013 Football Team Initiation

13 Football Team Initiation
Part 1 of 6

My name is Kelly Peterson. When I was 17, my dad died, and my ma and I moved to a larger city for a better job. So I had to change schools. Now, only one year later, my life is really fucked up. I am a good-looking kid, so they tell me, with a nice muscular body for a boy my age, not too beefy, but toned really nice from swimming since I was in sixth grade. I am an only child and alone a lot as my ma has to travel for her job. She trusts me and has no problem leaving me alone.

However, I got really lonely at times. At first, I talked every day with my girlfriend on the phone, but after a few months, I knew we were drifting apart. I have to be honest; I also missed the sex big time. I mean, jerking your own prick with your hand can’t compare with stuffing it into a nice tight pussy. You may think that 17 is too young for a guy to fuck, but shit, all the kids in my class were doing it. Times are different now, and kids fuck much younger.

Well, the loneliness I felt led me to try even harder to make new friends at my new school. No one was mean to me or anything, but those kinds of things take time. The girls at the school seemed to take to me, which made some of the jocks jealous.

Then I met Kingsley. He has that mean handsome look like you can’t tell if he is smiling with you or at you. His eyes twinkle, and he kind of sneers, and you don’t know what to say. He almost always gets his way, and rumor has it that the A’s he gets in school are because he is fucking three female teachers and letting two queer teachers suck him off. I didn’t believe that at first, but I do now. And to think he’s only a little over a year older than I am. Many younger kids were jealous, and many juniors and seniors were really angry. Coach Martin said the team could use a good tight end, and I am a very good tight end. Kingsley Fisher was the most pissed at my joining the team. He saw me as a competition, I guess because I was good-looking. But he was stuck with me on the team. Joining was great, but I was more interested in becoming friends and good buddies with key team members. I wanted and needed to be liked and accepted.

So I worked at it. I sought out Kingley’s friendship and the closeness of the others in his clique. Here is a photo of me and the key members horsing around in the locker room. The guy on his knees sucking dick is me.
BUT WAIT! I’m not gay. All of us high school football team players are straight. This was a joke, part of an initiation of sorts. OK, it got out of hand, but I can explain. I mean, it happened gradually, over time. I just wanted to be accepted, liked. So, maybe I did do a few weird things. Anyway, it’s not what you think.

One day, we sat in the locker room. We still both wore our underwear, and I couldn’t help but notice, as I had noticed countless times, how much Kingsley bulged out in front of his. He was an all-around stud, and I tell you this to try to explain to you how difficult it was to resist him in any way at all, no matter if you were a dude or a cunt. He just had this way about him. All the guys did everything he wanted. He always got his way.

His hair is still wet from the shower and hanging in his eyes, and his body is wet too and glistens in the bare locker room bulbs. Did I mention his nipples? No? Well, he has a muscular chest, but also those really puffy, pouty, stick-out kind of nipples, too big for most guys, but really suitable on athletic dudes like him.

“So listen up dude, we got a little problemo, nothing major, but something we got to work out.” Kingsley smiled and ran one hand over his chest. His white teeth even sparkled.

“What’s the matter, Kingsley?” I guess I have to admit that by this time, I did idolize him. I spent all my fun time with him; I talked to him on the phone every night, like I was his girlfriend or something. I hoped the problem was nothing serious, as I couldn’t stand to lose another friend and be lonely again.

Kingsley stretched out one leg and ran the toes of his foot down my naked calf. It tickled and sent a tingle through me. “Well, you know that you have become my best bud over these last few weeks.” He nudged me with his toes. “Don’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess.” I felt somehow shy admitting that to him. “We do hang out a lot”

“A lot? Christ! Kelly, I don’t even have time to fuck much cunt anymore. I’m so busy hanging with you. Sometimes my fuck meat feels like it will explode right out of my jeans.

I felt a little thrill go through me at Kingsley’s dirty talk. He talked dirty a lot. I also felt a twinge of sadness. “Is that the problem? Do you want to spend less time with me?”

“No way, man, I want to spend more time with you. I feel kinda like we are brothers or something, don’t you?” I nodded. “The problem is the other guys. They feel like I have dumped them for you. They’re as jealous as a 13-year-old cunt. They say it's unfair ‘cause you never went through any team initiation or anything like the rest of us.”

“I never heard about any team initiation, Kingsley?”

“That’s ‘cause technically, it’s illegal. You know how parents and school boards are about that kind of shit. But we always do it, and all of us went through it, and the guys say it’s not fair, just because I am the team captain and you are my best friend, that I let you off so lightly.”

I shrugged. “So, I’ll do the dumb initiation.”

“Yeah, but I don’t want you to endure rough stuff. Those guys can be pretty big assholes sometimes; as I say, they are jealous of you. So I won’t let you go through any real hazing or anything. No bad stuff. Shit, I am too ashamed to even tell you what I had to do.”

Somehow I grew terribly excited by this talk. I don’t know why. I tried to imagine what Kingsley had to do in front of other guys. “Like what, Kingsley? What did you have to do?”

“Naw, I wouldn’t ever want you to go through something like that. I like you way too much. But anyway, here’s what I thought. I would tell the other guys that you would put in some time as a kind of team manager. You would do little chores for them, pick up after them, that kind of stuff. I’ll even help you. That way, it would be like serving out an initiation. How does that sound? Just do what the guys ask you too, you know, little favors and shit, and do that for about a month, and then I know they will accept you as one of them.”

“Sure, Kingsley, no problem. I don’t want you to take any shit for me. I just want to get along with everyone, and I really want to stay your friend.” He reached out and put one large hand on my naked shoulder, and I felt really weak for some reason.

“Great. I’ll set it up with the guys. I’ll tell them that starting tomorrow, you are serving initiation time, and they can give you mild little chores to do to prove your loyalty. And hey, in front of them, I may have to act a little tough and give you a few chores myself. I hope you don’t mind. In private, I’ll even help you with stuff, but in front of the other guys, you know how it is. Ok, dude?”

I smiled and felt his fingers knead my shoulder. “That’s fine, Kingsley.”

“Puurrfeeect!” He growled and stood up. “What say we hit a burger joint for some sustenance? I’ll bet you are damned hungry and could eat just about anything.” As he said that, he peeled down his jock. I’d seen him naked in the shower before, but this felt so different for some reason. There he stood bare-assed naked in front of me, his strong muscular body not yet totally dry. He stepped out of his wet jock and left it on the locker room floor. He stood with his hands on his hips, his legs spread slightly. I couldn’t help it. I had to look at that big fat girl fucker hanging between his legs. It was so fucking awesome. It hung at least six inches soft. Thick almost as a coke can, and his big balls hung behind, swinging slightly.

I never had a queer thought in my life. Not in my whole fucking life. Now he turned away and started to walk toward his locker. I watched his ass globes roll as he walked. “Oh, Kelly, pick up my jockstrap, will you, and eh, take it home and wash it out for me, would you? I got so much homework, I won’t have time.”

“No problem Kingsley.” I leaned down and picked up his jock. It felt warm and wet. It smelled like urine and sweat, and I thought of how Kingsley’s big fat hairy balls and enormous cock were there. I held the warm jock in my hands and tried to ignore the fact that I had a 17-year-old boner. What was happening to me?

It all started the next day. I had no idea that Kingsley had already spoken with the other senior guys, but I was soon to find out. Everything went along fine until gym class. We have to take gym at my school twice a week, even if we are on the football team, and practice every day after school. I was at my locker, stripped down to my jockstrap. Lester came about four lockers down from me with a bunch of juniors and seniors. Lester is the class clown. He’s thin, blond, and not what you would call very hunky. Still, because of his sense of humor, he is really popular. Lester started talking loudly to the three seniors with him, so loudly that heads turned, including mine.

“Shit, I can’t stand it anymore. My fucking jockstrap is so fucking dirty you can smell it halfway across the gym.”

Mack, another senior, muscular and tough looking, answered, “You’re not telling us anything we don’t already know. You must have the dirtiest jockstrap in the whole school.”

Ted added, “School, shit, he’s got the fucking filthiest prick pouch in the whole God damned state.” The guys laughed, and I took it for just average horsing around. I had just taken off my jockstrap and turned to reach for my boxer shorts when Lester shouted to me.

“Hey, Kelly, is it true what Kingsley says? That you are willing to be initiated to be one of our gang? To be on the inside elite of the football team?” He had a big smile when he said this. I held my boxers over my prick and nuts so I could turn to face him to answer.

“Yeah, I guess. Kingsley said I should do it. You guys are really fun, and I want you to like me.”

“We do like you, my man,” Lester said, rubbing the front of his pouch as if his dick and balls itched. I could smell his jockstrap from five feet away. “But you can’t just switch to our school one day and take over the next. You already stole all our girls and Kingsley. You gotta pay your dues, right bros?” Ted and Mack nodded in mock seriousness. I couldn’t tell how much they were kidding. “So what do you say? Are you ready for a little initiation? Will you pass a few tests for us and shit like that to prove you got the balls?”

I felt cold even though the locker room was sweltering. “Ugh, yeah, sure, I guess.”

Lester smiled. “Well then, since I am so fucking behind in my homework, I just don’t have time to clean my gear. You won’t mind taking my filthy jockstrap home and giving it a good hand washing now, will you?” He looked at me innocently like, his head cocked to one side. Ted and Mack were holding back their laughter.

“Ugh, I guess not.” What the fuck could I say? I didn’t want to touch the foul prick pouch, but so be it if I had to wash them to get accepted.

“It doesn’t only stink to high heaven. It's all crusty ‘cause when I watch those fucking hot cheerleaders, my prick leaks like a fucking faucet,” Lester bragged. Then he added, “Christ, skid marks are on the ass straps. That’s from when I farted during that rope climbing shit. Good thing you’ll clean it for me.” Now he peeled off the jockstrap and held the jockstrap up by two fingers and smelled it. “Jesus H. Christ, it's enough to knock you out. But here you go,” he said, handing it out to me.

I have trouble tolerating the smell of my jockstrap after a sweaty gym class. But I knew I had to stand with these guys. I had to impress them. So I held out my hand and took the wet dick strap. I kind of just stood there holding it.

“Oh, and Kelly, my man, I don’t want my jockstrap ruined by rough washing, so make sure you wash it by hand.”

Yeah, right, sure I would, like hell. But I smiled and said I would. How the fuck would they ever know. But they were way ahead of me.

“How do you know he won’t throw it in a washing machine?” Ted asked, innocent as all get out. Lester looked at him.

“Because I trust him, because he’s Kingsley’s pal, and any pal of Kingsley is a potential pal of mine.”

“Still, I think a proof of trust is in order. I think Kelly here should prove to us that he is true blue and will do what we say. We need a pledge of some sort.”

I nodded my head, chewing my lip again. “I promise to wash Lester’s jockstrap by hand, ok?” But Mack shook his head.

“Nah, that’s not good enough. We need to know you will treat it with respect. How about you show us that you really are willing to go through a little initiation for us?”

I gulped. “Sure, how?”

Mack smiled. “Why don’t you suck his jockstrap clean, here and now.” I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. I wanted to tell them to go fuck themselves. “Or do we tell Kingsley that you are really uncooperative?” Ted leaned against the locker and curled his toes.

“You gotta be kidding, guys.” I looked at Lester, who smiled a big smile and reached down and scratched his teen nuts.

“Look, Kingsley said I would have to do some little chores for you, not … not sick shit like this.” I tried to maintain my dignity, standing there holding my shorts in front of my prick and holding the stinking jockstrap in the other hand.

“Kelly, think of it as a Fear Factor kind of thing. You gotta show us that you got what it takes to be our friend. After all, we are juniors, seniors, and older than you by almost two years. If you wanna hang with us, you gotta be willing to sweat a little. So Fear Factor it is. It’ll be over in a few minutes. Just put the stinking jockstrap and smell it first. Get your nose into it. Inhale deeply. You can do that, can’t you?
After you sniff all the stink out of it, and I know it’ll give you a boner,” Lester laughed, “Sice it’s wet with nut sweat and stiff with prick leak. Then put it into your mouth and suck it for us for a few minutes, then you can take it home and wash it.”

“What if I puke?” I asked sincerely.

“That would be a bad sign of disrespect. Come on, I gotta get to class. You want me to give Kingsley a good report, don’t you? He would be so brokenhearted to hear you failed the very first test.”

Four or five other students had heard what was happening, and now they gathered around in various stages of undress to watch. Jesus, I was making a spectacle of myself.

“What’s it going to be, Kelly? In or Out? Winner or Loser?”

I tell you, I was so fucking lonely, I couldn’t stand it, and I really wanted Kingsley to stay my friend. He was so damned cool. So I raised the piss-cum reeking jockstrap to my mouth and started to put the elastic waistband between my lips.

“Oh no, my friend. You gotta suck on the pouch, the part that holds Lester’s cunt stuffer and nads.”

“Guys, I don’t know if I can do this.” I was dizzy from the smell.

“Suck on it,” Lester growled like he was telling a date to do his dick.

With nine guys watching now, I opened my mouth and put the prick pouch in. It was crusty, as well as salty and bleachy smelling. I tried to make my mind blank as I shoved the elastic pouch into my mouth. I stood with another high school student’s jockstrap hanging from my mouth. Imagine how stupid I looked, how stupid I felt. My eyes were red and glassy. I didn’t realize that I was bouncing on the balls of my naked feet with nerves.

