190 Gym Quest

190 Gym Quest
Part 1 of 5

[NOTE: This story is also called, “Bodybuilder Trains a New Pussie Boy”] What I like best about Gold’s Gym is that everyone there is serious about working out. I like that. I work out hard, and I like to be around real men. I’m not talking about straight or gay men who are really into developing their bodies, guys who are nicely toned. I am gay and not closeted, but I don’t discuss it here. I’d guess almost all the others are straight. That’s important to me. I like to be around a field of well-toned straight guys. You see, I prey upon them. I like to corral one of them occasionally and make them my boy toy, my sexual trainee, my bitch. But … I am very particular about who I choose.

After a long, dry spell, I saw him working out. His name was Chad. Perfect. He was about five foot eight, with a nicely built but not overly muscular body. I like my fuck toys to be fit, but not more than I am. Over the past week, I’d work out near him and listen in on conversations he had with other gym members. I’d gradually build a profile and methodically planned my steps to conquer the lad. I’m patient in that way. He was a college student working at an investment firm while he studied. He was totally straight and had a girlfriend. I heard something about engagement plans in the summer. I wouldn't have it any other way. I do a lot of research on a boy before approaching him, but with Chad, I knew the first time I saw him at the gym that I had to have his ass. More than that. I had to have him crawling at my feet, a totally broken piece of boy pussy. So, I bided my time.

When you are choosing a boy cunt to be your next pussie boy, you have to find someone who might be subconsciously submissive. Don't get me wrong. Not a wuss! I like nice, strong, sharp, intelligent young men, but guys who lean toward being socially quiet are perhaps somewhat introspective. Chad kept mostly to himself around the gym. He would not smile at other guys except the few who seemed to be his friends. Other than that, he minded his own business.

My buddy, Rick, owns this gym and knows what I am into, so he helped me out by providing file info on my prospective boy toy. Chad worked out later in the evening. This was great for me because the gym was pretty empty then. I looked at him in the shower several times to ensure the smooth bubble ass was as perfect as I had suspected. It was. A nice, deep crack. He had a good chest with the kind of puffy nipples that I love to turn into juicy sow tits. The bonus was that he had a full thick dick that hung over a hefty sack of nuts. Those nuts would be really fun to play with. In case you have not figured it out, I play rough, and before I was through with the young male cunt, he would be hauling heavy cement blocks across the room by his nuts alone. I liked his young, intense, sensitive face, the face of an up-and-coming businessman. Or of an up-and-coming cunt fucked cock sucking piece of boy shit!

When I was ready, I approached him. I had to take a pass four evenings in a row because of other guys working out. But on the fifth day, I had my young prey to myself. He returned from showering with his towel wrapped around his trim waist. He seemed a bit shy and modest.

Chad kept himself covered. He went to his row of lockers and sat down, perplexed at seeing his locker open and EMPTY. I stood nearby, totally bare-assed, my fuck meat twitching. "I broke into your locker and emptied it out," I said cheerfully. He turned to stare at me, not even certain at first that he had heard correctly. I want to say that though I am very physically fit and athletic, I do have a calm, gentle voice that is almost effeminate in tone and manner. That’s just me.

"You broke into it?" He frowned. He was a cute young fucker. I saw the muscles tense beneath his smooth skin. He had only minimal body hair and a real boyishness about him.

"Well, not really. The boss here is a friend of mine, and he gave me a bolt cutter. I mean, I broke in, but with his knowledge. You're Chad. I have been wanting to talk to you for a while." He was confused, which is an excellent state for a future boy cunt to be in.

"Where are my clothes, gym bag, my wallet, and shit?" he looked furious and was cuter when angry. He actually made fists.

I raised one hand. "Calm down, young man, calm down. Take it easy." I smiled at him. He didn’t seem intimidated by my nakedness and the casual ease with which I placed one naked foot up on the bench next to him, making my dick and fuck sack wobble.

"Maybe I don't want to calm down. What the fuck is going on? Maybe I want to see the manager!" He started to move past me, and I put one hand on his smooth, naked chest.

"Please, allow me to explain.” He stood down. He didn't know where to look, as I was there blocking his way, totally bare-assed. "I locked your stuff in another locker for safe keeping. It's all there."

He blinked at me nervously and licked his full young future cock sucker lips. "And why did you do this?" he asked with a sneer.

"So that you would have to hear me out. I want to discuss our future relationship and make sure you hear me out."

"What fucking future relationship! I don't even know you." He shifted from one wet foot to the other, and his towel slid lower on his hips, showing me a nice hard lower abdomen.

In my calming, charming voice, I continued, "Well, that's the thing. You don't even know me, so will you just calm down, please, and listen to me?" I smiled my friendliest smile.

He raised his hands, open palms toward me. "All right. All right. What do you want?"

I broadened my smile. "That's better. Let's get along."

"I repeat, what do you want?"

"I want to fuck your ass."

You could have cut through the silence in that locker room with a knife. The kid stared at me silently for about fifteen seconds, but it seemed like fifteen minutes. His cute mouth hung open in disbelief.

"Did you just say what I think you said?"

"I said I want to fuck your ass. You have a very cute ass, and I want to shove my dick up it. I have a huge dick, and it will probably hurt like hell the first five or six times, but eventually, it should be no problem." I kept my smile. His breathing grew heavier with tension. He curled his lower lip and glowered at me. I readied myself in case he was about to take a swing at me, but he stifled his anger.

"Look, buddy, you've got the wrong dude. I'm not gay. Okay?! Now give me back my clothes and let me the fuck out of here."

"Oh, I know you're not gay. I wouldn't be interested in you if you were. I want one hundred percent pure virgin boy ass. I also enjoy breaking in a straight boy."

"I have had enough of this shit!" he said. He was finished with me and tried to push himself around me. I threw him back against the lockers hard. I knew the metal handles and hanging locks must have hurt. He grunted and winced, and I moved in. I bitch slapped him half a dozen times, forehand and backhand. I was not gentle. His cute face swung from side to side, spit flying. I held him by the throat and slapped that cute face until my hand prints could be seen on his cheeks. Anger was replaced by terror in his eyes.

"Shut the fuck up, and don't make a scene. Calm down, do you hear me?" I slapped him again. "Do you hear me?" He was whimpering now, and blood trickled from one corner of his mouth. "Nod if you hear me!” He nodded. I spun him around and sat him down on the bench. I stood over him. My dick hung above his mouth and swung in front of his face.

"Chad, you will have to settle down and listen to me. All of this commotion will only hurt you. I need to talk to you." He wiped the blood off on the back of his hand and started to rise again, and I pushed him back down hard. "Sit still."

"Help me, somebody help me … " he tried to yell, but another hard slap cut him off. My buddy Rick, who runs the place, saw that the locker room was "temporarily" closed.

Chad was crying now, pretty hard. I love to see a young man cry, especially a well-built, straight young hunk of a man. It makes my dick hard. I wanted to control my dick on this particular occasion because my fucker is pretty awesome, and I didn't want to scare the little shit too much in the beginning.

I stood over him. "Take off your towel!" I ordered calmly. He looked up at me, terrified, and shook his head. I grabbed him by the hair and yanked his head back. Of course, I could reach down and rip his towel away, but I wanted him to begin to learn to obey. "Take off the fucking towel. I don't like giving orders twice.” He whipped the towel off and sat there naked. My foot was up on the bench next to his thigh, and my fat dick almost hit him in the face as it swung back and forth.

His mouth moved, but no sounds came out … then finally, "Why are you doing this to me?"

"I told you because I want to fuck you."

"I have had enough of you, FUCKING LEAVE ME ALONG!" he yelled. We struggled again; I threw him on the floor. Then pulled him up to a standing position and bitch slapped him again. I smacked him really hard with the back of my hand, then immediately with my open palm. Back and forth. I didn’t stop. A lot of his spit and a little of his blood were splattering out of his mouth. He put his hand up to signal me to stop. But I knew I needed an unconditional surrender. He tried to put both hands up, and I gave him a few easier smacks, then stopped. He started to sob as I held him by a fist full of hair on his head.

"But I'm not … I don't want you to fuck me!" I was still holding him by the hair.

"That's the first thing you need to understand. What you want doesn't matter anymore. It doesn't mean fuck. From now on, it's all about what I want. You need to understand that. Now spread your legs wide. Whenever you sit from now on, you will sit with your legs spread wide and your knees pushed out to each side."

He whimpered and tried to turn away, but I had him by the hair. "Do you want me to slap you some more?” He made kind of high squealing noises.

"I assume that is a no. Then spread your fucking legs." He did. He does have a really beautiful cock, nice and plump. And his nuts ride low in a nice long full fuck bag. He sat there, legs spread, toes curled in terror, looking up at me. I smiled and eased myself down onto the same bench a short distance from him, straddling the bench so I could face him.

"If you had just listened to me calmly, I wouldn’t have had to get violent with you. Now, can we please talk like two mature adults, please?" I put a hand on his naked shoulder. I could see he thought about pulling away and decided against it. “Good boy.”

"Here's the deal. I find myself very attracted to you. So, I want to fuck you, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. You see, I am into heavy humiliation and degradation. This is how I get off. So, you and I will undertake a sort of training program. I am going to train you to be my own personal little fuck pig. I am going to humiliate you privately and publicly. I will fuck your ass and teach you how to suck dick. Now, listen carefully. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is for you to understand and do everything I tell you. The hard way is for you to resist. Either way, I get my way in the end. It doesn't matter to me. Are you with me so far?” I smiled and gently kneaded his naked shoulder in a caring way. He pulled his legs together slightly.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh, legs spread wide.” I grabbed one puffy pink nipple and pinched. His eyes grew wide. Again, he tried to speak but couldn't. His legs opened wide, and his exposed dick trembled a bit.

"We are going to have lots of fun together. You need to relax and accept your fate. You know, sometimes we face things we cannot fight, and we just have to accept and submit. This is one of those times for you."

He shook his head. "I don't understand ... " he mumbled.

"Of course, you understand. You will become my full-time fuck boy for the next few months. When I'm through with you, you can return to your life. Speaking of your life, Chad, it will change quite a bit. You see, being trained by me will be a pretty full-time occupation. Everything from what and when you eat and drink to when you shit and piss will be controlled by me. Most of the day, you will have a dick in your mouth or up your ass. Not mine all the time, goodness, even I don't have that much sexual stamina. But I want you fucked a lot, and I want you sucking lots of dick every day, so I have a bunch of guys lined up who will help us, including my buddy Rick who owns this place.

'I've … I've got a girlfriend. I don't want to have sex with guys," he moaned, tears filling his beautiful eyes. I was gently flicking his big nipple now.

"Well, that's the thing. A girlfriend will only get in the way of your concentration, not to mention that I don't want you sticking your nice big fat dick into anyone, least of all a pussy. So, the first thing you will do when you leave the gym this morning is to call your girlfriend and break up with her."

"You … you can't make me do that!" then, as he reflected on me being so pushing, he let me have it. “AND YOU CAN FUCK OFF AND GIVE ME MY CLOTHES AND GET THE FUCK A …”

Ok, again. I bitch slapped him 10 times. My hand continuously hits one side of his face open-handed and backhands the other. Back and forth, back and forth. Spit and a little bit of blood were flung out of his mouth in both directions repeatedly. He hurt more than before. He should be fucking freaked out of his mind. And again, I grabbed his neck and squeezed it, choking him as I continued to smack him back and forth and back and forth until my hand was getting really sore.

He put up his hand in a type of surrender. He was trembling. He must have thought I would kill him if he did not acquiesce to my demands. I just looked at him. So cute, so terrified, so lovely. What a find! And here I was, trying to be easy, kind, reasonable, caring, and understanding. Yes, I did know he didn’t want to do what I wanted, but he needed to realize he had no choice. After a brief pause, he looked at me and probably thought he should either do as I say or try to bargain his way out of it.

"Why do you have to go and yell at me like that? I’m trying to be reasonable here, Chad?" I reached down to his chest and twisted his nipple until he was crumpled up over my naked chest, sobbing with pain. He tried to use his hands to stop me, but I slapped them away with my other hand. I grabbed him by the hair again and yanked his head back to one side. That placed his face next to me and below me. I gobbed spit wads in his face four or five times. Some spit ran into his mouth and most off his face, and he started to gag. I pushed his head down onto my thigh, his nose and mouth half an inch from my thickening prick. I held his head until he calmed down and stopped squirming.

"So, where were we? Oh, you will break up with your girlfriend. Then you will go to your job and quit! I can't have you working when I am trying to train you.”

"Quit … quit my job? How will I live? How will I …

“I will take care of you. Don't worry. I will provide everything you need."

"But my rent … my … " I gently pushed his face into my thigh so he could taste my skin, my sweat, my leg hair.

“Chad, you are not being very adult about this. Do you want me to smack you for the next half hour?” His eyes bugged wide.

“No. But … please …”

“Chad? Don’t worry. I'll take care of your rent if we decide to keep your apartment. Let's take one step at a time, huh? So, you will break up with your girlfriend, quit your job, and then you will drop out of school." He tried to jerk his head up. He was almost hysterical.

"Drop out? I need to go to school. You can't make me do that. I need school! I’m about to gradu … ” The words tumbled out.

"You don't need school to be a cock sucker and an ass-fucked cunt boy. I'll teach you all of that. That's what I'm here for. They'll refund your tuition for this semester. Tell them you have family problems or are sick or something. I want you to do all of this by noon tomorrow. Understand? Then, you will go to your bank, withdraw your money, and close your account. Don't worry, I don't need your money. I am quite wealthy. But I need to control your finances and your options. Then, you will go back to your place. You will take all of your clothes, every last stitch, and put them into garbage bags. Your shoes, underwear, pants, shirts... everything. Anything you wear from now on, I will provide. Then you will kneel bare-assed naked in the middle of your living room and wait for me to arrive. I will come by sometime in the afternoon or evening. You just kneel there and wait. Kneel with your legs apart. Then, we'll begin your training. Got that?"

