060 Hell Week Two

60 Hell Week Two
Part 1 of 4

From Hell Week One: Morgan Lasseter was on top of the world. His six-foot, 170-pound frame fairly floated down the street. Once again, everything had turned out perfect! “Yeah," he shouted to no one, jamming a fist at the sky, then tugging on his handsome head's SAE baseball cap worn backward. Things were going well. For example, getting the tuition to one of the finest Universities in the country taken care of by his rich uncle, Mr. Victor Lasseter.

But that “gift” for full tuition was not given out of kindness to his nephew, Morgan. Uncle Victor had a scheme in the works. There was a strong and emotional need to have revenge on his nephew, and he would use his solid connections with the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity to rain havoc on Morgan for his past crimes. Uncle Victor made his tuition gift to Morgan conditioned on his getting into the SAE Fraternity. The uncle’s plan to destroy his nephew was due to Morgan’s degenerate acts against Uncle Victor’s daughter, Morgan’s cousin. The plan to destroy him would be executed during the pledges’ three “Hell Weeks.” In plain English, Uncle Victor was to get the SAE frat to completely humiliate and degrade Morgan so much that he would not be able to take it and would choose to quit. Morgan, or any other student, would never put themselves through the dehumanizing phases Uncle Victor conceived. Why would the frat do this awful thing to a nice young man? It’s because wealthy Uncle Victor would give the SAE frat $100,000 to renovate their Fraternity House. Jeff Black, the SAE Fraternity President, and Mr. Victor Lasseter sealed the deal two months ago, which sealed Morgan’s fate. Morgan had no idea his uncle was about to get revenge on him at all. In fact, Morgan thought his uncle forgot or forgave him for his past sins and perverted acts and was offering the tuition out of family love.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of New Mexico was Uncle Victor’s former Fraternity; he was even a past president. So, this was an organization Victor Lasseter could scheme with. To the extended family, Uncle Victor seemed like a saint when he offered Morgan the tuition, an amount Morgan’s family could never afford. Yet, on the inside, Uncle Victor had the SAE leadership set up the hazing period so dehumanizing that Morgan would drop out. And when he quit, he would lose the money his uncle offered him since being accepted by that frat was required to pay his tuition. And the SAE frat would get $100,000 in exchange for their help to sack Morgan.

The four pledges of the SAE Fraternity were Kyle Cane, a six-foot-two body builder type with short choppy hair and a cute crooked nose. Tommy Luck, five foot seven, with a small compact swimmer's body, dirty blond hair, and bright blue inquisitive eyes, Jared Richards, medium build and height, not too muscular, curly black hair, pug nose, and a shit-eating grin, and, of course, Morgan Lasseter. Tommy’s Puppy Training

Continuing: Tommy was surprised to see a large metal bar dog cage placed next to the one bed in the basement. It was about a cubic yard, 36 inches in all directions. Tommy wondered if they would bring the pledges a pet dog for some reason. He thought that might be a nice, friendly pet, distraction. But to everyone’s surprise, that dog cage was for Tommy. Yes, he was made to sleep in the basement in that metal dog cage. It was awkward, to say the least. But worse, Tommy was awakened in the middle of the night after only three hours of sleep. It was Lorenzo, an assistant Pledge Master who woke him, “Come on, sleepy head, time to wake up." Though Tommy was groggy and disoriented, even so, he was quietly taken out of his cage and brought upstairs to Lorenzo’s room for a private lesson.

Lorenzo liked the boy’s smaller, tight swimmer physique. Tommy came around slowly. The effects of the previous night’s special cocktail he was given made his initial actions a bit unsteady and out of focus. As his head quickly cleared, he tried not to think about last night and what he had done. It was all part of the hazing. It would all be over soon. Soon he'd be back fucking cunt and laughing about all this. He had been allowed to sleep on the floor beside Lorenzo's bed, his head resting on a pile of Lorenzo's dirty laundry. It was a lot better than the cramped single bed downstairs that the four pledges had to share. Maybe it was worth giving certain "special favors" if he could avoid beatings and abuse for the remainder of Hell Week.

Lorenzo fucked his big toe in and out of the boy’s mouth. Tommy focused his eyes up at the naked hunk sitting on the edge of the bed above him. The jock's fat Italian prick and hefty nuts hung over the bed and swung as he moved his leg so his toe would fuck the boy’s face. Jesus, Lorenzo had a huge stinking prick. Even flaccid, it was just a motherfucking animal dick. If you've ever seen a big, thick-skinned Italian dick, you know what I mean. Tommy felt the toenail scrape his lips as the toe fucked his mouth.

"Come on, Tommy." Lorenzo smiled down at him and scratched his naked hairy stomach. "Be a good puppy. That’s it. That’s it." Tommy began to suck on the big toe in his mouth. He was sucking a guy’s toe. What the fuck had happened to him?" While Tommy was sucking on that toe, a shadow crossed his face. He looked in the other direction to see the ever-present Stan wearing only a bath towel around his pale naked body. Stan lifted one foot, put it on Tommy's face, and rubbed it around. "Morning, Tommy. How’s our favorite little pledge this morning?" he asked. Tommy could see up beneath Stan's towel to his low-hanging slender balls and thin, long, pale dick. This was guy stuff that would never be spoken about outside of this room. They promised him that discretion. Stan stood back, scratching his right pec. Lorenzo's toe was removed from the pledges mouth, leaving a trail of spit across his face.

"How are you feeling this morning, Tommy? You slept a long time. You're supposed to wake me in the morning, not the other way around." Lorenzo laughed, and Tommy knew it was okay and he wouldn't get an ass thwacking for it. He smiled too, a weak, sort of crooked half-smile. But it was his first smile in days. Maybe these guys did like him. Maybe they would protect him.

Stan threw himself into the soft chair bringing his legs up and draping them over the arms of it flashing his spread-open crotch. His long low-hanging balls and flaccid prick reminded Tommy of what he had done with his mouth the night before.

"You know Tommy, Stan, and I have been talking. We would have you wait until this evening for the second part of your loyalty training session with us. You know, to continue from last night." Tommy didn’t want to think about last night, but how could he forget. He would never forget that he had been turned into a cocksucker. "But I know how easily intimidated you pledges are. You always think every part of your hazing will be much worse than it is. You freak out over nothing. And all day, you would go around worrying about the next day’s hazing and unable to concentrate on your classes." Fuck! This was the first Tommy had even heard about a second session, about any more private lessons. What had he missed?

"All day, you'd fret over what doesn’t even amount to a hill of beans. We want just a little further test of your brotherly devotion and loyalty. So we thought we'd get it over with now. That way, you could have a happy day without a care in the world. How about that, Tommy?"

The bare-assed boy on the floor looked up at his superiors. "I'm just a fucking puppy pledge, Sirs, and I will do whatever you think best." He said as if he wanted to do whatever, but clearly, he did not want any of this fag stuff.

Lorenzo smiled, bent down, and ran one hand through his mop of black hair. "That’s the attitude, Tommy. No more paddling for you. You’re on the right track now. You do whatever I want. That’s the ticket. We're going to be good buddies. Me telling you what to do, and you do it, right?"

"Yes, Sir,” Tommy said, feeling a little sick in his stomach.

"Right. Well, the second part of your training is nothing, really. Just a little something. Not anything traumatic like last night. Last night was a real test of loyalty for you, and you passed with flying colors. We're both very proud of you. Today’s lesson is just a little nothing. We are going to teach you a little bit of new puppy behavior. You know Stan and I watched how you pledges kissed each other the other night? You kissed with so much warmth and devotion. There was nothing sexual or queer about it. It was just an honest brotherly tongue kiss. We got a little jealous. We thought we'd like for you to kiss us that way."

“Wow. No problem,” Tommy thought to himself, “I could do that.” If he could get off with just kissing these two dudes, he could do that. A piece of cake. It’s not like he wanted to kiss any male, but it was much better than being required to do any sex acts. If forced into sex, he’d consider quitting the frat. He got up on his knees; his smile was more honest now. He stood up, ready to kiss these two guys.

"Yes, we thought we would like you to kiss us that way, a nice deep tongue kiss … OK?” Tommy was already nodding his head yes. “You’d like to give us both a deep kiss on our assholes.”

Tommy's mouth hung open like he was a retard. He couldn't believe it. He couldn’t even comprehend what he just heard. He looked from Brother to Brother. Stan spread his legs a little further, and now Tommy could see behind the saggy balls. To the Brother’s puckered brown hair ringed asshole. That's why he was sitting that way. Christ almighty, these guys were fucking perverts! Tommy panicked. He must do something. What could he do?

Lorenzo lay back on his bed, lifted his knees to his chest, and spread his knees wide. His huge feet hung in the air as he grabbed his thighs and spread himself further. "Come on, Tommy, be a good little puppy and kiss me." Tommy couldn’t even see Lorenzo's ass pucker, his fucking Italian dick, and balls were too big.

"I don’t think I can," Tommy said, gagging at the thought.

"Of course, you can. Of course, you can, Tom. We learned that last night. We learned that you can do whatever you're told to do. Just don’t think about it. Just do it. Make your mind a blank, or if it helps, pretend you are kissing the twat of an absolutely fabulous woman. We won’t mind. Some really hot chick. Make believe my asshole is her cunt, and you want to eat it out. That should make it easier for you? It’s not my dirty, sweaty asshole you are kissing. It’s some chick’s sexy cunt."

Tommy moved in. He could smell the ball and ass sweat. He closed his eyes. Tried to picture some girl’s twat. But the smell was too strong.

"Come on, Tommy. You don’t want any more blisters on your cute little butt, do you? I could have Stan fetch the paddle."

Tommy reached out and lifted his huge balls and prick out of the way. He brought his face up close to the asshole. It was a brownish pink with dark curly hair around it. It was a man's fucking asshole. And he was supposed to kiss it. Tommy puckered his lips and repressed the urge to puke. He kissed the puckered flesh. It tasted bitter and salty, and musty.

"That won’t do, Tom. That won’t do at all. Come on now. Don’t get me pissed. A nice long, open-mouthed kiss like you did to your pledge brothers. Like you do with a girlfriend. Hurry up now."

Tommy moved in and opened his mouth. He felt Lorenzo's fuck sack resting on the side of his face. Felt the big prick twitch. He pressed his mouth against the stinking shithole. What does it take to get a nice young 18-year-old boy to kiss another guy’s asshole? Someone with fear and inner submissive nature. That’s who would kiss a college jock's dirty asshole. It’s unthinkable, but Tommy did it.

"Better, Tommy, much better. Now lick your tongue up and down my ass crack for me. Come on, you’re almost finished. Do a good job. Make me proud." Tommy licked up and down the ass crack. It wasn’t as bad as the asshole itself. He licked up behind the balls. Licked the balls themselves, rub them across his forehead. He licked down to the rectum hole, then back and forth. Then behind the hole, until his cute blond head was buried in the mattress. “God. Oh, that feels so good, Tommy. I love to have my asshole kissed by a hungry puppy. Think it’s gross? You don’t think it's gross, do you, Tommy, to help out a frat brother by kissing his asshole. Now kiss the hole again, but this time stick your tongue into the asshole just a tiny bit. That’s it, a tiny bit up my shitter."

Tommy was terrified he would get shit on his tongue, but what could he do? Oh God, if he tasted any shit, he would die. He would have to quit the fucking fraternity and drop out of school. He pushed his pointed pink tongue against the asshole pucker. It wouldn’t go in easily. He had to prod, poke, and finally, his tongue slid inside the ring of sweaty ass flesh. He felt his tongue lodged inside the warm moist asshole. He smelled ass, sweat, body stink, and … something else. Oh God, he hoped it wasn’t shit.

"Oh fuck, that feels so good. Yeah, that’s it. Further, Tommy, further. Get that tongue way up there. Stick your tongue up, my asshole. Wiggle your tongue. Come on, you little dog bitch in heat. You know you fucking love it. You love kissing a frat boy’s asshole. Now, with your tongue up my shithole, press your lips against the asshole and suck. Suck as hard as you can. Suck my ass, Tommy boy. You’re already a cocksucker. You might as well be an ass sucker. Don’t be shy. Suck Lorenzo's manly, macho sweaty shithole. You know you got it easy compared to the other pledges. You ought to see what they are making Morgan do. All the tough parts of the hazing. The initiation will be over in just a week. Come on, suck my ass. You motherfucking toilet-mouthed twat brain. Suck that ass good, or I'll fucking paddle your fucking ass bloody. Oh shit. This beats fucking twat. I swear to God. Nothing like getting your ass sucked."

