392 quarterback

392 Quarterback's Medical Exam
Part 1 of 3

"Terry Thornton," the nurse called into the waiting room from the just-opened hallway door. "The doctor will see you now." He stood and followed her down the maze-like corridor to the doctor's office. He seated himself, and the nurse said, "The doctor will be in, in just a few minutes," she said then shut the door as she exited. Terry was there for a sore throat. It didn't bother him, but he had an important football game coming up in a few days and did not want to be cut as the starting quarterback. As he sat there, casually dressed, he thought that clearance from his doctor would ensure his ability to play.

The door opened suddenly, and his familiar and trusted doctor came in smiling and sat at his desk. "Hi, Terry. How's college treating you these days?"

Terry replied, "Fine, just a minor throat thing. But I feel OK."

The doctor shook his hand and said, "Well, let's just have a look, shall we? But first, let's step next door to one of the exam rooms. Terry followed. Dr. Peters began a routine minor physical checking blood pressure, ears, nose, and throat, then lifting the boy's shirt enough to place a stethoscope on his skin to listen to his lungs and heart.

At that moment, there was a knock on the exam door, and another nurse poked her head in, "Sorry, Dr. Peters, the call you were waiting for from the Georgetown Institute came in. Do you want me to take a message?"

"Good heavens, no. I'll be there in a moment." Then he turned to his patient and said apologetically, "Terry, I need to take that call. But I'll be awhile, and I don't want you to sit here waiting for me, so I'll send in my assistant to finish up. Is that OK with you?"

"Sure," replied Terry, wanting to finish his exam quickly.

"Great, have a good day," the doctor said, leaving the room and closing the door.

In the hallway, Dr. Peters called out to the first nurse he saw, Susan. A busty young woman, she had just been hired and was a new nursing school graduate. "Susan, I just finished an exam on Terry Thornton here," he said, pointing to the exam room door he had just exited, "It’s nothing, nothing to prescribe, but ask Dr. Martin to see him and answer any questions, Terry might have.”

She replied, “Of course, Doctor.”

“So, take good care of our football hero,” Dr. Peters said proudly, “He’s our local champion.”

The nurse waited and watched Dr. Peters hurry down the hall, then she went into the room where Terry was. “Are you Mr. Thornton?”

The patient nodded and added, “Yes.”

The nurse looked at him with an all-business look. Boy, did she hate football players! Her marriage broke up recently over her husband’s incessant love over the game. Anything football just stoked her anger. Furthermore, she thought all men were egotistical bastards, but largely, she never acted on it… until today. She stifled her inner feeling. “The doctor needs a few tests done; I’ll need you to remove your shirt and T-shirt.” Unconcerned, Terry stripped to the waist. “Go ahead and remove your pants too, but leave your underwear and socks on. I’ll get you a gown.” But she never left the room.

Terry removed his pants and thought the nurse would immediately hand him a dressing gown to cover up, but instead, she seemed focused on reading some papers on a clipboard and making some notes. Sneaking a few sideways peeks, she inwardly smirked at the skimpy black underwear this solidly built football player was wearing. They were narrow at the hips but had a large pocket pouch in the front to hold his dick and balls.

Pretending to follow some instructions she was reading, she said, “Oh, and I need to check your height and weight first.” She put the clipboard down and then faked a puzzled look as she visually scanned the room. “I see there’s no scale in here. Well, we’ll just hop across the hall. There’s one there,” she said a bit sternly. Without waiting for any response from Terry, she opened the door and held it open, staring at him as if to command him to “move it.”

Once he followed her lead and stepped into the hallway, she immediately ushered him to the door across the hall but did not open it. “Oh, wait, here, I‘ll need your chart,” she left him standing there in only his socks and black bikini briefs. For the first time, he felt weird and embarrassed. He was starting to get a little hard. Not much, and hopefully, no one would notice. He glanced up and down the hallway. Was he crazy, or were there increasingly more people standing about, both nurses and patients?

