207 Imprisoned in Mexico

Imprisoned in Mexico

Part 1 of 2

It wasn’t like I robbed a bank and shot someone in the process; I just took a car for a fucking joy ride. I was drunk on spring break, I wasn’t going to keep it, but I did crash it up. I got arrested, tried, and convicted of auto theft and got 6 years. Sounds bad? Yes … but that was not the worst of it. You see, I was in Mexico and imprisoned in Tijuana.

Sure, my family and our lawyers tried to help and did. That’s the way I got six years rather than 10. I fought the prison system. It was a tough first year, but as time passed, I just accepted it and was doing my time in the best way I could, trying to get an early release for good behavior.

After five years, nine months in this shit hole- YES! I WAS IN FOR SIX YEARS FOR A FUCKING JOY RIDE! - I was called into the Captain’s office. Their system was that the Captain made the key decisions in running the prison. At the same time, the Warden was more of a political figurehead. So I was taken to Captain Hernandez and waited in the outer reception area with his female secretary. There I was, handcuffed, in my blue shirt uniform with black pants, thinking about why I was called here, hoping it was something about my getting an early release. I had only three months left to serve. My record was imperfect; I had a rough first year but quickly adjusted and learned to do what they told me. I kept to myself and was the perfect inmate.

Finally, after hearing “Bring in John Oliver, Elaina” on her intercom, she escorted me into the Captain’s office. I was in here before, and like the rest of this Mexican prison, it’s a dump. The whitewashed walls had a bright orange stripe parallel to the floor and cracks everywhere. There were no nice furnishings, lamps, or rugs, just his desk, chair, and a couple of other chairs for “guests” to sit on. With no decorations, it was more like a workroom than an office for the person in charge.

Eliana ushered me in and left, closing the door. I remained standing, still handcuffed, as the Captain looked me up and down. “Stand against the wall.” He said as he checked me out. I was light-skinned with thin black hair but more muscle tone than most 24-year-olds. I was 18 when I was arrested. When I was first incarcerated here, many inmates tried to put the make on me or even rape me. But they learned I was straight and a lot tougher than I looked, so they learned to leave me alone. The worst I got was a lot of name-calling, but I stopped reacting to it, and it died down.

“So, Johnny,” the Captain called me “Johnny” as most guys did in here, “I’ve been looking over your record, and I see you have been behaving almost like a model inmate, and … I see you already served five years, nine months of six years already. That allows me to give you an early release date, like shaving off the remaining three months. So, what do you think about that?” Oddly, the Captain spoke English with no Mexican accent. Inmates know the Captain’s story. Although a Mexican citizen, he grew up and was educated in Florida. The story is that he started his career working for the Miami police department, which he did for years. Apparently, he abruptly returned to the safety of Tijuana after an investigation was opened to look into his role in sexual crimes while working on Miami PD. So he is here.

“Sir, that would be wonderful. Thank you, Sir. So … I could leave here in a few days? My God, that would be great. I miss my family and my girlfriend, my home, so much. …When exactly would I leave, Sir?” I asked, most politely.

“Hold on there. I said you behaved ‘almost’ perfectly. Your record shows that you had that scuffle within the first few months of being here. Your record when you first arrived showed that you were… well … not very cooperative. That caused your visitors and mail to be curtailed as punishment.” The Captain said calmly, knowing he had caught me off guard.

“Sir, that wasn’t my fault. I wasn’t even ….” Then I realized what he just said! “You mean … I thought … my family was not visiting because they didn’t want to. You’re telling me … they were not allowed? I could have had my girl here to visit?” It hit me like a bombshell. This was all news to me. “… and I have mail too? … From Martha?”

“Yes, on both counts. But rules are rules. Your misbehavior back then is costing you dearly now. … course… with your improved record … I could ease up on those restrictions. … But, well, Johnny … you’d have to do a little something for me.” Without hesitation, I nodded my head with eagerness.

“That’s great, Johnny. You see, I keep hearing that you’re a cute, sexy little stud, and your skin is so smooth and silky. I just want to see you naked now. But I’m not going to force you.”

I was so stunned I took an involuntary step backward. “But, Sir, I’m not gay. I have a wonderful girlfriend; we plan to marry when I leave. She told me that in my first year here, before I stopped receiving mail. I mean, she is so pure. She’s still a virgin, so … I can’t… do anything like that. I never do anything gay. So I can’t take my clothes off. OK? Sir?”

The Captain knew he was holding all the cards. “Of course, I understand completely. That’s your right.” He paused and added, “Married? That’s sweet. You’ll make a nice couple. I saw the photos she sent to you a few months ago. ‘Course, we had to retain those because you were on restrictions. … But, yes, you’ll make a handsome couple.”

“Sir? Do you mean … you’ll show me the photos if I remove my clothes? And you’d commute my sentences, too?” I had tears in my eyes. I didn’t know anything about any options or rules or who could really do what.

“Hold on, boy, first things first. Yes, you strip, and I’ll show you those photos. But no more arguments. Is that clear, Johnny? Stand against the wall, and remove your clothes … if you want to ...” The Captain came over to me.

I nodded. I thought to myself. I get naked in the showers. Can’t be that big of a deal. I removed my shoes and socks, unzipped my pants, and let them fall to my knees. The Captain stopped me there with my pants and underwear halfway down. He stopped in front of me and grabbed my naked dick and balls, and examined them closely. He remained in that position for some time, pulling and manhandling me as if I were a pet animal. He was enjoying himself.

Then, the Caption wanted me to continue to strip. It was a little difficult with the handcuffs still on, but I managed to do it to a point. But then he removed my cuffs so I could strip fully. I unbuttoned my uniform shirt, dropped it on my pants, then pulled my white tee over my head. My underwear was still bunched around my thighs.

“May I see the photos now, my Captain, of Martha?” I pleaded softly. But the Captain said nothing. He didn’t even make a gesture. I knew what he was waiting for, so I lowered my underwear and stepped out of them, topping the messy pile of my clothes. I was so completely embarrassed. This is much different from being naked in the showers. I felt filthy and sleazy. “Now, may I see them, my sweet Captain?”

“It does take you a while to comply, doesn’t it, boy? But … yes, you may see them. I always keep my word. First, let’s get your pile of stinky clothes off my nice, clean floor.” He paused. “Pick up all your clothes, including your shoes and socks.” Johnny did and just held them, waiting for further instructions.

Then he pushed the button on the intercom, “Eliana, come in here, please.”

“She opened the door without noticing me naked, “Yes, Sir?”