“Good man, now suck it clean.” The guys leaned in to get a better look. I sucked on the jockstrap pouch. The taste was nasty. As I sucked more and more, I thought I smelled piss, and the taste of the pouch got saltier. I thought I would faint.

Then I heard the guys applauding me. “Well done, Kelly, you passed your first test. That was the first of a month of initiation trials. You did very well this time.”

How do you think I felt, a 17-year-old kid standing there, bare-ass with another dude’s jockstrap hanging from my mouth. I can’t tell you how degrading it was.

“Shit, I gotta get to class,” Lester yelled, running toward his locker, his prick and balls swinging and slapping his legs. He turned back. “Don’t forget to hand wash it. Treat it as special. After all, it covers an essential part of me.” The guys laughed, and Mack stepped out of his gym shorts.

“Hey, Kelly, will you wash my dick strap too?” He threw it at me. His prick was huge and flopped around.

At least five more guys threw their prick pouches at me that first day. And that night, I had to wash all six by hand. Kingsley drove me home after school that day. I had the jockstraps in my book bag wrapped in plastic, but I could still smell them. Kingsley was real nonchalant, like nothing at all unusual had happened.

As Kingsley drove me home from school, he chatted continuously about how he had sex with every girl at our school. "Jesus, I really got to fuck a cunt soon. I'm getting blue balls just looking at them." He said.

"But you've got a steady girl now, don't you, Kingsley? Allison? Aren't you two going steady?" Kingsley talked to me almost nonstop about fucking girls as he drove. It's like all he ever talked about except food and sports. Still, it was a thrill to be around him.

"Allison? Shit, I've fucked her a dozen times. I'm bored out of my mind. Her cunt is stretched out big enough for me to get my whole fucking hand in. And she won't let me up her asshole. Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass, Kelly?"

"Ugh, no, Kingsley, I haven't."

"It's so great. Fucking ass is almost more fun than fucking cunt ‘cause the ass is tighter, and the fuck is more forceful somehow. I can't think of anything I love doing more than fucking ass. Don't ever tell the other guys that. Some of them are pretty conservative."

We stopped at a fast food place for some burgers. There was this adorable girl from my class who worked there. She seldom had time to hang with us ‘cause her family was quite poor, and she had to work right after school. We pulled up to the drive-in window. I had a bad crush on this girl named Traci. Kingsley knew it.

"Oh my man, look who's working, your honey, Traci."

I blushed. "Cut it out, Kingsley."

Traci beamed. "Hi, Kingsley. Hello, Kelly." Traci, of course, like all the other girls, had a big crush on Kingsley, but I think she also liked me quite a bit. We ordered.

"Why don't you guys park and come eat inside. If it gets slow, maybe I can come to visit with you for a while." She was so damned hot and nice too.

Kingsley smiled and shook his head. "Nah, we can't. Maybe some other time. I'd really like to, but Kelly's got to get home." I wanted to protest that I didn't have to get home, but Kingsley went on, "He promised a bunch of the senior dudes that he'd wash their dirty jockstraps for them."

Then Traci asked me why I’d do that. I had no answer, "Well, I, ugh,” I was tongue-tied. I felt like an idiot. Kingsley came to my rescue, kind of.

"He's just a really nice guy. He's always doing little stuff like that. I think he gets a real thrill out of hand washing the jockstraps of the senior boys.” Some help. Now I sounded really queer. Traci looked at me in a funny way, then turned back to her work.

"Why the fuck did you say that?" I hissed at Kingsley.

"What? I just told the truth. Since when are you anti-truth? What are you so uptight about?"

We drove in silence to my house, listening to the radio. Once at my place and in my room, Kingsley threw himself on my bed in my upstairs bedroom. He stretched out, his face buried in my pillow. Somehow, for some reason, it gave me a funny feeling in my gut. I don't know why.

"Okay, dude, we got rules. I have nothing to do with this, but the guys have worked up a set of rules for you to follow for the next month for your initiation. Want me to read them to you?"

He patted the bed next to where he was lying, so I sat beside him. It felt bizarre. I had often thought of asking Kingsley to sleep over, but at 17 and 18, it seemed a bit weird. He arched his muscular body up to pull the paper out of his pocket.

"Most of this is bullshit stuff, but if it makes those assholes happy, try to do it for them with a positive attitude. It'll be over in a month, and you'll be one of the gang."

Then he smiled and squeezed my leg. "You are part of my gang already!" He unfolded the handwritten paper. "The guys wrote this together in the senior lounge today. You'd thought they were writing the Declaration of Fucking Independence. Hey, dude, pull off my shoes for me, will you?"

I almost missed it. He just asked me a favor, right? Pull off his shoes. Why couldn't he just kick them off? They were just low-cut trainers. Why should I pull them off? He waited. He never blinked, looking at me like the world stopped. I slid down the bed and reached for one of his big feet. I slipped the tennis shoe off, and I smelled the smell of sweaty athletic socks. Kingsley was not dirty. Kingsley was never dirty. Kingsley wouldn't be caught dead with a filthy jockstrap. I dropped the shoe to the floor, then reached over and slipped off his other shoe.

"Thanks, buddy," he wiggled his toes. "That feels good. Now crawl up here and listen to the rules your new friends have created for you.”

“Rules for Kelly's Initiation: Compiled by the Manchester High Football Team Members. If these rules are not obeyed for one month, Kelly Peterson shall be dismissed from the football team and not allowed to join any other school teams."

"Can they do that? Can they just make decisions like that?"

Kingsley nodded. "Oh yeah, the coach listens to his team members. He says if a guy doesn't fit in with the team if he throws off the harmony, it can wreck the entire season."

"But then the guys can get any dude they don't like thrown off the team?"

Kingsley grinned. "Yeah." He shifted on the bed and reached down with one hand to adjust his big balls in his jeans. "You suppose Alison is a good fuck?"

"I don't know Kingsley, and after today, I may never know," I said, only half-teasing.

"I wouldn't mind throwing a good fuck into her. You know, listening to her squeal as I shove my huge hunk of fuck meat into her tight little pussy." I got really jealous, then. I knew he could have her if he wanted to, and I wanted her. I was lost in thought and almost didn't hear him continue reading.

"Rule One. For one month, Kelly will not be allowed to date any girls. No dates. No kissing. No making out. No fucking. In fact, for one month, Kelly will not be allowed to speak to any females, except to answer female teachers and talk to his mom."

"Come on, how can I not talk to any girls. What about at the mall, shops, or a restaurant?"

"Only go places where guys are working. No girls. That's rule number one."

"Rule Number Two: Kelly is forbidden to jerk off or shoot a load of cum except with permission of a Senior Team Member, who shall be present on all such occasions."

Football Team Initiation
Part 2 of 6

"That's just stupid, Kingsley. How are they going to enforce it?"

Kingsley turned toward me, his muscular body inches from me. "First, they trust you. Second I trust you. Third, they have plans to ensure their control. How often do you beat off, Kelly?" That was such a personal question. I wasn't ready for it.

"Jeez, I don't know,"

"Sure you do. Every guy does. If I'm fucking some girl, I still beat off, usually twice a day. If I am not fucking cunt, I usually jerk off four times a day. How about you?"

"I guess two or three times, you know, in the morning before school, at night before I go to sleep, and sometimes just for fun in between."

Kingsley leaned closer to me. I could smell him. It was a good smell. "You haven't fucked any twat in a long time, have you?"

Even among friends, that is a delicate question. "Well, not since I moved here, so it's been a couple of months."
"Hey, don't give me any dirty looks." (That's me on the right.) "It's not my fault. You don't score. I'm trying to be sympathetic here. Anyway, the rules say no beating off without permission, but that's easy. I got my cell phone. You just call me up to get permission."

"Every time I want to jerk off, I got to call you?"

He smiled. "Or some other team member.”

“Rule Three. Until further notice, Kelly is forbidden to eat, shit, or piss without permission from a team member."

I sat up. "Oh, come on. I can't piss without asking permission?"

"Just pick up the cell phone, bro. Nothing simpler. Let's try to play by the rules, okay? I really want you on the team and as my best buddy."

"But how can I not eat, not take a dump, forget it." I lapsed into silence.

Kingsley sat up and leaned in close. I could feel his breath on me. "You okay with this? Will you try it for me?"

"Whatever." I somehow couldn't say no to him.

"Shit, it's warm in here, like a fucking oven." I heard a rustle and turned to see Kingsley seated behind me on the bed, slipping out of his sweatshirt and T-shirt. Now he was naked from the waist up. His body was gorgeous. His pecs were tight and strong with big round pink nipples. His stomach was tight.

"Rule Four: After gym, Kelly will collect all the dirty jockstraps, socks, and underwear and wash them for the team each night for the next month. He will make sure the players' number is on each item. He will hand wash them. He will iron all the jockstraps, underwear, and socks so they are neat and clean. He will return each jockstrap, socks, or underwear to the owner with a hand-written note thanking the owner for allowing him to clean his dirty sports equipment."

"Rule Five. Kelly will write a detailed account of every sexual experience he has ever had. He will list partners by name and age and describe in detail what they did together. He will describe how many encounters he had with each partner and describe each encounter in detail."

"Wouldn't that compromise the girls to tell their names and stuff?"

Kingsley smiled. "Who gives a shit about the cunts? There are no secrets between best buddies. We share everything. Don't I tell you about every twat I stuff?"

"I guess." I didn't want to hurt my ex-girlfriend by giving out her name or telling her what we did. I guess I still loved her.

"Rule Six. Until further notice, Kelly will wear to school each day the clothing we supply for him instead of his own ugly unstylish rags." Kingsley laughed. "Fetch my book bag, will you, dude?” I crawled off the bed and got it. He sat there, bare-chested, looking like some God. He ruffled through the bag and pulled out a pair of jeans that looked like they belonged to a ten-year-old. Then he pulled out five tiny T-shirts. They, too, looked like they belonged to a child.

"Those will never fit me."

"They might be tight and small, but I know you'll make them fit."

I shook my head in disbelief. The jeans were the old-fashioned tight kind with narrow legs. They looked low-rise, like girls' jeans and the T-shirts were gross. One had "I LOVE QUEER BOYS" printed on the front. Another had "PROUD TO BE QUEER" on the back. They were awful.

"Kingsley, I can't wear this stuff, even if I wanted to. I'll get kicked out of school."

"No, you won't, dude. We had a case last year where this faggot wanted to wear a gay pride shirt, and the school couldn't stop him. So you can wear whatever we say."

"But Kingsley, why would you want me to do something like this? It's sick."

He placed one large hand on my shoulder. "First of all, dude, it's not me. It's the other guys. Second, it's like Fear Factor or Survivor. You just gotta show you got the guts, and the guys will be fine with you. Now, that's all the rules for now. There will be more later. What say we get those dirty prick pouches washed. I promised the guys I'd get some digital photos of you doing the washing to prove you were hand washing them.”

I didn't know what was going on anymore. I was really pretty confused. I had already forgotten half the rules. They seemed so fucking stupid.

"Hey, dude, I got an idea. Just to show you are a good sport, why not put on Lester's jockstrap and wear that while you wash the others, then take his off and wash it last. I'll get some pics of you in Lester's jockstrap, showing the guys you are a good sport."

"Have you seen Lester's jockstrap, Kingsley?"

"Yeah, it's pretty gross, but shit, you sucked on it, right? So how bad can wearing it for a few minutes be? Come on, strip off, and put it on. Do it for me." He made a face that made him look about twelve, and I had to laugh. I kicked off my shoes. I took off my shirt and started to unbuckle my pants.

"Whoa, wait a minute, let me see your tits."

"What?" I stood there nervously while muscular Kingsley eyed my rather thin body.

"The guys are right. They said you needed some titty exercises. I never really looked at you, but they are right. Your tits aren't developed enough. I mean, every week, we are out there at our games representing our school. We can't afford to look wimpy. You will have to start doing some tit exercises, and I mean starting tonight."

"What's wrong with my ti … ah … my chest?"

"Well, first of all, your pecs aren't developed. Look at mine, feel mine."

I couldn't do that. I just couldn't. I mean, feel another dude's chest. "What's the matter? Feel my pecs. Feel how strong they are."

I reached out one trembling hand and felt Kingsley's chest muscles. His skin was like velvet, the muscles under it hard and sinewy.

"And then, there's the tits themselves. The nipples, your nipples are really undeveloped."

“My nipples?" I was aghast. "Who the fuck cares about a guy's nipples?"

“Look at mine, dude. Look at how big and round they are and how the nipple tips stick out nice and full like pencil erasers. If you are gonna be on the varsity football team, and especially if you want to be captain someday, which I think you could be, you must have great nipples."

"But lots of the guys, I mean, I can't be the only guy with small nipples."

"Kelly, you are my friend. You are the friend of the captain of the team. We have certain standards. I want you to look your best, and it's nothing that some exercises can't fix. Some daily exercises for a couple of months, and you will have awesome tits."

"Whatever." I felt ugly. I felt beaten down. I don't know why.

"Don't worry; I'll help you with your titty exercises. Now strip off bare-ass and get into that dirty jockstrap. I can't stand the smell."