“OK now, let’s get you weighed. Let’s see, the better scale is down the hall this way,” she said, shoving his muscled shoulder blades gently but exerting her control nonetheless. “Just go ahead down there and then left at the end of the hall.” She wanted to be behind him as he walked to check out his bouncing bubble-butt cheeks, barely contained in his bikini underwear. They came to a door that she opened, and they entered.

“OK, Mr. Thornton, hop on the scale. Oh, wait, I was going to get you a gown first, wasn’t I?” She went to the door, opened it, and, catching the attention of another nurse, said, “Cindy, would you bring me a gown from exam room C?” Of course, Terry had no idea that the “C” stood for children, or that the gowns stored there would fit a patient no taller than 4 feet.

As if reading from his chart, she said, "Now, let's see. When was the last time you had intercourse with a woman or a man or masturbated to completion?" Terry turned beet red and opened his mouth, but no sounds came out. "I guess I shouldn't refer to your having sex with another man as intercourse. Ah ... what do you call that, Thornton? Anal sex? And when you have sex with a man or a woman, how often do you do it, and how long does it take for you to squirt?"

Terry was looking for that proverbial hole to crawl into as he attempted to respond to the nurse. "I ... I ... I ... think I need to go use the restroom," was all he said as the knock on the door interrupted him. "Hold on there, Thornton." The nurse went to the door, opened it, and received the folded blue gown from Cindy, who continued down the hallway. Terry reached out for the gown, but the nurse, seemingly not noticing his outreached arm, just set it on a counter. “OK, Thornton, we'll get back to the questions later. Let's get your height and weight." Thankful that the embarrassing questions were over or at least delayed, Terry, with his back to the nurse, turned to the scale against the wall and stepped up onto it. She was smiling to herself, knowing her next move was to tell him that all patient weighs are taken while nude and to "order" him to strip naked first.

With Terry facing the wall, Susan stepped up close behind him, letting her large breasts accidentally rub against his bare back. She awkwardly reached each arm around him to grab the vertical height-measuring bar attached to the scale's base. As she pressed her hips against his rounded ass, she pretended to be struggling a little to get the bar high enough.

Terry's black bikini briefs were now filled with his boner, which pushed the front pocket-shaped pouch way out, also causing the snug waistband to bow out from his belly. Looking down into the briefs, one would now see his pubic hair and a large part of the root of his dick. He willed it down as he covered his boner with both hands, hoping his gown cover-up would soon be given to him and the nurse would not notice his erection.

Having raised both the height bar and Terry's dick "bar," the nurse stepped back and laughed aloud. "What a silly little man you are." Terry thought she saw his erection; she didn't, or at least pretended not to. "This must be the first time you have had an exam. I can't believe this. What a silly little boy you are. I should call in the other nurses to come in and take a look at you." Still with his back to her, Terry stood on the scale as if it were some sort of viewing platform for models, was simply stunned as if in a strange nightmare haze.

"She's making jokes about my boner. Oh God, where is my fucking robe?! Is she ever going to let me go pee?!" he screamed to himself.

"Are all football jocks so goofy? Any other little child would know you can't measure one's height when he's wearing his socks!" She continued to laugh. "Tell me, little man, do you want me to measure your height or the thickness of those white socks?” She enjoyed playing with him like her private man-sized sex toy.

"Sa ... sa .. sorry nurse... I didn't ..."

She interrupted him, "That's NURSE SUSAN," she said sharply. "I'm wearing this uniform, and it calls for respect, isn't that correct?" She smiled but still spoke sternly.

"Yes, Nurse Susan. I am sorry, Nurse Susan. I didn't know about the socks." He was not only embarrassed about being nearly naked with a boner in front of this attractive professional woman, but he was now humiliated at being treated like a stupid little boy. He thought that if he could just get the robe on, go to the privacy of a restroom, and take a leak, his boner would be gone, and his dignity would return. "May I use the restroom, Nurse Susan?"

