221 The Lord of the Manor, The Sequel

Lord of the Manor: The Sequel
Part 1 of 4

From the original story: Alex Weilburg, in fact, Sir Alexander Christian Weilburg, age 17, began to reflect on his changing life now that his parents were gone. He looked around his home, visualizing his folks standing or sitting there. Ever since Alex was born, his parents overly indulged and pampered him. Alex’s family had some ties to Dutch royalty that dated back to the 1700s. They had an expansive $10 million estate consisting of a large mansion surrounded by maybe five to six acres of land and lots of money. Still, no one in the family acted arrogant or superior to others. They were accepted and respected as “plain” city folks. With the funeral over, Alex was left with a magnificent estate, a shitload of money, and no one to share it with.

Alex realized he was gay in school when he discovered he enjoyed watching guys, especially in the locker rooms. He realized that although he had very little experience in that world, he now could be freer to explore gay websites without feeling like he had to sneak around. One day, Alex, sitting out by the huge pool, saw the gardener, Kevin, “What a gorgeous hunk!” Alex thought. Kevin, at 22, was five years older than Alex. He never was this nervous being around him before. But now, Alex couldn’t take his eyes off the guy’s well-developed bare chest.

Alex was just a kid without any knowledge of the gay world or any experience of gay sex. BUT, with his parent gone and now with sexy, willing-teacher Kevin on the scene, he could explore all he wanted. He was so hungry for knowledge and sexual experience. He craved to please and worship a fine specimen of a man like Kevin.

However, Kevin was a manipulator. He saw an openness in this rich young boss that he could exploit. He wanted to own Alex as much as Alex wanted him as his mentor. In fact, Kevin even pretended that he had plans to quit working at the Weilburg estate and move on. That freaked out Alex. He’d do anything to keep the conniving Kevin around. That gave Kevin a lot of power and influence over him.

Through a convoluted process, and because Alex fully trusted Kevin to be honest and legitimate – which he is not – Alex turned over his estate and all his wealth to Kevin to manage. But in doing so, he also legally transferred his property into Kevin’s name. The young, naïve Alex did not think that would be an issue.

Kevin had various unscrupulous and shameful schemes to use Alex. All he had to do was threaten to leave the boy, and Alex would do anything to keep this (pretend) lover at his side, including renting him out to friends for sex. Kevin would do this not for the money but purely for his own amusement. What a fucking low-life Kevin turned out to be. Alex was blinded by love.

Continuing: There is Alex on his knees, as usual, ready to worship Kevin’s cock. You might think that Kevin’s idea of renting him out as a whore would be absolutely stupid. Why would he? You ask? After all, Kevin just “acquired” millions of dollars and a mansion. So why in the fuck would he want or need to make money from tricking out cute, innocent Alex?

Kevin would not do that for the money. But … he would do it for the idea of turning a Lord, a Prince, and a formerly very wealthy member of the Dutch royal family into a whore. Kevin was a whore himself in the past, and he hated that he allowed himself to be used and degraded by the rich and sometimes famous. People like Alex would use and degrade him because he was poor and needed the money to survive. Now the tables are turned.

Kevin was driving Alex’s former 2022 Mercedes-Benz S500 convertible down to the sex shop to get a few more S & M “toys” for future training sessions. He noticed that across the street was the Home Depot, where day laborers would usually stand, hoping to get picked to do work for the day. He was familiar with this location and the routine that went on there to get hired because he used to be one of those in that group of laborers many times over the past few years. He remembered hoping and begging to get picked to work for $10 to $20 an hour. It was an awful time.

But now, he was drawn to go there and drive past the group of work-beggars. He drove there and parked, and several men approached him to ask if he needed work. He was sure he recognized a few of them, but surely, no one recognized him in his new Beemer. He visually surveyed the individuals and noticed a couple at one end, away from the others. He saw a Black man about 60 and an older teen. He thought they were related.

He waved, and the pair approached his car and asked, “Do you have use of us today? We will work hard for you, mister,” the older man said. “I am Darnell, and this is my grandson Marquis.”

Kevin could see that these two guys were dirt poor. Their clothes were clean but well-worn; their shoes were in the same condition. The older guy and the teen were quite muscular, meaning they did a lot of heavy labor.

“I could use this young man for gardening and some odd jobs, like pool cleaning and washing windows and such. The good news is, it could be a permanent job, at least for six months or so.”

“That would be great. Mister, we can both do that.”

“No offense, but I’m afraid you might fall off a ladder or get injured. Your grandson might work out for my use. But I will need to interview him tomorrow. I’d pay him $10/hour, but it depends on the result of the interview.” It’s not that Kevin would not pay more; he just wanted to know if this teen would accept such a low wage. That would mean he was needy and desperate, which appealed to Kevin. Yes. A needy, desperate worker. Yes. He thought.

“Yes, Sir, that would be fine,” the older man spoke for his grandson. “Marquis is a hard worker. Yes, Sir, that would be fine. He will do you proud.” Kevin gave him the address and the time to be there tomorrow. “Oh, how do you want him to dress?”

“Actually, and I know this sounds odd, but I’d like him in clean, old clothes Even clothes that have holes in them are best. It just makes me feel like a young man in old clothes is there to work and work hard. Just my thing. OK?” The grandfather said fine, and Kevin drove home. He wanted to make plans for Marquis, some special plans.

The next day, just as planned, the doorbell rang. Alex was in the backyard pruning the many roses as Kevin “asked” him too. So Kevin answered the door. “Hello? I’m Marquis. We met at the Home Depot yesterday?” Obviously, Marquis was overwhelmed to be standing at the front door of such a huge mansion. He didn’t know how to speak.

“Of course, I’m Kevin. Come on in. We need to talk.”

“Yes, Sir, Mr. Kevin.” And he followed Kevin into an office off the main entry. “But … are you sure you want ME to work for you?”

Kevin chuckled and had the boy sit on a sofa beside him. “I need to just ask you some questions to see if you will suit my needs. So, are you gay?”

Marquis was nearly floored at hearing that. In his home life and neighborhood, gays were fags and not at all welcome. So he hesitated to answer. Kevin raised his hand to stop him from speaking and saying the wrong thing. “The reason I ask is that I am gay, and almost all my friends are gay, and if that bothers you, well … then this isn’t going to work. You’d just be too uncomfortable around me and my friends. And I don’t want that.”

Marquis remained silent; he still did not know how to respond.” Look, let me ask you this. Have you ever had your dick sucked?”

Marquis said in a weak voice, “Yes. A few times.”

“And how did it feel? I get my dick sucked every day, and it feels wonderful. How about you?”

“Ah … yeah … it felt good.” But it clearly felt awkward for him to admit it to anyone. In his neighborhood, he’d get beat up saying that.

“So I want you to be comfortable with getting sucked. I have a gay slave living here. Officially, we call ourselves lovers and partners because it sounds better and is more acceptable. But between you and me, he is my cock sucking, faggot slave. OK? As a joke, we all call him the ‘Lord of the Manor.’ So just play along with that, OK?” Although Marquis said he was straight, he did agree to Kevin’s request to play along.

“I’m going to bring my slave … I mean … the ‘Lord of the Manor’ in here, and I’m going to get him to suck your dick.”

“Please don’t. It’s weird, too weird. And I don’t … ” Marquis was cut off in mid-sentence.

“Of course, it’s weird. I may have you do other things that might be considered weird but think about it, I’ll be paying you $30 an hour, not $10 per hour.”

“Really? $30 an hour? Just to let him suck my dick?”

“Yes, and maybe I’ll let you fuck him later on. So yes, $30 per hour.”

“Wow, that’s a lot of money. That’s like $240 a day, or … wow … that’s like $1,200 in a five-day week working eight hours a day and … ” Kevin could see this boy was not stupid; he was at least excellent in math. “Yes, please, let him suck my dick or whatever you want me to do to him. I might even earn enough money to go to college.

“Well, if you continue to please me, the job can continue for months or even a year. Yes, college could definitely be a part of your exciting future.” Kevin offered.

“Sir, yes, Sir. I’ll do whatever you want.” And a big smile took over Marquis’ face. The two men seem to reach a turning point and the start of a much closer relationship. “Oh, and one other thing. When you see my partner, I want you to act very poor and low class, like a slave might be when addressing his master on a slave-run plantation. Don’t ask why. Just do as you’re told, and it saves a lot of time. For now, just ham it up.” They both chuckled over the impending play drama.

Kevin used the fancy intercom installed in the mansion, with speakers outside to summon Alex. A few minutes later, he arrived. “Yes, Kevin, what is it,” Alex asked as he noticed Marquis seated there also. He saw how shabbily he was dressed. His shirt and pants had holes, and his shoes were badly scuffed. In fact, a couple holes in his jeans, at the hip area, show his beautiful black skin rather than underwear. So he was going commando.

“Alex, this is Marquis, our new employee. And Marquis, this is Alex, better known as Sir Alexander Christian Weilburg, a member of the Dutch royal family.” Alex blushed at hearing his title, but they shook hands. “Alex, I hired Marquis here to do yard work, cooking, and household chores. He’s not well educated, so be kind and patient.”

Then Marquis stood up, “Hello, Masser. Hello, Sir, my Lord of the Manor. I’m at your service.” Just as instructed by Kevin, Marquis hammed it up. You could tell Kevin and Marquis were trying to hide their grins, which Alex overlooked anyway.

“Oh, stop with the Lord stuff. Just call me Alex.” Then he turned to Kevin, “Thank you, Kevin, for being so thoughtful and hiring a helper. We sure need it.”