“Oliver here is complaining about lice on his clothes. Please take them to the laundry.” Eliana wasn’t shocked to see the inmate naked. It was not the first time the Captain had an inmate naked in his office for one reason or another.

Johnny was thinking, “What lice? I didn’t say anything about wanting new clothes.”

“Oh, Sir, the laundry is closed until tomorrow.”

“That’s fine. He can wait for tomorrow to get fresh clothes. Just take them, put them in a bag, and bring them to the laundry tomorrow.”

Johnny was stunned. But he held out his bundle of clothes, and Eliana took it. I returned to stand before the Captain’s desk. I felt the most vulnerable I have felt since I entered this scuzzy prison. I didn’t even have the false sense of security of looking down and seeing my clothes on the floor. They were gone. There was now only naked me, with nothing.

“Nice. Now, Johnny. Here are the photos of your beautiful Martha.” He took them out of an envelope and handed them to me. I was so nervous and anxious that I practically tore them out of his hand. I didn’t notice, but that put a smile on his face. Without asking if I could sit down, I just collapsed in the chair behind me and feasted my eyes on the first of three photos, looking at all the detail and muttering, “Oh thank you, Sir, thank you,” but never taking my eyes from that top image. It has been a long time since I saw any photos of her, read any of her mail, or saw anything from anyone in my family. I even forgot about being naked.

“I could not help but notice she sent you a nude of her. She must be sort of a slut, hey Johnny?” Immediately, I found the nude photo, and she was so beautiful. It was an artsy pose that didn’t show her private parts, but it angered me that the Captain and other staff members looked at it. “Yeah, look at those big cow-titties, Johnny. God, I’ll bet you loved to suck those juicy, perky udders, hey Johnny?” I tried to keep my cool, but he was getting under my skin. How dare he call my sweet love a slut and a cow! Oh God, how I wanted to yell, “Shut the fuck up, you Goddamn asshole!”… but I needed to remain cool and not fuck up my early release. I bit my tongue. You do a lot of that in prison.

“You can see how your bitch has her hand over her cunt. She doesn’t want you to see how swollen her fuck cave is from being worked over by so many men so often. I’ll bet she gets on her knees in the gutters and begs to be fucked. Hey Johnny? But don’t you worry. She’s not just any whore. She’s your whore. And I’m sure when you get back to her in one to two years, she’ll be ready to stop all those tramps from banging her and fucking her up the ass. Right? Johnny? I mean. I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but … ain’t I right?” I could not say anything. I was near tears at how the Captain was badmouthing my sweet bride-to-be. I didn’t even hear him when he said one to two more years; I was in another world of joyful images and memories.

“I suppose you want to read her letter too, the one accompanying these photos?”

“Letter?” I asked, now displaying a smile.

“Well, of course, she wouldn’t just mail you photos, you asshole. Of course, she wrote a letter and described her feelings about you. My God, it must be four pages. Sorry, we must read all mail sent to you; it’s our unpleasant job when guys are on mail restrictions. She writes a lot about …. well, I see there is no need to tell you what’s in the letter since you are obviously not interested in her.”

“What! Sir?! Please! Yes. Please, may I read her letter? Oh God, please.” I pleaded loudly, not thinking who could hear me outside the door.

“Johnny Oliver. Look at you, you’re sitting there, looking at your cunt bride-to-be, fingering her hairy pussy hole, knowing God knows who’s been up there, and you don’t even have a boner. Now, I kept my word, as I always do. You stripped naked, and I showed you your pig whore’s photos. So, that’s it. So it’s back to your cell.” I could not believe this. Was he shitting me?

“Let’s get these cuffs back on you for your journey to your cellmates.” He ratcheted them back on. I was so close to reading her letter. Fucking shit! This can’t be happening! I was trying to think quickly how I could get that letter.

“But my clothes? I can’t go back naked and cuffed? And … the letter. Please, Sir, the letter. Martha’s precious letter.” He ignored me. But then paused and seemed to reconsider.

From yesterday: John Oliver was a handsome, hardworking college kid caught joyriding in a car while on Spring break in Tijuana, Mexico. He was just blowing off steam after drinking too much. He had served 5 years of his 6-year prison sentence when he was suddenly called to the Warden’s office. The Warden was simply referred to as “the Captain.” He had a sadistic soul you would not believe. Every horror story you’ve heard about Mexican prisons is true. They are shit holes, especially for Americans who often lack access to human dignity or human rights.

Mr. John Oliver, or Johnny, as the Captain called him, was brought to the Warden’s office in handcuffs. The security guard was dismissed. There, alone with Johnny, the Captain removed the cuffs and told the prisoner to strip naked. He tricked Johnny into obeying because he told the prisoner that if he obeyed, he would get to read some of his mail from his soon-to-be-wed girlfriend, Martha. Johnny was shocked to hear he had mail. He was never given any mail during his last 4 years, and worst, he was told he relieved none.

God, how his face lit up with surprise and joy when the Captain showed him a couple of photos Martha had sent him. One was even an artsy nude of her. But now, he was told there was also a letter. How he hungered to hear from his beloved Martha. Johnny would do anything to get information from any of his family, especially since he was told they had all abandoned him. When you cut off all outside communications, you can manipulate a prisoner to believe anything you want. Johnny was repeatedly informed that no one had even contacted him in this case. He felt alone and abandoned. But now, he learned of letters and photos!

“Oh, Johnny, … well … since you are here and naked, at least I can check you out to see if you are staying healthy, get back against the wall again, spread your legs. That’s right. Now, place your hands higher on the wall. That’s a good white boy.” Then he told me to turn this way and that way. He fondled every part of my naked body as if he was playing doctor or something.

“Please, Sir? You said I could read my letter. If you let me read the letter, I promise to cooperate for as long as I am in this prison. Please, my Captain.” As much as it reviled the Captain, he’d begged, using terms of endearment, “Please, my sweet Captain.”

I don’t know if this was planned out, but the Captain looked like he had given in. He removed the cuffs and told me to sit in the chair. “Look, kid, you can either do this my way and be rewarded, or you can do it your way and… well, … you’ll be in our facilities for quite a while.” Then the Captain returned to his desk, picked up the letter written on green stationery, and sat facing me in his chair. He scanned the letter from Martha. “Look, Johnny, you can’t still be interested in what she says here about marrying you and that bit about your kid brother needing you desperately and … Well … it can’t mean anything to you if you’re lying about your feelings for … for … Martha.”

“Sir, I’m not lying. She means everything to me. I’m telling the truth. May I please read that letter, my sweet Captain?” I pleaded.