He was watching me undress. He had just told me to put on one of the senior boy’s filthy stinking jockstraps and to wear it while I hand-washed the others I had acquired. I stripped down to my boxer shorts and stood awkwardly, digging my naked toes into the carpet. I had been naked in front of Kingsley in the locker room showers, but this was our first time alone. And I have already told you that although I was one hundred percent straight, he had this wildly unusual effect on me.

“Well, what’s the matter? Are you afraid to show me your little dick?”

I screwed up my face. “It’s not that, Kingsley, you know it.” First, I didn’t think of my dick as being particularly little. “It’s just that this whole thing is so stupid. I feel so queer doing this shit.”

He smiled then. “I can’t help it, buddy, if you feel queer. Do you want to be on the Varsity team or not?”

“Of course I do. And I didn’t mean queer like that.”

“Then why are you so God damned scared to be naked in front of me. I’m supposed to be your best friend.” He looked right at me, first in the eyes and then down at my boxer shorts. I bit the bullet. What the hell. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband, slid my boxers down to my knees, and then kicked them off. I quickly reached for the stinking filthy jockstrap I was supposed to wear for the digital camera photo, but Kingsley stopped me.

“Whoa, hold on a minute there. Let me see your dick!” The school's star athlete had just asked me to show him my dick! I was fucking freaking out.

“What?” I asked, turning deep red with humiliation.

“I’m a little worried. Your dick looks really small. Let me see. You know, to be on the Varsity team, you gotta be seven inches or bigger. It’s not my rule, buddy. It’s been around for a long time. All the guys on varsity have pricks seven inches or bigger. Let me see.”

I didn’t know what to do with my hands, so I clasped them behind my back. “Jesus, it does look small. Ted said you had a peanut for a prick, but I didn’t believe him. This could pose a problem for us, buddy.” He leaned in real close like he was studying my cock.

“It’s big when it’s hard. It’s just that I’m nervous now. And you know you can’t tell how big a dick gets when it’s flaccid.” Shit, I sounded like a sexologist.

“I don’t know. I mean, suppose you fuck some girl from school, and then rumor gets out that you got the dick of a faggot. I mean, that would reflect on me, wouldn’t it. Here I am, your best friend. I take you everyplace, I open social doors for you, and you got this peanut prick that can’t even satisfy a needy cunt. That would make me a laughing stock, wouldn’t it?” He shook his head and got a really disappointed look on his face. “I was sure you were a stud. I was sure you'd be seven inches even though you’re a thin little guy.”

“Come on, Kingsley, I am. I am seven when it gets hard. It’s no big deal.”

“Kelly, not to me; it’s not. I really like you, but proof means a lot to the guys on the team. It's like tradition! We better measure it.”

I almost fucking fainted. “You want to measure my dick?”

“Yeah. You got a ruler around here? Go on, get a boner for me.”

I could hardly form the words. “Look, Kingsley, this is stupid. I mean, I can’t, I …”

He stood up straight and crossed his arms over his well-muscled chest. “Look, Kelly, if you’re not seven inches, there is no point going on with this initiation. So get a fucking woody, and let’s check. No, wait. Let’s measure it soft first." He put his hand on my soft dick and lifted it up. It felt so damned strange to have another guy's hand on my dick. He measured my small, soft dick and then told me to get it hard.

There I was, a 17-year-old, rather lonely student, who wanted, needed to belong, standing bare-assed in front of the school hero and being told to masturbate myself into a hard-on.

He shook his head and clicked his tongue. “You do know how to jerk off? A few minutes ago, you told me you do it three times a day. Well, show me how you do it!” I was so embarrassed. I almost died. Slowly, I put one hand on my flaccid prick and began to play with it with my fingers. Kingsley watched me. He looked half amused, half angry.

“Is that how you do it, with your fingertips like a fucking fairy? Jeez, most guys beat their meat, you know, slam their hand up and down the shaft until their balls almost rip off. Like a good hard twat fuck! But I guess you got nothing to get your hand around.”

“It gets bigger, Kingsley. I’m just nervous. I never did this in front of anyone.”

“I’m not anyone. I’m your best buddy. So what are you so fucking nervous about? You’re acting like a faggot in the men's room when I take a piss at the urinal next to him. Christ, they really freak out. Did you ever take a piss next to a faggot? They act all concerned with their own pissing, but you can see them sneaking looks at your dick. The last time a faggot did that, I turned so I was peeing right on his pants, and I said, “You want a good look, faggot? Here, now you can see it.” I fucking piss-soaked him.

So I started yanking on it now, humiliated that it wasn’t getting hard. What could I do?

“Look, Kelly, you gotta get hard so I can measure you. Do whatever it takes, what you do when you are alone. Play with your tits or stick a finger up your asshole if it will help. I don’t care. I want to get this over with.” I don’t know if it was his dirty talk or what, but at last, the blood went into my dick, and it started to thicken and lengthen.

“It’s getting bigger now.” I pulled my dick and rubbed my fuck sack, not caring anymore if Kingsley watched, as long as it got hard so I wouldn’t be a disgrace. My bag was bouncing, and my nuts ached as I spread my legs wider and fingered my ass hole. I was desperate. Suddenly Kingsley raised his digital camera and snapped a photo of me beating off.

I was stunned. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Just playing, Jesus, don’t be so uptight. I’ll delete it before I leave.” But I don’t remember him doing that.

I jerked on my dick and masturbated frantically. At last, my cock was standing up full and thick. It was as big as it gets, and I was convinced it was nothing to be ashamed of.

“Okay, let’s have a look at that cunt stuffer.” He brought the ruler to my prick and then touched the dick again.
He grabbed my cock shaft with two fingers. He was holding my hard dick. I really freaked. I actually jumped up on my tiptoes.

Kingsley laughed. “Easy boy, I just gotta get a good measurement, proof for the guys on the team. Yeah, you got seven inches here, or close enough anyway. No problem. I knew you could do it. Now just let me get a photo of that. Hold the ruler against it.”

“What? You want a photo of me measuring my dick?” I stood there dumb-founded with the ruler in one hand and my hard dick bobbing in the other.

“How else do we need to do to prove it to Ted and the guys? Put the ruler along the side of your prick, smile at the camera for shit’s sake, don’t look so scared.”

“If you’re taking a picture of my dick, why must my face be in the photo?”

“To prove it’s you, stupid!” So I posed with the ruler alongside my cock, while Kingsley snapped three or four photos.

“Okay, let’s go wash the jocks. I’m getting bored.”

“I thought you wanted me to put Lester’s jockstrap on?”

He started to push me toward the bathroom. “Forget it. Let’s just get them clean.”

I wanted to put my boxers on, but Kingsley didn’t give me a chance. He shoved me bare naked, with my stiff bone thrust out, into the bathroom. I had the plastic bag with the filthy jockstraps in it.

Since Lester’s jockstrap was the stinkiest with the most yellowish stains, I wanted to get it out of the way and wash it first.

“Is what Lester, Ted, and Mark told me true?” Kingsley asked.

“What?” I froze with the strap in my hand.

“You actually sucked on that dirty prick pouch?” Kingsley had this disgusted look on his face. I didn’t know what to say.

“Well, they made me. You said I had to do whatever they told me to. It was their idea.”

Kingsley laughed. “They never expected you to do it, man? Jesus, they never thought in a million years you would actually do such a fucking perverted thing.”

I wanted to cry. I really did. I don’t know now how I held my tears back. I stood there naked in front of Kingsley. “But, but, they said I had to.”

“Come on, Kelly, no real guy would ever do something like that. Only a faggot would get off on something like tasting another guy’s prick sweat.”

“I didn’t get off on it. I fucking hated it. It made me sick. But they said I had to do it.” I was yelling at Kingsley like it was his fault. He raised both his hands.

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t yell at me. I didn’t tell you to suck out someone’s dick spooge.”

“Well, don’t say I liked it. I hated it. I thought I had to do it to get on the team. You said.”

“Whatever. Hey, Kelly, will you let me see?”

“See what?”

“How you did it. Will you suck on it a little for me?” I could feel my heart about to burst through my chest. I felt dizzy, and my God damned dick now wouldn’t go down. It just got thicker and longer and harder.

“Oh, Kingsley. Please don’t make me do that. I hated it. It was so gross. Please?”

He got this sweet boyish look on his handsome face. He pouted. “Hey, come on, just a little for me. I wanna see it too. I missed all the fun. It’s just between us. I won’t tell anyone. Do it for me?”

“Kingsley, please, it’s really gross.”

Football Team Initiation
Part 3 of 6

“Well, you did suck them. Do you like those guys better than me? I thought you really liked me.”

“I do. I do like you, Kingsley.” Suddenly, I felt I couldn’t bear to lose his friendship.

“Then show me. Suck on Lester’s jockstrap for me.”

At what moment do we submit? At what moment does everything change? I’m not sure. Had it been a long time coming? Was it sudden?
I raised my shaking hand to my face and opened my mouth. Again, the stink of the jockstrap overwhelmed me. I put the prick pouch into my mouth and started to suck. The old flavor returned, as the stiff elastic soaked with piss and cum and God knows what softened, and the juices began to flow.

“Holy shit, Kelly, that’s great. That is so fucking perverse. Jesus! Yeah, suck on it; suck the scum from that dick bag. Suck it, Kelly. That’s where Lester’s sweaty prick was for weeks. Holy shit, man, you are really something. Suck on that filthy fucking jockstrap.” Then he raised the camera and took a photo of me standing there bare-assed naked with a hard-on, sucking on a guy’s jockstrap. I didn’t even protest. I was too freaked out.

“Okay, okay, don’t swallow the fucking thing. You really do like it, Kelly, I can tell. What does it taste like?”

“Jesus, Kingsley. I don’t like it. I don’t know what it tastes like. Pretty crappy. You wanna try?”

He shook his handsome head and laughed. “No way, man, hey, I got an idea. Suck on Ted’s a little and tell me if it tastes the same.”

“I can’t do that. It’s just too perverted. I just can’t.” I made my last stand.

Kingsley walked up to me in the small bathroom, his naked torso hot and sweaty near my smaller body. He raised his two large hands and took my face in them. He squeezed my face gently. “Kelly. When I tell you to do something for me, you do it. Okay? Okay?”

It took forever for me to answer, but there was only one answer I could give. “Okay,” I said, my throat dry. He stood there with his hands on my face, looking into my eyes.

I know you must think I am some fucking sissy freak that I would suck on guys' jockstraps just because Kingsley told me to. I tell you, he has this charisma. Well, I don't know if other guys fall for it, but it did something to me. I sucked on Ted’s Jock pouch while Kingsley watched me with a big smile. Then he looked through the bag of jocks and fished out another one with his fingertips.

"Here, Kelly, this one has some gross stains on the prick pouch. Suck on this one." He handed me the filthy dick cover, and I took Ted's out of my mouth and replaced it with the next one with huge stiff yellow stains all over the elastic pouch. I put it in my mouth and sucked. The taste was terrible. Kingsley was looking down at my bounding hard dick.

"Great, man, you are doing an awesome job. You'll have no trouble making the team at this rate as long as you pass the initiation. Listen, I'm gonna make some calls. I stood there with the jockstrap in my mouth and nodded. Christ, what an asshole I am. Kingsley walked into my bedroom and threw himself on my bed. He took my phone, and I soon heard him say some sleazy, dirty talk to some girl. Then he returned. "Finished, Kelly? Good job, man. Shit, I'm afraid I leaked pre-fuck slop all over your bed. You know I can't help it. When I talk to a hot bitch, I leak like crazy. Sometimes it happens in school. I start leaking like a faucet right in my jeans." He is a dripper. I had just watched Kingsley as he grabbed my pillow and wiped his leaking dick off on my pillow.

"I gotta piss, Kingsley.”

"Oh, well, you know the rules. Here's the phone. Why don't you call Ted, Mack, or Lester and ask them if it's okay."

I made a face. Suddenly I had to piss badly. I don't know if it was from washing the jocks or what, but I had to take a leak big time. "Come on, Kingsley. You said all I had to do was tell you; you're my friend. You know it's a stupid rule.”

"Man, I know what I said, and it's true. Most of the time, you must let me know, and I won't make a big deal about it. But this is the first time, and I'm here at your house, and I think it would be good of you to call one of the other guys to show that you are willing to play the game. You know. Here, I'll even punch in Ted's number for you.” Before I could protest, he did. He handed me the phone.

"Yeah?” Came Ted's thick masculine, teenage voice.

"Eh, Ted, this is Kelly. "I'm ... eh … sorry to bother you, but you know the rules. I'm calling because I need to go to the toilet and wanted your permission.”

"Well, that's good. Glad to see you obeying the rules. Do you need to shit or piss?"

"Piss.” I felt foolish saying this.

"Okay, here's what I want you to do. Do you have a plastic milk bottle down in your fridge?” I told him I did.

"Well, go find an empty milk bottle and rinse it out, then take your piss into the bottle. If you have to piss anymore tonight, piss in the bottle, and keep track of how many times you pissed. Ok?”

"I guess, but I don't know why, though.”

"Don't worry about it. Just do it. And bring the bottle to school tomorrow. Oh yeah, is my man Kingsley there to keep watch over you?”

"Yeah, he's here.”

"Good, make sure he watches you piss. And don't spill a drop.”

"Oh, Jeez, come on, Ted.”

"Somebody has to keep an eye on you. And my jockstrap better be spotless.” He hung up.

I turned to Kingsley. "I'm supposed to piss in a bottle, and you're supposed to watch.”

