323 Home Depot

323 It Started At Home Depot
Part 1 of 6

It was a nice day. The whole world looked great. Lyle, 26, and Zach, 28, were lovers and had been so for almost five years, but interestingly, Zach was not out. In fact, prior to this relationship with Lyle, he had only ever dated girls. He saw himself as a straight man and was quite content having sex with women. But when they had first met, Lyle fell head over heels in love with Zach, going to great lengths to teach Zach all about gay sex. Zach liked it, too, although he still hankered to be with a woman occasionally.

Many gay men are versatile, engaging in sex sometimes as the top and other times as the bottom, but that wasn’t Lyle. He didn’t like being fucked because he found it to be excruciating. Of course, he wasn’t used to it because he allowed it to happen so infrequently, but also because he saw himself as a macho man. His inner self seemed to tell him to always top others. However, there were some rare occasions, such as when it was Zach’s birthday or as a Christmas present to him - a few special days like that - when Lyle would allow Zach to mount him.

What strained this relationship was that Zach was still thinking of himself as a straight man and was a true top. He really enjoyed fucking women, but as a condition to his relationship with Lyle, Zach had to agree to be the bottom and to get used to it. Zach accepted that and did pretty well with his promise because he loved Lyle very much.

On one particular day, Zach was at work, and Lyle was left to do the errands and shopping before he had to go to work himself. Zach worked a normal nine-to-five job, and Lyle worked nights. As such, Lyle did most of the daily domestic chores and shopping. He was just starting out on his errands, with just the basics to accomplish: pick up something for dinner, pick up the dry cleaning, and get his car washed. He also needed to run by Home Depot to price some items in order to make some improvements in their home. Their house was nice enough when they bought it, but, you know, you always want to make it yours. So, there was a lot of minor stuff to fix or change, and The Home Depot was their new best friend. The errands were all going pretty routinely until his last stop at the Depot.

Lyle couldn’t help but notice a very hot Daddy-type in the hardware section - you know the type, about mid-40s, 6'1”, 195lbs, maybe slightly on the heavy side, real manly. He was wearing jeans, a tight T-shirt, and work boots, the complete opposite of Lyle, who was about 5'7”, 140 lbs., 26, the pretty-boy type with dark hair and an excellent bubble-butt ass. Lyle was clad in a pair of Khaki shorts, a blue T-shirt, a couple of his sexy pouched briefs, and flip-flops. Lyle didn't overthink about him at first other than that, he was pretty hot, but regardless, Lyle was on a tight schedule with things that needed to get done. As he continued to peruse the different departments in the store, he noticed ‘Daddy-type’ again, this time near the Electrical department. Then again, in the Garden section. It was there that Lyle finally realized that Daddy was cruising him.

Lyle wasn't sure what to do. After all, he had a pretty nice partner at home, even though they worked different schedules, which cut drastically into their sex life. While Lyle pondered what to do, he looked up, and Daddy was gone. Maybe Lyle was crazy and had just imagined that he was being cruised? At that point, he had to piss because the large latte he had enjoyed was now going through him, so he headed for the men's room. After that, Lyle reasoned, he'd be ready to make his purchases and head back home.

Lyle entered the restroom and found it empty, which pleased him as he tended to be pee-shy. He stepped up to one of the urinals, unbuttoned his shorts, pulled out his cock, and aimed. He was so glad to be relieving himself that he didn't even hear someone else come in and was thus stunned when he felt breath on his neck. He immediately froze.

"I know you want me,” the Daddy-type said. "And you are going to get me. But it will be my way, understand?"

Lyle nodded as his piss flow started (once he started, he couldn’t stop). Daddy told him to keep pissing and to follow his orders. Again, Lyle just nodded in agreement.



He wasn’t yelling, but he punctuated each word CLEARLY. That freaked Lyle out. Did he have a gun or a knife? Was he robbing him? Lyle didn’t hesitate to do exactly as ordered and nodded again.

“AND DON’T MOVE.” Again, Lyle nodded in agreement.

“Good, we understand each other.” Lyle was starting to sweat.

“I’m now going to strip you naked right here while you piss.”

Daddy lifted Lyle's right foot from behind him and slipped off his flip-flop. He then did the same with the other foot. Lyle was careful not to look down or to even catch a glimpse of the man. He had already seen him from a distance earlier but never up close. Lyle recalled a movie where a guy was kidnapped, and the bad guy said, “If you see this face, I’ll have to kill you.” Lyle applied that same condition there - as long as he couldn't recognize him, Daddy could feel free to leave him alone afterward.

Daddy then pulled Lyle's pants down to his ankles. Lyle went to lift his bare foot in order to allow the man to remove them, but the man again made it clear: “I told you not to move. I don’t like boys who disobey me, understand?” So, Daddy lifted Lyle’s foot and slid his pants off of it, then he lifted the other and did the same.

Lyle wondered if anyone else would come in and rescue him, but since this was a one-person bathroom, anyone in there would normally lock the door; it was careless of Lyle not to have done so himself. He heard a “click,” and then Daddy said: “Don’t be afraid of the knife.” KNIFE? Lyle screamed inside his head. He was trembling.

Daddy then cut his brand-new blue T-shirt up the back, through the sleeves, and pulled off the two halves. All the while, Lyle was still pissing the last of what he had to. He still kept his hands on his dick, as Daddy had warned him to do, and was now standing there in only his fancy pouched underwear, also blue - well, he liked to be color-coordinated. The front of the waistband was tucked under his balls like he always did when he pissed.

Daddy waited, doing nothing. Was he waiting for Lyle to finish pissing, or just admiring his ass? Well, something had attracted him to Lyle, who then felt hands on either side of his hips. There was another pregnant pause in the action, then Daddy slid Lyle's underwear down slowly. Obeying his orders, Lyle didn’t voluntarily lift his feet - Daddy did that himself - and Lyle's fashion underwear was suddenly off. Lyle was listening to hear any clue as to where Daddy was putting his clothes, like the rustling of a bag or a zipper on a backpack, but he heard nothing.

"Good boy,” Daddy said. Lyle was now totally naked in a Home Depot bathroom with this frightening but otherwise hot Daddy-type. "You're doing great, Boy.” Lyle heard him gather up his clothes and go over to the toilet behind him, put the seat down, and then sit. Fuck! Lyle was naked - he didn’t even have shoes on. He was naked in a public hardware store with a handsome but frightening man. Since Daddy hadn’t hurt him in all this time, his fear subsided a little, but Lyle was still scared - but also turned on at the same time.

"OK, you may turn around and look at me.” Lyle did.

Daddy then began to laugh hysterically, a big belly laugh, and Lyle was puzzled. What was so funny? “Kid, you are standing there naked, looking at me with your hands still on your dick, pointing it at me. Whaddya going to do, piss on me?” He laughed even more. Lyle thought he must indeed look funny, so he released his dick.

When Daddy calmed down and wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes, he said: “Now get up on the sink and sit there." So, Lyle got up there and sat his bare ass on the cold porcelain, not knowing what would happen next. "Start playing with your cock. I want to see you get that cock nice and hard for me." So there Lyle was, naked as the day he was born, stroking his dick for a total stranger in a public bathroom. As Lyle was doing that, Daddy pulled out his own cock and started playing with it. It looked to be about eight inches and sort of thick.

"Good boy. You take orders well! Now, you may have to lean back to do this, but lift your legs up and hook your heels on the edge of the sink. That way, I can see your cute little asshole.” Lyle felt so humiliated. What was this all about? The best he could come up with was that this was some elaborate plan to steal his wallet, which was in his pants that Daddy already had. “Now, take a couple of fingers and start fingering your asshole for me.”

“But Daddy, I can’t …” There, he said it - he had called him “Daddy” and immediately felt the worst embarrassment ever. His face turned red as he blushed. The word had just slipped out!

“Oh, my dear Boy! That’s so cute,” the man laughed, “but I’m no regular Daddy to you, so just do as you’re told. I want to see that pretty ass of yours open up." Lyle realized that in having blurted out “Daddy,” he had lost what tiny bit of self-esteem he had left; it had all just evaporated. He felt so stupid, yet there was also something erotic about it. Even though it was awkward, he did as he had been commanded, leaning back and balancing on the sink.

Daddy stared intently at the boy as he fingered his ass as if that were some sort of private Playgirl entertainment. "OK, now take your fingers out, lick them clean, and come over here.” Lyle had never licked his fingers once they’d been in his or anyone else’s asshole. But in this bizarre dream-like scenario, he licked his fingers without thinking. “Now, come over here and join me." As Lyle approached him, Daddy got up from the toilet seat and said, "Sit down here." Lyle did. Daddy then rubbed his thick cock all over the boy’s face and lips.

"You are one hot fucker," he said. "it’s time for you to be rewarded for being such an obedient boy. Open wide." Before Lyle knew it, the man had shoved all eight inches down his throat and was fucking his face furiously. He then grabbed Lyle’s ears and fucked his face continuously for a long time. Lyle knew he couldn't last long at that rate; he felt Daddy tense up and pull his dick back a bit before shooting gobs of cum into his mouth. "Don't swallow it, Boy!" he commanded. He then pulled his cock out and used his dick to smear the last of his climax all over Lyle’s face, rubbing it into his hair and ears and around his nose. A few drops even landed on his chest and balls. Lyle was a sticky mess.

"Stand up and hold my cum in your mouth. Don’t swallow, understand?" Lyle mumbled an "uh-huh" with his mouth still open. "Turn around and let me eat your pussy out." Still holding Daddy’s cum in his mouth, Lyle turned around and kneeled on the toilet seat, putting his head down to elevate his ass. Daddy started eating his ass like there was no tomorrow, his tongue hitting every sensitive spot in the boy’s ass. Lyle began moaning with a mouthful of cum while Daddy ate his ass for lunch.

"Now I’m going to have your ass for dessert," he said. Daddy was still hard - amazingly, he hadn't lost his erection. Wow! With a gob of spit, he rammed all eight inches up the boy's mostly virgin ass. Oh, Lyle had been fucked before, but seldom. His boyfriends were always bottoms, and only rarely did Lyle reward them with a chance to top him. Lyle always found being fucked a little painful and also an affront to his well-known top status. He wanted to scream out, but that wasn’t possible with Daddy’s load of cum still in his mouth. Daddy grabbed his hips and proceeded to ram Lyle’s ass for over ten minutes. Lyle's head hit the wall hard several times, and he even thought he might get a concussion at one point.

"OK, bitch, I’m ready to cum up your pussy and leave my seed with you to take home. When I start to cum in your ass, I want you to swallow the cum in your mouth. I want you to have cum going into you from both ends." What an amazing feeling! This guy was all top, and Lyle could feel the cum shooting up inside his gut as he swallowed the cum in his mouth. Lyle didn't even realize it, but he had shot his load all over the toilet and the wall behind it without even touching his dick. As Lyle recovered, he opened his eyes to see that Daddy had gotten dressed and was leaving with all of Lyle’s clothes.

Lyle yelled, “Hey, where are you going with those? You can't leave me naked and stranded here without my clothes or my keys and wallet!"

Daddy replied, “I’m not going to do that yet, but you will need to work to get them back." He then unlocked and opened the bathroom door that led out to the store, looked around, and said, "Come on, the coast is clear.” But Lyle was hesitant. Daddy then explained that he could have all of his clothes back but that he had to get dressed in front of him outside the bathroom in the store. He then motioned for Lyle to go out onto the main floor of Home Depot, which, at that moment, was miraculously free of customers in the short hallway and in the immediate area beyond it.

What else could Lyle do? Daddy had him right where he wanted him, so Lyle followed him down the aisle running along the store's back. He was so fucking nervous! Daddy continued to lead him a long way, back to the farthest corner, away from the security of the restroom and to where all the lumber and moldings were displayed. Lyle was stark fucking naked! Daddy told him to play with his cock as he stood guard, ready to move Lyle to a different aisle if he saw anyone approaching them. Lyle started to play with his dick, but he was too terrified to muster any sexual energy to get erect, so he just stopped helplessly.

In a low but stern voice, Daddy then said, “You get that fucking cock hard now, or I will just fucking leave the store!” Lyle thought about trying to sneak back into the privacy of the restroom, but Daddy had coaxed him over a hundred yards away from it. And, even if he got back there, what would he do? His life was in this Daddy guy’s hands. Since Lyle wasn’t complying, Daddy, standing near him, turned and started to leave with Lyle’s clothes under his arm.

“No, wait!” Lyle whispered in a hoarse voice. He started furiously pumping his dick while Daddy stopped and waited for him to get stiff. Lyle took a few minutes, but he eventually got erect even though he was more frightened than he had ever been before in his whole life. He wasn’t only naked, but he was naked in a public hardware store! And with a big, bouncing boner! Daddy smiled broadly, basking in the pride of a real dad over his son’s difficult accomplishment. At some point, Lyle noticed a middle-aged guy in overalls coming toward him who stopped in his tracks, totally stunned by the sight, and what a sight to see! A handsome young man, naked and sporting a big boner, in the middle of Home Depot! And then Lyle spotted some ladies browsing in the nearby section of doors and hoped and prayed they wouldn’t turn their heads in his direction, too.

Lyle was fucking freaking out; he was actually trying to signal Daddy with pleading eyes to get him out of this humiliating mess. His torment was obviously pleasing Daddy greatly. Nonetheless, Daddy turned and began to walk away … with Lyle’s clothes! And, for some stupid reason, Lyle continued to stand there, pumping his dick. He was so fucked-up and out of his mind that he reasoned the LAST thing he should do was to take his eyes off Daddy or upset him any further.

Unexpectedly, Daddy stopped about halfway up the long aisle where there was one of those very tall orange ladders. He tossed Lyle’s Khaki pants up on top of the boxes of supplies on top of the highest shelf. Lyle’s mouth fell open, but he knew he needed to act fast. He quickly ran to where Daddy was standing, next to the tall ladder. When he got there, Daddy calmly said, "Thanks for a great afternoon. I’ll be keeping these as a souvenir”, referring to Lyle’s underwear and flip-flops, which he was still holding. Lyle’s T-shirt, of course, was history. So, the best that Lyle could do was to retrieve his pants.

“Now go home with the taste of my load still in your mouth and my cum up your ass. Give your boyfriend a piece of that ass too, but I guarantee you and your ass will be thinking of this … as you would say … Daddy dick." With that, he put his hand on Lyle’s head and disheveled his hair like a little boy. And then Daddy was gone.

Lyle looked in all directions, then carefully climbed the ladder up to the top storage shelf … not easy to do barefoot. He felt like a fucking flagpole sitter and imagined everyone in the store was looking at his naked, boned-up body. Lyle then saw an orange-vested employee from across the way just as that employee saw him and called out, “Hey, you!” But Lyle ignored him and just grabbed his pants. He descended as quickly as he could, and as soon as his feet touched the concrete floor, he pulled his pants on and hurried to the main exit and out into the parking lot.

When safely outside, Lyle patted his pants pockets, glad to find his keys and wallet still there. He considered heading home immediately and coming up with some excuse for Zach, his partner, as to why he had come home empty-handed. He remembered it was only a few miles up the road to Lowe’s, another home improvement store. He reasoned that he could buy the stuff he needed and still make it back there before Zach got home for lunch. But there wasn’t much time - if Zach saw him enter the house, he’d also be hard-pressed to come up with a reason as to why he was shirtless and shoeless. As Lyle was walking to his car, he could feel a wet spot on the ass area of his beige Khakis. He imagined a large, dark spot there, making him look like he had crapped his pants. Regardless, Lyle decided to go for it and head up the road. He could make at least a couple of the purchases and still get home and shower before Zach arrived.

Lyle got to his car and saw two guys dressed in culinary-type clothes approaching from both ends of the car as he was reaching for his keys. "Are you Lyle?" one of them asked.

"Yes. And you are…?"