“Now, Johnny boy, don’t get upset. … I’ll tell you what. Since I kept my bargain on the first deal, where you voluntarily stripped naked, and I gave you her photos to see, .… I’ll make you a second deal. You get an erection as you look at those photos and tell me what you really think of her, then I’ll give you this letter from your cow-sow sweetie. Deal?” I could not believe him. I’m supposed to beat my dick in front of him? The Captain?! He in his full-dress uniform, less his coat, and me totally naked? Fucking shit! … I could not speak; I just looked down at the floor. And my eyes became glossy again.

“Johnny, it’s just us. Just be honest. You say you love her, so show it. Tell me what she is to you. Go on before I send you back to your cell and destroy this letter. Your choice, Johnny.”

I don’t know what I was thinking; I looked at my dick and saw that my hand was already on it, rubbing it and pulling on the soft fleshy, lifeless appendage. I had her nude photo in my right hand and was working my dick up. “That’s it, Johnny, spread your knees wide apart. Let me see that lady killer fuck pole grow to its full potential. That’s it, bitch boy.” I don’t know why I’m doing this. I haven’t had sex for a long time. I saw myself starting to get bigger and longer and harder. Fuck, it did feel good.

“You see? I guess you do love her. Now complete the bargain and tell me what a fat sow she is and how she likes to suck big fat dicks everywhere she goes, no matter what kind of creepy filthy slob wants to fuck her, how she eagerly strips naked and gets on her hands and knees. Maybe she gets 2 or 3 sleazeballs to plug all her whore holes. Let me hear you get honest for the first time in your relationship, Johnny.”

I stopped. My mouth fell open in shock, the photos dropped on the floor, my dick went limp, and I angrily shook my head. “No, no, never, she’s not like that. She’s not. She’s wonderful. I told myself. She’s a wonderful, loving Christian.” I saw the Captain take his cigarette lighter out of his pocket, flick it a few times to get it to flame, and then bring it over to the hand holding Martha’s letter.

“I’m going to count to 10, and if your dick is not stiff again, and if I don’t start hearing the truth from your cock-sucking Martha, … this goes up in flames, and you can kiss your early release goodbye. One … two … three … four ….”

I was pounding my dick as fast as I could, trying to get it up again. There was absolutely nothing erotic about what the Captain was saying or doing or wanting me to do. It was all sick. He was a sick fuck hole. But I needed to read Martha’s letter to survive, to regain my sanity and humanity. It started working. “See, my sweet Captain, I’m doing it. Just like you want. No need to burn it.”

“We’ll see. But, … lean back and stick your right finger up your asshole. Wiggle it. Doing that may prevent you from getting an expanded sentence here. That’s it. See, your dick is getting nice and firm, and … and … look at that, Johnny, wow … it’s now like a steel pole, isn’t it, bitch. Such white, slutty trash you are. Must run in the family. But … I’m waiting to hear the truth. Johnny, keep pulling that dick and finger fucking your asshole, and start talking to me.” Then the Captain continued his count very slowly, “Five… six … seven …. eight … nine …”

“I love my sweet pussy slut, Sir. She’s a big fat cow whore, and she likes to get fucked up the ass by the attendant when she goes to the gas station, and when she goes to the mall, she finds three or four guys in the back loading docks, and she lets, … no, … she BEGS them to let her suck them off. She is nothing but a fucked-up bitch cunt slut, and she even eats out guys’ asses, my sweet Captain, Sir. Just like you said.” I was talking as fast as I could and saying the most disgusting things I could possibly imagine. All lies, but I have to play along to get her letter and not have extra time added to my sentence and to get this disgusting ordeal over with.

“Don’t stop, Johnny, keep that dick happy and my ears pleased. Tell me, does she like to drink guys’ piss too? What’s her favorite piss flavor? White guys’ or black guys’ or … I’ll bet its Mexican piss, … right Johnny?”

“Yes, Sir, my honorable Captain, you guessed it. She loves macho manly Mexican piss. Loves to swallow it. She guzzles piss down like Champagne.” I learned to just agree and repeat all the Captain’s suggestions. I was sweating and gasping, and I needed to cum so bad I wanted to shoot my cum all over his fucking face. I guess he knew I was close to climax because my chest was heaving, and I was gasping for quick breaths.

“Hold on there, Johnny, you’ve convinced me. Just stop pumping that shotgun boner before you make a mess in here and all over yourself. How would you explain that to your cellmates… going back there all naked with fuck snot all over your chest and face? Geez! … So don’t cum. Just edge yourself so you stay hard. Take your finger out of your ass and suck it clean.” I did. “That’s a shit-eating faggot, and just stay hard as I talk to you. But easy on the trigger, there.”

I did as he told me, including cleaning the shit off my finger. When I stuck my finger in my mouth, I broke down and cried. I could not help it. All those mean, ugly things I just said about my saintly Martha. Oh God, I said to myself, I am so sorry. And he made me lick the shit off my finger. Tears flowed out as I continued to play gently with my stiff dick.

“OK, Johnny, now I’m going to keep my word. Here’s the letter.” I finally stopped playing with my dick and reached out to get the green paper note, but the Captain pulled his hand back. “No, no, no, John Oliver. You must read the letter as you continue playing with your doggy bone. If it goes soft, just a little, I take the letter back and destroy it. Plus … you have to read it out loud to me. Am I clear, boy?”

“Please, Sir. Oh, my sweet Captain, can’t I just take it back to my cell and ...” The Captain flashed me such a stern look I knew he meant business.

“Yes, Sir, my honorable Captain,” I said, again working on my dick and keeping myself on edge. The Captain nodded in approval as he handed me the letter again. “Dear Johnny,” I read aloud, “I miss you so much. I miss your warm tender kisses and …”

“Stop!” The Captain yelled abruptly. “Your dick is not staying hard. I want it stiff. Do it now.” There was anger in the Captain’s voice, but was it a pretend anger? Was it all a part of his sadistic mind-control fucking games? I started to beat my dick more and move my hips in some synchronized jerkiness, working up a sweat and a hard dick, then the Captain motioned for me to continue.

” … your warm tender kisses, and your loving hugs and embraces. You mean so much to …” I continued to read as I held the letter in my right hand and continued my controlled, methodical rubbing and teasing of my dick with my left hand. I was so humiliated…

I was humiliated but hungry for Martha’s loving, comforting words. I’d do anything to be allowed to read her letter. And I did. The Captain smiled and obviously enjoyed watching “his fag boy” beat his meat to keep his boner as stiff as he, the Captain, wanted it to be. My dick even dripped some precum in the process as I was holding myself on the lingering verge, just short of climax.

