065 Hell Week Three

65 Hell Week Three
Part 1 of 5

Morgan Becomes a Cast Member

From Hell Week Two: Jeff Black, president of the SAE Fraternity, was meeting with the other key members to discuss the hazing progress of all four pledges. Of course, they were well aware that all the pledges were doing pretty good. None asked to drop out of Hell Week. That was a little surprising to the Brothers because they intentionally made it more difficult than in any past year. It was Mr. Victor Lasseter, Morgan’s uncle, who asked his old SAE Fraternity (where he had been a member some 25 years earlier) to make it as degrading and as sadistic as they possibly could for Morgan. This meant that they had to make it just as difficult for all four pledges, to seem to be fair.

Morgan’s rich Uncle Victor Lasseter had offered to pay the full tuition cost for his nephew, supposedly because the boy’s family could not afford it. But the real truth is, that a few years ago, Morgan, in a drunken rage, or maybe on a bad drug, raped Mr. Lasseter’s daughter. No charges were brought; the families involved did not want any notoriety. So the criminal matter was soon forgotten. All was seemingly forgiven – EXCEPT - by Uncle Victor who wanted to ruin his nephew’s life.

Continuing: But things were not going as planned. You see, Morgan was doing pretty well at meeting the ridiculous and humiliating tasks required of him during the entire initiation process. There was one day left in Hell Week Three, and the Brothers had agreed to ramp it up even more. The upping of degradation was that instead of making Morgan do humiliating things in front of the other frat buddies, they would have him engage in embarrassing and humiliating acts in front of the general student body. The focus for this last hazing day would be only on Morgan. That would break him. He was the only one who needed to fail.

Jeff called Morgan and Jared to his room. “Well, you guys are heading for the finish line. This is the last Week of your initiation. I don’t know if you will pass or not. So far, you have not shown very much of the old-school spirit during your initiation. Some of the guys think you both are failing. They are probably right, from what I have seen of you two, but I’m not one to rush to judgment.” Both Jared and Morgan showed a look of disappointment. All they went through for the last two weeks plus, was no less than hellish, immoral, and dehumanizing. And now, they are being told that they might as well give up. They did their very best, and apparently, that was not enough. So why not quit now and spare any more pain from further degrading acts.

However, Jeff was not telling them the truth. He is the president of the frat, but the decision of whether or not the pledges are accepted is the decision of the 16 voting senior class brothers. Jeff and the two Assistant Pledge Masters, Li and Lorenzo, all knew the voting members were very impressed with what this year’s four pledges have put up with, and passed, the worst levels of hazing ever required. So, for Jeff, Li, and Lorenzo to assist Morgan’s rich Uncle Victor in defeating Morgan, it would have to happen during this last day.

Morgan’s uncle was secretly working with these three Pledge Masters to make it so difficult on Morgan that he would just choose to quit, rather than undo go any further humiliation and hazing. If Morgan quit the frat, his rich uncle would no longer pay all his tuition costs. That was the deal he made his nephew. And, if he quit, Victor Lasseter would give $100,000 to his old SAE (which he belonged to, and enjoyed, some 25 years ago) to renovate their Fraternity House. Victor Lasseter was only using them to destroy Morgan, because a few years earlier, Morgan had raped his cousin Suzie, Mr. Lasseter’s daughter. Everyone forgave Morgan, and never pressed charges, but Mr. Lasseter never forgot, nor forgave. He wanted secret revenge. He schemed to have his nephew become a rejected outcast of the family when the frat president revealed all the videos and photos showing Morgan “freely” committing degraded, degenerate, and deviant sexual acts. And the bonus for Uncle Victor Lasseter would be that he would be seen as the uncle-hero, who stepped in to pay all of Morgan’s costs, solely because he was being so kind and loving to his nephew. Ah, the sweet smell of revenge.

Since Jeff did not want Morgan to succeed in completing the last week of Hell Week, Jeff did not want Morgan to know that the voting Brothers of the frat were on course to pass him. If Morgan knew that, he’d be re-energized to take any other shit coming his way. So Jeff made sure Morgan understood he was failing all along. This way he would have no reason to continue to be even more humiliated. Why? He was going to be rejected anyway. Jeff was hoping Morgan would just give up or that he would not try very hard to complete any more tasks.

“OK, pledges. Tommy and Kyle have their own tasks for today, I doubt if they will make it into the frat either.” He just lied again. Tommy and Kyle were also doing well with the voting Brothers, and are on track to be accepted. “Today, I volunteered you both as the medical subjects needed for medical students to practice on. I think they may be doing some kind of test or something, and the professor asked for volunteers for his students.”

Both gave a “yes, Sir.” But felt weird about anything medical. Morgan was even less enthusiastic.

Morgan, Member of the Cast Class

“Well, that’s great, report to the science complex and go to room 404.” Then he added something odd. “Jared, you stay here for a bit. I have additional instructions for you. Morgan, before you do, get showered and wear clean clothes. I don’t want you to embarrass SAE. Arrive at 10 AM. I don’t think Professor Davis is teaching today, but ask for whoever is in charge.” The pledges didn’t have a clue what was going on, or why they were being split up. Morgan left to get cleaned up. Jeff told Jared what he wanted him to do. It was made very plain to him that he was given the easier task and that if he did not follow directions to the letter, he’d be doing Morgan’s task. Jared understood and promised not to mess up.

“Is this lab room 404? I was asked to come here at 10 to assist in the lesson for today. Is Professor Davis here?” Morgan said nervously. He did not readily recognize Phil as one of the brothers at SAE Fraternity, but he was a senior brother who also happened to be in this medical class.

“Oh, yes. Morgan, from SAE. Good, glad you are here.” He shook the pledge’s hand. And then Morgan remembered seeing him in the hallways at the frat. “Dr. Davis is not here. He usually doesn’t teach during lab classes. He has one of his more advanced students, in this case, me, helping out students. We appreciate your helping the students out; this won’t be very difficult, at least not for you, but it may be for our newer students. This is a casting lab where we are going to practice placing plaster casts on others.” Phil looked down at his clipboard and then added, “I have you down for a broken arm. That’s easy enough.

The class is just arriving. Better drink a lot of water so your skin stays hydrated. Come in and have a seat in the front of the room, we should be ready to start soon.” Then he noticed his fellow pledge, Jared, come in carrying a box. He assumed Jared was the subject the students would use after him. Then Phil turned to Jared and asked, “Good, I see you brought more bandages, plaster dust, and … oh, more bottles of water. Great.” Then Jared handed Morgan a quart size bottle of water. “Yes, start getting hydrated so we can begin,” Phil told him.

Morgan started drinking quickly, so he would not hold up the class. After hearing what Phil said, Morgan was not nervous at all. He was glad his friend Jared was there. Letting students cast his wrists seemed like a simple task and he even thought it would be kind of fun.

“OK, class, as you know, today’s lab is all about the technique of casting broken limbs. Now we have our first subject here, Morgan. Another subject will arrive a bit later, as needed. We will work in pairs.” Phil read from his clipboard again, “OK, Jill and Luke, you will start with making a wrist and arm casts. Morgan, please remove your shirt.” He did and started to take off his T-shirt as well. But Phil stopped him. “No, the tee can stay on, that’s fine.” Then Phil had an idea. “Also, let’s have Vie and Sally come up also. You two ladies can cast the right wrist and arm, while Jill and Luke can cast the left side. I want the rest of you all to come around close and watch, so when it’s your turn with the next subject, you’ll have a better idea of how to master good techniques from those you are watching.”

The lab session had about a dozen students. Everyone moved around like bees in a hive to get a good place to watch the castings. Morgan was guided to a large medical-type padded table with arms that swung out to each side. There were other chrome protrusions that have had other purposes too. Morgan just sat there, drinking water as some students filled large bowls with warm water and others set many roles of powdery gauze-like material on nearby rolling tray tables. Scissors and other surgical implements were set in rows on other trays. Morgan felt good, being the center of attention, and he could not help notice the sexy young ladies in lab coats. That put a smile on his face.

It was quite simple, the plaster-infused gauze rolls were placed in the warm water for a short time, maybe 30 seconds and quickly taken out. Jill placed a very lightweight cloth glove over Morgan’s hand and arm, where the wet plaster would go. The cloth made the cast friction-free while the cast was on. Luke held Morgan’s gloved hand a certain way and Jill immediately began unrolling the wet gauze around his forearm many times, and gradually work her way around the wrist and the hand completely, not even leaving the thumb or fingers exposed.

Then Luke bent the arm quickly in an “L” shape so his arms would not stick straight out. And a sturdy plastic rod placed between his upper arm and the side of his torso. It formed a triangle. This is so the weight of his muscular arm sticking out would not break or weaken the plaster. He bent it at a right angle at the elbow. As he did that, he wet his hands and smoothed over the plaster, including around his hand and fingers. Morgan was surprised at two things: that it dried hard in only 20 minutes, and second, that it was so much bigger than the most common, shorter cast to support a broken arm. At this point, he could only bend his arm at the shoulder and not at the wrist or elbow.

At the same time, Vie and Sally did exactly the same thing on Morgan’s right hand and arm, including the placement of the rod to support his arm out level. He looked like a white chicken with his wings stuck out. When that arm was done, he needed to sit there with his hands up to let everyone see the results. Students were feeling how hard the casts got and how quickly. Morgan was proud of how well it went and that he was done in less than an hour. He was ready to leave and told Phil.

“No, we aren’t done yet. We are going to do a shoulder cast on you that will cover your upper body and join the right and left arm casts. Normally this is not done in these sections, but I need to allow each student to make a part of your upper body cast.

“Of course, before you leave we’ll cut the casts off. We appreciate your patients.” Morgan had no complaints; he had nothing else to do before noon anyway. So it was fine. He could not stop checking out the young female students. He imagined them as sexy skimpy-chad nurses, attending to his every need. How awesome.

“The next students will work on the shoulder casts which will join together to make a complete upper body cast. And that will be Lance and Tim,” Phil announced. “Oh, and again, let’s double up to save time, so we can get Morgan on his way. So, Anna Le and Colt can work on the other shoulder.”

As soon as Lance stepped up, he picked up the scissors and immediately began to cut Morgan’s tee shirt up the front from the bottom edge, working quickly to the shirt neck. “Whoa there. Why are you cutting his tee?” Phil asked.

“I thought you wanted us to look at this as treatment in an emergency room, and that we … ” Lance was cut off.

“Ok, that’s not what I had in mind, but … good thinking. But let’s not ruin any more of Morgan’s clothes,” Phil smiled. The tee was already ruined so he completed his cut and pulled the shirt off of Morgan’s chest. “As I think about this, class, Lance adds an interesting and important element. Yes, let work as if we are in the emergency room setting and assume the patient is not coherent.”

“In that case, we should place an oxygen mask on him as a visual reminder that he is not awake.” Jared just interjected. What? Where did Jared come from? He had been in the back of the room a minute ago, and now he was standing next to Phil.

“Oh class, this is Dr. Jared, he’s here to observe how you are all doing. And to grade my teaching performance.” Jared nodded hello. Of course, Jared was not a doctor; he was a member of the four who was pledging the SAE Fraternity. And, he was following frat President Jeff’s orders to make this medical hazing so difficult and humiliating that Morgan would just quit.

“About the mask. Good idea, but no oxygen, I’ll just set it on room air. He’ll be forced to mumble.” Then he turned to Morgan, “I want you to act like you are zoned out, you know, like how you get at a party with your peers.” Everyone laughed. One of the other students rolled a machine over and Phil placed the oxygen mask over Morgan’s nose and mouth. No one noticed Phil setting the valve to 30% Nitrous Oxide (also known as laughing gas). Soon it would make him giddy and woozy. “This way, the students won’t have your co-operation. They need to learn casting and all treatments on patients who are mentally not there.”

This was the type of mask that had a one-inch diameter hard rubber tube that protruded into a patient’s mouth a few inches. The purpose of this mask type was to depress the tongue to keep it out of the way and avoid a choking hazard. “That’s fine, just act incoherent,” Phil repeated. Morgan just sat upright on the padded table that had multiple knobs and levers. “OK, Morgan, just say, ‘hello class.’”

“Haho hass.” Again the students giggled. It did not take long for Morgan to relax with a dopey smile.

“Did you want to use the soothing gel?” “Dr.,” Jared asked.

“Oh yes.” Phil retrieved it from the supply shelf. “OK, this should prevent chafing and dry skin on sensitive areas of the body. Colt, will you apply it as we discussed in class.” Colt took the large squeeze bottle and squirted a good amount into his palm, and began to rub it on Morgan’s chest. Colt was all excited, he enjoyed touching Morgan’s sexy tanned, muscular, chest and rubbing the gel all over it. The one diamond stud in his ear was a gay pride symbol. Yeah, he must have enjoyed himself.

“That’s it, Colt. Apply it liberally,” Phil explained. “Make sure you work it on the nipples too.” That seemed like an odd comment, but Colt was pleased to oblige.

“OK, now, Lance and Tim, and Anna Le and Colt, you all studied this type of casting. So let’s put that knowledge into practice.” Phil stepped out of the way and the two teams brought in fresh warm water bowls and multiple rolls of plaster gauze wrappings.

Colt was kind of in a hypnotic state as he was drooling while working the gel, focusing on Morgan’s nipples, and pinching them. Colt thought it was cool having this handsome muscle jock under his control as he played openly with the guy’s sensitive nubs.

“Ha hees. Hoo ooo, eese,” Morgan chuckled at the tickling sensation on his nipples. The class chuckled in reaction to the mumblings coupled with the silly smiling look on Morgan’s mask-covered face. Colt loved getting that reaction. Morgan instinctive wanted to bring his hand to his chest to stop Colt. But Morgan’s hands and arms were encased in rigid plaster. That was the end of any ability to interfere in whatever Colt wanted to do.

This was such a kick for the small-built Colt. He now used his fingernails to erotically scratch at those puffy erect nubs. “Haa ha haaa haha,” But he had to stop as Anna Le set the back of the padded table down flat to allow the wet plaster wrappings to go fully around his torso. After all, this was going to be a one-piece arm and body cast from his navel up to his neck.