"Don't matter who we are. Gunther said we'd find you out here,” the taller of the two said. One of the guys was about 6'4” average build. The other was stockier, but both looked to be in their mid-20s. Lyle couldn't tell if they were attractive, but both looked badly in need of a shower and a fresh change of clothes. They were obviously on a break from wherever it was that they worked.

"Who's Gunther?”

"He’s the guy … the guy that you called ‘Daddy,’ the guy who just fucked you in the store and stripped you bare-ass naked,” the stocky one replied. "He called us right after he left you climbing the ladder to the stars. He told us to hightail it over here if we wanted some mid-morning ass for ourselves.”

“SHIT!” Lyle thought. “How the fuck am I going to get out of this one?” Lyle thought he should just get in the car quickly and drive away from this nightmare, but as he contemplated that, the tall guy added, "And in case you’re wondering how we know your name, Gunther read it on your driver's license. We also know where you live and will drop in anytime we like unless, of course, you help us out right now with a little, ah, relief.”

"What do you want from me?" Lyle nearly shouted.

"Just a quick piece of your hot ass. I believe Gunther already has you lubed up and ready for us,” the stocky one said.

"Please, guys, I really need to get going. I haven't done anything to you. Please, I need to go," Lyle pleaded.

"Sure, you can go. That’s fine. But we'll be over in an hour, and if your boyfriend is there too, we’ll fuck both of you. I’m sure you’ll be able to explain everything to him," the tall one said facetiously.

"Oh God, please, no. Can’t we make a deal? Let me quickly blow you instead. Besides, I’m a top, and I don’t get fucked. I'll suck you both off in the car, and we can forget this whole thing," he begged, hoping for their understanding.

The two guys nodded to each other and agreed. Lyle was surprised but glad to hurry and get this over with. “OK, let me just pull my car to the outer edge of the parking lot so that no one will see us.”

“No, we want to do it here,” the tall guy insisted. “But, if you want fewer people to see us, you’d better do it quickly.”

What else could Lyle do? He opened the car door, and all three got in the back seat. Before Lyle knew it, he was in the middle of those two sweaty, greasy guys. Lyle had earlier blown his partner, Zach, as he did most mornings when he woke up, and then, of course, there was Daddy, aka Gunther, so he was now getting ready to suck his third and fourth dick of the day. Lyle decided to blow the taller one first since the stocky guy was more his type, so he figured he could at least end this ordeal with the cuter of the two greasy cooks. He got the tall guy’s cock out, an amazing eight-and-a-half inches, and started stroking it. Boy, did he smell funky … and not in a good way.

Stocky guy started pinching Lyle’s nipples while he was sucking Tall guy. Lyle didn’t like that kind of distracting pain, but if it got this over with sooner, he’d try to ignore it. As Lyle started to go down on Tall Guy, the other cook pulled his dick out and started stroking it. Lyle only got a quick glance, but it looked like it was thick and about seven inches. It was pretty tight quarters in the back seat of his Honda, with all three of them trying to get comfortable and Lyle trying to suck dick. He started deep-throating Tall Guy, who was now fully hard. Tall Guy was holding Lyle’s shoulders and head in place.

All of a sudden, Lyle felt a strange tug on his rear, but Tall Guy was holding him sealed to his dick, so Lyle couldn’t turn around to see. Lyle started to panic when he realized what was happening: Stocky guy was starting to slice down the back of his Khakis and up both legs. Lyle did recall seeing a short knife in Stocky guy’s ankle holder but thought nothing of it at the time. Tall guy was holding his head firmly to his crotch, so there was no way to see exactly what was going on behind him. Next thing Lyle knew, his pants were being firmly yanked and pulled off in a few pieces.

FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! Lyle wanted to yell and scream for help! This time Lyle really DID want someone to come and rescue him. He was, once again, TOTALLY – FUCKING – NAKED IN PUBLIC! And with Tall guy holding his head tightly over his big dick, Lyle couldn’t even mumble, let alone yell for help. The cramped confines of the Honda’s back seat only made it easier for those two to completely prevent his limbs from moving. Stocky guy pushed and more firmly pegged Lyle's mouth over Tall guy’s huge dick, holding him there as he fingered the boy’s uplifted ass. Lyle tried so hard to speak, scream, or push them away, but he was locked tightly between them in that cramped space.

Then, in one strong push, Stocky guy just shoved his dick up Lyle's hole. Lyle was thankful that he had a lot of Daddy’s cum still in him; it prevented the worst of the pain. Stocky guy then fucked him mercilessly for a very long time and then suddenly yelled, "Oh yeah, here it comes, bitch! I’m cumming up your cunt hole!" As Stocky Guy pushed his fucking dick full force and emptied his balls, Lyle felt the dick in his throat blast away too, as Tall guy's hips thrust sharply.

At last, it was over! Lyle was instantly lifted off of Tall guy’s spent cock, and the dick that had invaded his ass was gone, also. Just as quickly as they could zip up, they were out of the car, and Lyle was left there naked, with his eyes tearing up, trying to pull himself together. As they headed away, Stocky guy said, "Thanks! You do have a hot pussy, just like Gunther said.” Then Tall guy yelled, “I’m looking forward to taking your ass, too. We'll be seeing you again very soon."

Lyle then carefully climbed over into the driver’s seat. He felt his body racked with pain or, more accurately, soreness as he drove home naked. Oddly, what bothered him most was driving barefoot, which he thought was unsafe and uncomfortable. It was almost 11:30 AM, and his boyfriend would be home for lunch soon, and Lyle still needed to get cleaned up and prepare lunch. Well, he might just have to make up an excuse that he had fallen back to sleep this morning and didn’t have time to get to the store.

Lyle pulled the car into the garage. Luckily, he could enter the house from the garage so his neighbors wouldn’t see him naked. Once inside, he went immediately to the shower - at least he didn’t have to strip to get cleaned up! Lyle used the shower hose to rinse his ass as he realized he had fifteen minutes to get dressed and start lunch. Amazingly, it all worked out - Zach, his lover, arrived, and they ate together as usual.

Lyle, of course, lied to Zach by saying he had accidentally slept in, so the errands hadn’t gotten done. They finished with lunch rather quickly since it was just soup and salad. Zach then turned the talk to sex, indicating he wanted to play a little since he had another 45 minutes to kill before returning to work. Sex, obviously, was the last thing Lyle wanted after that morning’s sexual exploits. He knew that if he said “no,” it would look too suspicious, so Lyle had to indulge Zach. They went into their bedroom, and both stripped naked. Lyle decided to make the first move and go down on Zach; that way, maybe he could get him off quickly so that Zach would go back to work sooner. Then Lyle could just collapse on the bed and completely relax before he had to get himself ready for his own night job.

But after a few minutes of foreplay, Zach expressed other ideas and started sucking Lyle’s cock. Lyle really loved Zach’s cock-sucking! This continued for a few minutes until Zach came up for air and said, "Baby, I know what you need now, so go ahead and fuck me." He rolled over onto his back, and Lyle placed his legs over his shoulders and began to fuck Zach for all he was worth. As he did, he relived all of the erotic ordeals of the morning in his mind, which in turn stimulated him to shoot a huge load up his lover’s ass. It was one of the best orgasms they had ever had together.

When they had finished, they each jumped in the shower. Zach then returned to work, and Lyle laid down for a quick nap before leaving for his night shift. Even though the first half of the day had been so sexually draining, it had ended in a positive way. Lyle got to work on time and was back to his old routine the rest of the day and evening.

The next morning was pleasant enough; Lyle could forget about all the weird crap that had gone on the day before, and he felt comfortable getting back into his usual routine. That was until the doorbell rang that afternoon. Lyle answered the door, and, to his horror, it was the Home Depot Daddy, Gunther. Lyle was shocked. “When will this ludicrous nightmare end?” he wondered to himself.

“Wha … wha … what do you want?”

“Actually, I’m here to install a free security system in your lovely home,” Gunther said.

“Ah … no, thank you. We’re fine,” Lyle said, starting to close the door.

“But I insist,” Gunther smiled.

“Well, we don’t need one, and I don’t want …”

“Actually, you do. You see, when you were at Home Depot, you were caught on their security cameras acting quite perverted. There is the tape that shows you prancing around the store totally naked and playing with your hard, dripping dick and … er … do you know how many kids were in that store at that time?” Gunther was calm and cool as he made Lyle very heated and very nervous.

“I didn’t do anything voluntarily. You made me …”

“Maybe, but that’s not what shows in the video of you. I was fully dressed - you were not only naked but dancing in the aisles and pumping your big, fat, thick dick. I saw that myself.” But Gunther was lying. In fact, that particular Home Depot didn’t even have an operating camera system, at least not in the Lumber section of the store - it had been non-functional for weeks. If Gunther actually knew that, he wasn’t saying, but it was more likely that he didn’t know and didn't care. After all, it wasn’t his neck that was on the line.

Lyle didn’t know what to say. He was stunned. He just stood there, with the door and his mouth hanging wide open. Gunther continued lying, and why not? He had Lyle by the balls simply because Lyle assumed Gunther was telling him the truth.

“I can prove it to you when I show the police, and they come and arrest your perverted ass … and believe me, they will …”

“WAIT! HOLD ON, please! I don’t know what’s going on - I’m so confused. Please, just tell me what you want, and I’ll do it. Please, JUST FUCKING TELL ME!” Lyle was coming apart. As soon as he heard the word “police,” he immediately saw himself being taken away in handcuffs, being humiliated and embarrassed in front of his lover, and ruining his lover’s life as well in the process. It was all so overwhelming. Gunther sensed this, too, which, in turn, gave him much more power over Lyle.

It Started At Home Depot
Part 2 of 6

“Lyle, I didn’t say I would actually turn the video over to the cops. I said I could.” Gunther continued in a calm voice, “I just said that if you wanted me to show you proof, I’d have the police arrest you. Now, judging by your panic attack, you obviously don’t want me to do that, and that’s fine. I’m not some egotistical asshole who needs to clobber you over your head and ruin your life. And I don’t even need to do something simpler that would humiliate your folks, like sending them a copy of the video.” Another shudder went down Lyle’s spine. “No, that would be mean of me.”

Gunther continued, “Actually, I like you and want to help you stay out of trouble. Don’t you want my help? Are you going to give me a hard time? Won’t you listen to me from now on?” Gunther's voice was kind and soothing, and Lyle had no idea what was happening; he just wanted to stay out of trouble, legally and family-wise.

“Yes, thank you. I‘ll do as you say. OK? But just one request is that no one ever finds out about the Home Depot video, especially my lover, Zach. He must never know.”

“Of course, Lyle, of course! I promise,” Gunther assured him.

“Thank you. Thank you so much … ah … Gunther.”

Then Gunther turned his head and called, “OK, boys, let’s get started.” Four men emerged from a parked utility truck marked “Allen’s Security.” They came up the walkway and right into Lyle’s home, squeezing by him without so much as a nod or a hello.

“What are you doing? Zach will be home in three hours. You just promised me that he wouldn’t find out about anything.”

“Of course, and I always keep my word! Hopefully, we’ll be done installing your new security system in less time than that,” he said as the men began putting in the new security system. “But oh, I will need one tiny thing more from you.”

“OK, and what would that be?”

“Strip naked and beat your dick to an erection, and keep yourself erect for as long as we are here. And, for every minute you are not erect, we’ll stay here five minutes longer. So, my getting out of here on time depends on how well you can completely follow my orders.”

This was insane. Lyle had no desire to be naked in front of all those men, let alone to beat his dick to become - and remain - erect. BUT … WHAT THE FUCK ELSE COULD HE DO? So, he stripped off all his clothes and got his dick up. Boy, did he feel like a fool walking around the house while those men were doing whatever they were doing. Since it was his day to clean house, he started vacuuming. It was hilarious to see him push the vacuum around while periodically pumping his dick a few times in order to maintain his erection.

It took nearly three hours, but finally, everything was installed. “Ok, that does it. Thank you for being so cooperative,” Gunther said to Lyle.

Still pumping his dick every few minutes, Lyle asked, “OK, so tell me about the system and how it works. Oh, and where is the control panel to turn it on and off?”

“Well, we installed a bunch of cameras throughout the house. These are the pinhole type of cameras that most people can’t even see, which is great because if there is ever a thief, he won’t know he’s on video. Plus, no big, ugly lenses make your home look crappy. Another bonus is that there are no wires because they all work on Wi-Fi signals. Neat, huh?”

“OK, but how many did you install, and where are they?” Lyle asked. “My partner will want to know everything.”

“You don’t need to know any of that stuff - they’ll work all by themselves on motion detectors,” Gunther explained. “And, as for the control panel, I have that right here.” Gunther then pulled out his cell phone. “So, it’s all controlled on my iPhone.”

Then he added, “Look around your house - look everywhere. Do you see any sign of a security device or a camera?” Gunther asked. Lyle looked up and around the walls and at the corners of the room and shook his head no. “See? So there is no need to tell your partner anything. He’ll be none the wiser.”

“But how do I turn it on and off? I mean, sometimes I will really want it off.” Lyle was getting concerned, but apparently, he wasn’t so bothered that he stopped playing with his big, hard dick.

“Lyle, I don’t want to confuse you any further, so let me be clear: you won’t get a control panel or even an app for your phone - I’ll take care of all that. Trust me - anytime I don’t want to view you, I’ll be sure to turn the system off,” Gunther said sarcastically.

“But I thought it was a security system for me?”

“Why would it be for you? Did you pay for it? No, it’s for my enjoyment. Some people have Netflix, some have Amazon movies. I have the Lyle and Zach show, and it plays 24 hours a day. You and I will be the only ones who know about it, so just be yourself,” he told him, “but I do have one word of warning: If I ever see you on any camera in this house searching for a camera or trying to obstruct any view or attempting to do ANYTHING to ruin my Lyle and Zach show, that Home Depot video goes to the police. Do I make myself clear?”

Then, almost as an afterthought, Gunther added, “Hand me your keys.” Lyle still had them in the pocket of his trousers, which were in the bedroom, so he got them and gave them to Gunther. “Let's see, this is the house key, correct?” Lyle nodded. “OK, I’ll take this one. I’m sure you have a copy.” He worked it off the key ring and handed the rest back to Lyle.

“Now, here is the rest of what I want you to do for me,” Gunther explained. “I want you to go into the master bathroom at exactly 7:30 PM and beat your dick to a nice big boner for me as a “thank you” for me helping you stay out of trouble from the law. I want to watch you do it. And be exactly on time. Beat off for thirteen minutes, then exactly shoot your load at 7:43 PM. Do I make myself clear?”

“But I don’t know ... what if Zach is in there? Or … what direction do I face? Or, what if …”

“STOP IT! Don’t worry about which way to face or whether Zach is in there at the assigned time. Just do it! CLEAR?” He was most emphatic about the details, staring at Lyle so as to almost put an exclamation point on the matter, and then he left. The crew had already left earlier.

It was super clear to Lyle that he needed to do exactly as he had been told, or else he might have a visit from the police. Lyle was worried, but somehow, he’d manage to do it right. “Enter the bathroom at 7:30 PM and beat my dick for thirteen minutes. Climax at 7:43 PM. Yeah, I can do that,” he told himself.

At 7:46 PM, after he had climaxed, Lyle received a text message: “Good boy. You did well. You shot four nice volleys of cum, and there was some dribble after that. Very good! I’m so proud of you!” There was no signature, but none was needed, of course.

Now Lyle knew that Gunther could see him, even in the bathroom, and in good detail. As for Gunther’s requesting that test, it wasn’t so much a check on the cameras as it was to see if Lyle would take him seriously. And he did.

The next afternoon, after they had had a good lunch and some good lunchtime sex and after Zach had returned to work, Lyle decided to do the laundry. It was about 1:00 PM when he went through the house, picking up dirty towels and clothes wherever they were. At one point, when he was in the hallway, he heard someone clapping. What the hell?

He stepped back into the master bedroom and was shocked to see Gunther. He was applauding! What the fuck? “What are you doing here, and how did you get in?” Lyle asked.