She surprised him by asking a simple question, "Why?" Shocked by the demeaning question, he mumbled in a whisper, "Because I have to go pee, Nurse Susan."

She smiled. “You have to go peepee? Is that want you are telling me?” she said in a slightly baby-talk tone.

“Yes, Nurse Susan, I need to go … er … peepee.”

She smiled and asked him, “Can you do me a tiny little favor and just hold it so we can finish this up?” To which he just nodded. “Good boy. Now, lift your right foot.” He bent it back toward her, and she slipped off his sock. “Now, the other one.” And she removed that one too. She was stripping him of HIS clothes, dignity, and adult power, AND her little boy toy was complying. As directed, he stood up, hands down his sides. “Turn around, and let me see if your shoulders are level. Quickly now, let’s move it.”

With hesitation, he snapped around at attention. He then realized his bikini-covered boner was pointing directly at her for the very first time. He moved to cover up. “Stand still. At attention,” she commanded. She didn’t mention the obvious erection and hid her delight inside. She stepped up to him, to the point where his dick poked her lower belly, pretending to completely ignore that, and said, “OK, six-foot one-and-a-half inches. Now, for your weight.” She looked down at his obscenely protruding underwear. She laughed and said, “Oops, there you go again! Do you really want me to weigh your underwear?”

“Nurse Susan? May I please have my robe?” he asked.

She smirked and said, “Of course, honey, but let’s get your accurate weight first.” And without a pause, she slipped her fingers in his waistband at the hips, quickly pulled them down, and dropped them to the floor as his dick bounced upward and stayed pointing like that. “OK darling, you stay there on the scale, and I will put your socks and briefs with the rest of your clothes.”

“Nurse Susan, … my robe? Please?”

“Sweetie, I have not weighed you yet; just stand still, and I’ll be right back.“ She stopped at the door, looked back at him, and nearly drooled at the magnificent boned-up stud sight. “Oh, nurses may bring patients in here to use that scale, but just ask them to wait for me. I’ll be right back.” She teased him, knowing that the indicator light outside the door signaled the room was in use and no one would come in.

Terry Thornton stood in the exam room in front of Nurse Susan. This dominating young woman had just stripped him down to only his black bikini briefs. That thin underwear was the only cover he had to hide his inflating dick. She had tricked him earlier by telling him all patients must be weighed nude for best accuracy. The young college football jock started to tremble in nervousness, feeling embarrassed to lose his only garment protecting his modesty.

In a little-boy way, he felt helpless and submissively asked, “Nurse Susan?" as she now insisted he call her, "May I please have a robe to cover up?” With a half-hidden smirk, she said, “Of course, honey, but let’s get your accurate weight first.” And without a pause, she slipped her fingers in his waistband at the hips, quickly pulled his briefs down, and dropped them to the floor as his dick sprang upward and stayed pointing straight out, parallel to the floor.

After recording his naked weight, she told him, “Honey, you’d better put on a gown, so you won’t catch a cold.” She toyed with Terry. She hated football players and anything to do with football. Her marriage break-up was due to her husband’s overzealous, fanatic love of the game, which drove her crazy. He didn’t care about her. He only cared about football. OUCH! Now, she could take out her frustrations on Mr. Football, Terry.

Fuck! I’ve been begging for a robe ever since she started her exam. Finally, I get to cover up,” he thought.

“Here’s your gown. Put it on like a good boy.” She enjoyed the additional helplessness and frustration she knew this jock was feeling, knowing that she, not him, controlled his clothes. In fact, at this point, she controlled everything about him.