Since Anna Le and Colt were now wrapping on top of Morgan’s upper arm plaster and now working to the shoulder. Lance and Tim were working on his left upper arm also to make it into a full arm and shoulder cast. Both plastered arms needed to be positioned level to the floor and at shoulder height and held still too dry in the configuration. As one member of each team held the arms still, the other two members worked together to continue the plaster wrapping over his shoulders, then carefully around his neck. Layers upon layers were wrapped with wet plaster cloth. Then they wrapped his torso from the shoulders downward. The result was a full upper-body cast that was constructed continuously from each encased hand to his neck and down to his navel. As the plaster dried, they would wet their hands to help smooth it out.

Morgan had no use of his hands nor could he move his fingers. His hands were just stuck out there as the plaster got really hard, as expected.

Phil called out to the class. “These students did a great job, though with practice it can be done even neater. But great job guys. OK, everyone come around again and feel the sturdiness of these castings. It will be completely dry and at maximum strength in an hour. But even now, at 20 minutes or so, it is fine for support.”

Colt, and also one of the girls, could not help but tickle Morgan’s exposed belly button, as they pretended to feel and gently test the strength of the cast material. “Haaa ho ha haaa ha.” Was the only sound he could make with the stubby air tube depressing his tongue down. The class was used to Morgan’s goofy reactions thinking he was just acting as asked to.

“Ok, we are just about done with Morgan, and we all appreciate his patience and time. But … ” then Phil turned to the patient, “Do you mind staying like this until the plaster is completely dry and we can have a demonstration of how these castings are cut off? Or do you need to go, and … I realize you said you have a lunch engagement.”

Morgan, told Phil plainly, “Ho, ho, ha eed ha ho, eese.” (He was saying “No, no, I need to go, please.”) As he shook his head no, meaning he could not stay.

But Phil, knowing this casting was a part of SAE’s pledge for Hell Week, twisted his meaning into, “No, he did not have to go now.”

“That’s great and then you,” Phil told him. But Morgan was out of it and did not understand what was happening.

Jared, who enjoyed watching all the antics, and was also fully working on Jeff’s plan to haze Morgan to the max, stepped up to Phil again. “Phil, I just got a call that your other subject for the broken leg casting is not able to come.”

Phil looked around, pretending to be thinking of some solution. “I guess we won’t be able to complete the full lab session today, class.”

“Wait, please, let me have a word with Morgan in private,” Jared interjected. Phil nodded and turned to address the class. Phil was explaining to the class, the difference between plaster casts and the newer fiberglass casts, and why plaster is still used a lot today. That allowed Jared to consult with Morgan.

Jared was whispering to Morgan who then started making a lot of he he, ho ho, and ha ha sounds. Jared was telling his giddy buddy that he, Morgan, was required by the frat’s hazing rules to stay and continue being used. However, if he chose to quit the frat, that was ok. Since Jeff really wanted Morgan to quit, Jared was instructed to encourage him to stop everything and walk out. But Morgan shook his head no. He was aware just enough to communicate that he was no quitter. He was coherent enough to know that he needed to get into the SAE fraternity for his Uncle Victor to pay all his school costs. Without his rich uncle’s money, there was no way he, or his family, could cover his cost of college.

The class was occupied with Phil’s question and answer period, so no one was hearing Jared’s comments. “Morgan, I’m your buddy. Maybe you should quit. Look, if you go ahead with this last hazing task, it will only get harder for you.” Morgan again shook his head no. “I just want to warn you, that quart of water you drank to be hydrated? Well, it was laced with something stronger than Viagra.” Morgan had trouble fully focusing on what Jared was saying due to his breathing in Nitrous Oxide (also known as laughing gas). With Jared’s back to the students and his body blocking their view, Jared was squeezing the bulge in the front of Morgan’s shorts for a discreet boner check. He discovered that Morgan was just beginning to get erect.

“Morgan, you really should drop out. I’m not sure if the nitrous oxide is letting my words get through to you right now, but I see you are starting to throw a boner.” Morgan’s eyes were a bit glassy as he stared at Jared. You may not feel it yet, but I see the effects starting to work its boner-building magic.” Jared giggled to himself. “Look, buddy, if you quit now, you won't be embarrassed. I mean, do you want to be the laughing stock of the class, and the entire school? Do you really want to spring a huge boner here?” Morgan continued to giggle at the silly thought of getting boned up in front of this class.

Jared felt badly sabotaging his friend, but SAE President Jeff would rake him over the coals if he did not comply with putting pressure on his classmate to drop out. Jared was not sure his warning was getting through to his foggy brain. But he tried his best to follow Jeff’s orders. It did not seem to be working.

“Jared finished his ‘one-way’ conversation with Morgan and then interrupted Phil. “Ok, good news. Morgan is okay with staying all day if you need him. He’s definitely nervous, but he understands that this is important for the class. He’s being a really good sport. So he will be glad to help you and your class out. Morgan wanted me to warn the class that if he protests, he’s just playing his part as an uncooperative patient, as requested.”

“Ok, great, some patients can be fearful of casting, so it’s good he’s willing to play-act being afraid. We lost some lab time here, but let’s get back to it. Let’s see … who’s up next.” He reviewed his clipboard notes, “Ah, yes, Lou and Sharon, will work on the right ankle and Gloria and Betty on the left. You’ve observed several castings already; now, you should have a good idea how this should go.” These two teams were going to just cast the feet and ankles. When they were finished, the next two teams would cast Morgan from the ankles to above his waist to meet the upper body cast, making the body cast contiguous. “Remember, the setting is in an emergency room, and the patient is incoherent. With that, I am going to step back. Any questions or issues you have, please try to work them out yourselves.” Phil explained and sat down to observe.

Now that the upper body cast was complete and hard, Morgan’s padded table back was returned to its upright position. There he sat like a mannequin or robot with his arms out horizontal and bent at the elbows. His upper body was fully plaster-covered except for his head.

Jared, who was watching all the teams work from the back of the room, came up to the front. Jared’s concern was that Morgan was getting too giddy and too “out of it” on the Nitrous Oxide gas. He was missing out on the negative sensation of embarrassment and humiliation because he was not very mentally or emotionally present. Jared knew the next steps were designed to get to him and shake him to the core. Maybe, just maybe, it would cause him to quit the frat. Morgan just needed to be awake and fully aware.

“Dr.” Jared, as the class was introduced to him, simply shut off the oxygen mask. Morgan took some deep breaths of fresh air, still with the mask fully on. He was coming too. Morgan stared at his encasement in plaster, covering his outstretch arms and covering his chest, and was wondering what the fuck was going on. In a few minutes, the effect of the giddy-making, gas wore off. He became fully aware that he was helping the class with their medical lab lessons in plaster casting, but … he thought he was just to have one on a pretend broken arm.

Even though the oxygen (nitrous oxide) was all shut-off, and he was breathing room air only, Jared intentionally left the mask itself on him. You will recall this type of hospital mask has a one-inch diameter hard rubber tube that protruded into a patient’s mouth a few inches. The purpose of this mask type was to depress the tongue to keep it out of the way and avoid a choking hazard. The side benefit for Jared to assist in the hazing prank was that the tube in the mask prevented Morgan from speaking clearly. To the frat members who designed this hazing stunt, Morgan could not be allowed to speak. They did not want Morgan to stop the humiliation.

When his mind cleared he recalled volunteering and having a true desire to help these students. He focused on his inability to move his encased fingers, his hands, his arms, and his shoulders. He needed to tell someone that he had a lunch engagement and afternoon classes to attend. “Haa ha haaho hee.” It was as clear a speech the mask would allow.

Phil, the student instructor, went over to “talk” to Morgan and see how he was doing. He was pretending to be concerned and supportive.

“Ha ha heee he hoo ho,” Morgan said as he tried to make physical gestures with his rigid limbs. Or, at the very least, to have the mask removed so he could speak clearly and end his mummification. The cast was preventing him from moving. This was the whole purpose of the hazing prank. No movement, no communications. Period.

“Great, class, Morgan just indicated he is fine with staying and helping us out as long as we need him.” Then Phil turned to Morgan, “Thank you. And don’t worry about anything you had planned for later today. All your other commitments were canceled.” Phil said as he pretended to understand the mumbling.

“Hoo haahoo haa,” then added, “hoe heeee ha,” Morgan said, expressing his need to attend classes and that he needed to stop this and leave. Morgan was also shaking his head from side to side, meaning “no, I can’t stay.”

“Oh, so you have no concerns. That’s great. No, you don’t want us to stop? Wonderful. So we can take whatever time we need and use you to our full benefit.” Then Phil turned to the class again, “Class, we don’t need to hurry, we have the lab all day, and Morgan is free for our use. So take your time to be detailed and precise.”

66 Hell Week Three
Part 2 of 5

Morgan was volunteered by the frat to be used in the lab medical class to have students create plaster casts. However, the prank required Morgan to not be able to speak. So, they had him wear a type of mask with a one-inch diameter hard rubber tube that protruded into a patient’s mouth a few inches. The purpose of this mask type was to depress the tongue to keep it out of the way and avoid a choking hazard. The side benefit for Jared, who was assisting the frat in this hazing prank, was that the tube prevented Morgan from speaking clearly. For the frat members who designed this hazing stunt, it was important that Morgan not speak. If he could, he would stop all the humiliation and embarrassment.

Ha ha heee he hoo ho,” Morgan said as he tried to make physical gestures with his rigid limbs. Or, at the very least, to have the mask removed so he could speak clearly and end his mummification. The cast they put on him prevented him from moving. The mask prevented him from speaking. Perfect!

“Great, class, Morgan just indicated he is fine with staying and helping us out as long as we need him.” Phil, the frat brother, lied to the class.”

“Ok, class, we have a new observer here today. This is Dean,” pointing to the student who just came up to him, “He’s one of the students from our UNM school newspaper, the Lobo. The student reporter wanted to document the students’ lab work.

“So, Morgan, we all want to protect your privacy, so he won’t film anything if your object. If you are ok with his videotaping this, just let us know what you think?”

“Eees ho, ha ho ha who.” Morgan unclearly said, but meant, “Please don’t, I don’t want to.” First, this student was not a reporter, just another frat brother to assist in Morgan’s public humiliation.

Secondly, again Phil lied when pretending to interpreted Morgan’s mumblings. Instead, he said Morgan approved of the reporter, “Class, Morgan just said he wants the school paper to photo him in this lab exercises. That’s great. I guess Morgan will do anything to be on the cover of the newspapers.” Class members applauded at Phil’s joke.

So Phil and the fake reporter were frat brothers, and “Dr.Jared,” though a pledge was coerced into helping to sabotage Morgan. If he didn’t cooperate, he’d be out of the frat. Morgan was freaked out. He thought at least this will be over soon, but he was not going to chicken out. And then he’ll be in the frat. He did not understand anything about this body cast stuff. He was just to get one arm cast and that was it. He was nervous. Jared bent over to whisper in his ear. “I know you can understand me now. You’re not under the effect of the nitrous oxide, and I tried to warn you that that full quart of water you drank earlier was spiked with some viscous cock-rising stuff far better than Viagra. Not believe me? Look down at the bulge in your shorts.”

“HAA, HAHEM WHO HO HE!” Morgan raised his … his … er … mumblings.

“He feels so happy and excited to be of service.” Dr. Jared said cheerfully. “Yeah, he just bursting at the seams to be here. And Dean, he says take all the photos you want of him, he has waived his rights for the school paper.”

Phil again mentioned his appreciation. “OK, but let’s get this casting done.”

Gloria took the lead and just started by bringing the mechanical footrest of the padded table up to extend Morgan’s legs out level. Then she and Betty prepared to work on Morgan’s left foot, While Lou and Sharon were ready to cast his right. Isaac was kind enough to bring two tightly rolled large towels and placed one under the calf of each leg. This elevated Morgan’s feet so they could wrap them thoroughly from toes to above his ankles. By now, all members of the class were doing fairly well. After both feet were wrapped in bulky plaster wraps. They waited a few minutes for the initial drying.

And then it happened. The two teams were silent. BINGO! The four of them, two on each side of Morgan, all looked at Morgan’s shorts. They were supposed to put their plaster casts on his legs fully from the ankle to the groin. The casting was not a competition, but most of the students naturally wanted to best the others and each acted as he knew more. And, they were just told to “figure it out” without asking questions or requesting guidance from Phil. Since they already put the large casts on each of his ankles, the obvious issue is how to remove his tight shorts over the bulky ankle casts.

After a moment of silent mental debate, Gloria, wanting to be seen as a leader, just picked up the surgical scissors from the tray and began to cut Morgan’s shorts from the leg hem at the knee, upward. Lou, not wanting to be outdone casually used the other scissors and did the same, cutting up the left side of the shorts. “OK, Lou, just cut all the way up as I am doing,” Gloria said, intending to be instructive. Both finished cutting to the waist and removed the top half. Sharon and Betty pulled out the bottom section of the cut shorts from the side.

“HAA HE HOHO, HAAA,” Morgan wanted to bring his hands down to cover his bikini briefs and with a rather large bulge that he hoped no one noticed. The class gathered closely around the padded table where Morgan was sitting upright with his legs positioned out level. He was so embarrassed. He was hoping his bunched-up erection was not that obvious, but who could miss it. The underwear was straining in all directions. The thing about the underwear is, it was given to him to wear by Jeff, the Fraternity President, for this medical hazing prank. If you didn’t already know they had been altered, you would think they looked like normal modern briefs, on the skimpy side, fine in today’s male fashion style. However, tiny, almost unnoticeable, slits had been cut into the various seams to weaken their construction.

