117 Frat House Hazing

Frat House Hazing
Part 1 of 2

Many college frat houses and private clubs have initiation rituals, often called hazing. One such college fraternity requires that all its annual new pledges strip naked in their dorm room on an appointed day and time.
They are to leave their room doors wide open and wait until senior fraternity members come in and fetch them.

Each pledge is the responsibility of two seniors who are his official Guardians. When the two seniors arrive, they carefully inspect him to see that all rules are being followed. If so, he is securely blindfolded. One of the seniors then grabs the dick of his assigned pledge and pulls him out of his room into the hallway.

The seniors march him, or better put, “parade” him naked through the corridors of the dorm building and eventually outside onto the campus grounds, guiding him by pulling his dick this way and that way. A few pledges will struggle to have their dick released each year, telling their Guardians they can walk better without being so intimately manhandled. But it does not matter if the pledge is willing to cooperate and walk freely, simply guided by a hand on his shoulder. Rules are rules! Each pledge MUST be maneuvered to the initiation ceremony by a Guardian pulling him by his dick.

Since pledges have no idea where they are being led or what will be expected of them when they arrive. It took both seniors to guide their hesitant charge to the planned destination. One senior led the way as he pulled on the pledge’s dick while the other walks closely behind him to nudge him along as needed and steady him if it seemed like he is going to trip or fall.

The blindfolded pledges obviously hear outside noises and feel the sidewalk under their bare feet as soon as they are ushered out the exit doors. At that point, if not upon first leaving their room, almost all of them try to resist being pull-pushed along their unseen, unknown course.”

Guardians are trained to help relieve the anxieties of their assigned pledge - to calm them down and minimize any resistance offered. In the case of one pledge named Billy, one of his Guardians gave him a little pep talk by whispering kind words in his ear, “Come on, Billy … you’ve been through a lot, and this is the last step to take to become a full Brother. Everyone likes you; you’re perfect; you’ll fit into the Brotherhood and have many friends.”

Undoubtedly, the pledge was nervous as he maintained himself in a halted position on the campus walkway, only about 100 feet outside his dormitory. Why shouldn’t he be hesitant to go any further? Fuck! He was ready to quit. Why not? There he was, all naked, blindfolded, with a senior college guy holding onto his dick!

“But Sirs … all these people around us … I’m as naked as a jaybird. I hear them all … they’re laughing at me. I can tell everyone is stopping to stare. Oh fuck! … How can …” Billy was visualizing strangers and friends, men and women, on this campus, all gawking at him. He reached to remove his blindfold, but his Guardian gently pushed his arm back down, knowing that he’d be dropped if he removed it.

“Just think,” his Guardian said, never letting go of the recruit’s dick, “Next year, you’ll be in charge of a pledge, then you can help him like we are helping you. All you need to do is be a sport, become one of us, and be a friend. I know you can do it.”

“But … but … Sirs … I can’t stay here naked. What about all these guys?” Billy spoke in a calm voice so as not to be heard by any onlookers.

“Billy, my man, you’re the one making us stand here. And as for these students watching you? Don’t you think some of them, maybe most of them, are thinking, Boy, that guy has guts. He’s a real man willing to accept any challenge for his friends.’ Don’t you think some of these guys are secretly praising you? And the women, well, maybe they’re jealous of me holding your big fat dick. I know my girl would be.” The Guardian let out a slight chuckle as he patted Billy on the back, feeling that his pledge was being persuaded by his words.

Then to make a more conclusive point, he added, “If you quit now, all you did so far would be for nothing. You won’t be allowed in the frat, and the seven other pledges will miss you terribly. He paused momentarily to glance at his frat Brother, “And we, who have been supporting you and helping you through every stage, will each get 20 blistering swats of the Pledge Master’s paddle for failing in our Guardian duties. Yes, we’ll be severely punished because you didn’t walk a few extra feet to your wonderful private initiation ceremony.”

With his blindfold still on, Billy could not look into the eyes of his Guardian. If he could, he might have seen signs of untruthfulness. It was not that either of his Guardians was trying to be mean to him, for they honestly felt that once he was finally initiated, Billy would truly enjoy being a member and have a lot of fun hanging with all his new frat buddies.

