302 Prison wife

302 Prison Wife
Part 1 of 5

The circumstances that got me here somehow seemed unimportant. Why was life so unfair? For as long as I can remember I tried to help others and trusted them unconditionally. Where did that bring me? I was taken for a ride, used and framed, and finally sentenced to three years in this shit hole. And yet...

On my first night here I had been thinking of my life, single white male in late twenties, disappointed in life, in people, realizing that I'll probably never find any love and understanding in this crazy world. So far, I was hoping against hope for a happy ending, a house, a wife, a couple of kids running in the yard, a dog, a cat, enjoyable work and modest savings account - but this put a definite end to it, for now, anyway.

To be honest, I never hit it off with girls. I had some good girl friends and I dated a few, but I left it at that. I was hoping for the right one to come, but she hasn’t yet. Unlike all my friends who were constantly in sexual overdrive, my own needs were not that big. Also, I consider myself to be on the shallow end of the gene pool when it comes to cock size. It is very small when flaccid, and gets to about 5 1/2 inches when hard, thick at the base and narrowing along the shaft with a nicely shaped and proportional head. It comes with a pair of apricot sized balls hanging in a soft sack and that's it. Nothing spectacular. I'm nothing much to look at either, 6'1 with blond hair, blue eyes, lightly covered hands with fur, as are my legs and butt. I have a rough face and was never considered handsome. I used to change my looks every now and then, grow a goatee, or shave it off, dye my hair red or shave it off. I was looking for my true self, but I haven’t found it, yet.

They put me in the cell with a huge 6'5" Black man who everyone called “Poleman.” I later learned that was because of the size of his dick. My toned 180 pound frame seemed nothing compared to his 250 pounds of heavy muscle definition. His head was shaved, mounted on a thick neck and adorned with a pair of almond-shaped brown eyes, wide nose, big full lips and a strong square jaw. He looked like he could easily bite my head off. Wide shoulders and massive lats framed his torso, the huge pecs were standing out even through the gray coveralls. His upper arms were probably the size of my thighs. He had a perfect narrow waist, and I expected him to have a matching 6 pack, even though I couldn't see. His thighs were almost twice as big as mine, but the most prominent feature on him was the massive weapon he packed up front. It was clearly visible under his pant leg, coming down his right thigh over two thirds of the way down to his knee.

I was not comfortable being locked up in the confined cell with that animal-like man, but somehow I managed to fall asleep. In the middle of the night I was woke up by being brutally thrown on the cell floor. Poleman had grabbed me and turned me over so I was lying on my stomach on the rough cement floor and then he mounted me, pinning my arms to the floor with his huge hands and my legs with his legs. I tried to break free but his grips was like iron vises. I was still wearing my boxer shorts, but to my horror I realized he was naked. His hardening monster was pressing on my butt crack and reaching almost half way along my back.

He just held me there until he was sure I was fully awakened. Then he drew his lips to my ear and said in a deep low voice, "My white pussy, it's time for our first fuck," and he started rubbing his cock on my body with long slow, fucking motions.

I screamed off the top of my lungs, "Heeeelp!"

He laughed continuing his slow pumping motion. My cry carried through the hallway, but nothing happened.

"Help! He'll rape me!" I screamed again.

He didn't stop for a second. He leaned again to my ear, "Listen pussy boy. No one will come. They expect me to do this. The management here decided it's best to pair us up and let us do whatever we want in our cells, as long as no one gets wasted. They supply us with lube and condoms and let us be. You can scream all you want, but no one will come. My last pussy hole has left, so they gave you to me. You are mine now, pussy."

It took a few moments for the horrible reality of what he said to hit me. "Please, man, don't do this," I begged him. "I'll do anything you want, but please don't do this.” He never said a word, but just continued to rub his weapon against my back. I could feel it getting even longer and harder. I could not imagine being impaled on that thing. I was helpless, desperate. I started crying. He stopped the rubbing motion, but remained pressed against me. He brought my arms together so he could hold both wrists with his left hand. With his right one he started stroking my hair.

"Husssh,” he whispered into my ear as he ran his hand gently through my hair. "Calm down, I haven't hurt you so far, have I?" For a couple of minutes, he continued whispering in my ear and stroking my hair and my sobbing ceased.

"Ok, pussy. I'll give you a choice. You can choose to give your ass to me willingly, which is what I would prefer, or not. Do you understand?"

"Yes." I managed to mutter out.

"Now, I will tell you what will happen in both cases, ok?" He was still stroking my hair, and it somehow made me feel better. "If you choose to give it to me, I will be gentle and loving. I will break you in slowly. I won't lie to you, it will hurt a bit in the beginning, but later you'll enjoy it more than anything you ever experienced before. I will also protect you from others and no one will bother you. Also, I'll train you and get you into shape for free," he laughed. "Now that doesn't sound that bad, does it?"

"But I cannot ..." I started to speak and he silenced me again.

"Husssh, ... let me finish. If you choose not to give it to me, which I hope for your sake you won't, I'll have to rape you. You see, I have to keep my reputation around here. I will have to butcher you up in the worst possible way. Your ass will be ripped apart, and you won't be able to walk for weeks. It will be a bloody mess. When you do get out from the infirmary, you will be everybody's whore. They will gang rape you in the showers whenever they want to, AND … I'll still be up your ass every night! You will wish you were dead." I already wished that. I was literally fucked.

He released my hands and un-mounted me. I was still in shock and remained there on the floor. He took the mattress from his bunk and placed it on the floor next to me. Then he lifted me up and placed me face down on the mattress.

"That's better;" he whispered "isn't it?"

"Thanks" I replied. He straddled me, and then put his hands on my shoulders and started massaging me.

"Now, relax,” he said. "I won't hurt you. You are so tense."

Lying on the mattress was better than the rough floor, and the pressure of his gigantic fuck tool was removed from my back (it was now towering above me) and I could only feel the soft brush of his equally oversized ball sack on my lower back and his powerful but gentle hands on my shoulders. He continued massaging my shoulders, my neck, and my back all along my spine. Heavenly. To my amazement I did relax and feel a lot better. He repositioned himself lower over my body so he could do my lower back. His knees were now to the outside of my knees. His hands continued massaging me and I felt so good, but then he grabbed hold of my waist band and started pulling by shorts down. I tensed and nearly jumped in panic. He stopped.

"Dave,” he assured me, "I will not hurt you. I promise. I will only continue massaging you, ok?"

The fact that he called me by name was helpful. I chose to trust him. He didn't continue to undress me but rather started the massage again from my neck, my shoulders, down my spine to the lower back. I was relaxed again, and I trusted him. Don’t ask me why. I had been terrified and now he was calming me. I guess that is why. When he reached my waistband again, I decided to help him, and raised my butt from the mattress. He pulled my shorts gently down towards my knees. Leaving them there, he slid his hand under me and took my balls and my flaccid cock into the palm of his hand. He gave me a gentle squeeze and pull from under me. This was a very strange experience for me, but not unpleasant either. I lowered myself onto the mattress and he continued massaging my buttocks and thighs. From time to time he would run his fingers up and down my ass crack, brushing softly against the hole, and I didn't mind, it was quite pleasant.