When the letter was finished, I was exhausted and humiliated. My hand was still teasing my dick as if it was obeying the Captain without any conscious effort on my part. I looked into the Captain’s smiling face, and I felt completely used, like his slut toy for his amusement, waiting for his all-consequential approval.

“That was great, Johnny. I know it was an emotional letter. And, true to my word, you may keep it.” Unbeknownst to me (I discovered much later), the Captain was keeping some 20 letters sent to me from Martha and my family members, all of which would serve as his future afternoon entertainment whenever he wanted to enjoy humiliating his American slut-hole inmate.

“Thank you, Sir,” I said with complete exhaustion. “My clothes? Please?” I asked as I stopped crying, thankful his ordeal was over and I’d be escorted back to my cell. I’d enjoy the comfort of re-reading this letter again and again in private.

“Well, as for your clothes, you won’t get any until tomorrow. But … you don’t want to read the letter from Michael? Well, .. okay, no problem Johnny, not an issue…”

“What! I have a letter from my baby brother!”

“My brother wrote me too?” For the second time after entering the Warden’s shitty office, I had a wide-eyed smile and once again gave “the Captain,” as he was called, my undivided attention.

“Yeah, he did, … a few times. Such a sweet kid. Sorry, we must read everything restricted inmates like you receive. After reading all his mail to you, I guess he’s your kid brother, several years younger than you? What, … 16 or 17? Right?”

I simply said, “15,” but uttered nothing else. I was just listening to every word about my little brother.

“Yeah, and I understand. You are like his mentor. He really looks up to you, doesn’t he?” I nodded, wondering where this was going. “I like the part where he writes about how you kept him out of trouble and, with you guys having no dad around, well, I can see that he not only thinks of you as his nurturing older brother, but he has come to depend on your being there for him. Isn’t that right, Johnny?” I nodded again, drinking in every word of news about Michael.

“Yeah, well, he’s not only concerned about what is happening to you, he’s scared shitless about what will happen to him if you don’t come home soon. I take it that he’s not too bright. In one letter, he asks for your advice and help about quitting school, and then he said something shocking … well … I guess that’s too personal for me to dwell on. You can read it for yourself. Or …”

“Or? Or … what, Sir? Where is Michael’s letter?” I asked, now standing. Still naked, of course, though my erection subsided.

“Or, … would you prefer to just see him, now? He’s in an adjacent room, right through that door. Gosh, he is scared and worried. Such a sweet little bubble butt twink brother you have who looks up to you for guidance and help and love. He must respect you like a God. Well, you really got one little cutie there, John Oliver.”

“You mean Michael is really here, and I can see him now? Oh God! Oh, fuck yes! Please, please, Sir, please let me dress and go to him. I can’t wait to see him. Oh, thank you, my sweet Captain! You are the most wonderful, kindest, most magnificent man I ever met.” Johnny has learned over his incarceration to use terms of endearment when addressing prison authorities.

“Well, of course, he’s here. Guess he came by bus. And yes, Johnny, you can see him. But I want you to continue to please me. That’s the only way you can see him and the only way you will earn a reduced sentence, what we call an ‘adjusted sentence.’ In other words, your sentence could be adjusted to zero. So ... here’s the third deal we will make. You know I kept my word twice before. So, when you go through that door, you will remain as naked as you are now.”

Johnny immediately started shaking his head and mumbling, “No, please, no, not in front of Michael. He’s only 15. He worships me. I’m his idol. Even at 15, he’s not very street-wise. He’s always leaning on me for support and stuff. He respects me. He admires me. I’m his big, strong older brother. Oh, please, Sir. I’ll do anything but that. Oh please, my dear, sweet, most honorable Captain. My most precious, manly Captain. Oh, please.”

“Johnny, I told you not to argue with me. Here I am, trying to help you out and reduce your time, and you can’t even give me this little tiny teeny thank-you gift? Well … OK… I have always told you I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do. That’s only fair.” The Captain pushed the intercom on his desk and spoke clearly to his secretary, “Eliana? Tell Michael Oliver that his brother has chosen, once again, not to see him and that there is no need for him to return in the future or even write to his brother ever again … ”

“Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God,” Johnny mumbled in near hysteria. He’d die if he could not see his troubled baby brother. He had no choice. “I’ll do it, I’ll do as you say, I’ve got to see Michael, oh God….” I was trying not to cry again as I pleaded to be allowed to see my kid brother. “I’ll do as you say. I’ll be naked, whatever the fuck you want of me. Yes, fucking yes, I’ll do it.”

After canceling his request to his secretary, the Captain addressed me again, “OK, John Oliver, OK. Calm down. And to help you keep a little dignity, I will let you go into that room alone, so I won’t be there; I’ll just be you and him.

I interrupted the Captain with my appreciation, “Oh, thank you, my sweet Captain, thank you for allowing me that dignity in front of my brother.”

“However,” the Captain continued, “there is a closed-circuit TV system in there, and with this monitor on my desk, as you can see, and I will be watching your every action. So I will know if you lose your erection in there.”

“Erection?” … I asked, scrunching up in a puzzled frown? “Erection? In front of my little brother? Oh, God.”

I felt woozy from my mental images of Michael seeing me like that. I grabbed for the back of the chair for stability, feeling weak-kneed. The Captain gave me a few moments to absorb his sadistic requirement mentally by saying nothing. But my mind was abuzz with thoughts. I could say “no” and skip out on this one and only visit with my little, scared brother. But I may never see him again. I don’t really have a fucking clue when I will be released. I don’t know anything for sure. What if it’s longer than one more year. No, no … I can’t pass this opportunity that’s staring me in the face! I can do this, I must do it, I must. After battling my thoughts, I looked at the Captain and said, “Yes, Sir. I’m ready to see my brother, Sir.”

“Well, soon, but not yet. Seems like your dick is not … er … saluting me yet.” The Captain joked. “So as soon as your flagpole is up ‘there,’ I’ll show you to that room.” It didn’t take long. The Captain has had me on the verge of climax, on and off, for over an hour now. I’ve wanted to climax since he forced me to get the first erection. He continued, “Yes, there you go. Now … the rule is that you will do whatever is necessary to maintain an erection in front of your baby brother. If your dick even starts to go down, I’ll come in, take you out and end your visit immediately. And… for your disobedience, I’ll add another three years to your sentence. You can have 15 minutes with your baby brother under these rules. There’s a clock on the wall in there, so you will know when your time is ending.”