She left the room, and he felt so fucking relieved to be finally able to cover up his fully naked, bonerized body. He was rushing to figure out why the gown fabric was so lightweight, which side was the front, and why she just called him “boy,” and to find the bottom half of his gown. He fumbled with the blue fabric, just needing to quickly get the damn thing on. He had to force his huge muscled arms into the tiny short sleeves and then tried to close the hospital gown up behind him. But, “What the fuck!” he confusingly complained to himself. “What the FUCK is this? A shirt? Where's the bottom?” He never realized the nurse intentionally gave him a child’s-size gown - that's what a grown C was - and she knew at the time she'd have to invent a clever way to get him to accept it.

The back panels did each have a string tie, but the panels, when pulled as closely together as his big muscled frame would allow, left an opening down his broad back about 12 inches wide. The short length of the material went only as far down as his hips and tailbone, leaving no private parts covered. He saw no mirror to assist him in placing it on himself properly or to confirm how ridiculous he looked wearing it. "This can’t be right," he thought as he awkwardly reached both hands behind him to try to readjust the ties he could not find.

Terry was startled as he turned around and saw the nurse feasting her eyes. In an irritated tone, he yelled, “Nurse!” Then in a calmer, pleading tone, he added, “Sorry, but I can’t get this too close. I can't find the bottoms. These sleeves are cutting off my circulation.”

The nurse said calmly but condescendingly, "How are you supposed to talk to me, young man? If you want my help, you'd better watch your behavior.”

Sheepishly, he settled back into his newly learned boyish attitude, which she had manipulated him into using earlier. “Sorry, Nurse Susan. Please … I can’t …I mean, this thing does not fit. What am I doing wrong?”

x Quarterback's Medical Exam
Part 2 of 3

The nurse walked over to him and smiled at his lovely, muscled, toned abs, thighs, and his dancing boner. He continued to reach his arm backward over his shoulders as he spoke, which only made the grown ride up another foot, now exposing half of his torso. She reveled in how wonderfully, in her view, the gown fit him. It was just one of the tools she liked to use to subconsciously nurture submissiveness in her patients. Her macho jock boy was whimpering, “Please help me, Nurse Susan,” he sighed. Ah, he finally said the words she wanted to hear. “Please help me.”

“Here, I’ll do that.” She found the tie strings and tired them, and it looked exactly the same as he had it, still all open down the back. “There you go, now let’s get on with this exam. But first, you said you needed to go peepee? Is that true? Tell me, little darling.” He nodded. “No, speak up. Tell me you need to go peepee.”

In an almost whisper, he said, “Nurse Susan, I need to go peepee.” Pleased with having him drift into her power, she went to the door, expecting him to follow.

Halfway between a whimper and a cry, he begged, “Nurse Susan, I can’t wear this out there! Please, Nurse Susan. Please? Something else? Anything else? Oh, please don’t make me wear this.” A couple of tears came down his cheeks, which she wiped away for him.

“I am trying to help you here, child, and you’re just giving me a hard time. You’re wearing the large size now. If that’s not good enough, I’ll get you a medium one. Maybe you’ll behave better wearing that smaller one,” she said directly, staring at his wide-open, terrified eyes.

“No. No. Please no. Nurse Susan, but please, look at these sleeves. They're cutting off the circulation. I’ll be good, but ... but ... I can't move my arms in these tight sleeves."

"Oh, Oh, I see, I get it. You can't wear this because the sleeves are too tight, and you know something, sugar? ... You’re right. You are a good helpful little boy for pointing that out." Terry felt relieved once again to finally convince the nurse that this gown would not work out. He thought, "Maybe she'll just return my clothes." He noticed that the nurse retrieved scissors from a drawer as she said, "Now hold still," and she carefully inserted the tip of the scissors between his flesh and the material. She snipped a cut from the edge of the sleeve all the way up to about 2 inches from the neck hole. Then she did the same with the other side, causing the just-created front and back material flips to drop open and expose his shoulders fully. This made the tiny gown more like a frilly woman's blouse.

