248 Mistress and her Pet

248 The Mistress and Her Pet
Part 1 of 4

Todd walked into the house after a hard day’s work on the highway crew. He was sweaty, dirty and smelled like road oil. It had been over 100 degrees today and he was bone tired. He left his oil-soaked boots on the back porch and checked the refrigerator for an ice-cold Coke. “Ahhh, yes, mom had been to the store.” He popped the tab and guzzled half the can before he stopped.

Todd Walker was a young man in college who worked on the state’s highway program as a helper, part of the state’s program to give poorer college students temporary summer jobs. He was handsome, even cute, but he was a man’s man. He enjoyed doing manly work, such as in construction and could carry his own weight. He was well-respected among his coworkers in the field. It gave him a sense of independence and self-control.

Karen Walker, Todd's mom, walked in from the living room and greeted her oldest son. "Hi son, you look terrible. Was it a hot one today?"

"Mom, you know it was. I'm glad this is my last week before school starts." Then Todd thought, "Oh, by the way, any word yet if I have to stay in the dorm again this year, or did you come up with an off-campus room?"

Karen smiled at her handsome son. She was so proud of him for working this rough road job this summer to help pay for his college room and board. At first, she had worried about him. Todd was 20, only 5’ 3” and weighed less than 121e0 lbs. He had a beautiful body and legs that most girls would love to have. His blond hair, winning smile, and white teeth were going to go far towards helping him succeed in life. Still, she wished he were stronger and bigger, so he could stand up to some of the local boys who were jealous of him being so popular with the girls. As a matter of fact, he had more girlfriends than male buddies. But today, her hard work had paid off for her favorite son. She had found an unbelievable off-campus room for her son at a price well below the going rate. Karen smiled and waited for his reaction as she told him.

Todd pumped his fist into the air and let out a war whoop. "YESSSSS, YEEHAA!! Oh, thanks, Mom, this is the best news I have had all summer. You don't know how long I have worried about this!" then he asked, "Where is it? How much is the rent? Is it a private residence? Tell me, tell me!" Todd felt a tremendous load lifted off his shoulders.

Last year, as a freshman at the University. He had gone through continuous hazing and ridicule. The jocks took great sport making fun of his small size and his boyish looks. Telling him he would make a very pretty cheerleader. He had even heard the guys talk about him as being effeminate - "fuck, he's prettier than most of them!"

And it was not just the guys that bothered him. He had eventually formed a friendship with a group of girls he had classes with, but he found they were treating him more like a girl than a man. Even though the women were not intending to be mean. Guys picked up on that and spread the rumor he was gay. Which caused him even more trouble. Some of the guys were always trying to hit on him and he was just tired of all the bullshit.

His mother drives him to school?

Now, at least he would be out of that environment and with real people. He did not know them, but he knew he could always make friends with them. He was well aware of his good looks and personality. Todd was nervous as his mom shut the car off in front of a gated residence. She rang the buzzer on the post and waited. A woman's voice came over the speaker, "Yes, may I help you?"

Karen winked at Todd and gave him a thumbs-up and whispered, "Classy place, huh, Todd?" She then turned toward the speaker and said, in her most pleasant voice, "Hello, this is Mrs. Walker and my son Todd."

The speaker came to life with a cheerful voice. "Yes, welcome, the gate will open automatically. Just drive on in I will see you at the front of the house, Mrs. Walker.”

Todd was amazed. This was unreal. He had never lived in any place as grand as this. He asked his mom again, "Are you sure this is right. Why would anyone rent out a room in a mansion like this for a lousy $100 a month?”

Karen assured her son that everything was on the up and up. Miss Jacobs had told her that she enjoyed having younger college students living in her home as it helped keep her young too. Todd was about to go nuts with excitement in such beautiful surroundings. Now the girls would be really impressed, and the boys would just have to eat their hearts out. Todd could see that his social life was going to take a serious upswing. Miss Jacobs was coming down the sidewalk as Karen drove up and squeezed Todd's hand in excitement. "What do you think honey?"

Todd quickly pulled his hand away before Miss Jacobs could see the intimacy between his mom and him. "Mom, I'm speechless as he looked at Miss Jacobs! I had pictured her as an old lady, but she’s really young-looking, kind of."

"I wish you had let me take out a loan for a car though. I am going to look silly being a sophomore in college and still riding my bike." Karen looked at her son lovingly and reminded him that money for her did not grow on trees and that they had just seen lots of guys riding bicycles. Todd was immediately sorry for complaining. "I'm sorry Mom, you have done well. I hope I can repay you someday for being such a wonderful Mom."

"Honey, I love you so much and I am so proud of you. I want the best for you and staying with Miss Jacobs will be a wonderful experience for you as she seems so cultured. Please don't complain about anything. Todd, as it would hurt me if this doesn’t work out for you. Todd saw tears starting to run from his mothers' eyes and he reassured her that he would make Miss Jacobs like him. She would not get any complaints from her about him.

After a short introduction outside, Miss Jacobs ushered them into the house where she had some refreshments waiting. She picked up the phone and told someone to please unload the luggage and bicycle from Mrs. Walker's car. Todd immediately spoke up. "Please no, Miss Jacobs, I can get it. I don't want to be a bother."

Miss Jacobs smiled at him. "Nonsense, child. I saw the size of your luggage and that bicycle is up too high for you. I have a boy here doing some work for me and he is much bigger than you. He will do it." Todd turned beat red having been humiliated so badly in front of his mother and being called a child too. Miss Jacobs saw his reaction and smiled at him saying, "Honey, don't pout. I'm sure you will grow in a few years." Todd glanced at his mother and saw the worried look on her face. He knew he had over-reacted and thanked Miss Jacobs for her kindness.

Miss Jacobs walked over to Todd and gave him a polite hug and kissed the top of his head saying, "Dear Todd, you and I are going to get along just fine, and I know you will just love it here. Todd's mother smiled broadly at both of them and knew that Todd would be fine here in this beautiful home with the kindly Miss Jacobs. Miss Jacobs led them into her office area where they spent the next hour enjoying coffee and sandwiches. Miss Jacobs even had a glass of punch for Todd. As Miss Jacobs visited with his mother, Todd had a chance to look Miss Jacobs over and he realized that she was absolutely beautiful, even though she was just a little overweight. She was probably around 6 feet tall and had an ample set of breasts. He chuckled to himself, thinking maybe I will get lucky and get to see her naked sometime. Todd hated to see women so tall. Why couldn't he have been 6 feet tall himself?

When Miss Jacobs excused herself to check on his luggage and bicycle, Todd yawned, suddenly feeling very tired. He suggested to his Mom that she make her exit, so he could get settled in. Karen agreed and was hugging Todd when Miss Jacobs returned. Karen kissed her son and made him promise to obey Miss Jacobs and to make sure he helped out at the house to repay her for her gracious arrangements. Miss Jacobs led Todd's mother out to her car, they exchange hugs, and soon Karen Walker was out of the gate, leaving her son to a fate that she could never have envisioned in her wildest dreams.

Miss Jacobs walked back into her office and smiled at Todd who seemed almost asleep on the leather chair. As he heard her high heels clicking on the hardwood floor. He tried to focus on her but found he was having trouble doing that. Miss Jacobs, or Sheila Jacobs (as she was known) sat down on a leather sofa opposite him. Todd watched her as she smiled a peculiar smile and watched her crook her finger at him, saying, "Come over her honey and sit on your owner's lap. Todd didn’t think of those words in any particular way. He just got up from his chair, walked over to Miss Jacobs and sat carefully on her lap. Todd's mind was fuzzy, and he couldn’t focus well, and yet he knew something was different. But what the hell, this whole mansion thing was different.

He was sitting on his landlady's lap and she had referred to herself as his owner. Sheila then pulled Todd closer to her and whispered in his ear words that sent his heart racing and his pulse into high gear. She pulled his face to hers and brought her full lips to his and slowly inserted her tongue into his mouth. In and out her tongue went, slowly and lovingly, while her hand unzipped his fly and brought out his stiff penis. It sprang into the air like a shot as its new owner softly fondled it, wiping away the precum with her finger.

Sheila Jacobs held the glistening wet finger in front of Todd's eyes and gently put it to his lips. Todd stared blankly at her beautiful face, lost in the lust that had overtaken him and unable to do anything except that which he was doing. Her finger probed his lips and he opened his mouth slightly. The finger with cum on it was invading his mouth and he held it with his tongue as it slowly moved in and out, leaving the sticky substance to acquaint itself with his taste buds. Miss Jacobs softly whispered to her new soon-to-be-slave, telling him to eat the cum like a good girl.

"You will soon be my little girl. Your Mommy has given you to me to use and train. Do you understand that sweetheart? I want you to suck a little harder on my finger right now if you understand that you now belong to me and must obey me totally. Do it now, honey." Todd sucked the finger as he looked into the eyes of this beautiful woman who was holding him tightly on his lap as she gently massaged his stiffening dick. Todd was not thinking in terms of who owned him. He was just enjoying the loving touches on his fully hard dick.

Miss Jacobs whispered instructions to Todd. He slowly removed himself from her lap and unbuttoned his shirt while she unfastened his belt and zipper fly, then slid his pants down to his ankles. Todd sat on the floor and took off his shoes and socks, exposing his beautiful feet and cute little toes as he dumbly following her instructions. He stood there in only his underwear. She did not want him to remove those. That pleasure was for her to enjoy.

“Come.” She wiggled her finger again and he stepped over to her. “That’s my little girl,” and she slowly slipped his Jockey’s down. He lifted one foot and then the other to be deprived of the last of his clothing. Completely naked now, Todd sat back down on Sheila’s lap. She loved this part of the procurement. From as far back as six months ago when Todd's application came up for private housing, she felt Todd was the best of all the candidates seeking a place to live off campus. She investigated him and his mother and among a great deal of personal information, Sheila found that money was a big issue for the Walker family. So she lured in Mrs. Walker with a very low rent offer that was lower than the on-campus dorm-rent.

This, then, is how Todd, her new property, came to be sitting naked on her lap, still under the effects of the drugged punch. It had all been captured on camera, which was still filming, as the naked boy listened intently to her whisperings. Lost in lust, he obeyed her instructions. He played with himself knowing it was ok and it was pleasing her. He was being careful not to climax because she had warned him that that would make her angry. He looked at his hands rubbing his dick as if he were in a dream. She continued to talk softly to him. He was being alert to any precum appearing. He was to catch it with his finger and lick it off and then get back to the slow masturbation that he had grown to love over the years. Though, back then, beating off was always couched in feelings of embarrassment or immorality. Here, now, he felt none of that. He wasn’t even doing it for his own pleasure. It was for her and only for her enjoyment.

Miss Jacobs told him how happy she was that he was there and that as long as he obeyed, he would please her. Then she added in a whisper, “But, if you disobey me, I’ll send you home to your mother and I will tell her how awful and disrespectful you have been. You know that will bring your mother great disappointment and shame. Can you imagine how hurt and offended she would be if her son were engaged in totally indecent behavior?”

