402 Muller

402 Professor Muller and His Student
Part 1 of or 2

Sheldon felt like he had figured his life out. Living on campus during his freshman year had been rough without the structure and supervision of his parents. He had found it hard to stay on task. It wasn't like he was partying more than average; most of the time he skipped class: he just stayed home to play video games. Sheldon's grades suffered. He got close to being kicked out of school.

But by his sophomore year, he did only slightly better. He kept his nose down and got decent grades. Not stellar ones, but good enough to keep his head comfortably above water. He felt like he was figuring out how to coast to safe B's and C's and still have time to himself, and time to party on the weekends. It was a valuable life skill he thought, one that would serve him better than the lessons in most of his classes.

Sheldon's slacker mode is what led him to visit Professor Muller, his psychology teacher. Muller was an intimidating figure but a good teacher who graded students a bit more harshly than the other professors. All the better to encourage students to volunteer as subjects in their psych studies.

It was only a few weeks into the semester, but Sheldon wanted to get into a special, one-on-one study so he could earn extra credits early in the year. That way he could calculate exactly how little he had to do to pull a low B in the class.

"Hi Professor, do you have a few minutes?”

"Hello… Sheldon? Is it? That's what my office hours are for." Muller gestured for Sheldon to take a seat and then went back to grading his papers.

"Thank you. I was just wondering if there were any extra credit studies available this semester?" asked Sheldon

"I put several options in the syllabus. Your grades don't look too bad though, I wouldn't worry. Just study a little more and I'm sure you'll be fine.”

"I saw those options, but I thought I would talk to you and see if you had any other options for me. I'm always up to help the cause of science!"

Professor Muller looked up from his papers, which had been his primary focus so far. He looked Sheldon up and down and gave a slight smile. The boy had a puppy-ish look about him that appealed to the professor, his youth, clear, light skin, boyish look, soulful brown eyes… an all-around cute kid.

"Well, I do have one study. It is a sex-related study and will require a physical examination. It requires six office visits. One every week for the next four weeks, then two more follow-up visits after weeks seven and 11. Additionally, you will follow some simple instructions during the semester. But being a subject does have its benefits. It would be worth 30 percent.”

"That sounds like a lot of work for just 30 points."

"Not points, percent."

Sheldon did a double take. That would be enough to turn a C into an A, with points to spare. Many students would have taken this as a red flag. But Sheldon only saw an opportunity. He could even ignore whole projects and still earn a B. Maybe even make it through the class with an A and get a GPA buffer for some other classes. He was seeking out the laziest way to pass these classes. "I'm in!”

"Perfect. We can get started right away, then. Let me just set things up in my lab next door while you sign these consent forms for me and follow the directions on this cover sheet. Think you can do that for me?”

"Yes sir!" Sheldon said enthusiastically. Muller disappeared through the door into his adjoining lab, while Sheldon got to work signing the documents. There was a hefty stack of them, but Sheldon wouldn't let them come between him and an easy grade.

The form, "Full Disclosure: This study aims to… blah, blah, blah…” He signed.”

Another form, "Medical Waiver: I hereby declare that I have no relevant medical… blah, blah, blah…” He signed.

And another, "Liability Release: I agree to waive my rights to… blah, blah, blah…” He signed this one too.

He read the cover sheet for instructions. It instructed him to download an app, so he did. He didn’t read the full contract. The professor appeared at the door. "I'm ready for you now.”

Sheldon got up and came into the lab. It was rather small and dominated by a strange contraption in the center of the room. It looked a little like a dentist's chair but cluttered with various wires and apparatus. The professor noticed Sheldon's skepticism. "This is much simpler than it looks. You will just sit back and watch some footage through these VR goggles. Everything else here just measures your responses. Even the pills are harmless.”


"You really should read things before you sign them, son. Here is your bottle. Take one for me now, and then take one every day at the same time.”

Taking pills made Sheldon nervous. He took the one handed to him, but then asked, "I thought this was a psych study. Are there any side effects to the pills?”

Professor Muller put a hand on Sheldon's shoulder reassuringly. "The pills will have no medical effect. They have no bioavailability; they will eventually pass right through you. But in the short term, they help us see more of what's going on inside you. However," Sheldon got ready for some bad news. "You will have to be naked for this part of the study. There is a modesty screen over there if you want to use it, but most don't. You'll be in the chair naked anyway.”

Sheldon took a deep breath and went to unbutton his shirt, but his hands froze. "Don’t be shy, my boy. Here, let me help you, just sit back.” As the professor unfastened his shirt and peeled it off, he didn't reveal a perfect six-pack or chiseled abs. Sheldon wasn't athletic. He was slim, but not quite skinny. He was very cute in that puppyish way that only a 19-year-old can be, full of youth and potential. Hairless except for the slightest line of hair leading down from his belly button. Professor Muller was enjoying the show.