Suddenly Lorenzo dropped his legs. "Here, I'll make it easier for you. My fucking legs are getting tired. Come up here and get fully on the bed. On your back." Lorenzo kneeled up on the bed and then squatted over Tommy’s red, sweaty face. "Here, now I can just sit down right on your ass-sucking mouth. You can just lay there really comfortably and suck my asshole. Lorenzo sat on the boy’s face. It wasn’t easy for Tommy to breathe that way, but nobody cared. Tommy's face was a seat, a toilet for Lorenzo's hunky hairy Italian ass. Lorenzo bounced on Tommy's face. "Come on, ass sucker. Get going.” His fucking huge balls and cock hung over Tommy's chin. Tommy was tasting shit now. No doubt about it. He was slurping up the ass juices from Lorenzo's inner ass lining. Tommy knew he wasn’t even human anymore. Why should he be? Pledges aren’t human. They are scum, ass-sucking scum.

Lorenzo sighed and smiled at Stan, who sat across the room, frigging his big dick. "Oh, Stan, wait until you feel his mouth on your asshole. You will fucking freak. It’s the best, man, the very best. Then after the shit wipe sucks our asses real good. We’ll have to review last night’s dick-sucking lessons, don't you think? Don’t you think you'd like your dick sucked?"

Jared Morning Assignment

“Time to get up, Sir,” Jared called out. It was his turn to wake the Pledge Master, Jeff Black. Jeff lay naked beneath a single white sheet that clung to his muscular, masculine frame. He had a morning hard-on that tented up the sheet. "Sir?" Jared said again, nudging the sleeping stud lightly on his smooth tan shoulder.

"Huh? What? Oh, fuck." Jeff stretched, showing off his strong chest, well-developed arms, and deep armpits. He smiled up at Jared. "Hey, how’s it going, dude? Oh, fuck, what a night." One hand went down beneath the sheet and grabbed his fat boner to rub it. "After we put you guys to bed last night, we drank heavily. Too much. Then I had to go over to a fucking sorority house. They had a virgin pledge over there who needed her first Frat boy dick up her. I fucked the frightened bitch three times. Stretched her pussy out good." Jeff laughed and kicked down the sheets. He wasn’t like Jared. He certainly wasn’t shy about being naked. Maybe this was the lesson they were trying to teach the pledges, to take pride in their own bodies. Pride in sexuality. Not pussy boy fear. Not shame.

"Man, I fucked her so deep and so hard she screamed that she didn’t want to be a sorority sister anymore. She would drop out. But it was a little fucking late for that. She had ten inches of prick in her split-open pussy. So she’s crying and calling for mommy, the other twats are laughing, and I'm slamming my prick in so deep I think I'll see it coming out her fucking mouth. Fucking cunt bitch. I never even learned her fucking name. I just kept calling her twat and bitch. Now that she’s broken open. She’ll be a much more cooperative pledge. They’ve arranged for four niggers to fuck her tonight. Wait 'til she gets a load of that big black dick. Those brothers won’t stop fucking her until she’s a fucking cum rag."

Jared stood bare-assed by the side of the bed, watching Jeff stroke his piss hard-on. Jeff looked over and smiled. "You did well last night. Shot some massive loads. But you have another lesson to learn. You need to know about waking me up in the morning. You know how I like to be woken up?"

"How, Sir?' Jared felt the now familiar hazing tension course through his body.

"I would like it if you would gently and quietly crawl beneath my sheets from the foot end of the bed, getting your face between my legs and gently lick my balls until I wake up. I love to have my balls licked. Do you think you could do that for me starting tomorrow morning? Lick my fuck sacks until I wake up. I sure would like that."

"God, Jeff, I don't know. I mean, that’s pretty queer."

"No, it’s not Jared. It’s not queer cause neither of us is homos. It’s just a hazing game, a test of willpower and submission. Shit, you know I love chicks. You haven't had your dick in any pussy, yet you’re already 18. I believe you when you tell me you're not a faggot fairy cocksucker. So it’s just something you gotta do to prove your loyalty. And it will feel so good to me. Now can you do that for me starting tomorrow? Lick my balls for me until I wake up?"

"Yes, Sir. I can." Jared looked nervously at the floor.

"Good. I have a big surprise for you." Jeff jumped out of bed, his big fat prick swinging. You don’t have to put up with any hazing shit today. You don’t even have to go to classes. You can take the whole day off with your special visitor."

"My special visitor, Sir?"

"I was contacted to inform you that you have a visitor, someone who came to town just for a night or two and to see you. And I want you two to have a wonderful day. Show him the town. Go out and eat. Catch a movie. Whatever you want. And the treat is on SAE." Jeff stood there smiling, scratching his balls. "You have an iPhone. Use it to get the photos I want of your brother Nick.”

"Show who the town, Sir?” Jared was really confused.

"Last night, after you went to bed, the doorbell rang, and standing there is this adorable version of you. A bit rough around the edges, but it was your look-a-like, alright. Said he’s your brother."

"Nick? Nick is here. What's he doing here?"

"He looked a bit upset, so I asked him. He said he had a fight with your old man when he got home from reform school. So he had to get away from home for a few days. I gotta tell you, man, he looks like one tough shit asshole with all those tattoos and piercings. And you, you have been hiding the fact that you have an ex-con for a brother?"

"Oh shit. He can be bad news. I don’t want to see him. He’s my age, of course, and he got convicted of raping a girl. He even impregnated her, and I guess he’s a father. Please, Sir, we never got along at all. In the seventh grade, he got caught dealing drugs. He must have beaten me up maybe 20 times over the years. One time he intentionally broke my arm. I’m afraid of him, Sir. I don’t want to see him at all.”

"Well, he was anxious to see you, but I told him you were sleeping. I sent him over to your dorm and told him he could sleep there as you were bunking here. He’s waiting for you this morning. I want you two guys to have a really nice time."

“Please, Sir, please. This isn’t going to end well, not this time, not ever.”

“Shush yourself. The fact that this will be difficult for you is wonderful. Doing such a difficult task will show your loyalty to the frat. So listen up. He seemed ok last night, and I already told him you would spend the day with him. So I don’t want to hear anymore. Obeying me here is a tremendous opportunity for you.” Jeff said as plain as day. “Look, just spend the day with your twin this time, and I won’t make you do that again.”

Jared flew off the handle, “I WON’T! You can’t make me. I CAN’T. HE’S TOO MUCH OF AN ASSHOLE. HE’LL BEAT ME UP AGAIN.”

“THAT’S IT, JARED. I WILL NOT TOLERATE YOUR INSUBORDINATION. IS THAT CLEAR? Now, YOU will go out with Nick, and you WILL stop all this shit right now. And … if you don’t, the website with all your photos and the videos we secretly took of you in all your perverted sexual acts will be handed over to your dad. Is that what you want? Or maybe I’ll hand over the videos to Nick. Maybe you’d prefer that?”

“OH, NO! NO, NO, OH GOD! NO, PLEASE, Sir, PLEASE DON’T DO THAT, NOT TO NICK.” Jared nearly went ballistic. “Please don’t. He’ll think I am gay. He won’t believe I am doing this initiation stuff as a dare and a prank to show loyalty. He’ll believe I’m just another homo to beat up. I’ve seen him strip a fag down and then take a belt to him and whip him into a bloody mess. I’ll do anything, but please don’t give Nick any videos and shit about me. Please.” Jared was ghostly white with fear.

“Calm down. Now, your brother is not going to hurt you. He seemed nice, a little ragged, a bit sweaty, and needing a shower, but maybe he wants to make amends with you. Either way, it is already set up. Just be civil. And Jared … that is final.” Jared rethought it; maybe his twin brother did have a change of heart. He could not escape it, so he’d hoped for the best. Plus, he would cut the visit short if Nick got out of control.

“OK, that’s settled. Well … I think you better shower and shave first. Use my bathroom, and I have a clean change of clothes for you."

"OK, Sir. I’ll do it." Jared said with definite reservation.

"There's just one thing. Since you are missing a whole day of hazing, I do have one little thing for you. I want a nice photo of your brother’s balls."

"You want what?" Jared shot back, not believing want he had just heard.

"I want a nice shot of his nut sack and your twin’s dick together. I want some shots of him bare-assed naked on the bed."

"What are you talking about? I’d be dead before I snapped the first photo."

"Hey, pledge, give me some credit here. I do have a plan. I’ll tell you what. After your nice day together, you get bro a little high after dinner tonight. We’ll provide the booze. Then you slip some sleeping pills into his drink at the end of the day. You strip him naked and take a few photos for our archives when he's knocked out. He'll never know, and it’s no big deal."

"He's a maniac! It is a big deal. I can't take photos of him naked. If he wakes up and catches me, my life is over. He’s beat me up before. I can’t do this."

"Sure you can. And you will. And since you are being such a prick about this task, I will make it a little tougher on you. You will take some shots of his body with his legs spread. Then some close-ups of his asshole. Then you will strip naked also and crawl in bed alongside him. Set the self-timer on the camera to get some shots of you in bed together. And in one shot, you will hold his dick in your hand, then a few of you kissing his dick. And then you will crawl up, place your dick over his lips, and take more photos. And then more of your dickhead slipped between his lips. I will give you a detailed list.

“You will do this, and they better be satisfactory. Take as many photos at each step as you think necessary to get the perfect clear photos. If I am not pleased with the angles or clarity, you’ll do it again tomorrow night. If you fail, you will not be accepted into the frat. Remember your Uncle's rule. If you don’t make it into SAE Brothers, you don’t get money for tuition. And since I know you can’t afford to pay your own way through college, you’d have to quit school. Now, get the fuck going. And, just for good measure, I want to see some quality jerk-off photos of both of you, too!

61 Hell Week Two
Part 2 of 4
Jared’s Assignment: Nick

Across campus, in the dorms, Jared had made a full day showing his twin brother, Nick, around town. And it went … ok. Not great, but almost ok. Nick got angry a few times, once when he saw some gay guys kissing in public and then again when he asked Jared for a couple of hundred bucks when he saw a whore he wanted to fuck. Jared told him he didn’t have any money like that. So they made it through the night. They were driving back to the dorm at night when he got a text from Jeff. He just wanted a quick report on how it was going. Perhaps Jared made sure he had a six-pack of beer and brought it to his room. Jared’s roommate was gone. He supposed that Jeff had done that to “clear the decks” for action. Now Nick would have a bed to sleep in. They toasted to a good day, and he downed the beer with the pills. It was odd; they were two different types of pills. In 20 minutes, Nick collapsed on his bed, dead to the world.

Jared wanted to work quickly to get it over with and get out of there before Nick woke up and murdered his brother. Jared had to pull Nick up more toward the head of the bed and center him. Next, he took off his tennis shoes and sweaty socks. He was a bit stinky. He had to stop and inhale deeply with those dirty socks pushed against his nose. He always liked his brother’s natural scent. Next, he removed Nick’s shirt and T-shirt. He was surprised at all the tattoos he had. Two of them were images of women’s faces. And then, he stopped and looked intensely at those nipple piercings. They looked odd and erotic at the same time. Jared never had the balls to get a tattoo or a piercing. But he liked what he saw and began to finger them. He was not being sexual, just very curious at how they stuck through the teat. He pulled each one, wondering if that would feel good or hurt. He heard Nick release a moan. Quickly he let go.

He leaned over to Nick’s waist to unbuckle his belt, unsnap the 501 buttons at the fly, then went down to the sleeping man’s feet, took hold of the pant cuffs, and pulled the jeans off his brother’s legs. As he stood, holding the pants upside down, a switchblade and an unsmoked joint dropped to the floor. He picked those up and set them on the nightstand by the bed. This whole thing, stripping his brother naked, his drugged-up brother, was just plain weird. Jared looked down at his sleeping brother. At least sleeping, he would not be in any trouble. He sat down on the edge of the bed, placing his ass where Nick’s hips were. He looked up and began to notice all the features of his brother’s face. It was similar to his own face, but Nick’s had more character and drama.

He reached out and felt Nick’s tender face and petted it like one would with a friendly dog. “Nick, why did we grow up so much apart? I loved you, man, like all families love each other. But you got so fucked up, always needing everything your way, fighting with everyone. Even our wealthy uncle Victor was ready to give you some seed money to get you started in life. But after you went to juvenile hall twice, he gave up. Now he is giving me my full college tuition, as long as I go to this school and get accepted in the SAE fraternity.” Jared was venting out loud to his drugged brother. Nick was lying there just in his underwear, breathing slowly.

Jared noticed he was leaning on his brother’s big thick muscular thigh. His brother felt warm and … nice. He glided his hand slowly over Nick’s thighs, first one and then the other. He rubbed the big knob of his knee, then slowly moved his hand upward, up the inside of his thigh all the way to the bulge in his underwear. Then down the outside to his knee, and up the inside, and up and down. Nick released a moan. He smiled over this little experience of control he had over Nick. On top of his upward slow-motion movement, another moan came from his brother’s lips.