Gunther just held up the key to the house. He had been in the closet the whole time the two lovers were making love. Lyle had never before felt so violated. "Hey, Lyle, nice to see you again. I think I’ll enjoy hanging out here in the mornings and afternoons while Suitman is at work. I think you and me and whomever else I choose to invite over here will have some fun times together, don’t you?" Gunther smiled.

"Oh God, now what do you want?” Lyle asked.

"Well, I already got a movie of you two, which I will take great joy in posting on the net, on a new website I am creating called ‘The Lyle and Zach Show.’ I loved watching Suitman’s ass stretch out for your cock - I got a nice close-up of that. But, to answer your question, for starters, I want some answers from you, and I want the truth," Gunther said plainly.

Lyle knew he couldn’t outmaneuver Gunther, so he just surrendered. "Ok, what do you want to know?"

"I wondered why, even though your boyfriend said he wanted you to fuck him, he didn't seem to like it all that much. It seemed to be uncomfortable for him. And also, why are there all these pictures around the house of him with various young ladies?” Gunther asked.

"He was straight until he met me. I am the first guy he's ever been with, and I convinced him that I would predominantly be the top; if he really wanted me, he would have to learn to be the bottom. But, on special days, I’ll let him fuck me. He loves me, and I, him, so we worked out the sex like that," Lyle explained.

"Special days?”

"Yeah, like his birthday and Christmas or whenever I’m too drunk to be the fucker," Lyle said.

"Does he ever miss girls?”

“Look, this is all very personal, so I think we can end this now, OK?” Lyle said, trying to sound reasonable.

“Well, OK.” Gunther almost casually said, “If that’s how you want it. I’ll send you a note when I post your videos online.” And with that, he got up to leave.

“No, wait! If you must know, he loves me but misses the feel of girls’ breasts, the soft smoothness of their skin, and actually doing the fucking. But, overall, he's happy and takes me in any way he can. Now, I hope that pleases you, and if you’ll excuse …”

"Well, Lyle, I think you are a selfish bitch, and that is about to change. In fact, your entire relationship is about to change.”

"What do you mean my relationship is about to change?" Lyle asked. He was confused.

"In due time, I will let you know," Gunther told him.

And then Lyle was more confused than ever. “It’s vitally important that Zach not see you here, ever. You promised.”

"Don't worry. He will never be the wiser if you follow my instructions. In fact, he may become happier with you than ever," Gunther said. "But, first things first. Take off your clothes and lie on the bed, Lyle. I am feeling the need to use you like my very own whore. So, lie back and prop your head up on one of those fancy pillows.”

Lyle did as he was told. They both stripped naked, and Gunther's big, thick eight-inch cock was ready to assault Lyle's throat. Lyle didn’t know how much more he could take that day or in the future. Gunther climbed up on the bed and straddled the boy’s face. He decided that he would fuck his face like he had fucked his ass at the Home Depot, hard and fast. Gunther shoved his cock all the way down Lyle's throat, getting off and seeing the boy's throat muscles stretch out as his cock mercilessly rammed its way down. He loved watching his balls bounce off the boy’s chin, too. Gunther then rested his hands on either side of Lyle's face and fucked his mouth until he was ready to blow his load. Suddenly, he stopped and pulled out.

Lyle was surprised. Gunther pulled him to his feet, led him to the kitchen, and said, “Get me a glass.” Lyle got one from the cupboard and handed it to him. “Now get on your knees and suck me off.” Lyle did as his boss commanded him, although he was quite puzzled. Lyle devoured Gunther's thick cock, and very soon after he’d begun - just moments, really - he knew Gunther was going to shoot down his throat. But as Gunther was about to blow his load, he pulled his cock out of the boy’s mouth and shot his load into the glass Lyle had given him. When he had finished, he put the glass down and said, “Get up on the kitchen table.” Then he added, “How does it feel to be violated in your own house, bitch?"

Now Lyle was starting to get really scared. His voice was wavering as he said, “Can’t we please end this game? You have what you want. I’ve blown you twice. You and your friends have fucked me up, and you have a video of me at Home Depot and one of me and my partner," Lyle pleaded with the man.

"Yes, I have gotten what I originally wanted, but now there are endless possibilities of where I can take this. Since I have the videos, I can ruin your upstanding boyfriend’s life too. Well, it seems that he really is the one getting fucked,” Gunther chuckled. "Now, lie back on this lovely table where you two newlyweds eat all of your meals. You’re going to jack off for me. Lie back and stroke that cock. Think of me fucking you in the store the other day and of my stud buddies fucking both of your holes. And, of course, think about that hot movie with your boyfriend’s ass spreading for your cock and for my camera,” he said to Lyle.

What the fuck else could Lyle do? He would just have to face the fact that he would be blackmailed until Gunther and his buddies got tired of using him. So, he laid across his kitchen table, grabbed his dick, and started pumping it. Lyle closed his eyes to better concentrate and to envision what Gunther had told him to. It would take a bit of energy to cum on demand, but Lyle began to play with himself.

WHAT THE FUCK? Lyle shot his eyes open only to find that GUNTHER WAS PISSING ON HIM!

“Go on, get it hard and shoot that fucker off just for Daddy while I hose you down.” Shit! His powerful stream of warm piss was directed at one nipple. It was a forceful, erotic sensation. Then Gunther aimed at his other nipple. Then the piss stream pounded on his ball sac. FUCKING SHIT! It felt weird, yet strangely erotic to him. HE WAS FUCKING PISSING ON HIM, IN HIS OWN HOUSE, ON HIS OWN KITCHEN TABLE! OH, SHIT! And now he was pointing the stream at his face! Lyle closed his eyes tightly and kept them closed, only to hear, “Open your mouth, pretty boy.” Lyle did, but why? AWWWW, FUCK!

Lyle then started to shoot all over the place, and boy, was it a gusher. Volley after volley left his big dick, but he didn’t feel any of it land on his body. No familiar warm splats were hitting his chest, but he couldn’t hold back - he was beating his dick hard and fast. No one had ever peed on him, and it was so weird! Lyle pumped his load out of his hose, and when he was finished, he was completely exhausted. When he finally opened his eyes, he saw Gunther holding that same glass under the tip of his dick so that now the cum from both of them was in the same glass. It looked like both had cum a lot since there seemed to be nearly two inches of cum in there.

Lyle just continued lying there, trying to catch his breath. After a moment, he asked, "So, what now? Do I have to drink this or something?”

"No, you don't, but your boyfriend does. You will make his dinner tonight with an added dose of our cum shake. I want to watch while your boyfriend eats our cum. You will make him a nice dinner, and one of the items you serve will be a nice, cold cream soup. I saw you have cans of cream soups in your pantry, so just pick one and serve it cold. Tell him it’s a new French style. You can warm it to take the chill off but don’t cook the life out of our little fishy sperm. Make sure the entire amount I saved here goes only into his portion. You can figure out the rest of the details,” Gunther told him. Lyle just lay there with his mouth open.

"Go on, get started. You only have a few hours before your boyfriend gets home expecting dinner. You still need to mop up your Master’s golden piss - or don’t, if you prefer,” Gunther said with a cocky grin.

"Oh, and I almost forgot. Go and pull out the dirty clothes you were just collecting." Lyle’s laundry basket was just in the hall, so he brought it over to Gunther. "Pull out a pair of your boyfriend's socks, underwear, and an undershirt, and put them on. Until further notice, you will never wear your own clean underclothes again. At night you will throw a clean set of your own into the basket to avoid suspicion. Is this understood?"

"Yes, Sir," Lyle replied.

This was the first time Lyle referred to Gunther as “Sir.” Gunther’s plan was working, and the boy was breaking. "Normally, I want you naked a lot, but to avoid suspicion by your boyfriend put his dirty underwear on now. Then, wear the normal clothes you wear around the house.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Now let me get this straight. Monday through Friday, your boyfriend works days and leaves the house after breakfast at 8:00 AM. Then, he comes home for lunch and a quickie at noon and goes back to work at 1:00 PM. Then, he gets home for dinner at 5:30 PM. Is that correct?” Gunther asked.

“Yes, Sir.”

“And you work nights but don’t work a full shift, do you?”

“No, Sir. I work part-time and usually four or five hours only. Plus, my schedule is flexible. Usually, I work only four days a week,” Lyle said, then added, “My lighter work schedule is why I do most of the shopping, cooking, and cleaning. We have worked it all out.”

“Thanks. Great! So I will feel free to use you some evenings or late nights. Wonderful! That way, you can work around my needs. That makes it easy. Oh, and I don’t have to remind you that I will watch your every step, so don’t even think of faking me out.” Gunther felt confident that Lyle fully understood the consequences if he fucked up, and he was sure he’d have an evening ahead of fabulous entertainment. Gunther kind of cheered to himself.

“Yes, Sir.”

It Started At Home Depot
Part 3 of 6

“So, when your lover boy comes home at 5:30 tonight, you’ll cook dinner, as usual. Don't forget to add our cum mixture to your new 'French Soup' recipe." Gunther smiled and then left.

At around 5:30 that day, Lyle heard the front door open and said, “Hi honey, I’m home!” Zach then walked into the kitchen and said, “Smells good. What’s for dinner?”

“Oh, I was watching a French cooking show and learned some exciting things. You see? Dinner will be in twenty minutes, so go get cleaned up.” Lyle said jubilantly. In an odd way, he was looking forward to fooling his lover. Not out of meanness but more because this was an exciting, new challenge.

Lyle had used a can of cream of mushroom soup, added some pre-cooked vegetables, and then warmed it to just above room temperature. He then divided the soup into two bowls. In the one for Zach, he stirred in the total cum mixture slowly and thoroughly: it measured about a quarter cup of man juice. He had no idea if it would blend in or be clumpy, but with the minced vegetables in the soup, it was already a little chunky, so it didn’t really matter. As he looked at Zach's cum portion and compared it to his, he couldn’t tell the difference in appearance. Lyle considered his soup a success … so far. He thought he should taste it, but since he knew what was in it, on second thought, he opted not to. The other item he was serving was a turkey and cheese sandwich, one of Zach’s favorites.

“OK, dear, your soup and sandwich are ready.” In came Zach, already changed out of his suit and into his regular house clothes.

“Boy, this smells good. What is it, Lyle?” Zach playfully asked. “You said it's from a cooking show? I guess you mean the soup because the sandwich looks quite familiar.”

“Yes, it’s a French cooking tip to make the taste more outstanding. See if you can tell what's different about it,” Lyle offered. “Cum on, try it!” he joked to himself.

Zach tasted it and had a questioning frown on his face. “Well, it’s different, not as sweet, with a bit of a tart tanginess to it, I guess. It’s kind of nondescript. What do you think?”

“Well, mine tastes great. Actually, I don’t really taste any difference. But I’m glad you like it. It’s all in the special cream I added. Odd, I don’t taste a difference, and you do.” Lyle was cracking up on the inside. “Strange. Maybe you have better taste buds than I do.”

“Oh,” Zach spoke up, “I can taste it now. The cream is fattier, almost greasy. Yes, now that I am eating more of it...yes, it kind of slithers down my throat. But it’s good! You’ll have to make this for me again sometime.”

“Oh, I have a hunch I’ll be forced to.” Lyle couldn’t resist the inside joke. “I mean, if you beg me, how can I resist?”

As they ate dinner, Lyle was very pleased with himself. It was daring and adventurous, not to mention kinky. It all went just fine, but he did wonder what else was in the works.

As it turns out, Lyle didn't have to wait too long before he found out. It was the next morning. Actually, he was awakened by a text, obviously from Gunther. However, characteristically, it was unsigned: “Fix breakfast for your BF the usual way but omit the orange juice at the start. I’ll text you again when I see you two lovebirds have started eating.”

When Zach was up and dressed in his suit and ready for his eye-opening cup of coffee, Lyle said to him, “Here you go, dear,” as he handed his hubby a cup of coffee just as he was sitting down at the table. “Eggs and toast, OK?”

“Sure, Lyle, you know how I like them.” Zach then sat there, sipping his coffee and scanning the newspaper. Yeah, some people still get the news on paper from the paperboy. Lyle began cooking the eggs and toasting the bread for both of them. When it was all ready, he served Zach his plate and set the other plate at his spot.

Just like clockwork Lyle received a text, but Zach interrupted by asking, “Who’s texting you so early?”

Lyle looked at it and lied, “Oh, it's from my work. They’re adjusting my schedule for tomorrow and just giving me a head’s up,” he said nonchalantly. But then he carefully read the message from Gunther.

“Take the orange juice out of the fridge. Pour Zach’s glass only two-thirds full, then pour a full glass for yourself. Do this as you stand behind him, with your back to him. I see he’s engrossed in the paper. When it’s safe to do so, take out your dick and hold his glass under it. Fill the other third with your piss.”

Lyle was shocked - not by the prank to serve his lover piss, but that Gunther was ordering him to pee in the glass, RIGHT THERE IN THE KITCHEN, STANDING RIGHT BEHIND ZACH! Wouldn’t Zach hear the tinkling of the piss splashing into the orange juice? Would he mess up and spill some piss on the floor, like when one is pissing and trying to stop, but it wants to continue?

But again, he took this as a challenge. He noticed Zach’s head was buried in the newspaper, so he lowered just the front of his pajama bottoms, hooked them under his balls, and peed into the glass. He tried to pee slowly, and it went well, and then he immediately released his dick and balls and slipped them back into his pajamas.

“Oh, here you go, dear. I forgot your orange juice.” Lyle handed the glass to Zach, who put the paper down and took the glass, “Thanks.” But instead of drinking it right there and then, he set it down. “So, how was your work schedule changed, Lyle?” Zach asked.

Actually, it was a change they already gave me, so it’s the same. Drink your juice, dear.”

“Funny how they had to text you this early to give you the information you already had. How odd,” Zach reflected.

“Well, there’s a new girl in the office, no big deal. Drink your orange juice. I was going to surprise you that I put something special in it, but I’ll tell you instead. It’s a secret from that same French cooking show. The chef suggested a bit of lemon and a dash of an odd spice. See if you can tell the difference. I hope you like it.”

“Wow! That is different.” Zach exclaimed after taking a big gulp of the piss and orange juice mixture. “What’s the odd spice you added?”

“Oh, SHIT! I almost forgot I noticed one of your tires is low. Did you get a flat?” Lyle interjected quickly to change the subject.

“My tire, flat? Really? I’d better go out and look at it now. I want to be safe driving back to work.” Zach went to the driveway to check and then returned to report that his tires looked fine, but Lyle pretended to be on his cell on an important call.

“I’ve got to leave now, so I’ll talk to you later. Bye,” Zach said as he put on his jacket to leave.

“Oh, wait. Here.” Lyle then handed his lover a travel mug for the car. “Here, take this - I put your juice in it. Drink it on the way to work. Bye, and I love you!” and he quickly jumped back onto his pretend urgent call. Zach was soon out the door with his travel mug, and as soon as Lyle heard him leave the driveway, he put the phone down. Then he smiled to himself and then really laughed out loud.

At that moment, a text came in: “Well done.”

Lyle continued smiling and chuckling. There was something about Daddy Gunther he liked, and manipulating his lover was one of them. But he wasn’t doing it out of meanness; it felt like a game, a dare with a dash of some fun thrown in. It was a good start to what would probably be just another routine day. Well … maybe it was more interesting than good. Lyle was anxious for his partner, Zach, to come home that evening. When he finally did, he never mentioned the orange juice. Apparently, it wasn’t that big deal, so Lyle didn’t bring it up again, either.

At about 6:30 PM, Lyle had to leave for his part-time night job. Zach was relaxing, just watching TV, and went to bed early, around 9:00 PM, which was unusual for him.

At work, Lyle received a call.


“Come up with some reason to leave your job now.” He knew it was Gunther. Fuck, now he’s bothering me at work. He may lose me my job.

“I don’t think I can, Sir. Why?”

