375 Lucas Hunt Revenge

375 The Revenge of Lucas Hunt
Part 1 of 5

From the original story: You will recall the individuals involved: Dean Hobart, the 18-year-old High school senior, was the son of the wealthiest parents in the town. His dad owned many important businesses, including the main bank. Dean used his powerful family name to control people. He was sadistic, and he set out on a mission to not only control the handsome, brainiac high school junior, Lucas Hunt but to dominate and humiliate him to the highest degree, even in public. Why? Because he could, and it made him look all-powerful to his classmates… he thought.

Continuing: One of the most public humiliations Dean made Lucas live out was at school just a month ago. One day Dean “asked” Lucas to come to school early, but instead of him going to his homeroom class, he was told to meet him on the athletic field, which he did. Near the back fence, he found Dean and a couple of his cohorts, Roger and Simon. These two were like the typical class clowns, a fair matchup for Dean.

“Glad you could make it, Lucas. And you know, if you did not, I’d have my dad fire your brother. Right?” Dean spoke with great confidence, and there was no point in Lucas refusing anything Dean wanted him to do. It was too late for that. He knew Dean owned him.
Dean’s father was the big industrialist in town and could fire his family members as well as close the mortgage on their home. Although he still put up a faint resistance, probably more for a show, Lucas Hunt had resigned himself to do all the stupid and humiliating antics Dean contrived for him. Why would Dean do this? Because he could and because he was an asshole.

“Now strip naked and make it snappy.” No one else was around the field because everyone started the school day by going to their homeroom class. Whatever Dean was up to, he certainly did not want to get caught doing it. “Hurry it up.” Lucas did as told and peeled off everything except his shoes and socks. Without saying anything, Roger took the clothes Lucas was holding. “Shoes and socks too, Luke.” And as soon as he removed them, Roger grabbed those too.

When naked, Dean nudged him backward so he was touching the fence. Then Simon retrieved a large roll of grey duct tape from a bag that Lucas had not noticed before. “Hey, wait a minute, I got to go to homeroom. I’ll be late,” Lucas told him loudly.

Then Dean looked into Lucas’ eyes and said quite calmly, “Sure, you can have your clothes back and go to your homeroom, no problem. Or … your dad and bro can keep their jobs at my father’s plant, AND … your folks can keep their home that is financed by my father’s bank. So, Luke, that is your choice. It's your choice, not mine. Which do YOU want?” Dean was very clear. It was no different than all the other degrading treatment he had received from Dean during the last six months. Dean did not want to physically force Lucas. He wanted the boy to fully surrender, to understand and feel Dean’s power. This required Lucas to “willingly” allow Dean to tape him up to the fence, naked. Lucas only nodded his complete capitulation. They fully tapped him to the iron bars, from his head to this ankle, then the three of the left. Although it was only 15 minutes that he was secured there, it seemed like hours to him. It did not take long for a student crowd to gather around him, wondering what the fuck was going on. Strangely, none of the students there offered to free him. Most were just asking him and each other why he was put on display. Before long, a couple of school field maintenance workers came to see what the commotion was all about.

Of course, Lucas’ surrender to Dean also meant he could not report Dean’s behavior to anyone. The two field hands broke up the student group and then cut away the duct tape where they could, with the rest of it being painfully pulled off his bare skin. One of these rescuers led him across the field to the school office but oddly never offered his jacket to help cover him up. Such was Lucas Hunt’s luck. Humiliated and degraded by Dean and then embarrassingly paraded to the office by the worker.

That was a month ago. The descent of Lucas could not possibly get any worst. Could it? Dean already did every dirty degrading, dehumanizing thing he possibly could do to this sweet, smart kid. There was no remaining dignity to squeeze out of him. And … Lucas had resigned. He would do whatever for Dean to protect his family.

Then … on a sunny Sunday at about 10 AM, there was a knock on the Hunt family door. Mrs. Hunt answered it, and to her pleasant surprise, she thought she recognized Dean Hobart. She wondered why this teen from the richest family in town was on her doorstep holding a small box. So she was puzzled.

"Aren't you Dean Hobart?" She said, wanting his name to be confirmed.

Dean beamed. "Yes, and you must be Mrs. Alice Hunt. Lucas has told me so much about you. Lucas and I have become good friends lately." Lucas heard the greeting and approached the door, just behind his mother. He looked sick. He was scared out of his mind. What was going on?

“Won't you come in?” Mrs. Hunt asked Dean. Dean stepped into the house. "Mrs. Hunt, if you would allow me a word alone with you and your husband, and perhaps your older son, Steven, for just a minute, I need to explain a life-change situation that will affect all of us." Lucas panicked. Mrs. Hunt muttered under her breath, “Oh dear,” and called for her husband Art to join her, which he did.

Lucas was wondering why Dean would want to talk to his brother and parents. Why? What was going on? What was about to happen? Would Dean tell them about what he made him do yesterday? Would he tell them he had been fucked in the ass and made to suck cock? Lucas would die of shame. Was he going to tell them he had sex with his sister-in-law, Rosa? Oh shit!

Lucas was left in the kitchen while Dean chatted with Lucas' dad and mom and his brother Steve. It took about 30 minutes. Rosa, his sister-in-law, hovered near the kitchen door and peeked out. She saw Dean had a laptop and some cables, but she had no idea what that was all about. She was only thinking about her shameful sex acts. They hardly looked at each other anymore as they waited for what seemed like impending doom.

Finally, Dean emerged, a huge smile on his face. He walked into the kitchen, looked at Rosa, but then turned to whisper something in Lucas' ear, “I know I have put you through a lot, and there is more to come, but I will do you a huge favor – if you comply – I will not tell your family that you and your bitch, Rosa, fucked. So now you have more of a reason to obey and be a good little asshole puppy dog.” He paused. If you don't comply, I'll tell Steve you screwed his pig-slut wife.” Dean happily whistled as he walked down the walkway to his car.

Lucas' father, in a solemn tone, called them both into the living room, but he was addressing only Lucas. "Sit down, son. I'll get right to the point. This is not easy for me to say. This will not be easy for me or your mother or brother. But we have no choice. I am so sorry that the burden of preserving the family has fallen on your young, innocent shoulders. Believe me, if there was anything I could do to help you, I would. But, for now, my hands are tied."

"Art, can we do this?" Lucas' mother said with a heavy, worried frown on her pretty face.

"Alice, we have no choice. Now, hush up, please.” He was not being rude to his wife, but he was feeling under a lot of bizarre pressure, unlike he had ever felt before. “You are just making things worse, dear.” He paused and looked at his youngest son, “Lucas, Dean Hobart is a sadistic, perverted teenage bastard, as you have no doubt discovered. He told us enough to know what he did to you already. As you know, his father owns this town and just about owns us as well. The father is no better than the son. He holds the mortgage on our house. Your brother,” Art nodded to Steve, “and I work for him. Now, Dean has threatened to end our employment. He will take the house, take our jobs, and worse, conjure up some story about your brother cheating the company so he will go to prison. You know the police are in his dad's pocket. Your brother will go to prison unless you help us out. It seems you are to be Dean Hobart's slave. You are to obey his every order. He gets some kind of pleasure out of controlling you.”

"I'm sure it will not last long. The fun of it will pass, and Dean will move on to some other kid he can abuse. But for now, I am afraid your servitude to him is the only thing keeping our family in this house and us employed. I hate to ask you to do this, but what choice do I have? Your mother is physically not strong. Rosa may be pregnant soon. Who knows, we all need you to do this for us." Art paused and looked sternly at his youngest son, “However, as much as we need your cooperation, I will agree to nothing Dean wants if … if … if you tell me you do not want to comply with his disgusting, in decent, bastardly wishes. I will make you do nothing. I will not ask you. You must freely volunteer to help all of us. If you say no, we will be forced out of this house and out of this town with nothing, and your brother will likely go to prison. I am Okay with that. I will not force you to allow him to degrade you. I … we all love you very much. We will not force you. Will you cooperate with Dean?”

Lucas found it hard to swallow. He looked over into the handsome face of his older brother and every one of his family members. Lucas was beaten. "Yeah … I guess." Inside he didn't know if he could. He didn't know how much strength he had left. He had been through such hell, and it was bound to get worse.

"Son, we love you so much. And we promise to help you in every way possible. It's going to be hard on all of us. Dean Hobart has made some rules to follow. Rules for all of us. This is his sick game he is playing, and we are all going to join him. But we need to follow the rules."

"What kind of rules, dad?“ Lucas looked pale. He dreaded what was coming. Lucas' mother put one hand to her mouth and stifled a sob.

"From now on,” Art was looking at the paper Dean had left him, “while in this house, you are to be naked at all times."

Lucas gulped. "Naked? In front of Mom?"

"In front of all of us. You are to eat your meals, do chores, whatever you do, do it naked. Dean wants you to watch TV with us for a few hours a night. You will be naked."

Lucas looked at his family. Rosa was seated beside her new husband, Steve, gently whimpering in shame. Lucas' big bro hung his handsome head. Lucas' mother had tears in her eyes. "I... I. . . how can I do that? How can I do such a shameful thing?" She said.