The professor then bent down and removed the boy’s tennis shoes and heavy white cotton gym socks. As usual, his feet had spots of white cotton fuzz from the socks. Without asking, he simply rubbed his hands all over Shelden’s bare feet, overdoing the brushing off gestures to wipe away the tiny bits of fuzz. The touching tickled causing the boy’s feet to twitch and him to wiggle his toes. Oddly, the professor was in no hurry to stop. He enjoyed rubbing the teen's sexy naked feet. “Ok, now, let me get these pants off.” Sheldon instinctively reached for his zipper to do that himself, but the authoritative hands of the professor unzipped them quickly. The next maneuver was even stranger. Instead of simply having Sheldon stand and drop his pants and underwear, Professor Muller put his arms around the boy’s shoulders and pulled him toward him, to have him lean way forward, against his chest, slightly lifting Sheldon’s ass off the seat. Without a pause, he pulled the boy’s pants down off his hips. down his legs and over those sexy feet. “I… I… can…” “Just one moment, my boy.” Again, the Professor leaned the boy onto him, lifting his ass, and this time he tugged Sheldon’s white jockey’s down and off his legs and feet. One might ask, why didn’t the professor just remove the underwear in one swoop when he removed the boy’s pants? It was just Muller’s control thing. He was a control freak and always did things his way. Maybe it was that mysterious pill he took, but Sheldon was feeling a little lightheaded, or was it just powerless? It was the same feeling he felt when he was a child, and his dad would take care of him when he was ill. It was a good feeling. Sheldon's hefty, dick was flaccid and surrounded by a curly nest of longer than usual, tangled pubic hair. As the boy sat there naked and in a kind of daze, Professor Muller used his fingertips to comb the public hair away from the boy’s dick. He gently lifted and stretched out the kid’s dick with one hand and use the other finger to brush the hair away from it. “There,” he uttered to himself. "Perfect.” Then the Professor reclined the padded chair into a medical exam table, leaning back at 30 degrees. “Now, if I can get you to lay back in the chair for me, we can set you up.”

Sheldon laid back, feeling the exam table paper crinkle against his skin as he settled in. The professor got to work hooking him up to all kinds of devices. First, there was the heart rate monitor that clipped onto his finger. Then a few pads were applied on his sides, a few inches under his arms. "These will measure galvanic response. Stress, or arousal," the professor explained. "Now, this might be a little heavy, so just rest your head back." Sheldon felt a thick helmet get placed on his head. It was like a form-fitting motorcycle helmet covering the top, back, and sides of his head. He could hear something moving around inside it, back and forth. It felt a little like having a printer strapped to his head. "This allows for some simple transcranial brain imaging. It will scan and let me know how focused your attention is at any given time.”

"This is the awkward part," Muller said warmly. "Open your legs a little wider, please? This will go around your genitalia." He held up what looked like a miniature blood pressure cuff with two black bands. "It measures the blood flow, you see." Muller wrapped the thin band around the boy's penis at the base and the thicker, wider band around the top of his ball sack. Both were adjusted snuggly, yet comfortably.

"One last preparation. It's a perfectly natural reaction for you to want to touch yourself during the experiment, but we can't have that as it will skew our data. So, I'm just lightly restraining you. It's only Velcro, so it's more like a reminder than a restraint. You can pull away any time you want or need. However, touching yourself will ruin the session and may result in you being expelled from the study and losing your extra credit. Do you understand?”

"That makes sense professor.”

"Perfect. So how are you feeling Sheldon?”

"Well, I’m a little out of it, but I feel OK. I can see why the extra credit is so generous." Sheldon chuckled. Muller joined in politely, but Sheldon had no idea what the grade would cost him yet.

"And now for the fun part! You get to watch some porn!" Muller put VR goggles over his eyes and attached them to the helmet. “The headphones are built into the headpiece. Now, let’s start the program.

The awesome 3-D vivid imagery started mildly enough. Landscapes and classical music. Muller watched the readings on the equipment wired to the boy, using this control period to calibrate the devices. The subject showed a few signs of nervousness and just a slight arousal. Base levels for a 19-year-old. Then the program started in earnest.

First, there were short clips of men and women of various body shapes and sizes, in various stages of undress. It quickly became clear that Sheldon was straight. He showed no reaction to the male images, and considerable sensory response when shown images of naked women. The visuals became more and more graphic. Couples, straight, gay, and lesbian appeared. Sheldon was certainly aroused; the professor didn't need his lab equipment to tell him that. Sheldon's penis was standing straight up now, displaying its full, impressive girth.

