307 My Little Brother

307 Little Brother, My Owner
Part 1 of 5

My name is Peyton. Peyton Manning. Yeah, just like the famous football quarterback. I'm 20 and beginning my second year at a local college in Springfield, Ohio. Kind of small built, being 5'9" and weighing 122 pounds. Yep! Thin as a toothpick, I am not athletic like the other Peyton, but I excel in math, chemistry, and physics. I plan to be a teacher at the high school I recently graduated from in a few years. It suits me. I have average looks, I guess, though some girls think I’m cute, with my dimples and all. I love that more than a few girls are hounding me for a date.

My family is tiny: Just me, my little brother, Bruce – to whom some gave the nickname “Big Bruiser” - and my mom. She works a lot of hours as a restaurant manager and trusts me to watch over Bruce while she's at work. Up until several months ago, that had never been a problem. However, looking after Bruce is now more like looking UP to Bruce! He’s a couple of inches taller and much stronger, but that’s not why I’ve come to “respect” him. It’s his shitty attitude, a very dominating attitude he has developed lately. I think because he is hanging out with the wrong bunch at school. A few roughnecks, if you ask me.

You see, Bruce and I are as different as day and night. I'm thin and more intellectual than athletic. Bruce is well-muscled for his age and into all sports. I'm lovable and easygoing. Bruce can be mean and has a quick temper. I'm as passive as they come, while Bruce is aggressive to the extreme! I'm the first to forgive and forget. Bruce seldom forgives and NEVER forgets. Get my drift?

Yet, even with all of our differences, we hardly ever had a major problem. I was always left in charge because I was older, and Bruce never seemed to have a problem with that. That is, until he started hanging out with Kirk Dunlop, the son of state senator Russel Dunlop!

Kirk is the town bully; he comes from a whole family of bullies, from what I hear! He and his crazy brothers are always getting into trouble, at school and out of school. And always getting away with it. There are so many rumors floating around about those wild Dunlop brothers that, if even half were true, the whole damn bunch of them should have been put away years ago.

Bruce and Kirk are both teens and in the same high school class. They enjoy all the same sports, both in and out of school. Each will be entering their sophomore year of high school in the fall. They both love to work out; both claim to be improving their bodies for the girls. So, as you can see, Kirk has a lot more in common with my little brother than I do.

The problems for me all started a couple of months ago, on a Saturday morning, just as mom left on a 10-day business trip. She does a lot of that. I was expecting an easy day. Bruce and I had not been seeing eye-to-eye lately because I disapproved of his hanging with a punk kid named Kirk Dunlop. So, I figured this would be a good day to bond with my little brother. I would try to reason with him, telling him that hanging with the school bully wasn't such a good idea.

I was in my bedroom watching TV, flipping through the morning cable news programs, in my underwear. Well, it was a lazy Saturday morning. Suddenly, Bruce came barging in without knocking, a new habit of his since he started hanging out with Kirk. "Mom just left the house, bro," Bruce shouted out. Not sure if it was a question or a statement. I just stared over at him, thinking what a little stud my baby brother had developed into as he stood there in just his tight CK briefs. I could not help but notice that his daily workouts at the after-school gym were showing progress in giving him a more muscular physique.

"Bro? Can you give me an answer here?" Bruce asked with his usual growl.

I returned from my deep thoughts, "Sorry, Bruce, but that didn't sound like a question; it sounded more like a statement."

Bruce, now with a scowl on his face, said, "What-the-fuck-ever! Is our bitch mom traveling for her work again?"

I was shocked! I never heard him use such foul and disrespectful language like that. I have only heard him use that language once in his life. That was when I caught him and Kirk smoking in the park. So I was surprised to hear it now. "Whoa, Bruce! What's gotten into you? We don't use that language inside this house. That’s the language of punks like your new friend Kirk. Not decent kids like you, Bruce."

Just as I had made that remark, Kirk stepped out from behind Bruce. He must have spent the night because he, too, was wearing a pair of jockey briefs without a shirt. Kirk now offered gentle advice to my little brother: "I keep telling you, buddy, don't take his shit, man. Just beat the fuck out of your pansy, bro. Seriously, Bruce, you can so easily do it!”

I glanced back at my brother with a look of disgust, "You see, Bruce, why I don't like you hanging with this troublemaker? He not only has a bad mouth but also shows no respect in someone else's home."

Now pissed off big-time, Bruce yelled back at me, "Just shut up, dude! You have no right talking about my best friend that way, so just shut up, K?"

I guess Bruce's yelling at me like this was not good enough for Kirk, who was hoping for some blood! “Buddy? I'm telling ya … kick his fucking fag ass NOW! If not, he’ll always be dumping orders on you like this!"

I got up from my bed and glared at Kirk, "I want you to get dressed, get out of this house … and stay away from my brother! You're just a piece of bad news with a trashy mouth and a shitty attitude to match! So get dressed and get out. NOW!"

I should have seen it coming, but I didn't. Bruce swung his fist fast and hard, smashing my face with a solid punch, knocking me back onto my bed. I'm not sure which of us it shocked more, me or Bruce. It was the first time he really punched me hard. After a moment to recover from my shock, dizziness, and a little humiliation, I stood back up, facing my little brother. "Bruce? I can't believe you just punched me. I should kick your ass right now, but I won't because it's not your fault. It's this moron, Kirk’s, fault. He's egging you on! So, have him get dressed and get out before I change my mind, and I do kick your ass big time!"

Kirk, not taking my comments lying down, retorted, "Bud? If you don't kick his fag ass, THEN I WILL! I swear to God, I’ll do it for you." Before Kirk could continue his threat, Bruce, using body movements like a boxer in the ring, bounced around on the balls of his feet and surprised me yet again. POW! He hit me again with his right fist, knocking me OVER the bed, causing me to smash onto the floor on the other side.

That punch was hard, really hard. There was a drip of blood coming from the corner of my mouth. I could not stand up right away. Feeling a little groggy, I looked up to see my little brother and Kirk slapping their hands together in self-congratulations.

"Yeah, buddy! Way to go! Seriously, Bruce, I’ve been telling ya for a month now, he's nothing but a fag, and you can easily kick his ass!" laughed Kirk. "Now finish the bitch off, buddy."

I finally got onto the bed and was about to lunge at him to tackle him to the floor. But … before I could complete my move, Bruce knocked me down and was on top of me. He was on the bed, sitting on my chest, lifting my head up off my mattress by my hair, and holding it tight with his smooth, well-muscled thighs. Then, he went crazy. He - my baby brother - slammed both his fists into my face. I think I blacked out for a moment. When I opened my eyes a few minutes later, I was standing up. Or, I should say, I was being held up by Kirk, with my head in a wicked, tight, full-Nelson hold. I could feel more blood on my lips, and my eyes felt wicked puffy. I tried to speak but suddenly felt Bruce’s fists start pummeling my gut with one punch after another.

After repeatedly and rapidly slamming his fist into my gut - I don't know how many times - he stood there, smiling at me. Kirk then released me from his powerful headlock. I fell to my knees and then onto my side, in a fetal position. I was groaning and trying to speak, to tell my brother, ENOUGH! Yet, before I could regain my breath to speak, Bruce was on top of me again. He turned me over onto my back and sat again on my chest. His solid thighs were on each side of my head, pinning me down in the same position as before on the bed.

I looked up into his eyes. "BRUCE, NO MORE! I GIVE!" I nearly cried out to him. This, of course, was not enough for his bud, Kirk, who yelled, "MAKE HIM FUCKING BEG YOU, BUDDY! MAKE HIM CALL YOU 'MASTER'!" Hearing these words come out of Kirk's mouth scared the shit out of me. I knew now, for the first time ever, what humiliation really meant. With his bud Kirk pulling his strings, I also knew there was no limit to the humiliation my little brother would subject me to.

Bruce smiled down into my eyes with an evil smile. "YEAH! Shit-for-brains! If you want me to stop beating on you, then beg me to stop."

I couldn't believe my little brother was talking to me like this. I tried to shove Bruce off me, but this just brought him closer to my face, with more harsh comments from his evil bud, Kirk: "Oh yeah, man! Scoot up more! Get your dick-bulge over his mouth, then make him freaking blow you! That would show the fag, once and for all, who the real man is in this house. Do it, bud. DO IT! Seriously, dude. I make my brother, Blake, suck me all the time. It's soooo fucking rad, having that type of power over another dude, but way better when it's an older brother. Trust me, just do it!"

Bruce was now laughing his balls off, "Nah! I just want to hear him beg me not to beat on him anymore. And to tell me that I'm now the BOSS of this house.”

I was in no mood for more humiliation. Having my brother beat the shit out of me was enough humiliation for one day. However, I knew if I tried retaliating or pissing him off any more, I'd end up being humiliated a lot more than I already was. I might end up in the hospital, for Christ's sake. So, I decided to give in to Bruce before asshole Kirk was able to convince him to go any further.

“K, Bruce. I'm begging you, bro. Please don't beat me up anymore. You are the new boss of the house, and I will accept that from now on. So please let me up, K?" Looking down at me, my little brother had a wicked evil grin on his face, "So, you say from now on you will do whatever I say? …and you’ll be my freaking slave, like … forever?"

I was beaten, and I knew it. At this point, I would say whatever I had to end this humiliation and get Bruce off me. "YEAH, BRUCE! YOU'RE THE NEW BOSS OF THIS HOUSE! I’ll do whatever you say from now on!" Bruce, showing off his power by doing a double bicep pose, spat down into my face, “Kirk's right! You are a pussy, and I'm gonna love beating you up. And, trust me, I will. Any time you don't do as I say. GOT IT?"

Not to be outdone, Kirk looked at Bruce and nodded, "Make him open his mouth, dude." Bruce was probably not sure what Kirk had in mind but figured whatever it was, it could only add to his triumph. "You heard him, big brother! Open your mouth. NOW!

Kirk leaned over, got into my face, and hacked up a lot of spit and phlegm, which he spat into my opened mouth. Not once, but three times. "Now make him swallow it, good buddy," Kirk demanded as he stared into my eyes. "You’re lucky it isn't me on top of you, or else you'd be gagging on my dick right now, you fucking pussy!"

With a mouth full of spit, I begged Bruce to let me up. Bruce and Kirk laughed their asses off, watching me make a ghastly face as I swallowed Kirk's spit. Then, the two of them left me lying on my bed, crying as they walked out of my room. Bruce turned back long enough to yell, “Clean my bedroom and do my laundry before you go out today, slave boy!”

I continued lying on the bedroom floor, wondering what the hell just happened. I was unsure which was hurting me more, the pain in my gut and face or the shock that he could overpower me so easily. Or the humiliation I experienced at the hands of my baby brother. What humiliation I felt, being twenty years old, starting my second year of college while he was in his third year of high school. Imagine that! I’m an adult; he’s a child.

The only thing I seemed to be sure about at this time was that I had just committed myself to be nothing less than his little slave. And with the fear that now he is aware he can beat me up any time he chooses. His best friend's controlling his mind made me scared as hell as to what limits my brother would decide upon, if any!

Kirk had made it perfectly clear that if it were him on top of me - rather than my brother, Bruce - he would have forced me to blow him! This bothered me in more ways than one. First off, I'm not totally sure that I'm straight. And secondly, one of the reasons I didn't want my brother hanging with Kirk is that he had a reputation for being quite the little bully around town these days. If that wasn't bad enough, he also forced his victims to give him blowjobs after beating them up. I had been concerned lately that he may be trying to coerce my brother into following his lead. Somehow, I had to convince Bruce that, unlike the wealthy Senator's sons, he wouldn't get away with shit like that!

