216 Lord of the Manor

Lord of the Manor
Part 1 of 4

Alex Weilburg, in fact, Sir Alexander Christian Weilburg, age 17, just finished doing laps in his pool. It was a good but tiring workout. As he sat there resting from his daily exercise, he again began to reflect on his changing life now that his parents were gone. He looked around his huge estate, visualizing his folks standing or sitting over there. Ever since Alex was born, his parents overly indulged and pampered him. He felt a bit sad as he realized he'd never see his folks again as they had been killed in a car crash less than a month ago. Alex’s family had some ties to Dutch royalty that dated back to the 1700s. They had a large $10 million estate consisting of a large mansion surrounded by maybe five to six acres of land and lots of money. Yet, no one in the family acted arrogant or superior to others. They were accepted and respected as “plain” city folks. With the funeral over, Alex was left with a magnificent estate, a shitload of money, and no one to share it with.

As an only child, everything was left to him. He did have a financial representative who would look out for the family’s wealth and a dedicated household staff consisting of three women, twos maids, and a cook. He really didn't care much to have them, but they took care of his every domestic need in his huge home. Although he was now independently wealthy and could hobnob with the city's bigwigs, he never gave it a second thought. His parents always stressed it was much better to be a good and kind person than a showy wealthy person, and he had no issue with that goal. On rare occasions, someone like the bank president would call him Sir, Alexander, and he would chuckle that off, “Please, just ‘Alex’ is fine.”

One drawback of the family being in high society, even if it was unimportant to them, was that Alex could not explore his gay curiosity. When his parents traveled, and the traveled a lot, Alex was placed in a boarding school when he was younger. Now a public high school sophomore, he had to make some decisions about his future. He would likely keep the home and probably go off to college. He was basically free to do as he pleased. He smiled to himself when he realized that now he had the “space” to explore a bit of gay life that he had only previously only dreamed about.

Alex realized he was gay in school when he discovered he enjoyed watching guys, especially in the locker rooms. He realized that although he had minimal experience in that world, he now could be freer to explore gay websites without feeling like he had to sneak around. Oh, he had a few experiences with blowjobs, as typical students do in his all-boys boarding school. He realized that he liked giving them pleasure more than receiving it, much like a typical bottom.

Now, living alone, he was free to discover what he wanted his daily routine to be. He spent time running and swimming. He liked his smaller-built body but felt he could be more buffed. His running and swimming kept him fit and trim. He had sparse body hair, just some in the usual places like pits, crotch, and a little on his nicely developed legs. Alex reclined in the chaise lounge and considered checking the internet to find a hot guy who might want to have sex with him. He knew he wasn’t supposed to go to bars because he was not old enough, so that was out.

Unconsciously, he stroked his decent-sized cock through his trunks as he considered finding a guy he could suck off. He was unsure if he wanted to get fucked; he had no experience doing that and felt he would not.

Alex didn't realize that the gardener was weeding the flower beds around the other side of the pool. When Alex did hear some noise over there which was getting a little louder, he realized the gardener was working his way toward him. He was embarrassed that someone would see him sitting there, touching his mounded trunks. Too late, a guy came around and waved, smiling at him. “What a gorgeous hunk!” Alex thought. He was wearing very short work shorts and beat-up tennis shoes. Alex tried to cover himself but didn’t even bring a towel down. Alex was shy. On days when he was alone, without any workers on site, he still wore trunks to swim. Damn, that hot guy just saw him lying there.

Alex tried to hide his embarrassment as the gardener approached and greeted him. "Good morning, my name is Kevin, Sir! Didn't know anyone would be out here today. The yard is usually empty on Tuesdays," Kevin said. He knew the estate owners had passed away and that the son, assuming this boy was him, was now in charge. "Guess it's a good day for tanning, though." Alex was almost speechless. Damn, Kevin was hot. This gardener had been working for the family for almost a year. Alex always saw him on his work day as a family employee, but now he saw him in a different light.

Kevin, at 22, was five years older than Alex. He never was this nervous being around him before. But now, Alex couldn't take his eyes off the guy’s well-developed bare chest. This guy got his hot body from hard work, yet he was not hugely muscular, just well put together and damn good-looking. Alex hoped Kevin didn’t see his boner, at least. He was focused on this gorgeous guy with beautiful pecs and hot sexy legs. Sweat was making the guy’s body glisten in the sun. Alex wanted to reach out and lick the sweat off this hot young man. Alex then focused on Kevin's tight shorts and sensed a nice piece of boy meat hidden there. Based on the bulge's size, he figured it must be around 7 or 8 inches. He felt grossly inadequate with his 6-inch dick there under his trunks.

Kevin knew exactly what was happening in his ‘boss’ mind. “It’s a nice day for a swim to cool off,” Kevin mentioned, wanting them to both take a dive in the inviting pool.

Alex, practically unable to speak, nodded yes and finally stammered out that he was planning on going in. “Yes, it is. Ah, do you want to cool off too?" He wondered where he got the courage to say anything. But he desperately wanted to keep Kevin nearby and maybe get a glimpse of more of his hot body.

Kevin looked at him, smiled, and said, “I have no swimwear. But I guess I could just take my shoes off and jump in with these old, dirty cut-offs. Nice of you to offer.”

Alex replied, “They are kind of all dirty. Best if you just swim in your underwear. That would be fine.”

“Sorry, Sir, I don’t wear any underwear. Too hot for that, and I don't have much money to buy any. I just go commando." He chuckled as he said it but seemed willing.

“Ah, well, just strip down and jump in nude. It's just us out here anyway. Nobody will see us."

With that, Kevin agreed but had a condition, “OK, but only if you swim naked too. I don’t want to be the only one naked; it’ll make me feel like your underling.”

Alex was in a whole new world. He just got invited to swim naked with another naked man! Wow! He was so excited, sexually excited. But he did not want his enthusiasm to show. So he tried to remain calm or to fake it. “Ah, well, if you feel better about swimming. Sure, that’s fine.” He watched Kevin kick off his old ragged tennis shoes, open the fly on his shorts, and let them fall. Alex was so excited he felt his dick stiffen fully. There in front of him was this gorgeous body. He wanted to just reach out, grab that dick and suck it. He didn't, though, and just admired the gleaming body silently as he jumped in.

Alex finally stripped off his trunks and tried to hide his boner with his hands, so Kevin would not see it as he slipped into the water. He thought he did that successfully. But a second later, “Nice big cock you got there,” Kevin said bluntly and smiled broadly.

BUSTED! “Oh, thanks, and yours is nice too, and your body is great.” Alex swam around, and so did Kevin, who remarked that it felt so good to feel the cool water on his overheated body. Alex dove underwater and approached Kevin, and came up right behind him. They both stood in the shallow water and smiled awkwardly at one another.

“You have a nice body, Sir,” Kevin told him.

“Please, drop the ‘Sir’; just call me Alex. I like your body too.”

Kevin assumed Alex was gay but did not want to come out to him “officially,” in case it was not cool with him. Or, if for social reasons, he needed to pretend to be straight. Oh, hell, he thought, and Kevin suddenly reached out, grabbed the boy’s erect dick, and pulled him close. "You like what you see, boss?" said Kevin.

The cat was now out of the bag, as they say. "Oh yes, you're beautiful and so strong too.” Kevin gave Alex a bear hug and squeezed him tight, sensing his own dominance over the rich boy. They moved over to the pool's edge, and Kevin boosted himself out of the water to sit on the pool's edge, pulling Alex with him. Alex wondered if he should fondle the naked body of his hired hand. He didn’t want to fuck up Kevin’s work for him. For now, they sat close to one another.

Finally, sensing what Alex wanted to hear, “You know, it’s OK if you want to touch me, boss. If you like, I mean.”

“Stop calling me ‘boss,’” It’s just Alex, OK?” Alex reached out to touch the large cock.

“Well, you’re royalty, aren’t you? I mean, I’ve heard your folks being addressed as ‘Sir Henry’ and ‘Lady Mariam.’ So are you a Duke or Lord or what?”

“Oh god, not this title shit again.” Alex said more to himself, “Well, technically, I am a Lord. That dates back to my family’s position in Dutch royalty a few hundred years ago. But please, it’s Alex.”

“Oh, I’m sorry about your folks passing away. I suppose you are the Lord of the manor now. And what a Lord you are. You're so beautiful, man," said Kevin, letting his new friend touch him and bringing his manhood to even fuller size.

"I guess you like men, Alex. I wish I had someone like you who'd suck on it. I sure do feel a bit horny and all." Alex needed no further invitation and bent over to put his lips on the engorged cock." Kevin moaned and said, "Suck it all, boy. Yeah, I knew you wanted it. Suck it all the way down until your lips are on my belly.” Alex gladly tried to do that, but he choked on the big dick touching his throat. He wanted it and, in his horny state, couldn’t care less about anything else, but it would take time and practice to learn how to deep-throat his employee.

Alex continued to explore the gardener’s firm body with his hands and tongue. He nestled in the guy’s damp pubes tasting his body and manhood. Kevin just let him go to town, smiling to himself that he had this rich lord boy where he wanted him, still letting out moans of pleasure. He lay down with his big feet still in the water and his back resting on the pool deck. Alex was between Kevin’s knees and took it upon himself to spread them wider apart. He wanted to get his face “in there” to explore the guy’s nice firm balls and manly odor, which he could smell even with the pervasive scent of chlorine from the pool water. He saw the guy had some hair on his ass and wanted to go further, but he restrained himself. Kevin knew he had him where he wanted him, lusting for him. Kevin loved to get rimmed. It had been awhile since anyone was so willing. Not even the girls he fucked ever were willing to eat his ass. But with this kid, it would be some time later. He could wait.

Eventually, Kevin knew he was about to cum. They took Alex's head in both hands and, in no slight gesture, firmly guided the boy’s head so his mouth was held directly over his dick. It was ready to receive his manly offering. Kevin moaned loudly and shot his load into Alex's mouth, pleased with himself at his conquest yet trying to sound like it was accidental. Alex choked on the cum-load, but it tasted so good. It had been awhile since anyone came in his mouth, and he didn't care. He wanted this hot man and would do anything to keep giving Kevin what he wanted.

"Sorry to have shot off like that, but damn, your mouth is so good. I could always use a mouth like that!” he moaned contently. Alex was a bit shocked that this happened all so quickly since he “really” just met Kevin. And he was ecstatic that his dream of a real hunky man to suck on was achieved.

"I'd love to eat you every day, more than once a day," Alex said sheepishly as he embarrassingly belched.

"Well, I guess we could do that if you want to. I usually don’t just allow anyone to suck me off anytime he wants it, but you’re the boss, and if that’s what you want, I can try to learn to do that, I guess.”