Miss Jacobs was rewarded by the tears in his eyes as he pleaded, "No, please no, Miss Jacobs. Please don't send me home and cause my Mom so much grief. Please no. I promise I will obey you and you will like me. I know I can be likable. I will find a way to have you like me. I know it." He said that with no clue as to just how much she loved her little Todd.

Miss Jacobs was smiling and was so pleased that all was going as planned. She played with his nipples as he pledged his obedience to her and as tears rolled down his face. All the while massaging his very hard, respectable-length dick. Sheila was thoroughly pleased with herself. Her plan had gone off without a hitch, as had the others.

Now she told him to stand up and follow her to her desk. She pulled a folder out of the drawer and arranged some papers in front of him. "These are papers that you need to sign honey. Use this pen and sign each at the bottom of the page." Todd took the pen, thanking her, and signed each paper without seeing what they were and gave the pen back to her. "Now Todd, the reason I asked you to come to school two weeks early was, so you could learn what was expected of you. Your mother was told you would be working here and so you shall. I want you to leave your clothes here and follow me. Your luggage is already in your room." Todd followed, keeping his eyes on the swaying, dressed-covered buttocks in front of him.

Upstairs, Miss Jacobs ushered him into his room, which was bright and cheerful. Todd stared at the huge bed and other furniture. It made him feel as if he were a child. He would have to get a run at the bed to be able to get in it. The two chairs were also big. She told him his clothes had been put away for him, and that he was to shower and get into bed and take a short nap. She pulled him to her and entered his mouth with her tongue, holding him as he went limp in her arms. "Stand up sweetheart, did I tell you to stop playing with yourself?" Todd's hand went back to his penis and he apologized for forgetting. "You must learn to obey Toddy. Now take a shower and jump into bed.”

“Ah … my pajamas? They’re in my suitcase?” Miss Jacob was so comforting in her pleasant, soft-spoken voice. “Sweetie, all items of clothing were already removed from your suitcase and taken out back and burned. You are not to wear any clothes unless I instruct you too, and those items will be given to you. Do you understand?"

"Yes Miss Jacobs, I understand."

"When you are in bed, you will think about obeying and pleasing me, but you will not play with yourself. If you understand me, get down on your knees and kiss and lick my shoes, NOW." Todd dropped to his knees and began kissing and licking Miss Jacobs's shoes while his penis bobbed up and down, fully erect. Miss Jacobs smiled and said, "Enough slave, there is a glass of warm milk for you on your nightstand. Drink it all, shower and go to bed, I will come for you after your nap."

Todd looked at her beautiful ass as she walked out, then looked at his cock, which was still standing straight out. Todd got up quickly and went into the bathroom and shut the door. His face was flushed with lust and he furiously masturbated his cock in rhythm to his deep breathing until he ejaculated into his hand with a moan as he sank to his knees next to the toilet. The sperm kept coming until it spilled out of his hand onto the floor. Slowly he recovered his senses and he started to wash the cum off his hands. Todd took some toilet paper and wiped the cum off the floor and then carefully made sure he flushed it down the toilet. After his shower, Todd drank his warm milk and jumped up into the bed, completely naked, and was soon fast asleep, dreaming of the beautiful woman who was so dominant over him and who played with him.

On her office monitor, Miss Jacobs watched the young man sleeping peacefully just as she had watched him beating off on the bathroom camera. She had been pleased that he couldn’t help himself from jacking off over her. Cameras had been placed all over the house so that nothing escaped her attention. All cameras were set to run when movement activated them. The milk he drank contained a drug that would partially cleanse his memory of what had happened between him and Miss Jacobs, however, it would leave enough of his memory that he would not be able to know if it were only a dream or if it did indeed happen. She so enjoyed the beginning of his trip to utter depravity.

It was going to be like an ambush. What chance did his 20-year-old innocent mind have against her 45-year-old cleverness? She would weave a web around his mind that would be impossible for him to break out of. She could force him into any situation her mind could conceive of. This boy would be given multiple personalities, from straight, to gay, to fem, to slut. That would make him a valuable piece of property. Men and women with different jaded tastes would find him exactly what they wanted, and they would pay handsomely for his services. In two hours she would begin to play with his mind and emotions and commence to turn him inside out. She was still working on his college schooling. It would be a problem with his training.

She had made a few discreet phone calls and had two of Todd's future clients working on the problem. He would be dropping out of college this week without his knowledge. Records were being changed so that any notification or correspondence to his mother, Mrs. Karen Walker would be sent to Miss Jacobs. As soon as Todd was prepared to talk to his mother on the telephone, to assure her that everything was great, he would do so. But first, his real schooling needed to commence.

Sheila walked silently into Todd's room and smiled her wicked smile. She said his name softly. Todd stirred but did not awaken from his drug-induced nap. She slipped off her robe and got into bed with him. She snuggled up to him and his eyes half-opened to see his new Landlady in bed with him. She guided his hand to her breasts and listened to him moan. She whispered to him softly, "My little girl Todd, my little girl Todd, my little slave girl Todd, my little slave girl Todd." Over and over she whispered to him. Then she changed the phrase. "Todd is my little sissy girl, aren't you, Todd?" and, “Kiss and lick my shoes, little sissy slave girl Todd. Beg to lick my pussy and my ass, little sissy Todd." and "You are my slave and you must obey me, or I will hurt you, sissy Todd." and " Stick your tongue out if you understand me, sissy." Todd moaned in his sleep and his tongue came out of his mouth and was met with Miss Jacobs’ tongue. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and explored his mouth. Her hand caressed his rock-hard cock and cupped his balls, gently squeezing them. After an hour of talking and fondling her new property, she gave him final instructions to follow when he awoke from his nap.

"When you wake up, sissy Todd, you will drink the glass of juice on your nightstand. You will drink it all. You will then come downstairs completely naked and come to me in my office. You will sit down on my lap and play with yourself, do you understand? Stick out your tongue if you understand, sissy Todd." Todd's tongue again came out and Miss Jacobs slipped out of the bed, picked up her robe and walked out of the room. Todd slept on and dreamed of the beautiful Miss Jacobs who loved him. Todd's eyes slowly opened, and he stared at his surroundings without moving. He was groggy and felt exhausted and desperately tried to orient himself. A noise was coming from something.

Finally, he sat up in bed and saw the clock radio and reached over and shut it off. Next to the radio was his glass of juice. Which he picked up and sipped on while he tried to clear his mind. He was alone and naked, but had he been dreaming or did Miss Jacobs sleep with him? He tried to sort things out, but his mind was still fuzzy. He looked down at his cock and saw it waving back at him. His hand went down to it and he began massaging it. He was so horny and wanted to cum, but the dream came back to him and he remembered that he was to go downstairs right away and sit down on Miss Jacobs’ lap and play with himself there.

Todd had never felt like this before. His heart was racing. and he wanted to go to Miss Jacobs, but something in him said what if this was a dream? Could it have been a dream? Was Miss Jacobs naked in bed with him? Was he in some exciting dream when she told him all those words? Suddenly he looked at the glass of juice in his hand. Sure, he remembered she told him to drink all of the juice. Yes, he thought, it was real, and she is waiting for him downstairs. Todd took one last gulp and finished his juice. He wanted to be in Miss Jacobs’ lap, with her playing with his cock. She was so beautiful, and he had fallen in love with her. He headed out of his room, holding his cock and with his bare ass swinging. Walking down the stairs. Todd grabbed the handrail. He wondered why he felt so dizzy. It would be embarrassing to fall down the stairs, he thought.

He reached the bottom and walked to Miss Jacobs’ office. She was sitting on the sofa holding a newspaper in front of her. She didn’t see him. He walked up to her and waited, not knowing what to do, but something in his head reminded him that he was to sit down on her lap and play with himself. Todd sat his naked ass down on his beautiful Landlady's lap and grabbed his cock. Miss Jacobs screamed and jumped up, dumping Todd down on the floor. "YOU FILTHY BOY!" she screamed loudly. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY COMING INTO MY PRIVATE OFFICE NAKED AND ATTACKING ME!" She continued, “Shame on you, and after all, I have offered you for such cheap rent, you treat me like this?" She paused. Todd was in shock, to say the least. "WELL, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF, YOU LITTLE PERVERT! I'M GOING TO CALL YOUR MOTHER RIGHT NOW!"

Todd was crying. Everything was so unreal. He wanted to plead with her to not call his Mom but never got the words out.

"I am so very disappointed in you and shocked that you would think you could attack me and after only being here a few hours!"

“I … I’m … I’m so sorry. I’m …”

"AND YOU WERE PLAYING WITH YOUR PENIS TOO!" Todd was crying uncontrollably and was on his knees rambling and sobbing. He was almost out of his mind with fright. What had he done? What was happening to him? He had dreamed a sexual fantasy and had thought it was real and now he was ruined. His mother would die of embarrassment and shame. His brother would find out too, and everyone else. He was so humiliated and scared. He crawled on his knees to Miss Jacobs, who was holding the telephone in her hand.

"Please, Miss Jacobs. I am not well. Something is wrong with me and I am so sorry! I will do anything to make it right for you but please don't tell my Mom…it would kill her!" Then he added, "I had a dream and it seemed so real and, oh, I don't know why or how I could have done such a thing! “ he let out more bursts of crying. “I promise, I have never done anything like that before and I will never do it again! Please give me a chance to make this up to you. I will work for you all day and all night, but please don't call my Mother, please, please!" Todd was shaking and crying so hard his tears were all over the beautiful hardwood floor. Miss Jacobs was bursting, on the inside, with joy at his breakdown. She had the little pussy boy right in her hands.

It had been so easy. His sheltered upbringing, with no man in the house, had made him easy prey. She sat down in a chair and held her hands to her face and faked a good cry, causing Todd to kneel down to kiss her shoes while still slobbering about how sorry he was and begging for forgiveness. Sheila Jacobs was excited as she looked down at the naked boy kissing her shoes. Her shoes were getting wet from his tears and his penis had gone soft and shrunk to half its normal size. She could see he was seriously afraid. His Mother had not even gotten home yet from bringing him to her and already she had him shivering like a dog with his tail between his legs.

She stood up and walked away from him, saying, in a crying voice, "I should call your Mother or the police." Todd crawled after her on his knees begging, "Please, Miss Jacobs, I will do anything if you give me another chance, anything you say. I will work for you and do anything, but please let me stay." Sheila stopped crying and turned around and looked at him, utter desperation showing on her face.

"So, young man, you like being naked, do you?" Todd cried, "No, Miss Jacobs, I think I am sick or something, I don't know what has happened to me! I have never done anything like this before, I am so sorry. Please, I will do anything for you, please let me stay and show you, please!” There was thoughtful silence on both parts. “I will go upstairs and put my clothes on and come right back down, but please don't call my Mother or the police. I promise I will be so good!" Miss Jacobs stamped her foot down on the floor hard and screamed at him, "NO YOU DON'T! Until I decide what to do about your filthy behavior, you will wear NO CLOTHES! YOU DON’T DESERVE TO WEAR A STITCH OF CLOTHING. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!"