He paused, and I waited for more requirements. Just as I thought, he had more to say, ”Since I like to watch a lot of erotic drama on my little, closed-circuit TV here.” He turned it to face me, and for the first time in 5 years, I could actually see Michael. He was leaning against one wall. Fuck, how he has grown. I still think of him as a little kid.

“I’ll make it more interesting, Johnny. If, during that 15-minute time limit, you somehow, … and I don’t care how, … get your cute little sissy twink bro to take over the handling of your dick and keep it hard for you, I’ll allow your visit to go on as long as he keeps your dick hard. It’s up to you. I’m not going to force you to have him do fag stuff. I mean, … if you want more time with your sweet, strait-laced, manly baby brother, you have to turn him into your personal faggot pussy boy and encourage him to play with big bro’s stud meat. That’s the deal. Do you accept?”

Imprisoned in Mexico

Part 2 of 2

The Captain was getting caught up expanding his twisted manipulations as he added, course, if his touching your dick is too high a price to pay for you to spend, maybe, … a couple of hours together … well, it’s your call. All I see on this monitor is one adorable, lovable, and frightened kid who needs you more than anyone else.”

The Captain turned the monitor to face me. My kid brother was there, nervous and scared, in his bright yellow T-shirt. I was in a mental haze, visualizing how all this would go. How would I get my 15-year-old brother to play with my dick? Just tell him the truth? That the Captain is a sadistic queer making me stay naked and requiring my brother to touch me? All the while, I kept staring at the little color monitor and watching my brother pick his nose. He is so cute. Yes, I would do it. The Captain interrupted my thoughts again.

“OK, now that the rules are clear, go ahead and work up that nice big boner for your soon-to-be faggot brother to see and play with. When you enter that room, you’ll notice, as you did on the monitor, that there are no tables or chairs. The room is totally empty, so you can’t hide your dick from your brother or any part of your naked body from the three cameras in there. You and Michael will both be standing.” I was aggressively petting my dick. This time, it was easier to get and hold an erection.

“That’s just dandy, Johnny. Michael will just love playing with his big brother’s fuck meat. Oh, by the way, there are two other rules: You can’t mention any of my rules, such as that you must have a boner or that your behavior is ordered by me. This has to come across as all your idea. Make up your own story. I don’t fucking care. Just be creative. You can’t tell him anything about me except that I am a nice, kind, professional, and fair Captain. And how fair and kind I am to you and all inmates. Yes, say that a couple of times.”

I was playing with my now hard dick and thinking of lies to tell Michael, who has, at times, the maturity of a 10-year-old. Maybe he’ll believe that this is part of a stupid joke or that it’s part of a bet with my cellmates. Or ... or perhaps he might buy that I have to have an erection for medical reasons. I was tossing around all kinds of strange ideas. Then I remembered what the Captain said, there was one more rule.”

“Oh, yes, that. Well, Johnny, … and I’m sure it is the last and most interesting part. If you get your little twink, sweet-lipped baby brother to suck you off and swallow your load totally, …. I’ll release you in 3 days. If not, I might have to add the three years. And … since I have faith in you, …” The Captain pushed the intercom button again, “Elaina, would you bring in the official ‘Documento para Ajuste de Sentencia’ form for Mr. John Oliver? Thanks.” The Captain released the button and stared at me most seriously, “Now, Johnny, this is the form I can use to give you an early release. In fact, I can adjust your sentence any way I want. So, I can write in ‘… for immediate release…’ would you like that?” Just then, Elaina opened the door and brought in the form.

“You see here?” The Captain pointed to the form, written all in Spanish. “You see, there are two blank places for signatures. One is for me to sign, and the other place is for you to sign. Under Mexican law, a sentence can be adjusted only by our court. However, if you agree to the adjustment by also signing this form, then your sentence can be adjusted by me without court approval. Simple, if you agree with the adjustment to your sentence, why waste court time and costs. Right?”

For the first time, what the Captain just said made perfect sense. Could I trust him? Why not? He made me several promises that he kept. After weighing all the factors in his mind, all the rights and wrongs, Johnny made the decision that he would do whatever it took to get himself out of this hell hole as soon as humanly possible, including … seducing his precious little brother to be his fagot cock sucker. Into the room, he went, naked and carefully massaging his hard tool.

“Yes, my dear sweet Captain, thank you.”

“I agree to my sentence being adjusted, and as soon as possible, please, my honorable Captain.”

Michael immediately turned to face the opening door, “WHAT THE FUCK?!” HE GASPED. “What… what… what…”

There was naked Johnny in the room, beating his meat, and his brother Michael in shock. “Oh, Michael, don’t mind me being naked and playing with my dick. It’s just a habit one develops in prison here. It doesn’t mean nothing.”

“The captain makes you do this?!”

“No, Michael, no. The Captain is the kindest, the fairest man you could ever meet. He treats me so well. Actually, I’m the one who is the disappointment because I am starved for sex. I must have developed some degenerate issue with sex, so much so that I must stay naked for hours and play with my big dick.” Johnny tried to sound convincing and serious but was seeping tears, too. “The Captain has tried to help me. He strongly suggested I come in here fully dressed and not touching myself. But the prison doctor says it’s best to allow me to act out all I need, and this obsession with my dick will eventually disappear.”

“Michael, it is so wonderful that the Captain is so understanding and allows me this special treatment. He knows this is best for me, so he kindly looks the other way and lets me fondle my dick as the urge overtakes me, hoping my intense, disgusting desires will soon leave me.” I broke down in tears, and Michael was getting scared too, so worried about his brother’s sex addiction.” I let out more tears of embarrassment and humiliation and apologized profusely to my baby brother, saying, “I’m so sorry to be doing this in front of you.”

“John, please, don’t feel sad. I understand. It’s a sickness. It’ll pass. What can I do to help?”

“Oh, Michael. I have cramps in my hands from rubbing my dick for hours. Could you …. could you … you ….” I just could not get myself to say it. Michael only responded, “What?”

“Michael, could you… you … could you … please rub my dick for me? I need to let my hand rest, just for a moment.” He sounded sincere and asked with great hesitation. “Don’t worry, it’s just the two of us. No one will ever know. I just need to let my hand stop, yet have my dick fully erect. I know it sounds stupid, but … but …” Michael said nothing, just swallowed and put out his hand as I let go and he took over.

“How is that? Am I doing it right?” I told him to go slower, easier. I did not want to mention that I needed to abort any climax, at least not climax this way. So I just told him it would feel better if he rubbed me more gently. “OK, like this? Is this better, John?” I just moaned in agreement.

FUCK! I could not believe this! My brother… I mean, my very cute and sexy little 15-year-old brother was playing with my boned-up dick. I could have NEVER dreamed of such erotic taboo pleasure. AND… WE ARE BOTH STRAIGHT!