Dean went from filming from his out-of-the-way position in the back to moving up to a position between the two teams working. He even turned on an auxiliary floodlight pointing it at Morgan’s lumpy underwear. No one said a word, but that big mound was pulsing. It dawned on him now, that Jared had told him the quart of water he drank before this all started was spiked with … what was it … oh, “something stronger than Viagra.” Jared had warned him to just quit instead of going through this Hell Week hazing challenge. Even with the oxygen mask on, everyone could see that his face was turning red.

Morgan was getting hysterical, “HA AA HEE HO HE!” as he tried to wiggle the trunk of his body. He even lifted his butt off the seat of the padded table and tried to pound it down.

Lou, trying to take a leadership role, casually spoke out to the class, “Remember, Morgan is playing the part of an uncooperative patient, as he was requested to do. We need to hold him down. Hopefully, he will settle down so we can quickly do our castings of his legs.” The four of them leaned their body weight on him. Gloria and Lou leaned on his knee and lower legs, and Betty and Sharon leaned on his upper legs and hips. Morgan was trying to bounce up with his butt and shake them off but his hands were uselessly plastered in a horizontal level position, and that is how they will remain. So he mumbled and groaned, as if in pain, but of course, they thought it was fine acting.

Sharon, who had always seemed to be the quiet type, really thought this hunk of a man, almost completely naked, was so fucking sexy. No one noticed in all the surprising commotion, that she had one of her hands just under the hem of his thin skimpy briefs, and she was using her fingernails to scratch, in an erotic tickling way, his flesh next to his compressed dick. At the same time, she was looked over at Betty and smiled seductively, inviting Betty to join her in the tickle-tease adventure around Morgan’s over-stretch undies.

“OK,” Lou suggested, “just lay your body weight on top of our patient. Everyone stay calm. Let him just relax for a few seconds.” Lou spoke slowly and calmly. “Just hold him down for a minute.” Morgan did not want all these strangers touching his nearly naked body so intimately. He did not want the video guy moving in closer as he was doing, zooming in on his underwear. Morgan was aware that his dick was flexing, trying to break free of the thin material surrounding it. Sharon figured all this out. He was a hunky jock captive and she loved leaning her breast against his naked muscular, thigh. She never stopped fingering him anywhere on his body she could do it covertly. That was easy for her to do; no one was looking at her anyway.

“Look, everyone, just light rub our scared, nervous patient everywhere; let’s show the staff how we can all help calm him,” Lou said. So the four of them openly and gently petted and rubbed Morgan all over. Of course, his upper body was encased in plaster, so “everywhere” meant from his waist down. Sharon placed her hand on top of his skimpy briefs as if she was just rubbing nonchalantly. She rubbed his hip and lower exposed belly and the warm flesh she felt under his balls. She also noticed that those sexy briefs were about to rip open.

Morgan took a big, deep breath, and mumbled, “Haa, ha, hoha, hehe, haho.” The difference was that this time he “spoke” in a very low tone, as he stopped moving. He had resigned himself to just co-operate. He wanted everyone off of him. So his only choice was to just be still.

“Ok, it worked. Slowly get off of him. I think he is fine we can continue.” Lou said. So as everyone let go and slowly straightened up. Jennifer covertly hooked her fingernails into the thin material of his bikinis that she noticed with inner excitement were coming apart at the seams. She just pretended to rise up as the others did, and “accidentally” snagged the briefs with her nails.

Morgan’s skimpy briefs ripped in two. His dick sprang to full erection, now pointing upward toward his face. Sharon exhausted more under her breath, “Oh my, how did that happen?” And then she just pulled the rest of the tiny material off him. “Well, these were going to be in the way sooner or later,” and tossed them on the floor. Oddly, not one spoke up to suggest that they cover him with a towel or cloth. No one said a single word, not any of the four who were about to create the leg casts, not the guy filming who immediately pushed the camera lens a few inches from his bobbing dick, not any of the students watching, and certainly not Phil or Jared who were both in on the humiliating hazing prank, which just went off without a hitch. Or was that … without a stitch?

Morgan sat there completely humiliated with his plaster arms stuck out to the sides like a scarecrow on a pole, and said only “Ese, ees, hahe he.” Was that, “Please, please cover me?”

“Morgan just told us how excited he is to help us.” Phil’s interpreted for the group.

“Ho Hi hum hiho har,” came a plea from Morgan to stop all this.

“Aw, that’s sweet. He just asked if it was OK that he has an erection. He said he always get one when he is so happy. I’ll just pick up this sheet to cover his middle, but … now … I don’t want him to think we are rude.” Phil just waited. Then added, “Is anyone bothered by the patient’s excitement?” Again more silence. Phil just dropped the sheet on the floor.

“OK, I have to say this has been an unusual lab session, but … then again, this is reality and you all must learn how to address odd situations,” remarked Phil. “Now, that the foot casts are basically dry, let’s move on to the full leg cast. Class this will connect to the upper body cast to fully encase Morgan from neck to toes. There is never a need to do such a full-body cast like this, but we are using every bit of our subject’s body to practice various casts since the other two subjects could not make it today.”

Let’s see, who has not had a turn yet?” Again Phil looked at his clipboard roster. “Troy and Jimmy are the only students who have not had a turn, and so will again have Colt and Jennifer. Remember, I’m not here, so do the best you can on your own. I will give you one hint, in these leg castings, you’ll need to use the hanging bar support to hold the feet up. We went over that in class.” It was interesting that he picked colt and Jennifer, the two who seemed to be most interested in Morgan’s unfettered dick and teasing him by … er … accident.

The first thing Colt did was to reach up and pull down the two thin cables that hung at the ends of a four-foot horizontal bar. The six-foot-long bar was suspended from the ceiling and had retractable cables hanging down, just about head level. These hanging supports were used when a patient’s feet, or hands for that matter, had to be held up to allow a cast to be made on the patient’s body. In this case, the legs needed to be lifted off the surface of the padded table to be able to wrap the plaster gauze completely around the lower and/or upper legs.

Colt, working with Jennifer, pulled the hanging cable down and looped it under each of Morgan’s foot casts. They looped under the heel of each foot. Then Colt was about to push the button to raise the cables now holding the feet. “Wait a sec,” Jennifer said, “Let’s space these cables further apart so his legs are spread and we can work better between his legs.” With that suggestion, she moved the two hanging cables, which were set about two feet apart, and moved them to the maximum setting of six feet apart. She nodded and Colt pushed the button and slowly Morgan’s feet raised off the padded table extension and also moved outward, stretching them wide apart as they rose. Colt stopped the hoist when the feet were about one foot off the table surface. This is so his lower legs would not be too high to plaster-wrap. Later, to work more easily under his thighs, he would raise the legs much higher.

Poor Morgan looked so helpless. His big, stiff boner was now resting on his belly, pointing to his head. If only that quart of water he drank earlier was not spiked with an erection-building drug, he’d be OK. Dean, the video guy was right up into Morgan’s crotch, filming.

Now Troy and Jimmy worked on his right leg to building up the cast from his existing ankle cast to above his knee. And Colt and Jennifer worked on his other leg to the same point. Colt lifted his legs future with the hoist. The teams worked together as they approached his groin. Jennifer wanted to hear what Morgan had been mumbling all along. Since she and the others were not to ask Phil but rather figure it out, she felt it was her job to do just as she thought best.

“I see our patient is finally all calm and quiet,” Jennifer said and removed the mask from Morgan’s face. Finally, he could speak clearly. But before he could speak, she looked deep in his eyes and told him, “I know you want us to stop and let you go from here, but this is a hospital emergency room. You were brought in with broken bones in all your limbs. I’m afraid you must just allow us to do our work.” She was playing her head nursing role well. “We must do what we think is in your best interest. If you object or resist, I’ll place the mask back on you. Do you understand?” Morgan nodded yes.

It took Morgan a few minutes to get his voice back. And he had heard everything everyone had been saying throughout the lab session. So he wisely decided to play it like it was a truel emergency room event. He did not want to belittle their class session or have the gag-mask put back on his face. “Miss I fully understand, but I have an important meeting in 30 minutes. Can I just come back later and finish this up?” He knew that sounded stupid as soon as he said it.

“What I meant to say is, what can I do to help you finish sooner?” he asked.

“That’s better, just stay still and allow us to finish so we don’t take up too much of your valuable time.” She said as if she meant it.

The two teams manipulated Morgan’s body to complete the casting from his feet to above his hips and to connect the bottom part of the body cast to the upper part, making one plaster mummy. Yet, before they did that, there was an adjustment to be made in the alignment of Morgan’s legs. Jared and Phil, both members of the SAE fraternity, were following the order given to them by Jeff, the frat President. This was all a major part of Morgan’s Hell Week of hazing. The frat wanted Morgan to be completely in plaster in a very vulnerable body position.

So Phil came up with some phony medical reason that the final cast configuration required Morgan’s legs to be spread wide apart. So before connecting the upper and lower halves of the casts, they spread Morgan’s feet about four feet apart. Then a hard plastic pole (similar to the ones used to support his arms up and away) was placed between his knees so when the final casting was done, he’d be “frozen” with his arms out and his legs spread. Once the spreader pole was in place and plastered in, Colt and Jennifer, the two most aggressive students, joined the upper and lower parts of the body cast.

Morgan felt very weird and even afraid. He did not want to be stuck in this stupid “X” position very long. He addressed the two-person team working on him now, “Guys, how soon will this be cut off me. I am so fucking helpless; it’s scary.”

“Oh, it will only be on him until it's complete and then very dry. At that point, I guess someone will cut it off.” Colt told him. Colt looked at his copy of the assignment roster to see who was going to do that last part. “Ah, actually, I don’t see anyone assigned to cut it off. But don’t worry; I’m sure someone will be given that task.” Colt did not know. “I suppose we could just deliver you back to your SAE Fraternity as is since they provide all our volunteer subjects.” He joked. But when Morgan was reminded this was part of his frat hazing, he started to freak out, even believing it was true. The last thing on earth he wanted to do was to show up at his frat as a plaster mummy … on the last day of hazing!

Colt’s body was very near Morgan’s as he spoke, so he knew no one could see him as he brought his hand to Morgan’s hard dick. “Easy, big fella; calm down.” He told Morgan as he covertly stroked his big pole of a dick. “I was just kidding about delivering you back to the SAE. I did hear they were will be having a fabulous hazing party tonight. And that someone was bringing a special subject in for a fucking hot celebration of the end of their Hell Week.” Colt never stopped gently pulling on Morgan’s dick and was now feeling it leak precum. Colt wiped his fingers on his lab coat so he would not be seen as the culprit. Did colt know something no one else did? Or was he just trying to get the best of this muscled jock, enjoying his momentary mind-fucking power over him? Colt stepped away and then just looked up at the ceiling.

With the spreader pole in place and dry enough, the two teams completed the uni-body casting of their subject. He was now a one-piece mummy. They left a temporary opening of about one foot around his dick.

Only two other steps had to be taken to finally complete the body cast. First, they used an electric saw to cut an opening around his asshole. Don’t worry; a plaster saw like this will not cut skin, only plaster. They cut a two-inch diameter hole, over his … er … ah … hole. Two inches; that was all. This was done at the direction of the Frat President, Jeff. For what reason, no one knew, or at least, no one in the frat offered a reason. But they requested a two-inch hole and no larger.

The last thing needed, was to more neatly close the front of the cast around Morgan’s dick. Flipping his solid cast body back onto his back took some coordination of all the class members. Getting him on his back again took a bit of work. Now, they had complete and easy access to his dick opening. Now, another team came over and to “resize” the dick hole.

Jacob and George were assigned to perfect the hole that allowed his dick to protrude. Just like the ass opening, the frat president ordered the dick hole to be no more than two inches in diameter. This team added wet plaster wrapping around the dick. They were discussing whether they should allow for the balls to hang out or to allow just enough of an opening for the subject’s huge dick. They decided to allow both, that both would fit OK through the two-inch hole. Jacob pulled Morgan’s dick uptight, to make sure it was away from the sides before the plaster dried. But then he realized that the balls too needed to be pulled away from the plaster edge. He ended up winding cloth tape around both Morgan’s dick and balls, much like a cloth cock ring, just to keep them dry and out of the way. That worked out just fine.

So there was Morgan, an amazing sight. He was lying on the chair, which was all made flat, more like a bed, and his arms and legs were plastered in a position away from his body, almost like an “X” shape. His dick protruded through a very neatly made two-inch hole and was now sticking straight up, pulsing and twitching. And … leaking precum. His balls were hanging out of the hole but seemed to be tightening.

Jennifer could not help notice that his dick was leaking precum, nor could she avoid embarrassing the macho jock, Morgan, about it, “Ah, Phil?” She was trying to quiet the class and get everyone’s attention. When the room calmed down and she had everyone’s attention, “Phil, I see the subject has some sort of fluid around his penis. Is this going to weaken the plaster? Should we do anything about it?” Morgan’s dick was very hard and twitching out of the plaster hole. To show the class what she was referring to, she put a couple of fingers on the dick and moved it more to point to his feet. That’s the opposite direction that hard dick naturally wanted to go. But she held it there, “See? It seems to be continuously oozing.” She said being very coy but acting innocent.

Morgan just wanted to die. This dick was attached to him, but it seemed worlds away and completely out of his control. Here he was in a full fucking body plaster cast with just his hard dick thrusting out, and … some fucking woman was handling it. Not even asking for permission. But he could not help but moan. He moaned and his body trembled, not that anyone could see that under the plaster, but he was nearing the point of no return. He thought to himself, if he blasts off, spraying everyone with his hot jism and even the ladies, he could not live it down. He’d have to quit, not only the frat but the school. He never knew that his Uncle Victor Lasseter, working with the frat, planned it exactly this way.

Morgan’s legs were plastered outward as were his arms. His dick was fully erect and ready to blast off. There was no way he could cover himself or push anyone’s hands away. He was a fucking plaster mummy on display for all these students to gawk at and play with. “Please, please. Just cover me up, please. I can’t help it. Oh god, I am so … so … ” And he began to whimpering.