I wish you could have seen the look on his cute young face. So helpless, so vulnerable. It was like a thousand thoughts were colliding in his head.

"I really like my girlfriend." he managed at last.

"That's nice. Maybe she'll wait until I'm finished with you. Although, if past experience is any teacher, by the time I am finished with you, you will be a cock hungry boy sow who lives only for dick. A cum dump human toilet who gets aroused at the most perverted sick, and disgusting things imaginable. I know that seems impossible now, but give me a chance, huh? So, tell your cunt that you will be very busy for the next few months, but you will look her up in the future. That's fine with me."

We froze for a moment, there in the locker room, looking into each other’s eyes, and he could tell that I was stronger than him in every way. I gave him another gentle smile and shook my head from side to side. "You are going to be such a great fuck."

"What if I don't do it? What if I don't do anything you say?"

"Then you will be hurt very badly. You will suffer, and you will still, in the end, do what I say. You cannot beat me, Chad. But I can beat you in every form of the word. I can make you wish you were dead and then hurt you more. And then there is your family in Zanesville and your little brother..."

"What?" He was suddenly alert, blinking, mouth open, nostrils twitching. God, he was cute. "My little Brother? You'd... "

"I don't even want to talk about that. It's terrible to even suggest to somebody, and I don't want an awful thing like that to get in the way of our wonderful relationship. But I wouldn't try to cross or disobey me, or others could suffer. Do we understand each other? I know all about your life. I know all about your family. Now, you have a busy morning ahead of you. I want you on your knees in your living room, bare-assed, with the front door unlocked by one o'clock in the afternoon. Job, girlfriend, school, bank. Got that?" I ruffled his hair and stood up. I allowed my half-hard prick to brush against his arm as I swung my leg over the bench. He pulled back.

I had to chuckle. "Don't be afraid of my dick, Chad. You and my dick are going to be best friends. More than friends, lovers. More than that. You will learn to worship my cock like it's your God! Now, how about giving it a nice little kiss."

"You want me to… "

"Kiss my dick. Nothing too romantic. We'll get to that tomorrow afternoon. Just give it a nice little kiss on the dickhead."

"I… I don't want to go against you. I really don't, but… I don't think I can do that. I really don't think I can… " he was burbling in anguish.

"Don't make me angry again, Chad. Just lean in and give my cockhead a nice kiss. Make believe you're kissing your girlfriend's lips." I decided to help the boy the first time, so I put my hand on the back of his head and brought him into my fuck meat. I felt his lips against my dick, and my pecker gave a little lurch. A drop of pre-fuck appeared at the piss lips. I released his head, and he held his lips to my prick skin for a moment and then pulled back. He looked up at me.

"Chad, I felt your lips on my fucker, but you didn't give it a kiss. Now you have to do it again. Now give it a nice kiss this time."

He gulped and sobbed. "I DON'T WANT TO KISS A GUY'S DICK!" he pleaded.

"Of course you don't, Chad. But, as I said, I am heavily into humiliation and degradation. That's all part of our fun. I mean, this is nothing, absolutely nothing compared to what you will be doing in the days to come. So, might as well get started. Think of your family, Chad. What's your little bro's name, Billy, right? And Billy is twelve and goes to Morton Middle school, correct? Kiss my dick, Chad!"

Chad kissed my dick. He kissed his first dick. He put his heterosexual lips to dick meat for the very first time. It was a start. We had started down a road from which he would never return. He belonged to me.

“There now, that wasn't so bad, was it? A nice little kiss on my dick. Good boy, Chad. Now, you'd better get going. You have lots to do before tomorrow afternoon. I know where your apartment is and where little bro Billy lives, so, no need to give me directions, but do leave your door unlocked. You'll need your car keys and ID for the bank and school, right? Oh, and your cell phone to call your ex-girlfriend.” I reached into a nearby open locker and took out his ID and car keys.

He looked around helplessly. “My clothes…” he whispered, seemingly broken already, although I knew there was much more breaking to do.

"Oh yeah, your clothes. Remember, I said I would provide all your clothes from now on. So, here's what I want you to wear now and tomorrow when you quit your job, drop out of school, and go to the bank."

I opened another locker and threw down to him a pair of flip-flops, a pair of tiny pink satin shorts, and a pink T-shirt that was cut off just below the nipples and also had the arms cut off. In white letters on the back of the T-shirt were the words, "I SUCK!"

Chad was in shock and horror when he saw his new clothing. "You expect me to go out in public… wearing that?" he almost wailed, still frozen and staring at the clothing.

"Yes, I expect you to wear whatever I tell you to wear whenever I tell you to. I expect you to do whatever I tell you to do. Now get dressed and get going, Chad. I do not like to repeat myself. I would love to fuck you here and now. Your ass looks so sweet, but I want to do this right and take one thing at a time. I must admit, I can't wait to finger your moist tight asshole, but we'll get to that tomorrow afternoon. Oh, for shit's sake, stop crying. Don't be such a baby. You can do this. You will do this. And we are going to have a great time!"

With the greatest amount of emotional pain, Chad slowly, agonizingly, put on the few items I gave him. He was so cute, the way he trembled as he stumbled out of the locker room. My dick went to full mast! There was saliva dripping from the corners of my mouth. God, I love this! I was so anxious. As I mentioned earlier, I had been in a dry spell for some time. It was not because I was not trying to find and corner a new boy but because I had not seen anyone I was interested in for months. I told you I was picky. And now, finally, there was Chad.

To be continued…

190 Gym Quest
Part 2 of 5 or ... If you are a PAID member [full_story_link]https://www.gayties.com/page/kinksville/gym_quest/[/full_story_link]

I arrived at Chad's apartment at four o'clock in the afternoon, hoping he had been kneeling bare-assed in the living room since one. And the door was to be unlocked.

The door was, indeed, unlocked, as I requested. That’s a great sign! Sure enough, there my boy pussy was, looking apprehensively at the door as he heard it open. He was naked, on his knees.

Not surprisingly, he was not looking up at me. He had his hands behind his head in a most submissive gesture. I did not tell him to do that, but at this point, he must be very concerned about "playing the game" my way ... for now. After all, I did threaten to harm his family. He was trying to signal that he was complying fully. But, of course, I am nowhere close to breaking his spirit. I knew he was planning a short-term appeasement as he plotted a way to escape my grasp. Even my requirements of no girlfriend, no job, no school, and no money ... if he did, in fact, now compiled, could all be reversed soon after his escape. Or so he thought.

"Good afternoon, ASS WIPE," I said, strolling into the room.

"We need to talk, Sir. There must be some way out of this. With all due respect …” He started to babble. Obviously, he had been rehearsing all afternoon. He still thought there might be a way to talk himself out of his situation.

"With all due respect, Chad, why not show some respect and kiss and lick my shoes?"

The look on his face was priceless. It was as if I were speaking some foreign language. He looked at my eyes, down at my shoes, and into my face again.

"What did I say about having to repeat an order, Chad? Consider everything I say an order."

"Can't we, please … please … can't we talk about … my brother Billy, I don’t want … I mean … it's not fair … "

I slapped him hard. "Life's not fair, Chad. Now I want you kissing and licking my shoes in four seconds."

Each time, it took less physical force to get him to comply. That was good. A very good sign. He lowered his head, stuck out his cute teenage tongue, and swiped it over my shoe tops. He made a face and coughed a few times, but my shoes were pretty clean, so he didn't really have a problem.

"I said kiss and lick.” he began to alternate the tongue bath with little kisses. It was adorable. I waited to see if he would also lick and kiss around the back. He did. “Good boy.” At last, he felt he was finished. He knelt up, looking into my face.

"Two mistakes, Chad. First, your eyes are to be on my dick at all times, not on my face. My face is for my boyfriends and girlfriends, not for my fuck hole cunt. You just focus on my dick lump. The second mistake is that I say when you are finished kissing and licking my SHOES, not SHOE. Besides, you forgot to lick and kiss the soles of the shoes."

"But … but the bottoms are … filthy." My, such a clean little twerp.

"Exactly, bright boy. The soles are filthy, so they need to be licked clean. Get to work!” I didn't help by bending or twisting my foot. He had to lie on his back, and I rested the bottom of my shoe on his face. I stood there patiently as he licked the bottoms of my shoes. He gagged more than a few times.

"You are going to have to learn to control that gag reflex. If the bottom of my shoes makes you gag, think what my big fat dirty dick down your throat will do.” He moaned. It was an honest moan of despair coming from his heart, and I couldn't fault him for it. He was doomed, and he knew it. He just wasn't strong enough or man enough to fight me. Most guys aren't. I'm blessed that way. It's my gift. I can control others.

When I was satisfied, I sat down on the couch. "Do you have any beer in the house?"

"Yeah … " he said rather encouragingly. Perhaps he thought this meant we would have an intelligent conversation. We would, but it would be mostly one way.

"Good. Crawl into the kitchen, fetch me a beer, and crawl back again." He frowned. It was the word "crawl" that weirded him out. A simple word. A simple meaning. At last, he got it, turned, and started to leave the room on all fours.

"Stop! You need to learn how to crawl. Keep your back arched. Your ass and head should be the highest points on your body. Get that ass up high. That cute smooth ass is what I am mostly here for. Keep your head up, too, so your back arches nicely. Open your mouth and let your shoe-cleaning tongue hang out like a dog's. When you crawl, spread your legs more so I can see your balls swing. And make sure they swing when you crawl. It's more difficult to crawl with your legs spread, but it's much more attractive.” It's not easy to crawl with your legs apart. It throws off the movement. But if you do it right and have a low-hanging scrotum, you can get a nice swing out of it.

The young fuck was crying again and muttering "please, please" repeatedly. But he crawled out and returned with a can of beer a minute later.

"You stupid cunt. If you crawl with the beer in your hand sideways like that, I'll spray beer all over when I open the can. Now crawl back, fetch a different beer, and hang the beer from your mouth by the plastic six-pack carrier. If you no longer have that, tie a string around the can and hang it from your mouth.” He practically wailed in desperation, but he turned around and crawled back and, a few minutes later, came back with the beer can held by his mouth by a string.

"You took far too long. I know this is your first day, but you have to do better than that. Now I will have to beat your ass with my belt. Stay right there down on the floor and lift your ass up. I'm going to give you five hard swats."

You see the work training a new boy can be? It's not as easy as it seems or all fun and games. I slapped that belt down on his fine young ass while he screamed in pain and sobbed. He really couldn't take much. What a fucking wuss. "Keep your ass up and the noise down. You want all the neighbors to know what a faggot sissy boy you really are?” He hadn't even thought of the neighbors. He kept saying he was sorry and would do better. Damn right, he would.

When his ass had been whipped five times, I sat on the couch, sipped my beer, and instructed him to kneel on the floor before me.

"Legs apart, so your clit is always on display. Now, answer my questions honestly. Did you break up with your girlfriend?"

He chewed his lower lip. "I … I told her I couldn't see her for a while."

"Well, that's okay. That's fine. As long as she understands that. You will not want to see her anyway, not with a stretched asshole and your face swollen from sucking so much dick. I mean, how can you date her when you stink of piss?"

"You're not going to do that, are you?" He said, and then his eyes filled with tears.

"Didn't I tell you I was into heavy humiliation and degradation? Of course, I'm going to do that. That's nothing compared to what I am going to do. So, I think it's best for you and her if you give the bitch a wide berth for some time. Personally, I don't think she will want you once she sees what you've become."

"She loves me. She'll wait for me. We’re gonna be marr … " Just then, the door opened, and my buddy sauntered in, dropping a gym bag. He’s the gym manager, built like a brick shithouse.

"This is my buddy, Rick. He's going to work on your computer for a while. He will lift the names and email addresses of all your friends and shit like that. What's your username and password?"

“You can’t do that?” It just came out of teenage Chad’s mouth. He didn’t mean it, I’m sure. It just burst forth out of his anxiety. But it was wrong. I lifted one foot, placed it on his face, and pushed hard. He fell over onto the carpet.

“I can do any fucking thing I want to do with you. Do you fucking understand that? How stupid are you, you useless piece of shit?” He lay on the floor whimpering but gave Rick the username and password. Rick shook his head.

“I don’t know, Brock, what you see in these sniveling sissy boys,” Rick said as he looked about the three-room apartment for Chad’s computer and entered the bedroom.

“I think they’re cute. Help yourself to a beer. One of the cans has been shaken up, be careful. If you see anything of his in the bedroom you want for yourself, take it.”

I told my new toy to get back on his knees. “Now. You told your cunt friend you couldn’t see her. Good. Did you quit your job?” He didn’t answer. Did you quit your fucking job?”

“Not exactly. I … I told them I needed some time off. That I was sick. I can’t afford to lose my job. It’s a good job with a consulting firm, and …”

I slapped him. Not hard. He covered his face but stayed on his knees. “Okay, we’ll take care of that this afternoon. You fucked up, and you will be punished. Did you close your bank account and withdraw all your money?”

He nodded and pointed to a table where a pile of cash lay. I smiled. “Good boy. I’ll check the paperwork later. And did you drop out of school?”

He looked scared or sad but nodded and then lowered his head in shame as he cried.

“Good. That gives us more time for our fun and games. How could you go to school, for instance, with a big dildo up your ass? I mean, you could, but it would make it tough to sit through those boring lectures. And your stomach would be rumbling all through class from all the cum you had swallowed the night before and the piss. No, it’s better to drop out now. After I’m finished with you, you can always go back if you are still so inclined, which is unlikely. All right, now, we’ll go and take care of your job in an hour or so, but first, I want to spend a bit of time teaching you some basic dick respect. Your job in life, your only job in life while you are with me, is to pleasure my dick! You can do this in various ways. Obviously, with your hand and mouth and asshole, but also in the way you look at my cock and in the way you talk to it. In the high level of respect, you show it. You must learn to savor the flavor of my prick. The smell of it. The texture of the cock skin and the dickhead. The salty taste of my balls. These things will fill your life, Chad, and you must learn to love them.”