Alex smiled. This was one time he was OK with Kevin referring to him as his “boss.” Kevin told Alex that he should get back to his gardening work. "Oh, please, don't go. I loved it and want to do more. Could you maybe stay around and keep me company for the rest of the day? The bushes will wait.” Kevin smiled, seeing how easy this “boss” conquest was. He didn't get many guys to suck him off like; all his suck-offs were from older guys who paid him for the privilege.

"I guess I could stay awhile. Maybe we can do more after lunch. I'm pretty hungry. You suppose I could get a sandwich or something and relax. It’s hard work out there in the yard. My muscles get tired.” Alex needed no further prompt and asked Kevin to have lunch with him. He called the cook and told her to make lunch for both of them.

"Well, that sounds really nice. Maybe we could do more after I rest up a bit if you're interested. I hate yard work anyway. Maybe you could even give me some spare cash to get gas for my truck. I mean, I have to gas up and all for the trip home. Alex was only too willing and said he would take care of the gas.”

"Sounds good to me. Maybe we can be friends and all. I mean, you’re a sweet boss … I mean, you’re so kind to me. I don’t remember anyone being this nice to me. They just want me to work my ass off and don’t treat me like a real person.” He paused and let out a fake tear. “I think I just found a true friend here. So, I guess I'm all yours.”

"Oh, WOW! Yes, we can do anything you like, and I'd gladly give you some cash for your … ah … expenses and all." Alex said. He was so horny he probably would give Kevin his right arm. Alex never saw himself as wealthy or above anyone else. He liked caring about people.

They put on their shorts and went to the house, where the maid served a delicious lunch. “Alex,” Kevin spoke softly, “Thank you so much for caring about me. It feels odd to be treated with so much respect.”

Finishing lunch, Alex dismissed the worker, who said she would clean up and leave. Alex and Kevin sat around with Alex's intent on discovering more about his new found friend. He suggested they go up to his room and enjoy some privacy. Kevin smiled. He knew what Alex wanted and was happy to give it to him, but he wanted to play “wounded” just a bit longer. He scanned the house, observing the wealth he had never seen in his whole life. He wanted that and figured he could get Kevin in such a state that he might be willing to give him a few things or more money.

In Alex's room, they hugged and kissed as Kevin removed Alex's shorts, leaving him totally naked. He quickly followed and did his best to be sexy with his friend. They hugged and kissed for a long time. Kevin was more than happy to offer his body to Alex to worship. Kevin was a guy of very meager means. He lived in a dump of a place, having chosen to move out independently from his father's place. It made things easier for Kevin, who had discovered he could make some cash, letting others worship his studly body. But it wasn't enough. Maybe this needy Alex kid would fill many of his hopes, and maybe even his bank account too.

They lay on Alex's bed, kissing and fondling each other. Kevin took the lead by pushing Alex gently down so he could nuzzle his face in Kevin's bountiful pubes. He loved getting head, and Alex seemed to need that. He ventured further, getting Alex to nuzzle and suck his ample ball sack. Alex didn't seem bothered to lick him all over. Ah, this was paradise for Kevin. Had he just found a boy who would pay him generously just for the privilege of worshiping him? Time will tell.

Kevin spent the night with Alex, who was overjoyed that he had this hot hunk of a guy wanting to stay with him and sleep in his bed. And Kevin was happy to have this willing boy falling all over him to please him. Kevin had grown up poor and worked for anything he got. He had left his parents when they found out that he turned tricks for money, and they argued from that point on until he left. He was particular and always played the top role, never letting anyone, including paying customers, do more than touch or lick his ass. He now discovered that Alex was willing to do anything he suggested. He didn't care about getting paid.

He knew he had Alex where he wanted him. Yes, he kissed and hugged him passionately, but that only made Alex more willing to serve him. He asked Alex to make them dinner. He even told Alex it would greatly please him if he prepared the meal naked. Shy Alex felt awkward but did exactly that. Although a novice in the kitchen, he did his best and made Kevin a fairly decent meal. Alex wanted nothing more than to make this stud happy and willing to stay. His experiences with male sex had been limited to just a few blowjobs at his school. He wanted more and felt that by being submissive to Kevin, he was doing exactly what he wanted.

The following morning, Kevin enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast. Not knowing a guest had stayed over, the cook prepared only Alex’s breakfast. So Alex gave it to Kevin and continued running back and forth to bring him condiments or more coffee from the kitchen. Alex just had toast because his hunger was to please Kevin.

After breakfast, Kevin told Alex to keep him company in the yard. Alex was willing and did as much work as Kevin, if not more. Alex found it interesting that he was asked to pull weeds and trim bushes while Kevin just rode the mower yelling instructions to his sweating rich boy. During a break, Kevin goaded Alex into sucking him off in the shed. They asked Alex to finish “his” work naked to be ready to join him for a swim or maybe let him play with his balls or asshole. Alex happily complied.

They did swim as Kevin wanted, but only briefly. Kevin’s next request, “Wouldn’t it be cool if I let you lick my asshole?” Alex hadn't done that before but was hesitantly willing to try. He spent at least a half hour licking and rimming Kevin's lightly hairy hole. Kevin did not rim other guys; he was too much of a top man for that.

“Sometime soon, we need to work on your asshole and loosen it up. If you’re lucky, really lucky, I just might fuck you later.” Alex’s face lit up, wanting to do it right then. “Later,” Kevin said, “We need to go shopping; we need to get some things to share to explore new and different adventures in sex.” Kevin was pushing all of Alex’s buttons.

Kevin asked to drive Alex's car as they left the house to go shopping. It was a Mercedes-Benz S500 convertible, and Kevin relished the fact that he was driving such a luxurious car and was happy to leave his old truck behind. They stopped at a sex shop where Kevin showed him around, picking up things like a ball gag, dog tail, puppy paws, collars, and even some CBT toys. He added a dildo and butt plug into the mix. Alex was excited and more than willing to try them all. Of course, Alex paid for everything.

“These things will help your enjoyment of sex; I just wish I had some decent clothes to wear around your house and even to go out in. Next to you, I look like a slob. Look at me. I feel so embarrassed being with you dressed like this.”

Kevin had made Alex leave the house in just a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops, as he said that those super casual clothes made Kevin feel underdressed standing next to him. Alex thought that made sense, and he readily agreed. “Well, I’ll take care of your look, don’t worry,” Alex said, telling him how to get to the most expensive mall in town. “I’ll get you some new clothes. I don’t want you to be embarrassed.” They picked out some new clothes for Kevin as well as some new shoes.

On the way home, Kevin told him to take off the flip-flops and just go barefoot, as it made Alex even sexier. Alex thought that was odd but didn't argue. He was just so happy to please his man. Damn, he thought to himself, “I’d go naked if it made Kevin happy to see me that way.” Alex realized that he had just spent over a grand on Kevin but then considered that he often spent that much on himself.

Kevin told Alex that since he enjoyed having sex with him, it would be more practical for him to just stay with Alex. So after a few days, Kevin was, in effect, living at the mansion. Kevin could not believe his luck in finding such a hot guy who would be willing to let him stay in his mansion … for FREE! And happy-go-lucky Alex, Lord of the manor, could not believe his wildest dreams were coming true! Each man thought he had a much better deal over the other! Kevin did implement a few rules, not for himself, but for Alex to obey. He did it subtly as if not a big deal. One of the rules is that only Kevin drives Alex’s cars. AND both sets of keys for all the vehicles were to be kept by Kevin. Kevin had another rule in mind, and it was kind of cute how Kevin brought it up. “Alex, guess what I dreamed about last night. I dreamt that you remain naked in the house at all times, and even when the doorbell rang, you answered the door naked.” Alex giggled, thinking that was so funny and absurd. Of course, Kevin made this all up. “No, wait. In the dream, I felt like you respected me and enjoyed making me happy.” Alex realized he was serious. “Oh yeah, you were so cute and adorable. I was so happy; I let you suck my dick all the time. I let you have all kinds of adventurous sex anytime you wanted it. We were such a team in that dream. Wow! Geez, Alex, would you get naked for me right now, just for me? Can you respect me that much?” Alex just had a blank stare as if thinking about what to say. “When I really thought about it, Alex, it was a real turn-on for me. God, I can’t stop thinking about it. Man-oh-man, did you look so sexy in my dream.” Alex just stared as Kevin put on his pouty face. “I … I … well … I …” Alex stumbled over what to say as he stripped naked. It took a little getting used to remaining naked all that time, but he did become accustomed to it. The part that he struggled with was to answer the door naked. Alex was introduced to many new sexy and kinky aspects of the gay world. He definitely did not like all of them initially, but Kevin would tell him these were things respecting gay couples did all the time for each other. Of course, Alex focused on the words “gay couple.” Those words nurtured him.

Alex was sexy when naked, but that was not the reason to always keep him naked. No clothes meant no power. Alex would be “dressed” for the submissive role Kevin was grooming him for. His being naked also was a distraction to the unfairness of Alex’s daily chores. Kevin liked having Alex naked when he worked on the estate. Alex rationalized that it didn't matter since he and Kevin were always away from where the housemaids could see them. Alex, the Lord of the Manor, was gradually doing more work than Kevin, the “hired hand” did. Whether they were inside or out, Kevin would sit in a chair with his legs spread wide, making sure Alex could see his cock and balls. It only inspired Alex to work harder, and that made Kevin happier.

One day when Alex was busy working in the garden, he had to pee. “Kevin, I need to go inside and pee, OK?” Needing permission to pee was not a requirement that Kevin ever asked for. But it just came naturally out of Alex’s mouth. From that time on, it was a rule. Alex was adjusting to Kevin being the “man” around the house. Kevin said he could pee right there in the flower bed. Yes, the first time was another awkward moment.

Kevin walked up to Alex and watched him pee. After that, he petted Alex’s head and called him a “good boy.” For some odd reason, Alex liked that approval. Then Kevin took out his own dick to pee there, also. He held his dick out but did not start the flowing. “Since you like serving me and swallowing my cum, it’s time for me to give you a very special treat.” Then he told the rich boy to kneel at his feet and to open his mouth. Alex slowly shook his head no. But then he felt weird seeing Kevin frown at his resistance. Alex didn’t want Kevin to feel unhappy, so he obeyed and kneeled. Alex said he didn't want to swallow it. “Are we now doing what you want instead of what I want?”

Alex regretted his words. He felt foolish, so he opened his mouth, ready to receive Kevin’s yellow piss. Kevin released a strong stream of his piss, but not into Alex’s waiting mouth. Kevin peed in the other direction. Alex was baffled. Kevin just continued his stream, saying nothing. “But Kevin, I just said I would drink your piss?” Kevin continued to “water” the flowers. “Please, Kevin, Please. I said I do it.”