“There, that’s better. And all your issues are solved. Aren’t they? See, if you just work with me, we can finish this part and go on to your rectal exam.” Terry's mouth formed an "O," and he stood in amazement that no matter what he said or did, things only went from worse to awful to pitiful. He was fucking lost. He had virtually no resistance left. Manliness had left him an hour ago. Could he ever play football again? Would he somehow need her permission? Should he call his mommy? With what? No phone, clothes, wallet, no one to assist … no one to assist him … except … this nurse.

Staring long and hard at him, into the windows of his soul, as if she could see the wheels in his brain grinding away his self-respect, self-control, and the need for independent thoughts, she pulled the trigger. “Now that we have taken care of your gown so that it fits you so lovely, you may thank me and ask me politely if I’ll help you find the restroom so you can go peepee.”

With moist eyes and a dry throat, the boy spoke as he now felt, “Miss Nurse Susan, thank you for letting me wear this gown, fitting it just right for me, and not putting me in the smaller one. Nurse Susan, would you please direct me to where I can go peepee, please?”

Nurse Susan had tricked and manipulated Terry Thornton, the macho college quarterback, out of all his clothes for his medical exam and into a child’s-size hospital gown, telling him that the blue child’s gown he was now wearing was a man-size large. Cleverly, she even removed his clothes to another room for “safe keeping,” but it made him feel powerless and under her control. Terry begged again to go to the restroom. Terry looked down at himself and felt as helpless as a baby. The gown was more like a short-sleeve shirt that went down only to his hips, allowing his now boned-up dick to show and his bubble-butt ass.

Knowing that he was now feeling extremely vulnerable and becoming more aware of the importance of his pleasing her, she spoke to him directly. “If you are going down the hall to go peepee, it’s either in this blue outfit you’re wearing, or I’ll get you a smaller size, or … you’ll stroll down there naked. So, sugar, tell me what you want. ” Terry begged, with watery eyes, “Please, Nurse Susan, I need to go peepee bad. May I please, please, wear this gown? Oh, please let me go peepee. I’ll be good.”

Pleased with the surrender shown by his increasing submissiveness, she said, “What a lovely little jock stud you are. Of course, you may wear your pretty blue outfit.” She went to the door and opened it. “Honey, you just go down the hall to the right, past the nurses’ station, past the X-ray waiting room, all the way down to the other side of the blood lab. You’ll see the restrooms there. Use the one that says ‘Women.’ Now keep your hands at your sides and march! I’ll be right behind you.” She felt the pleasure of her accomplishment as she walked behind her obedient quarterback, watching his bouncing cheeks dance to her tune. Of course, she knew there was a restroom just two doors to the right of the exam room, but she preferred that he display himself in his cute little gown as he walked to the restroom at the other end of the building.

Fortunately, when Terry reached and entered the women’s restroom, no one was in there. He had to wait for his erection to diminish and emptied his bladder. Upon exiting the restroom, he rejoined the nurse, who strolled him back the way they came, stopping at the nurses’ station to pick up something. Terry had to wait embarrassingly beside her. To help hide his frontal nakedness, he pressed his hips forward against the short wall surrounding the nurses’ work area. Even though people passing behind him got a full look at his completely exposed ass, the nurses sitting at their station desks could only see his tightly covered-up upper body with the cut-open sleeves.

“Hi, George. Do you have an anal speculum back there? The doctor wants our new football player here to have a full rectal inspection.” The male nurse stared at the tight-fitting blue gown, knowing that the blue gowns were only for children. “I see you had to cut his sleeves off his shoulders to …” Susan abruptly interrupted him, not wanting him to discuss the gown. “Oh, he wanted to wear blue, so I made it work. Do you have the sterilized speculums there? Our boy is in a rush to have his rectum examined, aren’t you, kiddo?” She looked at Terry’s reddening face, waiting for his newly learned reply.

“Yes, Nurse Susan.”

