210 Nursing Brother Howie

Nursing Brother Howie
Part 1 of 5

Howard was 16, and Pamela was 21 when their parents died. As an adult and sole legal heir to their parents’ assets, Pamela had attained guardianship over her high school-aged brother. At first, Howard enjoyed quite a bit of freedom as his sister started nursing school and became preoccupied with her studies. It wasn't long, however, before typical teenage behavior and rebellion manifested in her brother. His rambunctious behavior at school began spreading to their home life, causing distractions that Pamela began to notice despite her workload.

By the time he turned+ 17, Howard was failing most of his classes and spending most of his time with buddies and girlfriends. Not only were his grades awful, but his behavior was unacceptable. Little bro had become quite an unruly and inconsiderate brat. With Mom and Dad gone, she was now in charge of Howard. Big sister, Pamela, had a responsibility to make Howard come to his senses and behave as well as improve his grades. She had a bit of a sadistic streak and had ideas on how to control her brother and force him to act like an adult.

Even with these more stern measures, Pamela saw her baby brother heading on a dangerous path. Perhaps he would even get deeply into drugs. Pamela's speeches and the spankings she dished out had only a temporary effect. She started to plot with some of her friends in nursing, to develop a way to turn his life around.

She would take it upon herself to get her brother in line and earn better grades. First, he would have to strip naked whenever he acted up, regardless of who else was in the house. Second, she would lean him over a table and spank his ass hard and repeatedly until he would once again promise to behave, which meant in school and at home. Third, she began to call him “Howie” in private as well as in public, which was his reminder that he was acting like a child and, therefore, would be treated like one.

She was going to subdue him, even though she was a woman, and he a brawny, man-size, virile youth. She waited for her first opportunity. That opportunity came about a month later. When Howie came home, and sneezed a few times. It was spring and likely a simple response to pollen in the air. It was nothing. He knew it, and so did his sister. But it made for a good pretext for her to take care of her little brother. "Howie, I think you’re coming down with something. She told him. He responded that he was fine, as he was, indeed. "No, you are not." She insisted. "And I will take care of whatever you are coming down with." She disappeared into the kitchen.

This made it easy for her to mix a veggie drink and spike it with a powerful sedative. He remarked that it tasted bitter, but she made him drink it down. "Huh, that was awful, sis," he said, making a funny face. And within minutes, it was lights out. After he passed out, she quickly stripped him and locked the chastity cup around his groin. This was no cheap breakable plastic chastity device. This was the best. It was made of chrome steel. It looped around his waist, under him, over his asshole, and up the back to the metal waistband and locked on with two padlocks. Where the metal band went under him and over his asshole, it widened and had a one-inch diameter hole lined up with his asshole so he could take a shit. Neither the device nor its locks could be removed with a hacksaw or bolt cutters.

Pamela hoped that taking control of his rampant teenage hormones would bring him under control. Once he woke up, his hostility was met with strength and resolve. She explained her beliefs and told him that by locking up his genitals, she would relieve him of the distraction they presented. Amazingly, all of his bluster seemed to drain away from him at that point. It was as though he had just been waiting for a firm hand to take away his ability to make poor decisions. It did not take long for Howard to accept his sister's warnings about not even trying to remove the locked belt. He could and did wear it to school every day. No one seemed to notice it under his baggy clothes.

A sound woke Howard from the restless half-sleep he had known as rest. He assumed his sister was doing something to cause the noise that roused him from another uncomfortable night. Of course, blinded by his sleep mask, he had no way of knowing for sure. He squirmed on the bed to let her know he was awake more than anything else. His wrists and ankles pulled at the locked leather cuffs and chains that held him rigidly in position. His inability to move his arms or legs more than an inch was the root cause of his lack of a good night's sleep, something he hadn't had since his sister started chaining him to his bed a little over four months ago.

"Good morning Howie," she said, apparently standing directly over his prone form.

He gurgled an unintelligible response from behind the rubber plug gag she filled his mouth with every night. It was a futile attempt, even though this was one of the less severe gags she used on him regularly, but she expected it. He blinked from seeing the morning sunlight as his blindfold was removed. Adjusting to the light, he saw his sister standing beside his bed, smiling down at him. Next to her was a medical I.V. stand with a filled plastic bag hanging from the hook. Howard squirmed a bit in anticipation, not knowing where the free end of the dangling tube would be placed. He had been on the receiving end before and dreaded each of the four options. He watched as she raised the stand higher, causing the same noise which had awoken him.

Lifting the end of the hose, Pamela turned back towards the bed. "OK, little brother," she said as she nonchalantly swung the end of the tube around her finger, "you have a big day ahead of you, and we need to get started." She pushed the end of the tube onto a small attachment sticking out from the center of his gag strap. Howard didn't know whether to be relieved or fearful of the fact that she hadn't decided to stick it elsewhere.

"Breakfast is served," she said with a smile as she opened the clip on the tube. The boy braced himself as the now free-flowing liquid moved down the tube. "As I said, it's going to be a big day, so we have to make sure your needs are taken care of and out of the way. This solution contains all the nutrition you'll need for the next 48 hours. This way, we won't have to worry about feeding you again.

Howard retched as the fluid hit the back of his throat. Despite all of the times, Pamela fed him this way, he never got used to the initial choking feeling. Once he became accustomed to the flow and was swallowing to keep up, he realized this method was infinitely better than when she used stomach and nasogastric tubes on him.

Pamela watched carefully to ensure her younger brother didn't choke on his meal. Whenever he seemed to be gagging too much, she adjusted the clip to slow the flow a bit. "You may have noticed a different taste this time. I added a strong laxative and diuretic to the mix. Trust me," she smiled sweetly, "you'll thank me later."

As Howard continued to swallow, his sister took the opportunity to go through her ritualistic morning check of his body. She ran her hands over him, checking for signs of hair growth. She was adamant about his staying clean and smooth. Body hair was not tolerated. Satisfied that even his trouble areas had remained hair-free, Pamela moved to his groin, taking a moment to unlock the small titanium padlocks that held his chastity belt firmly in place.

Howie groaned between swallows as his sister unbuckled the waist strap and lifted off the chrome metal shell surrounding his private parts. Methodically, she surveyed his now exposed groin. Her nurse's hands checked him over thoroughly. She touched his flaccid penis, which was encircled by two metal rings, one at the base of the shaft, the other just under the head. His dick was stretched and curved downward and pulled between his testicles. His balls were also ringed by metal bands, albeit individually. His shaft bent under to fit right in the groove created by his separated balls. The band metal ring under his cock head attached to the back of a third ring that encircled his balls. Pamela stroked the shaft gently for several minutes, carefully watching her brother's reactions. By now, the boy had finished his breakfast, and the plastic bag hung limply from its hook. Howard breathed deeply through his nose, his eyes rolling back as his sister continued her inspection.

The secured and complicated chastity device prevented anything more than his dick from making a slight twitch. She watched as his restrained penis struggled to erect and was satisfied that any sort of sexual gratification remained out of the question. Pamela ended her inspection with a smile, listening intently as her brother moaned in frustration.

His enforced chastity was just one aspect of his radically changed lifestyle. He would wear it continuously, whether at home or school. Once home, he was allowed, more like forced, to do homework for several hours. When it was bedtime, he was secured to the bed by his wrists and ankles, blindfolded, and gagged. For several months, the boy's grades improved, and he slowly extricated himself from his circle of friends. Although the dating problem was tougher, Howie was a beautiful boy, and the existence of the chastity belt brought most occurrences to a premature ending. He ended his senior year successfully, his proud sister looking on at graduation. As a gift, she removed his belt for that night. The next morning, his 18th birthday, she entered his room, horrified to catch him in the middle of masturbating. He stammered some feeble excuses, but Pamela just turned and walked out.

On his birthday, he was allowed to sit with her at the dinner table for a celebratory meal. Howard was not sure where things were going from here, but he was pleased not to be force-fed and not to be restrained. Immediately after dinner, Pamela handed him a large, wrapped gift box. "Happy birthday," she said stoically. The boy had just enough time to open the box and look inside in confusion at the mass of leather and metal before passing out from another dose of her sedative, which she had secreted in his meal.

He awoke in the back room, “dungeon.” This is how Howard came to know this room. He was naked and standing in chains with a rubber ball gag filling his mouth. His ankles were chained apart and to the floor while his wrists were cuffed together and pulled up toward the ceiling. He was so pulled upward that he had to stand on his toes to relieve the pain caused by the wrist cuffs. He struggled weakly against his bonds, confused and more than a bit frightened. Realizing his struggles were futile, Howard gave up his struggle. He hung motionless but in a way to keep his weight on his toes to relieve the ache of his wrists and shoulders. It seemed like hours had passed before he heard someone coming down the hall. His sister entered and looked at him in the dim light of this very private and “special” room.

"Look at what you've forced me to do," she said sadly. "For the last year and a half, I've tried to raise you properly, teach you right from wrong, and mold you into the type of young man mom and dad would be proud of." She walked behind him and continued. "But no matter what I did, you refused to obey. You just could not control yourself. Your dick seems to always get its way."

The boy tried to look around to see where she had gone, but he was too efficiently restrained. "Now I'm forced to take more … shall we say … more drastic steps to ensure your wellbeing." She came back around in front of him. She was now holding a long, thin stick, slapping it into her palm. "I'm going to make this short and sweet, and I won't be going over it again, so pay attention, little brother." She struck out suddenly with the switch-hitting him across his right thigh. He screamed into his gag, drool dripping from the rubber intruder.

"Do I now I have your undivided attention?” She did not wait for his acknowledgment or any reaction from him. “Welcome to your new life. Now that you are 18, I will take a much stricter approach to your behavioral problems. Legally, I'm your guardian until you reach 21, when your portion of our inheritance kicks in. Until then, you have no rights, no say in anything. Do exactly as you're told, and things will go easier. Disobey in any way and ... well, I‘m sure you’ll see." She swung the stick in the air to emphasize her point.

"I want you to understand, Howie," her tone softened dramatically as she moved closer to her helpless brother. "I'm doing this for your own good. I love you and swore I would raise you properly without Mom and Dad. I can't let you end up a failure, in jail, or with a bunch of kids calling you "daddy" just because you can't control your horny dick. Make no mistake; this will be difficult for you. You will have no control over any part of your life. I will control everything from your movements to what you eat … even your bodily functions will no longer be up to you. You just have to relax and go with it. Oh, and don't think you won't have to earn your keep. I'm still going to finish nursing school, and you are going to make yourself useful by being my in-home test subject. Yes, my nursing school pays test subjects handsomely, and that money will go to me. This will make you finally worth something, don't you think?"