“Find a way and leave now. I want you to come to me. I’m waiting for you. I need a good blowjob before I go to bed tonight," he said.

“Where are you?" Lyle asked.

"In your living room. Your boyfriend is asleep, and I’m having a beer on the couch, waiting for you.”

“WHAT?” Now Lyle was getting upset. Gunther was in his house, and his lover was sleeping. That did not make sense.

“Yes, the feeling just came over me. It was spontaneous. I want to fuck your face again."

"Oh my God, does Zach know you’re there?" Lyle asked in a panic.

"Of course not. It’s quite easy to sneak around this house for hours with him home, glued to the TV, and not be detected. Now hurry up and get your ass here. I’m hard and naked on your couch. My cock is missing your mouth," Gunther said.

“But I don’t understand. Zach always stays up until midnight. It’s …it’s … only 9:00 PM.”

"Relax, he's asleep and will be that way for many hours. I slipped some sleeping pills into his beer when he went to the bathroom for a piss break. So get over here and strip for me. Strip naked as soon as you walk in the door, and don’t make me have to tell you twice.”

Lyle lived only about 20 minutes from work. He made up some excuse to leave and hurriedly drove home.

He was obviously stressed out when he walked through the front door. Gunther was indeed naked and lying on his couch with a hard-on. Lyle started to get undressed, still looking for Zach to appear out of the corner of his eye. He slowly began to strip naked, as Gunther had ordered.

"Get over here and bend over the coffee table. I want to see your fucking cunt ass," Gunther said to the stressed-out boy.

Without speaking, Gunther grabbed Lyle and pulled him into the bathroom with a much brighter light. He turned Lyle around to see what this former top ass looked like.

"Look at that ass, boy. You’ve been fucked so much in the short time since I rescued you. It’s just not tight anymore, kid.” Lyle’s mind was just swimming. “Rescued?” he thought. He’s the one that got me into this mess. Rescued, my ass!

And that talk about Lyle’s ass being stretched out was unsettling to him. After all, he was the top man in his relationship. He even wondered if Zach would notice his asshole looking larger. Would Zach think he was cheating? Or worse, that he was sitting on Coke bottles for kicks? Gunther was now telling him that he looked like a fucked-out bottom bitch with a huge pussy opening. Lyle was too tired to cry but was balling his eyes out inside. The big problem with Lyle was that he believed whatever Gunther told him. Big mistake - his ass looked just fine - a dozen or so fuckings wouldn’t destroy his asshole … too much.

"C'mon,” Gunther said. "Let's go have some fun with Zach."

"What do you mean? He can't know about this! You promised!" Lyle pleaded.

"I already told you. I slipped him a few sleeping pills. OK, they were a bit more than over-the-counter pills, but anyway, he's out for the night," Gunther said as the two walked into the bedroom where the unaware and sleeping Zach was. "He looks so peaceful and innocent when he sleeps with his mouth open, all inviting." Gunther smiled.

"He's a great guy. Please leave him alone."

"Ah … NO … this is just too tempting. In fact, I’ve been thinking about it all night," Gunther said to the boy as he slowly lifted the covers off the unsuspecting sleeping 28-year-old hunk. Zach was wearing full-length pajamas. "just look at the Mayor's kid. How lucky can I get today?"

“What?” Lyle shouted in a hoarse whisper. “You know he’s the son of Mayor Peterson?”

“Yeah, you thought that was your little secret?” Gunther beamed. “I told you, I know everything that’s worth knowing.”

This was a new ball game for Lyle. The fact that his tormentor now knew that his lover was important gave Gunther a lot more power than he already had. Obviously, Lyle needed to also protect Zach from any weird publicity. This was a shock and awful news for this young, gay, closeted couple. Now there was so much more to protect. Gunther’s leverage had just increased tenfold. SHIT!

"OK, Lyle. As much as I want the fun of stripping him naked, I have a reason to want to watch you do it instead. Unbutton his PJs and undress him, but we can’t take the chance that you will jostle his body and wake him up, so I found this pair of scissors. Best to use them to cut him out of his - what looks like - expensive sleepwear and be sure he doesn’t wake. Besides, it'll be much sexier that way,” Gunther instructed.

Again, more lies from Gunther. First, maybe it was true that Lyle had momentarily forgotten that the whole house was bugged with micro-cameras hidden in multiple places in every room, but Gunther hadn’t forgotten. And these days, those cameras are so small they can be hidden in the seam of a wall panel, the dot pattern of wallpaper, or any scene in any painting or other work of art. Gunther obviously wanted to film Lyle acting perverted with the Mayor's son because if he had a video like that, it would be powerfully useful. Second, disrobing Zach wouldn’t wake him up - he was drugged. The idea of cutting his clothes off was that it just looked more malicious and evil. That was why Gunther was standing back so that he wouldn’t be - with some minor editing - in the incriminating video himself. Perfect … for Gunther.

But Lyle believed him, took the scissors, and cut the pajama top off. He then cut the sleeves long ways to gently tug them off, too. And, of course, he carefully cut along the torso sides of the pajama shirt. All the pieces slid off - or from under – Zach’s body. And there was his very handsome lover, shirtless. The sheet that covered him to the waist was gently pulled down and all the way off the foot of the bed. The nights had been cool lately, so Zach was wearing socks to bed.

“Lick his nipples,” Gunther whispered.

“What if that wakes him up?”

“Just do as I tell you. You want to get this over with soon, don’t you?” Lyle nodded. “Then just do as I fucking say. Lick his nipples.”

So, Lyle bent over his sleeping partner and kissed his perky nipples. The coolness of the night made them piqued. Lyle lingered there without any instruction to do so, letting out a soft moan that was echoed by the sleeping boy.

“Now, stick your tongue in his mouth.”

Lyle stopped resisting and just followed whatever directions he was given. Zach's mouth was open - he usually slept that way - and Lyle moved his mouth to his lover’s. Then he stuck out his tongue and inserted it slowly, gently, into the wet, warm, welcoming mouth. Zach’s only reaction was to relax his jaw more and open wider. He moaned, but the sleeping boy’s tongue remained passive. Lyle enjoyed his instructions immensely; he probably didn’t even notice that his dick had become stiff. He continued to work his tongue playfully in that beautiful, sexy mouth. Zach’s right arm twitched; it was normal in sleep. Lyle had kissed his lover hundreds of times, but never like this. It was wildly erotic, the most enjoyable kiss he had ever given his partner.

“Nice! You are just a slut, aren’t you?” Gunther whispered. “Now cut his pajama bottoms off.”

Lyle picked up the scissors again and stepped to the foot end of the bed. He picked up one pant cuff and, holding it away from Zach’s skin, easily cut the pant leg up the calf, past the knee, over the muscular thigh, and all the way up to the waistband, snipping through that as well. Then he repeated the same cut on the other leg. Finally, he cut through the crotch of the pajamas in order to separate the front and back halves. The back half, which Zach was lying on, he left for the moment, but the front half he lifted and tossed aside.

Lyle looked down at his beautiful lover, sleeping soundly there in his sexy briefs and dark socks. “You’ve been good, so I’ll let you kiss and lick his thighs,” Gunther offered.

“Thank you, Sir,” Lyle said as he leaned down and gently kissed those gorgeous, muscular thighs. He then touched and rubbed Zach's body all over with his hands, but as soon as he made the move, Gunther cautioned him, so he just used his mouth. This whole thing was so very different from anything they had ever experienced before, and he and Zach had been lovers for over five years. They had kissed, massaged, and rubbed each other’s bodies a thousand times, but this time it wasn’t Lyle doing it by himself; he was acting on the strict direction of his … his … Daddy boss, Gunther, who let him continue for a few more minutes.

“OK, you are doing well. You please me.”

Lyle interjected a quick “Thank you, Sir.”

“OK, so now let's cut his socks off,” Gunther ordered. Lyle was so locked into being told what to do that he didn’t even question the stupidity of cutting them off. It would be easier to gently pull them off Zach’s feet, but Lyle wasn’t making the decisions now. So, he took the scissors with one hand and lifted the sock material away from his lover’s foot with the other as he carefully snipped the sock all the way down to his toes. One cut, and he slid it off. He then did the same with the other foot.

“Good boy! You impress me very much.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Now, kneel down and kiss his right foot,” Gunther whispered softly.

Lyle moved to do just that. He kissed each toe and all over the top of Zach’s foot. Zach moaned quietly as he was being licked; for the first time ever, Lyle wasn’t thinking about himself but was instead focused solely on making unselfish love to his partner. His dick was very stiff and bounced when he moved, but he wasn’t thinking about beating himself off either if he even realized he was erect.

“Now kiss and lick the bottom of his foot.”

So Lyle kissed and licked it, but the ticklish sensations disturbed Zach. He began to twitch involuntarily and to jerk his foot. At one point, he even pulled his foot away, but Lyle continued; his sleeping lover was moaning even more now. His hands and arms were making subtle, restless movements. When Gunther allowed it, Lyle kissed and similarly licked the other foot. At no time did Lyle look up to notice the hard dick that tented Zach’s briefs.

“Now get up, and I will allow you to work on your boyfriend’s shorts,” Gunther told him.

Again, a nearly silent “Thank you, Sir” escaped Lyle’s lips.

“Now, don’t fuck this up, as it must be done with care.”

As Lyle placed the scissors in position to cut the waistband, Gunther stopped him. “No, not there. Pinch the fabric at the bottom of the briefs, about where his balls would hang down if they were free. Cut a hole about an inch in diameter.” Lyle sure didn’t want to nick his lover, so he pulled the cloth far away from his balls and cut the hole as he was told. “There you go. Good job. Now put the scissors down and gently maneuver his balls through that hole so that only his balls stick out. Best to push one through at a time so that the hole doesn’t stretch.”

It was odd, but Lyle had not questioned Gunther so far, and he wouldn’t start now. He found it easier to put his finger into the hole, gently pinch the ball skin, and pull the balls, one after the other, through the hole. Then he hitched Zach’s waistband up and even across his belly in order to smoothen out the wrinkles. There, all done! And what an unusual but very erotic sight was there before them – a sleeping Zach laying there on his back, naked except for his briefs, his large balls fully out and on display. His stiff dick was like a center tent pole, holding the top of the tent up.

And Lyle was only interested in his lover and making him feel good and sexy all over. He wanted so badly to rip off the underwear and suck Zach’s dick as fast as he could, but he wasn’t in charge. His Daddy's boss, Gunther, had complete control.

“Very good, boy. Now kiss those balls, and only kiss them.”

Lyle had to lean way over to the center of their queen size bed to kiss his lover on the balls. He wet his lips first and then placed them all over those manly nuts. Zach’s tent pole dick started to twitch and bob, causing a wet spot to appear and then spread from the top of the tent pole. Lyle just kept on kissing.

“Now, here’s where you will need my help: you will kiss the underside of your boyfriend’s balls, as well. I will lift up his balls and hold them up so you can have access to that area.” When Gunther did that, Lyle kissed the back side and couldn’t keep from moaning. “Very good.” Lyle felt so proud - he was getting a lot of praise from Gunther. And even though he was asleep, Zach was obviously feeling a lot of the erotic stimulation; his arms and legs were moving more and more as he groaned and moaned. His dick was trapped in the sexy briefs, but because his dick was spewing so much precum, the front panel was soaked and had become almost see-thru.

“Now Lyle … and, again, be careful … lift the material off the very tip of his dick. Then cut a hole for his dick to pass through. However, I want that hole to be quite small, maybe half an inch.” Lyle cut the hole, but when he let the material rest back on top of Zach’s rather thick dick, it wouldn’t fit through the rather small hole. “Perfect. Now, work the material down. It will be tight, but it will act like a cock ring and end up at the base of his dick like a tight collar.”

Lyle did as he was told and smiled when he realized Gunther knew what he was doing. Now his lover was naked except for the briefs that, due to the holes, allowed Zach’s balls to lay relaxed, hanging down between his legs, and for his dick to finally be standing out, free and tall and proud, like a flagpole.

Lyle then leaned forward and kissed his lover’s cock.

But Gunther screamed out in a hoarse whisper, “How dare you kiss his dick! Did I tell you to do that? That’s a bad boy!” Your punishment is that you will have to watch me now. Stand on the other side of the bed - NOW! I’ll punish you properly later!”

So, Lyle moved off to the side, and Gunther took his place on the bed. He began kissing and licking Zach’s dick, always lightly, always gently, and Zach was reacting exactly as planned; he was moaning and whimpering. His arms and legs were thrashing a bit. Zach wasn’t being touched at all except for his towering, wavering dick.

Lyle felt terrible. He wanted to be the one to kiss and lick and suck his lover’s bobbing dick! But he had fucked-up, and he knew it. He promised himself then and there that if he were ever given another chance, he would never fuck-up again.

“OK, now help me move the bed. I want the headboard to be three feet away from the wall.” The two of them then took hold of the bed frame, and it was easier to slide than it had looked. “Now - and listen carefully - come down here to the foot of the bed with me.” Lyle did. “Now grab your boyfriend’s left foot, and I’ll take his right foot, and let’s pull his body toward us about a foot.” That was easy, too. Now Zach’s head was off the pillow and about eighteen inches from the headboard; his feet were sticking out and off the bed at his end. “Bring those pillows to me.”

“Now take your boyfriend’s left foot again, and I’ll take the right, and lift it up and bring it over to the head of the bed. In other words, we will fold his legs over his chest; he’s thin and limber enough. It should be comfortable if we do it right.”

With that instruction and the two working together, Lyle and Gunther each lifted a big, strong leg over Zach’s chest so that his knees kind of lined up with his nipples. “Now you take both legs and stay behind the headboard,” he said to Lyle, “and if his knees naturally bend, that’s fine as long as the bottom of his feet faces the ceiling.” Gunther hurriedly stuffed two pillows under Zach’s lower back, lifting the young man’s ass off the mattress. It was perfect - Gunther knew exactly what he was doing. In that position, Zach seemed quite comfortable, using none of his own energy at all to hold himself there, but then again, he was still sound asleep. And Lyle, with only slight pressure, could now pull a little more on his lover’s legs and thus raise his ass up even more.

“Great, now just move Pretty Boy’s feet toward you and a bit further away, gently stretching his body to settle the way I want him to. Plus, that will relax his back muscles, and he’ll be more comfortable,” Gunther told Lyle with detailed instructions. This time Gunther picked up the scissors and cut a large, maybe four-inch hole to fully expose Zach’s asshole, and then some. “OK, good, but use your grip on lover boy’s feet to spread his legs further apart. It should be natural to have his knees land on either side of his chest but don’t force it. You should feel a natural position of ease that doesn’t encumber his breathing.” As Zach’s ass was slowly raised a little higher, Gunther pushed the pillows further into the space between Zach’s back and the mattress to increase the support.

Lyle was amazed. His lover, Zach, was seemingly comfortable, with most of his body weight on his neck, shoulders, and upper back, somewhat folded over. His knees were, indeed, naturally resting on each side of his chest. His cock was fully erect and pulsing; a bubble of precum was forming. Stunningly, his dick was pointing down toward his own mouth. As Zach’s body relaxed a little more, the tip of his dick rested on his lips.

Gunther hadn’t forgotten that this boy was the son of the Mayor, and that was handy information to know if any additional threat power was ever needed over Lyle. So there was Zach’s mighty dick, thrust through the tight hole in his underwear, which acted like a cock ring, his big balls hanging down, clearly displayed. Zach's mouth was open slightly, almost obscenely, in its natural position during sleep.

“Too bad you acted impulsively. I had you in mind to do this part, but now I don’t want your mouth touching any part of his body tonight. Maybe now you will learn to behave,” Gunther said sharply. Then, Gunther moved slowly onto the bed, into the space vacated by Zach’s legs, and lowered his mouth to Zach’s asshole. Lyle was easily holding his lover’s body steady in its contorted position. Gunther then let his wet tongue snake out and touched those tender, sensitive ass lips through the cut hole in his underwear. “Your job is to steer, to move your boyfriend’s feet slightly in any direction necessary to adjust his dick to be directly over his mouth, as he might move his head.” Zach moaned, and his lower body, from the waist down, jerked in his sleep. That, in turn, jerked his hips, which then jerked his dick.

