into the woods. Scotty sure surprised us with your whipping! I almost bust a gut laughing. And Steve and I peeked through the cabin window at your playtime with Ryan. In fact, watching you with Ryan gave me my idea for this stop."

Ryan looked a little embarrassed, but I was in shock. My saving grace, until now, had been that I thought my humiliations had been relatively private. I had thought I was maintaining some sort of dignified front in front of Steve and Rick, But now it turns out that each of these guys had seen everything I was willing to do.

"Stop, this won't work," ordered Rick, looking at me. "Lift up your feet." As I lifted one foot after the other, Rick stripped off my socks. He pulled out his penknife and deftly tore my socks into strips. He tied the strips together around my head to create an effective (and somewhat dirty and smelly) blindfold for me.

"Okay, good," said Rick, and we walked into Joe's Place.

It was nice and warm inside, and a small buzz of conversation stopped as we walked in. I could feel smooth, well-worn floorboards beneath my bare feet.

"What have you got there?" said a strange voice.

"Prime grade A teenage jock!" said Rick.

"What does he do?" said another voice.

"What he does, I'll get to in a minute," said Rick. "First, I'll give you a sample of his talents.”

I didn’t like being treated like property for others to use. Im just sat on the bar's edge with my hands tied behind my back. I considered asking for help from the people in the bar. However, I noted that no one at Joe's Place had inquired about my safety or voiced any concerns. I might do better with Steve and the guys. Also, I had agreed to all of this.

"You're going to dance," whispered Rick in my ear.

"I can't dance," I whispered back. "Particularly with my arms tied."

"You don't need your arms to dance. Just sway to the music; try to keep to the beat. And shake your booty."

"Well, I'll need some music at least."

"I'll get you music," said Rick. Next, I hear the clink of change in a jukebox, and a song comes on. Appropriately enough, Rick has chosen an old Bob Seger tune, the one to which Tom Cruise dances in his underwear in Risky Business. Though I think Tom got to wear a shirt. And he didn't have his hands tied behind him.

Rick helped me stand, and I began dancing and started getting the hang of it quickly. I guess I was okay because people started to clap along. Stupidly, this encouraged me. I became slightly more adventurous and started strutting back and forth like a rock star. The audience started whooping it up. I realized it was a turn-on dancing almost nude for people I couldn't see. I knew Rick, Steve, and Ryan were watching me, but who were the others? Did I know any of them? Were they people I saw every day? Did they recognize me? I thought probably not; I was relatively new in town. Then I heard a voice say, "isn't that the new kid, Harvey whatshisname?" So much for my anonymity. I wondered who had recognized me. Then I realized that wherever I went from now on, I would wonder if anyone I ran into had watched me dance in my underwear at Joe's Place.

I heard a shout from the audience, "hey, show us the goods!"

"That's not free," called out Rick. "How much are you willing to pay?"

There was a little discussion, and a voice said, "we've got five dollars."

"Okay," said Rick. "Show me the money!"

I guess Rick got his money because the next thing I knew, my Jockeys were pulled below my knees, and everything I got was displayed to the crowd. I didn't know I had any shame left, but I could feel myself blushing. Then my dick starts rising up again. "Glad to see you're enjoying this," Rick whispered.

My briefs around my ankles inhibited my dancing, but the bar audience didn't seem to mind. Wolf whistles and applause greeted my unveiling. I unwisely tried to jump around a little, lost my balance, and fell on my ass. Almost immediately, two sets of arms grabbed me and helped me to my feet. One of my unknown helpers then groped my bare ass while the other grabbed my dick.

"Hey, no groping!" shouted a voice I recognized as Ryan's.

"You didn't pay for that!" said Rick.

The strange hands were then quickly removed from my body as I heard the sounds of a short scuffle. "Okay, keep dancing," said Rick.

I started dancing again. Knowing that the guys were willing to look out for me was reassuring. A new song started that I didn't recognize. I shook my bare ass in time to it. I have a pretty attractive bubble butt, two muscular mounds, and very little hair.

"Here's a dollar. Have him stick his finger up his ass," called a voice from the audience.

I heard a spitting sound behind me, and then what I guessed was saliva landed on my fingers. "I gave you some lubrication," said Rick.

I spread Rick's spit around in my hand and lubed up my finger. I moved my bound hands down to my crack and spread my cheeks as best I could with my wrist bound. I pressed at my puckered asshole but couldn't get a finger inside. I tried to relax and was finally able to get one finger in. I wiggled my ass at the audience. There were catcalls and applause. I withdrew my finger.

"That's it for the free show!" shouted Rick as he pulled up my Jockeys. "If you want more, we're selling blow jobs for ten dollars each."

"Anything more than dancing, you take in the back room," said a deep voice I assumed was that of the proprietor.

"Okay, we'll be in the back," said Rick as he led me by the arm. "I know you're good at this," whispered Rick, "I saw you blow, Ryan. And don't tell me you're not getting off on this. your pecker is like a tent pole in your shorts."

"I'll go through with this on one condition," I said to Rick, "no one comes in my mouth." Ryan was the only person ever to cum in my mouth, and I wanted to keep it that way.

"Fair enough," agreed Rick. Rick helped me kneel down, and I awaited the first customer.

There was a knock at the door. Rick let someone in. "Give me the $10," said Rick.

"Okay, here it is," said a voice I didn't recognize. It was hard to tell, but from the voice, I would guess that the guy was in his mid to late 20s. "You going to watch?"

"Yeah, to make sure you behave yourself," replied Rick. "Oh, remember, you can't come in his mouth."

I then heard an unzipping sound. Something warm nudged at my lips. I opened my mouth and licked the head of this stranger's dick. It quickly swelled up. I swirled my tongue around the tip and then licked up and down the shaft. It seemed to be about average-sized. I took the dick into my mouth and started sucking. It became rock-hard. I became intrigued by the feel of the velvety softness on the surface with the firmness underneath. Also, there was a kinky thrill knowing that Rick was watching us. The guy put his hands on the back of my head and started pulling me up and down his throbbing shaft. It didn't take long (I guess I was good), and he straightened up. I knew this meant he was about to come, and I dropped his dick from my mouth. He moaned as I felt his hot jism explode all over my chest.

"Damn, that was good," said the stranger. I felt him stick something in the waistband of my briefs as he whispered in my ear, "That's for you, man."

After the customer left the room, I felt Rick reach down and take the tip from me. "No free-lancing," said Rick as he giggled.

Harvey’s Dilemma
Part 4 of 6

The next three customers fell into pretty much a pattern. A knock at the door, the exchange of money, an odor of beer and sweat sometimes mixed with cheap cologne, then a dick in my face. I tried to give good value sucking and licking, but none of these customers seemed too demanding. Maybe it was my technique, but none took too long. Each blew their load on my body. Mostly it splattered on my chest as I kneeled there.