But … the Guardian was willing to “temporarily” deceive Billy by telling him his trek to the ceremony was only a few feet when actually, it was over a half mile across the busy campus. And … oh, yes … the other deception … the ceremony would not be private. Although there was no official notice due to school rules against such events on campus, the frat told many of the school clubs and certain cool student organizations the exact time and placed this “private” event would be held.

Thinking about what he was told, Billy acknowledged that his Guardian was right about the importance of being a frat member and that he could hang in there. Plus, he would truly miss his seven co-pledges with whom he had built up quite a friendship. They shared many difficult challenges together. To his Guardian’s relief, he decided he would continue since the pledging was concluding.

So, in broad daylight, high noon to be exact, he allowed his naked self to be gently pulled by his dick, blindly down the campus walkways to wherever his Guardian was leading him, so he could join the other seven seasoned pledges.

You might ask why these last eight guys didn’t just refuse to budge further. Why don’t they just reach up, remove their own blindfold, and sprint back to the privacy of their room and not put up with all this humiliating shit? The answer is simple. These are not fresh-picked pledges. Two months ago, they were part of a group of 18 pledges invited to join this fraternity. Each pledge was assigned to two seniors, called Guardians, whose job it was to assist them and help them through the tough spots.

Pledges were never required to do anything sexual to each other or even touch each other in an intimate way, but they were tested, and those without a strong commitment had already dropped out. Only these eight successfully passed such personal challenges as beating off in front of frat members in a nearby public park at midnight.

Another challenge was that each had to drink a glass of his own piss at a frat beer-bust party, to which each pledge was required to bring two of his friends along. Males or females were fine. The Pledge Master was waiting for the pledges to have enough beer to feel tipsy and lose some inhibitions. It was about two hours into the party when the Pledge Master nodded to the Guardians as a signal that it was time for each of them to escort a pledge into the bathroom one at a time. When there, each pledge was given a new large plastic “Budweiser” cup for him to pee into. It was the same imprinted plastic cups everyone was drinking beer from.

With full bladders from all the beer, it was not difficult for the cups to be filled with foamy, yellow piss. As each slightly woozy pledge filled up “his” Budweiser cup, the Guardian in control took and carefully carried it as he walked his charge back to his seat, so the pledge could rejoin his companions. While being taken back to his seat, each pledge was said something like, “This is your next ‘beer.’ You’ll pass this challenge if you drink it all up without vomiting. Just pretend it’s real beer; have some more pretzels.”

Soon each of the eight pledges held a large cup of his own piss and sipped it as each continued chatting with his friends who were drinking real beer. Fortunately, the fact that the pledges drank their piss was kept a fraternity secret. That was a promise made and kept by the frat. This made piss-drinking more palatable, as well as a private matter rather than a public embarrassment. It also built up trust between the pledges and their Guardians. Only the frat Brothers knew their pledges were drinking piss, which had them all grinning broadly with pleasure.

When the number of pledges dwindled down to 10, they were divided into two groups of five; Group A and Group B. The Pledge Master had made a deal with Mr. Thomas, the art instructor who, on rare occasions, would use live models, though they were always clad in swimsuits. It was a rare event because he did not have much of a budget to pay the proper $100 modeling fees. So when the Pledge Master offered him five models for his classes to draw, he was delighted and was informed that they could pose nude for his classes. This was the assignment for Group A. Each day of a certain week, one of these five pledges would model for that instructor’s art classes, which consisted of a couple of guys and many women.

On the first of these five days, a pledge entered the art studio, a bright room with floor-to-ceiling windows along one wall overlooking a grassy area where students would often gather to socialize. Mr. Thomas did not care who might look in his windows. He took advantage of his temporary supply of nude models and just told the boy to strip and stand on the low platform. After being shocked that he’d be in front of unobstructed windows and with the glass door opened, the boy hesitantly and nervously stripped and stood on the low wood table to pose as instructed.

Each day, with each model, Mr. Thomas pretended that the pledge was not positioning himself correctly and began to touch the model as he moved his limbs to make slight adjustments. He treated all the models like naked rag dolls, which embarrassed them. With each model, he’d find a way to occasionally rub his suit-covered hip or the back of his hand against the bare dick and cause the model to grow an erection. The instructor was sneaky about the lingering “private” touching, often having his back to the student artists when he did it.