Howard groaned into his gag, wondering exactly what his sister had in mind. It hadn't taken long for him to find out. While strung up and stretched, Pamela subjected her brother to his first full-body shave. She explained to him that patients must always be kept clean and sanitary. Removing unnecessary body hair was the first step, and Pamela deemed all her brother’s body hair “unnecessary.” She brought out all the shaving equipment and set it before him. But first, she had to unlock and remove all parts of the tamper-proof chastity device. Setting them down, she picked up the foam and covered his entire body from neck to toe. She used several disposable razors to remove all his manliness. She had been careful and thorough not to miss an inch as her wide-eyed brother hung helplessly in his bonds. It was a time-consuming process, and Pamela went slowly, ensuring no hair was left on his body. Legs, arms, back, chest, groin, and butt were all scraped clean by her razor and professional touch. She even removed the hair growing between his ass cheeks and around his asshole. It was so embarrassing that the violated boy almost fainted during the deed.

Once finished, with no hair remaining on him save for what was on his head, Pamela rubbed a special hair growth-inhibiting lotion all over her brother's body. Once satisfied with her work, she rolled a full-length mirror before him so he could view the results while the lotion dried. She left him staring at the image of that hairless boy. He felt more naked than ever, his bare skin tingling with every movement as air passed over his completely uncovered skin.

Pamela returned after a while, pushed the mirror aside, and returned to work on her brother. "Now we're going to more effectively take care of that little distraction between your legs." He squirmed a bit as she re-fitted the same metal rings around his now hairless balls, imprisoning his genitals. And as before, once his testicles had been separated, the ring in the tip of his penis was again locked to the metal band at the underside of his balls. Pamela stood back proudly, surveying her work. "There, Howie, now you don't have to worry about your juvenile urges. Those bands will make short work of any attempt at an erection. And not comfortably, I might add.”

Howard just choked back a sob, more drool running down the corners of his mouth. She then picked up the same metal cup and belt device he had been forced to wear for almost five months. "Don't worry, little brother, this is going back on. Since you can't get any results anymore, I don’t see any reason for there to be any access to your privates." She smiled cruelly as she turned the belt around. "I did make a change, though. I had to add something to ensure you would stay completely sex free."

The boy started squirming violently as she showed him her addition to the metal band that ran from the bottom of the cup, through his butt cheeks, and up to the back of the waistband. It was a huge rubber dildo that would line up with his asshole. She picked up a small bottle of lube and moved behind the boy. "Now, this ‘little’ plug serves two purposes. First, if you know what I mean, it keeps you from playing for the other team. You can’t beat off, get sucked, or fucked. No sex for you, Howie, of any kind until I allow it. Second, it'll give me total control of whatever needs to come out of...or go into...your rear end." He felt her roughly jam her finger, pushing some lube into his asshole. "Normally, I would prep you a little more gingerly with my finger first, but I'm not too happy with you right now, so no easy way out for you." Next, he felt a slight pressure as she pushed the head of the flesh-toned monster cock against his anal ring. With a slow and deliberate force, she began sliding the nine-inch dildo into him.

Hanging helplessly in his restraints, Howard could do nothing as the rubber intruder was forced deep into his bowels. With steady pressure, Pamela encountered some resistance but managed to insert the dildo until her brother's anus closed around the tapered end of the plug. She then drew the rest of the metal band up, which added pressure to the butt end of the butt plug, and locked it to the waistband with a small padlock. "There you go, Howie, complete chastity." The boy could only groan in response. "Oh, I forgot something," she said as Howard felt more movement behind him. "Hang on a sec... there we go..."

Howard yelped past his gag as the dildo buried inside of him grew thicker. "As you can no doubt tell, I can adjust it as large as I want, you know, make it so fat it will really seal your ass,” Pamela said gleefully as she moved back in front of the boy. "That's just a sample to help keep the lube inside of you. It gets much bigger." With that, she had left him to spend the rest of the night chained, gagged, and plugged.

Since that night, Pamela has made good on all of her promises. Kept him in some form of restraint at all times, Howard had indeed become her helpless practice patient. Over the next few months, the nurse in training tried every procedure she learned from her not-so-willing helper. Most were uncomfortable, some were painful, but all were embarrassing. Catheters, enemas, nasal and gastric tubes; all had become a part of the boy's new life. Acceptance and submission became the norm as Howard quickly discovered that failure to obey led to incredibly harsh punishments.

It wasn't long before Howie discovered that he hated enemas. Every aspect of these demeaning procedures made him quake in fear. From the first night when his sister had left the entire contents of the baby oil bottle in his bowels, he knew he could not tolerate them. However, Pamela enjoyed them tremendously, giving them that is. When she took notice of Howard's dislike, she decided to use them as a main form of punishment. The threat alone of a huge retention enema was enough to immediately end any disobedience, although they were rarely just threats.

Sexual teasing became a standard practice of Pamela's procedures to wake up Howard and put him to bed. She used her daily body hair inspection as an opportunity to torment her brother into a state of never-ending frustration. In the evening, after strapping him into her position of choice for the night, she would unlock and remove his metal cup covering the ringed-up, bound up, bent under his dick, and allow it to stretch out naturally. Unlocking the ring in the tip of his dick allowed it to expand and wave like a flagpole in the strong wind. It did not take much tickling and teasing to bring him to a full erection and then keep him on edge for a few minutes. Unable to orgasm, the boy would thrash around as much as his bondage would allow until his sister achieved her desired level of torment. She would then, with some difficulty, fold his dick up and tuck it all back in its retaining torture container. Often, she needed to slap his balls once or twice to get his dick to deflate so she could bend it back and under him to lock it in place. Then she would kiss her cute brother on the forehead and leave him for the night.

This was her ritual. However, on the following morning, she changed her routine. Today's wake-up teasing didn't end as usual with the replacement of the cup. Instead, she removed the chastity device and then allowed her brother’s dick to extend naturally, a rare sight these days. Moving quickly now, she removed the tube from his gag, allowing it to dangle freely underneath the drained plastic feeding bag. “Oh, by the way, I added a lot of laxatives to your liquid breakfast this morning. And, lucky you, a wonderful diuretic too. You don’t know it yet, but you’ll thank me later.”

Next, she unlocked his wrists and rotated his upper body to place his hands behind him and lock them there. Then she disconnected his ankles from the footboard and had him rise from the bed that had so effectively held him prisoner. Stomach full from his feeding and legs wobbly from his night of strict immobility, Howard moved with difficulty as his sister hurriedly ushered him out of his room and down the hall. The dread built inside of him as they stopped in front of the largest bathroom in the house. His fears were fully realized when she opened the door, allowing him to see what awaited. This large, fully tiled bathroom had been modified with rings on the floor, some usual apparatus mounted on the ceiling with chains attached and other stuff. He continually shook his head no and refused to walk inside.

Two huge enema bags, each containing two quarts of water, were hanging, six feet apart, down from hooks embedded in the ceiling in the middle of the white-tiled room. Howard backed up a bit as panic set in, inviting a firm slap to his rear from his sister. "Come on, Howie, I don't have time to play around. If you don't obey me, you'll just make things worse for yourself." She shoved him, forcing him into the cold, sterile room. She positioned him in-between and just forward of the twin bags, facing away from them and towards the door. Kneeling, Pamela had her brother spread his legs until they were four feet apart, allowing her to attach his ankle cuffs to rings set into the floor. Next, she grabbed a chain dangling from a pulley on the ceiling directly over his position and between the enema bags and locked it to his wrist cuffs. Walking to the side of the room, she began pulling down on the other end of the chain, causing the boy's arms to rise behind his back.

Howard grunted his discomfort loudly through his gag, causing his sister to stop the pulley with his arms. Opening one of the nearby cabinet drawers, Pamela removed another device and approached her brother. She quickly unlocked his plug gag and pulled the saliva-covered rubber piece from his mouth. Howard moved his jaw around in all directions to relax the muscles, then pleaded with his sister for mercy. "Oh, Howie, don’t be silly. But this should help out a lot. We can't have you spending the day in your sleep gag, too much noise, especially when those laxatives kick in and enhance your stomach cramps."

With that, she shoved the new, much more restrictive gag into his mouth. Knowing what to expect, Howie opened wide to accept the new mouthpiece, consisting of a longer, thicker plug plus two smaller side pieces pressed against his cheeks. The attached straps were tightened and locked behind his head, sealing the foul-tasting rubber in place. Next, she attached an inflation bulb to the gag and pumped it up until her brother's cheeks expanded, his eyes grew wide with fear and discomfort, and no sound escaped from his mouth. "That's better," she said as she moved back to the chain to resume her task of raising his arm.

Nursing Brother Howie
Part 2 of 5

Satisfied with the silence in the room, Pamela checked the tightness of his dildo. She found it slightly loose. It had a diameter adjustment, so she turned the otter ring in the dildo a full turn to cause it to become fatter inside and better sealed. She then picked up both tubes hanging from the mouths of the enema bags. Each tube fed into a “Y” adopter so both bags could be drained inside him simultaneously. She then grasped the single tube extending at the bottom of the “Y” and slipped it onto an input nozzle sticking out from the base of the boy's plug. With everything secure, he could not interfere with or even reach the tubes. Pamela opened the two clips slightly and started the bags on a slow drip into her brother's bowels.

A long plastic catheter was the next thing Pamela added to Howard's predicament. Even as the boy felt the liquid start to make its presence known inside of him, he squirmed as much as he could as the 14-inch long tube was unceremoniously slid into the urethra of his flaccid dick. Then she picked up the bulbous air pump and used it to inflate the bulb now inside his bladder to lock it in place. There was no way the catheter could slip out or be pulled out now. A small clamp was added to ensure no urine would leave his body.

"All right," she said to him, "I have to go out for a couple of hours. I'm meeting some people from school for an early lunch, then we're all going to come back here to work on a project we came up with." She saw the dread in her brother's eyes at the mention of bringing people home with her. She had used him often as a subject for her practice and study but had never included others in his torment. Smiling at his realization and distress, she returned to the cabinets and retrieved another implement. "Don't worry hon, they already know all about you and are very eager to have you help us with our project." He squirmed anew as she placed the blindfold over his eyes and buckled it in place.

"There, that should help alleviate some of the stress when we return later. Now I know your current position is a bit more uncomfortable than usual for a day spent on your own, but trust me, you'll be very grateful later on that I'm cleaning you out before we start later tonight." She checked over his restraints, ensuring that everything was secure, then moved back to the enema bags and opened the clips much more, allowing the fluid to flow more quickly into Howie's helpless body. She then left the room, shutting off the light and closing the door behind her.

Trapped in darkness and strenuous immobility, Howard had no idea how much time had passed. His arms, shoulders, and lower back were under severe strain from his position, and his bowels felt like they would explode from the gallon of liquid his sister had run into him. As horrible as the enema was, he knew it was worse thanks to the laxative Pamela had added to his morning liquid meal. The cramping was intense, with almost no time between the waves of agony passing through him. Added to that was the fact that he had been deprived of his usual morning urination, his nightly buildup of piss coupled with the diuretic also fed to him, causing his bladder to burn for release in ways he had never felt before.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity of believing he couldn't stand it for one more minute, the sound of the opening door shocked Howard out of his pain-wracked stupor. "There he is, ladies, all ready to help us out." His sister's voice echoed through the stark room, encouraging him to start squirming madly against his bonds. He wished he could see who was there but was still blindfolded. A newfound rush of energy filled him as the hope of release seemed possible, and the need to convey his plight overwhelmed any other sensation.