He slipped my shorts totally off me now and moved next to massaging my calves and my feet next. By this time I was loving it. Listening to his deep and rhythmic breathing and feeling his strong arms working my body like this felt like heaven. I must be mad, this guy threatened to rip my ass apart, to savage me in a most brutal manner. But he also offered to give me pleasure like I never knew. And this was pleasure, no mistake about it.

He finished massaging my feet and sat on the mat by my side. He put his arm around my back, leaned over me and softly kissed the back of my neck. He whispered into my ear, "Turn on your back my sweet pussy."

I did what he asked and his face was now above mine. The absurdity of the situation suddenly hit me, I was in a jail cell, with the most frightening African-American man I'd ever seen, both of us naked, I knew he could seriously harm me and he threatened to do so if I wouldn't let him fuck me. Yet, I felt safe, secure and was completely trusted him. If I was one of those faggots that would kill for a guy like this in their sack, it would make sense. But I wasn't. I even didn't mind his calling me his pussy. Good thing the cell was dark, because I must have turned crimson on that thought.

He straddled me again resting his soft ball sack on mine. He stretched his upper body over mine, but in an elongated stance that kept most of his weight off me. This allowed me to look down toward my feet and view the object that freaked me out when I first felt it pressed against my back, his gigantic fuck tool. It was the most amazing piece of man meet I'd ever seen. It was hard and standing upright, looking as big as my forearm. I felt dizzy at the sight. He took my hands in his and gently kissed each palm. He then let go of my left arm and started massaging the right one; first the hand, than the forearm, than the biceps and finally the triceps. That naturally positioned my arm to be stretched out above the head and left there. I chose not to move it. He repeated the gentle massage and placement with my left arm. It felt so good. He rested his arms comfortably on my elbows and lowered his body on mine. For the second time that evening, my body was pinned down by his. For the second time I was helpless, and for the second time his monstrous cock was pressed against my body, only this time I wasn't horrified, I wasn't tense any more, and I wasn't trying to break free.

I was totally relaxed, I totally trusted him and I was totally enjoying it. He brought his big soft lips to mine. He wasn't forceful, he wasn't demanding, he was waiting. I enjoyed the beautiful new sensation for a while and decided I wanted more. I parted my lips inviting him to enter. He bestowed on me a wonderful passionate kiss that was nothing like I ever experienced before. His tongue played with mine, exploring my mouth, reaching deeper and deeper, almost into my throat. I was so disappointed when he broke away from the kiss. I wanted it to last forever. Again he whispered in my ear, "Dave, I'm so glad you chose to give yourself to me."

His words struck me. Did I? I thought for a second and realized the obvious truth, I did. This man showed me how gentle and loving he can be and that was enough for me to trust him. I was quite at ease with being his, but the pussy part still frightened me a lot. He must have realized what I was thinking because he started whispering in my ear again, "Dave, did you enjoy me right now?"

"Yes Poleman," I answered, "more than anything I’ve ever experienced." He kissed me again, deeply, passionately.

"You will call me Boss. Don't worry Dave, I will be as gentle and loving when I fuck you as I was with you just now, and you will enjoy it even more. Do you believe me?"

I didn't hesitate to answer "Yes, Boss. I do."

He let go of my elbows and raised himself to straddle me again. He started running his hands from my elbows to my armpits, down my side to my belly and up to my chest. He rubbed on my nipples and squeezed them gently. That felt amazing. I sensed my cock stirring. He was massaging my body, my stomach, my sides, my chest, my armpits; rubbing and squeezing my nipples. Soon I had a raging hard-on. Even fully hard, my cock was a midget compared to his black giant towering over it. He started rubbing my cock with his right hand, while his left was still playing with by body, teasing, squeezing, rubbing, caressing.

He moved further down my body, so he could bring his mouth to my cock. I felt his soft lips engulfing the head. The moist and softness of his mouth was incredible. I was ecstatic. Being limited to hand jobs I was giving myself from time to time I had never experienced anything like this. No girlfriend had ever cared enough about me to give me such unselfish pleasure. The sucking began. And with the movement that he worked his mouth up and down my shaft, I was in heaven. He took my whole cock into his mouth and thought I was going to die of pleasure. It took only a couple of moments for my body to convulse and I came. Poleman pulled away from my member and moved up to my head again. He kissed me filling my mouth with my own cum. The taste was new and funky, but I liked it. I realized right then and there that I would like anything coming from this incredible man.

"Thank you Boss. I love being your pussy."

In response, he took my hand and drove it to the base of his own shaft. For the first time I touched it with my hand. It was so thick, I could not encircle it with my hand. Poleman lowered himself to the mattress next to me, allowing me better access. I sat up and took his hard pole with both hands. I started rubbing it up and down - like I would do with my midget - but this was something else.

"How long is it, anyway?" I asked.

"10 inch soft, baby," he answered "but when handled properly it gets to 15".

Holy tamale, I thought to myself, that's incredible. As I was stroking it, I felt pre-cum running down my hand. This was the moment, I had to taste it. I leaned to the huge head and licked the pre-cum with my tongue. It was a salty rich taste. I loved it. I opened my mouth wide and took the head in. I wanted to copy what Poleman did to me. I started sucking and moving my head up and down his shaft. Poleman was moaning deeply and I knew he liked it. I wanted to take him in like he took me (like I ever could) but as the head hit the back of my throat I gagged and had to pull away. Poleman rose up and put his hand around the back of my head.

He whispered to my ear, "Easy, there. I don't want my beautiful bride to choke to death on our wedding night." He kissed me. I loved his passion, and his teasing. "Dave, I will teach you to take it all down your throat, but it requires practice. For now you can use your hands to pump the shaft and your mouth to suck on the head, ok?"

303 Prison Wife
Part 2 of 4 or ...

From Yesterday: They put me in the cell with a huge 6'5" Black man who everyone called “Poleman.” I later learned that was because of the size of his dick. My toned 180-pound frame seemed nothing compared to his 250-pounds of heavy muscle definition. His head was shaved, mounted on a thick neck and adorned with a pair of almond-shaped brown eyes, wide nose, big full lips and a strong square jaw. He looked like he could easily bite my head off. Wide shoulders and massive lats framed his torso; the huge pecs were standing out even through the heavy gray coveralls. His upper arms were probably the size of my thighs. He had a perfect narrow waist, and I expected him to have a matching 6 pack, even though I couldn't see. His thighs were almost twice as big as mine, but the most prominent feature on him was the massive weapon he packed up front. It was clearly visible under his pant leg, coming down his right thigh over two-thirds of the way down to his knee.