He looked at me as if he were trying very hard to understand. I had to give him credit for that. “I just don’t think I will ever be able to like that stuff. I’m just not gay. I just don’t feel that way. How can I learn to love that?”

“Through conditioning, Chad. Like Pavlov’s dogs. You will soon learn that when you are not worshiping my dick, you will be in pain, discomfort, and distress, and the only time you are truly content and at peace is when you are loving and servicing my big fat juicy hunk of fuck meat.

His nostrils glistened with snot, and his mouth hung open slightly. So cute. He was trying to comprehend how this could be happening to him. How this could be real.

“My dick needs almost constant attention. Even sitting here on your couch talking to you, look how it bulges in my jeans. I’m what they call ‘oversexed’ Chad. I need something to fuck almost constantly, and you are it. It’s not my fault. It’s not easy, Chad, being oversexed and having a monster-sized slab of fuck meat. I leak in my pants at the sight of a cute ass. When I try to date young dudes, they are scared shitless at the size of my fucker. What am I supposed to do, not fuck? And then, too, it’s not easy to find a regular boyfriend who wants to be totally degraded in private AND in public. I mean, who wants that? So, this is the best way. For me to see a cute piece of ass like you and just take it and train it. Now I want you to lean in and bury your face in my crotch and just smell my dick through my jeans.”

“You want me to do that?” he asked, hoping again he had misunderstood.

“Yeah. I want you to learn to love my dick smell.”

“I’m straight …” he whispered.

“We’ve already covered that!” I smiled, grabbed the back of his head, and pushed his face into my crotch. I humped my jean-covered prick against his face.

“Doesn't that smell good? That is man smell. I'll bet you can't wait to taste that, huh, baby?" My pants were getting wet from his tears. My big dick was also getting hard. So, I stood up and dropped trou. My huge fucker swayed and throbbed, not quite totally hard. A long string of pre-cum hung from the piss hole in the big fat dickhead.

"That's beautiful, isn't it? Isn't it, Chad? Tell me it's beautiful."

He wanted to look away but couldn't. "It's … it’s … beautiful," he mumbled without enthusiasm. That would not do.

"Tell me my big fat dick is beautiful!"

"Your, your big fat dick is beautiful." He looked down.

"Lift your head. Look at my dick. I told you already your eyes are to always be on my dick, clothed and naked, especially naked. When my fuck meat is out, you look at nothing else. Now look at my dick and tell me what a big fat beautiful leaking cock I have."

"You have a beautiful big fat leaking cock." He muttered.

"Say it louder and clearer, or I will beat your nut sack with my belt."


"Ask me politely if you may lick my cock leak."

"Oh, God no, please. Don't make me do that… just don’t hurt Billy, please… " He started to sob uncontrollably. This cute college kid was reduced to a crybaby. My dick twitched, got even thicker, and leaked more. This was so great. I reached toward my belt.

"NO… PLEASE… PLEASE… BROCK! MAY I… MAY I LICK… OH JESUS. MAY... I LICK YOUR… YOUR… COCK LEAK?" The last word sounded strange and strangled, like some foreign language.

"Why yes, you may. You may lean your cute face in and stick out your tongue and catch the cock drippings on your tongue and scoop it up and taste my fine gourmet cock slop leak."

The look on his face made him look suddenly like an old man. He hung there frozen in time, mouth half open. "I am waiting, Chad."

Then in slow motion, he brought his face to my dick. His tongue extended, and he caught up the string of pre-fuck onto it. The slime curled on his tongue, and then the string slid over to his lips and up across his nose. My pre-fuck was covering the face of this straight college kid.

"How can you lick it up if you get it on your face, Chad? Move your mouth so the fuck snot goes inside.” I leak a lot. So, his mouth was soon filled with pre-fuck slop. He did. "Good boy. Now you may swallow.” He did, but it wasn't easy for him. His entire body was trembling. Naked and smooth and pale and trembling. This kid was fucking freaked out of his mind.

"Now I want you to kiss my dick. Remember how you kissed my dick yesterday? Now, I want you to kiss it with more enthusiasm. Kiss my cunt buster all over. Kiss it on the stalk and on the wet head. Kiss down onto my fuck sack. Kiss it all over and make it feel real good. Kiss it just like a faggot cock sucker kisses dick."

He opened his mouth again, and little choppy glottal noises came out. He couldn't even find the words to protest. I gently brought his head to my prick and soon felt him softly kiss it all over. His lips were very soft and gentle. It was quite romantic, really.

"Now open your mouth a little like you are tongue kissing, so you can really taste my dick. This is probably your very first time really tasting a dick, isn't it, Chad? Well, don't worry. You'll be tasting lots and lots of dick in the days to come. Or should I say, ‘days to CUM.’ But even blindfolded, even if you've tasted 20 or 30 dicks, you will always be able to recognize the flavor of my fuck meat. You will have it in your mouth so much that the taste of my cock will be a part of you. My ball sweat will be your cologne. Kiss around the ridge of the cockhead. That's a fucking big cockhead, isn't it, Chad? Imagine how it will feel opening up your asshole. That big dickhead has caused guys and girls alike considerable discomfort. But you'll get used to it.

"Some dudes say they never get used to it, that it hurts like hell every single time I fuck them, but if I fuck you enough and stretch your ass into a proper pussy, then it shouldn't hurt after a while. Right? You're trembling, Chad. Is that from excitement or fear? Your very first dick. A boy's first dick is a kind of special occasion, isn't it? You will never forget that first taste of dick. That sweaty dick flavor. Suck enough dick, and your breath smells like dick forever. Even your ex-girlfriend could be able to smell cock on your breath. And you are going to suck a lot of dick, Chad. Believe me, you are going to suck a lot of dick. Stop crying. Your tears are going to interfere with the smell and taste of my dick. Now, instead of kissing, start licking. Lick my big fat dick all over. You are going to make an excellent dick licker. I can tell that already. You have a natural talent for it."

And then suddenly, in the middle of licking my cock, he just fell over. He fainted. He just keeled over and lay there. It was all too much for him. Just starting, and it was already too much for him. I knew then that I had been too easy on him. He was going to need a stronger hand. He looked so peaceful, crumpled naked on the floor. But he was not allowed to tune out ... to faint in the middle of a cock licking session. So, I gave my fucker a few yanks and sent a spray of piss down onto his face. You need infinite patience to train a new pussy boy. He sputtered, moaned, gurgled, gagged, and turned his head from one side to another. He blinked the stinging piss out of his eyes. He was totally grossed out.

"All right, Chad, enough loafing, get your mouth back on my dick, and this time, it's going to taste and smell of piss, and it's your own fault!"

Sometimes, the remedy is worse than the illness. Chad had revived from passing out, but he was truly grossed out that I had pissed on him to wake him up. In fact, he was hysterical, and I had to bitch slap the little fucker to get him to calm down. He couldn't get it through his thick, cute college boy's head that what he wanted no longer mattered. He belonged to me now. I grabbed a handful of tit in each hand, dragged him over to the piss-wet carpet, and ordered him to bend down and suck the piss out of the carpet. He resisted again, saying he would be sick and couldn't do it.

I find that boys like Chad always underestimate their own skills and abilities. They need mentors like me to help them realize their potential. I wouldn't take no for an answer, and I put my foot on the back of his head and pushed his face into the piss carpet. While he slurped up the piss, I looked at his beautiful college boy ass. I grabbed the little cunt's hair and yanked him back to his knees. He looked absolutely terrified. I warned him that I would be really pissed if he fainted again! Then I slapped his face with my hard dick over and over.

I believe it was the first dick-slapping he had ever received. Now I know many high school and college boys play "Dick Slap!" It's a common game. They slap each other's faces with their dicks, to see who can slap the hardest and leave the deepest red mark or the biggest dick welt. If you have ample meat, you can do flaccid dick slapping, but most kids play dick slap with hard-ons. Straight guys do this after a few beers all the time, so I thought Chad would be accustomed to it, but once again, he fucking freaked out.

I decided a firm hand was needed. My buddy Rick was in the other room downloading all the shit off Chad's computer, names of friends, work associates, family info, everything we could use to keep the boy in line.

"Look, baby, I don't want to be hard on you, but you are not getting it. I told you we can do this either easy or hard, but either way, I get what I want. So far, you have made it fucking hard on yourself. Why not calm down and listen to reason. You only have one thing to consider besides what could happen to your 12-year-old bro, Billy. You have to do every fucking thing I say. It's that simple? If you just put yourself in my hands, you won't have any problems." I need to say that I would NEVER hurt his little brother, but since that is his big concern, I might as well make that threat. It’s for his own good.

"You're a monster. You're a fucking monster." He spat out tears, snot, piss, and my dick leak all combined on his face to make him look cute.

I grabbed his nipples and pulled him off the floor, onto his knees by his tits. "Now, is that a very nice thing to say to your new boyfriend?” I snapped my bare foot up, catching him in the nuts with it. He howled.

"Is that the way to endear me to you? I've done everything to try to make you listen to reason, and you keep crossing me. You have gotten me so upset I don't even feel like continuing with your dick-sucking education. We'll move on to your asshole." I threw him to the floor, went to Rick's gym bag, and pulled out an eight-inch long, pretty hefty blue rubber cock-shaped dildo.

He screamed and tried to crawl away, but the poor cunt didn't know where to crawl. He started scrambling for his bedroom, and I just let him go. Rick dragged him back, kicking and screaming.

"No, please, Sir Brock, please, you can't do that. Please, not that! You'll kill me. I can't take it… please… " all kinds of shit. I got used to it. After a while, I stop listening when a boy is screaming. Again, these boys underestimate their own abilities. They have no understanding of the elasticity of their own assholes.

Rick and I kicked the son of a bitch until he calmed down. I sat on his chest, my dick bobbing and leaking onto his chin and mouth. “Now listen, you mother fucker. You are wasting my time here. I don't mind a little protesting because I know this is hard for you. We all resist change, and these are some big changes in your life. I understand that. But that is exactly why you need to work with me. Believe it or not, I am trying to help you. Why are you being such a cunt?”

“Okay, so I pull out a big rubber dick, and you fucking freak out! Why? Don't you realize that this rubber dick is for your own good? I want to help prepare you for all the big dicks that will fuck you. I don't want your ass ripped up. And I am sure you don't want your ass ripped up. The purpose of this dildo is to gently expand your anal canal to open up your rectum. It will stretch your ass lips and gently turn your asshole into a cunt.”

Snot ran from his nose. Rick leaned down and wiped some of the crap off his face. We were afraid the kid would choke on his own spit and snot, not to mention my dick leak.

"You… you… can't do that. You have no right to do that to me! I don't want a cunt!” It was like he just realized what he said. His face got this comical look of horror. I almost burst out laughing.

"Chad, I can do any fucking thing I want to you. And I will. Look at all the info we got from your computer. Think of the damage we could cause with that. You have no leverage, no choice, do you? Think about it. You have no fucking choice. Now we're going to open up your ass. If you don't like the word cunt, you can think of it as turning your ass into a pussy. We are going to use you like a girl, Chad, to unload our balls, to dump our jizz. Your ass will become a permanent pussy. I prefer cunt, but as I say, pussy may sound better to you.

"Now, the purpose of the dildo, as I say, is to gently and safely open up your asshole. To stretch it. I know my friends will want to fuck your hole fast and hard. They are very rough boys who believe a fuck is no good unless you can hear their balls slapping on a dude's cunt pad. They don't mess around." I let my throbbing dick bob and slap gently against Chad's lips, leaving a trail of fuck snot. My balls rested on his collarbone. I wanted to make sure he could always smell and taste my dick.

"So, if your ass isn't prepared. If your boy pussy isn't ready, it will hurt really badly. It will be unbearable agony. I am trying to prevent that unbearable agony by helping you get your cunt ready. And instead of thanking me, you cause a fuss. That's the problem in our relationship. Now, Rick here will help me shoot some wonderful pictures for your brand new website while I help you with the dildo."

"Website?” The words came out with a thick, innocent, spit-slogged slur.

"Yeah, we will create a special website for you, showing your education and growth. That way, others can share in and learn from it, as well as enjoy your experiences. Think of the happiness you will bring to thousands of men as they watch how you develop and grow. Now, I need you to kneel on the cocktail table, please. Isn't that an appropriate name, COCK-TAIL TABLE? Kneel right up on the cocktail table, Chad, on your hands and knees with your ass toward me. My God, you have a cute ass, Chad. The guys are going to go nuts fucking that. If you think you were popular with the girls, just wait until you see how the guys respond to your cute ass cunt.

“It was your ass that first attracted me, you know, at the gym! I saw that bubble ass, and I said, I have got to fuck that! That was before I decided to turn you into a full-time pussy boy for me. At that time, I thought I would just pick you up, fuck you once or twice in the ass and mouth and let you go. But the more I watched you, the more I became convinced that you would make a good permanent cunt boy. I saw you were shy and knew you would respond well to humiliation and degradation. I started to wonder how low I could take you. Could I take you lower than the other boys I have trained? Could we set a new record together? Could I totally fucking destroy any self-esteem you have? Could I break you in body and spirit? And that's how this game came about.”

Chad slowly climbed onto the low table. "Stop shaking and crying. I have been putting up with that for a couple of hours now, and I am sick of it. Now I want you to reach back with your hands and spread your ass cheeks for me, so I can see your cunt, sorry, your pussy.” With trembling hands, he obeyed.