The program continued, showing various fetishes and kinkier activities. The more normal porn was interspersed by scenes of bondage sex, whipping, electro play, male edging, toe sucking, ass rimming, nipple play, and more. Muller carefully monitored the readings. The subject was less aroused by these kinky clips. The boy was straight, and quite vanilla too. No matter. He had the baseline data he needed now. He turned on the transcranial magnetic stimulation. The magnets in the helmet activated, targeting very specific portions of Sheldon's brain. These jolts of stimuli were timed to sync up with the porn and the eye tracker, prompting the subject's brain to release hits of dopamine, norepinephrine, and melanocortin. In other words, every time Sheldon's eyes locked on to a man, or a kinky act with a man, his brain got a tiny hit of chemicals making him very slightly more turned on. It was an elegant idea, but would it create lasting changes in practice? The professor was excited to see if it would work. This was the project, and Sheldon was the lab rat.

As the program reached its climax, Sheldon wanted to, as well. He pulled against the restraints only a little knowing he was not supposed to break free. The Professor did lie about that, no one could set himself free when secured in the heavy-duty Velcro straps. The sounds of men and women achieving orgasm ended and the screen went blank. Professor Muller replaced his leering grin with a more professional demeanor and removed the helmet and VR visor from the kid’s head.

"See? Not so bad, was it?”

"No, I guess not." Sheldon laughed awkwardly.

"One last thing before we're done for the day. We will be needing a sperm sample. From the looks of you, it shouldn't take too long for you to produce one for me. Again, there is a privacy screen over there if you want it. But no one uses it. We're all adults here." The professor pressed a specimen cup into the boy's hand.

Part of Sheldon felt very awkward jerking off in front of another guy, especially an older man. But he was so close already and delayed gratification was not a natural talent for him. A few strokes later, the specimen cup was littered with ropes of fresh jizz.

"Good job. Now just log this ejaculation in your app and you'll be free to go.”


"The app you downloaded. You did read the papers you signed didn't you Sheldon?”

"Of course, I'm just a little drained right now is all.”

"Well then, you'll remember that as part of the study, you'll have to log every time you ejaculate in the app.”

Sheldon picked his phone out from the pocket of his discarded pants and opened the `Study M4M' app that he had downloaded in Muller's office. The app asked him to rate the intensity of the orgasm from 1 to 10 and then asked him to put some notes about what he was looking at and thinking about during the “sexual event.” Sheldon tried to skip past the text entry question, but it wouldn't let him pass without at least 30 characters. “VR Session for Professor Muller's Study.” He hit submit. Sheldon vaguely thought he could hear a vibration from the professor's jacket. Was the app reporting on him in real-time?

"Excellent, thank you, Sheldon. I'll see you here at the same time next week." Professor Muller was confused and disappointed. The experiment was nearly two months in, and nothing seemed to be working. And during his time in the chair, everything seemed to be working. The eye-tracking caught Sheldon looking at men more frequently and showed increased sexual response from kinky images. Muller had even programmed it to try to make Sheldon attracted to older, dominant men, in what now seemed like a vain hope that he would be able to take advantage of that later. Everything in the lab made it look like the experiment was a total success.

But the reports from the app were disappointing. Sure, the boy was jerking off more and more frequently. Almost exactly in keeping with his prediction. One of the main effects of the pill was to increase libido. It worked overnight to permanently raise a person's baseline level of arousal or `horniness' by 1%. Thanks to compound interest, after four weeks the subject should be jerking off about a third more than normal. The subject had self-reported jerking off about 10 times per week before the study began. The early app results confirmed that. In week four he had achieved orgasm 13 times By week seven he was at 16 times. A perfect exponential curve. That alone would be a huge success, and likely make Muller a millionaire.

But it wasn't what he was after. According to the survey results, Sheldon was as straight as ever. He was mildly kinkier, having brief thoughts about bondage, being handcuffed, and being blindfolded with lingerie. Checking the boy's mobile browsing history confirmed it. He was still looking at straight porn. The occasional MMF (male-male-female) threesome was as far as he had gone. The professor's greatest hope now was that he could find out what he had missed.

Sheldon was also feeling confused and disappointed, but for very different reasons. The professor was probably putting all that kinky gay shit into the experiment just to be `inclusive' or whatever. But it seemed to have stirred something dark and shameful within him. At first, he thought it might be a phase or just some idle curiosity, so he tried to push it out of his mind, and certainly to keep it out of his reports to the professor. But trying not to think about it just made it more enticing. Sheldon found himself jerking off more often as he tried to fight off the gay thoughts. He had all the time in the world to spend masturbating. He ignored project after project for the psych class, slipping into a low D. It didn't worry him; this experiment would keep him at an A. Even tanking the final would keep him in the C range if he didn't ignore every assignment.