Phil immediately leaned down, but not to whisper privately. He spoke somewhat loud and commended Morgan’s acting. “Fabulous! That’s great Morgan. Yes, keep acting embarrassed and confused. These students need to experience those patients that are not easy to deal with. You can even pretend you are in great emotional pain. So, yes, keep it up.” With that, Morgan cried more openly, still trying to contain himself. “That’s good, thank you, Morgan.” The class applauded Morgan’s performance.

“OK, now, class, this subject already warned us that he likes to get erections in situations where strangers are looking at him; we’re not here to judge. But he has given us another unusual opportunity to address an issue, that is, if his penis is, in fact, leaking, is that a problem. So, class, let’s examine this situation. I want every one of you to come up here, examine our patient and tell the class if you think this is a problem, and if so, what we should do to solve it.”

“Okay, let's begin with Troy since you are right here.” Troy looked at Morgan’s hard dick. He leaned down, place his face only inches from that bobbing monster, and moved his head to look at it in all directions. “No, Troy, don’t be afraid of his penis. Don’t guess-analyze, just pick up his large penis and see what it is doing. Is it leaking? What is it leaking? Why is it leaking? Is it an issue? The subject is not going to give you answers, so be investigative and check it out.” Phil explained clearly.

Troy picked up Morgan’s dick and moved it around. He touched the pee hole and … “Please, just let me go. Please. I am having a problem.” Morgan did not want to say his problem was that he was about to shoot his pent-up load all over the kid’s lab coat. Again, Phil with his crazy interpretations thanked Morgan out load for hamming it up, that he was doing a great job playing the part of a difficult patient.

Troy finally spoke up, “I think he is just too excited; he probably really likes being here and finds it … ah … er … erotic.”

“OK, but why and is it a problem?” Phil asked. “Let’s have someone else come up.” Of course, Jennifer pushed her way through the other classmates in front of her and squeezed her way to Morgan’s side, to be the next dick “inspector.” “OK, Jennifer, since you’re anxious, please do your exam.”

She grabbed Morgan’s dick and said, “Well, this is interesting.” She looked it over carefully. “So, in an emergency room situation, it’s easy to see that if he continues to drip that this will seep into and over the plaster cast.” I think there are a few options,” she paused as she pulled the dick up hard, getting a “yelp” from the patient. “It may depend on how close he is to climax.” Then she pumped it up and down, first quickly, and then slowly, but she never let go of it.

“Please, may I go to the bathroom?” Morgan whined pleadingly. “I need to take care of … I mean, I need to fix … ah … ”

“Class, Morgan is trying t give us clues here.” Phil said. The other students may be thinking that they needed to bring a catheter over or a bedpan or at least figure out what the patient's immediate need was. But not Jennifer. She ignored everything he just mentioned in his state of desperation. Jennifer spoke as calmly as she could, “Well, Phil, if he is not going to climax the solution may be just to place cloth around his penis. But if he is about to shoot his seeds, we would want to be prepared for that.” She put a frown on her face as if in heavy thought. “I think I can make that determination. If I can feel his testicles and they are up tight against his body, then, I think he is going to shoot all over the place. Let me check those to see where they are positioned.”

She turned to Colt on her right and said, “Here, hold his penis out of the way.” And he did. As he held onto the big guy’s huge dick, Colt absentmindedly was pumping it slowly. The precum made it slippery and it was a natural thing to do. “I need to feel his testicles.” She said and pulled at them and thought that they were true, sucked up in his body, ready to spurt out his load. “Well, Phil, in my opinion, he is bordering. I think he might squirt any time, but I’m not positive. See, when I tickle my boyfriend’s testicles like this, it can bring him off quickly.” And she demonstrated to the class her technique.

“AH! SHIT! PLEASE! FUCKING LET … LET GO … I’M … I’M … ” Morgan pleaded, begged, and nearly yelled. But no one was paying any attention to him, understanding he was convincingly acting out the role of an uncooperative patient.

“But when I pinch the tip of his dick, like this,” Jennifer calmly explained. Morgan was abruptly inhaling and exhaling quickly and in a panic to try to stave off an eruption. “His need to climax usually subsides. Although, I hear if you squeeze the base of a fully erect penis, like this,” and she demonstrated that technique also, “it can work on some guys.”

Phil interrupted, “Well we have time for only a couple more who want to explore this subject’s genitalia.”

Tyler came up and reached for Morgan’s dick. At this point, his dick was only semi-hard, though his mind seemed to be on an erotic edge. “I don’t get it, he’s not hard anymore. What am I supposed to be feeling?”

And there was Jennifer. “Oh, sorry. I left him a bit deflated. Here, let me have that,” referring to his dick which she took from Tyler. “Just give me a minute. If he’s like my boyfriend, it’ll just be a minute.” Jennifer scooped up some of the precum that was pooling around the base of his dick and applied it all over the shaft, sliding her hand slowly up and down that big, beautiful dick. “You see. Most people think guys like their penis pumped hard and quickly. But as odd as it seems, using just the lightest pressure and the slowest up and down movement, you’ll see what I mean.”

Morgan was fairly horse from all his begging and groaning and pleading, hoarsely whispered, “Please, I’ll be good. I won’t complain, just please stop.” And then his entire body started to buck, but it was doing that inside his plaster covering. You could see his uncovered head being involuntarily jerked around, but that was it. He could hardly speak; he was all out of energy. It’s like he didn’t even fucking care if he blasted off and made an obscene mess all over the room. He just did not care. “Let them do what the fuck they want. I can’t stop them anyway.” He thought.

“OK, Tyler, I think he’s all the way up again. One way to tell is to let go, and if his penis bobs and jerks all on its own, then he is on edge again. Watch.” She let go and just as she told them, Morgan’s dick bobbed and twitched, and belched up dribbles of pre-cum that oozed out and dripped down. “There, see?” Most of the students were amazed and applauded. But were they applauding Jennifer or Morgan?

“Ok, let’s leave our subject be, for now.” But Jennifer had to show off just a bit more. She placed her fingertip lightly on the piss slit of that now still rigid pole. And just as she did, it jumped. She withdrew her hand, and then placed her finger on the dick tip again, and again it jumped.

“Wait,” Jimmy stuck his head in between some students, “Can I try that. Phil nodded yes. Then Jimmy placed a fingertip on the very tip of the mighty jock’s steel pole and bingo. It twitched. He kept doing it and it twitched and jumped each time. Some classmates were giggling at the amusement Jimmy was providing. It was funny, this big muscle hunk of an athlete, all encased in white hard plaster, with only his head and dick uncovered. And he had no way to move his arms to interfere with anyone who was enjoying touching him. It was just amazing.

“Ok, class. Our lab time is up.” It was a long day for Morgan, he arrived there at 9:00 AM and it was now close to 5 PM. “Let’s pack it up.”

Sally was confused, “Well, Phil, aren’t we going to cut him out of the cast? Wasn’t that part of our lab, too?”

Phil was at a loss for words because he had no intention of releasing Morgan from his mummy encasement. That was not part of the plan that the SAE Fraternity had developed for him to follow. So, he just lied, “Of course we will cut the cast off, but the lab class is over and you guys need to head on out and start on your homework. I and some of the staff will remain to release him ASAP. OK? We’ll let you know how it went at the next lab.”

To be continued tomorrow…

67 Hell Week Three
Part 3 of 5

Morgan’s Graduation Ceremony

As soon as all the med students left and the door finally closed, Phil, the fake reporter, and Jared, the two brothers, and the pledge looked at each other and broke out in big smiles. “Wow, I just didn’t think this would go like this. I thought old mummy Morgan here would either shoot his wad, or pass out, or just up and quit like he was supposed to.” But none of that happened.

Of course, Morgan was hearing all this. He knew this was a frat hazing prank. He was stuck in the body cast, “Hey guys, can you cut me out now? I mean, I have to pee and beat off. I am so fucking despite to shoot my load.” Morgan told them, with a now more relaxed face and a hint of a smile, himself.

“Sure Morgan, you’ve been a good pledge and although we thought you’d quit, you didn’t. So you want out now?”

“Oh, fuck yes. Oh, thank you.” Morgan said. “I’ve got to beat off and go back to my dorm and crash. I’m all done for the day. I am so over-hyped I can’t think. I just need to shoot. Thanks, guys.”

Phil said, “Well, you said you need to pee, so let’s take care of that first.” Morgan tried to interrupt to tell them he could just go after he was “outcast.” That was his little joke.

For the last couple of hours, Morgan had been placed on this back, on a table. So both guys gently eased him to his feet. He was very heavy, especially in his body cast, but they did not have to lift him, just edge him off the table and lean him upright against a large piece of plywood, it must have been, like four feet wide and maybe six feet tall. They just leaned him there. Then Phil went to get a pail and brought it over. Without any asking, Jared took hold of Morgan’s almost flaccid dick and pointed it to the pail, and in no time, the stream of pee was making that tin-tapping drum roll sound.

Jared brought over an IV set up with a bag, clear tube, and a needle. “What’s that for?” Morgan asked.

“Hopefully it is for nothing and we don’t have to use it.” Phil smiled a sadist smile. “You see. You’re in no condition to get home. Are you? So, we are going to take you back to the frat.”

“But I can walk back, just get me out.”

“Let’s see, how many things are wrong with your comment. Let me count the ways.” Phil said. “First, Jeff, our wonderful SAE president needs you back, and in the proper form.” Morgan tried to interrupt to ask why, but Phil just continued. “Look, Jeff and the central member of SAE have a huge party for you tonight, a big and important celebration, just for you. He likes to see his pledges come into the event all boned up. That quart of spiked water we gave you this morning, is wearing off. So, first, we have to give you more, another quart, so you won’t be such a party pooper.”

Here is the interesting part. You can either drink it, or we can give it to you in an IV. I don’t much care, but if you drink it down, it will be easier on you. Who knows if we can put the IV in properly, anyway, if we have to fish around to find a vein, or if you’ll end up getting infected?” Phil added. If you want out of this plaster encasement, don’t you think you should make things easier all the way around?”

It was a no-brainer, as they say. He definitely wanted out. He felt like a tinker toy with a boner. Oh, yeah he wanted out. “Sure guys, you’ll get no argument from me. Give me the magic water and then get your saws ready.” It was a good thing he just emptied his bladder, so he could better drink the quart. “Jared poured him a large glass of spiked water with a straw in it. Morgan drank it, not quickly, but he was getting it down. It was spiked with an erection-causing drug, a newer one stronger than Viagra. It worked faster too, like in 15 minutes. He was guzzling to get the last of it down. Then he made a loud exhausting sound, “HAAA.” Then he was given a second glass, just as large. Morgan was about to argue, but what was the use. He sucked it through the straw as Jared held it up to his mouth.

After he finished drinking about a quart, he was waiting for the guys to get the electric saw, to cut him loose. But instead, Phil and Jared were sitting back, chit-chatting, like they too were waiting for something.

Morgan decided not to make a fuss. After all, he was about to be released and he’d better not fuck it up by complaining. Maybe 15 minutes went by, when both guys looked over to Morgan in his body cast, leaning against the plywood sheet. Morgan noticed them staring, so he stared back. Phil began to smile. God, he had a wicked grin. Jared picked up a small jar of something and brought it over to where the chalk-white stature was.

“Before we cut you out of all this plaster, we need to take a couple of photos for the frat album.” The last thing Morgan wanted was to be photoed in that ridiculous cast, with his feet braced four feet apart, each arm sticking out at shoulder level and his dick pointing out like a steel pole. What was he, some kind of fucking scarecrow! And just as the photo flash went off a few times, he just realized what he was thinking, “my dick’s sticking out like a steel pole?” Fuck, he was all boned up. He knew it was the spiked water, but he thought this time he could fight it. Take control, own his body. Anyway, it didn’t matter, once he’s out of the cast, he’ll get dressed and make a run for it, back to his dorm, and sleep.

Jared asked Morgan, politely, “Would you mind if Phil beats you off. I mean, he was just curious how your dick feels and wanted to see how much you shoot.” Again, Morgan was going to argue and say no. But, what was the point? Besides, he’d enjoy it. He has needed to climax all day. He had been teased, and tickled, and pumped hard and easy, by men and women, and brought to a near climax a dozen times today. And … he was truly desperate. HE NEEDED TO CLIMAX ONCE AND FOR ALL!

“Sure.” That was all Morgan said, and then he braced himself for the fun ride of his life.

Phil came up and brought a chair with him. Jared handed him the small jar. Phil scooped out a tiny bit of lubrication and started to rub Morgan’s dick all over, he even applied it to his balls. Just doing that initial touching, and of course, the erotic stimulate he was given in the water, made Morgan eager to shoot. As Phil worked on Morgan's tense dick, he began to ask questions and did not realize Jared started videotaping him to record his hair-trigger dick dancing.

“OK, pledge Morgan, you tell me when you need to climax, but you are required to hold off as long as possible. And at that point, where you cannot hold back anymore, you will ask me for permission to shoot. Is that clear? If you shoot without permission, we will take you out to the back street, just as you are, and leave you there for the night.” Phil was very clear. “And if you ask for permission to climax early when you still have an ounce of staying power, we will take you out to the back street, just as you are, and leave you there for the night.”

“How can you take me anywhere?” Morgan foolishly asked as he was leaning on a sheet of plywood. Jared put the cam down and went behind the plywood sheet and tilted it back a bit. Then he pushed it forward and around the room. Morgan then realized he was standing on the foot of a large dolly, a kind of handcart used to move heavy boxes around. And this handcart could wheel him anywhere, even out to the back street. He was wheeled back in front of Phil’s chair.

“Now, do you have any more questions?” Morgan felt sick to his stomach and shook his head no. “Good, now, let me concentrate,” Phil told him. It was a crazy, crazy sight to imagine. Morgan was all plastered up except for his head, dick, toes, and asshole. He was plastered in kind of an “X” with feet apart about four feet, and his arms positioned outward at shoulder level. His dick, even without it being touched, stuck straight out and twitched every so often.