The Mistress and Her Pet
Part 2 of 4

Todd cringed and hastened to agree with the angry woman. "Yes, Miss Jacobs, whatever you say, Miss Jacobs!" Todd's hands were in front of him in an attempt at modesty as he was still shivering in fear.

Miss Jacobs sat down on the sofa again and eyed him as she made his humiliation complete. "Put your hands down to your side, young man. You seemed to have wanted me to see your privates earlier," Miss Jacobs sneered at him. "I am inclined to give you a chance to make amends, Todd, but if you show me the slightest disobedience I will call your Mother. But the police are another matter. I think your crime should be officially recorded. Miss Jacobs stared at him and hissed, "Do you understand?"

Todd thanked her and thanked her. "Miss Jacobs, I promise you won't be sorry. I will do everything you say or want me to do. I promise, thank you, thank you!"

She lowered her eyes to his penis and Todd turned red with embarrassment and shame. "It would seem that little soft protrusion is what is causing your problems, wouldn’t you agree, Todd?" Todd's embarrassment was total, but he knew better than to disagree with Miss Jacobs and so he nodded in agreement. Miss Jacobs seemed to be in deep thought as she kept her eyes squarely on his penis. Todd suddenly realized he was slowly starting to get excited, and he knew his penis was going to show it in a moment. He remained standing naked in front of the beautiful Miss Jacobs, trying to think of other things. He thought about baseball and football, but the desire to beat off took over all his other thoughts. His penis was nurtured with erotic thoughts and it sprang to life in defiance of his efforts to the contrary. Miss Jacobs laughed to herself at his predicament. She had purposely uncrossed her legs and allowed Todd to see the top of her nylons, and he had lost the game.

"TODD," she screamed at him and then got up and grabbed his ear. She marched him over to the corner of the room and held his nose to the wall. "You will stand in this corner until I tell you to move, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?" Todd stood shaking and crying uncontrollably. His penis had once again retreated, and his balls had disappeared. He could hear Miss Jacobs talking on the telephone to someone. She was telling him that there had been a problem with one of her students, and could he come over and tell her what she should do. Todd was frightened beyond belief as his tears continued to fall.

Miss Jacobs came over to him and began talking in a soothing voice as her hand gently wiped tears from his eyes. "I don't know what has happened to you, Todd, but I am going to try and help you if I can. Would you like me to help you, honey?" Todd could only nod his head as Miss Jacobs' hand softly petted his naked shoulders and back. She continued, “I have an acquaintance who is a police officer. He is coming over to visit with me about what to do about your behavior towards me. He is probably going to want to talk to you. I suggest that you listen to what he has to say because he will try to talk me into filing charges against you! You’ll be tossed in jail! If I am going to be able to help you and spare your Mother a great deal of pain and hurt. You will have to learn to obey completely. Do you hear what I am saying, Todd?"

“Yes, Miss Jacobs, I will obey everyone, I promise. Please give me a chance to show that I am a good boy. I promise I will obey you."

Miss Jacobs smiled as she lowered her hand down his back all the way to lightly, teasingly, caress his bubble butt. She was watching as his cock started growing again. She turned Todd around and hugged him to her and let both her hands rest on his ass cheeks. She felt his hard-on poke her. Todd threw both arms around her neck and continued crying. "There, there my little sweetheart. I will try and talk Mr. Allen out of filing charges against you, but you must promise not to cause any more trouble especially with him. Do you understand, Todd honey?"

"Yes, Miss Jacobs," Todd sobbed. Sheila patted his ass cheek with her hand, and before turning him back to face the wall, she lightly ran her fingers down Todd’s ass crack and touched his pucker, as if by accident. "He should be here any time now, and I think it would be wise for him to see you being punished, don't you Todd? Todd was embarrassed to think that a man was going to see him standing naked in the corner like a small child. So, he asked Miss Jacobs if he could please put some pants on before he arrived. "Oh no, Todd," Sheila quickly said." It would be better if he sees that you are being punished this way, and then I can talk him out of taking you to jail."

"Yes, Miss Jacobs," Todd meekly answered as his ass cheeks turned bright red as he stood facing the corner.

Todd heard the doorbell ring and listened to Miss Jacobs' high heels clicking across the floor. He heard a man’s voice talking, and then a door shut. They had gone into another room and he could faintly hear them talking more. It seemed to Todd as if he had been in the corner for over an hour when he finally heard the door open and footsteps cross the floor.

Miss Jacobs spoke. "Todd, you may turn around now and say hello to Sergeant Allen." Todd turned around and stared into the face of Sergeant Allen. He must have been at least 6’ 6”, and he was not smiling. Todd's already soft cock and balls retreated even further as Todd could not control his trembling. Miss Jacobs continued, "Todd, Sergeant Allen seems to think he should take you in and book you, but I am not so sure." I have asked him to at least talk to you before he makes up his mind and then I will have to abide by his decision. I'm sorry. I have an appointment at the beauty shop, so I must leave. Sergeant Allen has agreed to stay with you and interview you before he makes up his mind. I will be back in about two hours. Please obey Sergeant Allen for me, honey."

Miss Jacobs then grabbed her coat and went out to her car. Sgt. Allen and I were alone in the house, and he stood there staring at me. I finally broke first, saying, "Listen, Sergeant Allen, I'm really sorry for what happened. I can’t explain this logically but …"

Before Todd could say another word, Sergeant Allen stepped forward. His hand shot out and slapped Todd across the face. Knocking him into the wall where he slid down to the floor, stunned. Sergeant Allen then calmly reached down and, grabbing a handful of Todd's hair, slowly pulled him up to a standing position. His face came closer to Todd's and he smiled, saying, "What you say and what you do between now and when Miss Jacobs comes back will decide your future for the next 15 years, and will indeed tarnish you for the rest of your life. See? Do you hear me punk?"

"Yes," Todd murmured, “Sir Sgt. Allen.”

Sergeant Allen smiled. Sheila had accurately described the boys' demeanor. If he had any balls, they had been left behind with his Mother, he thought. He always liked this part of the breaking in process. In less than 6 hours, this boy’s life had been turned upside-down and his destiny potentially changed from college grad to prison inmate. Here was a young man. Full of excitement at being away from his Mother and in college. Living in a beautiful mansion with a beautiful woman. He had been thinking of having girls over to show them he now lived in sumptuous surroundings and hoping to get into their pants, but now … well, now Miss Jacobs had him by the balls, such as they were, and he was here to convince him that he was now totally owned and operated by Miss Jacobs. He would not be going to college. He would not be fucking girls. He would not even be masturbating (unless he was given permission). Yes, it was safe to say his life would never be the same again.

Sergeant Allen pulled Todd along to the bathroom and to the toilet. "Piss now." Todd reached down and took his penis in his hand and immediately peed long and hard. When he was done, Sergeant Allen pulled him by his hair again to Miss Jacobs’ office and locked the door.

Sergeant Allen led Todd into Miss Jacobs’ office by holding him by his hair. Todd, completely naked and shaking with fear, stumbled along, trying to keep from falling. After entering the office, Sergeant Allen locked the door. He let go of Todd's hair and smiled again at him. Then started slapping his face back and forth. Todd cried hard but made no effort to defend himself or to evade the blows. In his heart, he knew it was what he deserved, and this slapping might be what keeps him out of prison.

Todd weighed almost 120 lbs. and was a mere 5’ 3” tall. The man who was abusing him was at least 6’ 6” tall and well over 250 pounds. Sergeant Allen talked to him as he slapped him. "I understand you tried to rape Miss Jacobs, is that right punk?"

Todd cried and stuttered, "No sir, I didn't. Please believe me, sir!"

Sergeant Allen let Todd go and sat down on the couch and eyed the naked 20-year-old boy. Miss Jacobs had a beautiful one here, he thought. He was going to make a great sissy girl and a wonderful cocksucker. He wanted the boy to be sucking on his cock now, but he restrained himself. No, this will have to be set up correctly in-order-.to ensure his cooperation. And to do that, he needed to continue to plan his assault on the boys' mind. The boy would be sucking his cock within the hour, but first things first. The setup would have to be completed. Miss Jacob's idea of using the drug that kept him drifting in and out of reality always worked well. When Todd was deeply under the effects of the drug, Miss Jacobs used her soft voice and soft body to send his hormones into high gear. Then, when he was returning to reality He didn’t know it and so continued to be the person he was when he was under the drug. Miss Jacobs was indeed turning him inside out emotionally.

"Now," Sergeant Allen said to Todd, "tell me your side of the story. Did Miss Jacobs seduce you, or give you any reason to think she wanted you naked and on her lap?"

Todd thought quickly to himself. If he said anything against Miss Jacobs, who wanted to help him, Sergeant Allen would tell her, and she would be done with him. He would go to jail for sure. He had to protect his relationship with her. Todd instead told Sergeant Allen that he thought. He was having some kind of illness spell and couldn’t really explain his horrible actions. But he assured him that it would never happen again if only he could give him a chance to prove that he was a good and decent man.

Sergeant Allen knew from experience with past boys that Sheila had owned that now was the moment he had been waiting for, the moment when he would destroy Todd's old life and give him his new one. He spoke loudly. "MAN? You, a man? That is the funniest thing I have ever heard of in my life. Look at you, you're so tiny, like a girl. Look at your body - you have the body of a girl with pretty legs and a great ass!"

“Todd was silent, but shaking his head “no.”

"Fuck, boy, you're a girl! Look at you, crying again. That's what girls do, they cry! You're a girl, Todd. Tell me you're a girl, I want to hear you say it, and you had better say it or you're going to jail sure as I'm sitting here.”

Todd looked down at the floor and saw his penis getting larger as he repeated the words, "I am a girl, I am a girl, I am a girl."

Sergeant Allen gloated. "See there, saying you are a girl is giving you a hard-on! And girls don't get hard-ons, do they, pussy boy?"

"No, Sir," replied Todd.

"Get your sweet ass over here, pussy, and lay down across my lap and do it NOW," Sergeant Allen yelled at Todd. Todd was shaking and crying again, as he hurried to comply with the orders. The Sergeant pulled him down and moved his hands over the boy’s ass and could feel Todd's hard cock on his legs. He told Todd that he was going to be spanked for trying to rape Miss Jacobs and for getting a hard-on without permission. And he told him that he fully expected him to cry, as little girls do when they are spanked. Todd was also warned that he had better not attempt to get off his lap or he would immediately take him to jail.

Frank Allen was a city police sergeant and had been one for 7 years. His relationship with Miss Jacobs had begun 2 years prior when a naked young man had waved, him down on a dirt road just west of town. The man had babbled on to him about a woman who was keeping him captive, and that he had escaped with no clothes because she had taken them from him. The guy was probably about 21 years of age and had a very slight build. He was about 5’ 7” and weighed probably 150 pounds. Frank locked him in the back of the police car and visited more with him, getting as much information as he could. It seemed that the boy actually lived with Miss Jacobs, and for some reason had a falling out with her. He decided that it would be prudent to check this out before making a report or notifying anyone.