"Get over here, Rick, and take a look at this twat! Look at those pink, tight cunt lips. Jesus, does he need to be fucked. Be patient, Chad. You'll have lots of dick up there by midnight tonight. Stop whimpering. It does no good. Keep that asshole spread. I didn't tell you to let go of your globes. Spread those ass cheeks wider. I know this feels demeaning and disgusting to you. Having to kneel on a table and display your asshole for two hunky dudes. Well, get used to it. You will be showing your ass cunt to hundreds and hundreds of guys. You will get to the point. In fact, that’s when you meet a new dude, you will automatically turn and spread your ass cheeks, just in case he wants to ram his dick up there.”

I picked up the rubber dildo and continued to talk, “Guys are going to have a hell of a time deciding which they want more, your cunt or your mouth. Most of them will have both. Now, I will be kind this time and lube your ass with some gel. Ordinarily, we won't do this because our spit is the only lube you will get. That and your natural cunt juices will start flowing once you have been fucked 20 or 30 times." The look on his face was unbelievable. It was hysterically funny. Once the hole was wet and sloppy with lube, and he was mewling like a tortured cat, I started to work the huge dickhead of the rubber dildo into his asshole. I watched the pink pucker open to admit the largest thing he had ever had in him.

"Chad, I could start out with a small dildo, something about the size of a carrot or cucumber … " I mused.

"Oh God, yes, please do. Please use something smaller. Please, I am begging you…” he sobbed, more from fear than pain, as the head hadn't even popped into his cherry hole yet.

192 Gym Quest
Part 3 of 5

"But… I think you should get used to the size of dick you will be taking right away. You would be amazed, Chad, at how an asshole can stretch. I have gotten this very rubber dick up the assholes of smaller-built guys. If they could take it, you certainly can. Are you a man or a mouse? All you have to do is ignore the pain and think only about how happy you are making me. If you make it your entire goal to please and make me happy, it won't be nearly as bad for you.” Then I began to push harder. “Look at that asshole stretch. Oh, Chad, you will be happy to know you have a very elastic asshole. It will be a fully functional cunt in no time at all. Keep spreading those ass cheeks, don't make me angry. You have to help here. Don't make me do all the work."

Jesus, God, the kid was in agony. Truth be told, the asshole was pretty tiny. It was one of those pretty little rosebuds you swear never dumped a decent-sized turd. I should have used my fingers first, but he made me angry by fainting on me, so I wanted him to hurt a little bit. Well, a lot, actually. Rick had to stop shooting pictures and help hold the kid still, so I could work the thick rubber cock deep into his bowels. I don't mind telling you, I had to push really hard. A couple of times, I had to give the base of the dildo a good hit with the heel of my hand to get it past some barrier or other. Of course, Chad screamed and grunted and wheezed and sobbed. They always do at first. In a few days, he'd be taking larger like a pro.

"You got to learn to crawl before you can walk, Chad, and boy, oh boy, are we ever going to teach you to crawl.” He was throwing his young head from side to side like a horse ridden for the first time.

"Try to relax, Chad; we haven't even started yet. These games are just the preliminaries. I am just trying to get you warmed up a bit." I shoved six inches of the rubber prick deep into his guts. He made sounds like it was coming out of his throat.

"You have to get used to this, Chad. You will be keeping this dildo or something very similar up your cunt all the time from now on. We want to keep you open so you stretch permanently and are ready for dick at all times, night and day." This dildo had a narrow neck near the base, so it also worked as a butt plug, which helped it stay in.

Just that morning, Chad had been a happy-go-lucky college kid with a girlfriend who loved him, a good job, and a bright future. Now he was bare-assed naked on his cocktail table with an eight-inch rubber dick up his asshole. He was being turned into a fucked-up cunt boy. How our fortunes can change in an instant. I started to fuck the dildo in and out of the boy's ass quite hard. Twice, he almost fainted, and Rick had to dick-slap him. Yes, Rick had his dick out now too. How can you blame him? With Chad distracted, I shoved the beast dildo fully into his super-stretched ass canal and saw those lovely ass lips snap closed around the narrow base. It was such a tight, secure fit that I don't think he could even dislodge it with both hands.

From someplace in the bedroom, Rick had found an eight by ten glossy picture of Chad's girlfriend, and now, just for fun, he stood in front of the dildo fucked boy, rubbing his leaking dick all over the face of the girl in the photo. That, for some reason, made Chad cry really hard. Now I made Chad raise his dildo fucked ass as high as he could. I slapped the base of it a few times and then took some pics of the blue rubber cock base sticking out of his hole. I forced him to get off the table and crawl around so the dildo would churn up his guts some. He was out of his mind with pain, really almost delirious. His face displayed that totally fucked-up look that I just love on a cute kid. I ordered him to stand up, which was a terribly painful struggle for him, but he finally made it. He moved like a robot, the rubber cunt stuffer causing him serious cramps with each move.

"Don't worry. You'll soon get used to it, Chad. You'll soon be able to run and exercise and do most everything with it up your cunt. Not only that, but you'll move on to lots bigger ones.” He tried to step toward me, but his legs collapsed, and he fell to the carpet. We laughed and laughed. His fall just caused the ass fucker to resettle deeper. He howled, and snot flew from his nostrils, and his eyes grew red.

"Now listen, Chad, before we became distracted, you were learning how to respect my dick. Now, here's what I want you to do. I want you to squat in front of me. Then I want you to sit down on the dildo! Get it really nicely seated into your cunt, I mean, pussy. Then lift your head and lick and kiss my dick and balls to thank me for being so nice to you. I wanna see real respect for my cock and balls. I want a grateful look on your face. And try to smile. I like a nice cheerful cock sucker, and so does Rick. We hate all this moaning and crying. Try to be happy. Rick will let you lick and suck his dick and nuts too. And then we have to get dressed and go out. We are taking you someplace special. We might stop at your job on the way to see if anyone is still there so you can resign properly. But if it's too late, we can do that tomorrow."

Chad roared like a wounded animal as the rubber dick was forced deeper into his hole when he sat on it. It did cross my mind for a second that we were perhaps starting with too large a dildo, but only for a second. Chad could learn. He would learn to take anything that I threw his way.

It's not easy for an anal virgin to adjust to a huge rubber dick up his ass. Chad was in agony, which was fine with me. I fucked it in and out of his ass in several different positions. I made him stand up and walk with it in, as I knew it was stretching the inside of his rectum. Several times, his legs collapsed, and he fell down. I had him stand upside down, like a gymnast, and then lean against the sofa back to steady himself. With his feet in the air, I fucked the rubber dildo in and out of his cunt. He was pretty wiped out, and we let him collapse. Rick and I took a break to see what to eat in Chad's fridge. We made sandwiches for ourselves. I took the opportunity to have Rick take a nice heavy piss into a bowl of corn flakes, and we gave that to Chad to eat. He looked at it like it was an Alien being.

"Now, Chad, lots of food you will be eating from now on will have various bodily fluids mixed in. We want you to become comfortable with all human bodily waste products. So, cereal with piss on it is nothing very extreme. You'll soon prefer nice strong male piss to milk. Here, let Rick and I also spit into the cereal a bit. Now, you will notice I did not provide you with a spoon. I want you to eat the cereal on the floor like an animal. Stick your cute dildo-stuffed ass up in the air, bend your head down, and lap the cereal out of the bowl like a good doggie. All right?"

By now, Chad knew I wasn't kidding. He also knew I wasn't exaggerating. I expected him to do everything I said. Totally naked and in pain from the rubber dick up his stretched ass, he crouched over the bowl of piss-soaked cereal and gazed down into it. His lower lip trembled.

"Come on, Chad, we have places to go. Eat up. Get your ass up in the air, nice and high. Spread your legs a bit so your balls can be seen." We were, of course, stripping Chad of all dignity. That was part of the fun of working over a straight boy. He extended his tongue, touched the piss-soggy cereal, gagged, and puked something onto the kitchen floor beside his bowl. It was not a lot of puke but a puddle of putrid-smelling gunk. He coughed and cried a bit. He was pretty much crying all the time, a little whimpering as he slurped it up.

"Bad boy. Now, look at what you have done. You have vomited on your nice, clean kitchen floor. How rude! Chad? Rick didn’t have to give you his piss on your cereal. But he did. It was so kind of him. Now you will have to lick up all your puke!"

He lifted his head to look at me with sad, weary eyes. “Please … ” He slowly shook his head no. His mouth moved, but no other words came out.

"No? Did you shake your head, no? Are you still refusing orders after all I have been through with you today?" I was out of the chair in an instant. I grabbed a wooden cooking spoon out of a container on the counter. Rick was right with me. We can't stand uppity little cunt boys. We expect any boy with whom we work to obey instantly and completely. Rick kicked Chad over onto his back on the kitchen floor. Then he knelt down and forced the kid's thighs apart. I took the wooden spoon and thwacked the boy hard in the scrotum. You could hear not only the splat of the wood against the scrotum skin but also the thud of the spoon actually hitting the nuts. Chad went wild. He threw himself in pain, and Rick had everything he could do to hold the little twat still.

"WHYYYYY?!" He howled in torment, twisting on the linoleum. However, since I had already addressed that issue several times, I didn't feel the need to answer. I smacked his beautiful, full young nuts again, watching the eggs dance in their skin sack. The boy's toes curled, and his legs tightened with tension. He threw his head from side to side.

“You brought this on yourself. Do you understand, Chad? You will never say no to anything I tell you to do! Do you understand that?"

"Yes, yes, Oh God, yes. Please stop. Please STOP!" He lay on the floor in a mess and in tears.

"Well, crawl on up and lick up your puke! Rick and I are waiting."

He struggled to his hands and knees again, and like an animal, he lowered his head and began to lap at his own vomit.

"That a boy. Ass up, legs spread a bit. Your balls are swollen now and look really nice. After you finish the puke, you may eat your cereal. I am sorry that the taste of the cereal may be spoiled a bit by the vomit flavor in your mouth, but it's your own fault."

Chad lapped up his puke and finished the cereal, too. This time, it all stayed down, which proves that a boy can do more than he thinks he can if he puts his mind to it. I always tell boys that, but they seldom believe me.

I found a chocolate chip cookie and placed it on a plate. "Okay, now, you are doing a good job. So, I have a little reward for you. All of this activity has made my dick leak pre-fuck pretty badly. I leak a lot naturally, Chad. You will discover that. One of your jobs will be licking up the leak from my dick. But for now, Rick and I will give this cookie a nice pre-cum frosting for you. Don't think I'm crazy. We're not just fooling around here, although it is fun. I want you to get used to the taste of our cock leak. Lots of dudes I know train their girlfriends this way. They get the bitches used to the taste of dick sauce by putting it on and in their food."

We had enough pre-fuck to give the top of the cookie a glistening, slimy frosting. I smiled as I presented the plate to Chad. "Here you are, baby. I hope you have no hard feelings about the nut beating. I don't like to hurt you. I want us to only have good times together. Now eat your cookie." He took the cookie and looked at it like a recently orphaned child. Then he looked up into my eyes with a pathetic puppy dog look.

"What do you say, Chad?"

"Thank you." he barely whispered.

"Thank you, what?" I gently asked, enjoying his corn flake and piss-smeared face.

"Thank you, Sir,” he said louder. I patted his head.

"It's got some of Rick's fuck slop on it too.” He turned his head toward Rick as if it were painful to do so.

"Thank you, Sir," he said to Rick.

"You're quite welcome, Chad!" Rick said, “But your main respect and obedience goes to Brock.”

There is an inherent thrill for a male to break another male. You see it in sports competitions, certainly in war, and even in business. You see it in college fraternity rituals and activities. Guys naturally love to degrade other guys. To see them lose. It's part of our untamed nature.

"Now, Chad, you may go to the bathroom and clean yourself up. Take a shower. You may remove the dildo to clean up inside your asshole. Get yourself real clean inside because you are going to get fucked." He whimpered. "Oh, don't be such a baby. Little boys get fucked all the time without making the fuss you're making. After you are clean, inside and out, replace the rubber dick in your ass. Push it all the way in until your ass lips grab the base. It should stay in place by itself. Then, make sure to brush your teeth and gargle. We'll be waiting for you, so don't take forever."

Forty minutes later, Chad stood before us with a towel around his waist, spic, and span. "What the fuck are you doing with that towel on? You are to be totally bare-assed naked with us at all times unless told differently."

"Sorry, it was just habit," he said, sort of like a frightened animal. He dropped the towel.

"That's all right, Chad, I understand. We all have old bad habits we need to break.” I ran a hand down his shoulder to his pec and played with one of his tits. He closed his eyes but didn't move. He was slowly learning.

"He's got good titty potential, don't you think, Rick?

"I think we should give him some titty implants, beef up those udders a bit."

"A good exercise regime can do that. We're going to the gym now, Chad. Rick has some buddies of ours meeting us there."

“But… My clothes … Sir. My clothes are all in plastic bags. I need…"

"Oh, I know. I haven't forgotten. Rick brought something for you to wear. As I told you, we will select all your clothes from now on. You don't have a flattering sense of taste. Here.” I threw down a light green string thing onto the floor in front of him.

His confused boyish look really gave my dick a lurch. "What is that, Sir?"

“That’s your clothing, dumb shit! That's what you're wearing to the gym.”

This gadget had to be seen to be believed. “It’s also called a mankini.” Two spaghetti-thin straps went over the shoulder and down into the ass crack. These thin straps were connected to a very, very tiny prick pouch. The pouch was so small and hung so low that it revealed his dick root. It was barely acceptable anywhere and totally obscene in most places.

