103 Macho Beach

103 Macho Beach

"Ralph, this is weird. I agreed to come here and get naked, so OK, it's a nice nude beach. I just hope no faggots come to this place. I hate how they flaunt their junk and try to queer us, straight guys. I mean, I'd rather beat the fuck out of them or at least call the police and have their puny asses thrown in jail. Let them get fucked by the inmates!"

"Gordy, just cut it out and relax. Why don't you just recline and take in some sun? God, stop your whining. I brought you down here to 'Macho Beach' because you said you've never been to any clothing-optional place. Well, here you are, so at least enjoy it while we're here, man, OK?"

"But you said they'd be a lot of naked chicks here, but everyone has a suit on, everyone except me. And look at you. You're not naked, either. Why is that?" Gordy asked as he surveyed the sandy terrain to spot the promised big busty naked women.

I really set Gordy up good. I smiled to myself. This was not a nude or clothing-optional beach. In fact, I made up the name "Macho Beach" just to lure my '" buddy" and coworker down here. You see, unbeknownst to Gordy, I'm gay, and I was just getting sick and tired of Gordy running his dirty mouth off at work with "fucking faggots this" and "fucking faggots that." Somehow, I wanted to embarrass him. Therefore, I made up this entire story of this sex beach where all the straight macho guys go and strip naked to attract the big-busted chicks. I didn't plan out the details. I wanted to just wing it and see how it goes.

This beach, in fact, was just an ordinary beach with a mix of people. It was somewhat secluded, and couples would occasionally come here to neck out in the open; no real sex, and definitely no nudity allowed! But I kept that part to myself as I encouraged Gordy to strip naked, hand me his clothes for safekeeping, and securely stuff them away in my red backpack. I wanted Gordy to have no access to his clothes, not even his shoes or socks, nothing!

"Look, Gordy," I explained calmly, "I said it was a clothing-optional, not a nudity-required, beach. I'll strip in time, but like I said, the naked broads only go up to naked dudes, so do you really want me to add to your competition? As I told you, I forgot my towel, so I want to keep my suit on for a while to keep the sand out of my ass. OK? Besides, I do have sun issues. So I take it slow. I have to use a lot of sunblock. Look how white I am. We both are, so be careful. I even keep a cap on to keep the sun off my face as much as possible. Here, have another beer so you won't get dehydrated."

Gordy was enjoying the warm sun, the slight breeze, and the beers he downed, but he could not help but wonder when the naked babes would show. He saw a lot of men and women coupled on blankets and towels, a few older teens, but no naked ladies, not even one single topless chick.

"Ralph, can I at least have my swimsuit to wear for now? I feel weird being the only one naked. You stuck every stitch of my clothes in your backpack and left me nothing to cover up with."

"Are you shitting me? … You begged and nagged me to show you this special sex beach ever since I told you about it a month ago. Fuck, and here we are for ... what … one fucking hour, and already you want to wimp out on me? Don't you have balls, man?" I gradually raised his voice so others around would hear me, hoping to embarrass my "buddy," Gordy, or at least get him to stop complaining. "You want all these people to think I brought a stupid-ass snot-nosed whiny little bitch down here?"

"OK, OK, quiet down, man, shush it, will you? Sorry. I'm fine, Ralph." It was cute, in a way, how Gordy's voice was slurred just a bit from the booze. He succeeded in calming down. “But … really…. Ralph, where are the babes?" Gordy whispered. I just told him that it depends on the day, the weather, and the time and for him to just be patient.

"Fuck! I knew it," I yelled to Gordy. "I knew I should have used more sunblock earlier. Yep … I see my skin starting to burn already. Shit." I reached for the sunblock and rubbed it into my arms and chest. I figured Gordy, who had just lain down on his back, was tipsy enough and unaware enough to assist me with the sunblock. "Gordy!" I called louder than needed to attract the attention of those around us, wanting a little audience interest. "Gordy, give me a hand here, will ya? I'm fucking burning.

"Do the back of my legs for me, Just that, OK?" Gordy sat up in a bit of a daze from the heat and the buzz from the beer and took the sunblock I handed him. I immediately turned over to lie on my belly. Now, here is where I started to develop a plan to seduce and manipulate him. They say, "Give a man enough rope, and he will hang himself." I wanted to see if he'll take the bait.

