360 Training the Enemy

Re-Training the Enemy
Part 1 of 5

“So, you, Private First Class Jim Davis, from Oklahoma City.” The young soldier stood silently, trembling, before the North Korean Colonel, whose men captured him. Davis was one of a squad of eight American soldiers. He was only 19 and the least experienced in military operations. He did not know how or even if he should answer. He wondered where his Captain was. He was concerned about the other six men from whom he had been separated.

“Come, Private Jim Davis. Surely, you know our own intelligence service in North Korea. I’m no going to hurt you. I just want talk to you. You know, befriends.” Though he spoke in broken English, he was easy to understand. Then he pointed to the only other Korean soldier in the room and said, “This is Private Kim. He nice looking. Is he not?”

For some stupid reason, Davis quietly agreed, “Yes.” But then, he immediately flashed a look of embarrassment, realizing he should not have acknowledged it.

“Here you in my camp deep in the hills of Songnim, taken prisoner, a spy. You and your squad must be on some important CIA mission. Your Captain Marshall and your whole squad must have orders, steal our missile secrets, check our progress, to stop us from ability to defend ourselves.” The Colonel got a little heated and angry, but then he calmed down and spoke more friendly to his captive, wanting to gain his confidence.

There, in the Colonel’s office, in the hidden military camp, the Colonel held all the cards. He was trying to manipulate this young, and he presumed, naive soldier by talking to him while maintaining the seven other Americans in separate jail cells in another part of the compound. Each will be interrogated differently. The Colonel already knew of the famous and courageous Captain Marshall. He knew that every member of this American squad respected and honored him. They would do anything for him, including die for him. He had to break their leader, Captain Marshall, to learn whatever the Colonel could know. The problem was that Marshall’s record and reputation showed he would never talk, no matter how much or how harshly he was tortured. And his men would follow his lead, remaining silent as well. No, the Colonel needed another plan, and he had one.

“Private Davis.” Davis just nodded. “Let me be… how you say… frank. You, me, and Private Kim are just the three of us here. So, we are alone. We keep what we say and do here secret. No need to be hesitant to agree soldier Kim is good-looking. You know, he has an excellent body too. You like see more?” Davis quickly shook his head no, but the Colonel turned to Kim, spoke in Korean, and Kim stripped naked. Private Davis stared slightly as he drank in the vision of the young, tight-bodied Asian soldier about his own age.

“Davis,” the Colonel said, leaning towards the American. “Private Kim is here because he told me he liked you. He saw you and the others when escorted into our compound three day ago when we captured you. He told me… how you say… you look sexy.” The Colonel nodded, more than just agreeing with himself. “Kim serves as my personal secretary and is exceptional worker, a loyal soldier. So when he tell me he likes you, and you are one of my captives, why not give hard-working soldier Kim a present. You.” The Colonel nodded again to himself.

“No… Please. Where is Captain Marshall? He always knows what to do. Please, Colonel, let me be with my squad. I feel uncomfortable. I mean… Please. I’m just a private. I can’t tell you anything. I don’t know any details. Please. May I speak to my Captain?” The young American was stuttering, confused, and scared at this suggestion of getting too familiar with naked Private Kim. And he wondered what this was all about.

The Colonel ignored Davis’ rant and continued along the “familiar” path. “Davis. I don’t want any secret information from you or precious Captain Benjamin Marshall III. I am here only because my Private Kim found you attractive and asked me … if he could suck your dick. It’s all so simple.” Just then, Private Kim spoke back to his Colonel, trying to be respectful but not liking what his superior said. It took a louder restatement of the Colonel’s orders to have Kim stand back at ease.

“No. Please. I am not gay. Please. Tell him sorry. And… tell him thanks for his offer.” Private Jim Davis could not resist eyeing every well-toned muscle of the young, naked Korean soldier. He had a lean swimmer’s build and a very handsome face. His flaccid dick was beautiful, too, and hung in an “at ease” position.

“Davis. Do you want to dishonor me in the eyes of subordinate? Do you want him to think you not respect me? Youm an American spy? A captive? My captive? Do you really want him, my secretary, to see his commander rejected? By you? A spy?”

“I’m sorry, Sir, but that’s against international…”

“Davis. OK… as you wish. I don’t force you. Don’t allow my soldier to suck your dick. Fine. But I will shoot your brave and precious Captain Benjamin Marshall III, just so I can… how you say… save face with Private Kim. I go now and shoot him.”

“No, please. I’ll do it. Please don’t shoot anyone. Oh, God, no. I will do it. Private Kim can suck my cock. OK?”

The Colonel spoke to Kim, who hesitated but then approached the American soldier, kneeling in front of him. In a series of continuous moves, he unbuckled the American’s uniform belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and let them fall to the floor. The naked Korean soldier then lowered Davis’ boxers. He was surprised to find a moderately-large dick on a small, tight body like Davis's. Kim was uncomfortable preforming any kind of sex in front of his commander. However, as ordered, the Korean private engulfed the American meat in his mouth and slowly and methodically moved his mouth all the way down and all the way up that flaccid cut dick repeatedly.

It was not his first time sucking dick. Kim was gay, although, up until now, only the Colonel and a few other soldiers knew that for sure. It was an awkward way to come out. What seemed odd to Davis was that, in such a backward country like North Korea, homosexuality did not seem to be a problem issue, at least not in this camp. Private Kim put his nervousness aside and got into what he was doing. Davis’ dick did not respond readily to Kim’s erotic tongue teasing. It was evident that Davis was either not gay at all or, at least, just uncomfortable with finding out through a new experience, especially under these circumstances.

It did not matter to the Colonel whether Davis was gay or not as long as he did not resist. Simple non-resistance was a good start in working the Colonel’s plan. Starting with Davis’ openness, it would be a small leap to have him choose the pleasurable company of a handsome Korean soldier over the prospect of being cruelly tortured. He was very creative and wanted to use Kim to weaken the resistance of Private Davis.

Private Davis was pliable. Why not? This young, sweet “kid,” a long way from home, was confused, scared, and separated from his supportive Marine buddies. And a little erotic comfort went a long way to sooth his fears. What difference would it make if he were straight or gay? Kim knew what he was doing. Soon Davis made subdued moaning sounds, and his bared knees wobbly. His eyes were mostly looking at the ceiling. As he continued to speak, the Colonel pretended to ignore all the signs of the American’s state of bliss.

“Davis, see, you make Private Kim so happy. And now I do not have to shoot your Captain. See, you, hero, too. You save life of your brave Captain Marshall.” Of course, that was more than a lie. It was meant to be a joke. The Colonel was amazed that this young private was so gullible. It was a fucking joke! No way was this Colonel going to destroy an important American captive. But Davis believed it. Well, he was only 19 years old.

“Thank you, Davis, for reasonable and for save your Captain’s life. I have a plan that, if you cooperate, we can work together to save the lives of your entire squad.” Davis was not paying too much attention. He was in heaven, holding his head up and back fully, mumbling something. He had never had a blowjob before and loved it; every straight man loves his dick getting sucked. His dick was starting to grow, slowly but definitely getting firmer and fatter, filling up Kim’s mouth nicely as Kim’s expert mouth was deep-throating this handsome American.

“Davis. Davis! You no listening. Do you want to shoot your load?” Davis just nodded. “Davis. Speak up?” Then Davis weakly moaned a “Yes,” as he stood there with his pants and underwear bunched around his booted ankles, having his dick expertly sucked.

“OK, Private Davis, but first, take off the rest of your uniform. Get completely naked. Do it now. Boots, too.” Davis never gave it any thought. He just removed his shirt and T-shirt, and as Kim backed off his dick, Davis bent down to remove his boots and socks, still in a mindless, erotic haze, with a dick bobbing straight out and dripping precum. He just wanted to get back to Kim’s wonderful mouth. Fuck! Gay had nothing to do with this.

“OK, Davis, OK. But now kneel down.” The naked, young American was ready to shoot his load. He did not notice that Private Kim had stood and, in a single motion, very gently put his hands on each side of Davis’ head, tilting it upward and back to open his mouth naturally, then slipping his Asian semi-hard cock into that still moaning hole. The foggy-minded Davis slowly worked his mouth and tongue over Kim’s dick. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he assumed that the sooner he did as the Colonel wanted, the sooner he could shoot his load. So he tried to mimic what he felt Private Kim do to him. Kim’s dick began to come to life and increase in size, causing Davis to choke a little, but he continued to suck the Asian dick lightly. Davis reached down for his own dick and began to pump it to shoot.

“No, Davis, don’t touch your dick.” The Colonel spoke, not in anger, but just as a matter of fact. “That dick is Koren peoperty, least foernow.” And Davis let go but continued to suck Kim’s to a full erection. It was not a huge dick, about six inches, uncut, and with a scent of being freshly showered. But Davis was into it. He again, absent-mindedly, reached down to play with his now bobbing, throbbing, dripping rod. Just one or two stokes, and he’d blast off.

“No, don’t touch. You must learn respect first. You are but a captured spy. You are without rights. It is like we at war. Perhaps a cold war, but it ugly and unkind, just the same.” Davis tried gently to pull his mouth off Kim’s dick, but Kim had his hands still holding his head in place. So Davis kept sucking as Kim’s firm hands encouraged his head to move a little away and then fully close to his belly, over and over again. The Colonel never stopped talking. “But now, you two fine, handsome men are pleasing each other. You have found a way to side step the harshness and evil of war. You two men can enjoy each other’s company and avoid all the brutality that spies like you bring on to yourselves. Plus, you, Private Jim Davis, may also save the lives of each of your comrades.” Davis held up one hand as if to ask for permission to pump his dick off.

“You cum when you completed your job. No before.” Just then, Kim pumped his dick forcibly into Davis’s mouth and emptied his load, causing Davis to cough and sputter, but he also licked his lips as the dick pulled out. The two Korean soldiers looked at the exhausted American “soldier,” naked on his knees, his dick still twitching and seeping ooze, waiting for its release. Kim smiled and nodded to his superior to thank him, and the Colonel snapped to a short bow in return. Davis’ only focus and thought was on his own intense and throbbing boner and to try to avoid climax until given the OK. Private Kim had just put his uniform back on.