It was difficult for me to concentrate on their conversation as Michael played with my huge, stiff, and now leaking boner, edging me so lightly, never stopping. But little by little, we conversed. He filled me in about Martha, our parents, and other family and friends. I soon realized that Michael’s problem issues were not serious. He was never going to quit school. That was the Captain’s stupid ploy. The time went by quickly, and I needed to get Michael to suck my dick in order for the Captain to grant me immediate release. It was all for the amusement of the Captain. I had been thinking how I would get my sweet innocent brother to do this faggot sex act. His 2-hour limit was nearly up.

“Michael. Thank you for helping me out. I feel so embarrassed but also so relieved that you have the courage and love for me that you would give me needed sexual pleasure. Doc says that it’s all part of the cure. I just need to be allowed to receive sexual pleasure in particular erotic ways.” Michael listened and, of course, believed everything I told him. He felt good to help him out, even if it was in this uncomfortable sexual way. It was the least he could do for his falsely imprisoned big bro.

“Michael, I am embarrassed to ask, but my time with you is almost up, and I need another favor from you. I must climax now. Will you help me to do this?”

“Yes. This is all weird, but I understand. So, of course, I’ll help. I jerk off all the time,” Michael said.

“The thing is Michael, as the doc here says, I need a higher stimulation level. A hand job will never allow me to climax. I need oral sex.” There was a dead silence. Michael was just not ready for that, not even for the brother who had been so supportive all during his growing up. “If I go back to my cell, I’d have to figure out how to ask a cellmate to suck my dick. Oh, God. I just can’t. I can’t. They might even beat the crap out of me for asking.” I started to sincerely sob out loud. I could not control myself. My Captain needed to see this kid brother suck me off, and I felt so ashamed to go along with the Captain’s sadistic and cruel wishes in order to get released immediately. I would never do this for any other reason. But to go home tomorrow? Absolutely!

I really did not want to have my straight brother do such an unnatural sex act, not even for his brother. But… I cried so loud he did not even hear Michael trying to get my attention.

“John, … John, … please stop crying. I can’t stand it. Please.” I stopped and wiped his eyes. “John, can I just put my mouth on your dick and let you shoot and then spit it out?”

“You would do that for me? Oh God. How did I ever deserve you? Yes, you can spit it out.” Of course, that was a lie. My deal with the Captain was that little bro had to swallow every drop of my cum. But getting his brother to suck his dick was a good start. “Sure, just let me come in your mouth and then spit it out.”

Michael got down on his knees and placed my throbbing, hair-trigger, dripping dick in his mouth.

It felt bizarre, but it would soon be over. I did not wait for Michael to think about doing this. He had never sucked a dick before. He must be on the verge of freaking out. It was now or never. I quickly grabbed the back of Michael’s head and shoved my dick deep into his mouth, and plunged it all the way into his throat. Michael was shocked and tried to pull off, pounding my hands, but I quickly pumped my hips, and one … two … three … I blasted my huge pent-up load, volley after volley, down baby brother’s throat. Michael struggled, gasped, and choked, but Johnny got the full load down.

“Oh my God! I am so, so sorry, Michael. I just could not control myself. Sorry, bro.”

“HUH? That’s OK. I guess you just needed that,” Michael told him, still feeling shaky.

Finally, it was over. Mission completed. Michael was confused and shaken by the experience and just wanted to leave, trying not to pass judgment. He left the room without speaking. I returned to the Captain’s office.

“That’s great, Johnny, just great. Now, as I agreed, I am going out of my way, rushing the adjustment. I want your naked ass under my desk to please me. You are going to please me in the same way your 15-year-old brother pleased you earlier. And please me without stopping. If you stop, I will not sign the form. Understood?”

I did not understand, that is, not until I scooted under the desk and saw that the Captain had his pants fully opened and his big, fat, uncut dick and huge balls hanging out.

I did not hesitate, well, a little, but this was for my immediate release. Let’s just cut to the chase and suck this guy off, or however he wants his pleasure. I first licked his dick and balls. He moaned. “You will give me a very teasy job, but you may not cause me to climax unless I give you permission. Work on licking my balls and dick gently, then advance to sucking. If you realize I am close – and you better learn quickly - you need to back off.”

“Good, let me get Elaina on it right away.” He pushed the com button, “Elaina, please come in and bring your steno pad.”

The young Hispanic woman re-entered. I think they both spoke English fluently, but this time, they spoke only in Spanish, and whatever instructions the Captain gave seemed quite involved. For my sake, I focused on licking dick and balls.

I wasn’t paying attention to time and was now sucking the Captain’s dick fairly hard, pumping it with my mouth and tickling his balls to get him close to climax. I didn’t hear any more instructions to Elaina and assumed she had left the office.

Then I heard, “You have my permission to suck out and swallow all my Mercian milk.” I worked at it. Then, “AAAHHHHHH! AAAHHHHHH! OH DIOS MIOS!” Then came blast after blast of hot goo shooting down my throat. It was awful, disgusting! But it was over. I was on my way to freedom.

“I can’t believe I did that, but … thank you, Sir, for letting me visit with my brother,” Johnny said with disgust and embarrassment, with a now spent, deflated hanging dick. “I did all you asked.” Johnny now teared up. “Will you keep your word, my honorable Captain, and reduce my sentence by eight months so I will be released in four months?”

“Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, sit down.” The Captain said as he adjusted the video monitor to be viewable to the defeated, drained, naked inmate. First, let’s see how well you did, shall we?” The Captain pressed the play button. Johnny watched and heard himself and his brother and, of course, knew what he would be seeing.

“Johnny, that was good. I’m going to miss you when you are gone. Now… do it again.”

And this time, it would take longer. I knew that. But I started again. I heard Elaina come in. “Sir, here it is. Let me know if you want changes.”

“Thank you,” he told her, and she left. The Captain was reading the filled-in form to himself but out loud. I really wish I knew Spanish, but I did not understand any of it, except when he read my name.

Yo, John Oliver, acepto voluntaria y libremente que se ajuste mi sentencia para extender mi tiempo en prisión por cinco años más. La razón por la que apruebo este aumento de sentencia es porque soy un homosexual pervertido. He realizado actos sexuales repugnantes y despreciables mientras estuve en esta excelente institución dirigida por un excelente y gran administrador, el Capitán Hernández.

(Translate - I, John Oliver, willingly and freely agree to have my sentence adjusted to extend my time in prison for an additional five years. The reason why I approve of this increased sentence is because I am a homosexual pervert. I have done despicable, disgusting sexual acts while in this fine institution operated by a fine and great administrator, Captain Hernandez.)