It was time to get on with the required photos Jeff wanted him to take. At first, Jared was scared to do this, but seeing Nick fully passed out, he could relax and go ahead with his initiation task. Jared got up, hooked his fingers inside the underwear waistband of Nick's last article of clothing, and slid them down and off his feet. To his surprise, Nick was semi-hard, or maybe that was just the natural size of his brother’s dick. Jared hadn’t seen his dick in over 10 years, so maybe he was just that size.

Jared’s Pledge Master gave him a full and detailed list of each photo he was to take off and with his twin. He got the cell phone out and took the first shots of Nick lying there naked, Then a close-up of his dick. “OK, he thought, this is going well. Nick is out cold. I wonder what drugs Jeff made me give him? Anyway, I can do this, ok. I need to move on, do all Jeff's requested photos, and get out of here.”

Next, a close-up of his balls. But Nick was lying on his back, and his dick was down, covering his balls. Jared positioned Nick’s semi-full dick to point to his navel. But it only slipped down again, covering his balls. Nick placed a pillow under Nick’s ass to raise it just a bit so his dick would stay flopped upward. That did not work either, so he gently pulled it up, held it there with one hand, and took a photo. “Ahhhh,” came another moan. Jared could see that his balls were not really showing. His legs were too close together. So he pushed the far one further away and pulled the close one toward him to make a wider opening between his muscular legs. Still not right. His balls were mainly under his ass, so he gently took hold of them and pulled them down toward his toes.

His dick flopped down again. Jared again placed it up and out of the way. He held it up with one hand as he tried to adjust the wide-angle setting with his other hand. Nick moaned, even deeper this time. And the oddest thing happened. As he was holding his brother’s dick, he could feel it expanding just a little. He was not going to “do” anything to his twin. He took one of Nick’s tennis shoes and set it on top of his dick, holding it against his belly. That worked, and he took several shots of his brother’s big and finally exposed balls. Nick did raise his hips a few times and moaned.

He took some of the other shots that were not too difficult. But then, he got to the shots that made him very nervous. Jared tossed the tennis shoe back on the floor. Then he had to strip naked, slip onto the bed side-by-side, and take selfies. He prayed Nick would not wake up. “OK. Almost done. Now what?” Jared said as he reread his note. “Oh, some of me holding his dick. Shit.”

Jared was still afraid. The sweetness Nick exuded while he was asleep was not really there. If Nick awoke, Jared would be toast. Seriously. And Jared knew that. But what the hell? At least he has these few moments with a tranquil brother. He could almost enjoy this assignment.

Jared sat on the bed and carefully took his brother’s dick in his hand. He was fascinated to notice that he was bigger and starting to get stiff. He snapped a few with his face in it, smiling. Now, for the kissing one. He pulled his twin’s dick to angle toward him and brought his face over to it. The way he was holding it, he thought, looked funny. If it is not good enough for Jeff, he’d have to do it all over again tomorrow night. This time he showed his lips, making solid contact with the dick head. Again, he had trouble adjusting the cell phone camera with only one hand. He held Nick’s dick to his lips with one hand and tried to photo it with the other. Nick moaned a couple of times and lifted his hips, maybe to straighten out in his sleep.

“Now, next, suck Nick’s dick. Shit!” he yelled in his mind. He adjusted his body to be more comfortable, leaned over, and placed his mouth over his brother’s now hard dick. His mouth was only on his dick, about one inch. He wondered what did Jeff mean by “suck his dick.” Just the tip? He already knew that answer. So Jared opened his mouth more and came down over it about three inches of the seven-inch dick. He held the camera and shot some more. He kept Nick’s dick in his mouth, knowing that Jeff would not be happy unless he had his brother’s dick all the way in, full bore.

Oddly, it hadn’t occurred to Jared that sucking his brother’s dick was not even on the list of photos. Kissing it was, but there was nothing about sucking it. Maybe his mind was just in that grove. Or maybe Jared just assumed it was there because it’s his experience with Jeff and his demands. Jared removed his hand from Nick’s dick and used his mouth to hold onto his dick. This way, he could use both hands to adjust the camera and check just how the photos turned out. As he saw the photos were pretty good and adjusted the camera for some close-ups, Jared pushed his mouth fully down onto his sleeping brother’s stiff dick. He choked a little but held his mouth onto it to take more photos.

Nick moaned several times, but what really got to Jared was that Nick began to thrust his hips upward, unwittingly shoving his dick all the way to Jared’s throat. Jared coughed and choked a bit but held his mouth as it was now poised to take the best photos. He did not pull off or even a little back. He knew Jeff would be pleased if he got the ultimate photo poses. Nick again started thrusting much harder and deeper. Jared took the final photos and pulled off of his brother’s dick. “That fucking Jeff, making me do this degrading faggot shit! Fuck! Fuck him! He better like these because there is no way I will repeat this shit. I’m not a faggot!” Jared again got angry with Jeff. Or … was he angry with himself.

As he sat up better, he checked out the last sucking photos. His brother continued to fuck air. Jared thought he did a good job sucking, especially because his brother had such a big, stiff, thick dick. “Jeff’s got to praise me for these.” There was just a whisper of pride in his smile.

“Well, let’s finish up. I’m definitely no fag, and I want out of here ASAP!” He looked at his note again, “OK, next, my dick in his mouth.” Again, he adjusted his position on the bed, placing his brother’s head between his knees, then turning Nick’s head sideways, facing Jared’s dick. Jared’s dick was hard, and he did not notice or care. He was too focused on getting the photos. He placed his dick on Nick’s lips, but those lush lips parted, and the tip slipped in. “Oh, well, let’s just go for him kissing me.” Then as if he did not even hear his own word, “kissing,” he slipped his dick further into his sleeping brother’s mouth. And forgetting about the camera on the bed, he focused on fucking his brother’s mouth. But he was doing it slowly and wiggling his hips to slowly move it in and out about two inches. Jared closed his eyes. He was not thinking about his brother or the needed photos. He was wrapped up in all the sensuous erotic feelings he was receiving.

He snapped out of it when Nick made some sucking sounds. “Fuck this fag shit. Why is Jeff forcing me to do all this gay stuff? I’m not gay! As he thought these thoughts, he still did not remove his now stiff dick from his brother’s warm, wet, juicy, good-feeling mouth. It looked funny, telling himself that he was not gay, yet he was enjoying the feel of a sexy mouth on his dick. Ne continued to do gentle thrusts, more just wiggling his hips, as he picked up the paper with the photo list on it. “OK, let’s see. One more photo of jerking off.” He got a blank look on his face. He was wondering what that meant. Was he supposed to jerk himself off? Or jerk his brother off., Or both? He thought this over as he continued the gentle mouth fucking. “OH, shit. I better get some photos of Nick sucking my dick. Fuck, Jeff! He is so demanding. I would not willingly do any of this, but I do need to be accepted by the Fraternity for my Uncle to pay my way for college. What a fucking trap.”

He picked up his cell and began to take “the required photos.” Jared never stopped fucking his brother’s mouth as he photographed the action. Then … even AFTER taking the photos, while he was checking how they came out, he continued the rhythmic motion of his hips. “Shit, these are a bit blurry. Better redo these ones.” And again, very nonchalantly, Jared took maybe a half dozen more photos, all the while fucking face. “Ok, now, the beat-off ones. He grabbed Nick’s bobbing rigid dick and stroked it up and down. He could feel the warm blood pulsing in his brother’s steel pole. Then let go of it and spat in the palm of his left hand and, this time worked the dick with definite purpose. As he picked up speed, he took the cell phone in his right hand and started taking a few photos, preparing for the last shot he needed.

He rotated his hips back and forth, and he pumped his sleeping brother’s dick. Nick came alive. Not awake, he was too drugged with a sedative as well as a sexual simulate. As Jared pushed deeper into Nick’s mouth, touching his throat each time, Nick began to cough a bit, and saliva spurted out of his mouth on occasion. Jared was pumping on Nick’s dick which made him lift his hips to fuck whatever bitch he was dreaming he was fucking. This was all so new to Jared. He knew he needed to get past this and get on with his life. Nick was making throaty noises as if he was having trouble breathing, and Jared was in sync, pounding his fist up and down on that steel fuck rod. Then all hell broke loose. Nick’s dick blasted off in mighty jerks and spurts which sent Jared over the edge to deep thrust Nick’s throat, again, and again, and again, and again! Until Jared almost collapsed onto his brother as he pulled out. Nick’s head lolled around and came to a rest sideways with his mouth open, and saliva and cum dripped out.

After Jared photographed his dripping face as his last picture, he wanted to remove any evidence that he was there. His twin brother was still deeply out from the drugs he had slipped and lying on the bed, on top of the blankets. Jared was about to lift his brother’s legs to get him under the blankets, but he paused. He wanted to feast on his brother’s chiseled body for the first time. He was not sexually attacked to him; he was indeed straight. But he had been denied any chance of just appreciating his twin. He admired his developed body, which was slightly different from his own. Oddly, Jared liked his toughness. Again, Jared sat on the edge of the bed and felt up his twin. He was now in no hurry. He touched his face and shoulders and then tweaked his nipples. Nick responded with a soft moan. Then Jared gently picked up Nick’s flaccid dick and held it. He lowered his head slowly and kissed it with a little tongue-wet kiss.

Then he lifted Nick’s legs and placed his limp body under the blankets. He more neatly piled his clothes on the floor, thinking that that’s how Nick would leave them. Then Jared quickly got dressed and looked around to see if the room looked okay. It did. But he picked up Nick’s dirty socks and, using them wadded up, wiped the spit and cum off his face. Then he absentmindedly, or not, put those socks in his pocket and left the dorm.

Jared quietly made his way out of there and started back to the SAE Fraternity. When he arrived, he went down to the basement, where he was assigned to sleep. As the pledge rule required, all four pledges needed to sleep naked and on one single-sized mattress. After a few nights on this tiny mattress, they all learned to entwine their bodies so they would not fall out of bed during the night. They were getting used to it.

The Formal Dinner

The next day, the pledges were herded into an upstairs gang shower where half a dozen guys could wash up at once. Only three were in on this because Morgan's time was spent on a personal training session with SAE President Jeff Black. Brother Li explained that they were forbidden to wash their bodies, so they had to soap up and clean off each other. At this point, they hardly felt stupid, feeling and rubbing each other’s dicks and balls. They were getting so used to embarrassing humiliation. Some of the Brothers noticed this and had a little meeting. They decided they couldn’t have the pledges getting comfortable and realized the frat was being too easy on them.

So, Brother Li, an Assistant Pledge Master, initiated a new rule. The bathing had to include the inside of each boy’s asshole. It was a bit more difficult for the pledges to wash each other’s asses. I mean, to stick your soapy finger up another guy's asshole is not easy for a straight boy to do. Each pledge closed his eyes as his buddy fingered and cleaned his cruddy shithole. Their dicks grew thicker from the fingering, but the boys pretended not to notice. They were learning how to deal with being less and less than human. Kyle’s tits were so sore they couldn’t even be touched. So, of course, the SAE Brothers insisted they be scrubbed with a scrub brush. The big jock was reduced to a sobbing cunt as he knelt on the shower floor, crying as the water cascaded down over him and his pledge brothers scrubbed his raw nipples.

Now, it was shaving time. Each pledge was instructed to help shave another pledge, starting with his face. These guys never shaved another person, so it was awkward just doing one’s face. But then it became weirder. They were told to shave each other’s legs and chest. Shaved bodies like this would be noticed in the college locker room. But since each had the word “Pledge” written across his chest, it would be understood and excused as college pranks. But it got worse, must worse. The boys had to now shave each other’s balls. This wasn't easy. I mean, if you are shaving your own balls, it would be hard to do, but doing this to someone else’s balls, whoa, that is challenging. Each pledge had to hold another guy’s nut bag and shave the hair. Then two pledges had to kneel while the third one stood to have them shave his crack, the hair from around his asshole, and the pubic hair in front. The Frat Brothers watched with satisfaction as the pledges worked in silence. They were too humiliated to even make feeble jokes.

The Frat brothers told the boys they would have to keep themselves shaved this way until the end of the hazing period. They would be punished severely if a single body hair was found on them from the neck down.

Once cleaned up and shaved, the boys had spent most of the afternoon cooking. Five of the SAE brothers were having girlfriends over for dinner. The pledges would cook and serve all meals when any brother had a guest. However, since the pledges were generally not allowed to wash up all the time, they did need to shower before the guests arrived. No brother wanted to bring his girl to a place with stinky people. How unromantic!

Normally, dirty underwear was the “uniform” of the day. But when guests were coming, the pledges needed to wear clean briefs. But this was different. Since this was a formal dinner, they had to wear a special pledge uniform. That uniform started with a red bow tie. Then … well … actually … the red bow tie was it. That was their complete uniform.

