060 Hell Week Two

Hell Week Two
Part 1 of 4

Morgan Lasseter was on top of the world. His six foot, 170-pound frame fairly floated down the street. Once again everything had turned out perfect! “Yeah," he shouted to no one and jammed a fist at the sky, then tugged on the SAE baseball cap worn backward on his handsome head. Throughout his life, it had always seemed to Morgan that just when things looked the blackest, the most hopeless, suddenly everything cleared up and victory was assured. It’s like in the last big football game in high school when he pulled a for certain loss out into a win. Or like getting the tuition to one of the finest Universities in the country taken care of by his rich uncle, Mr. Victor Lasseter.

But that “gift” for full tuition was not given out of kindness to his nephew, Morgan. Mr. Lasseter had a scheme in the works. There was a strong and emotional need to have revenge on his nephew and he would use his solid connections with SAE frat to rain havoc on Morgan for his past crimes. So, Mr. Lasseter made his gift of tuition to Morgan conditioned on his getting into the SAE Fraternity. The uncle’s plan to destroy his nephew was due to Morgan’s degenerate acts against Uncle Victor’s daughter, Morgan’s cousin. The plan to destroy him would be executed during the pledge Hell Week. In other words, working toward Mr. Lasseter’s objective required the frat to completely humiliate and degrade Morgan so much, that he would not be able to take it and would choose to quit. Morgan, or any other student, would never put themselves through the dehumanizing phases Mr. Lasseter conceived. In exchange for the frat’s help in Morgan’s complete downfall, Mr. Lasseter would give the SAE $100,000 to do major renovations on their Fraternity House. Jeff Black, the SAE Fraternity President, and Mr. Victor Lasseter sealed the deal a couple of months ago, which sealed Morgan’s fate. Morgan had no idea his uncle was about to get revenge on him at all. In fact, he thought his uncle forgot or forgave him for his past sins and perverted acts, and was offering the tuition out of family love.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, SAE for short, at the University of New Mexico, had a bad reputation which Morgan was not aware of. Over the past five years, the SAE brothers have been repeatedly cited for hazing and damaged property. But rapes have plagued this Albuquerque house since 2007. It started with a pledge, who was charged with raping underage girls (those charges were later mysteriously dropped). As recently as last year, another sexual assault was reported. This time it was male-on-male, but due to the victim not wanting any publicity, he did not follow through with criminal charges. So, this was an organization Mr. Lasseter could scheme with.

Morgan was expecting the frat initiation to be difficult, but not because of any of their perverted behavior. He did learn that the SAE was notoriously choosy, especially in wanting well-toned applicants. In the first place, they eliminated two-thirds of the guys who applied and only accepted the cream of the crop for pledging. He heard that pledging to the SAE Fraternity was steeped in a lot of unknown secretive bullshit that he did not buy into. He was so pleased when word arrived that he made the final cut. He was about to become an SAE pledge.

Morgan did a little jump and landed lightly on his size 14 athletic shoes upon receiving the news. But since he was leaving town to go to the University of New Mexico, he needed to figure out what to do with his girlfriend of two years. The issue was that he really loved her and wanted someday to marry but she never put out. She was the “sex only after marriage” type, and that was not working for him. I mean, dating someone for two years without getting any more than a blowjob was ridiculous especially when you’re as good looking and popular as Morgan. So he ended it. He did not need the girlfriend distractions as he entered his new school.

Morgan walked up the cement steps of the old frat house. He carried a gym bag with a couple changes of underwear and socks. He had been informed he would be staying at the frat house for some time. He knew from rumors that pledging to SAE was no picnic. Strong guys had been reduced to tears, dropped out, not just of the fraternity, but due to overwhelming embarrassment, from the college too. But that was in the past during the years of heavy, sadistic hazing. Or did their hazing initiations just go dark, become totally secret?

An underground student group called, Student Saints, worked to stop frat abuse nationwide. They conducted their own unofficial, private investigation of this local chapter of SAE and discovered many undocumented “cases,” more rumors, actually, of hazing that included blackmail, prostitution and the use and selling of date rape drugs. But their evidence could not be independently verified. So their research efforts went nowhere. The only thing that stuck was that there was a continual mystery about abusive hazing at SAE. That was it, only dangling innuendos.

Morgan rang the doorbell and bounced on his large, well-formed feet. His legs felt springy, strong, and in good shape. He felt on top of the world. He was greeted warmly by two Brothers he had met at a beer bash a few days earlier. They were guys whose names he kept forgetting. Morgan wasn’t into guys’ names and he realized he would have to make a real effort to learn the names of all thirty Frat members. In the parlor, he met the three other pledges. It was a shock. Only four? Of the twenty-two guys who had applied only four made the final cut to pledge. One of the Brothers explained that SAE was very selective and only wanted the best of the best. Then he smiled and scratched an armpit and said, "We only want guys who we think can meet the test." All four pledges laughed. Morgan never drank so only the other three had hangovers from the previous night of celebration and weren’t quite with it yet. It was seven A.M. on a Monday morning. It was to be the first day of Hell!

Morgan shook hands with the other nervous pledges. There was Kyle Cane, a six foot two body builder type with short choppy hair and a cute crooked nose. He looked tough as hell. There was Tommy Luck, five foot seven, with a small compact swimmer's body, dirty blond hair and bright blue inquisitive eyes. There was Jared Richards, medium build and height, not too muscular, curly black hair, pug nose and a shit-eating grin. And there was Morgan. Morgan had choppy brown hair, dark eyes with long lashes, a straight nose, and a sensuous pouty full-lipped mouth that the girls adored. All four guys wore their SAE baseball caps. They stiffened as Jeff, SAE President entered the room. Jeff was no slouch in the jock department either. His muscular body rippled in the tight SAE tee shirt and gym shorts he wore. He was barefoot and stood six foot two inches tall with a mean motherfucker attitude about him. Campus rumors had it that he was so rough when fucking campus women that his sexual methods bordered on date rape. Jeff was a senior with the reputation of fucking over 100 different twats. In some circles, he was known as “animal.”

The Initiation Begins

"Gentlemen,” Jeff smiled with his big toothy grin. He shook their hands. "The day has finally arrived. You are it! The Big Four. The finalists. But whether all four of you make it into the SAE or not remains to be seen. Do you boys have the balls?"

"Yes, Sir!" They had been well schooled at parties on pledging protocol.

"Are you boys sure you have the balls?"

"Yes Sir!" they shouted.

"Well then, let’s see them!" Just like that it started, right there in the parlor with all the windows uncovered. No assured privacy. It was all so simple as they begin their descent into hell. “Let’s see them,” Jeff said with an evil grin. That’s all. Normally, it’s no big deal. You show your dick and balls every day at the gym, in the showers, no big deal. Only here there is no locker room, just four pledges and a bunch of onlookers. Reach down and unzip and take your balls out. Why did it feel so stupid, so strange? Why did a tingle run down Morgan's back? Why did he feel a flush of humiliation?

The four pledges looked at each other, put on stupid boyish grins, laughed a little, and unzipped their jeans. They reached inside and took out their ball bags, and all of them keeping their dicks inside. Morgan's balls were huge with a smattering of brown hair, nice low hanging nuts so the egg size balls hung well out of the jeans front. Kyle also had a nice full set, fatter than Morgan's. Tommy's were smaller and more rounded in a tightly stretched nut sack. Jared had the smallest balls, but still fleshy with black hair. “And, I assume you all have dicks too. Right? Well, ladies, it’s show and tell time.” Each reviled his dick as well. All four boys had flaccid pricks at this time. But it was clear to see they all were hung well. Maybe that was an SAE requirement. Jared and Kyle were uncut, and Morgan and Tommy were cut. There they stood in their baseball caps, giggling like a bunch of girls with their dicks hanging out.

"Well, I guess you do have the balls, the question is will you keep them? There is only one rule here at SAE House during your pledging period. You do everything you are told to do, and without question, without pause. You do it at once. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir!"

"It’s just that simple. For the next few weeks, you are shit. We are going to make men out of shit. We are going to build SAE from piles of turds. It won’t be easy. All this University policy crap about no hazing is bullshit. How else can you judge a man? How else do you know if he's got what it takes? How else can we have any fucking fun? Now I want you boys to sign releases for legal purposes. These hold you and only you responsible for anything that might happen in the next few weeks. It releases the Frat from any liability. But before you do sign, I want you to begin to trust your fellow pledges. You must become a Brotherhood, able to rely on each other, not only during these difficult pledge weeks but thereafter as well. We want you four to bond together, unite in the SAE cause.”

Jeff continued. “Let me introduce you to Brother Basten and Brother Han.” The two men nodded. “These Brothers are going to be your safety net, your saviors in the next few weeks. They are going to help and support you. They are going to make men of you.” Each of them held a large wooden paddle. It was easy to guess just how these two Brothers would help the pledges. The pledges were dumbfounded, standing there with their dicks hanging out.

“Now, let us begin. You four pledges must begin to bond with each other. We know this is a difficult step for you, but you cannot refuse to participate in this or any other SAE required ceremony. You four will become a very close family association. We will start with our traditional bonding ceremony. I want you boys each to grab the dick of the pledge next to you and hold it while you sign the legal liability release document."

Jesus, touch another guy’s dick? Morgan had heard that hazing got humiliating and kinky at times. He'd read about hazing accounts, paddling, puking, nudity, he expected something, but he didn’t know what. Still, he felt really queer touching another guy’s dick. The four pledges laughed again, like little boys now, and looked at each other and wondered what to do?

"Go ahead, don’t be shy pledges grab whichever prick you want. Whichever one appeals to you." Jeff smiled.

"Can I grab my own, it’s the only one that appeals to me," Jared joked.

“That's cause that’s all you're used to; no cunt has ever touched it," Kyle barked with a deep jock voice, and all laughed.

"Fraid not, part of the bonding is to hold the dick of another pledge, so go ahead.”