However, to be sure, his Class believed he had nothing to do with these models getting boners; Mr. Thomas had set up a little ruse with the very first pledge model sent to him, Doug. On that first day, he stepped very

close to the front of the naked young man and kept his own back to his students. He intentionally had worn a flaring coat that, when left unbuttoned, acted like a short curtain, blocking his hands from the students’ view. “OK, Doug, I’m going to set you in a precise position, so please be patient and practice not fidgeting or talking.” His hidden left hand was busy tickling Doug’s balls and lightly pumping his dick to erection, while his viewable right hand was moving the model’s arms and head and adjusting his posture.

He pretended not to be satisfied and kept adjusting the young man’s limbs. When the model was sporting a nice, upward-pointing dick, Mr. Thomas turned around to face the Class but stood immediately before the boned-up model to address the Class. “Let me direct your attention to the nude figure on the back wall. I want you to pay special attention to the skillful shading and the flesh tones. The Class turned to the back of the room to check out the painting as the instructor continued mentioning more details and walked toward it.

With all eyes on the instructor, Mr. Thomas presented a surprised expression and gestured with his arm toward the model. “Class, don’t be embarrassed, but I just noticed Doug is sprouting an erection for us. That’s not really unusual since many nude models are true exhibitionists.” The Class gawked and chuckled as they retook their seats to face the model. “Yes, Doug had mentioned earlier that he usually grows wood, as he put it, and asked if that would be a problem.” Of course, Doug never said anything of the kind. “Actually, I’m going to re-pose him like an ancient Greek statue to make the erection a crucial part of today’s painting.” And, so the instructor did, and the Class began to paint him.

Since Doug was not really into exhibiting his naked body, and modeling was not a turn-on for him, his erection subsided fully in 10 minutes. The one obvious gay student in the Class stood up and complained rather loudly, kind of whining, “Mr. Thomas? I was really doing good … drawing in the details of his physique and just got him… his … manhood sketched outward and ... but now … his thing got soft, and it’s messing up my drawing.”

Quick thinking as the instructor was, he just turned to Doug and said in a very matter-of-fact manner, “Oh … I see, yes … no ... that will not do.” Then to the model: “Doug, go ahead and work your penis back up. Thank you.” Now Doug was weirdly embarrassed and not sure what to do. For sure, he was not going to play with his dick in front of all these young students, especially with them being mostly girls. “Doug, any time now. It’s only an hour-long class.” Doug was thinking of going to the restroom to do it; then he thought he should just leave. “Mr. Doug, do you want me to report to your … ah … ‘agency’… that you did not cooperate in your assignment?”

For the first time, Doug spoke up in Class, “Oh, no, Mr. Thomas, please don’t do that. Can you give me a moment as I turn around and take care of it? Please?”

“I can give you your moment, but you must not move from your stance. We are right in the middle of painting you as you are now posed. So move the one arm and work it up … quickly, please.” Doug tried to maintain his pose, bringing only one hand to his dick and pumping it. The Class was mesmerized, never having witnessed such a thing, certainly not in the center of a college classroom. Doug was trying, but the expected result was not developing. Mr. Thomas was eating this up; inside, he was all erotically charged just watching this man with his tight swimmer body playing with his dick because of all these students. Of course, he kept those lovely feelings to himself. Outwardly he was feigning frustration and impatience. “OK, Doug, I don’t want to be hard on you, but I will dismiss you and have to report …”

“No, wait … please.” Doug spoke in a near whisper, “Mr. Thomas, do you have any oil or lotion I could ... a ... use? That usually works for me.” The instructor told him he did not but was free to ask the Class for some. Then, sheepishly, Doug asks aloud with a nervous stutter, “Does … does anyone have any lotion or oil I ... I can … use? Pla … pla … please?” Jack, the one gay student who first complained, jumped up from his seat before anyone else could respond. “Yeah, I think I have some here in my book sack.” Jack offered, as he brought his bag over to Doug before he even looked inside it.” Let’s see …” he uttered as he searched the bottom of his sack. “Just keep pulling your dick as I look for it.” Jack teased him, not thinking he would obey. But Doug pumped it, just as told, and Jack chuckled to himself at the guy’s sexy predicament. Now Jack was drawing this out. He even took a small step to Doug’s side so as not to block the view of his classmates. “Oh wait, here it is,” he said as he produced a tiny white plastic bottle. “Go ahead and stretch your floppy dick out so I can put a few drops on it.”