You see, when I turned over on my belly, I quickly untied the drawstring on my trunks. I made sure Gordy did not see me do it. They're baggy anyway, but now they are totally loose; loose enough that if I stood up, they'd fall on their own to my feet. Of course, I was not wearing any underwear under my trunks. Here's the second devious thing I did. At the same time as I twisted my body to place it belly down, I covertly pushed the front of my trunks down to the top of my dick and laid down like that. My ass was fully covered from the back, and it looked like my trunks were evenly around my waist. Neither Gordy nor anyone else could see them pulled down in front because I was laying on that part. The only difference is, is they could now be easily slipped off of my ass, nothing would prevent that.

Assuming Gordy would follow through, I said, "Just my legs, please. But you have to rub it in until all the white cream disappears or it won't work, and I'll fry." I lied about the sunblock. The one I brought tends to only coat the skin. It's not the type you work into the skin, so Gordy would be spending a lot of time rubbing my body in trying to do as I requested. I put my head down on my folded arms and waited.

This was the biggie. I was not sure Gordy would actually rub lotion on another man. That's not a very straightforward thing to do. But I was relieved when I felt a large splat of cream on my right thigh. Gordy had his knees on each side of my calves and started rubbing my thigh. Yet I was not satisfied. I wanted to draw this out. So I told him, "Better move down more so you can do my feet first and work up a bit … thanks."

Gordy didn't spend too much time on my feet. Straight guys think that's too weird, and he quickly scooted up to the calves and then to the back of the knees. He kept refreshing his palms with more sunblock as he worked his way up. I kept my head nestled in my arms. I turned to one side, so I was looking sort of past Gordy and to his right and noticed several on-lookers with their video phones out, holding them up, and one guy with a regular camera I had noticed earlier now had a zoom lens on it.

I wondered if they'd let us be or if any would call the cops and report Gordy's nudity. That thought did scare me, but fuck! Being massaged publicly by a naked, anti-gay bigot was too good to stop. Whatever was going to happen was all right with me.

As Gordy worked the sunblock higher, to just above the back of the knees, my plan was to pretend to nod off into a deep sleep. However, first I needed to fuck with his mind, put him in sort of an erotic trance. "Gordy, thanks for helping me out here. I do hope we see Miss San Diego today."

"Miss San Diego? Is she going to be here today?" He asked.

"Well, no one knows. It's just that she does come here at times." Gordy was too focused on sexy images to pay too much attention to his rubbing my legs or to notice the others looking at us. That's where I wanted his mind to stay, so I continued. "I saw her myself. I could not believe it. She is one fucking hot bitch. She has got the biggest bazookas, and the most lushest curving, bouncing bubble-butt cheeks. … I heard she often comes down here to get an all-over tan." I heard Gordy mumble in his horny, fucked-up mental state, "Bubble butt-cheeks? Wow!"

I continued making up the titillating description. "Did you ever see a beauty queen stripped nude and running on the shore with her bazookas bouncing from side to side and her hair flowing in the wind as she jogs bare-assed naked? "Gordy never answered; his mind must have been caught up in bazookas. "Wow, can you imagine two more-squeezable mounds of honey-bunny flesh? Gordy? I mean, they were perfect and yummy and squishy and warm and soft, and wow, just think how they would feel." I noticed Gordy's hands getting more free-flowing and adventurous as he slid his knees up and began to massage the tops of my thighs.

"Thanks, Gordy, you're doing great. I do feel like I'm dosing off, and if I do, just let me sleep a few minutes, so I can dream of Miss San Diego jogging on the shore, all suntanned and naked."

I was not only in heaven from receiving a pretty good massage, but I had to keep myself from laughing as the one and only naked guy on the entire beach was sitting on top of me, in full view of everyone around, rubbing cream all over me. Yeah, Mr. Straight Macho Man was doing the faggoty thing in public. I wanted to draw this out longer as I noticed the man with the zoom lens camera taking more photos of us. I wanted to keep Gordy distracted from noticing those watching us. "You know what surprised me, Gordy? I heard she has a secret kink that she just cannot resist. This beauty queen likes her asshole played with, I mean fucked, yes ... but more than that, she wants her ass hole massaged and licked and tongued until she climaxes all over the place. Fuck, I'd kiss her gorgeous mounds of bubble butt. I'd own her ass. What a hot lickable ass she's got. Hot and sweet and tasty." I let my voice trail off and started to do loud, heavy breathing, as if deeply asleep.