The guys hesitantly reached out a hand, two guys reached for Morgan's cock. Both boys pulled back. "I'm afraid you can't both have Morgan's penis, you have to learn to share your toys,” Jeff said, smiling. The other Frat Brothers in the room laughed. Jared’s short but very thick stubby cock felt really funny in Morgan's fingers. He hardly held it at all. Just barely by the fingertips like some guys do when they piss. Tommy who held Morgan's prick did the same. Another guy’s cold fingers on Morgan dick made him break out in goosebumps. Okay, so he was touching another guy's cock. It wasn’t so bad. It wasn’t the end of the world. Jesus, Julie had his dick in her fucking mouth only last night and she seemed fine after. Still, guys pissed out of their dicks and fucked with their dicks, it was odd and creepy to most pledges.

Holding on to each other’s’ cocks, the four pledges signed the release forms without reading them. They were so nervous; they never thought to read the actual contents.

"Good, now give a good dick yank to welcome each other to the SAE."

The jocks laughed and playfully tugged with fingertips at each other’s’ penises. Jared’s foreskin slid back and forth, it felt totally freaky to Morgan who was circumcised.

"Boys, boys, boys, don’t let me down so soon. You promised to obey all orders. To not obey an order to the letter instantly means severe punishment. You see the paddles in Brother Basten and Brother Han's hands. You know what paddles are for. Now, I said, yank your Brother’s dick, not tickle it. Now I'll give you pussies one more chance to really yank on that dick you’re holding." The guys yanked harder. It hurt like hell. Morgan let go of Jared’s short thick skinned cock and jumped back grabbing his own from the abusive tug Tommy had given it. "Shit!" Kyle shouted, hopping from one foot to the other holding his prick.

"Good, much better, except for Morgan, you did a lousy tugging job. Apologize to Jared for not yanking his cock good enough."

"I'm sorry Jared that I didn't do a good job yanking your cock.” It felt so stupid talking like that.

"Offer to yank his cock again." Jeff folded his massive arms across his pecs.

"Eh, would you like me to, ah, yank your cock again?" How could healthy straight college boys talk such nonsense?

"Ugh, no, that’s all right,” Jared said with a grin.

"No, it’s not all right. You have to help your Brother pledge do things right. You have to help Morgan learn about dick yanking. Morgan, I want you to take Jared’s fleshy little dick in your hand and yank that motherfucker." Morgan reached out, why the fuck was his hand shaking, Why was he sweating? He took the other 18-year-old freshman's penis in his hand. Then he yanked, hard. Jared yelped and jumped.

"Pledge scum Morgan, take pledge’s stubby, worthless prick in your hand and do not let go this time, yank it hard and do not let go."

Okay, okay, it was a test. They were testing them, Morgan knew that. Jared knew that. They were tough guys. They could stand a little rough-housing. Morgan took the flaccid prick in his hand, gripping it tight, squeezing the dick flesh. Then he gave it a good hard yank. Jared squealed and tried to pull away, but Morgan held on to the dick.

"Good. Now again, harder! Again. Harder. Again. Harder you pussy. You can yank harder than that. Yank that dick, go on." Morgan tugged and tugged at the prick, Jared’s face tightened with pain as Morgan hurt the kid. But he never howled out his pain. That impressed Jeff.

"Okay, that's enough. Good job Jared, you're a good man. You can be proud, you pleased me. Your job is to please any and all SAE for the next weeks, you may feel pride if you please them well. You also taught Morgan how to properly yank a dick. Now, on to other things."

At that moment, another Brother brought in a tray with four full glasses on it. Now let’s all have a little drink before we continue. They all did, except Morgan. “Sir, I don’t drink,” Morgan explained.

“Well, it’s just a little something to calm you all down.” Then Morgan took his glass and drank it quickly, but went into a coughing fit. It took a while, but he stopped and began to calm down. He noticed a nice warmth come over him.

Jeff walked up to Kyle, they were equals in the muscle department, both big tough bruisers. Jeff reached out and closed one fist around Kyle's hose of a dick. “Kyle, baby, tell me, did you fuck pussy last night?" Kyle closed his eyes as the obscenely intimate hand began to finger his prick "Yes Sir, I did.”

"Good boy, what's the cunt's name?" The fingers were kneading his prick flesh. "Donna, Sir."

"Cunt Donna, a girlfriend or just a sport-fuck?"

"A girlfriend Sir, but nothing serious."

"Did you wear a rubber?"

"Yes Sir." He said proudly. The fingers were stroking his dick now, and it was getting larger. Oh fuck. Oh please don't let me get a hard-on in front of these guys, Kyle prayed. "You wore a fucking dick sheath?"

"Yes Sir!"

"You pussy." Jeff let go and his dick bobbed half hard; all the guys saw it. Kyle felt bad like he had said the wrong thing and displeased Jeff, but what?

Jeff now grabbed Tommy's blond-haired dick. "You fuck twat last night?"

"Yes Sir,” Tommy smiled, looking down, watching the hand on his dick teasing it.

"Girlfriend or sport-fuck?"

"Sport-fuck Sir, a bitch I picked up at the Tuxedo."

"You wear a rubber?"

"Hell no, she was on the pill."

"Good boy." Jeff turned and suddenly began to yell very loudly. "An SAE never fucks with a rubber, he wants to enjoy the full thrill of pussy skin against his prick. If the bitch wants to take precautions, that's her business, but it’s not an SAE worry. SAE are real men.”

So the initiation began. Jeff, the SAE Present was questioning the four pledges about their sexual experiences. Of course, all the steps of pledge initiation had largely to do with embarrassing and belittling the pledges, but no one suspected just how far the SAE frat would go.

Next Jeff moved to Jared and grabbed his sore red dick. "You know Jared, you do have a very stubby dick. No wonder Morgan had such a hard time. Do you have a hard time keep it in a girl’s twat?"

"No Sir, it gets bigger, when I … when … you know."

"It gets bigger when you fuck? Tell me, little Jared, did you fuck some pussy last night, did you shove your stubby little dick into some juicy twat?"

"No, no I didn't Sir."

"You didn't? A perfectly good Sunday evening and you didn’t fuck cunt? Are you a fag, Jared? Were you sucking dick or taking it up the ass?"

"No Sir, I went to a movie with some friends.”

“What friends?”

“Jim and Billy, two buddies of mine, Sir,” Jared said confidently.

"You sure you're not a faggot Jared, we can't have faggots in the SAE.”

“Not that we're prejudiced or anything. You had a choice to fuck twat or to go to a movie with … with … ‘the guys.’ But we can’t have some fucking queer salivating over our big fat SAE dicks every time we shower or take a piss now, can we? You certain you're not a faggot … preferring … ‘the guys’?”

"Yes Sir, I'm certain.”

"What's your girlfriend's name?"

"I haven't got a girlfriend right now, Sir." Jesus, Morgan found himself wishing the small dark-haired pledge would just lie to make it easy on himself.

Jeff smirked and yanked on the boy's dick hard. "You haven't got a private twat? I think you're a fag. You better prove to us you weren't taking dick up your ass last night Jared with … ‘the guys’. Drop your jeans and show us your asshole.”

Jared was smaller built, not well muscled like Jeff. Not a match for him physically, or emotionally either. He blinked, sniffed, sniffed again, licked his lips, and stared at the floor shuffled his feet. Then he shook his head like he was clearing his ears of water after a swim. Then reached down with a self-conscious shrug and unbuckled his belt. The already silent room grew heavy with stillness. No one moved except the 18-year-old boy lowering his jeans and boxer shorts. Jared stood there, pants and shorts puddled around his feet. His cute face very red, his eyes focused on the far wall. All the boys could see his smooth tight young ass with just a few black hairs here and there in the fine deep ass crack. You could now hear Jared’s labored breathing.

"Lift your tee shirt, Jared; we can't see your ass to check if you were fucked last night.” He nervously complied. “Now Jared, we are doing this for your own good. We want you as an SAE, but we have to make sure. There is a lot of faggot fucking going on around campus this semester. Shit, a queer tried to pick me up last week at a movie theater men’s room. He kept staring at my dick while I pissed, so I stepped back and said, ‘This what you want faggot?’ So the rest of the guys in the john could hear, and then I pissed all over the guy. He turned bright red and ran out, didn’t even put his own dick away." All the guys laughed, except Jared who was standing bare-assed.

"Come on Jared, help us out here, we can’t tell if you've been ass-fucked that way. Bend over and spread your ass cheeks for us." Poor humiliated Jared had no choice, not on this first day of pledging. He was not a boy to give in easily, none of them were. That's why they had been selected. With his tee shirt tucked up so his smooth flat tummy showed, he bent over, reached back and spread his tight soft skinned ass cheeks revealing the pink/brown ass pucker.

"Thank you Jared, but place your feet a little wider please.” Again he complied. “Now, Tommy, will you please examine pledge stubby dick's asshole and tell me whether you think he was porked last night."

With a shake of his blond head and a laugh, Tommy walked behind Jared and looked at the boy’s 18-year-old asshole. “Looks like an ordinary asshole to me," He said.

"You ever seen a recently fucked asshole?" Jeff asked.

"No Sir, can't say that I have."

"Well then you better have a closer look, look for inflamed red or raw ass lips. Look for inner ass lining stretched marks; look for traces of dried semen in the asshole hairs. But you gotta look close for that. Here take this magnifying glass and really check that asshole out." Now both freshmen boys were red with humiliation. Tommy tried to stay well away from the spread ass, but Jeff kept urging him closer. Tommy just poked at that asshole with a finger and see if the ass pucker seemed rubbery and elastic."

Tommy made a horrible face. "Do I gotta, Sir?"

"Yes you gotta and you get ten swats with the paddle tonight for questioning an order."

For the first time in his life, the compact young swimmer touched the asshole of another person, he had never even touched a girl’s asshole, he knew lots of guys fucked girl ass, but it turned him off. Now he poked and prodded at Jared’s pink ass pucker. "It really seems fine to me Sir.”

“I told you, I'm not queer." Jared protested.

Hell Week Two
Part 2 of 4

“Now, now, don't get petulant Jared, we mean you no harm. The SAE just gotta protect themselves you know, so be a good boy and bear with us." Jeff walked around to Jared’s head. He put his large hands on the back of the kids head then he stepped forward until the crotch of his gym shorts was less than a half an inch from Jared’s nose. "Take a look at his asshole, Morgan, see what you think."