Kingsley chuckled and spread his legs even wider. "What do you think, Kelly? Do I have a beautiful cock or what?”

"I don't know, Kingsley. I'm not a girl.” Then added, “I'll get the milk bottle."

"Wait, just tell me, do you think my cock is beautiful? Look how thick it hangs and how fat the cockhead is, and look at the long piss hole.” He lifted his semi-hard dick and wagged it at me.

"Yeah, Kingsley, you got a great cock, ok?”

But he pouted that cute pout and stood up, his dick swung over his huge nuts. "No, you're not sincere. Lots of chicks have told me I have the most beautiful dick they ever saw." He walked toward me, hands on his hips, and thrust his groin out so his prick bobbed at me. He was some eighteen-year-old stud, all right. A young, nasty white boy, God.

"Kingsley, your dick is awesome. Now I really gotta pee bad.”

"Then just tell me how beautiful my cock is, then you can go get the bottle."

"Kingsley, that's queer!” But I couldn't take my eyes off his dick and nuts. They were so fucking masculine.

"Come on, admit it, you really think my dick is amazing. Tell me how beautiful it is.”

"All right, Kingsley. Your cock is fucking beautiful. It's the most beautiful prick I have ever seen. I can understand why the girls can't keep their mouths off of it. Ok? Happy now?"

He smiled and said, "Kiss it.”

"Come on, Kelly, admit it, you really think my dick is amazing. Tell me how beautiful it is.” Kingsley demanded.

"All right, Kingsley. Your cock is fucking beautiful. It's the most beautiful prick I have ever seen. I can understand why the girls can't keep their mouths off of it. Ok? Happy now?"

He smiled. "Kiss it.” It was like the floor fell out of the bedroom. I just hung there in space for a moment, not believing what I had heard.

"Kingsley, did you say what I think you said?”

He nodded and spread his strong legs wider. "Just give it a little kiss to show you respect me."

"Kingsley, I'm not into queer stuff, and I didn't think you were either.” Then why the fuck was my heart pounding in my chest?

"You think I'm into queer shit? Me? The guy who has fucked three times more cunt than any dude in school? Maybe you're the one who is queer.” Suddenly he sounded mean. I got a little scared.

"Kingsley, I think this whole initiation thing has gone a little far. I want to be your friend and be on the team, but you guys aren't being fair. I can't do all this stupid sick stuff."

He seemed to grow three inches in height. His muscles seemed to bulge out. He looked really threatening. I'd never seen him like this. "Kelly! KISS MY DICK. NOW!”

"I gotta piss, Kingsley. Please.”

He whispered. "Kiss my dick, Kelly, that's all you gotta do. Nobody will ever know. This is just between you and me, our own private little initiation. I do a lot for you. You can do a little something for me. It's not about sex Kelly. It's about power. It's about us as friends. It's a test of friendship. Now come on, down on your knees, and give my fucking hose a little kiss." I looked into his eyes. There was no compassion, no weakness. I sank to my knees, sweat running off my naked body. His huge hunk of fuck meat hung in front of my face. I'd never been this close to another guy’s prick in 17 years of life. I could smell the sweat on the dick, not unlike the jockstraps.

"Just a little kiss, Kelly. To show your respect.” He spoke quietly now, soothingly. Like he was seducing me with words.

"Kingsley, I just can't. I never. It’s…” I actually gagged a little.

"Come on, just a kiss. Jesus, Kelly, we're best friends. Do it. Get it over with. Just you and me, best buddies. Kiss my dick, Kelly."

I knew I couldn't win. So I leaned in and, closing my eyes, planted a kiss on the stalk of his wet, fat teenage prick. I started to pull away. "Oh, come on, you call that a kiss? You can do better than that. I didn't even feel that. Come on, give it a proper kiss. You can do it. You already gave it a little peck. A peck for my pecker. But I want a nice kiss.” His dick was up its full nine inches now, so fucking thick. It bobbed in front of my face. I had to pull back so it wouldn't smack me in the nose.

I looked up at Kingsley. He was smiling down at me. He had the camera in his hand. "Kingsley, this is wrong for both of us. It's wrong for you and for me. Please, let's not do this kind of stuff. It's just not right.” I wasn't even making sense anymore. I stared right at his prick. I couldn't take my eyes off it. It had fucked so much teenage cunt. It was so fucking awesome.

"Just give it a nice long kiss, like you would kiss your girlfriend on the mouth. Think about your old girlfriend back home. The one you told me you missed. Think about her and give my big wet prick a nice sloppy loving kiss.”

I knew he was testing me. I knew he was testing me for the team. I knew he was seeing if I had the balls to make it into the inner circle of juniors and senior boys. Could I do it? I’d heard about this kind of stuff going on at college frat initiations.

"Come on, Kelly. Don't let me down.” It was as if his thick cockhead of the dick were speaking to me. I didn't look at Kingsley, only at his dick. The thick bush of cock hair. The huge fat balls hanging beneath, each nut the size of a boiled egg. It was a fact. He was manlier than I was. And I couldn't resist him.
I leaned in and planted a long soft kiss on the shaft of this throbbing prick. The actual act wasn't as bad as the thought of it. I mean, it was just skin, prick skin, but skin.

"Oh, come on, Kelly, don't be such a sissy. Kiss the head of my cock. Kiss it right on the dickhead.” The cock head was all wet with leaking pre-fuck, but he put a hand on the back of my head and guided it to his piss hole. He rubbed his wet cock head on my lips. I tried to pull back but couldn't. I wanted it over, so I kissed his cockhead long and deep, pre-fuck coated my lips and made me want to puke. My eyes were closed, so I did not see the light flashes. Then he pulled away.

"Good job, Kelly. Go get your milk bottle.” I stood on shaky legs looking at this stud. A long string of pre-fuck trailed from his piss hole down toward the floor. He stood there proudly naked. I wiped the back of my hand over my lips, and he chuckled. "Let’s face it, Kelly. You are a faggot. No use denying it. I can accept it. My best buddy is a fucking faggot. He loves my dick. Oh well, it's just something I'll have to get used to. It will be our little secret. I won't tell anyone you kissed my prick.”

I didn't know what to say. I had no words. After having to kiss Kingsley's fat schlong, I felt weird inside, and to no little degree because my own cock was rock hard. I went to get the empty plastic milk bottle, and on the way back upstairs, for no reason at all; my legs gave out beneath me. I just felt so weak. I sat on the stairs for a minute, my hard prick throbbing, the need to piss overwhelming, and my head spinning.

"You know, Kelly, I have been thinking while you were gone, and I really believe you are a faggot,” Kingsley told me when I entered my bedroom with the empty milk container. Kingsley was lying on my bed, bare-assed naked and stroking his unbelievable prick. It was just so fucking big. It was leaking again, and pre-fuck dribbled down along the prick stalk onto his huge nuts. He was such a fucking teenage stud. I felt weak in his presence.

"You know I'm not, Kingsley. Don't even say that. What if that kind of rumor got around? You know I fucked plenty of girls, and you know I never did any of that shit before.”

He sat up on the bed, his prick sticking out like a drainpipe, leaking onto my sheets. "If I had to kiss another guy’s dick, not that I ever would. No fucking team in the world would make me do something so sick. But if I did, my prick sure as hell wouldn't stay hard. It would wilt like a fucking flower. Yours just got harder and harder. Explain that.”

I was angry now. "First of all, you're the one who told me to kiss your fucking dick! Now you say I should have refused. I don't get it. And I don't know why my prick is hard, but it sure isn’t because you turn me on!”

He laughed then. "I don't believe you. You are so hot for me you can’t stand it. I've seen you eying me in the showers.” He flexed his stomach muscles, and his fuck meat bounced, hitting the bed sheet and leaving a trail of pre-fuck, like snot drooling from a nose.

"Ted and Lester are always looking at your dick, too. It’s so fucking big. Does that make them queer?" I was trembling with anger now; I couldn't stand being accused of being a fucking fag. Kingsley snorted. "Ted and Lester are one hundred percent male. I've seen them fucking cunt at parties. I only have your word for your masculinity. For all I know, you could have been sucking cock since second grade.”

"Fuck you, Kingsley, and fuck the team. Get out.”

He was immediately off the bed and put one strong arm around my shoulder. I looked down at his big fat cock bouncing over his large nuts. "Hey, buddy, take it easy. You know, I like you. I like you whether you are a faggot or not. I'm your new best friend. You don't have to keep any secrets from me. I'll still be your pal.” His hand hung around my shoulder, so his fingertips brushed one of my nipples which got really hard. I got tears in my eyes.

"God damn it, Kingsley. I'm not queer. How many times must I say it? If you're my pal, you gotta believe me.”

"Okay, I'll believe you, but you gotta prove it to me, okay? I'll be your friend either way, but you gotta prove to me that you aren't queer.” I wondered how I’d prove it.

Kingsley smiled and pinched my nipple. "We'll talk about that later. For now, you'd better piss in your bottle before you do it all over the floor. Maybe what you got is just a piss hard-on, and you're not hot for my cock."

I jumped at that. "That's right, Kingsley. That's what it is. I got this raging piss boner. That's all it is.” I held the milk container under my dick and willed it down.

"Come on, dude, piss in the fucking bottle. I got to get home. I got homework to do.”

"I'm trying, Kingsley, but the piss won't come.”

"If you don't piss now, you got to hold it all night.”

"Kingsley, I can't do that. I gotta go so bad now that I'm almost bursting.”

"Then piss, for Christ's sake!” He watched with an amused look on his handsome face. Do you know how hard it is to piss with a teenager watching you, looking right at your dick? Finally, a burst of piss shot out of my dick, most of it missing the bottle and splashing onto the floor.

"Whoa, easy stud, you'll have your bedroom floating in piss.” Kingsley laughed. I stood there pissing into the bottle with Kingsley curiously interested in how I took a leak. I felt tingles go through my entire body. I was pissing half hard. My dick wouldn't go all the way down, so it was one of those uncomfortable, itchy pisses.

After I pissed, Kingsley suddenly got dressed. I felt somehow lonely or depressed. I am not sure why. He got dressed and left me standing there bare-assed. He told me to get some rest and that I had done a good job, whatever the fuck that meant. He told me he would pick me up and drive me to school tomorrow because I was his best buddy. He reminded me to wear the new clothing the team had provided for me. He reached out one hand and ruffled my hair like I was a little kid.

"You know the guys are gonna be a little rough on you, buddy. Otherwise, it's not a fair initiation. Hang in there, and don't be so fucking sensitive. You'll pass.” That did make me feel a lot better. I almost forgot for a moment that not 15 minutes earlier, I had actually kissed Kingsley’s cock. I had kissed the erect prick of another boy. Before Kingsley zipped up, he wiped his leaking dick on my pillowcase. Now, after he went was gone, I stood there looking down at my bed. The pillowcase was damp with Kingsley’s dick-leak.

Football Team Initiation

4 or 6

I dreamed about Kingsley. For some weird reason, I saw myself kneeling at his feet.
We were both naked. I woke up during an orgasm of an image that would never happen. I'm straight. I have a girl, for fuck sake! What a fucking, gooey mess. I knew I didn't want to jerk off, but shooting in your sleep couldn't possibly count.

Kingsley had asked for a key to my house before he left, and now I woke up at 6:30 in the morning with him standing at the side of my bed. "Wake up, sleepyhead. Wow, you really knocked yourself out.”

I blinked, ran a hand through my hair, and rubbed my eyes. "Huh? Oh, hi, Kingsley.” What had happened to the night? I hadn't done any homework or anything. I had just slept all night from six thirty on, twelve hours.

Kingsley looked down at my naked body lying on the bed and shook his head. "Looks like you had a nice big old wet dream, my friend. That's against the initiation rules. You'll have to be punished for that.” He looked handsome dressed in a black T-shirt and tan cargo pants.

I pulled the bed sheet up over my groin. "Come on, you can't hold that against me. I can't control what happens in my sleep. I had this dream about a beautiful girl,” I lied. Kingsley's smile grew broad, showing a row of even white teeth.

"Yeah, but you slept on my cum covered pillow. Did it taste good in your sleep?”

I was aware now of the degree to which Kingsley's dick slop had stained my blue sheets and pillowcase. I sat up and buried my face in my hands. "Jesus, I can't believe yesterday.”

"Come on, buddy, rise and shine. We got a special activity for you before school starts. We gotta be there by 7:30." He looked down at my rock-hard piss boner and grinned.

I stood up and wrapped my bedsheet around my naked body, suddenly very aware of my vulnerability and nudity. "I'll just shower and piss and …

He put one big hand on my naked shoulder. "No time for that. Just get dressed."

"Kingsley, I gotta shower. I didn't shower last night. Just let me take a quick one.”

He stopped me from walking into the bathroom. He turned me to look at him and stared into my eyes. "I don't like to repeat myself, buddy. From now on, until the initiation is over, if I tell you to do something, you do it, no questions asked. Okay?”

I wanted to tell him to go fuck himself. I really did. But I couldn't. "Please, Kingsley, I gotta piss. Okay?"

"No, the orders from the team are to bring you to school without pissing or taking a shower. Just get dressed, and let's get going.” He handed me the jeans and one of the T-shirts he had brought with him the night before. "Here, put these on. Oh shit, did I tell you I got a perfect blow job from Suzanne, that cute junior cunt? She has full cocksucker lips and gives a pretty decent blowjob. I mean, I wouldn't date her, but for an occasional cock suck, she's fine."