With their uniforms on, they were ready to cook and serve the meals. Extra care was taken this evening because the group to be served included Lorenzo and one of his many rotating girlfriends. And, of course, he was an Assistant Pledge Master. So looking sharp was the order of the even. The cooking was not complicated. What fraternity serves gourmet meals? None. So they prepared burgers and salad and stuff like that. Serving five college jocks and their girlfriends created a very entertaining event in and of itself. But an issue came up when Li saw that the three pledges were soft-dicked.

“STOP everything!” Li shouted to the boys in the kitchen. “What the fuck do you think you are doing? The three pledges abruptly stopped and just looked at Li. They were wondering what they did or were doing wrong. “Do you fucking cunts think you can go to the dining room LIKE THAT?!”

Kyle ventured to ask, “Sorry, Sir, but what is the prob …”

“Don’t try to be so innocent.” You all know we have special guests, including another Assistant Pledge Master and his girlfriend. Don’t be so smug with me.” Li was talking so loud everyone on the first floor could hear him, and he didn’t care. How disgraceful for you to go out to serve dinner to our special guests, presenting yourselves LIKE THAT!” Li did not really sound mean or angry, more perplexed and … insulted.

“But …but … we … ”

You all are getting 10 swats for your insolence. 10 of the hardest swats you can imagine. We have been working with you day and night. All the significant brothers have gone out of their way to be kind, to take care to train you to act as proper pledges, and … and … you expect to go out in the company of our honored guest and just fucking insult them and embarrass all the member of SAE?” The three pledges thought they did everything correctly. They showered, they shaved, and they even smelled good. They cooked the dinner, and now, they were going to serve it.

It was obvious to these pledges that the uniform of just the red bow ties was meant for cooking but that they needed to go back to the basement and put on some regular clothes for the guests. And, when you think about it, of course, everyone would be embarrassed. So they figured out they needed something more, but what? Maybe, the best approach is to apologize to Pledge Master Li Zhang and start over.

This time Jared spoke up, interrupting Li. “Sir, we apologize for our extremely indecent appearance and beg your forgiveness. Please, allow us to make this right and be presentable to the frat’s honored guests. We are so fucking sorry and ashamed. Of course, our appearance is wrong, stupid, unworthy, messed up, and totally unpresentable, and we pledges are inconsiderate assholes for our stupid, silly presence. We beg you to allow us to fix our ridiculous dress and make it right. Please, kind Sir.” None of them wanted to get those 10 super hard whacks. Li calmed down. At least he listened to Jared and, I guess, liked that the pledges were taking responsibility for his blunder.

“Okay,” Li said, “Just fix the issue immediately without delay, so you can go into the dining room and serve our guests’ dinner. Our guests are waiting.” The pledges did not move. What the fuck was “the issue?” What’s this nearly unforgivable blunder that needed immediate attention? But there was still silence.

Then Li spoke again, “Well, hop to it, then. Get those dicks erect so you will be presentable to our honored guests when you enter the dining room.” WHAT THE FUCK?! That was insane! They needed to be erect when they served dinner. Wow, that is going to be really humiliating. The pledges knew, without asking, that they could not touch their own dicks, so they just started rubbing and pumping each other to a full erection. Kyle even offered pats of butter to the others as a lubricant. It did not take long, and the three were sporting firm erections. They were learning, finally. They realized if, during the serving of food, anyone lost his erection, they would all return to the kitchen and quickly work it up again. See, an 18-year-old can learn some new tasks. Maybe they’re going to become good cunt bitches for SAE after all.

Jared brought the buggers and bread, Kyle the drinks, and Tommy the salad. The girls howled with laughter when the three bare-assed pledges entered the dining room with their stiff dicks swinging. When the boys approached the table at various points during dinner, some girls would tug on their cocks or snap their ball bags. "You like playing with those little pledge dicks, huh, baby?" Lorenzo asked about his date. "Well, I’ve got a big Italian fuck tool to ram up your twat after dinner."

His girl blushed. "Oh, Lorenzo, must you always talk so dirty?"

"Hey baby, it’s a truthful question. Do you want my big fat dripping dick or not? Or, maybe you want a dick from one of these pledges?" The sorority cunt became even redder in the face. Her friends giggled.

"Oh Lorenzo, you know what I want," she said at last.

“Well, are you sure?” Lorenzo waved the three pledges over to him. Then turning his attention to all three boys, “My girl here may want you to fuck her, but let’s straighten her out. Go ahead. Each of you plays with the other’s dick and gets it as hard as possible.” Jared, Tommy, and Kyle were so embarrassed to be pumping another guy’s dick in front of five sorority sisters, not to mention Lorenzo. Kyle was going crazy, Tommy was pumping his dick just right, and he was ready to shoot.

“Ok, better stop, guys. Don’t want to make a mess on the floor and have to lick it up in front of these female cunts, do you?”

Kyle was moaning louder as Tommy did not stop playing with his dick. The biggest, most muscled pledge, Kyle, was being worked on by the littlest guy, Tommy. Was Tommy trying to create a problem for Kyle to embarrass him? Was he setting up some punishment for Kyle because he, Tommy, was tired of being the one punished the most? Who knows, but just then, Kyle yelled, “OH FUCK!” and uncontrollably shot his volleys of man juice cum over the table. Most of the spurts landed on the burgers. Some juice ended up on the floor and some on Sally’s dress and arm. SHIT!

“Oh, I am so sorry, Kyle. I just got carried away. I’m sorry,” Tommy said, expecting (wanting) Lorenzo to be furious… at Kyle … for ruining this important dinner. Tommy was tired of catching most of the flack. He wanted the other pledges to draw more punishment attention away from him.

Can you imagine? These Brothers worked hard to have the pledges trained properly, to act properly, especially at this special dinner event hosting their girlfriends. What a fucking screw-up. Kyle’s face was bright pink. He wanted to plead that he could not help it, how sorry he was, it was an accident, but he was too embarrassed to speak.

Lorenzo watched it all and continued to smile. “Well, well, well. So, pledge Kyle, that was very entertaining. Look what you did.”

“But Tommy had my dick, I mean my penis, and he kept ... on … he didn’t … ” Kyle didn’t know what to do or say. He felt sure he’d be kicked out of the frat.

“Kyle, don’t blame Tommy. It was your dick that got out of control. Now, I already told you what would happen if you were careless. I see you got pledge dick milk all over our burger meat, Sally’s arm, and even her dress.” Sally was stunned as she looked at the messy globs that landed on her. But she knew better than to say anything, so she remained silent.

Kyle craned his neck to see the small puddles that landed on the floor. “OK, Kyle, go ahead and clean it up off the floor. Show our guests how we SAE members train you pledges to clean stuff.” Lorenzo said calmly.

There were napkins right there on the table, but Kyle knew what he was just told to do. There was no mistake. Kyle slithered onto his knees and stuck his tongue out, and began to lick up his own mess.

62 Hell Week Two
Part 3 of 4

There were napkins right there on the table, but Kyle knew what he was just told to do. There was no mistake. Kyle slithered onto his knees and stuck his tongue out, and began to lick up his own mess. The women there were shocked as they watched this muscled athlete degrade himself in front of his fellow pledges, the Brothers who were there watching, and especially in front of these ladies.

Then Lorenzo added, "And look how you messed up Kathy's shoes and net stockings! Go and lick your dick snot off her leg, and do it first." Kyle was so embarrassed and humiliated. But worse than that, he finally recognized the woman he just sprayed was Kathy, a girl he dated a couple of times. He had hoped to ask her out again once Hell Week was over. Even worse, Lorenzo and the other Brothers involved in training pledges knew that Kyle briefly dated Kathy. That info was on his list of sexual experiences he had to submit to the frat Brothers at their first meeting. Obviously, Kathy and Kyle wanted this not to be mentioned or even known. And neither one brought it up. Now he was fucking licking your feet clean!

What a fucking image! Five Brothers with their dates were seated around the table, all dressed up. The guys wore black tuxedos, and the women wore high heels and frilly gowns. The over-sized table was adorned with a lace tablecloth, a small group of lit candles in the center, and small bouquets at each end. Around the room were another half dozen Brothers who gathered to watch the surreal dinner event unfold. Jared and Tommy were there, wearing only a red bow tie, AND WERE SPORTING RIGID ERECTIONS. Then there was handsome, tanned, athletic Kyle, naked on his hands and knees, licking the wood floor like a dog. The laughter died down as everyone - really EVERYONE – was amazed and in awe at the odd spectacle, taking it all in.

Lorenzo broke the silence as he turned to Kathy, “Kathy, I believe you know Kyle, don’t you?” Her face turned beet red, and she put her hand over her mouth to hide her embarrassment. “Yes, I believe you dated pledge Kyle only a couple of weeks ago. He told us that. At SAE, we strongly prefer to keep everyone’s private lives to themselves. But at a recent frat meeting, Kyle stood up, took the microphone, and, for whatever reason, loudly announced that he had fucked you.” Of course, this was not true. Lorenzo was making this all up.

Kathy was looking for a hole to crawl into. She wanted to get up and leave. But Kathy knew Lorenzo. If she crossed him, her life would be hell. She’d likely have to drop out of school. She “respectfully” feared not just Lorenzo but the entire SAE fraternity. Their reputation was one of dominating arrogance. They did want they wanted and intimidated or blackmailed anyone who wanted to make trouble for the frat.

Lorenzo, still smiling, continued. “So Kathy, was he a good fuck? Did he manage to get it up for you? I know he gets it up for all these pledges here. You just saw how horny he gets when any of these fags touch his dick. But was it as good as he says it was?” He paused. But before Kathy could speak, he spoke to Kyle, “Kyle? I know you are cleaning your fuck slop off the floor, but poke your head up here for a minute, will ya?”

Then the funniest thing was that Kyle lifted his head just enough to set his chin on the table instead of standing up. It looked like his head had nobody. “Kyle, you do remember trying to fuck this cunt to your left, don’t you?” Kyle was in a state of terror. Was he supposed to belittle Kathy, a woman he wanted to know better, or defend, in essence, calling his Assistant Pledge Master a liar? He opened his mouth, which seemed stuck open, but no words came to him. “I guess you don’t know what to say, so let me guess. But first, since your face is right there, go ahead and continue cleaning up your fuck juice mess. You see there? It’s all over Kathy’s bare upper arm, so work on that. Oh, and I see you lobbed a blob on her dress where her right breast is. Yes, it’s better to continue cleaning your mess since you don’t know how to speak.”

“Now, where was I? Oh, yes, Kyle? Didn’t you say how well Kathy swallowed your dick? Did you have trouble getting it up, and so she offered to lick your ass instead?” Kyle kept licking Kathy’s bare arm and only nodded yes, hoping no one would press him for a clearer answer. “Ah, a head movement from Kyle. Now we’re getting somewhere. Can you speak up, pledge? What is your answer?” Kyle could not hold off any longer. Lorenzo was not going to let this go.

“Yes, Sir.” He mumbled.

“I didn’t quite catch that. Please be clear.” Lorenzo continued in his cheerful tone but then spoke much more seriously, “Be very clear, Kyle.”

Kyle stopped licking and lifted his head, “Yes, Sir.” Kathy had some difficulty sucking my dick, so she asked if she could lick my ass, Sir”

“And how good of a job did she do on your ass, I mean, your ASSHOLE? Explain how she used her tongue. I would guess she was good at it, but you tell me.”

“Yes, Sir. Kathy came around to my rear end and spread my ass cheeks, and she licked all around my ass, I mean all around my asshole.” He stopped hoping that that was enough said, but the intense look from Lorenzo signaled he wanted more. “Then she pushed her tongue deeper into my asshole and licked me clean. She did a good and thorough job.” Kyle paused again but knew Lorenzo was not satisfied yet. “I told her how good it felt, and that was enough, but she insisted on fingering my hole … my asshole and getting any shit out that was still inside me. And then she licked her fingers and said, ‘yum, yum.’” None of this was true. In fact, Kyle and Kathy didn’t even have sex; it was just the first couple of dates to see where this would go. He did care a lot for her or … used to.

“That must have been amazing, Kyle. Did she do as good a job on your ass as you did on Jared’s asshole this morning?” How was he supposed to answer that neither sexual act happened at all? As they say, Kyle kept telling himself he was a good man, a lady killer. And all the women he met found him to be a wonderful catch. Or, they used to. “Did you hear my question, Kyle?”

Oh, em … yes Sir, … she was better than me. She did a much more thorough job, Sir.”

“How about when you sucked Tommy’s dick last night? Did you prefer sucking Tommy or getting sucked by Kathy?”