But then the next customer was different. The first thing he did was remove my blindfold. What a surprise! He was a good-looking man in a business suit. No words as he unzipped and pulled out his long stiff dick. He firmly held my head as he wanted it, and I opened my mouth. But then, he put his hands under my armpits and pulled me to my feet. He held my face and started kissing me, using a lot of tongue. My mouth was sore, but I tried to return the French kiss, sticking my tongue into his mouth. The guy pressed his shirted-chest against my bare chest and ran his hands down my back. Then he clutched at my ass cheeks through my briefs. He moved one hand around to my front and slipped inside my underpants to feel my cock and balls. Gee, I thought this guy was taking liberties with me; maybe he paid Rick extra?

The guy removed his lips and hands and roughly pushed me back to my knees. I tentatively opened my mouth, thinking that was what he wanted. Then his hard, thick cock pressed against my lips. This guy was huge! Nobody I had sucked up until now had prepared me to handle this monster. I wasn't sure I could even get it in my mouth! Instead, I started licking it like an ice cream cone. I went up and down and then worked on the massive balls I found hanging below. I thought I was doing okay when my ears were grabbed, and my head was forced back and then forward onto his massive dick, pulling my head closer to him. I took as much as I could handle but then started gagging. He released my head, and I backed off a bit but started a good suction. I used my tongue to swirl around the head and into the slit. I kept this up for a while, and the dick started pulsating. My cock struggled to free itself from my Jockeys, but I couldn't release it since my hands were tied behind me. This guy must have had long arms because he touched my ass inside my briefs and started rubbing and pulling apart my ass cheeks. After a while, I hear some heavy breathing, and I try to drop the giant cock from my mouth. But the guy moved his hands to the back of my head and kept my throat impaled on his shaft. His hips started bucking, and then hot cum poured into my mouth. "Swallow it!" he hoarsely whispers. I gag a little, but I get it down. He releases his hold on my head and removes his now soft (but still quite large) dick from my mouth.

I am again pulled to my feet and surprised to feel a tongue circling my right tit. A mouth starts sucking on it. It then moves on to my left tit to give it the same treatment. The tongue then starts licking down the center of my chest until it hits the waistband of my briefs. The mouth then starts sucking on my engorged cock through the thin cloth of my Jockeys. Then he sucks in each of my balls, in turn, into his mouth through the cotton. I started moaning, and I couldn't control myself. I shoot right into my briefs. His mouth lets go. He re-fastened the blindfold around my head as he found it. His hands let go, and as I catch my breath, he is gone, and Rich enters, “It's time to go.”

Rick steers me back into the main room of the bar. I feel someone, probably Rich, fingered my dick in my soggy cum-fulled underwear, and then… a roomful of applause. If only I had not climaxed, I could have defended myself by saying I was forced. I was so humiliated. "Ryan, can you take Harvey outside," asked Rick. "I have to settle up with Joe."

"Sure," says Ryan, and he led me through the front door into the parking lot. As I left, someone called out, "Come back anytime, dude!"

When we get outside, Ryan removes my blindfold and drops it on the ground. "I guess you won't need that anymore."

I blink my eyes. Ryan and I then look at each other uncomfortably. "So, how many did you have to service?" asked Ryan.

"Five," I said shortly.

"Well, I guess you must have enjoyed it," observed Ryan, looking down at the large wet cum stain on my briefs.

I said nothing. Ryan moved around behind me. He rubbed my shoulders and started giving me a little back rub. "Be glad you didn't have to blow Rick. He's hung like a horse." Then I guess Ryan noticed I was getting cold because he wrapped his arms around me and embraced me from behind. It felt good.

The front door of Joe's Place swung open, and Ryan abruptly dropped his arms. Rick and Steve came out. Rick was discussing his take. "There was $40 for the blow jobs, $5 to pull down his shorts, $1 for the finger up his ass, and a $1 tip. That's $47. Then there were the beers I bought you guys, and I had to give Joe $10. So I cleared $33. Selling Harvey’s body worked out pretty well," said Rick.

"Yeah," said Steve, "but we've still got my stop to go. And Harvey is starting to look kind of used." Steve then looked pointedly at my cum-spattered face and chest. No one offered to wipe me clean, and the large stain on my Jockeys. I started to blush again.

As we returned to the Camaro, where Scotty was waiting, I considered Rick's accounting. He said $40 for the blow jobs, but I knew I blew five guys. That should have been $50, or even extra for the last guy. This discrepancy and Ryan's comment about Rick's size made me wonder if Rick was my last client. If so, he had blown me too! So much for him not needing me to get his rocks off.

We got back into the car, and I ended up in the back seat in about the same position as last time. My head was between Scotty's legs and my rump in Ryan's lap with my legs squashed against the floor. As we started driving, Ryan started playing with my defenseless ass again. Only this time, he was bolder. He licked his fingers and then pushed his hand under my briefs. After rubbing my ass cheeks, he sought out my vulnerable hole. I knew what was coming and tried to relax and let him enter easily. After circling the hole with his index finger, he gently but firmly pushed his way in. He slid his finger back and forth. I don't think Steve or Rick noticed anything from the front seat. Then Ryan inserted a second finger. I just gritted my teeth and decided to let him have his fun. He pushed the two fingers in and out and loosened me up. My dick started hardening again. I don't know if Ryan had plans to go any further because Steve then pulled over and stopped the car. Ryan quickly withdrew his fingers from my ass and put my Jockeys back in order. My relief didn't last long because I realized we had pulled over for Steve's stop.

Steve turned to look at me in the back seat. "Ryan, hand me his underpants," he said casually. Ryan put his hands under my hips to lift me up, then pulled my briefs off my legs. He tossed them to Steve. I was now completely nude. "Okay, get him out of the car," ordered Steve. Rick opened the passenger side door. Scotty and Ryan then started pushing me out the car door. They were a little too enthusiastic, and I tumbled out on the ground, landing on my bare ass. That hurt! As I sat on the rough pavement, Rick shut his door. I could see the four of them talking inside the car.

Was this Steve's plan, I wondered. To dump me by the side of the road, stark naked and with my hands tied behind me, left to find my way home. I didn't know exactly where I was, but it couldn't be all that far from town. If I could get my hands untied or find someone to untie them, I would eventually get home, though with untold embarrassment. How would I explain my dilemma and the cum all over my body? I was royally pissed off. I had completely fulfilled my end of the bargain so far. It would be pretty lame for these guys to put me through all this and not meet their obligation to get me home. I had thought a little more highly of them than that.