I barely heard it, but he mumbled to himself, "Tasty sweet ass. Lickable," and moaned softly. I felt Gordy's hands mindlessly roaming higher, and faintly heard him exhaust the words, "Oh yeah! Her wonderful ass. All mine." I felt another glob of cream land on my other thigh, then barely heard his whispers, "Fuck yeah, tickle-tease her ass crack ... finger her asshole, oh fuck." I enjoyed every dirty word. Since my head was to one side, I could steal a glance at his face and noticed his eyes were closed most of the time. I even noticed the very tip of his tongue jut out like a rattlesnake sniffing the air for something tasty. Gordy moaned, "Oh yea, lick her crack down, ah, juicy. Mmmm."

I could feel his fingers slip under the hem of the leg holes of my loose trunks and grope toward my ass cheeks. "Shit, rub her ass, find her kinky spots." Moving my body ever so slightly and in unison with the rubbing motion of his hands, I very gently eased my thighs apart about an inch or so. I wanted to sneakily present my ass and private parts unencumbered, so he could "accidentally" fondle me while I was asleep.

So here we are with me pretending to be asleep. I could feel Gordy's hands surely unconsciously, slipping up the leg holes of my loosely fitting trunks and starting kneading my ass muscle cheeks, maintaining his daydream-like state. I smiled to myself at bigoted Gordy, obscenely naked and oblivious to the gawkers watching him practically humping what must have appeared to them as his gay lover. He was totally naked, seemingly "mounted" on his "boyfriend's" ass, playing with it, openly, on a public beach, totally unaware he was the center of attention. I ate it up! Then I felt a tickle of ooze leaking on me, causing my dick to firm up and drill its hole in the sand beneath me.

"That's great, Gordy. Thanks for putting lotion on my legs. Here, have the last beer. Sorry, I got sleepy and dozed off like a rock." I said with a yawn as I handed it to him. Gordy, I guess being a little weirded out about being the only one naked at the beach, guzzled it down in one long series of swallows, which I pretended to ignore. I wanted his hands back on my body and finished rubbing my body with lotion. He did my legs. Now I wanted my back done. But I waited for him to feel the beer, and we chatted about naked women.

"Ralph, don't you have enough of that shit on?" speaking with a bit of a slur. I know he was saying this because, in his homophobic pea brain, guys touching guys was not cool.

"Gordy? What the fuck, buddy? You want me to turn as red as a lobster? if you want me to fill you in on Miss San Diego and introduce you to her when she arrives, the least you can do is help protect me from this blazing sun, OK?"

"You’d really introduce me, Ralph?” I nodded yes. “Wow,” he exclaimed. Then he shrugged his shoulders, picked up the lotion again, and in his dazed erotic thoughts of the aforementioned beauty queen, he “mounted” me, straddling my body with his knees planted in the sand at my hips and lightly sitting on my trunk-covered ass. I felt a blob of lotion hit my shoulder, and I knew for a bigoted asshole like him to rub my body on a public beach. His mind was properly clouded and beer-lubricated, just as I plotted. So I continued my erotic talking to keep him fantasy-fucked and stuck, longing to experience sensuous hetero desires. This way, his rubbing lotion on my back would be very secondary to him.

“Shit, Gordy, I’ll tell you a secret about Miss San Diego. Her big turn-on is to have her ass licked and played with. Ain't that kinky. Hell, she's so hot. If she wants her ass licked and sucked, I'd do it in a heartbeat. You would too.” He was rubbing my shoulders, and I could see out the corner of my eye he was nodding yes to all my commits. “Gordy, I know you. You'd toy and tease her into submission. I can see you now, all boned up and holding her down and tickling that ass crack with your fingertips. She'd try to buck and wiggle at all the erotic teasing your doing. You'll control her totally. Yeah, you little devil.” I excitedly pumped him up and continued my made-up wild fantasies in his sex-starved brain. I felt Gordy growing wood. His dick was rubbing my lower back. I doubt if he was even aware of his own erection.