"We'll help you, son.” Art interrupted his wife. “We'll look at you as little as possible, and we'll all get used to it. Soon, it will stop being such a shock. We'll get through this together."

"Oh, God, naked in front of all of you. All of you? All the time?"

Lucas' father shook his head in despair. "That's not all, son. When you are with us, Dean wants … wants … you ... are to … oh shit. I can't even read this crap!"

"Oh, Art." Lucas' mother said, reaching out to hold her husband's hand.

"What? What is it?" Lucas asked.

"When you are in the house with us. Naked in the house with us …you are to maintain a full erection at all times!" Even Lucas' brother had tears in his eyes.

“Lucas, Lucas, I am so sorry.” Big hunky 25-year-old Steve broke down. “I love you, man, you know that, but I just got married. I can't go to prison. I just can't. Lucas, I need you to be strong, really strong, not just for me, but for all of us.” Steve continued, "That fucking sadistic sick bastard! Someday I'll get him for you, Lucas, I swear."

Lucas interrupted with a tone of hope and optimism, “But if I don't do these obscene things, Dean would never know. We can all just lie and say I did exactly as he asked. He'll never know.”

“Son, that box Dean carried into the house had a small computer and a Wi-Fi camcorder. Son, I don't know about these things, but he made it clear that we are required to keep the cam on and record you when even you are home.” Art started to break down. “I am so sorry, son. But whenever you do any of his required obscene stuff, one of us must get it on video. He said that we will never know when he is watching the feed he set up. If he is not seeing what is required, he will terminate our family lifestyle. For now, we have to do what he says. We might as well tell you the rest, Lucas." Art said sadly.

"There's more?" Lucas said shockingly.

His dad replied, "You are only to go to the toilet if one of the family is supervising you. It is one of the activities we are required to video. And at night..." his voice broke off in agony.

"What at night?”

"Dean Hobart has changed our sleeping arrangements. Until further notice, you are to sleep with your brother and Rosa at night." Lucas asked what that meant.

"The three of you must sleep naked in one small, single bed. You’re in the middle. Since you have the single bed, we will move that into Steve and Rosa's room, and their queen size will go into your room, but you won't sleep on it. You'll be crammed together in the single bed." Art explained.

"I don't know if I can do that," Rosa interrupted. "I have a say too. Don't I?"

Steve looked angrily at them and spoke up, "Would you rather see your husband getting … getting ... fucked in prison for … what … five years?!" Lucas' brother spat out venomously. Then his handsome face softened. “I'm sorry, Rosa, Lucas, I didn't mean that. But what choice do we have?"

“This is just a sick teenage game. It will last for a few days at the most. I'm sure of it. Let's just live with it. We are all adults here and can deal with it. We are not sexual perverts, and we can maintain our dignity. The difficult part rests on Lucas. We all need to be behind him. The family turned to look at Lucas. They stared at him in silence. The love in the room was strong.

"Well, son," Lucas' dad said finally, "I guess you'd better strip out of those clothes and show me how to use the video cam, show all of us. We'll need to take turns. Dean wants me, or one of us, to video you at every step in your humiliation.” His dad pointed to the cam. Lucas stood up and, with trembling fingers, reached for the cam and explained to everyone how to use it, focus, recharge the batteries, and so on.

Lucas began to strip naked in front of his family when his dad (and everyone else) understood the camcorder. His dad held the cam and nodded he was ready. Lucas bent over, untied his tennis shoes, and removed them and his socks. Over his head, he pulled off his t-shirt. And then quickly undid his belt and opened his pants zipper. Then he froze. Soon he took deep breaths, long, deep breaths. Then he dropped his pants and stepped out of them. His dad nodded for him to continue. He pushed his Jockey shorts down to puddle at his feet and also stepped out of them. His humiliation was unbearable. And his dad was videotaping it all.

“Lucas, better pick up all your clothes, and take them upstairs, out of site. Dean does not want to see them in any frame of the video.” And he scooped them up and hurried up the staircase.

He stood bare-ass naked in his room, staring at himself in the mirror. How could Dean do this to him? To them? To his family? His cute teenage body was pale, and the way he now looked, stoop-shouldered and beaten, with swollen red balls, bleary and red-eyed from crying, lips swollen and cracked from cock sucking, he hardly recognized himself. He had believed things could get no worse, but now they had. Now Dean had directly involved his family in this. His mom, dad, big brother, and Rosa were all now under the control of this sadistic teenage bastard.

Lucas plopped down on the edge of his bed, curled his toes in the rug, buried his head in his hands, and cried. It was a tearless cry. All of his tears seem to have been used during recent events. What a nightmare, and tomorrow promised to be the same. How could he suck off Dean and his cronies? What would happen to him? By tomorrow, the story will be all over school. No girl would look at him, much less speak with him.

"Lucas. … son … it's time for dinner." His dad's voice called out his agony. He sat there, terrified. He knew what he had to do but didn't know if he had the strength to do it. "Son, let’s all be brave. Please, come down to dinner. I have to video your compliance."

Lucas hauled himself to his teenage feet and directly collapsed back onto the bed. His legs didn't want to work. He struggled to his feet again. He looked down at his swollen red balls and his thick limp dick. His hand went to it automatically and began to play with it. Dean had said he needed to be fully erect at all times while in the house. His other hand went to his nipples. When he wanted a quick hard-on, working his puffy teen boy, nipples always helped. His dick grew out over eight inches and throbbed thick and pink. Finally, a bit of clear fluid appeared at the piss hole. And Lucas was ready to go down to dinner. He knew his father would be taking videos on Dean's orders.

As Lucas descended the stairs, his hard dick bobbing and his big balls wobbling, he saw the rest of his family fully dressed and seated at the dining room table. Rosa chewed her lower lip and looked down. Steve gently nudged her and told her to look up. Dean would be angry if the family members did not look at Lucas. She raised her eyes to her young brother-in-law's bare-ass teen body. She remembered when Lucas had been forced by Dean to fuck her. Her face grew red with shame. Lucas's dick was huge, no doubt about that. Huge for a grown man and huge for a growing teenage boy. His eyes showed a kind of sickness as he looked pathetically at his family. His eyes passed over his bro to his dad filming the whole thing. Then his eyes rested on his sweet mother's infinitely sad face. She clutched her hands and rocked in her chair, torn with grief for her son. Her eyes drank in his naked body. How he had grown in the last few years. She remembered when he was just a little boy, and she would cuddle and hug him to sleep.

As Lucas looked at his mom, he saw her eyes involuntarily go down to his erect teenage dick and balls. Now he stood naked, and as much as his family members tried not to look at him, they were required to feast their eyes on the handsome young man.

"I don't think I can do this," Lucas spoke from the top of the stairs, his eyes fogging up and his nostrils flaring.

"You have to, son. You have to save Steve and the rest of us." His father said, momentarily lowering the camera.

x The Revenge of Lucas Hunt
Part 2 of 5

"Don't worry, son," his mother said. "We're all strong here. We can get through this." Lucas reached the bottom of the stairs and started to walk toward the table.

"Son…your penis! Quick!" His dad said, almost too embarrassed to speak.

"Huh?” Lucas said.

"You're supposed to keep it hard, remember?” Then his dad had an idea and left the table and returned. He had something in his hand, a small blue Viagra pill. He handed it to Lucas. Lucas knew what to do, and he swallowed it. That would be a big help in keeping him erect. He would not have to play with himself too often, just a little here and there.”

"Oh, God!" Lucas let his hand go down to play with his softening dick. He stood there and played with his dick in front of his family. He was frantic, not knowing exactly how urgent it was to stay hard all the time, but he could not take that chance. He collapsed onto the sofa behind him and pumped his dick as fast as he could. He even, without thinking about his mom and sister-in-law watching him, began to finger his asshole, tickling his balls, and rubbing his dick, doing whatever it took to get himself hard. He succeeded.

"LUCAS! STOP! YOU CAN’T LET YOURSELF CLIMAX!” His brother Steve just realized he was on the verge of shooting his load. Steve understood that if his brother shot, he would lose his erection for a time, like most men. Lucas stopped suddenly, in a sweat, his heart beating fast, his mind all sexed up in an erotic daze. He would be OK; he just needed to learn to pace himself and keep himself hard, but not overheated.

Once his dick was fully hard and bobbing, some pre-fuck oozed hung from his piss hole like a long silk string. Swaying as he moved to get on his feet. The pill would take effect soon. Lucas was about to sit at the dinner table when his father cleared his throat. Lucas looked up wide-eyed.

"Son, Dean just texted me and said that your mother works too hard and you are to serve the meal. You are to serve all of us and then eat your meal down there!” He pointed to a plate and water bowl on the floor. “I just place those there. I'm so sorry, but Dean wants you to eat on the floor, doggie style." Everyone was silent for a few moments.

It was very awkward when Lucas served the food. In order to set the plates down, he had to stand very close to his seated family members; his huge erect teenage dick was brushing against every member of his family. They tried to avert their eyes, but it was not allowed. The humiliation for everyone was unbearable. Finally, the food was served, and Lucas knelt on his hands and knees on the floor to eat his meal.

"May I have some silverware, please?“ He said to his dad with his ass stuck up in the air and his huge balls swinging.