He told the boy that they would go and talk with Miss Jacobs now, and for him to shut up and not say anything until he was asked to speak. The boy agreed and sat shivering, holding his hands in front of his dick. Frank drove to Miss Jacobs' mansion. He took the boy by the arm and rang the doorbell. Miss Jacobs opened the door and immediately thanked him for finding her student resident who had been upset by some discipline she gave him for disobedience. The boy had tried to break away, but Frank held him firmly by the arm and pushed him into the house. Miss Jacobs grabbed him by the ear and took him into her office. She told the Sergeant that the boy had walked into her office naked and was quite aroused and had gotten fresh with her.

Sheila Jacobs actually knew a great deal about Sergeant Allen. When she moved into this neighborhood four years before, she had her sources investigate the powers that be. From the Mayor on down, she knew things about them that most of the local people did not know. She knew, for instance, that the Mayor, John Willows, was having an affair with Karen Weller. She knew that Betsy Prose, a teller at the bank, had been caught embezzling and was being blackmailed for sexual favors by the bank president. She also knew that Sergeant Allen, divorced, living alone, liked young men.

Sheila Jacobs quickly formulated a plan to utilize Sergeant Allen's position and penchant for young men. Sheila, on one set-up occasion, spanked a boy's naked ass in front of him to see his reaction. The sergeant got a huge hard-on in his pants just from watching. She allowed the boy to struggle off her lap and resist her. Frank Allen jumped in to help her by grabbing the boy. She feigned injury to her hand and thought she should go to the doctor to get it checked but did not know what to do about the boy who had attacked her. Sergeant Allen volunteered to watch him until she got back. He told her she could make up her mind then if she wanted to press charges for attempted rape. Sheila had thanked him for his thoughtfulness and quickly got her car keys and said she would be back as soon as possible. During her absence, Sergeant Allen spanked the boy, sucked his dick, and even beat off in front of this 21-year old.

When she returned home, she told the Sergeant that she must have left the camera on and that he could stay and watch the video with her. Sergeant Allen became alarmed at finding out she had recorded his sex session with the boy. She calmly popped the tape out and handed it to him and told him to relax. She knew he liked young men and told him that she did too. The big surprise was when she asked him to help her find new young men for her to train. “If you could help me on a part-time basis, I’ll make it worth your while. You see, for your part in helping me procure and train a new boy, your cut would be about five grand each.” The sergeant told her he would be honored to join in on her efforts.

Now here was Todd, naked and across his lap. "So, you like to prance your cute ass around naked, is that right, pussy boy? Did you really think that you would be able to fuck Miss Jacobs? That would be like a toy poodle trying to fuck a Great Dane, you little pussy. What were you going to do, stand on a chair?" Frank laughed.

Todd was frightened and embarrassed, but why was he having this raging hard-on? This big man was treating him like a little girl and it was turning him on. “I am lying naked on this man's lap, and as he feels my ass, I get a hard-on,” Todd thought. Todd turned his head towards the man and voiced his objection as respectfully as he knew how. "Sergeant, Sir, I am not gay. I don't like boys, I like girls. Please, sir, let me go."

Frank smiled. It was so sweet to think that this young 19-year-old boy was objecting to being treated like a fag. What was funny though, was that in a few minutes he would know that not only was he going to be gay, but he would also be a gay slave. Sergeant Allen continued to set him up for it. "Listen to me closely, Todd. I have a jail full of tough guys, white and black, who would be sooo happy if I brought you to jail. They would be fighting to see who owned you. Do you know why, Todd?" Todd shook his head slowly. "Because whoever owns you will fuck your mouth. He will fuck your ass, and he will be so tired from fucking you he won't be able to get out of his bunk to take a piss. But he won't have to Todd, pussy boy because he will have you."

Todd shook his head “No.” He did not want to believe any of this. He didn’t understand it, but he also wanted it all not to be true.

"Your inmate owner will just snap his fingers and point to his cock. That would be your signal to rush right over to him and insert his cock into your mouth, so he could relieve himself. Your job would be to drink his piss without spilling any. Do you know why you will obey him, Todd? Because, in the beginning, you will disobey, thinking that you aren't gay and that you are a man. But after being beaten to within an inch of your life, you will do exactly as you are told." Frank gently pried his ass cheeks apart and caressed his crack as his finger slowly inched inward toward his pucker. He could feel Todd's' cock twitching and knew from his labored breathing that he had lost another round in the game of seduction. Todd felt the police officers' fingers invading his ass. One finger was inching closer to his asshole. No one had ever done that before, and he knew he was not a man after all. He knew he was more of a girl than a man. This man was right after all. Todd realized right then that he was being used by a bigger male than he was, and it served him right for only being 5” 3”. It served his mother right, too, for leaving him in this place where his life had fallen apart so quickly. He suddenly realized that it was exciting to be at the mercy of this man. He knew that now he did not have to pretend he was a man anymore. Why didn't he accept this truth years ago, when all the other kids called him homo, queer, pussy, cunt, and made fun of him?

He had wasted years trying to be a man, but now he knew the truth. He was meant to serve stronger people and obey them and make himself useful to them so they would be pleased "Ughhh, this man’s finger is pushing into my asshole.” Todd thought to himself. Todd found himself helping to spread his ass by moving his legs a little farther apart. Sergeant Allen noticed this helpful movement and praised him for it. "That's right pussy boy, you're a good girl now." Todd actually felt a bit of pride to be praised by such a big, tall man as this police officer. "This is what you were destined for, this is what you were built for. Are you listening to me, Todd?"

Todd winced as the finger probed his rectum, "Yes, sir," he replied. Frank withdrew his finger and brought his hand down hard on Todd's' ass, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. Todd yelled loudly and began crying again, he had never been so much as in a small fight in his life and could not ever remember being spanked by his Mother. "Listen to me, Todd. You need to show me respect. You do not answer me or Miss Jacobs like that again. You will show me proper respect by addressing me as ‘Master’ when we are alone and ‘Sergeant Allen’ when there are others around, do you understand? Answer me?"

"Yes Sir, Master, thank you, Master," Todd cried.

"Good girl, good girl," Frank praised him. "Now I must ask you for a decision. Do you wish to stay here with Miss Jacobs, or do you want to come with me to the jail and become a cocksucker for all the inmates?"

Todd cried harder, but Sergeant Allen could hear him, between sobs, begging to be allowed to stay with Miss Jacobs, and that he would obey her and be a good boy.

"No, Todd, if you stay with Miss Jacobs, you will not be a good boy. You will be whatever Miss Jacobs wants you to be, and obey her every command, won't you?"

"Yes, Yes, Master, I will, I will. Thank you, Master!"

"Hush, hush, little girl," Frank interrupted, "I'm sure you will obey. Now Todd, would you like me to spank you and make your pretty little ass bright red, so Miss Jacobs will know you have been properly punished? After all, that’s the only way she will allow you to stay here.”

"Yes Master," Todd said pleadingly, “Yes, please spank me. Please turn my ass red so Miss Jacobs will know I have been punished.”

Again, Frank praised his little play toy. “What a very good little girl you are. You make me very proud of you.” And again, Todd felt more pride and even honor for being manhandled by this real man. “And after I spank you, I am going to give you a wonderful reward. A treat for you to enjoy. A treat that you will have earned now, and every other time, I spank you. Would you like that, my little pussy girl?"

“Yes, Master," answered Todd, who was no longer crying. Suddenly, Frank’s hand came slapping down hard on the boy’s ass in rapid succession, first on one cheek and then the other, on and on as Todd bucked up and down, screaming and crying as the tears flowed. Finally, it ended, but not the crying. Frank laid his hand on Todd's bright red-hot ass and comforted the boy. After a few minutes, he spoke. "Todd, honey, I want you to get up and kneel in front of me. Do it now."

Todd got off the big man’s lap and kneeled in front of him, the police officer, his Master. "Listen carefully, Todd, you are going to unzip my pants. You are going to pull my cock out and put it in your mouth and softly suck on it until I cum in your mouth. You are going to swallow every drop of cum and clean my cock with your tongue afterward, do you understand?"

Every fiber in Todd's mind said, no, this is wrong, but his cock was so hard, and he was so excited at the obsceneness of it all, he could only say, "Yes Master."

"Do it now slave," Frank ordered. Todd crawled closer to the Sergeant and reached out and fumbled with his zipper. He had never unzipped another man's pants before and it was awkward, but he managed. His own cock was about ready to explode from excitement as he reached in and found the man’s huge cock and carefully pulled it out. Frank reminded Todd, "If you hurt it in any way, you will get another spanking just like the last one, boy." The big cock sprung out of his pants like a flagpole and Todd moved his face toward it, capturing it with his lips. He thrilled to the wickedness of it all.

Todd thought that if his mother or brother or any friend saw him now. They would be surprised and jealous of him. He also thought that this all was their fault and it served them right that he was sucking a man's cock. He could not comprehend that his reasoning process was now flawed. Todd massaged Frank's cock with his tongue and was surprised at the pleasant, velvety feeling his tongue encountered. He slowly moved his mouth back and forth over the length of the entire cock, not wanting to let one inch go unexplored. The man who owned the cock was making strange guttural noises and was moving his cock to meet his lips. Frank tapped Todd on his head and Todd opened his eyes to meet Franks gaze. Frank whispered, "Keep your eyes on my cock, and I want to hear you make slurping noises, pussy girl." Todd's answer was garbled but respectful, "Yebg Maszer." Todd started slurping the huge cock now, making wet smacking sounds that excited even him. Todd sucked noisily on this massive cock, the first he had ever sucked. His own cock grew harder than it had ever been.

Frank continued talking to his new cocksucker. "You are no man, pussy, but you are going to make a very fine cock sucking little girl. I want you to feel very proud of being able to suck cock. I wish your dear sweet Mother could see you sucking my cock. She would be so proud of you, Todd. Not at first, though. I suppose she would think you had let her down, and that you had turned into a worthless piece of shit. But after watching you for a while, she would have to agree that you actually had some value. Don't you agree, Todd?" Todd could only nod his head yes. "So, then she would have to agree that her son was going to turn into a very fine cock sucker. You should feel very proud Todd." Todd's eyes had closed, and the humiliation of the words he was listening to, and the wonderful feeling of the hard cock in his mouth, had all but sent him over the edge of lust.

Suddenly, Sergeant Allen's breathing was becoming heavy and he groaned. He tapped Todd on the head and Todd again opened his eyes. Frank spoke to him. "Listen closely, you will keep your eyes on my cock, and when I cum in your mouth, you will not swallow it. The cum will be warm and thick. I want you to hold it in your mouth and get used to the wonderful taste of it because you will swallow a great deal of cum in the future. I will hold your head steady and withdraw my cock until only the head is in your mouth, which will leave room for my cum. Blink your eyes twice at me if you think you can do that, my little pussy girl." Todd's eyes slowly blinked twice.

Frank patted his head softly. "Good girl, Todd, good girl. Here it comes, sweetheart. Don't spill any." Todd's eyes were wide open. The Sergeant held his head tightly with both hands and his cock was moving slowly in and out of his mouth. In and out, in and out, in and out. Todd felt the fat muscle between his lips. Todd knew that this cock was his Master now, and the very purpose of his existence was to be available to this Cock Master for his pleasure.