“But Alex,” Kevin said, acting all serious, “It’s important that you approve of him. I want you to be happy, my love.” Alex was about to say that Marquis seemed fine, but Kevin continued, “No, not just for work, but also as an underling you can suck off.” Alex blushed and covered his mouth with his hand to hide his embarrassment.

“No, Alex, listen to me. You love dick, my dick, but what if I’m out of town or sick in bed, you need a dick to suck, and Marquis here will be available. He comes from a slave background and is used to obeying any order. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes Sir, Masser, yes Sir.” Marquis chimed in.

“Marquis, please strip and let Alex inspect you.”

Alex started to tell Kevin that that was unnecessary. Still, as he watched Marquis strip naked, even removing his shoes and sock, Alex’s mouth dropped open in amazement. He saw the boy’s shiny, smooth, ebony skin, fine muscle tone, and large cut dick, maybe seven inches long, soft. Alex was in a trance. It was unlike him to ogle at any guy other man than Kevin, but Marquis was gorgeous.

“Alex? I’m talking to you. Alex! Come down to earth.”

“Kevin, he looks fine to me.” Alex finally answered.

“No. That’s not good enough. Go ahead and suck his dick. Let me know if he can substitute for me when I am not available.”

“Ah, really, he’s fine, I don’t need to … he looks … ” just then, Marquis took two steps closer to Alex, placed a hand on his shoulder, and applied downward pressure. Alex slipped to his knees and opened his mouth. That beautiful dick was like a magnet, drawing that mouth to it, and in it slipped. The sucking started immediately.

Kevin went over and whispered some instructions to Marquis, and then Marquis grabbed hold of Alex’s head, one hand over each ear, and forced that skull hard down over his now nine-inch stiff dick. He started speaking loudly, “Yeah, dats it, my Lord, yeah, suck my slave dick down your throat. Yeah, my Masser and I needs to give you all you desire.” And Marquis pulled Alex’s head firmly on and off his dick. Alex choked and struggled to breathe. He did not let up; he had the strong black arms to resist Alex’s struggle. Then, just before Alex was going to faint, Marquis let him up to breathe but then pushed his skull down onto his dick and held it there again. Marquis was not used to any rough gay sex, but it must have suited him perfectly as he shot load after load down his “Masser’s” throat!

When Marquis finally let go, Alex almost clasped on the floor, “Yes, Kevin, I think he is OK for sucking. But I won’t need him since I have you. Right?”

There were little puddles of spit and cum on the hardwood floor, as well as strings dripping off Marquis’ dick. “Geez, Alex, come on now, clean up your mess.” Kevin said as he pointed to the still-stiff dick and the blobs of mess on the floor.”

“Oh, sorry. Hand me a towel or … ” Alex was stopped.

“For Pete’s sake, Alex. Just lick it up and stop being a drama queen. You’re embarrassing me.”

“Oh, I … I… I’m so sorry, Kevin.” And first, he licked and sucked Marquis’ rigid dick, taking his time before licking up the little puddles on the floor.

“Alex? You missed the split-mess you dripped all over Marquis’ feet. Come on, Alex, stop embarrassing me. Let’s be good examples for our help, OK? We need to keep everything clean. My God, please try to behave properly in front of the help.”

Alex felt embarrassed to be criticized for being dirty and messy. He quickly bent way over and licked the cum-spit mess off Marquis’ big feet and toes, big but strong and nicely shaped. Kevin quietly signaled for Marquis to lift up each foot, and he did. Alex licked the light-colored sole of those beautiful black feet. FUCK! What AN IMAGE! There is a member of the Dutch royal family, as wealthy as anyone could know, on his knees, licking the feet of a slave nigger! Fuck! Whatever Kevin is doing to bring Alex down, not just to his physical knees but down in the psychological gutter, must be working. And no resistance from Alex!

“OK, Alex, that will have to do. But as I show Marquis around, be a dear and launder his clothes so he can be decently dressed when he leaves.” And without waiting for any response from Alex, Kevin escorted the totally naked Marquis up to his room. But he added, “Oh, and remember to finish the rose garden as soon as you can.” They continued to go upstairs.

Kevin was quite a resourceful guy. He had to be in his poor life before he met Alex. He wasn’t a landscaper but learned long ago to tell lies and use his charm to survive through his wit and quick thinking. Now that he was getting Alex to do all kinds of stuff for him and able to manipulate the cute “Lord of the Manor,” he was more than ready to take things to new highs. In the past, he had done many odd jobs and even sold himself for cash. It was the only time he had allowed anyone to penetrate his ass. He didn’t like that but did what he had to do.

Alex being the needy twink he was and so desirous of having male sex, was willing to do anything to please his new lover. Kevin used this to his full advantage. He paged Alex from his room, “Alex? Where are you?” sounded the page in every room of the mansion.

“I’m in the laundry. I’m just starting the washer for Marquis’ clothes.”

“Oh, can you drop that for now and bring two beers to my room?” Alex liked that Kevin always thought of him. So he gathered the two beers, one for Kevin and one for himself. He guessed that Marquis did not drink.

“Ah ... OK, I’ll be there in a minute,” Alex said with some frustration with all these demands

Marquis was telling Kevin how impressed he was with the place, and that was just his overall view since he did not, as yet, get a full tour of all the rooms and features. It was an authentic mansion. Then Alex grabbed the 2 beers and went to Kevin’s room. He was ready to have a break, to sit with his lover, sip beer, and relax. He thought he’d ask Marquis a lot of questions to get to know him better. He also wanted to know how Kevin would employ the young black man to do what tasks. The place was so large it could certainly use a lot of upkeep on an ongoing basis. Kevin was so clever in seeing that all the chores would get done promptly, he thought.

Alex entered and walked over to where Kevin and Marquis were seated on the sofa. Kevin was in a shirt, shorts, and barefoot, while Marquis was still totally naked, just sitting there chatting away with his lover.

“Oh, there you are, finally. That took a while. What were you doing making the beer?” Kevin joked, but it did put Alex off just a bit. “Here, I’ll take those, my Lord.” Alex was about to tell him again to stop the “Lord,” but he gave up on that and decided Kevin could joke all he wanted. He’d just have to get used to it.

Kevin took both beers and handed one to Marquis. And Alex just stood there like an idiot. Was he to just stand there? Or go back and finish Marquis’ laundry, or wait for further instructions, or what? He felt awkward. “Alex, would you please kneel down here and massage my feet? I am so tired, and my feet ache.”

“Your feet ache!” Alex screamed in his mind. “I’m the one doing all the fucking work around here. Why don’t you massage MY aching feet, Kevin?!” But he said nothing and just kneeled, took Kevin’s right foot in his hands, and began kneading the sole of it with his thumbs.


Alex felt relieved and even smiled at Kevin for finally coming to his senses and realizing how rude he was just now.

“I am so sorry. Here I have you massaging my feet when we have a quest here. Stupid me!” He took his foot away from Alex, turned to Marquis, and said, “Sorry, man. What kind of a host am I? Give your foot to Alex so he can massage your feet first.”

And without forethought, the “white foot was gone, and a big black foot was now in his lap, as Alex stayed kneeling and began to massage the foot of his … his … WORKER! Alex was stunned. He was turning over the facts in his mind. “I am here rubbing Marquis’ foot, the foot of a lowly homeless guy. Who is my employee, for Christ’s sake! I have a $10 million mansion, millions in the bank, and several new fancy cars. And now … now … I am massaging the feet of this poor, penniless Black man? What the fuck?! And Kevin, my lover, and partner, is having me do this? Treating this young man as our GUEST?!” Alex tried to sort this out in his confused mind.

Kevin rested his hand on Marquis’ naked thigh, “Isn’t my Alex great, Marquis? He is so kind and caring. And he loves me so much.” Alex perked up and smiled as he heard his lover complimenting him. He continued to massage his “employee’s” foot. “I’d do anything for Alex, really. We are so close. And I know he’d do anything for me.” Alex felt so good he’d gladly finish the foot massage. He was happy to be so lovingly respected. Kevin was busy whispering in Marquis’s ear.

Then Kevin spoke up again, “You know, just the other day, we were out by the pool, and I asked him to drink my piss. Do you know what my sweetie said? He said he never did that before, but he’d do it for me. “Then he looked at Alex, “Isn’t that right, my Lord?”

Alex blushed like crazy, turning bright red as he nodded. “See Marquis, see?”

Marquis finally spoke up in his hamming-up slave voice, “Masser? I’m sorry, Masser, but I just can’t believe dat. Alex is a Masser too. You tells me he is a Prince or Lord and wealthy and all that shit. Sorry, Masser, but I’s just can’ts believe dat’s true.”

“No, Marquis, you don’t understand when a special, handsome, gorgeous man like Alex loves someone, he goes all the way.” Then Kevin stood up and nudged Marquis to stand as well. Alex was still on his knees. You just watch.” Marquis was all pee-ready, pointing at his kneeling lover. “OK, my Lord,” Kevin spoke rhymingly, “Open your mouth and close your eyes. Kevin’s got a sexy surprise.” And Alex opened wide and kept his eyes closed as told.

Alex felt the strong stream of piss flowing into his mouth, pounding and gurgling, trying to swallow as fast as he could. Kevin pulled up his pants, tucked his dick away, and took out his cell as Alex swallowed.

Kevin bent over and told Alex, “Keep swallowing Marquis’ piss. I love you so much. Show Marquis how much you love me. I’m recording this on my iPhone.” Alex’s eyes flew open in shock as he realized it was that homeless, transient Black EMPLOYEE-boy peeing in his mouth.