Chad was about to protest that he couldn't wear such a humiliating, obscene … thing. But I raised one hand threateningly, and he shut up. Well, he made a moaning sound and picked up the thong. It really was outrageously lewd. Chad slipped into it. The pouch was so small that if he moved wrong, his nuts showed or his dick root or both. Too bad he was so nicely endowed. It made wearing the garment worse. Well, how embarrassed could he feel wearing it? After all, he had a huge rubber dildo up his ass, and since the thong had nothing in the rear except string, the ass plug clearly showed!

As had put on the sting thing. Rick was working on the front door knob. He fucking removed it.

"Oh Rick, look. So much of Chad's prick and ball hair shows. That is truly unsightly. Why not pop into the bathroom and fetch a razor. Let's just trim that a bit."

Chad screwed up his cute face. "Oh Please … "

I smiled. "Don't worry, we'll get you looking real good! Can't have curly prick hair sticking out the side of your thong pouch, now can we?"

Our poor little college freshman was getting a work over, and the fun was just starting. We got his prick patch cleaned up. We didn't shave him entirely down there yet. We wanted to save that fun for later. Then I was about to toss him a pair of flip-flops, but why ruin his overall sense of nakedness.

"Okay, pal, let's go to the gym.” I opened the door and went into the hall of Chad's apartment. Some teenage boys were hanging around down the stairs on the next landing. I knew this would be fun. "Chad, come on, we'll be late."

He slowly edged into the hallway, looking obscene. He could hardly walk with the dick plug up his ass, so his gait was stiff and awkward. When he moved wrong, the stem of his dick was revealed at the top of the pouch, or his ball skin became visible out the pouch bottom. Oh, so perfect! Still, he was “covered,” so there was nothing illegal about him.

"Do I have to wear this?" He asked with a pleading look when he heard the voices of the teenage boys below us. "FUCK! They know me!"

"Yes, Chad, you have to. Now come on.” I walked in front of Chad, and Rick followed him. You should have heard the screams of delight from the four teenage boys when they saw this almost totally naked college dude in only a string thong.

“Jesus, Christ, Chad, what the fuck are you doing?" One cute kid of about fifteen shouted. The others slapped their thighs in hysterics and busted a gut laughing.

“We never knew you were a faggot … ” One boy said, jumping out of the way in case Chad or Rick, or I took a swing at him.

"I always knew he was a fag, because he always looked at my bulge." Another boy shouted, squealing with laughter in a way only boys of that age can, half boy, half little girl voice.

"Now, we know where to go for free blow jobs.” The first boy said with scorn as if he were disappointed in Chad. Perhaps he had idolized him before. Well, no more.

We continued down the hall and down the stairs. Chad was crying again, tears running down his cheeks and dripping from his chin.

“Holy Christ, look at this. He's got a rubber dick up his ass!” The boys all scrambled to see. Neither Rick nor I tried to stop them.

"That is the sickest thing I ever saw! I'm gonna report him to the manager. We don’t want some twisted faggot cock sucker in our building."

Chad turned. His jaw worked. His eyes were filled with tears. “I'm … I'm … not … ”

"CHAD!" I barked. Then I turned to the boy. "Look, boys, my name is Brock, and you guys might actually want a cock sucker in the building. Imagine getting your dicks sucked whenever you please. From now on, his door will always be unlocked. Actually,” I had to chuckle, “We just removed his door knob. You guys, and anyone else who wants to use his ass hole or mouth hole, can just walk in. great, huh?”

“Oh wow! Thank you, Mr. Broch!” one of the boys said.

“Yeah, all you got to do is go right in, say, 'Open up, Faggot,' and he'll suck your dicks for you. Any time, night or day. Totally free. Can’t you get a better deal than that? My buddy and I are totally straight, but we use the faggot to suck dick. We also love to have fun with him, like making him dress really faggy like this. You might want to have fun with him, too."

"Could we? Could we do nasty shit to him, Brock?" The 15-year-old said with a spark in his eye. I knew he had natural talent.

"Of course, but if you tell management, you’ll lose your faggot. So, hush on that. OK?” I continued, “No one will stop you. Certainly, not the fucking faggot here. If he doesn't do everything you tell him to, report it to me, and we'll take care of him. We'll be around a lot for a while, so you feel free to tell us if he misbehaves.

A boy of about thirteen frowned. "What do we get him to do?"

Another boy kicked his buddy playfully. "Sick shit, ass wipe! We can make him eat garbage and clean our jock straps with his mouth."

"That's the idea, boys. You just be as creative as you can. And don't go too easy on him. Faggots need a good punch or kick every now and then. We had to slap his balls a little while ago to get him to drink our piss."

You should have seen the wide eyes the boys made. "Drink your piss! Holy shit, that is fucking gross." The boys were looking at one another like it was fucking Christmas morning.

"Oh yeah, he'll drink all your piss anytime you want. Your other friends' piss too. Get a gang to come over and use him as a toilet."

“Brock, you got to be kidding." the cute 15-year-old with the twinkle in his eye said.

I stopped and turned. "No, I am not kidding at all. Any of your dudes need to take a leak?"

"Please … " Chad whined.

"Yeah, I got to pee!" said the 15-year-old. He seemed the bravest of the bunch.

"You heard the man, Chad. Kneel down and open your mouth."

“Please, sir, not here, in public?” Chad pleaded but continued to open his mouth.

"Holy Fuck, he's going to do it," another boy squealed as Chad sank to his knees.

"Whip it out," I said to the cute teen, wanting a close-up look at his boy meat. The kid unzipped and fished out a nice hunk of fuck hose for a kid. He was still young but already hefty, meaty, and thick.

"What's your name, Kid?"

"Jack!” he said, smiling at me with a corny, kid smile.

"You live here?"

"Yeah, why?" He stood there holding his dick.

"You will be in charge of Chad when he is home here. He needs constant discipline. He must be put in his place and reminded that he is a fucking faggot hole all the time! Anything you can think of to do to him that is totally nasty, you just go ahead and do it. There are some rules, but I'll tell you what they are later. Here's my card with my email address on it. Shoot me an email, and I'll write back to you about our faggot training. You want to help us train faggots?"

He nodded. Shit, he was cute. "You bet," he said, a huge grin. He was stilling, holding his fat young 15-year-old dick.

"Okay then, head back, Chad. Open wide. Don't spill any now. You just showered. Now relax and pretend you are a urinal! Just keep saying to yourself, 'I'm a fucking urinal. I'm a fucking urinal.' Go ahead, Jack, don't be shy." Jack stood up next to Chad, his teenage dick hanging over Chad's cute face. It was a hot sight. Jack shook his dick and squeezed.

"I can't make the piss come … " he said, a silly look on his face like he was letting us down.

"Just relax, boy. It's always difficult the first time you piss in a faggot's mouth. You'll get used to it. Just think of his face as a toilet. That is all faggots are good for. That and sucking dick. Go ahead. Just take a deep breath and relax."

He stood there for a minute, and then suddenly, a burst of yellow piss shot out of his cute dickhead and splattered Chad in the face.

"Oh shit, Brock, sorry, I missed," the kid said, embarrassed as hell.

“That's okay. It's not your job to aim. It's the faggot's job to catch all the piss. You just let go and let the faggot scramble for it. Get that piss, Faggot.” The other boys were totally silent now. I could spot some teenage hard-ons in their pants. This was turning out better than I could have imagined. Jack was pissing a nice strong stream now right into Chad's mouth. Chad was moaning as his mouth filled up with piss like a reservoir.

"Finished pissing? Okay, then let the faggot toilet boy suck the last drops of piss from your dickhead. Go ahead, Faggot. Suck the piss from Mr. Jack's big dickhead.” Chad groaned but dutifully sucked the boy's cockhead. Jack closed his eyes like he was in heaven. And he was. I'll bet he had never had a mouth on his dick.

"Well, we got to go. We'll be back later, and we can talk more about how you dudes can use the faggot. Okay? See you around."

"See you, Mr. Brock … " the boys chanted in unison. They were frozen in awe.

We walked Chad out to my car. He whimpered, of course, being exposed to the neighborhood. He was wearing nothing except his stupid string thong, which left nothing at all to the imagination.

"Chad, you can't sit in my good car covered in wet piss. How about doing some jumping jacks until the piss dries?" There were a couple of transients, one pushing a shopping cart full of junk. They were halfway down the block but coming our way. Chad didn't want to comply, so I gave his bare-ass a few hard spanks to get him going.

"Why is that guy dressed so stupid, Mister?" one homeless guy asks.

"He's a cock sucking faggot, and we are making an example of him. Do you gentlemen know what a cock sucking faggot is?"

“Yeah, but not looking like a freak like this.”

"Here, let me show you what our special cock sucking faggot does. Down on your knees, Chad, open up."

"OH no, not here. Not in public. Not in front of these fucking hobos!" His face pleaded with me, too, all squinty-eyed and droopy trembling lips.

"You'll be punished for your rudeness. Now, down on your knees, Chad!” He fell to his knees on the pavement.

"He's got something sticking out of his ass! What’s that?" The cart pusher asked.

"That's a dildo. We keep his ass plugged because faggots are very nasty naughty guys, and if we don't keep his asshole plugged, he will be shoving things up it."

"EEccchhhh! What kind of things?"

"Anything he can get his faggot hands on. Candles, wooden spoons, pens, wieners, carrots. Some faggots think it feels good to shove things up their asses.

"Gentlemen, it might feel really good to faggots, I admit that, but it's not a good habit to get into. Sure, every dude tries it a few times. Every kid I know has tried to shove something up his ass, like a pickle or a cucumber, say, but it's not good to do it too often. Now watch, and I'll show you why Chad is a cock sucking faggot."

I opened my pants and hauled out my big fat dick. I made sure the boys saw it clearly. I know how kids that young idolize a good hunk of fuck meat. Rick stood guard in case any adults happened by. Of course, people could have been watching from the houses, but we were blocked by our car on one side and some trees on the other.

"Open up faggot, and lick and suck my dick and balls for these gentlemen." Chad was a brand new faggot, so it took him a while to get up the courage. Or perhaps to break down completely. Anyway, it took a slap on his head to get him licking and sucking my meat. They stood dumbfounded.

194 Gym Quest
Part 4 of 5

"Nothing feels better in the whole world than getting your dick licked and sucked. Believe me, gents, no feeling on earth is as good as this. I'd let him lick and suck you guys, but were have to be on our way to the gym now."

We sent the two filthy bums on their way. I told Chad to sit in the front seat beside me while Rick climbed back. Chad began to get in, grateful to be hidden, but I stopped him.

"Chad, how fucking impolite are you. You can't wear that string suit in the car. That's your gym thong. Take it off before you get into the car."

"Please, sir, I'll be naked." His lower lip trembled so badly he could hardly get the words out. He had a little of my pre-fuck near the corner of his mouth. It was really cute.

"Yes, of course, you will be naked. When you ride in my car, you are naked."

I watched as he peeled off the string thong. I mean, why make such a fuss, the fucking stretch pouch with shoulder straps barely covered anything, to begin with. As he stripped naked, his fat dick and balls jiggled and danced. Chad was left standing there on the sidewalk as Rick and I got in, started the car, and let the engine idle. Only then was he allowed to crawl in. He slid into the car, filled with shame. He must have moved wrong with the dildo up his ass, which caused him to let out a shriek of pain, which gave Rick and me a good laugh. His smooth, well-toned body looked beautiful there in my car. He put his legs together and jammed his fists into his crotch, trying to make himself as small as possible. We drove away.

"You are not sitting properly, Chad. The proper way to sit in a car is with your feet up on the dashboard, spread wide."

"My feet … but everyone will see … " I gave him a withering glance, and he complied. He spread his young, solid legs and placed his feet on the dashboard before us. Anyone passing could see his feet, so they, of course, would look into the car, where they could easily see the rest of him naked.

"Chad, what if someone does look into the car. I won't have you embarrass me. Look at that disgusting fear-shriveled dick. Get it hard at once. Be proud of yourself. Show anyone looking in what a fine hunk of fuck meat you have. Go on, jerk your meat for us."

Chad released one of those cute sobs and started fingering his meat.

"I didn't say finger it like a 13-year-old. I said jerk it! I want to see that dick rock hard and leaking." With ragged breath and a sweet look of total humiliation on his face, Chad sat in my car, masturbating his dick. I pulled through a park where a bunch of red bandana-wearing -- presumed -- gang members were horsing around and smoking pot.

"Oh, don't go over there, please … " Chad wailed.

"Just keep jerking your meat like a good boy, baby. Make me happy.” I slowed down so the guys could see Chad's face and feet through the window. They could also see his shoulder working up and down. They knew the score. They knew what he was doing.

Now, I am not so foolish as to put myself in jeopardy by confronting a gang out here. My safety plan was to keep the engine running and my foot on the gas, ready to shoot out of here like a bat out of hell. I do protect my property, as all good Masters do.

"There's a dude in that car, watching us and jerking his meat!" One of the Latino guys, a tall, thin boy, shouted.

"Fucking pervert!” Another guy yelled, and the gang of teens began running for the car. Yes, I was being careful and watched if they would get aggressive. They were bare-chested with low-slung pants and their boxer shorts showing at the top.

"That Faggot is bare-assed! Look at him. He's bare-assed!" They almost skidded to a halt, bumping into one another. Their mouths hung open, but their eyes were hungry.

"Chad. Open the car door so these gentlemen can see you masturbating."

"Oh, God! Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God!"

Rick reached up from the back seat and gave Chad a whack on the head. "Do it!" he growled.

Chad opened the door, and the gang of older teen boys let out a howl of mocking laughter. "Look at the fucking faggot. Do you fucking believe it?"

"Chad, take your feet off the dashboard, turn, and place them on the ground outside the car so you are facing the boys with your legs spread. Continue to beat your dick."

"Just keep jerking your meat like a good boy. Make me happy.” I slowed down so the ruffians could see Chad's face and feet through the window. They could also see his shoulder working up and down. They knew the score. They knew what he was doing.