Jack liked instructing the slightly older hunky guy. “No, I mean really pull on that sucker.” Doug did, and Jack dropped several pearls of pink cream along the length of his dick. “Alright, now, work your dick back and forth, in and out for me. Let’s see if I gave you enough.” Doug did as he was instructed, working it slowly and sensuously. “No, I want you to pump it faster; work that thing.” Jack continually talked loud enough so the entire Class could hear. “Stop a minute, Douggie. Let me take a look at that monster.” Doug did and showed him his swelling dick.

Jack turned to his instructor, “I think we’re getting it, Mr. Thomas. Just one more minute.” Jack added quite a bit more lotion and gave Doug another command, “Now, Douggie, pump her lightly and slowly until she begins to rise upward like a flagpole. But let me know if you think she will spit her gunk.” Doug was red-faced with embarrassment but still followed all of Jack’s instructions. “OK, Douggie, stop working her and let her stand proudly upward. That’s it. There she goes.” Jack took it upon himself, more as a joke, to turn to his classmates and announce, “OK, guys, we have a go.” He then took his seat to continue his painting. Mr. Thomas stood aside, enjoying Jack’s entertaining, teasing exchange with … “Douggie.” Then he spoke seriously to Doug, “I think our session will go a lot smoother if you just stroke yourself stiffer, say … every five minutes.”

Meanwhile, the five pledges in Group B were assigned to be useful in Ms. Hintz’s freshmen class on Modern Health Science, which consisted of 42 students, about equally divided between males and females. Like Mr. Thomas’s agreement with the frat, she had one pledge “subject” for each of the five days. Ms. Hintz was considered a hard-nosed, big-busted German dyke and treated her “allotment” of pledges as mere objects.

She turned to the pledge for today and told him, in her commanding, heavily accented voice, to strip and to do it quickly, adding that he was to then stand still with his hands at his sides. This was the only time she actually spoke to him directly, yet she never referred to him by name, only as our “subject.” The rather muscular pledge felt intimated but could not think of any way out. “I said quickly,” he heard her repeat, and immediately he bent over to undo his tennis shoes, then removed all his clothes and stood nervously naked in front of the blackboard.

Pleased with the pledge’s submissive obedience, Ms. Hintz spoke loudly, “Class, today we have a male subject here to study his sex organs.
He will soon be stepping down each aisle for you to individually examine at your desk. However, ... how many of you feel uncomfortable handling this subject?” Oddly, only a few female students raised their hands. “OK,” Ms. Hintz explained, looking at those women, “Before we begin, let’s first remove your taboo feelings about touching a male penis. I want each of you ladies to come up here and hold his penis for a few moments, then return to your desk so we can begin the detailed examination of the male structure. The girls did as instructed but could not help giggling with embarrassment.

Ms. Hintz stepped to the subject and placed her hand flatly on his upper bareback and nudged him forward to where the aisle started between the first two rows of desks, and stopped him there. She again addressed the Class, “As our subject steps to the left side of your desk, take one hand and lift up his penis. And with your other hand, feel his testicles.”

Looking at the first student, Cheryl, but speaking to the entire Class, she said, “Make notes as to the fleshy structure of his penis and how firm or soft it appears to be. I suspect its firmness may change quite remarkably as we go from desk to desk.” The pledge maintained his still position as Cheryl examined his dick and balls and made copious notes before Ms. Hintz gently pushed him to Michael at the next desk. He didn’t delay in cradling the penis in the palm of one hand and pushing on it in spots with the other hand.