“Alex, you’re making a mess by letting all this Black boy piss bubble out. Close your mouth over our beautiful black boy’s dick, and suck it down fast.” Alex, with his eyes open, now fully aware he was drinking this EMPLOYEE-stranger’s piss. See, Marquis, how much Alex loves me and respects me. So don’t tell me he won’t drink your piss if I ask him to. OK?” He said all this while using his video function to capture Alex’s humiliation. Alex just wanted to die. He closed his eyes, hoping it would be over soon, but this Black boy released his stream of piss like a garden hose. He was feeling blotted in his belly. It was so disgusting. He, a Dutch ‘Prince.’

“Come on, Alex, open your eyes and look into the camera.” He did. “Now, try to smile without unsealing your lips from that black dick; show me how happy you are.” And as unbelievable as it may sound, he did just that. Alex carefully made a big smile. Finally, Marquis’ bladder was empty, and withdrew his dick.

“Wait, Alex, reach over with your tongue and lick the last few drops dangling from his dick. Show the camera how wonderful Black man pee really is.” Amazing. He did. “Now, give me a great big kiss.” Alex leaned over to Kevin’s mouth just as Kevin put up his hand, “I was just kidding; you’re not putting those Black piss-coated lips on mine. Go wash the pee out of your mouth!” Kevin and Marquis both laughed out loud at the humiliated Alex.

With his head down in embarrassment, Alex got up and went to the door. “Oh, and don’t forget to finish Marquis’ laundry and then get to work on the rose garden.”

Alex barely made his way to the nearest toilet and threw up all of Marquis’ piss, which made him feel better physically but not emotionally. The day ended with Marquis agreeing to spend the night. He got his clean but old clothes back from Alex, so he dressed. This was the first time Marquis had clothes on since he arrived earlier in the day. As customarily for Kevin and Alex, no one wore shoes or socks in the house. Bare feet were the order of the day. Kevin asked Alex to fix dinner, and Kevin and Marquis were at the small, informal dining room table, which seated only four.

The two of them were joking and, oddly, were periodically French kissing. They were not tender, loving kisses but lusty sexual kisses. Alex didn’t like it but said nothing as he served dinner. He brought in plates of spaghetti and meatballs for Kevin and Marquis and set them down, then returned to the kitchen to get his own plate. When he returned, the table that had four chairs, there were now only two. The other two chairs had just been taken away. Kevin and Marquis were now naked from the waist down, each with only a shirt. Alex stood there with his plate of spaghetti and did not know where to sit. He looked perplexed.

“Don’t worry about sitting; I have a special treat for you. Look, come here and get down on the floor.” Alex moved hesitatingly slow, wondering what was up. Baffled, Alex managed to get on the floor and sit Indian-style while still holding his plate of food. “OK, now slide under the table to the center. This way you’ll be between Marquis and me.” He did, still wondering what this was all about. Kevin and Marquis were sitting in chairs, one on each side of the small round table, facing each other. The table was so small that their knees were only two feet apart. Alex slid between them so that Kevin placed his bare feet on Alex’s right thigh, and Marquis placed his on Alex’s left thigh.

“Kevin? What is this all a … ”

“Alex, I want to touch you as I eat. I want my feet all over your handsome sexy body. I want to massage you all over with my toes and make you feel so good.”

“But, it’s difficult to eat like th … ”

“Just try it, please. I love touching you all over. I love you so much. Please. Please let me have something special in my own special way.” Alex resigned to do as asked and placed his plate of spaghetti on his lap. It was strange to eat like this, but he was getting to know that Kevin had unusual ways of doing things and unusual ways of showing his love for him.

At least, after massaging Marquis’ feet and drinking his piss, he knew the worst was over. Tomorrow Marquis would be out of here, and he’d get back into enjoying Kevin again. He was OK with Marquis coming over to work a few hours each day and leaving. He’d just wait it out.

“Ah, Kevin, I forgot to get silverware. Could you please hand me some?”

“You’re OK without it; it’s so much fun, Alex, to eat with our fingers, like when we were kids. Right?”

“Really? Kevin? Well … then, OK, but let me have a bunch of napkins because this will be messy.” And Alex stuck one hand up to the table top to receive them.

“Come on, Alex, just be a happy kid. I think it will be funny to see who can make the least mess.” Kevin and Marquis laughed out loud. “OK,” Alex thought to himself. “Then we’ll be messy kids.”

Of course, Kevin and Marquis had silverware and napkins, and they would scoop up a fork of long spaghetti and feed each other. They even did the Disney “Lady and the Tramp” thing, and each put an end of one long piece of spaghetti in their mouth and sucked it up and got closer and closer and made it into a little kiss, and then into a deep throat wet French kiss.

Meanwhile, Alex was under the table and using his fingers to delicately eat the strands of spaghetti. Suddenly, Kevin and Marquis stretched out their long, muscular legs like you do with your arms when you yawn. Then they relaxed their legs, and their feet ended up on Alex’s plate. Alex looked down and saw a mess of toes grabbing and squeezing the spaghetti on his plate. Without thinking, he used his fingers to pick the strands off the 20 toes dangling them, and fed himself that way.

He didn’t want to keep complaining to Kevin, so he continued to pick the pieces off the toes and fed himself. Then something even stranger happened. The toes on Marquis’ big black right foot curled up and, in the process, grabbed hold of a lot of spaghetti, and then that foot rose up to near Alex’s mouth. He tried to use his finger to pick the food off, but the toes were right at his mouth. Weird, to say the least, but Alex felt like no one was watching him, so he used one hand to guide that toe into his mouth, and he nibbled the spaghetti off those toes as they uncurled and released the food into his mouth. It kind of made him feel like he was being fed by a construction stream shovel.

WHAT THE FUCK?! Marquis was feeding Alex with his toes. And Alex just felt, not being noticed, it was just not as messy to eat this way. Obviously, Kevin and Marquis were coordinating this feeding method because Kevin joined in using his foot to feed Alex also. Alex used his right hand to manipulate Marquis’ foot to feed him and alternately worked Kevin’s foot to do the same. Then Marquis’s toes curled to grab hold of a meatball and brought that up to Alex’s mouth. He carefully nibbled little bites of the meat, and when most was gone, he stuck his tongue between those black toes and licked out the meatball crumbs.

Lord of the Manor: The Sequel
Part 2 of 4

After 30 minutes of toe-feeding, Kevin pushed his hand under the table, “Give me your plate.” He did. “We’re going to get dessert for all of us.” Now what, Alex thought.

You just stay still.” Kevin and Marquis left the room, and he saw their legs enter the kitchen. He noticed the spaghetti sauce mess they made tracking the sauce into the kitchen, but at least it was a hardwood floor that was easier to clean.

And, again, he saw the naked legs returning to the table with their dicks flopping. And they were seated as before. Without bending down to look at Alex, Kevin just spoke up, “would you like vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce?” Alex said, “Yes,” and it was his favorite.

“OK, dear, first we’ll give you the ice cream.” Alex waited for a dish to be handed to him. He looked for a white hand or a black hand to descend. But no dish of ice cream appeared. He saw Marquis spread his legs, and soon, a large dollop of vanilla ice cream was plopped on his big black dick.

“OK, start licking before it drips all over, Alex.” Alex tried to not play along, but the truth was, he would like his mouth all over that beautiful dick. He hesitated for all of five seconds and then hungrily brought his face in between those wonderful black thighs, craning his neck to get his mouth on and over that eight-inch piece of meat.

It was messy. Ice cream was all over Alex’s face and all over Marquis’ dick, balls, legs, and the chair and floor. However, as Alex put up with all the spaghetti nonsense and piss and humiliation earlier … something just clicked in his brain, and he got really into it. He even forcibly pushed Marquis’ knees wider apart to lick it all up, everywhere.

ALL OF A SUDDEN, AS ALEX WAS LICKING THE ICE CREAM OFF THAT BEAUTIFUL BIG BLACK DICK … something in his brain snapped. BINGO! Alex was full of happiness. Even after his dick was clean and free of ice cream, he loved sucking Marquis’ dick anyway he could get it. He was addicted to dick, Kevin’s, or, as of now, ANYONE ELSE’S! HE WAS A SUCK SLAVE. HE WAS NO LONGER CONCERNED ABOUT WHAT ANYONE THOUGHT OF HIM. HE DIDN’T CARE HOW HUMILIATED HE FELT. SUCKING DICK WAS SUCKING DICK, AND HERE, UNDER THIS TABLE, HE WAS IN DICK HEAVEN.

“Alex,” he heard Kevin’s voice again. “Time for the chocolate topping.” And Alex turned toward Kevin’s lap. He saw … OH FUCK! CHOCOLATE SAUCE WAS POURING DOWN ON THAT BEAUTIFUL WHITE DICK! He moved his body to Kevin’s and squeezed his head to his groin to lick up and eat all the sauce he could. Just like with Marquis, he forced Kevin’s knees wider to be able to lick up every drop. He swallowed Kevin’s incredible dick. Then … back for more ice cream all over Marquis’ dick. He was getting sick of eating all the sugar, but he did not care. HE LOVED KEVIN. HE LOVED MARQUIS. HE JUST WANTED DICK, AND HE WAS SO HAPPY. Kevin and Marquis quickly picked up on Alex’s jubilation. And all three were as happy as they could be.

Would this exuberance last? Was it really all OK with Alex, the “Lord of the Manor?” Or would he come to his senses and realize this demeaning, degrading treatment cannot go on.