I was not only his cellmate, but I quickly became his property. I was terrified at first, but he was gentle, almost kind. Within the span of a couple of hours, he made it clear who I was, his new sweetheart. I had no choice but to surrender. Not because I was scared, but because he convinced me that he knew best. And, I was in for a long time. My inner-self told me this was the easy way to serve time, and I cannot deny I enjoyed the affection and the care and the attention he showed me. He was ... was ... making love to me. No one had treated me so lovingly in a long, long time.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of cell doors sliding with a loud clang. A guard was standing at the door looking down at Poleman and me laying naked and entwined on the mattress on the cement floor. Poleman still held me in his arms.

"'Morning Boss." Said the guard smiling at Poleman, "heard there was some screaming in here last night so came to check on our new pussy. Was she to your liking?"

Continuing: I turned crimson at those words. I could accept being Poleman's pussy but being called a "she" by the guard was so humiliating. And what was this “our new pussy.” I recognized the guard from the day before. He was the one that was in charge of me after I was admitted, and the one who assigned me to this cell.

Poleman smiled back at the guard and started to get up, "She is wonderful Mark. Needs a lot of training, breaking in and adjusting, but she'll be perfect. A lot of potential there. Good eye, Mark." Poleman turned to me and gave me a loving smile and winked. I didn't feel like smiling back at that point. I was furious. I gave him a hateful look which was noticed by the guard too.

He waved his head in disapproval and said, "Now you're in trouble girl."

Poleman pulled me by the hair and forced me up to my feet. "Listen, bitch," he snapped at me, "you will learn obedience and respect. You will appreciate when I'm kind to you. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I muttered out. I was so shocked and embarrassed that I could not lift my eyes from the floor.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you bitch!" Poleman yelled. "Do you understand?"

I looked at those brown eyes that were hard as steel. "Yes, Boss," I quickly replied, "I understand."

His eyes changed and there was at first only the hint of a smile in them, and then his whole face lit up. "Do you really?" He asked again.

I managed to smile back, "I do".

Poleman hugged me to him, blocking the guard from my view and stroked my hair for a few moments. I remembered how loving and kind to me he was last night and wanted to feel that again. He took my head in his hands and gave me a long, passionate kiss.

"Ahem," came from the guard still standing at the door.

Boss broke the kiss. "Much better, pussy," he said to me calmly, "but I do have to punish you for the way you responded earlier, you do understand that?"

"Yes... Boss..." I acknowledged hesitantly.

Poleman went around me to pick up the mattress and put it back on his bed, leaving me in full view of the guard. Then I noticed the guard had two objects in his left hand. One was the piece of a chain, about four feet long, a kind that you would use to chain a bike... or a person. Suddenly I didn't like the way he was looking at me. The other object was even more unsettling, a huge pair of cutters. He left the chain and the cutters by the wall and motioned me to approach the fixed part of the bars that, with the sliding door, formed the front of our cell.

"Move over girl, I want to have a look at you," barked the guard.

I couldn't move. I was so frightened. Poleman put his hands on my shoulders from behind me and whispered into my ear. "Do as you are commanded pussy, now! I'll deal with your disobedience later."

The guard entered my cell. I stepped forward facing the bars and the guard stood behind me. He grabbed hold of my arms and placed my hands on the horizontal bar at waist level. Next, he pulled my hips backward forcing me to step back and bend over. Then he kicked my feet apart so my legs were spread and my hole was exposed to him. He ran his fingers up and down my ass crack a couple of times pressing slightly at the hole. He reached for something in his pocket and I was relieved to see it was a tube from which he squeezed a good amount of clear gel on his right hand. He put the tube back in his pocket and smeared the gel over my hole. It felt cool and pleasing. He proceeded to massage around my hole with circular motions rubbing the gel all around my asshole, making me relax and enjoy it. He then pushed against my hole with his finger and slid it in. The feeling was strange, but not unpleasant. He started wiggling his finger and moving it in and out, reaching deeper and spreading the cool gel inside me. Much to my shock, I started getting a hard-on.

Poleman had moved over to the door and was watching us from the side. He noticed my hard-on and smiled at me lovingly.

"Keep it up," he said to the guard. "The pussy likes it." Poleman too was getting a hard-on, and his monster cock was rising. Now I could look at it in daylight and it was mesmerizing. I smiled at him.

Soon I felt a second finger slide in and my hole was stretched more. The guard was gentle and working his fingers inside me slowly moving them in and out, pushing deeper, and finally, he touched some spot that sent a wave of pleasure through my body. I released a loud moan, and my cock jumped leaking pre-cum - it was rock hard. He continued working my hole and stretching it for about five minutes, hitting the sweet spot from time to time and sending pleasure shocks through my body. I was about to shoot my load without even touching my cock, but then he pulled his fingers out.

I was so frustrated. "Please Sir, don't stop now," I begged him.

Prison Wife
Part 3 of 4 or ...

"Don't you worry girl" the guard responded, I'll give you something much better." I heard his zipper undone, his belt unbuckled, and soon his pants and boxer shorts were down. I tried to turn around as much as I could to see his cock. It was about seven inches hard, narrower than mine at the base, but widening towards the middle at the middle of the shaft; a nice barrel shape. I saw him smearing an ample amount of gel on it and throwing the tube on the floor.

He positioned himself on my hole, grabbed me by my hips and commanded me, "Girl, you push now, like you are taking a dump, so I can slide in easily."

I did as I was ordered, and before I knew it, his head was in. I felt a slight pain as my hole was stretched once more, but he was gentle and gave me enough time to accommodate him. Then he started slow gyrating motions with his hips, pushing more and more inside me, working my hole in a most pleasurable way. About halfway in, he reached the sweet spot. A shock wave hit me again. He continued to push in gently until I could feel his bush brushing against my back and his balls touching mine.

Then he started to ride me using longer strokes, pulling almost all of the shaft out and pushing all the way in, hitting the spot on every down stroke. I was losing it. The pleasure was almost too much to bear. My moans were so loud that the whole floor must have known what was going on, but I didn't care. He picked up the pace and before I knew it I couldn't control myself anymore, I was shooting.

My spasms must have triggered him because I started feeling his cock pulsate inside me, and his hot cum started filling my insides. It took some time for both of us to regain control of our senses. I felt his cock soften a bit and he pulled it slowly out of my hole. I felt so empty. He pulled his boxer shorts and pants up and picked the tube from the floor. I remained as I was awaiting his command.

"Straighten up, girl and turn around," he told me slapping me on my back. I did so. Poleman was still standing by the door fully erect. "This girl was a virgin Boss, very tight, very fine." Poleman gave him a broad smile. "So, you decided to keep her?" asked the guard.