Tommy was only too glad to relinquish the magnifying glass to Morgan. Then Morgan bent down to examine a man’s asshole for the very first time in his young life. While Morgan began to look closely at the asshole, Jeff shouted out, “Tommy, where you going? You stay right here. Now, to help Morgan see better, you kneel down just behind Jared and spread his ass cheeks wide. No, wider.”

Morgan was feeling nauseous as he held the magnifying glass and looked through it. “Morgan, poke his ass lips with your finger and see if it responds by opening up.” Without thinking, mostly because he was buzzed on the hard liquor, he did just that. “Poke it again and let Tommy see also.” Following orders, this time Morgan pushed his finger halfway into Jared’s asshole. Then, Jeff simply pushed on Morgan’s elbow to cause Morgan to fully insert his finger. With Morgan feeling woozier from the booze – he never drank before - he just left his finger inserted, waiting for instructions.

Jeff moved his hips closer in, placing the crotch of his gym shorts against Jared’s face. Jared tried to turn his face to one side, but Jeff held his head still. Now he began to gently rub his cloth covered prick against Jared’s 18-year-old face.

"Easy boy, easy, we're just trying to help you out," Jeff said calmingly as Jared tried to pull his face away, but couldn't. “Sometimes a guy is a closet fag and doesn't even know it. We gotta make sure, smell my dick, Jared, smell it real good, does that do anything for you? Does that turn you on at all? Bend down Kyle and see if his dick looks any bigger like he’s throwing wood." All the while, Morgan kept his index finger full up Jared’s asshole. He felt Jared’s ass muscles contently squeezing his finger, but made no comment. Jeff rubbed the front of his not too clean sweaty gym shorts all over the poor boy's face, and Jared could feel the thick tube of the senior's prick through the material. It was the most disgusting thing that had ever happened to him.

"His cock looks pretty shriveled to me,” Kyle laughed.

“Okay fellas, I guess Jared here is hetero, maybe he’s just pussy shy. We'll have to take care of that later.” Jeff stepped back. Jared stood up and wiped his face with the back of his arm. But Morgan was still kneeling with his finger buried deep in Jared’s ass. Jared’s nervous hip motion caused him to be finger fucked, not intentionally, but by accident.

Jeff and all the other guys, brothers and pledges alike, just stared at Morgan in his state of dizziness with his finger up the other pledge’s ass. All laughter broke out at the fact Morgan still was finger-fucking Jared.

“Well, maybe Jared is not the fag after all. Maybe it’s Morgan who has the interest in fucking guy’s asses. Is that true, Morgan?” Jeff said sheepishly.

All of a sudden, Morgan noticed they were all staring at him and pointing. Then Morgan, in a wobbly state, suddenly realized where he was holding his finger and yanked it out. When Morgan realized they were laughing at him, his face went bright red with embarrassment. Finally, Jared could pull up his pants.

“Morgan, maybe we’ll let you finger fuck all the Brothers if that is what you’re into.” And then more laughter was voiced. He finally stood up and felt so humiliated. They all knew he was woozy from the booze, so they did not really think he was enjoying any of this.

Jeff turned back to Jared who was buttoning his fly, "Did I tell you to pull up your pants?" Jeff barked, and the poor frightened pledge stood there pants half up, he let them fall again. He stood naked with his hands cupped over his genitals protecting himself.

Jeff, with a big smile on his face, moved to Morgan. “Now, where were we, oh yes. Well, Mr. Lasseter, we know you like to finger fuck guys,” More giggles from the group. “But did you fuck any pussy last night?"

“I got a blowjob, Sir, from my girlfriend."

"Did she swallow?"

"No Sir, she spit it out."

"Stupid bitch. Gotta teach the cunt to swallow, Lasseter. Tell her sperm is good for her, will make her tit’s bigger. All right pledges, I asked you if you had steady girls because you will have to call them and tell them you won't be seeing them regularly for a while, your duties here will keep you pretty busy. We'll arrange for some social time for you, but for the next few weeks, your main focus is our pleasure. Now, I know you boys have classes, so we won’t stretch this out too long, just some basic rules and assignments. You remove your shoes and socks at the door of the house; you are barefoot in the house at all times. You also remove your shirts and pants at the door. You wear only your underwear in the house. Do you understand, only your underpants? Each of you will have the word “PLEDGE” written across our naked chest in ink that won’t easily wash off. If the lettering does fade, you will ask one of the Brothers to darken it for you.”

“Tonight at five o'clock, before dinner, you will present to me a complete diary of all your fucking experiences. I want names, places, times, how many times you fucked, positions, any foreplay, any kinky stuff. I want a detailed list of every sexual experience you have had, and don’t try to lie because we may hook you up to a lie detector and question you. If you are caught breaking rules or lying to us, you will be severely punished, perhaps even dropped from the SAE Fraternity. We don’t shit around. We are the best.“

Morgan had never drunk before, much less in the morning, they made him lift a bottle of Jack Daniels to his lips and swallow until they told him to stop. He wanted to puke. To have this drink, they all walked into the dining room, including Jared his pants still around his ankles. Frat Brothers were coming downstairs in underpants or jeans, scratching armpits or balls. They looked at the new pledges and laughed.

Morgan was drunk. He was drunk at seven thirty in the morning. This was some crazy shit. He asked Jeff if he could pee. "Oh, that reminds me, let’s all go downstairs in the basement for just a minute." Jeff led them into the sparsely furnished basement. In the middle of the room was a single bed, very small with a thin mattress.

"This is where you pledges will sleep, this is your room. This is your bed. It’s small, I know, but nice and cozy." The four pledges couldn't believe what they heard. The fucking bed was for a single person.

"And this is your toilet. So you don’t have to traipse upstairs all the time." Jeff pointed to two buckets. Old fashioned metal buckets. "This one is for pissing and this one is for shitting. You will use them, and only them. You will not use another toilet on campus, you will not use another toilet in the city, you will shit and piss only in these two buckets." Was he nuts, did he really expect a grown college freshman to piss and shit in fucking metal pails? That was sick! Morgan had trouble even taking a leak in a public restroom, much less squatting over a pail, it was a joke, just to scare the boys, Jeff wasn’t serious. He couldn’t really be serious about the single bed or the pails. In his alcohol-induced haze, Morgan was certain Jeff was only kidding. He had to be!"

So far, so weird. But he was not backing down. After all, his uncle was going to pay his full tuition fees ONLY if he joined SAE. That means getting accepted by SAE. That was his uncle’s fraternity and that was the condition he accepted. Morgan felt a kind of sickness deep in the pit of his stomach accompanied by butterflies. He told himself this is exactly what the frat Brothers wanted. They wanted him to be afraid, that was the fun, which was the idea. He told himself it was only a game and would soon be over. Nevertheless, the 18-year-old jock felt more than apprehension after what had happened in the morning session.

It wasn’t until the second hour of class that Morgan realized he had to piss badly. The booze for breakfast hadn't helped. He'd kept his mind steady by thinking about the wonderful blowjob Julie had given him the night before. It made him feel more secure after the embarrassing dick yanking and finger fucking he had to do in the morning. He was glad the hard shit was over. He sincerely hoped that had been the extent of the sexual type humiliation, but a part of him knew he was only fooling himself. They were going to be rough on him. The SAE were known for that. In between classes he'd worked on his fuck diary, not much there since he was still a fucking virgin. But Jeff wanted every pledge’s sexual experience written down and turned in before dinner time. In between classes, he'd detailed the sparse sexual activity he had with Julie. He hoped that he would impress the guys, but he knew he would face ridicule for his lack of actual sex. Shit, why did he have to be a preacher's son with high conservative morals anyway? Sometimes he envied the way guys like Jeff Black and Kyle would fuck any female thing that moved.

By fourth period he had to piss so badly he couldn’t stand it, so he cut his class and made his way back across campus to the Frat house. He truly feared he wouldn’t make it. He opened the door and rushed toward the basement stairs, remembering that he had to piss in the pail in the basement.

"What the fuck are you doing Pledge?" A deep masculine voice bellowed. Morgan turned to find Lorenzo Tortelli shaking his head. Lorenzo was a six foot four brick shithouse jock with dark curly Italian hair and a shit-eating grin. The cunts loved him, the guys feared him, which was how he preferred it.

"I gotta piss really badly Sir, I can't hold it much longer."

"Didn't Mr. Black give you instructions this morning about proper Frat house dress?" The Italian jock was dressed in sweatpants and a tee shirt.

'Oh shit, I have to go so bad I forgot." Morgan cursed himself. He knew that meant demerits and ass swats with the frat paddle.

"Well, ass wipe? Let’s return to the porch and adjust our attire, shall we?"

Morgan moved to the front hall and began to quickly strip off his tee shirt.

"I said on the porch dickhead! You undress on the porch!"

"But Sir, all the students passing will see me in just my underpants."

Lorenzo gave a sympathetic smile and nodded. He held the door for Morgan to pass. Outside Morgan saw a pile of clothes and shoes.

"You see Tommy obeyed the correct procedure and avoided demerits. I'm afraid I have to report you for five ass swats.“

Morgan stripped down to only his blue boxer shorts. Some passing girls laughed and pointed at the 18-year-old standing on the porch in only his underwear. "Hey Lorenzo," one of the bitches yelled, “can we see the pledges ass?"

"Show the girls your ass pledge, lower your shorts." Morgan looked at Lorenzo pleadingly. He stood there frozen on the porch. "Five sweats for not moving fast enough."

Morgan gulped and slid the rear of his boxers to beneath his ass cheeks; Morgan did have a beautiful ass. It was smooth and hairless, high tight globes with a deep crack. The girls hooted and applauded. "He hasn’t got any red paddle marks yet. You boys are getting soft on the pledges," the one twat shouted. More kids were looking at Morgan's ass now.

"Wait a few days. That ass will be swollen with welts," Lorenzo laughed.

"Sir, I really gotta piss bad." Morgan was afraid he would let go right there on the porch.

Uncle Victor’s Scheme

Upstairs in his room, SAE President Jeff Black was speaking to Morgan’s uncle, the uncle who said he would cover all of his nephew’s tuition if he got into SAE. "Yes, Sir, I understand Mr. Lasseter. The guys all understand."