Alex quickly scooted a few feet over to where his piss puddled and even placed his mouth under the stream. But Kevin turned again to avoid Alex’s open mouth. “KEVIN! … I’m here. I’ll do it. I’LL DRINK YOUR FUCKING PISS! PLEASE!”

Lord of the Manor
Part 2 of 4

Very calmly and with a tone of disappointment, “No, I thought you loved me,” Kevin said, “I’d do anything for you. I’m running this entire estate for you. I thought you cared about me?” He then flashed a quick insincere smile at Alex. “Don’t worry about it. Someday I will consider you worthy of my pee … maybe.” Alex felt like the whole world caved in on him. Kevin used the palm of his hand to wipe away some of Alex’s tears. “Don’t cry. You will earn it someday, I’m sure of it.

Rarely did the staff see any signs of the boys' activities. Sometimes, on a quick peek, they saw the boys running around the house naked or skinny dipping in the pool. It wasn't their place to criticize, though, so they said nothing. The rich kid they knew as Sir Alexander Christian Weilburg was their employer. He was a member of the Dutch royal family.

Later that night, after making love and experiencing Kevin's big cock go up his tight hole, Alex was in a state of bliss. He wanted anything this guy had to offer and readily volunteered. He figured it would make Kevin even more loyal to him, especially when Kevin said he might go out on his own, as he said once in a while, to raise Alex’s feathers.

Though Kevin moaned, he acted not all that impressed. “You know, a real friend, a good buddy, someone I could always count on, would lick my asshole and enjoy it.”

Amazingly, Alex did not hesitate when Kevin turned away and offered his ass for servicing. The willing-to-please Alex did just that. He buried his face between Kevin's ass cheeks. He savored the manly taste of his gardener’s sweat and slightly pungent asshole, making Kevin moan even more pleasurefully. Alex was proud of himself in these two new discoveries of eating ass and drinking piss. Kevin thought he had died and gone to heaven finding such a willing slut. “Yeah, life was good, almost too good to believe.” He thought to himself as he felt more like a Lord than a servant gardener.

Alex wondered out loud if he would ever get to fuck Kevin, but Kevin quickly reminded him that he never got fucked. He only fucked hot guys. Actually, it was only a couple of weeks ago the Kevin had whored himself out, getting hundreds to let guys suck him off and twice as much when he let guys fuck him. Yes, he was a gardener and a whoring tramp. He dismissed the thought that getting lots of money from Alex made him a prostitute. Ah, life couldn't get much better!

Alex had fleeting moments of reality when he considered he was so infatuated with Kevin that maybe he was giving him too much. That thought didn't last long, though, as he relished being loved and getting all the sex he had dreamed of. Plus, he was in love for the first time. He was sure Kevin loved him back, and that made whatever Kevin asked for no big deal for Alex.

Alex had one major hang-up. He was denied drinking Kevin’s piss last week. And it bothered him. Kevin noticed him in a weird mood, “What's wrong, Alex? Why do you look sad?”

“I just want to tell you I am so sorry. I am so, so fucking sorry. Kevin. You wanted me to drink your piss, and I rejected you. After all, you have been doing for me, I told you no. And you said you’d find someone else who was worthy to drink your golden yellow juice. That made me think. I have been acting like a baby, and I’m so sorry.”

“I know you were not worthy back then, but now you really do trust me, love me. I am so proud of you, Alex. I am so happy that you finally have stopped questioning me. That makes me happy.” Kevin hugged him.

“May I? Now?”

“Sure, my Lord.” And Alex dropped to his knees. Kevin liked the image of Alex on his knees in front of him and was more than willing to accommodate the request. Alex started to taste the pungent piss and willed himself to overcome the strong taste but began to swallow. He actually found that he liked it. Plus, he felt he had succeeded in making Kevin want him more.

Can you imagine Sir Alexander Christian Weilburg, a “member” of a royal family, an actual “Lord,” licking the ass and drinking the piss of his gardener? Wow, how has their social status changed?

As they had breakfast the next day, Kevin said he thought Alex could save money by removing the cleaning and cooking staff. Alex wasn't sure but agreed that it was costing him a lot and that he could spend more on Kevin by eliminating them. It’s always true. People with millions in the bank tend to be more of a cheapskate than those without. That dumb notion only made sense to Alex. Kevin pointed out that Alex could cook for both of them. Kevin didn't need fancy meals, and Alex could quickly learn how to prepare simpler ones. Alex didn’t have the heart to fire anyone, so he called his trust attorney and told him he wanted to dismiss all the staff. The attorney strongly advised against it, but Alex didn’t think it was a big deal, so the attorney let them all go.

Imagine five acres of property, the estate mansion with 9 bedrooms, magnificent landscaping, and all the daily routine matters that need to be handled. Who’s going to maintain all of these things? First, that question never fully dawned on Alex. He was confident that because Kevin made the suggestion, it was going to work out. That’s what you call blind faith. Second, from Kevin’s point of view, Alex can do most of it, and when it starts to be a problem, he will hire gay guys – who he would control as his play toys – to do whatever Alex cannot do. He wanted Alex to be, or for now, at least seem like his underling. Most important, Kevin wanted full and complete privacy for himself and Alex. As for how the estate would be properly and legally managed, he was working on that.

Interestingly, Kevin noted the phone number of Alex’s trust attorney when he looked it up from his phone directory, Mr. Paul Jayden. Kevin knew that connecting him at some point soon would come in handy for his long-range scheme. He had some “interesting” ideas and needed a little time to figure out the details of his plan.

Alex was in total bliss. He was so happy exploring his gay side now that the staff was gone. It got to the point that he willingly did anything Kevin asked of him. They lived as nudists in the house. Well, actually, Kevin wanted Alex to be nude all the time, indoors and in the backyard.

“That’s great, Kevin, but why don’t we both stay naked?” Alex asked.

“Because it makes you so much sexier when you’re the only one naked. You get all my attention. I can’t take my eyes off you.”

That’s all Alex needed to hear; if it made sense to Kevin, he would comply. Actually, Kevin’s real reason was to make Alex more submissive and himself more powerful, more like an authority figure, like he was in charge of this household. Psychologically, the fewer clothes one wears, the less “powerful” he feels. Kevin ensured that Alex dressed only in what he told him, which was almost always nothing.

They explored a nearby gay beach, the perfect place to take Alex down a notch. Lying in the warm sand, Alex was always ready to do as “commanded.” Kevin lay on a blanket that Alex carried for him, along with a cooler of drinks. Kevin carried nothing. They staked out a spot in the middle of the hunky sunbathers already there. This beach area probably had about 30 or 40 Speedo-clad men of all ages. The older men come here to feast their eyes on any cuties that might happen to plop down near them. And the cuties come to chow down on all that ego-building attention.

When Kevin and Alex arrived, they wore different types of sun-wear. Kevin wore the standard, somewhat baggie, conservative boxer-type swim trucks that came down halfway to his knees and flip-flops. Alex wore what he was told to wear, a G-string. Before leaving his home, he reached for his sandals, but Kevin said, “I like your sexy feet bear, OK?” Alex not only did not complain, but he was giddy over the compliment. That’s what he wore from home to the car and from where Kevin parked the car on the street to the ¼ mile trek down to the gay beach. Kevin loved parading Alex nearly naked along the public street.

They placed their blanket, and Alex dropped what he was carrying on one end. One of the nearby guys had a radio or CD playing disco music. Kevin lay down, and Alex started to join him on the blanket so he would not be standing and attracting attention with his obscene G-string. “Alex, stay standing. I want you to do a disco dance to that music and get overly dramatic as you dance around. Wiggle your ass and wave your arms all over the place.”

“Kevin,” Alex said in a harsh whisper, “I can’t do that. There’s like 50 guys spread out here, all staring at me just standing here in my G-thing.”

“So? I thought you wanted to please me?”

“Yes, of course, but in this G-thing? In public? It’ll make me look like a slut. Kevin, I just can’t do that. I’m Dutch royalty. Sorry. But I can’t look like a silly queer slut on a public beach.” That is what Kevin had in mind; to bring him down to that slut level. He was going to get Alex to dance around on the beach in his G-string, one way or the other.

“Oh … yeah, you’re right. You’re royalty, and I’m a nobody. I shouldn’t even be with such a high-class boy like you. I’m sorry, you’re right. I should just leave. Just as you stand there, they’re all lusting after you in your sting. You must find me so repulsive. Sorry dude, I’m being insensitive. Your outfit does look obscene; actually, it makes you look like a slutty whore.” Alex felt relieved to know Kevin understood why he could not do that, but at the same time, he didn’t like the way he was belittling himself.

Then Kevin shocked him, “Ya, Alex, as I think of it, you’d better strip that slutty ‘sting’ off you before you dance for me.” Kevin grinned.

“But I’ll be naked in front of all these guys. I can’t do that. I might even get arrested.” The boy’s whisper became louder now. Others likely heard him pleading. Kevin began to tear up and pout. He squished up his forehead to show his extreme disappointment. Kevin knew this was not a nude beach but wanted to push the boy. They had even talked a few days ago about going to a nude beach, but Alex said no; he could not risk his reputation. Then Kevin turned away as if he wanted nothing further to do with the boy-Lord. Kevin muttered something about finding another stud to please him.

Alex was shocked again, this time with the possibility of losing his handsome hunky companion. He didn’t want to lose his new found sexy prize. Kevin had become his center of life in just a short week. He was everything he had ever dreamed about. “Kevin, OK, I’ll dance around, just for you, to please you, but at least let me keep my g-sting on.” Kevin kept his face turned away as if he was still unhappy. “Please let me just wear my G-sting. Kevin. I’ll dance all over the fucking beach, but please, do this one special favor for me. I’ll owe you one, man. Please, let me dance with the G-sting.” BINGO!

Kevin rolled his body around to face him. “Well … okay … you can wear your sting, but you owe me one.” How in the world did Kevin do that? He got exactly what he wanted. He wanted Alex to dance publicly in his G-string, and that’s just what Alex begged him to let him do. Alex must truly be head over heels in love with him. First lovers can make one pretty fucked up. “But I want you to dance around this entire group of guys. I want them all to know what a special prize I have in you. Make a hundred-foot circle when you dance. Dance to that disco music.”

“Thank you, Kevin. Thank you for being so kind to me and understanding. Then will you let me suck you off?”

“Well … we’ll see how well you dance. I want you to be proud to have me and honored to show off your ass for me.”

Alex got up and quickly began to dance. Everyone looked at him. They were already looking, but now they were gawking and smiling. They were so obviously sexed up. Alex danced to the Donna Summers song, which was now blaring out because the guy with the CD player turned it way up. Even guys further away who hadn’t noticed him before turned in his direction and thoroughly enjoyed the surprise entertainment. Alex zoned in on the rhythm, making his movements sharper and more demonstrative. He was ready to stop as the song ended, but Kevin gestured to signal, “One more song.” Alex just continued.