Sé que si voy a juicio por estos cargos de abuso de reclusos y visitantes, lo cual admito libremente, me impondrán una sentencia mucho más larga por mi comportamiento sexual retorcido y desviado. Admito libremente que también chupo el pene de otros reclusos y les suplico que tengan relaciones anales. Los reclusos no quieren hacer eso, así que los obligo a follarme bien.

(Translate: I know that if I go to trial on these charges of abusing inmates and visitors, which I freely admit to, I will be given a much longer sentence for my twisted and deviant sexual behavior. I freely admit to sucking the penises of other inmates, as well as begging them for anal intercourse. The inmates do not want to do that, so I force them to fuck me good.)

Por último, cuando el Capitán Hernández fue tan amable al permitirme que mi inocente hermano de 15 años me visitara, lo violé en la sala de visitas. Lo obligué a chuparme la polla. Él estaba peleando conmigo y tratando de detenerme, pero él era demasiado joven y yo era extremadamente agresiva, mezquina y bárbara. Cuando el Capitán regresó a trabajar al día siguiente y vio el vídeo, del que antes no sabía nada, se sorprendió al ver lo brutal que era.

(Translate: Lastly, when Captain Hernandez was so very kind to allow me to have my innocent 15-year-old brother visit me, I raped him in the visitor’s room. I forced him to suck my dick. He was fighting me and trying to stop me, but he was too young, and I was extremely aggressive and, mean and barbaric. When the Captain returned to work the next day and saw the video, which he previously knew nothing about, he was shocked to see how brutal I was.)

Me mostró el video donde obligué a mi hermano Michael a chuparme la polla. Estoy tan avergonzada y humillada. Sé que soy un completo pervertido sexual sin límites. Sólo el Capitán Hernández puede ayudarme. Gracias a su continuo amor y apoyo, durante los próximos cinco años, él me ayudará. Esta prisión es donde pertenezco. Por favor manténganme encerrado y bajo la supervisión del Capitán Hernández.

(Translate: He showed me the video where I forced my brother Michael to suck my dick. I am so embarrassed and humiliated. I know I am a full sexual pervert with no limits. Only Captain Hernandez can help me. Under his continued love and support, over the next five years, I can be helped. This prison is where I belong. Please keep me locked up and under Captain Hernandez’s supervision.)

Then, “AAAAHHHHHHHHH” and the Captain reached his hands under his desk and grabbed my head strongly, and forced it firmly over his powerful dick, sealing off my air. “AAAAAHHHHHHH!” for the second time, a multi-blasting orgasm. I tried to pull it off, but he was not having it. He was still squirting. I couldn’t breathe, but that was not an issue for him. He just held my head clamped down over his canon. Finally, he was exhausted and let go.

After a brief rest, “Johnny, come up here.” I got p off the floor and settled into the chair.

“Yes, Sir?”

“You did a great job sucking on my dick. I am so pleased. I can’t tell you how happy I am to grant you your adjustment to your prison sentence.”

I was ecstatic. “Oh, thank you, most kind Captain. Thank you so much.” I told him. “But how does this work? Do I go to my cell and pack my few things? Do I get a taxi? Oh, but I have no money. Do I…”

The Captain laughed out loud. “Look, your prison sentence stays the same unless you sign here that you approve,” the Captain said, pointing out the place to sign. Now, you do not have to sign it. I mean, you only have three months to go before you are released. If you prefer to leave here in three months, there is no need to sign anything,” the Captain explained.

“But, if you want to change that, I mean, you pleased me so much and made me so happy, I’d be glad to adjust your sentence so you can leave at a different, better time.”

“OH, fuck yes, let me sign this. I don’t want to do my three more months.” And I signed right where he pointed.

“There you are. Signing this document made your life so much easier. BTW, do you want to see the video we made when your brother was here?”


“Yes, where you raped your little 15-year-old brother, Michael. Remember?”

“What? Sir?’

“Here, let me play it for you.” He turned his desk monitor to ace me and clicked a few icons. “Here, let me go to the end.” And he fast-forwarded to where I was holding my brother’s head firmly and forcing my dick down his throat. I can see Michael pounding my hands to try to make me stop fucking his face.

I was in shock! Not only because my visit with my brother was recorded, but in what I saw on the video. I saw myself forcibly fucking my brother’s mouth as he unsuccessfully fought me off. I saw myself raping my sweet, 15-year-old baby brother. My mind was swirling! I was dizzy.

“wa… wa… wa… are you… you going to do with this video?” I frantically asked

“Oh, that. Well, Johnny, I will only do what you beg me to do with it. You may beg me to send it to your parents and the police in the city where you live, the Captain said seriously. “Or…I can keep it private so no one will ever see…”

“YES, please, my dear honorable Captain. Please, I beg you, keep it private for…”

“Hold on, Johnny, hold on. You did let me finish. It will cost you if you want me to keep it private.”

“What, kind Sir?”

“You have to sign the Adjustment Sentence form again.

“YES! Of course. I’ll sign it again! But why again?”

“Johnny, you signed the form when it was filled out in Spanish. It is legally binding. However, if you sign the form written in English, it will carry more weight. A court can’t rule you were unaware of the meaning,” the Captain explained.

“No problem, kind Sir. Yes, please give it to me to sign again.”

“OK, Johnny, here you go,” and the Captain pushed the form, now in English, in front of me.

As I picked up the pen to quickly sign it, I glanced at some of the wording: “… I am a homosexual pervert. I have done despicable disgusting sexual act while in this fine institution operated by the fine and great administrator, Captain Hernandez…”

“What the fuck?” and then I read, “….I freely admit to sucking the penises of other inmates, as well and begging them for anal intercourse. The inmates did not want to do that, so I forced them to fuck me good…”

Wa… wa… please, but…”

“Read some more, Johnny boy,” the Captain encouraged.

I read further, “…Only Captain Hernandez can help me. Under his continued love and support, over the next five years, I can be helped. This prison is where I belong. Please keep me locked up and under Captain Hernandez’s supervision for another five years…”

“Now, Johnny, let me ease your mind. You do not have to sign this. For now, the Spanish version is fine. Most likely, it is sufficient to keep you in prison for at least the next five years. But, signing the English version a bit better.”

Yes, kind Sir. Then I will, with all due respect, refuse to sign it.”

“OH, then I’ll send this video to your folks as well as to your local police and attach it to your Adjustment Sentence form version in Spanish, which I will submit to the Governor of Prisons. And he will extend your five years anyway.”