Then the driver's side door opened, and Steve got out. He walked over to where I was sitting and looked me up and down. He had my briefs in his hand. I shivered a little and realized that maybe being dumped here might not be so bad compared to what else Steve may have planned for me.

I sat on the ground, ass naked, with my hands tied behind my back. Steve hadn't said a word. He stood there looking me up and down while twirling my Jockey briefs in his left hand. Finally, he reached down and pulled me up by my shoulders. "I asked those guys to get you out of the car, not throw you out! You okay?" he said.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I replied. Actually, my ass was a little bruised but I wasn't going to mention that to Steve. I glanced at the car. I could see Ryan, Rick, and Scotty inside watching us. "You're not dumping me here?" I asked.

Steve looked at me quizzically. "Here? No, I'm not dumping you here." I guess I was relieved, but I wasn't sure I liked Steve's emphasis on the word here.

"Come along. We have a little ways to go," said Steve. "Oh, wait a sec, I almost forgot." Steve took my cum-stained Jockeys and pulled them over my head as a crude blindfold. He gave me a little push, and I started walking.

Steve steered me along by my shoulders. He kept me from running into anything big and held me up when I tripped several times.

"You know, Ryan is my oldest friend. I know him better than probably anybody in the world," said Steve as we trudged along. "He's quiet but charming once you know him."

I thought back as Ryan stuck his fingers up my defenseless ass in the car. I replied, somewhat coldly, "You'll excuse me if I only have tonight to go by."

"Arrogant prick," I heard Steve mutter.

Steve fell silent for a moment and then tried again. "Did you know Ryan attended all your baseball games?"

"No, I didn't," I said. "Is he a baseball fan?"

"I didn't think so," replied Steve. "He only started going when you joined the team."

This was interesting, and I hoped Steve would say more. But he didn't.

After that, Steve seemed to be steering me into more small branches. They stung when they slapped against my bare body. I was sure that I was getting covered with small scratches. It was a relief when Steve eventually told me to stop.

"Stand still," ordered Steve. I could hear him doing something with the other end of the rope, which tied my hands. Then Steve took my briefs off my head, and I could look around. Steve had tied me, with my back to the trunk and my hands over my head, at the edge of a good-sized clearing. In the middle were the remains of an old campfire. Steve looked at me and admired his handiwork. I reminded myself that I had agreed to all of this.

"Uh, Steve, could you put my underpants back on," I asked.

"You don't mean to tell me you still have any modesty left?" laughed Steve. "Oh, okay." He took my underwear, held them out for me to step into, and then pulled them up. Being covered up again made me feel a little better for some reason.

Steve walked over to a nearby tree and turned his back to me. I heard him unzip as he started to take a leak. He called over his shoulder at me, "You know, Harvey, I don't remember you taking a whiz since you showed up at the bridge. Don't you need to go?"

That did it. With everything else going on, I had been ignoring my full bladder. But with Steve's comment, I now had to piss like a racehorse. "I do, Steve. Could you maybe."

"Forget it, Harvey. I'm not holding it for you," said Steve as he zipped up.

"Then could you at least give me my underwear back?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah, I guess that would be alright.” He tossed them at my feet. Then took out a large, white banana from his back pocket, rolled it taught, and tied it around my head to gag me. “There you go, now you have your underwear back. It’s right there in the dirt. You can thank me later.” Anyway, I'm out of here. Later!" With that, Steve turned and walked out of the clearing back into the forest. I was suddenly very alone.

"Steve, where are you going?” I mumbled. “Hey, good joke! Come back!" I’m sure he knew what I said. But he had disappeared. Was he planning to dump me here in the middle of the woods? Would they find a naked skeleton tied to a tree in a few years? I panicked. I couldn't believe Steve would abandon me when I could not get free. Ryan would make him come back, wouldn't he?

But the minutes passed, and he didn't come back. What if he never came back? It was cold standing there in just my Jockeys. Someone might eventually find me. But what kind of person wanders the backwoods? And what might that kind of person do to a young man in his underwear tied to a tree?

The forest was silent except for its night sounds. I heard crickets. I heard the hoot of an owl. I was cold. And I still had to pee badly! Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and just let go. The piss streamed down onto my briefs in the dirt, creating a muddy, urine mess.

Steve, Rick, Ryan, and Scotty walked back into the clearing just then. Steve, Ryan, and Scotty were carrying some wood they must have been gathering. Rick had something in his hands that I couldn't see too well. My happiness to see them over showed my embarrassment at the state I was in.

The four of them walked up and stood around me in a semicircle. They could hardly miss that I was drenched from underwear in front of me. "Gee, Harvey, you peed on your shorts. I guess you don't have any standards left," said Steve.

"That's gross!" said Scotty. I said nothing but burned bright red.

Ryan and Scotty went off to build a fire. Steve and Rick looked me up and down with big grins. I could see that Rick was carrying a camera. I knew Rick was in the photography club at school. I guess the camera had been in the car's trunk all evening.

"You make a pretty picture, Harvey, so we're going to take some," said Steve. "Rick, take pictures from all angles." Rick started taking photos of me tied to the tree. After taking a series of pictures, he untied his bandana, my gag, and put it back in his pocket. Then with two fingertips, pick up my muddy urine underwear and showed everyone. And then I saw camera flashes. I hoped the pictures wouldn't come out, but I thought Rick probably knew what he was doing.

After all the flashes stopped, I blinked my eyes a few times. I opened them to see Steve holding my underwear, "I think these could stand to dry out by the fire," he said. Ryan and Scotty had gotten a pretty good fire going by this time. Steve walked over and dropped my Jockeys right in the flames. I watched my last remaining article of clothing smolder and start to burn. "Oops!" said Steve.

Steve returned to where I was tied up and said, "I guess I could untie you now. You're not planning to go anywhere, are you?"

"No, Steve," I said. There were four of them; I could hardly get away. Also, I didn't know the way back. Steve untied me. I swung my arms around to get the circulation going. I started to walk toward the fire to get warm.

"Crawl, Harvey," instructed Steve. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled over to the fire. As I warmed myself, Steve walked over and looked at me.

"What should I do with you, Harvey?" Steve asked. "What can I take from you that hasn't already been taken?"

I couldn't think of anything off the top of my head. "How about a blow job, Steve?" At least I was pretty good at those.

"Not from that filthy mouth!" said Steve. "I know where it has been tonight. But your asshole is pretty much untouched." Steve didn't know about Ryan's finger fuck of me, and I decided not to enlighten him. "Have you ever been ass fucked, Harvey?"

"No, I haven't," I said.

"Well, that's going to change. I'm going to bust your cherry, dude."