“She sucked my dick better and … ” there were Lorenzo’s staring eyes with his forehead frowned, “Oh, I mean, I enjoyed sucking Tommy’s dick much more than the way she sucked mine. Yea, I really like to swing on Tommy’s dick.” He wanted to get this over with, so Kyle just fucking caved in full bore. “Yah, and Jared’s dick too. I find I can’t even sleep unless I have a big juicy dick in my mouth … and ... and one up my ass.” He knew Kathy would never see him again, not after this. “Kathy likes to suck on my stinky toes and lick my balls. And … yea … it feels good … sort of … but Tommy and Jared … oh wow. I just love these guys. I love their feet. They are more to my liking. I can’t get enough of all the dirty, smelly asses and feet and all. It makes me so hard. That’s why I shot my load just now. I am so turned on by the huge boners they have. I just found my place, Sir. Thank you, Sir, for bringing it all out for me.” He teared up. He fucking didn’t care anymore. Then he let go and bawled out loud. He let the dam burst. Jared and Tommy wanted to go to him immediately and hug him. Not sexually, but they knew what Lorenzo was doing to him and all of them. So no one dared to approach Kyle, who crouched under the table. At least he stopped crying.

“Okay, Jared, pass out the buns, and then, Tommy, place a burger on each,” said Li. Then he got more specific. “See the patties that have globes of Kyles cum sauce on them? Give those to the ladies. I’m sure they’re used to sucking up gallons of faggot dick slop. And, that way, they won’t need catsup.” The group of Brothers all chuckled. “The clean burger patties on the bottom serve to the Brothers.”

Drink glasses were filled, and salads were served in proper order. You would expect the guys to be cool with all the antics. Of course, they caused them. But the five women also did not object or raise a fuss either. Not even Kathy was openly insulted and humiliated by both Li and Kyle. No, she had experienced the rude and demeaning pranks of the SAE before. She knew she would have nothing further to do with Kyle, the frat, or even her current date, who brought her here as an “honored” guest. This would be the last time she’d interact with this bunch. So she just went along, not even noticeably upset. Jared and Tommy were rubbing each other’s dicks to refresh their stiffness to the max.

“Kyle? Poked your head up here again.” Up popped the sad and distraught Kyle. “You didn’t finish your job cleaning up Kathy’s dress. I told you a couple of your cum gushes landed on her dress at the right breast.” He was not going to resist anymore, not at this dinner event. He decided just to do ... whatever.

Kyle, still on his knees, looked at Kathy’s dress and did see the embarrassing, elongated blob of his drippy cum mess. “Yah, go ahead and lick it up, be thorough. The rest of you (meaning the five Brothers and their guests), please enjoy your meal. If you need anything, just snap your fingers, and Jared or Tommy will get it for you.”

What a fucking amazing sight to see. Everyone was seated at the fancy dinner table, all dressed up. And there was poor muscle stud Kyle, naked. He was kneeling and leaning into the right side of Kathy’s body, pressing against her to reach the cum mess and still be mostly on his knees. Kathy was eating with her left hand while her right arm naturally draped over Kyle’s neck and naked back. I think she was absentmindedly petting him like a big dog. Her hand went up to his hair, slowly down his neck, shoulders, and mid-back, and repeated.

No one seemed to notice. As Kyle continued to lick her material-covered breast, he felt comforted by her gently moving hand. At one point, Kyle half stood to get the uppermost cum spot, and Kathy’s hand rested on Kyle’s ass crack with her middle finger touching his asshole. Finding it a pleasant feeling - coming from a woman - he half raised and lowered his body to feel her draped hand touch him from asshole to mid-back. Her arm hung loosely over Kyle’s backside as she ate dinner and engaged in friendly conversations. But Kyle, wittingly or not, moved his body up and down to feel her hand gently up and down his backside.

The dinner went its usual deviant way as other formal dinners at SAE. Kyle was back on his feet, pulling himself together and straightening his red bow tie. Tommy grabbed his dick to pump it back to the required erection; it took a bit longer because he had shot a load 40 minutes earlier. Now all three pledges were standing against the wall, all boned up, waiting to be of further service.

The main course was finished, and while they were waiting for the ice cream dessert to be served, Lorenzo devised a little game to entertain the ladies. “OK, let’s have a contest; you three pledges will compete to see who can beat off first. And the last one will be punished.”

Even though the five sorority sisters here have been hazing victims at their own sorority ACO (Alpha Chi Omega), they were getting into this delicious humiliation of these pledges. All of them were surprised at how well-built, muscular men, such as Kyle, would submit to these insane sexual vulgarities. The girls applauded, getting into the spirit. Lorenzo called out, “Come on, you faggots, line up and face us. I’ll tell you when to start.” Kyle felt this was unfair because he was forced to climax just a little while ago. The three pledges all experienced various punishments several times before, and no one wanted to be the loser. So they took this seriously.

“OK, one, two … threesome, GO!” Kyle was eager to win, he did not know if taking a glob of butter from the table was allowed, but he just did it and began pumping. It’s not that the boys were not horny. It’s just that performing in front of 10 people, especially the five ladies, added a lot of boner-killing pressure.

Jared followed suit in grabbing some butter as slippery lube. Tommy did not. He was the most fearful and skittish about breaking the rules. He did not want to win using butter, to later be told his win did not count. Then there was the rule that they could not touch their dicks, but as soon as Kyle and Jared did, he felt he could too. So he did. But this was their new reality to please, follow instructions, and avoid punishments. They were all boned up when they started, but working one’s dick to that certain point that triggers climax took a while. It’s been three minutes and counting.

Since the pledges were busy entertaining, a couple of the Brothers, who were watchers, helped to serve the ice cream. Then oddly, Kyle came first. He might have the most pent-up erotic feelings; maybe he was thinking about Kathy. After all, as he was dick-pounding, his eyes never left her voluptuous, big-breasted body. He likely was thinking about licking his cum off the material barely covering her breast. “YEAAAAAAA!” the brother applauded and cheered.

Tommy was afraid of losing; he brought his idol hand back to his ass and fingered it as he pumped his dick with the other. “That’s it, Tommy, yeah, go fuck yourself. Yeah, stick your fist up your asshole. Go for it, you fucking asshole faggot!” That’s all it took, he blasted off, and without intending to, most of his volleys load landed mostly on Suzie’s dish of ice cream. All the Brothers clapped and yelled with approval.

“Ok, Jared’s gonna be last,” Lorenzo said. “But you two need to give him a hand. As he beats his dick, both of you spank his ass hard until he shoots.” Kyle and Tommy did not have to be reminded that when ordered to spank hard, it meant HARD! And they did. With every loud slap, the group began to count, “four, five, six, … ” Jared was trying everything. He did not like jerking off with an audience. He began pinching his nipples and getting more butter-grease. “10, 11, 12, 13 … ” He began flinching at the hard, stinging swats.

“OH, fuck! I’m COMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG!” And he blasted off to cheers and more applauds. Jared was exhausted. And he was the big loser of the contest.

“Well, that was fun.” Lorenzo boasted. “But Jared, now you need to be punished.”

Everyone there was wondering what his punishment was going to be. Then Suzie looked at her dessert with globs of Tommy’s cum all over it. She knew Lorenzo’s cruelty and that he would make her eat her ice cream, cum-covered or not. She had an idea to save herself, “I have a suggestion Lorenzo,” Suzie spoke up, “Have Jared eat my dessert. He’ll love the topping, Tommy added.” She was afraid. Lorenzo was just as likely to say, “No, you eat it, Suzie.” But to her surprise, Lorenzo agreed with her.

Suzie, a Pledge Mistress in past years at the ACO sorority, asked Lorenzo if part of Kyle's hazing could be provided by ACO. Lorenzo asked what she had in mind. Suzie was vague but said our sorority would like to own him for the next 3 days until your Hell Week is over. Then we will return him, that is … if he can still walk.” Lorenzo was fine with that and was not concerned about knowing the details. He’d work it out with the other senior Brothers.

“That’s a great idea, bitch; I didn’t think you were such a clever whore.” Lorenzo declared. “Yes, come up here, Jared, and have some fabulous dessert.” Jared was queasy at the idea and hesitatingly approached the table. He stood, picked up a spoon, and looked at the man-made topping. “Go ahead, dig in.”

In slow motion, naked and humiliated Jared, pick up the small dish of ice cream and held his spoon ready to scoop into it, but just stood there.

“Jared.” Lorenzo said with a big toothy grin, “put the spoon down and just bring the dish to your mouth and lick it off.” Jared lowered the spoon and brought the mound of ice cream to his lip, then stuck out his tongue and quickly flicked it at the dessert. “No, not like that. Let us see you take a long, slow, big lick. And when you do, convince us that you love it. If you don’t sound truly convincing AND APPRECIATIVE … guess who will lick up all the cum on the floor that you and Kyle squirted there?”

That was it. At least the taste of this cum will be disguised by the flavor of the ice cream. No way did he want to lick puddles of cum off the floor. Now he forced a smile and held the dish to his mouth again and took a big lick of cum and ice cream. “OH, MY GOD! This is so fucking great! GOD, I love Tommy’s special topping!”

Then he licked a couple more times. This time he wanted to be convincing. He knew he needed to please Lorenzo big time. “Shit, I’ve eaten a lot of guy’s cum, but this, from Tommy, is wonderful. I am such a faggot slut. Wow! This is the best-tasting dessert I have ever had.” This time he bit into the ice cream and bit into it again. “What a cum eating, cock-sucking, asshole slut I have become.” Jared was tearing up. He was so humiliated. “I really thank Pledge Master Lorenzo for showing me my true nature. I am so fucking pleased to obey ever degrading orders because it pleases my Pledge Masters!” Then Jared cried out loud. He could not hold back his inner pain. “I am so happy to be a cunt whore for him and all the brothers that I am overcome with tears. I am crying for joy. And now, I am honored to eat that fabulous dessert. Oh, thank you, thank you all.” He just broke down completely. The Brothers gave sustained applause for a long time as Jared wept.

Lorenzo and the other brothers knew why he was really crying. He was doing a good job of degrading himself, as the Frat’s Hell Week initiation required. On the other hand, the girls thought he was actually crying for joy and meant everything he just said. In truth, Jared was so disgusted with himself, with all the degrading and dehumanizing perverted sexual acts he was forced to do, that he was considering dropping out. But … on the other hand ... this continued applause ... well … did it signal their acceptance of him? Was he finally making headway and getting through all these challenges? ... successfully?

The SAE Brothers were really horny to fuck their girlfriends now, so the pledges were herded out.

Preparing for Bed

Tommy, Kyle, and Jared were taken to the basement to sleep in their special way on one mattress. Morgan was off with a senior brother on a “personal assignment. The pledges didn’t seem like such macho dudes anymore, not so much like cocky college boys. They were more like cunt boys, like fucked ups and fucked-over pussies. Only in the middle of week two of their initiation, four pledges looked beaten down, losing their identity and individual characters. Most importantly, their resistance to unfamiliar and strange things wore them down. Christ, what are boys made of nowadays?

Tommy was set aside while two brothers took care of Kyle and Jared. These two pledges were tied to the single bed, each boy’s face tied into the crotch of the other boy. Then before the final tightening, each boy’s mouth was pried open, and the other’s soft dick was pushed inside. Each boy’s balls were pressing against the other’s chin. Only then was the head-to-head bondage made tighter and more secure. Brothers Basten and Han were in charge of settling these pledges in place for the night. So they were left naked and bound with one’s dick inside the other’s mouth.

“OK, here’s the deal. I want you both to recite the Greek alphabet. And I don’t mean slurring the words. I know you can’t talk very well with dicks in your mouth, but work your tongues the best you can to try to enunciate every syllable of every Greek letter.” Basten told them in unambiguous terms. “do you want to guess what will happen if you don’t learn to pronounce each letter properly by morning? Let’s just put it this way. You will each be tight naked on a city bus and ride that transit system where ever it goes … all day. So, let’s begin.”

“Alpfa, Befa, Gammfa Detfa, … ” Of course, they could not pronounce the letters; they each had a flopping dick in his mouth. But they knew the punishment would be painful, so they gave it the old college try. “Thefa, Iofa, kaghfa, ammfa, … ”

Both Brothers stared at the boy’s mouth to see when it started happening. And it did almost immediately. As the pledges tried to form the words, their tongues massaged the other boy’s dick. And instead of enunciating the letter better, as the dicks swelled bigger and stiffer, it became more difficult to pronounce any of the letters. But they had to try. “Kaff, Omaphon, Pha, Paa, Figfa, … ” Jared had to cough occasionally, and Kyle had trouble breathing. They each had tried to pull their faces apart to get the other’s dick partially out of his mouth, but their heads were bound tightly together with duct tape. There was no give.

“Caaa, Phaaa, Haheyha” In case you missed it, that was Chi, Psi, and Omega. It was hilarious.