“And if I do sign this English form?.”

“Well, then, there will be no reason to send the video to your folks or to anyone else. AND, I will not submit any form up the chain. You will simply be acknowledging that you committed perverted sexual acts while in prison and are requesting me to keep you here for another 5 years as mutually agreed upon proper punishment.”

I was destroyed. I only had three months to my release date. Why did I fuck it up by pursuing an immediate release? I should have not signed anything and just waited my last three months. I fell into the Captain’s trap. No way did I want the video to go to my parents or anyone else. I could be convicted of USA crimes if the police got a hold of it. So, “I surrender.” I picked up the pen again and was about to sign the form.

“NO, no, wait. It’s not that easy. You want me to do you this huge favor of keeping the video a secret? Well, you have to beg me for it.”

I fell to my knees, as naked as when I first entered here, “Please… Let me sign this form and commit myself to…”

“No, Not before you show me respect and appreciation. Here you are naked on your knees, and you are insulting me.”

“How, kind Sir.”

The Captain scooted his chair away from his desk and displayed his semi-hard, uncut dick sticking out of his pants. “How can you ask me for a favor when my dick is soft? That’s rude.”

I knew what he wanted. I give up. I brought my face over to his lap and began to suck his cock.”

“For Pete’s sake, Johnny, you’re sucking my dick without first kissing it and kissing my balls. I should add 10 years to your sentence if you don’t…”

Immediately, I began to kiss and lick his big dick and massive balls.

“As you work on my dick and get into slowly sucking it, tell me kind words. Tell me how you adore me. How you love my cock, how you lust for my body. How you desire to give me pleasure 24 hours a day. How you insist on remaining here for another five years. And most importantly, tell me how you want to rape and fuck your little innocent brother. How you planned it all when you two were in the visitor’s room and just continually degraded yourself. Go”

I knew I had no choice. I kissed and licked and told him, “Oh, thank you, my dear Captain. I need to suck your dick so bad. I love to have your balls in my mouth. I need to please you all the time. Please let me please you voluntarily for the next five years. Please keep me here. I need you so much…”

I didn’t hear the office door open and close. My focus was not pleasing my Caption to keep the video private. I needed to dramatically play it up to the hilt! I didn’t know that anyone entered the office. I was on my knees, naked and really working on my Captain’s quickly expanding dick, and my hands were rubbing his thighs.

I could not possibly know that my baby brother Michael was now standing behind me. I had no idea that he had not left the building.

“Oh, fuck, kind Sir. Thank you for letting me please you. I love serving you so much. Thank you for allowing me to rape my baby brother. I know you ordered me not to. But I’m a pig. A slut pig. I want to fuck him so hard every time I see him. I want to suck him off and fuck him and …”

“And want about eating assholes?”

“Oh God, yes! I want to eat out his asshole and fuck his ass with my tongue, and Your asshole too, kind, Sir, Please, I beg you..”

Unbeknownst to me, Michael’s eyes were bugged out. He just stood there, three feet behind. He had a close-up look. He could have just reached out and touched me. But he just watched in horror. And listened to my filth. He was making gagging movements as if he was going to puke. But he stayed silent, and I unwittingly openly provided him with the most disgusting, most humiliating, and self-degrading display of raw, perverted sex imaginable.

I thought I heard what sounded like quiet sobbing but ignored it. I devoured my Captain’s now fully erect, bouncing dick. I knew he was close to shooting, and I knew I needed to sallow it all. I was in a frenzy to get him to climax. I even worked my hands up inside his uniform shirt to pinch his nipples. I was so out of it.

“And, what would you say to your brother if he were here now?”

“I say, Michael, you cute little bastard. You are mine. I’m going to rip your fucking clothes off, hold you down like I wanted to in the visitor’s room, and pound your ass so hard you feel my dick in your throat!”

More sobbing, a bit louder.

“Would you like to take my shoes and socks off and suck on my smelly toes?”


“Remember, you don’t have to do it. I won’t make you. It is a very dehumanizing, pervert act, isn’t it?”

“Please. Please let me lick your stinky feet and suck your wonderful, manly toes.” I poured my heart out, doing what he wanted, just to keep the disgusting video private and all this insane depravity from him! Imagine if my little brother saw that video. I’m his hero. I’m the only family member he looks up to. I’ll do anything to prevent him from seeing that video. I do anything to keep him thinking I’m the perfect older brother.

“But, why should I? You have not begged me properly.”


“So, you’ll be as thorough as you have always been?”

That was an odd thing for him to say. What ‘always?’ But I get it. Play into his fantasy. “FUCK YES! I do even better than ever. And be so happy and proud as ever to worship them.”

“Tell me what you are?”

“Oh, fuck! Sir, I am a degenerate, fagot cock sucker. A piece of slime shit. Your pitiful dog who eats turds. Your slut to use every day to lick you from your pits to your dick and asshole to your toes. I am your disgusting cunt whore. A piece of garbage to wipe your feet on. Your piss toilet. I am whatever the fuck you want me to be, oh kind, honorable, gracious handsome Captain.”

Michael’s eyes silently streamed tears as he heard his big, hero brother call out degrading epithets against himself. Little bro’s knees were shaking. His entire body was trembling in pain. “Begin.”

And I removed his shoes and socks and licked his feet all over before attacking his sweaty toes.”

“Don’t forget where all the stinky jam accumulates between my toes.”

“Thank you, my sweet, generous Captain.” I pushed my tongue between each pair of toes.

All of a sudden, I heard loud crying. I turned my head and saw MICHAEL! Standing behind me, within a few feet, staring at my naked body, working on the Captain’s body parts.

“WHAT THE FUCK! Michael!” I screamed. I was dizzy. I wanted to pass out. Unbelievable! I gasped and stared in bewilderment. What do I say? “Micheal, please. It’s not what you think.”

“Yeah, right,” taunted the Captain. “Yeah, Michael, it’s all a misunderstanding.” Then to me, “You have pleased me so much. Now, I will allow you to sign the form to commit yourself to five more years here.”

Somehow, I was standing up, naked, leaning over the desk, signing my life away as the Captain’s sex slave for the next five years. And in five years from now? What? Would he manipulate me into extending my sentence again? Then… another five years?

As I signed, I thought I needed to come up with something to tell my baby brother. Somehow, I will convince Michael this is … this is… ah… I know, I’ll tell him I was drugged up and out of my mind. Yes, that may work. Finally, I turned around to face him and explain and…. Michael was gone.

“Welcome to my degenerate hell, Johnny boy.” The Captain smiled.

The End

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