The voice on the other end was crude. "This is to be the most degrading, disgusting initiation any fraternity ever conducted.” Mr. Lasseter told him as clear as possible. “I want my nephew broken. Turn Morgan into a cock hungry faggot. I want him to become a mindless fuck toy. When he reaches the point where he just cannot submit to any more degradation, he’ll quit the Frat. That’s what I want. You and your Bros are going to make it so insanely tough on him that Branded will quit the frat. Since that was my requirement, I will then withdraw all the money I promised him. I want him hazed to the extreme and all those other pledges hazed as well. Be inventive. Be the sickest. Create the most degenerate experience for them all and capture it on video.” Jeff Black was a bit shocked by what Mr. Lasseter wants for his nephew, but at the same time, it appealed to his sadist side. It was devilishly wonderful news to him.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Lasseter, your nephew will be broken and quit the fraternity. I fully understand what you want me and the SAE Brothers here do too, we already discussed it when we set up this maneuver weeks ago.” Jeff paused and then asked, “If you don’t mind my asking, why do this to your own nephew?”

“Why,’ does not concern you. I told you that if he ends up quitting, I’ll refurbish your entire SAE Frat house. I don’t care if it cost me $100,000. I’ll do it. I have had my fondest memories at SAE, and this is a win-win situation for both of us.” Morgan’s uncle told Jeff.

“But, if you have to know why I’ll tell you. Morgan raped my daughter, Suzie. That’s his cousin who was only 15, his same age. It was never reported due to everyone wanting to keep it a family secret. The matter was brushed off and a concocted story was developed that she was never raped, but fell down a hill slope and injured her groin in the debris by accident. Three years have passed and Morgan eluded all punishment and even blame. In fact, Morgan and his family seemed to have forgotten that the vicious crime even happened. She was held down by two of Morgan’s buddies as he raped her. My daughter is willing to forgive her cousin and even keep that secret, but not me. And now he is an adult.”

“Now he will pay. He will be the one raped, and a lot worse than that, with your help. I will swoop in at the appropriate time after he quits school. No one will want him when all the disgusting things come out in the light. There will be no secrets in this matter. Everyone will know. The only secret is that I had nothing to do with it. I plan to actually take him in. He will see me as this hero who rescued him. And he … he will become my live-in faggot, cock sucking whore.”

"Don't worry, Mr. Lasseter. The Brothers here at SAE have a real, nasty side that we all are forced to suppress. But I can cut them lose to be as cruel and mean as we want them to be.” The Frat president told him. “The Brothers are beginning to get loose and lively. Once they realize there are no limits on their sexual sadism, all fucking hell will break loose around the pledges."

“Yes, Jeff, you understand our mission. It’s up to you to unleash the dirty minds of all the Brothers so they go along with whatever perversions you force those pledges into. And I do mean all the pledges. We cannot be hard on my nephew alone. We must be tough on all the pledges equally so it won’t look like Morgan is being singled out.”

His dick! Somehow young Morgan was very aware of his dick as he stood on the porch of the fraternity house and removed his clothes as all pledges had to do. He'd had to wait until two priests and an old nun walked by. Was that why he was aware of his dick or was it what awaited him inside the house? He'd spent most of the afternoon wrestling with the shit bucket incident. Having to crap in a bucket and being required to have a fellow pledge wipe his ass. Disgusting! He tried to tell himself hazing was a lot like boot camp, and he was being inducted. He tried to tell himself it was all in good fun and he should loosen up. But the complete humiliation of what had happened colored his emotions. Still, Morgan was a smart boy and he knew humiliation was part of the hazing game, it had always been. It was something he'd just have to outgrow, put up with so his uncle would fork over all his tuition cost. That was the deal. If he did not get into the SAE frat, he would have no money to go to college. So Morgan was under a tremendous pressure to obey the frat pledge laws, no matter how ridiculous they were.

He'd seen Julie briefly after his last class. They held hands in the student union and kissed a few times. Morgan thanked her again for the blowjob the previous evening, and she promised more if he was a good boy. Then he told her he'd probably not be able to see her as much in the next few weeks because of the intense fraternity initiation.

"If you'd rather hang with a bunch of crude jocks than me, that's fine." she'd pouted, only half teasing. He explained he needed to be an SAE if he wanted to stay in school, and that he'd see her as often as he could. Then he reluctantly made his way back to the house.

"Something stinks in here," One of the frat Brothers remarked to another as Morgan, clad only in his now sweaty boxer shorts, entered the front hall. "It must be a pledge," the two jocks laughed at their own stupid joke and turned to Morgan. They were both well-muscled athletes, as were most of the guys who were SAE. "Go downstairs to your room and work on your diary of your sexual history until six o'clock. Then you will serve supper to the big six, and then you’ll get to eat yourselves." he was instructed.

Morgan could tell from the smell that the other two pledges had been forced to use the shit bucket as well. Jared and Kyle dressed in their underwear were working on school stuff. Morgan said hello. They seemed unusually subdued and Morgan guessed it was the result of some afternoon hazing games.

"Where's Tommy?"

"His Pledge Master, Lorenzo, took him upstairs for some private puppy tutoring." Kyle tried to laugh, but his voice sounded thin and worried. "This hazing shit is starting out pretty heavy. I mean this is only the first fucking day. If this is just the preliminaries, where will it end?"

Morgan shook his head. "You got it wrong. They start out strong to scare us. It’s got to ease up as we go. Nobody can expect us to live down here in this basement, and shit and piss in buckets for weeks on end. This is all just a lot of macho bullshit. We just got to be cool and take it easy. So we're embarrassed for a few days. So we have to do a few things that are really kinky, fuck it, those are the very memories that in later years will bond us with the SAE. That’s how I figure it anyway."

Tommy’s Punishment

Poor Tommy should have heard that little pep talk. It might have helped. He was really scared. His mentor and pledge master, the big handsome dark-haired jock seemed to have a sadistic streak, along with his studious looking buddy Stan. Tommy wasn’t the usual SAE material, to begin with. Did they really want the small compact blond swimmer or was he just a toy for them to play with? After all, he had just been singled out a few hours ago to wipe, and then kiss Morgan’s asshole. That humiliation was still fresh in his mind. And now this.

Tommy was naked in Lorenzo's room. He stood on two chairs, a foot on each chair. The chairs were about two and a half feet apart forcing him to spread his legs to keep his stance. That was embarrassing to him to stand like that naked with dick and balls hanging there, his ass sticking out. Tommy hated any kind of public nudity, he hated even undressing in the locker room. He didn’t know why. He hated the small speedos he had to wear on the swim team, he always felt everyone was staring at his sizable prick and balls budge. Some guys got off on this. Tommy didn't.

"You see Tommy, my boy; we have to be hard on you only to help you. You understand that" Lorenzo said seated on a desk chair in front of the boy as he stared right at the kid's blond-haired prick and nuts. "We want you in the SAE but you're pretty much a pussy and we have to toughen you up. How badly do you want to be an SAE, Tommy?"

"I want to be an SAE more than anything in the whole world," Tommy shouted, not sure how long he could keep his balance on the two chairs. Acting so nonchalantly on his bed, Stan stretched out in a yawn. He chuckled that it had taken twenty minutes of ass-paddling to get Tommy to properly shout answers. The kid’s tiny bubble butt was dark red with black patches on it. He had cried like a baby. Tommy had no idea how much getting paddled would hurt. He'd read about it, even seen it in some movies, but the real thing? Holy Mother of God, it hurt. Tommy's confidence in his own ability to make it through the hazing was once again threatened.

"Tom, do you want to be an SAE badly enough to take a little pain?"

"Yes Sir," His voice quivering with strain and fear. He wasn’t sure he could take any more ass-paddling.

"Good, I'm glad. Well then let’s begin, shall we Tommy?" With that Lorenzo brought the wooden ruler up between Tommy's spread legs, "splat”. It slapped him hard in the scrotum.

Tommy almost blacked out as pain shot from his nuts up through his body, followed by dizziness. He lost his balance and slipped from the chairs to the floor. The frat Brothers in the room laughed at the way Tommy rolled up into a tiny ball holding his nuts and crying. Several times he choked back puke, the pain was worse than anything he could remember, worse when he'd gotten hit in the nuts by a baseball as a kid. It was simply unbearable. The two jocks roared with laughter at Tommy's reaction to the pain. They imitated his moans and groans, his wheezes and coughs. At last, after about two minutes, the pain was controllable but certainly not gone.

"Tommy, the idea is for you to not fall off the chairs, so, shall we try it again?"

Tommy, his blond hair a mess, looked up at the burly jock. Tommy’s face was slick with sweat and spittle ran from the corner of his mouth. "Please, not again, I don’t think I can take it.”

Stan sat up on the bed. "Five swats for giving a wrong answer. The correct answer is 'yes Sir, please whack my worthless nuts again.'"

Tommy's fuck eggs just throbbed. Christ, why were they being so cruel to him? Why didn’t they pick on the other guys? And why the fuck did it all have a kind of sick sexual feeling about it. Like the ninth grade locker shenanigans of Milton Crews, who everybody knew was a pervert and who loved to snap towels at guys’ nuts and grab guys by the bare ass and balls. Milton Crews was kids’ stuff, but Tommy Luck was grown up, now 18. He didn’t like guys fooling with his privates. He hated it.

"Up on the chair Tommy, and let’s try to do this right. You keep your balance and take it like a man." Lorenzo lounged back in his own chair, legs spread, big dick lump sticking up from his gym shorts. Most of the guys walked around the house in gym shorts or sweats and tee shirts. With shaky legs, Tommy slowly crawled up onto the chairs. With difficulty, he managed to regain an upright stance, even with sore balls.

Maybe if he joked, showed he was tough, they would go easy on him. So he spoke out, "Hey, I hope you guys don't intend to ruin my fucking career.” He laughed trying to sound OK with the pain and the hazing.

"Don't worry," Stan yelled from the bed, "If Lorenzo here destroys your balls and you can’t fuck anymore, you can always learn to enjoy taking dick up your ass!"

A shudder went through Tommy's naked body as he closed his eyes and waited for the next nut whack. He vowed this time he wouldn't fall off the chair. The two jocks didn’t really care either way; they had a couple of hours to kill.