"Pamela," an older-sounding female voice said, "what a cute, handsome, sexy brother you have. You told us everything except what a muscle stud he is. Oh my, I could just eat him up. Love the way he is all shaved except for his mop of hair. Can I hug him? Oh, well, that can wait.” Emily paused, “Is he retaining an enema right now?"

"Yes, Emily, I thought a good deep cleaning would help with the test. This way, he'll be so empty after he releases this enema, and his insides will be a little stretched. His capacity will be much greater."

"Uh, guys," a new voice, also female but younger sounding, added, "he seems to want out pretty badly." At least someone noticed, Howie thought, too preoccupied to care that two strangers were now seeing him naked, bound, and full.

"Hush, Janet," Mary said, "he's been like that for at least four hours. Another few minutes won't kill him." Howard's heart sank as he realized nothing would change unless these women wanted it. He stopped squirming, exhaustion and despair winning out. Suddenly he bit down on his thick rubber gag as yet another cramp seized his insides.

"Okay, Pam, I see your thought pattern, but did you consider that his motivation during the test will be gone once he's cleaned out?"

"No," Pamela replied, "I hadn't thought of that. I'm sorry, Emily. I wonder if I ruined our project."

"I have an idea," the younger-sounding girl said, "come outside for a minute."

Howie heard the three women leave and shut the door. He was aware of some hushed voices from the hallway, but couldn't make out what was said. The door opened suddenly amidst excited talk and laughter. "Whew," Pamela said, "I thought the project was finished."

"No, Janet's idea will work fine. It means a little extra work for us in the prep stages." The one called Emily continued, "We have a lot to do, so let's get him down the hall so we can start." Moving quickly, the three women set about releasing Howie from his bondage. Emily lowered the chain holding his arms in position while the boy's sister and Janet held onto each of his arms, preventing him from falling. A muffled groan escaped from behind the restrictive gag piece as the boy's unnaturally bent arms moved back into a more normal position. The two women continued to support him as Emily bent down to unlock his widely spread feet.

"Wow," Janet said, "he sure is a hottie, Pam. I've never seen a boy with a completely hairless body before. It looks fantastic, and to think he just turned eighteen"

Pamela turned to her brother, "isn't that right, sweetie? You’re such a hottie." The women laughed together, not waiting for a response. "Em, make sure you hobble his ankles together for the trip to the back room. No more than a foot of chain between them."

"Already done." Like a ragdoll in their hands, the still, nearly unconscious boy was dragged, stumbling out of the bathroom down the hall into his sister’s extraordinary back room. He felt the damp, chill air and the cold, hard concrete on his feet as he maneuvered through the room. He always hated this dimly lit, dank room of the house. It was the place his sister had designated and equipped as her experimentation and punishment room. He’d thought of it more like a dungeon because it meant only suffering and humiliation to Howard, and he dreaded the thought of what was about to come.

The room was equipped with all sorts of medical paraphernalia, including a combination examination table - a dentist's chair in the center. Pamela had been planning all this for over a year, giving her time to gather and install all sorts of equipment. However, she had used very little of it until the last month or so. Rolling medical carts filled with various implements were lined up against the far wall, with enema bags, tubes, and nozzles of all sizes hanging above. In contrast to the stark, sterile medical equipment, the rest of the room seemed well-stocked. The walls were covered with hooks holding hoods, gags, whips, and numerous restraining devices. A metal cage was bolted to two walls and the floor in one corner. Howard had spent recent nights in this "observation room," as his sister called it. It wasn't long enough for the occupant to stretch out, or tall enough to sit up straight in, so obviously comfort was not meant to be observed.

Judging from a lack of talking, Howie assumed the two new women had already been down here, and he became extremely nervous over what plans they had in store for him. He doubled over suddenly as yet another cramp wrenched through him. The two women lowered him to the floor, allowing him to squirm beneath them. As the cramp finally began to ease, Howie heard some movement as items were positioned around him.

"Okay, get him up to a sitting position on the edge of the pot," Emily directed the other two. "You ladies empty him while I prep the stocks and the rest of the solution."

Howard had no idea what the older, obviously in charge woman was talking about, but he knew it wouldn't be pleasant. Pamela unlocked and unlatched Howard’s chrome chastity device and removed it completely. Howard would have thanked her if he was allowed to talk. He felt the other two women maneuver him into a sitting position on the hard edge of a large metal cooking pot, probably about a twelve-quart size like a restaurant might use. It was on a low sturdy table, so the lip of the pot came as high off the floor as his knees were. Against the side of the pot was a sturdy wood stand, the type one would use to display a large plant or small statue. It was the wood stand he was seated on. The pot and the stand were the same height. They guided Howard to sit back a few inches so his plugged-up ass was slightly over the edge of the pot.

A chain was lowered from the ceiling. Janet attached a collar around his neck, which was locked to that ceiling chain. The chain was then pulled taut to force his head up. His feet were again locked to the floor about four feet apart, while his wrists were connected to another chain coming up from the floor behind the pot. This prevented him from leaning forward, as did the collar chain. Once the women were done, Howard was held immobile in a sitting position, his head held straight up by the pressure on his neck. And his feet were secured wide apart to the floor.

"Can we take off his blindfold now?" Pamela called across the room to Emily. "He hates enemas, and being forced to expel one in front of people other than me will do wonders for his submissive nature."

"Sure, we all want to see his beautiful, sexy eyes," said Emily. Pamela moved behind her bound brother and, unbuckling the blindfold, pulled it away from the boy's eyes. After hours of forced darkness, Howie blinked, trying to adjust to the even dimmer light of this “dungeon.” Once his sight returned to normal, he looked right into the eyes of one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen. Howie blushed deeply as the blonde-haired beauty looked him over. Unable to move his head, Howie lowered his eyes in shame, embarrassed at his appearance before the 18-year-old, whom he guessed was Janet.

"Look at me, sweetheart," the young girl cooed, "and keep those eyes open."

"Better do as she says, little brother," Pamela chimed in, "we have ways of keeping your eyes open as well as closed if we want." Howie shuddered at the memory of an incident a few weeks prior when his sister tied him to a chair and tried out some eye clamps to keep his eyes open during surgery. He remembered the horrible feeling of his upper and lower eyelids stretched open, exposing his eyeballs. His muscles fought uselessly against the clamps as he attempted to blink and moisten his dry, burning eyes. She had left him like that for over two hours before releasing him. Having no desire to repeat that past torture, Howie looked up at the girl before him.

"Good boy," she said excitedly. "He has lovely blue eyes. They make a nice contrast to his black hair. But I can't tell if he's really as cute as he seems, not with his cheeks bulging out from the inflated gag. Can we take it out for a minute or at least deflate it a bit?"

"No, not yet," Pamela said as she snapped on a pair of latex gloves. "He can be very whiny at times. Besides, once he's all setup, you'll have at least a great view of his face for a little while."

"Okay," Janet responded, disappointed just slightly. She moved out of the way as the boy's sister came closer. Pamela's rubber-gloved hands held a length of clear plastic tubing, which she quickly slid onto the hanging-out end of her brother's catheter. Slipping the other end around his side, she placed the loose end into the pot. Then she opened the clamp allowing Howard's long-held urine to flow out of his painfully full bladder. “Ahhhhhhh,” was Howard’s one response as his bladder emptied.

"Nice and dark," Emily said, joining the other two as the shamed boy drained. "You used the diuretic, I gather?"

"Yes. That, plus no release in almost 6 hours, makes for a strong brew." Janet chuckled at Pamela's answer. Once his bladder drained completely into the metal cooking pot he was sitting on, the tube was removed along with the catheter itself. Pamela then moved around to his backside and stooped there to grab the butt end of the dildo. She rotated the ring to cause it to reduce the girth and lessen the pressure in his asshole. With a swift move, Pamela yanked the rubber monster out of her brother’s ass and, in one motion, withdrew her hand just before the explosive release that followed.

Howard sobbed openly as he looked at the three women standing before him. Forced to perform this most intimate task in front of them totally humiliated the boy. His embarrassment ebbed as relief from the torturous cramps began to set in. He was sweating profusely and completely aware of HIS shit odor now filling the poorly ventilated room.

"Smells like something died up there," Janet remarked with a wink directed at the boy.

Pamela just laughed as she twirled the just removed dildo around her finger. Still completely confused by their plans for him, Howard continued to empty his bowels in explosive surges. The pot beneath his spewing ass was now filled with a mixture of his intestines and bladder contents. Finally, after ten minutes of this embarrassing display, the women deemed him empty. His chains were then unhooked from their connection points, and the collar was removed as well. The only thing he was still “wearing” was the inflated gag in his mouth. He wished they would remove that so he could thank them and express his complete appreciation to all three women now that this nightmare was over. He was stood up and moved away from the half-filled pot. He moved with difficulty. All of his energy was drained from him from his ordeal. He saw two of them lifting and removing the pot to the adjacent bathroom. He was allowed to sit on the floor and lean his upper body against the wall to recover from the ordeal. He noticed Emily opening some wall cabinets, seemingly looking for something.

“Howie, honey, you looked wiped out. I am so proud of you. You showed all of us how well you can shit and fart. Here, let me give you something to fix you up. Then, you’ll have earned a really long, quiet rest. Okay, Sweetie?” Then Pamela held up a small vial of clear liquid with a black rubber stopper. She popped off the stopper and said, “Hon, this is just what you need.” And she placed it under his nose. With his mouth stuffed full with an inflated gag, he could only breathe through his nose. He gladly inhaled the reviving fumes, one deep breath in, two deep breaths in …, and his eyes rolled up to the ceiling, and it was lights out for Howard. She did not want him out cold, just slightly under, more semi-unconscious, just enough so he would not struggle as phase two began. Howie could only breathe through his nose, so he had no choice but to inhale the fumes, which soon made him woozy and unsteady.

“Emily,” said Pamela, “ Janet and I can handle Howie. Can you prepare the main living room; get it ready for our guests?” Emily said she would. Howard was wondering what guests were coming. Would it be a gathering of some group of mistresses and S and M dominatrices? Howard wondered about being left here, in this condition, while his sister and her “guests” were partying in the main part of the house. Emily left to set up for the gathering.

When Pamela deflated and removed Howard’s gag, a flood of drool followed it. Janet approached them with the first item that she pulled from the cabinet. It was a black latex bodysuit resembling the full bodysuits worn by deep-sea divers. However, being latex and not rubber, it was lighter-weight and more stretchy. Except for the head, it was a one-piece that could totally cover a body, including hands and feet. A zipper went from the upper back to the top of the high neck, and several strategically placed openings.

Janet pulled his hands behind his back as Pamela began pulling the skintight suit up her brother’s body. She locked them together with a pair of handcuffs. This was temporary and necessary because Howard was already starting to move about and groggily open his eyes. Howard tried to say something but was hushed by Pamela, who told him that things would get much more uncomfortable if he didn't remain calm and quiet. Now that the latex was pulled up to his calves, they helped him stand and leaned his upper body against the wall. Now they worked this “second skin” up to just under his bubble butt. Janet bent him over from the waist, and Pamela started to push a different shape butt plug up against his asshole. He yelped as the head of the ten-inch-long dildo plug pushed into him. The boy squirmed and gasped as the full length of the intruder slid into his cleaned-out rectum. Its girth stretched and filled his asshole cavity. Several straps were quickly buckled, locking the plug in place. Both women had to struggle to get the super tight bodysuit pulled fully up over his rear.