The normal movements a man would naturally make when being highly stimulated, whether by his own hand or at the hands of others, were all blocked, completely impossible. Normally when one starts to receive erotic stimulation, he would move his body in a way that aided and encouraged further stimulation. The one sexually touched and teased obviously will use his hand and body to increase all erotic touches to get to an erotic release. A guy would likely thrust his hips, use his hands in his mouth, and squeeze his legs around the other person’s body. But hugging, pinching, pulling, rubbing, tickling, sucking, kissing, spanking, licking, fucking, nibbling … are all absolutely impossible. Morgan was desperate to grab with his hands, to move his body in whatever position helpful, like to kneel or bend or to twist from the waist, anything to speed up his oncoming ejaculation. NONE OF THESE NATURAL RESPONSES COULD HE DO IN THE LEAST to assist himself in reaching that most wonderful, most blissful, most exhilarating moment of climax.

Morgan was in the highest state of sexual need. “Please, Sir, Phil. It’s time. Please, may I climax?”

Do you agree to go to the SAE frat celebration tonight?”

Morgan’s dick was bobbing, “YES!”

“And do you agree to honor the SAE frat rules tonight?”

Morgan’s dick was free-flowing, getting precum all over the place, “YES!!”

“And do you willingly agree to be the entertainment for tonight’s event?”

Morgan’s balls were pulled up as tight as they could go and were about to empty with or without permission, it was there and beyond his control to stop it. “YYYEEESSSSS!! PPPLLLEEEAAASSSSEEEEEE!”

“Okay,” Phil whispered and then immediately let go of Morgan’s dick that was just a hair away from climax. When he did release the dick, it twitched and bobbed, drooled, and nodded, silently screaming to throw up a volcano of pent-up, fully energized, man-made hot sauce.

“AUUGGGHHHH!” And Morgan was right there, right on the verge, just at the edge. Just needing one fucking tiny touch of one little finger and his whole world would be so pleased and content … forever. But … He did agree to be the SAE frat entertainment tonight, the last night of pledge week. Inside the body cast, inside his head, he was dizzy, weak, but his dick was not weak at all, it was strong, mighty, fierce, powerful, and it was guiding the way forward. Yes, forward, leading the way, as the Morgan stature was being wheeled outside down the handicap ramp, and heading across the campus quad. Phil and Jared had been assigned to deliver this statue to the frat party by 6:00 PM. They were on schedule.

White plaster statue Morgan was wheeled in the back way of the SAE Fraternity House and placed on top of a huge dark blue cushion which was behind a black curtain at one end of the large living room. “Ok, Morgan, as you have agreed, back at the med lab, you will be the entertainment for the final pledge night hazing party.”

“Please don’t. I’ve been good, Can’t we just end this?” Morgan pleaded. “Don’t let anyone see me, OK”

Then Jeff Black, the SAE President, walked in, the guy who helped Morgan’s Uncle Victor set this all up … to fail. “Well, I see our entertainment has arrived. “Hiya pledge, how are you doing?” Then he looked at Morgan’s big stiff dick, “Oh, I see you are all excited to be here. That’s great. But oops, I see you're leaking.” Jeff used a single finger to wipe the oozing drip hanging from Morgan's dick. “Here you go. And Jeff stuck that dick-slop covered finger into Morgan’s mouth and he naturally sucked it clean. And just to humiliate the pledge further, he didn’t pull his finger out as he continued to speak to him.

“Look, here’s the deal. You will stay here, and be at the mercy of all the frat Brothers out there, and, I’m afraid, it will go on all night until dawn” Jeff was serious. “However, in this little game, you do have a way out. If you climax, not only will this hazing game end, but you’ll be accepted into the SAE Fraternity. And all Hell Week will be over. From then on you will be able to enjoy school and … your Uncle Victor will pay your entire way through school. Now, you can’t expect more than that?”

“But I can’t move my hands to beat off. You guys have to break me out of this body cast, or at least free one of my hands.” Morgan said with a worried look.

“Exactly. Phil, Jared, this pledge is kinda smart, isn’t he? I’ll bet he is just realizing that he will need to ask, and better yet, beg the frat Brothers to make him climax.” Jeff stared at Morgan, trying to give him the “how-to” part of the game, “Yes, you can ask them to beat you off; you’ll likely shoot that way. But, if they are not queer like you, they don’t want to do that. You can ask them to suck your dick. Maybe that might work. But, again, the only faggot queer here is you.” Morgan was starting to understand just how he would be the entertainment tonight.

But let’s say, just for the sake of argument, they preferred not to get their hands all goo-covered jerking you off. AND they don’t want to suck the dick of a worthless pledge slut on campus. What then?” Jeff paused, “do you have any other ideas about what you could be used for? I mean, your body cast was made to SAE specifications with a hole in the front for your dick to stick out, and a hole in the rear for easy access to your asshole, and look, we even left your head uncovered so your mouth hole is available for their possible use. So, come on, use that faggot, slutty, cock-sucking brain and tell us how in the world they might use you to get you to climax?”

Morgan just stood there, in his white plaster suit. He was still leaning against the plywood on the handcart with his hands and feet plastered in an “X” formation. He still had Jeff’s finger in his mouth, and oddly, continued to suck it. Well, fuck! It was pushed into his mouth, what the fuck is he supposed to do?

“Peas … peas han who huck I hick,” was the best Morgan could speak with Jeff’s finger resting on his tongue.

“Now that’s a thought, ‘Please, please can you suck my dick?’ Is that what you just asked me?” Jeff flashed a toothy grin. “First, don’t ask me to do anything. You’re the one who put yourself in this predicament by volunteering to be the entertainment here tonight. And second, if I were you, I would not want to assume any of the Brothers are cock-sucking faggots. Not only would that insult them, but they might just wheel you into the alley and leave you. No, bad idea to ask any of our fine, straight, macho, jock, Brothers to degrade himself.”

Then Jeff turned to Jared, “and how are you doing pledge.”

“Fine Sir. I have done everything you asked. I made it difficult as I possibly for him to succeed. I tried to get pledge Morgan to quit, but he seemed too willing to go through the hell you all planned for him.”

Jeff removed his fingers from Morgan's mouth. “Well, he might be a bit tougher than we originally thought. Or, maybe he is such a closeted faggot queer that he enjoys being fucked up, and therefore has no difficulty being dehumanized and humiliated.” Jeff was very OK with degrading Morgan, right in front of him. “I see he is still all boned up and still dripping.” Jeff noticed.

Then, to Morgan, “I know you were told that that quart of water you drank this morning was spiked with a super erection stimulant.” Morgan nodded. “And you had that spiked water twice today, didn’t you?” Jeff wanted it confirmed, and Morgan nodded again.

Then he started to chuckle, and Phil and Jared started laughing too. “Morgan, Morgan, Morgan. Here you are all boned up, as rigid as a baseball bat.”

“Sir, that’s why I can’t help being erect and needing so desperately to cum, Sir. It’s not my fault. I’m not into this shit. I was drugged.” Then all hell broke loose, Phil fell to the ground laughing as hard as he could, Jared was slapping his knee and Jeff was finding Morgan's words too hilarious. The three of them had trouble composing themselves. All while Morgan was completely in the dark. What in the hell was so funny?

Then the three composed themselves. And Jeff spoke up, “well, pledge Morgan, you are correct. As you say, we had you all drugged up with something much stronger and more long-lasting than Viagra. No wonder you have been so overly sexually excited all day and leaking sloppy strings of pre-cum. That drug we forced you to consume would account for your constant boner. Right?” Morgan nodded in agreement. Jeff had to wipe the laughing tears from his eyes. “Except for one thing. We lied. We all lied. There was nothing in the water. You actually found this entire humiliating experience extremely sexually arousing - ALL ON YOUR OWN.”

Jeff continued, “You were never drugged.” More chuckles from the three. “You know, Morgan, when we first told Jared, your pledge brother, the lie that we were going to sneak sex drugs into your water, he objected. Your good buddy was willing to quit the frat if we truly were intending to drug you. So we had to tell him the truth, that this was just a mind game to fool your subconscious so you - MIGHT, MAYBE – get a little horny and aroused if you believed you were given that very powerful aphrodisiac. Never did we think you’d go all stiff and rigid with just that thought. FUCK! Imagine, you’re thinking you were drugged to get erect. This would give you permission to get and stay erect. Guilt-free. When you felt like you had no control, that you were drugged, it made you free to drip cum slop all over the campus.”

“Look down at your boner, Morgan. Look at the slime oozing out of your dick hole. You are so jazzed about being humiliated you can almost climax just with the thought. Amazing.” Morgan was trembling, his eyes were all glassy. His face was red with embarrassment. He had no response.

“OK, now that we all know you are having such a good time, and can’t wait to be publicly humiliated in front of everyone in the frat at tonight’s party, you can feel free to self-express yourself as a homo fag cunt. Gee, that must be a wonderful free feeling. We are so happy for you, Morgan.” Jeff told him as if they were all proud of his coming out.

“So, now that we all know your true inner self is a cock-sucking faggot, who loves to take it up the ass, you should have no problem begging the guys to fuck your asshole and your mouth.”

Phil, who was in charge of logistics, broke into the conversation, “See, we will soon wheel you into the party room as our fabulous plastered pledge. And set you on a huge pillow. From that point on, the Brothers will do whatever they want to you. I’m sure some will turn you face up so they can fuck your mouth. Turning you over will take four strong guys, but you’ll be in good hands. Others will turn you over face down to fuck your sweet ass. And, now we know you’ll love it all.” Morgan was confused and dizzy. He could not believe want they were saying. He was shaking his head no, but at the same time, thinking it was all true. He never realized he was gay. He thought, truly, that he hated every homosexual act they made him perform. His thoughts were upside down.

“Am I gay?” he thought to himself. “If I haven’t been drugged, I must be gay deep inside. But I love sex with girls, or … maybe I was fooling myself all along.”

Phil jarred him from his thoughts, “Yeah, we saw to it that even the few girls you mentioned that you liked were also invited to your party. Isn’t that great? They’ll finally see the real you. Think of the bright side. Now that you know you get all horned up for guys, women won’t be wasting their time dating you.” Phil took a deep breath, “Look, Morgan, putting all this Hell Week faggot hazing aside, we do care about our Brothers. And look, just because you’re a fag, … well, you’ll be the first in our SAE frat … we’ll appreciate you for who you really are. And … it’s a big plus for all the other frat brothers too. If anyone can’t get laid by some female, well … they can come back here and fuck the shit out of you. So, it’s a win-win situation. You’d be their second choice, but you’ll win big and get all the hard, pent-up dick you want, fucking your mouth hole and ass hole. Yes. It’s a win for everyone.”

“But we are getting ahead of ourselves,” Jeff said. “First, you got to get in SAE and that means you have to climax. If you don’t climax, you lose. No Frat and no college. BUT, if you do climax, the world is at your feet.”

Morgan finally understood everything now; it was all getting a bit clearer. He was finally nodding his head, slowly, but in agreement.

“OK, pledge, let’s get you a beer, just to get you more relaxed,” Jeff said as Phil handed him a glass full. “Here you go pledge, drink it down.” And Morgan did just that. “Good, now, let’s see that big smile.” Morgan smiled, but it was a look of embarrassment.

“And what are you going to beg all the brothers to do?” Jeff asked?

“I going to beg them to let me suck their dicks and fuck my ass.” He said, trying to be bold and honest.

“And why are you begging them to use you like a fucking cunt whore?”

“So I will get excited and I will naturally climax like a gay per … like a faggot cunt whore, Sir. And that will end my Hell Week. I’d be an SAE fraternity Brother.” It was still odd, to call himself a faggot, but he thought he’d better get used to it.”

Of course, Morgan's top priority was based on his Uncle Victor’s financial generosity. Morgan’s rich Uncle Victor Lasseter had offered to pay the full tuition cost for his nephew, supposedly because the boy’s family could not afford it. That is what Morgan was told, and that is what he believed. But the truth is, that a few years ago when Morgan was in a sex-crazed drunken stupor, he rapped Victor Lasseter’s daughter. No charges were brought; the families involved did not want any notoriety. Some believed he was slipped a sex drug in his drink so he was not really at fault. Either way, the criminal matter was soon forgotten. All was seemingly forgiven. EXCEPT … by Uncle Victor who wanted to ruin his nephew’s life.

Uncle Victor’s scheme for revenge was to get help from his old Alma Mater and the SAE fraternity of which he was president, many years ago. He agreed with the current president to haze Morgan to such an extreme degree, that Morgan would choose to drop out of the frat, and then he’d have to drop out of college altogether since his uncle would no longer pay for him. In return for the frat member’s assistance, Uncle Victor would give $100,000 to the frat for much-needed renovations to their old fraternity house.

“YES! That’s our boy. And one last thing, the Brothers won’t believe you unless you smile and ham it up. You need to call yourself all kinds of degrading, slutty names. That’s the only way to get them to use you. It’s the only way you’ll climax and end this. OK?” Jeff declared.

“Yes, Sir,” Morgan said, now with full confidence.

Jared and Phil covered him with a black sheet so he could be unveiled at the last minute. Then they worked to get the handcart rolling and pushed him into the next room, the large party area. He was set against the back wall, and everyone was just coming in, some were already drunk. And everyone was laughing and some guys were hanging onto their girls, and everyone was in a good mood. The music was blasting.

Jared joined his other pledge brother, Tommy Luck, and together with Morgan, they were three of four pledges this year. Kyle had been missing from SAE’s Hell Week for the last 48 hours. Jared and Tommy went into another room and came out barefoot in only jockstraps and bow ties, just as instructed. They were assigned to serve a ton of drinks. And by that, there were kegs of beer. Jared had already completed his special assignment when he did everything he could to try to get Morgan to fail. He did not succeed, but he did his part, loyal to the frat.