Alex was not a very big or tall lad, but when he was the only one standing, and everyone else was looking up, Alex looked like the king of the beach-stage. When it was over, the sunbather applauded as Alex returned to the blanket. Kevin wondered if Alex would get into it to the point of getting an erection. But Alex was not an exhibitionist and did not like being the center of public attention, let alone humiliated. That was fine with Kevin … for now. But he would change all that. It would take a little time, but this Dutch Lord would become a slutty humiliation-craving whore. That's the plan

“Alex, you just pleased me so much. I love you, man.” Those words were pure gold to Alex. “Come on, lie down, and get some sun as you relax.” Alex was only too happy to lie low and stop the all-out attention. He lay on his back. “No, shed the sting. I want you to have a beautiful all-over tan, OK?” Alex hesitated but then realized as long as he was lying down, only the guys very near could see him. He could deal with that. So he carefully slid down his G without standing or even lifting his hips. He wanted to stay in a low profile and unseen. He placed his G close to his side, where he could grab it quickly in case he needed to cover up. Kevin casually put his hand out. Alex was confused. Then Kevin snapped his fingers and pointed to the G. Alex understood, and handed Kevin his G-sting. Little did he know that that would be the last he would ever see of that skimpy pouch and string thing. So there was Kevin on his back, still wearing his boxer-type swim trunks. And next to him was his totally naked Lord of the Manor.

After only five or ten minutes, Kevin pulled out a joint and lit it. It was not shocking to Alex. Although he did not smoke pot. Periodically, he saw other guys use it after school and elsewhere. He kept his lifestyle clean out of respect for his parents and for respect of his higher social position. That’s also why he hardly drank before meeting Kevin. But he liked that his hunky stud gardener was opening his eyes to new experiences, sensations, and adventures. When Kevin handed him the joint, he took it and inhaled like he saw cigarette smokers do and practically coughed his head off. Kevin laughed, as did a couple nearby observers.

“No, not like that. Breathe deeply, hold it, and then let it out slowly.” Alex tried it that way and coughed only a little. He soon got into it, and instead of passing the joint back and forth; he was taking puffs, one right after another, trying to impress Kevin. Kevin smiled, not minding how the boy eagerly experimented with something new. Alex would go full bore in trying new stuff to impress Kevin. Kevin got only two puffs since Alex was unfamiliar with the tradition that the joint was to be shared. Kevin smiled at seeing Alex’s slow movements and becoming a bit unsteady. On the other hand, Alex thought the pot had no effect on him as they talked back and forth with slightly slurred speech.

When the joint was used up, Kevin, lying on his back, told him, “Put some lotion on me. I don’t want to get burned.” Normally, Alex would have resisted since his naked body would be kneeling upward and in view of more surrounding watchers. But his pot-clouded senses did not alert him that this would be embarrassing. He saw this as fun and exciting. He found the lotion and began to apply it to Kevin’s chest.

“No, start at my feet and work up. Do it slowly. I want to relax.”

“OK, Kevin,” Alex spoke in slow pot-speed, “I’ll put some on me first and … ”

“No, you’re fine. A little pink skin on you might look sexy. Just do me.” To which he replied, “Of course.”

They discussed their living arrangements as Alex massaged the lotion into Kevin’s skin. Kevin convinced Alex that he should help manage the boy’s trust. Alex concentrated on rubbing lotion onto Kevin’s upper thighs, sneaking his fingers under the trunks. That erotic excitement, plus the numbing effect of the pot, was all he could focus on at the moment. “You’re a member of royalty. You should never bother your pretty head about such dumb matters.” Alex nodded slowly as he tried to reach for Kevin’s hidden balls to tickle them. “I worked as an accountant for several years and found I was really good at managing money.” That was not true, but Alex nodded incoherently and smiled now that he found the big balls and tickled them lightly, touching them as if by accident. “I’m just looking out for you.” Then Alex reached up further under the trunks and fingered that beautiful dick, and it was getting stiffer in the palm of his hand. He wondered how he would suck it if Kevin kept his trucks on.

“Of course, you’d paid me, it is a lot of work, but I want to be there for you, helping you.” Alex could not resist. He stopped applying lotion and lowered his head to lick Kevin’s exposed belly button as he fondled his now hard dick. “Do you want me to manage your household or just your money … or both?” Alex nodded without removing his hands or his mouth. If Kevin wanted something, the answer was yes.

“Alex.” Kevin tried to get the boy’s attention. “Alex?” Then he nudged him, “Alex, stop a minute. Sit down. Relax. I think that joint really got to you.” Kevin reached into their canvas bag, took out a thermos, unscrewed the top, and poured the clear liquid into the lid-top. “Here, you need to clear your head a bit. Just sip it slowly.” Alex did as told and slowly sipped the Vodka. “Not too strong for you, is it?” Alex shook his head no, only because he didn’t want to disappoint Kevin, and continued to slowly drink the strong liquor.

As he sipped, Kevin talked sweet love to him, applying suntan lotion on his boy Lord’s dick and teasingly massaging it. Alex continued to sip, wanting to get it all down. He didn’t really like it. When the drink was gone, “Look, Alex, you see that guy over there in the red baseball cap?” he shook his head. “That guy at the far end of this group of men? Way over there?” Finally, he nodded. “I want you to go over to him and ask him to come here and bring his cell.

It was amazing. Alex got right up and walked slowly to the guy about 200 feet away. He made no attempt to cover the big jutting boner Kevin gave him as he strolled. He didn’t even realize he had a boner. He stared at the red cap to ensure he was heading for the correct man. Everyone was pleasantly surprised at the second edition of the entertainment. Except for the lowered music, no one made a sound as they stared.

Lord of the Manor
Part 3 of 4

A few minutes later, he arrived. “Ah, Sir, my … ah … my … companion wants you to come over and bring your phone.” He spoke slowly. The guy in the blanket smiled along with his three buddies who were with him.

“Sure, in fact, we can all go over there.” And the four men rose up and began to follow the boner boy Lord back to Kevin. On the way there, Frank, the guy in the red baseball cap, saw another friend of his. “Hey Ralph, how are you?” This caused Alex to stop also and wait until Frank was ready to follow him again.

“Hey Frank, I see you got all your buds here, but who is this new kid?”

“Oh, stupid me, this is …” and he looked at Alex to insert his name, which the boy did. So the entire group knew Alex's name.

“So, what’s going on here? Is he going to dance for all of us again?” Ralph just reached up and rubbed the sand off Alex’s big boner as if it was nothing special. Alex didn’t seem to mind.

“No, his friend over there had asked us to join him. He said something about wanting to use my phone.” Frank said.

“That sounds odd,” Ralph replied. “Well, we all have phones. Can we go over too? This seems interesting.”

“Sure, let’s all find out how we can help. I guess you all can bring your phones,” Frank concluded and nodded to Alex to continue his way back. "Oh wait, Alex, let me get this sticky sand off you." Alex stayed still as the man brushed his hand over the boy's back, ass, chest, and stiff dick. He even lifted that boner and brushed the supposed sand off his balls. This caused a few more guys to get up and come over. It didn't register as unusual to Lord Alex. He was just being polite and cooperating.

Kevin saw the troupe of guys, maybe 15 or so, heading back his way. This was going to be better than he thought. As the group approached, Kevin stood and reached out his hand to greet Frank. “Geez, I just wanted one guy to take a few photos of Alex and me, but … I guess, the more, the better.” Kevin chuckled.

Frank asked, “Well, how can we help? Alex said you wanted us to photograph you guys laying or sitting or...?"

“Ah, yes. This is our first time here, and I wanted to document our day in photos or video,” Kevin said as he was – finally – removing his own trucks. As he did, he exposed his eight-inch boner.

Alex was staring at Kevin’s hard dick, sticking straight up, as he interrupted, “But that may not be a good … ”

“Oh, nonsense, Alex. Don’t worry your cute little head over what we guys talk about. In fact … why don’t you do what you are so good at? Get down here and chow down on my dick while I talk with these gentlemen.” Alex felt awkward … for about five seconds, and then he found his mouth swallowing the best-looking bone on the planet. He was in heaven. He was in his own special all-consuming world. He saw nothing else, he felt nothing else, nor did he hear any of the conversations about him.

“Now, fellas, where was I? Oh, yeah, this is a first for us. I brought him down here to please me and to be the exhibitionist entertainment on the beach today as my slave slut. I thought I would train him here and let him start to feel what it’s like to be a slutty whore.” Then Kevin added, “And if you don’t mind, it’d be nice if you guys recorded his training with photos and videos.”

“You sure that’s OK with Alex?”

“Am I sure? Alex begged me to bring him here. When I asked him to go over and get you, I specifically told him to put on his shorts first, but he insisted on flaunting his ass and dick in public. Why do you think it was all boned up? He’s a natural exhibitionist.” Alex had never heard a word of this. He didn’t hear the words “slave,” or “training,” or “slutty whore.” Not even “exhibitionist.”

“You know this is not a clothing-optional beach, right?” “I tried to tell him, but Alex just can’t keep his clothes on anywhere. That right, Alex?” Alex just mumbled an “Ah-hu.” As Kevin continued talking dirty to all these lusting guys, he slowly lowered himself on the blanket on his back. Alex kept his mouth on Kevin’s dick without skipping a beat and followed him down. “Yes, I think this beach is a good training place.” As Kevin continued to talk, he lifted both his legs up high, feet in the air. “Hey, would two of you guys hold my legs up toward my head? I have a sore back, and it’s a little painful when I try to do that myself.” And two of the guys readily did as asked.

Without skipping a beat, Alex brought his mouth down from Kevin’s dick, past his balls, and planted his mouth on his sexy, hunky gardener’s asshole. RIGHT THERE ON THE PUBLIC BEACH, WITH A ENTIRE GROUP OFF THEIR BLANKETS AND STANDING CLOSE, VERY CLOSE TO WATCH THE HUNGRY, SEX-STARVED BOY EAT ASS.

A few guys had photoed Alex’s cock sucking. Everyone cheered as they videoed the boy's passionate love for his man’s wonderful hole. Flashes went off continuously. Frank, being the most thoughtful of the group, asked, “Ah, are you sure the boy’s OK with us filming him? I mean, you never asked about any need to be discreet and all. What if some of these shots end up on the internet?”

“Frank? Want to see how amazing Alex is? Frank nodded. “OK, just kneel down and let me turn over onto my belly.” Kevin did just that. “Now, Frank, spread my ass cheeks as wide as you can, hole them apart, and order my precious little slut to clean his man’s asshole.” Frank felt weird, but he spread Kevin’s mounded ass and then looked at Alex, “OK, boy, clean your master’s asshole. Do it now.” He said it in a commanding voice, and Alex just pushed his face and extended his tongue into Kevin’s hole. He moaned. “Amazing,” Frank commended in disbelief. “Please,takelotsof photosandvideos. And, if you guys don’t mind plastering them all over the internet, Alex would be so happy. I mean, he’ll feel like you are honoring him. And thanks for offering to do that. He will be so pleased … when he comes down to reality and sees them on the net.”