Hell Week Two
Part 3 of 4

At 6:00 PM, the four pledges were dressed in pink frilly aprons. That was it. They were not allowed another stitch of clothing, just the aprons with a foot square of pink material hanging down from the front of their waist ribbon. They served dinner to the big six, the six heads of the fraternity who lived up on the third floor. Morgan's pledge master Jeff Black was one of these. Morgan didn’t know how he felt about having the president of the SAE Fraternity serving as his pledge master. In a way, he felt honored or was it frightened, maybe a little of both. So far Jeff hadn’t had any time for Morgan and so that was a good thing. Wearing girly aprons and being called things like Twat lips, and Stupid cunt, was actually a more relaxing, non-painful, experience, and the pledges lost a bit of their anxiety.

After the Brothers’ supper, it was time for the pledges to eat. They were led down to the basement where they were stunned at seeing eight doggie dishes, two for each boy. One dish was filled with food, steak and potatoes and veggies all mixed together which smelled divine. The other dish was filled with beer. The pledges were instructed to crawl over and eat without using their hands. Embarrassing and messy as this was, it was to be expected. Frat pledges commonly ate meals from doggie dishes.

After dinner, the pledges were allowed to put on underwear and to retrieve their diaries which detailed their life’s sexual experiences and turn them in. Some of the frat members relaxed with beer and music to read them. They read portions out loud to each other and had some good laughs. In the basement, the pledges had another chore, one more embarrassing.

Measuring Up

"We have to have accurate health records for our members for insurance purposes. The records need to include your detailed body measurements. So, would you all please take your files and help each other fill in the forms. There is a scale and measuring tape over there for getting your height and weight. To help with pledge bonding, let’s play a little game, no pledge is to take his own measurements. You will team up and measure each other. Let’s have Tommy and Kyle measure each other, and Jared and Morgan help each other out. The forms were quickly handed out to each of the four. Okay. You've got one hour, that’s 60 minutes exactly. We will spot check the measurements you record, if any measurements are off by more than one-half inch from what we found, you get swats. Ask Tommy how swats feel.” Then the Brothers filed upstairs to watch the pledges on their hidden cam.

The boys sat on the floor in only their underwear and eagerly read the first page of their measuring form. They reacted with expressions of puzzlement, thinking this was so ridiculous. "They gotta be kidding?" Kyle said. He was the largest and the more muscle-toned of the boys, a football jock who wasn’t used to taking shit from anybody. "Did you guys see this?" He began to read. "height, weight, waist, hips, chest, neck, back of neck to tailbone, inseam, what the fuck are we getting measured for tuxedos or fucking what?” He paused as he continued to read more, And get this, width and height of each nipple."

Morgan picked up the reading out loud. "Length of tongue measured with mouth closed and tongue fully extended. Measure the length of tongue that can be extended from the closed mouth. Measure from the tongue tip to the upper lip. Length of the longest armpit hair. The longest pubic hair.’ This is sick. Whoa, look at this, ‘length of penis flaccid’. Oh shit, ‘thickness of penis at head, thickness around penis at root, flaccid.’"

Tommy couldn't even swallow. His mouth became so dry. "We gotta measure each other? ‘Length of relaxed ball bag from the groin. The circumference of each nut.’ These guys are fucking sick. ‘Length of piss hole!’" Tommy threw his papers on the floor and walked into the furthest corner of the basement.

"Jesus Christ," Jared continued shaking his handsome dark-haired head. "’Distance from rear of scrotum to asshole. Length of ass crack from top to bottom. Length and width of asshole pucker’. We can't do this, guys? This is nuts," Jared shook his head.

Kyle went on, "’Length and circumference of penis with erection’. God damned fuckers, I knew they'd do something like this."

Morgan was sensing that his three fellow pledges might actually quit and walk out right here. After all, no decent guy would go through this just to enter a fraternity. All three of them could and might easily quit and try to join a different fraternity, or just attend college with no fraternity. No big deal. But, Morgan had to join. He had to take it all and get admitted, specifically, to the SAE Frat. That was the one and only condition his uncle required in order for Morgan’s bills to be paid. Without SAE, he could not afford to attend this college or any college. And he needed these guys to come along with him. He’d never make it alone.

The initiation was pretty tough, some pledges threatened to quit the Frat. So Morgan spoke up to try to give a pep talk to them, "Hey guys, if we can just get through tonight, it’s bound to get easier," Morgan said. "I know it’s freaky, but so we take the fucking measurements, so we touch each other’s dicks, we're all straight, so how can it hurt us? Big fucking deal, we got to show the mother fuckers that they can’t scare us.”

Jared laughed a tense, tight laugh. “Morgan’s right guys and I for one can’t wait to show my big dick off.” He giggled, trying to be the good sport. “So let’s get going, shall we. Where are the tape measures?”

The boys didn’t take off their underpants until the last minute. They measured everything else first. Then they self-consciously turned away to slip down their shorts. Naked, with big pricks swinging as they walked, teamed up in the assigned pairs to take the personal stats. Jared lifted and handled Morgan's cock. "Hey buddy, don’t throw a boner yet, I got to get it measured soft first,” Jared laughed as Morgan’s prick started to grow.

"I can’t help it, anybody touches my dick, It gets hard. It’s not my fault."

Morgan stood there stupidly with his big strong teenage legs spread wide while Jared knelt between them and measured his dick and balls.

They heard Kyle snap at Tommy, "Well you're going to have to touch the fucking thing, you can’t fucking measure it without holding it.” As they got on with their humiliating tasks, the tension relaxed and soon they were even able to show a sense of humor through it all.

"Oh this is better than cunt any day, I'm hooked," Kyle said, feeling Tommy's balls, while the poor boy winced from the pain. "Jesus kid, what happened to your balls and ass,” Kyle asked with some concern after seeing the red and black bruises on his nuts and ass.

"Fucking Pledge Master Lorenzo happened to my balls and ass. And his fucking pal Stan helped. At least I’ve been through the worst, yours is still to come."

The second most difficult and humiliating part of their task came when they had to measure from ball bag to asshole lips. “OK, better lay on your back and pull your knees to your chest. Morgan told Jared. “Not quite right. I need to get the tape measure into your ass crack. You’ll have to spread your cheeks apart.”

What these struggling pledges did not know is that the Brothers were all upstairs laughing their asses off. They were hooting and howling like a bunch of sickos as they watched every degrading position these men placed each other in. Seeing macho, muscle-guy Kyle on his back, with legs in the air, holding his ass cheeks apart made the upstairs guys almost wet their jocks! What was so funny was the matter-of-fact way they went about the measurements. They were so serious. So fucking studious and serious!

The frat Brothers were glued to their hidden cam feed watching Morgan measure Jared. And the audio pick up was loud and clear, “Morgan, hurry it up, would you? I feel like a bitch in heat in the leg spreading chair in a gyno’s office.” Jared complained.

"I'd like to be a doctor gyno," Jared said, measuring Morgan’s asshole while the other boy knelt held his ass cheeks apart. "Imagine all that young pussy spread for you every fucking day for you to examine and … poke into. That’s the type of doctor I want to be, a gynecologist!”

'Yea, but as a doctor, you'd have to poke around in those 80-year-old pussies, too," Morgan quipped.

"Not me,” Kyle chimed in, “I'd only take young cunt patients. Get my fingers up some pretty young teen twat, sorry honey, I gotta stretch your pussy open wider just let me get four fingers in there. Just let me get my dick in there."

As the Frat Brothers watch their live video feed, they noticed that it suddenly became very quiet in the room. The pledges got to the part of the measuring assignment where the pledges needed to get hard-ons in order to take those “special” measurements.

"They can't expect us to jerk each other can they?" Kyle worried out loud.

"Can we get hard-ons without touching? I mean if we think dirty thoughts or talk real dirty, I think maybe I can." Morgan said. So the boys thought of the filthiest things they could, eyes closed, willing their dicks hard.

“Imagine a guy fucking his little sister and turning her into a fucking sex slave. She’s like 16 or something, and he fucks her a couple of times every day. He let’s all his buddies fuck her too. She gets fucked about 10 times every day. He pisses on her and makes her eat his ass out." Kyle offered.

"Fucker, I was getting hard 'til you got to the piss and shit part, that’s sick," Jared said.

"Everybody's got their own fantasies; I have this sick one about Julie. I imagine it’s our wedding night. She’s still a fucking virgin. I can see it all now; six big black guys break into our hotel room and gang fuck her while I watch. They are all hung really humongous."

“Hey, guys! It worked! Look, my big dick is standing tall! Tommy, quick, measure my wood.” Kyle measured in at eight and a half inches. The others just couldn't get full hard-ons by talking. They were too nervous being there with each other, so they decided they had to wank each other hard. This was not easy for the boys. Jared grabbed Morgan’s dick and Morgan grabbed his.

"Hey man, wait until I do yours, otherwise it’s too fucking queer. Morgan started leaking at once, he had a really drippy dick. It leaked precum all the time. Poor Julie had it all over her face when she sucked him. Now Jared had male slop all over his hand.

"Jesus Christ, must you leak all over my fucking hand?" he asked.

"I can't help it, man," Morgan whispered, pissed at the attention Jared was drawing to his dick.

Tommy wasn’t about to let anybody touch his dick, he went into the corner and started to frig himself hard. “You can’t do that, you'll get us in trouble," Kyle said.

"No guy is playing with my prick," Tommy declared. Then he turned around to display a nice healthy seven and a half hard-on for Kyle to measure. Morgan came in at nine and Jared at six and a half, but very thick.

Kyle laughed at Morgan trying to will his big prick back down again. Strings of pre-fuck slop ran from the piss hole to the floor. "Man your little Julie won’t need nigger dick on her wedding night; she’s got one with you, "

After an hour, they were called upstairs, where they faced fifteen half drunken jocks in the huge living room. The TV was already turned off. They had no plans to tell the pledges that they were all videoed touching and playing with each other’s dick, balls, and asshole. These videos would only surface if they needed them to blackmail these pledges later. They would be used only for coercion.

Brotherly Love

When the four pledges entered the room they stood there only wearing underwear. The frat Brothers presented themselves as just lounging around the furniture, sipping brews. "We’ve got an embarrassing problem here gentlemen,” Jeff announced loudly. "We’ve been reading your guys’ sexual diaries and we've got a big problem. We've got a fucking virgin on our hands. A fucking virgin! Will the fucking virgin pledge please hold up his hand."