Tommy had passed his training with Assistant Pledge Master, Li Zhang. The Chinese Brother had a particular fetish for training cute, tight-bodied pledges as puppy dogs. He had worked with Tommy a few times; it did not take long for Tommy to know that he felt good acting like and being a dog for Master Li. Li establish some special rules for pledge Tommy and he agreed to follow them exactly. Dog owner and dog kept their training time more or less private in Li’s room. Tommy never knew he had those inner needs to be owned and it worked out well for him. Li required his pup to do all his schoolwork before pet time. And if he got any grade less than a “B” he’d have to sleep in a special dog cage at the foot of Li’s bed. Tommy loved Li or better put, he loved the way Li treated him and they appreciated each other. So Tommy was approved to be a Frat Brother.

68 Hell Week Three
Part 4 of 5

Kyle’s Wonderful Reward

But where was the fourth pledge, Kyle Cane? As you will recall, he was forced into awful humiliating hazing at the SAE formal dinner. He was so embarrassed to be degraded in front of Suzie and four other sisters from the ACO, Alpha Chi Omega, Sorority. He was having tremendous difficulty accepting these homo acts and especially being abused in front of these ladies. One of them, Suzie had been someone he dated a few times and liked. It was just becoming too weird and stupid and insane, he was ready to quit the SAE’s Hell Week.

The central members of SAE did not want Kyle to quit because, like Morgan, he was one of two of the most hopeful sports figure to arrive at UNM. No way was the frat going to have him quit. On the other hand, they could not just stop his hazing. Since this issue was his sexy lady-killer reputation, they came up with a plan to have him do some of the required hazing pranks at the ACO Sorority. They made it his decision to consider.

Kyle was only too happy with stopping all this fag hazing stuff at SAE and be assigned to stay with the Sorority overnight, in the company of 50 sexy, lovely ladies. He, after all, was a natural-born, sex figure, hunkiest of all the guys on the soccer team. Kyle just fucking lucked out. “I knew they wanted me so bad as a school super jock, that they would do anything I asked if I threatened to quit the frat. So they all caved in,” he reflected on his exalted status from his pledge brothers. He did feel bad for them, but what the fuck, he was going to enter heaven, lovely female heaven.

“Come in Kyle,” Suzie welcomed him, along with two Sisters currently in charge of the ACO Sorority. I understand you prefer to be here for a couple of days during Hell Week, which is fine with us. But this decision is totally up to you. So let’s be clear about that.” Suzie clearly stated and Kyle wasted no time in giving a “yes, mam.”

“Not so fast, pledge, first the rules. Suzie was serious, “The women here know a lot about you and any number of them will want sex with you … ” Kyle just caved in, his body nearly collapsed with relief. That simple phrase that they wanted to have sex with him … FUCKING SHIT YEAH! All the frustration all the humiliation, he was tearing up with happiness and eager to please whatever ladies he may have sex with. Kyle was so fucking happy. No more disgusting homo-fag shit, just fine, lovely ladies! FUCK YEAH!

“Kyle. KYLE? Are you listening to me?” He had zoned out in a wild fantasy of engaging in sex with a whole group of women at the same time. Finally, he heard her.

“Kyle, since it is against school rules for a male to stay here, this must be our secret. And to help protect our secret, you’ll be kept in the attic.” He nodded in agreement.” You will agree that whatever Sisters want to have sex with you, it is their individual choice as to what that is.” He nodded again.

“If you accept us using you for our pleasure, there is no turning back, you will stay here for 48 hours.” FUCK! Me? Want to leave? Here? With this harem of fine-looking ladies? Who wants to have sex with me? He nodded again, much more vigorously.

“Some of the sisters enjoy sex toys, it’s part of their unique pleasures. So whatever they want to use, you will accept. Clear?” Kyle was smiling broadly and nodding with great enthusiasm.

“Finally, you may not turn any woman down. You will appreciate and always respect her wishes.” Kyle continued to smile, he felt like he had just entered heaven.

Lastly, Suzie said, “If you refuse to comply with a single wish, your SAE frat has given us the power to kick you out of your frat. Clear?”

“Ladies, I am so pleased to be here, I will satisfy your every wish and every deSired pleasure. I am your humble and honored servant. I happily accept all your terms and conditions and I promise to behave like a complete gentleman.” With that, Kyle sealed his fate.

“Okay, jouet, let’s start now, strip,” Suzie said in her French accent so calmly. “Jouet” means “toy,” in French. Kyle was wondering if she was serious. She stared back. Then he looked around for a bathroom in which to disrobe. “Strip.” She still spoke calmly. This time he just removed his clothes and stood there naked. “Empty your pockets and put your stuff on the coffee table here. He complied but was embarrassed when he did because his “stuff” included three condoms. The girls giggled. "First," Suzie continued, "We will all have a drink to celebrate all the sexy work that you will be performing here for us ... ah ... I mean ... to us." Everyone giggled more. And you will serve us all."

Kyle could not believe his good luck. He walked around naked pouring champagne for all the girls in groups of four or five. He was hard without even thinking about it. What he WAS thinking about, is what he'd do to each girl he made eye-to-eye contact with, and the was eventually, all of them. This was the happiest day of his life! The greeting celebration lasted about half an hour.

“Okay, pick up all your clothes and follow Karen out in the backyard, where she’ll tell you where to place everything.”

He found it odd but obeyed. It was much better than doing faggot stuff. So, he followed her out the back to the patio where there was an incinerator fire going. “Here you go,” she pulled down the metal door,” place everything in here, where all-male clothing belongs.” He was shaken a bit but dropped his shirt and pants into the flames. jouet, everything, your underwear, and shoes too.” He hesitated and then compiled, and watched the flames destroy the items that created his modesty and dignity. He was lead back to the house.

The three women then lead Kyle upstairs to the second floor, and then up more stairs to the attic where a mattress had been laid. “Just have a seat,” and he sat on the bare mattress. “Now for the fun part. We drew numbers to see who would be first. It was Kendra. You’ll love her, she one of the cheerleaders of the Black persuasion. She’ll be up in a minute. We’re glad you agreed to a little bit of kink because Kendra is into that. Not my taste, but to each her own. We the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, have our rules too. She picked number one. She is first.”

“That’s fine, I can …”

“Hush, jouet” Suzie said politely. In fact, all the women were kind and polite in the behavior and words. “We didn’t allow you to come here because of your intellectual abilities. You have a sexy body and that’s about your total value to us. It’s all we care about concerning any male. Now, you agreed to the rules, and one is that we don’t think a male is entitled to his opinion. The main function of a male is to give pleasure to women. So there is no point in commenting.” They all smiled. “Besides, you’re too cute and hunky to have much of a brain, so it’s better to just understand what is asked of you and do it. We’ll take care of the reasoning, we all know what is in the best interest of a man.”

Kendra just entered the open room. She didn’t bother to knock, there was not even a door there, it had been removed. “So, this … ah … we’re calling him ‘jouet,’ correct?” “That’s the most precise word I can think of for him,” Suzie laughed. “Ok, that fits, let’s all use it. I can work with it. He seems like a challenge, but I like that.” She said. Kendra was a beautiful Black woman with an athletic body, obviously, she worked out. Fabulous.

That was four times he had been called, “jouet,” instead of Kyle. It was odd to him, but he assumed it was some term of endearment and thought it would be inappropriate to question it. Kyle had no idea that “jouet” in French meant “toy.” Not a person, but just a toy, a thing to use.

“Okay, Kendra, did you bring the stuff?” She opened the small box she was carrying. “Great. Then we’ll let you have your turn, and we will be waiting for ours.” The three ladies left Kendra and Kyle alone.

“OK, stand up for me, jouet” He did. Flex your chest muscles. He posed in a few different ways. Now, turn around so I can see that ass.” He was embarrassed but it was not as bad as the homo stuff he was doing at the SAE, so he felt OK with this situation. He turned around. “Now flex that muscular ass for me.” It was odd, but he tightened his buttock muscles. “Bend over.” He bent over and looked back at her. “No need to look at me, I’m not interested in your face.”

Kendra took some items out of the small box she brought. The first item Kyle saw was a dog collar and leash. Oh, this could get kinky, he thought with a smile. “Ok, put your head up.” He looked at the ceiling. She snapped the collar on with a double-click. It was not secured with a clip or traditional padlock, but it had a self-locking gizmo that the wearer would not be able to unlatch. Kyle never noticed that it was different from a regular dog collar, he never had a dog. But this collar was metal on the inside and leather on the outside. Also, the back of the collar had a tiny raised box on it, about half the size of a matchbox. It held some electrical function. The chain that Kyle thought was a leash was actually just a chain. She attached the other end to a large “eye” screw in the wall behind him. She felt the tightness of the collar and said, “Yes, that is not too tight.” Speaking only to herself.

“Actually, it might be just a tad too … ”

“jouet, you must have thought I was talking to you? Don’t be so silly. When I want your opinion, I’ll ask for it. But since I will never want it, no need to speak it.” She giggled at the silliness of Kyle having any deSires or wishes of any import. Kyle was kind of nervous not weirded out, just preoccupied with the lovely legs that Kendra had in front of his face. He didn’t even realize he was locked to the wall behind him, like an animal.

“Okay, now spread your legs. No, further apart.” He stood with his legs spread wider. Kendra had a couple of pieces of chrome metal each shaped like half a circle. She knelt and tried to put the two halves together around Kyle’s dick and balls to form a ring, but his dick was too erect to cooperate.

This was the time to try out the collar to see if the electronics were working. She pushed a button on a remote she had earlier placed on the mattress.

“OOOOOOWWWWWWEEEEEEE!!” Kyle screamed as he immediately fell to the floor with his body and limbs contorting in a horrific spasm. He wanted to grab at the collar, but his hands would not move, they were locked in clinches. She let him flail there like a lively fish out of water for a few more moments. Then she let go of the button.

Kyle was gasping for air. He was trying to catch his breath. His body was covered in a sheen of sweat. He groaned and moaned in agony. He was dazed and so fucking glad it stopped. He tried to calm down and get his bearings.

“Did you find that interesting, jouet? “Jouet” means “toy,” in French. I would not have done that but your dick was too big and fat for your new chastity device to fit on you. Now I can fix it on you all nice and easy.” Then she placed the C-shaped halves around his dick and balls and closed them making a snap. The second piece was like a small thin elbow-shaped pipe or tube. It was lightweight and was to fit over his dick. She snaked his now flaccid dick into the tube, pushing it in from one end until the head was visible at the other end. She pinched the tip of the corona, pulling a tiny piece of flesh, slowly tugging it fully through the opening. Kyle was in pain and moaning. He wanted to grab his dick away from her, but he was still completely spent from that massive shock from his collar. He could not lift his hands or even move his legs or arms.

Kendra wiggled the tube all the way to meet the metal ring against his body and got them to meet perfectly. Each of the two pieces had an eye hole that lined up, through which she placed a tiny, but padlock. “CLICK.” It was small, but a sturdy and effective one.

Kyle was so out of it -- that was quite a shock – that he was laying on his back looking to the ceiling, his mouth opened and still gasping for air. But Kendra didn’t wait a single minute for Kyle to fully come to. “Ok, jouet, I want you to stop being lazy and service me. She said as she plopped her ass on top of Kyle’s mouth.

“Hump, hump.” Kyle was trying to tell her he was having difficulty breathing.

“Jouet, if I don’t feel your tongue up my ass immediately, I will shock you again, twice as long.” Oddly, she spoke in a calm voice. She always felt that she was too powerful a woman to have any need to yell.

Immediately Kyle pushed his tongue where ever she wanted it. He tried to adjust his position to get his limbs comfortable but didn’t have the strength. Regardless, he worked his tongue in and out, frantically, in complete fear of feeling that devastating debilitating shock ever again.

“Oh, jouet, that feels good, I’ll bet you love doing that. Ummmm, that’s nice. You know, I’m so happy you enjoy this.” She stayed on top of Kyle for a while, rolling her hips to the side every-once-in-awhile to let some air get to him. Rimming ass, anyone’s ass was not his thing. He was feeling like he was going to throw up.

Then she got up. “OK, now lick my cunt out good and swallow all those wonderful, feminine juices. Hum?” Kyle liked this part, he was a fucker and a cunt muncher. And he was going at it like he was a pro.

“That was great. You’re ready to fuck me now, my jouet.” Of course, he would. She was such a hottie, a lot of muscle tone as an athlete, and with nice dark brown skin, beautiful face, wonderful figure, Wow! Yeah, he was ready and eager to fuck. Finally, his luck changed. Finally, no more humiliation and fag stuff. He could not believe it but he was so high with happiness as she built up his pride. Even as handsome and built as he was, he never hoped to score a fabulous chick like this. She was everything. She had it all.

“Yes, please. Oh god, thank you. I’d love to … ”

“Jouet, that wasn’t a question, it was a true statement. I merely stated that you are ready to fuck me.” Kyle was puzzled. His dick was making every attempt to break free of the cock cage he was wearing.

“Listen, my sweet little jouet, I want you to fuck me so bad right now, but what turns me on is a jock like you begging me, even trash-talking himself. You can now tell me how unworthy you are. Tell me what a slut and a cunt, of a mouth hole you are. Man oh man, that really turns me on.”

Fuck, why not. To get to plow a gorgeous woman like this, shit, “I am so unworthy, I am a cunt, a whore, a degenerate asshole, I’d love to fuck a fantastic lady like you.” As he was pleading, she had her hands all over him, rubbing his chest, pinching his nipples, kissing his neck, tickling his ass cheeks. He was raging like an animal, groaning, and rubbing her smooth soft skin.

“Honey, you’re not even trying. Tell me what a homo fag you are and how you don’t deserve me that you're just a pile of dog shit, and way out of my class.” Because he was so excited in the way she was fondling his body, kissing him all over, even French kissing him, he was in just a wonderful place, he wanted everything from her.

“Oh yes, miss … Mistress. Oh, Fuck yes! I am such a faggot slut, so unworthy, I’m just a pile of shit. Totally undeserving. Please, let this asshole faggot homo please you.” He did not mind, he was “in love” … well in lust. She was teasing his skin, raking her fingernails all over him. He was kinda humping his encased flaccid dick against her.