Still lying on the floor, I decided I'd better start cleaning Bruce’s room and start his laundry. No telling how soon he might be back. I obviously didn't want another beating from him so soon.

Well, that Saturday a few months ago began my life in HELL! My duties as my little brother's slave grew longer and longer with each passing day. This has continued without the knowledge of my mom. With it being the first day of school vacation - and assuming I was still in charge of the house - she decided to spend a week with my aunt and uncle two states away.

If she had known that Bruce was now not only in charge of the house but in charge of me, as well, I know she wouldn't have made these plans. Yet, what could I do? I was too humiliated to tell her what had started a few months ago, as well as what had transpired since.

It wasn't until mom pulled out of the driveway and was halfway up the street that Bruce, followed by Kirk, came out onto our front porch, both wearing only nylon soccer shorts. I glared at my little brother with a look of disgust, "Bro, you didn't even come out to say goodbye to mom."

He glared back at me with a smirk, "Fuck that! Unless you wanna start the summer off with a beating, you'd better get your skinny ass inside and start making Kirk's and my breakfast."

Seeing Kirk's mean, evil grin, I should have known better than to push my point, "Bruce? What if she has an accident and we never see her again? Wouldn't you feel like a piece of shit?" Bruce grabbed a handful of my hair, dragged me into the house, and slammed his fist into my gut several times until I fell onto the carpet. He came crashing down on top of me, sitting high on my chest, his nylon bulge less than an inch or so from my face.

He immediately started slapping me in the face and yelling, "Hell, big bro! I'm beginning to think you like me beating you up like this. Just so you know, It's no problem for me. I love beating you up. Now, you better listen very closely while I tell you what will happen this week. Starting today, not only will you be taking orders from me, but you'll be taking orders from Kirk, as well. And, trust me, if you give him any shit, he'll beat you up far worse than I have. If you so much as just piss him off … well, let's just say you won't look too pretty afterward! Now, to start our summer vacation, we're gonna have some friends over tonight for a little party. You'll be in charge of cleaning up the mess afterward and making sure our friends have everything they need to make this the best party ever. Got any questions, slave bro? "

I was aching to rub my sore gut, but with my arms being pinned by Bruce’s legs, all I could do was suffer the pain. I was furious with what my brother was now saying. "Bruce? You can't have a party here if our home gets trashed. Mom will freak out. She works hard for everything we have here. So, no party, no way! You may be stronger than me, but I'm still the older brother, and I know what's best … "

I was cut off by Kirk's bare foot being planted over my mouth, "Bruce? Seriously bud, you got to have him suck you off. It's the only way he is gonna finally accept you as his true superior. You KNOW you want to reign over him, right? Well, trust me on this! After you force the pussy to suck your dick, he'll never question your superiority again! Go for it, buddy. Make him lick your nuts first, then tell the fag to blow you. NOW, DUDE! You got to do it now. I'm telling you, when I first started making my brother, Blake, blow me, I had him sucking on my dick all night long. Just to show him I was in charge. He never questioned me again, I swear on my mom's grave!"

I started to panic, but with Kirk’s bare foot planted hard over my mouth, I couldn't say anything to discourage Bruce. To make matters worse, Kirk was now trying to force his toes into my mouth!

With his eyes glaring deeply into mine and the look of being totally pissed off at what I had just said to him, my brother whispered softly, "Guess you're right, Kirk. He is a pussy, isn't he? And pussies love big dicks. And being controlled by jocks like you and me!"

Kirk's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, "YEAH, DUDE! Now you're fucking talking! You know how awesome it felt when you made Dustin suck you off the other day after beating the faggot into submission? Well, let me tell you, forcing your older bro to blow you will be so much more of a fucking high for you. Trust me, buddy."

Kirk lifted his foot from my mouth and grinned an evil grin. "Aw, look at the faggot. He's upset that I won't let him suck my toes anymore. Don't worry, queer boy. Having my feet worshiped is one of my favorite things, so you'll be getting plenty of my toes to munch on!"

I started to protest, trying to reason with my Bruce, "Please, dude. You can't do this. Don't you see that this asshole is just trying to put a wedge between you and me forever?"

Bruce slapped me harder than I have ever been hit before, "Shut the fuck up, Peyton, or I swear, I'll beat you up twice as bad as usual.” He never calls me by my first name. I was now really starting to panic. “Now, let’s see just how much of a pussy you really are. You're gonna lick my balls and then suck them. Then you'll blow me unless … you feel strong enough to try and prevent this!"

I felt a lump in my throat and tried pleading with my tough little brother once again: "Bruce, I’m your brother. AND I'M NOT GAY, DAMN IT!"

Bruce grabbed a fistful of my hair, lifted my head, and pulled my face into the crotch of his soccer shorts. I was shocked once again. Not only did he go this far, but my lips came into contact with a major hard-on. That meant that the whole idea of forcing his older brother to suck him off was turning him on.

Bruce held my face tightly pressed against his nylon basket for a few minutes, "Yeah! You're loving this, aren't you? Well, let’s see just how much you love licking the sweat of your little brother's nuts."

Bruce stood up and unlaced his soccer shorts, kicking them aside. Now only in his white, sweaty Jockey briefs, he sat back down, this time more on my face. He wiggled his hips to rub his underwear all over my face. He and Kirk were laughing their asses off. "Yeah, pussy boy. You like the smell of my underwear? Sorry, I didn’t find any clean ones to put on this morning, but … that’s just a little present for you, isn’t it? Maybe later, I'll let you clean them with your tongue while wearing them. I bet you'll love that." I was humiliated, but I also knew that this was probably just the beginning.

Kirk was busy creating a monster. This was just the beginning of an entire summer of nothing less than total humiliation at the hands of my baby brother and his sick psycho partner-in-crime!

After Bruce rubbed his worn Jockeys into my face for a few minutes, he removed them and tossed them aside. Once again, his now naked ass was on my upper chest, and his balls hung over my chin. He inched his balls up to place them on top of my mouth as he whispered: “Kiss my nuts. Then start licking them all over. I haven't showered yet, so they should taste good and ripe!"

This talk, as well as my bro's antics, had Kirk laughing like crazy and encouraging Bruce to continue. "Fuck yeah, buddy! It's about time you put this pussy in his place. After you force him to suck you off, he'll be a piece of cake for you to handle. Oh, WAIT DUDE! Let me grab my cell. We need photos in case he ever tries denying any of this. I promise not to show your face, only his."

I was busy kissing my brother's big, sweaty, weighty balls. I tried to do it quickly, but he held his fist up, aiming at my face as he instructed me, “Slow down. Slow way down. If you rush, you’ll get your face pummeled.” Then he had an afterthought, “Oh, and moan. Show me and Kirk that you love making love to my balls.” I did as told, just wanting this to be over soon. Then, he directed me to start licking all over his balls. The taste was gross. They were covered in dried sweat, and no matter how much or hard I licked them, I was still getting more of the salty taste.

Kirk returned with the phone. I glanced up, with a sad look on my face, as he knelt down and got close-ups of me licking my little bro's balls. Then, of course, Kirk had to add more to this fucking nightmare, “Bruce, tell him to smile really, really big. So we can show the world what a happy faggot looks like when he's having fun.” And my brother did just that. I tried hard to put a stupid smile on my face, but I was so disgusted, I don’t know if my disdain showed more. Bruce was getting into this now, "Fuck, dude, you were soooo right once again. This is fucking awesome! I love knowing I have this kind of control over my older bro. Look at him licking my nuts, dude!"

“Yeah, but he’s having trouble keeping up the moaning and smiling shit,” Kirk said. “Say, buddy, you mind if I try something to improve his attitude?”

“Nah, go ahead, try whatever you like.” So, Kirk reached behind Bruce’s back to grab my underwear-covered balls and just squeezed them as hard as he could. I screamed in agony like a lion roaring. Finally, he let go. “Let’s see if he moans and smiles now. Or maybe I use my fist and smash his nuts into pulp.”

Hearing that, I moaned loudly and continuously as I smiled broadly like Bozo the Clown’s big-mouth makeup job. And the two boys were laughing their asses off again. I did whatever the fuck they wanted. “Oh, God, just let this be over.” I prayed as I ramped up as much praise on my brother as I could, “Oh God, I love these balls so much. I am a happy ball-licking faggot. Oh, this is so great.” I had to behave as told. Kirk was such an asshole. He wouldn't think twice about cutting off my balls.

Kirk seemed to be getting a little impatient, wanting Bruce to get on with the good stuff. “K, buddy, now give him a taste of your hard dick. Make him kiss the head of it a few times first, then make him take the head into his pussy mouth!"

Once again, I started to panic, yet I knew at this point there was no turning back for Bruce. He was truly getting off on having this much control over his big bro. He looked into my eyes with a grin as he pushed himself backward a little bit. He asked Kirk to get a couple of large pillows for my head so my face was at a better angle, with my chin down

Once the pillows were placed under my head, my little brother leaned forward to maneuver his hard dick to my lips. He whispered again, “Kiss it, and keep kissing it until I tell you to stop!" I did exactly as he ordered; I knew it wouldn't have done any good to plead with him anymore.

I kissed the head of his cock, over and over, waiting for him to tell me to stop. He moved his hips around to move his dick over my mouth so I could kiss it all over. I was amazed that my baby brother had such a huge cock. I was sure that it was at least as long as mine. But it was also thicker than mine, by far.

Bruce's cockhead was starting to form precum, big-time. A smirk now on his face, “Ahhhh, Peyton, look at what you've done. You made my cock drool from your kisses. Guess you're just gonna have to lick up my dribbling goo. Clean my dick good, now."

Kirk was now laughing his balls off, "Oh fuck, buddy! You're getting good at this, Bruce. Yeah, show your pussy, bro, who the boss is!"

Little Brother, My Owner
Part 2 of 5

I hesitated but then obediently licked the precum off Bruce's cockhead. It tasted salty, yet sweet, at the same time. I had to control my gag reflexes, so I wouldn't get sick from the taste. I now knew why girls don't like to swallow or even take it in their mouth. Bruce loved every second of this, "Oh, my fucking word! He just licked the cum off my cockhead and swallowed it. Oh, fuck! This is soooo fucking wild, dude! You're getting all this on that cam, right?"

Kirk was certainly doing his part, "Trust me, Bruce! I'm getting it all. Every fucking time his tongue touches your cock, we will have it on film. And his moaning and goofy smiles are fabulous!"

Bruce was now ready to see just how far I would go, "Open up wide and say hello to little Bruce. He's gonna FUCK your mouth and throat real good." I tried to beg Bruce, but he was too into this to listen.

"Shut up and open up!” I opened my mouth wide, as wide as I could. Bruce started to lean way forward. I knew now why he wanted the pillows. He pushed his cockhead between my lips and ordered me to suck, “K, big bro, how does my cock taste? Suck the head. Suck it good."

I rolled my tongue around his thick cockhead, sucking and licking it as best as I knew how. I did it the way I liked having it done to me when Sue Brownly sucked me off last New Year’s Eve. I guess I was doing a good job because my little brother was losing it. "Oh shit, man, this is too fucking wild! Look at him, Kirk. He's really sucking my cock, man! I'm fucking loving this!"