"We should get the fuck out of town, scumbag!" one of the teens yelled, perhaps the leader, but he spoke with a sort of smile. He didn’t seem truly threatening.

"There's three of them in the car, and the other two look pretty mean. Better just stay here."

"Yeah, there's three of them and six of us!” Another gang member shouted.

"Just stay away from them. They could all be homos!"

“Look at that fucking freak cranking his meat right in front of us! Looks like he's crying. Is he crying? Why is that faggot crying and jerking his dong?" The boys were about seven feet away from the car.

"All right, Chad, give them a big smile like you want to invite them all to come over here and fuck you up the ass." Then added, "Now lift and spread your legs and start to fuck the dildo in and out of your asshole for these gentlemen." My poor Chad was making sick animal sounds. He sobbed and sobbed as he lifted his strong young legs. He had to lean back against me to get the proper angle so the teenage boys could see his plugged asshole.

"Jesus Christ, the freak has a dildo up his ass!"

"I don't fucking believe this. We should call the police or something."

"This is the sickest thing I ever saw!"

But they were all rooted to their places, watching Chad work the rubber dick in and out of his asshole.

"Faster and harder, Chad. Fuck yourself faster and harder for these gentlemen.” I knew he must be in terrible pain. Up until a few hours ago, he had been an anal virgin. He must be churning up his guts really good. The grunts coming from him were making me hard as a rock. These poor straight gangbangers sure seemed really interested and excited.

Chad was going to town, fucking and grunting and moaning and crying all at the same time. But we had to move on. I didn’t want to get too involved with this Latino gang. You never know when they might actually charge us.

"Okay, back in the car, baby. You did an excellent job. That's what I like. I like to see you obeying. See, when you obey, everyone is happy. Okay, feet back up on the dashboard and jerk that dick again. Wave to the boys and close the car door!"

"We're gonna call the police and report you!” the leader shouted, giving us the finger. Too bad I didn't have more time to play with them. And luckily, I had removed the license plates from my car, so they couldn't report it. We zoomed away, Chad next to me, trying to control his crying as he beat his meat diligently.

"See, Chad. Isn't this more fun than having a girlfriend? I knew you'd enjoy it once you got into it. And it sure beats school and a job; nothing but sex and fun with your new best friends." We drove a bit more out onto the highway. It was getting dark now.

"Chad, I want Rick to get some nice photos for us to post on GayTies.com. So, can you pull the dildo out of your ass?" Then I thought further. I told Rick, “We’ll post the photos, but let’s also upload some videos of Chad dildo fucking himself.”

“So, Broch? These will be in the ‘Solo Sex’ category of GayTies videos?”

“Sure, why not.”

“GayTies?” Chad mumbled. He looked at me, scared as shit of what this meant. Of course, he never heard of GayTies. It’s a stand-alone site hosted by Masters. Masters who want to put their slave-shit sub performances online.

Chad just focused on fucking himself with the dildo until I told him to stop. Then he pulled the big rubber dick totally out of his ass, wincing and making a sound like a car with bad brakes. I glanced down and laughed at how red and raw the hole was and how stretched open it was. Nice.

Rick told him to show his ass to the mirror. "Look at your asshole, Chad. It's becoming a pussy already. And we haven't even been at this a whole day. Look how nice and big that hole is."

He lifted his balls to get a look at his new cunt and wailed in horror. His rectum was red and raw, and the puckered asshole was the size of a half dollar. "You've ruined me for life … " he moaned.

"Don't be stupid, baby. Assholes are like twats. They close up again after a while. It will take weeks of work for you to get it to stay open like that all the time. You can't turn an asshole into a cunt overnight."

He cried and cried. “I don’t want a cunt … " he managed to say between gulps of air.

I reached over and patted Chad gently. "That's what they all say at first. I don't want to get fucked. I promise you, Chad, if you apply yourself and work hard with us, you will learn to love dick up your ass. You will learn to love being a fucked out pussy slut for massive fuck meat. You will learn to be proud of your cunt and what it can do."

I pulled over to the side of the highway. Cars were whizzing by. "I just want to get some video footage to post on GayTies.com. We’ll add these videos to their category, ‘Naked in Public.’ Won’t that be nice? Now, get out of the car, Chad, and crawl for us on hands and knees down the highway." Rick commanded and pulled out his camera.

Chad turned to me. "You must be kidding. I don’t want to be on GayTies. Please say you are kidding. I mean, my family. My friends, my school? I have done everything. I did everything … you … I can't do this."

I shook my head and smiled. “I have to say this for you. You are an obstinate little bitch. Are we going to have to hurt you again?"

Rick told the boy, “You don’t need family, friends, and school. All you need to focus on is pleasing us. That makes your life so fucking simple.”

"Oh please, sir. I'll suck your dicks. I'll do a better job. Please, don't make me do this. There are hundreds of cars going past."

"So, you better be ready to scramble back into the car if anyone stops. You can see I've positioned my car so I can zoom down the off-ramp quickly. Now, I want you to crawl as I taught you. Back arched, ass up high in the air, legs spread wide. I want the video to clearly show your new cunt. If you don't do it right, we'll just have to do it again and… again. Just crawl 30 feet, showing us your fresh new cunt. That's all!"

Chad opened the door, bawling like a fucking baby. He took his feet off the dash but seemed to have trouble moving. “I'm so scared. I can't walk … my legs are like jelly," he protested.

"That's okay. You’re not walking anyway, just crawling. Just do as I tell you, and this trial will go quickly,” Rick told the frightened boy.

I know what I was doing was dangerous for us as well. But I am a risk taker. Not much scares me anymore. I love the thrill of taking big fucking risks. Especially when it is some innocent boy who is being degraded or humiliated.

Chad crawled bare-assed down the highway. Cars slowed, but people didn't like to get involved. None stopped. No trouble. We even followed him in our car while he crawled, and Rick snapped photos. I didn't need the emergency off-ramp. Chad crawled into the light of our headlights. His bare-ass high, his legs spread, and his balls swinging. His sore, stretched asshole was a work of art in the headlight glare. He was losing it. I could tell. In one day, he was losing it. That was all right, as I intended to remake him into the kind of cock hungry fuck slut I wanted. Breaking him down was the first step in re-making him.

But this straight boy’s highway abuse was nothing, nothing compared to what was coming to him. We made him crawl all the way to a rest stop. There amid parked cars, we took more video of him bare-assed naked and crying. Guys exited the toilet and offered to fuck him for us, but we had to get to the gym. I told the guys that we would be back another time. At last, we allowed him to crawl back into the car, tough he was shaking and in shock.

My buddy Rick owns the fucking gym. So, it was no problem to close it for "a private party.” He invited about thirty guys he knows from his cycle club and from the s/m bars around town. They were all there waiting for Chad when we arrived. Chad was pretty fucking disoriented. He had had enough abuse slammed into him for one day. But … sorry for Chad, his fun was just beginning, or should I say, OUR fun was just beginning.

While we drove to the gym, Rick, in the back seat, had Chad lower his front seat until he was almost lying back as in a dentist's chair. He had his bare feet up on the dashboard. We also had replaced his nice thick rubber dick up his ass. He was coming along nicely. With Chad's seat reclined Rick would lean over Chad's face and tell him to keep his mouth wide open. Then, he would spit into the kid's mouth repeatedly until Chad's mouth was filled with a lake of spit. Rick held Chad's face real still, let a long string of spit hang from his mouth, and went right into Chad's nostrils. He wanted the little cunt to be smelling and tasting his manhood. Then, he ordered the boy to swallow. Rick is a no-nonsense dude. Maybe even rougher on a boy than I am.

When we pulled into the Gold’s Gym parking lot, Chad stiffened. "Please, oh please, for the love of God, don't make me go into the gym naked. Everyone will think I am a faggot!"

I laughed and ruffled his hair. "Everybody already thinks you are a faggot because we told them you were. The gym is closed to the public tonight, so you don't need to worry. It's just us and some friends. Now, be a good little cock sucker and hop out. Make me proud."

I did toss him the mankini string suit to put on. I think that made him look more indecent than if he were fully naked. There he stood in the parking lot in his string pouch, looking miserable. I put one arm around his shoulder like he was my girlfriend and walked him to the gym. They were ready for us all right. The beer was flowing, and the guys were standing around in only jock straps or tight gym shorts. Turns out there were 28 of them. They cheered when we walked our little pussy boy into the gym. Chad could hardly breathe. He kept groaning guttural sounds in his throat, like a little boy who has cried so hard, he can't quite stop. The guys applauded Chad's nice outfit.

"Look at the fucking faggot!" One guy yelled, “Brock, is this your new pussie boy?” The others roared with laughter and echoed him

Chad did a foolish thing. He broke away from me and ran toward the guys. "Somebody help me, please. They forced me to do this. I am not gay. Please, somebody, help me!” He fell to his knees, embracing the legs of one of the members and pleading. He was barefoot, hauled back, and kicked Chad right in the face. It wasn't hard enough to break his nose or anything, but it was hard enough to lay him out. I was over him in an instant.

"You have embarrassed me in front of my friends, Chad. You will be severely punished for that. You will be sorry. Very sorry. You will never ever cross me or embarrass me again. Don't you think I want to be proud of my new boyfriend? Or should I say, girlfriend? I'm still not sure. Now, Chad, listen and listen good. The guys here will take the next two hours to work out. It's totally free tonight, all on Rick. The only difference from the usual gym practice is that there is an open bar with hard liquor and beer. That, plus the guys will be working out wearing only their jockstraps.

Your job during the next two hours is to crawl, I repeat, crawl from dude to dude and beg them to let you lick out their sweaty assholes. You know how stinking asses get when guys work out. The sweat just drips from the ass crack and the hole itself. Well, I want you to crawl around and offer to lick those sweaty, stinking assholes clean. There are 28 guys here at our wonderful Gold’s Gym. That's 28 asses for you to lick and suck. And you better do a first-class job on every single one." The guys cheered, and some of their prick pouches were already straining with huge erections.

I stripped down to my jockstrap, as did Rick. We had a glass of wine and watched our friends work up a good sweat doing their sets. These guys took working out seriously, and they were ripped as hell. Soon, the room stank of male sweat, and it was time for Chad to go to work.

I paid close attention as he approached the first three or four guys to ensure he was doing well. Later, he would be on his own.

He crawled with his ass up and the dildo sticking out of his hole. He arched his back as I had taught him and kept his legs apart so his balls swung when he crawled. He was learning. Soon, I will break that stubborn streak of resistance in him. Chad still thought he had a right to his own thoughts and feelings. Still, it was only the first day. I suppose it takes a formerly straight college student a bit of time to adjust to the idea that he is a mindless cum hole! That is, he is to have no life at all except to service dick! Most people, horny as they are at times, can never understand a life where your only thought is the cock, balls, and asses of your betters - where you have no other work, no other hobbies, no other interests, and certainly no family, friends or school to distract you. You have to forget a lifetime of love and nurturing so you can become an animal whose only purpose is to serve your Masters and his fucking fuck meat. But don't worry, I had every intention of getting Chad to that point. I really was quite taken with him.

Chad had been instructed to ask each guy working out, "Please, Sir, may I lick your sweaty ass clean for you?" We started with some of our closest friends, who would get things going properly.

"What did you say, faggot? I couldn't hear you," a muscular buddy asked, tensing his sweating glutes. Since the guys only wore jockstraps, their asses were naked, and we could see the drops of sweat clinging to the ass hairs.

"Please, Sir may I lick … oh God … may I lick your sweaty ass clean for you." He was shaking all over the place.

"Yeah, actually, a nice ass suck would be good right about now. Rest your head back on the leather seat of this Universal gym, and I'll just squat down over your faggot mouth.

Honest to God, the look on Chad's face was priceless. With his jockstrap pouch stretched to bursting and a big grin, Mike straddled the kid’s face. The sweat from his hairy ass dripped onto Chad's face.

"Use your hands to spread the ass cheeks. Brock wants you to get way in there," I instructed.

"OOOOOOOH," Chad wailed as he spread the muscular ass globes, and more stinking sweat dripped down onto his face.

"Lick up and down the crack to catch all the sweat. Then suck the ass hairs so you get them nice and clean. And then go to work on the asshole itself. First, lick all around the pucker. Then suck on the ass, pucker. Then, stick your tongue as deep as you can up into the rectum! Then wiggle your tongue and fuck it in and out of my rectum. Then suck hard on the ass while you tongue my rectum. Anybody complains, and you are in deep shit."

And so, it went. Chad went from muscle man to muscle man, sucking ass. It took quite some time, but none of us were in a hurry.

"Take notice, Chad, how each ass tastes and smells differently. I am going to want you eventually to be able to identify one of my friends just by the taste of his ass."

So this was Chad’s life. This “straight” young college freshman has become my faggot on demand to do what I say when I say it, how I say it, and where I say it. So, his life is over as he knew it.

“Hey, pal, my pits are really rank. Can I have the faggot lick my armpits as well?”

“I don’t see why not. Right, Chad? After you finish with the asshole, bathe his pits with your tongue. And include that from now on as part of your service.” The taste of those assholes and pits must have been horrible if the smell was any indication.

A few times, Chad broke down and said he could not continue. But Rick produced a Tazer, and we soon had our boy back up to speed with all the enthusiasm of a young pup. Chad was so intent on sucking ass, in fact, that he seemed to forget entirely about the large rubber dick up his own ass. You see how quickly we adjust. He had been an ass virgin just that afternoon.

Eventually, all the asses had been sucked, and Chad lay on a mat, exhausted. His eyes were blurry, and spit hung from his swollen lips. Sucking 28 asses is no simple chore.

I held up an empty water bottle. “Our boy Chad looks thirsty. We can’t have him dry-mouthed. The next activity is sucking jock strap pouches. I hope you boys all wore your filthiest jock straps tonight. But Chad needs a drink. Does anybody want to help out?”