The Mistress and Her Pet
Part 3 of 4

A thought came to Todd's mind. “Maybe this is not real, maybe it's another dream.” He felt like it was real when Miss Jacobs was in bed with him and she was naked. He was sucking on her breasts and she was masturbating him. It all seemed real, too, when Miss Jacobs had made him take off his clothes as soon as his Mom had left. She talked to him dirty and played with his penis. But it was only a dream. Worse, when he acted like it was real. He got into big trouble. He cautioned himself to not take this too seriously. This, too, was surely a dream. But it was so erotic and exciting! He finally decided to enjoy it because eventually, the dream would end, and he would go back to his life and back to college.

"Ummm." Frank groaned and sent his cum into Todd's waiting mouth. "AGGHHHH," Frank passed his seed into his little pussy girl. Todd felt the warm fluid hit the back of his mouth and he concentrated on holding it without gagging and swallowing. In and out the cock slid, depositing more cum. Todd's lips held on tight lest any cum escape. His eyes watched his Master as he slowly recovered from his fucking. Then it was finished. The hands still held Todd's head. Todd's lips still gripped the head of the cock. Todd's mouth still held the warm cum. Occasionally, the cock head jerked and more cum slid into the waiting receptacle. There was only the heavy breathing from Sergeant Allen and Todd. Sergeant Allen had just had the most exciting climax of his life. He chuckled to himself, “Hell, the induction of a new pussy girl was always like this.” He looked at the pretty boy in front of him, still holding his semi-hard cock. Miss Jacobs had told him his cut for assistance would be five grand. He wished he could quit the department, but he knew that his position there was important to his position here with Miss Jacobs.

With his climax properly concluded. It was time for the next part of Miss Jacobs planned programming of Todd's mind. The word game was very important to keeping Todd's mind confused. Todd was being taken down a long road, with many twists and turns. Leading him into a state of mind from which he would never recover. Sergeant Allen whispered to Todd. Todd, still holding the head of the cock with his lips, concentrated on not swallowing the warm cum in his mouth. Listening intently to the important words his Master was telling him, his heart beating wildly in his chest.

19-year-old Todd knelt, holding Sergeant Allen's cum and his cock head in his mouth, as he listened to his master’s words. Sergeant Allen and Miss Jacobs had planned and refined the mind washing of Todd. Using techniques that included soft drugs, threats of jail, public exposure as an attempted rapist, physical violence, sexual suggestions and humiliation, they had taken Todd's confused mind to a deeper, darker place than it had ever been before. Sergeant Allen continued talking to Todd. "If you tell Miss Jacobs what I am doing to you, I will call you a liar and I will definitely take you downtown to the jail. I’ll give you over to those sexual predators to use for the next 15 years. Do you understand, pussy girl? Blink your eyes once, slowly." Todd's eyes blinked in acknowledgment.

"I will recommend to Miss. Jacobs that you be given another chance to make good here at her home. But … if you should even slightly disobey or disagree with any of her wishes, she will call me, and I will come back. I’ll handcuff you, charges will be filed, and you will be lodged with several men who will treat you like a communal whore. Your Mother and everyone else will know what you tried to do, and your life will be over. At any time, if you fail to obey Miss Jacobs or me, you will go to jail. Do you still have, my cum in your mouth, pussy girl?" Todd's eyes blinked slowly. "Good girl,” Frank said as he patted Todd's head. "After I am gone and Miss Jacobs releases you from the corner of the room, I want you to fall on your knees and kiss and lick her feet like a little slave slut. I am going to recommend to Miss Jacobs that she keep you like that for a while until you learn some control over your actions. After some needed discipline has corrected your bad manners, I am going to suggest that she buy some girl clothes for you to wear. You will quickly agree to whatever Miss Jacobs wants to do because I want a pretty girl sucking my cock."

The whole room was spinning. Todd was nodding but not sure of anything. “You will make a very pretty transvestite, sweetheart, and you will do it because if you don't, you know what will happen. Blink your eyes if you understand, my sweet pussy girl." Todd's eyes blinked slowly. "Now, I want you to slowly begin swallowing my cum, and then I want you to lovingly lick any cum off my cock. Do it now." Todd swallowed the cum and realized that this was all he had eaten since earlier in the day. Todd then went to work with his tongue, gently licking Sergeant Allen's cock until it was clean. Sergeant Allen then had Todd blow softly on his cock until it was dry, and allowed him to put his cock back in his pants and zip them up.

"Now, pussy, stand up and let me see your ass." Todd's ass was still a bright red, but Frank pulled him down over his lap again and whipped his ass even more. Todd began crying again. "Now, my little cock sucking pussy girl, kiss my feet and then get your ass back to the corner where Miss Jacobs had you standing and wait for her." Todd turned to leave and Sergeant Allen gave him one last hard slap on his ass as Todd ran to his corner.

When Miss Jacobs drove up to the big house, Sergeant Allen was standing outside casually throwing small stones into the beautiful pond by the side of the house. He waved at her and walked to meet her. They sat down on the patio and discussed the day's events and the development of her property's mental condition. Miss Jacobs was pleased with Sergeant Allen's work with Todd and thanked him. She told him that this young man could be worth more to them by keeping him as rental property than just selling him completely. She told the Sargeant that Todd would always be available to him whenever he wanted him.

Sergeant Allen smiled, saying, "Sheila, you're the boss, I'm very happy with our arrangement, and whatever you decide is fine with me.” Then he asked, "Do you have any idea how long Todd's training is going to take, and do you have your eye on your next student resident?"

Mis. Jacobs reached down and extracted a manila envelope out of her handbag. "Hey, Todd hasn't even been here 24 hours yet. Much too early to see that far down the road. But, yes, here is the next boy I am looking at."

Taking the photo out of the envelope, she handed it to him. "What do you think?" Frank Allen looked at the picture of a young man. He was totally naked, standing in a shower room washing. He was very cute, straight, and according to the research she received, had a lot of self-determination. This makes this victim quite a challenge.

According to the report, he had been working out for several years, and the photo showed lean muscle to prove it. Sergeant Allen judged him to have about 8 inches of soft cock. "I'm impressed," he finally said as he handed the photo back to her. "What's the deal with him?"

“I’m not saying just yet, OK?” she told him. Sheila then turned and went into the house to deal with her sweet little submissive boy whose mind was in for more drugged juice, pleasure and pain. Todd, standing naked in the corner, heard the door close, and then the clicking of Miss Walker's high heels on the hardwood floors.

She stopped somewhere behind him and then she spoke. “I see by your behind that the Sergeant finished your spanking, Todd. Are you ready to apologize to me now?"

Todd had long finished his crying and he was eager to obey Miss Jacobs. "Yes, may I please apologize, Miss Jacobs?"

"Yes, you may turn around and tell me how sorry you are." Todd turned around and faced the beautiful woman and immediately his hands went to hide his privates as he started stuttering his apologies. "Hands to your side, Todd,” Miss Jacobs corrected.

Todd dropped his hands quickly and began crying as he poured out his heart to Miss Jacobs and promised to obey her every wish. He pleaded for her to forgive him. Miss Jacobs sat down in a comfortable soft chair, snapped her fingers, and pointed in front of her. Todd hurried to her and dropped to his knees and began kissing and licking her shoes, thanking her for being so kind to him.

"I will forgive you, but you must still be punished and earn my forgiveness."

"Oh yes, Miss Jacobs, of course. Thank you,” blubbered Todd. Miss Jacobs saw that Sergeant Allen had indeed prepared him well, and now she could take him back to his dream world of pleasure and confusion. "You must be hungry, thirsty and tired Todd. You will follow me on your hands and knees to the kitchen, so you can eat something, then you will take your shower and go to bed for the night," instructed Miss Jacobs. "You will not be going to jail as long as you are obedient. If you understand and agree, you may nod your head."

Todd quickly nodded his head in relief and felt a wave of happiness come over him as he crawled along behind his beautiful Landlady. Todd waited patiently as Miss Jacobs fixed his supper. She brought him a glass of warm milk and told him to drink it all immediately, which Todd did. He had not realized that he was so hungry and the milk, although tasting funny again, helped stop the hunger pangs that he had been having. Miss Jacobs told Todd to sit quietly and not to move while she attended to something, and that she would feed him when she came back. Todd nodded. He was afraid to talk and mess things up. Time dragged on for Todd, and still no Miss Jacobs. He was still hungry and still afraid to move without her permission. He was so tired that his eyes were getting heavy and he was falling asleep while on his hands and knees.

He was having trouble focusing his eyes. Finally, he heard the clicking of Miss Jacobs's shoes coming. When she walked into the kitchen, his attention was drawn to her and his penis quickly grew to its full hardened length. Miss Jacobs was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. She was almost naked, wearing a bikini-type brassiere and panties with a garter belt and nylons. She was also wearing high heels that must have had 4 or 5-inch heels on them, and she absolutely towered over him as she went to the counter to get his supper. Todd was breathing so hard now, and his eyes were as large as silver dollars as he stared openly. Miss Jacobs picked up a dish and patted Todd's head, saying, "Come, girl," and clicked her heels over to the table. Todd obediently crawled behind her, his eyes on the lovely curves of her buttocks. She sat his dish on the table, then went and retrieved her plate and brought it to the table. She sat down and looked at Todd, who was still breathing hard. She patted his head and sat his dish down on the floor beside her and told him, "Eat, girl, hands on the floor. Use your mouth only." Todd looked down at his dish and then back at Miss Jacobs in confusion. Miss Jacobs screamed at him, "Are you stupid? Are you disobeying me?"

Shaking with fear again, Todd lowered his head to his dish and began eating his supper. It was bread with gravy poured over it, and Todd was getting gravy all over his face as he forced his face down into the dish to eat. Miss Jacobs had positioned him, so she could see what effect this was having on Todd's cock. When she yelled at him, his cock had withdrawn and now, as he was eating, his cock was returning to its usual hard state. The drug was working well with the boy and would take him even deeper into his dream world. She watched him eat like an animal and patted his head, offering praise to him.

“Good girl, Todd. You are being a very good girl. I want you to lick your dish clean, girl. That's it, girl, lick it clean for me." Todd had a hard-on that he would like to play with, but Miss Jacobs was making him lick his bowl, and he was trying to keep his eyes on the beautiful legs in front of him. He wanted to kiss Miss Jacobs’ legs and tell her how much he loved her and tell her he would do anything for her.

"Miss Jacobs," he started. SLAP! SLAP! came stinging blows to his face as she corrected him.

"Bad girl, Todd! You were not told to speak!" The tears came to Todd's eyes quickly and he cried in silence. Miss Jacobs got up and wiped Todd's face with a wet washcloth and said, "Come girl." Todd crawled behind her with his eyes full of Miss Jacobs’ beautiful ass again. She sat down on a chair, snapped her fingers, and pointed in front of her. Todd quickly was there between her feet. She smiled at Todd, softly speaking, "Would you like me to masturbate you, honey?"