Steve peeled off his gray sweater. This revealed a well-built and almost hairless chest. It was maybe not as chiseled as Ryan's but very nicely proportioned with good pecs and ripped abs. Then Steve slipped off his shoes and pulled off his faded jeans. This left him standing in gray boxer briefs and white socks. He had a classic swimmer's build with strong legs. With his longish dirty blond hair and nice tan, he looked like a surfer (if we had surfers in backwoods Maine). I could see a good-sized bulge growing in Steve's underwear. "Go over and get on your hands and knees on that rock," said Steve, directing me to a large flat-topped boulder near the center of the clearing. I crawled over and got up on all fours on the rock.

Steve walked behind me and squeezed my ass cheeks like they were melons. Then he gave my ass a hard slap. "Scotty, come over here and get Harvey's ass warmed up for me," called Steve.

"Sure thing, Steve," said Scotty with a broad smile. Scotty came over and stood behind me. I could hear him pull his belt out from his cargo shorts, and I knew what was coming. He folded over the belt and started to lightly whip my behind. Since my balls were hanging there in front of him, he also gave them a few whacks. I yelped, and Scotty turned his attention back to my butt. After a few harder strokes on each cheek, he put the belt back on and enthusiastically slapped my ass with his bare hand.

While Scotty was paddling me. Steve had bent over to get something out of his pants pocket. I could see his strong back and the firm globes beneath the gray cotton of his underwear. He had a nice-looking butt. I was a little shocked that I was now noticing this sort of thing. Steve walked over in front of me. He held up a condom packet and ripped it open. Steve handed the condom to me. "Put it on me," he said, sticking his crotch in my face.

I was impressed that Steve practiced safe sex (or maybe he just wasn't sure how clean my ass was). I reached my hands out and pulled down Steve's boxer briefs, releasing his fully erect cock. It was throbbing as I grabbed hold of it. It was bigger than mine, even bigger than Ryan's, probably about seven inches, and quite thick. It was circumcised and straight as an arrow. I put the condom on the tip and unrolled it up his boner, trying to time my actions between Scotty's slaps to keep my balance.

"Okay, that's enough, Scotty." Steve pushed his boxer briefs down below his ankles and stepped out of them. Then he walked behind me. He nudged my legs apart and looked at my red ass. "Try to relax, and this will go easier," said Steve. He pulled apart my ass cheeks and then ran a finger from the back of my balls up my crack. He circled my asshole with his finger and then rubbed it. Steve reached around and stuck his fingers in my mouth to lick as lubrication. He gently pressed one finger inside my hole. It went in pretty easily. Maybe it was just as well that Ryan had loosened me up earlier. Steve then stuck in another finger and slid them in and out.

"You sure you've never done this before?" said Steve as he removed his fingers. "They went in pretty easily. Maybe we'll try fisting next time." What next time, I wondered. Steve spit into his palm and lubed up his dick. Then he leaned over and spit on my asshole. He pressed his meat against my back door. I tried to relax as he pushed on it. I thought I would pass out. It was like the worst medical exam ever. Steve started to ride me. He used long, slow strokes to get me used to his invasion. It was painful, but I just tried to accept it.

Steve gradually speeded up his thrusts. I was wondering why people enjoyed this until he started hitting what I guess was my prostate. The pleasure started mixing with the pain.

"Take some pictures, Rick," said Steve, "but make sure you can't see my face."

Rick picked up his camera and took a series of photos from all angles. As the flashes went off, I realized these were perfect blackmail shots. I was not tied up. You could see me clearly. I was being ass-fucked, and you couldn't see Steve's face.

Steve was really going at it now. He was slamming his balls against my ass. I could feel beads of his sweat dropping off his body onto my back. I lifted up my ass to take his assault. I was hard-cocked again and reached a hand down to give myself a few strokes. Steve had his hands on my hips, steadying himself, and every so often, he would slap my ass as he pushed in and out. For me, the mixture of pleasure and pain coming from my backside was indescribable. Steve raised one of his hands to rub my hair like a dog. He leaned over to whisper in my ear. "What would your jock friends think if they could see you now? Or … see these photos?" I had no response to that.

Harvey’s Dilemma
Part 5 of 6

I could see Scotty standing near the campfire in his trucks. His hand was inside his shorts. Ryan was sitting on a log at the edge of the clearing, watching passively.

Rick took more photos of me standing near the fire, just trying to get warm. Steve didn't notice, but I could tell from the angle that Steve's face would be clearly visible. I wondered if this was a mistake or whether Rick had some special plans for those pictures.

Steve then called Scotty back over. "I'm sure Harvey will help you out if you want," said Steve. Scotty smiled and unzipped his shorts. His boner popped out of his boxers. He walked in front of me, stooped down to align his dick with my mouth, and I accepted it and started sucking. Scotty started thrusting it in and out of my mouth. The feeling of getting fucked from both ends was intense!

Rick picked up the camera again. "No pictures with Scotty!" ordered Steve. Rick put the camera down.

Steve must have been reaching his limit because he stopped thrusting to pull his dick out of my ass after a moment. He stripped off the condom and started to stroke his cock vigorously. After a few seconds, he grunted and shot his load across my bare back and ass. He kept milking his dick to the last drop. Then he raised his hand and smeared his hot jism around my back.

I continued sucking Scotty. Then Scotty asked, "Steve, could I have a go at Harvey's ass too?"

"Sure," said Steve, "go crazy! But put on a condom."

"Do I have to?"

"Yeah, it's good practice with either guys or girls," said Steve. "If you're always safe, hopefully, nobody will catch anything, and you won't get anyone pregnant." Steve walked over to where his pants were lying. He got another condom from his pocket and handed it to Scotty.

Scotty removed his dick from my mouth and moved behind me. I could hear him rip open the condom package. Then, without warning, Scotty rammed his dick up my butt. "Wow, fucking a jock stud, an older hunky stud, up the ass!" he exclaimed. He wasn't as gentle as Steve had been; fortunately, he was smaller, and I was loosened up at this point. He got a good rhythm going, riding me with short, quick, jackrabbit thrusts. He quickly found my prostate, and I started moaning. Scotty moved his hands up and down my back. Then he surprised me by reaching his right hand under me to grab my fully erect dick. He started stroking me.

Meanwhile, Rick appeared in front of me. He unzipped his shorts and dropped them to the ground. This revealed a pair of green silk boxers with an ungodly bulge. Green silk, I thought to myself, what's with that? Then he pushed down his boxers, revealing the monster I had not seen, but was now certain I had tasted, back at Joe's Place. It seemed even bigger than I remembered. I didn't know they came that big! I once again attempted to take Rick's massive tool in my mouth. I could only really get the head in, but I slurped away.