All three slept in Alex’s parent’s old room, enjoying the large adjustable bed. Kevin and Marquis positioned themselves side by side while Alex slept at their feet like a pet. Kevin was certainly in charge, and Marquis loved the new experiences he had here that opened up these erotic interests in his life. It was much better than sleeping in the dirty room in his grandfather’s old, dilapidated house and sharing one bed. Marquis could not believe his good luck. And he figured out quickly that Kevin was in charge even though Kevin encouraged him to call Alex the “Lord of the Manor.” He learned that he might have a long-term job here if he just agreed with Kevin. $30 an hour was more than any of his friends made.

Marquis was allowed to sleep in since this was a whole new world for him, and he should savor it. When he woke, he joined Alex and Kevin in the pool, where Marquis told them how much he enjoyed spending the night there. Kevin suggested that Alex invited Marquis to stay on for as long as he wanted. Kevin could have just made that arrangement by himself since he was the new legal owner of the estate. However, Kevin wanted Alex to feel like he was still in charge.

Alex pulled Kevin over to the other side of the pool and whispered, “Kevin? What are you doing? Look, it’s fine that he works for us. And … OK … I like to suck his dick too. But this is our place, and I don’t want him, or anyone else, to stay here. He can come and work but must leave at the end of the day.

“Alex, I know what you are saying, and I would generally agree. But I made a deal with Marquis yesterday.” Alex was a little angry that he was not included in planning any special “deals.” “Alex, I was not going to tell you this because it was to be a secret. But I let it slip that it was your birthday in a few days, and Marquis just offered to throw you a surprise birthday party. And I accepted.” Alex was stunned. “After he told me that, I could let him go home where his grandfather beats him. Could I?”

“His grandfather beats him? Really?” Alex felt foolish and embarrassed… and gullible.

“Look, I love you, and if you want me to cancel your birthday party and send him home now, I’ll do it. You come first with me!” Kevin said boldly. Of course, Kevin was playing the guilt card; he knew Alex was too kind and considerate to send Marquis home.

“Jeez, his grandfather beats him? I feel so selfish and ungrateful. Here we hired Marquis to work and are paying him such a low fee of only $10 per hour … wow. It’s like we are taking advantage of the guy’s desperate circumstances. And as for his putting on a birthday party for me, jeez, I really feel like a heel.”

“Alex, don’t worry about it. I promised to have your back, and I meant it. I’ll take care of your mess and any other mess you make here. I’ll fix it.” How do Kevin’s tricky manipulations become Alex’s messes? Amazing.

“OK, Kevin, OK. Thanks for being the smart one. And, go ahead; invite Marquis to stay here, at least for the foreseeable future.” Alex got out of the pool to go into the house; he was feeling a little ashamed of himself about the rude way he acted toward Marquis.

“Oh, dear,” Kevin sort of yelled, “Don’t forget to vacuum and dust the upstairs. OK? It’s looking pretty dirty. I don’t want Marquis to think we don’t keep a clean home.” Alex nodded that he would. He was in a self-blaming mode. And, of course, Marquis’ grandfather never beat him, which was a lie. And Kevin telling him he only paid him $10 per hour was also a lie since Marquis was actually getting overpaid at $30 an hour. Lastly, Marquis never knew it was Alex’s birthday and never offered to throw him a party. Kevin manipulated Alex because he enjoyed having the pretend “Lord of the Manor” at his beck and call. And oddly, Alex never noticed that his Marquis-planned birthday party … NEVER happened. No one brought it up again, not even Alex.

So far, Marquis had been there only 24 hours. Even so, Alex had not realized that Marquis was not doing any work. Instead, Alex was doing the cooking, the laundry, the gardening, and the household cleaning not only for himself and Kevin but also for Marquis! Just when will Alex realize that Marquis is being paid to be Kevin’s sex toy?

You might wonder, if Kevin legally owned everything, which he did, why doesn’t he just kick out Alex and do whatever the fuck he wants without Alex?

In Kevin’s scheming mind, there are several good reasons to have Alex stay and even let Alex think he is in a wonderful loving relationship with him: One, Kevin liked having Alex around. At 17 years old, he was a cutie pie, so sexy, and with a nice trim build. He did not want him for love, but he loved to have lusty sex. He was going to be a sex toy for Kevin and for any of Kevin’s friends. Kevin wanted him as a possession and to attract other sexy young men to the estate for affairs in the future.

Two, he told Alex’s attorney, Paul Jayden, that if he went along with Kevin, Kevin would let Paul use Alex regularly. This part was not fully worked out, but he would get Alex to comply. And even though everything was basically legal, concerning all the documents and transfer of ownership, a sharp attorney could always find an angle to screw things up. So Kevin needed Alex to participant in his deal with attorney Paul. Kevin offered Alex to him as a sex toy, so Alex needed to be around for that. It was Kevin’s insurance.

And three, and this is the overriding factor. Kevin was from a poor background. He had to be a prostitute for a few years to have enough money to survive. He sold himself to the wealthy guys who’d drive up to a popular cursing area and pick him up for sex. He hated that. He especially hated allowing himself to be fucked … all to get some money to live on. He hated the wealthy bastards who used him. During those tricks, the johns would make him suck them and take it up the ass, usually without a condom. Kevin hated being spanked, whipped, and even beat up when it pleased the john erotically. Yes, Kevin had a lot of pent-up hostility toward wealthy guys. Even though Alex was never mean like that, he still wanted revenge on the rich fucks of the world. Alex was here, available, easily manipulated. It was totally unfair, but Kevin didn’t care about fairness.

If worst came to worst, Kevin could always pull out his new deed to the property and tell everyone to just fuck off. This was his fallback position, and he really preferred to keep Alex around on good terms, HIS terms.

Throughout the next week, Kevin and Marquis were having wonderful sex, making Alex feel left out. Alex complained that he wanted more of Kevin’s time and more love-making. “You know, Alex, we should do something together, all three of us, some kind of project. It’ll help us get better acquainted.” Alex wondered what Kevin had in mind.

“Well, a friend of mine is in the movie business, not a big shot; he’s with a camera crew, actually. Maybe we can all make a movie … and … Alex, you’ll be the star! Wouldn’t that be great? A family project.” Kevin proclaimed. “We’ll just film it on the fly, no script.”

“So, it’s all going to be ad-libbed?” Marquis asked. And Kevin nodded. “But, at least we need a theme or plot for the movie … and a title.”

“Well, the title will be, ‘The Lord of the Manor,’ and the theme will be all about the ‘Lord of the Manor.’” Kevin added, “And the plot will be what happens to ‘the Lord of the Manor.’ I even have a guy in mind for the director.”

Kevin did plan the basic progression of the movie with a friend of his, Trevor, who was going to play Alex’s butler, Mr. Jeeves. This guy would direct the movie live, as it happens. There was still no script, but Kevin told Trevor how the movie should progress, but also that he could put any turns and twists he wanted as long as the humiliation of Alex was the theme. The character, Mr. Jeeves, would be the “Ring Master,” so to speak. He was sharp and experienced in both movie making and S and M arts.

And just like that, it happened. The movie crew arrived the following Monday morning. Kevin gave directions to set up the shooting. He also gave special instructions to all the members of the crew. Kevin and Marquis escorted Alex to a bathroom to get him super clean. Alex enjoyed having two hot guys clean him both inside and out. It was the first time he experienced getting an enema. Marquis suggested that he should fuck Alex to have him stretched out and opened up a little. Kevin agreed, and Marquis took him over the bathtub and had him bend over the low tub wall. Marquis fucked Alex very gently at first and gradually increased his thrusting. As expected, Alex got into it and was about to climax, but Kevin stopped. He declared that Alex was ready after seeing the boy with a sex-hungry crazed look on his face. Just what Kevin wanted.

The three of them cleaned themselves up and went into the largest living room in the mansion. Alex saw the crew of camera people, the director, and some other guys who looked kind of rough around the edges. They appeared to be wearing shorts, flip-flops, tennis shoes, and tank tops. A few of them looked dirty and grubby. There must have been 25 or 30 guys; some were setting up equipment, and most were just standing around. These were the actors. Trevor was the one who arranged for most of these to take on various ad-lib roles. Alex thought some of them were familiar to him, but he did not recall from where. Actually, Jamie and Bill were two of the guys who arrived to witness all the attorney’s documents. Alex, in his sex-crazed haze, though they all looked hot, sexually hot.

Kevin had Alex escorted upstairs to get dressed for his entrance. The grand entrance of Alex was one of the few scenes Kevin planned out. The production was pretty simple. It would be fairly professional, but the “story” would be all sex acts. So, there was not much storytelling, but it didn’t matter. The method used here was to keep their cameras rolling continually and, later, “cut and paste” scenes together so the movie had continuity. All the off-camera verbal directions would be cut out in editing. This was not going to be an Academy Award-nominated film for sure. Raunchy sex films like this had a large internet audience that paid big bucks to see them. So it did have a lot of value.

After half an hour, Kevin received the signal that Alex was ready. The two cameras were then set and focused from different angles to the top of the stairs, and there was Alex in a long-tailed, formal tuxedo. You can’t appear any richer or more formal than wearing black tails, a white tux dress shirt, a black bow-tie, and a black silk cummerbund. And the title character, Alex, the “Lord of the Manor,” needed to be dressed to the nines.

Kevin calls for the opening action shot, ‘The Lord of the Manor,’ and enters and walks gracefully down the stairs. There are always staircases in mansions, but this one was hand carved and elegantly curved. Alex didn’t know what was coming next, But he certainly knew how to make a grand entrance. So he slowly and confidently descended to the main living room. This put Alex in a wonderful mood. He was being filmed as royalty, and that was just great!