Then, turning to George, she said, “You’d think these college jocks would want to just quickly get their physicals over with, but not this boy. He made such a fuss. First, he wanted to keep his cute tiny black bikini briefs on to model them for all the staff, then he wanted to wear this pretty blue gown instead of the other size I offered, right sugar?”

Terry nodded, “Yes, Nurse Susan.”

The nurse, pretending to be a little shocked, “George, you know he begged me, with tears, to let him wear this gown?” Turning back to Terry, she said, “I want you to tell Nurse George how you cried tears of joy when we finally got this gorgeous gown to fit you and how lovely you feel walking around in it.” No one noticed that all the time Terry was standing close to the nurse’s side, she was lightly rubbing her thigh on his bare thigh. Not only that, but she casually and unnoticeably reached over and lightly tickled Terry’s dick to full erection. Due to the extreme lightness of her touch and his serious mindless daze of humiliation, Terry was oblivious to her gentle touches as well as to the fact that his dick had again become erect.

“Yes, Nurse George, I am so happy Nurse Susan allowed me to wear this blue outfit instead of the other one.” Tears welled up in his eyes, but he continued, “It feels so lovely to wear it, and she made it fit just right on me.” George was amazed that such a manly-looking athlete was showing tears of happiness at how he was dressed.

“Wow,” he thought, reflecting that it does take all kinds. “Well ... Susan, here’s your anal speculum - you said the largest size. Hope all goes well.”

“OK,” she said in a low voice to Terry, “Let’s go get your ass checked out, sweetie. Lead the way, keep your head up, and read each door sign as we pass it.” This was her way of not letting him notice his erection. All the people they passed in the hall admired his stiff wood and luscious ass. He didn’t even tune in to their giggling. “Here we are,” she said, opening the door and pointing to the white-cloth-covered table. “Get up on there, on your hands and knees.”

As Terry got in that position, he noticed that the door was still wide open and started to ask, “Why … why … is the… the …”

She giggled at his stammering, not even trying to hide her delight anymore. “Oh, you silly little jock, it’ll be too stuffy in here if we close it. Just turn your head the other way.” Without waiting for a comment, she got the scissors and cut off the gown, dropping it to the floor. Pressing down on his shoulders, she said, “Keep your upper legs vertical as they are, but lower your chest fully flat on the padded surface so your ass will stick up in the air.” She grabbed each cheek firmly and stretched them widely apart to get an unobstructed view of his adorable little rosebud opening. She placed the medieval-looking speculum, which she had set to the widest possible opening, down where Terry could finally get a good look at it. “That’s a good boy. Now listen up, honey, I’m supposed to shove that God-awful metal thingy up your tender ass and use it to force-stretch your asshole as wide open as possible. It can cause a lot of pain and bleeding,” she lied to Terry. Most guys can’t take it without screaming.” Terry’s body started to tremble in fear. “But, … if you don’t want me to use it, I won’t,” she added in a pretending caring tone.

Terry gasped at the sight of the painful-looking contraption. “Oh God, please no, Nurse Susan. Oh God, don’t shove the metal thing up my butt, please.”

Fully satisfied to receive his expected pleading, she slipped off her ring and lubed up several of her fingers. “Well, the only alternative, sweetie, is to do this the old-fashioned way by probing gently with my fingers, but … it’s a lot more work for me, plus you’re in a hurry to leave, remember?” I may be feeling around in your love hole for half an hour. 'cause I got to work my bare fingers way up in your warm, wet boy pussy, and examine the interior of your juicy cunt. I don’t know if …”

Still staring at the speculum, Terry was continuously, softly crying, “Please, Nurse Susan, please don’t put that fucking thing up my butt. Oh, God! I am so fucking sorry to ask you to do this huge favor for me, but please just use your fingers up my … … pussy hole, please! I’ll stay as long as you need. Please examine my warm wet cunt in any way you require. Please help me, Nurse Susan, and do this for me.” Susan again stretched the butt cheeks of the naked boy and smiled as she placed a pump bottle of lube in front of her and prepared to devour her new conquest, lubing up the fingers of her right hand.