Eventually, even Alex got tired, or at least his mouth and jaws were. The boy kind of collapsed on top of Kevin in lustful exhaustion. All the guys thanked Kevin for a good time and left. Alex was out of it, mostly due to the booze. He must have dozed off. About an hour later, he woke and told Kevin he was sorry for nodding off.

“No problem Alex. You did well.” Alex had a frightful look on his face, thinking of all that happened.

“Did I really suck you off here?”

“Boy, you did well. The important thing is, you made me very happy. Did you enjoy eating out my asshole on a public beach?”

Alex’s face turned bright red with embarrassment. And he smiled at himself for doing such an obscene thing right there on the beach. Images of his being surrounded by a bunch of guys started to seep back into his memory, but he did not want to think about the details. As long as Kevin praised him and was pleased, it was a good beach day.

They had arrived at 11 AM, and it was now a little after three in the afternoon, time to go home. Alex had mellowed out after his nap but still had a little pot-boozy mind. It was not unintentional on Kevin’s part. He preferred to use some drugs or booze in the beginning stages of manipulating Alex. But he was clever enough in training that it was not essential, just helpful initially.

Now they needed to return to the car, parked intentionally far away. “Let’s pack up our stuff and head on out,” Kevin told the boy Lord.

Alex was looking around for something and obviously didn’t find it. “Wait. My G-string. I don’t see it. Do you?” Alex said as he looked in the canvas bag and under the blanket.

“You probably dropped it when you went over to invite Frank here. I still don’t know why you insisted on doing that. I was trying to protect your privacy. Well, never mind. But you should trust me much more than you do. I’m trying to look out for you. Don’t worry about the fuckin’ string now; we’ll get you another one later.” Kevin said as he pulled up his trunks and put on his flip-flops.

“OK, Kevin. And you are right. I should have trusted you more. I’m so sorry for inviting Frank and those other guys over to our private space. I hope I didn’t ruin your day. I am really sorry.” Alex felt like a fool, going out of his way to invite Frank and his buddies over to his blanket. He felt so stupid. He didn’t exactly remember it but knew he had done a dumb thing.

“Well, you did do that, and it was stupid. But you also should be complimented for making a genius move when you asked me to take over the estate and all your finances. I know I said I would help you, but I had no intention of doing it all for you. How in the world did you talk me into all that money management shit? Fuck, you’re really passing on your management headache to me, aren’t you?” Kevin spoke as if he felt bamboozled.

Alex smiled with some feeling of embarrassment, like he got caught pulling one over on Kevin. But he was pleased with himself. He finally got what he wanted, Kevin as his partner, even if he had to trick him into doing it. Yeah, Alex was pleased.

How odd for Alex to think HE DID THAT. Kevin has a way of bending the facts and making them believable.

Alex started to fold up the blanket and get stuff back in their canvas bag. On their way back to the car, Kevin carried nothing. The fact that Alex was totally naked did not dawn on him. Alex likely got used to being naked at the beach and just didn’t think about it. After all,, he was still buzzed up with pot and booze. Plus, he was ecstatic in believing he had manipulated Kevin into helping him manage his money. One good thing for Alex was that he carried the blanket and canvas bag close to his belly, which covered up his boner. But his cute, firm, bubble-butt ass was on display for those who passed by to see; drivers would honk their horns in response. Alex thought they were honking at Kevin because he was so sexy looking.

“When we replace the G-string, can we get a black one? I think that is more masculine. Don’t you think?” Alex asked while walking naked down the sidewalk. His only concern was that he’d have to buy another G-string, and wanted a masculine color. You know, straight-faced Kevin was laughing his guts out on the inside.

As Kevin drove them back to the estate, Kevin spoke up, “Alex, I’m glad you want me to manage your estate and all the finances.” Alex actually said nothing of the sort. “I mean, in one afternoon, you lose your string, rudely invite a bunch of strangers over to our blanket, and cause a rowdy scene … good thing the police were not called.” At this point, Kevin could tell Alex that he had robbed a bank, and the boy would believe it.

“I’m having second thoughts,” Kevin said coldly.

Alex became worried, “About what?”

“About you asking me to oversee your financial affairs, the estate, and everything else.” Alex was shocked! Was he going to lose this man?

“Well, if you’re going to be so irresponsible … at everything, I must refuse your wish that I help you out. Here you are, the actual Lord of the Manor, a member of the Dutch royal family, and you are so careless. I can’t get involved with someone so sloppy at managing his own life.” Kevin spoke seriously. He just lumped his refusal to manage the estate with his refusal to have a relationship with Alex.

“KEVIN! PLEASE! I need you. I need you to manage the estate and the rest of it. Please.” Alex started to tear up. He felt like he was the dumbest person in the world. And to have his lover emphasize the point really hurt. Kevin remained silent as if he was considering different plans for himself.

“Kevin, please. We’re lovers. I need you. Yes, I need your dick and all the sex … that’s part of our relationship. But I can’t manage my stuff on my own. Please, at least re-think this. I feel awful. I have really screwed us up, haven’t I? I am so sorry.” He just placed his face in his hands, feeling so bad for his mistakes today. Amazing. A perfectly wonderful, smart, responsible, self-confident young man is now crying because he believes he can’t do anything, and Kevin, his “lover?” will leave him. Wow. Kevin, the grand manipulator, was seen by Alex as his only hope to solve his problems and put his life back together. Amazing. Kevin remained quiet; he wanted Alex’s misery to linger on for a while.

When they arrived at the estate, Kevin parked in the driveway at the furthest distance from the front door. He wore his trunks. Alex was still totally naked and was concerned about getting out of the car and walking across his massive front yard to the door … without a stitch on. He said more to himself, “I’d better wrap this blanket around my waist.”

But Kevin said, “No, I’ll carry that in. You carry the rest of the stuff.” When they exited the car, Kevin walked slowly to the door. Alex tried to rush him since he was bear-ass naked in his own front yard, but nothing doing.

“Oh, Kevin, you still have my keys. Let me have them back so I can hurry and let us in.” Alex was nervous being so exposed.

But instead of Kevin handing the keys over, he actually stopped Alex halfway to the door and looked at him. “Alex, you have the makings of a fine boy for me. Let me handle the keys from now on and all other big issues. Yes, I’ve reconsidered. Don’t you worry your pretty little head about anything?” Alex was confused. “Yes, as you requested, I hereby agree to manage your property and make all those troublesome decisions for us. And yes, we are a couple. And … ”

Right then and there, Alex became so excited he jumped at Kevin to embrace him in a big bear hug when he heard, “We are a couple” He was so happy. The rest of it didn’t register in his brain. His concern that Kevin was going to walk out on him was resolved. “Oh, thank you, Kevin, thank you so much.” He held onto his hunky man with all his strength as his eyes seeped tears of joy.

“I promise I will take good care of you,” Kevin explained. “I will manage the big things and even the small issues. Just do as I advise you, and we will both be thrilled.” Alex forgot all about being naked in his front yard as he walked arm and arm with his man into the mansion.

“And just to show you that I mean business, I’ll call Mr. Jayden and get him started on the paperwork to put those awful burdensome decisions on my shoulders.”

Kevin had thought to contact the lawyer later, maybe next week. But with Alex so excited and in full agreement, he thought it better to do it immediately. So, while Alex was high on his new love commitment, Kevin called Mr. Jayden, who had been supervising Alex's trust. Kevin came right out, bluntly, “Yes, I am Kevin’s lover and partner in all financial things … ” then, a pause as he listened to Mr. Jayden. “Well, he insists that I be put in his will and trust to legally manage his estate.” Another pause. “No, Alex does not want to wait a week or two to think it over; he wants this done as soon as possible.” Pause. “OK, I’ll meet you at your office tomorrow. See you then.”

As Kevin was driving to Mr. Jayden’s office, he was still trying to figure out a context, a better reason, as to why he was to be included in Alex’s hefty estate and why it must be done ASAP. Even though Alex was all for it, he did not want the attorney raising any possible issues with Alex over this hasty move. But when Kevin met and shook hands with Mr. Jayden, he detected something interesting that might be the way to get this attorney’s support and fuller cooperation.

He looked at Mr. Jayden and saw a fat, old, balding, flamboyantly dressed queen. He wore one earring, and his wrists were so limp you’d think they were dancing at the end of his arms as he waved them. Kevin immediately thought Mr. Jayden was likely a good and serious lawyer since he had very wealthy and important clients. But, now he realized this attorney was gay and probably liked young cute boys. He’d play up this angle and see where it would lead.

Mr. Jayden began to speak, “I know Alex well, and I have trouble believing that he would … ”

“Oh yes, Paul,” Kevin read the full name on his desk plate; Paul Jayden, “Alex is amazing. An amazing and sexy young man, and what a fabulous cock sucker he is.” Mr. Jayden started to stutter and blush. Kevin continued, “Have you ever had him suck your dick?” The attorney was at a loss for words. He slowly shook his head and stared wide-eyed at Kevin. “Well, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. I tell you, he has a mouth like a vacuum cleaner. And man-oh-man, does he know how to use his tongue. Shit! He loves to lick and rim out my asshole for hours. Paul, when you get your ass rimmed out, how long do you let someone do it for? Half an hour? One hour? Two hours?”

“Well, I don’t … I mean … I never … ah … ah … ah … ”

“Paul, you don’t know what you are missing. You know Alex; he is so fucking horny all the time, right?”

“Well, I … I … never a … ”

“Do you know he has a secret crush on you?” Kevin lied, “Ya, he told me, more than once, how he secretly wanted to work you over. Fucking shit! Do you think he just wants to suck your dick?

“Well, I don’t kn … ”

“Shit, no. He said he dreamed about fucking you in your big daddy pussie asshole.” Kevin was laying it on thick. “Alex likes the hard body type like me, but he also needs – craves, really – a big daddy … well, like you? Well, I’ll bet you saw that in his eyes, and you never acted on it or even mentioned it to him, right?”

“Well, yes … I mean no, I never di … ”

“OK, Paul, stop torturing me, and just tell me honestly, do you want Alex to strip naked in this office and dance around letting his hard dick bounce around and then get on his knees and pull your pants down and … well … work your dick over real good?”

“Of course, I mean, no, well, yes, it might be sexy, but I … I … ” Kevin noticed that Mr. Jayden was subconsciously fidgeting with his crotch.