The instructor interrupted him, “Michael, you’re pressing on the foreskin and not directly on his penis.” Then speaking louder to the Class, “Make sure you first push the loose skin up off the penis shaft so it will not interfere with your examination. Hopefully, it will stay out of the way.” As Michael tried that, the looser skin naturally slipped back down to re-cover the penis. He asked if he could bunch the skin up at the base and use a rubber band to keep it out of the way. The instructor smiled at his creativity and nodded approval. So Michael retrieved a large rubber band from his desk, doubled it twice, and slipped over the penis and on the bunched-up foreskin to hold it against the pledge’s body; it worked just fine. He began to lift and pull the dick upwards and then fingered the young man’s balls to separate them in their sac, writing down all his observations.

Soon the pledge was nudged to the next desk, where Suzanne noticed the obvious stiffness, much longer length, and heaviness of the penis and made notes of this. Then she rubbed her thumb over his piss hole to sense the fleshy texture of the tip and was a bit surprised. “Ms. Hintz, I’m getting a syrupy ooze from …”

“Class? Attention now … I didn’t realize we have a leaker here, dripping precum. This is good. When the specimen works his way to you, use your cotton sticks to dab a bit of the fluid into your lab dish for microscopic study later. And if our specimen gets to your desk and is not drippy, raise your hand, and Suzanne will go to your desk and demonstrate how she got him to leak. OK, Suzanne?” She nodded yes.

“Oh, and remember to gently feel around his two testicles to determine their size and shape and make notations. I want the men, especially, to be mindful not to squeeze them; he’ll be here for the full two hours, and we don’t want him to get bruised.” She smiled as she nudged the naked, sweating, and now slightly trembling pledge to the fourth desk for that student to do his personal examination. “And, by the way, we only have an hour for this part. When we return from break, we’ll begin with Cheryl again, but this time we’ll study the role of the male anus during sexual activities. Don’t worry, we’ll put on fresh gloves.” The Class laughed in unison.

As you can tell, the challenges were not all that difficult to do physically. Still, they were intentionally tough on the emotions. They forced these pledges to break through their limited and safe psychological boundaries, requiring them to explore and experience new feelings and emotions. Pledging this fraternity required a strong commitment to the Brotherhood, and the 18 were told that at the very onset of pledging.

As the two-month pledge term unfolded, many dropped out because they refused to accept a challenge or, once accepting it, found that they could not finish it and left the pledge program. Looking at what they were put through, can you blame them? I mean, the stages of pledging, including beating off at a public park in front of the frat Brothers, drinking their own piss at a beer-bust party, being used as a nude model in an art class, romantically kissing a male stranger on campus while standing in a busy hallway … and the list went on and on, one challenge every week for eight weeks. As one of the Brothers present, I can tell you those who had the chutzpah to complete all these tasks are very special young men.

Frat House Hazing
Part 2 of 2

I recall one challenge in particular that was both harmless and humiliating. And in appearance was thoroughly disgusting! The Pledge Master had all the pledges shower and then entered the basement naked. Upon entering, each pledge was handed a clean diaper. They were joking that it would be so embarrassing to put on diapers. Actually, they were not allowed. That is, they are not allowed to put on their own diapers. No, each pledge had to lie on the floor like a baby, fuss like a baby and allow two pledges to put the diaper on them. And they were all being filmed! The pledges looked ridiculous and felt humiliating. And have two other pledges put them on for them. It was done in rotation. Two other pledges were next on the floor, each diapered by two more pledges until they were properly dressed as babies. These diapers all had removable sticker tapes at the sides, so they could be removed and re-secured easily.

“OK, pledges,” the pledge Master said, “Stand in a line. I assume you are all hungry since this is your lunch hour.”

“YEAH!” they shouted.

“Well, we have healthy, wholesome peanut butter for you. Isn’t that great?”

The pledges feeling silly, dressed as babies, all cheered. “YEAH!”

“OK, we have eight fresh, unopened jars of chunky peanut butter. Please take one.” Each pledge was handed a jar, and they were instructed to open it and set it on the floor. “Now, working in teams of two, one of you holds the front of the diaper to your belly while the other one unfastens the taps on the sides, letting the back half of the diaper fall open, exposing that ass.”

This was easy. So there were now four asses showing expose. Now, you four pledges, look at those lovely asses, pick up the peanut butter and use two fingers to scoop out a large glob, and smear it into your buddy’s ass cheeks.”

“What?!” the pledges started to complain that this was disgusting. But they complied.