“Knock! Knock! Knock!” a voice called out, seeing the door was open. Nurse Susan turned to look at the small group of student nurses in the doorway, “One un memento, please,” she said as she wiped the lube off her hand and then addressed the group without any concern for Terry, who was on the table, totally naked, with his ass fully in the air. “Yes? What can I do for you?”

The older female nurse, Analgia, who was a co-worker of Susan’s, said, “Hi Susan, these are the four medical interns who were scheduled to do rounds with Doctor Peters now, but the desk said you were stepping in for him due to an urgent conference call.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“So, I guess these boys belong to you for the next couple of hours. Is that OK with you?”

“Sure, they can observe a rectal exam procedure with Mr. Terry Thornton, the famous, macho college quarterback.”

“Great, then I’ll leave them in good hands.” And she left to go back to her regular duties.

Susan was delighted. These students were 18 and 19-year-old freshmen at the local college there to study various courses in medical care. Although they were to go on rounds with Dr. Peters, she’d wing it and have them help humiliate little boy Terry, the big football hero. She loved doing this because she hated sports, particularly football. She was unsure what to do with these male teenage students, but her mind was grinding away.

She turned to Terry, who had heard everything about the students joining in, and asked, “Mr. Thornton, would you like these kids to learn more about medical conditions of the human body? I mean, they are here and eager to learn. Would you agree to help them learn?”

“I… I… I don’t think… I …”

“You don’t think you can turn them away? Great.” Addressing the students, “So, gentlemen, since Terry Thornton is here, you will assist me with him.

x Quarterback's Medical Exam
Part 3 of 3

“You mean Terry Thornton, the All-star champion quarterback,” one student, whose name tag read, Charles, yelled out excitedly. “Wow. You’re my hero, man!” The other three students also knew him, and all were so in awe of meeting him.

Terry started to sit up to more appropriately greet his fan, but Susan immediately pressed him back down on the table with her hand, keeping his beefy ass sharply lifted.

“Yes, he is, but we must be professional and treat all patients equally. Now boys, still your hero agreed, we will each examine his asshole.”

“OK, boys, today we will all perform a prostate exam on our football hero. Now, as you know, we can feel the prostate by sticking our finger into one’s rectum and pressing against the wall of the rectum on the belly side. You’ll be able to feel 2 or 3 lobes and, with experience, tell if the lobes are enlarged.”

“Nurse Susan,” Terry finally spoke up. “May I get dressed and leave now, please.”

Mr. Thornton, if you want to leave, we will have to do this quickly by using the asshole metal stretching device and cause you considerable pain and possible bleeding. The gentlest way is for us to use our lubed hands. But, of course, If you wish your asshole to be forced-stretched open wide, the medieval metal thing…”

“OH, NO. Please use your hands.” Terry began to cry and plead further. “Please use your hands.”

Looking at the four students who seemed shocked by the big, athletic football hero begging. “Now, you see, boys, when a patient is unsure of what he wants, we must make him tell us, in no uncertain terms, what he wants us to do.

Then she petted Terry’s huge, muscled ass, sticking up high. “Ok, football hero, tell these kids what you want from them, and be clear.”

Keeping his head on the table, Terry rotated his face toward the students, “Please use your hands.”

“No, that does not tell us anything. Do you mean for these innocent handsome kids to shove their hands up your big hairy asshole and feel all around in there? Do you promise not to make a fuss? I mean, your ass hole isn’t even clean, and you want them to do this disgusting act of putting their young, youthful hands up your fat, gross, nasty feces coasted asshole and penetrate it fully? And play around inside you all they need to? You’d better be clear, or we will use that…. device.”