Kirk, wanting to see more, urged my bro to go all the way, “K, buddy, fuck his pussy mouth. Make him gag and choke on it. Start fucking that pussy now, dude." Bruce didn't need any more encouragement; he started pumping my mouth big-time. I felt his thick thighs pressed tightly on each side of my head. The pillows under my head made a nice cushion for my little bro to fuck my mouth comfortably.

He pushed more and more of his thick cock deeper into my mouth. When he reached the entrance to my throat, he stopped for a second. I started gagging wildly. He withdrew a little bit. But then, thrusting forward with full power, he entered my throat, causing me to choke and gag so bad I seriously thought he was killing me. Kirk, still laughing his balls off, leaned down for a close-up, "You better relax your throat muscles, faggot, or you really will choke to death."

I was still gagging uncontrollably, but my baby brother did it. He forced his whole cock into my mouth and throat, pressing his pubes hard against my face. He remained in that position, listening to my gag. "OH FUCK, DUDE! He's got it all. Listen to big brother Peyton gag on my cock. Shit, I could keep my dick right where it is forever. This feels soooo fucking awesome!"

I was choking to death. I had to use every ounce of strength to push Bruce off me, but he didn't even budge. Finally, he withdrew a little. Not all the way, but enough for me to use my nose to breathe again. Within seconds, he started pumping my mouth and throat slowly, building up his pace until he was at a somewhat steady rhythm.

He wanted Kirk and me to know how much this was turning him on as if we hadn't gotten the message by now. "OH, YEEEEAAAAH! Take my cock, you fucking pussy! Peyton Manning, big bro, is a cock-sucking faggot pussy! Oh, yeah! Kirk? You were soooo fucking right, dude! This so fucking awesome!"

After pumping my mouth for at least twenty, maybe longer, Bruce began to moan loudly as he plunged deeply into my throat with all his powerful weight. "OH, FUUUCCCKKKK, MAAAAN! Take it! Take my fucking hot cum into your pussy throat. Oh, man! I'm shooting a fucking quart into his mouth, Kirk. OOOOH SHIT! MAN! THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE BEST FUCKING ORGASM EVER!"

Bruce was right. He was having an orgasm that was unlike any orgasm I have ever had. He was shooting huge spurts into my mouth and throat that just didn't want to stop. I couldn't swallow it all. It was leaking out the corner of my mouth.

Kirk was going crazy, “Holy shit, dude. I think you're breaking a record for the amount of cum any dude has ever shot. Keep pumping his fucking mouth, dude. Make him eat every fucking bit of it. Oh, yeah! Make him swallow!" I was beginning to think that my baby brother would drown me with his warm thick cream. But just as those thoughts crossed my mind, Bruce pulled out of my mouth, shooting the last of his warm cream onto my face.

He sat on my chest with his cockhead resting on my lips. He grinned that ever-evil grin then yelled! "FUCK, BIG BRO! YOU JUST SUCKED MY COCK! YOU EVEN FUCKING SWALLOWED A SHITLOAD OF MY CUM! Kirk is right! You really are a fucking fag. Clean my cock, faggot! Clean it up, good! Trust me, this is just the beginning of a much closer relationship between me and you, brother dearest! Mom's gonna be so happy that we've bonded so good, huh?"

After I cleaned my little brother’s cock, he rubbed the head of it over my face, scooping up the cum he'd shot onto my face. Then, he made me lick that cum off his cock, as well, with him and Kirk laughing all the while. I felt lower than anyone could ever feel. I had just sucked my baby brother’s cock and eaten his boy cream. I should have stopped somehow. But how? He's a lot tougher than me now and easily overpowered me. Now he's convinced that whenever he is in the mood for a blowjob, he has an older cocksucker in the very next room.

Bruce stood up and high-fived Kirk, "You were right all along, dude. I should have listened to you three months ago. Look at all the head I could have been getting all this time, dude! That was sooo fucking cool. The tremendous feeling of pure power and control that gave me over this faggot, is just soooo way fucking awesome!" Feeling very confident now that Bruce was admitting his best friend was right all along, Kirk began feeling there was nothing that Bruce wouldn't do...now!

Kirk, looking down at me, then looking at my bro: "Hey, buddy. Watching you fuck your bro's mouth made me horny, too. So, looks like your bro gets a double face-fucking today. Lucky him, huh?"

Bruce and Kirk slapped their hands yet again. The senator’s younger son stood over me, his well-developed legs spread wide, his feet planted on each side of my head, and he rubbed his basket. He lifted his left leg and pressed his bare foot on top of my face, pressing down on it hard, hurting my nose.

He rubbed his feet in my face, one after the other, while he and my bro laughed their asses off. After that, he demanded that I once again take his toes in my mouth and lick between them. "Hey buddy, wanna see how far your brother will go just to please me? I swear, dude, he'll do anything just so I'll let him blow me. Watch this: He's gonna lick my feet for me! Go ahead, fag. Let’s show your little brother how far you'll go just for permission to chow down on my big dick. Stick out your fag tongue and lick between my toes!"

Bruce stood there looking down at me as he started laughing hysterically, "Yeah, right! Like he'll lick between your toes, dude. He may be a fag, but even fags don't do shit like that!" Now it was Kirk's turn to laugh, “Fuck, man! You've got a lot to learn about fags. There isn't anything they won’t do if it will get them a taste of cock! Seriously, dude. Just watch, K?"

Now looking down at me with a scowl, Kirk repeated his demand. "Go ahead, faggot. You piece of shit, stick your queer tongue between my toes! Lick them real good, then maybe I'll let you suck me."

With my younger brother standing there listening, the words coming from Kirk's mouth were humiliating enough! Yet, obeying his best friend's orders by licking between his toes would certainly add some major distance between my brother and me. I'm sure that was the plan Kirk had in mind all along.

I wasn't sure what to do. I figured if my little bro could beat me up, then certainly his best friend, Kirk - who was, by far, stronger than Bruce - could really do a damaging number on me. And, being the friggin' wimp that I now saw myself as another beating scared the hell out of me. While lying there pondering my situation, Kirk became a bit impatient. "You seriously don't wanna piss me off, dude. 'Cause I swear, I'll fucking stand on your face with all my weight, sending your nose to the other side of your head. Now, start licking. Shove that queer tongue right between my toes. And clean them good! Go ahead, you fucking loser. You know I won’t let you blow me until you obey every order I give you!"

I was in a no-win situation, so I had to weigh the pros and cons! I looked at it this way: I already gave my little bro a blowjob, so there was no turning back now. And I was sure this punk bully, Kirk, was just crazy enough to hurt me if he didn't get his way. So, I gave in! Somehow, some way, I would just have to prove to Bruce that I'm not the queer his friend is making me out to be. That's all.

I stuck out the tip of my tongue and pried Kirk's toes apart! Then, starting with his baby toe, I began licking in-between this young, dominating, spoiled brat’s toes, one by one. I had to give Kirk credit, though. For being a foul-mouthed, aggressive punk, he kept himself clean. There wasn't even a hint of toe jam. Not that it lessened my tremendous humiliation, but it helped my stomach!

I tried in vain to block out my brother's voice, as he was quick to show his disgust. "EEEEE0000WWWW! Oh my God! He's doing it; he's really cleaning between your toes with his tongue! EEEOOOWWW! That is soooo disgusting! Wow, dude, you got to be the coolest jock in school! You can make anybody do anything you say."

Now grinning down at me, after having won even more respect from my Bruce, Kirk felt quite the jock, glowing with pride! "I'm telling ya, buddy, you haven't seen anything yet! Man! You should see my two older brothers, Cam and Case, in action. They could make a faggot cum in his underwear without even touching his dick, just by forcing the fag to worship every part of their well-muscled bodies.”

Knowing very well how much I disliked him, Kirk was now grinning ear-to-ear. He realized that forcing me to worship and obey him in front of my brother would humiliate me far more than any beating he could ever give me. He stood over me like the little punk he is and dropped first his soccer shorts, then his underwear, to the floor. Stepping out of them, he kicked his tight briefs onto my face. "Use your hands and rub the crotch of my underwear all over your face, fag. Get a good smell of the crotch area and tell me how much you wanna sniff my balls."

I was beyond trying to fight this. He obviously was gonna have his way, anyway! It was no secret now that if I didn't do as he demanded, he'd just beat me up and make me do it, anyway. So, I placed the crotch of his worn underwear to my nose and inhaled the indisputable male scent while both dudes stood over me, laughing hysterically! Kirk was using his bare foot now to rub his underwear under my nose. "Yeah, smells awesome, huh? What’d I tell ya, buddy? He wants to blow me so bad that he'll do anything and everything just to taste this jock meat. Get up on your knees for me, faggot!"

I wanted so badly to blow him and get this nightmare over with that I practically jumped to my knees, bringing loud laughter again to the dynamic duo! This caused my little brother to add even a little more to my already extremely humiliating situation! "Holy shit, Kirk! Did ya see how fast he got to his knees? He wants your dick so bad he couldn't wait for you to permit him to kneel in front of you. He musta been dying while waiting for those words."

"Ya, dude, you're right. Watch this! Ok, faggot, here's where the real fun begins."

Then, turning around with his back against me and his ass practically touching my face, he craned his head back around to look at me, “I know how much you wanna blow me, pussy boy. But first, you have to show your brother and me just how much you wanna suck my dick. Yes, you want to kiss and lick my ass until I tell ya to stop. Then you can kiss and lick the sweat off my balls, fag. And if you do a good job, maybe, just maybe, I'll let you blow me. Now go ahead, dude. Show your bro just how much of a freaking fag you really are!"

I hesitated, certainly not wanting to kiss or lick some dude's ass. Particularly and especially when that dude happened to be Kirk! My brother's outburst showed me he wasn't as much of a mean bully bastard as Kirk. "EEEEOOOWWW! Oh, my God! That sounds too freaking gross, dude! You seriously think he'll do that? I mean, that is soooo not cool!" This little outburst, however, didn't discourage Kirk in the slightest, as he snapped at my brother. "Shut the fuck up, dude! I'm a Dunlop; I'm used to having my ass kissed. Trust me, Bruce, EVERYONE kisses my ass sooner or later."

Not very happy with my taking my time obeying his orders, Kirk swung around with a dropkick to the side of my head, knocking me over onto my side. He then stood over me with his naked body and a mean smile on his face. "Don't fuck with me, dude. Because I seriously would love to beat the crap out of you. Now, let's try this once again. Get behind me and kiss my ass first on each check. Start at the top of my crack and kiss and lick my ass crack all the way down, slowly down to my wonderful, manly asshole.” Then Kirk added, “AND … when you get to my ass crack, you will take both hands and spread my ass cheeks apart. Really push them open so you can get your brown nose and wet tongue fully into it,” Kirk said in his detailed instructions.

It became apparently clear that, for some reason, Kirk was determined to humiliate me to no limit … and in front of Bruce. He was trying, I suppose, to impress my little bro, proving to him just how dominating and tough he can be while taking total control of the mind and body of another dude!

Kirk turned around with his back facing me once again, presenting his ass for me to kiss and lick. I began by kissing his ass checks. Not just quick pecks. No, Kirk would never allow that. I made love to those bubble cheeks. Then, as directed, I put a hand on each of his ass cheeks. “YYYEEEESSSS!” my little brother yelled, amazed that his big brother could ever do such a disgusting act.