“May I cum now? Please? Sir? Colonel?” Davis said, pleading like a little boy, his body trembling in anticipation of his approval.

“Davis. As I said, you have no completed your job. When you have served your purpose, you be allowed to climax, no before.” Then the Colonel yelled out for his guards to come in. A sergeant entered with two other guards and stood at attention. Now the naked, kneeling American was looking up at five Korean soldiers. “Stand,” said the Colonel, more in a calm voice. Feeling very intimidated, Davis hurried to his feet. He threw his shoulders back for some unknown reason as if to stand at attention.

The Colonel, Private Kim, the sergeant, and the two guards all tried to stifle their simultaneous giggles. It was funny. There was the “mighty” American soldier, standing at attention, butt naked, with his rigid dick sticking out level with the floor, with a glistening string of precum dangling from the tip of his dick, slowly lengthening. Davis seemed too nervous to realize the condition of his jutting manhood. I mean, stifled laughter was just a human-nature moment. The giggling was not meant to be derogatory or mean-spirited to Davis. It’s just that the presented “image” was so funny.

The Colonel just wanted him to stand up and relax. Still, the sight of Davis with a big, leaking boner was too precious to alter or even call to his attention. With a nod from the Colonel, his soldiers quickly calmed down as he continued speaking to Davis, “I pleased with your behavior today, and you be rewarded.” Then he turned to his sergeant (who had no idea what humiliating things the American soldier did) and said, “This American will not be returning to cell. Keep the seven others isolated and give them two cups of rice and two cups of water per day.”

The sergeant acknowledged his order and was about to leave, “Wait, take Private Davis’ filthy uniform burn it; his boots, too.” Again, the orders were acknowledged, and the guards scooped up the clothing and left with the sergeant.

After dismissing the guards, Private Kim and Davis were now alone in the Colonel’s office. The Colonel listed the rewards for this prisoner, “Private Kim, take Private Davis to your quarters. Allow him to bathe. He will remain naked as a sign of submissive and service status. He may have as much food and drink as he wants. He will share your bed. I assume that will please you?” Private Kim smiled and nodded. “Oh, one thing. Private Davis is not to climax. I do not care how you two enjoy yourselves, but if he climaxes, I will string up his brave Captain Marshall and each of his comrades and give them all ten lashes with cane.” The Colonel was straightforward and blunt. And Kim knew it was a lie. It was just part of an on-going process to get Private Jim Davis to want to cooperate.

The Colonel added, “Nothing that happened here or will happen between you and Private Kim will be known to your comrades. Your rewards for pleasing me are between us.” Private Davis felt relieved to know that. “And if Private Kim reports any displeasure with you, you will be strung up and given ten lashes. Is that clear?” He nodded quickly that he understood and agreed. Again, these were more words of intimidation to control the American. “You will be brought back here in two days, and I will explain your assignment, of how save lives of all your comrades. Dismissed.”

Private Kim then escorted the naked American out of the office and across the compound grounds. Other soldiers either didn’t notice or didn’t care as Kim ushered his sexy captive into his hut and shut the door.

During that afternoon and through the evening, Privates Kim and Davis were both in continual states of passion. “Kim, how is it that you speak English so well?” Private Davis asked. “I learned in collage, it is a new requirement.” Kim, being gay and in charge of the American captive, followed his commander’s orders exactly. He never allowed Davis to climax, not once. They fucked and sucked each other in every position imaginable. In moments of rest, they traded massages, which included gentle teasing. They kissed deeply for hours until they were rested, and then it was back to sucking and fucking. I already mentioned that the well-muscle-toned, hunky young American soldier did not climax at any point. That had nothing to do with his stamina. It had everything to do with Private Kim’s talent, experience, and sensitivity to know when Davis was about to explode.

Davis’ emotions were not always feelings of romance. At times, his need to climax caused him to give way to outbursts of temporary anger out of erotic frustration. Davis could be heard yelling, “You-fucking-son-of-a-bitch!” And. “You-god-damn-filthy-slut!” Often after those outbursts, one could hear Davis whimpering and even begging. “Oh god, Kim, please, please let me cum. I won’t tell, please, just this once. I’ll go mad. I can’t stand it. I’m dripping all over the fucking place. My dick is so hard. You can’t expect me to stay boned up all night, for god’s sake. Please, Private Kim, Sir, I’ll do anything. Anything at all.”

Private Kim would calm him, whispering close to his ear, “Shhhhh. Just surrender. I am here to help you. Teach you. I will take care of you.” Kim spoke lovingly and sincerely. Since Kim was gay and genuinely kind, he cared a lot about his prisoner. At the same time, he needed to follow his commander’s orders, his commander’s plan to mold and shape Davis for the Korean military’s immediate use. If that sounds as if Kim was being two-faced, that is not true. Not the way Kim saw it. He believed in emotionally and psychologically breaking down this American to get him to cooperate, but that was necessary to save the other captors from needing to be tortured. Once the Colonel’s use of Private Jim Davis was over, and it would be over within a few days, he figured he’d have an intimate, if not loving, relationship with Davis for as long as he was a captive. Kim's job was making the young American all sexed-up, frustrated, and needy.

Whether Davis was screaming in angry frustration or sobbingly pleading to climax, Kim was as supportive as he could be and still followed his commander’s orders. “Shhhh, I will get you through this. Shhhh. Calm down, my sweet American. I will help you. I will guide you. Just continue to give your body to me, and it will be over soon. Then the Colonel will leave us alone. We will have each other’s tender comfort soon.”

As Private Kim gently fingered Davis’ asshole while, with his other hand, he very lightly stroked Davis’ hair-trigger dick. He spoke perfect English and softly said to Davis, “Yes, my brave man, just learn that your dick is not for you to touch, and all will be over soon.” Davis lay on the bed sobbing as he kept his hand spread out away from his body, allowing Kim to manipulate him. His dick was throbbing and oozing precum.

Davis was allowed to sleep a few hours here and there. It was like a truce in a war, and one could actually sleep with the enemy. But most of their time together was spent with Kim erotically controlling and programing his captive. Davis was allowed only enough rest during these long sessions to let his dick partially deflate. Then the methodical body-controlling process would start all over again. Private Kim would give his American captive a relaxing, and yes, loving, massage. Then when all was calm in Davis’ body, Kim would start French kissing him. At first, Davis resisted quite dramatically, feeling it was unnatural. But after the initial attempts, Davis eventually gave in to the mindless erotic sensations. Then Kim would go onto a full body licking, and then he would suck the dick of his adorable captive until it became a steel rod.

With Davis on his back, Kim repositioned Davis’ arms away from his body to teach him not to resist. The oral pleasuring went on for a long time until all resistance was gone. Then, Kim would sit on the wonderful hard pole and fuck himself by gently lowering and raising his ass repeatedly, always in control, even in the bottom role. He mindfully paced himself, avoiding any movement that would cause Davis to climax. That was the commander’s only rule. As soon as he felt that pole throbbing in his ass, he would remove himself and lovingly kiss his American love partner. Davis noticed how his dick would helplessly bob up and down in search of a hole to cum in. But no hole was present for it to enter, not when he was that close to exploding.

When Kim gently removed his ass from Davis’ over-heated dick, Kim would fuck his face and shoot loads of Korean man juice down his hungry throat. Over the next two days, Kim unloaded five or six loads up Davis’ ass and about the same number of loads down his hungry throat. Most of the time was spent teasing Davis’ dick to a hair-trigger. Kim was under no restriction concerning his climaxing and loved his total sexual control of his handsome American soldier. Earlier on, he had to ensure that Davis never touched his dick by securing his hands to the bed frame. But after a few hours of sexual domination and understanding, Davis learned he could do nothing without permission. He remembered the Colonel’s threats of beating all his fellow marines if he came, and he believed it. Kim no longer had to tie him in any way. Davis stopped trying to touch his dick, but occasionally, he would beg for permission to release his pent-up load.

This is exactly what the Korean commander wanted to happen. He wanted his loyal Private Kim to create a sexually-frustrated and obedient “zombie” prisoner who came to believe he needed permission to climax. This twisted his mind more toward submission and obedience. He was now needier and more likely to obey future requests involving the seven other captives.

Re-Training the Enemy
Part 2 of 5

To Davis, this was not a gay thing. He was not gay. It was both the most wonderful and neediest experience of his entire life. His erotic “torture” and lovemaking from kin surely beat what his fellow captives were experiencing. He imagined their misery in the mud-hole cells. Each was in isolation from the other, nearly staved, in a muddy, cold dirt pit topped with bars. It was from a similar hellhole cell that the guards retrieved him to mind-fuck him, program him, and use him. The commander turned the youngest and least experienced soldier over to his trusted Private Kim, knowing Kim was gay, and ordered this extended erotic torture treatment for Davis. To Davis, it was not “torture.” How can sexual pleasure be thought of as painful or injurious? At least, it did not seem like torture at the beginning. It appeared more like kindness and erotic pleasure, and even love, at times. And, he was given all the food, better food he wanted.

Davis was allowed only two one-hour sleep periods during the night. The rest of the time, he was under Kim’s control. The next morning the exhausted and boned-up Private Davis was awakened by the mouth of his captor, Private Kim, licking him everywhere. Kim continued his important assignment of teasing his captive by licking his body from head to toe, including his meaty American blue balls, which must be holding a gallon of Grade-A American cum, by now. Forgetting, just for the moment, he reached down, grabbed his stiff dripping dick, and got in two jerks before Kim smiled and calmly removed his hand from his bobbing staff. “No, my handsome American boner boy. Remember, that’s not for you to touch until your chore ends. Kim then lightly licked the man juice oozing down the manly tower, careful not to trigger its climax. Davis’ climax was not allowed. Private Jim Davis, as naked as he had been kept since the day before yesterday, was escorted by Kim across the compound into the Colonel’s office.