“Yes, my cute handsome jouet. Use your mouth all over me, and even into my asshole. Like a shit head cunt fag enjoys.” And he did just that, as she placed whatever body parts she wanted licking service. And settled down with her asshole over his mouth. This time he was not resisting, he was licking her and rimming her with all his might. Then she pulled his head, as she held tightly onto it, over to her big breasts. He was in heaven and humping any part of her body that happened to be near his caged-up bent-up dick. “Oh my big fuck toy, talk to me, puke out your soul.”

“Yes Mistress, I am your slave, I am only a fucked-up piece of shit. I love faggot cocks, I suck cock, I am a fucking faggot who does not deserve you. I’m just a pile of dog shit and crave to lick it up. I am the most disgusting queer homo you will ever know. I am just a common slut who will give you the best fuck of your life. I don’t deserve you, I am worthless. Please let me fuck you. OH, god, let me fuck your beautiful, wonderful tasting pussy.”

“You are almost there; tell me what a freaky fag you are and all that degenerate stuff the SAE made you do. And tell me how you loved doing everything.” She demanded of the mindless humping groaning jock.

“God how I have sucked dicks and have been fuck up the ass. Fuck, I loved that. And when they made me French kiss all the guys, working my tongue into their mouths, fuck that was great. I don’t doubt now, I am a true homo queer. And I love being that, just for you. That’s why I do all those things is to try to earn your respect and please let me fuck you, goddess. Please.” And he was humping her leg continuously like a mad dog in heat.

“Jouet? You have pleased me so much. Yes, you may fuck me.” She agreed as she continued to rub his muscular body all over. She moved her mouth to his and she tongued him as he did to her, it was very, hot. They were both hot. He was ready to fuck her, as soon as she broke from the kiss. And then she did.

“My jouet, you are such a faggot cunt, I love when you call yourself that. It’s such a turn-on. You sweet queer, cock sucking cunt slut. I love you so much. Yes, let me get into position and you can fuck me hard. AND I MEAN HARD! Let try doggie style.” Then she got on her hands and knees and placed her ass to the front of his body. He immediately got on his knees and went to fuck her. But …

He looked down and, again, remembered the forgotten cock cage. How his dick was in a cage, a chastity device that was locked on. “Oh, Mistress, please remove my dick cage so I can plow your sweet ass and cunt just like you like it, nice and hard and fast. Fuck, I am so fucking horny, you are so beautiful.”

“Then she got up and put a pretend look of shock on her face. “Oh, that darn, that dick box, I forgot about that. I put it on you, but I don’t have the key to remove it.”

“Please, please get the key now, please. I am so fucking horny to fuck you. Oh please call someone with the key.”

“Oh, well, you see, we Sisters of ACO Sorority have a rule dealing with any male house guest. To do something to him or for him, such as unlock your dick-stopper, we have to take a vote on it first. Yes, we … ”

“A VOTE?! Please, I need to fuck you! You are so gorgeous. I love your body! I’m in no condition to wait. Please just get the key, my beautiful Mistress … I demand that … ”

“UUUUGGGHHHH! … OOOWWWWEEEEE! FFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!” Kyle was rolling on the floor in horrific pain from the electrical charge from the dog collar he was wearing. He forgot he had it on, but he just got his head practically fried off. “OOOOWWWWEEEE!” when the shock finally stopped, Kyle was laying on the floor in a sweat. He was almost blacked out and panting like a dog in the desert.

“Now, stop that. Stop interrupting. Or do you want another blast?” She spoke calmly, and softly. “I’ve warned you that all the sisters here at ACO have to unanimously vote “yes” to remove it. If one girl refuses, I’m afraid you’re stuck.” Kyle was in a whirlwind of confusion. His mind was spinning. Nothing was reasonable or making sense. He had lots of questions. All the while, he was stuck on the floor from the shock, unable to even sit up.

“Let me explain, for the cock cage to come off, so you can fuck me, or anyone, each girl has to vote yes. But in able for them to vote yes or no, each girl will want to visit you here, and do to them whatever she wishes, how she wishes and for as long as she wishes. All the while you will have to keep the box stopper on.” Kendra smiled. “But look, it’s a win-win situation. We Sisters of the ACO will let you pleasure us, and you, a faggot homo will enjoy doing it. This is what you wanted, to please all of us, right?”

“OK, now for more good news for you. I vote, ‘yes’. Now you only have 48 more girls to satisfy.”

“FUCK!” He yelled. She showed him the remote in her hand; he immediately stopped all movement. He‘d say nothing else. Kyle was now terrified of the frying pan of the dog collar. He didn’t even try to get up off the floor. He just nodded.

“Get up on your knees.” He did. “now reach over to the table.” It was a small table and he stretched out his arm to try to reach it. It was about a foot too far. She moved the table closer to within one inch of his reach and left it there. She wanted it close, but not so he could touch it. Then she placed the remote on it. “All the girls that come up here may have to shock you if you do not do as each one says, immediately. But that’s only right since you need all 49 votes to be a “yes.”

And then it went on and on. One-by-one, a girl would come up to visit Kyle and make love to Kyle, well except for his cock cage, they would hug and pet, and caress, and kiss and make out. Some women were naked, most wore only underwear. Some would be there with him for only 15 minutes, some would be there for an hour. On more than one occasion, two women came in at one time. The two were gorgeous and naked. They sandwiched him between them and made out … big time. Kissing him all over and French kissing all over the place. Kyle was leaking pre-cum all over the mattress. He, of course, could not get hard, but he dripped his pent-up juice to near insanity.

Kyle was so desperate to climax that he finally broke his silence and spoke out, risking getting shocked again, “Please. Find the key? Let me fuck you so … ”

“Oh, good you can speak. From now on, when anyone is here, you are to tell each of us what despicable whore, fag slut you are. I’ll put a note downstairs so that if any woman comes up here and you are not verbally deprecating yourself, they are instructed just to shock you, and do it continually until you pass out. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I said, do you understand?”

“I am such a faggot whore, a cunt and a slut, I eat assholes out, I drink piss I love being a faggot degenerate, I … ” And he went on and on.

None of the other women got any sign of resistance from Kyle. So Kyle was servicing one girl after another. He stopped begging to be allowed to come. He even stopped humping them. He just allowed himself to be used in any way they wanted. Kyle could not help but whimper due to his frustration. On the rare occasion, he did place his hand on his chastity device just to see if it hadn’t come off at some point. But, Of course, it had not.

When one of the girls who just arrived mentioned that she could only spend 15 or 20 minutes with him, she said it was because it was already 2:00 in the morning. Kyle thought he was about done. After all, he was tired too. He had classes the next day. Or did he? He was so exhausted and disoriented he didn’t remember what day it was.

“Will a faggot slut like me be about done with all you wonderful, kind, charming, sexy ladies of ACO?” He asks in a very tired tone as he tried to perform.

“Oh, yeah, you're almost finished. And I promise not to take too much time.” She was telling him that as she strapped on a 10-inch dildo. “Oh shit, I forgot the lube. Here.” And she thrust it into his open mouth. “wet it good and nice now. Make it slippery.” She pulled out of his mouth that remained open and drooling saliva. “Ok, jouet, lay on your back and pull your knees up to your chest. This is the way my boyfriend likes it. I’m sure you will too. But just in case you have other ideas, I want you to tell me how much you love me doing this. And that you want it harder and harder.”

“Please? I’ve never … ”

Then she just drilled him, and I mean hard, then in and out and in and out. Kyle was silent. He was so freaked. “I told you, if you don’t beg for more, I’ll drill you for a full hour.

“FUCK! PLEASE, OH GOD, Please do it harder, I FUCKING LOVE IT. I am such a fuck-up slutty cunt, you’d never know I fucking love getting slammed and drilled and fucked. OH, PLEASE don’t stop.”

“That’s just great, I do love this. I didn’t think you like it so hard, I am I’m pounding the shit, literally, out of you. Or is that in you?” She giggled. “My boyfriend also told me to do it easy, but he is not the faggot fuck slut that you are. I just know you’re loving this as much as I am.”

Kyle was moaning with pain. He didn’t know what to do. He wanted her to stop immediately, so he told her, “PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER! PLEASE, MISTRESS!”

This is so great. I’m loosening you up. June is next and she loves to fist a guy, I’ll be sure to tell her you’re hardcore into that. And you can beg her for more. You are one lucky jock. Do you know that?” I guess we gave you the proper name here. Do you know what jouet means? It’s a French word that means “toy,” a toy for us to use. A fuck toy, A suck toy? A mouth toy. You must be so happy to be here instead of with all those gay guys at SAE.” Kyle was caught with an odd thought. At least at the SAE frat house, he was allowed to climax, even with guys it was better than this insanity.

“Oh and I have more good news, I am only number 27. So the good news is you have 22 more of us sisters you get to use because there are 49 Sisters in and out today and tonight. But … it might have to go into the mid-morning before we beg YOU to stop and have to kick you out.”

As the night went into dawn, Kyle was a body with no awareness, no feeling. But his dick continued to seep out his liquid energy. He was released from the dog collar and said in the weariest voice, “Can you unlock my cock cage now, please?”

“Oh, that. We don’t have the key to that, we never did. Jeff, your SAE President has it. So just go see him.” And two of the women had to pick him up under his arms and help him walk downstairs and to the front door. But as they opened it, he realized he was still naked.

“Oh, my clothes?”

“Don’t you remember, when you first came over you insisted on taking them in the backyard and burning them?”

“Can you lend me a robe or something? I have to walk clear across the parking lot and then all the way to the opposite end of campus.”

“Oh, sure we can. We’ll lend you … something.” Then she turned to a frat sister in the back and asked for something he could wear. I guess they had this all planned out because they brought him a pink bra and matching panties. He didn’t argue, he was so out of it. They helped him put them on and rushed him out the door. “Remember, Jeff wants you to report directly to the SAE breakfast at 8:30. That gives you 11 minutes to run across campus, if you hurry, you can just make it.”

There was not enough time for him to get to his dorm, change and then run to the breakfast. In fact, he doubted if he’d just make the breakfast as it was. So there went Kyle, wearing a pink bra and pink lace panties and nothing else. He was jogging. He was so tired and still wearing his cock cage. He did manage to make it to breakfast and boy oh boy did the entire room break up in laughter. Jeff did remove his cock cage and his dick sprang up uncontrollably. It was Jeff who called out for someone to bring waffles for over Kyles. And as ridiculous as he looked, he was famished. He just sat down and didn’t care who was laughing or what anyone was saying. Except … for Jeff. “Pledge Kyle, I hear you did well over at ACO Sorority. We will have your full report later, but for now, the girls passed you. Hell Week is over for you, but since you missed the party last night, you need to do one last pledge task.”

“Sir, I’m exhausted, may I just have my breakfast first, please?”

“Yes, and that is your last task, it’s for you to have your breakfast. But we are out of syrup, so just stand up, take off your panties, leave your bra on, and beat off onto your waffles,”

He thought he could do that and just not eat the waffles, so he started to jerk off. The guys were doing a very slow countdown from 10. Kyle hadn’t cum even after 24 hours of sex. It was easy to match the countdown. He held his cock over his food and pumped it. Boy did that feel good! “Three … Two … One … BLAST OFF! And he shot a huge load over his freshly cooked waffles and globs landed on the table as well. It did look just like syrup.

He thought he would not really have to eat it up, but they all stood over him and watching him cut into each piece, and mouthful by mouthful, he ate it all up. “Don’t forget to sop up all your pledge juice that missed the waffles.” And he did that as well. He was all out of resistance. He was done, but at least it was over for him. He was now an SAE Brother.

So that is how Kyle earned his right to join the SAE fraternity. Two of his pledge Brother also passed their Week of Hell, Jared, and Tommy. All we have left to figure out is Morgan. How did it go with Morgan last night?

69 Hell Week Three
Part 5 of 5

Morgan’s Final Challenge

Morgan is the pledge that was plastered from the neck down in a full-body cast. The SAE frat had loaned him to the medical lab class for just that purpose. Plus, the frat had seen to it had he was high on some sex drug that gave him a constant erection. Actually, there is some question about that. Was Morgan sporting a stiff rod because he was drugged or was he not drugged and his big boner was simply because he had some inner erotic fetish to be humiliated? Hopefully, the frat Brothers involved in setting up all these hazing pranks will clarify that at some point.

So last night, just before the big party to end Hell Week, Morgan was wheeled in on an over-sized dolly, into the party room, covered with a black sheet. He was the mystery entertainment. You might wonder why a macho jock, so was well-liked and considered to be a natural champion for the school’s soccer team, would put himself into such dehumanizing positions, doing the most degenerate and humiliating acts, just to gain entry into SAE Fraternity.

Of course, Morgan’s attendance to UNM, or any college for that matter, was dependent upon his rich Uncle Victor’s financial generosity, since Morgan’s family did not have the money to pay his way. The only kicker was that Morgan had to be accepted into his uncle's old SAE Fraternity. If he did get into that fraternity, there would be no money coming from his uncle. This is why Morgan would do ANYTHING to get into SAE. He would allow others to humiliate him no end.

If Jeff Black could heap so much degradation and humiliation on Morgan that he would quit the frat and the school. Then, instead of Uncle Victor paying the tuition costs of Morgan, he’d pay $100,000 to the frat for much-needed renovations to their century-old fraternity house.

And, of course, there was the icing on the cake for the uncle. The frat had videotaped Morgan doing awful disgusting sex acts with other men. Those tapes would be secretly released and Morgan would be made a perverted outcast from the families and friends. Uncle Victor intended to swoop in and pretend to rescue his poor, pitiful unwanted nephew. For the piece de resistance, Uncle Victor would then allow Morgan to move in with him. Victor Lasseter planned to keep Morgan as the degenerate cock-sucking slut that the frat turned him into. At his uncle’s home, Master Victor would use slave Morgan to serve all his deviant sexual desires. Uncle Victor started to some renovations in his basement to turn it into a type of dungeon, just for his socially shunned nephew. The plan was oh so perfect.