After the weekly sessions had ended, Sheldon found himself strangely missing the chair. The way the straps felt around his wrists, the way the gadgets all over his body made him feel vulnerable and tingly. Sheldon finally caved and searched for some gay porn in secret on his roommate's laptop. He found himself gravitating to videos of older men dominating young twinks. Sometimes there was bondage and pain involved, sometimes it was sweet, but there was always a power difference between the couple on screen that seemed to make everything so much hotter. Instead of acting as a release valve though, the new font of porn made him hornier than ever.

Sheldon showed up for the week seven follow-up early, trying to hide his eagerness. His `eagerness' was quite noticeable when he undressed. Sheldon savored the feeling of the professor's strong hands as they attached the blood-flow monitor around his cock and pulled the restraints around his wrists tight. Muller was oblivious to this, however. He had checked out, writing this attempt off as a failure and just going through the motions.

When the VR video started to play though, the results shocked the professor out of his funk. The TMS wasn't active yet, it was still the control phase of the session, but the subject was getting turned on by the men. At first, he assumed it was the pills doing their work, making him more attractive to anything that moved. But his response to the women had decreased slightly. The eye tracker showed that he was ignoring them for the men. Especially the older men. Professor Muller tore his eyes away from the data to look at the subject. He seemed to be pulling against the restraints. Not to try to escape, but almost testing them. Savoring them. Could he be imagining it?

As the test ended, Muller went to release the boy. Sheldon knew the drill by now and his hand shot to his leaking cock immediately. He noticed details about the professor for the first time. How he towered over him, his strong jawline, his broad shoulders. He imagined the professor strapping him back into the chair, much tighter this time. Was that a bulge in the professor's pants? Sheldon shot his load examining the outline, almost missing the specimen cup.

"Look like you enjoyed that one.”

"Very much so. This is a whole new way to enjoy porn. I think you're onto something professor.'

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, you won't be having another one for four more weeks, not until our final session.”

"Wait, what?" Sheldon was confused.

"You never read those papers, did you? You agreed to abstain from orgasm for the last period of the study. The next four weeks.”

"You wouldn't be able to tell though, would you?”

"Of course, I would. The pills and your semen samples, remember? They leave a tracer in your bodily fluids so I can see how things build up in your system. If I don't see four weeks' worth of pills in your next sample, I'll know you cheated.”

"So, what happens if I can't hold out that long?”

"That is your choice, you can leave the study at any time. But you wouldn't do that to me, would you? It would ruin the experiment. The entire thing would be worthless. And you would lose your extra credit as well.”

Sheldon started to panic. He was close to an F in the class. They would kick him out of school if he got a D or F. He needed that extra credit. This was going to be a rough month. The panic showed clearly on his face.

"Look, Sheldon, we both want you to succeed, and I think you can if you just try. If you feel yourself start to falter though, give me a call. There might be something I can do to help you." The professor wrote his number on post-it notes and pressed it into Sheldon's hand. Sheldon smiled, calm for the moment. He couldn't remember the last time he felt like someone believed in him.

It had only been a few days, but Sheldon was already having trouble. He was distracted constantly. He couldn't stop touching himself, his hands had minds of their own. He had managed to stop himself from cumming so far, but if it was this much trouble already, what hope did he have? He didn't want to disappoint Professor Muller, and he didn't want to have to drop out of school. He dialed the number.


"I don't think I can do it, professor. I can't hold out 4 weeks.”

"Sheldon? Look, you can do it. Come to my office hours next week and we'll talk about it.”

"Next week? I can't wait that long. I don't think I can make it tonight! I'm going to get kicked out of school if I don't make it. And part of me thinks it would totally be worth it.”

"Ok, ok, calm down. Come to my house then. I'll text you the address.”

Sheldon went to the professor's place immediately. Knocking at the door loudly and constantly until Muller answered it. Muller had obviously been working out. He was wearing a wife-beater that showed off his muscles much better than his suit. The professor's body hair was also visible around the edges of the shirt. But the part that caught Sheldon's eye was the basketball shorts. When Muller moved just right, Sheldon could just see the outline of the professor's cock. The thought of the professor free balling was more than enough to start Sheldon's mind racing with sexual thoughts again.

"That was fast Sheldon, I wasn't expecting you so soon. You might as well come in; I have something for you." Professor Muller guided the boy inside and sat him at the kitchen table. "It seems like you are having a hard time controlling yourself.”