"You bet!" Poleman confirmed. He moved towards me and squeezed my nipples hard, pulling me to himself, and placed another passionate kiss on me. The guard went to the door and picked up the objects from the floor.

"You want me to mark her, then?" He asked as Poleman was pulling away from me.

"Mark me?" I thought, looking at the chain and the cutters. This wasn't good. Panic was showing in my eyes and Poleman noticed.

"Relax my sweet pussy," he whispered to me, "No one will hurt you." He turned to the guard saying, "Show him."

The guard again set the chain and cutters on the floor and started undoing his shirt. When he pulled the collar open I could see a chain around his neck, much like the one he had on the floor. The chain was relatively tight around his neck and held in place by a padlock that rested on his chest right below the base of the neck.

Poleman picked the chain from the floor and placed it around my neck. He measured it, leaving it to hang a bit looser than the guard's. The guard picked up the cutters and snapped it in two. He took a padlock with a key from his shirt pocket and gave it to Poleman. Finally, Poleman placed the chain around my neck and closed the padlock. He put the key in a box on the shelf by his bunk.

"Now you are my property pussy," he said to me. "Like Mark here, and no one will mess with you."

I was confused. I was his … PROPERTY? And the GUARD was his too?

"Mark here was my first pussy.” He started explaining, "back at that time he was a con, and sharing the cell with me. I took good care of him, just as I'll take good care of you." Again he gave me one of his loving smiles. "He was much like you, weak, insecure, disobedient. But he had a lot of potential." He turned to the guard and said softly. "Why don't you undress Mark?"

The guard put the chain and cutters on the floor and started taking his clothes off. He removed his boots and socks first. His pants and boxers followed revealing strong, smooth well-built legs and a semi-hard barrel-shaped cock that I enjoyed so much earlier. I was startled by that thought. I actually did enjoy this guy fucking me. He continued by taking off his shirt and tank, and was finally standing naked to my view and seemed to be enjoying it. He lifted his arms up and locked his hands behind his head allowing for a better inspection. He still had the chain and padlock around his neck, but that was all. He had a nice, strong, well-built body; well-defined muscles everywhere. Not nearly as huge as Poleman, but quite beautiful.

Poleman gave him another soft-spoken request "Good, now show us your back".

The guard faced the bars turning his back to us. He spread his legs and bent slightly forwards, sticking his ass out. His back was equally strong and well defined, including firm round buttocks. He was hot and beautiful, and he was well aware of it. "Come on Boss," he was teasing now. Are you just going to stand there with a raging hard-on, or are you going to take me?"

Poleman drew closer to the guard, leaning his monster on the guard's back, put his arms around the guard's body and pressed it against his own. He gave the guard a passionate kiss on the neck and answered, "I want to shove it deep down your throat before I shove it deep up your ass. I want to show our new pussy how well you've been trained. I want her to enjoy watching me fuck you, as much as I've enjoyed watching you fuck her."

Poleman released the guard from his hold and moved towards me. He hugged me gently and whispered to me "My sweet pussy, I care for you and value you as much as I care for and value Mark. Never forget that." Then he moved away and continued speaking making sure we both could hear. "I've helped Mark become this wonderful strong man. Outside of this cell, he is the dominant male, he is respected and obeyed. But inside he still recognizes me as his owner."

He turned to me, "Pussy, I will help you become as strong and as self-assured as Mark. Although I have a feeling you'll be quite different from him too." He gave me one of his loving smiles and I returned the favor. "Go lie on your bunk pussy and enjoy the show."

I did as I was told and Poleman took the mattress from his bunk and put it on the floor as he did last night when he made love to me. He laid on his back with a raging hard-on in my full view. He was a beautiful site. His huge black muscular body was amazing. He had a perfectly shaved head, almond shaped brown eyes, wide nose, soft full lips, the strong square shaped jaw, a thick strong neck, broad shoulders with beautifully defined muscles, two gigantic mounds of packs with quarter-sized nipples, veined upper arms the size of my thighs and strong veined forearms with a couple of huge hands slightly paler chocolate color on the inside, the perfectly defined six-pack with the gigantic fuck tool resting on it, 15 inches of raw black power leading to two equally over-sized balls in a soft ball sack, huge veined and ripped thighs, strong calves and beautiful high arched feet, and the soles of which were paler chocolate color as the palms of his hands.

Poleman called the guard, "I'm ready for you Mark."

The guard moved over and knelt above Poleman's shoulders with his knees on either side of Poleman's head and then leaned forward supported on his left arm. He spat on his right palm a couple of times and started stroking Poleman's monster. It liked the attention it was getting because it grew harder and thicker. The guard started licking around the head and Poleman released a low moan of pleasure. It was so hot watching the two of them together that I was getting hard, so I grabbed my own cock and started jerking.

Poleman noticed and said firmly, "Pussy, you will stop that right now."

I quickly pulled my hand away from my cock. "Yes Boss," I acknowledged his authority.

He liked my response so he gave a smile, but he continued "You are not allowed to jerk off - EVER. Do you understand?"

"Yes Boss, I understand." I decided to be obedient, but I was worried about being restricted on my jerking off since that had been my only way of relieving myself sexually.

Poleman noticed my concern and reassured me, "Don't worry pussy, I'll take care of you."

The guard started taking the head into his mouth and sucking on it, going up and down taking more and more of Poleman's monster in. At a certain point, it reached the back of his mouth and could only advance down his throat. I expected him to gag but he didn't. He changed his breathing so he was taking more air when the monster was out, so he could hold out longer with it embedded in his throat. He had gone quite beyond what I’d managed yesterday, but still had a lot to take in.

I enjoyed watching the contrast of the guard's white skin and Poleman's deep chocolate tones. The guard’s complexion was somewhat darker than mine but that was nothing unusual since I was extremely pale and could never tan much. He had curly, light brown hair, neatly trimmed; grayish-green eyes, relatively small and slightly turned-up nose and thin but hot lips. He was a bit shorter than me, about 6' tall, lean and strong. All of his muscles were well-defined, ripped and flexing as he was moving. I noticed that he had no body hair except for the trimmed bush above his beautiful fuck tool that brought me so much pleasure earlier, and no facial hair either. He must be shaving it off. Watching him was a pleasure, but watching him go down on the huge black cock was unreal.

He continued moving up and down on it, minding his breathing and taking it deeper and deeper until his chin touched Poleman's belly. He took it all the way in, all 15 inches of it. I could hardly believe my eyes. Now he continued going up and down, taking it all the way in every time. Poleman was breathing heavily now and was about to shoot. The guard picked up the pace a bit and before I knew it Poleman's body shook and with a loud moan he unloaded his treasure down the guard's throat.