Scotty released his hold on my dick and began to slam his hips into my ass. He squeezed my ass cheeks as he came. After his breathing slowed down. He removed his dick and pulled off the condom. He rubbed his softening dick in the crack of my ass. Then he leaned over my back and gave me a hug. "Thanks again," Scotty whispered in my ear. "That was my first time." Then he gave me a quick kiss on the back of my neck.

That was nice of Scotty, but I was still trying to deal with the world's biggest dick, which, as I thought about it, seemed to accurately describe both Rick and his giant cock. I was desperately trying to get Rick to come so that it didn't occur to him to stick that thing up my ass. I was afraid it would split me in half! Rick ran his hands through my hair as I licked around the tip of his mushroom head. I reached out my right hand and slid it up and down the base of his stalk. Then I gently rubbed Rick's balls. Rick started breathing very heavily. I seemed to be having the desired effect. I reached between his legs and ran my index finger up his crack. I found his asshole and started tracing around it with my finger. Rick began moaning softly. I then started vigorously rubbing his hole. That did it. Rick's body stiffened, and I removed my mouth from his dick. But Rick held onto my head as he came. He spurted in my face and on my hair.

After his breathing returned to normal, Rick had me lick his dick clean, and then he pulled up his boxers and shorts. My knees were starting to hurt, so I crawled off the boulder. I stood up slowly since my rump was pretty sore and stretched. I felt pretty used; every orifice of my body had been violated tonight.

As I stood there naked next to the fire, Steve noticed my throbbing hard-on. "Go ahead, Harvey, give yourself some relief. Jack yourself off," urged Steve.

"No," said Ryan. "I'll do it."

They all turned and looked at Ryan. He had been sitting quietly at the edge of the clearing, watching us until now. He stood up and walked over to me. He took hold of my dick and gently started stroking it. I realized for the first time that he was left-handed. He didn't say anything but just stared into my eyes. He had calm hazel eyes. I watched how the flickering firelight lit up his profile. It seemed that I was always looking at this guy in the firelight.

I glanced down and noticed a projection in Ryan's jeans. I had given up thinking of them as my jeans. I felt that one good turn deserved another, so I reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped Ryan's pants. They slipped to the ground. I then released his seven inches by pushing down Ryan's blue and white boxers. I started to slowly stroke Ryan's beautiful dick.

I don't know how long we stood there, gazing into each other's eyes and masturbating at each other. Time seemed to have slowed down a lot for me for some reason. The humiliations of the evening started to seem far away. I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach and realized I had developed feelings for this strong, quiet, handsome guy. I didn't have much time to ponder this realization since it coincided with me going over the edge and starting to shoot. Ryan held on and pumped me dry. Then, seconds later, he came as well. I knelt and cleaned him up. Then I pulled up his boxers and his khaki pants. I stood up, and we just grinned at each other.

Then the world broke in on the two of us, and I realized that Steve, Rick, and Scotty, fully dressed, were sitting in a row on a fallen log staring at us. "Well, if you're done," said Steve sarcastically. Ryan and I both blushed.

Steve stood up. "Is everyone satisfied that Harvey has fully complied with his agreement tonight and is entitled to a ride back to town?" asked Steve. Steve, Rick, Ryan, and Scotty nodded at each other. "Okay, let's put out the fire and go back to the car," said Steve.

Steve and Scotty picked up any trash. Scotty brought me a water bottle, and I drained quickly. Not only was I thirsty, but it helped get the taste of dick out of my mouth.

Ryan walked me to the car where he set me in the backseat, naked. I was so exhausted I immediately fell asleep. I just zonked out. Apparently, Ryan left me there alone and went to pack up his belongings. When he returned to the car, he slid into the back seat next to me and gently began to suck my dick. I was unaware of it until I felt him gradually sucking me harder and harder. I woke, and to my surprise, Ryan was blowing me. I didn’t even move my hands to try to stop him. I actually just let him continue as I tried to go back to sleep.

At some point, the rest of them packed up the trunk and took seats. As we started up and headed back to town. The good mood resulting from my interlude with Ryan began to dissipate. I started to think about all that had happened.

As I thought about it, I realized that everything truly had been stripped from me tonight. First, my clothes, then my dignity. Most of my illusions and my virginity were also gone. Most importantly, I had lost my certainty about my sexual identity. Was I gay? I liked girls, but I seemed to have gotten off on most of what I did tonight. I was certainly turned on by Ryan, and I really wanted to get to know him better. Who was I now? What would people think? Did I really care?

I couldn't help myself. Some sort of emotional dam was breaking. I didn't make a sound, but tears began filling my eyes and flowing down my face. Scotty noticed them first. He looked slightly upset, then reached out and petted my leg. I just stared down at the floor of the car, then Ryan saw that I was crying. He quickly reached out his left arm and put it around my bare shoulders. Then he used the index finger of his right hand to gently trace from my navel up the center of my chest to my neck. He took hold of my chin and gently turned my face to look at him. He released my chin and started to brush the tears from my cheeks. I looked into his eyes and saw the concern there. Gee, does this guy really care about me? He pulled me closer, and I lay my head on his shoulder. I didn't care what Steve or Rick would think if they saw us, and I hoped Ryan didn't either.

Maybe I am gay or bisexual, I thought to myself. So what! I'm 23 years old. I don't need any labels. I certainly don't need to apply them to myself. I have fifty-plus more years to explore my sexuality, and I’ll have a damn good time doing it! I'll be whoever I want to be. I’ll decide. Who cares what anyone else thinks!

It felt good resting in Ryan's arms. Steve and Rick finally noticed what was happening in the back seat, turned around, and looked at us. Ryan stiffened under their scrutiny but didn't remove his arms or push me away. Rick looked a little surprised but said nothing. Steve just smiled slightly and turned back to drive.

I sat back and thought about how I would sneak stark naked into my house without my parents noticing when I realized that Steve was looking at me in the rearview mirror. A shiver ran down my back despite the warmth of Ryan's body. The smirk I could see on Steve's face made me suspicious that tonight's ordeals were not yet over. And what plans did Steve have for those photos?

I had been stripped to the skin during the night and was sitting naked in the backseat of the car as we returned to town. I wasn't leaning against Ryan anymore. I was kind of embarrassed about my emotional breakdown earlier. However, Ryan still had his arm around me and was gently stroking the back of my neck. He was really a sweet guy.

I was still nervous. While Steve had announced back at the clearing that I had fulfilled all my obligations, I was suspicious that he still had some humiliation or other in mind for me tonight. Also, he had had Rick take some rather incriminating photos of me being fucked, and I was unconcerned about his plans for those pictures.

Steve pulled into a gas station as we hit the outskirts of town. I wondered why he had chosen this one. We had come a little out of the way to get here.