“Now, get another hefty scoop of peanut butter and add it to your buddy’s ass crack.” The pledges were all freaked out, not knowing where this was going. It seemed so gross. It looked gross. It looked like shit. It looked like these four pledges shit their diapers.

“Perfect,” the Pledge Master praised them. “Now, put the jars down, and replace the back of the diapers. Carefully ease them up to cover those lovely peanut-buttered ass cracks. And press those taps back at the sides to keep the diapers up.” They did. “OK, now switch positions, and you who had your ass crack all nicely peanut bettered, step behind your buddy and do to him exacty what he just did to you.” When all eight pledges completed their tasks and all the diapers were neatly back on the pledges, the Pledge Master called for Peter, the fraternity video photographer. “Peter, get to work filming our diaper-covered pledges.”

As Peter began the pre-planned filming, the Pledge Master gave a string of commands. “Now pledges, face camera, and squat. I want you to make faces like you are having trouble taking a shit. Just exaggerate your expressions.”

The pledges thought this was crazy, but it was no secret that traditional pledging is precisely a series of humiliating events.

“Now, form two rows facing away from the camera.” Peter walked over and zoomed in on the individual diapered asses, as well as filmed wide angles showing the faces of the members. “Those in front, bend forward. Those in back, kneel.” Peter loved this. In fact, all the Brothers watching knew exactly what was about to happen and were smirking.

“Now those kneeling, unfasten the diapered buddy in front of you and put it aside. And here we go. It’s lunchtime! You kneel, place your face close to the peanut-buttered ass, and lick it up. Yummy, yummy!”

“No way!” and “I won’t do it!” Others complained and fussed as well.

“Listen, guys. Remember I made you shower before coming down here? And you all like peanut butter, right? I mean, if you had peanut butter on your fingers, you’d lick it off. So, lick it off your freshly-cleaned buddy’s ass crack.

There was a moment of hesitation, but you could tell they thought it through and were OK with this humiliation, hoping this was the last of it. They began, most timidly, to lick up the peanut butter. And wanting not to get peanut butter all over their faces, they naturally used their hands to spread the cheeks wide apart so they could neatly poke their protruding tongues into the cracks. This helped them to keep their faces clean.

“OK, guys, who said anything about spreading your buddy’s ass cheeks. Stop that. In fact, place your hand behind you and just push your face into that ass crack and lick and eat your buddy clean.”

Oh, my God! What a fucking mess. All the pledges now got their faces covered in peanut butter shit. TGhed watch fraternity Brothers, including Peter, were so pleased. The pledges looked like they were each eating fresh crap out of their buddy’s assholes. Peter was zooming in and all around. The shit-covered faces were essential to this secret plan.

“OK, pledges, I see you got your faces covered in that shit. So now, you may use your hands to spread those cheeks. I want you to appear eager and excited t be eating your bro’s ass. Smile as Peter focuses on your face and tough action. Pull those cheeks wide apart so you come across as extremely hungry and eager to eat all that sit and get your body’s ass crack clean. The sooner you clean your buddy’s crack, the sooner you will be finished.”

“Now you all have peanut butter shit on your hands and fingers. Great. Peter, get close-ups of their faces eating that gooey shit off their fingers. Oh, I almost forgot, all pledges are to make ‘ummm, umm sounds with big smiles as you place your fingers in your mouth.”

“Let’s hear a shout, DELICIOUS!”


Finally, These four pledges were finished and then switched places with the other four, so they got their ass cracks cleaned. All the same, instructions were given to them. At least the second group knew what to expect and complied more quickly.

“Great job, guys. See, it was all in fun. No harm done.” The pledges applauded themselves. “OK, I agree. It looked like you were eating shit.” They all laughed. “Yeah, you are now a bunch shit eaters.” Again the ledges laughed and were all relieved. “Now, let me hear you say, “I love shit.”

“I love shit,” they shouted in jest. I want various guys to yell out so I can hear individual voices.

“Now, yell out, I love eating shit!”

“I love eating shit!”

“Please fart for me. I need to smell your fabulous farts.”

“Please fart for me. I need to smell your fabulous farts.”

How about, “Eating my buddy shit hole was wonderful!”

“Eating my buddy shit hole was wonderful.”

“And, “I always crave warm, wet crap!”