As the guard pulled away from Poleman's monster I could see it had softened a bit, but was still impressive, glistening with the guard's saliva. He kissed gently each of Boss's balls and spoke, "Thank you, Boss." Then he rose and stood up. He stepped over to Boss's feet and knelt down again, with his knees between Boss's. He put his hands on the inner side of Boss's knees and lifted them up, bending them until they were suspended above Boss's shoulders. Boss's firm round ass was now exposed and his feet pointing up towards the ceiling. The guard started licking along Boss's ass crack, starting from the small of his back up, over the hole and toward the base of the shaft. He repeated that motion several times and Poleman's monster showed he appreciated it. It started getting fully hard and swollen again.

"Mmmmm, so good," Poleman moaned "I'm gonna fuck you hard Mark."

The guard concentrated his efforts on Poleman's hole, licking, probing with his tongue, kissing. Poleman was getting crazy; his monster had swollen to the fullest, even menacing. The guard then went for Poleman's balls taking one at a time into his mouth and sucking it.

Poleman moaned, "Oh fuck, Mark, that's enough. Let's get you ready."

The guard let go of Poleman's legs and Poleman pulled himself up sitting on the mat. The guard now laid down on his back and held his legs up in the same manner that Poleman's legs were up before. Now Poleman was down on his hole, probing with his tongue and sticking it in. Poleman pulled away for a moment to reach the shelf behind him, above his head, and took a tube, like the one the guard used, to grease me up. He squeezed the clear gel on his fingers and started rubbing it on the guard's hole massaging it, and stuck his middle finger in. He wiggled it like the guard did to me, stretching and working the hole. The guard was relaxed, apparently enjoying it a lot. Poleman then added the second finger and continued stretching and working the hole. I knew how good it felt when the guard was doing it to me earlier, and I wished I was there on the mat being prepared for a fucking by Poleman.

That's another thought that caught me off guard. What was happening to me? Last night I was horrified by the prospect of being impaled on that black monster, and now I was wishing for it. What did that make me? I didn't care. I wanted it. Poleman looked at me and smiled. He seemed to know what I was thinking.

Soon the third finger entered the guard's hole and was nicely stretching it open. He started moaning. Poleman took his fingers out and squeezed more gel on his hand and started coating his hard monster. In a moment he was ready and aligned with the guard's wanting hole. Poleman pressed the dick head against it. The guard pushed out like he was taking a dump, and Poleman's giant piledriver went in. He made gyrating movements and slowly pushing into the guard’s hole. The guard was moaning and groaning, his face was red from the strain and his forehead was glistening with sweat, but he also enjoyed it.

"Give it all to me, Boss," he muttered, "fuck me hard."

Poleman was now two-thirds in, and he started pumping, pushing in more on each thrust. Soon he was completely in. Poleman's rhythm was steady now, going out till the only head remained in, and pushing all the way in, long fucking the guard with the entire length of his shaft. He leaned down and kissed the guard, sticking his tongue deep into the guard's mouth. I was mesmerized by the image of this strong and authoritative white guard being totally violated by the raging black animal, and loving it.

Poleman looked up at me and commanded: "Pussy, take that tube that's on your bunk".

I turned around and picked it up as commanded.

"Good." Poleman continued, "Now open the bigger box on my shelf and pick up a toy for you to play with yourself." The box was the size of a larger shoe box. When I opened it I saw several objects that piqued my interest. There were several rubber cocks in there of different sizes. The smallest one was the size of the guard's cock, about seven inches long. The longest one was about the length as Poleman's, but a bit narrower, and the middle one was about 10 inches long, but getting extremely wide at the bottom, about as wide as a coke can. That was scary. There were other objects in the box too. One was a rubber paddle with the handle in the shape of a cock, about as long and as thick as my own cock. Other objects I didn't recognize. Having an idea of what Poleman wanted of me, I took the seven-inch cock out if the box and closed it.

Poleman was pleased. "Now sit on the edge of your bunk facing me, then lie on your back and lift your legs like Mark here," let me see your pussy.

Again, I obeyed. Lying like that I was no longer able to see the action on the floor, just the bunk above me. I lifted my feet apart and jammed them in the metal frame of the bunk above me. My ass was exposed to Poleman's viewing pleasure, and I liked it. I wanted to please him and I wanted him to fuck me so much.

"Girl," Poleman gave me another order, "now grease up your fingers and play with your pussy for me, and you'll use the toy later."

I left the rubber cock on the bunk beside me, opened the tube and squeezed the gel on my fingers. I started rubbing it on my hole like I saw Poleman doing to the guard and it felt great. I could hear Poleman pounding the guard with a steady rhythm. I inserted one finger first, rubbing the gel into my hole and wiggling it. I was getting a hard-on fast. It felt so good. In a while, I decided to try another finger and it was even better. I managed to hit that spot again, and my cock got rock hard instantly. I nearly came. My breathing was quickened and it was clear what was going on.

"Pussy," Poleman said sharply, "you are not allowed to come until I order you so, understand?"

My response was quick. "Yes boss, I understand".

I continued working my hole but carefully avoided hitting that spot again. I tried putting a third finger in but that was a bit awkward, so I continued playing with just the two until a new command came.

"Now use the toy pussy."

I picked up the rubber cock and greased it. I pushed the head against my hole and it slid in easily. It did hit the spot and my body reacted. I froze, not wanting to disobey Poleman. I waited for a while and started sliding the toy in and out carefully, barely brushing against the spot. It kept me hard as a rock, but I was still able to control myself. Pretty soon I got the hang of it and I was fucking myself with the toy keeping a steady rhythm like Poleman had on the guard, and imagining it was him up my ass.

Poleman was picking up his pace and so did I. I sensed he was building up to a climax; his breathing got quick and irregular. He managed to mumble, "You can come now, pussy".

I didn't need much encouragement and I started hitting the spot with the toy and grabbed my cock with my other hand, and in a moment I was shooting. I knew Poleman was too, and from what I heard, the guard didn't wait either.

Pretty soon all three of us calmed down and were pretty much spent. All in all, it was the most enjoyable sexual experience I've had so far.

The guard got up, wiped the cum off his body with toilet paper, got dressed, and left the cell taking the cutters and the rest of the chain that he had brought with him. He locked the doors behind.

Poleman called me to sit on his lap facing him and gave me a hug and a passionate kiss. He whispered into my ear, "Pussy, now we need to talk about punishing you for being disobedient earlier."

"OK." I answered, "Let’s talk about it," although I wasn't sure what Poleman's purpose in doing this was. I did disobey him earlier, and I was told I deserved punishment. I had already accepted that.

Prison Wife
Part 4 of 4 or ...

Poleman studied my face for some time and noticed my confusion. "My sweet pussy," he said and gave me another kiss.