"I'm afraid not, son, Dean's orders. Can't use your hands either. You have to eat like a … a … like an animal."

Lucas's mom started to cry, and her husband had to hold her to comfort her. They tried to eat like a normal family, but their naked son on the floor, sticking his face into his food, made it very difficult. As Lucas had to keep his ass up as he ate, they all noticed that his cheeks had been strapped, and his asshole was all red and swollen. They knew in their guts what that was from. And it was physical evidence that Dean meant what he said.

When it was time to go to bed, the single bed in Lucas' room was switched with the queen bed in Steve and Rosa's room. All three had to sleep naked and only in the single bed. Lucas was required to be in the middle. The video cam was plugged into a power outlet so it could film all night. The arrangement they had worked out was that Rosa would be on the right side and facing away from Lucas. She could not bear looking at him naked. Steve asked Lucas to face Rosa's rear because he did not want to be looking into the face of his younger brother. So Steve was on the left side, with his back to Lucas' back.

It may have been the Viagra Lucas took during the day, a wet dream, or just his teenage horniness, but his stiff dick periodically poked Rosa in the ass as he slept. Rosa would try to sleep on her belly to avoid her being poked by hee sleeping young brother-in-law. She never mentioned it.

All these entertaining acts of humiliation, entertaining for Dean, that is, went on for a few days. Dean felt he needed to give the Hunt family some rest time, so they would not get overloaded and revolt and quit his game. He needed to give them hope.

Dean texted Art Hunt and expressed his appreciation. He told the dad that the family would earn a full three days off, suspending all his requirements if he did one thing this evening. Art was happy to hear this, especially because he wanted to spare Lucas any humiliation he could. So he eagerly waited for Dean to text him what he wanted.

He did not have to wait long. The text appeared as follows: “Tell Steve he must fuck Lucas while Lucas is sleeping tonight – the blanket must be pulled off – the cam must be on - he must try not to wake him – he is to lube up and slowly fuck him and cum in his ass - then sleep with his dick still up there – if Lucas wakes, Steve must tell him this is my requirement, and Lucas must accept this. If so, your family gets 3 days off.”

After dinner, Art showed the text to Steve. Steve hit the roof and said he would not do it. Then Art said something kind of strange. He told his son, “Look, Steve. I know you hate doing this. We all do. But, you’re … you’re … sticking your brother is much better for you than him sticking you. Won't you agree? Besides, maybe, just maybe, you could do this in the middle of the night when Lucas is in a deep sleep. Maybe you could be so gentle that he won't wake up. That would save you both additional humiliation.”

Steve was upset. He left the room frustrated and angry, feeling very trapped. But it did not take him long to think it over, return it to his dad and signal that he would do it. That night, Steve placed some lube and a condom under his side of the bed. He was thinking about how he would do this and felt comfortable that he could succeed. They all went to bed, naked as required. The cam had been set up, as it was each night. Steve waited too late; it must have been one in the morning when he heard Lucas snoring deeply and steadily. Steve reached under the bed and found the lube and condom he placed there, then he turned to face his young brother’s backside. Steve's dick was hard. He did not know why, but he had not had sex with Rosa for almost a week. Rosa could just not face her husband. After all, she was forced to do with Lucas. So Steve had every reason to be horny as hell.

He pulled his blanket fully back and rolled the condom over his dick. Then he greased up the latex shield … and hesitated. He thought he should sneak some lube up his brother’s asshole just to make it easier, and maybe he would remain asleep. Steve lubed his finger and found his brother's rosebud hole. First, he made little circles on the ass lips. He waited to see if Lucas would wake. He went from snoring to heavy rhythmic breathing. Then he slowly pushed his index finger inside his brother's back hole. Lucas moaned. Steve tried to be as careful as possible and moved his finger around. Then he withdrew it. And lined his fully hard boner up to meet the waiting hole. He tried not to push but rather just hold it against Lucas, asshole. He waited and heard only steady breathing. So he did push. Another moan escaped from his younger brother's lips. He pushed a little more, and Lucas began to stir in his sleep.

He waited and then pushed harder. But something snapped in Steve's erotic state. He could not wait. He had to get into his brother's ass. Not because he wanted to fuck his brother but because it felt good, and he just needed to have sex. So he pushed harder, and Lucas's ass swallowed Steve's huge dick. But just as that happened, Lucas woke, anxious and afraid. He was trying to put his arm behind him to push his brother off. Steve immediately covered his brother's mouth with one hand. With the other arm, he wrapped it around Lucas' waist and held his brother's ass tightly against his groin. Steve did not want any sound to wake Rosa.

Steve whispered, “Lucas, sorry, bro, I have to do this. It's Dean's requirement. Please. Stay calm. Please. I love you, man. But Dean said if I did this to you, he would leave us alone for a while.” Lucas wanted to revolt and wanted Steve's dick out of him now. But at least Lucas was listening.

“For god sake, Lucas. Dean can ruin all of us. Please. Let me fuck you and then stay inside. I promise I won't hurt you. Please. OK?” Steve removed his hand from his brother's mouth, trusting him. It took a minute or two for Lucas to realize that this was just the kind of shit Dean would pull. “Let's not wake Rosa, please. Stay quiet.” Lucas believed his brother and stopped resisting, noticing the video cam recording as usual. Steve was hurting him some, but he stayed quiet. Steve slowly fucked his brother's ass, and it did not take long for him to climax.

Lucas whimpered, “OK, Steve, OK, just let me go now, pull out.”

“But that was one of the conditions. I have to stay inside you as we sleep.” Lucas just exhausted his frustration and became resigned to doing as Dean required. Both relaxed their bodies. “But think of it, Dean will leave us alone for three days. None of his fucking requirements.”

Lucas was thinking, “Big deal,” … “three days.” … “when is this going to stop?” Eventually, they both nodded off to sleep. Lucas was in tears, and Steve had a smile. Steve wrapped his arms around his little brother to help keep himself inside Lucas' asshole as they slept.

The next morning Lucas received a text from Dean, “Meet me at your locker after your first class - you'd better be on time - remember that I will have my dad fire yours, and Steve. I don't fucking like all your whining and complaining - you'd better fucking believe that when I tell my dad to call in the mortgage on your folks' house, you'll all be on the street.” Lucas was not going to be late.

“Hey, right on time.” Dean crept up behind Lucas and yelled as he stood in front of his locker in the main school hall. “Surprise!” Lucas almost jumped out of his skin. “My dad and I were talking last night about how he loved to use and abuse anyone in his debt. It's just the macho way of life. He has a ton of power and uses it to please himself. Yea, if he were not my father, I'd be one of the guys calling him a sadistic asshole bastard! But … then again … he is my dad.” Dean smiled. Lucas being there was just for Dean to have another opportunity to shake him up and keep him on a string. “Lucas, my little bitch cunt, I will be texting you some instructions soon. Make sure you respond to all my texts ASAP.” Lucas nodded, and Dean took off.

Dean had used text messages periodically to threaten Lucas' family in every way possible. He would text Lucas and also his dad to give them precise instructions. But Lucas was not always prompted in replying or obeying. Dean said he's kept his word that no humiliating messages or orders would come from him for three days. During that respite, the family almost forgot what it was like to not be left alone. Then, on the fourth day, Dean texted Lucas that his dad was ready to foreclose on the Hunt family home. Lucas went white as a sheet as he read the text. Then another text for him to meet Dean in 30 minutes behind the gym. Lucas arrived early and anxiously waited for Dean. He knew he would plead and beg for Dean to convince his dad not to foreclose on their home.

When Dean showed up, Lucas immediately pleaded with all his heart and soul, “I know your dad could and would do harmful things to my family and that he would do to us whatever you told your dad to do. What more do you want, Dean? We have done everything you asked us to. I am begging you … PLEASE LEAVE ME AND MY FAMILY ALONE! FOR GOD'S SAKE! PLEASE STOP ALL OF THIS!” Lucas was tearing up again, “Or...do what you want to me, but leave my family alone. My mom and dad can't take it. I am begging you.”

“That's a tempting offer, Lucas. So if I leave your family alone, you will stop resisting me? You will do whatever I say … without question? Without hesitation?” Lucas mumbled he would. “I did not get that.”

“Yes, sir, Dean. Yes, sir!”

“Well, I wonder if you really mean it.” Then with just a moment of pause, Dean said very calmly, “OK, wet your pants, right here, right now.” Then Dean stared at the shaking young student. Lucas never moved his hands that were dangling down his sides. But within 20 seconds, a dark spot appeared in the groin of Lucas' jeans and immediately spread downward. Neither boy moved. Lucas just let his urine flow, and Dean just smiled as he looked down. Dean was amazed at his power. Soon the dark wet spot ran down the one leg that his dick was pointed down and soaked his white sock and filled in around his foot in his tennis shoe, and the flow continued to spill on the floor, making an expanding puddle. Lucas did not so much as step out of the puddle he created. He dared not move. “I hope that's not all you have in you. I'd be disappointed,” Dean said, looking at the small pond Lucas remained standing in. It was Dean's way of telling Lucas he'd better empty his full bladder, there and now. Students were passing every which way in the hall, but it seemed like no one was looking down, or maybe they thought Lucas was standing in a spilled drink.