One actor, Trevor, who played the butler, announced loudly, “Sir Fuckbottom, ‘Lord of the Manor,’ are you ready to greet your servants and field hands?” Alex did not know what to say. He saw the dozen or so men of all ages seated in a semicircle on the richly upholstered furniture. And some of these men were filthy ones with mud on their shoes. He was wondering how the mud stains would come out. But he had a movie to make, and he would not disappoint Kevin.

Was he supposed to say something or not? He was told that the man speaking to him was playing the part of his butler, Mr. Jeeves. The actor was talking loudly to him. So he replied, “Yes I am, Mr. Jeeves.”

Alex stood before his butler and said, “Sir Fuckbottom, as you requested, your staff is here assembled for your monthly Employees’ Appreciation Event.” Alex realized that the funny name, Sir. Fuckbottom was his character’s name. He giggled a little. But he was going to get serious, so he thought he should look like he was interested. He nodded and smiled to all of these men. “Yes, here are your cooks, gardeners, car mechanics, butlers, as well as the two newest servants I believe you have not met yet. This is Donny and Tony.” The speaker pointed to the two youngest men, “These are your toilet cleaners who also maintain the estate’s sewer lines.”

It bothered Alex that these “teen” boys were dirty with greasy hands and faces. Even the legs and shoes were disgusting. “What is that awful slimy stuff?” Alex wondered to himself, “Is it sewage filth?” Kevin had the boys smeared with a mix of chunky peanut butter and chocolate sauce to make a gooey sludge. AND it really did look like sewer shit!

Since he was being addressed directly, Alex began to just ad bib, “Ah … yes … ah … Mr. Jeeves, I see. All good men.” Alex smiled to himself, feeling like he was getting into it.

“Sir, as the Lord of the Manor, you have required monthly Employees’ Appreciation Events with the staff, not just the new staff, but with all your dedicated staff.”

“Yes, of course, Mr. Jeeves, so let’s begin the ceremony, shall we?” Not knowing what the event consisted of, Alex developed a good ad-lib. “Mr. Jeeves, you know the drill. I’ll let you proceed in the manner I have always required.” Alex thought he made a clever move to have the actor playing his butler take the lead and conduct the ceremony.

“Very well, Sir.” Then Jeeves turned to the two newest employees’, the filthy Donny and Tony, who were no older than 18, if that. “The Lord of the Manor,” announced Jeeves, “requires us to begin with the newest staff members. So, please stand up and strip as required.” Alex was now really excited to see these boys naked. He was fixated on their apparently nice muscled-toned bodies and youthful beauty.

The boys stood and approached Alex as instructed in Trevor’s brief script note. Tony touched Alex’s formal black silk bow tie and began to untie it. Donny kneeled down to untie and remove Alex’s fabulous mirror-shiny shoes. With each boy, globs of “shit” smeared on Alex’s formal tux outfit.

“Boys!” Alex shouted. “I mean … Mr. Jeeves, ah … what is … ”

“Sorry, Sir Fuckbottom, so sorry. These two were trained, but not quite enough. So sorry, my Lord of the Manor.”

“No problem, Mr. Jeeves. Please correct their error.” Alex commanded.

“Yes, Sir.” Then to the boys, Mr. Jeeves said, “Gentlemen, you forgot the stripping procedures you were taught. Never mind; let’s just continue. Remember? Each of you, I mean all of you here, was given a special device and piece of equipment. Tony, have you forgotten what you were to do first?”

“Sorry, Mr. Jeeves. Oh yes, I remember.” Tony said as the young teen returned to his seat, retrieved what he was given earlier, and brought it back to Alex, who did not know what the back leather thing with chrome attachments was. “Yes, Sir, Mr. Jeeves, I have it.” Tony handed the device to Mr. Jeeves, who immediately inserted it into Alex’s mouth. It caught Alex off guard. Alex did not want to object and screw up the movie, especially so soon. Also, since he knew nothing of the plot, this initial awkwardness would surely be explained soon. So he did as he was instructed and just went along with everything.

Alex looked off-camera at Kevin as if to ask him, with his odd stare, what was going on. Kevin just smiled and gave him a thumbs-up.

Mr. Jeeves whispered, “Just stretch your mouth open as wide as you can,” Alex complied, not knowing why. The two chrome rings, covered in leather, were gently placed, one behind Alex’s teeth and the other in front of his teeth. “OK, now try to close your mouth,” Mr. Jeeves whispered again. Alex went to close his mouth but could not. For the first time, Alex was feeling fear. He could not close his mouth! Kevin saw that and nodded again, signaling to Alex that it was all fine. The large chrome rings uncomfortably forced his mouth wide open as Mr. Jeeves firmly secured the device by fastening the attached leather straps around Alex’s head.

Although Donny was to be doing other things, he and everyone else in the room was mesmerized by the mouthpiece. Alex was in a daze. He raised his hands to feel how the device was secured behind his head. But as soon as he did that, he felt hands grabbing his hands and bringing them gently back down to his side. Someone whispered, “Stay like this, with your hands at your sides, or you will ruin the movie.” One thing he did not realize because he did not try it was that he was no longer able to speak. It was a type of gag.

Alex was so engrossed in this whole “hole,” mouth thing that he didn’t realize that other “employees had removed his coat and shirt.” He was standing there, so focused on the weird sensation of having his mouth stuck open beyond his control that he could not think of anything else. One of the two camera guys brought his lens within a few inches of his wide-open mouth to film Mr. Jeeves sticking his two fingers through the chrome rings, petting Alex’s tongue. Alex was concerned that he was involuntarily dripping saliva out the corners of his mouth.

He was in a mental state of anxiety, distracted from other activities. Such as the two other guys who were each lacing a black leather doggie paw on each of his balled-up fists. How his hands became balled up into fists, he had no idea. The paws were laced up tightly.

“Sir, my Lordship, as you have requested, your monthly Employees’ Appreciation Event is off to a good start,” Mr. Jeeves said. “Your mouth hole is now in place as you requested. Since you are unable to speak clearly, I have come to understand your mumblings. I will explain to the others all your wishes.”

Lord of the Manor: The Sequel
Part 3 of 4

“To the staff of the manor, as most of you know, Mr. Fuckbottom is a humble man. Although he controls everything and every employee here, he does not like to come across as arrogant or too much like a dictator, so he has instituted the monthly Employee’s Appreciation Event. Here he allows the staff to strip him and do as they wish to him to show he is only human and vulnerable like all of us. So he allows us to do with him as we wish for one afternoon a month. His staff members get to vote on a theme. Last month the theme was art modeling, where he allowed himself to be stripped naked, and all of you posed him as you wished to draw him.

The month before that, it was a strip poker scenario wherein he lost nearly every hand and, well, you know, the rest. And this month, you all voted on this unique theme.” Mr. Jeeves paused and turned to a couple of middle-aged brawny men who approached Alex and stripped his boxers off, ripping them. One of them bent Alex way over from the waist and turned his ass to the seated group of employees, and the other produced something odd. No one had a good look at it, but it looked strange. He brought it up to Alex’s ass, but his back was blocking the audience’s view of what he was doing. He moved his hands and arms around like he was screwing something. When he stepped back, everyone saw he had inserted a large black doggie tail that stuck out of his asshole. It was a dildo with an attached doggie tail!

“Yes, staff. You picked the dog slave theme this month.”As Mr. Jeeves said that, he imagined how he adorned his personal slave to fit his concept of a doggie boy. How today would go with Alex was unknown, but he did have this image in mind. And there are many variations to meet a Master’s personal taste. “And when I told our ‘Lord of the Manor,’ he was thrilled to be the best dog slave he could be.” Mr. Jeeves explained. “Since he really has no idea what this “in-tailed” everyone laughed. “He hopes you will train him to behave properly.” Mr. Jeeves paused. “And you know just how precise Sir Fuckbottom is in everything; we cannot disappoint him. It’s your time to train him all afternoon.” Everyone there applauded.

Of course, this is a stupid plot. But what is not stupid is that this is a real movie. It will really be shown on selective pay-per-view adult internet sites. Sir Alexander Christian Weilburg of the Dutch royal family is a real person, and Kevin owns him. This is Kevin’s movie. He’s the producer, he funded it, and in Kevin’s mind, it will be only the first of many.

Remember, Kevin’s main purpose in controlling Alex was his sadistic desire to humiliate and embarrass him because he was wealthy. Kevin received a lot of sexual abuse and humiliation from the rich and famous when he had to become a prostitute at the age of 14 to earn enough money to support himself. Of course, that was Kevin’s choice, but since his parents abandoned him, he felt he had no other means of support. So, here we are with Alex. And Alex allowed himself to get into this degrading situation simply because he loves Kevin, his very first love, his very first gay experience. Alex loved Kevin so much that he followed Kevin’s lead in all things, including this movie making.

“OK, now calm down, gentlemen. This ritual can’t really begin until his Lordship is completely dressed for the part.” Mr. Jeeves said. Mr. Jeeves stopped with a puzzled look and turned to the gagged Alex. “I lost my train of thought, Sir. I’m just the lowly butler. I should … Oh, yes. Something about what you wanted?”

Alex tried to speak to stop this humiliation, but it came out as, “HAW HAAA HAW HAAAWAKK, HAAWHAW?” Alex finally realized he could not verbalize any words.

“Oh yes, Sir Fuckbottom, of course.” And Mr. Jeeves turned to the group of servants, “Yes, of course, ‘the Lord of the Manor’ wants his doggie uniform completed. So, someone here has the black leather cock and ball harness? Who is that?” Someone from the back, a Japanese garden, raised his hand and then came up with that. As he reached for Alex’s dick and balls, he obviously knew how this leather contraption with several straps went on. He placed one strap around his balls and the second strap around his dick and balls. Then there was a smaller third leather strap hanging down from the balls. This one divided the balls separately. Alex was not hard, not at all. He was too weirded out. He had no idea where this was going. He tried to find Kevin to get his attention to stop this, but Kevin was nowhere in sight.