I then pushed his cheeks apart as far as I could and held them there as I started to kiss and lick his ass crack at the very top. I went down Kirk’s ass crevice, kissing and licking every part of his clean-smelling ass. "There you go, Peyton. Now, show your bro how much of a faggot you are and insert your tongue into my hole.” I wholly considered taking a beating rather than tongue-fucking Kirk’s asshole. But then, I thought better of it. The way I looked at it, after beating me up, he would probably make me lick his ass twice as long just to prove a point. So, why take the beating?

With my face buried in his ass to push my tongue into his hole as far as I could, I was doing my best to keep myself from vomiting. Meanwhile, my little bro was laughing his balls off. Kirk wanted Bruce to include a close-up on the video of me licking his ass. Kirk yelled out to Bruce, "Oh my GOD, dude! Get in back of me and film the fucking fag licking my ass!”

Bruce, with no experience, yelled back to Kirk, "WOW! That's fucking cool, dude! How does it feel having someone licking your ass like that? Does it feel awesome? Come on, dude, tell me!" Kirk, moaning up a storm, could only shake his head and smile at the incredible pleasure he was receiving. Finally, he uttered the words, "It fucking rocks, dude. You seriously got to have him do this to you later!"

Bruce, watching me intensely while getting it all on video, wasted no time in telling me how he truly felt about me now! "Fuck, man! I can't believe my big brother is such a fucking queer! You friggin' make me sick, dude! First, you suck my cock, then you fucking eat my cum, then you suck my toes. And now … look at you, you're on your knees, licking my best friend's ass! What a fucking faggot pervert piece of shit you are! Well, all I can say, Peyton, is I hope you love this 'cause we have a whole summer of using your fag mouth every day. However, we want to use it!"

I felt more humiliated by what my little brother said than by licking Kirk's ass. And, trust me, licking this dude's ass was totally humiliating. Now feeling that his ass got a good workout, Kirk pulled away from my face, turned around, and placed his hands on his hips. "Start licking the sweat off my nuts now. If you do as good a job with my balls as you did with my ass, I'll reward you by letting you suck my cock."

Not wasting my breath by answering such a stupid question, I nuzzled my nose under his huge dick, stuck out my tongue once again, and started licking his nut sack. His balls actually didn't taste that bad, either. A little salty, but considering he hadn't showered yet, the masculine, unwashed boy odor and the taste weren't so bad, surprising me once again.

Suddenly, he yanked my head away, "Hey, queer boy! You forgot to kiss them first. I know how badly you want to taste my balls and all, but first things first here. Duh!"

This obviously had my bro cracking up big-time. “Kirk? Man, you friggin' rock! Are you this mean to the other fags at school, too? Kirk didn't even need a second to think about that question. "Hell, ya! And not just the fags, either. When I'm freaking horny, I don't care if the dude is a fag or not. If I beat him up and get off on doing it, I use his mouth even if the dude is straight. I figure that's his punishment for being such a loser, ya know? Another thing, dude. My brothers taught me I don't ever look at it as being mean to the fags, because by having them suck you off - or whatever you have them do - you're really giving them what they want. They're just too shy to ask for it, ya know?"

Wanting to get this over as quickly as possible - and with my little brother laughing his ass off with what Kirk just said - I kissed his nuts a few times. Holding my lips against them briefly before pulling my mouth away, I then resumed licking his balls again, trying everything I could imagine to get this over quickly!

Kirk, continuing his verbal assault on me, started laughing and commenting to Bruce, "Geez, he couldn't wait to start slurping on my nuts, could he? Fuck! He's seriously going right to town on them. Look at him, dude? You get all this on the cell video?" With both of them laughing and making rude comments about how much of a fag I was, my humiliation grew with each passing second.

Now feeling I had spent enough time on his balls, Kirk grabbed my hair and pulled me off, "Hell, dude, you must love my balls. I didn't think you were ever gonna come up for air! K, I guess you earned it, dude. Go ahead. You can suck my tool now. Suck my dick like you just sucked your bros! But you know you got to kiss its head first, right?"

With Bruce kneeling beside me and the phone shooting me, I kissed Kirk's mushroom-shaped cockhead. At this point, he had precum oozed from it; now my lips were coated. How fucking disgusting is that? Even my bro was disgusted. "Whooooaaaa! Dude? He's got your dick drool all over his friggin' lips! That's so gross! Oh, my God! Look at it, dude. It's, like, all over his lips, man!"

Both dudes, laughing once again at the site of my lips smeared with Kirk's cum, started in with the verbal abuse once again. They told me how sick I was and what a great summer was in store for them, having their own cocksucker at hand whenever either of them wanted head. My bro mentioned more than once that he couldn't believe he'll never have to jack off again, commenting how sweet it's gonna be, getting a blowjob every morning!

I took Kirk's cock into my mouth and rolled my tongue over and around his cockhead several times while he moaned like a bitch in heat. He then placed his hands on the back of my head and started forcing more and more of his cock into my mouth. "OH, SHIT, DUDE! Take my dick deep into your faggot throat."

I couldn't believe Kirk had a dick way bigger and thicker than my own. I guessed it to be around eight inches, or at least close to that, with my own being nearly six inches.

I started choking, big-time, as his cock hit the passageway of my throat. With maybe half his cock in my mouth, I believed that was as much as I could take. I had no idea how wrong I was.

Kirk pulled out of my mouth, telling me I had better ease my throat muscles and find a way to take it all, or he'd choke me to death! "Listen, asshole, I'm giving you some free advice; you'd better listen real good. I intend to fucking shove my whole cock down your faggot throat, one way or another! So, if you wanna live, you better relax your throat and find a way to breathe. And if you puke, I'll make you eat it. Got it?"

Little Brother, My Owner
Part 3 of 5

He waited a few seconds before slowly filling my mouth once again with his massive dick. I did as he said and relaxed my throat as best I could, breathing through my nose. As he continued slowly pushing his thick cock deeper, I finally had it all! It felt as though my head was going to explode as I gagged and choked ... and even cried! He then withdrew his dick almost completely, but only for a fraction of a second before thrusting hard and fast. He plowed all the way in, forcing me to take it all, then held my head tightly, causing me to choke and gag until I thought I really WOULD die! I felt the tears rushing down my cheeks. I was choking so much for so long that I came close to passing out several times. I frantically tried to breathe through my nose, even though it was buried in his pubes. I began pounding on his rock-hard thighs, not expecting (of course) that this would hurt him but hoping it would at least send a message to my brother that I could die if I didn't get some air real soon!

If I was going to choke to death on Kirk's cock, it became clearly evident that I couldn't count on my baby brother to save me. "Wow, Kirk! He's got your whole cock in his mouth just like he did mine, and yours is so much bigger! Sweeeeet. This is soooo fucking hot! His face is, like, purple, dude. I can clearly see the outline of your cock in his throat. He must be fucking loving this shit!"

Kirk must have known exactly how long he could keep his cock buried in my throat before smothering me to death because he started to withdraw slowly until most of his cock was out of my mouth. Kirk gave me this moment to catch my breath. Then, just as slowly, he buried it back into my throat all the way, holding it there once again, but not nearly as long this time.

He then started fucking my mouth in a somewhat steady rhythm, holding my head tightly as he gyrated his hips. I felt his cock tense up - and even grow a little thicker - as I asked myself how that was even remotely possible! It then began to throb. He withdrew immediately and jerked his cock until it exploded with thick, creamy gobs of white cum all over my face! He moaned loudly as he continued to shoot his thick goo, covering my face completely.

Bruce was in total awe, "OH, MY GOD! Kirk, you're the friggin' Man of the Year! Wow! You fucking covered every inch of his face, dude! This is soooo fucking sweet, man! Look at all that fucking jizz. He is so covered in it!"

Kirk stopped moaning and looked down at me, "Whoa! Fuck, dude! What happened to your face?" As the two of them stood over me laughing their asses off, I raised my hand to my face in an attempt to wipe his cum off.

But Kirk quickly grabbed my hand and yelled at me, "No fucking way, faggot! I know you don't want to waste a good meal. Here, let my cockhead feed it to you."

With his cockhead scooping up his thick cream from my face, he ordered me to suck it off his cockhead, "Yuuummm, faggot, doesn't it taste good? You love eating another dude’s cum, don't you? You should be thanking me right now. I musta shot a fucking quart of my precious cream onto your face! Bruce, look at your bro, chowing down on my thick cum! Doesn't it make you hungry? So, Peyton baby, isn't it yummy good? Don't ya just love the fucking taste of another dude's warm jizz? Fuck, man! Look at you gobbling it all down. Maybe your bro would like a taste of my sweet cum, too?"

This quickly brought a loud response from my little bro! "No fucking way! I'm no faggot! No way will you ever get me to taste that shit!" Kirk continued scooping it off my face with the head of his dick until all that remained of his tremendous load was the aroma. I was then made to suck the head clean. All the while, Bruce was trying to hold the phone steady as he and Kirk laughed hysterically.

When all was done, I asked if I could be excused, "Okay, guys, now that you have had fun, may I please shower and go to my room?"

Bruce, now standing over me, grinning from ear-to-ear, shouted, "Sure, brother Peyton Manning. But first, I want to feel how awesome it is to have my ass tongue-fucked."

Bruce stood over me with his back turned and his ass in my face. “Kiss and lick that ass, you faggot. I want the same treatment you gave Kirk. So, press your sweet lips against my ass and kiss it! Then, stick your queer tongue in my asshole and make love to it! I mean, now that I know you're a friggin' fag, I'll be using your tongue and mouth a lot. Oops! Did I say mouth? Sorry! I meant pussy hole!"

I was about to tell my baby brother to fuck off, but I knew all hell would break loose if I did. That surely would have caused a fistfight between the three of us, which probably meant some major damage would occur. And, since Mom left me in charge of the house, I had to do my best to keep it from being trashed. I knew damn well that if I disobeyed my baby brother, I would have gotten my ass kicked all over the house … and maybe even have to leave until mom got back. Leaving my bro and asshole Kirk here alone would be nothing less than disastrous.

Therefore, I kissed both of Bruce's ass cheeks, then stuck out my tongue and started to lick his ass the way I had been made to lick his best friend's.

My baby brother loved this whole scene, moaning softly at first, then louder. "OH, MY GOD, KIRK! You were so right, dude. This feels soooo fucking awesome! Look at the fag licking my asshole. You getting this on film, dude? Oh, fuck, man! This feels soooo freaking good. Wow! Who would have thought having your ass licked could feel soooo fucking awesome?"

Kirk, meanwhile, was kneeling on the floor next to me, getting close-ups with the camera and yelling at me to go deeper. "STICK YOUR TONGUE IN DEEPER, FAGGOT! Show your little brother how much you love his ass, dude. GO DEEPER, YOU FUCKING HOMO!"

I wanted so bad to punch Kirk in the face. I was in as deep as my tongue would go, yet he kept yelling at me to go even deeper. Not sure for how long I knelt there licking my bro's ass. All I know is that the sound of the phone ringing left me on my knees alone, with my tongue sticking out.

My mom and I have always said that Bruce was born with a phone in his hand and could never live without it! The way he just drops everything and rushes to pick up the phone has always been a family joke at our house. Yet, ask him to take out the trash or answer the doorbell while he's in the middle of doing something else, and he bites your head off. He usually spends every minute at home on the phone. Now, don't get me wrong. I was happy the phone rang. It allowed me to escape the smothering feeling I was being subjected to.