A large, sweaty Black man named George took me up on the offer. I didn’t know him, but he was Rick's good friend. He was six foot six and built like a fucking warhorse. He took the empty water bottle, opened it, and pulled aside his rank jock pouch so his eight-inch dick would flip out. And then let it go. He shot his piss into the bottle. Several guys in the room audibly responded to the sight. Others just stared.

“Holy shit!” I said to Rick.

“Yes, George has a 13-inch cunt buster when erect. I thought Chad might like that!”

“Oh my, yes, I think that will be one of his best friends. I need to get to know George better!”

George held the water bottle under his massive fuck meat, tensed, and a heavy spray of dark piss filled the bottle. Some of the guys cheered, and George’s blackface lit up with a white-toothed smile. He was quite a work of art. He was a professional fireman, but he could have been a porn star. I guess, as a fireman, his hose could come in handy! The bottle was filled to the top with very dark piss. George returned the top to the bottle and handed it back to me.

“Sorry if my piss stinks bad. I was eating asparagus.”

“No problem, George,” I said, wanting to get to know this dude better. “That's quite a fucker you've got on you."

He looked down at his wrist-thick dick and smiled a thick-lipped smile. "Yeah, I’ve been blessed. Got to be careful, though. I can rip a boy's pussy so easy it ain't funny. Most of the time, guys refuse to take me."

"Well, I can assure you, once we get him broken in, you can have Chad's pussy any time you please. You just come on over any time you feel the urge to fuck!"

Chad might have been asleep. He lay very still, covered with sweat. I kicked him gently. “Here, Chad, baby. Something to drink. Drink this, you'll feel better."

With a shaking hand, Chad took the water bottle from me and put the bottle to his lips. The first sip gave him quite a surprise. He coughed and gagged and spit onto the floor. I kicked him in the ass. "Don't you dare spit any of that out. George went through all the trouble to make it for you. I want to see you drain every single drop from that bottle! DO YOU FUCKING HEAR ME?" I was getting a bit upset with his continual resistance. What does teaching a boy that you do not spit up a man's piss? Jesus, it doesn't take a Rhodes Scholar to know that.

I am afraid I have always been something of a bully. When I was in high school, I would stop some little kid on the street, some kid of seven or eight, drag him into an alley, and make him drink my piss. But Chad would do just fine. We watched him gulping down the stinking dark yellow piss.

"Don't chug it too fast. You'll get piss burps." Rick quipped.

"Hey, I got to piss too," a darkly handsome Latino guy said, stretching his muscles and rubbing his dick in his dirty yellow jockstrap.

"Tell you what," I announced. "Anybody who needs to piss. Piss in this large plastic pail. Then, when Chad gets thirsty, he can have some of it.

Chad's tight little tummy will soon be bloated with man piss. “All finished, Chad? Good boy, you see how well it goes when you just follow orders and don't make a fuss. We could all have so much fun, and it would be easier for you if you went with the program. I don't like always hurting you. You know how much I like you. I've got a big old crush on you. But you make things so difficult.” Chad was hardly listening. Piss was running from his nose and lips. His eyes were unfocused.

"Come on, baby, stay alert! Time for your next fun task. You’re gonna love this!”

"Come on. We can't allow you to sit around all lazy like. Now I want you to go from guy to guy and give each guy's jock strap pouch a nice suck. Most of these straps are stiff with piss and cum and sweat, so you should get lots of flavors. I want you to get so good you can suck on a dude's jock strap and tell to whom it belongs. Of course, not tonight. Tonight, you are just getting your first taste. But within a few weeks or so. Look at all those hard pricks pushing out those elastic pouches. You are going to get a nice taste of dick too.” I continued, “But, Chad, before you get to your jockstrap cleaning, I think it's time we get you into something a bit more comfortable. Chad, come with me."

194 Gym Quest
Part 5 of 5

'Puh-lease, puh-lease don't do this to me. Puh-lease, let me … go. I'll be good. Please, Sir, I can't take any more … " Chad burbled as he changed into the new outfit I just handed him. I gave his nipples a good hard twist.

"Now, Chad, that’s the thing, I know you feel like you can’t do anymore, but lookie here, you’re gonna love doing this. It’ll become second nature. So, pull yourself together because, boy-oh-boy, do I have a lot more fun in store for you!” I told him with my usual big country boy smile. You’re gonna just love all these big stud guys!”

“Yes, I know you think this is not you. But the good news is, this is the you I want you to become. This is great! So, make me proud, Chad! This is our first date. First dates are so important. Tell me, do you believe in fucking on the first date?” I lay him back on a bench and worked his nipples, actually pulling his body up off the wood by the tits alone. Before I was through with him, he would have teats like a pregnant bitch. “I mean, if two people hit it off and really like each other, like you and I do, do you think it's wrong to fuck on the first date? I mean, I probably should have you tested for HIV and stuff to play safe as modern couples are supposed to do. Even though you claim you are an ass virgin and straight. I mean, you could be lying to attract me. So, we both should be tested, just to prove we're clean because I don't wear a condom when I fuck. But on the other hand, I think I should wait to have you tested after all 28 of my friends are going to fuck you! They're all going to fuck you bareback too, and I hardly know some of them. Rick does. So, I assume they are all clean. But you never know, do you. So, I'll have you tested after they all dump their loads up your pussy."

"I'm not … I'm not … please don't … please … I'm … " The cute little shit wasn't even making sense anymore.

And so, he reappeared in the gym, hardly able to even walk, wearing his new costume, a black see-through mesh jockstrap-like pouch. You could see his dick and balls clearly. His chest, with his stretched red nipples, heaved with the labor of each breath.

“Okay, Chad, the guys are going to sit around now and sip some beer and wine, and your job is to get those filthy jock straps clean as a whistle. Suck all the dried cum and piss and sweat out of those pouches."

"Start with me, faggot,” a huge hairy guy I didn't know shouted. “I ain't washed this jock strap in a year and a half."

"You heard the man, Chad. A perfect place to start."

Chad's pretty little mouth got pretty dry from sucking on all those jock strap pouches. The taste of sweaty dick and cum and piss and that dry elastic pouch can really get to you. So, every little while, we let Chad crawl over to the big plastic pail and slurp up some stale piss that filled it. Soon his hard little tummy was swollen like he was a bitch about to deliver pups. He started to beg me to allow him to please go piss, but I told him he would have to wait. He went on sucking the prick pouches that the guys at the gym were wearing. He got to taste the hard leaking cocks under the pouches too. A few guys flipped the pouches to one side to let Chat lick their big, sweaty balls.

After thirty minutes of this, we were all pretty much ready to fuck some faggot boy's ass. However, I felt that Chat needed a bit of instruction on cock sucking, as he had not actually done very much of that yet in his life, and he would be spending most of his days doing that in the future. So, I had one of the big black guys give him a cock sucking lesson.

We all watched while the black stud instructed him. Chad knelt before the muscular dude and licked his big, hairy purple nuts. He had sweat on his forehead from the need to piss, and every few minutes, he would double over with cramps. He would beg me to let him piss in between licking his scrotum, saying the pain was more than he could take. I told him that if he did an exceptional job learning how to properly suck dick, I would allow him to relieve his bladder. He moaned but turned his attention to the dark brown and purple 10-inch dick hovering over his face.

The black dude started by gently bitch-slapping Chad with the hard prick. Chad had to hold real still while the huge thick hunk of fuck meat whapped him across the face over and over, leaving trails of pre-fuck. Then Chad was instructed to open his mouth wide and stick out his tongue. When he didn't stick his tongue out far enough, the muscleman tapped the kid's ball sack with his naked toes just hard enough to elicit a long, drawn-out wail. Chad knelt with his tongue out, the cramps becoming more frequent now. His "Cock sucking" teacher rested the plum-sized purple head of his dick on Chad's tongue. It leaked like crazy, and a trail of fuck slime worked its way like a tiny river down the tongue into the boy's mouth.

"Yo, make sho' you taste dat dick! Don't just suck da motherfucker. You taste every dick you suck. You make sure it rubs over dat taste buds in your fucking face cunt! Got dat? You taste da flavor of dat prick!" I had to laugh. I didn't know this black dude well, but I did know he was the marketing director for a major firm. He was using street slang just for fun to intimidate Chad.

"You got dat, you mother fucking pansy cock sucking faggot? You understand dat you got to really taste da flavor of every single dick you suck?"

Chad tried to answer, but the big dick head leaking on his tongue turned his words into grunts. Jesus, that Black dude leaked a lot like a dog's spittle leaks continually when he is rutting. I reminded myself to invite him to more private parties so he could leak in some kid's mouth. A terrible spasm of cramps doubled Chad over, and the dick slipped out of his mouth and hit his head, leaving some pre-fuck in his hair. This did not make his teacher happy. He pulled back one large brown hand and slapped the boy hard across the face. Hard enough to loosen some teeth, I'll bet.

"Did I tell you to take dat dick outta your face hole? Did I say you could let ma cock head slip offa yo tongue? Get yo useless fucking mouth twat back up here and rest my dickhead on yo tongue like I taught you!"

The black dick was magnificent and looked so beautiful, resting on Chad's tongue. We were all jerking off just watching. Slowly the black dude began to see his dick in and out of Chad's mouth, a little at a time, riding on the cock lubed tongue. The dickhead itself was so huge that Chad had to open wide, like at a dentist’s office, just to get it in. He had difficulty imagining taking more than just the cock knob in his mouth. That huge dick slid over on the boy’s tongue in and out.

"Now let your tongue go back in yo mouth slightly. I said slightly, white trash. Now bring dose white cock sucker lips around the head of da dick as I fucking yo cute little face. Keep tasting ma dick. Don't stop tasting ma dick. I know my dick feels huge. Dats cause it’s mother fucking huge, but don' worry, you can take it. I got faith in you.” In and out, the huge brown cock went. The boy's lips closed over it as the tongue went into the mouth, and the cock started to gently fuck the face. Chad's lips pushed the thick dick skin back and forth.

"Dat a good little faggot cunt. Dis boy gonna make a first-class cock sucker! Easy does it. Take more and more dick. You got three inches in yo mouth. Only got seven more to go." At that, Chad made some kind of hysterical, freaked-out sound that got us all laughing.

"Now relax, yo palate. Let ma dick just slide in on dat pre-fuck. Down into yo throat!"

Through the large hollow gym workout room, you could hear the sound of guys’ hands slapping their balls as they pounded their pricks watching the show. Chad was singing now. It was a moan, but the tone went up and down with the big black cock going in and out of his mouth. More and more cock. And then Chad gagged! The black dude pulled out, stepping back, his 10-inch fucker swinging and throbbing and leaking like mad.

"What da fuck was dat? You gag on my dick? You gag on my dick, faggot?"

Slop ran from Chad’s lips and dripped from his chin onto his chest. He looked terrified. “I … I … it's too big. I'm sorry, but it's too big. I can't … I didn't mean to gag … I … " On and on the stumbling apology went. We were trying to keep from laughing, but Chad was crying.

The giant Black man reached down and grabbed Chad by the nipples. He lifted the kid off his knees by the tits! He actually lifted him right up by the nipples until poor little Chad was hanging limply by his nubs. I feared for a moment that the dude would tear the teats off, but he knew what he was doing. He let Chad's toes just touch the ground. Chad wiggled and twitched like a puppet.

"You don't gag on my dick! Ass wipe cock suckin’ mother fucking pussies do not gag on my big beautiful dick! You got dat?"

"It's too big … it's too beautiful. It's just too big. It's so awesome, Sir … " You should have heard the shit coming out of Chad's mouth.

"If you relax yo face, cunt, like I tole you to do, dere wouldn't be no problem. I fuck down into yo throat just like it was a nice tight twat. I’m teachin' you how to make yo throat a cuntal passage! I gonna be fucking it God damned hard soon, so my balls bounce offa yo chin! You gotta learn how to take ten inches down yo gullet, boy! You hear me? YOU IS MA FACE CUNT! NOW TELL ME WHAT YOU IS!"

"I'M YOUR FACE CUNT, SIR!" Chad yelled, getting with the program.

"Tell dese other dudes what you is!"


Do you think it's demeaning for a boy to have to admit that he is a face cunt for guys’ dicks? That his face is used as a pussy for dudes to fuck and unload their dick slop into? I suspect our boy Chad was feeling a wee bit degraded.

Well, this went on for some time. The big black dude worked more and more dick into Chad's mouth and down his throat. Of course, Chad gagged again. Who could not gag with that much fuck meat going down his windpipe? The black allowed that his dick was so huge that maybe a little gagging was to be expected. 20 minutes later, Chad hung off the black muscle bodybuilder's dick like he was attached to it by the mouth. The boy had no fight left. He was practically limp. But his mouth suctioned and slurped on the massive fucker invading his throat.

Saliva and pre-cum ran from his mouth on each backstroke. The huge black balls slapped against the boy's chin and neck on each forward thrust. The black held Chad by the ears and fucked him as hard as possible. I loved watching the meaty black ass cheeks contract as he fucked the boy's face and throat. It was beautiful. More than one guy shot his load just watching. We directed guys about to shoot to either do it in a large jar we had for the purpose or to step up and unload onto Chad's face and hair.

When the black giant came, his whole body tensed and vibrated. He slammed his dick as deep as he could and wiggled his hips so the cock would touch every part of Chad's innards. Chad couldn't breathe on the in strokes, of course, and he started to wither on the huge dick. The black just held his head as he sprayed the boy's throat and stomach with cum. Then he pulled out so the second spurt would fill Chad's mouth. Then he pulled all the way out so ropes of cum on the third spurt would hit the kid in the face. We gave the guy quite an ovation for his outstanding performance.