Shyly, Morgan held up his hand. Although he had detailed girls jerking him off and his blowjobs from Julie, he was technically a virgin. He had never fucked.

"What the fuck is wrong with you Morgan; here I am, your Pledge Master, think how embarrassing you are for me? What have you to say for yourself?"

"If I had known you were going to be my Pledge Master Sir, I would have fucked at an earlier age." This brought a big laugh from everyone present, including Jeff, who just couldn’t keep a straight face.

"Most of us were fucking by age thirteen, what went wrong Pledge Morgan?"

"I have a fucking minister for a father, Sir, and fucking prim and proper Christian twats for girlfriends.” This also got a big laugh. Morgan felt he had handled that hurdle well.

“In a hundred years of the SAE Fraternity, no Brother has ever been a virgin. So tomorrow night we will have a special Morgan session of an initiation ritual and take care of your little problem. Tomorrow night, boy, you will FUCK TWAT and we will be there to advise you. Now pledges, these first few nights we realize are difficult ones for you.” Jeff continued, “Adjusting to your roles as fraternity pigs, slime buckets of humanity. You realize, of course, that you have to reach bottom before you can be rebuilt and become SAE. So you should be happy to be degraded and to degrade each other as well as yourselves, as much as possible. The more you all get into it, and accept, total degradation and humiliation, the sooner this hazing period will be finished.”

“Because these first days are not easy, we encourage you to lean on your pledge Brothers for support, turn to them for comfort and strength. So, tonight I want to see a really nice show of Brotherly affection, I want you pledges, to hug each other, close, tight, really like in a support group session, go on, don’t be embarrassed, trust each other, love each other like Brothers."

It wasn’t difficult to do, the guys all smelled a bit sweaty, but after the measuring shit, hugging a guy was nothing. In fact, it felt really good, comforting. The pledges were given some beer to drink. "That was great,” said Jeff in front of the room of Frat Brothers, “now let’s build on that, how about if you boys kiss each other, nice Brotherly Frat kisses, to better bond as men." Tommy got very red in the face hearing this.

Without much hesitation, each brother kissed the others with a quick peck on his lips. “Now, I realize that was awkward, new and strange. Right?” The pledges nodded. “But tell me, tell all of us that that was comforting, and be honest, don’t say it if you did not feel it.”

Each pledge, one after the other, spoke up and honestly expressed his opinion that he did, in fact, feel comforted by the kiss. The frat Brothers all applauded them. That felt good! And they actually did find that little peck a friendly, man-to-man, gesture of brotherly care.

“That is great. You see, we SAE Brothers do know what is good for you individually, and good for the entire brotherhood as a whole.” It was clear from the relieved expressions on the boy's faces that they were finding this initiation becoming a more pleasant experience and that, yes, they would make it through okay.

“Now, once again, we need you to appreciate each other. Show that brotherly love. Display that frat Brother maleship. So, now each of you will deep tongue-kiss each other.” The pledges had been lulled into relaxing their guards, and now they were jolted in shock. They all hated this the most. Showing affection was worse than sucking dick! Sucking a guy’s dick was a sexual act THAT THEY WERE FORCED TO DO! But French, deep-tongue kissing was way worse. It was an act of love and gayness. They had no choice other than to do it or drop out of the frat. None of these young men were gay, and none wanted to be gay, or even act gay. Period.

After the peck, all the pledges stood still. Glad that was over with. So Jeff spoke up, “Look, pledges, that was not a kiss. Put some passion into to it.” The pledges didn’t move. “DO IT AND DO IT NOW!” The pledges then pushed their faces slowly into the other boy’s lips. Slowly, and most awkwardly, each boy kissed the other directly on the lips and held the pose for a moment, and parted.

"No, no, no boys, that won’t do at all, not if you really want to bond. You have to show your trust and devotion to each other, kiss each other on the mouth.”

The four teenage pledges stood in their underpants, looking at the floor; they didn't know what to do. Jeff was not pleased. They didn’t kiss correctly. But they either didn’t understand what Jeff wanted or simply pretended not to know. Nervous sweat trickled down their lean hard teen bodies.

"Come on pledges, he who hesitates gets paddle swats. Nice friendly kisses to prove to us that you will help each other through these next weeks. Or, you will be tossed out of SAE before you even start."

Morgan had the most to lose. If he did not get in SAE, it meant that his tuition would not be covered by his scheming uncle and he would not be able to even go to college. The others could risk it; they could attend college without being a frat member.

So Morgan started it off, to show his pledge brothers it was okay. He turned to Jared and leaned down. He put his lips on the other boy’s and kissed him, exchanging obvious tongue touches briefly. The Brothers applauded and hooted. Seeing Morgan’s example, and seeking the approval of the Brothers, Kyle bent down to kiss Tommy, who backed away. Lorenzo barked, "Tommy, do you want another session with the ruler slapping your balls?" Terrified, Tommy looked from guy to guy like a trapped animal. Then he closed his eyes and lifted his head. Kyle kissed him with slightly parted lips. Tommy mentally tried to talk himself into this being OK. “It was nothing, really, just, lips touching lips,” he thought to himself. Kyle and Morgan kissed, then Tommy and Jared. Tommy thought, “Shit, it was only a kiss, so what.”

"Now Morgan, I want you to team up with Jared since you seem to get along with him so well, and Tommy you stick with Kyle. Now I want to see a real display of affection. I want you to tongue kiss each other until I tell you to stop. The pair that doesn’t swap enough spit gets 10 hard swats. I what to see your tongues really going at it."

"Oh, what the fuck," Jared said.

He looked up into Morgan's eyes. The two boys nervously licked their lips and then brought their cute teenaged faces together. They mechanically kissed. "Get those mouths open, suck each other’s tongues, get those tongues into each other’s mouth hole,” Jeff ordered. Whoever impresses me the least is getting expelled today! I don't care how much you have to pretend, how weird it all seems, how much you hate what you are doing. Just put on a loving plastic face and get that long romantic kiss going. I know you are acting that’s fine, but let's see some academy award performances.” One thing was clear, Jeff, the SAE Frat President, was not kidding. It’s pass or fail time.

That was it. No more fucking around, each pledge got the message and Morgan grabbed Jared in a strong bear hug embrace as he planted his parted lips on the smaller boy’s mouth. There simply was no other way, but to comply 100%. He wasted no time in shoving his beefy tongue into Jared’s mouth and probed every intimate crevice. More than that, Morgan’s arms squeezed his torso, his hands roamed up and down the boy’s naked flesh. Only then, did Jared surrender his straight will and return the passionate kiss, though he did not hug Morgan in return. So be it, the smaller boy entered into a lusty tongue fight with Morgan.

The other boys followed suit. First, they French-kissed, then they followed Morgan’s lead in and began to embrace each other, squeeze, pet, and rub their naked bodies together. It went on for a full five minutes. One might think all these boys developed raging hard-ons, but not so. Jared had a pretty good boner, Tommy did not, and Morgan and Kyle were more or less, flaccid. But what would one expect from heterosexual men? Often adding in nipple work and asshole tickling would likely make them all hard. But merely kissing another guy does not turn them gay.

The Frat Brothers all applauded and the pledges all gladly separated from each other. They were all pleased that the SAE Brothers seemed to have approved of their performance.

“Wow,” Jeff bellowed out. “That was amazing. I tell you all, we will never order you to kiss each other again. You all did equally well and passed the kissing challenge.” Another round of applauds and cheers broke out. “You see, if you really try, really stop resisting and do as you are told, it gets so much easier. No swats were given; it was declared a tie. “So, Brother pledges, you may have the rest of the afternoon off.”

No one was more relieved than Morgan. He needed the SAE frat to accept him, and it was clear in his mind, it was all easy downhill from here. The pledges went out to a local bar and had junk food and several rounds of beers. They chatted so casually with each other and became closer friends. They were all going to make it.

They knew pledge week was not over; they had five days to go, but they were confident all will go smoothly from here.

Close to midnight, they all piled back into Jared’s car for the return trip back to the college and the SAE fraternity. Morgan's mind remained unsettled. He remembered Jeff’s pledge to have a special frat initiation for him to end his virginity. Was that still going to happen? No, he thought to himself. That was off because the four pledges did so well and could skip the other phases of their initiation. What about the rule to use only the buckets in the basement to pee and shit? No, they got beyond that. No more humiliating buckets. Morgan could see it all. He’ll be successful in being initiated into the SAE frat. His financial troubles would be over because his uncle would pay for everything. He let his concern ebb away. As he rode back to the college, he finally let a smile develop on his face and then he sighed in relief. He allowed his mind to settle down and relax.

So, the pledges came around to accept that their initiation was basically over. The rest would be mere formalities. Such was a great end to what was “advertised” as Hell Week. The remaining five days would be pleasant and about loyalty to the frat, learning all the rules and helping each other out with studying and whatever personal issues came up. That’s the function of a frat. And these four pledges were in good hands. No more worries. Cool. And so the story ends with happy and wonderful feelings all around.

Well, that’s what all the pledged just concluded.

Hell Week Two
Part 4 of 4

The four pledges made it back to the SAE fraternity and into their basement sleeping quarters. SAE had all pledges, every year, stay in the mostly unfurnished basement during Hell Week. They had only one mattress for the four of them, so all four straight students had to sleep naked and cramped together on the one bed.

Jeff, SAE President, and a few other brothers who worked with pledges descended down to the basement to wake them for the third day of Hell Week. He woke the pledges at five A. M. with a pail of cold water. Their three naked bodies were huddled together like lovers, bare-ass 18-year-old boy lovers. The fourth pledge, Tommy, was not there. Lorenzo, the other assistant Pledge Master had come down here during the night and took him upstairs for some private training session.

The cold water doused their hopes and dreams. Another day of hazing had begun. Li Zhang, another Assistant Pledge Master was in charge of this morning's fun and games. After the boys were water-shocked to reality, they looked at each other with guilt, apologies, and shame in their eyes for anything they did and might do now. On this third day, they were beginning to understand their helpless situation in the frat.