“Hello?” Bruce answered. “Hi, Mom. How’s the trip so far?” Then, Bruce did a weird thing. He put the phone call on speaker.

“Is Peyton around, dear?”

“He is, but he can’t talk right now. He’s very busy goofing off and does not want to stop,” Bruce told her.

“Oh? What is that, dear?”

“It’s actually one of his new hobbies. Yeah. Says it’s the most fun he has had, ever. He is really enjoying himself, so … maybe I shouldn’t bother him right now, Mom.”

WHAT THE FUCK! My crazy-ass brother is talking to our mother while he has me eating his ass out?! I can't believe this. Talk about humiliation! It's like he is humiliating me in front of my mother! Fuck!

“Well, I’ll give you a clue. He has to stick something into a hole and clean out all the crap that’s in there. He said it makes him feel good to clean out stuff. I know it sounds crazy. But you know Peyton.”

“OK, dear. Well, we won’t bother him now. So, how are you doing, Bruce?”

”Well, Mom, I’ve been doing a lot of work around here. I don’t mind. I like to help out. So far today alone, I cleaned the kitchen, did all the laundry (including Peyton’s), cooked the meals, and cleaned my room … and also Peyton’s room.”

WHAT A FUCKING ASSHOLE! How dare he tell Mom he’s doing all the work when he’s making me do it!

“My, ah … ah … I’m impressed, dear. So … you kids are getting along, OK?”

“Yeah, Mom, we are. I don’t like to complain, but Peyton has been loafing around the house naked all day. He doesn’t even bother to get dressed.”

Then, without words, Bruce motioned for me to lie on my back. I did. Then, he literally sat on my face. He was smothering me but did give me brief moments where he lifted his ass up an inch for two seconds, so I could breathe. That was it, two seconds. Then, he sat back down on my face, and I continued to rim his ass out. He never got distracted from talking to our mom.

“Oh dear, that doesn’t sound like Peyton. Maybe he is going through something difficult right now, learning some new tricks, as it were. He might be under a lot of pressure with his new hobby. Just tell him to keep his nose to the grindstone and try harder. I’m sure he'll learn whatever new and different is going on in his head. And you can help him master it.”

“Of course, mom. I have found that if I push him hard enough - even though he does not like it at first and actually believes it’s something he can never do - I can make him come around to doing what I want.”

“I must say, Bruce, you are a very responsible man of the house. Next time, I‘ll put you in charge of your brother. Maybe he just works best under you.”

“I never thought about it that way, but yes, I think I like having him under me. I mean, even right now, I feel a great tingling sensation. It’s wonderful, Mom, to have him under me. Thank you for that thought.” Bruce told her.

I was getting madder at the moment. First, he tells her he's doing all the work around the house and then says I’m naked and lazy. Now he’s saying he enjoys having me under him. WELL, FUCK! HE SITTING ON MY FACE!

“Bruce, as I said, I’ll talk with him when I return. I’ll be here only a week, so hang in there. And thank you, Bruce, for all your hard work. Just keep working with Peyton as you are doing right now. I’m sure he will come along to your way of thinking. Bye, dear.” And Bruce said goodbye and hung up.

As soon as he did, Bruce got off of my face. Then, there was an explosion of laughter from both he and Kirk, who listened to every word on the speakerphone. They laughed so hard that each had a hand over his belly to help stop cramps. They danced around me, held in the grip of hysterical hilarity.

They were repeating the key lines. Bruce was laughing out loud, “Love it when she said, ‘keep working with Peyton as you are doing right now,’ and she’ll ‘put me in charge of asshole Peyton’ and ‘he just works best UNDER me,’” Bruce could not get a grip on himself. They were both laughing so hard they teared up, big-time.

Then, Kirk chimed in, “Yeah, eating out your asshole! And the part where she says, ’Maybe he’s under a lot of pressure with his new hobby’ … of sucking big dicks! Yeah, and what about ‘Peyton needs to keep his nose to the grindstone and try a little harder’?” They both lost it.

I made a beeline for the shower. I cleaned up quickly and snuck into my room to hide out, avoiding any contact with my brother and his asshole brat punk. After about an hour or so of hearing no noise in the house, I went downstairs to get something to eat. On the fridge was a note from Bruce telling me to clean the mess he and Kirk made while eating, make his bed, and do some shopping for snacks and stuff.

Being totally unhappy with my current situation, I tried thinking of ways to escape it. I hated the idea of being a slave to my brother. But, as if that weren't enough, NOW I was also a slave to his best bud, Kirk, whom I disliked more with each passing hour.

Cleaning up after those two was one thing. I didn't really have a major problem with that, though I'd rather not. It was, of course, the sex thing that bothered me. I hated it. I mean, I'm not gay, so having sex with another dude would be bad enough. But with my own brother? That was fucked up. It was indecent, obscene, and perverted. The only thing worse than that was being forced to have sex with his bully friend, who just happened to be the state senator’s son! Yes, he was in a politically powerful family.

So, now the thought of having sex with either of them regularly was making me a little nauseous! After cleaning the mess they made in the kitchen, making Bruce’s bed, and making a quick run to the store for their snacks, I made myself a sandwich and went to my room to download some music and burn a CD. I then lay on my bed, listening to my new music.

I fell asleep dreaming of the good old days when my brother was younger and easier for me to handle. Not really sure how long I slept, but I woke up to my baby brother sitting on top of me, straddling my chest, with his cockhead resting on my lips. If I were to open my mouth to speak, his cock would have automatically slid into my mouth. I looked up at Bruce, my eyes pleading with him to get off me.

He had a huge smile on his cute but evil face, "Oh, sorry, bro! Did I wake you? Didn't mean to, but since you're awake, I'm ready for another one of those way awesome blowjobs. Can ya tell?"

Now gently slapping my nose and mouth with his thick five-inch semi-hard cock, his smooth, muscular thighs were planted on each side of my face, and his knees were painfully pressed tightly against my biceps. I was in no position to argue or piss him off.

So, I tried to reason with him. "Bruce, this isn't right, dude. First off, I'm not gay, and second, we're brothers. Brothers don't have sex together, even if one of us is gay! So please, Bruce. I'm begging you, dude. No more, OK? We can just forget everything that's happened so far and pretend it never happened. I'll even go easier on your best friend. No more rude comments about him, or nothing … deal?"

Bruce continued to smile down at me. "GEEZ, BRO! I guess it sucks to be you, then! ‘Cause we already have you on vid, sucking away on your younger brother’s cock. Not to mention sucking Kirk's cock. Hmmm! Wonder how the police and the senator would feel about that? Not to mention, poor mom! Besides, big bro, why would I wanna give up such awesome blowjobs? Dude, no teen in his right mind would be that foolish!"

I cringed at the thought, "Please, Bruce. You wouldn't show that video to the police or Mom! I'm your brother, for fuck's sake! Besides that, it would kill Mom, even if she knew I was forced into doing it."

Bruce, still slapping me with his now-hard cock, created a phony pout on his lips, "But, Peyton. You're my big bro; I'm supposed to be looking up to you. You're supposed to be my role model, my idol. How could I ever do that to you?” He paused and added, “Nah, bro. Never. Never!" Then, he raised his eyes to the ceiling as if pondering our circumstances. "BUT, on the other hand, if you were to make me angry by not obeying me, who's to say what an angry young boy might do?" He looked back down at me and squinted his eyes, "SO, BRO! I guess what I'm trying to say here is this: You'd better start obeying every friggin' order I give you! AND RIGHT NOW! I'M ORDERING YOU TO BLOW ME! Now, open wide, my faggot slave!"

I opened my mouth and took the head of Bruce's cock into it; I rolled my tongue around the head. I sucked the head as if it were a Popsicle and listened to my little brother's soft moans. His cock was now hard as a log. I took more of it into my mouth, tasting his precum. Soon, he parted his tight thighs from the grip they had held on my head, which placed his hands under and lifted up, slamming it repeatedly into his mighty dick.

I gagged several times, but my choking sounds didn't stop him from fucking his new pussy. After several minutes, he started thrusting faster and harder, forcing me to gag more often! Then, as if he wanted to prolong the pleasure he was receiving, he slowed down, pulled his cock from my mouth, and ordered me to lick and suck his balls. "Man, your friggin' tongue rocks, bro! It's soooo way awesome. I never knew a blowjob could friggin' feel soooo hot! Now, lick my nuts, then suck on them for a little while. I love that feeling, too, bro, especially when I haven't showered all day. Love watching the expression on your pitiful slave face! Do you know how many times a day I need to jack off? At least four times; some days, even six. That's how often you can expect to be taking my cock. Isn't that awesome? Seriously, bro, that really fucking rocks! Yep, at least four times a day, 'cause there is no way I'll ever need to use my right hand again. Not ever! From now on, I want a blowjob first thing every morning and last thing every night, with a couple of times in-between."

I nearly choked on hearing these comments; I thought earlier how horrible it would be, giving my little brother a blowjob maybe every other day. But now, hearing him tell me this latest news scared me to death! While licking Bruce’s nuts and then sucking them, tasting his flesh, sucking one nut, then the other, I wondered how long this sex thing with him would go on. I mean, it would surely end once he met a steady girlfriend, wouldn’t it? With Bruce turning eighteen next week, I thought things might change with him. Now I found myself praying that they would, thinking that he may develop other interests, meet new girls, stuff like that!

Bruce, now tired of me sucking his balls, pulled my head away, “Kiss my cockhead, then start blowing me again! I friggin' love your warm faggot pussy wrapped around my cock.” I did as my brother ordered. I kissed his perfectly-shaped cockhead a few times, then took it into my mouth and gently sucked it. I lapped at the head while it was within reach of my tongue. And yes, once again, I listened to the soft moaning sounds coming from my baby brother. The sounds were like a content little kitten purring softly. I hated what I was being forced to do, but I loved the soft music it was producing!

The serene moment didn't last very long. Soon Bruce grabbed my hair tightly and started pumping my head savagely. His powerful thrusts in and out of my throat passageway were causing me to gag over and over again, often to the point where I actually thought I would puke. I curled my fists and began pounding on his thick thighs, hoping he'd get the message that I couldn't breathe. But my ability to breathe was the furthest thing from Bruce’s mind at that moment!

He was getting close. I could feel the hard muscle of his cock tense up, growing a little thicker, and he became extremely verbally abusive, "Oh, fuck! I hope you're hungry, you fucking faggot, 'cause I have a fucking gallon of warm cream for your pussy mouth! Oh, yeah! Suck it, you fucking queer! Oooo. Oh yeah, here it comes.”

Little Brother, My Owner
Part 4 of 5

Bruce's verbal abuse ended when the first heavy spurt splashed against the walls of my throat. He meant it when he said he had a gallon of warm cream to feed me. Of course, he really didn't. But, man, it sure felt like it. As he shot volley after volley of his sweet-tasting cum, it filled my mouth and leaked out the sides, even with all I had swallowed. I'm not gay. I hate what I'm doing. But, surprisingly, his cum actually tasted sweet.

He continued thrusting in and out of my mouth and throat long after the initial explosion, still grasping my head tightly and shooting small spurts into my gut! Finally, my Bruce pulled out of my mouth. "K, fag, you did great. Now lick my cock and kiss it goodbye, for now!" I licked his cock clean and planted another kiss on it. Bruce climbed off my chest and left my room. I continued to lay in bed with a head filled with mixed emotions!