Professor Muller and His Student
Part 2 of or 2

Sheldon looked down to see that he was visibly hard through his pants. Even though the professor had seen much more of him than this, Sheldon was mortified. The circumstances were different. That was for science. This was him feeling weak and out of control.

"I think I have a solution for you. In medicine, sometimes the penis must be immobilized after trauma in order to let it heal. Take off your pants and I'll put them on you. It won't make you less horny, but it will prevent you from getting an erection, touching yourself, or having an orgasm accidentally." The professor pulled out a silicone tube shaped vaguely like a flaccid penis, maybe 2" long. "Take off your pants and I'll put this on you.”

Sheldon slowly slid off his pants. "I'm . . . not sure it will fit right now. Or any time soon.”

"Don't worry, I know how to take care of that." Muller went to the freezer and came back with a small bowl filled with ice. Sheldon took a cube and started rubbing it on his cock. It was cold, but the sensation on his cocks was delicious. The ice melted making his penis slick. This was the opposite of its intended effect.

"Not like that, Sheldon." Muller scooped up a few pieces of ice in his large hand and quickly placed them on the boy's balls. The freezing cubes on his balls caused Sheldon to yelp with surprise and discomfort. When the ice settled in against his asshole, the effect was immediate. The boy's cock wilted as they both watched.

“OK, now that your dick is soft, hop up on the counter. The professor wasted no time. He went to work fitting the cock ring around the boy's genitals as if he had done with the blow flow monitor several times before. Still slick with ice water, Sheldon's naturally thick penis slid right into the silicone sheath filling it. Finally, Professor Muller took a cylindrical mechanism and slid it into a hole connecting the tube to the cock ring. He turned it and it made a faint but ominous clicking noise before a long thin key came out. Sheldon just watched, fascinated by Muller's deft hands as they locked the cock away.

"There we go. Your grades should be safe now. Do you think you can trust yourself with the key, or should I hold on to it?”

"I… uhh. I don't think I have the willpower to keep it on me."

"Very well then. I'll take good care of it for you." The professor reached for his keys, hanging on a hook in the kitchen. He twisted the key to Sheldon's cock into place on his keyring, right next to his house key and car key. Another key, like any other.

"I know I will finish my workout. I suggest that you find something to distract yourself with. I would suggest homework, but that doesn't seem to be your thing. But you will need something to keep your mind occupied. You can show yourself out.”

The professor was right. Sheldon was just as horny as before, perhaps even more so. Not having a way to relieve it was a blessing and a curse. The frustration was exquisite, there was no end to it except waiting for the full 4 weeks. But on the other hand, he felt safe. There was no way he could lose the extra credit now. His grades would be good enough to continue in college.

His grades were more than safe, they improved. Sheldon felt like he had nothing but time on his hands. He found himself no longer able to let his mind wander. His brain used any free moment of thought to conjure more and more elaborate carnal daydreams. The dreams had gone from idle thoughts of naked men to a darker place. He was tied down in most of them or dominated and forced to suck cock. Bigger men and older men took control of him and used him for their pleasure. Women had become almost absent from his mind.

To stave off those fantasies, he did his homework. All of it. A first for him. He threw himself into his textbooks, studying well into the night. He let his classes fill up every space they could in his mind. And to keep his dream quiescent he cleaned his dorm obsessively and started to work out. Not with a plan to become healthier or to get bigger, but just to exhaust himself into a dreamless sleep at night.

His plan worked for the most part. The intrusive sexual thoughts only caught him once or twice a day and time flew by until it was time for the final session with Professor Muller.

Sheldon got to the office early again. This time Muller was early as well. They were both secretly eager for this. They exchanged the usual pleasantries and went to work, Sheldon stripping off his clothes in record time and practically leaping into the chair.

The professor took his time, however, attaching the recording devices slowly and methodically. Sheldon savored the sensation of hands on his body. There was nothing to distract him right now and his mind took the chance to drift into wild fantasies about Professor Muller, imagining the man naked and looming over him.

Finally, the equipment was in place. Muller took the key out of his pocket and unlocked the chastity device restraining Sheldon's cock. As expected, it sprang to life in seconds looking like a time-lapse video. Sheldon's hand reached for his cock forcefully, tearing through the light Velcro restraints. Muller caught the arm just before it reached its goal.

"Come on Sheldon, don't ruin it now. We're just seconds away from the last trial.” “I’ll cooperate.”

“OK, let’s get you in the helmet and into the proper position.” The Professor guided him to an adjustable exam chair. He gathered his subject's wrists and Zip-tied them to a bar at the head end of the reclined chair. When Sheldon reclined, the bar was just behind his neck. The ties were pulled tight. Sheldon tested them. He couldn't move his hands from behind his neck. They were ready to begin. Then the VR visor was fastened in place.