Gunther stuck his tongue further into Zach’s asshole, which caused more body thrusts and twitching. That caused his dick to poke and rub itself on Zach’s own lips. Eventually, Zach unconsciously stretched his body even more, which made his ass rise and his dickhead actually slip between his own lips. Moans became louder and more continuous. Zach then subconsciously stuck his tongue out in response to the tickling sensation he was feeling, inadvertently licking his own dickhead.

Both men were needed to align and assist Zach so that he could indeed suck his own dick. Lyle would maneuver the position of Zach’s dick - right-left, forward-back - by a slight movement of his feet. Gunther was the one controlling the dick to move up and down (meaning in and out) of Zach’s mouth. Lyle’s job was simple, but Gunther’s role was to flick his tongue inside Zach’s asshole in order to cause him to spasm his hips. Actually, as Gunther titillated Zach’s asshole, Zach would involuntarily tighten his buttock muscle, which then caused his ass to rise and his dick to plunge even further down and into his mouth.

Zach had been in this bent-over position for maybe five minutes by then, and his body had relaxed a bit more and had nicely stretched out, which was natural. Like that Gunther could then adjust the pillows under Zach’s lower back. He firmly shoved them farther toward Zach’s shoulders, dramatically raising his ass several inches. Gunther was pleased as he looked at Zach’s face - that final adjustment had caused his hard and twitching dick to actually be inserted into his mouth more than two inches deep.

But Zach didn’t automatically suck on his own dick. It was comfortably set in his mouth but just lying there. Gunther, however, knew what to do. He began to rim Zach’s asshole, which set Zach’s dick in motion, plunging down, then up, then down... and so on, like a perpetual motion machine. As Zach was now automatically fucking his own mouth, his natural reaction was to enhance that erotic simulation by licking his own dick. And, on occasion, he moved his head to lick and suck even more. It was simply amazing.

It Started At Home Depot
Part 4 of 6

Although Gunther could now stop rimming Zach, since Zach was now creating his own erotic stimulation, Lyle still had to hold on to Zach’s feet in order to keep him in proper alignment and comfortably balanced. Gunther sat back and watched Zach suck his own dick in his sleep. After a while, Gunther wanted to see if he could get Zach to deep-throat himself. The pillows were doing their job, but to bend Zach’s body so that his ass was completely pointing to the ceiling, he needed Zach to put all his weight on his shoulders and neck - not impossible. Gunther was a master at erotica, and he had done this deep sleep, auto self-sucking a few times before.

So what Gunther now needed to do was to place his hands on each of Zach’s hips and physically move them further toward the headboard in order to make his back almost perpendicular. Gunther managed this position, being careful to keep Zach as comfortable as he could while not waking him from his drug-induced sleep.

FUCK! Zach’s dick just went further in. Zach wasn’t choking but rather making noises as if gasping for air. Gunther held him like that, and Zach's reactions were intense. His body jerked, trembled, and grunted. Animalistic sounds were coming out of the sleeping young man.

Gunther knew he needed to adjust Zach’s position in order to complete the final part of this self-sucking machine, so he slowly eased Zach’s back down, then pulled the pillows out to let Zach’s hips lower. This, of course, raised Zach’s dick from his mouth. Gunther made the final adjustment of the pillows to precisely place Zach’s dick just barely inside his lips. Now Zach had to work his mouth and tongue in order to receive erotic sensations sufficient to climax. Zach was less bent and more comfortable now as he went through whatever was needed to lick and suck his own dick.

Then everything happened all at once: Zach thrust his hips to better try to fuck his own mouth, but in his current position, he could only get about one inch of his cock past his lips. He stuck his tongue out and even lifted his head, wiggling his body as if he were having convulsions. This continued until his loudest groans and final jerks emptied his ball juice all over his face … and some went down his throat. Because his entire body was doing an orgasmic dance, his dick bounced and spewed everywhere. He spasmed for a short while, then he was done. All his involuntary movements subsided. He became still, never waking. Basically, Zach had just fucked his own mouth and throat and shot his load all over his own face, with some of his load even getting in his hair.

“Wooooow!” exclaimed Lyle, exhausted. He was amazed. Gunther motioned for him to let Zach’s legs return to a fully reclined position.

“Come here and kneel; suck my dick,” Gunther ordered. Lyle immediately went to work on Gunther's cock. In an unusually quick amount of time, Gunther was ready to cum. Apparently, the anticipation of getting Lyle to blow him right next to his sleeping boyfriend quickly put him over the edge. Just as it seemed he could hold back no longer, Gunther abruptly pushed Lyle off of his dick and onto the floor.

Then Gunther got on the bed and straddled Zach's face. Almost instantly, Gunther shot a massive load of cum into the sleeping boy’s mouth. Lyle was horrified. This was something new and different - this was a stranger fucking his sleeping lover’s mouth. Gunther shot spurt after spurt of his hot cum down Zach's throat. As he shot, he massaged the young man’s throat with his other hand, which caused the sleeping boy to instinctively swallow.

"Oh baby, how hot was that?” Gunther boasted to Lyle. “I just fucking came down your boyfriend’s throat, and he cheerfully swallowed it all," Gunther smiled. "Now, let's go into the living room and talk about something I discovered while training you.”

The two went out to the living room. Lyle got both Gunther and himself a beer; Lord knows he needed it after the night he had just had. He handed Gunther the beer and sat down with him on the couch. Gunther then produced a small brown leather book and asked Lyle if he knew what it was. Lyle shook his head no.

"I didn't think so since I found it in a box in the closet marked ‘Zach Personal,'” Gunther said. "Well, sit back and listen to this.”

Written inside was a letter that said:

“I don't know how this happened. I have fallen in love with a man who is wonderfully trustworthy and sexy. His name is Lyle. I have never been with a man before, but something about him mesmerizes me. On the one hand, he makes me feel so good. But, strangely, there are times when I miss women. I have always loved the smoothness of their bodies and sucking on their voluptuous breasts, as well as fucking their tight pussies. However, Lyle has let me know that if I want him, he will have to be the one in control of this relationship; for the most part, he will be the man of the house. I love him with everything I have, but I sometimes wish I could get him to be more feminine and become the man I used to be again. I know that this will never happen if I want to keep him, but one can dream and hope."

Lyle said, "I had no idea he still felt this way! I knew things were now different for him, but I thought he was over women and had adjusted to me and my role as the man of the house."

"Well, you’re wrong. And I have decided that we will make his dreams come true," Gunther flatly stated.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well, for starters, tomorrow morning, you are going to tell Zach that you have been reconsidering your relationship and decided that it’s time to make things more equal. In other words, you will start being more like a woman for him,” Gunther told him boldly. “And in just a few minutes, phase one will begin."

"Phase one?" Lyle asked.

"Yes. You will find a small bag in the bathroom containing a woman's razor and hair removal cream. You are going to shave and use the hair removal cream all over your body, except for a small, woman-like pubic triangle above your cock," Gunther said.

"Oh God, no! I can't do that!" Lyle said.

"Bitch, you have no choice! I’ve told you before that I thought you were a selfish bitch and that I would change your relationship forever, and I meant it!" Gunther said. So, without further ado, march your ass into the bathroom. Now!" Gunther commanded. "First, I want you to cover your arms, chest, pits, and legs with the depilatory cream. After about fifteen minutes, take a shower to wash it off. Whatever doesn't come off, you are to shave off. I want you as smooth as a sexy woman. Don't forget to leave the little triangle above your cock all trimmed nice and neat."

Lyle stood there with his mouth open. If he did this, it wouldn’t just affect his lover; his manly esteem and persona would also be rinsed down the drain. He wasn’t open to this, and he felt he had to somehow stand his ground.

“Videos.” That was all Gunther said, and Lyle knew he was defeated.

That said it all. Not only was this a threat to his personal freedom, but now that Gunther knew his lover was the son of the Mayor, it really would be insane to resist. So, he headed for the bathroom with tears streaming down his face. He opened the bag and picked up the container of hair removal cream. Slowly, he began to spread the cream all over his already naked body. He took one last look at his prized chest and leg hair, knowing that he would be relieved of the last bit of masculinity he possessed in minutes. Meanwhile, Gunther headed to the kitchen for another beer while he waited for the boy to complete his orders. As he passed the bedroom, he noticed that Zach was still sleeping like a baby and had rolled onto his side. Gunther couldn't resist leaning over the boy and giving his ass crack another little lick; he tasted just as delicious now as he had a bit earlier. Gunther marveled at his accomplishment.

About thirty minutes later, Lyle emerged from the bathroom, totally smooth. Gunther could tell he had been crying the whole time. He motioned for the boy to come over to the couch so that he could inspect his body. He especially wanted to ensure that he had shaved his ass and his legs were smooth. It appeared that Lyle had, as expected, done as commanded. Gunther couldn't believe how easy it had been to control this guy’s life completely. Would he ever turn him in? Would he give copies of the videos to the police or his folks? Never. He had no intention of ever doing that. The operative word here was “intention.” If things ever went tragically sour, he could always reconsider that move. At present, Gunther’s mind was swirling with ideas as to what he should torture the boy with next. Gunther was hard-going, and Lyle was a weaker individual than most men. Gunther was determined to exploit that to the fullest.

"You look great, smooth as a bitch. You even did a good job with your pussy hair as well. Now grab your cock and shove it back between your legs. Push it as far up your crack as possible. I want you to stand there so it looks like you have no cock, just a nice pussy, and a small bush," Gunther said.

Lyle was mortified, but he did as he was told and pushed his beautiful eight-inch cock as far back as possible. He had never before in his life felt so humiliated or degraded. Gunther, however, was impressed and got horny again, feeling the need to cum once more, so he told Lyle to follow him into the bedroom and to keep his cock out of sight. Lyle was still quietly crying, not believing that he was losing more and more of his manhood every minute.

When they got to the bedroom, Gunther made Lyle stand there to watch what would happen. "You know what’s going to happen now?" Gunther asked.

"I am afraid to find out."

"I will put my cock in your boyfriend’s ass and fuck him while you watch. I want you to lean over us and to put your face right by his ass so that you can watch my cock disappear into his pussy. I want to blow my load up Zach's cunt while you watch in disbelief. Hopefully, you'll think it’s so hot that your pathetic cock shoots a load up your own ass," Gunther laughed but softly, not wanting Zach to wake up.

With that said to a stunned Lyle, Gunther lubed up his cock and gently applied some to Zach’s asshole. Zach was still on his side, so Gunther got on the bed and assumed a spooning position. He lined his dick up to Zach’s asshole and, little by little, pushed all eight inches of his cock into the sleeping boy, who moaned and resettled his position. Gunther went slowly so as not to wake Zach and also to heighten the effect on Lyle, who seemed to be watching in a daze. Gunther's cock then completely disappeared up Lyle's beloved boyfriend’s ass, the ass of the son of the Mayor or, as Gunther liked to think of it, the asshole of the son of the asshole.

Once buried deep into the Mayor's son's ass, Gunther began to fuck the boy. He fucked him long and slow, trying to make the most of that incredible moment. Besides fucking the Mayor’s son, he was also watching the expression on the defeated Lyle's face as he took his boyfriend's ass right before his very eyes. Lyle was still quietly sobbing but was also excited in a way he didn't fully understand. Finally, Gunther was ready to blow. He looked at Lyle and said, "This is it, Lyle, I am cumming in your boyfriend, and you can't do a fucking thing about it. Oh, yeah! But do you know what I find interesting? … I don't know which of your pussies I like better!" With that, Gunther shot a massive load of cum into Zach and slowly pulled out as Zach’s body shuddered silently. As both Lyle and Gunther stared down at Zach’s face, it seemed to show a smile.

"Come over here and clean your boy's ass juices and my cum off my cock," Gunther commanded. Lyle immediately knelt and, with some degree of disgust, he did.

“I’m leaving now,” Gunther whispered as he was dressing. “I’ll leave it to you to get rid of your boyfriend’s pajama rags, clean up, and explain why he woke up naked if and when he does. You’re a clever boy - you figure it all out.” He then added, “And get a good night’s sleep. I’ll be back in the morning at 9:00 AM after Zach leaves for work. When you get up, make sure you talk with him about changing the relationship to be more equal. Let him know how much you love him, and that's why you have shaved your body. Then get down and suck him dry before he leaves. And just so you remember, I will know if you do it because I watch all the camera videos and listen to all the mic pick-ups.” And with that, he was gone.

That was another surprise for Lyle: he already knew about the micro-cameras filming him everywhere in the house, but this was the first time he had ever heard of microphones. Shit!

After Gunther left, Lyle could barely lift himself off of the floor. He was physically exhausted and decided to clean up quickly. He also realized he needed to get up before Zach, whom he figured would awaken by sucking on his cock. Early in the morning, he would quickly pretend to strip Zach’s pajamas off and suck his dick while still half asleep, explaining why Zach was naked. He could also tell Zach that he had been messing around with his ass in his sleep if he noticed any discomfort or lingering cum from Gunther's fuck. Once he got Zach off, Zach would see that Lyle had shaved his body. Hopefully, Zach would be so pleased with this development that he wouldn't even ask any other questions. Lyle would explain that he had done it just for him, letting Zach know he had been reconsidering their relationship and was willing to make concessions to have more of a true partnership. If he sucked Zach off, then Zach wouldn't want to fuck him, and maybe after a day’s rest, his asshole might tighten up again despite all the sex he had been forced into having the previous couple of days.

As planned, Lyle awoke and put his plan into motion. It worked like a charm. One thing Lyle was good at was manipulation - just the sheer fact that Zach was ‘straight’ until he met Lyle, who had convinced the shy and naive boy not only to confront his hidden gay feelings but also to be the bottom in their relationship, was proof of that.

The following day, Zach was indeed thrilled at the sight of Lyle's being so smooth, not to mention the prospect of getting to top him more often. At least for that moment, Lyle’s secret was safe, but deep in his heart, he knew that it was just a matter of time before his life crumbled before him, and all because of one stupid moment at Home Depot.

Zach left for work around 7:30 AM. Lyle took a shower and had some coffee, juice, toast, and morning vitamins. He thought he might have to up his vitamin dose if, in the coming days, Gunther's rules were going to use up so much of his energy.

Right on time, at 9:00 AM, Gunther walked through the unlocked front door, not even bothering to knock. "Morning, bitch,” Gunther said. "I take my coffee with cream and three sugars. Remember that because I want it ready to be placed in my hand when I walk through that door every morning."

"Coming right up, Sir."

"You did great this morning. You covered your ass pretty well, and your boyfriend is delighted with your relationship's sudden turn of events. I told you that you would make him happy. You should pay me for being such a great marriage counselor," Gunther said to the boy.

Lyle just nodded in agreement, amazed at the audacity of that man.

"I'm kind of hungry this morning. Make me some eggs and toast. Oh, and do it naked," Gunther said.

Lyle reluctantly removed his T-shirt, shorts, and briefs. He then walked over to Gunther, who looked closer at his ass. "Yeah, my little Princess slut is looking fine so far. Oh, and I'll take those eggs scrambled, please," Gunther said.

Lyle went into the kitchen to make breakfast, and Gunther set up some equipment on the kitchen table. "I’m starting to piece together your and Zach's movie. I’m getting a lot of footage from all the cameras, but it will take some talent and time to create a storyline out of the pieces. I think you are going to love it. You are a natural-born porn star, my friend. That uptight boyfriend of yours has potential, too. His pussy felt mighty fine around my cock last night. I can now actually understand why you insisted on being at the top. Too bad I’m taking that away from you – but you actually have a perfect ass for being a bottom slut. I knew it the second I saw you at Home Depot. It’s so round, so tight, and so firm. I can't believe it took me to get you to discover it," Gunther said to Lyle.