"Yes please, Miss." SLAP! SLAP! Another couple of stinging blows were delivered to Todd's face. Miss Jacobs smiled again at Todd. "Girl, you don't have permission to speak. You must nod your head yes or no. Do you understand?" Todd nodded his tear-streaked face. Miss Jacobs explained to Todd that he had been bad and was being punished so she could not play with his little dick. "Todd, have you ever seen a dog hump someone's leg before?" she asked. Todd nodded his head yes. "Would you like to hump my leg without using your hands?" Todd was breathing hard and sweating now as he quickly nodded his head yes. Miss Jacobs smiled her wicked smile. She was enjoying Todd's trip to never-never land.

"After you lick my shoes clean, you may hump my leg, girl," she instructed. Todd bent down and carefully licked each shoe clean, then excitedly positioned himself into a squatting position with his penis against Miss Jacobs’ leg. He excitedly began moving up and down on her leg, rubbing his penis on her nylons. Sheila looked at the rutting boy, who a few hours ago had been the pride and joy of his Mother and marveled at the power a woman could hold over any male. She had reduced this normal young man to an obedient animal who would do anything to satisfy his sexual desires. Which she was embedding in his mind. She spread her legs apart and he moved with the leg, not missing a stroke in his own movement. His eyes were focused on her thinly covered pussy as the sweat rolled down into his eyes. Miss Jacobs watched as Todd's eyes glazed over and a groan escaped his lips. She could feel the warm cum squirting out onto her leg and she grinned as Todd looked at her for approval. She waited until his rutting and jerking were finished before she pushed him down and instructed him to lick up all his dick juice from her leg and on the floor. Todd sensed that he had pleased Miss Jacobs by humping her leg, and it had been the best cum of his life.

It felt good to Todd to finally make someone happy with him and to know he had done well and she had smiled at him and called him a good girl when he had done such a good job of licking up all the cum. Sheila Jacobs pulled the boy up onto her lap. She put his head on her breasts and whispered. She immediately noticed his heart beating faster and his cock again rose up to a standing position. She reached down on his belly and used her finger to wipe some cum off. Her finger went to his mouth and pushed inside. Todd sucked the finger and moaned. He was listening to Miss Jacobs telling him that he was now her slave and that she owned him. Miss Jacobs watched his cock throbbing with renewed lust. She knew he was hers now. Any possibility of resistance had been slapped and threatened out of him by Sergeant Allen.

Now she was probing his mind for weaknesses, and susceptibility to suggestions. She was actually giving him a lie detector test. She would tell him of her plans for him and watch his cock's reaction. She had learned a long time ago that cocks do not lie, no matter what its owner says. Sheila continued whispering in Todd's ear. "I am your Mistress and owner, Todd, and you will obey me totally." Todd nodded. "You are not going to go to college. There are no college courses for training dog slaves. You will go to school right here in this house. Your schooling here will teach you all the important things you will need to know to be a good slave.”

Todd continued sucking on Miss Jacobs’ fingers, his eyes falling closed while he listened. "You will be taught to behave like the pretty girl you are. You will be dressed in nylons and high heels. You will wear nylons and garter belts. You will be taught how to put makeup on, and lipstick, and to make yourself attractive to both the women and men who will use you sexually. If you want to please me, you will ask me to help you become a she-male. I will love you if you obey me. I want you to paint your fingernails and toenails a bright pink, and I want you to shave all that ugly body hair off. Will you do that for your Mistress?" Todd nodded his head. He wasn’t quite sure what this all meant, but if Miss Jacobs wanted it, it must be right.

“I want you to wear pretty silk panties and nylons. Will you do that for your Mistress, Todd?" Todd nodded his head again. His eyes opened partially as he was feeling the drug in his milk begin to take effect, but he continually tried to fight it off. He wanted to continue to listen to his Mistress.

Miss Jacobs continued, "I have lots of pretty panties in my drawers, Todd. Do you want to go in my room and look in my drawers at my pretty panties? Todd did not nod. He had fallen asleep on her lap, his cock still hard. The drug Todd had been given worked very well. He was asleep, but he was still taking in information, which Miss Jacobs was now feeding him. She continued holding him as he still occasionally sucked her finger. Her other hand slowly massaging his semi-hard cock as she whispered in his ear messages for his subconscious. Then she walked the groggy boy upstairs to his bedroom and put him to bed. Miss Jacobs opened the cabinet in her bedroom and turned on the closed-circuit monitor to record him sleeping, and then retired also.

The next morning, Todd would start out with a clear head and be faced with foggy memories of exciting sexual activities that did or did not take place yesterday. She would see how he reacted to them. She anticipated that he would at some point end up in his bathroom and beat off. That would be the moment when she would walk in on him and cause him his next shameful embarrassment.

When morning came, Sheila went to Todd's room and knocked several times, then said, loudly, "Todd, time to get up and shower." She heard Todd respond, "Yes, Miss Jacobs." She then went back to her bedroom and sat down again in front of the monitor with her coffee and watched Todd still lying in bed. Todd was awake now. He did not remember getting into bed. Suddenly, flashes of memory came flooding into his mind. Was it real or was it a dream? He felt these weird visions were a dream. He always dreamed about sex. His hand went down to his hard-on and fondled it lovingly, enjoying the pleasure. He had wonderful visions of Miss Jacobs’ ass and legs. She was so beautiful. Then he had a vision of her making him eat out of a dish on the floor while he was naked. She had told me to hump her leg and cum on it. No, he thought, it must have been a dream. He had to be careful not to do something stupid again today and make her mad at him again.

Then his mind went back to that guy, Sergeant Allen. He had been real, and he had made me suck his cock and told me if I said anything he would take me to jail. Miss Jacobs would think I was lying. She would believe him, not me. So, no way would I mention it. He needed to shower, but first, he needed to cum. Todd got up and walked to his bathroom, which was inside his bedroom, and closed the door and took some toilet tissue and wadded it up and began working his dick in earnest. His head full of thoughts of male slaves and eating off the floor and wearing panties and nylons. Miss Jacobs watched Todd go into the bathroom and begin to really pump his dick. She got up and went to his room. She silently opened his bedroom door and went to the bathroom door. She quickly opened the door while saying, "Todd are you in the shower?"

Todd froze in horror. Miss Jacobs recoiled from the sight of her student resident engaging in masturbation. Then she screamed," You, filthy boy!" Todd turned white as Miss Jacobs reached out and grabbed his cock, pulling him out of the bathroom, through his room, down the hall and into her room next door. Sheila threw him on the bed and lit into his ass with her hand. Todd tried saying he was sorry, but Miss Jacobs had told him to shut up. Miss Jacobs spanked long and hard. The room was filled with Todd's crying and the sound of skin slapping skin. His ass was a dark red when she finished. Todd's crying subsided, but not the pain. He was scared because he knew he was probably on the way to jail for sure now.

Miss Jacobs moved her face within inches of Todd's face and hissed, "You will obey me completely. You will do everything I tell you to do now." Her hand found Todd's balls, her fingers curling around them and slowly squeezed as she talked. “Any disobedience from you and I will cut off these little jewels of yours, understand?" Todd nodded, the thought of what she had just said causing him to shiver. "You will never masturbate again unless you are given permission. NOW, get your ass into my bathroom, run bath water, and I want you to shave all the hair on your body except on your head. You had better be smooth all over when you get out of that tub. Now do it, and don't you dare open your mouth and don't you dare play with that cock of yours. GO!"

Todd hurried into the bathroom and ran bath water and found the razors and shaving cream. He could not explain it, but he had an enormous hard-on and he was scared but excited. He hurried as fast as he could, still hearing Miss Jacobs threatening him from the other room. Sheila Jacobs sat down in her bedroom, watching Todd through the mirrors in the bathroom. He was too pretty to be a boy, and she was going to change that today. The plan had been too slowly bring him into submission, but there was no need to delay now. He was firmly in her grasp and could not escape.

Yesterday, she had him sign papers acknowledging that he had attempted to rape her. But that was just the beginning. She had him sign other papers, all of which he never read. One was his acknowledgment that he stole $1,000.00 from her. Another paper gave her his Power of Attorney. He also signed a letter to the school, officially dropping out before it even started. It also requested them to send all correspondence to him here at Miss Jacobs’ residence. The final paper he signed was an agreement to work for Miss Jacobs for simply room and board as restitution for the attempted rape and stolen money. Simply put, she now owned him and would start his training today. Any attempt at resistance would be dealt with harshly and quickly.

Sheila walked into the bathroom and told him to stand and face her. Todd quickly stood, covering his penis with embarrassment. "Raise your arms above your head, girl," she hissed at him. Todd's arms went up high and she reached out and grabbed his cock. She lifted it and inspected him for any hair. His cock was rock hard, and she gently squeezed it and felt it throb in response. "You missed your underarms, girl. Hurry and finish. I want you out of the tub, dried and standing in front of me, in 5 minutes." Then she turned and walked out.

Todd had never shaved those areas before, and as he quickly finished up, he could not understand why he was so sexually aroused. He did know he loved this powerful woman and wanted to please her. Todd walked naked out of the bathroom and stood in front of Miss Jacobs, who was sitting on a large love seat. He kept his hands to his sides as he had been taught, his cock standing out and jerking rhythmically as it throbbed. Miss Jacobs examined his body for hair again, instructing him to turn around and spread his ass cheeks and to bend down. Todd felt he was about to faint as he obeyed this beautiful woman and showed her his hairless asshole.

"Stand up and turn around, slave," said Miss Jacobs. Todd felt somewhat in a daze. She was telling him he was a slave. Yesterday he came here to live while he was going to college and he needed to go to the campus and finalize some classes and get his schedule. Todd thought to himself, this is a mistake. I never wanted to rape Miss Jacobs. Why won't she believe me?

Miss Jacobs stood up and walked over to Todd. "I want you to take off my bra and panties now." She turned, and Todd carefully unfastened her bra and then knelt down and slid her panties down to her ankles. Then she stepped out of them. "Put your nose and tongue in my ass crack and breathe deeply, and then lick my asshole, slave," Sheila told him. Todd, in an erotic trance, did as he was ordered, breathing so hard he felt faint. Miss Jacobs turned around and Todd was now staring at her beautiful body. She grabbed his hair and pulled him into her pussy and pushed his face up and down, telling him to lick. Todd's tongue was extended fully, trying to reach deep into her clit, but her strong hand was guiding him around. Sheila Jacobs pulled the boy up by his hair and yanked him to the bed, shoving him on his back. "Stay, girl," she ordered.

She went to her dresser and brought back a bag, pulling out a pair of white fishnet nylons. Todd lay passively as Miss Jacobs expertly pulled both nylons up his legs, his cock waving in the air. Next, she pulled him to his feet and put a beautiful white garter belt around his narrow waist. She attached it to his nylons and knelt in front of him, softly taking his cock into her mouth and sucked his manly dick. Todd groaned in lust and his legs buckled as he slipped to the floor. Miss Jacobs stopped sucking and said, "You are never allowed to cum unless I give permission." She pulled him up to the love seat and onto her lap, fondling his penis and balls, enjoying the hairless smoothness of them. She whispered and licked his ear while giving him the rules he would now live by.