I picked up my boxer shorts, but Kingsley took them out of my hands. "Ugh, ugh, no underwear. Just the jeans.” I looked at him with a scowl, and he smiled his innocent baby smile, followed by that cute pout he did.

I struggled to pull on the jeans the guys gave me, which were about three sizes too small and skin-hugging tight. I got them up over my ass but couldn't close them in front; the button wouldn't reach its hole. "They are just too tight, Kingsley. They're for a 12-year-old. They just won't close. I can't wear these.”

He shook his handsome head. "Well, you have to, so just close them the best you can.”

"The best I can? I can't get the button closed. I can barely get the zipper up, and look; they ride so low my prick hair shows out over the waistband.” I felt like an idiot.

"I think it looks kind of cute.” Kingsley insisted.

"I'll get kicked out of the fucking school!”

"I told you, they can't do anything after that lawsuit last year over that faggot and his gay pride shirts. Just make sure that zipper is secure, and forget about the button."

It was obscene. That's the only word for it. I looked at my ass in the mirror; the jeans were so tight you could see my whole crack. In front, my dick bulged out, and you could even see the ridge of my dickhead. It was awful. I felt naked and ashamed.

"Looks good, Kelly. The chicks will really dig you.” Kingsley handed me a T-shirt he had chosen. It was pink, and on the front was a picture of Marilyn Monroe. The Lettering said. "My Hero!” It looked like a girl's shirt. It was very thin and stretchy. It fit very tightly over my chest, so tight that my nipples clearly showed through. It only came down about half way on my torso, so my stomach was totally naked. My entire midriff was naked between the low-rise jeans and the cut-off T-shirt. I looked like a Britney Spears drag queen.

"Please, Kingsley, I can't wear this shit.” He took my face in his hands.

"The next time you talk back to me or don't do as I ask, I will bitch slap you! Do you understand?" What could I do? He was a muscular senior, and I was a small-built junior. I stood there looking really stupid in my new outfit. I put on my socks and tennis shoes.

This was all so out of hand that I was ready to explode. I couldn't handle it. I just stood there. Kingsley stormed over and raised one hand, and slapped my face hard. My head spun. "Look, Bitch, I have been very patient with you. You are my best friend, and I don't want to get rough with you, but you gotta get with the program here. When I say do something. You fucking do it.”

I don't mind admitting that I was scared shitless. I was now under the control of this sadistic high school senior. I prefer to believe that I was scared shitless anyhow. It’s better than thinking that I might have secretly wanted it and been asking for it, which is Kingsley's theory. He claims I have always been a "pussy boy fuck cunt submissive." I can't believe I have been this way since birth and never realized it. Kingsley says his job was to help me discover my true potential as a "cock sucking ass boy for jocks to use.”

Once I was dressed in my obscene outfit, I needed to piss even more, but I couldn't complain to Kingsley. He told me to bring my book bag and milk container half full of my piss. I wanted to put it in my bag, but he wouldn't let me. We went downstairs, and I asked if I could get a little breakfast. He said sure, stood against a counter, and watched while I wolfed down a pop tart.

"You better drink two full glasses of water to wash that pop tart down,” Kingsley said.

"I can't, Kingsley; I gotta piss so bad now I'm almost bursting.” I tried to sound casual and friendly.

"TWO FULL GLASSES, NOW.” I saw the no-nonsense look in his eyes. I gulped down two large glasses of water, feeling like I would piss any minute. I felt so bloated.

We went out and got into Kingsley's car. I noticed he had the top down on his convertible. That was cool. We started the drive to school. For whatever reason, Kingsley generally drove me to and from school. "Kingsley, I hate to say this, but I don't know if I can hold it. I don't want to piss your car.” I was in agony.

"All right, all right, take your pants off and jerk on your prick; it will keep your mind occupied.”

I blinked and felt a lump in my throat. "You want me to take my pants off in the car? A convertible with the top down?!”

He slammed his foot on the brake. "What did I just tell you about following orders? Do you want me to drag you out of the car and spank your bare ass right here on Main Street?” I started to cry. The damn just broke, I blubbered. I don't know what was wrong with me. I guess I just crumpled. He sneered at me. "You fucking sissy, get those jeans off and get that dick up. I want to see it hard in thirty seconds."

"Oh God, please, Kingsley!" I blubbered even as I peeled down the tight boy jeans and kicked off my shoes. I knew he wasn't kidding. I kicked the jeans onto the floor and started to yank on my prick. I had to piss so bad it hurt. Still, my dick did get hard. I pumped my prick and pulled on my ball sack. Kingsley drove on, looking over at me every few seconds and smiling.

"Good boy, Kelly. You see how easy it is when you obey orders. You know I want to be your friend, but you're making it so hard for me. You keep resisting me, and I can't have that. Not from my best buddy. Now pump that prick for me, but make sure you don't cum like you did last night in bed.”

"Pull the T-shirt up so I can see your tits.” I can't tell you how stupid I felt, beating my teen meat in the car while Kingsley drove through the town. Several times I asked him if I could please stop, but he just shook his head.

HE WAS TREATING ME LIKE A CUNT. HE WAS TREATING ME LIKE I WAS A FEMALE SLUT HE WAS DATING. I'd heard stories about girls humiliated by Kingsley and his buddies, but I thought it was just an exaggeration. I pushed the tight T-shirt up to reveal my pecs. My nipples were hard. I beat my dick, and I began leaking.

"Oh yeah, that reminds me, tonight we gotta start your nipple exercises. Hey, I got an idea. Recline your seat back and put your bare feet on the dashboard to make yourself more comfortable. But take your socks off first. I put my large teenage feet up on the dashboard. It was so fucking obscene.

"That’s a boy Kelly, good boy.” Why did I feel better when I pleased him? Had he hypnotized me or something? Or was it just me? "Now Kelly, beat your fuck meat and pull on your nipples, but remember, don't cum.”

I was half crying again, afraid to look at him. I jerked on my dick, masturbating in his car, pinched, and pulled on my nipples as he told me to. "That's very good, Kelly. Now you keep doing that, and don't stop until I tell you to.” He sped up and swerved around a bunch of cars. I was terrified that people in the other cars could see what I was doing. Christ, my naked feet were up on the dashboard, AND I WAS IN A CONVERTIBLE! FUCK!.

"Now, don’t stop, Kelly, or you'll be punished. Don't stop until I tell you to!” And then I saw it. Kingsley had pulled up next to a flatbed truck with Latino workers in the bed. They could see right down into our convertible car. They could see me beating my fuck meat. It took a few seconds for them to figure out what I was doing, but then they yelled out cheers, and some even blew kisses at me.

"Don't stop, Kelly. Give them a good show. Those real hard-working men can use some entertainment.”

"For the love of God, Kingsley, we'll be arrested. Don't make me keep doing this."

"Spread your legs more. Keep masturbating. Pull those tits.” Kingsley beeped the car horn as if acknowledging the air-kisses.

"Look up and smile at them.” WHAT?! "I said, ‘Look up and smile.’” I did. I did it. I looked up and smiled at the half-dozen brawny workers while I masturbated my dick for their amusement. I had turned myself into a fucking pig. I was a pervert. I was legally and officially a PERVERT!

"Kelly, my boy, you are doing just fine,” Kingsley laughed as he swung away from the truck to pull into the high school parking lot.

Thank God I was allowed to get dressed before Kingsley pulled to a stop in the school parking lot. The moment his car pulls in, lots of younger students gather around. He's that fucking popular, especially early in the morning. They all worshiped him being the captain of the varsity football team. And they knew his car.

I got out of the car wearing my stupid tiny Marilyn Monroe T-shirt and ridiculously tight jeans, which showed my still semi-hard dick down one leg. This was my required school outfit. Some of the kids made fun of me immediately. "Wow, that's a faggot outfit if I ever saw one,” One junior boy yelled, and a bunch of others laughed. But mostly, they just chuckled because they didn't want to risk Kingsley getting angry with them. After all, I am Kingsley's best friend, right? Kingsley took his book bag and jacket and threw them to me.

"Here, carry these to the locker room for me, Kelly?" He turned and walked away to chat with his jock buddies. I didn't mind lugging his book bag along with my own, it allowed me to cover myself from being seen by the kids I had to pass, and I held the milk bottle half full of piss against my chest and hid it with the book bags.

I entered the locker room to find Ted, Lester, Mack, and five other juniors and seniors there. "Here's our boy now,” Lester laughed when I walked in.

"Hi, guys,” I said.

"How you doing, buddy?” Mack asked and took the book bags from me in a real friendly way.

"Kingsley says he had lots of fun with you last night,” Ted said. Then he leaned in as if to whisper to me but said loudly enough for us guys to hear. "Did you really kiss his dick?” At that moment, I wanted to die. I had trusted Kingsley. He was my best friend. And here he went, telling the other guys what he FORCED me to do. I felt so ashamed. My face turned three shades of red.

"He must have liked it. Look, he's blushing like a just fucked virgin cunt." I had to say something to defend myself. "He made me do it. He said it was part of the initiation test.” What a stupid, weak defense that was, and they all giggled because they figured I was not forced into it.

Ted grabbed his crotch through his cargo pants. "Wow, I can't wait for your initiation with me to begin.” All the guys laughed again, horsing around as only high school kids can do.

"Careful, Ted, your bitch will get jealous,” Lester said, kicking at Ted.

"Maybe I'll dump her and make Kelly here my bitch instead.”

"Come on, Ted, you like big tits, and Kelly hasn't got tits.” I was nervous and wanted to leave, but what could I do? One of the other seniors, a tall, muscular guy, spoke up. "Let's see if Kelly's got tits. Strip, Kelly.”

Can you even imagine what it's like to be standing in a locker room filled with eight fully dressed teenage high school jocks and have them tell you to strip naked? It's the most shameful thing that can happen to a dude. I didn't know what to say. I just stood there, frozen. Then I heard Kingsley's voice from behind me.

"You heard the man, Kelly. Strip bare-assed for us."

"Guys, I gotta study for a test I have today." I pleaded.

"Take off all your clothes, Kelly!”

I looked around at the sea of smiling teen boy faces. They were so enjoying this. I pulled my T-shirt off and kicked off my shoes and socks. Now I was dressed in only tight jeans. "He looks so pretty in those cunt huggers. I could just eat him alive," cooed Lester, and everyone laughed as they always did at his comments.

"Yeah, but he looks a whole lot prettier with them off,” Kingsley said. How come when guys like Kingsley make gay comments, it never sounds gay, and they never get accused of being a homo. Everyone accepts really queer comments from studs like Kingsley. He does stuff like walks up to his buddies and pinches their nipples, and nobody says anything about it.

I looked at Kingsley. "Do I have to?”

Kingsley did his cute pout. "You want to piss, don't you? You haven't pissed this morning yet. You jerked your dick all the way to school in my convertible. You weren't so shy then. Did you tell the guys how you stripped naked in my convertible and put your bare feet up on the dash? And then beat your meat as you played with your tities to entertain a bunch of hunky laborers in a truck?”

"No way, man,” Ted roared and high-fived Kingsley.

"Take off the pants, Kelly,” Kingsley said with certainty. I really had no choice here. I sucked in my belly and unzipped. The pants were so tight they opened by themselves. I peeled them off and stood there bare-assed naked in the locker room, surrounded by the varsity team members.

"Man, are you sure he's seven inches? He looks about four and a half to me.” One senior said. "You know the rules.” Then Kingsley reached into his book bag and produced the photos he had taken of me. I wanted to fall through the floor.

"Here he is with a hard-on, and here he is measuring it, bragging and smiling that he’s over seven inches.”

"His nuts look okay,” Lester said, squatting down to better view my genitals. "Nothing to write home about, but adequate.”

"I’ll bet they don't hold a gallon of cum like Kingsley’s do,” Mack said, and all the guys laughed.

"Well, not everyone has the ultimate baby maker hanging between his thighs,” Ted said. More laughter.

"Did you guys know I got at least six little brats already?" Kingsley boasted, squeezing his huge crotch lump.

"Yes, we did, Kingsley. You tell us about it every other fucking day.” More laughter. "And we all know why Miss Larsen took sick leave last semester, to get rid of the unwanted bun in her oven.”

Kingsley laughed. "And she was so hot for my prick that I fucked her unprotected again right after she came back. Ha!"

"Okay, Kelly, this morning's assignment is to show us how you have followed orders. No pissing without permission, so we want you to piss for us now, in your bottle.” Jesus, they wanted to watch me piss. How sick. They wanted me to stand there and piss in a bottle in front of them. Sickos. Well, I'd show them I wasn't a sissy boy. I would do it. I could take whatever they dished out. I opened the bottle and smelled the stale piss coming from it. I put the bottle on the floor and stood over it. I could feel the piss wanting release.

“Take your morning piss for us. Only don't use your hands. We want to see everything and make sure to get it all in the bottle. You will have to lick up any that goes on the floor!”
Well, it was fucking impossible. You know that. He knew that. They all knew that. Yeah, to get all the piss in the bottle without touching my dick to aim was impossible. You can use your hands to start with. I did. I got most of it in the bottle; the room grew deadly silent while I pissed. But some of it sprayed the side of the bottle and puddled on the floor. I was mortified.