The two men kissed. Poleman studied my face for some time and noticed my confusion. "My sweet pussy," he said and gave me another kiss. I parted my lips inviting him to enter, and he penetrated deep into my mouth with his tongue making it clear once more what my role in this relationship was. I was to be penetrated and used for his pleasure in every conceivable way. I actually loved it. I trusted him and felt safe in his arms. What last night and this morning brought I could not deny. Although I considered myself straight, my relationships with girls were less than successful, and until last night my sex life was pretty much limited to hand jobs I was giving myself from time to time. This was my first sexual experience with men in which both the guard and my cellmate treated me as their pussy. The guard actually fucked me up my ass and I enjoyed it. After that, I was fucking myself with a rubber cock and imagining my cellmate pounding me. How sick was that? I was ashamed. I could not look into Poleman's eyes.

"Look at me Dave," Poleman broke the silence. "It's obvious that we need to talk about many things." I managed to look up to Poleman's beaming face, his smile was captivating. He knew that calling me by name would make me feel better. "I know it is hard for you to come to terms with what you found out about yourself and I'm sorry if it was too fast, but I too had to know where you stand."

Poleman started tracing the features of my face with the tips of his right-hand fingers, my eyebrows, my cheekbones, my nose, my lips. "Let me tell you what I see" he spoke softly and gently. "I see a beautiful young man, confused about his sexuality, ashamed of what he found out about himself and having a very low self-esteem when it comes to his physical looks. Am I right?" I nodded affirmatively. "You turn to food for comfort when you are down, right?" Again, I nodded affirmatively. "You fight being overweight, but you are constantly losing the battle, right?" Yes, he was right. "Do you think your looks are the real problem?"

Well, now it certainly wasn't, that was for sure. He knew I was aware of that. "How do you do that?" I asked him.

"Do what?" he was playing dumb.

"Know what I'm thinking about, Boss."

"I'm trained to get into peoples' minds," he said with a smile. He reached for my hands with his, brought them to his lips and kissed each. "But you are an open book, my sweet Dave. You are special and valuable to me, can you believe that?"

No, I couldn't honestly say that.

"I'll tell you why," he continued. "Most men, when they are put through what you just experienced; being violated and humiliated by other men, would close off, resist and hate the ones who did it to them. Because they are fuckers, they cannot tolerate being used as pussies. Their response would be to try and fuck the one who did it to them, or the first person that comes along, just to prove they are still men. Mark was like that. I had to be really careful to affirm him as a man and bring him other pussies to fuck to keep him sane, and happy. I was gentle with him and when taking him and I was helping him become a better man, stronger, more dominant, surer of himself. Even though I used him as my pussy, I treated him as a fuck buddy. You are different Dave."

He pulled me close to him, his huge arms holding me in a hug I could and would never break from, and he whispered in my ear, "You ARE a natural pussy Dave, a total fag. I knew it by the way you reacted to my affections, and even more so by how you have enjoyed being fucked by Mark." He broke the hug and took my head in his hands, looking into my eyes with his intoxicating smile, "I know it's hard for you to accept that, and I know you think of fags as pathetic, spineless sissies that are quite despicable. But the beauty of it is that you are not that. That makes you special and rare. Your morals kept you from even considering such a possibility, and they saved you from being turned into such a person. Although that is what some dominant males like because it makes them surer of themselves, I don't want you to become like that. I will force you to get in shape and get stronger, like Mark, but unlike Mark, I will also help you accept that fact that you are a pussy. How do you feel about that?"

I had to gather my thoughts for a few moments and really take in what Poleman was telling me. "I am afraid, but I also feel safe in your arms. I know you are right, but it's not easy to accept it - I'll need time."

"You'll have all the time in the world," he assured me moving in for another kiss. I parted my lips in invitation again, this has become so natural to me now with my lover. Poleman's tongue again entered my mouth, probing and playing with mine. He still held my head in his hands and being taken by him like that made me feel so good."

The kiss seemed to last forever, but Poleman finally broke it. Again he pulled away and was looking me straight in the eyes. The smile was gone from his face, and now he was very serious and stern, but in my eyes that made him even more beautiful. My heart was pounding. "Now, remember" he brought his right hand to the chain around my neck and gave it a gentle tug to remind me of it, "you are MY pussy. Mark will be training you and stretch your pussy until you are ready to take me, but he does it only with my permission. If you are approached by any of the other fuckers that would like to use you, or if you want to do it with some of them, you come to me first, OK?"

I nodded affirmative, although I couldn't think of wanting another inmate to fuck me. As for the possibility of others hitting on me, or forcing themselves on me, I was greatly concerned.

Again, Poleman seemed to know what I was thinking about. "You are my property - my sweet pussy - and no one will dare take you without first asking me. But if it makes you feel more comfortable, I can teach you to defend yourself." He was thinking for a while and gave me a mischievous smile "Hmmmm, I can also make sure they cannot hurt you."

I gave him a puzzled look, but he just shook it off "Never mind pussy, you'll find out in time." His face was serious again, "Now about your punishment."

"Yes, Boss?" Although I accepted it, I was still nervous about it.

Poleman noticed that and stroked my hair like he did last night to calm me down. "Punishment is a very important thing in your training, my sweet pussy. I will never be cruel to you or subject you to pain without a good reason. The purpose of it is to change your thinking, to help you grow. Each time before you are punished, we will first discuss what is it that you did wrong, and what attitudes you need to change. OK?"

"OK Boss," I said quickly.

Poleman continued stroking my hair. "Physical pain is a good tool to remind you of the lesson you are learning and the things you need to change if it is applied properly. You should know one thing about my pussy, and it's better if you heard it from me. Before I was thrown here I was an agent. My specialty was interrogation. Most people think that has to do with torture, and although I am an expert in that area, my job had as much to do with getting into people’s minds as it has to with using pain."

I must have let my jaw drop in shock, but that didn’t stop Poleman from continuing, "I got to know too much, so they decided to put me away for a while. Did I kill a few people? Sure I did, but I was just following my orders. However, I am the best so they cannot afford to waste me. They will need me again. That is why other inmates don't mess with me, and will not mess with my property either."

He stopped talking and waited for his words to sink into my brain. My mind was in overdrive trying to process all that Poleman just told me. Others will leave me alone; at least that part was definitely good. But the reason why they would do that, was that Poleman was feared for torturing and killing people. That was not good. What did I get myself into?

I was sure Poleman knew exactly what I was thinking about, but this time, he offered no words of reassurance. He just held me and looked relentlessly into my eyes with a serious expression on his face. He was waiting for me to make a move. I studied his face. There was no trace of rage, hate or fury in it. As a matter of fact, I don't remember ever seeing any on his beautiful face, even during the times he was angry. At times he could look menacing or I should say more menacing because his appearance was by no means tame. But that was a very deliberate and calculated performance, designed to have a certain effect which he had used on me before, and I would also say which never failed. He did not appear deranged or even psychotic. I was not afraid that he would hurt me, at least as long as I obeyed. But I was still concerned about what was beneath the cold and calculated exterior. He did show kindness to me, but I knew it was as calculated as his "anger". Everything he did was designed to manipulate me, and that was unsettling.