“I always crave warm, wet crap!”

“My frat Brother has the tastiest shit of all.”

“My frat Brother has the tastiest shit of all,” the pledges repeated and giggled at the absurdity of what they were saying.

“I am so happy when I eat fresh shit right from an asshole.”

“I am so happy when I eat fresh shit right from an asshole.” And the comical phrases continued. “Two weeks of pledging was over. “That’s right, give yourselves a hand.” The pledges cheered louder and longer. You have only one week left in your initiation, and week three is a piece of cake. So you are over the hump.” More cheers, and then the eight pledges were dismissed to shower and return to their homework.

However, Peter’s work would soon begin. He took the camera back to his room and seriously edited the video. After two hours of work, here’s want he produced. The video now showed the eight pledges being diapered by their buddies. Then there lined up and squatted as if taking a shiting their diapers. There was no mention of peanut butter, and the jars never showed in the final cut.

Next, the pledges formed two lines with four kneeling at the ass of a buddy who removed the diaper and exposed a shit-smeared ass.

All moments of complaining and hesitation were removed. Guys were looking at the shit-covered asses and saying proudly, “I love eating shit!”

Each f the first four shoved their face into their buddy’s ass and began to lick up the crap, saying stuff like, “My frat Brother has the tastiest shit of all,” followed by Yum-yum sounds.

As if that was not convincing enough, the video showed how the pledges were forcibly prying those shitty ass cheeks wide apart to get their tongues deep inside - what looked like – their assholes. YES! The pledges were so hungry and desperate to lick out every bit of their buddy’s shit they held those cheeks apart and aggressively licked and ate away to their heart’s desire. Moan moans and yummy sounds, and guys yelled, “I always crave warm, wet crap!” And “Eating my buddy shit hole was wonderful.”

One pledge practically screamed, “Please fart for me. I need to smell your fabulous farts.”

What a fucking powerful video. You guessed it, it looked EXACTLY as if each pledge crapped in his diaper and was now eating the shit out of his buddy’s asshole while smiling and making yum-yum sounds. So now what?

First, each pledge was shown a video in which he was featured. Of course, one by one, they went into shock upon watching it. Each was told to tell no one else since the Brothers wanted to divide and conquer. So, each pledge thought he was the only one being blackmailed. If they knew about every pledge, they would unite and defeat the Guardians and the other Brothers. So, each pledge, now a Brother, was isolated, at least emotionally.

Here are the terms of the deal that was presented separated to each of these eight pledges:

1. You will be assigned to a senior Brother for one year only.

2. You will do everything, without question, that Brother requests.

3. The video will be destroyed at the end of that year.

4. the next year, when you are a senior Brother, you will witness the same initiation and then have a new Brother who will see his video and then do whatever you wish for one year.

The horror of what they saw was shocking, but when they considered that it would exist for only a year and then be rewarded with his own Brother-slaves, well… made it seem more palatable. Plus, the whole initiation and one-year slave-Brother condition would keep secret, as it had been for the past 40 years.

Now for the final week, the piece of cake, as they were told. The Guardians led each naked and blindfolded pledge through the campus walkways to arrive at the Student Union Center by noon. The pledges were told that this last challenge would be completed in total privacy. Well … they all were told it would be private. Hint, hint.

As the pledges and their Guardians entered the center building, they were quickly ushered into the largest meeting room there. It was totally void of furniture, as planned. The Pledge Master wanted no sounds from the movement of tables or chairs. If the pledges were not blindfolded, they would see about 200 students, all standing in a semicircle and in their stocking feet, staying very quiet, as required to continue the ruse that this was a “private” initiation ceremony. One Brother held up a huge placard to remind the watchers: “Absolutely No Sounds.”

“OK, pledges, I know you cannot see, but you are standing in a small office before 10 of the frat Brothers. I am the only one here who is allowed to speak.” He turned to scan all the male and female student watchers smiling and winked back at them. “Don’t be alarmed, pledges. The Brothers will gently grab you and place you a few feet apart. It’s kind of cramped in this little space, but we’ll manage.” Of course, the room was huge, and the pledges were actually placed about 15 feet apart. The Pledge Master wanted a lot of space around each pledge so the watchers could encircle them as they wished.