Kingsley frowned. "Oh Kelly, too bad, some of your piss missed the bottle. Now you must get down on the floor and lick it all up!”

"Kingsley, I can't. I can't do that.”

Kingsley glowered. "Kelly, don't embarrass me in front of my buds. I need to show them how the guys in this school respect me. Now do what I say, Kelly, or you will be very, very sorry indeed.”

I looked around. The senior guys looked ready to beat the shit out of me. I felt like crying. I sank to my knees. I knelt there, bent over the pool of stinking piss, unable to move further. Then I felt Kingsley's foot on my neck, pressing me closer to the pee puddle. His foot pushed my face down into the floor, and my nose and mouth were mashed in the piss on the concrete. For some reason, I thought of all the jocks that had walked on this floor barefoot and how unsanitary it must be. That thought was almost worse than the piss.

“This is our test to see if Kelly is Homo. We can't have any faggots on the football team, so we are testing him, giving him an initiation to see if he's a fucking homo or not.” Kingsley explained.

There I was, a healthy 17-year-old high school student naked on my hands and knees, licking up his piss off the floor. Disgusting! How do such things come about? Peer pressure? Wanting to fit in? Needing to fit in? I knelt there, licking up my foul-tasting piss and trying not to puke. The other guys definitely thought of me as a homo, a faggot.

"Okay, guys, the show is over for today. But there will be more soon," Kingsley announced. "Time to get dressed for class Kelly.”

"Yeah, I just want to shower first,” I said as I started to turn away to the showers.

"Oh, no time for that now. We can't have the newest member of our illustrious football team late for class. Shower after school in our locker room.” Lester said.

"But Lester, I'll stink like piss all day!”

He smiled. "Yeah, you will.” He said, and the other team members laughed.

The rest of the day went ok. Lots of kids smelled the piss on me and moved away, and everybody snickered at my outfit. I had to go see Mr. Jenkins, the counselor, who advised me that my clothing was inappropriate for school. I told him bluntly that it was for an initiation onto the football team. He laughed, and his eyes twinkled. "Well, tell your buddies to tone it down a bit, okay?” He was not even concerned for me.

The only other really humiliating part of the day was when I had to take a dump. I asked Mack for permission, and he insisted that three seniors accompany me to the toilet. They made me strip totally naked to take my shit and then forced me to keep the stall door open so they could watch. It was tough to shit that way, but I had to go so badly that I had no choice. Whenever I farted or dropped a turd, they whistled, laughed, and moaned about how much my shit stank. Other guys came in, and word must have spread. Soon at least ten guys gathered o watch me shit. It was really humiliating.

Fortunately, the bell sounded and cut their fun short. At one point, Kingsley slapped my knee. "You did good today, Kelly. The guys were impressed."

Kingsley walked me to his car at the end of the day, and we got in. On the drive home, I needed to reason with him. "Kingsley, I want to talk to you about this initiation thing. Some of what the guys want me to do is too gross. I mean, you said I might have to do some little chores for them, but now, all this sick stuff. It's perverted, Kingsley. I don't think I can handle it.”

He put his foot on the brake and looked at me. "Oh, sure, I go out on a limb to recommend you. I put my reputation on the line for you, and then the minute things get a little bit rough, all in fun, I might add, you want to bail out."

Football Team Initiation
Part 5 of 6

"Come on, Kingsley, that's not true. Look at the disgusting stuff I did today. I really tried for my sake as well as yours. I want to be on the team. I want to be liked. But it’s just pretty psycho if you ask me.”

"Kelly, it's all in fun. Yes, it's a little kinky, but that's part of the fun, like any college frat initiation. You've seen that show, Dog Eat Dog, on TV? Look how they make the contestants strip bare-assed in front of a whole audience. I don't see what the fuck you are so uptight about. Maybe you're not the best friend I thought you were.” He turned the radio up and went on driving. I reached out and turned it down again.

"Kingsley, it's not that, and you know it. I am your best friend. I would do anything for you.” I don't know where that came from? I guess I needed friendship badly at my new school. “It’s just that, could you talk to the guys? Get them to cut me some slack? Just don't make the stuff quite so perverted and nasty. I'm willing to go through an initiation, but I don't like ten guys watching me shit."

Kingsley smiled. "Yeah, I heard about that. Sounded pretty funny, actually.”

"Please, Kingsley. Talk to the guys. Get them to lighten up a bit." He pulled up in front of my house.

"And if I do talk to them, they will call me a wuss. I'm supposed to be their captain, the toughest of them all. And here I am, begging them to lighten up on you. So all right, say I do this huge favor for you. What do I get out of it?” My words almost stuck in my throat. "What do you want, Kingsley?” He looked at me and grinned. "I want you to suck my dick.”
He didn't even look at me. He was so cool. I slapped my forehead in disbelief. "Please, Kingsley. Talk to the guys. Get them to lighten up a bit." He pulled up in front of my house.

"And if I do talk to them, they will call me a wuss. I'm supposed to be their captain, the toughest of them all. And here I am, begging them to lighten up on you. So all right, say I do this huge favor for you. What do I get out of it?” My words almost stuck in my throat. "What do you want, Kingsley?” He looked at me and grinned. "I want you to suck my dick.”

I couldn't believe what Kingsley had just said. "Are you nuts, Kingsley? What the fuck is wrong with you? I don't do that kind of shit, and you know it. Would you?”

Kingsley looked at me seriously, like our entire friendship was on the line. Then he shook his head as if disappointment rocked his entire being. "I thought you were my best buddy. I put my reputation on the line for you, which is how you repay me.”

"Kingsley, you just asked me to blow you, for shit's sake!” My voice was louder and more strident than it should have been, but I was fucking freaked.

"Look, Kelly, it's like this. I need a real test of your loyalty. I need you to prove to me that you really care. I don't know if I can trust you. I mean, look how you freaked out over a little harmless initiation fun. Now you want me to talk to the guys. Well, if I do, and I am risking losing their respect, then you gotta prove that you will be faithful and loyal to me! I can't think of a better way.”

I tried to bring the conversation back down to reality. “Kingsley, listen to yourself. You want me to suck your dick!” Suddenly I had images of his huge hunk of fuck meat in my mind. I don't know why. "I am not gay. I don't want to be gay. I can't stand the idea.”

"That's exactly why it's so perfect. Trying to test you with something you liked doing would be stupid. Where's the challenge in that? That would be like Fear Factor without any fear. No, it's gotta be this. You only got to do it once, and it will be just between you and me. Nobody else has to ever know.”

I sulked. I'll never know why I let myself get to the point of sulking. "You told your friends I kissed it. You promised you wouldn't.”

He smiled. "Yeah, I know. I'm sorry about that. Ted got it out of me. You know he has a way about him; he gets me to tell him all kinds of shit. But I swear I will not say a word to Ted about this. And if you do this for me, I'll bat for you with the guys.”

"Jesus, Kingsley, I can't suck a dick. I mean, the whole idea makes me really sick.”

"Thanks a lot. Half the girls in this town and their mothers would cut off their tits to get a taste of my prick, and you say it makes you sick. If a 17-year-old cunt can do it and like it, how can it hurt you? You've had chicks suck your dick, haven't you?”

"Sure, of course, lots of times.”

"Well, did it hurt them any? Were they changed after? What's the big deal, Kelly? It’s just proof of friendship and loyalty. Why don't we go inside and get it over with?”

Before I had time to answer, Kingsley was out of the car and around to my side. He opened the door like I was his date and practically pulled me out. He slung one arm over my shoulder, best buddy fashion, and walked with me up into my house.

We were no sooner inside than he said. "Strip out of your clothes. I like people to be bare-assed when they suck my dick. I gotta go take a piss first. Be naked in your bedroom when I finish, ok?” He didn't wait for an answer but lopped his big muscular frame toward the downstairs bathroom. I just stood there, feeling really stupid, but there was this tingling sensation in my lower gut and groin that I couldn't explain. How could I go through with this? Why should I? Was having friends and being on a stupid football team worth this? Totally humiliating myself? I moved to the stairs like a zombie.

Upstairs in my room, I took off the stupid Marilyn Monroe T-shirt and looked at my naked torso in the mirror. I was a good-looking kid. I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my socks. I just stood there, feeling scared and excited and hot.

"Still dressed? Come on, dude, get your pants off. I can't wait. I was supposed to get sucked by Debbie Clauson earlier today, but the dumb bitch had to meet with some teacher. I am so horny I could fucking explode. Shit, if I don't get off at lunch, I won’t be able to concentrate during my afternoon classes."

I turned and almost fainted. There stood Kingsley, the star athlete of our school, fucking naked with this massive nine-inch boner waving at me. He was so comfortable with his nudity, something I could never be. He didn't seem to mind it at all, shit, not mind it, he gloried in it. He loved to show off his dick. Of course, if any of us had a prick like he did, we'd enjoy showing it off too.

"Come on, dude, I'm gonna fucking explode.” He put one large hand down and squeezed his low-hanging full sack of nuts.

"Kingsley, couldn't we do something else? I mean, I don't think …”

"Look, ass wipe, I thought this was all settled. You agreed to blow me, now don't go back on your word.”

"Kingsley, I didn't exactly agree to … ” he slapped me. The fucker reached out one large hand and slapped me HARD. My face swung to the right. It stung like hell.

"Look Bitch! Don't be a fucking cock tease. That's one thing I can't stand. That’s the absolute worst thing you can do to me. In my car, just a few minutes ago, you agreed to suck my dick. And now, by God, you will follow through on your promise. Now take off the fucking pants, or help me, God, I rip them off.” He was buff, no doubt about it, and his six-pack rippled as his body tensed. His dick bounced, and his balls swung. My face burned like hell. I unzipped the too-tight jeans, and peeled them down.

"Look at that. Your prick is half-hard already. You are enjoying this, Kelly. Admit it.” He had that smile again, but his eyes had a crazy look. Maybe it was lust.

"Kingsley, just tell me. Why do you want me to suck you off?”

"Two fucking reasons, ass face. First of all, I am horny as hell, and I don't exactly see any chicks around here with their mouths open. Second, I need proof that you are my best friend, especially after making a promise to me and trying to break it.”

Jesus, had I promised to suck his dick? I couldn't even remember anymore. I guess I did. I was so fucking confused. He raised his large hands and placed them gently on my shoulders.

"Come on, Kelly. You are my best buddy, aren't you? The very best buddy of the most popular guy in school. We're like brothers. We need to seal our friendship with a special bond. Do this one thing for me, and I'll know you love me like a friend.” His hands put pressure on my shoulders, gently but with force, and I went down to my knees in front of his massive cunt buster.

But I was a boy, a 17-year-old straight boy. What was Kingsley doing to me? His hands held me there on my knees before his naked body. He stepped closer to me. I could smell the odor from his prick and balls now, sweaty. It was an odor I sometimes noticed on my hands after playing with my prick. His dick was only inches from my face. I stared at the large piss hole in the big dick head. It opened and closed like a little mouth, and cloudy liquid dribbled from it. I was going to suck dick.

"Kingsley, I don't want to be a cocksucker!” I whimpered. I know that was a pussy thing to say, but I couldn't help it. You see, the way I figure it, once you suck dick, you are a cocksucker, always, for the rest of your life. You can never NOT be a cocksucker again, even if you never do it again.

"Just relax, baby," Kingsley cooed in a soothing romantic voice. Shit, he was treating me like some date he was putting the make on. His fingers massaged and caressed my neck and shoulders. Then he held my head in his hands. He stepped closer, and his wet prick head bumped against my nose and lips. He rubbed his dickhead all over my face. Thick liquid pre-fuck coated my face, and I started to shake with fear and disgust, and fascination.

"This is going to go so well, Kelly. You'll see. Now open your mouth. Come on, be a good buddy. Make me proud of you. Show me how much you think of me. Open up wide.”

The whole fucking room was spinning.
I placed my mouth on the side of his big fat dick, but I did not want to open my mouth. “Kelly! Now!” I opened my mouth, and I felt Kingsley's dickhead on my lips. Shit, it was a thick fucking cock. He slowly moved my mouth to the head of his monster, and after a moment of hesitation, I eased his prick into my mouth. I kept telling myself it was only a test and would be over soon.

"Sure, you like it, don't you? I always knew you would like it,” he said, sliding four inches of dick into my mouth. I wanted to answer that I didn't like it, but the fucking cock was so thick I had to stretch my jaws wide to take it in. I stared straight ahead at Kingsley’s prick bush as he put more and more cock into my mouth.

"There, Kelly, you like that, don't you. You want that. It tastes so fucking good, doesn't it? Hmm? Doesn't that taste good?"

I was having trouble breathing; I tried to keep breathing through my nose, but at a little over six inches in, the dick was clogging my air passage. I realized I had to breathe on the out strokes if Kingsley did any out strokes. "

"Three more inches to go. Have to go down into your throat to get it all in. Just relax your throat muscles, baby. Just relax and enjoy. Oh yeah, you are in paradise now, aren't you? Cock Heaven. You have the most beautiful dick in the whole school, maybe in the whole fucking city, in your mouth. Aren't you special, Kelly? What a lucky boy you are.”

Oh, God. The whole thing was so perverse, so dirty. He kept talking to me in his quiet, smooth, hypnotic voice. He was such a player and such a cock, dude. He was feeding me his prick and making it sound like I was the one who needed it.