“Now you boys continue, all night if you have to, but in the morning, you’d better be able to recite the complete Greek alphabet in the morning.” Said Basten, laughing his head off. “You think we should tell them that the secret is to get him off?” Han asked Basten with tongue in cheek. And Basten just nodded. “Ok, boys, since you seem too stupid to figure this out, I’ll tell you what other pledges have learned over the years.” Kyle and Jared stopped to listen, their mouths completely stuffed with a hard dick nearly choking them. “You see, boys if you suck each other off, those dicks will deflate, and you will be able to pronounce the letters much better. Besides, if you fall asleep with hard dicks in your mouth, I guarantee you, you’ll choke to death. And you surely don’t want that.” Both Brothers began to laugh hysterically. And they were likely speaking the truth, too.

Kyle and Jared started to suck each other’s dick. They could not pump it much because they could not get their mouth off the other’s dick to go in and out of their mouths. So the only thing left was to use their tongues to rub each other’s dick to climax. They did each wiggle their hips and rocked their bodies fiercely like two worms stuck together, and that did help. And what sweats the pledges were working up. In fact, the sweat made their bodies slip a little. Not much because they were tied so tight, but just enough to get a tiny bit of body rubbing. They were both seriously struggling and tonguing. And as the dick expanded its max of eight or more inches, they needed to quickly complete their climax because each dick was at the other’s throat! They were bobbing their heads frantically and humping the mattress like crazy guys, and grunting wildly and … And … AND … THEN BLAST AFTER HOT BLAST OF PLEDGE CUM SHOT DIRECTLY DOWN THE OTHERS THROAT!!

Kyle and Jared were grunting and gasping for air. Fortunately, their dicks began to slowly deflate. Their heaving chests were slowing down; they could now breathe more easily. Jared looked up at Basten and saw him videotaping the climax.

“There, you see, if you just follow directions, you’ll do just fine,” Han told them. “Now, return to those Greek letters and show us some progress.” They stepped away to concentrate on Tommy. Then Han said to Basten, I wonder if they figured out that as soon as they start the reciting, their dicks will get hard again, and they will have to repeat the sucking cycle.”

Yes, but now they have learned a few tricks to getting the other to cum faster.” Basten told him. The two Brothers smiled in all the pleasure of training these pledges. “At any rate, due to their exhaustion, it will be an hour or so before they get stiff dicks again.”

63 Hell Week Two
Part 4 of 4

Morgan’s Morning Ritual

Two days later, it was Morgan’s turn to wake the Pledge Master. When dawn came, Morgan woke and slowly left the bed, not wanting to disturb anyone else. He had a required naked duty to perform upstairs in the SAE president’s room. His task was to enter Jeff’s room without knocking and silently crawl over to Jeff’s bed. Then, at the foot of the bed, he lifted the bottom of the blanket covering the jock. Morgan crawled under it and up between the jock's naked legs until his cute 18-year-old face was poised over the SAE Brother’s huge floppy flaccid prick and balls. The smell of natural body odor was stronger there. Then, Morgan lowered his head, extended his tongue, and licked the salty scrotum. It was a fully fat fleshy ballbag with apricot-sized nuts inside. Morgan licked the hairy balls with enthusiasm. This is how Jeff Black wanted to be woken up every morning.

Morgan could still smell pussy on Jeff's cock. He must have been fucking some chick in his room last night, Morgan thought. Still, he needed to be a perfect pledge, so even though he had cunt slop on his balls, he kept licking at the bloated fuck bags. In a million years, Morgan never thought he would ever lick another dude's balls. Only four days into the hazing, he was forever changed. Well … not forever, hopefully only for a few more weeks. Then he’d be back to real pussy licking and pussy fucking, that was for sure.

Jeff stirred and stretched. He spread his legs wide apart so who's ever tongue it was could continue unimpeded. Morgan could now get his tongue under the fleshy part of the cum sacks. Jeff balled his strong young hands into fists and stretched up, his muscular arms reaching toward the morning light pouring through his room window. Jeff was one fucking hot stud.

"That's it bitch, suck my nuts, suck those baby-makers. If you do a good job, I may throw another fuck into your stretched-out twat.” The jock purred as Morgan licked away. "Yeah, lick my 'nads, you fucking whore, you slut, you lump of cum stuffed fuck meat. You love my big fat nuts, don’t you, as well as my twat-stretching prick. Can’t get enough of it, can you?

"No. thir." Morgan lisped his tongue, swiping at the sweaty hair-covered balls.

"What the … " Jeff threw back the blanket and laughed. "Holy Christ, I thought you were the cheerleader slut I was porking last night. Oh, fuck!" Jeff shoved Morgan's face away from his dick and balls and scratched his nuts. "Man. you are one good ball licker. Way to go, pledge!"

"Thank you, Sir," Morgan mumbled, humiliation washing over his naked body. Jeff rose and padded naked into his personal bathroom. "Hey, pledge, come on in here and hold my dick for me while I piss." He was being tested, and Morgan knew it. He had to obey and make it into the frat so his Uncle Victor would pay his tuition. That was Victor’s requirement; make it into the SAE fraternity. He crawled into the bathroom and knelt next to the muscular jock. Then he reached up, took the huge limp prick in his hand, and aimed the piss hole at the toilet. It felt so strange fingering another guy’s dick. But he had done it a few times during Hell Week.

The spray of piss was strong and yellow. Jeff sighed and pushed his hips forward. Piss splattered the bowl and the kneeling Morgan. It was awful, just like all the other hazing experiences. But young men can accommodate awfulness and adjust to humiliation and abuse. Humans are resourceful creatures. They adapt well. So he thought he could get through a couple more days of fraternity initiation.

"Jesus. She was a good fuck. I might even date her again. Her pussy was juicy and sucked my dick in, if you know what I mean. Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot you are a virgin and only beat your own fucking meat. Well, this sluts twat just about sucked the cum out of my dick. I slapped her titties real good while I plowed her too. I plucked her nipples like fucking guitar strings. She kept moaning, ‘My dick was too fucking big.’ Shit. Then the fucking bitch begged me to wear a rubber. Well, I wanted to throw her out on her cheerleader ass, but it was too damn late to go out and find another cunt. I was horny. And then I got a great idea. I put on a rubber but didn’t do it for her. I actually did it for you."

Morgan was confused. What did using a rubber have to do with him? After Jeff finished peeing, he turned around and sat on the toilet to take a shit. MAN, OH, MAN! Morgan did not want to be there. But Morgan stayed on his knees, heard him fart, and then heard a turd hit the water. "But as I said, I wore the rubber for you, my dear sweet faggot pussy stud. I never got to clean up the room last night. Go out and find the used rubber, will you? It should be someplace on the floor next to the bed."

While Jeff shit. Morgan searched for the cum filled condom and found it. He found the fuck dried dick sheath and brought it into Jeff. He started to toss it in the trash basket. But Jeff held up his hand, "Wait, those fucking things are so expensive. Why not save it just in case we need it. Why don’t you just put it in your mouth and clean it off?"

Morgan looked at the SAE Fraternity President with big, pleading puppy dog eyes. "Please, Sir. I don’t think … I mean … I will throw up. I can’t do something like … ”

Jeff farted again. The bathroom smelled like shit. He smiled. "Just do it, pledge. Do it.”

With shaking hands, Morgan brought the stretched-out cum-filled rubber to his mouth. Dried pussy juice on the outside of it flaked off. It smelled awful. Morgan gagged.

"Suck it real clean for me, inside and out,” Jeff said, stretching his big legs out and nudging Morgan with his big toes. The psychology of why a boy like Jeff loves humiliating and degrading other boys is complex. Does it make a young man feel more macho to make another suffer and grovel? Is it just damn good fun? For over a hundred years in America and before that in Europe, the entire hazing concept has been based on making innocent young men do the grossest and most disgusting things imaginable. It’s a power thing. And if someone needs to show they are truly interested in joining a fraternity, you must devise difficult tasks. And if you really want only the absolutely desperate few – who would kill their own mother - the tasks required must be the utmost sub-human acts one can devise. That is the basic premise of the entire frat game. That’s all there is to it.

Morgan's lips closed around the fuck-filled dick sheath. He could smell Jeff's cock on it and the bleachy smell of someone’s cunt juice. Jeff lifted one foot and shoved the rubber into the pledges mouth with his big toe. Morgan tasted the slime, and the dried fuck sauce grew thick and full as it mixed with his saliva. He kept gagging as he sucked on the rubber. This rubber had been worn on Jeff's big dick when he fucked some cheerleader cunt! Now it was in Morgan's mouth! How low can one get?

"That's it, clean it real good. Swallow all my used dick snot. Don’t puke, or you'll have to lick that up too. Good boy. Good pledge. Suck the dirty rubber clean. Swallow all that cocks cum, and pussy slime. You can do it."

Morgan was certain he would never get the foul taste out of his mouth, but at last, the long thin rubber was slick and clean. "Now, use your fingers to slip over your tongue. Just roll that tongue and pull it on it as far as you can." He did it, but boy, did he feel stupid.”

"Now, stick out your tongue.” He did. “Looks good to me. Now I want you to wear that rubber on your tongue all during your classes today. Don’t take it off your tongue until tonight. That is an order. When you talk to anyone, show them the rubber on your tongue. Do you understand?"

"Yeth Thir." Morgan said with his new lisps.

"Good. Now go get your phone, connect it to my laptop, and download all the photos for me.” As Morgan did that, Jeff reminded him, “If I am not thoroughly pleased, you’re doing it again.”

Jeff giggled as he thought of something funny, “Oh yeah, one more thing. I played a little joke on you, Morgan. I would never wear a rubber when fucking a cunt. And I did not wear one when I fucked the cheerleader last night.” Morgan was puzzled. He just cleaned one. “I hate fucking condoms. Last night, after the bitch left, I had to drive to the store and get some beer. I noticed some trash cans in the alley, off the parking lot, and immediately thought of you. Right on top of one of the cans, there was a full cum-filled condom. It was right there, all fresh and just right, as the perfect gift to a pledge. So that’s not really from my fuck wad you drank. I found that rubber in the garbage behind the store. You're sucking on some dude's filthy cum-deposit filled rubber. It was probably for some drug addict that left it there. Who knows, maybe from his wedding night? So, if it didn’t taste as good as mine, you know why it wasn’t mine.”

Brothers Han and Basten returned to the basement in the morning to retrieve Tommy, the frat’s new puppy boy. But first, he went to bed to see how Kyle and Jared spent the night. They were the two pledges tried together, naked, and in a 69 position. Each guy had the dick of the other in his mouth. In addition to their bodies tied together, they had duct tape wrapped around their heads, so they had no way of pulling their mouths off the dick of the other boy. They were awake, alright. Their eyes were bloodshot red, and each had a flaccid dick in his mouth. From the rather large puddle of drool and cum, they must have come five or six times. The usual morning hard-ons that guys get probably aren’t happening here. These guys must be sucked out of every ounce of cum. The dick, each still contained in his mouth, was limp.

“Hey, boys, you have been good pledges,” Basten asked. “I’ll tell you what. I’m ready to release you on one condition. You need to suck out one more load from the other.” Basten knew those two dicks were extremely sore. Requiring these pledges to suck out another load would be cruel and painful. But … this was not the frat for nice gentlemen. “So, if you are tired. I’ll let you rest. But if you want out, you need to get that last load. No hurry. The bound pledges were crying. They could not speak due to the large flaccid dick that each had. But they tried.

“Ahess her, ahes wa hed faha” no one knew what they were trying to say, but it did not matter anyway.

“Well, Jared, I see what you are saying. You want me and Han to leave you alone. You feel happy to continue to suck each other off all day. Well, that surprises me since you both claim to be straight boys. But, if that’s what you want, OK. I’ll come back later. And, just to be sure, since you guys are having trouble speaking, suck off one more load when you want to be released. OK? That’s the way to signal us to untie you.” The brother laughed at their predicament.

Advance Puppy Training for Tommy

Assistant Pledge Master Li had set up a third training session for Tommy. This would take Tommy much further than he ever thought he could go. Li Zang was a pro. He had brothers Basten and Hans prepare the boy for his final adventure into the doggie world. The two brothers were going to have Tommy sleep in his dog cage again. The only difference this time is that he would be “wearing" all the appropriate doggie gear and then be put in the cage to sleep with it all on him. Brother Basten grabbed a thick black leather dog collar and fastened it around Tommy’s neck. At the same time, Han was binding the pledge’s hands behind his back. “Almost done,” Basten told him.

Han held up what looked like a black rubber dog tail. It was a black rubber dog tail on one end, and on the other end was a rather large butt plug. Tommy’s eyes bugged out. He still did understand the dog-like items. He was too nervous to think it through. “Now bend over.” Tommy felt the black slicked-up butt plug at his asshole when he did.