Lyle finished cooking Gunther's eggs and placed the plate on the table. "Anything else?” he asked.

"Well, yes. Get under the table and suck my cock while I eat and edit," Gunther said.

Lyle got down on his hands and knees and crawled under the table. He undid the fly on Gunther's jeans and pulled out his cock, working the jeans off (he wore no underwear). He then put his well-used mouth on Gunther's cock and proceeded to suck him off.

"I have to give you your morning protein shake. Oops! I guess it would be your second one today. Well, one can never get too much protein. Yeah, suck me good, Lyle. I just love your mouth and lips wrapped around my cock. Don't take your mouth off my dick until you get to the nice, creamy middle. I have actually realized that I have turned you into a fucking bottom bitch cock-sucking whore in only a few days. You are pathetic, and you and your boyfriend are now mine. I can't wait to fuck that uptight bitch again. This time I want him awake so that he can feel all eight inches fucking his ass. Oooooooh yeah, bitch! I am cumming down your slut throat!"

Suddenly Lyle felt the hot jets of cum rush into his mouth as he swallowed for all he was worth. He trembled at the thought of Zach getting hurt and brought into this nightmare, but he knew it was inevitable; he just wanted to put it off for as long as possible. As Lyle was swallowing Gunther's load, he heard an unfamiliar ring. Apparently, it was Gunther's cell phone.

"Hello, Gunther here," he said.

Lyle couldn't hear the other end of the conversation, but he immediately knew that it centered on him.

"Yeah, the bitch is fine. He’s just swallowing my morning load under the table. I'm giving his pussy a rest today, but not his mouth. …. Hmm, you don’t say? Those are a couple of good ideas. What’s that? …… I wasn't sure what to do with him today, but a little humility training might be good," Gunther told the person on the other end of the phone. "Ok, talk to you later."

"You can come up now. Go put on some clothes - we have an errand to run." Gunther said to Lyle. Lyle then went into the bedroom and threw on a pair of Zach's dirty briefs and trainers, as Gunther had told him to do from then on.

"Where are we going?" Lyle asked.

"That’s no concern of yours, but bring your credit card. You need to make a purchase for your evening with your boyfriend tonight," Gunther said.

"Purchase?" Lyle asked.

"And also, make sure you call in sick because you are staying home tonight. Now that you gave Zach that little shaving surprise this morning, it’s time for you to move on to Phase II. You will cook him dinner tonight and then surprise him with a little gift. Lord knows, after being married to a whore like you, he deserves a little something. After all, you cheated on him, and you let me fuck him while he was passed out. Boy, that was one fucking hot piece of video. You really are a piece of scum. You do realize that, don't you?" Gunther asked.

"But it wasn't my fault! You made me do all those things!" Lyle said.

"I don't think I forced you to do anything to me at Home Depot, at least not at first. But you are a true slut, through and through,” Gunther replied.

And as much as Lyle hated to admit it, Gunther was right. He could have stopped Gunther from seducing him in the Depot bathroom if he hadn't been such a slut, but he hadn't, and now he was paying the price. For that one mistake, his whole life was now in turmoil, and he could be exposed to Zach and to the world at any moment.

"Let's go, bitch," Gunther said. He then grabbed Lyle's keys and got into the driver’s seat. Lyle followed his lead and got into the passenger seat. "Take my cock out and play with it while we are driving."

Reluctantly, Lyle unzipped Gunther’s pants and pulled out his cock.

"Just jerk it for a while."

Lyle played with Gunther's cock but tried to focus on having a nice evening with Zach, as well as not having to be fucked today. A few minutes later, they pulled into the mall parking lot. Gunther zipped up and got out of the car. Lyle followed like an obedient puppy.

"First stop is in the greeting card store. Let’s get a nice card to tell Zach just how much you appreciate him and all that gooey stuff," Gunther told the boy. "I'll wait out here for you.”

Lyle entered the card store and started looking for a sweet card for Zach. They say there is a card for everything, but he didn't think there would be an "I'm sorry for being such a lying, cheating whore” card. He would have to settle for an "In case I haven't said it recently, I love you” card. Just then, his cell phone rang. The caller ID said it was Zach. He was obviously on his morning break.

"Hello,” Lyle answered.

"Hey baby, just calling to see how your morning is going and tell you I love you. I look forward to seeing you tonight, but I hope you are feeling better by then. I’m so glad you are off this evening - do you want to go out to dinner?" Zach asked the guilt-ridden boy.

"Actually, I was thinking of making us a wonderful dinner at home and that we could have a nice romantic night together. Maybe even a nice bubble bath," Lyle replied.

"Hmmm, that sounds like an offer I can’t refuse! Well, baby, I gotta run. See you tonight. Love you," Zach said.

"Me too!"

With that, the boys disconnected, and Lyle bought a simple card. He exited the store, and Gunther was waiting for him. "Next stop is the lingerie store,” Gunther said.

"Excuse me?"

"That is your surprise, boy. You are going to make Suitman's dream come true tonight. YOU are going to be his woman!" Gunther told him.

"Oh God, no. Please! You can't possibly mean what I think you mean?" Lyle was terrified.

"I most certainly do," Gunther said.

“Here we are. Let's go. Now, my dear whore-boy, you must pick out some lacy panties, a padded bra, stockings, and a lovely teddy for your evening. You’d better have a good idea of your feminine size, or you might be trying on undies all day. My guess is that you are about a ladies' size 6, but you’d better also try on a 4 and an 8, just in case,” Gunther said.

"I can't do this,” Lyle said.

"You don't have a choice. If you don't do as I say, I will call so much attention to you that you will be beyond humiliated. Then, I will still force you to do this anyway. So, we can either do it the hard way or the really hard way. Now, pick up those panties, stockings, bra, and teddy, and get your fucking ass into the dressing room!" Gunther ordered the boy.

"Gunther, please keep your voice down. Can’t I just buy all three outfits and, whichever ones don't fit, I can return later?" Lyle pleaded.

"There is no end to your selfishness, is there?" Gunther said. "That’s a fucking waste of time and money." Gunther then roughly pushed Lyle into the dressing room and pulled his T-shirt off of him with one swift tug. "Now, you either get undressed and into one of these, to start, or I will rip the rest of your clothes off you, and you'll walk through the mall practically naked. So, what's it gonna be?"

Lyle thought that he had experienced the ultimate in humiliation yesterday, but this took humiliation to a whole new level. Lyle stared right into Gunther's eyes as he kicked off his trainers. He slowly undid the button on his jeans and slid the zipper down. His eyes were still pleading with Gunther as he slid his jeans down to his ankles and stepped out of them. Gunther decided to push things along and grabbed Lyle's briefs as he roughly yanked them down, too, after which Lyle stepped out of them. He was then totally nude in a woman's lingerie store. Lyle reached for the size 6 set first, but Gunther stopped him abruptly. He handed Lyle a roll of flesh-colored tape.

"What's this?" Lyle asked.

"You can't try on panties and stockings with that cock of yours hanging down. You won't get a proper fit. So, just like last night, tuck your cock as far up your ass as it will go, and then tape it up there. I want your pathetic dick gone for the rest of the day," Gunther said.

Crying now, Lyle understood that he had lost total control of his life. Almost trance-like, he pushed his cock back into the crack of his ass and took the tape from Gunther. He tore off three pieces and proceeded to secure it to his cock, to make it disappear back between his legs. He looked at himself in the dressing room mirror and couldn't believe what he saw. There he was, standing naked in a semi-public place, completely shaven except for his pussy bush and looking as if he had no cock at all, ready to try on women's lingerie. His sobs became uncontrollable until Gunther warned him that the longer he stalled, the longer he would be in this predicament. Lyle took the size 6 from Gunther and slid his legs into the panties and stockings, followed by the bra. Gunther was pleased with the red number. "Yes, whore. Red is perfect for you," Gunther said.

"Can we please go now?" Lyle begged.

"First, I need to see you in the teddy, too. Put it on over there, and let’s see how you look," Gunther said.

Lyle slid the top over his head, mortified beyond belief. "Yes, it looks good," Gunther said. "Now let's try on a pair of high-heeled cunt shoes as well.” Always thinking on his feet, Gunther already had them in his hand. “These red high-heels will look nice with all your frilly things."

Lyle took them from Gunther and slid them on. Gunther turned Lyle around and made him stare at himself in the full-length store mirror, with Lyle looking like a true slut-whore. The boy was speechless.

"Well, I’m not sure if the red is the best for you or if this size fits you well enough. Hmm.” Gunther pretended to be unsure of his look, although, in reality, he loved it! “Wait right here,” Gunther said as he stepped out.

Gunther then went over to the counter and spoke softly and in a kind, considerate tone to the saleslady. “Ah, Miss, could you do me a favor, please?”

“Hi, I’m Linda. Sure, what is it?”

“My friend is in the dressing room trying on lingerie. You see, he’s a transsexual in transition, and he’s very nervous and afraid that no one will like him … I mean her. She is so frightened of rejection that she won’t come out. Would you be so kind as to go in there and tell him … I mean her … that she is beautiful and sexy? Get her to come out here and feel proud. Tell her that we all love her and that there is no need to be embarrassed or ashamed.” Gunther was lying through his teeth, and he continued with, “I’m sure you understand how traumatic these things are, especially when it’s someone’s first time.”

It Started at Home Depot
Part 5 of 6

“Oh, you are such a sweet man and obviously such a very dear friend to her. Of course, I will! In fact, let me grab my co-worker too. Don’t worry. We will give her a wonderful buildup of self-confidence. Now you leave it to us to make her come out and be proud of herself.” Linda was very kind and accommodating. “What’s her name?”

“Everyone calls her Princess.”

Linda said that that was sweet, then she walked over to another sales clerk, spoke to her at length, and the two of them went into the dressing room Gunther had pointed to.

As soon as they walked in, Linda said, “You must be Princess. “Here, have a seat. Let’s talk.” My, you look amazing, dear! I talked to your friend, and he said you could use a little girl talk?”

Lyle was SO FUCKING surprised and shocked! His mouth dropped open, and he just broke down with extreme embarrassment as he put his face in his hands and started to cry.

“Oh, my dear, but look how pretty you look!” Linda said lovingly.

And the other sales clerk chimed in, “Yes, you are so sexy! Come on now, stop crying. So many people love you!”

“But … I … I’m … not …” was all Lyle could get out.

Then Linda said, “Oh, yes, you ARE pretty. Come here and give me a hug.” For some stupid reason, Lyle hugged the lady and stopped crying. He wanted to tell the ladies he was a man through and through, but that would now just embarrass them. Lyle was upset and stuck in a weird, incomprehensible scenario.

“Come,” Linda said as she took one hand, and the other lady took the other and gently pulled him out of the secluded dressing room and onto the main sales floor. Lyle had never before worn high heels, not even as a joke or on Halloween, as he had never wanted to be seen as effeminate in any way. He was gay, but he was only a top, a macho man, so he had to hold on to those ladies in order to keep from falling or twisting his ankle. They, of course, thought that he was only nervous.

Lyle was shocked. He turned to go back into the dressing room, but Gunther was just standing there, leaning against it. “Please … please … I … don’t … I can’t …” Lyle blurted out nonsensically.

“Oh, come on, Princess. Come on and give us a twirl. Go ahead, spin around. Let us get a good look at your sexy body and that perfect black and red outfit you chose,” Linda almost shouted. About a half-dozen customers looked up and marveled at how ‘she’ looked.

Lyle was wearing black panties and a black padded bra, with red stockings, red stiletto heels, and a red lace see-thru teddy. He was walking on his tiptoes in those torturous heels. All of his skin was shaved smooth; his face was that of a man, but his body was that of a sexy lady.

He turned to Gunther and pleaded, “Please, may I change back now?” as he teared up again. “Please?” he begged with every ounce of his being.

But Gunther only called Linda over to him. When Linda got there, he said, “Look, Linda, how about this? We will buy all of these things, but I have one request: Do you have any bright red lipstick?” She nodded yes. “You know what would really help Princess feel better? He told me this in the dressing room. Could you just go over to him and apply the red lipstick to his lips? He says he always does it sloppy. It’d mean the world to him and me if you’d just go up to him and put it on him. Make it a surprise, like a game.”

So, Linda took a cherry red lipstick from the counter, went up to ‘Princess,’ and said, “Here, I have a surprise for you. Now just close your eyes.” Lyle did, just wanting to get dressed and out of the store! He felt a rubbing pressure on his lips and then heard her say, “OK, open your eyes now.” Lyle did and was looking smack into the hand mirror that Linda was holding in front of his face.

“Oh … Oh …MY GOD! I… look … I … look like a fa … fa ...” as he started to weep.

Gunther stood right there, saying, “Oh Linda, you made her day! She is so happy she’s crying with joy! And you’ve been so kind. He’ll be fine now. Here’s the credit card. Please charge it.” Gunther then gave her Lyle’s credit card.

“Do you want these items boxed?” she asked.

Gunther whispered something in her ear, and then Linda went to the counter to make the payment. Meanwhile, Lyle calmed down and whispered to Gunther, “Oh, God! Please, Gunther, get me out of here. I am so indecent! I just want to get dressed and out of this store. Please!” he whispered in a hoarse, low voice. “Please, Daddy. I’ll do anything, any fucking thing. I feel like a disgusting pervert, a street tramp! Just get me out of here.” Lyle couldn’t stop pleading. He was so freaked out, looking like a whore of a cunt in a freak sideshow. “I am so fucking humiliated I could vomit and wet my pants! Please, Gunther Daddy. I’LL DO FUCKING ANYTHING. JUST LET ME GET DRESSED AND GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! I’LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT FROM NOW ON!” He started crying again, “PLEASE! PLEASE!”

“OK, here’s your card back,” Linda said, “and here are the other items I boxed, as you requested. Thank you for shopping at Sheer Undies, Unlimited.”

Finally, it was over. Lyle was shaking, trembling so badly that Gunther had to help lead him along, and Lyle held onto Gunther’s arm tightly so that he wouldn’t fall. He hated those heels and would be so happy to get to the dressing room and get them off, as well as all the other silly faggot stuff he was wearing. He knew he was just so fucking obscene! He knew his body showed fully through the teddy and even through the see-thru black lace panties. Everyone would see that if his dick hadn’t been taped down. Lyle looked downward as he walked on tiptoes in those heels and felt so ridiculous, refusing to look up. He was in a daze and felt so fucking stupid, thinking, “This outfit is so fucking trashy and so demeaning to women. Fuck!” The whole thing was so humiliating. He just shook his head back and forth, red-faced and embarrassed, as he was being walked out of the store and into the mall's main corridor.

When Lyle finally managed to look up and saw where he was, he shouted, “WHAT THE FUCK?” as it sunk in that Gunther hadn’t been leading him back to the dressing room at all, but instead they were strolling down the middle of the fucking mall!


“Oh, yes, you want to get dressed … in the clothes you wore here. Well, here they are. Gunther opened the box Linda had handed to him, and there was his shirt, shorts, socks, shoes, and, oh yes, Zach’s dirty underwear – all in the box. They were standing near a large metal donation container for the poor, a place where people would drop in clothes, toys, canned food, and whatever could be useful to the poor. As they paused there, people were standing around, gawking, and taking flash photos of Lyle with their cells.

“Wait, you’re not going to put my clothes in there, are you? I won’t have anything to change back into!” Lyle said with a frightened look on his face.

“Me? No, of course not.” Lyle felt relieved. “No, YOU are going to make the donation.” Gunther held the box open and just stood there, waiting.

Lyle was terrified at the prospect of losing the only decent clothes he had with him in the mall. “The longer you wait to donate to the poor, the longer you’ll stand here and make a spectacle of yourself.”