About an hour later, Bruce returned to my room, "Hey, fag, you may be relieved to know that Kirk and I are not gonna have the party here tonight, after all. We thought it over and figured we'd cut you a break. Don't let this be putting thoughts in your head that I'm gonna start being easy on ya, though. 'Cause the fact is, we'd rather camp out tonight at a bud's house. So this must be your lucky day, fag ... in more ways than one!"

Bruce turned and left my room, and I let out a huge sigh of relief. I did not want them having a party here tonight, but I couldn't think of any way to stop them. I was also relieved to know that I wouldn't have to deal with Kirk again tonight, nor give my bro a goodnight blowjob. Maybe he's right! This very well may be my lucky night, after all.

I must have placed a curse on myself because from out of nowhere, Kirk appeared in my room, wearing only his underwear. He started laughing for no apparent reason, "Hey, faggot. Heard you gave your bro another awesome blowjob! Cool! So, he told you we're camping out at a bud’s house in his backyard tent tonight? Well, hope you didn't think I was just gonna leave here tonight without feeding you! No way, queer boy. We got to keep you well-fed. Who else is gonna do all the chores around here? You're lucky I don't make you go to my pop's ranch to work there! Damn! Now that I think of it, my bros, Shane and Blake, would love using you now and then!"

I couldn't help but notice the huge, plump basket Kirk Dunlop was packing. He actually looked pretty damn buff for his age. Must run in the family. All those bad Dunlop boys look like they were born bodybuilders! His chest is well-defined and chiseled,and olive skin smooth from head to toe. It's easy to see that when he works out, he works his entire body, not just his chest and arms like some young guys do. His legs are thick, smooth, and well-muscled. And, like his older brothers, he, too, is a star athlete. It's just too bad he has to be such a shitty little fuck up.

Kirk caught me checking out his body and automatically assumed I was doing so because I'm gay and not just out of admiration. "Dude, you are such a fucking fag. I don't know how you managed to hide it from your brother all these years. I knew the first time I met you. I knew even then how badly you wanted to suck my cock. And look, everything has fallen into place for you. Hell, you’re one lucky fag. You don't even have to go out looking for it anymore. You’ve got two horny jocks right under your roof, ready and willing to fuck your pussy mouth a few times a day, if not more!” Then Kirk added, “But are you happy? Hell no! You got to go and cop a fucking attitude with us when all we're trying to do is to keep you well-fed and healthy! Sure, you can keep playing this little game about not really wanting to suck us off. But you and I both know better, don't we? So crawl over here on your belly, you fucking faggot, and beg me to let you suck my cock like you should have been doing all along!"

I don't know why - maybe it was his commanding voice, perhaps it was the control he and my bro now held over me, or maybe I was just plain scared of him - but I immediately dropped off the side of the bed onto the floor and crawled over to him.

Once I reached his feet, I looked up at him, grinning down at me. With him standing there with his legs spread wide and rubbing his nice-sized basket, I felt subhuman. I felt if I didn't put a stop to this now, I would find myself in this position regularly. The only problem was I didn't have the balls to stand up to him. He and my brother are two tough and physically strong guys. If I disobeyed one of them or simply refused to do as he demanded, I would have to deal with both of them and just hope they’d call the paramedics in time.

Kirk nudged me with his foot, "Turn over on your back. Fag, and start begging. I love hearing one of you faggots begging me! Tell me how much you wanna kiss my feet and lick the sweat from my balls and … be creative!"

I rolled over onto my back as he ordered, but I wasn't about to beg him to let me kiss his feet … or lick his balls, taste his cock, or anything else! I stared up at his angry look and told him, "Listen, dude! I don't know why you think I'm gay. I'm not! So, I can't obey that part of your command! If you want me to do your laundry, make your meals, or clean up after you, well, fine! I seem not to have much of a choice! I admit you are tough and can beat the crap out of me, so I will do as you say for as long as I have to. But I won’t have any more sex with you because, contrary to what you believe, I'M NOT GAY, DAMN IT!"

Kirk first rubbed his foot in my face for a few minutes, pressing the back of my head into the carpet hard. Then, he placed a foot on each side of my waist and … just let his muscle-heavy body drop on top of me like a ton of rocks, his ass landing solidly on my belly. I saw stars in my black-filled vision and couldn’t breathe for a moment. He really knocked all the air out of me. He slid his ass up to the top of my chest; his large underwear-wrapped junk package rested on my lips. "Haaaa! So you're not really gay? Hmmmm. Could have fooled me! Well, who knows? Maybe you really aren't gay. Maybe I'm wrong about you. I say you are, and I’d place money on it. But, the sad thing is dude, if you really aren't gay now - trust me - you will be by the time your mom gets back in a week. NOW, LICK MY FUCKING BALLS THROUGH MY UNDERWEAR AND START RIGHT HERE, WHERE THE PISS STAIN IS!"

With his thick thighs on each side of my head, his huge basket pressed against my mouth, Kirk grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face tightly against his bulging crotch, right where he had a large piss stain. "Go ahead, dude! You know how badly you wanna suck my underwear! Well, now's your chance. LICK THEM GOOD, FAG! And make sure you remove that stain. Mix it with your spit, then chew on the material, then suck out the piss moisture, like a fucking washing machine. I wanna feel your tongue riding over my balls after you finish washing my briefs. Then, I wanna feel your tongue massaging my cock through the fabric. So go ahead, fag, get to work. I haven't got all night!"

I gave in to Kirk's demands. Why? I'm a wimp. My skinny body didn't stand a chance against his brawny bod. Or my brother's, either. So, I figured either I do as they say, like it or not. OR … I get beat up first and then do as they say, like it or not!

I stuck out my tongue and started licking the piss stain on his tight basket. He was all smiles, "HEY, BRUCE? YOU'RE MISSING THE SHOW. GET IN HERE, DUDE! Quick!" My brother came running into the room, knelt down next to my head, and watched me sucking on Kirk's underwear. "Oh, fuck! Is that stain what I think it is? Peyton, have you no shame? Look at you, sucking on my best friend's fucking piss-stained underwear. EVEN WHILE HE'S STILL WEARING THEM! Man, that’s so fucking disgusting! Kirk, remind me when we come home tomorrow to make him mouth-wash mine. I’ll even piss all over them to give him a treat. And he thinks I don’t care about him."

Both buds were now laughing hysterically and high-fiving each other. Kirk was definitely getting off on humiliating me in front of Bruce, making me work on the stain with my tongue for what seemed like ten minutes. “K, good work, fag. Now move on to the outline of my nuts, licking them through my underwear real good. Then I want you to lick the entire outline of my dick and spend a lot of time on the head! If you're lucky, maybe I dribbled some piss there earlier today!"

Both Kirk and Bruce continued laughing while watching me lick the entire basket of Kirk's underwear. Kirk decided to push it a step further. "Hey, buddy, maybe one of these days, we should just piss in his mouth. Wouldn't that be fucking HOT! We can take turns filling his belly halfway with our cum and the rest of the way with our piss! Think about it, dude. That would so fucking rock!"

“Nah! I don't think so, dude! That would be really fucking gross. We'll save that for a type of punishment, K?" Thank God! My brother still has some humanity remaining in him, at least for now!

On the other hand, Kirk didn't like being told “no.” He argued, "Listen to me, fuckweed. I'm the one in charge here, got it? And if I say you piss in this faggot's mouth, that's what you're gonna do. Or, maybe it will be me pissing in your mouth." Wow! Now Kirk was yelling at my brother and putting him down. I didn't like the way Kirk was bad-mouthing my baby brother. However, I thought maybe this would be an advantage point for me. Maybe I could talk some sense into his head when Bruce and I are alone.

I licked the length of Kirk’s cock through his underwear, reaching his cockhead, which is much thicker than most I've seen. The ridge of it tented outwards much more than the rest of his cock. As Kirk had demanded, I spent a little more time licking the outline of his cockhead through his tight briefs until the fabric was soaked with my saliva, making his huge cockhead now transparent. I continued licking under the ridge.

Bruce was losing it at this point, "Oh, my God. He loved the freaking taste of your underwear; he pretty much licked right through to your cockhead. Look at it."

Kirk, obviously doing everything within his power to impress my little brother, only snickered, "I know, dude. I know. Lots of fags love eating another dude's shorts and jocks. Fucking gross, huh? Except when you're the one wearing them at the time. Then it's fucking awesome, watching and feeling the fag, on his knees, licking and sucking your dirty underwear. Man, I know I fucking love it."

At this point, Kirk was ready for his blowjob. He stood up and removed his briefs. Then, leaning down, he grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled me up to a kneeling position before ordering me to lick his nutsack. “K, fag boy, it's time to feed you dinner. Start by licking and sucking my nuts. Oh, wait a minute. Cum breathe. I have a better idea. I want you to wash my pubic hairs with your faggot mouth. You know, suck and lick my pubes clean. Maybe if you're lucky, you'll get a couple of mouthfuls before the main course. Kinda like an appetizer, you know? I want you to eat whatever ends up in your queer mouth. Swallow my pubic hair. Doesn't that sound yummy?"

On my knees in front of Kirk, with brother once again looking on and laughing his ass off, "Oh, my God! That is soooo fucking sick, dude. Where did you come up with this disgusting shit, anyway?"

"I keep telling ya, buddy, wait until you meet my bros. I've learned from the best teachers. When it comes to breaking in a new homo and turning him into a total faggot slut slave, nobody in this world can do it like them. The only thing is, I'm gonna be way more aggressive and meaner than any of them. Now, you're my best bud. So, if you play your cards right and don't piss me off, you’ll continue to learn from the `top dog.’ THAT'S ME."

My face was shoved into Kirk’s pubes, with his hands holding my head tight. I stuck out my tongue and started licking the thin curly hairs above his dick. The smell from his pubes wasn't too bad, kind of that masculine jock odor. But the taste more than made up for the lack of body odor. I couldn't even begin to describe the taste and feeling of his pubes as I licked at them. I took a small patch of them at a time into my mouth and sucked them clean, leaving dozens of his little hairs inside my mouth, gagging me as I tried to swallow.

I tried pulling my head away countless times to stick my finger in my mouth and pull the hairs out, but Kirk was far too strong to budge even a little. While he held my head tightly, he laughed down at me throughout the ordeal. This may not have been the sickest or even the most humiliating thing they've done to me, but it was most definitely, by far, the hardest.

While I was remaining busy trying to cope with a mouthful of loose pubic hair and listening to Kirk and Bruce, talk shit about what a real fucking fag I was, my little brother was actually crying from the comedy show Kirk was promoting. I began to gag violently. Even hearing me choke uncontrollably and watching my face turn purple, my brother continued laughing. "What's the matter, big bro? You don't seem to like the appetizer my good buddy has generously offered you. You're more than a little ungrateful if you ask me. Sure, I'm gonna have to give my ungrateful big brother a beating before leaving here tonight to teach him some manners.”

This appeared to be music to Kirk's ears. "Hell, yeah! Let him feel your fists tonight, buddy. That will keep his memory fresh as to how much power his little bro has over him. Telling ya, bud, the more you beat on him with your fists, the more he's apt to remember who the real master of the house is."

I hated this little shit, Kirk. This whole idea of my baby brother constantly beating me up and dominating me was all his. There was just no way Bruce would have ever bad-mouthed me, never mind beat me up and bully me, the way he now does, without the encouragement of this asshole.