Then a blonde fellow in a string top muscle shirt came up. His name was Mike; he was playing the part of the chauffeur. He held up a black leather dog collar and came up to Alex. And as Mr. Jeeves gestured for him to do, he tried to secure the collar around Alex’s neck, but Alex jolted and jumped.

“Hold still, My Lord.” Mike calmed him, but Alex jumped and jerked his body as he tried to fasten it again. No one knew what was going on.

Then a Latin guy, one of the cooks, held up a black plastic gadget and called out, “See? Watch this. And he pressed a button and made Alex jump again, not as much this time as he was getting used to the sensation of a mild shock. Actually, it did not hurt. It kind of tickled. Again, the Latin pressed the button, and this time, Alex didn’t jump; instead, he twitched and moaned.

“OK, staff, Juan is holding up a remote for the ass-dildo puppy tail. When he depresses the button, it sends a mild shock and a vibration into his Lordship’s asshole.” There was applause. “And we do not need to announce how that affects Sir Fuckbottom here.” He said as he pointed to Alex’s stiffening dick. There were cheers and more laughter from everyone. Alex looked down and saw that his dick was swelling and thickening. As Alex looked down, saliva poured out of his held-open mouth. He was so embarrassed. He brought his doggie-pawed fist to his face to hide his eyes. “Juan, please pass the remote around and let everyone experiment with it? Thank you.” Said Mr. Jeeves.

“OK, Mike, you can place the dog collar on our Lord of the Manor,” Jeeves announced. And Mike did that. But instead of quickly stepping back, he was fascinated with seeing a mouth that could not close. Mike placed one finger inside Alex’s mouth, a bit concerned that he might get that finger bitten off. But seeing his mouth was truly locked open, he placed more fingers inside and even tried to grab his slippery tongue. He was doing this with one hand, so he could hide the fact that he was pumping Alex’s dick with the other hand. Alex started moaning. It was probably not from the fingers in his mouth; more likely, it was from the asshole dildo remote being passed around and his dick being fondled.

“HAAAAN HAA HAA HAAN HOAN HOO HOOAN” Sounded Alex. It was nothing he could control. But, if anyone cares, he yelled, “I AM THE OWNER OF THIS ESTATE! YOU ARE MY FUCKING EMPLOYEES!

Mike withdrew his fingers and anticipated dick fucking that wide-open mouth through the chrome rings. That was, of course, this odd but most useful device’s true purpose: to allow undeniable access to the wearer’s mouth and throat. Mike smiled and looked down at Alex’s raging, hard dick. It was bobbing up and down, like that of a back alley whore.

Next, Mickey came up. He was the pool “boy” of the manor, though he was in his 30s. He clipped a chrome chain leash on Alex’s collar. Mickey could not help but grab Alex’s twitching dick and lightly massage it up and down. “Mr. Jeeves? Is his dick supposed to leak like this?” he asked in jest. One camera zoomed in on the dancing prick, and the other did a close-up of his gaping mouth, drooling spit. Mickey knew enough not to give Alex a lot of friction because he was not supposed to climax. That was a strict instruction to the entire crew.

So there was Alex – the Lord of the Manor – a member of the Dutch Royal family, former owner of this grand estate standing before pretend employees who were abusing and humiliating him. He had been stripped naked, involuntarily showing off his beautiful, well-toned, 17-year-old body. He wore a dog collar with a dangling leash, a mouth gag that forced his mouth open, a puppy dog tail dildo with an erotic simulator, a cock and ball harness to force him to keep his erection and doggie paws making his hand into useless fists. His dick was dripping, his body shivering, and his mouth emitted nonsense sounds and moans. What a gorgeous sight to behold.

“Sir Fuckbottom, before we get to the main event, do you have any requests or suggestions for your staff? We do want to include all your preferences and desires, Sir.” Mr. Jeeves asked, pretending to be sincere.

“HAA, HAAN HAO HAA HOON AH AH HAN HOO HOO HA!” Said Alex in the only sounds he could make with the double-ringed gag in his mouth. But Mr. Jeeves and Kevin knew it was something like, “I AM A REAL LORD! I AM DUTCH ROYALTY, AND YOU ARE FUCKING BASTARDS!

Mr. Jeeves feigned a major blush as he pretended to understand Alex’s “words.” “Oh my, Sir, are you sure you want them to do that?” Mr. Jeeves said. “You have not asked for the kneeling board in many months, Sir.


“Yes, Sir. And you don’t have to shout. I understand. It’s just that the last time you said the kneeling board was too humiliating to be used during your monthly Employee’s Appreciation Event.”


“OK, Sir, if you insist. I am here to serve all your wishes. We are all here to serve you to the fullest degree.” Then Mr. Jeeves turned to the group, “OK, gentlemen, Sir Fuckbottom insists on the kneeling board, so will Harry and Mark bring in the board?” The cameras pulled back to take in the dozen or so actors who brought in the device. These two men were both auto mechanics on the estate. They carried in a rather simple, small square piece of plywood. It was only four feet square. So plain and simple, yet it was to serve a very important purpose. It was just set on the floor near where Alex was standing. Upon closer inspection, it did have an odd feature. There were 2 sets of black leather straps attached to it about 30 inches apart. The camera zoomed in for a better look.

“Oh, hold on a minute, I see Sir Fuckbottom is trying to rub his rigid dick with his gloved doggie paws. He’s trying to shoot his royal load.” Everyone laughed. Mr. Jeeves continued. “Of course, with his doggie paws on, he’s not able to grab his royal pole and squirt one out. But … as his Lordship has warned me, we are to stop him if he weakens and tries to do that. Our Lordship instructed me we are not to allow him to touch his royal Dutch dick. He specially decreed that if he got weak and was about to spoil our fun, he wanted us to stop him on the spot.”

“So, who has the remote?” Casper raised his hand, “OK, Casper, see on the back of the remote where you can change the shock value?” Casper nodded his head. “Yes, slide that little knob to the maximum and then shock our Lord of the Manor as he ordered us to do.”

“HHHOOOOWWWWWWW!!” Everyone knew he was reacting to the high electric shock! And again, FFFUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK! Alex was now trembling in fear.

“Yes, I guess that’s the way to do it.” Then Mr. Jeeves stepped up to Alex, looked him in the eyes, and whispered, “Alex, was that what you wanted? Was that enough encouragement for you to leave your fucking dick alone? Or should we continue?”

Alex was in a panic and breathing quickly. He didn’t know what to say or how to communicate.

“Oh my, Sir, really? You don’t want us to stop? Well, OK, Sir. Casper, please give our Lordship a couple more shock blasts at maximum, and hold them longer as sir Fuckbottom wishes.”

“HAAAAA HAAAOO AH HAAAAA” Alex screamed as the electric shock sizzled in his asshole and shot throughout his body, now covered in a sheen of royal sweat.

This time Mr. Jeeves put his face directly into Alex’s face. He whispered again, “Now, Alex, if you dare touch your fucking dick again, or if your scream in resistance, you will ruin my movie. I’ll literally fry your ass until I see the smoke and smell your ass flesh burn. Do you understand me, ‘Fuckbottom’? You will put up with this humiliation and emit fake moans of pleasure. But you will offer no resistance, or you get fired.” Mr. Jeeves spoke so no one else would hear him. He just wanted to make sure Alex nodded his head demonstratively, not wanting to be fried.

Then, Mr. Jeeves turned to the group, “OK, let’s see, who has not had a turn to assist our ‘Lord of the Manor’ so far in the Employees’ Appreciation Event?” He saw a couple of hands go up, Floyd and Jesus. One was the upstairs maid, and the other was the downstairs maid. “Yes, you know how the kneeling board is set up. It was 36 inches square and had specific leather buckling straps attached. I remember you set it up before, so please, come forward and attend to our gracious host,” Mr. Jeeves said.

The board was good right where it was placed. So Floyd put his hands on Alex’s sweaty hips and maneuvered him to stand on the board. Then Jesus placed his hands on Alex’s sweaty shoulders and pressed down, to get him to kneel centered on the board. Alex was at a loss as to this board's purpose. The two men scooted him to kneel at a specific point and spread his knees about 30 inches wide so that each one was on a pair of black leather straps.

Then Jesus took the straps on his side and buckled them at the exact point, just below the knee, and above the huge calf muscle, right at the back of the knee joint. Floyd did the same with his other knee. Then each pair of straps were loosened and re-tightened even tighter. This was so simple and yet so effective. Alex was kneeling on a square board, and his knees were securely strapped to it. His body weight was fully on the board, which prevented him from being able to move the board or get off it. He certainly could not stand.

So what is so intriguing about this minimal bondage board? Only his knees were secured, and nothing else. His arms were free to move around, though his hands were rendered useless inside the doggie paws. He could twist his body and move his head in any direction. So … what’s the purpose? Well, the only two positions his body could be put into were to have him on all fours, like a dog, to get fucked. And, the other position was to have him kneel upward so his wide open mouth would be at dick level for everyone to face fuck. On the all-fours dog position, there is also a variation where the Lord of the Manor can start on all fours but then put his face down to the floor. Hence, his asshole is at a slightly different – better – angle for fucking. PERFECT!