“Now, since we have only 10 Brothers present to assist, they will all concentrate on only one of you at a time. They will touch you to see if you will speak or move. They will not hurt you in any way, but if you talk or move any part of your body, you will be out of the frat … for good.” The Pledge Master sounded ominous, but he was only mind-fucking them. All these guys already passed every test. He was proud of them all.

“OK. Pledges, set your feet wide apart, place your hands on your head, and … don’t move. OK, frat Brothers, pick one pledge and see if you can entice him to break my rule.” Instead, the Brothers waved the watchers over, all as planned, to encircle each pledge. Most were too shy to physically participate and just wanted to watch. But anywhere from 12 to 15 men and women eagerly surrounded each naked man and began to lightly touch him, as they were previously instructed to do. They focused their efforts on their nipples, underarms, thighs, ass cheeks, bellies, and everywhere else except … their dicks and balls. Of course, with the pledges all tightly blindfolded, each thought he was the only one being challenged with playful tickle-teasing.

“OK, speaking only to the one pledge being touched, I see no Brother is bothering to touch your private parts. Maybe you’re not showing your Brothers that it’s OK for them to touch you there. So, go ahead and thrust out your hips a little and make sure your feet are a little farther apart too.” Again, as planned, nobody touched the dick of their pledge, but they did begin to tickle his balls and other sensitive body parts. Every pledge was having the same thing done to him. Most were sweating, all were trembling, and a few began to make moaning sounds, which were ignored.

With each pledge having maybe 10 to 12 energized hands on him simultaneously to stimulate all his erotic zones, each pledge developed an erection without exception. Two of the eight were really dripping from their dick. Some watchers moved away to allow others to rotate in so more could grope and fondle and … torture these fine-looking, now boned-up pledges. “Again, to the one pledge being touched, no Brothers have shown any interest in your dick. Why is that? Are you trying to hide it? Are you not presenting it properly? Go ahead and move your hips in and out like you are fucking the air.”

And every pledge did exactly that, some thrusting slowly, some rapidly, some had a boner pointing up, others were displaying their spears straight out, and a couple of dicks were pointed firmly downward. You could hear the faint pleading murmurs like whimpering and more moaning; it was uncontrollable and enjoyed by the Pledge Master, who was trying to hold back his own giggles as he knew these guys were all being properly, erotically edged.

The Pledge Master tried to sound both serious and frustrated, “Still? No one is handling your dick, pledge? OK, here’s want we will do. I want the one pledge who is being touched to beg his Brothers to touch his dick, AND I want the other seven of you who are NOT being touched now to be his background choir.” Of course, they all thought the other seven were the choir. “So in support of your one Brother pledge who is now being intensely challenged, you will ALL repeat various phrases such as, ‘Sirs, please touch my boner,’ or, ‘Sirs, please own my fuck pole,’ or ‘Sirs, my dick is your play toy,’ and so on.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, the room began to crescendo with begging and pleading and even crying from some. The desperate pledges could be heard almost yelling, “Please, Sirs, my boner needs you,” “Sirs, my cock aches for your touch,” and “Oh fuck! Oh, fuck! Sirs, please let me shoot.” Their bodies were shaking and wiggling as most shoved their dicks forward, trying to make flesh contact with any Brother who would grab hold of it.

Finally, their dicks were directly caressed and lightly touched, teased, rubbed, and massaged, as well as their entire naked bodies. Some pledges were rubbed head to toe and squeezed in a group hug by whoever encircled them. Dozens of hands fondled their dicks as well as their bodies, which encouraged and allowed each pledge to climax. Some pledges screamed as they came, and others grunted and shook, while one guy had tears of relief streaming down his face. It took quite a while for the room to settle down.

“OK, Pledges. That’s great. Oh, wait, I misspoke … OK, you eight new frat Brothers, you may put your hands down, relax, and take off the blindfolds too. As they did, the room busted with applause. “Welcome to our Brotherhood.” The eight Brothers were shocked and embarrassed to see so many fellow students there, watching them being jerked off. Worse, they realized these male and female students were the ones bringing them to climax! The pledges looked at each other and the puddle cum messes on the floor and laughed with great relief, not even thinking about their public nudity.

The End

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