"I trust you, Boss, and I feel secure with you." I decided, to be honest.

"Good," he smiled at me, "very good, my sweet pussy." He took me by the hands and simply asked, "So, are you ready for it?"

Well, this had to be done, so I might as well do it now, I thought. "Yes Boss, go ahead."

"You made it much easier because you already seem to understand the issue. I expect total obedience from you, which means that in future you will do whatever I order, and you will do it without hesitation," he continued explaining. "The reason you will do it is that you trust me, not because you fear me, OK?"

"OK Boss," I confirmed.

"That doesn't mean that your opinion doesn't count and will not be considered. Whenever there is an important issue I will ask for your opinion, and you can always offer it on your own. You can be sure that I will listen to it and consider it, but you will always obey me because you will trust me that I want what's best for you. Understood?"

"Yes Boss."

"Now, let's talk about what happened this morning. You reacted to my affection with hate. Was that OK?"

"No Boss, it wasn't. I'm sorry about that. It will not happen again."

"Good. Also, you disobeyed when Mark ordered you to come for his inspection. You must understand that if you trust and obey me, you must also trust and obey people I allow to have power over you. Is that clear?"

"Clear Boss."

"As far as others go, you will show them respect, but you are not obliged to obey them. If you wish to serve them, you may do so, but for any sexual contact, you must ask me first. Of course, that doesn't apply to Mark; he may have you whenever he wants, and you will obey him as you obey me, unconditionally. Got it?"

"Got it."

"Good, my sweet pussy. Now tell me what are you going to be punished for and what will you learn from it."

"I was disrespectful towards you in responding hatefully to your affections. I also didn't show obedience and trust when Mark gave me a command. I will learn to respect and completely obey you because I trust you want what's best for me. I will also respect and obey the people you entrust me to, like Mark."

"Excellent, my sweet pussy. Now bring me the toy box."

I stood up and approached the shelf, picked up the box from the shelf and gave it to Poleman. He opened it and took three items from it. First was a pair of black plastic clamps, with wide clamping ends, connected with a chain. Second, was a strange device that was made of two identical wooden boards shaped like a wave, with wide peaks and narrow valley. In the middle of each peak, there was a thumbscrew that made it possible for the pieces to be separated or fastened together. The whole device was about 14" from one end to the other, with the valley part in the middle. The third was the rubber paddle that I recognized previously, with a cock shaped handle.

Poleman gave the box back to me, and I put it on the shelf. When I turned around I saw that Poleman had gotten up and he had the clamps in his hand. He motioned me to move towards the bars.

"Pussy," he said to me firmly, "you will assume a display position like Mark did earlier. Put your hands on the back of your head, with your fingers locked and elbows pulled as far back as you can and push your chest out." I obeyed instantly, and Poleman was pleased. "Good, pussy, think of exposing and opening yourself for me to do whatever I please with you. Now, if I'm in front of you, you will have your legs apart, exposing your cock for my pleasure. But if I am behind you, you will stick your ass out and part your legs slightly allowing me access to your pussy, got it?"

"Yes, Boss," I confirmed, exposing my cock as requested.

Poleman approached and put the clamps on my nipples. The wide clamping areas bit me ferociously and sent a wave of pain through my body, radiating from my nipples, but in a few moments, the pain subsided. I kept my position and Poleman was pleased. "The pain will get much worse in time pussy," he smiled at me, "but that's how you'll learn best. Face the bars!"

I did as ordered and I exposed my pussy this time. I couldn't see Poleman anymore and he seemed standing still. Minutes have passed and I started feeling the pain from my nipples again. It seemed to get worse. Pretty soon I wanted nothing but to be released from it. I knew better so I maintained my position.

Poleman didn't say anything but he came close to me from behind and grabbed my hands. He guided them to rest on the horizontal bar at waist level. I grabbed hold of the bar. "Now squat as deep as you can pussy," he ordered. Again, I did as I was told immediately. Poleman sat on the mat behind me, grabbed hold of my balls and started pulling them back. Next thing I felt was the wooden board being placed below my buttocks so that the peaks were around my legs, and the valley between them, pushing towards the base of my cock. My balls were stretched into the valley and the other board was placed above the first and screwed to it, holding my balls wedged in the valley and my ball sack squeezed between the boards.

"Now, be very careful when you get up pussy because you cannot straighten up. Go slowly as far as you can until you feel pain from your balls being stretched too much." I did as I was told, so I first straightened my legs with my body bowed down and slowly rose up till I was a bit above horizontal; that was as far as I could go. Now the pain from my nipples was joined by the pain from my stretched balls. I wished this was over, but it hadn’t even begun.

Poleman squeezed some gel from the tube and started rubbing my hole. Now that was pleasurable, and I almost forgot the pain I was in. He was loosening it up with his fingers and then started to push the cock shaped paddle handle in. Pretty soon it was all the way in. He went slowly and that was so much pleasure, but when he hit the spot I realized what he was doing. My cock started swelling, which increased the pressure on my balls, and they started hurting much more. The worse thing is that I couldn't do anything about it. Soon I was rock hard. I bowed lower trying to lessen the pain and pressure in my balls.

"Perfect, pussy. Now you are in the proper position." He slowly withdrew the paddle handle and waited for a few moments.

And then "wham". A fierce blow of the paddle landed on my butt, and I instinctively tried to straighten up and move away, but the device pulled on my balls so hard that I screamed and doubled up in pain. "wham", "wham", "wham", "wham" came other blows on either of my ass cheeks. My eyes filled with tears and I could not think of anything but the pain and wanted it to stop. And the assault did stop, for a while.

"What is your lesson pussy?" Poleman asked.

"To show respect to you and be obedient to you, and people you give power to me."

"Will you do that, pussy?"

"Yes, Boss. I will."

"And why will you do that, pussy?"

"Because I trust you, and you want what's best for me."

"Very good, pussy. Now I'll give you some more, so you don't ever forget that." I prepared myself for the blows, but Poleman started working my hole again and getting my cock hard again to maximize the effect. My balls hurt, my nipples hurt and my ass hurt. When Poleman pulled the paddle handle out of my hole, I prepared myself for another assault.

"Wham," "wham," "wham," "wham," "wham," "wham." The blows came on both of the cheeks. There was a break and then the last blow came much softer than others and landed directly on my balls. It took all of my strength not to scream.

"I'm proud of you, my sweet pussy," Poleman was reassuring me "you did great." He bent down and gave a gentle kiss to both of my reddened cheeks, and my balls. He gently licked them. "Now squat again."

He wanted me to do the opposite of what I did before; first bent down as far as I could, and then squatted. Poleman undid the screws and removed the device, releasing my balls. That felt great. Again he gave a gentle kiss and a lick to both of my balls.