Chad lay on a floor mat in a fetal position, whimpering and sobbing. Cum ran from his mouth and nose. It covered his face. He held his distended tummy and sobbed.

"You still need to piss, Chad, my sweet new boyfriend?" I asked gently. "Does my baby need to piss?"

“Oh, God … yes, please. It hurts so bad. Please … " He rocked on the floor, holding his stomach. When he opened his mouth, strings of cum connected the upper lip to the lower. Backed-up sperm dribbled from his nose and ran into his mouth. He was really cute that way. I put one bare foot on his swollen stomach and gently pushed. Like a mother giving birth, he wailed, the sound bouncing off the wall of the gym.

"Okay, Chad, you can piss. Go on, throw your legs up over your head and piss into your own mouth!"

"Wwwhaaaaa? Huh?” Poor cunt was almost incoherent. He blinked and looked up at me.

"You heard Brock,” Rick told the boy, “You swing your legs up so your feet rest behind your head and let your dickie hang over your mouth and open wide and relieve yourself into your own mouth!"

Chad really truly believed he could not take any more abuse. Once again, he was so wrong. This was just the start of our fun. Here, we hadn't even scratched the surface yet, and he already believed he could not take any more. He had so fucking much to learn. I zapped him with a Tazer a few times to get him to put his legs up and his feet over his head. His dick, shriveled and wrinkled from pain and humiliation, hung limply over his face.

"Go ahead, baby. Open wide and have your piss. You have been begging for it. If you don't piss now, you may not get another chance all night. After you finish pissing, we will commence with the ass fucking and cock sucking. We've got 28 horny dudes here waiting for a crack at your crack, or perhaps your mouth, or maybe both. I mean, most of these dudes can cum three or four times a night, And although the night is no longer young, it is not yet anywhere near old!” I smacked Chad on the back of the thighs with a jump rope, and a spurt of piss shot out of his dick onto his face.

The guys cheered. Once the piss stream started, he could not control it. It was a heavy, hard spray like water shooting out of a fire hose. It splashed onto his face and into his mouth. He closed his mouth and eyes against the onslaught, but I kicked him to remind him to keep his mouth open and to swallow.

In front of 28 horny dudes, my new boy, Chad, pissed into his own mouth! He sobbed and pissed. Piss and cum and snot and tears ran from his face. The piss flowed like a hose into his own mouth. Shit, he certainly drank a gallon! No wonder his tummy had been bloated. Of course, he swallowed so much urine that he was sure to be bloated all over again, this time taking recycled piss from his own “system.” Near the end, he just rolled over and puked piss and cum onto the floor and lay there like a beached whale, although a good-looking beached whale.

"Well, baby, my buddies are not going to want to fuck you looking like that, so what say you crawl into the shower and clean off. Come on, fuck hole, up and at 'em." He was so filthy I didn't even want to kick him with my bare foot. He struggled to his shaky knees and, on hands and knees, started to crawl.

"Whoah! Wait up there, fella. Look at the mess you made on the gym floor. Look at all that piss and puke. Why not be a good boy and lick it up!"

Chad knelt there on all fours like a horse and shook his head from side to side. You would have sworn he was neighing. He was sobbing, of course. Have you ever seen a nice, strong, cute young college boy cry so hard that he can hardly function? It is really sexy. Chad’s masculine image and manly overtures to the ladies at the bars - gone! Every last bit of his sex appeal to women now all faded away. Where did this big-dicked, girl-fucking stud go? Well, he’s now a whimpering fagot pussie cunt of a whore. OK, so maybe not totally, not yet.

Chad knew he had no choice, so he lowered his head to the floor and started to lick up all the crap that had poured from his mouth and pisser.

“I got to tell you, Brock, I do believe he is the most disgusting piece of shit I have ever seen!” Commented Rick, stroking his fat dick.

We had him crawl into the shower area when the floor was clean. “Keep that ass up nice and high when you crawl. Show us that pretty little cunt!”

I have worked with enough boys to know what he was thinking about this time. He thought that if he could just hold on and put up with the abuse a little longer, it would end sometime soon. He was thinking, eventually, it would end. Fuck was he wrong! The more I saw this little stud suffer, the more ideas came to me for things I could do to make him suffer more. I mean, for Christ’s sake, this was only our first date! And everyone knows you take it easy on the first date. For example, you don’t fuck as hard as you’d like to because you don’t want to wreck the bitch too soon. On the first date, you encourage the bitch, telling her what a good job she is doing, sucking dick, or whatever. Later, once you have settled into the relationship, you beat the shit out of her if she doesn’t suck well enough.

I loved the sight of his ass high and his balls swinging between his legs as he crawled to the shower. All the guys were entranced with the sight, followed. There was not a soft dick in the place, except for Chad’s.

“Don’t worry about the guys fucking your ass. They can pretty much take care of themselves. You just think about your sucking. I don’t want a single complaint, you hear?” He was really wiped out. He kept sobbing that he couldn’t take it. He kept begging us for mercy. Some of the guys wanted to fuck his face in the shower, so we let them get started. I reminded him of our black friend’s lesson and warned him that he had better give a superior blowjob to every dude. As I said, these guys can shoot three or four loads a night, so after his long three-minute, restful, peaceful break, the fucking continued.

A half dozen of us followed him into the locker room to shower. While in the shower, Charles took an empty water bottle, filled it with soapy water, and squeezed it into his gut. When done, he then eased a shower hose up his ass to fill him up, or as they say, to top him off. Charles didn’t want to cause the boy any permanent damage. After all, all these men had done this possie training several times before. Chad looked nine months pregnant again and screamed his lungs out. Then we made him kneel and squirt the shit water out of his ass down the shower drain.

“Hey,” I shouted to two heavy-breathing horny studs at one point. “Why don’t a couple of you who are really well-hung see if you can get two dicks up his ass at the same time.” Now Chad would appreciate why I had opened him up earlier with the rubber dick. I also suggested that they try to get two dicks in his mouth simultaneously.

And so, it started. And we used every corner of the gym. First, it was in the shower, the locker room, and then on the gym floor. It was two at a time. While one guy fucked, the other got sucked. Rick and I had something to eat and a beer or two. We kicked back to watch some TV while the fucking and sucking went on and on. At one point, some of the guys came in complaining that Chad was pretty fucking listless. It seems he was either in shock or totally exhausted. So, I had Phil, an expert with a Tazer, perk him up. Tasing the balls can do wonders and give a boy more energy. Cum poured out of his ass, as none of the guys wore a condom. After an hour of more fucking, Phil had Chad squat over a large empty pail. Then, Tazed him good once again. This cause Chad to convulse uncontrollably and squirt out everything in his ass. It was an amazing amount. He kept burping and puking up cum.

I decided to be nice to him and allow him a much longer rest this time – a full four-minute rest before he continued sucking and getting fucked. His asshole was bright red and sore as hell. It was stretched and loose, but I knew it would tighten up again eventually. His ass lips, however, would probably stay thick and slightly turned out from all the cock, kind of like a cunt!

When he tried to speak, he had no voice left. He could only make raspy sounds that were incoherent mumblings and pleadings. He was lying on the floor, grumbling to no one. I pet his hair as one would soothe his loving dog. Then I left him there and went into the office to get the present I bought for Chad. Well, not specifically for Chad. It was for whoever would be my next conquest. I got this a few months back, knowing I would need it someday soon.

From the office, I looked over the counter at my new pussie whore. My eyes started to tear up with pride. He was naked, worn-out, emotionally destroyed, physically exhausted, dripping cum and snot from his mouth and nose. With the right side of his head motionless on the floor with his mouth open, his tongue relaxed, hanging out onto the floor. He was coated in sweat and cum and piss. His hair was cutely matted and reminded me of a dejected, starving, homeless teen in some scuzzy alley looking for a newspaper to cover himself to sleep. Yes, I was so fucking proud. I just met him less than 36 hours ago, and he has been everything I like in a straight boy. I want to train him to be my personal faggot pussie boy.

I found the package I was looking for and brought the small box over to where Chad had collapsed in the middle of the gym. I rolled him on his back, then sat down with my thighs on each side of his head so the top of his head was pressed against my big balls. He stared blankly at the ceiling. I lifted my long floppy dick and placed it on his face, where the tip landed on his closed lips. He was still out of it. I pinched his titties hard to get his attention, and he came back to life with a hoarse scream.

“Chad, now I know you’re having so much fun. You want to keep worshiping all these muscle studs until dawn. And that’s fine with me. I want you to enjoy yourself. That shows me you are being a good pussie cunt boy. What do you think about that?”

He looked up at my face and likely did not know my dick was on his lips, but he started to tell me, “Please … no more … home … take me … please … can’t do nothing … please … Sir … ”

“Now, Chad, I understand you are confused. I mean, you’ve been sucking dick, licking balls and ass, getting your ass plowed. Wow, you have been having a lot of fun, haven’t you?” I flash a big, broad smile, reflecting my excitement. “That’s to be expected, Chad. You have been misled all your young life and denied the wonderful experience of pleasing real men like us. I know we just set you free here to have all the slutty sex you have secretly dreamed about but were afraid to acknowledge out loud. Chad, I’m sure you are a little overwhelmed, so let me clarify this.” I removed the slave collar from the box and held it up over his face.”

“Now, here are your two choices. If you want to stay here and party and become the faggot pussie you know you want to be, you may wear this black leather slave collar. See, it has your name on it, ‘pussie slut’. And we will continue with your training and expand it to no limits. I know what is in your best interest, so I know this is probably your choice.”

“However, Chad, it’s got to be your decision here if you prefer to end our beautiful, loving relationship and go home from here. You get this,” and I held up Phil’s Tazer. “Well, you don’t actually get the Tazer. You get all your body parts Tazered for you.”

Chad’s eyes popped wide open, and I finally got his full attention. He obviously didn’t want to get Tazed again, but he also heard the words “go home” and “end our relationship.” Yep, he looked at me most intensely, and there was still my long dick lying across his lips. He never opened his mouth or struck out his tongue, but my dick was just there.

“But wait, here’s the fun part. This becomes a really cool game, with rules and challenges and everything. You see, all 28 of us will gather around you, and each gets one opportunity to shock you. BUT - and this is really cool - the rule is you get to pick which of your body parts each guy gets to shock. I know what you are thinking; you have each guy here Taze your dick or balls. Yeah, that would be fun, but we make it more interesting. When you choose a body part, let’s say your dick, and that gets shocked, you cannot choose that part again. So maybe you chose your balls. Well, you’d have to say right or left, and the next guy Tazes you there. As all the obvious parts get Tazed, you’ll still have to come up with a total of 28 parts. So, you start to choose your left ear, right eye, or maybe your Adam’s apple, and so on. So, you really get to show your knowledge of anatomy.”

“I know what you’re thinking; might 28 shocks be too much? Well, I am not sure. We never Tazed a pussie boy 28 times before. Usually, after 10 or 11 shocks, a boy passes out to the point he cannot be revived. But you’re much stronger. I will say this: the few pussie boys who have chosen the Tazer changed their minds after just a few shocks and admitted that they really, honestly wanted to continue on with their training for the few months that we would have him.” Then, I looked upward as I reflected on those past experiences. “As I think about it, every boy either chose to stay in training or chose the Tazer game and then changed his mind after a few shocks and asked to stay as our pussie boy.”

“But, as I said, this is your choice and whichever … ”

“Please … Sir… please don’t … Taze me. I want … I want … to stay in training,” Chad yelled out, interrupting me. Then he cried and sobbed, and there was no way to stop his crying for a while.

“Chad, you should not interrupt me, but I understand you are eager to suck more dick, get fucked, eat ass, and drink piss. And that’s not even the most interesting stuff we’ll train you to do.”

“But, as I said, I want to be fair. Show me a sign you freely choose to be my cock-sucking, faggot pussie boy.”

It finally dawned on him that my dick was lying across his lips, and he stuck out his tongue and began to lick my lovely drippy dick. To really get to sucking it, he tilted his head way back, pointing his chin to the ceiling, so he could aggressively swallow more of my dick. I didn’t have to instruct him at all. I let him enjoy himself for a few minutes.

“OK, Chad, I like your eagerness. And you can continue sucking my dick. I only want you to stop sucking me when I mention something you would refuse to do.” He nodded, though I don’t know how much he paid attention to my words as he chowed down my massive meat fuck stick.

“So, you will return to school and drop out completely.” I watched his mouth suck without a pause. “And I’ll take you to work, and you will make sure they understand you will not return.” Again, he kept sucking. “And you’ll call this silly girlfriend and call her a bitch, a slut, and a cunt, to make sure she will have no more to do with you, ever.” Chad was nodding his head slightly as he continued to please my dick, accepting my will and conditions.

It was three in the morning, except for Rick. All the others had gotten dressed and left. They had all the fun they could handle for an evening. Plus, most of them had to go to work in a few hours. Chad continued to lick and suck my now stiff dick. I didn’t feel like climaxing right now. I enjoyed his mouth work so much. It had been a long day, and training a new pussie boy takes a lot of energy. I know it’s all fun and games for the pussie boy, but it is stressful for me. So, I was just resting and relaxing.

After a wonderful 20 more minutes, “OK, Chad, get up on your knees and face me.” He released my happy dick, which stiffly bounced around like a sword making fencing moves, and pulled himself up to his knees. “OK, so you want to continue. And that means you have earned your collar.” And he stared at it in my hand.

The End

The end? So is this how Chad will live the rest of his life? Where is the escape? The revenge? Does this dominator come to his senses? I mean, what if he gets tired of the boy after a few years or whatever time frame? Does he set him free? Does Chad become so twisted that he eventually likes his sub-slave position with this Master? Is it possible that he never gets back to dating women, working, or school? Wow, this can’t end here without our knowing the full story. Right?

The sequel to this story will begin in 2 days. Make sure you read it.

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