“Ah, my American friend,” then staring for a moment at the raging, stiff boner on the prisoner, added, “I see you have sincerely obeyed instructions and not pleasure self.” Then to test his erection, the Colonel placed his own hand around the American’s dick and stroked.

Private Kim suddenly and anxiously blurted out, “No, my Colonel, please stop! He is in such desperate need to release!” The Colonel took no offense. He understood and jerked his hand away quickly. But the Colonel was so very, very pleased at the urgent need this American captive had to climax. His trusted Private Kim did his job superbly. This is the state he wanted Davis in. Exactly!

“Private Davis, I so pleased, and more important, with your cooperation, we can save the lives of your seven comrades, including the life of courageous and hero Captain Marshall. What do you have to say to me?” Davis, a bit glassy-eyed and with his dick still bobbing up and down, just said, “Huh?” The Colonel again smiled largely, happy with the American’s inability to focus on words right now. All sex and very little sleep did the job.

“Thank you, Sir.” Private Davis hesitantly uttered it more as a question, unsure what this was all about or what was expected of him. But the Colonel did not mind. The young American soldier was standing there in front of him totally naked, with an erection, and saying, “Thank you” to a North Korean officer who captured him and his squad of seven other spies while they were on a highly-classified CIA mission in the hills of North Korea. Or so the Colonel assumed. The other huge, helpful factor to the Colonel was that Private Davis was very naive and gullible, coming across as sincerely wanting to cooperate to save his squad. That was a tremendous start.

The Colonel glanced at Kim, “Once again, just the three of us. That is why you so stiff, Private Davis.” Davis looked down at his manhood and blushed, wondering why it was sticking out so obscenely and in an officer’s quarters. He wanted to cover it up, but somehow he kept his hands at his side as a soldier should in the presence of an officer. He wondered when this erotic nightmare of sexual domination would end, not sure if he wanted it too because, at the moment, his dick-hard brain was a little hazy. “You thinking of your little sexual escapade last night with Private Kim? Did you enjoy sucking his dick as much as he enjoyed sucking yours? Of course, as you know, Private Kim is a loving man and will be your true companion for as long as you wish. You will soon be a free man, and then you make decision.” It was all part of his plan to maintain the young American private all horned-up, distracted, and in dire need of release. It was part of his control system, and the Colonel knew how to manipulate Davis to get the desired result. “So, Private Jim Davis, you ready to shoot you American seed now? Private Kim said you kindly saved up all your seed for me to watch explode from you. That was so kind of you.” Of course, that was a lie. Davis would have climaxed any anytime if allowed.

“Oh, God. Thank you, Sir.” Davis eagerly awaited the command to shoot, but it did not come yet. So he impatiently waited, all boned up. His hand moved toward his stiff dick and stopped only two inches away, waiting for the word. His hand formed a big “C” ready to grab it but remained motionless. Again, Kim and the Colonel stifled their smiles. It was so funny to see the naked American, boner jutting out, his right hand ready to grab it, waiting for the ok, and seemingly ignored by the Colonel. It was a funny sight, all at Davis’ expense. The Colonel simply continued his words leaving Davis frozen like a statue.

“Now, Private Jim Davis, we talk about you saving the lives of your seven comrades. In order to do this, I will need to torture you.”

“Davis, who only wanted to beat off, just heard the weirdest thing and could only stutter a reaction, “Wha… wha… what? Torture me?”

“Yes. We going to secure you into torture chair in that room,” the Colonel pointed to a closed-door at the back of his office, “and bring in your most brave Captain Marshall to watch as we most painfully mutilate your young, handsome body.” Davis got weak-kneed and dizzy, and Kim had to steady him for just a bit.

“We torture you in every way possible that will cause you to scream in absolute terror. Anyone who sees the wall of evil-looking devices and watches how we use will become very sympathetic to your extreme misery, especially hearing… how you say … in horror movie… blood- curdling screams.” Davis’ dick, as well as his entire body, went completely soft for the first time since he woke up this morning. He did not notice the faint smiles on the Korean soldiers’ faces as he began to sob.

“Please. I don’t know anything. I’m just an infantryman, just a private. Oh, God, please.” And he busted out crying.

“We are experts at torture.” The Colonel opened the back door of his office, which led to a large integration room, and walked naked Davis over to an empty wooden chair with various metal attachments all over it. Then he opened several cupboards that held dozens of black leather restraints and other evil-looking items. Davis had never seen anything like this before, but he became scared shitless and started to cry.

Speaking only in English, so Davis would understand he was about to be slowly tortured to death, the Colonel calmly told the two soldiers to place Davis in the chair and strap him in. Davis was too terrified to resist. He just allowed himself to be seated in it, and his arms were placed on the wide wooden armrests. Davis was looking around the room for Private Kim, the only Korean who seemed to care for him, to comfort him, but Kim was no longer there.

The two soldiers set the terrified, young, naked Private Davis in the seat of the torture chair and placed his arms on the huge armrests. He was trembling and too afraid to resist. They began picking up leather straps and using them to methodically secure Davis’ forearms, thighs, and ankles to the chair as the Colonel continued to speak to the whimpering American. “We have the knowledge and means to electric your dick and tits. It is like your most precious body parts are burning off your body. We have a technique to smash each knuckle. And sticking bamboo splinters between your knee bones is… how you say… child’s play.” Was Davis even listening? He seemed flushed white and suddenly… passed out cold.

“Smelling salt.” And Davis snapped back to life. The soldiers added black ropes to prevent even minor movements of his limbs. These ropes further secured his torso and arms to the torture chair. Davis knew this would be the beginning of an agonizing end to him. But if only Private Kim would come in and rescue him, he’d be saved. But where was this only soldier he trusted? Where was Kim?

One of the bondage soldiers took out a weird metal device with a chain and held it up so Davis could see it. Davis was puzzled about its use until the soldier clamped one metal grip onto his left nipple and the other end onto his right nipple. As the tiny screws were slowly but carefully tightened, the Colonel continued his explanation of the impending session in a manner as casual as if the two men were having a quiet, friendly lunch.

“Then we sledgehammer your wrists and ankles so limbs no longer useable. We know how to no kill you, so you will not die. You will be in exquisite pain.”

As one solder finished adjusting the tit clamps, the other placed a black leather cock ring around his Davis’ dick and balls and then erotically teased it to an erection. Why …. How … could Private Davis possibly get erect?! While Davis was being immobilized, his fate being described in detail, and the tit clamps were delivering an erotic, but not harsh, pain, …. Davis was not actually being hurt. He was scared, terrified. The fact that gay Private Kim was assignment (and happily so) to erotically play with Davis to tease and edge him without mercury for the past 36 hours, not allowing him to climax, gave Davis’ dick a will of its own. It did become and stay erotic, even as the bound American soldier was terrified.

“It is art to deliver unbearable pain that no kill. We know strong, young American man as you will pass out, so we have smelling salts. Pain is of no use unless you can feel, and we can enjoy it.”

Next, one soldier brought out an odd black leather contraption with snaps, metal D-rings, and straps. It was also shown to Davis, and he stared at it, confused as ever. His sobbing faded into a semi conscience state as he tried to figure out what it was. He was sniveling and staring as the two soldiers placed this device around his head. The lower part contained a large bulky gag forced into his mouth and strapped behind his head. The upper part was a solid leather blindfold strapped at the back of his head, so he was now blinded and gagged. His panic rose to a higher level now that he could neither see nor speak up.

Once the head harness was bound around his head, it was secured to the headrest of the torture chair, so his head was now immobile. Private Davis struggled for the first time, trying to get free, or at least move his shoulders, arms, or legs. But nothing moved much. Unbeknownst to Davis,

Kim, enjoyed his erotic manipulation of this straight American soldier. Davis was emotionally and psychologically pulled in all directions. First, he was imprisoned in a dark, musky dirty cell when he was captured as part of an infiltrating squad of eight Marines led by the highly decorated Captain Benjamin Marshall, III. All were kept separated and without contact with each other during their confinement.

Then Private Davis, only 19 and inexperienced, was singled out as one who might be “bent” gay, at least for their purposes. He was assigned to Private Kim’s quarters, whose orders were to keep him erotically teased and edged, with little sleep and no chance to climax. Kim, who climaxed various times during that previous 36-hour period of erotic play, was delighted to explore, tickle, tease, caress, kiss, and make gentle love to the straight American soldier. Davis was forced and manipulated, at first, into sucking, getting sucked, fucking, being fucked, rimming, getting rimmed, and whatever. But… gradually, he became willing and eager to comply with Private Kim. It just felt too fucking good, even for a straight guy. His only frustration, a tremendous obstacle to his full enjoyment with Kim, was that he was forced to maintain a boner without release. But even so, it was much better than being isolated in enemy territory, held captive in a shitty, dirt hellhole. So, except for brief errors here and there, usually private, Davis complied by avoiding even touching his own leaking, stiff boner. That American “tool” was for Kim and only for Kim to manipulate, and he was a Master at edging.

Then, after 36 hours of erotic play, at times turning him into a zoned-out zombie-like sex creature, he is strapped into a medieval torture chair, gagged and blindfolded, with screw-tight tit clamps, as his impending sadist torture was described to him in minute detail.

And now, some Korean soldier is sucking on his dick and tickling his balls as he is immovable in this medieval chair to return him to being a boned-up American soldier. No wonder he was crying and moaning. His emotions were all over the place, being comforted and terrified all at the same time.

“We ready to begin torture of Private Jim Davis, US Marine trespasser spy.” The Colonel spoke loudly to make sure he had his undivided attention now that no one was touching him. His dick was fully erect, and everything was set and in place. “Being tightly blindfold, I know you no see I have in hand surgical scalpel.” He stood next to the strapped-in Davis and calmly said to his captive, “Davis, you ever see man’s skin removed?” Davis flipped out. He screamed as loud as he could through his dildo-stuff mouth gag as he mustered every ounce of strength he could to fight his way out of the bondage torture chair.