“Shit, you lean over, give little kisses, and flick your macho, manly stud tongue up and down that ass crack. You know you're the hunkiest male out there, right? Finally, you make big wet juicy swipes along her ass crack, including the oh-so-sweet ass hole lips. You know what it's like to plant a nice big wet kiss on a sweet asshole. Fuck! You know that that's the most erotic high a real man can get. I can see you wiggle your firm spit-coated tongue into that ass. What am I telling you for? You know that the most wonderful, awesome sensation there is, eating our an ass, don't you? That's only natural for a stud. A true macho stud. God, you probably have rimmed more asses than anyone. You lucky hunky dog! Why, ... you'd be an idiot to pass up a juicy ass, and you're no fool. You deserve a juicy, moist, tasty asshole! That's how you control her.” I let my voice trail off slowly once again to leave him stuck in that alluring imagery and quickly pretended to fade off into a deep sleep with some low snoring sounds.

I wore very loose-fitting and baggy trunks, and to make them even easier for him to manipulate, I purposely left the drawstring untied, so they were not secured to my waist at all. If I stood up, they'd fall to my ankles. I lay there on my belly and made some heavy rhythmic breathing sounds, and I secretly listened to his moans and the dirty thoughts he was whispering to himself.

I felt his hands all over my back and working down to the edge of my trunks. I noticed his eyes were closed. He was totally in his own sexed-up world. Totally naked, not a care or thought in his fuck-hole brain except his need to make savage love to his visions of Miss SD. Shit, I don’t know what she looks like. Who cares.

Then, something surprised me. I mean, I planned it, sort of, but the way it happened was ... interesting. As soon as his hands reached the top of my trunks, his own body was in the way of touching me. He was sitting on my trunks. In order to continue, he had to reposition himself below my ass and sit on my thighs. I'm sure he didn't even think about it. He just slid his body down my ass to sit on my lower thighs in one forceful scoot. What surprised me was that he inadvertently pushed my loose-fitting, untied trunks with him when he made that sliding motion. There we were, him still sitting on my trunks, which were now pushed down to my lower thighs, and me with my mounded ass completely uncovered. My stiff dick now poking into the sand under me like it was drilling for oil. I did not intend to have my ass so publicly exposed, but I knew this would play out with unplanned variations.

A quick glance at him showed me that his eyes were still closed, and his hands were now massaging my ass cheeks. He had one hand on each of my cheeks, kneading and squeezing them as he moaned, “I control you, baby.” I heard more camera clicks. Fuck, was this hot. I could not have planned it better. I don't care who's taking photos or videos of us or who might call the police if anyone does. This is so fucking perfect.

He had so much white creamy lotion all over my body and his hands. He certainly did not anymore. Once again, he began to babble, “A most beautiful hole. ... All wet and sweaty. I own it. I want it. You're mine. ... my beautiful queen.”

My own boner was pushing or drilling a hole in the sand as it got stiffer. I felt his slippery fingers rubbing my ass crack. First, Gordy teased a small part of my crack very lightly with his fingertips, then he used his slicked-up thumbs to press more forcefully along the full length of my near-hairless crack. Fucking shit. My boyfriends never did this to me, and here this anti-gay asshole bigot is caressing and toying with my shithole on a god damn public fucking beach!

Can you imagine a guy, a totally naked straight guy, on a family beach, playing with the asshole of a gay man while day-dreaming he's on top of some beauty queen goddess. CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! I hear people taking photos! His mind is locked in some erotic trance. The drunken idiot is not even aware he's on display as adult entrainment. I can't lift my head up to check for sure, but by now, there are probably a dozen watchers, many with cameras. OK, so he's fantasizing about women and beauty queens, so what. I'm reaping all the benefits. What a fucking trip. The combination of all the beer, the heat, my creative erotic imagery all came together to steal him away to that some sex-filled playland. Every part of him drifted into his imaginary place, ... except for his wonderful titillating hands. Those remain on my ass, playing joyfully with my shitchut.

“Oh yeah ... all mine ... I'm in control ... gorgeous asshole needs macho man's lovin'.” Mumbles Gordy again. I wondered if anyone could actually hear his 'sweet talk.'” I think not. He's just whispering. Most of the time, he just oohhhs and ahhhs and moans and coos. “My sweet delicious sex goddess.”