I somehow managed to swallow a few strands of Kirk's pubes, but there was no way I would be able to swallow them all as hard as I tried. After forcing me to wash his pubes for I don’t know how long, Kirk pulled my head away. "So, faggot, how did you like the taste of my pubes? Awesome, huh? Now, lick my nuts, then blow me for the main course."

All too soon, Kirk had my face buried once again, with my mouth and nose pressed tightly against his balls. All I could do was slap and jab his upper legs and make moaning sounds, to let him know I was having trouble breathing. Yet, he either felt that my moaning sounds were pleasurable, or he simply didn't care that I was struggling for air. "Wow, buddy, isn't it awesome having our own fucking slave cocksucker whenever we want head? We don't have to worry about our girlfriends giving it to us; we can just come back here and have this little bitch give it to us. And … he likes it. Just listen to the faggot moan while licking my fucking balls, man. Isn't it awesome?"

Finally, just when I felt I may be suffocating, Kirk pulled my face away from his balls. “K, bitch, time for din-din. Kiss my cock, then beg me in front of your Master, little brother, to suck my dick, you fucking fag. Beg for it! And tell me in front of your powerful bro why you love my cock so much."

While there on my knees, facing Kirk's balls and cock, with his thick mushroom-shaped cockhead so close to my lips, I thought at first to just tackle him, get my face punched in, and be done with it. Yet, I could not help but wonder if it would end at that. OR, would I continue to be used as a sex slave to these two young punks? I decided it wasn't worth the chance I'd be taking. So, I remained on my knees, with the young tough bully standing over me, his muscled legs spread wide, waiting for me to start begging for his cock.

A rough yank of my hair told me Kirk was getting impatient. "Don't keep me waiting, bitch! Me and your bro have things to do, places to go, cunts to fuck. So, let's hear it … NOW!"

I decided, hey, what's talking shit compared to being beaten up? I hung my head and started telling Kirk exactly what he wanted to hear. "Please, Kirk. Please, may I suck your cock? Will you please fuck my mouth with your way powerful tool? I'm begging you, Kirk. PLEASE let me brush my tongue over the length of your sweet-tasting cock. Please let me take it inside my mouth and blow you?"

Hearing these words coming from my mouth made my little brother laugh, "Oh, my God. Listen to him, dude. He's fucking begging you, man.” Bruce said, but then had another thought, “Wait! Oh, my god. Wait, dude. Let me get this on vid.”

As Bruce ran off to get the cell to video me, his best friend yanked my head backward, so I was looking up into his smiling, evil face. "Not bad, fag. Of course, we both know it's how you really feel, but I enjoy hearing you beg me, anyway. So, when your bro returns with his cell, just repeat it. And, oh yeah, add in why you want my awesome cock." Kirk, now laughing, brushed his cockhead over and across my lips, smearing them with his precum.

Bruce was back and had his cell on the video setting. He ordered me to repeat the words I had uttered before. So, I repeated my plea to his best friend, just as I had done a few minutes ago.

With both dudes laughing hysterically, I again hung my head in humiliation.

But Kirk, clearly never satisfied with the amount of humiliation he subjected me to in front of my bro, wanted to hear more. "Yeah, fag. It's about time you start begging me to let you suck my cock. Now, tell everyone out there on the net why you wanna suck my huge cock so bad."

"I want to suck your awesome dick, Kirk because it's a Dunlop dick. And I've always wanted to give one of the tough Dunlop boys an awesome blowjob. Also, since the first time I tasted your dick, I've loved it so much. It's so beautiful. I want to suck your dick, Kirk because it tastes so awesome. I want to suck your cock because I love how it feels in my mouth, the way you thrust in and out of me. But, mostly, I want to suck your huge cock because you’re such a tough, powerful dude and a hot, sexy stud. So, please, Kirk. Please let me suck on it for a little while before you go out tonight?"

Once again, my words had both of these guys laughing crazily. My brother, having a hard time holding his phone steady because he was laughing so hard, was the first to speak, "Oh my God, bro. I can't believe this. Just yesterday, you were telling me how much you disliked my best bud. NOW listen to you. You got to suck on his cock once yesterday, and now you're freaking begging him to let you suck it again. Oh my God, big college bro, you just told him that you love his fucking dick. Holy shit! My big twenty-year-old college nerd of a brother is a fucking queer." The thing is, Bruce never heard Kirk order him to say that begging shit. So, Bruce thought that was from his big brother’s heart.

I looked up once again into Kirk's eyes and glared long and cold as if to ask him if he was satisfied. He grinned down at me as if he could read my thoughts and nodded. He grabbed a tighter grip on my hair with his fists and moved my head closer to his cock. "Yeah, you fucking faggot. Since you finally admitted to me and your baby brother that you truly are a fag, OK … you may suck my dick. Now go for it. But first, lick the head, lick my precum, and hold it on your tongue, then stick your tongue out to show your bro how much you love sucking up and tasting my cock drool."

I did as Kirk demanded of me, wondering if the fucking humiliation would ever end. I placed the tip of my tongue on his huge cockhead, then licked the precum off it. I stuck out my tongue to show Bruce but didn’t know I was placing a new idea into my brother’s swollen head.

Little Brother, My Owner
Part 5 of 5

Kirk. Now ready to have his cock sucked, “K, fag boy, open wide. You begged for it; you told me you love it. So here it is, bitch. BLOW ME!" I opened my mouth and felt Kirk's hands guiding my head onto his semi-hard-on. I sucked the thick head, swirling my tongue all over it. With the sounds of pleasure coming from my brother's best bud, I figured it was safe to assume I was doing a good job. Kirk, however, didn't waste any time getting right into the face-fucking.

He started slow, but only minutes later, he started pumping my mouth long and hard, but most got all over my face. Then, all too soon, he also began to verbally abuse me. "So, fag, does my awesome cock taste as good as you remember it? Get a real good taste of it, fag, as it beats the fuck out of your mouth and throat. Oh, yeah. You fucking little bitch, my cock is enjoying your warm pussy mouth. It soooo wants to do a number on your tight pussy throat. Oh, yeah. It wants to stretch your skinny throat nice and wide."

I did all I could to control my throat muscles, so I wouldn't choke again on his thick cock. But I still gagged repeatedly each time he thrust all the way in. On several occasions, he would thrust all the way in and leave it there for nearly a minute, with my nose pressed tightly against his pubes, cutting off my air supply briefly but completely.

In the corner of my eye, I noticed my bro sitting beside me, filming away and sporting a huge grin. I wondered what their asking price would be for turning the video clip over to me.

I felt Kirk pick up his pace. He started pumping my mouth wickedly hard and fast. I felt his cock become even thicker. I felt it tense up. I heard him moaning and calling me fag names. Then, I felt a heavy gush. His boy juice exploded into the hollow of my throat as I tried desperately to swallow it all as fast as I could. He plunged all the way in and left it there, smothering me yet again, with my nose pressed tightly in the jungle of his pubes. His thick, young Master cock was stretching the limits of my throat while sending his thick cream spurting into my belly.

He must have given me his all this time 'cause he, too, seemed totally out of breath. Yet, he wasn't so out of breath that he couldn't voice his feelings to me. "There you go, you fucking pansy. How is my cum tasting tonight? You fucking love it, don't you? Yeah. You wish I had a freaking gallon of it for you, don't you? Eat it all, you fucking low-life."

When Kirk pulled out, he slapped me several times in the face with his cock. I assumed it was for the benefit of Bruce, to train him to humiliate me more. I remained on my knees, Bruce still sitting beside me, filming. Then, "So, ladies and gentlemen, that was another fine performance by Peyton Manning of Rockville College, sucking his Master’s cock for the fourth time since this morning.” Oh God, now he is exposing me and lying about me. That was the first I sucked Kirk today. My baby brother continued, “However, let me remind you, ladies and gentlemen, that he will be putting on one more show before we call it a day here. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, in less than five minutes, we will once again be bringing you another live show of Peyton’s fine cocksucking talent. His next show will have him sucking the cock of his second Master, only with an added bonus. So, don't go away."

My baby brother handed his cell to Kirk, I guess to continue filming. But filming what? The answer soon became apparent, as now Bruce stood over me with his legs slightly spread, wearing only his white CK briefs. “K, cum breath, your three-minute break is over. Time to suck the cum out of your innocent little brother. It is so disgusting how you have corrupted me. Over the last few years, you have forced me to let you suck my dick. I know no one would easily believe that since you appear to be a bright, normal student. So, this video needs to document your sick, perverted behavior.”

“I know how impatient you get when you have to go a minute without a cock in your mouth, so let’s get to it.” Bruce grabbed the back of my head and forced my face into the basket of his well-packed briefs. He began humping the sides of my face as well as my mouth until his cock became rock-hard.

I was licking away at the outline of his underwear-covered cock when my brother pulled my head away and ordered me to remove his underwear for him. I placed my fingers inside the stretch band of his briefs and gently tugged them down until they plopped on the floor, and he kicked them away. His hard cockhead was now staring me in the eyes as though it was demanding me to lean forward and kiss it.

I knew by now exactly what was expected of me, or so I thought. I placed my hand around my little brother's hard cock. It felt hot; I could feel a couple of small veins running the length of it, giving the impression that it was certainly a strong force to be dealt with. I leaned forward and took the cockhead into my unwilling mouth, and started to close my lips around it.

Suddenly and without any warning, Bruce pulled his cock from my mouth and proceeded to slap and backhand my face several times, yelling at me while doing so. "You fucking stupid faggot. We all know how desperate you are by now to have a fucking cock in your pussy hole. But my nuts come first; don't you ever forget that again or, so help me, I will beat the crap out of you until every part of your body is painfully sore. Do you understand that, you fucking cum-breath faggot?"

I rubbed both sides of my face, believing he certainly must have left his handprint on each side. The stinging sensation was still stinging. I was so in shock - not from the beating my face just taken from my little brother, but by the words now coming out of his young, foul mouth. I never knew until now that he was even capable of such hatred and aggression. I guess I didn’t pick up on the signs that he was progressively getting meaner and more aggressive from the first time he beat me up a few months ago. It is easy for me to follow his progress along these lines because now, as his personal slave, I spend time with him daily. Like everything else about my little brother’s new personality, I blamed this on Kirk, as well.

I leaned forward, planted several tender kisses on Bruce's balls, then stuck out my tongue and placed it onto my little brother's nut sack. I started licking, taking in their salty taste and slight aroma. I tried desperately to ease the anger my little bro, was feeling. Then, I was rewarded with the first indication of pleasure, taking his balls one at a time into my warm mouth and sucking them ever-so-gently. "Yeah, that's a good little faggot. Make your brother-Master happy. Oh, yeah."

It didn't take long for Bruce to start moaning softly. Once I heard the soft music floating from his throat, I knew he was past the anger and was now entering the first stages of ecstasy. I was in awe of my ability to offer my little brother such pleasure. Of course, I know this whole thing is gross and disgusting. I would give anything to have things the way they were before. I would sell my soul to have that same little brother back. But that isn't even remotely possible, at least not for the time being. Yet, I still love my brother, in spite of everything happening these last few months.

After spending several very long minutes sucking his balls, he grabbed my hair and pulled my head away. “K, fag, kiss my cockhead. Stick the tip of your faggot tongue into my piss-slit and clean it for me. Then, suck my cock until I shoot my thick cum down your faggot throat." Yes, even these words were nearly the same that came out of asshole Kirk’s mouth. Yes, my (formerly sweet) baby brother was learning every mean thing from that punk, word for word.