But Lyle just couldn’t do it. He couldn’t bring himself to toss away his only hope of covering up his nearly naked, obscene body. He wanted to run away and back to the car, but he had to hang on to Gunther because he was the only thing holding him up; he couldn't dare risk stepping in those heels without Gunther supporting him. Lyle then realized he had no other choice, so he reluctantly picked up his shoes from the box Gunther held open for him and placed them through the wide opening and into the large drop box. Then, he picked up the shirt and dropped it in, along with his shorts. As he picked up the very last item, his lover’s dirty underwear, he tried to hold back his tears, but he couldn’t stop them, as he dropped the last bit of his hope and dignity into the poor box.

“There now, don’t you feel better?” Lyle nodded, only because he was expected to. “OK, now we can go to your car and get out of here. Will that please you?” Gunther said in a kind tone of voice.

“Oh yes, oh yes. Oh, please.” Lyle didn’t even realize that Gunther had them already walking in the opposite direction of where the car was parked. It was a busy shopping day, so many people were in the mall. There were quite a few on-lookers and a few others who pretended to accidentally bump into Lyle so that they could steal a feel of his pussy or his ass, both of which were in plain view.

“Everything is fine, and we’ll be home soon, but first, we need to do a little more shopping. I want to see if the stationery store has those new file folders. I don’t need them today, but it’s always a good idea to know who carries them when you do want them. And then we need to go to the men’s shoe store to check out when their sale is. I’ll be back here next week, and I just want to ask if a sale will still be on. Oh, I know you like those high heels you’re wearing, but I need some men’s dress shoes for myself,” Gunther told Lyle, who seemed so weak and dizzy that he was about to faint. But, he continued to hang on Gunther because, if he let go, he’d likely be on the floor, and that would be the makings of a hugely obscene scene. “Oh, and let me show you the Walmart here. I know we don’t need anything, but I want to show you they have a new grocery section.”

Perhaps the only thing that got Lyle through that awful humiliation at the mall was that his mind was in a fucked-up daze; that likely prevented him from insanely screaming at the top of his lungs.

Finally, they made it through the various stores, went to the parking lot to his car, and headed home. After that insane ordeal at the mall - where Lyle looked like a female prostitute - he was driven home to where he would be forced to be a female prostitute. He was imagining what would happen when he was actually going to be dressed in this ladies’ lingerie outfit for Zach. In a single day, he had gone from being a top man to a fucking cum-dump bottom faggot. He couldn’t believe he was expected to seduce Zach while dressed in women's lingerie and then play the part of a submissive, silly cunt who wanted to be fucked.

A short time later, they arrived back at Lyle and Zach's house, where Gunther gave the boy some refreshing news.

"Lyle, you've done well today, so I’m going to reward you. Besides an afternoon blowjob, you will have the rest of the day to prepare for your date tonight. With the spare time I am giving you, I expect everything to be perfect. Make sure you are completely smooth. Dinner is the most important part of the evening, so make sure you dress up as your new persona, "Wendy the Whore", when Suitman arrives home. Remember, I see and hear EVERYTHING. Just elaborate more to Zach on how you have been feeling guilty about your relationship not being equal; how you want to please him in a way that he has always dreamed of. He hasn’t fucked a woman in five years, thanks to you…how much more selfish can you be? I want you to then get on your knees and pull his cock out and then get him into the bedroom. Sprawl yourself out on the bed and beg him to fuck you like the woman you are," Gunther explained to a still-nervous Lyle.

"I just have this feeling that he will suspect something bigger is going on here," Lyle said. “I know you will be filming it all, but I don’t want him to suspect that anything as weird as this is actually happening.”

"Look, he might wonder why this is happening, but you are one hell of an actor, or you will be, in addition to being an expert cock-sucking bottom bitch. I think one look at you in your red, lacy panties and stockings will only make him realize that his dream of topping you as a woman is finally coming true. Now, go lie down on the bed. I’m coming in, and I am going to fuck your face like Zach is going to fuck your pussy tonight," Gunther declared.

With that, Lyle went to the bedroom. He stripped off all the lingerie and propped his head up on a pillow so that Gunther could fuck his face. Gunther came in a few moments later, already naked. He jumped up on the bed and, without warning, shoved all eight inches of his cock down the boy’s throat. He fucked Lyle’s face so hard he could see Lyle's throat muscles expanding every time he lunged his cock deeper into the boy's throat. His balls bounced off Lyle's chin and, without any warning to the battered boy, he shot jet after jet of cum down his throat.

"Alright, boy, I am out of here for now. Just do everything I told you. Fuck up, and the whole world will see your boyfriend in his very own porn movie. Remember to please me," Gunther said. With that, he turned and abruptly left.

Lyle then had a couple of hours before Zach got home. He needed to rest and get ready for the performance of a lifetime. About forty-five minutes before Zach got home, Lyle started showering, cleaning out his ass, and ensuring he was perfectly smooth. He had not yet gotten used to the shaved look and, looking at himself in the mirror, again wanted to cry, missing his prized body hair. Once he started getting dressed, though, it was all he could do to hold back the tears. Yes, he was gay, but he was also a top man. This new situation was incomprehensible to the boy, to be dressed in women's lingerie, to wear spiked heels. If he could only take back that moment last week at the Home Depot, he’d be so happy.

Shortly after he finished dressing, he heard Zach’s car in the driveway. Lyle was dressed to kill, lipstick included, and got ready for the seduction to end all seductions. Zach walked into the house and stood, dumbstruck when he saw Lyle dressed as a woman in the sexiest lingerie he had ever seen.

"What's all this about?"

"I promised you this morning that I was going to make things more equal for us. I know that you have always fantasized about having me as a woman, so I decided it was time to make this a reality for you. I love you, and I want you to be as fulfilled as I am, Zach," Lyle said. “Just call me Wendy, Wendy the Whore.”

"Oh, my God! To think that you would do this for me! It’s making me fall in love with you all over again!" Zach said.

Lyle dropped to his knees and removed his high heels. God, that felt good! Then he undid Zach's belt and slacks - he was still wearing his shirt and tie. He slowly peeled down his boyfriend’s pants and briefs, and Zach's cock sprang up with an instant hard-on. Lyle's mouth engulfed the boy's cock. He was on his knees in his stockings, panties, and bra, giving Zach the fantasy he had always longed for. Lyle sucked Zach’s cock for all it was worth, and Zach knew he had to stop Lyle or he would cum right then and there, but Lyle told him to go ahead and cum. Afterward, he told Zach that they would have dinner, and then he wanted Zach to make him his woman; Zach needed no more encouragement. He grabbed Lyle's head, slammed his face into his crotch, and erupted in Lyle's mouth. He had always wanted to do that, too, but it had been off-limits until that moment.

After that ferocious orgasm, Zach pulled his pants back up and was served a fantastic dinner by "Wendy.” Zach couldn’t believe the sudden change in Lyle, but he was enjoying it too much to ask questions; maybe after it was all over, he would. Lyle still felt awkward in the ladies’ outfit, but he knew he had no other alternative, or Gunther would show up and ruin his life more than it already was. At least this way, he still had his home and Zach.

The two bottles of wine they drank with dinner loosened both boys up. When they were done, Lyle got up from the table and told Zach to meet him in bed in a few minutes - he wanted to freshen up.

Zach finished his wine and carried a third bottle to the bedroom. He had just set it on the nightstand when he saw the fabulous Lyle sprawled out on the bed in his hot, sexy teddy. Zach had flashbacks to his straight days before Lyle and sprang an instant hard-on again. He practically tore his own clothes off and was naked and on top of Lyle in seconds. He got between Lyle's legs and slid his panties off, getting even more excited when he noticed it looked like Lyle had no cock. He looked up at him.

Lyle said, "It's all for you, baby. Use me any way you like."

Zach decided to leave the black bra and the see-thru red lace teddy on. He then lubed up his cock and prepared to live out two fantasies at once: dominating Lyle and reliving his straight passions. Lyle spread his legs, and Zach lifted them up and onto his shoulders and plunged his thick cock into Lyle. Lyle gasped due to the intense insertion but dealt with the discomfort. Zach couldn’t believe how fabulous Lyle's ass-pussy felt - it was a perfect fit for his thick boy-cock. Lyle's ass was too fine not to be used! Zach was so rugged and business-like, whereas Lyle now appeared more beautiful than handsome.

Zach held his ankles and fucked his lover until sweat dripped off of him. Zach yelled, "Oh yeah! I am cumming up your pussy! Oh, how I have long wanted to do this to you. OH, MY GOD! I’M CUMMMMMING! ARGHHHH!” And that was heaven for Zach! With that, Zach slowly pulled out and was so completely spent that he thought he could just fall asleep in a matter of minutes. When Lyle got up to go to the bathroom, Zach whispered, “Oh, by the way, I want you to wear your panties and teddy to bed!”.

Zach just lay there, basking in the afterglow. When Lyle eventually returned to bed, even though it was on the early side and the kitchen had been left in a mess, Zach squeezed and hugged his lover with all his might. He was so happy, and Lyle was delighted it was over. His ass was sore, and he hoped Gunther would never make him repeat that feminine slut routine ever again.

The next morning Zach said, “I thoroughly enjoyed you last night,” as he kissed his lover good morning.

“Me too,” Lyle lied, but then he confessed. “Well, to be honest, it wasn’t really me. I wanted to make your day, give you your time with a – sort of – female, and let you go wild. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret a single minute of our temporary role reversal, but honestly, it was an important 'give' to you. Maybe next year we can do it again.”

They then had their breakfast, and Zach had to leave for work. But, just before he ducked out the door, he said sheepishly, “Thing ... the thing is, I want 'Miss Wendy Whore' back here again when I come home for lunch.”

“I … I … but … I …” Lyle was really caught off guard.

“No, don’t say anything. I want to be surprised when I come home for lunch and open the door. Boy, it would be wonderful if you were dressed in all your black and red see-thru lace, lying on the kitchen table, on your back, with your legs spread wide. Maybe omit the panties so I can plug you good without delay.” Zach was so excited that he was giggling and all smiles.

Lyle thought to himself that he had created a monster the previous night. There would be no more “Miss Wendy Whore”, and that was that. He was a man, a top, and he would not get fucked again; Zach would just have to keep to their original agreement and get over the “Miss Wendy” thing.

Then the phone rang. “Hello?”

“Oh, hi. Is Miss Wendy Whore there, please?” It was Gunther clowning around.

“Hi, Sir.”

“Well, tell me how it went last night.”

“Oh, it was OK. I did as you asked, and Zach loved it, so I told him we might do it again sometime next year.”

“And he was OK with that?”

“Yeah, he was fine. I packed up the red outfit and will store it in the attic,” Lyle lied.

“OK, and just for lying, you will do EXACTLY as Zach asked you to do … at lunchtime TODAY!” Gunther was angry, and Lyle had been stupid to try to deceive him, forgetting that Zach could see and hear everything that went on in every room of the house. So stupid!

“No, please - it’s too embarrassing! I practically broke my neck in those knife-pointed high heels in the mall. I can’t do that again!”

“Well, I can fix that part. You may buy any other RED high heels you want, maybe a pair with bigger, wider heels, but they must be fashionable.” Lyle wondered what he had gained from his complaint and where Gunther was going with this.

“But, since you just lied, HERE IS YOUR PUNISHMENT: You’ll do whatever Zach wants, concerning Miss Wendy FOR THE NEXT SEVEN DAYS!”

“But … but … I can’t ... I don’t know what he will want … I don’t thi …”

“And, since you are arguing, I’m adding one more component. In addition to your doing EVERYTHING Zach wants with Miss Wendy, YOU WILL TELL HIM HOW MUCH YOU ENJOY BEING HIS 'MISS WENDY WHORE' for him.” Gunther was angry and shouting - he’d never acted like that. He had always been rather cool and calm.

“Yes, Sir,” Lyle responded sadly, acknowledging his new orders.

“No, I don’t think you get it. I want you to be ecstatic, and so fucking happy to be his Miss Wendy. If I detect ANY resistance on your part, Mr. Lyle H. Miller, I fucking swear to God that I will send those videos to the police, to Home Depot, to Zach’s dad, the mayor, to your folks, your school admin, to ...”

“OK, OK, I get it. I understand. I’ll be so happy, I promise.” And this time, Lyle was deadly serious, as serious as Gunther was.

“If - and that’s a big IF – you do please me and your boyfriend to the hilt, I’ll let you stop being Miss Wendy in seven days. That’s the only way this can end without you going to prison and without Zach and his family being publicly disgraced.” Then, after a short pause, Gunther added, “You will start with Zach’s request for you to be Miss Wendy for today’s lunch.” And then Gunther hung up without saying goodbye.

It was unsettling, but Lyle decided to comply for the benefit of his and Zach’s well-being; everything depended on his absolute compliance. No more fighting, no more arguing, no more games. He surrendered.

“Knock, knock,” Zach said jokingly, “I’m home, Miss Wendy,” Zach said as he arrived for his noontime lunch, with a big smile.

“Oh, Zach, you make me feel like such a slut. I’m so fucking horny for your big, hard, manly dick!” Lyle said as he lay on the kitchen table on his back, holding his legs up. He was all decked out in the black and red sexy lace outfit, minus the black panties, as Zach had requested.

Zach’s eyes were big and wide, his mouth open with a big, cheeky smile. “Oh, there you are, my dear,” he said as he entered the kitchen and saw his dream come true. “Oh my, Miss Wendy Whore, you look so fucking delicious!” Zach said as he practically ripped his suit off, completely naked in about twelve seconds. And without skipping a beat, he was all over Lyle. “What would you like me to do to you, my dear whore? You want me to fuck you hard, to thrust my stiff dick down your throat, to warm up your nice, round bubble butt with some hard swats?”

“Oh, Sir, I am here to please you. Whatever you like or do to me, I will love it – and you - all the more.” Zach was so happy and so excited that he feared he might cum before even getting his dick into his beautiful lover. “OK,” he said as he pulled Lyle off the table. He then sat down in one of the chairs and put Lyle, belly down, over his knees. Then he adjusted Lyle’s body so that the top of his head nearly touched the floor, bringing his helpless ass up even higher. Then, with no warning to get him ready, Zach began to spank Lyle’s beautiful ass repeatedly and hard with his big, open palm.

“Oh, OOOOOW, OH, OOOWW, that hurts,” Lyle cried out in shock and pain.

Zach was a little concerned, so he leaned down and whispered in Lyle’s ear, “But you really love it, don’t you?”

“Yes.” What else could he say? He knew Gunther was listening and watching everything.

“And you really don’t want me to stop, do you?”


It Started At Home Depot
Part 6 of 6

“I love you so much. You are so giving to me,” Zach said as he swatted Lyle’s ass for what seemed to be a long time. All the while, Lyle kicked his legs and bawled his eyes out, hoarsely whispering, “I love you so much. Thank you for pleasing me and for being so fucking kind.”

Then, Zach abruptly pushed Lyle off of his lap and onto the floor. Zach was being harsh on purpose because it was his fantasy to be rough with his bitch prostitute, at least in this particular fantasy scene. Then Zach quickly got down on his knees, pulled Lyle into a doggy position, and shoved his dick up his lover’s ass, full-bore! “Yeah, bitch. I know how you like it. I know you want it rough. I’m giving you exactly what you want and what you need.” As he was saying this, he was fucking Lyle hard, without lube, without easing into it, and without waiting for Lyle’s ass to adjust to the big dick pounding and pushing and thrusting as fast and forcefully as possible. Zach was delirious with lust, a lust he hadn’t been able to express for the previous five years.

“Yeah, tell me you love it!”

“I do!” Lyle cried.

“Tell me you want it hard.”

“I want it hard!” Lyle was out of his mind with pain.

“Tell me that you don’t want me to stop!”

“No, don’t stop,” Lyle cried, even though he was on the verge of passing out.