The colonel took a pice of ice and drew lined on the Private’s bare belly. Privat Davis renewed his struggles and screams, knowing he was being cut open and his skin flayed away. His screams were greatly muffled as he tried to rock the chair and struggle to free any part of his firmly secured body. Nothing moved, so he yelled for help, pleaded, cried, and screamed “no,” continuously. One could barely make out any words. Still, he was pleading for his life as he felt the first chilling cut of his skin around his belly button.

The Colonel paused, listing to the increasing whaling of the petrified 19-year-old American soldier. “You cry good, my American friend. You can scream and yell loud like the roar of elephant.” Do to being blindfolded, Davis could not notice the smirks on the faces of the Colonel or those on the faces of the other Korean soldiers. Kim was smiling the most. “In fact, if you just make terrible sounds exactly like that, maybe no need to torture you.” Now, there were outward chuckles from the men.

Private Kim untied the headgear from his hopefully, soon-to-be companion, Private Davis, and gently removed the entire piece, slipping the huge dildo gag out of his mouth and the blindfold off his head all at once. Davis inhaled sharply and blinked several times. Then he jerked his face downward to see his bloody abdomen with the skin cut away. But there was no blood, no cut, just the smooth skin, untouched, that was dripping wet. He looked up and saw the Colonel still holding the ice cube that he used to circle Davis’ belly button to give the effect of a knife cut. “Maybe if your Captain Marshall just hears you pretend shrills of terror and believes you are being tortured, he will cooperate with us.”

“You mean this was all just a joke?!” Private Davis blurted out in anger and shock. “No,” the Colonel said, “Not joke, but dress rehearsal.” And so the plan was exposed. The Colonel was not as brutal as he was presenting himself. He was not going to torture Davis or anyone else. His target was the Captain who commanded this illegal raid into his country, Captain Benjamin Marshall, III. But knowing the heroism and bravery that the Captain had already demonstrated in his career in Afghanistan and Iraq, there was no breaking him, not by torturing him or doing anything else to him. But, the Colonel believed that if the caption thought one of his fine young men was being horrifically tortured right in front of his eyes. He could stop it. He would do anything… anything short of betraying his country he would do for the lives of his men. The Colonel was not going to make him betray the USA. Still, he would make him do some very humiliating thing to dishonor him. He would dishonor this American hero right in front of his own men.

Davis finally calmed down with the help of Private Kim, who was unstrapping him for the supposed torture chair. As Davis stood up, he finally realized everyone was laughing, even his friend, Private Kim. “You won’t really hurt me? It’s like play-acting?” he said, wiping his eyes and cheeks with his forearm. The Colonel picked up evil-looking medical instruments that were on a side table. Holding it in his right hand, he placed the knife-edge directly over his left palm and drew it across. He screamed in pain as he seemed nearly to cut his hand in half, making a bloody line cut into his palm. Blood was dripping from his hand and onto the floor. Davis was shocked! All the Korean soldiers laughed at Davis’ look of terror. It was a trick knife that oozed pig blood when a button in the handle was pressed. It was all theatrics.

“No, we will no hurt you. We might smack you a little to help with the appearance of torture, but no one will damage you or pain you. Think like Hollywood, make a movie, using pig’s blood for rea.”

Then Davis realized that even if he pretended to be tortured to get his Captain to talk, he would still cooperate with the enemy. “But… I… I… can’t help you interrogate any of my squad. I’d be a traitor. I can’t.” Then to himself, he added, “Oh, god, I can’t take this.”

“You misunderstand. We will never ask your Captain for secret information. He no be coerced to tell American secrets.” The Colonel spoke sincerely. Davis turned to Private Kim, who he trusted more, and saw him nodding in agreement. “Private Davis, you have my word. As officer, I will not ask your Captain for any secret information. Whatever your Captain and I do will have nothing to do with pain or secret information? Your Captain will not be scratched by me or any of my men.” Again, Kim nodded to confirm the agreement.

“You built bond with Private Kim, yes?” Davis nodded more assertively, treasuring the wonderful erotic 36 hours he spent with gay Private Kim. Even though he was not allowed to climax, which was very odd to him, and he sure looked forward to that intense release, he did trust Kim. “Look at Private Kim. Look him in eyes. Do you see he honest?” Again, Davis, without hesitation, fully nodded in agreement.

Private Davis did not understand why to do this, but he truly believed in two things: he would not be tortured, only pretend to be, and his Captain watching this theatrical show would not have to divulge any military secrets, nor would he even be asked to. Davis, though worried, signaled he would participate in the pretend horror “movie” about to unfold.

Re-Training the Enemy
Part 3 of 5

“Davis, all you need to know is this is not about military secrets. It’s about getting your country to stop invading my country. And we can do that with your help without hurt to any or needing to hear secrets. Military secrets important, but that is no what we are after.” As the Colonel spoke, he took a cloth and wiped his hand clean of the pig’s blood, showing his uninjured palm to Davis.

“Guards, prepare the interrogation room for the real show. Have the movie crew set up the dim lighting, camera, microphones, and everything else we need.” The Colonel ordered. Then he turned to Private Kim, “Take movie star Davis in to rehearse more screams, begging and pleading, yelling, swearing, crying. No gag so he can yell for loud. Practice that his body must shake violently when pretend to electrify him.”

“I pleased that you are taking this seriously. Your cooperate AND… as you say, Oscar-winning performance will save your fellow soldiers. But let me explain that the ‘integration room’ is large and will be dimly lit. We have the assistance of a famous Korean movie director, Shin Sang-ok, who is setting up room right now, setting the stage, as you say. Only minimal streaks of daylight allowed to enter the room. Some will fall directly on you in torture chair. Torture chair will be on far side of the room. I and your Captain will be at the near end of room. He will no allowed to approach you. He will hear you more better than he will see you. Whatever he sees in dim light he visualized in detail in his imagination.”

Private Jim Davis wondered if he was giving “aid and comfort to the enemy.” He reasoned that there is no actual state of war, so the Koreans are officially not an enemy. No one would be hurt; he believed that. His Marine squad did illegally entry North Korea. Also, and very personal to himself, he would not be tortured. However, he added it up, and it seemed okay to him. There was one other reason he wanted to cooperate. He reflected on the 36-hour erotic play he had with Private Kim. Those he was never allowed to climax. He was introduced to strange but wonderful new erotic pleasures with this man. Even though Davis still considered himself straight, he could not account for the tremendous, never-before-experienced erotic feelings caused by Kim. Even now, as he looked down at his naked body, he saw that his dick was once again hard and jutting straight out. He wanted to grab or at least hide it, but he thought he needed to respect Kim’s rule not to touch it. Embarrassed as he was by it, he did not touch his boner.

From the morning to early afternoon, “that room,” as well as Private Davis himself, was totally prepared for the theatrics that would begin soon. Various screams and blood-curdling yells could be heard from the integration room throughout the day. The soldiers around the compound paid little attention to the noise, even though the sounds of terror were becoming quite realistic. An assortment of soldiers and some Koreans in civilian clothes, as well, were in and out of that room.

The room was long and narrow, about 10 by 40 feet. A sturdy wooden chair was in the far corner with metal clips attached everywhere. At this end of the room, opposite where the torture chair was, would be where the Colonel and the Captain would be. And at this same end was a floor-to-ceiling wood closet of sorts that spanned about 10 feet of the 30-foot wall. This closet had a row of large framed mirrors, which looked like windows, which appeared to be handing on bulky metal hooks. This must be some sort of supplies closet, or maybe it held more torture devices.

It was now… torture show time.

Captain Benjamin Marshall, III, was brought into the Colonel’s office. He wore his field uniform, from his cloth Marine cap to his filthy pants and shirt, to his badly scuffed, high-laced boots. Even so, he was the true, all-American male, a hero who was looked up to, respected, and honored. All his men saw him in that same way. They would obey his commands without hesitation. As far as the Captain knew, his seven-man squad remained in their isolated dirt-holding cells, similar to where he was kept. He had not seen or heard from them for nearly three days, so he was unsure where they were or in what condition they were in.

The Captain, a decorated war hero from both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, stood at attention. He was flanked by two Korean soldiers. He was not handcuffed in any way. Why? He had nowhere to go, and he’d never try to escape without taking his men with him.

Looking down at the Colonel seated at his desk, reading papers, the Captain immediately demanded to know where his men were and their condition. “Ah, Captain Benjamin Marshall, number three. Or how you say, … ‘the third.’ Welcome to Korea. We have lot to chat.”

“I have nothing to ‘chat’ about. I only want to know the whereabouts and condition of my men.” The Captain spoke forcefully.

“You Americans so crude. You lack refinement and civility as in Korean culture.” The Colonel paused. “Very well. I let you see one of your men only if promise to behave. Be respectful. You make such a promise Captain Marshall?” The Captain nodded. “I did not hear you, captain.” The Captain looked confused.

“Captain, can’t you even show respect for my rank and responsibilities? My authority? My authority over you?” Again, another pause. The Colonel lowered his voice, “My authority over your men?”

“Yes, Sir.” He mumbled exhaustingly.

“That half-hearted response sounds to me like you have no respect for me. You are ‘guest’ in my country. A spy, actually, and you no have the… how you say… common courtesy to speak respectful to me?”

Captain Marshall, who desperately wanted to see his men, starting with this one soldier the Colonel just mentioned, snapped to attention and barked out, “Yes, Sir, Colonel!”

“Oh, much better, Captain Marshall, much better. However, you wish a favor from me, don’t you? Or, would you prefer go back to wonderful holding cell provided by your host country, seeing no one?” There was a pause, then, “Now, like you mean it?”

“YES, SIR! Colonel. YES, SIR! Thank you, SIR!” the Captain shouted. And so began the psychological tearing down of Captain Benjamin Marshall, III, and his journey into the humiliation of the weirdest kind.

“And, maybe you salute me? Of course, you no have to if you think it improper,” the Colonel almost whispered as he smiled.

Desperate to see his men, at least this one man, the Captain quickly raised his right hand to the right side of his forehead and again shouted, “YES, SIR! Colonel. YES, SIR! Thank you, SIR!” The Colonel smiled at the brave Captain’s first sign of submissiveness. He calmly arose from his desk chair and waved his hand to the Captain to follow him into the next room, the interrogation room.