Sensing Lucas had fully emptied himself and was finished, Dean asked him. “Are you done?”

“Yes, sir!” Lucas responded, never feeling more humiliated than right now. He just wet his pant at the mere whim of his tormentor in the main hallway of his high school, surrounded by his classmates.

“Meet me in the parking lot at three. I'll have some instructions for you.” Normally Lucas would question what they were, but he was beyond that now. He had learned that Dean had all the power over him. He just nodded, and Dean left. He went to the restroom to try to wipe himself dry, but it was useless. He knew it, and so did Dean.

Lucas met Dean in the parking lot at three and in mostly dry pants by then. “Boy, do you smell! Maybe I should have you wear diapers to school from now on.” He giggled. “OK, I will consider your request to leave your family out of my… ah… games, providing you continue to show me absolute respect and consider your ass is mine, really mine. No more arguing, no more resisting.” Lucas was hopeful Dean meant what he was saying. He would sacrifice himself to Dean, and Dean would stop humiliating his family.

“OK, here is the way I will test you. Tonight, before you all go to bed, you must convince your big bro to suck your dick and then let you fuck him… in the shower. I mean, after all, you let him fuck you, so turnabout is only fair. I want your dad to video the entire steamy sex whore shit scene.”

“But… but you said you'd leave my family alone if I obeyed you,” Lucas said, feeling betrayed.

“I said, I will consider it. But I have to test you a few times. Wetting your pants was one test; sex with your brother is another test.”

x The Revenge of Lucas Hunt
Part 3 of 5

“But what do I say to him?”

“Luke, my boy, that is up to you. You might want to just tell him the truth. And remember, that video has to be rolling with your shower curtain wide open. When you start screwing around, have the water off, I don't want any steam fucking up the video. The sucking and fucking must be in full view of the cam your dad is controlling. No tricks, no faking it. And …” Dean stopped, paused, then dropped the other shoe, “if you cannot convince him to have sex with you tonight, tomorrow I will tell him, AND YOUR PARENTS, that you fucked his wife.” Dean pivoted and walked away to his car. Lucas was stunned. The family knowing he fucked Steve's new bride might be too much to bear, and it might break up the family. Lucas felt he had to succeed.

That evening, the three-day suspension of Dean’s rules was over, so Dean was back in charge. Lucas was torn, but he took Dean's advice and told his older brother the truth. He waited for a time when the two of them were alone. It turned out to be about an hour before bed. “Steve?” Lucas said cautiously, “I received good and bad news from Dean today.” He had Steve's full attention. “Dean gave us a challenge. He wants us to have sex on video. And if we do, there is a good chance he will leave you all alone.”

“ WHAT! LUCAS! I'M NOT GAY. I CAN'T DO THAT.” Steve was shocked at the mention of his having gay sex with him.

“Steve, I'm not gay EITHER. You cannot imagine what that asshole put me through. I never told you the insane details. I … I … I can't talk about it.” Lucas started to break down. “You fucked me when I wanted nothing to do with sex. Didn't you?” Steve tried to explain how that was different, but it came out all wrong. Steve hugged his brother for a long time. He was thinking about how he would get out of gay sex. He remained silent because he could not think of any way out. He continued to hug his crying brother, petting him, feeling his tremendous hurt. Finally, he consoled him, telling him he would do it.

They calmed down and then sought out their dad to break the news to him. “Dad, there is more. As you video us, you have to make it real. Dean can sense any tricks or faking. If he does, this is all for nothing.” His dad indicated he took a lot of family vacation movies and that he'd make sure it was all real. The three were at least glad that the two women would not be involved, and hopefully, they would never know. They decided to get this over with, so the three went into the large bathroom, and the brothers stripped naked.

Art, perhaps because of his video experience of the past, took the bull by the horns and seriously started to direct his sons. “Okay, both of you, get in the shower and start washing each other with soap.” Steve started to close the large glass door to keep water off the floor, but Lucas told him that it had to remain wide open and they had to be in full view of the cam. So they decided to just turn the water off for a moment.

“OK, Steve, you start by washing your brother, use both hands and play with his ass, kind of massage it. It will help a lot if you both get erotically charged up. Steve rubbed and tweaked Lucas' nipples and lathered up his upper body. Then he turned Lucas around to wash his little brother's back all the way down to Lucas' asshole. A strange and familiar urge came over Steve. He remembered poking his finger into his brother's asshole, and as soon as he did it again, he developed a hard-on. Art told him, “That’s good, Lucas, but show your ass to the cam. And you, Steve, insert your finger in your brother's asshole. That's it. Move it in and out while I zoom in.” Art stepped closer and captured Steve's finger fully in Lucas' ass. He heard Lucas moan. “Yes, moan, both of you. It'll help get this over with faster. Bend over, Lucas, and act like you want to get fucked. That's it.” Without any “direction,” Steve pulled his finger out and started to push his dick into his little brother's asshole. “Great, Steve, hold Lucas by the hips, and pull him to you.”

Lucas knew this was not one of the elements in the script Dean told him about, and he needed to stop it. “No, Steve, Dean said specifically, you need to get down on your knees and suck my dick.” Steve stopped cold. But he pulled his finger out, and Lucas turned around. He saw the sadness on his older brother's face. Steve knew he needed to comply. He was thinking how much his little brother had already sacrificed; now it was his turn. He slipped to his knees, took hold of Lucas' hard dick, and ensured all the soap was rinsed off.

“That's it, Steve, open wide. Lucas started to push his hips forward, but his dad interjected. “Steve, if you are supposed to suck him willingly, he should remain still, and you lean in with your open mouth and take his dick.” Art said, seemingly really getting into his directing role. “Let me zoom in. Just hold your mouth open. OK, now engulf your brother's dick.” Steve started to gag and choke. “Easy, Steve, slow down. Try just the head in your mouth. That's it. Now use your tongue to tease your brother's boner. Tease him good. We want him to climax quickly, so get him on edge. That's great. Can you deep-throat him, Steve?” He choked a little but managed it. OK, Steve, as you suck him, play with your own dick with both hands, pump it easy, but don't shoot.”

Lucas pushed his brother off his hair-trigger bone. “Dad … part of what Dean requires is that I now fuck Steve.”

“Okay, Lucas, but first... Steve, stand up. Now Lucas, lean in and suck his nipples, and Steve, play with Lucas' dick.” Steve stood, and Lucas did as he was directed to do. He not only licked those nipples but nibbled on them as well. Steve was pumping his younger brother's dick at the same time.

“OK, Steve, turn around and bend over. Place your hands on your knees for balance. Push your ass out. More. Yes, stay that way.” Art zoomed in again, this time at Steve's puckered ass hole. “OK, Lucas. Before you fuck him, stoop down and lick your brother's ass crack.” Lucas was just caught up in the moment, not thinking, just listening and obeying his dad. “That's it, lick all around that hairy hole, son. Great. I think Dean will be proud of you both.” What an odd thing for their dad to say! Was he on Dean's side, or just desperately wanting to satisfy Dean to get him to end this awful nightmare? “OK, I'm in really tight here, with the zoom, so stick your tongue inside Steve's asshole. No, Lucas, go in deep. Open your mouth so I can video your tongue entering your brother's hairy ass. That's great.” Lucas used to have fantasies about his older brother, but those ended without them doing anything sexual. But now, Lucas was finally experiencing what he dreamed about way back when he was 12. He thought it was not bad. Steve’s asshole, for whatever reason, was manly and not offensive smelling or tasting. Part of his being okay was that he was doing what his dad was telling him to do.

“Now, remove your tongue, and insert your dick. Steve's a big brawny guy, so no need to pussy-foot around, Lucas. Go ahead; push your dick in him. Great, then pull almost out. Then push in him. Yes, keep doing that. Steve, you seem like you're fighting this. Change the look on your face to one receiving pleasure. And moan. Let me hear it. Just go with the flow and keep it up. Dean will love this part for sure. You guys are doing great. Now, Lucas, as you fuck Steve, reach around him and work his dick into a steel rod.” Amazing. Their dad was really into this. “Yes, that’s it. Fuck his ass and pump his dick in sync. Yea. Go for it. Faster. Faster Lucas. Yea, plow your older brother's hairy fuck hole!” Steve was uncomfortable with all this. It was painful to him. He never had anything rigid up his ass. But he, too, obeyed his dad and started to moan. Steve started to reach for his own dick and play with it. “No, Steve. Let Lucas work your dick. He owns you now. Full in. Now, fully out. In. Out. In. OUT! IN!