"Everybody pony up three dollars for gas," announced Steve. "Harvey, I guess you're excused." I should think so, I thought. I had paid for my ride the hard way.

Rick, Ryan, and Scotty each handed three dollars to Steve. He added his own money and then handed it to me. "What's this for?" I asked.

"Since you're not paying, you can pump the gas," said Steve.

"Steve, I'm naked," I said.

"So? Does that make you incapable of handling a gas pump?"

"Forget it!" I said.

"Well, if you can't even help out a little, you can get out here and walk the rest of the way," said Steve.

"Whoa, Steve," I said. "I made a deal for a ride home, not a ride to this gas station."

"No," said Steve. "You asked me for a ride back to town. This is town. All agreements have been met, and you can just get out here. Now if you want me to do you the favor of a ride to your house, you can do me the favor of pumping the gas."

I couldn't remember exactly what I had said back up the mountain. Maybe I had only asked for a ride back to town. I decided to appeal to Ryan.

"Ryan, didn't I ask for a ride home, not just back to town?"

Ryan looked uncomfortable momentarily and squirmed a little in his seat. "Well, Harvey, uh… I think you just asked for a ride back to, uh… town."

"Yeah, well, maybe I didn't anticipate I would be fucking naked when I got here!" I yelled in Ryan's ear. I was furious at him. If he wanted to have a shot at being my boyfriend, He was going to have to learn something about supporting me. Ryan looked completely taken aback by my anger. His mouth dropped open, and he stared at me. I guess I was overreacting, but in my defense, I had had a pretty bad day!

I turned away from Ryan. I could see that Steve, Rick, and Scotty all had big grins. I considered my options. I could either get out and pump the gas, in which case I would be naked in front of one gas station attendant and other customers, or I could walk home from here, where countless people would see me nude. It seemed smarter to pump the gas. "Oh, okay," I sighed. "Let me out." Rick opened the car door, and I jumped out.

I opened the gas cap and put in the hose, but nothing happened. The pump was locked, and the attendant would have to unlock it for me. He saw me from inside the office and came out towards the pump.

SHIT! I thought to myself. I know this guy from school. His name was Jason, and he was another jock. He was on the swimming team, and I didn't know him well, but he would certainly recognize me. I'll bet this is why Steve chose this gas station. I looked inside the car at Steve. He had a big smile on his face.

I looked back at Jason as he approached me. Jason is hard to miss in our town; he comes from one of the few Asian families living in our part of backwoods, Maine. He is a little shorter than me but muscular. His jet-black hair is cut short on the sides and spiked up on top with hair gel. His most striking feature is a pair of expressive dark gray eyes. That night, he wore jeans, a black tee shirt, hiking boots, and a black duster-type overcoat.

Jason had gotten close enough to realize I didn't have a stitch. He looked at me with a sly expression on his face. "Hi, Harvey. Wash day?"

"Yeah, Jason, something like that," I replied. I would have to think up some story by Monday, or this would be all over school.

Jason looked inside the car. "Hi, Steve, Rick, guys," he said.

"Hey, Jason," said Steve. "Could you unlock the pump? We're in kind of a hurry. And I think Harvey's getting cold."

"Sure thing," said Jason as he unlocked the pump.

I turned the hose on and watched the meter as the dollars and gallons rang up. I could feel Jason staring at me. I hoped he couldn't see in the dim light the scratches from the tree branches and the dried cum that covered me.

I felt uncomfortable being naked in full public view. It didn't help that periodically that a car would go by. I know at least one noticed my state of undress; the pickup truck driver leaned out his window and gave me a big wolf whistle as he went past. Jason snickered.

The gauge started to close in on $12, and I leaned down to turn off the hose. As I bent over, Jason pinched my butt. I whirled around. "What the hell do you think you're doing," I shouted as I pulled myself up to my full height. "Just because I'm naked, do you think that's some sort of invitation?"

Jason shrank back. "I'm sorry, Harvey. I didn't mean anything by it," said Jason quickly. "It was just a joke."

"Well, watch yourself," I said, glaring at him briefly. I felt good knowing I could be intimidating even without any clothes on.

Then I remembered the gas pump. It had increased to $18 while I was yelling at Jason. "Fuck!" I said as I turned off the hose and returned it to its place on the pump. "Steve, I need six more dollars," I said.

"I don't have six more dollars," said Steve crossly. "I only wanted $12 worth."

"Well, you got $18 worth. I know Rick has more than six dollars." I knew this because he had cleared $33 by selling my body at Joe's Place.

"That's Rick's money. It would be your problem if you pumped too much gas. You fix this with Jason," said Steve.

Jason was looking at me; he was angry. "You mean you don't have enough money to pay for the gas?"

I handed Jason the $12. "We're only missing six bucks, Jason. Settle down. I'll bring the rest of the money tomorrow," I said.

"I'm about to close up. The boss opens in the morning. If the receipts don't match, he'll blame me for it. What am I supposed to say that I gave free gas to my friends? I could get fired; where else am I supposed to get a job in this town?" asked Jason.

It was true. There weren't many jobs for a high school student in our small town. But what was I supposed to do? It was pretty obvious that I didn't have any money on me. "Come on, Jason, do me this favor."

That set Jason off. "Oh, so now you want a favor? You were yelling at me a minute ago. The only way I could do this was to put my own money in the till. I'm not doing that for you. I ought to call the police!"

I didn't like the sound of that. I didn't think there was much chance of getting arrested, but I sure didn't want to explain to our small-town cops why I was wondering about being stark naked. That story would certainly get around. Also, I guess the cops could even grab me for indecent exposure!

Harvey’s Dilemma
Part 6 of 6

"Please, Jason, put your money in the till. I'll give it to you tomorrow. Plus, I’ll owe you one." I pleaded.

Jason was quiet for a moment. He looked down at the pavement and then looked me right in the eye. "Okay, I'll do it. You pay me back tomorrow night. But you're not going to owe me a favor. You're going to do something for me right now. Okay?"

That shook me a little. I could guess what sort of favor Jason would ask a naked man to perform, but it didn't seem like I had any choice. "Well, okay," I said reluctantly.

"Come along," said Jason, snapping his fingers at me. I didn't care for the finger-snapping but started following him toward the building. Then I turned back to look at the guys in the Camaro.

Steve, Rick, and Scotty had apparently been observing all of this; I could see Ryan staring at the floor. I think I must have really hurt his feelings. Steve stuck his head out and said, "Harvey, while you're working things out with Jason, the rest of us are going to Mickey D's. You can join us when you're done. If you're more than twenty minutes or so, we'll figure you're not coming."

McDonald's was across the street and down one block, so not too far. But, even so, how was I supposed to get there naked? The car started up, and Steve was pulling out. "You bastard!" I yelled at him.