OK, so what if he's lost all respect for me. He loves using me, and that would have to do for now. I kissed his cockhead. Then, after sticking the tip of my tongue into his piss-slit, his musical moans became far more frequent. “Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Wow. That feels soooo freaking awesome. Clean out my piss-slit, you fucking faggot. Oh yeah, cum-breath, get ready for a mean mouth-fucking."

Feeling Bruce’s hands on the back of my head was a sign that my little brother was ready to start slamming his hard cock in and out of my throat. And then he forced his cockhead into my mouth and made one final demand on me before his dreaded face-fucking would begin. "Don't forget to suck on my cockhead first, you fucking worthless fag."

Taking his cockhead into my mouth, I first ran my tongue all over it, swishing it around in my mouth. Then, I started sucking it gently, bringing my little brother to the point of ecstasy, if only for a moment.

All too soon, Bruce was pummeling the inside of my mouth and throat with his stiff pole, showing no sympathy for his older brother. He slammed in and out of my throat fast and hard, just like he learned from his teacher, Kirk. To say I was gagging would be putting it mildly. I was trying so hard to adjust my throat passageway to accommodate Bruce’s thick, hard cock.

Suddenly, he pulled out and, with a fistful of my hair, guided me over to my bed. Throwing me down on my belly, he straddled my back. He grabbed a pillow, placing it under my groin, raising my ass up off the mattress. He then lay down on top of me.

A zillion thoughts were going through my head as I cried out, "NOOOO! PLEASE! NOOOO! You can't do this to me. Oh my God, Bruce. Please? NOOOO!"

Hearing me screaming brought Kirk back into the room. Seeing what was about to take place, he himself became lost in the feeling of ecstasy. "Oh, fucking YEEESSS! Buddy, you are the fucking Master! FUCK HIS BRAINS OUT, DUDE. Oh yeah, bud. Show him who the fuck is in charge here, buddy."

With my little brother now lying on top of my back, his cock was slightly humping my ass. He shoved my legs apart and then quickly placed his knees on the inside of my thighs. He used his knees and his leverage to spread my thighs further apart. His hand was strongly placed on my upper back and kept my chest on the bed. The firm pillows under my hips caused my ass to be raised up. And his knees kept my legs from closing.

He spoke softly into my left ear. "This is the bonus I mentioned earlier, big bro. I figured it's time I get to feel what it's like fucking someone up their ass. And what better person to use as my guinea pig than my own fucking faggot slave brother?"

Kirk continued to show his praise for my little brother's intention. "Yeah, buddy. You're the friggin' man, dude. Fuck him hard. He's going to be screaming his fucking lungs out real soon now, once he feels your thick love muscle start to penetrate him. Oh fuck, dude. You're gonna love hearing him yell and scream and beg for you to stop. But don't give in to him, dude. DON'T EVEN THINK OF GIVING IN TO HIM!"

I was totally trapped beneath Bruce’s well-muscled body. He was still humping along my ass crack, taking in every word his best bud was telling him. I felt Bruce reposition himself, so his hard dick was kissing my asshole. I started begging my little brother again. “PLEASE, Bruce! Please don't do this. Come on, bro, you can’t do this to your own flesh and blood. PLEASE! I'm fucking begging you, dude. I'll do anything for you; just name it. ANYTHING, BRO, ANYTHING AT ALL. Just please don't do THIS."

My little brother started pushing his hard cock into my hole, and immediately I felt freaky uncomfortable like I had to take a dump or something. "Oh my God, Bro. NOOOO! I'm your brother. I'm family. Oh, my GOD. PLEASE, Bruce, not this!"

Placing his head down to the side of mine, he whispered, “Keep begging, you fucking faggot. You know how much I fucking love hearing you beg? Well, now, my little faggot slave, you've really got reasons to beg because I've never done this before, so I don't have a friggin' clue what I'm doing.” He spoke softly like I was a child. “All I know is, I'm not fucking stopping until I shoot my cum deep into your gut. So let’s hear you beg, you fucking homo. 'Cause now, more than ever, you have a fucking reason to beg." Feeling Bruce enter my ass a little deeper and listening to him talk was scaring the hell out of me.

Kirk seemed to know all about fucking someone up the ass, so he was guiding my baby brother all the way. “K, buddy, keep going in slowly, a little bit at a time until you are all the way in. Then, let your cock adjust a little before pulling it out. Then, repeat this several times before you start fucking him good and hard."

I didn't have a clue as to whether Kirk knew what he was talking about or not. All I wanted was for my bro to stop and get the hell off me. "Please, bro, you even admit you don't know what you're doing. And Kirk may not even know what he's talking about. So please stop before one of us is hurt badly."

Kirk, now getting totally pissed off at me, said, "Shut the fuck up, fag. I know what I'm talking about. You think you’re in pain now, bitch? Wait until I fuck you. I'm gonna fuck you soooo hard you'll be fucking crying … and limping for a fucking month."

Hearing Kirk use these words to threaten me was turning Bruce on. "You serious, dude? You gonna fuck him, too? Oh yeah, dude. I should have let you fuck him first, huh? Then he'd be all broken in for me, right?”

Kirk loves it when my brother praises him. Kirk was feeling kind of high. "HELL, YEAH. I'm gonna fuck him, dude. I was just waiting until you were ready. I figure it's only fair that you get to take his cherry. I mean, he really belongs to you, so you should have first dibs on his cherry!"

Meanwhile, Bruce had to be at least halfway in because the pain was getting worse by the second. I was now pleading with both of them, "Listen, dudes, I swear I'll do whatever you want. ANYTHING! I'll be your obedient slave forever. Just please don't fuck me."

Suddenly I felt my brother pulling out. I couldn't thank him enough. " Oh, bro. Thank you, dude. Thank you soooo fucking much. I mean it, Bruce, I will … AAAAAAAAAAHHHH! OOOOHH! PLEASE! OOOOWWW!" He just slammed his steel-hard dick fully back up my ass. No mercy, no holding back.

I was hurting … crying … pleading, my screams were loud. I wasn't receiving any pity from either of them, "Oh, yeah. I'm in you all the fucking way now, big brother fag! How's it feel, huh? How’s it feel having your little bro deep inside your queer little pussy?"

Kirk was stunned, "Wow, buddy! Man, that's what I call slamming it home. OK, now just relax a minute, then start fucking him at whatever pace is good for you, dude."

Bruce started pulling out slowly, then slammed back into me all the way, with as much force as the last time. I was screaming in pain, begging him to stop. I was sobbing loudly. "I can't take this pain, bro. Please, dude? You're fucking killing me here." I felt like my asshole was being ripped apart. Then, Bruce started fucking me with an in-and-out rhythm, slowly at first, letting us know how much he loved it.

"Oh, fuck. Kirk, my man. This fucking rocks. I'm fucking his ass, dude. Look. Watch me, dude. I'm fucking slamming him now. Listen to him fucking scream, dude. Oh, fucking awesome, man. Fucking awesome. I friggin' love this feeling, dude."

Bruce had picked up his pace and was now fucking me pretty hard and steady. Funny thing is, the pain seemed to ease somewhat. I mean, it still hurt, but it was more of a mixed feeling now. I still wanted desperately for him to stop. With every thrust, his cock would touch something inside my ass. And whatever his dick was connecting with, it was an awesomely weird feeling. It wasn’t all harsh pain. There was a bizarre sense of pleasure mixed in.

Then, all at once, Bruce picked up his pace. He started fucking me harder and faster. With the two feelings of pleasure and pain intensifying, I no longer knew if I wanted to scream or moan. Oddly, I even began looking forward to the next time he'd touch that spot inside my asshole. Also, adding to this incredible sensation was the feeling of my little brother riding my back like I was a stallion and he, my horseman. This pumping in and out of my ass seemed to stir some feeling deep inside me. Was it the mix of pleasure and pain or love and hate? My baby brother was moaning in ecstasy. His music was like a symphony, taking time out every other minute to tell me how much he enjoyed fucking my brains out. And he wasn’t yelling; he was whispering in my ear. He was telling me repeatedly how much he was enjoying himself. Maybe I even blushed like a little schoolgirl. Fuck! I thought to myself, why am I finding it important that my little brother feels pleased with me?

"How’s it going, big bro? Do you love this as much as I do?” he spoke in a soft voice. Was he being kind? Kinder? Was he avoiding Kirk from hearing this … ah … tenderness? I even felt myself getting hard. It was a weird feeling, but what brought this on?

“Tell me how it feels having your seventeen-year-old baby brother fucking your brains out, big faggot college dude?” I don’t know if he really wanted me to answer him; I did know how to answer. “Yeah, you better get used to it, my little fuck slave, Peyton. Yep, get used to it, my cunt-whore. Because I'm fucking loving this feeling, aren't you?” he asked again.

I had no clue why my dick was rock-hard, which was squeezed between my belly and the bed. But, as Bruce continued thrusting in and out of me, the weird mix of good and bad sensations I was experiencing only became more and more intense. What scared me was feeling the weight of his muscled body on top of me, riding me like a wild animal. It was a feeling I started to enjoy.

The moans coming from my Bruce became more frequent as he started fucking me even faster and harder than before. At the same time, the pleasure part of all the sensations I was feeling enveloped me and carried me to another place of awesome wonder. I shot a huge load onto the bed almost simultaneously when my baby brother slammed into my ass, screaming pretty damn loud himself. I could feel his juice pulsing into my bowel. I could feel his cock throbbing. He started pumping me slowly, asking me how I enjoyed being his fucking pussy.

"So … tell me, faggot, didn't you just love having your little bro shoot his load into your other hole? I want to know. Seriously, Peyton. Tell me?”

“Seriously?” He asked. And then he called me by my name? What the fuck! I hate this! I hate this! Don’t I? I thought to myself. I am so confused. I just had what started out to be the most degrading, most disgusting, perverted experience in my life! … That turned into the best sex ever. There are so many things wrong with this. First, it is perverted! Second, I’m not gay! … I don’t think. Third, he’s my brother, my flesh and blood. That can’t be right. Fourth, this isn’t kind and caring; it’s complete, mean domination. That’s awful, isn’t it? Fifth and this might be the worst of it … there is that evil, sadist bastard, Kirk Dunlop!

“I’m waiting for an answer, my little fucked-up whore.” Bruce was not going to let his question go unanswered.

Oh yes, then there is the degrading name-calling … AND the punching! It’s all evil, isn’t it? No one can like or want such dehumanizing treatment, especially from a family member. How can I find pleasure in being so sexually abused by my (formerly) “sweet” baby brother … whom I’m supposed to be responsible for?

I can see the patient's look on Bruce’s face. He is reading my confusion and liking it. He hears my thoughts and is pleased I am thinking outside the box, behaving outside the norm. He’s not yelling and screaming and threatening me with punches. Is this a new Bruce? Or am I a new Peyton?

He stepped close to me, leaned over, and whispered in my ear. I could feel his breath and lips on my ear as he said, “Cocksucker, you are my little piece-of-shit cunt that I plan to fuck every day. What do you think about that?”

I was so at odds with myself as to how to answer that I was trembling. But obviously, this was my new normal. This is who I will be for the rest of my life. I felt at peace. It was wonderful to be found.

The End Or, was it? Read the sequel to this story, which is coming up in two days. It will grab you by the balls. Do Peyton and Bruce become lovers … or haters of each other’s behavior? Does that son-of-a-bitch, evil Kirk, take over and become the dominant Master … or does he fade out of the scene?

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