“There is only one problem: Paul, Alex, and I have a close relationship. We only get sexual with each other, except … when the other gives permission to allow a playtime with another stud.” Kevin told him.

The disappointing news turned Mr. Jayden’s lusty smile into a frown. He was all horned up and confused. “I thought you were going to … I mean Alex and I were … ”

“Look, I’m a reasonable man. You said you won’t have time to do the new will and trust for a few weeks. But if you can do this overnight and bring the paperwork to the house for Alex to sign, I’ll let him go with you. Agreed?”

“Well, I guess I could have my secretary stop and get on this instead of what … ”

“That’s great.” Kevin smiled.

“But I need to interview Alex and … ”

“No need to reinvent the wheel. Here’s a list of the changes.” Kevin pulled out an envelope with a couple of sheets of paper that he, not Alex, prepared and handed to Mr. Jayden. “Here’s exactly what Alex wants the changes to be.”

But Alex needs to approve of all the … ”

“Of course, silly. He will read it over to ensure all his wishes are included. Just make it all legalese and in proper form and he will check it over and sign it tomorrow. Oh, but he wanted me to warn you that if you question his decision, he will replace you as his attorney. I saw the money he pays you, and I would not want you to lose that income. Plus, it must be prestigious to have a member of the Dutch royal family as your client. You don’t want to lose either, do you? You know he’s a bit hard-headed on this stuff. OK.”

“Oh, yes, Sir, of course, I’ll do as he wishes.”

“Now, as a ‘thank you’ gift for getting all this done by tomorrow afternoon, I’ll let Alex have his dream come true with you.”

“Oh, my. But that is not necessary to … ”

“Nonsense. If you pleased Alex with his demanding financial requirements, that pleases me. I just want to see him happy.”

“Well, of course, Kevin, I mean Sir, I will work all night if I … ”

“Great, when you come over, don’t knock; just come around the back, say … at 3:00 PM. We’ll be in the pool. Oh, I almost forgot. Alex wanted to know what swimwear you’d like to see him in? I guess he just wants to please you, you know, his big daddy?”

“I … I … I … ”

“How about if he wears one of those low-rise speedos? Or, a G-sting, perhaps? Or … naked?”

“Oh my, but I have always found a G-string so sexy and … ”

“Great, he’ll be wearing a G. Oh, what’s your favorite color?”

“Pink?” the attorney offered.

“OK, he’ll be in a pink G. See you at three tomorrow.” And without waiting for any confirmation, Kevin just turned away and left.

As Kevin drove home, he told himself, OK, that went well. So, queen nelly Jayden is on board. Now, I need to set up Alex so he’ll sign without questioning or reading the new legal documents. He contemplated various approaches to getting Alex to sign the docs without any hassle. He ruled out drugs and getting him drunk. Those are both too obvious. And Mr. Jayden probably had enough character to refuse to have Alex sign under those conditions.

At about 11 AM, the next day, Kevin said to Alex, “Say, how about we have a special ‘fun time’ by the pool after lunch? I bought something special for you. It’s a surprise.” Alex was ecstatic. He was so happy to have Kevin and especially to have sex, of any type, with him. “In fact, we are going to play a cute little game. I know you, my sexy ‘Lordship,’ will just love. And, yes, it involves a lot of sex!”

“Oh, Kevin, you treat me so good. I love you so much.”

“Ah, yeah, thanks. I need to go up to my room and nap. I need you to trim the roses out by the pool and feed them too. It’ll make for a better setting for our new game. Then make us lunch, nothing too special, a sandwich or something.” Alex never hesitated. He was only thinking about the fun sex game coming up after lunch. He was about to take off to attend the roses as … “told” … to do.

“Oh, and I am out of clean shirts and underwear, so start a load of my laundry, OK?” Alex nodded he would and continued out to the pool. If the truth be known, Alex loves doing Kevin’s wash. He loved to hold his clothes up to his face and breathe in the manly smelly found in his underwear, his socks, and the armpits of his shirts. On the other hand, as long as Alex was taking care of his laundry and doing other household chores, Kevin found that fit right into his plan to turn the table on the “Lord of the Manor.” He always wanted a servant, someone to wait on him, hand and foot, or maybe, in this case, dick and ass. Alex was blinded by lust and love; he seemed OK with whatever Kevin wanted.

They each had a nice chicken salad sandwich and fruit. “OK, Kevin, time for our special play time out by the pool?” Alex was all giggles in anticipation.

“Sure ‘My Lord,’” Kevin joked, and Alex grinned broadly. Let’s go out to the pool.” When they got there, Kevin slid the two square-foot cocktail tables together, making a table 3’ X 6’. Then he took a foam pad off a chaise lounging chair and placed it on the two tables. It looked like a massage table now. Perfect.

“Ok, My Lord, strip naked and lay on here.”

“Kevin, will you stop with the ‘Lord’ stuff. You are so incorrigible, really.” Alex chuckled as he stripped naked. Wow, what a boner he had. He must have been really excited about this special play time. “How do you want me?”

“Belly up will be fine.” Alex complied.

“But put your hands flat under your butt cheeks. Get them under you so you’re lying on them, which is comfortable for you.” Alex did as told. “All comfy?” Alex nodded.

“OK, the game I came up with, It's called “Doctor. We’ll pretend that I am a Doctor giving you a medical exam. I will tell you everything I want you to do. Don’t worry. It’s all about sex. It’s my sexual fantasy, which I have never had the opportunity to live out.”

“I love this; I’ll do whatever you want me to do, doc.”

“No matter what?”

“No matter what, Kevin.”

“OK. First, I want to give you a massage. Alex, you have been so kind and trusting to me that I want to show you how much you mean to me. I want you to close your eyes and relax, and I will massage you all over.” Alex liked massages, but until now, he had been given all the massages by fat old women. So this would be great. And more importantly, he truly loved the idea that Kevin appreciated him. It was all music to his ears. He was both in lust and in love with his hunky gardener.

Kevin started with Alex’s toes. Kissing each one and then gently sucking each one, starting with the largest and working his way down to the pinky toes. As he used his mouth and tongue to suck and lick, Kevin’s fingers made soft, tiny circles on the souls of his sexy feet. Alex’s body was trembling; his dick was twitching and ready to climax. He attempted to remove his hands under his ass and beat his dick off right then.

“Easy, Alex, stay with your hands where they are. I have only begun.” Kevin smiled. Alex settled down and took a few deep breaths. “Just relax. I want to worship you and make tender love with every fiber of your wonderful, sexy body. Just close your eyes if you want.” Alex closed his eyes.

Kevin worked “painfully slow up Alex’s legs, first with baby kisses, then with kitty licks and then erotic touches of his hands. Kevin, a full-time hustler in the past, knew exactly how to please a man. He kept his eye darting back to Alex’s stiff pole, which continued it's nodding a ritualistic erotic dance.

The position Kevin placed Alex in was all for a reason. Two reasons, actually. First, his ass lying on top of his hands was like a form of bondage. He could not just slip his hands out. His weight was on them. Second, Alex’s hips were elevated a few inches by his hands being stuck under his ass, and his dick, being erect, looked like a flagpole on a mount. It was just so obscene. It was as if he was thrusting his hips upward to focus attention on his stiff dick.

All seemed so well. Kevin was being very kind and loving. That’s what he appeared to be doing and what Alex believed without question. However, sadly, Kevin had an ulterior motive for his lovemaking. He knew, because he planned it all, that Mr. Jayden would show up at the pool at 3:00 this afternoon to have Alex sign the new financial documents.

This gave Kevin a full hour of “love-making” with Alex. Unfortunately, it was not to make Alex feel good, nor was it done with love and kindness. No, Kevin’s plan was to work on Alex and get him in a state of desperately needing to climax … and keep him there. Alex could not just grab his dick and shoot off. His hands were nicely “secured.” Kevin was, indeed, an expert at extreme edging. And … he was not going to allow him to climax until Mr. Jayden arrived, AND Alex would be so anxious to sign the paperwork just to get it over with so he could then be allowed to climax. Sound silly? Hey, when you fuck with someone’s primal needs to the point of withholding that need, you have them in the palm of your hand. I’m just saying.

Alex’s hips uncontrollably thrust into the air as he moaned, hummed, and dripped sweat. Kevin looked at the time. It was a little before 3:00. He knew Mr. Jayden would arrive any minute. “OK, Alex, my love, it’s time to suck you off, or maybe I’ll fuck you good and let you blow that hair-tiger dick that way.

“Hello? Hello? Anybody home? It’s Paul Jayden?” Mr. Jayden was heard calling out as he rounded the corner into the backyard.

“Shit, who the fuck is that?” Kevin asked Alex as if he was surprised. Alex was freaked out as he raised his head to see the attorney approaching the pool. He was shocked and knew he needed to jump off the table ASAP. “Oh, Mr. Jayden, it’s you. We were not expecting you until the weekend.”

Alex struggled a bit to get up and cover himself, but his hands were still under his ass. It was easy for Kevin to casually place his hand on Alex’s chest and keep him as placed. The attorney played along as planned. “Ah, well, I finished all the paperwork a few days early, so I thought I’d just drop it all off now. I tried calling, but no one answered.”

“No problem. I was just giving Alex a massage. It’s a special fantasy of mine.”

“Oh, ah … I should go then and come ba … ”

“Are you kidding? We need the legal junk all finalized now, or Alex will have a fit. He’s been quite nervous about it not getting done quickly.” Alex was trying to focus, but he was in some other world. Al4x was always taught to be a proper gentleman and wear a business suit whenever in the presence of Mr. Jayden.

Picture this; Kevin was on one side of the stretched-out Alex facing the approaching attorney. When he got to the table, he stood facing Kevin, his belly touching the table. So Kevin and Mr. Jayden were face-to-face, about 30 inches apart. Alex, NAKED AND ERECT, lay between these two fully clothed men, each of which was HIS EMPLOYEES! Alex was extremely embarrassed. He could not believe the humiliating situation that just happened to occur. Well, it did not just happen. It was, of course, meticulously planned and executed by Kevin.

Lord of the Manor
Part 4 of 4

Again, Alex tried to lean up so he could slip his hands out from under his ass and at least cover his big raging boner. But, again, Kevin calmly placed his hand on his “Lord’s” chest, “Alex, please, stay still; we all need to do some serious talking here. Your financial future is important to me, so stop your fidgeting.”

That was not the worst of it. As Kevin was speaking to Mr. Jayden and looking him in the eyes, his fingers were tickle-teasing Alex’s dick head, just the sensitive mushroom head covered in slippery oil. He was doing it nonchalantly as if he was unaware as he spoke with the attorney about the terms of the will.

Mr. Jayden was so sexually excited about watching Kevin fingering the boy’s huge, firm dick that he had to stop and ask. “Kevin, I … I … er … what are … a … ” and he just pointed his chubby finger at Alex’s steel pole.