Janet’s face lit up, “Pam, you said he needed a good rest for a bit. How about putting all the straps on him and hoisting him up to hang for a while? We could remove them after he is rested.” Janet chuckled.

Nursing Brother Howie
Part 3 of 5

“That would take all the weight off his legs, and, you know, that would be a nice thing to do for my little Howie, wouldn’t it? You know I love my baby brother so much that I’d do anything for him.” Pamela agreed in jest as they both giggled. Howie kind of jerked his body in horror, but he could not do anything about what was happening to him. So they added the broad leather straps from his shoulders to his ankles. And then Janet attached the large carabiner clips to the D-rings on the back of his head hood, top of his shoulders, center of his back, and behind his knees.

“Now, to get him fully suspended,” Pamela chimed in. And up they hoisted him about 18 inches off the floor. Janet was giddy and acting like a little girl. She took her shoes off, got down on the floor, on her back, and placed her bare feet up on Howie’s fully cover dick. It was such a fun moment. And all three of them were at a natural erotic high. Soon they both went to the kitchen for a drink before continuing. When they returned, Janet and Pamela worked in unison to take him down, and unstrap him, to continue to ready him for – HIS -- party.

The butt plug stuck out of his asshole only about half an inch and showed an electrical receptacle for a plug of some kind. The suit had a hole in the ass that lined up with the butt plug. Pamela then removed his cuffs, which were meant only to restrain him while the plug was inserted. The women worked quickly while Howard was still very groggy. They inserted his hands and arms into each sleeve. “Now, Howie, make a fist of each hand.” In his mental haze, he complied, not understanding what this was all about. Like the feet, the suit also had no openings for the hands, just “bulbed” ends where his fists would end up. “Now, Howie, suck your gut and exhale completely.” He did. The boy winced as Pamela zipped up the back of the suit. It took both of them to pull the latex suit onto him and close the zipper, completely encasing his body in the tight, stretchy latex.

As the mild dose of chloroform was wearing off, Pamela pulled his arms behind him and used a set of leather wrist cuffs to lock his wrists at his back again. Howard tried to shake the remaining fogginess from his mind. He then looked down more intensely at his stretched-on, black latex suit. He saw that his genitals had been pulled through a small opening in the crotch of the suit and that his nipples also extended through perfectly placed holes. His self-examination was interrupted as Janet handed her a wide leather posture collar which she then secured around his neck, completely covering the suit's zipper pull tab. With this high collar now locked in place with a small padlock, Howard could not lower his head.

Pamela and Janet stepped back and allowed the now fully conscious boy to stand alone. Completely helpless, Howard stood still, not wanting the painful ass plug inside of him to move around. Pamela then brought over a length of chain and attached one end to the center of his wrist cuffs. She then threaded the other end through the lower of two D rings centered at the back of his collar and began pulling the chain down.

"Janet honey," Pamela said as she slowly raised the boy's arms behind his back, "it's time to gag him again. Will you take care of it? My hands are full."

Janet picked up another object and brought it over to the helpless boy. Seeing it momentarily took Howard's mind off of his cramping arms and plugged ass. His sister mentioned it was a gag, so he knew that. But it was odd. It had a large “O” in front and a six-inch black rubber dick extending behind it, curving downward. And several leather straps were coming off each side. This wicked-looking gag was unlike any he had ever seen. “You see here,” she held it up to him. “A small hole runs through this dildo gag, about the size of a straw. That’s so we can inject liquids into it, and it will squirt directly down your throat. When fully inserted, the dildo is so large, it will prevent your tongue from moving, so you won’t be able to make more than a soft muffled sound.” Circling the mouth or front end was a rubber-coated plastic ring with two molded plastic projections coming out from either side. As she approached him with the strange gag, he winced as his arms were drawn up even further behind him.

"Please...why? I’ll be good …" He stammered out his pleading as Janet turned the gag so that the projecting rubber erect penis curved downward and pushed it into his mouth. Janet smiled as she slid the rubber dick into the back of his mouth. He panicked and tried to buck but could not move away. "Just relax, sweetheart," she said, "breath through your nose. It has to go all the way into work properly." She pushed it in more but waited for him to react as the dick touched the back of his throat. He did immediately. As he retched, his mouth opened fully wide, and she could slip the “O” ring behind his teeth. This set the dick head as far back into his mouth as it was designed to go, all the way into the opening of his throat. He could not breathe through his mouth except through the straw-sized hole in the penis gag. It was now caught behind his teeth.

Janet then pulled his cheeks open and slid the molded outer plastic mouth guard into place in front of his teeth, which snapped tightly together with the back “O” ring. This “sandwiched” his teeth together, leaving several straps hanging down. A small tube extended out of his gag, about six inches long. He could breathe through this tube, as well as through his nostrils.

Still choking on the fake cock positioned into the opening of his throat, Howard teared up from panic as Pamela pulled harder on the chain connected to his arms, painfully forcing them upward between his shoulder blades. Then she took the loose end in her hand and padlocked it back down to his wrists. This forced Howard to arch his head back to ease the pressure on his neck. Janet took advantage of the boy's distraction to pull the gag's straps tightly into place, buckling and locking them behind his head.

Pamela chuckled as she came around in front of him and retrieved yet another item. "He looks so natural with that hard rubber cock up his ass and one down his throat. I think he likes it."

Janet brought over a stepladder and climbed up while Pamela attached a second chain to the back of Howard's collar. Passing the other end to Janet, Pamela watched as she threaded it through a ring screwed into the ceiling and let that end hang down for the moment. Then she put the ladder away and stood back.

As Janet watched, Pamela picked up five black leather straps of various lengths. She used four of them to tightly cinch them and buckle them around Howard's ankles, calves, knees, and thighs, securing his legs together. Satisfied with their efforts, the girls gave each other a thumbs-up sign.

The one chain hanging loose, Janet looped through a hook in the ceiling. This chain had one end attached to the top “D” ring in the back of Howard’s collar. Standing directly before her brother so he could see her, Pamela took hold of the loose end and slowly began to pull on it. Howard panicked as he felt the upward pull on his collar as Pamela pulled the chain downward, removing all the slack. For a moment, he thought they would hang him as he choked from both the gag and the upward pressure on his collar.

Seeing the distress in his eyes, Janet leaned over to his ear and whispered to him, "Howie dear, you can ease off the painful pressure on your neck if you lift yourself on your toes, sweetie." Howard was grateful for the advice, so he put all of his weight on the rubber-encased balls of his feet to balance on his toes. Immediately, Pamela took up the slack his upward movement created in the chain and hooked the now taut chain to a ring in the wall near her. With Howard so greatly straining to keep on his toes, Janet then grabbed the last leather strap and buckled it around his newly exposed instep. He had his arms behind him and was raised upward by the chain that connected his wrist to his collar, forcing his neck to bend backward. The second chain ran from his collar upward, looping through to a ring in the ceiling and back down tightly when secured to the wall. This second chain stretched his head to the ceiling.

Pamela walked back to the cabinet to retrieve the next item in the mistress arsenal. Janet clapped her hands excitedly as she saw her return with the heavy rubber corset with rigid metal vertical stays.

Pamela reflected on how she first subdued her baby brother, Howard. That’s when she began executing her plan to dominate and control him. She recalled how she snuck a sedative in his drink, and when he passed out, she stripped him naked, bound his hands behind him, placed a black leather gag with a large protruding penis dildo pushed into his mouth, and securely strapped it around his sweat cute boyish head. Soon, Howie came too and was in a terrifying state of panic. His eyes bugged out in fear. That is what Pamela loved most, her brother’s fright! She nearly creamed in her panties when she stared into his bugged-out eyes. Then she called her friend Janet to assist her. These two vixens are both into the S and M cult as Mistresses. They are also professional nurses, so they know a lot about how far they can push a man, and wow, they were pushing Howard beyond his perceived limits. That was weeks ago.

Getting back to the present, the two Mistresses have Howie all suited up in a latex body suit from head to toe. He has a large dildo up his ass, and his dick and balls are being tied up. But they are not finished yet. They need to confine him further. Working together, they slipped the back of the corset into place under the boy's arms, pulling the two open ends around the front of his body. They had to stretch the ends to their limit to meet the attached buckles and straps. Once all the straps were threaded, the women began pulling them tight, not stopping until they could buckle them into place at the last, tightest notch. A heavy leather flap was pulled down over the buckles and zipped into place, covering them completely. The woman then took two small padlocks and attached one to each end of the flap's zipper, locking it closed.

The effect of the corset was immediate. Howard's thirty-inch waste had been reduced to a crushing twenty-seven inches. The pressure on his stomach was intense, and his breathing was severely limited by the constriction of his lungs. Thanks to his mouth-filling gag, the boy could now only manage shallow wheezing through his nose. Panicking at the sudden decrease in his oxygen intake, Howard began struggling in his restraints. However, the struggle did not last long, as the inability to take deep breaths prevented any prolonged strenuous activity. As nurses, they knew that Howard would do fine if he took a lot of tiny short breaths.

"Perfect," Pamela said as the two women stepped back and watched the boy's futile struggles come to an end. They took a moment to examine the fruits of their labor. Held in place by the neck, Howard was forced to balance all of his weight on his toes. Any attempt to lower himself would cause the pressure on his collar to increase even more than it already was from the strain of his pulled-up arms. Satisfied with their results, Pamela moved closer to the boy and began to explain...

"We still have a lot to do, so I will make this short and sweet. The last month of your life, dear, sweet brother, has all been set up for this moment. Even though you started to do better in school under my strong, controlling, and disciplined manner, I found out all about your plans to run away, drop out of school, and hook up with that slut. I intercepted a letter from her. She even called me a ‘bitch” in that letter. I think that word came from you, ‘sweetie.’” She paused, looking into his bugged-out eyes.

“No, we don't intend to hurt you - well, not permanently anyway - but we do intend to use you for your own good to train you. And use you for our amusement, such as at the party tonight. Call it show and tell. So we benefit by using you as our party’s centerpiece, and you, dear brother, benefit by being punished and trained to obey us at all times. It’s a win-win situation.”

Pamela continued, “You're young, good-looking, well-built, and very healthy - the perfect boy toy. For the next month, you will be our slave stud. You will have to endure everything we do to you, and perhaps - just perhaps - we'll reward you occasionally with some pleasure of your own. Of course, that's a long way off, and all good things have a price, as you'll eventually see.”

“You know, Howie," Janet chimed in, "Emily and I will be here for you all the way. Or do I have that backward? I mean, you will be here for us all the way.” She giggled as she ran her hands across his face, tracing the outline of the gag’s leather straps crisscrossing his features. "Just know this, baby, your suffering is turning us on tremendously...try to enjoy it too."