Morgan was presented at the SAE Fraternity ceremony, which was more like a drunken brawl. The sheet was removed and exposed Morgan in a full-body plaster cast. The only openings beside his head hole were for his dick and asshole. Phil, who was in charge of logistics, explained to Morgan what it would take for him to pass Hell Week and become a Brother in SAE, “See, we will soon wheel you into the party room as our fabulous plastered pledge. And set you, face down, on a huge pillow. From that point on, the Brothers will do whatever they want to you. I’m sure some will turn you face up so they can fuck your mouth. Turning you over will take four strong guys, but you’ll be in good hands. Others will turn you back to face down to fuck your sweet ass. And, now we know you’ll love it all.” Morgan was confused and dizzy. He could not believe want they were saying. He was shaking his head no, but at the same time, thinking it was all true. He never realized he was gay. He thought, truly, that he hated every homo act they made him perform.

“Am I really gay?” he thought to himself. “If I haven’t been drugged, I must be gay deep inside. But I love sex with girls, or … maybe I was fooling myself all along.”

Phil jarred him from his thoughts, “Yah, we saw to it that even the few girls you mentioned that you liked were also invited to your party. Isn’t that great? They’ll finally see the real you. Think of the bright side. Now that you know you get all horned up for guys, women won’t be wasting their time dating you.” Phil took a deep breath, “Look, Morgan, putting all this Hell Week faggot hazing aside, we do care about our Brothers. And look, just because you’re a fag, … well, you’ll be the first in our SAE frat … we’ll appreciate you for who you really are. And … it’s a big plus for all the other frat Brothers too. If anyone can’t get laid by some female, well … they can come back here and fuck the shit out of you.” Did he mean all of this? Or was he mind-fucking Morgan?

. “But we are getting ahead of ourselves,” Jeff said. “To finish Hell Week and become a Brother, you have to get 5 guys to fuck you in the ass and five guys to let you suck them off.” When you do that, You’re in!” Morgan was finally understanding everything now, it was all getting a bit clearer.

“OK, pledge, let’s get you a beer, just to get you more relaxed,” Jeff said as Phil handed him a glass full. “Here you go pledge, drink I down.” And Morgan did just that. “Good, now, let’s see that big smile.” Morgan smiled, but it was a look of embarrassment.

“And what are you going to beg all the brothers to do?” Jeff asked?

“I going to beg them to let me suck their dicks and to fuck my ass.” He said, trying to be bold and honest.

“And why are you begging them to use you like a fucking cunt whore?”

“So I will end my Hell Week. And become an SAE fraternity Brother.” It was still odd talking about begging guys to fuck him and sucking dick. His confidence was unstable, maybe they gave him more sex drugs in that drink. Was that the creepy stuff making him think homo thoughts?

“YES! That’s our boy. And one last thing, the guys here will not likely fuck you or let you suck their dicks. They aren’t as cruel as they seem to behave. Plus, they all have their chicks to sex up any way they want to. So fucking a faggot is not high on their lists. Get my drift? The Brothers won’t believe you want to suck their dicks or get fucked – UNLESS YOU CONVINCE THEM YOU NEED AND WANT THEM TO. You need to call yourself all kinds of degrading, slutty names. This way the Brother will assume you are a truly happy fag and that you want them to fuck your ass and fuck your face.” Jeff declared.

“Yes, Sir,” Morgan said, with his face a bit contorted. His body was covered in hard plaster with his legs and arms sticking out. He had been placed standing and leaned back on the handcart. His cock thrust out of the dick hole like a lance.

Jared and Phil covered him with a black sheet so he could be unveiled at the last minute. Then they worked to get the handcart rolling and pushed him into the next room, the large party area. They wheeled him into the front of the party room, still covered by the sheet. The music was blasting. Beer was flowing. “OK, guys we just wheeled in our last pledge. Jared, Tommy, and Kyle all passed Hell Week, but Morgan here has not made it yet. So let’s see how Morgan wanted to present himself as tonight’s entertainment. As we unveil him, remember, this is Morgan’s choice of … let’s say … his outfits.”

Phil and Jared dramatically pulled off the sheet with a pretend drum roll. WOW! Everyone screamed with laughter and cheered wildly, the beer had a lot to do with their raucous outburst. Jeff let the howls, hoots, and continuous applause continue for a while, then he raised his hands.

Jeff whispered in his ear, “You have to tell them about you. So I’ll set it up for you.” Then he turned to the group as a whole, “OK Frat Bros, and all you lovely ladies here in attendance. Morgan has something to tell all of us.” Then he placed the hand mike in front of Morgan’s face.

Morgan didn’t know he would have to make the announcement. He froze. “Ah, I see Morgan is a little nervous. Let me help start him off. You see, we thought Morgan should dress up for tonight’s party. We suggested a black tux with all the trimmings. However, he was very respectful in letting us know he wanted to present himself like this. We tried to talk him out of it, but, well, he did go through hell this week trying to prove he is SAE material. So the SAE leadership agreed to allow him to dress up in plaster.” Cheer and hoots were reverberating as well as applauds. Of course, the Brothers knew Jeff was spoofing Morgan. Of course, they knew the pledge was forced to “wear” a body cast. But they all went along with Jeff’s inventive effort to embarrass and humiliate Morgan.

“But I don’t want to put words in Morgan's mouth. In the first place, you would not believe me if I told you how much he needs all the Brothers to fuck him in the ass. And how he wants to suck all the jock dick in this room. No, I cannot speak for him about such homo-loving adventures. Let’s hear it from Morgan himself.” Again he placed the mike in front of Morgan’s face.

“I … I … want … to … Yes, Jeff is correct. I want to be your entertainment tonight. I … I … ah … want you all to fuck me and allow me the … the … honor of … of … sucking … ah … your dicks.” Morgan sweated it out.

“But Morgan, none of these fine, jock brothers are fags. I don’t understand what you want them to do? Be queers themselves?” Jeff asked as if he was so sincere. “I mean, I see your dick is dripping cunt juice, so this is really you, but the Brothers? I don’t think they can get it up for a fag whore like you. I guess you are a real desperate faggot whore slut. Well, I’m not judging, if you want all these straight jock studs to plow your holes with their massive cocks, I’ll leave it up to them. But I don’t see that you’ll get any takers, pledge.” Morgan was trembling, his dick was bobbing up and down. The public embarrassment in front of all these men and women was horrifyingly erotic. There was a long string of come oozing from his twitching dick slowly stretching to the floor.

“Please … all you SAE brothers. Please … fuck … fuck me. I need this to become a full brother here. I am begging you to fuck my holes. Let me suck your big dicks and use me for experimenting. Let me suck all your powerful big cocks. I know the Brother of SAE are kind and loyal to each other and I am asking you to be kind to me.” Morgan’s eyes were glassy and he was as nervous as ever. There was a war going on inside his brain. Did he want this? Was he bi or even gay?

The group applauded his desperate desire to be filled with dick. Several Brothers set him on a large cushion face up so he could offer to suck guys’ dicks. In reality, it did not take long, the Brothers lined up and he sucked a dozen dicks, some to completion, but most to the point of very pleasant arousal. Those guys returned to the party drinking and were now so horny that they could not wait to plug their girlfriends. A few did not wait; they went off to some not-so-secluded corner and fuck their bitches full bore.

At some point, a couple of really built muscle guys picked up the plastered Morgan and turn him over, setting him back down on the dark cushion. His asshole showing through the two-inch hole was like a dinner call to some of the sex-starved brothers. And one-by-one they laid the front of their bodies on top of the plastered back of Morgan's and fucked his exposed ass. No one cared who saw what. No one cared who was naked and all boned up, and no one viewed the raw sex as anything but enjoyable entertainment.

Morgan was only required to get fucked five times and suck five dicks. But when the action started, there was no way for him to call a halt to it. He literally could not move an inch. It was so odd from Morgan's perspective. He was laying there either on his backside or front side and could not change his position or move his arms to push guys away. He was like an inanimate male doll positioned with legs and arms spread wide. A toy. No one asked him want he wanted, or how he wanted it. Even those Brothers who were much more polite and caring of others, could not resist the sight of a mouth all positioned to fuck, or an asshole all set up for a good plugging. Of course, with those guys, it was the booze, maybe some drugs as well, that caused them to push aside their civility and caused them to behave so boorishly and animalistic.

It was like Morgan was not even there. After a while, he had no gut reaction to all the sexual use and abuse of his body. He was in a daze. He remembered hearing a lot of resounding applauds, something to do with his volcanic eruptions gusting his cum all over the place. He remembered something like a tiny buzz saw cutting into the white plaster. Then there was the image of him being carried, totally naked, across the campus quad in daylight. It was all like bits and pieces of a dream.

The Conclusion to Three Weeks of Hell

It was three in the afternoon when Morgan finally woke up naked in his dorm bed. There were a bunch of guys sitting in chairs around the room waiting for him to greet the new day. As he became more fully aware, he realized there was Tommy, Jared, and Kyle all looking at him smiling.

More importantly, there were a half dozen other SAE frat Brothers there as well. These other Brothers were the mainstream and the heart of the fraternity. A couple spoke up to Morgan, “Hey I see you are back in the real world. That was an amazing feat you did. I speak for all of us when I say welcome to SAE.” The small group around him applauded.

Al continued, “We all take responsibility for treating you so harshly during Hell Week. We gave our tacit approval. In a way, we are not sorry you went through the toughest Hell Week any pledge ever had to. You showed us what you are made of. As you know, the SAE central board governs the frat, but that board is elected to serve by the full membership. We had a private meeting this morning of just the membership without the leaders, and it will take a few days, but we will toss out Jeff and the current board members and will elect a new board soon. It will happen for sure. And if you want to be on that board, just ask. We can talk about it later.”

After Morgan’s full night of humiliation, he was not mentally aware of it, Morgan was unanimously voted into SAE, followed by sincere applauds. His Uncle Victor’s little deal with the governing board was supposed to be a secret. It leaked out, a little here, and a little there. By the end of Hell Week, all the brothers knew what true Hell Morgan had been put through. And without question, the leadership of SAE, including President Jeff Black, truly regretted their participation in the deal Uncle Victor set up to fully embarrass Morgan. I mean, with Morgan being accepted into the frat, all his nephew’s college tuition would be covered by Uncle Victor, as publicly promised.

Another Brother, Jacob, added to the conversation, “By the way, all that talk about you doing crazy things and whether you were under a drug influence or not? Well, you were under an illegal drug they put in your water, and also last night they slipped into your beer. We were told that no drugs would be used, but they were. That’s enough to get this frat closed down for good. As for Jeff telling you he contacted your family and girlfriends? Well, that never happened. One thing we Brothers are very good at, and that’s keeping secrets. Your one of us now and we all hang tight.”

Jacob continued, “I think, for now, we should leave you alone.” Each and everyone there went up to Morgan and shook his hand or patted him on his naked body, as a sign of approval and affection.

As for Uncle Victor paying for his nephew, Morgan's complete tuition, what the hell, he was rich. He surely could afford it. And, he, Uncle Victor was off the hook to pay the SAE Fraternity the $100,000 he was going to pay them instead of paying his nephew’s tuition. The way the brothers looked at it, at least they were not accepting “blood money” for dealing evil tricks on Morgan. In the eyes of many of the frat Brothers, Morgan was somewhat of a hero. He put up with more shit and degrading treatment than any other pledge that went through Hell Week. For quite some time, many Brothers could not stop thinking about Morgan’s courage. All the demeaning acts he put up with, just because he wanted to be the first in his financially-strapped family. He wanted to improve himself that much. Most of the frat Brothers could not look Morgan in the eyes and continued to be embarrassed themselves for their initial thought of him like a slut, a gay whore, and whatever else they thought. Boy oh boy, were they ever wrong. In the pursuing weeks, all the shit and those bad and bruised feelings were gone. Morgan became an honored frat bro as well as an asset to the college’s sports program.

The women at school that he had known, never did return to date him, but with his reputation restored, he had many new offers, and was back to being known as the “lady killer” he had been considered previously.

You might wonder about all the “evidence” that was gathered, such as photos and videos, and what happened to them. Well, they do exist and are kept by the historian of the frat. To this day, no one outside of a very few had even seen them, and due to a kind of … “apology” to Morgan, now a very popular sophomore; they likely will never show up to any prying eyes.

And, of course, that scandal Uncle Victor Lasseter had quite a jolting hiccup in his plans for the would-have-been defeated and shunned Morgan. When he received the news that all those obscene, wicked attempts to get Morgan to drop out of the frat failed, he cried. Victor wept loudly, alone in his hilltop mansion. He wept as he hurt over the memory of his daughter being raped by Morgan, now some four years ago. He never pressed charges due to the heavy pressure the extended families place on him. Though Victor never accepted the mitigating circumstance involved, it was true that Morgan had been the victim of being slipped some kind of new “designer” drug that was circulating at the time and would make anyone lose all sense of reason and responsibility. He did not know what he was doing in his sex-crazed stupor.

Victor was crying for the loss of something else as well. He had made plans to bring his rejected and dejected sexy, hunky nephew Morgan to his home to live with him. Not in kindness, but in revenge. He figured that if Morgan was reduced to getting fucked and licking ass, and sucking dick, that was to Victor’s big benefit. So since his nephew would have been permanently turned into some fag slut, why not keep him that way for personal use he felt the boy’s friends and family would no longer want him, why not put his newly developed “talents” to good use, degrading use. Victor Lasseter had already started remodeling a room for his nephew in his mansion … basement. There he was constructing a special room with a toilet, a shower that only had cold water, a place with a mattress on the floor, and what could only be described as a steel bar dog cage in the corner.

It was halfway completed when he had to stop work on the basement room because Morgan, to his surprise, was accepted into the frat, and likewise, into college … at Uncle Victor’s expense. Victor Lasseter lost his special, private resident to keep as his slave. On the bright side, for Uncle Victor, he didn’t have to pay the $100,000 he promised to the SAE frat because they never came up with enough difficult degrading challenges that would have made Morgan quit. The End

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