One of the soldiers opened the door, and the Colonel, the Captain, and the two guards went in. The Captain froze in horror at what he saw, even without understanding it. His mouth fell open as he released a “What the fuck?!”

The visual shock the Captain received could not have been expressed any better. He stopped in his tracks and saw a man fastened to a huge wood chair, attended by two Korean soldiers, one on either side of the chair. It was at the dimly-lit far side of the room. Some sunlight came thought little slits, here and there, around the window coverings. It was enough to see that the man in the chair was naked. At first, he thought the two Koreans attending to him were doctors helping him. But as his eyes became more accustomed to low-light levels, he realized they were soldiers doing things to his bloodied body.

Still in shock, the Captain blurted out, “Davis? Is that you?”

“Captain, Captain Marshall, please don’t let them hurt me anymore.” And Davis began to sob and shutter. “Oh god, please help me. Make them stop.” Unlike in the rehearsal, Davis’ eyes were bandaged with a dirty white cloth wrapped fully around his head this time. The circular areas directly over his eyes were blood-soaked. The Captain could see that much, and his mind was ablaze with images that Davis’ eyes were cut out of his head. Although the blood on the eye bandages was pig’s blood, it looked horribly real to the Captain, especially hearing Davis desperately needed help.

All at once, the Captain yelled and screamed as he took off toward that far side of the room, toward Private Davis in that medieval chair contraption. Of course, the soldiers were prepared for his lurch and whacked him on the back of the head with the butt of a rifle. Down he went, rolling on the floor. The Captain thought to shout protests about his man being tortured and citing the Geneva Convention and… and… then realized none mattered. Not here, not now. Not in this reality.

Still in a daze and on the floor, he looked down the room to Davis and saw the two soldiers, who wore wet bloodstained butcher aprons, standing on each side of the chair. Each soldier held some weird-looking curved metal devise in his hands and stood there, looking at the Colonel as if waiting for directions to continue. At his point, the hidden camera was turned on, and the Korean movie crews, out of sight, began filming Captain Marshall.

No one said anything or even moved. The Captain looked up to notice the Colonel sitting in a soft, fabric chair with his legs comfortably crossed so that one boot was on the floor. The other one was sticking out as it rested on the other thigh.

“Please have your men stand down, Colonel. Please don’t hurt my men. Oh god, please stop.” The Captain was teary-eyed and truly begging. His mind was filled with unspeakable horrific images of what they had already done to Private Davis. And what about his other six men, who he has not seen or heard from for two days? Was Davis the first to be tortured, or was he the last?

The hidden camera was being set to film Captain Marshall at a specific angle that did not include anything in the torture-chair-end of thr long room. The camera was only framed to show the Captain and the Colonel. When this scenario was presented to Private Davis, he was told he would be the star. But it was really Captain Marshall who they wanted to capture on film engaging in humiliating, degenerate, and even treasonous behavior that he would soon unwittingly display.

Finally, the Colonel spoke up softly, “You seem making lot of demands, Captain Benjamin Marshall number 3. You demand I respect you wishes. Yet you show me no respect. And, I only only one who may grant you favors.” The Captain wanted to say something but thought he better hold off. So he just nodded in agreement.

“Here is how you show me respect. First, you no step out of this yellow square painted on floor.” The Captain hadn’t noticed it before, but there was a large yellow rectangle marked with yellow tape by the Korean camera crew to keep the Captain in the camera frame. That square space included the Colonel’s sofa chair and the space directly in front of his chair. The Captain quickly moved from where he fell to the area inside the rectangle. The Colonel smiled at his compliance.

“Second, as long as you wear your uniform, you military spy, and I cannot discuss with military spy.” The Captain looked confused. Though he did not want to be out of uniform for any reason, he did want to talk with the Colonel about the treatment of his men.

“Third, you will act cordial. We talk and share a glass of some of your country’s best California wine. You will respectful to me and Korean customs.” The Captain, though terrified at what they already did to Private David and what they would continue to do to him, at least saw that all torture had stopped. He was eager to agree to these simple terms and try to reason with the Colonel for medical care and better treatment for his men. He nodded, but no one moved.

“Captain, you instantly agreed, but you no comply.” The Captain was on the floor in front of the Colonel. They were facing each other. The torture chair was far back behind the Colonel and out of camera view. The Colonel never took his eyes off the Captain, who remained on the floor at his feet and raised his voice, speaking to the solders behind him, and shouted, “Truck Battery.”

As the two men emptied their hands, one went to a side table and wheeled it over to Davis. They moved in unison like robots. The Captain could clearly see what appeared to be a huge battery. The men were uncoiling wires and attaching them to the battery.

“Colonel! Please. Don’t. I said I agreed to your conditions. Oh my god, please don’t shock him. You’ll kill him, please.”

“Sorry, I cannot discuss this military spy. I see, by your uniform, you are a Captain in the Marines. An American military spy. I have nothing to say to spies. Your spy uniform offends me.”

The Captain could not see detail back that far in the dim light, but it appeared to him they were attaching wires to his nipples. He guessed they were using alligator clips.

“Please, Colonel, for Christ’s sake! You’ll kill him with all the voltage.”

The two soldiers secured more wires to Davis’ body. One of the two Korean soldiers was Private Kim. He entered the room after Davis was blindfolded with that head harness. It was difficult for the Captain to see. Still, he realized that Private Davis was completely naked, strapped in the torture chair with black leather straps going everywhere. His "head Harness" consisted of oversized, black leather blinders strapped around his head. A flat, black leather gag was secured over his mouth. But intentionally, nothing was placed in his mouth so that he could be heard crying, yelling, and screaming. His spoken words were a little muffled, but he could be heard and needed to be understood, according to the pretend torture plan.

Though the Captain could not see clearly that far into the dimly lit area, he guessed various wires were being attached to his dick or balls and his nipples. His thoughts were interrupted by Davis crying for help. Davis was blindfolded, but he could hear and FEEL everything. Davis was told this was all pretend, but he was getting scared. He was tied to a chair, and now metal clips were attached to his nipples, dick, ball, and ears, and he was freaking out and trembling in fear.

Private Kim, his trusted companion, sensed this, and using his body to block the view of his hand, he gently patted and massaged Davis’ naked, strapped-in body. Then he leaned over, close to Davis' ear, and whispered, “I will never hurt you. You should know that. These metal clips are smooth. They only pinch a little. As we rehearsed, there is no voltage in the battery, but you must pretend you are getting fried when we turn the switches. It will be over soon, my handsome American soldier. Remember, when this is over, we go back to my quarters and make love.” With his back to the center of the room to obstruct the Captain's view, Kim leaned over and first lightly kissed and liked whatever flesh was exposed. Davis moaned with pleasure. Kim then teased Davis’ dick back to a stiff rod, knowing no one could see it or what he was doing. Davis started to moan in pleasure again, but Kim reminded him to pretend to scream in agony for his Captain to help him. “We will be together when this is over. “ Kim whispered lovingly. Kim wiped a Davis face, here and thee with pig's blood, to add effect.

“Captain?” Davis cried out using phony sobs. “PLEASE HELP ME. I can’t take any more.” That little “any more” bit was rehearsed since they never hurt him. The Captain noticed the blood on his face, as was the blood on the aprons of the two soldiers. Blood from a pig was slaughtered for tonight’s mess hall. But to Captain Marshall and anyone else who did not know better, it looked like Davis’ blood from being tortured.

“Captain,” the Colonel spoke loudly to break his stare at Davis and get his attention. “We will resume our… um… how you say… interrogation of young Private Davis. It’s too bad we can’t discuss this. But I see you are still military spy uniform, so… no… we cannot chat civilly.” Again, without looking back, the Colonel said, “Continue.”

“AAASAAHHHHNN NNNNOOOOOOO. PLEASE… OH FUCK… AAAAUGH…” even the torture chair shook as Davis’ body jolted this way and that. He screamed as loudly as possible and made the most awful animal sound. Yelling not at his “tormenters” but at his Captain. “For the love of God, Captain, PPPLLLELASE MAAAAKE THEEEEEM SSSTTTOOOOOPPPPP.” It was just as he had rehearsed it with Private Kim. He continued his blood-curling screams and his phony sobbing and pleading.

“My, that scent of burning human flesh is quite unique, isn’t it, Captain? It’s unlike a searing steak on a grill or fried pork chops. Is it? Its lovely aroma is so exquisite, so specifically identifiable, isn’t it, Captain? Especially when his skin starts to burn off as the voltage cooks him.” The Colonel was playing mind games. There was no burning flesh smells in the room. But the Captain’s mind was being poked and prodded to believe the existence of any smells consistent with what he thought he saw and heard happening.

The Captain, believing Davis was in agony, finally wanted the Colonel was saying, which was to get rid of his offensive uniform. He literally ripped off his uniform. His boot and socks went flying. The hidden camera caught it all. He popped the buttons and zipper on his pants. Davis continued to scream for the pretend electric torture to stop. Then the Captain ripped open his shirt in one seamless motion, and the buttons flew everywhere. He thought he was done and looked at the Colonel. The Colonel did not move a muscle but remained relaxed in his easy chair. Then the Captain grabbed his marine hat and flung it away, then removed his dog tags and tossed them, too. Every bit of his military uniform was gone from him, he was only wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and his boxers, yet the voltage continued to burn and sear the young private’s strapped-in, naked, screaming body.

The Colonel finally helped to communicate the problem by pointing to the Captain’s underwear. With only a brief moment of hesitation, the Captain ripped both those items off as well. Then he started to fiercely peer into the eyes of the smiling Colonel as if to yell at the top of his lungs, “OK, Now what? Turn that fucking battery off NOW!” But, of course, he remained silent.

Re-Training the Enemy
Part 4 of 5

After a few more seconds of waiting to make his point, the Colonel spoke the word, “Stop.” And Davis stopped all sounds and motions as if he had collapsed. One soldier reached for a stethoscope and pretended to listen to Davis’ heart. Then he straightened out and reported, “He is fine, just resting.”