"That's enough," Pamela said, "let's finish him up. We have a special night coming up, and I want him done so we can get some rest before our guests get here."

More than happy to oblige her, Janet set about continuing her brother’s preparation. She picked up a small, complicated-looking set of leather straps and proceeded to kneel in front of the bound boy. Working quickly, Janet first buckled a thin strap around Howard's balls and pulled it as tight as possible. She then took a strap that was dangling from the center bottom of the ball strap and pulled it up between his testicles, separating them painfully. Pulling this strap to its tightest position before snapping it in the back forced the boy's balls into two distinct bulges.

Howard squirmed only slightly from the new sensation, trying hard not to upset his balance on his toes. He groaned, once again choking on the rubber cock head down his throat. Janet was now carefully holding Howard’s dick, trying to avoid stimulating it right now. However, it was a little firmer than she would have preferred for managing the next step. She wanted to act quickly while his dick was still somewhat pliable.

Janet picked up a fluorescent pink cylinder, about one inch in diameter and six inches long. It looked like a section of pink plastic tubing, open at both ends.

The two unusual things about this short piece of tubing were that it was bright pink and that it had three small “D” rings - two attached at one end and a third attached at the other. Janet lubed up the inside of the larger tube and then carefully pushed it over Howard’s semi-erect dick. She had to wriggle and squeeze it fully onto the shaft of his dick, all the way on, past the mushroom head. Just as she had planned, the cylinder covered his shaft from just below the head to the base of his dick. She then had to twist it a bit so the “D” rings showed two on top of his dick, at the tip and base, and two under his dick, also at the tip and base.

The “D” ring at the bottom, next to his bound balls, was easy. She just looped a small padlock connecting that ring to the strap around the top of his balls. CLICK. That tube would never slide off Howard’s dick, even if he did go soft (which was not in the plan). Using her fingernail, she flicked the bulbous, cherry-red mushroom head of his cock, now sticking out of the end of the cylinder.

"There," Janet, an expert in penis bondage, proudly announced, "that'll keep you nice and stiff for a long time." Then she picked up a long half-inch wide strap, about 15 inches long. At one end was a “D” ring, and very near to it was a small hole with a small metal tube built into it. The metal tube was about 5 mm (or 3/16th of an inch) in diameter and about one inch long. The tube was securely attached to the backside of the strap and was made as one piece. One end of the tube was flush with the front of the strap and projected from the backside its full length of one inch. There was also a “D” ring at each end of the strap.

Holding the end of the strap that had the little metal tube, she locked that “D” ring to the “D” ring on the pink cylinder, just under the tip of the mushroom head. Then she lubed up the end of the tube that was sticking out. With her fingertips on the opposing sides of his pee slit, she pulled the slit open and began to gently wiggle in the tiny, greased-up metal tube. She worked the inch tube fully into his urethra, flush with the end of his dick. Now the tube was holding the pee slit open, and the strap was holding the tube. She threaded the loose end through the “D” ring in the top of the pink cylinder's tip end, and as she pulled the excess through, the strap now kept pressure across the dick tip, applying pressure to hold the tube.

She tugged on it firmly to be sure. Howard’s dick was rigid because it was in the rigid pink cylinder but pointing to the floor. Janet was going to fix that, however. She pulled the loose end of the strap to his belly, to a point that brought the tip of his dick up and the shaft level with the floor and secured that end to his corset. The pink cylinder made his dick stiff, and this strap design made it project obscenely straight out in front of him.

Pamela came forward with a small box filled with lead weights. She knelt to access Howard’s tied-up and separated balls and looped a metal clip between the balls and the leather strap. On the clip, she started to hang weights. Each weight was half a pound. She added one at a time, watching his balls slowly being stretched further down. When she attached five pounds in total, she was satisfied. Pamela moved aside to let Janet continue her work.

The boy's bodysuit had two holes that were positioned right over his nipples. Janet came forward with two nasty-looking metal, alligator nipple clamps. Each had an adjustment screw. With her fingers, she pulled on the left nipple as far as it would come away from his chest, then attached one of the clips and let its teeth bite into the nipple flesh. Howard was in tears. But that was not enough for Janet. She then turned the set screw up tight to cause the sharp metal teeth to pierce the nipple everywhere it made contact. She then repeated the process with his right nipple

Even though he was gagged, the women heard his muffled screams. Almost passing out from the intense pain, Howard lost his balance and was momentarily held up by his chained-up collar. Pamela leaped in, smacking him across the face and putting smelling salts under his nose. Once he was back on his toes, Janet attached a light chain to each clamp and hung a one-pound weight from each. "I told you, sweetie, you should have gotten your nipples pierced when we had your ears done," Pamela said sarcastically, wiping the tears from her brother’s cheeks. "While I go get his 'cocktail' ready," Pamela said, "you remind him of what's happening behind him. I think all of the attention we've given his front has made him forget that thick dick we slid up his ass." Pamela left the room, going through a side doorway and turning on a light.

“Oh, yes, Howie. As you can feel, you have a very large dildo up your ass. But what is more interesting is that two tubes run through that dildo and out the two holes in your latex suit. Those tubes are for us to control what can go up your ass. With one, we can pump air into it and make the dildo bigger and fatter … or, release air and let it reduce in size. With the other tube, we can insert electrodes and send a pleasant, or not-so-pleasant, current into your ass. Or we can inject water or any other liquid we wish. So, your ass is ours, as is every other body part.” Janet spoke in an even, serious tone.

Pamela headed out the door and down the hall as Janet clamped off the tubes to seal the two openings to Howard's anal plug. Howard tried to communicate his distress as she worked around him. She ignored his whimpering pleas and just smiled at him.

Pamela returned, holding a large needleless syringe, approached her brother’s face, and lifted the six-inch-long tube sticking out of his penis gag. “Honey, I’m going to inject this liquid into this tube. Just let it flow down your throat. Oh … I guess you can’t do otherwise.” She giggled, placed the syringe against the opening in his gag, and injected what she called her cocktail, which went directly down his throat. "This is a special drink we cooked up just for you, dear. It contains Viagra in a liquid form, a diuretic, and a mixture of supplements, including Horny Goat Weed extract, which helps the body create more semen. We don’t want you to ooze out all your semen without your body being able to produce a continual amount.”

Howard began a gag reflex as the fluid poured down his throat through the rubber penis embedded fully to the back of the mouth. It was like his penis gag was peeing down his throat. His gag reflexes stopped when the flow of liquid stopped. He wondered what effect the “cocktail” would have on his dick or brain and when he would notice it.

Pamela stepped aside and allowed Janet to kneel again before the boy. Holding another item, Janet grabbed the fluorescent pink cylinder containing his dick. She was careful not to disturb the strap holding it out and level. Of course, when the cocktail would eventually kick in, his dick would want to expand much more. Still, it will be agonizingly constrained by the unyielding cylinder. Carefully, she slid the end of a plastic catheter tube into his held-open piss slit. The plastic tube fitted right through the metal one embedded in the mouth of his penis. Using firm pressure, Janet worked the entire length of the twelve-inch tube into his shaft, watching with satisfaction as his body jerked with every inch. Once embedded in his bladder, Janet clamped off the tube and adjusted the catheter so the tiny balloon expanded inside his bladder to lock it in place.

"Howard sweetie, you ok? We're almost done here," Pamela said as she came forward, holding another piece of black rubbery latex. It was a full stretch hood with a small hole in the mouth area for the gag tube and two holes at the level of his nostrils. Pamela stretched the hood over his head and pulled the tight material down, making sure the gag tube came through the correct hole and the nostril holes were properly positioned for his nose. Even though he could breathe easily, the claustrophobic, skin-tight hood made him think he needed to breathe heavily. Unable to see, the boy felt something get attached to his catheter. The other end of that “something,” which turned out to be a tube, was pushed tightly through his protruding gag tube. He freaked. He tried to move but could not. He trembled and sweated inside his latex skin. He realized two things: one, he could no longer breathe through his mouth tube, and two, his mouth would receive his own urine. He recalled the “cocktail” his sister described and that it had a diuretic in the mix. He had never consumed urine before, not even his own, and he sure did not want to start now.

Pressing the Velcro strip on the neck of the hood onto the mating Velcro strip around the neck of the suit, Pamela encased her brother. Except for the two tiny nostril holes, he was now totally encapsulated in his latex skin. Satisfied, she waited while Janet handled the next part of Howard's torture. Janet took a black electrical cord and attached it to the butt plug sticking out of his ass and plugedit into an electrical socket. The cord had an off/on switch built into it. Janet clicked the switch “on.” The women watched as Howard began shifting on his toes, lurching as the now vibrating cock came to life in his rectum.

"Well, Howard, this is the last of your preparations for now. We control every part of you, and now we're even going to control your breathing.” With those words from his sister, she placed two fingers lightly over the two nostril holes in his latex hold. Howard had already lost the ability to breathe through his mouth because the one tube going inside his mouth had been connected to his dick catheter. So he had been breathing only through his nose. Now the fingers block that last airway. Howard released hysterical muffled screams. He was obviously trying to shake but was bound in every way. His body was struggling for survival. He was totally helpless.

“Sweetie, honey … If you stop all movement and remain absolutely still, I will remove my fingers. Okay?” He did. He “stood” like he was dead. Not a sound. Not a hint of motion. Like a black mannequin in a department store display window. Beautiful. Then Pamela removed her fingers, and he inhaled a huge air. He sucked in as much as he could.

Nursing Brother Howie
Part 4 of 5

“Okay, sweetie. See, you can do that. You can remain still as we or anyone else pinches your nose closed. That was not difficult, was it?” Howard knew to obey anyone and everyone. He could barely muster a slight nod with his stretched-out and restricted bondage, but Pam saw it and was pleased. “Okay, Howie, let’s give Janet some power. You will now turn over your ability to breathe to my dear friend.” Then Janet put her two fingertips against Howard’s two nostril openings. It only took the lightest, most gentle touch since he could not move his face away. Howard immediately stopped all movement. Not even the slightest movement could be sensed. He made not the slightest sound. He was getting light-headed but remained motionless, powerless, and unworthy of breath.

His vision faded as dark blotches increased, blocking his ability to see. His eyelids were droopy, Yet he did not react. Both women were so pleased. He surrendered even his ability to inhale. He had become nothing. Then the fingers were removed, and again Howard violently sucked in air, making some muffled coughs, and breathed deeply.

"I am so proud of you,” Pamela told her brother.

Then she added, “And just because you are being such a good boy and cooperating, we will make you more comfortable.” With that, Janet unclipped the clamp on the boy's catheter. The women watched as the force of this much-needed piss pushed his urine upward into the clear tube that went into his sealed-off gag. Howard had to quickly swallow it to prevent choking or vomiting. He was disgusted that he was now drinking his piss, yet … at the same time, he was greatly more relieved that these two women were so kind and gracious that they allowed him to piss.