As a normal response, Tommy tightened his ass to stop anything from invading his ass. “Now pledge, relax your asshole. This will go in a lot easier if you cooperate and relax.” Tommy, now in a panic, tried to relax as told. “That’s a good doggie, almost in.” Then a hard final shove, and in it popped. “There you go," Han said with a smile, “See how you look just like a cute little puppy.” He could not see it, but he imagined that he now had a dog tail showing out his ass.

“Please don’t, please, Sir.” Tommy began to whine pleadingly. Han, who did not have a cruel bone in his body, was trying to be gentle and kind to Tommy, especially because Tommy had a small-built, tight swimmer’s body. He looked more like a kid than a man. Han petted his hair to calm him. Han followed Li Zang’s orders to train Tommy as a new puppy. It was one of Li’s fetishes. And Li was an Assistant Pledge Master.

“Please, Sir, I don’t want to be a puppy.”

“Shhhh, shhh. Be calm. I would never hurt you. Just go along with the Brothers, and Hell Week will soon end. OK? Pup?” Han said in a quiet, soothing tone. “I am going to wiggle your tail to have it sit better in your ass and to get your ass used to it.” Then Han wiggled and gently shook the plastic tail, which felt better when he stopped.

Basten saw how well Han was calming Tommy, so he let him do the rest. He handed Han a black leather paw. “Now give me your hand and make it into a fist. Make it into a tighter fist, Tommy.” And he did. Han stuck the boy’s fist into the small pocket of the leather piece. He made sure the boy’s fist was tightly seated into that pocket. Then he pulled the leather cuff up to be strapped around Tommy’s wrist. Now Tommy’s fist was much more like a dog paw. Next, he similarly fashioned the other hand into a paw. Tommy was shocked and frightened when he realized he could no longer open his hands. He could not pick up or grab anything. His hands just became useless stubs, very much like dog paws. And again, Han petted him. He handled Tommy more like a real puppy now. He just looked the part. But he still tried to calm the pledge down and held him to his body.

It seemed more and more like Han was bonding to puppy Tommy. That was a dangerous thing, though. This was to become Li Zang’s personal dog. Assistant Pledge Master Li was the most sadistic of all the managing brothers. He always pushed the limit in humiliating pledges. He just enjoyed it, perhaps, way too much. But he was part of the inner circle and therefore respected and obeyed. Han was not going to ever cross Li, period.

“Tommy, pull yourself together. This is not painful, just a little embarrassing, is all.” But, of course, Han did not know what Li would do to Tommy as a big puppy. His gut was concerned, but that was as far as he’d allow his emotions to go.

“OK, now Tommy, get on your back. Just lay down.” Han took the contraption of tiny leather straps from Basten. He quickly fastened the cock and balls harness around Tommy’s dick and balls. This device had a couple of tiny “D” rings to place a padlock through, but with Tommy wearing doggie paws, there was no need for the lock. He had no fingers to undo it. Once he placed it on, he had to go and re-tighten all the straps around his dick and balls and just the top of his ball sack, and lastly, the one that divided his two balls and kept them separate and budging tight. Just the handling of Tommy’s dick and balls made him hard.

WOW, that tight swimmer’s bod, adorned by all the dog gear, made him look spectacular. And now, he had a raging hard-on. Holy fuck! He looked delicious! Now the only thing left to do was to “create” Tommy’s back “legs.” To do this, Han strapped black foam padded knee pads on Tommy. These were the type you’d find in a hardware store. Then, “OK, puppy, get on your hands and knees. Er … I mean your paws and knees.” Tommy was just mind-blown at this gear being placed on him and his being transformed into a dog. For what reason? He was not even thinking that far ahead. Han lifted one of Tommy’s bare feet and strapped that ankle to Tommy's thigh, right where his leg meets his groin, right in the crotch. Then he did the same with his other foot. Now, Tommy could walk on his two front paws and his two back, folded-up knees.

Trying to cheer up this cute young pledge, Han told him, “There you go, now you really look like a pup and can only walk like one too.”

“Please?” was all Tommy could say. He did not know what to ask for or what to say, but “Please, Sir?”

“Oh, Tommy, Li will love you and treat you like his cute little doggie. You’ll be fine. He will come and get you in the morning, I guess. My task is to bed you down for the night so you can sleep like a dog.” Just after he said this, Han realized that it did not sound too comforting to Tommy.

Han said, “We are almost done. Just one more item.” What the fuck? One more item and then another one more item? Jesus, Han was supposed to be befriending the boy. “Now, doggies are not supposed to talk, so here is a little something to take care of that problem. And immediately, he strapped a ball gag into Tommy’s mouth. And the strap in the back secured it in place.

“Hump, hump, humh, hump?” was the most Tommy could say.

“So, Tommy, you’re all set to rest. Let’s get you into your cage. As Han was maneuvering Tommy’s body so his head faced the cage door, he could not resist fingering Tommy’s hard dick, made especially stiff by the cock and ball harness.

“Hummmph, hummp, hump,” responded Tommy, in a soft and pleading whimpering sound. With one hand on top of the boy’s head, the other continuously stroked and lightly massaged his tightly bound, protruding balls. “Hummmmp, hummp.” It felt good to the puppy boy, and he was glad Han was beating him off. At least he’ll sleep better. “Hummmp, Hump, Hummmmp” Han put his hand under Tommy’s gagged mouth to catch the strings of spit seeping down his mouth's corners. Han lightly stroked the puppy boy's dick with a now spit-covered palm, sliding his fist so lightly, up and down, almost tickling. “Hummmmp.” And Tommy began thrusting his hips, picking up speed to shoot his pent-up load “HUMP, HUMP, HUMP, HUMP, HUMP, HUMMMMMMMP! And then Han let go … completely, letting puppy-boy just fuck the air and never climaxing.

“Sorry, Tommy. I guess I should not have done that, giving you a big boner, and with your hand encased in puppy paws, you cannot jerk yourself off.” Han’s said as if he didn’t realize he was teasing the boy. But knowing exactly what he was doing. "I’d jerk your dick for you, but Li does not allow other brothers to mess with his property.” Was he sorry? Did he mean to edge the boy like that? So, why the evil grin? Tommy was on all fours, with his huge dick pointing downward. It was bobbin, begging in its own way for release.

“Anyway, you'll all bedded down now. I know Li wants to see you in the morning, just like this. Hey, on the good side, he’s going to be very, very pleased with you. So, that’s great." He could not stretch out because the cage was only three feet tall, high, deep, and wide, just a cubic yard. It was a good thing Tommy had a compact body. He eventually settled, cramped up on his side.

The next morning Hans returned to the cage, even before breakfast. “Well, puppy boy, how well did you sleep?” Hans asked, and Tommy just looked at him. “I know you can’t speak, but you can bark even with the gag on.”

“Woof, woof” were the only throaty sounds he could make or the only sounds he was allowed to make.

“That’s a good puppy boy. Now I know you have many questions, but none of your questions are important. And I know you have some cramps, being tied up like that and crammed in that small cage. But, first things first. Tommy “stood up,” meaning on his hands and knees. “Ok, you will greet me, and every other brother, by speaking two barks and wagging your tail. So, let’s try that now.” Han instructed.

“Woof, Woof,” and then Tommy shook his ass to wage his plastic tail.

"Now, that was good. I know you want to tell me a lot of stuff. But listen to me, and listen clearly. You are a dog … at least for now. If you want to get through this pledge task of being a dog, the quickest way is by completing this task and completing it properly so that we are all proud of you. Be the best dog you can. Just fucking obey and do as told. We also know you have needs. Like right now, you probably have to take a wicked piss. I know that, so let’s take care of that right now.” Han told him. “Come here; ‘stand’ over the bucket.”

Tommy moved quickly, not because he wanted to obey but because he did need to take a wicked piss. And he let it out. The pee made a thunder sound as it hit the tin bucket bottom. Although Tommy could not show much expression with his ball gag in, Hans could see the relief in his eyes. But he made a sound of contentment as he emptied his bladder. “Good doggie.” Han ruffled his hair playfully. Now, I know you’d like to get unbound and take a nice warm shower. But none of that is in the cards for you. The ONLY way you get that comfort is to complete your dog's task successfully. Understand?” Tommy nodded his head and barked. “Good boy. Now I need to present you to Assistant Pledge Master LI Zhang.” Han reached into his pocket and pulled out a chrome chain leash. “Here, let me clip this on your collar. Good boy.”

Tommy had no experience walking on his hands and padded knees, with his feet tied up along his thighs, so Han took it very slowly and nudged him along. It was a challenge getting him upstairs to the main floor of the frat house. But they managed. As Han led him through the hallways to Li’s room, all the Brothers were amazed at how great this pledge looked. His small, limber body made it much easier for him to be confined in that cage and made it more doable to bind his legs up to his ass.

Han stopped him before they got to Li’s room. “Now, we need you to look happy and proud. You must look excited to see your Master for today, Li Zhang.” Han stooped down and started petting Tommy's head. Then, he tickled and teased Tommy’s dick and balls. Han rubbed them gently and pumped the boy’s dick to full erection. With his restrictive cock and ball harness on, it did not take long. “Good boy. Now I told you how to greet any Brother, but especially Li. Tommy, make this go as easy as it can.” Then he brought Tommy to Li’s dorm room door and then just left.

Tommy was thinking about what to do. He knew he couldn’t say, “Hello, I’m here.” He could not just open the door and walk in. How could he turn the doorknobs?

“Woof. Woof,” he went and then pawed the door.

Li Zang, Puppy master

A few moments later, Li opened the door and looked down. He was pleased to see his puppy boy had arrived for training. This was totally new to Tommy. He did not know what was expected of him. But, on the other hand, Tommy thought, what would a dog do? It was a freeing situation. Whatever he was to do, someone would “train” him to do. His decisions were not his responsibility. Tommy Luck just wanted things to go smoothly and have this dog behavior skit over ASAP.

“Well, puppy, how are you?” Li asked with a big smile, happy to see Tommy as a dog.

“Woof. Woof,” and then Tommy wiggled his ass to get his tail to wage.

Tommy saw Hector sitting on the bed. Both Brothers wore only boxer underwear. "Good morning, puppy. And how is our favorite pledge today?" Li asked.

“Woof. Woof,” and a wag.

"You are excited to meet me. I know we already met, but you are my cute puppy this time, and I am your Master. So this is all new and so much fun. Well, as you probably suspect. If you prefer, it’s time for the next stage in your training or testing. Today’s test is the most difficult, but you did such a fine job cock sucking and ass licking. I'm sure you will pass this with flying colors. Being such a bright, intelligent pup, I'm sure you know the next stage.” Li smiled his dangerous Chinese smile and scratched one naked pec. Hector chuckled.

"Do you know pup?" Li lifted Tommy's dog face by the chin and looked into his eyes. Tommy shook his head no.

“I read your diary that you submitted. In that sexual history, I read how inexperienced you are. You even included your secret worst fear of being brutally fucked.” Li spoke calmly. You didn’t think you’d be able to lick dick and ass, and you succeeded at those tasks. That pleases me. You went beyond your limits. That pleases me.”

Li continued, “Let me alleviate your fears here and now – we will never brutally fuck you. In fact, we will not fuck you in any way. Well, maybe if you begged us, but that won’t happen. So you should have no fear in the ass area. Now, I want to get a better look at you.”

Li, tall, well-built 20-year-old, had no problem bending down and scooping up the slender-built Tommy and setting him on the bed, still on his hands and knees. “Now, the first thing I will do is remove your gag. I hope you know to bark and not speak.” Tommy nodded. Li unbuckled the ball gag and pulled it off; lots of spit dripped all over the place. “Now, is that better?”

“Woof. Woof.” Tommy thought it would be a good jester to act like a happy dog. He began to lick Li’s hands and arms all over, just like an uncontrollable puppy would. Li brought his face down close to Tommy’s face, and Tommy began to wildly lick Li’s face and wag his tail.

“Such a good doggy. Now stay relaxed.” Li brought his hand under Tommy’s belly and then to his groin. He rubbed Tommy’s already stiff dick. It was not stiff due to sexual excitement, but from Han working him up and the cock harness not allowing him to go soft. Li liked to tease, or better put, torment a pledge. He loved to see a pledge all hard and excited and needing to climax … and not get any release.

Li looked at him in the eyes to appear kind and said, “Ok, you are doing so well. I’m going to untie your legs and let them straight out. But your collar stays on. And your tail stays in … for now. Also, you may now speak words to me.”

“Thank you, Sir. Oh, thank you, kind Sir. My legs are so cramped up. Please set them free easy.”