The professor started the program and eagerly examined the data. A normal subject with such increased libido would be attracted to just about everything equally at this point. But if his treatment had worked, the subject would show less interest than normal in his previous preferences (young women and vanilla sex), in addition to an exceptionally increased interest in the target preference (older men engaging in kinky sex). The control data coming in confirmed it. The subject was looking exclusively at men. His arousal leaped to record levels at pictures of bondage and domination.

Sheldon was either in heaven or hell; he wasn't sure which. He was moaning with pleasure and desire. The images were playing out some of his fantasies and he couldn't participate. His cock throbbed with pent-up desire. Sheldon tore at the plastic restraints keeping him from his cock, but he couldn't break the ties. Feeling trapped and powerless made him feel frustrated, he was very turned on and mumbled “Daddy.” Though he struggled to get free, he did not want to be free. Sheldon only wanted to feel the power, or the loss of it, in his temporary “captivity.” The more he struggled, the more he felt wanted.

Finally, the program came to a stop and Sheldon felt the professor's strong hands remove the VR mask. He cut Sheldon's hands free and he immediately grabbed the specimen cup with one hand as the other hand pumped his dick. Seconds later, prodigious ropes of cum spewed forth from Sheldon's cock. The orgasm rocked his body causing him to squirm and rock in the chair. The jizz went over Sheldon's head. It seemed to go everywhere except the specimen cup. Muller stoically scooped up a little jizz and placed it in the cup for later analysis.

"I'll let you get cleaned up a little, and then I'll be back for your debriefing.”

Sheldon used paper towels to clean himself off but was too exhausted to get dressed. He sat back down in the chair to catch his breath. He was just lounging in the chair naked when the professor returned.

"This was a study to see how stable young male sexual preferences are over time, and under stress. During the initial sessions, we used eye tracking, galvanic response, blood flow analysis, and brain scans to confirm that you were bisexual with a slight preference for men," the professor lied not wanting to reveal his role in shaping the subject's new self-image.

Sheldon was shocked. Even now, fighting a desire to reach out for Professor Muller's cock, he had never considered himself anything but straight. But with all this equipment, could the professor have seen something he hadn't known about himself? Of course, it seemed obvious now, he couldn't close his eyes without seeing naked men everywhere.

"Your preference for male sexual imagery increased over time, despite your self-reporting saying that you were looking at female imagery in your own time, which suggests an amount of sexual repression on your part. Finally, during the abstinence portion of the study, you showed a marked increased preference for men, and a decline in preference for women, indicating some true preferences revealing themselves under stress. Additionally, you showed quite an interest in authoritarian imagery, suggesting quite a few kinks. I have to ask, did you lie on the reporting at all? You never have sexual interaction with men before? Never done anything kinky at all?”

"I guess I never let myself know I wanted it before. I'm really glad I took this study. It's taught me a lot about myself. I . . . I wonder," Sheldon blushed as he said it, "if there is anything else you could teach me?" It sounded so cheesy, but Sheldon couldn't bear the thought of letting a chance like this pass. He reached out and lightly touched the professor on the arm.

Professor Muller shook off Sheldon's hand. "Having any kind of intimate relationship with a student would be highly unethical. However. After your final exam in two weeks, you will no longer be my student. If a former student were to come to my house wearing a silicone chastity device at 7:00 p.m. that evening, there would be nothing unethical about inviting that person inside for instruction." Muller's tone stayed perfectly professional.

The professor gathered his things and opened the door to leave. "Leave the key on the chair. And take the refilled pill bottle in the corner so I know you don't cheat”

Sheldon was thrilled. The chastity was a little daunting, but he had done it for four weeks already. Another two should be easy he thought as he stuffed his cock back inside the silicone tube.

Sheldon was incorrect. The next two weeks were much more difficult than the previous four. The anticipation of finally being able to try some of the things that ran through his head was intoxicating. His cock struggled in vain against its enforced chastity every minute of the day. He threw himself into his studies, there was plenty to do with finals right around the corner, but nothing was able to take his mind away from his lurid fantasies about his psychology professor.

Each minute of frustration seemed to take an eternity, but while the minutes were slow, the days flew by. Sheldon took his finals, and for the first time in his life the tests were painless, his preparation had paid off. He finished his last final, his psych exam, confidently and with time to spare. He rushed home to prepare. He wasn't sure exactly what he should do in preparation, so he defaulted to prepping like it was a good date. He took a hot shower and put on his best clothes before heading over to Professor Muller's house and nervously knocking on his door.

"Come in.”