If he could speak, he would have said repeatedly, “Oh thank you, thank you so much, you are so good to me!” They surveyed their handiwork as the boy struggled to down his piss. Howard looked like a deformed, perverted, black rubber blow-up doll. Janet reached out and turned off the vibration on the butt plug and unplugged it from the wall outlet as a reward for his surrender. The cord hung out of his ass like a long tail. His arms were numb, and his calves ached as he had to continue to balance on his toes. With his leg muscles so fatigued, he now shared his weight between his neck and toes. Howard's body was an immobile, sadistic art piece.

Strangely though, Howard was aroused and felt he would cum if only one of the women would just touch his tied-up cock. Of course, the ladies had already decided that his gratification was not something in their plans for the boy, at least not soon. Knowing this, Howard began to accept his fate. Giving the nipple and ball weights a swing, Pamela said, "He looks wonderful. Let's let him get some “sleep.” Tonight will be a big night, and he needs rest. I wonder how Emily is doing with the party set up in the front room. We’d better go help her."

As the two women left, Howard heard Janet ask, "Do you think Howie will enjoy the festivities tonight?"

And Pamela responded, "It doesn't really matter," as she shut the overhead light and closed the door behind her, locking it, "we sure will."

At 7:00 PM, Howard was shocked from his daze by the sound of the locked door opening. It was the girls, of course; his sister Pamela and one of her sadistic cohorts, Janet. Emily was still in the kitchen making party hors-d’œuvres and setting up the bar.

“OK, Janet, guests are going to start arriving by eight, so let’s untie him and get him presentable for his entrance,” Pamela told her in a matter-of-fact tone. This was shocking news to Howard but also a tremendous relief. For the first time, he understood that he would be present at the party. And, more important to him, he would be unbound to be presentable to all his sister’s friends. To him, that meant that his day of complete agony, humiliation, and torture was … over. He started to cry uncontrollably, releasing all his pent-up physical and emotional pain. Pamela petted her brother’s latex-covered head to try to calm him down, but he could not stop crying. He needed to empty all his overwhelming experiences of frustration, fear, anxiety, embarrassment, and even erotic sensations. It would soon be party time!

Pamela unlocked and disconnected the chain that ran from his collar to the ceiling and then to the wall. This relieved the upward stretch of his neck. He could now stand with his feet flat on the floor, yet too wobbly to do it without some assistance. So one or the other helped him as they removed his trappings. Pamela removed the other chain that connected his wrists to his collar. Howard’s wrists were still cuffed behind him, but at least he could bring them down to the lower back and stop his shoulders from aching. It felt so fucking good not to have his arms pulled up to between his shoulder blades. He was weeping again, softer now. He repeatedly mumbled, “Thank you … thank you … oh god, thank you so much … thank you.” Howard was exhausting all his emotions. Of course, with the penis gag still fully in his mouth, it came out “Mummmph muph …. mummmph muph …”

The women were not paying attention to his expressions of extreme appreciation; they were busy unstrapping the five body straps from his thighs to his feet. Next, they removed both the catheter from his dick and the connecting tube into his gag. He could now breathe through both the two nostril holes in his latex hood, as well as the straw size hole in his penis gag. Howard stood, fully encased in latex from head to toe, patiently waiting for the rest of the S and M gear to be removed from his body. At least, he was now comparatively comfortable in his posture.

The women continued, removing the weights from his tied-up balls and then from his nipple clamps. He screamed, and his body jerked and spasmed violently as blood rushed back into his now-freed, stretched-out nipples. He tried to calm down and stop crying now that all this was ending, and he would be human again very soon. Oddly, he felt indebted to his sister and her friend, Janet, for releasing him from the extremely painful apparatus they had put on him, which had caused him to endure all that torture. He was not thinking about the fact that they caused his agony in the first place, just the fact that they had now released him from it. He was already eager to give his sister and Janet a hug of thanks for his rescue as soon as he was completely free of his gag, his butt plug, the tightly-bound corset around his torso, and the black head-to-toe latex body skin. He was ready to be stripped of all these sadistic, dehumanizing “appliances.”

Next, he felt his cock and ball harness being unlocked and removed. His dick finally hung free. The effects of the Viagra “cocktail” he was forced to swallow hours ago had all worn off. His dick was still a bit semi-erect, and his balls hung lower due to being stretched downward with a five-pound weight.

Howard was happy, however, that this nightmare was over. He was thankful that his sister was freeing him and allowing him to return to normal. He decided he would act very respectfully and politely to all his sister’s friends at the soon-to-begin party. He was considering dressing up in his grey suit or slacks and a sports shirt. Then he thought he’d just ask his sister what the dress code was and would gladly comply. He knew his sister always set up a nice bar, where she, or an appointed guest, would make whatever cocktails people requested. And, boy, oh boy, could he use a drink! He was thinking about his favorite drink, a Mai Tai. He thought that he’d start with a strong one. Not being much of a drinker, he’d make the exception and imbibe.

In his now distorted thinking, Howard realized how pleased he was with his sister and her friends and how much he wanted to thank them. He felt renewed. Maybe all this shit he just went through, discussing and degrading as it was, was necessary for him to get his act together. How odd and wonderful that his loving sister had taken all that time and energy to help him get his mind right. And now he knew the purpose of the party, for people to celebrate his transformation. Though no one would ever know the dehumanizing and horrible treatment he just endured -- and there was no reason to let anyone know about that process – they’d see a more caring Howard. That was enough of a reason to celebrate. He was also thankful that no tell-tale marks were on his body, so all this sadistic shit would be unseen and never again be mentioned. It was all his secret. His sister and her friends would be totally discreet from now on. What a fucking relief!

Howard just stood there in his remaining submissive outfit, patiently waiting for the rest to be removed. His attention was on what he’d wear to the party. If his sister approved, he had some new shoes and a new floral shirt that would be a nice but causal part of an outfit. The women had removed all the painful equipment from his body. He was now standing there, with his feet a shoulder’s width apart, his wrists still bound behind him – but, at least, he was in a comfortable standing position, more steady now. He still had on the wide black leather collar that held his head and neck facing forward. The butt plug was still in his ass, but thankfully, the vibrator had been turned off. His nipples were displayed, pointing out through the two holes in the suit, and VERY tender.

His dick and balls hung free out of the crotch hole in the suit. He was still wearing two very restrictive items that he anxiously awaited removal. One was the full-mouth gag, with a six-inch rubber penis obstructing his mouth. The gag had a straw size airway tube running through it so he could breathe, but the fat penis prevented him from speaking. The other item was the very restrictive corset over his latex bodysuit laced up in the back. This was put on so tightly that he could not expand his chest to breathe freely and deeply. It was a control device that prevented him from getting excited and animated. It allowed him to take only shallow breaths. As long as he remained calm, he could breathe okay.

As Howard was still thinking about the soon-to-start party and his Mai Tai, he noticed Janet and his sister, Pamela, standing to one side and discussing something in a whisper. He wondered why they had stopped removing the rest of his S and M outfit. His sister interrupted his thoughts, “OK, Howie, one more thing.” Then she detached his full latex hood from his bodysuit and pulled it off. His beautiful hair was plastered with sweat on the sides of his face, and his gag was now fully exposed. Howard wondered why he had not been completely freed yet.

And just as if she read his mind, said told him, “Sweetie? I will unbind your arms now, but you must stay still and calm. I know you are anxious about being at the party tonight and wanting to get all cleaned up and fixed up and nice to make a good impression. But Janet and I will fix you up and dress you. You’ve been through a lot today, actually for the past month, and you have been such a sweetheart. We want to do this for you so you don’t have to think about a thing. OK?” Howard thought about the embarrassment he’d feel being as a healthy, macho being dressed by a couple of women. But, it is the least he could do for them. He gladly nodded his approval and compliance.

Janet unfastened his wrist cuffs and freed his hands. Howard immediately rubbed his wrist to help relieve his soreness. His corset was unlaced and removed. What a fucking relief! He could finally breathe uninhibited! And so he did. Then, at last, the bodysuit was completely stripped off him. His body was dripping with sweat, but the girls seemed not to care. He knew he would wash himself off soon, or they would do it for him.

So there was Howard, naked except for his penis gag still strapped on with its tube sticking out, and of course, his unplugged, electric dildo was still embedded in his ass. He could breathe through both his nose as well as his mouth tube… for now. He could move about and was okay with everything they were going with him and going to do for him. He was quite relaxed after that exhaustive ordeal they had just put him through.

“OK, honey, we’ll take you into the living room now and get you all set up.” Not waiting for his response, they ushered him out of the so-called dungeon, down the hall, and into the largest room in the house, now fully decorated. Howard did not pick up on Pamela’s words, “… and get you all set up.” He was focused on getting to the main part of the house and felt exhilarated by seeing all the wonderful colorful decorations.

“Ok, sweetie, hold on a minute. I just remembered something,” Pamela told Howard and then went to get something from a nearby table. It was a large needleless syringe filled with a dark liquid. She put it up to the hole in his gag, inserted it, and squeezed in the full contents. Of course, it went into his mouth and down his throat. He had shown no resistance as he had resigned himself to comply. And, too, he was a little dizzy as well as overwhelmed after all the harsh treatment he had received. Because of that, the two women could easily maneuver him into the living room where they wanted him.

At first, he was unaware that he had been placed up against the main wall of the living room and that his ankles had been secured about three feet apart to pre-set eye bolts at the base of the wall. Howard awoke from his daze as he felt his hands raised just above his head and held four feet apart. His wrists were secured to eye bolts there. The vibrating dildo with its five-foot cord was still up his asshole. Though the high collar prevented him from freely turning his head, he could move his eyes about to see all the party decorations and the buffet table being set up by Emily. The bar was decked out with all sorts of liquors and dozens of glasses in rows, and there were even small bouquets here and there. It was a bright and festive ambiance. He saw the grandfather clock indicating 7:45. He remembered being told guests would arrive at his sister’s party at 8:00 PM.

Howard was now concerned that the time was running out. He wanted to ask when he’d be getting his bath and tell the girls that his new flora dress shirt was in his closet on the left side and that his new suede shoes were still in the box they came in. He was thinking these thoughts as he was being cuffed to the wall. But with his mouth full of penis gag, all that came out was a low, “Mummmph mummmph mummmmph, mumph.”

“Howie, stay calm. We are almost ready.” Janet took a comb and combed his still sweaty hair, parting it on one side so he looked even more boyish. With the hood gone, he was now easily recognizable as Howard Evans, a popular college freshman jock. Pamela poked Janet to look at his dick. Only a half-hour ago, it was flaccid.

“Well, Howie, I guess the special cocktail of all kinds of those erotic-building ingredients mixed with Viagra works fast.” She laughed along with Janet as Emily looked over and giggled too. Howard’s dick was displayed proudly as a rigid power tool, pointing level with the ground. His now low-hanging balls were nicely featured in his wide stance. The extra high collar prevented him from being able to look down, so he could not see his obscene erection. Then she squirted another of the same dark cocktail into the hole in his gag, and down his throat it went. After that, she took a swimmer’s nose clip and placed it over his nose so he could not breathe through it. Now he was forced to breathe only through his gag's straw opening. He was anxiously sucking in air, afraid he would have his gag hole also plugged. His heart was racing.