“Not a problem, pup.” And Li unbound Tommy’s legs and began to slowly straighten them out. "Hector, come here and help me massage this puppy.” Li placed a rather large, bulky pillow under Tommy’s belly. Hector joined them on the bed, and they placed Tommy on his belly on the pillow. That caused his ass to be elevated nicely. Hector rubbed one leg, and Li rubbed the other, just generally. “Hector, hand me that lotion there.” Li dispensed a glob into his palm and also into Hector’s. They rubbed Tommy’s legs and back to spread the lotion around. The lotion was mineral oil-based, so it was edible. Tommy was just lying there, feeling completely taken care of. So far, he thought, this is not half bad. He wondered if he’d get a massage every day. Tommy, at this point, felt nothing threatening at all. He could finally relax.

Now the two frat brothers would begin to work their plan, but only slowly. “Okay, puppy, stretch your arms straight out, over your head. Just try to touch the headboard.” He did. “Hector, start working on his back.” Hector slowly changed his position. He lifted his butt off the mattress and placed his knees on each side of Tommy’s torso, facing the boy’s feet with Tommy's arm running under Hector's groin. This forced the boy's stretched-out arms to stay in place, upward. Now he could rub Tommy’s upper back, neck, and shoulders.

Li worked on the boy’s legs. He spread puppy-boys feet apart, just a bit so he could better apply lotion to the insides where his skin was so dry. “Yes, my puppy is doing so good and pleasing me,” Li spoke out, sounding very caring. The Brothers marveled at how nice Tommy’s ass looked, especially being mounted up due to the large pillow under his belly. Then Li knelt at Tommy’s feet and got to work on Tommy’s calves. He started rubbing the oil in and massaging his lower leg muscles.

Tommy was in heaven. He was purring. He recalled his terrible dream last night, thinking this would be a ruthless, violent gang-bang. He smiled at the silliness of his dream. He must have thought he was a cat instead of a dog. But it was all fine. But Brothers do not normally massage pledges. It’s the other way around, pledges massage Brothers. But this was different. They both love touching Tommy’s swimmer’s fine-toned body. His skin was so perfect and very lightly hairy everywhere. Hector worked on the boy’s shoulders and added some light fingernail scratches. Not really scratches, more like tickling. Li was moving his body up to work on the boy’s knees. So he slowly moved his knees from between the boy’s feet to between the boy’s knees. In doing so, Li had to slowly push Tommy’s knees a bit further apart to allow his knees to fit further between the boys’.

Hector moved more to Tommy’s upper back and down to Tommy’s sides. Li was now moving further up to the boy’s thighs. So again, he needed to slip his knees further up, and in the process, he gently pushed the boy’s knees further apart. Tommy had never dreamed he would be treated so kindly, and being massaged by two hunky brothers was fabulous. Mentally he was zoning out. Not caring about anything.

While Li was kneeling between the boy's knees, Hector knelt at the boy's shoulders, and began some very light tickling of Tommy’s side, not enough to make him laugh or giggle, but just a little to feel tingling. Li was also progressing. He was now working on Tommy’s upper thighs and again scooted his knees further up towards the boy’s ass. Tommy's legs were spread wide, so his legs were at sharp angles off each side of the bed. Not painful for the flexible pup-boy. But Li never touched Tommy’s ass hole or even his ass crack; he was working around the upper thighs to near the boy’s bubble butt.

Hector worked on the boy’s lower back area. He was oiling it up and gently rubbing those muscles. Li was kneeling near Tommy’s ass but wanted the boy’s legs stretched wider apart. Li used his knees to slowly push Tommy’s thighs as far apart as they would go. Tommy was doing the splits and still comfortable. Tommy just wiggled in his relaxed stupor and was fine. He felt the tension, but it was more like a healthy stretch. It felt good.

Hector started working Tommy’s ass cheeks, and Li wanted to apply oil to the boy’s ass crack. But first, he needed to dislodge Tommy’s doggie tail.

“Ouch!” Tommy yapped. Li was trying to be caring, so he gently twisted and pulled, and out it popped, “OW!”

“There you go, my puppy-boy. I know that hurt a little. Maybe with your tender, unused ass, it hurt quite a bit. Don’t worry; I’ll use soothing lotion to make it feel better. Just relax and let your mind wander. Hector and I will relax and calm you down.”

Hector started to gently squeeze and move Tommy’s ass cheeks around. Li began to lightly tickle the boy’s ass crack. He slid his fingers up and down the freshly shaved flesh. Up and down. Tommy was moving his hip so slightly as he moaned. It wasn’t obvious, but he enjoyed the four hands or 20 fingers massaging him. Li was still on his knees, which he placed between Tommy’s thighs.

If Li had immediately forced Tommy’s legs this wide, he would have panicked and felt that this may be the rape he dreamed about. But because his legs were pushed out a little at a time, over 20 minutes, he did not feel threatened or “forced” into this vulnerable position.

Tommy doing the splits was essential for the widest outstretched legs. Li looked down at Tommy’s big hard dick, pointing to his feet. At some point, the pillow had been removed. The boy's hard dick was now flat against the mattress and pointing toward his feet. Yes, his steel cock and plump balls were on full display to Li. They were placed there for easy, unobstructed manipulation by the Brother.

Hector’s main role now was to prevent Tommy from moving his upper body. He now, more or less, was sitting just above Tommy's head with the weight of his highs on the boy's outstretched upper arms. He needed only slight weight. He did not want the new pup to feel painfully bound, only to be comfortably constrained and limited in his movement. As Tommy moved slightly to settle his body, Hector let a little more of this body weight press down on the boy. It was ok and even a good sign that Tommy was in some rhythmic movement, but they wanted him to be unable to move his limbs. Tommy’s arms were “stuck” upwards from his head by Hector’s body weight, and his legs were completely and firmly held spread out to the widest possible position, by Li, without causing pain. Discomfort was OK, but not pain.

With Tommy secured in place, AND with his dick and balls exposed, Li began to lightly tickle Tommy’s dick and balls. The boy moaned with pleasure. Now Hector, leaning forward, migrated his massaging touch from the boy’s ass cheeks to his ass crack as Li continued to tickle-tease those plump balls and hard dick trapped in the cock harness. Hector could feel Tommy trying, intentionally or unwittingly, to raise his ass to meet the tingling fingers. The light touches were not getting any firmer. So it is natural and expected that the boy would try to make stronger contact with those teasing touches. At times, Hector used his firm hands to stop the boy’s ass from rising. Wiggling and fidgeting were fine, but full upward movement, such as fucking the mattress, was not permitted.

Tommy’s trapped dick was spasming the only way it could move. That odd and unusual restriction made Tommy understand he could not generate his own erection. In other words, his erotic excitement was not up to him but under the control of others. Instead of his dick bobbing freely up to his belly, it now was bobbing down and back through his thighs. Instead of him using his hand to apply just the right pressure in just the right manner to climax, someone else was applying touches and pressure in a manner HE WANTED TO DO. Tommy was not the dictator of erotic touches; he was only the receiver.

Hector now focused on Tommy’s asshole. Not his ass cheeks or his ass crack, but only those ass lips. He used tickle touches that caused the boy’s ass lip to twitch. Oily lube was applied, and Hector’s finger made various touches with various degrees of firmness. Tommy’s asshole twitched more, accompanied by louder moans and more thwarted attempts to raise his ass off the mattress.

At this point, Li only used one finger to touch the tip of Tommy’s struggling dick. It was twitching upward. The only touch Tommy’s dick would get now was when his dick twitched upward. Only then could the tip of the boy’s dick contact Li’s stationary finger. It was like the dick was on automatic. It jerked upward to feel that touch. Tommy was no longer controlling his dick consciously; his dick was just hungry for continued touching.

Tommy was not even hearing the quietly spoken word from Li. But Li continued to speak so softly it was barely audible. “What a hungry hole this boy has.” It was more like a whisper. “It feels so good to be caressed.” Hector applied a little more firmness to the boy’s asshole. “How wonderful it would feel to be massaged on the inside.” Li had spoken in low tones for the past five minutes, but only now did the pup hear them. “Such a good boy who wants his ass gently rubbed and massaged.” Then, “Look how puppy’s asshole is opening. It knows it needs to feel the full acceptance of that wonderful feeling.”

Tommy was moaning and struggling more to raise his ass to welcome those touches. Li was still giving slight touches to the pup’s dick at this time. But the dick would continually twitch up to kiss that finger, now held only a quarter of an inch above the tip of the boy’s dick.

“Please?” Came from Tommy’s throat. The two Brothers heard it but did not change their limited touchings. “Oh, god, please?”

“My, how fabulous it would feel to have a soothing, warm, comforting touch inside this beautiful asshole.” Then, “It must be the most wonderful feeling on earth.”

“Please, Sir?” No change in touching. “Please, please feel my asshole?” Tommy spoke softly as if he did not want to hear himself say those words.

“Hector, what do you think this pup wants … needs?”

Hector replied, in a whisper, “Li, I have no idea. I can’t imagine what he is asking for.”

“Please fuck me?” Tommy tried harder to push his ass up.

“I don’t think I heard that correctly. Surely pup doesn’t want us to fuck him. I mean, I promised the boy we would not violate his ass.” Li Whispered back. “I mean, it’s not our decision to fuck him. After all, the pup knows what’s best for him, not us. We are just Brothers.”

“I am so so sorry, Sirs. Please fuck me. Please, kind Sirs. Make me your puppy and fuck your pup now,” Tommy was replying in whispers also, but he was thrusting his ass up off the mattress or at least trying, trying quite hard now, sort of in desperation. “Sirs, please forgive me. I do not want to have control. Please do as you wish, but fuck me, please.” And again, he grunted as he tried in vain to raise his ass to receive more touches to his dick and asshole. He was really pushing upward, but Hector was totally restricting his movements.

Hector and Li removed their hands from Tommy’s body, touching him nowhere. Then Li spoke up, “Hector, on the one hand, wishes us to do as we want and take his self-control away, but on the other hand, he is fighting us. He keeps trying to push his ass up as if he knows best what to do. He keeps trying to tell us what to do.”

Then something clicked in Tommy’s brain. Oh, fucking shit! Immediately, Tommy’s body went limp. He was now like a sack of potatoes on the mattress. Tommy just surrendered. The Brothers looked and smiled.

The next thing Tommy felt was a finger on his asshole. It was nice, warm, and firm. Tommy thought it was different. It was bigger. It gently poked at the ass lips. The boy moaned but did not move. He remained “dead.” He felt Li adjusting his position again. And the pressure on the boy’s asshole increased. It was not a finger; it was much thicker. Tommy realized it was a firm dick. FINALLY, A FIRM DICK! KNOCKING AT HIS ASSHOLE!

Tommy mumbled, “Thank you, kind Sirs.” Of course, the boy had no way of knowing when the Brothers had stripped their underwear off, but now he realized that the two wonderful bodies holding him in place were naked. There were two hot, sweaty, hunky, jock bodies manipulating him as they wished. Heavenly.

“If you move, dear little puppy, we leave the room, and you go back to your basement cage,” Li spoke softly, but this time it was a clear order, not a request. Tommy understood exactly. Like the other three pledges, he learned the rules; they all knew what an order was.

Then Li slipped his butt forward and, thus, slid his large dick into the boy’s hole. Tommy loved it. He wanted to react and wiggle his ass to accommodate the welcomed visitor. But he did not move a muscle. He groaned and moaned and mumbled “thank yous” continuously. Tommy’s first fucking was loving and caring. He would do anything these Brothers or any Brothers wanted him to do. They were right, and he had been wrong. Not only wrong but very silly and foolish. No more resistance would come from him. This was becoming true with the other three pledges as well. After Li fucked him and came in the boy’s ass. The boy did not climax. It was not an omission or by mistake but also a part of the Brothers’ plan.

Tommy felt the mattress bouncing around and then felt another dick at his ass doorway. It was Hector’s rigid pole. With Hector off of Tommy’s back, Li set his body at the boy’s head. He placed one thigh under the boy’s head, like a pillow, and the other thigh gently on the boy’s upper chest, making sure he was not creating too much weight on him. Now Li’s still semi-hard dick was at Tommy’s mouth.

Li slowly moved his hips forward to present his dick against the boy’s lips. The dick that just fucked his ass, covered in a messy slick of shit, but mostly cum. “Clean me off, my doggie-boy.” Tommy had not heard the dog term in a while. Now he was back to being a puppy boy. He was confused but opened his mouth. The difference now is that Tommy did not resist. He did not make any judgments. He just opened his mouth, and the slimy cock entered his mouth. He did not think about the smell or where that dick had been. He just obeyed and made love by licking and sucking his Master’s wonderful dick. All was right in the world.

The End

Well, that may be the end of Tommy as a young man. But there are three -3- weeks to this initiation! Though Tommy seems quite complacent, being Li’s puppy, what about the other brothers? There is more to the initiation after two full weeks of Hell. Read it in 2 days!

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Copyright 2018 GayTies.com.