“Oh, this is just a massage technique Alex requires me to do to him. I mean, he is the ‘Lord of the Manor,’ you know. I’m just his dear friend who does whatever he is asked me to do.” Making it sound like he was edging Alex because Alex required him to do this.

Alex thought he heard his name but was in a heaven of humiliating bliss. He only moaned as his eyes rolled around his dizzy, lusty mind. He knew Mr. Jayden was there, and some talking was happening, but he could not focus on words. He was in a sexual high, and words were mere echoes in a cloudy mind.

“You mean he is OK with his cock, I mean, penis, twitches, and leaks like that, while, while … we discuss his … his … dickumnets … ah … documents?” Mr. Jayden said, trying to speak calmly. It was funny; he actually said, “dickuments.”

“Oh heavens, yes. He’s not one to be shy about anything, especially being naked indoors or outdoors … for that matter. When you are royalty like he grew up in, you get used to snapping your fingers, and servants come running to wipe your ass. Look, it was strange to me at first, but I don’t mind. Whatever my honey wants, I do. It’s not a big deal to me anymore.” Then, they both looked down at Alex’s big, fat, leaking boner. Kevin comically added, “Well, actually, it is always a big fucking deal.” Mr. Jayden chuckled along, now feeling more relaxed. Alex was unaware he was the brunt of a joke. He was groaning and moaning.

But Alex had had enough erotic teasing and stimulation. He was going to erupt and erupt big time, all over the fucking place. Alex was now wildly thrusting his hips upward, trying to get those fucking teasing fingers to strongly grab hold of his dick and, with just a jerk or two, blast him off.

“HAAAK, HAAAAAK, HAAAAAK!” Alex was screaming and grunting nonsense.

“Sometimes, if he gets too noisy like this and he prefers I stuff his mouth with something.” Kevin was wearing a shirt, shorts and socks, and loafers. He reached down, slipped his shoes off, peeled his socks off, and “gently” jammed them in Alex’s gaping open mouth. “There, he explained to me a while ago that he always feels better when not bothering people with his uncontrollable noise.

“You mean he enjoys this? He wants to be gagged?”

Kevin told him he was just following Alex’s house rules. “You see here, Mr. Jayden, how he bounces off the table? This is where he wants me to stop touching him and let him express his delight physically as he wallows in his good feelings. He is trying uncontrollably to climax, yet I have strict orders to not allow him to do that. It’s just what he likes.” Kevin was a natural-born liar. They just watched Alex’s body twitch and jerk all on its own for the moment since Kevin stopped touching him to frustrate his desperately needed climax.

“FUCKKKK!” Alex was screaming in his head, wanting, aching to blast off. But Kevin let go of his dick before he could shoot. He so wanted to sit up and get off his hands to take “matters” into his own hands. But Kevin kept a palm lightly on his chest.

“Alex is so precious to me. I suppose a lot of guys would just walk out on him, with all his ‘requirements’ and demands he makes of everyone. But … when you love someone, you just go along with what they want.” Kevin was laying it on thick. He had Alex and Mr. Jayden just where he wanted them. Alex was in a panic state of sexual anxiety, thinking only of how he could climax. And Mr. Jayden believed – as strange as it all seemed at first – that Kevin was accommodating his love partner's eccentricities.

Alex was sweating profusely, and his jerking and twisting motions settled down. His dick was in a stiff, slow leaking mode. It continued to twitch as it bobbed and danced on its own. Mr. Jayden thought how amazing it was, how truly dedicated Kevin was to this vexatious, difficult young man. This was quite different from the attorney's past experiences and images of Alex.

But a sudden moment of reality struck Mr. Jayden. “Kevin, let me be frank. As Alex’s legal attorney, I must be absolutely clear on what Alex wants. As you requested full legal power over him, and you say he agrees… But … well, I must talk to him in a more lucid state of mind. We are talking about this mansion, about four million in cash, and other assets. I cannot, in good faith, just … ”

Yes, Mr. Paul Jayden was not some pushover. He was a professional, highly qualified professional lawyer with integrity. Kevin re-started the touching of Alex’s dick, slowly, lightly, up and down. The boy’s eyes were glazed over. He had the munched-up socks still in his mouth. That didn’t seem to bother him. He was wiggling his hips to again receive more friction from Kevin’s touches to shoot. But Kevin knew how to keep his touches under Alex’s trigger point.

“Of course not. Of course not. I am only doing what he truly wants.” Mr. Jayden was not entirely buying into Kevin’s words. “Now, as you know, Alex does have the hots for you, and he always thought … ”

“WHAT!” the attorney cut Kevin off, “He has the hots for me? I thought you were joking I thought … ”

“Oh my,” Kevin said calmly. “Oh … you didn’t know I was serious yesterday? Wow, I’m sorry. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“No, no, go on, Kevin, please, go on.”

“Well, OK. But first, do Alex the favor of working his dick; my hand is getting tired.”

Mr. Paul Jayden jumped at the chance to fondle this lovely boy. He always felt Alex was so attractive and sexy he’d molest him in a minute if he could get away with it. The attorney had been watching Kevin doing this for 20 minutes now, so he knew just how to do it and readily grabbed that beautiful stiff cock and played with it. He was like the proverbial kid in a candy store. But he could not help himself to immediately firmly jerk the boy’s dick. Alex moaned loudly through the gag and was ready to shoot. And boy, oh boy, was he so ever ready to blast off that pent-up gusher.

“NOOOO! Paul! Not like that. Ease up!” Kevin spoke frantically. “You want him to fire your ass? My god, if you let him shoot like that when he is not ready, he’ll get another attorney in a heartbeat.”

“Oh, so sorry, Kevin.” Then Mr. Jayden started touching again, but more gently this time. “Like this?”

“Yes. Sorry to yell, but I want you to remain as our attorney, so I just don’t want you to fuck this up. OK, now continue like that. Lightly keep one hand on his chest to remind him to stay calm, and with your other hand, just fondle his as you are doing, maybe even a little lighter. Just teasy. OK?” Mr. Jayden was so eager to play with Alex’s dick that the hand he placed on his chest firmly pressed him down. The attorney did not want Alex to move his body at all.

“Yes, I can do this. You sure he does not mind?”

“Does he look like he minds?” Kevin asked, obviously being facetious. Mr. Jayden shook his head. He thoroughly enjoyed fondling his star ‘Lord of the Manor’ client.

“Now, Alex was on the verge of letting you go before, but I convinced him to keep you. In fact, I told him if he was going to dump you, I would no longer take over his financial affairs.” He tapped Alex on the cheek to get his attention and stared into his eyes, saying, “Isn’t that right, honey.” Kevin nodded his head, which caused Alex to nod his own head. “And we are definitely going to keep Mr. Jayden as our attorney, aren’t we?” Again Alex nodded, not concerned about anything except his need to climax.

Then Kevin removed the socks that served as Alex’s gag and spoke sternly to the boy, “Now, Alex, I don’t want to hear any more disagreement here. You have trusted him in the past, and I trust him now. And I don’t want any more talk from you about replacing him. Paul Jayden is only looking out for our interests.” Mr. Jayden was all ears. But he never stopped playing with Alex’s big stiff dick. Even though Alex could now speak, he was used to just nodding, so he nodded again.

Then Kevin looked back at the attorney, “Isn’t that right, Paul.”

“Yes, of course. Kevin, I’ll do whatever you say.”

“Actually, if I had my way, I mean, if I actually had full control of this estate and all, I could sure use your help in another way, Paul.” Mr. Jayden wanted to know how he was most curious about what Kevin had in mind. So far, due to Kevin’s influence, Paul liked what Kevin was doing. After all, he had gorgeous Alex lying naked, all spread out in front of him. And he was fondling his huge rigid, dripping dick. Mr. Jayden was in boy-slut heaven! It seemed like Kevin was being very good to him. So he asked about the “other help” he could be.

“Well, I could only do this if I had total control, which Alex also wants me to have. Then I’d ask a huge favor of you.” Mr. Jayden was starting to feel like he was about to be set up for something questionable. “You see, Alex likes to have sex with many guys. I don’t really care if that’s what makes him happy. However, some unsavory guys out there are only interested in his wealth, and he might get hurt and abused.

“So, you see, if I can trust you with Alex, I’d want you to have Alex for your sex toy, say … once a week. I would feel good about you sucking and fucking him. I mean, it’s obvious that you care about him, and as I said, he finds you a very sexy daddy man … and I know I am asking a lot of you, but can you help me out here? Please?”

“I … I … well … I … I …” Paul Jayden was at a loss for words. He’s the type of guy that would gladly pay a thousand bucks for a hot date with Alex. And now he is “being asked” to use Alex sexually … ONCE EVERY FUCKING WEEK?!

“Look, think about it. If this doesn’t suit you, I’ll understand. I can think of a couple of other guys who are mature and responsible who I could ask and hopefully ta … ”

“NO!” Mr. Jayden shouted. “I mean, no, I could help you out. I do care about Alex, and you, of course. Sure, I could take him on as a favor. Yes. That should be OK. No need to trouble any other people. Yes. Fine. It’ll be fine. It’ll be fine. Certainly.” Mr. Jayden was falling all over his own words, trying to say “yes” to the most erotic offer he had ever received in his life.

“As I said, I would need total control here. After all, if I am not trusted to take over his estate and finances, I should not be using my influence in his sexual life.”

“Oh, I agree. Now I did have some important questions,” Mr. Jayden said, “but I think you addressed all of them just now. So, we should get to the signing. I can interview Alex separately, and if all is well, I’ll take the documents to be notarized.”

“Well, if you are sure, Paul. OK, let’s do it. Let’s see the paperwork and make sure. Mr. Jayden let go of Alex, wiped his hand off on a towel, and handed him the five documents. They were: a will (wherein Kevin is named the executor), a Trust (wherein Kevin is named Trustee successor), a court-appointed conservator-ship request (wherein Kevin is named as the appointed conservator), and a power of attorney (naming Kevin), and lastly, a transfer document transferring all property, assets and financial accounts over to Kevin. You may think that if the property was transferred to Kevin, why must Kevin be the conservator or the POA for Alex? Simply because Kevin methodically allows for all possibilities. For example, if an issue with the estate transfer arose in the future, Kevin would still have legal control of Alex and his property through the other documents.

Just then, three guys Kevin knew appeared around the corner and came straight for them. Mr. Jayden was surprised and shocked to see anyone else arriving with Alex in such an indecent state of sexual arousal.

“Hey Kevin, we made it.” One said.

“And right on time. It’s just 4:00 now. Oh, Mr. Jayden, this is Jeff, a notary, and Bill and Jamie will be the witness.” Kevin said with all smiles. After all, his scheme was being executed exactly as he had planned it out, to the minute!