Todd now stood before his Mistress, hearing from her how he had made his decision to serve her needs in return for her persuading Sergeant Allen not to arrest him for attempted rape. He had agreed to her every demand. He would call his Mother and inform her that he had decided against going to school this year. He would tell her he was going to work for Miss Jacobs and some of her friends and make a little money. So she would not have to support his schooling. Todd was now wearing four-inch stiletto white high heels and thigh high nylons attached to a lacy white garter belt. A very short black leather maids’ skirt was tight around his waist and was too short to hide his swollen cock, which bobbed in convulsive jerks. He was wearing a little white maids’ cap and was looking at himself in the mirror. Miss Jacobs sat down in her favorite chair and snapped her fingers and Todd hastened to her and stood in-between her legs as she tightly attached a small collar around his balls, forcing them to protrude outward. He watched as she produced a small padlock and locked the ball collar on him. Next, she attached a dog leash to the collar and led the stumbling boy out of the bedroom and down the stairs to her office. Todd struggled to walk, ignoring the pain the awkward position of his feet was causing him.

Miss Jacobs dropped the leash and picked up the telephone. Looking in a book on her desk, she dialed a number and lovingly brushed Todd's hair. "Yes, Linda, this is Miss Jacobs. He is ready for his first visitor, and as I promised you, you’ll be the first." She smiled and laughed. "That's fine, we will be there. Bye." and hung up.

She then sat down behind her desk, raising her skirt up and motioning Todd to come to her and to kneel. Todd walked unsteadily to her and fell to the floor on his knees, looking up at the beautiful pussy Miss Jacobs was pulling him toward. His nose went deep into her pubic hair and he inhaled the overwhelming sexual scent as he reached down to his cock and squeezed it gently. Miss Jacobs said, "No, Todd, you may not touch it again without permission." Todd dropped his hand to his side as he instinctively reached out with his tongue to lick the sweet-smelling pussy. "No, Todd, you must learn to do nothing without permission, do you understand?" Todd nodded his head in agreement. There was no noise but his breathing, which seemed labored.

Miss Jacobs spoke softly to her boy-maid. "Are you happy being with me, Todd?" she asked. Todd nodded yes. "Would you like to leave and go back to your old life again?" Todd shook his head no emphatically. "You are now my slave and you shall obey me without question." She petted his hair like a dog. The Mistress and Her Pet
Part 4 of 4

"You see, Todd, you are too pretty and too small to be a man. You have been fighting to be a man all your life and now you must stop fighting and submit to your feminine, submissive side. In your old life, you never made anyone happy. You were a burden even to your Mother. Now you will be making lots of people happy by serving them in any way they wish. You had the chance to stay with me and go to school, but your penis overwhelmed you and you tried to rape me. So now that chance is gone. I would not have taken you in as a slave if you had not tried to rape me. Do you understand that, Todd?" Todd nodded yes.

Miss Jacobs pulled Todd up to a standing position and gently massaged his throbbing cock and balls. "Now I have a surprise for you. You are going to have a visitor whom you know." Todd caught his breath as he intently listened to this shocking news. “I will not tell you who she is, but I will tell you that it was she who brought you to my attention this summer. There are certain people in this country who notify me of attractive college boys who they think may fit into my slave program, and they also know I pay very well for those whom I accept. She is coming to be paid and also to repay you for an unkindness you showed to her. When she rings the doorbell, you will open the door for her and do a nice curtsy for her, and say, ‘Welcome Mistress’. Do you understand?” Todd was in a daze.

"Speak to me, Todd, and tell me that you will obey." Miss Jacobs hissed. "Yes, Miss. Jacobs, I will obey." Todd stammered. Todd's mind was now racing. Who had he possibly offended? He had no idea. Was it someone on campus? A girl he had known? No one came to his mind, and now she would see him dressed like this, with his cock showing, and the things he was wearing.

Miss Jacobs continued to squeeze his cock and softly talk to her slave. "You are to treat her as you would me. If she chooses to use you in a sexual manner, you will obey her. If she chooses to humiliate you, you will feel good about being able to please her, and by pleasing her, you will please me."

Miss Jacobs stood up and stood close to Todd. "Open your mouth, sweetheart," she said softly. Todd opened and stared at her as she came close to his lips and spit into his mouth. "Swallow," she said. Todd swallowed. "Open," she repeated, and Todd opened. Sheila Jacobs cleared her throat and spit deep into his mouth. Todd was breathing heavily, the blood pounding in his cock and head as he swallowed again. "Do you love me?" she asked softly.

"Yes, Miss Jacobs," he whispered in lust.

"Do you love my spit?"

"Yes, Miss. Jacobs." He whispered again.

"I own you. You will obey me, and you are my slave. You will allow yourself to be degraded and humiliated for my love. I own you. You are half boy and half girl, but you will think of yourself as a helpless submissive, obedient girl who is to obey everyone." she whispered, and then pushed him down on his knees. "Lick me, my slave, and drink, my cum now."

Todd's tongue came out and touched his reward, and he licked and licked as both his cock and heart throbbed. Todd was deeply in love with this beautiful woman who owned him. He was happier than he had ever been, and he wanted to please her for the rest of his life. Sheila Jacobs had finally won. He was hers completely for life. She had given him a chance at the game and she had beaten him, as she knew she would. No man could stand against her power. She could beat anyone under any circumstance. Power surged through her as his tongue brought her to a shuddering climax. Her slave licked up the strange tasting nectar as her body kept giving it. Finally, she pushed his head away, pulling her skirt down, and sitting in her chair.

Todd knelt there, looking down at his pulsing hard-on until he was shocked back into reality by the ringing of the doorbell. “You may answer the door now, Todd,” said Miss Jacobs. She watched the young slave walking to the door, his cute ass cheeks swaying, completely visible under his short leather skirt. Todd reached the door and, taking a deep breath, opened it. His face turned a bright red in embarrassment as he found himself standing before a former classmate of his from last year. It was Linda Cota, and she was now looking at his skirt - or more correctly, at what was sticking out from under the skirt. She was smirking rather than smiling, and then her eyes met his as she said "Well?"

Todd recovered and quickly said, "Please come in, Mistress." She walked past him and waited while he closed the door. Todd gestured towards the office, but she waved him in first and watched his ass cheeks move as he led her into Miss Jacobs’ office. Miss Jacobs stood up and greeted Linda with a hug and they chatted away about things Todd was not listening to. He was so humiliated that his cock had shrunk up to a third of its hard size. He wished he could leave, but knew he was trapped. Miss Jacobs opened a desk drawer and took out an envelope and motioned Todd over to her desk. She gave him the envelope and instructed him to count out the money into Linda's hand, telling him it was payment for her having delivered him into her hands. Todd was numb with confusion but took the envelope and extracted the money. It was all $100 bills, lots of them. He took them to Linda and began counting as he laid them, one at a time, into her hand.

He felt humiliated to be paying the girl who had betrayed him into this life which he was now excited about. Todd counted out $5,000 into her hand, and then knelt down and kissed her shoes at Miss Jacobs direction. Linda thanked Miss Jacobs for her generous reward and tucked the money into her purse. Miss Jacobs told her that Todd was coming along very well at accepting his new position, and then she stopped talking and looked at Todd.

"Todd, you are being rude to our guest," she admonished. "Please take your skirt off so she can see your pretty penis." Linda has told me you did not know what it was for last year in college, is that right Todd?"

Todd stared in disbelief, but knew his place and answered, "Yes, Mistress."

"Then show her what you have learned now," Miss Jacobs said with a smile. Todd twisted the skirt around, so he could reach the button and zipper and then slid the skirt down to the floor and stood there in front of the two women. Sheila Jacobs glanced at Linda's wide-eyed expression and knew she liked what she saw. "Todd," Miss Jacobs said, "you are soft. Shame on you! Show Miss Cota what you have learned to do with it." Todd, red-faced with shame and embarrassment, reached down and began masturbating himself in front of the women and found himself getting hard despite his shame.

"Todd, do you have to look at it to play with it, or can you do it while you are looking at us?" Miss Jacobs said derisively. Todd quickly looked up at them and continued pumping his dick while the two of them talked about penis, legs, shoes, and stockings.

Linda asked, "Is he going to ejaculate, Miss Jacobs?"

"Oh no," she replied, "He knows that the days of his freely cumming are over. He will be allowed to occasionally, but not as a habit. Do you know that he used to masturbate 3 and 4 times a day before you had him sent to me?"

Todd looked at Linda smiling back at him as he degraded himself before her, and suddenly it came back to him. She had been with him and a group of girls in the local hangout after class, and she had asked him to dance with her and he had refused. Then he had turned to the other girls and said something about Linda and was surprised that none of the girls laughed until he realized that Linda was standing right behind him. She had turned and walked out of the shop visibly angry. Todd had been sorry, but she ignored him the rest of the school year.

Todd remembered that Linda had been on the plump side then, but now, she was very trim and somewhat cute. Not pretty, but cute, or at least average now. Miss Jacobs watched as Todd stopped masturbating. His cock stood at a 45-degree angle and was throbbing. He looked into Miss Jacobs’ eyes and saw her approval at his humiliation, and that she was pleased with him. Turning to Linda, Miss Jacobs asked her if she would like to take Todd outside for a walk and exercise. Miss Jacobs’ house was semi-surrounded by dense trees, part of a natural forest.

Linda smiled, saying, "I would love to, Miss Jacobs. Thank you." Linda reached over and picked up the leash attached to his balls. Miss Jacobs interrupted, telling Todd he should take off his pretty things, so they don't get dirty outside if Miss Linda should want to have him fetch a stick or something. Todd unsnapped his nylons, took his shoes off and rolled them down and off. Then he unsnapped his garter belt and he was totally naked. Linda gently tugged the leash attached to Todd's balls and walked to the door, towing the naked young man, his balls pulled out from his body in an unnatural way.

Outside, she pulled him to her side, dropping a hand on his smooth ass and giving him a little pinch. "Let’s go over to the wooded area and we can talk while I exercise you." She walked the humiliated boy over to the edge of the woods where there were table and chairs set up. Linda sat down and pulled the boy close to her as she looked up into his eyes. She reached out and fondled his cock and balls and was surprised to see it grow as she gently massaged them with her fingers. She was as filled with power and lust as she had been over the summer when she had daydreamed about this moment with the boy who had caused her such horrid embarrassment in front of her friends last fall. The whole experience of knowing that money could be made off these young men so easily had occupied her mind constantly, and she had quietly gone about making her own plans for her own business of trapping men for slaves. She had already picked out her first slave to be and would talk to Miss Jacobs about any help and information she could give her. "Down on all fours, slave," she hissed at Todd.

Sheila Jacobs was watching her new slave, who was on all fours, through the window when she was interrupted by the telephone. She picked it up and answered but continued watching. "Hello," she said. "Hello, Miss Jacobs. This is Sergeant Allen. Are you busy, or do you have time to talk?"