Then it happened. Both Lucas and Steve climax at the same time. “Now Lucas, quickly, pull your dick out so I can video the cum still shooting in spurts onto Steve's ass cheeks. That's It. Now, Lucas, you caught a huge load from your brother, now bring your hand up to Steve's face and let him lick it off.” Steve was still cumming, and his head was all fuzzy. He just opened his mouth, and Lucas pushed his fingers inside. He sort of wiped his fingers on Steve's tongue. “Great. I'm zooming in again. Open your mouth for the cam, Steve.” He did. “Now aggressively lick and suck your man juice off of your little brother's fingers like he’s feeding you. Fabulous! Steve, turn around and face little Lucas and kiss him. Lucas, stick your tongue in big brother's mouth as if you greedily want some of his sponge in you.” Lucas and Steve continued to swap spit, and the foggy haze lifted. They awkwardly moved their faces away from each other and embarrassingly turned their bodies away too. Not quite able to look each other in the face, at least not at this moment, as they realized all they had done. “Great, boys, just great. Dean will be so pleased with you two. I'm sure this will end all our problems completely.” Art concluded, feeling proud and pleased with himself. The boys never noticed that their dad had also cum in his pants.

It was late. Art went to his bedroom, taking the cam with him. Steve and Lucas finished showering one at a time, and as they dried off. Steve said to his younger brother, “Look, Lucas, I'm sorry all this is happening. But maybe it is now over. Maybe we can go back to our normal lives and put all this behind us.” Lucas knew the deal with Dean: if they did this video, his parents, brother, and his new bride would be left alone. But … he, on the other hand, would continue to be Dean's boy toy to be publicly humiliated. At least he helped his family. That was a big deal … assuming Dean would keep his word.

There was something odd about that night. All the weird sex and his dad taking on the role of director. All the heavy and erotic feelings hung in the air. No one thought about any of Dean's rules. Everyone was so in la la land and so completely spent. Lucas went to his own bedroom to sleep. The video camera was turned off.

‘The next day, Dean caught up with Lucas at school. “Hey, bro. The video from last night was excellent.”

With a queasy stomach, Lucas said, “Glad you liked it.” Then he had a weird thought, “What did you like about it?”

Dean just opened up and said, “I love it all, the way you fucked your older brother, the way you made love like two faggot whores, the way you three slept together like incestuous pigs. Yea, your whole family was great. You all desire Oscars.” Dean smiled.

“WHAT DID HE JUST SAY?!” Lucas screamed in his head. They did not sleep together last night. Why is Dean saying or pretending they did? But Lucas swallowed his shock so he could look calm and played it cool. “Oh, I guess you liked the way Rosa sucked my dick, and Steve fingered my hole.”

“Right! Exactly! That's what I am talking about. I got your whole family to the point where no one can wait for their family bedtime fuck season. See, little faggot bitch? I told you you're all fucked up fag cunt sluts. You just needed me to bring it out.” Dean beamed, full of pride.

It hit Lucas like a ton of bricks. Dean never saw any video of last night. Then it dawned on him. His face went flush. Did Dean see any videos? Was the video cam set up a fake? Were Lucas and his entire family obeying Dean's obscene requirements all the while the video was not even working or at least not transmitting anything to Dean?

Dean saw the twisted look on Lucas' face, “Hey bitch, let me see a smile on your face so I know you love the way I treat you and own you.” Lucas forced a smile to placate Dean. Then he told Dean that he was late to meet with his teacher. He had to figure this out. Why was Dean lying, and how much was he lying about?

Lucas did not want to tell anyone what he had just figured out. Instead, he wanted to go see Mr. Hobart, Dean’s father. But he wondered how to do that. Mr. Hobart, he was sure, did not see just anyone. Lucas took a bus to go home. It was good. No one happened to be there at that moment. He found his one dark blue suit that was for special occasions. He had outgrown the coat, so he put on the slacks and a light blue shirt and then borrowed a dark blue tie from his dad's closet. Then it was back to the bus stop. He figured the ride downtown would be about 20 minutes. All the while, he was gathering angry thoughts. He hadn’t a clue how this would all go down or if Mr. Hobart would even allow him an appointment. All he knew was that Mr. Hobart was the big prick in all this. He had to confront the bastard no matter what. He and his family had suffered enough sadistic abuse at his hands!

Everyone knew where his main offices were, Hobart Plaza, on the top floor. Luckily the bus stopped just in front of the complex. It was a 9-story building, but that was the highest in this small town. Mr. Hobart may not be in just then, but Lucas was going to find out. He took the elevator up to the top floor and calmed himself down in the ride up. “DING!” And then exited to a lobby area where there was a receptionist. “Mr. Hobart, please,” Lucas said politely.

“Do you have an appointment?” Lucas told her no but added that it was urgent.

So the receptionist asked him what it was about. “Ma’am, it's about his son Dean. He is in serious trouble.” He lied. Then she asked what kind of trouble. But Lucas did not want to explain anything to her. Where would he start? How could he tell her any of this humiliating stuff? “Ma’am, I can only tell Mr. Hobart.” She excused herself, walked to a large fancy wood door at the end of the short hall, and entered. She returned A few minutes later and told Lucas he could go in now.

Lucas took a deep breath, went to that door, knocked, and entered. He saw a well-dressed man of about 50 behind a very ornate desk. He looked tired and curious. “Yes, young man? What is it about my son?” he spoke, perhaps a little too forceful. It freaked out Lucas, who felt like he was confronting a monster of pure evil. He tried to speak up. It was like David and Goliath, except David had no strength left.

“Sir…how could … how … my family … I … I ...” and he broke down in complete tears, all out bawling like a baby. He could barely catch his breath. He was out of control as he fell to his knees, crying.

In came the receptionist, whose look turned to shock as she saw the teenager on the floor, obviously in a great deal of pain. Mr. Hobart went over to the boy and tried to get him into a nearby leather-winged chair. “Melissa, please bring this boy a glass of water. She retrieved a glass from the side table, filled it, and brought it over to Mr. Hobart just as he managed to help lift Lucas into the seat. Lucas drank a few sips and started to calm down. “That will be all, Melissa.”

“Now, young man, what is your name?” Lucas told him who he was, his parents' names, and that he knew his son from school. He had trouble expressing himself. He didn't like being a lamb in a lion's den. What chance did he have against a despicable, dehumanizing, obscene bastard like Mr. Hobart?

Just as Mr. Hobart was going to ask him what this was all about, Lucas blurted out with renewed tears, “What? Why are you torturing me? We have not done anything to you or Dean, or anyone. Why are you putting my mom and dad out on the streets? Why are you firing my dad and my older brother? He just got married. We were all happy, and now you are destroying us.” Again he gave way to tears.

“Melissa,” Mr. Hobart said into the intercom, “Please bring me the file on the Hunt family mortgage, Arthur Hunt. Also, there should be records on the Hunts as employees.” In moments, the receptionist reentered the office with several beige files saying that this was everything she found on the Hunts. She handed them to Mr. Hobart and left. It was good that Lucas had decided to dress up. If he had appeared in his typical teen-sloppy look, he'd have had less chance to get in to see Dean's dad. This way, he looked like a business youth.

“Lucas, Lucas?” He had trouble getting the boy's attention. “Calm down for just a moment, please. Let me see what we have here.” Mr. Hobart was flipping through papers in a file marked Hunt Loan, reading quickly, skimming sheet after sheet. Then he picked up the employment files and quickly scanned through them. He looked up in space as he contemplated the baffling contents of the folders. Then he looked at Lucas.

“Son, I am not sure what you are talking about. I have reviewed the loan on your family home and see that everything is in order. All payments have been made on time. There is not one late notice.” He paused, opened the employee files again, and added, “As for your dad and brother's employment status … well … I see nothing about anyone being fired or reprimanded. Nothing. Nothing … except that your dad is due a rise in two months and your brother is due his raise … let's see … well, in four months.” Then he looked at Lucas, “I'm afraid I don't know why you are here or what trouble my son is in.”

x The Revenge of Lucas Hunt
Part 4 of 5

Lucas was ghostly white. He hears for the first time that Mr. Hobart is unaware of Dean's threats and, worst, his sadistic behavior. Lucas no longer saw a monster. He saw a businessman. A rather concerned businessman. A family man. There was no anger or deviousness in Mr. Hobart.

“Sir,” Lucas finally collected himself, “Dean told me he would have you recall the loan on my parents’ house if … if …” He did not know how to finish the sentence.
“If what … Lucas? Lucas, come and sit here at my desk. Let’s talk this out. Lucas took the chair at the side of Mr. Hobart’s desk.”

Lucas took a deep breath, “If I did not let him humiliate me and my family. He had me to your house and told me to strip naked in the front yard, and to … to … have sex with him … and my family had to … engage in obscene and demeaning acts while they were … being …”

“LUCAS! How dare you come in here and insult my son and make stupid, idiotic charges against him?! Why … why … I never heard of any ...” Mr. Hobart was yelling at these preposterous accusations.

With shaking hands, Lucas pulled out his cell phone with Dean's saved texts and voicemail. There were a lot of them. “Here, sir, just scroll down, and you will see all the insane, humiliating, and even sexual things he has done to me and my family.”

At first, Mr. Hobart didn't even want to look at the messages. He did not want to give any credence to Lucas' ridiculous, trumped-up charges. But he briefly saw one. It said, “My dad will have your fucking faggot family out on the street if you ….”

Then he heard Dean's voice, “If my dad were not my dad, I'd call him a sadistic asshole bastard too. You don't have any idea how he loves to abuse anyone he has power over ...”

Then, “If you don't want your dad and big bro to be fired, you will make a video of you fucking your bro in the shower, and make sure your dad is filming the...”