"Face me and display, my sweet pussy."

I did as ordered. Poleman got up and removed the clamps from my nipples. He kissed and licked them too. He took the toys and put away the clamps and the ball stretcher. Then he washed the paddle handle in the sink, dried it and put it in the box too. I held my position.

Poleman sat on the mat with his back to the wall, and motioned me to come over, "sit in my lap, my sweet pussy." I did as I was told, straddling Poleman and facing him. He took my hands in his and kissed them. Then he let my right arm go and started massaging the left one. First the hand, then the forearm, then the upper arm. That felt so relaxing and good. I was watching his beautiful face, his muscled body, his strong arms and I felt safe, secure and contempt. Poleman lifted my arm so he could continue massaging the back of the upper arm. When he was done, he repeated the procedure with my right arm. Then he massaged my neck and shoulders and when he was done, he lifted both of my hands and placed them on the back of my head.

I locked the fingers, and Poleman continued massaging my chest. He was especially careful when massaging my nipples, and that felt great. I started getting excited again. Poleman felt my cock stiffen. He brought my hands down and took my head in his hands. He was looking at my eyes and whispering to me. "You are the most beautiful pussy I have ever had. You were made for me. I never want to leave you, Dave. I want to marry you when we get out of here. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you and caring for you, Dave."

I was caught off guard. This is not at all what I imagined my future to be. I used to imagine having a wife, kids, a house, a dog and a cat, but not this. I never imagined spending my life with a 6'5 black man called Poleman who called me his sweet pussy and wanted to fuck me every day. But as I was in his arms, and his 15" now rock hard monster was poking me in my stomach; I realized I was loving it. I needed his love. I needed the discipline he was giving me. I needed his help to grow. I needed his love and care. I was his. Now and forever.

He released his hold on my face and waited for me to make a move. I looked at him peacefully, lovingly, marveling at his beauty; at his broad shoulders, his upper arms almost as big as my thighs, at his veined forearms and huge hands, at the mountains of muscle that formed his chest, at his firm 6 pack abs, at the shining head of his unbelievable cock pressing at my stomach. I lifted my eyes to his handsome face, the square jaw, the full lips, the wide nose and almond-shaped brown eyes atop of it, to his small and beautiful ears, to the shining dome of his shaved head.

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Boss. I want to wake up feeling your beautiful body next to mine, your strong arms holding me, your morning hard-on pressed against my body. I want to cover every inch of your beautiful body with kisses, to bathe it with my tongue. I am yours, Boss, now and forever." Poleman gave me a broad warm smile, one that would melt an iceberg. My heart was pounding. I never thought I would find the love of my life in jail.

I took Poleman's left hand into my hands and started sucking on his fingers one by one; slowly, provocatively. I licked his palm and the back of the hand and continued on with the forearm, covering every inch of it with my tongue. Then I went on to the massive upper arm. Tracing his huge muscles, his bulging veins were a dream. I lifted his arm like he did with mine when giving me a massage, to lick the back of the upper arm. I was careful not to miss an inch of it. Poleman placed the hand behind his neck and offered me the other one, indicating that he was pleased with my service. That made me so happy. I repeated the worshiping procedure with the other arm, and in a while Poleman had both of his hands locked behind his neck, offering his body for my worship.

His hairless pits were sweaty and smelly, intoxicating. I got up on my knees and moved slightly away to be able to reach better. I started by licking the left side of his body, along the huge lats, towards the pit where beads of sweat have formed. The closer I got the richer was the taste, salty, bitter and strong like everything else on my man. I wished I could cover myself with his smell so I would be reminded of my beautiful husband all day long. Like before, I was careful not to miss an inch of it. Having cleaned his left side, I moved to the right one, once more enjoying the beautiful and rich taste of my man.

Having completed that, I moved to his chest. I started by tracing the mountain of muscle from the left armpit along the rib cage below it to the deep valley that ran along the sternum to the collarbone above, and back to the armpit. I repeated the caressing circle next time, only smaller. The third time around, my tongue came to the nipple which I traced and started sucking. I heard Poleman moan. I continued doing my circles until the left side of the chest was covered. Off course, I gently rubbed his right side as well.

Now it was time for more "pressing" issues. I wanted to bathe the most wonderful and the most exciting part of my lover's anatomy - his enormous fuck tool. I moved down on it, starting with the huge balls. I licked the ball sack; tasting another wonderful aroma of my man. I took one of his balls into my mouth at the time (there was no way I could fit both), sucking and licking it. When that was done, I continued licking along the shaft towards the purple head. This gave me a taste of something else, a mix of dried cum, ass juices and lube from Poleman's previous visit to the guard's insides. When I had covered every inch of the shaft, I took the pre-cum covered head into my mouth. I licked around and sucked, and Poleman was now moaning loudly, and his breathing got quicker. I used my hands to work the spit covered shaft. It was wonderful to know I could give so much pleasure to my man. When his breathing got shallow and erratic, I knew he was about to shoot. I started sucking harder, bobbing my head up and down on his loving monster and stroking the shaft harder with my hands. Poleman convulsed and released a huge load into my mouth, I could hardly swallow it all but I continued milking him, and several more shots came. How I loved eating my lover's cum. The taste was as rich and as satisfying as it was last night. Even more satisfying was the pleasure I was giving him.

When Poleman's climax subsided, I let his slightly softened cock slip from my mouth and gave it a long and passionate kiss. I continued running my tongue upwards, over his stomach, along the valley between his pecs, to his neck. I licked along his throat, the prominent Adam's apple, the under chin and to his lips. I continued licking his lips, his cheeks, his nose and his closed eyes.

No longer did I have any doubt about what I wanted. I whispered to him softly. "My Boss, my love I want you to make me completely yours. Please fuck me. I want to feel your beautiful cock buried deep in me. I want you to fill my insides with your love juice. Thank you for showing me what I really am and what I need. Thank you for caring for me and loving me."

"Not now. Time to rest, pussy boy." Poleman, seemingly ignoring Dave, collapsed on the mattress and covered himself with a sheet. He wanted to allow Dave to figure out where he belonged.

I just stood there, feeling alone, empty. I looked down at my Master, resting with his eyes closed, so peaceful. I wondered why he was not ordering me to do something. I stared down at that beautiful body, calling to me without words. Immediately I joined my husband in the bed, getting as close to him as I could, in a spoon position.

I knew what I was; what I wanted, and I embraced my husband from behind and cuddled him tight. Poleman, without turning his head back to me whispered gently, "My sweet pussy. You truly are wonderful and special to me. No one will ever bother you in here; I will protect you, care for you and train you even more fully. You are mine, body, and soul. I now own you. "

"Yes Boss, I need that, I want it. Train me, train my asshole, train my mouth, my love. I am yours."

The End