"Here we go, all the way down your throat. I want your face right up against my prick bush and balls, all the way in, balls deep.” He gently held the back of my head and then pushed me into his groin. I felt his hot flesh against my face as nine inches of dick went down my throat, I gagged, but there was no way for the vomit to emerge. I was face stuffed with prick. Kingsley rocked on his toes and then pulled half the prick out again, and I was able to suck in air.

"That a girl, just suck, don't make me do all the work. Show me how much you love me; make love to that big fucking cock. Suck that cherry buster.”

I was a cocksucker. I was a cocksucker now. I was sucking Kingsley's fat dick. I was on my knees, bare-assed naked, sucking the dick of the most popular boy in high school, and by God, my dick was hard. My fucking dick was hard. I was fucked! I had a hard dick. Why the fuck did I have a hard dick?

Suddenly, he released my head and stepped back to release his dick from my mouth. I kept sucking for a minute, sucking air and dick slop and spit. Drool ran from my mouth, and for a second, there was a bridge of dick slime and spit from his cockhead to my mouth. Then he stepped back and put his hands on his hips. I looked up at him, totally lost.

"This is not working. You are a lousy cocksucker.” He looked frustrated.

“I never,” I had to clear my throat of slime. “I never did it before. I don't know what to do?”

"Okay, I'll forgive you this time.” THIS TIME?! THIS TIME?! WHAT THE FUCK DID HE MEAN?! "But I've got a homework assignment for you for tonight. I want you to get online, on some really gay sites, and get some cock sucking advice from some faggots. I want you to get cock sucking tips, and I want printouts so I can see that you really did it.” While he talked, he danced like a boxer, bouncing on his big naked feet, and his big stiff prick swung and slapped his thighs. I wanted to object. To tell him I have never been on a gay site in my life, but he cut me short.

"And I don't want any protests. You do this assignment, and you have it done by tomorrow. I want at least twenty-five good cock sucking tips. I want to see the messages between you and the faggots. And be polite and thank them. For now, we'll just have to improvise. Open your mouth as wide as possible and stick out your tongue.”

I knelt there with my mouth open and tongue out, feeling ashamed, humiliated, and sick. But my damned prick was rock hard. He moved in again and rested the head of his fat dick on my tongue. I could feel the pre-fuck running in a small stream down my tongue into my throat. My breathing was heavy and ragged. I felt dizzy.

"Okay, Kelly, now keep my dick on your tongue, but see if you can make your lips more round, make your mouth more like a pussy.” Jesus, he wanted my mouth to be a pussy. "Watch your teeth and keep your mouth round and soft like a twat. Now I'm going to slide my prick into your mouth cunt, bring your tongue back with my dick, and work your tongue on the bottom of my fuck meat. Provide suction with your pussy lips.” My Pussy Lips? He meant my mouth, didn't he? Shit, he was treating my face like it was a cunt. He took hold of my ears to guide his fuck slab into my face pussy. I was serving as the face pussy of an 18-year-old high school senior. And my only purpose was for him to unload in me, so he could dump his dick slop into my throat. How low can a kid fall?

"Oh yeah, bitch, that's a little better. Keep working that tongue, keep sucking with those lips, keep that suction tight, like a baby's twat. Oh yeah,” he was fucking my face quite hard now, smashing my nose up into his pubic hair and his dick down into my throat. Work those throat muscles, don't gag. That's an insult to my dick. You gotta learn to get over that. Work those throat muscles to massage my prick. Now reach up with one hand and play with my nuts."

I gently massaged his egg-sized nuts in their flesh sack. Kingsley was so fucking masculine. I couldn't stand it. I sucked harder and harder. I couldn't breathe, but I didn't care.

"That's it, that's it, I'm gonna blow, I'm gonna blast, oh fuck, oh fuck, yeah, shit, suck it, bitch, suck that baby batter out of me.” He pounded into my face, hurting my nose, yanking on my ears, using them as handles. I was way past being out of breath. I was turning blue. I didn't care anymore. I didn't care if I passed out or if I died. I was facially impaled on the dick of death. I was a face twat for a high school jock. I could feel the beer can-thick prick swell even more; I could actually feel the veins along the cock stalk. Then he pressed my face hard into his groin and pushed again, grunting like an animal.


The cum gushed. He didn't just shoot. He virtually exploded. Hot dick snot splashed the back of my throat and slid down into my gullet. It backed up and filled my mouth alongside the massive hunk of fuck meat. It came and came five, six, seven spurts. I've never known a dick to cum like that. Five times as much cum as I ever produced.

"SHIT! WHAT A FUCKING MOTHER FUCKER YOU ARE!” he screamed at the top of his lungs, arching his back. My hand went around to his ass and held his muscular ass globes as he shot his baby-making mix down my throat. Then it was over. He pulled me off. He held my head and wiped his still-leaking dick on my hair and then across my face. I was dazed. I was beaten. I was face fucked.

"Not too bad,” he smiled down at my cum covered face, "For the first time.”

There I was, on my knees, my mouth hanging open and jock cum dripping from my lips and hanging in strings from my chin. Kingsley sauntered across my bedroom as if he owned it, cock slime hanging from his big, swinging, half-hard dick. He flopped onto my bed. I hadn't realized how large his feet were. He lay there with legs spread, his fat, sagging balls resting on the bedsheet. He was so fucking handsome.

"Okay, stud, you did real good. Go ahead and take a shower and shit and piss, or whatever you want."

I struggled to my feet, my legs feeling watery and weak. I looked around my bedroom. It would always seem alien to me now, after this violation. I didn't even wipe the cock slop off my chin. I turned toward the bathroom and willed my legs to move. I hadn't taken two steps when Kingsley's voice stopped me.

"Hey, dude, aren't you forgetting something?”

I turned back to the jock on my bed. "Huh?”

"Aren't you forgetting something? When your girlfriends suck your dick, what do they do when finished?” I couldn't make head or tail of what he was getting at.

He crossed his muscular arms behind his head and smiled at me. "After a chick sucks a dick, what does she do?”

"I don't know what you mean, Kingsley?” My mind was numb.

"Dopey, after you suck a dick, you clean it, don't you?” I stood there numb. I mean, I am no idiot. Sure, after a chick sucks a dick, she has to clean it. Everybody knows that, but I wasn't a chick. And I had never sucked dick before.

"Ah, I guess.” Kingsley's smile broadened, and he spread his muscular legs, arching his floppy half-hard prick, causing his nuts to bounce.

I turned to get a washcloth, "Where are you going, dude?”

"To get a washcloth to clean ….”

"Do your girlfriends use a washcloth to clean a dick after it's been sucked or fucked?”

"Ah, no, they use, um,” I couldn't even say it. I felt sick to my stomach. The cum I had swallowed was doing flip-flops in my tummy.

"Well,” Kingsley wasn't going to give in. I was trapped. I stumbled back to the bed and looked down at the handsome jock. His stomach was tight. His prick was a bit pink from fucking my face, and it was covered with cock slime, some of it now drying into a flaky white crust. Cum glistened on his fleshy scrotum. Cum clogged the full bush of prick hair. Some even leaked down between his legs along the sides of his sack.

"Clean me up, buddy. Do a good job.”

“Clean me up, buddy. Do a good job. Then you can go take your shower." I knelt on the bed. My whole body shook, and I didn't know if I could keep my balance. Why couldn't I fight him? Why couldn't I just tell him to go fuck himself? I leaned my head down toward the prick I had just sucked. It was so fucking fat, I couldn't believe it. It glistened with fuck slime. I stuck out my tongue and leaned closer. I felt one of Kingsley's big hands on the back of my head, gently pushing me toward his filthy prick. I felt my tongue touch dick flesh, and I licked. Cock spooge covered my tongue. I scooped it up. I licked the dick clean.

"Hey, no gagging. That's really rude.” I couldn't believe I was actually doing things to a guy's dick! I licked the scrotum, and then he spread his legs wider so I could get my tongue in between the ball bag and the thigh to scoop up the leaking cock snot there. "And don't go blaming me for the mess at this beginner’s point. If you'd done a better job sucking and swallowing, there wouldn't be as much goop all over. Don't worry. You'll get better.”

When he was satisfied, he shoved me back playfully. "Are you going to take a fucking shower or not?”

I spent about 45 minutes in the bathroom, crying under the hot shower spray. Shitting and pissing and then filling the tub and soaking. I didn't want to face Kingsley again after what I had done. I was hoping he’d be gone. But when I emerged from the bathroom, I was to receive a bigger shock. There, standing next to Kingsley, was Ted, naked. Where’d he come from?

"How you doing, buddy?” Ted said, rubbing his flat naked stomach. "I heard you were giving free blow jobs.” The tears rolled down my cheeks. I turned to Kingsley, feeling like a betrayed lover.

"You said you promised never to tell a soul.”

Football Team Initiation
Part 6 of 6

"Hey, chill out. I'll keep my promise. Nobody has to know, but shit, Ted is my best buddy, next to you. I tell him everything, don't I, Ted?”

"You sure do.” Ted nodded. "So how about it? Do I get a blow job too?”

Before I could answer, Kingsley said, "You sure do. He wouldn't give me one and not give one to a guy who is like my brother. Come on, Kelly, show him how good you're getting. You know Ted, Kelly wasn't worth shit at first, but by the time he swallowed my sperm, he showed promise. I got him doing some research homework tonight on -- how to improve his cock sucking techniques.”
"Man, I haven't blown my load since this morning. I am ready to explode.” Ted's said, leaning against the wall, casually smoking his cigarette.

"Come on, Kelly, get with it. Can't you see my man Ted has a painful boner?”

Ted strolled over to the bed and sat down, knowing, with a doubt, that Kelly would soon be swinging on his dick. "Come on, Kelly, get with it. Can't you see my man Ted has a painful boner?”

Tears ran down my cheeks. "Guys, please, I don't want to be a cocksucker. I'm not queer. I don't want to do this kind of stuff.”

Ted snapped his fingers. "Let's go, buddy, before I shoot all over your bedroom. Let me feel that sweet, soft, warm mouth.” Kingsley watched with interest as I sank to my knees again and crawled between Ted's thighs. Now I was about to suck another boy's dick in front of Kingsley.

The act of sucking a dick isn't so awful, physically. I mean, it’s worse if the cock is sweaty and not washed, but it's just putting a piece of flesh and muscle in your mouth, so what's the big deal. Well, the big deal is the psychological damage it does. Cock sucking is a dehumanizing act, a humiliating act, and swallowing a guy's sperm is totally gross. That's also part of the fun for a dude, the power he gets from having a chick or a faggot suck his prick.

I opened my mouth and took Ted's fat dick into it. I sucked. Ted leaned back on the bed and started to talk to Kingsley about some girl at school.

At least, Ted was different. He was the only Black team member of Kingsley’s clique. And His dick was huge, like most black guys.
His dick grew thick. The two jocks carried on their stupid conversation while I sucked Ted's dick. It was like I didn't even exist as a human being. I was just a dick dump. Then Ted dumped a huge load down my throat. I pulled back, a trail of spooge going from my lower lip to his fuck meat.

"Don't forget,” Kingsley warned, and I cleaned off the prick with my mouth.

"Yeah, he's not great,” Ted agreed, "but I'm sure he'll get better.”

"I don't know about you guys, but I am famished.” Then Kingsley turned to me and ‘asked,’ “What say, you make dinner for Ted and me, Kelly?”

"Huh?” I wasn't doing too well in the communication department. I just stared in shock. Dinner. How about making dinner for THEM? That’s crazy. They should make dinner for me. But what could I do but agree? "Ah, sure, I guess,” I started to think about what we had in the house. How could they be so casual after I had just sucked their pricks?

"Well, let's go downstairs,” Kingsley walked naked out of my room into the hall. His tight, round, ass globes rolled. Ted followed, also totally comfortable being naked. I wanted to cover my body but knew I’d be punished for doing so. Kingsley turned around. "Hey, Kelly, to show your respect for your football team captains, you should crawl.”

"Yeah, man, we walk, you crawl.” Ted agreed.

I dropped to my knees and started to crawl down the hall after them. Crawling down the stairs was difficult. Ted and Kingsley hardly noticed. They were busy talking. Kingsley turned into the living room and switched on the TV. "Kelly, go make dinner. Call us when it's ready.” I made steaks for them, with asparagus and baked potato. My ma always stocked the freezer well since she was home so little.

When the food was ready, they came into the kitchen. "Smells great, Kelly. You did an outstanding job."

"Good job, buddy,” Ted agreed, plunking himself down at the table.

"You got any beer?”

"Yeah, but I'm not supposed …"

"Two beers.” Kingsley sat naked across from his jock buddy and dove into the food.

I got them two beers and then prepared to sit down to join them. "Hey, dude, why don't you crawl under the table and lick our balls while we eat?” "Come on, Kingsley. Enough is enough. I really can't." "Look, ass wipe, when I tell you to do something, you fucking do it!” Suddenly Kingsley lost it. He reached over and flipped my plate onto the floor, steak, veggies, potato, going all over the place. I couldn't believe it. “NOW, GET YOUR WORTHLESS HOLE UNDER THE TABLE AND LICK OUR FUCKING BALLS!” I dropped. Kingsley looked at Ted and shook his head. "I'm really sorry and embarrassed,” Kingsley apologized to Ted. “This cunt hole should be better behaved. He can't seem to understand that we give the orders, and he follows them. After dinner, we may have to take a belt or two to his ass." Ted agreed. So while they had dinner, I crawled back and forth under the table and licked at their heavy, fleshy, sweaty scrotums. The sweat and piss drippings make a guy’s balls taste and smell bad. They taste salty, and they smell rank. Ted had hairy balls, whereas Kingsley's were smooth, like a model's. I never did get to eat. I just licked teen jock nuts while they ate.