“Now, Howie? What did I tell you about staying calm?” He remembered and tried to relax, forcing himself to breathe slowly and calmly. “Let’s see if you remember.” And she lightly placed a fingertip over the end of the small breathing tube, cutting off his entire air supply. And just as he was trained, he did not react. His heart beat faster, but he did not move his arms or feet or even try to resist in any way. His eyes were glued to his sister’s stare. Sweat poured down his face. “Excellent, Howie. Very, very good.” She said as she waited an additional few moments before removing her finger to allow him to breathe. And Howard immediately sucked in air.

After that quick demonstration, Pamela removed the swimmer’s nose clip. Howard could now breathe through both his nose and the mouth air tube, “Don’t worry, sweetie,” she told him, “we’re going to cover you up so you have your privacy.” And Janet handed her a black silk sheet, which she hooked over his cuffed hands and let the other end drop to the floor. He looked like a covered prize statue to be unveiled later. The sheet draped fairly flatly, against his body, except that his dick made a wet, pointy projection in the middle of the material. All Howard could think about was what his sister’s S and M friends would think of him or, worst, do to him. He was thankful that no one he knew would see him like this. He even took comfort in being fully covered up. Yeah, right. He was going to stay covered. Well … he needed some hope to hang on to.

Just then the doorbell rang, and he heard the first guests come in. Moments later, more guests - and within just 15 or 20 minutes, he could hear what seemed like 20 people. The music was a bit loud, so he could not distinguish the chattering voices. There was something odd about the chatter, but he could not figure out what it was. What were his sister’s friends planning to do? He was still safe behind the hanging black sheet and safe in the fact that no one he knew would be there. These were all strangers to him. That was a relief.

The music was abruptly turned down, and his sister started to speak. “Well, the time has come for our guest of honor to arrive. So, Janet, if you would please unveil him now?” Janet slowly pulled the sheet off Howard, and all the guests gasped with shock. The knee-jerk reaction of many was to back away. Then the silence quickly turned to applause and cheers. As everyone yelled, “Happy Birthday, Howard! Happy 18th Birthday!”

In horror, he realized what had bothered him about the voices. There were no women strangers; they were mostly men, male students … HIS FELLOW STUDENTS FROM HIS SCHOOL! HIS FRIENDS! His eyes bugged out in shock. HE WAS NAKED IN FRONT OF HIS FRIENDS! He saw his swim team members and two roommates; he even noticed one of his teachers and his swim coach. Then he saw his three best friends from school and a couple of guys he’d studied with. He felt so humiliated and degraded to be naked and bound up against the wall! But with that full-mouth gag jamming a rubber dick down his throat, his explanation sounded like a series of desperate “Mummmphs, except this time, much louder and in rapid succession.”

“Oh, I see we are remiss that Howard is not plugged in,” Pamela said, and the crowd hushed to see what that meant. “Janet, please connect him to the electrical outlet.” Janet replied, “Okey-dokey,” as she stooped to reach under Howard, grabbed the plug end of the cord coming from the dildo, and inserted it into the wall outlet that was just behind him. This time, when she flicked the switch on, she then pressed a button on the side of the “Plunger.” This started the dildo to lengthen and retract, not a lot, only about 3 inches. But that is enough to massage the prostate and give him a slow, very slow, rhythmic fucking. Howard's sense of surprise was quickly overtaken by waves of heightened erotic pleasure. For the first time, he felt his dick bounce upward in a series of firm twitches, though he could not look down to confirm it. Janet and Pamela smiled in extreme delight, knowing everyone saw his animalistic pleasure.

Pamela then spoke up to this intensely focused group, “Now, I want to thank Billy and Peter, who helped gather all Howard’s friends’ email addresses, so I could invite you all to his 18th birthday party. But, as I mentioned in the invite, I told you this was not only his birthday but also his coming-out party. No, he is not coming out as a gay person but as an S and M submissive into bondage, discipline, and even pain. Yes, all those things turn your dear friend, Howard, on. Initially, my brother was shy and unsure if he could organize this event, so he asked me to do it. At first, I refused, thinking it would be too embarrassing for me and all his friends to witness his courage in coming come out. But … Howie begged me and pleaded with me that he wanted all his good and close buddies to be a part of this celebration.”

“Also, I know this is a guy thing. So I, and my friends Janet and Emily, will soon retreat to the other room and leave you all to enjoy yourself. I think our presence here might embarrass him. We’ll be in the other room if you need anything and will come back occasionally to check if you need our help. But first, I just want to ensure the party gets off on the right foot.” Pamela said.

Howard was so embarrassed that his dripping dick was now pointing almost directly upward toward the ceiling. He started to cry. He just let loose with overwhelming waves of total humiliation and degradation. He knew his life, as he knew it, as he enjoyed it, was over. He could never go back to school, no one would respect him, and they’d never be his friend from this point forward. Practically everyone he hung out with was in this room, either cheering, smiling, or in a daze of disbelief. How could he EVER see any one of these guys ever again? If, at least, his dick would deflate, that would be a help. But, with the double dose of Pamela’s COCK-tail, it would not happen. So he cried at how inhuman he had become.

“Oh look,” Pamela pointed to her brother, “Oh, he is such a darling. He is crying tears of great joy.”

“Howie actually bought all these things he is wearing, even that awful gag.” Pamela lied. “Well … if he likes it, I guess it’s got to be okay with me. After all, it is his 18th birthday, and I love my sweet brother so much that I’d do anything he wanted me to do. He has a way of twisting me around his finger. That’s a man for you.” Pamela laughed inside; she could hardly keep a straight face at all the crap she was spewing.

Nursing Brother Howie
Part 5 of 5

“Guys, do you know what Howie’s worst fear was in doing this coming-out party? He was afraid he would be embarrassed if he did not get a … ah … how did he put it? ‘A substantial erection’ to show you all. Well … I’d call this ‘substantial,’ wouldn’t you?” And the group applauded and whistled as she stepped up to him and touched the tip of his leaking dick. Of course, they all thought Howard was immensely enjoying this. I suppose his body was, but his brain, like his future life, was fucked.

“I love Howie, and … how could I refuse my sweet, cute little brother. Even if he enjoys … well … enjoys public displays of kinky stuff like this.” Again, everyone applauded and cheered Pamela’s obvious compassionate connection with her brother. They were cheering her unselfish love for their friend, Howard. “Now, if you gather closer, I want to point out the little boxes of Howard’s favorite things.” Pamela pretended to choke up a bit, to show her “pride” in her brother.

“You will notice on the side table that there are several boxes. They contain clothespins. You have heard of the kids’ game, ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey,’ right? We will see how many clothespins we can place on our beloved birthday donkey tonight. Believe me, this is Howard’s dream come true. His wildest fantasy is to have his dearest friends put clothespins on him. So, as you mill around and chit-chat with each other and enjoy our buffet and the COCK-tails, do go up to Howard from time to time and let him know you accept him in his true lifestyle. Take some clothespins and clip him everywhere you find a patch of bare skin. Make sure you don’t miss the tiniest spot. There are a few hundred clothespins here, so by the end of the evening, I hope they are all used on him for Howie's sake. He shared his most intimate thoughts about how this is best for his friends to demonstrate your acceptance of his kinky life.”

The combination of public humiliation and the slow rhythmic fucking of the dildo massaging the inside of his asshole put Howard in a state of conflicting “erotic energy.” The discussion of his friends placing biting clothespins on him frightened him intensely. Still, the entire scene, as a whole, started with his dick bobbing and nodding. Or was this dancing dick just the result of the doses of Viagra he had been given. After all, he was not really into this shit. He was a normal boy … or … at least, he WAS normal. But it was now no longer his say.

“Bill, I know you are his best buddy. Would you mind getting a large glass from the bar and placing it on the floor directly under Howard’s dripping dick? I see he is so excited that you are all here that he has begun to leak a long oozing string of precum. Since this is something new to all of you, I assume some of you may feel uncomfortable, but let’s all get into it and party.” Bill was surprised to be asked, but he quickly agreed, found a glass, and set it to catch all the drips. Then, without noticing how awkward he looked, he stayed kneeling there to watch Howard’s dick bob and ooze. He had never seen anything like it.

Pamela continued, “Let’s get one of you to demonstrate how the clothespins work.” Pamela glanced around and Howard’s swim team coach. “You’re Josh Jansen, right?” The man of forty nodded. “OK, come up in front here and take a clothespin from the box. Take several.” With a confused look, he picked up one and wondered how he’d put it on flesh. “OK, for example, pinch the very tip of his right tit, pull it a little, then clip it onto that folded piece of skin.” Jenson did and smiled at his success as he stared at the clothespin jutting out from his prized swim team member’s nipple.

“Great, now take another and do it again to the other tit.” There was a round of applause after he did that, and Howard trembled and moaned. Feeling embarrassed and out of place, Jansen stepped back into the group. Now Howard had clothespins on his nipples. One of his roommates, Jeffrey, shouted out to put clothespins on his balls. The group laughed in unison, thinking that was a ridiculous idea. But Pamela shouted right back.

“Of course,” she said, “And, Jeffery, it’s your idea, so you come up now. And, please, let’s get this party going. Place four or five around his balls. Let’s get this show on the road. Make it like a work of art. Howard explained to me earlier that his balls could have 30 to 40 clothespins just on them.” Everyone, even those that were a bit nervous or shy earlier, was now giggling or cheering as Jeffrey stood up and went over to his roommate.

“OK, Jeffrey, here you go,” Pamela said as she handed him a half dozen clothespins. “Now, you probably think you know your roommate, Howie, but you will learn much more about him tonight. For example, and this is for all of you, when anyone notices him starting to shake, moan, and thrust his hips, he is about to climax. We don’t want his party to end too soon, do we?” Many guys shouted “No,” all in good humor. “Howie gave me strict instructions. He said for us to use one fingertip to cover his little mouth tube hole and gently pinch his nasals closed with the other hand. I think he said that was a universal signal in the kink world to calm down. I don’t understand these things, but … hey, it’s his party.”

Someone asked if that would hurt him. Pamela continued, “The little bit I tried with him caused him to become motionless. If it hurt him, he surely would struggle and try to scream. So, what he said was to cut off his air as long as it took him to become motionless. Then, as he told me, count slowly to ten and then remove your hands. I know this is new to all of us; I just want to follow my sweet darling brother’s wishes. OK?” Many in the group yelled back, “OK!” all in good fun.

Howard heard all of this, immediately calmed down, and became very still, not wanting to have his air cut off. “Ok, Jeffrey, go ahead and decorate his balls. Remember to have the clothespins bite his skin, not the actual testicle.” Just as instructed, Jeffery squeezed small bits of ball skin and placed a clip. Then another, and another. He wondered if he should continue, but there were no objections from anyone, not even from Howard. He placed more clothespins on his ball sack skin. He was trying to make a cute pattern, but it turned out they looked more haphazardly done. No matter, after placing those six, he just reached for more and continued to look for places to place them all around the balls sack. Howard was moaning and trying very hard not to twitch or jerk in an erotic reaction. He did not want his air supply to be blocked, not even for a few seconds. That was a scary sensation, not an erotic one.