"I'm hungry!" was all I heard as the car sped away.

I turned and looked over at Jason. "Hurry up. I haven't got all night," he said. He led me into the service station’s office.

"Get down on your knees and stay there so when customers come to the window, they won’t see you.” I did as he asked and waited.

“Well … you expect me to take my own dick out?” I immediately unbuttoned his pants, pulled them down to his thighs, and then pulled down his underwear. His dick was soft, so I placed it in my mouth and started working it with my tongue.

“Hey, hi Jason, how are you doing tonight?”

“Hi, Mr. Greenman, good to see you,” Jason responded, and I fucking freaked out! I was under the counter, naked and sucking Jason’s dick. And someone came up to the outside window for service! And that someone was one of my college teachers, Mr. Greenman! SHIT! I froze. I was so freaked I just couldn’t move. Then, as Jason was chit-chatting with my teacher, he casually reached under his counter and slapped my head. I knew what that meant, continue. At least no one on the outside could possibly see me. Hopefully, he won’t invite Mr. Greenman inside for any reason. I’d be the laughingstock of the school.

“Say,” Jason said, “Do you have a couple of minutes now to explain something to me about the US civil war? I mean, you’re a history teacher. You know it all, right?”

“Sure, what’s your question?” the teacher asked?”

FUCK! Jason is trying to keep this guy here to make me even more humiliated! Damn him! I continued to suck his dick and wondered what was going on. “How do I get him to get Mr. Greenman to leave?” I asked myself.

“You see, I was wondering, was the South revolting against the North because they wanted to keep slavery, or was it more of an economic reason?” Jason asked as if he was seriously interested.

I know Mr. Greenman. He loves to hear himself talk and loves to be encouraged to spout out his knowledge on any subject. “Oh, my, that’s an interesting question, let me explain …” the teacher began his oration.

I got an idea to make JASON feel uncomfortable. I know Mr. Greenman could see Jason only from the waist up; his pants were hidden completely by the counter. So he was not the only one who was going to be vulnerable. As I sucked on Jason’s dick - he was taking his time to get hard. Some guys are like that - I unlaced the tennis shoe on his right foot and removed it and then his sock. He probably thought I was going to massage his feet. I hurriedly removed his other shoe and sock. Wow, he has sexy feet. “FUCK! Why am I thinking stuff like this?”

“… it’s because the South needed the free labor for their crops and when …” Mr. Greenman was going full bore with his oral dissertation.

I reached up, but still keeping my hands under the counter and out of view from Mr. Greenman, and unbuckled Jason’s belt. He did put one hand under the counter to try to push my hands away, but he could not resist me very well without being noticed by the teacher, so he stayed calm. I unzipped his pants and pulled them down. Wow. Nice legs, big thigh muscles. Shit, is everyone from school so well-built? And why am I noticing guys’ physical features so much?

“… of course, the southern plantation owners, and there were quite a few …” the teacher continued.

Now I had his pants around his ankles, but that was not good enough in my book. I wanted him stripped naked below the waist. I used two hands to lift one foot, and even though he resisted, he did not want to jerk and twist his body. That would cause Mr. Greenman to think he had ants in his pants or something else too weird to mention. I managed to leave each foot in succession and remove his pants altogether.

“… and the other factor is President Lincoln did not want Texas to enter the war, that …”

Now I was looking at Jason’s sexy red underwear; his dick was poking through the fly as I was sucking on it. I took my mouth off of it long enough to quickly slip his briefs down his thigh, down his legs, and off his feet.

“… Lincoln was not necessarily going to free the slave, not before the war, and not at the beginning of …”

I have to say, sucking Jason’s dick like this, with him being practically exposed as much as I was, gave me some protection. Now, Jason wouldn’t want the teacher to come in. He’d catch us both in compromising positions. I kneeled there and sucked his beautiful hard dick as my hands roamed all over his fantastic bare ass. Just lovely mounds of muscle. I don’t know why I didn’t feel embarrassed now. I feel I at least got back at Jason, and I sucked so much dick today that it was not so fucking weird anymore. “Fuck! Did I really think that?!”

“So, yes, it was really an economic war. Well, I should get my gas and go, Jason. You need to turn the pump on, and I can fill up the tank myself.”

Without seeing his face, I know Jason was freaked out now. He was naked below the waist and could not immediately go outside. I had him now! What was he going to do?

“Oh, Mr. Greenman, the pump is unlocked, so you can help yourself.” With that, I heard him pay $20, and he left to fill up.

Just then, Jason gave out a stifled guttural moan as he shot his load down my throat, and I swallowed it all. While he was in his afterglow, I simply slipped out the door when I noticed Mr. Greenman had his back to me and slipped away, naked, in the darkness.

The clouds were blocking much of the moonlight, so I sneaked along in the darkness, kind of in and out of the bushes along the way. Glad it was only a block.

The moment I saw no cars on the street, I darted across to Mickey D’s and into the shadow of the building. There was the Camaro with the guys inside. However, he did not park near the building where I was but under a bright parking lot light. So I had no choice. I headed quickly for Steve's car. I noticed that people inside McDonald's were starting to stare and point at me as I stood naked outside the car, waiting for someone to open the door. FUCK! They were taking their time, enjoying my public humiliation. Finally, Rick pushed open the passenger side door, and I hopped in.

Ryan slid over to the middle of the backseat and let me have the more comfortable right-hand seat. "Thanks, Ryan," I said. Ryan just grunted and didn't look at me. He was holding what looked like an almost untouched burger which he wrapped up and set on the floor.

"What did Jason have you do?" asked Steve, turning around to look at me from the driver's seat.

I decided I didn't have many secrets left from these guys, so I told him the truth. "He wanted me to suck him while customers were at the counter."

Steve laughed. "I always wondered about the swim team!" He then started the car up, and we pulled out of the parking lot. I assumed we were finally heading toward my house. I looked at Ryan. He was still staring at the floor. He hadn't spoken to me since I had yelled at him at the gas station.

I put my hand on Ryan's shoulder. He shrugged it off. He was really mad at me! Or had he reconsidered things and become embarrassed about his earlier reaching out? Maybe I had just misread him completely? Well, it doesn't matter. If that's the way he wants it, screw him!

Even so, I felt a little empty, knowing I wouldn't develop anything with Ryan. I had lost him before I ever really had him. Then I thought to myself, this is ridiculous! I only really met this guy tonight. Why am I feeling this bad? But I was.

Everybody in the car was silent as we drove across town toward the residential section where I live. It's a nice area where the houses sprawl on big wooded lots. Steve asked me for directions, and I told him. We were on my street, finally. "Which house is yours, Harvey?" he asked.