Helping Kyle

Li smiled down at them then spoke with a Chinese accent, "Whew, you all stink.” He said to the wet pledges that started to rise from the bed. “Hey wait, before you boys get up this morning, I want you to help Kyle here with a little project. Kyle wants to be a male model. Li was joking, of course. “Yea, we're helping him prepare for his new career, but we've been told that his nipples aren’t developed enough for professional model work. Some of the Brothers giggled."

This was stupid since Kyle Cane already had large and beautiful nipples riding on his muscle-boy chest. In fact, he was very shy and sensitive about his big fat titties. That didn’t stop Li who issued their next task, "So for the next twenty minutes, I want you boys to suck on Kyle’s tits just like baby pigs sucking on their mama sow’s teats. You do a good job now and suck real hard, as hard as you can. Just pretend it’s your girlfriend’s tits. Kyle will be ever so grateful. Kyle, won't you politely ask your fellow pledges to please suck on your big sow teats to make them milkable?"

Kyle's muscular body was the largest on the small bed, so the other two boys were somewhat draped over him. They averted their eyes to help him with his shameful plea. "Please, guys." he said with a slight tremor in his voice, so unlike the big bruiser, "Please will you suck on my big fat sow teats? They really need to be milked.” His face was red with embarrassment.

The two 18-year-old college freshmen put their mouths on the chest of the third frat pledge. Each found a soft fat pink nipple and began to suckle it. Kyle at once went ballistic. His tits were so sensitive he couldn’t stand it. "Oh shit. Oh, fuck. Please. I can’t stand it. Please, no more, you'll drive me fucking nuts.” His hands clawed at the mattress and gripped it. He legs thrashed up and down like a child having a tantrum. His morning piss hard-on swung back and forth; it was worse than being tickled.

"Just for twenty minutes, guys, we don’t want to overdo it," Li said, and the other brothers in attendance laughed. Poor Kyle almost lost his mind in those twenty minutes. He sobbed like a little baby. It was quite a funny sight, really. A big college muscle jock sobbing and begging, moaning and groaning. What a fucking pussy. Soon his nipples were red and raw, but the boys were told to keep on sucking. His big fat dick was leaking pre-cum which bubbled out of the stretched foreskin and dribbled down the stalk.

"Look, Kyle must like it, he’s drooling dick juice.” Li pointed out. “Why don't you boys help him out? Reach down and jack his dick for him while you suck his tits." With hesitant hands, Morgan and Jared reached down and grabbed the big fuck stick of the jock. Both their hands fit around the long, thick cock, but it was awkward so Li suggested that one pledge massage Kyle’s big, fat balls while the other worked his prick. And they did.

It did not take long for the pledges to realize that Assistant Pledge Master Li Zhang was the most sadistic of all the managing Brothers. He always pushed the limit in humiliating pledges. He just enjoyed it, perhaps, way too much. But he was part of the inner circle and he was therefore respected and obeyed. You don’t want to disappoint Li or ever cross him.

This was the very first time they were ordered to engage in blatant sexual activity with each other. All the other actions could be dismissed as just male-to-male touching. It’s obvious that Kyle had nothing to do participating in anything sexual. Yes, he was being aroused sexually, but it was not his doing, not even his desire. But Jared and Morgan were actually creating the sexual act of beating their fellow pledge off. It was clear that not only were these three guys straight, they truly resisted engaging in anything sexual. So why did they oblige Li so readily?

One of the SAE frat’s funny stunts with all their straight pledges was to secretly slip them a little unknown substance into their water. There was no drinking fountain in the basement, so a pitcher of water would be brought down as needed. And sometimes they would put an additive into the drinking water. It depended on their scheme for that day. It might be something to make them sleepy, or something almost hypnotic so they would more easily lose self-control. However, this time it was a sexual stimulant, like Viagra, but stronger and more long-lasting. Obviously, they drank water from the pitcher before going to bed and maybe also during the night. So, they woke up feeling extra horny. They did not know it, but they all wanted to get off big time.

And there was a second reason to obey the brothers. Morgan and Jared were being a bit selfish; they dearly wanted to avoid any further harsh humiliation and physical punishments to themselves. During the first two days of Hell Week, they already experienced or seen others experience painful retribution for noncompliance. If a little dick playing would ward that off, so be it. They obeyed and pumped prick and rolled balls as they each sucked on the boy’s big, sore nipples. Li and some of the Brothers produced cell phone to snap photos of the three wet, naked college freshman having a little morning “fun.”

Finally, Kyle’s big feet pressed flat against the mattress to thrust and arch his torso upward. He screamed a throaty animal scream as he twisted his handsome face into a mask of agony. His fat plum sized dickhead stayed rigid as a tower as his nuts tightened up against his cock root. His piss hole opened up and released a fucking geyser of cum spurting up and onto the two other pledges. Cum splattered on Morgan's face and created a drippy mess on Jared's chest. Some of the observing Brothers took photos of the cum explosion where a couple had the forethought to take video. It was the assignment of certain frat Brothers to take a lot of videos and photos of each pledge.

During the first two days, all the photo and videos were taken with hidden cameras. That was important blackmail evidence to collect unbeknownst to the pledges. Starting on the third day, it was no longer important to video hem covertly. After a couple of days of photoing the pledges doing sexual or degrading acts with each other, it usually (but not always) created enough blackmail material to pressure the pledges not to quit the frat during Hell Week. After all, putting pledges through hell Week was a major source of entertainment for the entire fraternity. SAE never had actually published humiliating material of the pledges, because just the threat to do so would keep them in line and progressing through the pledge week 90% of the time. And if a pledge did leave, so be it, it was uncommon. There was no point in harming a student after he left.

It was kind of amazing how meticulous the frat pledge week was organized. Certain Brothers had specific jobs to do. For the computer nerds in the frat, they would create a website for each individual pledge. On that website would be uploaded the totality of all the videos and photos taken showing that pledge. Other embarrassing material, such as the sex history each pledge wrote, would also be posted there. Anytime they wanted to create a lot of pressure for a pledge to stay in SAE, they’d call him in, give him a beer, and show him his personal website. Of course, no one else had access to it … unless the Frat President wanted it released. Obviously, the blackmail material amassed there would be sufficient to get any (well, most) pledges to do whatever the frat wanted.

It was this unique ability that the SAE had to coerce a pledge like Morgan to do degrading things, that Mr. Lasseter required Morgan to attend UNM and join the SAE as well.

The exhausted boys were dragged out of bed and stood at attention. They looked terrible, ragged and worn out with dark circles under their eyes. Kyle’s nipples looked seriously red and stuck out. Li examined them, "Very good work boys. You will suck Kyle’s pig teats every day for twenty minutes every morning. Within one week, I want them standing out even more proudly. Is that clear?" The boys agreed with a “yes Sir.”

“Sir?” Kyle spoke up. “We are concerned about our brother pledge, Tommy. We all went out to celebrate last night, and we all came to sleep here, all four of us. But in the morning, Tommy was gone. Where is he, Sir?”

“Normally you would get punished for speaking out of turn, but here you are showing concern for your fellow pledge. So, no punishment. To answer your questions, pledge Tommy is upstairs with one of the Pledge Masters, engaged in one-on-one training. So don’t worry any longer about him. He is in good hands.

“Now, back to matters at hand. Kyle, don’t you think you owe our pledge buddies a hardy ‘thank you?’ for helping you with your titties?” Li asked as he flicked the boy's swollen titty buds.

Kyle jerked in pain, “Yes, bros, thank you for helping with my titties.” Kyle’s concern at the time was wondering if they were stretched out permanently he wouldn’t be able to go shirtless anymore. Kyle liked his muscular body, and especially his chest just the way it was. He did not want to look like a freak. He realized this was not the time or the place to raise his concerns, but he would express them to Li later.

"We've decided to help you little girls face the onset of puberty by helping you to focus on the wonders of your titties and clits. But we don’t want Kyle here to be the only cunt with sensitive tit bags. Fuck no. So we're going to help you ALL out."

Two Brothers dressed only in boxer shorts, their hair still messy from sleep, produced squares of sandpaper. They approached Morgan and Jared and without much ado began to sandpaper the boy’s nipples. It was an extremely fine, not course, sandpaper. "Oh fuck. Oh shit." Morgan lamented as his tits were filled with a mix of a little burning pain and a lot of sexual sensation. It was like his nipples were on fire.

"Come on guys. Oh, Christ. That’s enough. Please stop." Jared complained. They broke a rule by speaking without permission. Both boys were immediately bent over and given five hard, brutal swats with the frat paddle on their naked butt. They cried like babies. Then they stood at attention without protest as their nipples sanding continued.

Kyle didn't protest as Li brushed the sandpaper over his already raw nipples but whimpered and bit his lower lip. "Just a little bit for you, those nipple nubs seem really sore already. I'm sure we'll get milk soon. I love these big, mounded-sow breast, Kyle. They remind me so much of cunt jugs. You got tits like a fucking twat and all the muscle exercises in the world won't help that."

Next, the pledges had their dickheads sandpapered. Not too much, just until little red dots appeared on the prickhead flesh to look like nice swollen clitties. The boys fell to their knees as their tender cockheads were lightly rubbed. Now all three battered boys had hard pricks.

Brotherly Love

"All right boys, time for a little morning hygiene, after all, we can’t have you going to class dirty. Lift your right arms boys.” They each did. “Now, Jared, you lick Kyle’s armpit clean. Kyle, you lick Morgan's, and Morgan you lick Jared's swamp pit clean. And do a thorough job if you don’t want any more punishment swats." Morgan had had a shower the previous evening so his pits were just normal smelling. But the other two boys had not been allowed to wash for two days, nor had they been allowed deodorant. Do you know how college boy armpits get? Do you know what it’s like to be forced to stick your face into such a disgusting muscular hairy pit and have to lick and suck the wet forest of hair?

Next, they had to tongue clean each other’s left armpits. Then they were given an even more disgusting order. “Now, once again, just like you did yesterday, we need you to appreciate each other. Show that brotherly love. Display that frat brother maleship. Deep tongue kiss each other, now.”

This was not right, Morgan thought. He remembered after being forced to French kiss each other yesterday, they were told by Jeff, the SAE President that he would never ask them to kiss again. That was the whole reason why these pledges went out celebrating last night. They all assumed all the homo stuff was over. And now Li, the Assistant Pledge Master is telling them to do it again! Morgan knew if he spoke up, he might get paddled. But …

Morgan stood at attention, sort of like a soldier and sharply spoke out, “Sir, Li, Sir. President Jeff told us yesterday that he would never ask us to kiss each other again.”