Sheldon walked into the professor's house again.

"I thought I told you to come wearing the chastity device.”

"I am wearing it, sir.”

"Did I tell you to wear anything else?”

"I . . . I guess not?”

"Then why are you wearing clothes.”

“Sorry, sir.”

“Out. Outside, now. Strip naked and then knock.” Sheldon felt embarrassed and left the house, shutting the door behind him. Then Sheldon quickly stripped naked on his front porch, not caring who could see him. After all, it was the Professor he needed to please. Then knocked again. This time it felt vulnerable, but extremely turned on as he stood there wearing nothing but a silicone tube on his cock.

The Professor let him in. "Sir, can you unlock my dick, now, sir?”

"I think you demonstrated that you can't be trusted to follow instructions. I won't unlock you unless your hands are restrained. Come upstairs and get tied down if you're so eager to be unlocked.”

"And what - what will happen once I get tied up.”

"Nothing that you don't want. I will use you for my pleasure. I will torture you for my amusement.”

Sheldon went pale.

"Oh, don't worry boy. The profile on you was very clear. I wouldn't do this if you didn't crave it. The fun for me is in making you squirm and knowing that you will come back. Feel free to prove me wrong if you want. I'm going upstairs. You can dress and leave, or you can follow me. If you follow me, you'll be mine to use all summer. If you leave, I'll mail your dick key in a week or two.”

With that, Muller turned and walked upstairs. Sheldon was terrified but had never been so turned on. He sheepishly followed the professor up the stairs and down the hall to a bedroom. The bed had restraints permanently affixed to it and it included some kind of pulley system to change the positions of the retrained. The only other thing in the room was a large chest.

"Well? What are you waiting for?”

Sheldon lay on the bed tentatively and the professor went to work locking him in the cuffs, spread-eagle. Once all four limb locks had been clicked, Professor Muller went to the pulley system and turned the crank. Sheldon felt his limbs being stretched apart from each other. It was starting to get painful. "Please, professor? Can you back it off a little?"

"No boy. This isn't about you.”

Sheldon was about to complain more when he saw Muller get out the key. Muller gently unlocked the boy's cock and removed the sheath. It sprang to life immediately. Sheldon was thrilled to feel his cock unrestrained at last. The feeling was short-lived though. The professor wasted time closing a metal ring around the boy's cock and balls, and then a tight parachute around his testicles. Muller connected the parachute to a bungee cord attached to the bottom of the bed. Sheldon tried shifting himself downwards to relieve some of the tension, but his restraints made it impossible.

Next Professor Muller clamped a pair of cables to the metal ring enclosing the boy's genitals.

"What the hell? What are you going to do to me? Please, no!”

"Relax boy. You'll be fine. I think you might come to enjoy this event.”

The professor started manipulating something out of Sheldon's line of sight, but Sheldon knew exactly what was happening. He felt the effects immediately, a slow, warm sensation of mild pain in his genitals caused him to moan and rock back and forth. The professor was right, and the sensation wasn't entirely unpleasant. In his current state of horniness, any sensation on his cock was at least a little pleasurable.

The boy's moans and squirming had an obvious effect on Muller. He started to rub the pronounced bulge appearing in his pants. Muller moved the dials again, and the sensation increased, radiating out from the ring across Sheldon's body. His squirms now made it seem like he was humping the air erratically.

"Let's leave you there for a while boy." Professor Muller took off his shirt, slowly, revealing his large, muscled torso. A mat of grayish-dark hair covered his pecs, and then thinned to a line before proceeding downwards. It expanded again into a wider trail just before disappearing into the man's waistband. He slowly folded his shirt and placed it on a chair. Then the professor unbuttoned his pants and removed them and was now totally naked. To Sheldon’s surprise, the Professor looked like a fifty-ish bodybuilder, similar to one of the males he saw in the VR images. Even through the pain, Sheldon was impressed by Muller's large semi-erect dick. It was thick and well-formed, just like the rest of the professor's body.

Finally, the professor turned the electricity off. Sheldon's moans turned into pants. "Those were the lowest settings boy. We only went up to a 3 out of 10. But don't worry. We'll do more of this later. For now, I want you to get to know me better.”

Muller climbed up on the bed and straddled the boy's chest. His thick tool pointed directly at Sheldon's mouth. Sheldon knew what to do without having to be told. Part of him adored the sensation of the professor's penis in his mouth. He could feel the soft texture, the power of it as it gently but forcefully thrust back and forth. He savored the musky scent coming from the man's pubes as they brushed his nose. But part of him deep down was horrified. Earlier this year, he would never have imagined any of this. Giving a blowjob to a man three times his age?