Then, “Lucas, my bitch, you were late responding to me. Remember, all I have to do is tell my dad and your entire family is gone, and that cunt slut new bride...”

With his mouth wide open in shock and horror, Mr. Hobart's thumb continued to scroll through the long list of messages. He was at a total loss for words. Lucas was correct. Mr. Hobart finally realized the fragile, scared boy in front of him and his entire family had all been abused at the hands of his own son. Worse, the abuse was criminal; even worse, it was done in his name. He got up from his desk, went over to Lucas, and put his arm around him. He was wondering how he would handle it. He wanted to punish his son but not have him go to jail, and he certainly did not want any of this to get out because it would ruin his name and his business.

He returned to his desk, tapping it with his fingers. Then, he pushed the intercom button, “Melissa, send the driver to Wilson High. He is to pick up my son immediately and bring him here.” He released the button. He figured it would take no more than 30 minutes, round trip, to bring his son into his office.

“Look, Lucas.” Mr. Hobart said more calmly, “I know you are just a lad. I now realize the unspeakable horrors my son had done to you and your family. I am certain that it's 10 times worse than anything I can imagine.” Lucas teared up as he began to reflect on all the inhumanity he had experienced. “Lucas, I don't want my son to go to jail, but just restitution must be made to you and your family. I take full responsibility. All of you must be compensated for what Dean has made you all do. Let me strike a deal with you. I want to keep your cell phone and your dad's. The evidence on it would crush me.” Lucas started to object.

“Wait. Please. Hear me out. No compensation can soothe all these horrible events. However, suppose you and your family cooperate with me. In that case, I will do the following: 1. I will remove the loan on your family's home, mark it paid, plus give your family $100,000. 2. I will give you a full scholarship to any school you choose to attend. 3. I want you to know I will severely punish my son, take away his car, his allowance, his expensive gadgets, and so on. All of this could cost you and your family over a million dollars.”

Then he added, “On your part, you and your family have to agree not to prosecute me or anyone in my family. Any evidence you have of his criminal behavior, such as phone, emails, texts, and so on, must be turned over to me.”

There was silence as Lucas considered the offer. What was going through his mind is this could bring his struggling family about half a million dollars. He thought that was not enough. He wanted Dean to be punished. On the other hand, two things could happen if he sought to see Dean punished through the criminal system. Wealthy people always seem to find a way to get Dean off via technicalities or outright corruption. In that case, Dean would not be punished, nor would his family gain anything monetarily. Lucas wanted both; Dean to be punished and for him and his family to be richly compensated for their gross and despicable treatment. He had to think outside the box to find a way to get both. It took him a while, but he was a creative thinker, an A student, for that matter. Lucas thought that since he took the lion's share of Dean's insane abuse, his family would allow him to make the settlement with Mr. Hobart.

“My Hobart, if we add one more condition, we would have a deal.” Mr. Hobart gestured for Lucas to continue. “I want the fourth condition to be as follows. Your son must be assigned to me for one month to obey me 100%. I assure you he will not be hurt in any way, and no police will be involved.” A pregnant pause. “I want to embarrass him, that is all. Just embarrass him.”

Mr. Hobart looked grim as if he was about to refuse the lad's offer. But to Lucas' surprise, the wealthy businessman said. “Lucas, you don't need to explain. What my son did to you and your family is truly hideous and unspeakable. While I would prefer to punish my son in my private way, I cannot disallow you your pound of flesh, so to speak. Yes. I agree.”

For the first time in a long time, Lucas had Dean by the balls. It was difficult for him to digest, but he was going to go away to some Ivy League school, and his family would be debt free and receive $100,000. What a sweet taste of justice.

Just then, Dean was escorted into the office and left to stand before his father. He was dressed impeccably in bright white slacks and a light blue Polo shirt. Dean turned to the side and saw Lucas smiling, and he began to shake. In that instant, Dean saw his life flash before his eyes. Like a little girl, he covered his mouth and gasped as he realized all his lies were fully exposed. That he was caught with his pants down and that he was in serious trouble.

“Dean, What in god's name have you done to this boy and his family?! Mr. Hobart yelled in anger. I have been talking to young Mr. Lucas Hunt, and he has presented me with irrefutable evidence that you have disgraced me, yourself, our family name, and our business reputation!”

“I … I … “Dean muttered.

“Don't you dare say a single word to me? I can tell just by the look of shock plastered on your face that all the horrors Lucas has told me, and I am sure there is a lot more that he is too embarrassed to describe to me, are completely true. Thanks only to this young man's kindness, you will be spared from going to prison for a very long time. For that, I am allowing him to…to…have you as his … let's just say … his obedient servant. If he tells me you have not cooperated with him, I'll send you to prison myself.” Of course, Mr. Hobart did not mean that part about sending his son to prison, but he was very disgusted and angry with Dean.

There was a pause, so Lucas interjected and wanted to try out his newly acquired power. “Mr. Hobart, do you mind if I take Dean to the company break room?”

“Lucas,” Mr. Hobart was going to question him, but instead said, “Go ahead. I'm not even going to ask you what your plans are now or in the future. If you tell me Dean has been behaving to your standards, I don't need to know the details. If he is not, I'll expand your one month…ah…of ownership of him for another month or two. As long as you are satisfied with his behavior, I owe it to you.” Lucas was getting up from the chair and gesturing to Dean to follow him as Mr. Hobart said, “Lucas, I am so very sorry. And … thank you for accepting my offer of settlement.” Lucas smiled hesitantly and left, not even looking back to see if Dean was following him. As he walked to the receptionist and asked where the break room was. She told him it was on the first floor, just to the left of the elevator. Lucas entered the hall. He noticed a sign pointing to the break room. So down he descended in the elevator with Dean being very quiet. Once on the main floor, there was a door marked “Break room – Employees only.”

Before Lucas opened the door to enter, he told Dean very clearly, “When we go inside. I will get everyone's attention and make an announcement. You are to pee your pants as soon as I touch your shoulder. And you'd better not hold back or try to put your hands over your groin, either. If you hesitate, I'll have you strip naked too. A word of warning, don't EVER cross me. Your punishment will be 10 times worse.” And in they went.

Lucas was surprised at how large the room was. He did not realize how many people worked in this building. The break room must have had 50 people in there, secretaries, custodians, and stock boys, and since they all knew Dean, the son of their boss, Mr. Hobart, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at the two boys who had just entered. Lucas put up his hands, and everyone became quiet and waited for the boy to speak.

Hi ladies and gentlemen. My name is Lucas, and you all know your esteemed boss's son, Dean. Or, I guess, Mr. Dean Hobart, just to be respectful. In a show of respect, the group called out, “Hello, Mr. Hobart.”

‘“I am Dean's good friend from school, and he told me he is in the PPA. As you may know, that stands for Pee Pee Anonymous. The gathered employees looked confused. “You see, just like Alcoholics Anonymous, adult bedwetters’ have a 12-step program too. You may not know, but Dean is actually quite shy, too shy to mention his problem to others, especially you, employees of his father's company. So he asked me to help him through this, the third step of his program titled, Coming Out.”

The large room remained quiet, even though several people slipped a little closer to the two boys. Lucas was feigning empathy for Dean, and Dean was freaked out of his mind, feeling helpless to affect anything.

“You see, Dean has an emotional and physiological need to pee in front of people. There are many complicated reasons for this which I won't go into. Needless to say, it has been difficult for Dean to visit you all at work and to stifle his urge to pee. In this third step of his recovery program, he must allow himself to admit his desire to pee. This is done for him just to pee whenever he has that need. And I would like all of you to allow him to do that or encourage him to do that. Anytime you see Dean here, or anywhere, just come go up to him and initiate that he ... let it out.'”

Just then, Lucas placed his hand on Dean's shoulder. That was the prearranged signal for Dean to “let it out” and pee his nice white cotton slacks. Right then, right there. Dean could not turn his head to look at Lucas. He just stared, glassy-eyed, out into “space” as his body trembled. He felt a covertly applied pinching pressure that Lucas was making with his hand on his shoulder. All of a sudden, a wet spot developed in the crotch of Dean's slacks. It rapidly grew larger, mainly downward, but it also spread upward as the cotton material wicked the urine in all directions. Dean kept his hands at his sides and began to quietly sob.

Lucas looked down at Dean's piss, now freely flowing down his legs into his loafers and onto the floor. Lucas briefly reflected on all the humiliation Dean had done to him. This was payback, only the beginning of Dean's long, embarrassing, and humiliating journey. But Lucas felt it was a good start.

“You are witnessing the making of a new man. His tears are tears of joy. It has taken him a long time to allow himself to be comfortable as a public urinater. Let's show our support.” Lucas started clapping, and the onlookers, still confused and dazed, slowly swelled their applause to a fuller response. You could see Dean's flesh-colored thighs through the material of his wet pants. Lucas noticed that his dick was completely displayed because Dean never wore underwear. The others noticed this as well, causing some to release gasps. Lucas knew that he would turn Dean's humiliation up a notch after seeing that dick.

Lucas raised his hands to stop the applause, so he could continue Dean's well-earned punishment. “As you can see, Dean is not wearing any underwear.” At that time, anyone who hadn't noticed Dean's dick then certainly noticed it now.