“Oh, well, that is wonderful news, pledge. That is great news that the SAE president will never ask you to kiss your Brothers. Very good for him and for you. But I am not President Jeff. And I am telling you what I want. And I want you to kiss. And just for speaking out without permission, we are going to delay the kissing so that pledge Jared and pledge Kyle can give you five swats each.”

Then Li looked at Jared first and handed him the wooden pledge paddle. “Now Jared, if you do not paddle Morgan’s ass as hard as you can, so that he has difficulty standing there bent over, you will get 10 swats.”

Jared was frightened. He was coming across as mean to Jeff. He actually shouted, “YES Sir!”

At the direction of Brother Li, Morgan placed his hands on this knees and stuck out his ass. Jared was freaked out; he immediately pulled the paddle back fully and without any hesitation, slammed the paddle into Morgan’s ass, “SMACK!” Morgan never saw that much power coming and he actually fell over.

Li laughed out loud. “That was good, now if you deliver four more swats even harder than that one, I’ll remove your swat penalty.”

Without a word, and just as Morgan resumed the position with stiffened muscles for balance, “SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! And and it was over. Jared was hoping he did well. Part of what was happening to these pledges, like pledges before them; they were making an honest effort to please their pledge masters. The pledge masters use pain, or the threat of pain, or making them do humiliating things or just the threat to have them act out humiliating acts. And the one other tool the Pledge Masters had was the threat of complete exposure to the public and to their families as a sexual deviant. The photos, videos, and websites they maintain for each pledge gave them that awesome control.

“Very good, Jared. But he is your pledge brother, so apply some wetness to his redden ass cheeks.” Li spoke with phony compassion. But Jared did not know what he meant. He looked at Kyle and got an unspoken “I don’t know” glance back.

“Get on your knees behind your brother pledge and face his red ass.” Jared wanted no trouble with Li, so he dropped to his knees and then looked up at Li for further direction. “Go on, lean in there and lick the pain from Morgan ass cheeks.” Again, terrified of the very hard swats he just gave to Morgan, he complied and stuck out his big, flat, wet tongue. Leaning over further, he licked Morgan’s ass cheeks everywhere. During these intimate pledge exercises, the other Brothers would come around and watch, trying to be very quiet to not disturb the hazing process.

“If you miss a spot, you will have hell to pay.” Jared was not going to risk doing an unsatisfactory job. He licked all over. He was not going to actually lick Morgan’s asshole, but as he quickly looked up at Li, he got a fierce stare in return. So Jared just got to it. He pushed his wet, sloppy tongue along Morgan’s ass crack, from the bottom, near his balls, all the way up to his tailbone. And then back again, and repeated working that valley along that path.

Now, Jared had a few questions to ask Li. He was too afraid to ask. But the questions he wanted to ask were, “Can I stop now? Do I need permission to stop? Do I have to stick my tongue into Morgan’s asshole? He saw no “OK you can stop now” look on Li’s face, just his continued stare. He did notice photo flashes going off, but there was not anything he could do about that. As he licked Morgan’s behind, he was unaware that Morgan was sporting a dick like a steel pole. Morgan was even moving his hips a little back and forth, but Jared was not paying attention. A string of male slime juice was slowly descending from Morgan’s steel rod dick. He was at a loss but thought he must be finished by now. He took the chance after 10 or 11 minutes of ass licking to stop and pull his face away. The Brothers in the room were mesmerized.

“Wow, Jared. You sure took a lot of liberties in licking Morgan’s asshole. I was not expecting that, but I guess you just really like licking a man’s twat. Is that it?” It wasn’t really a question, and Li just continued, “Is it just Morgan’s twat you enjoy licking or any man’s ass? Kyle is here. He looks like he could use his twat eaten out too. Would you like to lick Kyle’s manly, muscled ass too?” Jared was so confused. Was he supposed to say yes? He was in the process of putting together a verbal response. “Well if you like to lick and suck asses, we have 35 regular Brothers of the Frat that are in and out of here every day. So, do you want them to line up in a row? Or maybe five or six can form a circle with you in the middle and them facing outward? Will that work? May you prefer the hairy guys first and the smoother guys last?”

Jared’s mind was spinning. “How did Li get on this subject? I don’t even like ass licking. I’m not gay. Where the fuck did all this ass shit talk come from! Geez, I just wanted to avoid getting swats. Oh, god, I hope they don’t make me lick any more ass. One is all I can take. I’ll walk out.” Jared was having a battle inside his mind.

“Well, Li said, “you can decide that later, but right now before you get up, crawl around to the front of Morgan and clean up your mess.” Jared did. But he couldn’t think of any mess he made. “Lick up Morgan’s string of precum that you caused before it hits the floor.” And there was a long glistening, slowly growing drip of precum. Jared placed his mouth just in time, under the slime oozing out and he caught it, and then, without being told, quickly swooped the head of Morgan’s dick with his tongue, to be sure to get it all.

Just as Jared finished, he turned around to see Li with his hand out, handing him a paper towel. “Why did you lick it up with your mouth? I told you to clean it up, and I was just handing you a paper towel but instead, you preferred to use your mouth to swallow it and then lick the final slime off his dick with your tongue.” Jared was so fucking embarrassed. How did he misinterpret what Li told him to do? His face was bright red. He looked like a cock sucking faggot, at that very moment. He just licked a guy’s asshole clean and practically sucked on the guy’s dick. BOTH WITHOUT BEING TOLD!!

“Jared, you want to suck guys dick’s too? You're an ass licker and a cock sucker too? And you are straight?” The other brothers in the room all laughed. Of course, they all knew Jared, and the other pledges were straight. But creating this mental confusion was both entertaining and part of the hazing for Hell Week.

Jared had enough, “Permission to speak?” he just needed to clear the air. He wanted to tell them that he only licked Morgan’s asshole and sucked the precum out of his dick because he thought Li wanted him to do it.

“No, Jared, we got the message.” Li cut him off. The brother let out hoots and cheers.

“Now that Jared had all his fun, even fun he was not supposed to have, let’s get back to the mission at hand. Kissing and appreciating your fellow pledges. I suspect this will be hard for Jared to do since he does not like to kiss a man, but loves to eat men’s asses and suck their dicks!” everyone laughed.

Touching a guy’s dick, and even beating him off, was a sexual act THAT THEY WERE FORCED TO DO! Using your hands on another guy was weird, but not necessarily a gay thing. On the other hand, deep French tongue kissing was way worst. It was an act of love and affection, and definitely gay-weird. But, they had no choice other than to do it or drop out of the frat. None of these young men were gay, and none wanted to be gay, or even act gay. Period.

“Now that Tommy is upstairs, and we have just the three of you, Morgan and Kyle will kiss, then Morgan and Jared will do it, and finally Jared and Kyle will make out. OK, let’s begin.

There was a total pause as if they were robots that ran out of battery power. They did this yesterday, but they were told that would be the last time. Now, they have to do it again. It was a true abomination. “Look, pledges, DO IT. I DON’T CARE IF YOU ARE PLAY ACTING AND PRETENDING TO CARE FOR YOUR PLEDGE BROTHER. That is not important at this early point. But you will begin and begin now!” The pledges pushed their faces slowly into the other boy’s lips. It went in slow motion and with great hesitation. Lips met lips with closed mouths. “Not right! To make this even more interesting … here’s the deal. Whoever shows the least amount of love and affection in his very long, romantic kiss is … OUT OF THE FRAT!” The room was silent. Even the observing brothers, who were only watching, moved closer to the action to watch more intensely. “That means, you need to embrace, hug, place your hands and fingers all over your partner’s naked body. As you kiss, pet him like he was your girlfriend. Even grab his hair to force your tongue in deeper into his mouth hole. Do not let him object or hold back.”

They did, and they all did it passionately. They even made pretend moaning sounds as if they enjoyed it. Each pledge kissed and made out with the two others. And all did well. The watching brotherhood applauded and cheered. It was a good performance.

“Ok, pledges, you are getting into it. And no punishments will be handed out. You all did well. But, due to all your initial resistance with kissing each other, I am adding an additional feature to your piss or shit procedure.” Li told them.

“You will still piss in this bucket, and shit in that one, and, one of the other pledges will have to wipe your ass when you are finished. All that is as before. But now, when you shit, you also must kiss one of your buddy pledges continuously. While one pledge squatted to shit, he has to tongue kiss another pledge. He may not stop deep kissing until he is through shitting. Then the third pledge has to wipe his ass. So now it takes all three of you, for anyone of you, to take a shit.” Li explained and all the pledges stood there with their mouths open, not believing the ridiculous stuff they were being told … to do.

Li was pulled aside by Mark, one of the newer frat members from last year. Mark whispered to Li, “What is the significance of these toilet procedures. I know it is providing an important humiliation challenge, but it seems there is something more going on here. I’ll be Assistant Pledge Master next year, so I am, curious.”

“How perceptive of you, Mark, Li told him, “You see, a guy’s body clock and even his toilet training habits can be broken down and learned anew. Slowly his entire system starts to unlearn every function it had taken years to incorporate. It’s kind of like being reduced to babyhood once again. Or, in this case, one step closer to turning healthy normal teenage jocks, into what we want to use here at SAE.” Mark got it and smiled.

Now the boys were given breakfast. This morning it was cereal in their doggie bowls with sugar, milk, and banana. Before they ate, each pledge held up his bowl for the frat brothers who were watching, to spit into it. Nobody gagged. The cunts were learning. Morgan was assigned to empty the piss and shit pails. Kyle was ordered to clean the upstairs kitchen, and it was Jared turn to go upstairs to wake up his Pledge Master, Jeff.

The End

And so, all four pledges were coming right along. It was the end the end of the week. Even though Morgan had thought he’d never make it this far, it was, “So far, so good,” as they say. But is this the end of the really degrading stuff? Was Morgan uncle going to pay for his nephew’s tuition? Were all these pledges going to come out of this OK? Read the about the second week of hazing in Hell Week Two, coming up in two days. Copyright 2018 GayTies.com.