"You're almost there. It’s that white one, two doors down."

Steve pulled over immediately, just two houses away from mine. Thankfully, the house we were directly in front of was all dark. But the next house and my own place were lit up. Rick opened the car door. As I was about to get out, Ryan silently handed me my keys and comb, which he had been holding since I had traded him my shirt and pants. "Uh, thanks," I said. Ryan said nothing and looked away. I stepped out and looked back inside the car. Steve, Rick, and Scotty looked at me. Ryan just stared at the floor.

“Hey guys, I’m naked out here. Can’t you at least drop me off right in front of my house?”

"Well, guys, thanks for the ride," I said sarcastically. I turned and started to walk toward my house. I could see lights on and wondered how I would sneak past my neighbors and into my place without getting caught. How would I explain to my parents if they saw me? Naked and covered with dried cum.

I heard Steve laugh at me. "Hold on, Harvey, you can't go in dressed in cum."

I stopped and turned around. Steve was climbing out of the car, followed by Scotty. Rick's door opened, and he stepped out. A few seconds later, Ryan got out as well. Steve, Scotty, and Rick walked up to me. Ryan hung back a little.

"We can probably fix you up a little better than that," said Steve. Steve tossed his keys to Scotty. "Scotty, get that old tee shirt of mine out of the trunk." Scotty opened the Camaro's trunk and retrieved a greasy old shirt he handed me. It was pretty close to a rag, but I was happy to put it on.

Steve looked at me and then looked at Ryan, who was staring at the ground. A funny expression passed over Steve's face. I would have said it was a look of concern, except I don't know what Steve could have been concerned about.

"Harvey, I think you need a pair of pants," said Steve. "Hey, Ryan!" Startled, Ryan looked up. "Ryan, would you mind lending Harvey your old pair of jeans from the trunk?"

"I guess not," said Ryan. Scotty returned to the trunk and got the jeans Ryan had taken off after he had traded me for my pants. I took them from Scotty and pulled them on. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FINALLY, CLOTHES!” I cheered to myself.

Ryan and I were the same size, and they fit fine. I couldn't believe how good it felt to be wearing clothes again for the first time since I had come across Steve and the guys back up the mountain. I started to feel more like a human being. If my parents caught me now, I would still have to come up with a story, but it would be much easier to explain now.

"Thanks, Steve. Thanks, Ryan," I said.

Then Ryan, who knew some auto mechanics, said in a surprisingly kinder tone, "If you can borrow some wheels, we could pick up an alternator and drive to where you left your car. I can probably repair it for you if you like." He looked at me tentatively. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Steve, who had stiffened up at Ryan's first statement, had started to relax.

I smiled. "I think that would be great. I'm sure we could borrow my dad's car. Sometime when it's convenient, I'd also like to take you up on your offer to help me with weight training."

"Whenever you want to do it, that will be convenient," Ryan said firmly. Then he hesitated; it looked like maybe he was coming to a decision about something. Ryan abruptly stepped forward, grabbed my face with both hands, and pressed his lips against mine.

I was surprised, but I wasn't about to make the mistake I had made back in the cabin. I kissed back, and how! I grabbed him by the shoulders so he couldn't escape and pressed my lips against his. I opened my mouth slightly so that my tongue could protrude. I flicked my tongue across his slightly open lips. Ryan's lips were soft, with a nice texture and a rather pleasant flavor. I ran my hands down his back to his ass and grabbed a couple of handfuls. Ryan's usually calm hazel eyes opened wide; I think he was surprised at the passion of my response. I just didn't want him to have any doubt about my feelings. I pressed the tip of my tongue against his lips and slipped into his mouth. I searched out his tongue, tangled with it for a few seconds, and then licked the inside of his mouth. Ryan moved one hand down my shoulder while running the other through my hair. His tongue then sloppily tried to invade my mouth. I lightly sucked on it. After exchanging a fair amount of spit, we separated, displaying big smiles.

The smile then dropped from Ryan's face as I guess he realized that he had just made a pretty definite statement. He looked defiantly at Steve and Rick. There was silence for a couple of seconds.

"Ryan, you're like another brother to me," said Steve softly. "Don't you know that nothing could ever change that?"

Rick was silent for a moment. Then he shrugged and said, "It’s cool."

Ryan looked pleased. His sweet smile spread across his face again. I couldn't say that I liked Steve or Rick after all they had done to me, but Ryan did, and I didn't want him to lose anything because of me. I was relieved for Ryan's sake and felt slightly more respect for Steve and Rick.

Rick turned toward me and surprised me by sticking a ten-dollar bill in the pocket of my jeans. "That's your cut from Joe's Place," he said with a smile.

Maybe these guys aren't really so bad, I thought. Then Steve approached me, grabbed my jeans' two front belt loops, and roughly pulled me toward him. My face ended up maybe six inches away from his.

"I don't like jocks," Steve said abruptly. "Mainly because they think they're better than everyone else. Look at you. Did you ever talk to any of us at school?" There wasn't much to say. We both knew I hadn't.

"When you showed up at the bridge this afternoon, you had the same jock attitude. You first told us we weren't supposed to be there - like you owned the place! Remember?" asked Steve.

I remembered, but I still didn't say anything. I really didn't know what to say.

"Then you felt free to help yourself to our beer and weed without asking," said Steve.

"Yeah … I'm sorry about that. I know I was impolite," I interjected.

Steve ignored me. "Worst of all, you just assumed we were some sort of lowlifes who might leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. That was fucking insulting! I would never have left you up there. None of us would!"

Now he tells me, I think to myself. I could have saved myself a lot of wear and tear tonight, not to mention a set of clothes, if he had told me this earlier.

"Maybe you're basically an okay guy," continued Steve. “And I liked how you refused to give up your grandfather's watch." He grabbed my arm and strapped it back on me. "I told you I'd give it back," he said. “Oh, this is the data chip from the camera. I’ll let you erase the photos yourself. Then give the chip back to Rick.”

"I think you needed your lesson in humility tonight. It was long overdue," said Steve.

"Ryan clearly thinks so and is a pretty good character judge.” Rayan snuck in another hug. He looked me in the eyed. But I knew it was more than a friendship hug. It had a deeper meaning. What, exactly, had yet to be discovered. But I liked it. “Thanks, Steve," I said while still embracing Rayan. I still didn't think he should have taken it in the first place.

“Look, I get it … really. I was somewhat arrogant. I am truly sorry about that.” Then I added, “I can’t say I liked all that you guys did to me, but …” I swallowed hard, swallowing my pride – “I guess it didn’t hurt me.”

As the four boys returned to the car, Ryan said, “Harvey, OK if we get together tomorrow?”

I smiled my happiest smile, “Sure.”

The End

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