"I have time. What is it, Sergeant?"

"Miss Jacobs, I have a young man here at the courthouse who Judge Malloy may have to sentence to the county jail for forging a $1,000 check."

"That is a felony, and even if it is his first offense, he will do some jail time for it." The sergeant said. "He is sitting here crying and he's been scared to death of jail since I first booked him. I had to walk him through the cell block naked and in view of the other inmates who yelled out a lot of comments to him. Judge Malloy is here too, and I mentioned to him that you have helped several young men straighten out and that you might be willing to take this young man under your wing."

Miss Jacobs instantly read between the lines and asked to speak to Judge Malloy.

"This is Judge Malloy, Miss Jacobs." Miss Jacobs exchanged greetings with the Judge and then asked about the young man.

"Well," the Judge responded, “he is 20 years old, and a nice-looking boy but he does have some problems. He lied to us about who he was when we picked him up, but we finally got the truth out of him. We contacted his parents, finally, but they want nothing to do with him anymore. He is widely known as a liar, so no one will believe him anymore, and he has no friends." The Judge went on, "I hate to send him to jail because the other inmates will certainly have their way with him and use him if you know what I mean. Sergeant Allen suggested you might be able to help him if he were given to you instead of sending him to jail. You would be given free rein over him, and the only thing we would ask is that you bring him back to me in 30 days to see if I can release him permanently to you, or if I must send him to jail." Miss Jacobs knew that if Sergeant Allen had mentioned her to the Judge, the boy would be of the special type she was actively seeking.

“Judge Malloy, what if the boy were to lie about me and how he was treated. Would I be in any legal trouble?" Miss Jacobs asked.

Absolutely not. Sergeant Allen has personally vouched for you and I trust you implicitly. I realize that you may have to be harsh with him to get him turned around, and since we already know that lies are second nature to him, anything he says against you will be simply treated as lies, I assure you."

"Thank you, Judge Malloy. I appreciate your confidence in me. I will take the young man, but I cannot take him until tomorrow afternoon. Is that alright?"

"Absolutely, Miss Jacobs," the Judge said, "and I thank you for your public spirit. I will have Sergeant Allen hold him in the jail for safe keeping until tomorrow afternoon. Thank you so much, Miss Jacobs."

"That's OK, your Honor," Sheila Jacobs replied as she looked outside and saw Linda walking Todd on all fours like an animal. She hung up the phone and reached down to massage herself between her legs, and as she watched, she thought of the new boy who would also soon be learning a new life. Linda unsnapped Todd's leash and petted his head. Sitting down in the lawn chair, she pulled her dress up and then slipped her panties off in one quick motion. Todd looked at her, not believing this was happening to him. But it was, like it or not. He also knew he was aroused and hard.

Linda grabbed his head by his hair and pulled him roughly to her. His face was sandwiched between her thighs and he could smell her sex. "Lick, stupid," she snapped at him. His tongue was out and licking her mound as she talked to him. "Look at you now, Todd. I am going to do such great things with my life and all you will ever do is be a cunt licker, and I would assume a cocksucker as well. You are going to be a sex slave all your life. A life of sucking pussies and cocks. I feel such power over you, you, dumb fuck." Linda jerked his head back and pushed him over on his back. She was on him, straddling him. She moved up and covered his face with her ass, finally positioning her pussy over his mouth. Todd was breathing hard. He was humiliated, but he found himself so excited over his predicament. His mouth was going to be raped by this girl he had offended, and deep down, he knew he deserved it and now he was craving it.

I am going to urinate in your mouth, slave," Linda rasped. "I will piss a little at a time, so you won't spill any. Drink it all, Todd, or I will whip your ass, understand?" Todd nodded his head, as he could not talk. Suddenly he felt and then tasted the bitter pee and he tried to swallow it as fast as he could.

Miss Jacobs left the window and sat at her desk. She had to make a phone call. The call from Sergeant Allen had actually solved an immediate problem for her. Taking a small black book from a desk drawer, she thumbed through the pages until she came to the name she was looking for. Dialing, she picked up a pen and scratched some figures on a pad. "Hello, Las Vegas Woman's Services, may I help you?" the woman's voice softly said.

"Hello, this is Miss Jacobs. May I speak to Miss Chalmers, please?”

"One moment please," the receptionist replied.

A moment later she heard "This is Miss Chalmers. How are you, Sheila?"

"I am fine,” Sheila said. After a little visiting about the weather and how things were going, Sheila got to the point of the call. "I am receiving a piece of equipment tomorrow that you may be interested in. It is only 20 years old, in very good shape. It has been checked out with the original owners, but they want nothing more to do with it, so it is free and unencumbered."

Miss Chalmers interrupted, saying," If it passes the tests and can be programmed here, I will take it, depending, of course, upon the price.”

Miss Jacobs held her ground. She knew that Miss Chalmers desperately needed male slaves for the wealthy wives of high rollers who spent their time at the tables, spending millions of dollars. She quickly answered.

"Actually, I have been offered $150,000 from the Middle East, but because of the problems and cost of shipping. I would really prefer to send it to you and I would take $100,000. But, if you're not interested, I understand." There was silence on the phone.

"Send it, Sheila. If it passes the tests, the money will be wired to you." Miss Chalmers replied. "Let me know the flight number and arrival. Fax a picture of it and it will be met at the airport."

Sheila Jacobs smiled, replying, "Thank you. I will phone you tomorrow when it is in flight. Bye for now."

"Goodbye, and thank you, Sheila. Let me know if you find any other equipment.” Miss Chalmers said, hanging up.

Sheila Jacobs had just made a quick $100,000. The going rate for a common slave in Las Vegas was set and only the highest quality slaves brought more. She was pleased with making that amount of money with so little effort. She would give Sergeant Allen $10,000 for his timely contribution.

Sheila Jacobs was interrupted when Todd and Linda entered the house. Todd was walking on all fours, with Linda behind him holding the leash attached to his balls. "Well, Linda, did you have a good time with your old friend?" Sheila asked with a smile.

"Oh, yes, Miss Jacobs," answered Linda, "But I wish I had more time with him," and laughed. Miss Jacobs took the leash from her and pulled Todd over to her favorite chair and sat down, pulling him down on her lap. Her hand went to his semi-hard cock and fondled it, bringing it to a hard stand immediately. "Perhaps that can be arranged. I believe you have an apartment by yourself this year, is that right?"

Linda nodded her head yes. "I sure do. I needed my privacy this year. I have thought very seriously about doing what you are doing with slaves, but on a much smaller scale, if that is OK with you and if you don't mind."

Miss Jacobs smiled, both women completely ignoring the young man on her lap whom she was slowly masturbating. Todd's eyes were closed, his face red with embarrassment at being humiliated like this as if he were a small child. Yet his cock was throbbing with lust in Miss Jacobs’ experienced fingers, much to his shame. Miss Jacobs looked directly at Linda. "How would you like to take Todd home with you for a couple days?"

Linda's eyes lit up at the suggestion, exclaiming, "Could I really take him with me? That would be great, I would love to, Miss Jacobs."

Todd could scarcely believe his ears at this sudden turn of events, but he kept his eyes closed so he would not have to look at Linda. The fingers on his cock continued to squeeze and then stop, and then squeeze again at intervals, causing him erratic breathing.

"He's yours for two days, but you must do something for me in exchange."

"What?" Linda asked.

"I want you to pretty our little guy up with makeup, lipstick, polished finger and toenails, and see that his body hair is shaved smooth again when you bring him back."

Linda smiled broadly, "Of course! Just what our little girl needs. I'll do the best I can for you."

"I know you will," Sheila said, and I think you will do well in this kind of business. You will make a lot more money doing this than you would with a college degree, but a college degree can come in handy later, so keep your schooling up. Our little girl, Todd, is going to do a lot of schooling too, aren't you, Todd? Open your eyes and keep them open. Now … I need Todd to call his Mother right now before you take him, so she knows he is well and happy.” Miss Jacobs then picked up the phone and gave it to Todd. "Call her, Todd, and remember to thank her for finding this wonderful house for you. You will tell her that I have been very kind and helpful to you and that you have changed your mind about attending school this year, so you can work for me and my friends to take the financial pressure off her. Do you understand?" Then she added, "Or would you rather have Sergeant Allen come and get you?" Todd was shaking his head yes and then quickly no.

Miss Jacobs continued. "I want you to sound very, very happy, and to tell her you will call her again in a couple of weeks."

"Yes, Miss. Jacobs,” Todd quietly said.

"Now I am going to put you on speaker phone, so we can all hear your conversation. Dial her number now,"

Todd waited for the connection to complete, his eyes trying not to look at Linda as she sat on the sofa directly in front of him, smiling at him. Miss Jacobs was massaging his balls gently as his cock continued throbbing and bobbing.

"Hello," Todd heard his Mother's cheerful voice over the speakerphone.

"Hi, Mom, it's me."

"Hi, honey, how's it going?"

"Fine here, Mom. I just wanted to tell you that I have decided to not attend school this year. I want to stay out a year and work. Miss Jacobs said she has a lot of work I could do for her and some of her friends. I can still stay here with her and pay my own rent."

"Oh honey, I want you to stay in school. You can work later."

"No, Mom," Todd quickly said with a little agitation, at which Miss Jacobs' fingers squeezed hard on his balls, causing him to groan. "I'll be fine, Mom. This is what I want, OK? Everything is going great, OK?" Miss Jacobs' fingers relaxed and once again began slowly masturbating his erect penis. Todd's eyes turned once again to see the broad smile on Linda's face and knew that his face had turned crimson red again. His Mother's voice again asked if Miss Jacobs was treating him well, which caused Linda to put her hand over her mouth, so her laughter could not be heard. "Yes, Mom," rasped Todd. "She is very nice to me and I enjoy being here with her."

"I knew she would be right for you, son. Promise me you will obey all her house rules and not cause her any trouble."

"Ok, Mom, I promise."

"I have to go, Mom. I just wanted to say hi and bye."

"Bye son. Be good, and I love you."

Todd replied with a “bye” also, and Miss Jacobs terminated the call. Linda laughed out loud and said, "That was great, how you handled that, Miss Jacobs."

"Thank you, Linda," she said, "and as a reward for Todd's obedience, I will allow him to hump my leg like a good little doggie. Go ahead, Todd." Todd was once again lost in lust. He slid off Miss Jacobs’ lap and squatted down, putting his groin on her leg, moving up and down, rubbing his cock against it and breathing rapidly.

"You must not cum, Todd, or I will have to spank you again in front of Linda. Stop when you need to, but then continue again when you have yourself under control," Miss Jacobs warned. Linda got up and came over to stand by Miss Jacobs, so she could see Todd's face, the impish grin still on her face. Miss Jacobs snapped her finger and told Todd to keep looking into Linda's eyes and to feel very proud of degrading himself in front of Linda. "Todd's mind seemed to snap, and a smile appeared on his face, as he once again realized that he was pleasing two women and making them happy by humping the beautiful leg in front of him. The End

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