The professor slowly and patiently fucked the boy's mouth, gradually going deeper. Sheldon gagged occasionally but quickly learned how to accommodate him. Muller was quite impressed at the boy's lack of teeth.

Sheldon could hear his professor's deep guttural groans getting deeper and louder. Suddenly Muller pulled away and shot thick, warm ropes of cum all over the boy's face. More than a little got in Sheldon's mouth and he found that he did not react with the disgust that he expected. He savored the taste a little.

"Is it my turn now?" Sheldon asked.

"Not even close. I'll be back in a while for round two". Muller turned the electricity back on. The sensation was more intense than ever. Muller turned and left the room, leaving Sheldon tugging and jerking at his restraints as the cum cooled on his face.

When Professor Muller returned, Sheldon had no idea how much time had passed. The electricity coursing through his body was changing intensity at seemingly random intervals. But the pain had transmuted into something else. It still hurt, but even on the higher settings, there was something more there as well. Something warm and divine as well as painful. Sheldon felt like he was not far from achieving orgasm this way, though he had felt that way for quite some time now.

Muller came in and turned off the juice. Sheldon whimpered slightly. The boy felt the ropes tied to the pulley system move him into a new position, but he was too out of it to pay attention to the specifics. It wasn't until he felt the shock of some cold lube on his asshole that Sheldon snapped out of the daze. The professor had maneuvered Sheldon, still on his back, but his feet were now hoisted high to the ceiling, and his legs were spread wide apart, like a “V.” Sheldon’s arms were pulled taught toward the headboard, so his arms stretched over his head, and held there.

Muller didn't finger the boy or prepare him in any way for what was coming. That wasn't his style. He carefully placed his stiff, pulsing dick against the boy's asshole and started pushing slowly but steadily. Sheldon was resisting and Muller could feel how tight the boy’s virgin hole was.

"Relax boy and you'll enjoy this. That's just a suggestion though. I'll enjoy myself either way.”

Sheldon tried to rise above his panic. He was about to be fucked. He tried to accept that. His professor was pressing slowly into him. Every fraction of an inch seemed like a mile, it felt like he was being torn apart. But then, a new sensation grasped him. Professor Muller noticed the change instantly. "Seems I've found your prostate boy.”

Like the electricity before, there was pain there, but also some new intensity that made Sheldon's cock ache. It had been so long since he had cum and this felt so good. The pleasure eclipsed the pain. Muller moved himself the rest of the way in one thrust. The boy gasped, “Oh, Daddy.” Muller held himself there allowing the boy to adjust. And then he started his fucking motion. The boy's ass was so very tight that he knew he wouldn’t last long. So, he savored it, moving his hips back and forth quickly and roughly.

Sheldon had never felt anything like this before. This was sex, better and more intense than any he had had before, but also completely unlike anything he had experienced before. There were many new factors. It was his first gay sex, his first sex with a much older partner, not to mention the first time anything had been up his ass before. But the most striking thing was how passive it was. This was something being done to him. It was entirely out of his control. He couldn't move at all. He couldn't increase speed and slow things down. The professor occasionally gave the boy’s cock a few strokes, but largely ignored it, allowing it to just bounce up and down on his stomach in time with the thrusts. Sheldon realized that this pleasure wasn't something he could stop or start or control in any way. It just was.

He was completely at the mercy of this man, this Daddy mentor. And he loved it. Even though Sheldon's cock was being ignored completely, he could still feel the orgasm rising, the cum gathering at the base of his cock. It was an excruciatingly long, slow build as he felt the professor's balls repeatedly brush against his ass cheeks. The first long, slow gush came rushing out of his cock and shot Sheldon in his face. Then another squirt, then another. The orgasm was strange. His dick was not even touched! It was the most powerful and most pleasurable climax he had experienced. But it also didn't feel as satisfying as it should. Even as his cock shrunk, he felt the desire to cum rising again. He was practically as horny as he was before. But with that lack of satisfaction came another surprise. He was still enjoying being fucked, which was good as Sheldon was in no condition to stop it.

The professor enjoyed the contractions squeezing his cock as the boy came. It almost sent him over the edge himself, but he would never let a slut dictate when he was done. He regained control and kept fucking the boy for another ten minutes before finally coming to a loud and grunting climax, dumping his load deep inside the boy.

"Good job boy." Sheldon beamed with pride despite himself.

“Yes, Daddy. So… we are done?” “’Done?’ We only started. Didn’t you read the contract, boy? We just completed phase 1. Phase 2 starts next week and will go on for two years. For now, heed my warning, if you ever cum without permission again, I'm breaking the key off in your cock lock."

“Yes sir, Daddy.”

The End

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