Finally, Zach pushed his dick in as deep as he could and held it there. Blast after blast shook both of their bodies as Zach shot the hardest gusher he had ever produced. When it finally subsided, Zach fell over on top of Lyle and squeezed him tight. “God, you are wonderful. You have made me so happy! I know that that must have hurt like a hot iron, but you wanted me to do it. Fuck! I love you, and thank you for being so giving. I know I have been giving to you for five years; I guess you felt the need to give back to me? You are so sweet, and I am so glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.” He then cradled Lyle's face and French-kissed him for a long time.

Zach assumed that Lyle had climaxed as well, but he did not; nothing about that entire episode had felt erotic to him, but it was his job to convince Zach that he loved it as much as he had.

Zach and Lyle just lay there, holding each other and resting. Soon, Zach got up and said, “I need to get back to work. I’ll grab something there to eat,” he said as he left, walking on air.

Then Lyle’s phone rang. “Hello?”

“You did well, but you’d better keep it up.” Then Gunther just hung up. Lyle had difficulty moving, so he decided to soak in a tub of warm water, which was very soothing.

The next day, Zach called from work. He had a special project to work on, so he wouldn’t make it home for lunch. “But, I do have a wonderful surprise for you. I know tonight is your night off, so I planned something special. I know you’ll love it. Oh, and I want you to wear that wonderful outfit, especially the see-thru black lace panties this time.”

“Zach, I don’t want to disappoint you, but my ass is kind of sore …” Then he remembered to NEVER refuse his lover, so he quickly added, “… BUT DON’T WORRY - YOU CAN STILL FUCK ME IF YOU WANT!” He was glad he remembered that Gunther was listening.

“Oh, that's lovely, dear, but I figured your ass must be a little sore, so this surprise doesn’t include sex. It’s just something I want to give you for being so kind and for letting me fuck that beautiful ass of yours. See you at six. And oh, don’t forget that you are to get all dolled up.”

Lyle wondered what the surprise could be. If it wasn’t sex, maybe it would be a romantic evening at home with a movie and popcorn? Or maybe Zach wanted to light a bunch of candles and trade massages? Or, maybe … well ... he’d just have to wait and see. About an hour before Zach arrived, Lyle took a shower, shaved any areas of his body where hair had grown back, and dressed up in all his see-thru lace undies, his teddy, and the fishnet stockings. He even put on his new high heels, the ones he was allowed to buy that were a bit more comfortable and wearable, all just to greet his lover at the door.

At six, he heard Zach’s car in the driveway, but instead of knocking at the door, Zach just honked the horn. What the fuck? Lyle, dressed as a common street slut, peeked out the window and saw Zach waving to him to come out. Lyle thought he had something in his car that he needed help carrying in, so he went out on the porch, made sure no one was looking, and went to the car.

“Come on to the other side and get in. I want to give you something,” Zach said.

Lyle was too curious, so he went around and entered the passenger’s side. “What is it?”

“I got these for you - they’ll go with your outfit,” Zach said as he handed Lyle a small box.

Lyle opened the tiny velvet box, and it was a pair of earrings. They were the kind that had a large gold hoop dangling from a tiny gold chain; he was stunned. “Oh, Zach, thank you. This is so sweet!” but he closed the box, not liking them. He may have to put up with the faggot lace whore outfit, but did he have to wear jewelry, too? He thought the gift was just plain dumb as he wasn’t planning to be a cross-dresser for the rest of his life, but he pretended to like it. “Thank you so much. Just what I always wanted.”

“No, put them on. I want to see them on you. Please?” he smiled, anticipating that Lyle would look great wearing them.

So, Lyle re-opened the box and tried putting them on, but it wasn’t easy; he had never put earrings on. Zach then reached over and clipped them on for him. The two large gold hoops dangled and shimmered like those on a cheating whore.

“You look great. I’m so glad you like them.” Lyle was so taken aback by the gift and the fact that Zach wanted him to look more lady-like he didn’t even notice that Zach had begun driving down the road.

“Hey Zach, what are you doing? Where are we going? I’m not dressed to go anywhere,” Lyle said, trying to hide his overall panic and the fear that someone might see him in the car.

“I told you I had a surprise for you. I’m taking you to your favorite restaurant, P.F. Chang's China Bistro, down on the strip.”

“Oh Lord, but I can’t go out like this - I'd be so embarrassed! Let me go back and change into some nice slacks and …”

“Oh, don’t be silly. I know you secretly want to show off your new outfit. All women do. And now, with those dazzling earrings, you look even sexier! So, are you OK with this? I mean, it’s like the old days when I snuck out a girl from her dad’s house, and we’d go on a date. This makes me so happy.”

Lyle thought that the car wasn’t bugged, so Gunther couldn’t see or hear him, so he could just refuse and make Zach turn around and go home. But, as soon as they walked in the door, they’d argue at home and maybe even yell at each other. Then, Gunther would know he had refused Zach, and all hell would break loose - he’d be in deep shit, and life would be over as he knew it.

Then Lyle thought that they'd simply ask them to leave if he went into a restaurant dressed as he was. YESSSS! He thought - he’d be embarrassed, but that was likely to last only three or four minutes, and then he’d be back home again. YES! He’d go along just as Gunther would want, and it wouldn’t be his fault if Zach got refused! GREAT!

“So … are you OK with this?” Zach asked again, this time with more of a pleading in his voice, maybe expecting to be rejected, although he really did want to go out on the date.

“Sure, dear. Whatever you want,” Lyle said.

Zach was excited. He parked the car and then went around to the passenger’s door and opened it, as he always did for a lady.

As Lyle got out, Zach noticed something. “Sweetie, you didn’t tape your dick back like before.”

Lyle was surprised. “I’m so sorry, I just forgot. What do you want to do?”

“Oh, it’s OK,” Zach said, “I actually like to see your dick flopping around - it just makes you look all the sexier.”

So, in they walked, Zach dressed in the conservative business suit he had worn to work. Lyle wore the outfit Gunther picked out for him, and boy, it was obscene. It consisted of a see-thru red lace type of teddy with a red bra and red high heels. Included in his sexy outfit were thigh-high red stockings, which left bare thighs from the top of them to his red bikini panties. “I am so glad you agreed to come out to dinner,” Zach said. “You do like to show off your outfit, don’t you?”

Lyle couldn’t possibly have been more embarrassed; he was so scared that he was afraid he would just wet his sexy, red panties. But, he knew what Gunther expected of him, so he replied, “Oh, yes. Thank you. I just love being a woman for you,” he lied.

They then stepped up to the maître d', who was studying the reservation book. When he finally looked up, he became immediately shocked - tongue-tied! This, of course, was when Lyle had hoped beyond hope that they would be asked to leave, as there was no way they could be seated when he was nearly naked in this high-class restaurant.

“Ah ... do you have a reservation?” the maître d asked, hoping to get a “no” for an answer so that he could simply say the restaurant was full and they would have to leave.

“Yes, under Zach Peterson,” Zach said.

“Peterson?” Are you related to the Mayor?” the maître d' asked, kind of joking.

“Why yes, I’m his son,” Zach whispered, not sure why he had to mention that.

“Oh, my,” the maître d' replied, apparently frazzled. This was the Mayor's son, and now he didn’t know what to do. “One moment, please,” he said as he sought out the manager. As it happened, a new assistant manager was working that evening. He was equally stuck on the issue of whether or not to seat Zach and Lyle, but, after a bit of reflection, he said to the maître d', “Look, we don’t want any trouble with City Hall so yes, seat them in the back somewhere, and I am sure it will be fine.”

The maître d' returned to the couple and said, “Oh, yes, I see your reservation now. Yes, please come this way.” So, Zach and Lyle followed him to an alcove in the back.

“No, we’ll take this table,” Zach said as he walked over to the center seating area and sat down. Lyle followed, so they were now seated right in the middle of the restaurant. The maître d', having no choice, mumbled that it was OK and left.

Zach then looked at Lyle and said, “I wonder how you would look only in black see-thru lace? But, of course, the red is delicious,” he smiled lustfully.

“What do you mean, dear?”

“Well, I think you are wearing too much. You are amazing! But please take off your bra - I think it ruins your look. Hand it to me,” Zach smiled.

Lyle was aghast, but then he thought: he didn’t have women’s breasts, so how much worse could it be? He tried to unhook the back of the bra but couldn’t manage it, so Zach stood up, went behind him, and unhooked it, slipping it off smoothly. Lyle had been almost completely naked when they had walked in, but now his nipples were showing prominently as they were now covered only by the red lace teddy dress, which didn’t obstruct anyone’s view of anything.

“Yes, that's much better. OK, let me have the red lace panties now, too.” Zach was so happy that Lyle was cooperating. “Wait! Better yet, beg me to let you remove them. I want you to play the part of a slutty whore trying to show me and everyone else her cunt.” Then he whispered to Lyle, “And if you don’t convince me to take them, you’ll have to walk home.” Zach wasn’t being cruel. Rather he just loved Lyle and thought Lyle honestly loved following orders, no matter what. After all, he appeared to be enjoying this whole scene thus far.

Lyle was appalled – horror struck – but nonetheless said in the sexiest voice he could muster, “Please, Zach, let me take off my panties? Please? This is a special night, and I want to be your slutty whore.” Zach just stared. “Please? I want to be your fucking obscene prostitute. Please, Zach? Please let me strip these fucking panties off.” Still nothing. Lyle was feeling so stupid and indecent, and in no way did he want to be so blatantly naked in such a high-class place, so he hoped Zach was only kidding. He had spoken in a hushed voice, hoping that no one else could hear him beg, but he still received no response from Zach, so he continued to do as asked. “Zach, you are the man. You are my master. I want to please you, to be every fantasy you’ve ever wanted. Fuck! Just snap your fingers, and I’ll rip these sexy panties off and hand them over on my plate.”

SNAP! went Zach’s fingers. OH SHIT! Lyle thought. That did it. No backing out now.

Lyle lifted his ass off the seat and slid his red bikini panties down and off his legs. He then picked them up, placed them on his clean, empty dinner plate, lifted the dish, and offered his panties to his lover.

Zach picked them up and smothered his face in them, loving the sexy aroma of his partner’s junk. Lyle could see how thoroughly delighted Zach was - he was in a state of complete bliss. Actually, Lyle was feeling embarrassed that he had ever doubted Zach’s sincerity; Lyle was, for the first time during all this Miss Wendy act, really happy for his partner, really loving seeing him so satisfied, so fulfilled.

Lyle then had an epiphany - he suddenly realized that all this fantasy stuff was extremely important to Zach. He reflected on the fact that for the previous five years, he, not Zach, had been living the life he alone had wanted. For all that time, he had made Zach agree to everything and required him to concede to every single demand. But now he, Lyle, felt foolish, selfish, aware of how inconsiderate he had been all that time.

He saw Zach’s eyes tear up in what were obviously tears of happiness. Zach’s smile and his look of gratefulness told the real story, the story that Lyle had been too insensitive to see before.

Lyle was a changed man. He had suddenly found a new and great pleasure in his partner, his lover. In fact, this aroused him so much right there in the restaurant that Lyle was throwing a fucking boner! His dick was stiff, and without any underwear on, there was no way he could hide it if he stood up. After all, he was only wearing that see-thru red teddy.

But even so, Lyle carefully stood up - not fully upright, but just enough to crouch at his lover's side. His ass was pointing outward so that anyone looking in his direction would clearly be able to see his shaved ass cheeks and even his balls, which were hanging down between his legs.

Lyle whispered romantically, “You see, dear, how sexy you are? Just looking at you enjoying yourself, being truly happy, gave me a boner.” Lyle then pushed his hips forward to place his stiff dick on Zach’s lap under the table so that Zach could see it for himself.

“Oh, thank you, thank you for indulging me and my fantasies! It draws me so much closer to you,” Zach said as they hugged and kissed. Under the table, Zach was teasing and tickling Lyle’s hard, bobbing dick. “You know,” Zach continued, “for some reason, I’m not in the mood for dinner anymore. Would it be OK with you if we just left and went home, Lyle?”

“Bread, Sirs?” a waitress said, offering a small bread basket and butter. She made no comment about Lyle's being so skimpily dressed and just said, “Your waiter will be over soon to take your order.” Then she left.

“Yes, of course, whatever you want,” Lyle said, adding, “And honey, I promise, I won’t …”

But he was interrupted by the feel of something greasy on his dick. He suddenly realized that Zach was coating his dick with the butter that was just put on the table. “Oh, my! But, as I was saying, I promise that from … OH FUCK! … our relationship will be equal and ... OH MY GOD! … I won’t be making … AH …WOW …!”

Zach was rubbing his lover’s dick in a slow, teasing way, so that was difficult for Lyle to keep his thoughts and words focused. “This will be an equal relationship. I won’t be … OH … OOOOOH… no more of me dictating any more rules … OOOOH … WOOOOW … or conditions.” Lyle’s eyes were rolling back in his head. He was about to climax on Zach’s lap as Zach pumped his buttered dick slowly, then quickly, then slowly, quickly, AND THEN EVEN QUICKER! … Then, it abruptly stopped.

“Zach … oh my … Zach … I think I need to shoot. Just give me one good stroke and let me blast off ...”

“I thought you just said you’ve stopped telling me what to do?” They looked at each other, and both broke out in laughter.

“OK, this is still your fantasy. What’s your pleasure?” Lyle grinned.

“Lyle, you know that I have always enjoyed seeing your beautiful boner.”

“Yes, but you said you wanted to leave. And, if I turn around, you won’t be the only one who sees my beautiful boner.” Again they chuckled. Everything was now once again light-hearted and cool between them.

“When we work on your fantasy - and I’m happy to do that - you get to call the shots.” Zach considered that he needed to at least give Lyle back his panties, or he would have to borrow a towel to wrap around his waist so they could leave discreetly. Since that boner wasn’t going down anytime soon, it had to be covered by something more than see-thru red lace.

“So, tell me what you want,” Lyle said, being open-minded.

“The truth? Really?”


“Well, I want for you and me to walk proudly and slowly out of here, with you in only your see-thru nightie. And then, I want to “69” you in the parking lot before we leave,” Zach said, expecting Lyle to refuse.

“OK, let’s go!” Lyle said calmly, surprising the hell out of Zach. But it also made him very happy. He nudged Zach to stand, and instead of cowering behind Zach to hide his dick as they walked out, Lyle just took the lead and casually strolled toward the door with his dick obscenely pointing the way. When he reached the maitre’d, proudly strutting his fabulous legs in those red fishnet stockings and red high heels, he said, “Sorry, we won’t be staying. As you can see, something mighty urgent has just come up.” As it turned out, that dinner marked a pivotal change in their lives.

They then went to their car, parked at the outer edge of the parking lot. Once inside, they stripped each other naked and made passionate love.

All of that was wonderful, but what about Gunther and his power over those two newly committed lovebirds? And what about the extortion evidence, i.e., the videos? And Gunther’s ability and stated desire to carry out his many threats against Lyle? Well, Gunther’s power had just abruptly come to a close. As he later listened in and heard all the emotional and romantic exchanges between Zach and Lyle, he was surprised that Lyle could have made such a drastic and dynamic turnaround so quickly, but he realized it was authentic. In reality, Gunther had never intended to affect any of his threats; he had just been messing around with Lyle, whom he regarded merely as a sexual play toy at first. But when he saw Lyle being so unfair and hurtful to Zach, he took up the cause in earnest, but just for the fun of it. But then, suddenly, Lyle made this huge turnaround, and BINGO!

So, Gunther had to re-adjust his role in all of this. Sure, he could still fuck them up, but now there was no cause, no purpose. He actually liked both of them, but he had never mentioned it. A day or so later, he made his last appearance at Lyle and Zach’s home. He knocked on the door, and Lyle answered. He let Gunther and the three-man crew in to remove all the surveillance equipment. It was now over. As he was about to leave, Gunther said, “And oh, here’s your key back.” He then turned and walked away.

I don’t know if Lyle ever reflected on Gunther’s role in dramatically improving their relationship, but when one looks at the entire situation, Lyle and Zach likely would have split up had Gunther not intervened, even being the dictatorial bastard that he was.

The End

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