“We give Private Davis three minutes to rest. Then we are going to use hammer to break his knuckles.” The totally-naked, kneeling Captain mouthed the word, “Why?”

“Because if I asked you politely to lick my boot, I think you no do that. You don’t have that type of courage, even to save Private Davis’ life. Might I be correct, Mr. Marshall? You still think like you in charge? You boss?”

“I can’t do that. No man would do that. It’s dehumanizing. Please, I did what you asked; can we let Private Davis go now? Give him medical attention? Sir?”

The Colonel spoke in Korean to Private Kim, who was one of the pretend torturers, and asked him to bring over the tray of hammers, mallets, and pliers. “Benjamin, may I call you Benjamin? Would you like to pick tool we should use next? I might suggest the little hammer. It does less damage, but we have to use it repeatedly to smack each knuckle each hand. He will no use his hands again. What you think? Big mallet? Only take one or two smashes each hand. Get it over with quick. Though that big one usually to smash prisoner’s ankles or knees, but I no want to spoil your surprises. We don’t smack ankles and knees… yet. Usually, we inject battery acid up his asshole first to warm him up.”

The Captain turned his head to the side and made some gag reflexes, he needed to throw up, but his stomach was empty. He had almost nothing to eat today. He thought about licking the Colonel’s boot. Then he looked around, thinking that no one would ever know, not even Davis’ since his eyes were bandaged, that is if he still had eyes under those bloody rags wrapped around his head. So he thought he could find a way to do this degrading thing, just to save one of his men and get it over with. Captain Marshall, stripped naked on the floor in front of this Korean commander, moved his head to the Colonel’s boot planted on the floor, and began to lick it. The hidden camera was catching the beginning of Captain Marshall’s demise.

The Colonel waited a couple of minutes before he stopped him. “Benjamin, be polite. You ask me first. And, ask me nice. In that way, I know you are no spy, not even in military. I need you be kinky civilian. This will prove you are not military spy, just common boot-licking civilian.”

The Captain shrugged his muscled shoulders, looked up at the Colonel, and mumbled, “Please, may I lick your boot?”

“Sorry, I did no hear that, former marine captain.” He wanted to ensure that the hidden microphone picked up all the details of the captive’s submission as he was filmed.

“Please, Sir! Please let me lick the boot of such an esteemed and superior officer. Sir!”

The Captain, kneeling naked in front of the Korean Colonel, shrugged his muscled shoulders, looked up at the Colonel, and mumbled, “Please, may I lick your boot?” This was his requirement if he wanted to stop the Colonel from further torturing his men. He had to degrade himself.

“Of course, but no right now. I reward you for being brave man to save Private Davis. Let’s have a drink. I am so pleased you please me that I might let Private Davis live. However, be sure you eager to please me. You will salute me and call me ‘Sir.’ You beg to lick my boot. You will treat me as your superior and obey my every wish. Then, and only then, I will let Private Davis go, as well as two of your other men. You are good negotiator, Mr. Benjamin Marshall, former marine Captain.”

“One last rule, as your superior, when we discuss issues, I want you to talk to me in agreeable way. How you say… go with flow. This way, you continue please me, and maybe more of your men will be released.” The Captain nodded, even though he did not understand what this was all about.

“But hear me clearly. If I see hesitation to follow my suggestion, I will raise my left hand. That is the signal for my two ‘interrogators’ behind me to begin their version of open-heart surgery on Private Davis.” The Captain momentarily turned a ghostly white as a shutter went through his body at the thought that Davis might be dismembered piece-by-piece. He had to comply. And, anyway, no one would really know he was doing these disgusting, humiliating things. Who’s going to believe North Korean soldiers over a United States marine officer and hero of two wars?

All of a sudden, there was some noise coming from the closet. The Captain looked up at the wood structure with the row of large mirrors and thought there must be some soldiers on the outside of the building doing some work to the outside wall. In a few minutes, the noise stopped.

A solder came from the office door with a bottle of wine and two wine glasses and placed them on the little table beside the easy chair where the Colonel sat. The Captain wondered if it would be OK to stand up now, but he did not want to risk further injury to Davis, so he remained on the floor. He also wondered if this was the time to beg to lick his boot. He really wanted to get this over. He just stared at the Colonel.

“Do you have something to ask, Benjamin?”

The Captain took it as his cue, “Colonel, Sir, May I please have the honor of licking your boot?”

“Oh, Benjamin, you please me much. I’m not sure if I let you do that again. This third day in a row I let you. Soon you’ll lick off all my boot polish.” The Colonel laughed out load.

This was getting weird. The Captain was wondering what this “third day in a row” was all about, they just met, but he knew he had to play along. “Sir!” the Captain saluted the Colonel, “Please, Sir! I really want to lick your boot like I did the last two days.” It was awkward for the Captain to say, but the life of his tortured marine was on the line.

The Captain was being manipulated into saying humiliating and disgusting things that were not true, so the Colonel’s hidden camera and microphones could pick it up. Of course, there would be a lot of editing, but making the Captain use a lot of this language and requiring him to look pleased and desirous at the Colonel helped make his humiliation seem more real on film.

The Colonel continued his efforts, “Well, ok, but first, how about toast to new friendship? Would you like to pour the wine, Benjamin?” Of course, there was no friendship, but the Captain had to play along. He started to get up to pour the wine but was unsure if he could stand. “You know, you always like to kneel in front of me, so no need to stand, but go pour us some California wine.” And the naked Captain got on his knees, "walked” to the table, and poured the two glasses of wine. Then he knee-walked back to his position in front of the Colonel’s chair, waiting for him to hand him one of the two glasses. The Colonel did.

Unbeknownst to the naked, kneeling, subservient Captain, the mirrors he thought were only on that 10-foot closet wall were one-way window glass. Inside that closet were his other six men. They had just been quietly escorted into the closet through a back wall entrance. That was the noise he heard a short while ago. Yes, this closet was a secret room containing six of his seven squad members, now WATCHING HIM through one-way glass.

The “room” was designed for military personnel to watch interrogations. In this case, the furnishings were moved around so whoever was in the secret closet-room could NOT see that two guards were standing at the Colonel’s office door, nor could they see the torture chair containing Private Davis or the two soldiers on either side of him. The six American captives could only see the area of the integration room directly in front of the windows where their Captain and the Korean Colonel were. It was important to have these six men see their Captain acting freely and independently with no coercion. Their angle of view did just that. And with the audio speaker in this secret room, they could see and hear everything. To them, there was only their Captain, naked, kneeling at the feet of the North Korean Colonel, begging to lick his boot and acting pleased to do it. What a sight to see and hear!

The six American prisoners were thoroughly gagged. Each had his mouth stuffed fully with cloth rags until their cheeks bulged out, then the rags were firmly secured with layers of tape around their heads. In addition, this secret closet-room was fairly sound proofed. The men were not privy to anything that transpired before the Colonel explained the rules. So all they saw and heard was from the point where the Colonel said, “Do you have question, Benjamin?” And their “brave-hero” Captain responded, “Colonel, Sir, may I please have the honor of licking your boot?”

The men could not believe the traitorous behavior of their commanding officer. They all tried to break free of their bonds. But they were tied with their hands behind their backs and secured to the closet-room's back wall with white rope around their chests, waists, thighs, and ankles. They could not look away or make noise by kicking or pounding their fists. These six men were not naked; they wore their uniforms. Part of the psychology the Colonel created was that it would appear their Captain was naked by his choice and not due to any requirement of the Colonel.

The six men, who previously worshiped their decorated Captain, and would do anything for him, were now angry at seeing him smiling and sipping wine with the Colonel, seemingly joking and laughing. Then they heard, “Oh, guess what I have for you, Benny.” And the Colonel produced a black leather dog collar and held it up for those behind the one-way glass to see. “Just what you asked for. Isn’t it?” The Captain noted the hint of a brief but unmistakable stern look in the eyes of the Colonel, and so he knew how he was to respond.

“Oh, thank you, my Colonel,” as he forced a broad smile. Then the Colonel handed it to him and encouraged him to fasten it around his own neck. The Colonel wanted to know if he was truly happy with it. “Oh my God, you make me so happy, Sir. Thank you!”

“You please me my dear friend, now may lick my boots.” Finally, the Captain could get this whole thing over with, so without hesitation, Captain Marshall got fully down on the floor and licked the Colonel’s boot. It helped him to think of it as a split shine, and the “fact” that no one would ever know about it gave him deniability. “What a wonderful doggy boot licker.” If the Captain only knew he was being seen by his squad, he’d probably just shoot himself if he could. “Benny. Help me take off my boots and socks.” The Captain did but had no clue why this was happening.

“You know, dear friend, yesterday, when I let you suck my toes, you got big, hard doggy boner, and leaked cum all over.” The Colonel laughed aloud, and the Captain looked puzzled and confused but forced a smile of embarrassment. And then he started to get really annoyed at the thought of licking the Colonel’s toes. This was a bridge too far. He was not going to do it. He was done playing this fucking game and was about to get up and speak up. The Colonel knew exactly what to do. He raised his left hand. The Captain immediately noticed that the two-aproned guards at the room's far end had removed all the wires they put on Davis. But then, they each pick up those weird, cured, medical carving knives and move them to the middle of Private Davis’ chest as if they would cut him open and expose his beating heart, as he threatened earlier. Each knife was moved lightly and carefully across Davis’ chest; red lines of blood appeared as Davis began to scream and plead. He threw his face onto the Colonel’s bare feet without hesitation or resistance. He started to lick them all over the top. The Colonel lowered his hand, and the guards, out of sight from the six marines, went into a military rest position.

Of course, the lines of blood were pig blood coated on the edges of shiny dual metal. So there was no injury to Davis. “No, no, Benny puppy. No. Bad dog!” the Colonel was acting playfully at being angry. “Bad, bad doggie.” The Captain looked up, confused as ever. “Did you forget to ask permission? I know you anxious as always to suck my toes and lick my body, but you a former Marine officer, a former brave war hero. But must learn patience and beg me first, just like I taught you yesterday.”