Jeffery must have placed more than a dozen clothespins on his roommate’s ball sack, and then he stopped. He thought others wanted some fun too. So he stood up. Pamela quickly offered, “Jeffery, go ahead and show everyone your wonderful clothespin design. Just hold his dick up a little.” And so he did with one finger. And the group applauded. Just then, when Jeffery touched Howard's hard dick to move it up out of the way, Howard could stand no more. He started to buck his hips and jerk his body uncontrollably.

“Oh, no!” Pamela yelled out in laughter. “Jeffery, you caused his impending erection, so you get to halt it.” With a little hesitation, Jeffery placed one fingertip to cover the little mouth tube end hole and then used the other hand to pinch his nasals closed. Howard continued to buck for another 30 seconds and then stopped. Jeffery left his hands where they were, waiting for instructions.

“Ok, everybody, let's count this off. Remember, we need to count to ten before Jeffery can let go. OK? So let's show Howie we can follow his instructions.” Howard was screaming to himself, “What the fuck! I already stopped moving. Just fucking let go and let me breathe. It’s been a full minute without air, and I am standing as still as I can be. FOR GOD’S SAKE, PLEASE LET ME BREATHE!” he yelled in his mind.

“Okay, guys,” Pamela called out slowly, very slowly, “altogether, one … two … three … four … five … six” Howard was getting light-headed. But he did not resist. He knew he needed to remain calm to get air. … “Wait!” Pamela shouted to stop the count, “Not everyone is counting, so let’s start over. And this time, everybody yelled out the count. OK? Now, let’s start from the beginning, one … two … three …” Howard began to lose his vision. His view was becoming dark, but still, he knew better than to move a muscle. People in the room saw his dick become more like steel, and it was now pointing upward rather than level to the floor. Of course, the only thing Howard knew was to obey, be still. He was becoming limp as he started to sag from his arms bound to the wall above him. “Eight … nine … ten!” Everyone applauded.

Jeffery was so taken by how the group was responding so positively to everything; he forgot to remove his fingers from Howard's face. “You can let go now, Jeffery.” Pamela chimed in. Jeffery’s face turned red with embarrassment as he realized his misstep. He quickly let go and then sat down in his seat. Pamela pulled out some smelling salts she had handy and quickly, but unemotionally, put them under Howard’s nose, and he immediately came back to full consciousness. She laughed it off, “I think little bro might have gotten a little sleepy there. We need to continue on our clothespin design. Everyone cheered, not even remotely considering that Howard nearly suffocated. It may be because he maintained his erection, which even grew harder, that everyone assumed he was fine and enjoying all of this friendly, sadistic abuse. That’s what his loving sister put out there, and they all believed it.

“See,” Pamela pointed out, “his dick stopped bobbing. It’s still hard, still dripping, but see how his body is still. Howard gave me a bunch of articles on how to keep him dripping without climax. He’s my crazy brother, so what’s a sister to do?” The group laughed. “So, now we can continue with Howie’s most wonderful fantasy. Who’s next?” One of the guests at the party was the barista at the local coffee house named Derick. He was a tall skinny teen with freckles and red hair, a few years younger than Howard. He was invited because he knew Howard from the coffee house and idolized his athletic abilities. How was he to abuse his hero? But, this is what his hero wanted, so …

Derrick came up to Howard and started talking to him as if in an ordinary, casual conversation at the coffee house. “Howard, this is awesome, dude. So glad you came out of the closet.” Derrick began to place a row of clothespins along the underside of Howard’s arm from his armpit to his elbow. If there was one thing Derrick was, it was Mr. Neat. He created a little clothespin fence in a straight line. It kind of looked like Howard had feathers. So he did the same under the other arm. It did look awesome, like wings.

As Derrick brought his hand down, he accidentally bumped it against Howard’s nipple clothespin, causing it to fall to the floor. “Whoa, sorry, dude.” He picked it up and immediately and nervously pinched that nipple and got it flat to re-apply the clothespin. This was his hero. Being as tall as Howard, he was eye to eye. It was like time stood still for that moment as he looked intensely at Howard. Oddly, he placed his face within inches of Howard’s to stare piercingly into his hero’s eyes. Without breaking his stare, he pulled on Howard’s bare nipple and squeezed it, firming. He pretended to have difficulty getting it puffed out to clip it. He kept tugging on it and pinching it sharply with his figure nails. Howard moaned through the gag.

Derrick continued to tease that prime tip of jock-hero meat and twisted it one way and then the other. More moans escaped. He placed the clip on that puffed-out abused nip and clamped down, then applied pressure by squeezing the end of the clothespin down to bite it harder. Howard jerked, and his body shook. Derrick was getting into a power trip over his jock hero. He never looked away. He enjoyed the pleading weepy eyes he was looking into so deeply. “Oh no, that just won’t do. You have to control yourself, jock stud.” And with no one directing him, he did as he saw Jeffery do. He slowly moved his free hand to block the mouth hole and then slowly, tauntingly, moved his hand from the nipple, brought it up to Howard’s nose, and pinched it closed.

Immediately, Howard went dead still, motionless, hoping the counting would start soon. But Pamela happened to be refilling some drinks and making sure the snacks were circulating. No one was saying anything. It was as if only Derrick and Howard were in the room, in their own world, in … Derrick’s world. And he was enjoying every bit of his control. Then the group started counting, “One… two … three … four …” All the while, Derrick looked into the eyes of his mighty hero, those pleading eyes that were politely requesting some air. “Nine … ten!” Derrick waited a bit longer and then released Howard's nose and mouth hole. “I can’t wait to tell everyone at the coffee house about your new fetish. Maybe they will want a piece of the action, dude.”

“How about this,” Pamela announced, “I and my girlfriends will leave you guys alone to play, and … how about you,” indicating Jeffrey, “be in charge of his breathing. Just notice his body movements, and when you think he will shoot off, just close off his air holes, as he told us to do.” Pamela then paused, looked down into the three boxes, and added, “There must be at least 200 clothespins here, so I’ll leave this ‘work’ all up to your imagination. When we return, say at midnight, I expect to see these boxes empty and brother Howie looking like a pin cushion!” she joked. Everyone giggled. She reached for the cord to the vibrating dildo and switched it off, thinking that with all the humiliation and the on-coming pain play, he would climax if it was left on. The three girls waved to the guests and disappeared upstairs.

The pinning of Howard did not happen that way. The party guests did not come up to Howard one at a time, but rather several guys grabbed a bunch of clothespins and went at him simultaneously. And a half dozen guys were always watching, who preferred to only watch. Most of the guys clipping clothespins on him were the more mischievous ones.

It was about 11:30 PM when the girls returned downstairs and walked over to Howard. All three were in shock over the absolute beauty they saw. Every tiny bit of Howard’s exposed flesh was cluttered with clothespins. His ears, lips, and toes were all taken care of. There were even a couple of clothespins on his nose, closing his nasals. That must have made it easier to stop his breathing because they now only had to put a fingertip over his mouth hole when he acted up. All, or most, formed little partners here and there.

His dick looked much like a Christmas tree, with clothespins gripping all around the shaft in layered circles from the base to the mushroom head. The only part not pinned was the piss hole to allow him to drip continuously, which he was still doing. The girls stepped back to marvel with extreme pleasure at Howard’s trembling, disoriented state, his eyes glazed over, and a constant low throaty hum emerging from him.

Pamela was so proud. Janet took several photos, and when the guests saw the flashes, many wanted a photo standing alongside their buddy. So she obliged. None of the women had even dreamed this total humiliation would have been so complete. Howard’s dick was pointed, like a sword, at the ceiling, and a long string of precum was hanging from it. The eight-ounce glass directly under it was more than half full. Janet took that glass into another room and returned a bit later with a squeeze bottle containing all that precum.

Emily went to turn off the music as Pamela started to make an announcement. “It’s getting late, and Howie needs his rest. I must say, I am so proud of him. Aren’t we all?” Applause broke out, and some hoorays were shouted. “Up until now, you guys did all the ‘work,’ and Howie just stood there, relaxing and having fun. Now it’s Howie’s turn to put out a little energy, ya think?” More applause.

“Now, I am holding a bottle of all Howie’s oozing juice in my hand. Howard especially wanted to show you and do this in front of you. Which is to drink all his cum.” She stepped back to whisper in her brother’s ear, being careful not to disturb all the clothespins. Janet stooped down and plugged in the vibrating dildo still lodged in his asshole. She first set it on medium. Howard’s body shaking became more pronounced. “Sweetie, this is your big climax to tonight’s entertainment.” She whispered so only he could hear.

“I want you to climax in front of all your friends, OK, sweetie?” Then she spoke louder to everyone as Janet turned the vibrating dildo on the “Plunger” setting. “Howie wants you all to give a slow countdown from ten to one. I’m going to squeeze this bottle of his cum into his mouth tube as he gets ready to shoot.”

Then in another low whisper to him, “You better fucking cum just as everyone shouts ‘one.’ Or I will leave you like this all night!” She started squeezing the cum down his mouth hole. “TEN … NINE … EIGHT.” The high vibration in his ass was overpowering. He was jerking and sweating, and moaning. “SEVEN … SIX …. FIVE.” His dick was not only stiff; it was now bobbing back and forth. The idea of drinking his cum in front of everyone he knew was too much to take in. As he shook, all the clothespins gave him increased pain in every part of his body.

He swallowed all the contents of the bottle; he had no choice. “FOUR … THREE … TWO.” Neither his mind nor his body was under his control. He could not stop anything or do anything on his own. Every fiber of his being was controlled by his sister. His dick bobbed and danced; it flicked upward. “ONE!” And he shot all over the guys standing right in front of him. His dick flicked up again and shot another volley, he was shooting lines of cum as his friends leaped out of the way, and then everyone applauded. He felt the clothespins come alive, biting him everywhere. Then another volley was blasted at decreasing volume. Finally … his body went limp. He passed out and sagged from his wrist-cuffed hands. Now unconscious, his dick bobbed up and coughed up one last load. Then his dick continued to jerk and twitch without ejecting cum. Janet quickly put some smelling salts under his nose, and he immediately came to. And as he stood up, his dick twitched some more.

At various points during his ordeal, Howard knew he was never going back to school. He was never going to enjoy a visit to his favorite coffee house. He would never see any of these friends again; there was no way he could look any of them in the eyes. He was now subhuman. He was no longer a freshman college swimmer jock. He would need to move out of town and live somewhere else. And when he got the courage, he would attend school in that other, far-away place. There was no discussion. Not in his mind.

Still feeling all the 200 clothespins stinging him anew, he became more alert as his sister began to speak. “Thank you all for coming. You made my dear sweet brother so happy.” And then he could not believe his ears. He could not believe the additional mortifying humiliation that his sister had planned for him. He could not believe it when she announced, “Howard is looking forward to seeing you all at school on Monday morning. Right now, he won’t let me remove his gag, but on Monday, he will thank every one of you for allowing him to drink his cum, and be your clothespin cushion, for being your entertainment, and most of all, for letting him climax to show his deep gratitude for all your warm friendship.”

The End

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