And many, especially the ladies, were uncomfortable. “This is part of the PPA third step. Dean is not allowed to wear underwear so he can pee more easily.” Then Lucas turned to Dean, who had stopped peeing after releasing half a liter of his yellow fluid. In a calm, friendly voice to his pretend friend, he said, “Is there anything you'd say to all these employees?” Dean did not say a word. He just shook his head in complete humiliation and looked down at the rather large puddle he was now standing in. “That's OK, buddy. You made a very big first step here. And now everyone here knows how difficult it has been for years, struggling to be normal but knowing, secretly, you are not. You no longer have to be ashamed of this terrible secret. I know it will still be challenging to pee in public whenever you have the desire, but we are all your friends, and we applaud you for showing us who you really are.” Dean could not take it anymore and covered his wet crotch with his hands. “No, Dean,” Lucas said with fake compassion, “no, keep your head held high and show the world who you are, a public pisser. Be proud that you are finally exposing yourself.” Dean's face was a solid red as he moved his hands back to his sides. His long fleshy dick tube could easily be seen against his right thigh.

As Lucas ushered Dean out of the break room, he said to Dean, “Oh, you know, this is the first time I have been in your dad's building. Why don't we explore who’s who in the various rooms on all the floors? Lucas paraded Dean all over the building in his pee pee-soaked white, now see-thru slacks. Lucas was new at this but was learning and getting into it. In the months ahead, he will have put his clever mind at work thinking of new ways to humiliate and degrade Dean. Mr. Hobart never knew the details, never asked to know. And Dean was certainly not going to bring those embarrassing facts to light to anyone, especially to his dad.

Then Lucas led Dean out of the building and to his (Dean's) car in their parking lot. Dean finally spoke to Lucas for the first time that day. It was a cool farewell. “Look, Lucas, you had your fun. I'll never be able to return to this building ever again. You really got back at me. So, let us part ways.”

“Whoa, dude. We have an errand to go on right now. And you're going to drive us.”

“In the first place, I need to go home and change. And in the second place, I need to get a towel or something to sit on so I don't have my car smelling like urine. OK?!” Dean had forgotten his new status in his world, a new low status his own father agreed with. But Lucas forgot nothing.

x The Revenge of Lucas Hunt
Part 5 of 5

“I guess a stupid, dumb fucking ass piece of shit like you has a big turd for a brain,” Lucas told him loudly, not backing down. Dean was shocked to hear such commanding filth from a scholarly school boy-brainiac like Lucas. Except for his dad, no one had ever talked to him like that. It set him back on his heels, literally. “You're not the boss's son, at least not for a while. You're not that high and mighty king of the hill. You're not that in charge, son of a bitch abuser you have probably been all your life. You're nothing anyone will respect or admire or in any way look up to and envy. You're not fucking anything! You got that! You god dawn fucking cunt pig!” As Lucas laid down the “new” law, Dean's once tall, pushed-out chest, proud stance … was slowly morphing into a physically submissive posture of a boy who was now somewhat hunched over and looking down at the ground. He had become completely deflated. He realized as long as his dad had him in this punishment period, kissing Lucas' ass, he was just a piece of meat to Lucas, and he best just accept it.

“Get in,” Lucas told him bluntly. Dean wanted to tell him again that his pants were still wet with piss, but he dared not. Dean clicked the doors open, and both boys got in the car. “Come on, drive us to school. I have something to do there.” It sounded ominous to Dean, but off he drove them. They soon pulled up to the campus.

“May I please change? I have some gym clothes in the trunk?” Dean pleaded softly.

No, but I’ll tell you what. Get in the car, and you can also pull your pants down to air them out and air your dick. OK? Dude?” As soon as Dean sat in the driver’s seat, he did undo his pants and pulled his dick out. “Now, before we take off, I want you to pump your dick and get it hard,” Lucas said, enjoying his new given power. After a brief hesitation, Dean pumped it hard.

“There you go. My, won’t your dad be proud? Dean gave a sick grin, knowing he may be driving his car, but with Lucas, he was no longer in the driver’s seat in this relationship. More immediately, however, he did not notice the young blonde lady walking in his general direction, probably on the way to her car. “Keep pumping that dick and don’t stop, or I’ll throw you out right here in the parking lot, boner and all.”

Just then, Lucas reached over and honked the horn to catch the approaching lady’s attention. Getting her attention, he waved her over to them. She looked up and smiled and immediately stepped over to the driver’s side of our car. “What the fuck!” she reacted as she noticed Dean pulling on his big stiff meat.
Dean was shocked at her standing outside his door but did not stop his pumping action. Lucas just blurted out, “Say, do you know where the police station is in this town? I need to have this degenerate arrested for being an obnoxious pervert.” Lucas and the girl laughed; Dean was just sick. The girl, thinking Dean was a public pervert, took her cell phone out, took a few photos of him, showing his face and dick and the public parking lot, and then called the police. She stood back to wait for the cops to arrive.

“You see how much fun we will be having for the next month, Deano? When the police arrive, you’ll be arrested and charged as a degenerate and a public sex offender.”Lucas was all smiles, “Gosh! Does life get any better than this? I mean… my life, of course. Your… not so much.” “Please, Lucas, I am so fucking sorry. Please…” Even though Dean did not know it, part of the revenge deal with Mr. Hobart required him to avoid legal problems for Dean. “Unfortunately,’ Lucas spoofed Dean, “we don’t have time to wait for the police to come and arrest you. We need to get to school.” Dean realized how much power Lucas now had over him. Dean started to slip his dick back into his pants, but Lucas stopped him. “No, you don’t. You can drive with one hand and keep that one pulling on your dick.”

They arrived at their school. “Please, Lucas? Not here, please? Not at our school, where all my buddies put me on a pedestal. They worship me. Please, Lucas. Please don't make me a cunt here. Oh God, please.” Again Lucas ignored his pleas and just looked at him, waiting for compliance. “You know, your dad gave you to me for one month. That's not a long time, but you heard him. If I complain to him about your refusal to obey me, he will add another month or two to your … your … sentence.” Still, Dean felt this was too much. Being out somewhere else was bad enough, but at school? Their school? With all their close buddies? Where he and his family were held in such high esteem? No, he thought. “OK, hand over your cell. I need to make a call to Dad.” That was it. Dean knew one way or the other, Lucas would make that call, if not here and now, then later.

He scrunched up his face, and soon a stream of yellow piss was re-wetting Dean's preppy white pants, and his loafers were once again filling up with piss. A puddle on the parking lot pavement was forming. Lucas smiled, more to himself.

“Glad to see you're getting with the program. Let's go to my locker.” Without looking back to see if Dean was following, he walked to the main entrance and then down the main hall to his locker. Lucas opened his locker but did not take anything out. He just stood there checking his watch. Then he spoke to Dean. “Get down on your knees and take my shoes.” He started to ask why he held his tongue. Dean was baffled, but by now, he knew to just comply with whatever Lucas wanted. He figured Lucas would change shoes to those in his locker.

Dean quickly looked around, and seeing the hallway was empty, he begrudgingly stooped and untied Lucas' shoelaces. Then he pulled off his shoes. That was it, done. And no one saw him kneeling in front of Lucas. Thank god for small favors. Then he started to stand back up. “No, Dean, I think I need to change my socks too. They're a little smelly.” This was weird, Dean Thought. He wanted to do it quickly and get it over with. He lifted one foot and then the other, pulling the white cotton socks off of Lucas' feet as Lucas gestured for him to remain kneeling. Dean felt like an idiot. Again, Lucas checked the time on his watch and smiled to himself.

“I don't think I should have you put my clean socks on my dirty feet.” Of course, they were not dirty, but that was the imagery that Lucas wanted to be implanted in Dean's mind. In his mind, Lucas was doing a mental countdown as he stared at his watch: ten…nine…eight...

“Yeah, they are a little smelly, so lick them clean first.” Dean hesitated a bit but figured the hall was empty, so he'd better get this over with now! And he lowered his head and placed his tongue on the top of Lucas' foot, and began to lick. He was sweating. He licked as fast as he could. RRRIIINNGGG! The end-of-class bell rang loudly. Dean was paralyzed, frightened out of his mind! He needed to leave IMMEDIATELY! The idea that he made other people do exactly this, and worse, never occurred to him.

“Don't you dare fucking move!” Lucas' voice was stern and final. “You keep licking AND KISSING that foot, and the sooner you worship it, the sooner I will let you get up and leave.” Of course, that was not true. Lucas was in no hurry, but Dean licked and licked his foot all over, frantic to get it done!

Hall doors burst out, and students began to pour into the hallway, moving toward the main exit. Dean licked faster and overtly kissed Lucas's foot, hoping he would be dismissed soon. Students were walking towards them, Lucas standing barefoot and Dean on his kneels licking, cleaning, and kissing. Worshiping Lucas's right foot. It was a sight too shocking to pass up. A crowd gathered around them, shocked and in awe at this incredible sight. They, of course, recognized Lucas right away as he stood there upright and proudly. It took them a while to realize who the hunched-over foot-licker was. And Boom! There was a chorus of “Dean!” everyone gawked and stared.