The Colonel gave a warning by starting to raise his left hand again, but only a little this time, and looked with a smile at the Captain, “So tell how hungry are you for toes. Don’t be shy. Speak up.”

“Oh, Colonel, you know sucking your toes is my most favorite pleasure. Please, oh god, please let me lick and suck your handsome toes. I’ll die if you deny me such pleasure.” And the Captain immediately broke down, sobbed, and cried. He cried for real because he felt so humiliated, being forced to say such things. The embarrassment was overwhelming; he could not stop crying. He was glad his men were nowhere around to see him make a complete fool of himself. He was thankful that, at least, the Colonel was making him do this in private. So he thought.

The Captain’s men behind the one-way glass who first directed their anger at the Colonel now directed their complete hatred and rejection toward their own sick, traitorous Captain. These men saw and heard their precious Captain praise, worship, and adore the North Korean Colonel and now suck his toes while crying in complete joy. They saw no one coercing him and making him do this. They could not see the two guards at the door with machine guns. They could not see Private Davis strapped to the torture chair with his eyes seemingly gouged out, nor could they see the apparent sadistic men in aprons ready to cut away parts of Davis’s body. They only saw their degenerate Captain freely and eagerly entertaining the enemy Colonel, like his dog.

“There, there, sweet doggie. There, there. No cry.” The Colonel reached down and actually petted the Captain on the head. “Your Master sees your need. Yes. Of course, you lick my feet to your heart’s content. I know you need. But first, appreciation? My sweet doggie?”

The Captain stopped crying, wiped his eyes with his forearm, and proceeded to do the most disgusting thing he had ever done in his life and pretend to be happy and pleased to be doing it. “Thank you, Sir. I don’t know how I would live without all your kindness.” His body wanted to throw up, but he placed his face on the foot again, began to lick, making obvious slurping sounds, and pretended to moan with pleasure and gratitude.

“I don’t see, but you have big, fat, hard boner for me, don’t you?” The Captain nodded and said he did. Of course, this was not a turn-on. It was just the opposite. Yet, he did have a warm fuzzy, tingly feeling around his dick. As he licked one foot, the Colonel stuck his other foot under the Captain to tickle his dick and helped it to become erect. But normally, a straight man does not get erect from just touching. Had the Colonel slipped something in his wine? He did have two glasses. But he put it out of his mind. He just wanted to get the licking over.

“Bennie, my dear friend, suck each individual toe and also to lick between toes. Lick out all that… how you say… delicious toe jam. Such treat for you.” The Captain hated this. He had avoided actually sucking the toes. He was only licking the tops of his feet. Now he was given a direct order, though it sounded playful. It was an order, and he knew if he did not comply, the Colonel would raise his left hand, and Private Davis would lose a finger or a ball. Or maybe his ears would be cut off. Unfortunately, the six watching and listening members of his squad had knowledge of the life-threatening consequences if the Captain did not perform as “encouraged” by the Colonel.

“Oh, Benny. I seeing you have much fun, erotic fun. You love being my pet more than being U.S. Marine. That’s what you say, and now I believe you. And, of course, you burned your U.S. Marine uniform, so yes, I see you love me more then your former country.”

At this point, the Captian was trying to ignore all the verbal nonsense, since it did not matter what he said. No one would ever hear it or know about it. “I’ll bet your dick is growing even bigger and harder. This is big turn-on to you. Isn’t it, my big doggie? And to think you used to be Captain Benjamin Marshall the Third. Now you just want to be Benny the turd.” The Colonel paused to make a judgment as to how far he could push this Captain. The Viagra, or whatever it was, he slipped him in his wine should be working full force by now. The Captain played along, wondering when this sick game would be over, and he could approach Private Davis and check on his health condition. He gave a stupid, slow nod as he continued to lick between each of the Colonel’s toes.

The Colonel used his toes to grab and tease the Captain’s dick, and he felt it was now firm. “I know what you want now. You want show me your dick, don’t you? Go ahead, let me see your beautiful… how you say… ‘Grade-A meat’ stand proud.” The Captain simply said, “Sir?” to ask what he was supposed to do.

Re-Training the Enemy
Part 5 of 5

“Go ahead, lean back, and show it to me.” Actually, the Colonel wanted the Captain’s men to see his hard dick, the men behind the one-way glass that the Captain did not know about. The Captain hesitated. Then looked up and back, seeing the two men next to Davis, still holding those evil-looking, curved metal “tools,” seemingly ready to use them at the Colonel’s simple hand signal. “Don’t be shy.” The Captain leaned back and thrust his hip forward, then looked down at his dick and was surprised to see it big, fat, and hard. He did feel warm all over and his dick tingling, but he did not know why.

“Remember what I taught you yesterday?” The Captain cocked his head to one side like a dog. “You know? Whenever you get a juicy boner like that, you must ask permission to play with it. Remember?”

“Sir, thank you for letting me get a big boner and showing it to you. I hope you are pleased to see it, Sir. May I play with it now? Please?”

“Serving me always give you a great big doggy boner. I love that. Yes, pump it. Use that drippy precum to rub all over.” As soon as the Captain started pumping his dick, he was temporarily lost in his erotic feelings. “And yes, as you asked yesterday, I will help you become a North Korean citizen. That is what you want, is it not?” The Captain was not listening; he was pumping himself on the way to climax. “Isn’t that correct?”

The Captain just nodded yes and then yelled, “Yes, Sir!” But “yes” to want, he was not sure.

“I am so glad you finally found true happiness. But you know my rule- no shoot permission, so let go of your big bone, Benny.” The Captain was so embarrassed he had a huge erection and had no idea his wine contained some erection-causing drug. But he did not want to stop pumping his dick. “Stop!” shouted the Colonel, and he finally did let go, feeling angry, helpless, and humiliated as his big bone stuck out from his body like a military sword. “Now lick that American dick slop off fingers; ….. that good doggy.”

“I see you frustrated. OK, I’ll let you hump my leg like bitch dog in heat. Come up on your knees, put head on my lap, and wiggle hips like good doggie in heat. Rub hard on Master’s leg. Hump away.” That is exactly what the Captain did. He rubbed his stiff dripping boner against the Colonel's pant leg. The Colonel knew he would not climax like that. There was just not enough friction to trigger his dick blasting off.

The Captain’s only saving grace is that he could deny that any of this actually happened. None of his men would know about this, so he thought. But, of course, six of his men were watching and hearing everything from behind the one-way glass. They wanted to scream, but they were all heavily gagged with mouths stuffed with the dirty underwear of the Korean soldiers, covered by duct tape. With the Captain’s head laying sideways on the Colonel’s lap as he humped the Colonel’s leg and sobbed, the Colonel petted his new doggie’s head in a display of mocked comforting.

“My sweet, big puppy, you are ready to burst into tears because you happy. You love me so much. You love how I treat you. You love dog collar I just gave you, and now, I reward you by letting you hump my leg. What tears of joy you have.” The Captain was so broken down. He wanted nothing for himself, only to save the lives of the men he was responsible for. The men he swore to protect, the men he’d give his last breath for. But he never thought he’d have to subject himself to so much ridicule and humiliation and have no ability to stop it. The Captain was starting to cry out loud. He was so sick and ashamed to do such disgusting things.

“You honor me with your tears of pleasure.” The Captain, for whatever reason, just nodded his head. His hips were still thrusting his dick against the Colonel’s pants. He closed his eyes, trying to shut out all the degrading and humiliating things that were happening to him and that he was compelled to participate in. After seeing all bloody and immobile Davis in the Frankenstein-era chair, he only imagined the worst. He needed to do whatever it took to please this lunatic Colonel.

The Colonel continued to pet the collared, naked Captain on the head as it rested sideways on the Colonel’s lap. The Captain was actually fully facing the row of one-way windows he still thought were only mirrors. He saw himself in the mirrors, was horrified, and closed his eyes again. He was unaware that the Colonel’s fly was open, and his dick was sticking out through his zipper and now lying against the top of his head. He probably thought it was the Colonel’s hand petting him.

To his men, watching him through the one-way glass, it looked like their Captain was fully, willingly participating in the erotic and kinky scene unfolding. With all their might, the six men were trying to yell and curse at him through their gags with utter hatred for their own mission leader.

The Colonel’s dick was also growing as he rubbed it on the Captain’s head. Unlike the Asian stereotype, the Colonel’s dick was long and narrow and becoming stiffer as he calmly petted his captive Captain puppy.

“Shhhh. Just relax and hump away. You my doggie slave now.” As the Colonel gently rubbed the Captain’s hair with his dick, his other hand slowly reached down and lightly stroked the Captain’s dick as it was humping his leg. The Captain moaned softly, and his body shuttered. He had no idea why he had such a huge erection. His body felt warm and light-headed, but he had no clue what was in the wine he was given. But he no longer cared about how or why he got an erection. It did feel good. If he was not allowed to pump his own dick, at least the Colonel was rubbing it for him. He tried to fuck that hand hard to blast off, but the Colonel would simply open his hand a little and remove the precious friction the Captain sought.

“Your beautiful, manly dick leaking all over my uniform, but that OK. My, my, it looks bigger than yesterday? Your job is to always keep a big, leaky boner for me to see and for you not to touch.” The Colonel taunted his captive.

The Captain repeated in his mind, “Yesterday?” There was no yesterday. But then again, no one is telling the truth here. He moaned and sobbed, but just a little. He was getting into the game of all-pretend, but he still refused to open his eyes. That would only confirm images he did not want to be confirmed. He played out his role and felt sensations blindly.

The Colonel scooted his butt toward the edge of his chair and lifted the Captain’s head slightly to resettle it on his lap. Now the top of his head was at the Colonel’s belt. In the same continuous motion, the Colonel also moved his dick from the top of the Captain’s head to nestle it lightly against his forehead and run down the length of his nose. Since the Captain refused to open his eyes, he probably assumed that either the Colonel’s forearm or billowing pant material was touching his face.