His hands moved from playing with my asshole lips to more vigorously grabbing my ass cheek with his strong fingers and moving them in circles, then spreading them as far apart as they would go. Oh, My God! What a sexy, vulnerable feeling he's giving me as he stretches my cheeks wide apart, stretching my asshole. I could feel my hole open as I tried to relax my muscles. Gordy’s body bounced on my thighs, but not up and down. It was more in a forward and backward thrusting motion with his hips. I was shamelessly bare-assed naked myself. His thrusting motions certainly must have looked to some watchers like he was fucking me. But I didn't care who was seeing what. It felt wonderful.

I took another quick peek out of the corner of my eye, over my shoulder, but I did not see Gordy's head. He must be leaning over me, holding my ass. “Oh Fuck!” I sort of yelled. I know people heard that. I felt a wet, slippery tongue lightly tracing my ass crack and a kiss to my hole. Then I hear him moan, “My sweet queen. I'm your stud man. Mmmmmm. So delicious.” Gordy licked and tongued my ass more and deeper. My boner was drilling a more vertical hole deeper into the sand beneath me. I was trying not to hump my hips. I needed to pretend to remain deeply asleep and let Gordy play out his imagined fantasy. I felt more tonguing in my asshole. This time it was firmer, he must have made a pointy shape with his tongue to probe my ass's interior. It seemed beyond me to remain still, but I tensed and struggled not to buck or pump as I came in the sand hole my dick created, filling it with my fluid in pulsing spurts. I relaxed a bit, breathing less heavy.

And then it happened. I felt him raise his spasming body to a kneeling position and shoot his load all over my ass and back. I could feel splat after warm splat landing and then drip off my sides. He momentarily collapsed in exhaustion with his face lightly planted on my ass. Actually, his nose was monetarily embedded in my asshole, like a plug. That's funny.

The collapse made him quickly recoil to an upright position as he shook his head to clear it and finally come down from his fantasy visit. Surely he was shocked and terribly embarrassed to realize that he was kneeling over my cum-soaked, bare ass. I heard more faint camera clicks in the background. I don't think he was aware; he never turned around because he was immediately focused on cleaning up his mess before I woke up. His only saving grace had to be the false knowledge that I was sound asleep.

I pretended I remained dead to the world to allow him a moment of privacy to wipe up the evidence. I could tell he was totally exhausted as he leaned over to grab his white towel, shook the sand off it, and used part of it to gently wiped off his super-straight man-juice from my naked ass and back. It took him a while. I felt pretty messy. Then he adjusted my trunks upward and slowly and cautiously got off me. He stood momentarily, cleaned himself off with the same towel, then placed it where it was and sat on it, probably waiting for me to wake up. Only then did he notice people standing about 40 feet away, but by then, all the cameras were out of site and people seemed to be just milling around or preparing to leave the beach.

When I felt he was back on his towel, I jolted myself awake and yawned. I looked him as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes; he looked red-faced and guilty. But I ignored it. “Wow, did I ever zonk out? Sorry about that. ... Looks like not a good day for the babes, Gordy. I think we should just go and try this another time.” He eagerly agreed, wanting to leave immediately. I reached for my backpack and returned all his clothes to him so he could get dressed. “Ooh,” I said as I stood up, remembering to hold onto my trunks as I re-tied the drawstring. “I feel so sticky. I must have been sweating like a sleeping pig in the sun.” Gordy looked at me sheepishly. I told him I needed to walk a bit to stretch my legs while he got dressed.

I walked a short distance to the one guy who seemed to have taken a lot of photos of us. I introduced myself and asked him a favor. “Would you mind e-mailing me some photos of my boyfriend and me?” I lied, “It’s our first anniversary, and we'd love to have some of the more … should we say … nasty shots.” I smiled, and he smiled back and said he’d be glad to. We exchanged e-mail addresses, and I went back to my stuff. Gordy asked who the guy was. “Oh, he was just some photographer wanting to capture Miss San Diego. But, no luck today.” Gordy had a puzzled look on his face and seemed uncertain about a lot of things that day.

So, as soon as those photos arrive in my email account, I’ll print them and show them to Gordy. From that time forward, I am sure he’ll keep our soon-to-be-made agreement to never utter a single anti-gay slur again, not at work or anywhere else.

The end.

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