“Oh, hi, guys,” Lucas said casually. “How are you all doing?” No one spoke; they were all mesmerized to see their big-man-on-campus hungrily licking Lucas' foot. “I know this must seem a hoot to you, but it's quite funny. You know the way Dean was pretending to tease me? Well, it turns out he was only doing that for attention. One time in the locker room, just after I finished my shower, I went back to my locker and caught Dean here, sniffing my socks. Turns out that he has an uncontrollable foot fetish.” The only thing Dean could do was to please Lucas. He had no assurance Lucas would let him leave the school quickly if he obeyed and pleased him, but what other way out was there? He could not get up and leave. His dad would see to it that Lucas owned him for additional months. He could not lick slower. That would draw this humiliation out forever. No, Dean's only hope was to lick and kiss Lucas' foot as fast as he could and … to do it with as much eagerness as he could muster. THEN…rely on Lucas' sense of fairness and kindness to let him get up and leave. He felt he needed to impress Lucas to the max with his complete obedience. It may be awful to do these perverted public pranks for the next 30 days, but it would be much worse to do these obscene things for several more months!

“I mean, I was standing at my locker here, and Dean came up to me and begged me to let him lick my feet. I told him, 'Let's go somewhere private, like a restroom,' but he said that he needed to worship my stinky feet right now.” Everyone gathered looked down at their former school hero, the powerful heir to the Hobart fortune. All of them were so amazed. And it was like they were re-thinking who was the real top dog at school. They were now considering Lucas to be the new respected school hero and Dean to be the… the …well …the campus idiot.

“You probably think this is all a trick like he is not really into this perversion. But did you notice that he wet his pants?” The students gasped as they looked more carefully at Dean's soaked white slacks. They were obviously pissed in. They could even see Dean’s flesh tube through the wet material. “Plus, notice how eager he is to lick my right foot. He loves to kiss it.” The group became silent as they watched in amazement. “I'll tell you a little secret and spread this around, but he is licking and worshiping my right foot so eagerly because I asked him if he did a really good job…I'd let him lick and clean my other stinky foot.

“Oh, and you know what his favorite thing to do is?” Everyone looked up at Lucas, waiting to hear the rest, “it’s when I let him lick between my toes. I make him wait to do that until I give him special permission.” Dean was ready to fucking puke. He was now the lowest piece of scum shit I could imagine. But how could he stop now? No matter how bad this all was, he knew if he complied, it would only last 30 days. There would be an end to it. After which, he could transfer to another school and start over … if his dad permitted it. But right now, he had to comply with every wish Lucas voiced.

“OK, guys, watch this.” Lucas looked down and Dean, who was mindlessly focused on his foot licking. “Dean. Okay, you win. How can I refuse you your favorite pastime? I find what you are doing thoroughly disgusting, but you win. I guess I am just a softy. Go ahead. You may stick your slutty tongue between each of my toes.” Of course, it was not a refusable request. It was a definite command. Then everyone saw Dean stick his tongue out and insert it between each toe. They were amazed at Dean's secret, powerful, degrading fetish. They were also overwhelmed by Lucas' compassion and kindness to Dean. After all, Lucas was graciously putting himself out there, all to do Dean this huge favor. They thought Lucas was a great guy for doing such unselfish kindness for Dean.

“Oh, I almost forgot. When Dean started to work on my foot a few minutes ago, I told him not to make a sound. While all of you guys were in class, I didn't want him to be his usual noisy self and disturb you. But since class is over, it does not matter.” Again he looked down at Dean, “OK, Dean, no need to be quiet now. I know my forcing you to be quiet is very awkward for you, so just moan and groan and make all those slurping sounds you naturally make.” And immediately, Dean knew he had to sound off. He groaned and moaned right on cue. He made noisy sucking sounds and continued feasting on Lucas' foot. He just wanted to end this, and it would be Lucas' decision.

Just then, the editor of “The Students Review,” one of the guys standing around, watching the entire humiliating display, pulled out his camera from his backpack and snapped some photos to go with the story he will write for the weekly school paper.

In Dean's mind, what was left of it, he figured he had to be nearly done with his 30-day agreement, and Lucas would allow him to slither away in dehumanizing disgust. Dean did not consider that he had licked, cleaned, kissed, and worshiped ONLY Lucas' right foot. He did not consider that Lucas would now make him start all over on his left foot. Not only would this be a very long day, but they were only into the first week of the 30-day agreement.

On one particular day, Dean was urgently ordered to the Hunt home. “OK, I’m here. What’s the big emergency?” Dean asked frantically, gasping for air from running and barely making the 14-minute time limit.

“Oh, Dean, So glad you arrived on time. The ‘emergency?’ Oh, I must take a dump.” Lucas mentioned somewhat causally.

“So? What’s so urgent? Go ahead.”Dean was perturbed at being rushed there for no reason.

“The thing is, Dean, we’re out of toilet paper.” Everyone stood beside Lucas, His mom and dad, and Steve and Rosa. All listening. They had discussed the plan to have Dean appear immediately.

“Well, Dean, we have a serious problem, but we know you are so imaginative, you’ll be able to fix it,” Lucas told him.

“Well, I’m here, but if your toilet is broken, I can’t help you. Sorry. Get a plumber.”

“No, that’s not it. The toilet works fine, but we can’t use it because of another issue.”

“Well?” Dean was confused.

“We are all out of toilet paper.”

“You want me to go and buy some for you? Is that it?”

“No, I want you to join me in the bathroom and be my toilet paper.”

It finally dawned on Dean he was to be Lucas's ass licker. He felt sick. “I… I… You… you want me to…”

“Dean, spell it out. Tell us all what your job is today. I’ll give you a clue. It involves the use of your tongue. So, why you are here.”

“I… I… am your toilet paper?” Dean felt dizzy. He was trying to picture himself, a wealthy teen in high society, the most popular kid in town… licking the ass of a fucking low-life kid?

“Spell it out, NOW!”

“I am your ass cleaner?”


“Please… Please? Lucas? Anything else, but…”

“Say it, or I’ll report to your dad that you disobeyed me, and he’ll extend your time as my slave.”

Dean sobbed and then calmed down, at least enough to yell, “I AM YOUR FAGOT SHIT-EATING ASSHOLE LICKER!”

“Actually, that’d not quite correct. You see, my entire family needs to take a shit right now. But I’ll go first. Follow me to the bathroom.” Then Lucas looked at his dad, who had a look of pride on his face,” Dad, grab the video recorder. If this ass licker pleases us and does a fabulous job on our asses, we’ll keep the video secret. Suppose he is not the most enthusiastic ass cleaner ever. In that case, we’ll send a copy of the video to his dad… or maybe the student body, or maybe the plant employees.”

As the two entered the small bathroom with the rest of the family in tow, Lucas pulled down his pants and sat on the toilet. Dean just stood there, feeling faint.

“Take off your fucking clothes. Any time you are in MY house, you will strip naked.” Dean immediately complied. He has learned, just as he did Lucas and his entire family, Dean had no choice. He had surrendered completely.

Then the FLUSH. “KNEEL!” Lucas bent over to present his dirty asshole. “CLEAN!” with hesitation and interpretation, Dean first licked Lucas’s ass crack and plunged his long, thick tongue deeply to do the job he was there to do. Dean forgot about the video cam recording him until he saw Mr. Hunt filming him.

Oddly, what was on Dean’s mind, was not that he was licking Lucas’s ass, but that he would soon be licking the assholes of two women, “slut whore bitches,” Lucas’s mother and sister-in-law. He always felt all women were so beneath him that they existed for his deviant carnal amusement. They’re supposed to pleasure and worship HIM! As he licked and sucked clean Lucas’s shithole, Dan was crying, sobbing loudly. “How in the fuck can I ever lick a bitche’s asshole. “ He screamed in his head. Nothing could be more humiliating!

Mrs. Hunt, who was watching Dean submit to her son, had enough. She left the room. No one, not even Dean, would lick her ass or touch her in such a degenerate way. She passed on the “service.”

However, Rosa, who had also been quite shy all her life, was not so forgiving. Her images of how Dean humiliated and disgustingly abused her were beyond words. She was so angry. When her turn came, and she wanted to be the last, after her husband and her father-in-law, she would take great pleasure in sitting on the face of such an asshole, forcing him to clean her… asshole. She had no concern about smothering him.

Lucas was a lot smarter than Dean, and the humiliation Lucas was planning would make these the most agonizing and painful 30 days of Dean’s life. In fact, Lucas had already planned to get Mr. Hobart to extend that one-month punishment period to three months. Lucas would find a way to do that.

Lucas did reflect on whether he was punishing Dean too much, that he might be acting too mean and nasty toward him. He thought about all the disgusting things Dean did to him, publicly disgracing him in front of his friends and totally humiliating him. But that was not what really stoked Lucas’s ire. What bothered him most was the way he forced him to rape his sister-in-law and maybe ruin their new marriage. And the horrible and indecent treatment of his sweet mom and dad could not be forgiven.

Lucas thought he was not taking this too far. Dean’s life as a respectable, admired, self-confident young man must end. Lucas will take it all the way short of arrest!

The End

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