The six men saw everything and, of course, misinterpreted everything. They were so furious at their traitorous Captain. In the span of a few hours, these six American captives found out, so they thought, that their Captain was gay, that he was into humiliation and being treated like a fucking slave dog, and that he had become a friend and sex partner of this North Korean officer, and that he did not care about his men or his country. He was, indeed, a traitor. Even though the men could not communicate with each other due to their being tightly bound and thoroughly gagged, the angry reactions of each man seemed to reflect that they all felt betrayed. The man they previously knew as an American hero, a highly decorated warrior, and the most honorable Marine Captain they had ever served under was no more.

The Colonel was pleased with the Captain’s puppet-like responses. It was due to a combination of two factors: One, the fact that if he did not obey and pretend to happily do humiliating things, his squad, and in particular Private Davis, who he saw was being tortured, would likely be killed. Two, there must have been something in those two glasses of wine he was given that fucked him up and gave him overpowering erotic sensations.

The Korean soldiers had everything so rehearsed. They started with terrifying Private Davis out of his mind with threats of brutal torture unless he agreed to go through a pretend torture scene in front of Captain Marshall. Davis agreed to work with Private Kim to learn how to act and scream as if he were in extreme pain. He would be strapped in a medieval torture chair and splattered with pig blood. That, along with the pretend painful screams for help, went a long way to move the manly and brave Captain Benjamin Marshall III to do whatever the Colonel wanted him to do. His main concern was to save his men. Whatever drug he was given in the wine reduced his ability to think things through as well as made him horny.

So, there was Captain Marshall, stripped naked, wearing a black leather dog collar, kneeling at the feet of the Colonel, with his body bent over and his head on the Colonel’s lap, being petted as a great big puppy dog. Due to his extreme embarrassment, the Captain kept his eyes tightly closed. If he opened his eyes, he’d be staring into large mirrors, and he did not want to see himself like that. He preferred to keep the possibility that it was all a bad dream that would end soon.

He still did not know that behind the mirrors, which were really one-way glass windows, were his six men who saw everything and, with the aid of an interior speaker system, heard everything. More accurately, they saw and heard only what the Korean soldiers wanted those six men to see.

Because his eyes were closed, the Captain did not realize the Colonel’s dick was now nestled against the front of his face. The Colonel reached down with his left hand to tease the Captain’s hard, leaking dick lightly. With his right hand, he slipped two fingers into the Captain’s moaning mouth. He did it gently and moved his fingers slowly inside, playfully inside that wet, sexy mouth and petting that big puppy tongue. The Colonel’s dick was now under the palm of his left hand. So, as he moved his fingers all around the inside of the Captain’s mouth, which served as a distraction, he maneuvered his own stiff dick to point to the now-open mouth of his slave captain. The Colonel’s continual tickling of the Captain’s dick was a needed erotic distraction.

It was easy for the Colonel to ease his fingers out at the same time he bent and then eased his dick inside that slave's mouth. Just as the Captain’s tongue teased the fleshy fingers, it now teased that fleshy dick. The Captain’s focus, total attention, was on the erotic torture teasing of his own uncontrollable, dancing dick. The Colonel bent to the ear of his slave, “Such a good slave, doggie. I enjoy your dick much.”

The Captain tried to say, “Please let me cum,” but all that came out of his dick-stuffed mouth was, “Pa… pa… plez?”

“Please? Please let you cum? Is that favor you want of me?” With his mouth now full of the Colonel’s hard dick, the Captain could only nod and moan. “Well, suck your Master’s dick, and I will let you climax.” There was nothing more to say. The Captain just started sucking on what was in his mouth. Maybe he realized it was a dick, or maybe he couldn’t focus enough to care. He was lost in his own titillating, bobbing dick sensations. The Colonel let him suck and lick his hard, long dick. “Easy, my slave. If you want me to let you climax, suck easier. be gentle with Master’s power tool.”

The Captain, still with his eyes closed, slowed down and obeyed. “Good boy, good pup. You like suck your Master ?” He nodded, not letting go of the dick in his mouth. “Now, keep sucking your Master’s dick like a good former Marine captain.” Did the Captain hear the word dick? Was he that fucked up? Did he really think it was all just a bad dream? Is that why he kept his eyes closed? He never reacted to the word, just kept sucking like he was told. “Use your tongue more. Move it all around my dick and massage Master’s dick with your wet, sloppy, doggie tongue.” Again, he did as told.

The Colonel now applied just the slightest increase in friction on his slave’s dick. The Captain’s body shook. Then he added a couple more fingers to his slave’s bobbing American meat and stroked the underside, the full length from the piss slit all the way down to his huge, tightening balls. Up and down, fully along the underside of that precum-spewing dick. The Captain's body was jerking in rhythm to his convulsing dick from the knees to the top of his head. The Colonel knew he would not be able to hold back anymore. “Now lift your head up and engulf my dick fully, then pull up and come down on it again and again, repeatedly.

With a nod to his guards, they stepped to the row of the four large one-way windows. They flipped latches on each and quickly removed them, exposing the six other American soldiers still tied and gagged. But now the Captain could see them if he would just open his eyes.

“Slave Krean Dog, nod if you are ready to cum like a good slave to please Master.” The Captain nodded his head fiercely as he continued to face fuck himself on the ever-tensing dick. “As soon as you feel my load gush down your throat, you will open your eyes, and I will pump your fat meat to climax. If you want to climax, you must open your eyes at the exact moment. Understand?” The Captain nodded feverishly. I want you to see yourself in my mirrors as the hungry cock-sucking Korean slave you want to be.” Of course, the Colonel really wanted the Captain to see his own men face-to-face as he deep-throated his enemy, swallowing loads of his cum. As the men saw him do it and saw him shoot loads of his own pent-up man juice.

And just as the Colonel said that, the Colonel made his final thrust into the Captain’s throat as he pumped two long and firm strokes of the Captain’s angry, bloated dick. Both men started to climax. The Captain’s eyes flew open as ordered, and he saw his men staring at him. He could not control swallowing the full spurts of goo forced down his throat, and it was too late to refrain from his long-awaited climax. He shot what seemed like a gallon of his own cum all over the Colonel’s pants, bare feet, and floor. The shock of seeing the six members of his squad for the first time in three days was shocking under these circumstances. His body uncontrollably jerked and shook as he emptied his balls. His face turned bright red with embarrassment when he realized his men were watching him all along, performing for the enemy Colonel as his collared, naked, toe-sucking slave dog.

Now everyone could hear the six Marines force their muffled screams through their gags. It sounded like a bunch of muffled “Fuck yous,” and “You sick son of a bitch,” and, “You fucking freak,” and the worst that seemed discernible was, “You fucking traitor.”

The Colonel’s dick slipped out of the Captain’s mouth as the Captain slid off the Colonel’s lap, and his body collapsed in exhaustion and humiliating horror on the floor. He curled his entire body in a ball at the Colonel’s bare feet. As the Colonel stood, he proudly and dramatically shoved his dick in his pants and zipped it up. He now addressed the six Americans as their former Captain shuddered and cried, burying his face in his hands.

“Gentlemen,” he spoke to the still-bound and gagged Marines, “The government of North Korea does find you all guilty of espionage, and you have been declared spies. However, I will release you. Go back home. The Red Cross will be here tomorrow to take charge of you six men. You will be unbound and ungagged soon. From here, you will go to have fresh showers, your uniforms will be cleaned and given back to you, and you will then be escorted to the mess hall and have an enjoyable dinner. I hope you will report our kind treatment of you to the Red Cross.” The men mumbled “Davis, Davis, Davis” through their gags. “Oh yes, Private Jim Davis.” The Colonel spoke in Korean Private Kim, who left and quickly returned with Private Davis at his side, all freshly showered and in only boxer underwear made from cheap, nearly see-through white material. He was, of course, completely uninjured. He must have been released from the supposed “torture chair” some time ago and got cleaned up. Odd, though, Davis was clearly sporting an erection because his dick was tenting the thin white fabric.

“Ah, Private Davis… how you say… in the flesh. I am releasing your six American spy comrades to the Red Cross tomorrow, and they will go home. Would you like to join them? You are free to do so since you have successfully negotiated their release. You are a true hero, especially to these American marines.” The Colonel wanted to boost Davis’ image with his fellow marines, so they would respect him. Of course, it was not true, but the Colonel wanted Davis to go home proudly if he chose to go home. Davis was hesitating. “Or,” the Colonel continued, “If you choose, you may remain in North Korea and do as you like, without harm.” The Colonel did not want to spell it out or embarrass him in front of his fellow Marines. But the Colonel got want he wanted, Captain Marshall as his slave. So Davis was now free to make his own decision, which could include a special life with Private Kim. The Colonel would call them to cohabitate somewhere off the compound.

“I… I… would like to remain here, in your country. I do respect my squad members and wish them well.” Private Davis spoke sincerely but did not realize how obscenely ridiculous he looked with his big boner stretching tenting out his cheap see-thru underwear. In the past days of climax denial, he got used to his boner protruding out. “But without explaining myself, I chose to stay here, at least for the time being.” Private Davis said sheepishly.

The Colonel spoke in Korean to all his soldiers, and they all laughed aloud. To translate, he told his men, jokingly, that he hoped Private Kim would allow Davis to finally climax soon before he explodes in his underwear. Davis did not understand Korean, so he just smiled kindly.

“As for your former precious Captain Benjamin Marshall, number 3,” the Colonel paused. “He cannot go home. In fact, he told me he wanted to give up his citizenship and stay here. “ He paused and looked at the balled-up former American hero huddled on the floor in a pool of his own cum, for a response. “Captain, if you want to go home with your men, raise your hand.” The Captain burst into tears and did not raise his hand. “So be it. North Korea has just acquired one brave man, Private Davis, and one deserter, Captain Marshall. So be it.”

“You can tell your government that it is unwise to ever sneak into my country again. Captain Marshall found it impossible to be successful. This illegal mission made him a disgrace to himself, his men, and his country. Actually, it did work out quite well for the Captain, personally. He discovered he wanted to be my boot-licking slave dog more than be an American soldier. So be it. Since your country will only imprison him, I will accept this garbage pile and mold him as a useful “service” animal.”

The End

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