“OK, gentlemen, in any order you wish, let’s have you guys line up at our Lord’s face and ass. I’ll check with our Mr. Fuckbottom to see if he approves of this double fucking system.” One of the gardeners was the first to kneel at his boss’ asshole, as the car mechanic kneeled at his face. Remember, Alex can be face-fucked when on all fours for a fucker who is also kneeling and be ass-fucked simultaneously. As soon as the gardener removed the puppy dog-tailed butt plug, he inserted his dick into the wet, juicy ass hole. The mechanic, on his knees, started pistoning in and out. It was, indeed, a double fucking.

As Mr. Jeeves bent down to Alex, who was nicely secured to the kneeling board and on all fours, to ask, “Show us how much you are enjoying being used?” And Alex nodded his head as best he could with a dick fucking him and let out as loud a moan as he could manage.

Mr. Jeeves stood and announced, “As you can tell by his moans and also his rigid, dripping dick, you are pleasing our Mr. Fuckbottom very much.” Alex just learned he had an erection. And he was dripping?! He was so consumed by being penetrated at both ends, trying to control the pain – thank God that pain was quickly diminishing – that he could not think about anything erotic. He then hears Mr. Jeeves add, “He truly wants you to use him as your fuck toy in this Employees’ Appreciation Event. So enjoy yourselves!”

Some staff members had him kneel up to face fucking as they stood, while others wanted his face on the floor for a better ass fucking angle. The employees had to alternate. Kevin stood back and watched in approval of all Trevor, the Jeeves actor, was doing. Since this was all on film, he did not want to be in the movie. After all, he was now the real owner and boss of the estate. Most of these actors playing staff members were novices, but they did well enough for a porn video.

The other reason why Kevin stood in the background was he wanted to maintain some fake-caring relationship with Alex. After all, all these guys will be gone at the end of the afternoon, and Kevin will need to sort of “pick up the pieces” and smooth things over with Alex.

In Kevin’s mind, he was already rehearsing what he would say to Alex. Such as, “Alex, I thought you would enjoy sucking all these guys off. You always said it was your favorite erotic thing.” Or, “Alex, I told ‘Mr. Jeeves, the director, to tone it down. But he told me you specifically requested the scene to be more intense. Alex, I am so sorry.” Or, “Alex, I was going to stop the whole thing, but the director pointed out that you had a constant erection. So why is that, dear?”

Actually, Kevin did go with the idea that his “lover” was enjoying it. After the sadistic-erotic movie was all filmed and ready for massive editing, and all the actors left, Kevin and Marquis brought his nearly passed-out Alex to his bedroom. He was all boned up and mumbled deliriously. As far as anyone knew, Alex never climaxed but was strategically made to be erect for the entire six hours of filming. The cock and ball bondage helped, but this junk being constantly fondled and teased for non-climax was the key. The glass placed under Alex’s dripping dick collected all the oozing precum over the hours. Toward the conclusion of the filming, Mr. Jeeves made Alex beg to drink it all down. Kevin knew, as he watched it all happen, that that was one thing he knew Alex despised, drinking his own cum. Yet, when the time came, Alex’s head was tilted upwards, and Mr. Jeeves slowly poured the contents of the half-full glass down Alex’s throat as he was forced to beg for it. Yet, he never lost his erection.

Lord of the Manor: The Sequel
Part 4 of 4

After the filming, when everyone left, Alex collapsed from exhaustion. He was fine, just overused. Most of his doggie gear was removed as he lay erect on the floor. Just Kevin had further plans for his boy. As Kevin lifted his Lord to carry him, he carefully inserted his stiff dick firmly up Alex’s ass hole. Alex was likely too out of it to notice as he was carried gently upstairs to bed with Marcus in tow. Then, once again, it got interesting. Kevin wanted Alex’s pent-up blue balls to empty during the night, but he wanted it to happen his way. He set Alex on the bed. Kevin allowed Marquis to temporarily fondle him as he wished, kind of as a reward for his going along with everything over the last few days. Kevin and Marquis adjusted Alex’s position so his head was on the pillow end of the bed. Kevin told Marquis to strip and lie on the bed beside him but with his feet on the pillow. He directed Marquis to scoot closer to the incoherent Alex so they were in the classic 69 position.

Alex was in a cloudy, crazy, sleepy stupor. His body periodically jerked and twitched as he still moaned. He was never allowed to climax during the filming ordeal, so his erotic energy was supercharged even in his dazed incoherence. Kevin rolled Alex onto his side, facing Marquis, and Marquis was told to roll over to face Alex. Marquis started lovingly petting Alex, but Kevin was in charge, “Keep your hands behind your back.”

Kevin reached between the two boys and carefully slipped Marcus's dick into Alex’s mouth and Alex’s still bound-up dick into Marquis’ mouth. Alex's lips naturally closed around it as he slipped it in. He was not sucking. He was not fully coherent, but Alex did not resist that beautiful long black dick resting in his warm, wet mouth. That felt really good to Marquis as well. He was enjoying these new-found variations of erotica he never even knew about. Like now Alex, Marcus wasn't allowed to climax either. But just having his dick fully in a guy’s mouth and not fuck that mouth was odd but very nice.

Marquis looked cross-eyed at Alex’s rigid, pubic hair and felt the wonderful hard dick in his mouth. He wanted to suck it off, but Kevin had been training the young black protégé to try other things. For example, while carrying Alex upstairs, Kevin explained how wonderful it is to receive someone’s wet dream emissions. Kevin told Marquis that he must not cause or allow Alex to climax when they went to bed. Kevin told him, “I’ll have you sleep 69. Have both your dicks in the other’s mouth but avoid sucking. As Alex sleeps, he will undoubtedly have a wonderful wet dream. You will be the recipient of that fantastic involuntary climax. It’s a neat experience.”

Marquis was in awe of Kevin, not only because he “hired” him but because he was getting paid $30 an hour – for doing no work! But because Kevin seemed to know everything, he was a good mentor for Marquis. So whatever Kevin suggested, Marquis was open to doing or at least trying it.

So Marquis was in a 69 position with the nearly sleeping Alex in this huge custom-made bed. He has his dick fully in Alex’s mouth. Alex moved his lips unconsciously to grab that black dick, pulling it as far as it would go inside his mouth to prevent it from slowly slipping out. Most likely, he was not aware that he was doing that. Maybe he was just used to having a dick in his mouth after six hours of being forced to suck so many guys. Maybe Marquis’ dick felt better since it was at rest and not being forced roughly down his throat.

Marcus gently licked Alex’s dick like an ice cream cone. That caused Alex to swirl his tongue around, but still, neither one was sucking. Marquis’ reaction to that tongue rubbing around his dick caused Marcus’s dick to swell and stiffen. Marquis was a shower, not a grower, meaning he was almost at full length when soft. And when he got erect, his did not increase much in length, but it got fatter and harder.

Kevin was just there, standing, watching both boys. He saw that little by little, Marquis’ dick became as much of a steel pole as Alex had been all day. Marquis could not resist using his hand to rub and caress Alex. But Kevin did slight him for that; it was just human nature to pet someone in such close intimate contact. The problem Kevin saw was that gay boys will be gay boys and that at some point during the night, likely very soon, each would grope and molest the other and quickly climax, ruining the natural nocturnal climax he had planned.

Kevin was the Master of all things devilish. He quickly did two things to prevent their active climaxes. First, Kevin tied each man’s hands behind them. Second, he retrieved two belts from the closet, placed one around the back of Marquis’ neck, and wound it around Alex's upper thighs, just below his asscheeks. That lined up Marcus’s mouth with Alex’s dick. Then, the other belt went around Alex’s neck and encircled Marcus's body, also just below his ass cheeks. Since each man’s dick was already inserted in the other’s mouth, they were tied together in a 69 position. And… they could not pull their heads back to dislodge those stiff dicks.

Because Alex was still out of it, Marquis was trying to wiggle. Marquis tried to wiggle both bound bodies like two worms dancing to get some movement. He tried maneuvering Alex’s body to roll over on top of him, and then he was on top of Alex in the next role. This gave Marquis some extra erotic sensations on each other’s big, angry, cum-ready dicks.

Kevin smiled and chuckled. He felt neither was going to force a climax in any way. Kevin figured they would tire out and sleep soon. That would allow one or both to have a huge wet dream.

Apparently, Alex came to. He seemed awake and realized what was happening. Kevin saw both men moving every which way, gyrating their hips and struggling to move their heads up and down on the other’s dick, which each could barely do. They finally fell asleep. A few hours later, Alex began to moan, twitch, and jerk. That woke Marcus. Kevin was surfing on his nearby computer in the room, just to busy himself, and he noticed what was happening. Alex was sound asleep but jerking his body. Kevin noticed his throat muscle tightening and relaxing repeatedly. Marcus looked at Kevin and began to try to pump his dick into the still-sleeping boy, but Kevin shook his head. This was Alex’s dream, and Marcus was not to interfere or rush it. Kevin watched delightfully as Akex’s body twisted and jerked while asleep, probably during some wild sexual dream. Marcus could barely hold back. He had little desire to be anyone’s passive sex partner. Kevin stared at him sternly to relax, although his dick had an uncontrollable ‘mind.’ That part was fine with Kevin. The dicks could react as they wished, it’s just that neither man was allowed to maneuver or manipulate their bodies to expedite a climax. As planned, Marcus’ dick began to twitch and bob in Alex’s mouth. His hips gyrated, and his body trembled, which caused Alex to finally explode and shoot his load down Marcus’s throat, which in turn, caused Marcus to blow several volleys down Alex's throat. Although Marcus was wide awake and smiling in relief, Kevin was not clear if Alex became momentarily awake, maybe. Still, Alex was definitely off to erotic dreamland once again, likely for a repeat climatic performance. The sheets were covered in sweat. But little by little, each moved slower and finally stopped. All shot out. Empty. Done. And the only reaction now was the residual heavy breathing which gradually slowed and then stopped.