“Guys? This is Paul Jayden, my attorney. He’s the one with all the brains. And, as you can see, he and Alex have a thing going.” Kevin laughed.

Just then, the attorney realized he was again playing with Alex’s dick and balls and even fingering his asshole. “Oh my,” Mr. Jayden said in shock and embarrassment. And he quickly withdrew his hands from the very dazed “Lord of the Manor,” Alex.

“Paul? Would you mind going up to Alex’s room? It’s the furthest one on the second floor, and bring him his favorite cologne.”

“Ah … Sure Kevin.”

“Yeah, it’s the one in the dark blue bottle. Oh, and get a bottle of his favorite water in the frig. It’s the Bling H2O brand. You’ll see it.”

“Oh sure, Kevin.” And off he went on his errand, as Kevin wanted him out of the way for a few minutes.

As soon as he left, Kevin said, “OK, boys, this really is Sir Alexander Christian Weilburg of the Dutch Royal family. Now, let’s do this quickly.” And as planned, Kevin signed Alex’s signature to all five documents, a signature he had practiced many times. Then Bill and Jamie signed as witnesses. Jeff did the pièce de résistance and stamped all documents as having certified signatures.

“Now, Alex, would you like to climax?”

“Oh fuck, yes! Please. Yes, let’s go up to the bedroom. Let’s hurry. I need it bad.” Alex was so in heat he was more than desperate. And worst, Jeff applied some lotion to Alex’s dick, and HE started massaging that beautiful stiff, fully-edged dick. Jamie, who was a real erotic masseur, could not resist. Jamie stepped up next to the table without being invited and put lotion on both hands. Then, he continued what the attorney was doing by teasing Alex’s dick. But, with his other hand, he inserted his long, manly finger into Alex’s love hole and slowly, very slowly, moved it in and out.

Jeff was enjoying himself, and poor Alex still had his two hands lodged under his own ass cheeks. He was lying on them, which obscenely thrust his hips upward. It made his dick look like a thick, ridged flag pole. By now, Alex knew his hands were not to be used but just kept out of the way.

As Alex was teased into bliss heaven, Kevin clarified some things about today’s event. He looked into Alex’s glazed-over eyes. “See, Alex, you won. You twisted me around your little finger and got me to agree to do all the work for you on your estate stuff, and I have agreed to take care of all that stuff for you. Now that you signed all these documents, finally, our work is done. Everything is settled.” Alex looked satisfied, but at what, no one knew. “But even though I love you so much, Alex, my dear, if you ever give me a hard time with any decision I make for us, I’ll tear up these papers. I’ll return your estate to you and all your financial stuff and … and … walk out. Sorry to be so blunt, But I’ve done so much for you, and sometimes you don’t appreciate it.”

It was like Alex was watching a mystery movie with an intricate plot, and a middle section of the videotape was cut out. Alex was still boned up and dazed. Jamie saw to that with his expert exotic touching techniques. But Alex did hear Kevin say, “I love you so much, Alex, my dear.” He felt needy and wanted at the same time. “Oh Kevin, please, please stay with me. I just need to cum. I love you too. I promise to respect all you do for us. May I cum now, please? I appreciate all your support if I could just shoot now. I love your help with the money.” Alex pleaded in this delirious way.

“And … you’ll never regret signing all those documents which you signed, just now, in good faith and which turn everything over to me?” Kevin cautiously asked.

“No, dear. Can I come now? No, I’ll never regret coming or signing. I signed them in good faith, so may I shoot, dear? I mean everything they state.” Alex confirmed what never even happened.

“Of course, dear Alex. You’ll always be the ‘Lord of the Manor.’ I’ll take care of everything, as you requested. I’ll let you climax here and now if you suck Mr. Jayden off.” Alex was about to interrupt but was cut off, “I want you to do it for me because it would please me.” Alex nodded “yes,” because he just needed to get off, and if this way pleased his lover, it was okay with him, at least just this one time.

After about five more minutes, Mr. Jayden returned, “I could not find the blue bottle of cologne, but here is the water you wanted.” Of course, there was no blue bottle of cologne to find. It was just a rouse to keep him busy and out of the way.

“That’s fine. That’s fine.” Kevin said, “Now, step over here, closer to Alex. I want to give you a gift as a down payment.” Bill and Jamie, who knew the next step, nudged the attorney closer to Alex’s head, and from behind, one reached around, unbelted, and unzipped the attorney’s pants. Before Mr. Jayden could figure out what was happening, he found his pants and underwear around his ankles and his dick right over Alex’s face.

“Oh, dear. I … But I … Oh, my. I don’t think … I … ” then Mr. Jayden shouted out, “Oh sweet Jesus!” as Alex’s mouth engulfed his chubby little dick. “But … we can’t … Oh fuck. Mother of God!” Alex licked and gently sucked his attorney’s dick and coaxed it into becoming bigger and harder. It was a decent 6 inched as Alex continued working on it.

Jeff placed one of the attorney’s hands on Alex’s dick and moved slowly up and down. Then he took the attorney’s other hand and placed his index finger at the opening of Alex’s asshole, which Jamie had previously lubed up. Mr. Jayden needed no encouragement. As soon as he felt his fingertip at Alex’s hole, he shoved it in. Paul Jayden was only human. Finding his dick in a sweet, warm mouth, he slowly finger-fucked Alex’s asshole. One hand was moving up and down that beautiful firm dick, and a finger, on the other hand, was sliding in and out of that warm pussy hole. Up and down on the dick, and in and out of the boy’s shit chute. Paul was on automatic, as was Alex’s sucking mouth.

“Now, both of you move slowly and gently,” Kevin stated as if it was an order. Truth is, who the fuck cares? Paul and Alex were in heaven. Kevin needed the two guys to draw this out, so he had time to say a few things. All the while, their minds were busy with lust.

“By the way, Paul, Alex signed all the documents while you were upstairs.”

“Oh, but I wanted to … to … a … he signed … did he?” Then a moan from Mr. Jayden. “Oh, Holy Mother of God. Oh, sweet Jesus. What a nice mouth fuck … I … ah … He signed? Already?” Paul moaned, “But I need to … to witness … ”

“Oh, well, that’s why Bill and Jamie are here. They witnessed everything.”

“Well … ” Mr. Jayden slowly pushed his hips in and out to meet Alex’s nice juicy mouth hole as he lightly figured Alex’s dripping shaft. “I’m a notary too, so I … I … need … ” to … Oh shit, this feels so good.” Jeff reached over, scooped up puddles of precum from around Alex’s dick, brought his palm to Mr. Jayden’s face, and gently pushed it into his open mouth. “Hummmm.” Mr. Jayden moaned.

“No need to worry about a notary, Jeff, here, is one and signed off on all the signatures. So it’s all nice and legal.” Paul was confused about what Kevin was saying, but too much into this hot, wild sex with Alex to care. “So, are we good. In fact, we did so much of your work for you. You should pay us!” Kevin and the two guys laughed at that. “But don’t worry; we will always pay our bills. And you did a great job, Paul.” Then Kevin added, “Did you know Bill and Jeff are also fine attorneys?”

“Oh God, fuck … no, I don’t think I … I … Fuck, what a wonderful fucking hot mouth. Oh haaa hooo Jesus.”

“Yes, they are.” That was another lie, but why would Mr. Jayden question it? “Yes, and they went over all your work and were thoroughly impressed. They feel you do excellent work, Paul?”

“Haaa hooo shit, this is … Oh, thanks, guys … wow, holy shit. Alex is so … ”

Kevin leaned way down to Alex’s sucking face to be sure he would hear this, “Now, as per my private agreement with Paul, here, I’m going to send you over to his office one day next week. You got that, Alex?” Alex nodded without letting go of Paul’s juicy dick. “Paul said he wants you to wear that pink G-string you have. You got that, Alex?” Alex moaned and nodded. Then making sure Paul also heard this, “You got that, Paul? You want him in a pink G-string?”

“Ah yes … pink … string … Oh, fuck Alex is so hot.”

“Now, Alex, do not disappoint me. When I offered you to Paul, he said he wanted you to wear ONLY a pink G-string. I mean it. No other clothes! No shirt, no pants, no shoes. Not even a hat or sunglasses! You are to arrive in ONLY a pink G-string.” Alex was getting way overheated in hearing this dirty, naked in, public talk. His hands were still firmly stuck under his body weight. That made him very vulnerable. And he began to suck Paul’s dick very hard as he moaned and groaned, and his dick jerked and twitched. He wanted his hands free to grab Mr. Jayden’s head and force it fully and firmly onto his dick.

Alex’s increased sucking made Mr. Jayden pump Alex’s dick harder and faster, and two of his finger plunged in and out of Alex’s shit hole as Alex’s body bucked up and down.

“Yes, Paul, Alex will park a block away and slowly strut to your office door. When you open the door, Paul, you will have Alex strip naked before you allow him to enter. Bare-assed naked on the public street. You will even have him slowly turn around so you can fully inspect your new office meat. Your new slutty whore, your new pussy faggot boy.”

That was all it took. The idea of such intense public humiliation caused Alex to shoot his load all over his body in spurt after spurt. That set off Paul’s dick to blast load after load down Alex’s throat! Paul collapsed and leaned way over to put the side of his head on Alex’s belly. Paul’s mouth was open, and breathing hard. Jamie scooped up a large amount of Alex’s cum and used his fingers to push it into Paul's mouth, who greedily licked it up.

Kevin, Bill, and Jamie walked out to the front and said their thank yous and goodbyes. Kevin waved goodbye as they drove away. He smiled broadly. He had pulled it all off. He was now the owner of this mansion, the owner of the millions in the bank, the owner of all Alex’s former assets, and … the owner of Alex. Yes, he had cause to smile. You might be thinking that he would now kick out Alex and just have it all to himself. But Alex was in his future plans. He wanted Alex around for fun and amusement, at least for a few months. And, too, Kevin did want to keep Alex, the Lord of the Manor, to use as his housekeeper or gardener and as a trick to rent out from time to time. So he didn’t need Alex, but he wanted to use him for his amusement.

It is so amazing that Kevin connived Alex, dear sweet trusting Alex out of his home, his investments, all his possessions, and even his clothes, and still intended to abuse him. How sick it that, What a fucking manipulating, sadistic bastard Kevin turned out to be, especially considering that Alex, innocent Alex, loved him dearly.

The End

So that is it? But there are so many questions left unanswered. Such as, what will Kevin do with the mansion, make it into a gay whore house for his buddies? Would Alex finally realize that he was scammed? Will he come to his senses? I mean, yes, he is naive, but he is not stupid. Right? Will he just leave? Or, maybe, just maybe, he’d seek an attorney to sue Kevin to get his property back.

Will we ever know? YES! Look for the sequel, which will follow in 2 days.

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