And when they had cake for dessert, they made me suck on their toes. That was gross. I had to lick between their toes and then suck on the big toes. Their feet were clean, but it still was gross. While Kingsley sipped his coffee, I lay on the floor on my back, and he fucked his big toe in and out of my mouth. Ted moved his chair slightly to poke his big toe against my ass hole. I was half crying, half gagging on the toe in my mouth. The toe at my ass felt so humiliating I almost lost it. I was fucking freaking out. I cried so hard, making them lose their patience with me.

A few minutes later, they took turns bending me over their knees and spanking me hard. No baby hits. They all slapped my ass red.
At first, the bare-ass slaps didn’t hurt that much, but each guy’s pounding got harder and harder. My ass must be getting bright red. Without question, I had to thank them for the ass swats and promise to do whatever they wanted. Things had totally gotten out of hand. I would be in deep shit publicly if I tried to disconnect now. And I would be in deep shit privately if I didn’t disconnect. The lesser of two evils was to continue to obey them. Where it would all lead, I wasn't sure. My ass throbbed, my ass cheeks sore and swollen. I lay on the floor and sobbed.

"Oh shit, look at the time.” Kingsley said, “I still haven't done that reading for history that's due tomorrow. I want to play all night, Kelly, but I gotta get home.” He spoke as if we had been playing cards or something, not like they had just spent two hours humiliating and abusing me. It was so perverted. I lay there on the floor, sobbing, my ass striped and sore from the belt whipping I had gotten. Ted was playing with his prick again, and Kingsley was getting dressed.

"Oh, Jeez, I promised to help you with your nipple exercises, didn't I?” Kingsley spoke up. At the mention of some new horror, I turned away and closed my eyes. Saliva ran from my mouth onto the bedroom carpet. My poor ass was throbbing.

“What do you mean nipple exercises, Kingsley?” Ted asked with a wicked smile on his face.

"Well, Ted, my blood buddy, our new football team member doesn't have very impressive tits. I mean, look at your own pecs. They are awesome. I'll bet cunts love to suck on your nipples, don't they?”

"Damned straight man. So Kelly's tits are not up to the level they need to be? Not being a fucking faggot, I never noticed.”

"Kelly, kneel up for a minute and show Ted your tits."

I was lying on my stomach, crying into the carpet. “It’s late, Kingsley. I have homework to do, too, please."

Kingsley kicked me in the ass globe. "Roll over, Fuck wad.” What could I do? If I didn't obey, it would just get worse. I rolled over onto my back.

"Now kneel up,” I struggled to my knees, my raw ass cheeks burning. "Now thrust your chest out like you were a cunt. Come on, stick those titties out like a fucking centerfold.” I stuck my chest out as far as I could. He slapped me. He slapped me like I was his bitch.

"Not good enough. Throw those shoulders back, stick those fucking tits out. That's how I want you to be in front of any football team guys from now on. Whenever one of the seniors is present, you get those tits out. FURTHER!” I strained so my chest muscles stood out. It was stupid and like I was in the Marines or something.

"Better. Now take a look, Ted. See how the titty buds hardly stick out at all. I mean, he's got nice big tits, almost like a cunt, but the nubs don't stick out like they should. So I promised to help him develop his tits.”

"That is really nice of you, Kingsley. What a great pal you are to our Kelly.” Both boys laughed. Again, I’m bare-assed naked on the floor, sticking out my tits for two senior jocks. Kingsley reached down and took a nipple between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. He tugged my titties until I yelped in pain. He pulled on my tits until I put my hands up to protect myself. He roughly kicked my hands away. "When I'm helping you with your tit work, you keep your fucking hands behind your back. You hear me? I won't be satisfied until you have nipples like Jenny Rostand. Shit, have you seen her udders? The fucking things stand out like mini towers, for Christ's sake. That's how I want our boy Kelly to look too."

"Kingsley, I don't really want nipples like that.”

Kingsley mimicked Kelly’s pouting, "’ I don't really want nipples like that.’ Aw, too bad. But at this stage of the game, what you want, doesn't matter anymore, does it, Kelly?” I didn't answer because the pain in my tortured tits was too great. "I said, what you want doesn't really matter, does it?” He asked again, giving the tits a twist.


"What doesn't matter, ass breath?”

"What I want doesn't fucking matter at all. Now, PLEASE stop. You are hurting me.” I must have pulled back because I felt Ted's naked foot pushing against my shoulder.

"Keep those tits out, Kelly. You know, you confuse me. In the same breath you tell me that what you want doesn't matter, and then you say, ‘please stop. I'm hurting you.’ Well, if what you want doesn't matter, then it doesn't matter if I hurt you, right?" He rolled my nipple buds in his fingers. I thought I would pass out from the pain.

"Ugh, I thought you were my friend," I groaned.

Kingsley smiled sweetly. “I am your friend, Kelly, your best friend. I am doing this for your own good. You have so much to learn. And you want to make the team. I am helping you.” And with that, standing over me and twisting my tits, he let a huge gob of spit fall from his mouth onto my face! JOCK SPIT! It was the saliva of a jock. I felt like puking. Ted roared with laughter, thinking it was terribly funny. He leaned over me from the rear and let a long string of saliva fall from his lips to my face as well.

"Do you like that, Kelly? Do you like our spit, Kelly? And you'd better give the right answer if you know what's good for you.” Ted’s spit ran down across my nose, between my lips, and dripped from my chin.

"Yeah, yeah, I like your spit.” I stammered, half crying.

"Do you really love our spit, though? I wanna know. Do you really love our spit?” Kingsley asked, giving my nipple nubs an extra hard pinch.

“OOOOOHH God, yes, yes, I love your spit. I love your spit.” I screamed.

"Then lift up your head, and open your mouth.” I tilted up my head and opened my mouth. Kingsley and Ted looked at each other with evil grins, made the most disgusting sounds as they worked up real hawkers in their throats, then let fly, covering my face with their thick, stinking spit. I thought they'd bust a gut laughing. Kingsley spit about ten times rapidly at my face, into my eyes, nose, and mouth; I was gagging and trying not to puke.

"Our spit turns you on, doesn't it, Kelly?” I didn't even hear the question at first. I was so out of it. "Doesn't it, Kelly?” Ted grabbed my ears and twisted them.

"Yes, yes, oh God, yes, your spit turns me on.” Ted let another long string of spit trail into my open mouth from his lips.

"Kelly gets a boner from our spit. Wait until the guys on the team hear about this.” Ted roared.

"What if we blew our noses in his mouth? Think he'd like that?” Kingsley asked, and I lost it. I fell over, half blacking out. Kingsley held me by the tits for a moment, then let me fall to the carpet, screaming with laughter. Ted took one barefoot and rubbed the spit all over my face using his toes, then stuck his big toe into my mouth. I gagged and could taste the puke in my mouth, but I swallowed it again. The whole thing was so fucking sick.

"All right, Kelly, time for us to go. You be a good boy tonight. Tomorrow I'll bring you some nice titty clamps so you can sleep with them on your nipples at night so you develop nice fat sow teats for us.

"Aw shit, I gotta piss bad,” Ted said, turning toward the bathroom.

"Why don't you just piss in his bed?” "Please, Kingsley, my ma gets home tomorrow.”

But it was too late; Ted turned his muscular jock body toward my bed and pissed all over the bedsheet and pillow. His strong spray of yellow piss splashed onto the white sheets and soaked them. He lightly held his fat prick between two fingers and directed the pee spray soaking my bed. When he finished, he squeezed the last few drops onto the pillow.

"Okay, Kelly, climb into bed.” The room stank of teenage boy piss. I looked at the yellow pond absorbing into my mattress and pillow.

"I'm going to be sick,” I said.

"If you puke, you will do it in the bed, and then you will sleep in your puke, too,” Kingsley warned. "Now you are going to sleep in your buddy's piss tonight. When I come to get you to take you to school tomorrow, I want to see you sleeping in this piss bed. If you do and sleep in it all night, with your face on the pillow, I will allow you to wash and change the sheets before your ma gets home. Otherwise, you will have some fancy explaining to do. “He grabbed me by the hair, hauled me to my feet, and pushed me toward the stinking bed. Here I was, this naked, vulnerable teenage boy, at the mercy of two high school seniors.

The bitter truth was that I was so exhausted that I let them push me onto the bed. I just wanted them to go. I felt the piss cover my body as I lay on the bed. My face on the pillow rested in piss. As my head pressed into the pillow, piss squished up across my face.

Kingsley, who was dressed, hauled his gigantic prick out of his fly and sauntered to the bed. "Lay still. Here's something special from your best friend.” He gave his fat fuck hose a squeeze and shot a huge spray of piss right into my face. I tried to curl up and turn away, "Lay still, mother fucker! You don't want to make me angry. He leaned in so his fat fuck sausage was hanging over my face and continued to piss. I lay there sobbing. Ted was stomping around the room, having a laughing fit.

Kingsley finished peeing and put his dick away. “Now listen, Kelly," he said. "So far, we have been pretty easy on you. But tomorrow, your initiation gets serious. I don't want any trouble from you. Starting tomorrow, your initiation will get a lot rougher, so be prepared.” I couldn't believe his words. Rougher? How could it get any more horrible than what had happened to me? How could it be any more sick, any more perverted? How could I stand anymore?

Kingsley smiled down at me as I lay in my bed in the lake of piss. "You do realize, Kelly, my best buddy, that you no longer have any choice in all of this. You do realize that don't you?”

I nodded. I did. I did realize that it wasn't about the team any longer. It wasn't about me making the varsity football team. I had no choice; they were leaving me no choice. "That's good, Kelly. I'm so glad you realize that. It will help in the difficult days to come. But don't worry, we'll get through this together. You and me. I like you, Kelly, and I will be there for you. I'll help you through the most disgusting, perverse, humiliating, degrading things. I'll be there with all the encouragement you need. And when it seems like you can't take any more, I'll be there to show you that you can! All you got to do is remind yourself that you have no choice and leave everything else to us.”

Then they got dressed and left. Finally, privacy. Silence. I didn't even bother getting out of the piss-soaked bed. I was too exhausted, too beaten down. I lay there crying, wondering how my life could have changed in a few days. I lay there, fearful of what horror awaited me the next day. But I truly had no choice. Could I run away from home? Could I try to change schools? They would find me. They would show those awful photos to my ma and people at school. What could I do? Obey them, that's all. I had to do what they wanted, no matter how sick it was. With that thought, I noticed my prick was rock-hard and leaking. Oh God, in heaven, what is happening to me? I went to sleep exhausted and confused.

In the morning, I regained my sanity. I woke up in the piss-soaked bed and decided I had had enough. It was not only a new day but a new world dawning. I finally decided. I would change schools. I would quit the football team first, then tell Kingsley he and his friends could go to hell. Then I would look for a new school. My ma would understand. I would say I was having trouble adjusting and didn't like the kids at this school.

I took a very long hot shower, pissed and shit without getting anyone's permission, dressed in my own clothes, and left the house before Kingsley arrived to pick me up. I took the city bus to school and felt a freedom I had not felt in days. Everything looked and felt better. I was a bit nervous because I knew I would have to face the senior boys at school, but if they caused any trouble, I would go to the principal. I felt like a human being for the first time since getting hooked up with Kingsley. I even thought about asking a girl from my class out on the weekend.

I arrived at school very early and found an empty classroom where I actually did some homework and got caught up. As the time approached for my first class, I got my courage together and went out onto the school grounds to breathe fresh air. It wasn’t until after the first hour that I saw Kingsley. He was walking with some girl, his arm slung around her shoulder, his hand playing with her tit. She looked so proud to be with him. I couldn't turn and run, so I just approached him.

"Hi, Kingsley,” I said, trying to sound casual. He stood before me, his fingers pinching the nipple of the freshman girl. I thought of how he had pinched my nipples the night before. A strange tingle went through me. He smiled.

"Kelly.” He had a way of saying my name that was so fucking sexy. He drew it out, almost as if he had a Southern accent. "I came to pick you up this morning, and you weren't there.” He made it sound like I was a naughty boy who needed punishment.

"Eh, yeah, well, I had to get to school early. I had some stuff to do.”

“Well, good luck, buddy,” he said. That was it, his acknowledgment that it was all over. I got my soul back. I stood there a bit taller, more confident. But … then … he flashed a smile, a sort of wicked smile. What did that mean? Probably nothing.

As he walked away, “See ya around, buddy,” he shouted. Not if I can help it, I thought back. It was an ominous farewell. I was unsettled in my gut, but I think I stopped all the nonsense. I’ll drop off the team and be free of them all. It will feel wonderful getting back in touch with regular friends and dating girls again. I let a smile creep over my face. Yeah, date girls again!

The End

It seems like Kelly Peterson figured it all out. That’s cool. It’s over. But … was Kelly really free? Was it just that easy to break with Kingsley? Kelly thought it would all work out, but stay tuned. The sequel to this story is coming in 2 days.

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