Alex had waited many hours to shoot off, and finally, he was spent… for the moment. Kevin had additional plans. You see, Marquis and Alex were still tied together in a 69 position. Kevin just waited. Very slowly, each would try to wiggle his head or thrust his hips, just a tiny bit of movement. Each would get excited again soon.

Kevin got up and noticed Marcus was awake and Alex was sleeping. He was about to leave the room. When he told Marcus, “I’ll sleep in the other room. I think you guys might be at it all night long. That’s fine with me, but I need my rest. I might even leave you bound together until noon tomorrow. You know morning wood can be quite a natural enjoyment. But do tell me how many loads you each shoot off. Good night, my obedient Marcus. Somewhere during the night, when sound asleep, one or both will climax in their deep sleep, maybe more than once. And Kevin knew that would happen. He sadistically planned it.

During the next week or so, it became gradually more apparent that Kevin was falling in love with Marquis, which seemed mutual. Marquis was so happy to be with a guy he felt loved him, and Kevin was pleased that Marquis was responding to him so well as a lover and a housemate. And the $30 an hour pay, Marcus stopped asking for it long ago. They seemed to be a match, Kevin was an in-charge guy by his own nature, and Marquis wanted a man to look up to. Marquis was not demanding and whiny like Alex could be at times.

As far as Alex fit in, the young “Lord of the Manor” could work more as the family pet. But Kevin seriously considered cutting Alex loose. So although Alex thought of himself as Kevin’s lover and equal partner in Alex’s estate, he was on thin ice and at the mercy of Kevin, now the legal owner of all Alex once had. Alex was so in love and in lust with Kevin. It was OK with him that Marquis shared Kevin’s bed as long as he could worship Kevin’s sexy body. In fact, servicing Marquis also was not an issue for Alex; he just considered sex with Marquis part of doing what Kevin wanted. Oddly, although Alex knew he signed over all his property and assets to Kevin, it did not bother him since he still believed he and Kevin were equals in the estate. Marquis was the guest worker … who never did any work.

About the same time emotions started to gel in this confusing way, Kevin received a phone call from Trevor, the director’s name, also known as “Mr. Jeeves.” It was quite a surprising call.

“Kevin, I want Alex.” Kevin was stunned. “I just heard that you now own all of Alex’s property. I understand he turned it all over to you as his trusted friend to take care of him for life.”

“Well, sort of, but … what’s your deal?”

“Kevin, he filmed really well, and I want to put him under my own ‘personal’ contract. I want to make all kinds of porn movies featuring him. I want to own him, which requires you to let him go. He doesn’t own his mansion anymore. He is not the real Lord of the Manor anymore. Let me have him.”

Kevin was silent, thinking about what he was hearing. Letting Alex go, pushing him out of his former estate, was a biggie. He could have all the space and freedom possible without Alex around.

“You see, Kevin, I want him to be mine. This would change the way your household works. I want him as my personal slut bitch, which will make him an even better slave-slut star in his movie roles. I mean, he is really cute and has a nice young-toned bod, and I want to work that body over. And because your surrendering him to me might upset your household, I’ll pay you five grand for him; just turn him over to me.” Trevor said.

After a long, thoughtful silence, Kevin spoke up, “Actually, I have thought of turning him loose. I like Marquis a lot, and sometimes Alex gets in our way. Yes, I’ll do this for you … and for Marquis and me.”

Kevin and Trevor arranged for the transfer in a couple of days. But how was he going to explain this all to Alex? It would surely break his heart, not to mention all his financial security. He’d be broke and living with a stranger while undergoing slave training. Kevin had images in his mind that when Trevor arrived Wednesday, and Alex was informed of the deal, Alex would scream, cry, and yell at the way Kevin betrayed him. And the fact that Alex’s “true” love sold him out. AND SWINDLED HIM!

Kevin was rehearsing different scenarios of how the transfer would go and going over different ways of telling Alex. None of his scenarios were good. No matter how it would happen, it would be a loud, heavy, emotional, yelling, guilt-filled mess.

The day arrived to make the deal with Trevor. He had said nothing to Alex so far. He was just going to do it the chicken way; just hand him over to Trevor when he arrived, tell him what was what, and let the tears fall where they may.

It was about noon, and Kevin was standing at the low end of the pool. He had Marquis standing before him with Marquis back to his belly. He bent Marquis away from him so the front of his upper body was bent over flat on the pool deck, and just his lower legs were in the water. Then Kevin slowly penetrated the boy’s “black” hole. He went into a slow fuck. Kevin was so engrossed in the black hole in front of him that he didn’t realize why his own ass started to feel really good. Kevin reached around with one hand and felt the top of Alex’s head. He then realized Alex was licking his ass crack slowly up and down as he fucked Marquis. Alex was enjoying himself, as was Kevin, as was Marquis.

Kevin liked everything sexual to be done slowly, erotically, teasingly … slow. Marquis learned that quickly. And Alex so wanted to please Kevin. He was in tune with all of Kevin’s requirements and methods. Kevin was moaning with great pleasure. After a while, as Kevin continued his slow fuck, Alex removed his tongue from Kevin’s asshole and replaced it with his hard, steel dick, which he inserted gently. When Kevin and Alex first met, Kevin never wanted to be fucked. No, he was not ever the passive partner; he was only a top.

But just as Alex and Marquis had learned from Kevin, so did Kevin learn from Marquis and Alex. Alex knew two things in this regard. One, Kevin does not get fucked. And two, Kevin would love to get fucked, if he experienced it in the right gradual way. Alex had worked on Kevin’s hole a little at a time over the last week. But now, he was plowing him full bore but slowly. Kevin was surprised at how well Alex had been learning to please him. It had been less than a month since they met, and they quickly became lovers, at least in Alex’s mind. And that’s all Alex ever wanted to do; please his former gardener, Kevin.

“Hello? Hello?” came a loud calling voice. “Where are you guys?” Trevor called out again as he let himself into the backyard through the unlocked side gate.

Kevin knew who it was and what it was about to happen. He whispered strongly to Alex, “Don’t stop what you are doing. Just continue.” Then Kevin saw Trevor approach the pool and smile. I see you’re getting your last good fuck in, are ya?” Trevor said, smiling at the three-way action.

“Not exactly, Trevor.”

“OK, well, I have your money, and I bought a collar and leash for my boy slut,” Trevor said.

The three-way fuck continued without any rush or need to hurry. Kevin was in such heaven. Here he was, slowly fucking his lover, Marquis, and getting slowly fucked by Alex. In the past week or so, Kevin finally realized that he had it made. He could do anything he wanted to his lover. He had Alex to do anything he wanted him to. He owned a mansion and several cars and had millions in the bank. It was something he felt could work in reality, a three-way relationship. The three of them were all happy, and there was no jealousy, none at all.

“Kevin? Are you listening? I’m here to fetch my pup whore, a future international slave-slut star.”

Trevor’s talking had no effect on the three-way action. It continued non-stop, erotically slow. Each of the three was edging someone and being edged by someone, a perfect triad. Marquis and Alex know to never speed up unless Kevin asks them to and never slow down, never stop. They function like a well-oiled, integrated precision machine.

“Kevin? Do you want me to come back tomorrow? Shall we discuss this further tomorrow?” Trevor asiked.

Wow, Kevin’s mind was spinning. He was confused. He was actually thinking that he had everything, wealth beyond his dreams. But he didn’t really have Alex. Not truly. Not for real, not in a loving relationship. Kevin has been around for a long time. He had experienced the worst that society had to offer and now the best, almost. And he knew Alex was like no one he had ever met. His commitment, honest innocence, gorgeous sexy body, and cute personality were overwhelming. Alex was one of a kind. Kervin’s new idea was, why can’t he have both?

Finally, Kevin was ready to address Trevor’s deal. “Sorry, man, I’ve changed my mind. And as for discussing this further tomorrow, well, I can’t. You see, I’m taking Alex to our attorney tomorrow. I want him to be a joint with me or a full owner by himself, as I found him. The choice is his. I’ll add his name to all the estate and banking documents if he chooses. He and I will be co-owners, 50-50. I will do my best to meet his expectation of managing those accounts to his benefit, as he originally trusted me to do… if he'll have me. Everything he willingly and lovingly transferred to me, I am transferring back to him completely or as joint tenants.

Trevor was shocked but left without argument. And then, as if on cue, all three climaxed simultaneously. They were all temporarily exhausted as they collapsed on each other. Then Alex spoke up, “What was all that talk about transferring the estate and other stuff back to me? I told you I trusted you to manage it for me.”

“I just want to legally protect you and improve the basis of our relationship, that’s all. And besides, you are still the Lord of the Manor, aren’t you?” Kevin asked with a smile.

“OK, silly, if you want. I’m fine with any decisions you make for us in our joint tenancy.” Alex smiled, not realizing how close he came to losing everything, his estate, his bank accounts, and even Kevin. Alex gave Kevin and Marquis each a kiss on the lips, adding, “I love you so much, Kevin, and you too, Marquis.”

With all-around good feelings, we three came together again, as we did most days, and enjoyed our three ways. Our relationship grew and flourished. Alex was often treated as their pup-toy to Kevin and Marcus, but that was his joy also. He found his true happiness, as did Kevin and Marcus. However, Kevin did keep his word. He did have a 50-50 estate partnership with Alex (with Marcus remaining as a welcomed roommate only.) And, whenever there was some financial or estate issue to deal with, Kevin insisted Alex attend. He had no intention of leaving him out of any financial decisions. The End

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