The students were surprised but too mesmerized by all the dirty language Susan was using and even more shocked by how the submissive, childlike big muscle-bound football hero was whining and sniffling. Of course, these students knew nothing of how Susan had manipulated him into behaving like a bad little boy. Under all her embarrassing humiliation, it just clicked in his brain that he either obeyed the football-hating, sadistic nurse or suffered the consequences of suffering many more indignities and even intense shame. For now, while naked and under the control of “Nurse Susan,” he felt like a prisoner, even in front of these “kids.”

“Go on. Tell these innocent kids what you want them to do.”

“Please, guys, please shove your innocent hands up my filthy asshole and feel around inside me all you want. I promise to obey and not resist as you work all the way up my crappy hole. I am so sorry to beg you to do this most disgusting act, but please, kind sirs, please use my asshole as you see fit.” Then Terry blubbered to himself quietly in shame and humiliation.

“Mr. Thornton? Don’t you think you should place your knees wide apart to give them easy access to your hole?” she asked in her pretend politeness.

He adjusted his knees further apart with his ass high in the air. “Further. They need to see your dick and ball hanging down between your thighs so they can grab them and hold onto them to steady your hips and keep your big ass from moving.” He moved his knees still wider apart. “That’s better. An, is it OK that they grab your hanging balls and dick as a handle to hold you still?”

“OH, fuck yes, please hold onto my dick and balls to help me from moving and interfering with your important learning. Thank you, kind sirs.”

“OK, gentlemen, let's begin with Charles. Please step forward. Charles was 18 but looked much younger, like 14, because he was short, skinny, and nerdy. “And lube up your hand.”Charles greased up his fingers. No, better lube up your entire hand and forearm.” And he did. “Now, stand close to Mr. Football’s ass.”

“How slow should I do this? Charles asked.

“He has a big ass and a large ass channel. Just shove it up there.”

Terry started to buck. This was also too strange. He never had anything up his ass except s enema nozzle.

“I see. He is wiggling his hips,” Susan observed. “Let's make this easier on Charles.” Then she called Julian over. “Julian, help Charles out. Let's save time. Grab onto the patient’s dick and balls and squeeze them.” Julian, with a somewhat wicked smile, incircled Terry’s hanging fruit gently. “No, not like that. Squeeze firmly around the top of the ball sack, pull down hard on his balls and dick, and just hold onto his ‘handle’ tightly and don’t let up.”

Julian was in heaven. He didn't even think of this being a gay thing. He just took in the feeling of power over this hunky, muscle-bound school hero everyone admired. Awesome!

“Please, Ms. Nurse Susan? I can’t take this anymore. Please help me. Please, I need … I need …” Terry whimpered and started to tear up again, wallowing in unbearable humiliation.

“OK, gentlemen, listen up. Our patient is nervous and frightened, like a little boy. So what do we do?”

Jessie, the one black student, offered, “Let him go home and reschedule this procedure for another day?”

“But that only prolongs his difficulties. We are not some sicko monsters. We are caregivers. Let’s give him our kindness and care. Encourage him to cooperate.”

“Wow, nurse? How do we do that?” David asked.

“Instead of telling you, let me just show you.” Susan smiled as if she was looking at a great feast she was about to devour. “OK, let's begin. Charles, since your hand is lubed up, start by teasing our little patient’s ass crack and tickling him around his ass lips. Julian, keep holding onto his junk handle, don't let up. Jessie, come around to his side, squeeze your hands under his chest, and begin to pinch and play with his nipples. David, you come around to his other side, to his face, and caress his face gently. Kiss him on the forehead, cheeks, and mouth, … give him lots of baby kisses.

And they all did just that. Can you imagine a great big-muscled football hero quarterback totally naked, his ass high in the air, his knees wide apart, surrounded by four teen boys manipulating him and teasing him all over?

“Now, Charles, slip a couple of fingers into his asshole. That's it. Now push them in all the way.” Great. Let him get used to it.”

Julian shouted, Nurse, his is leaking precum. He’s dripping slime on the table. What do I do?”

“No worries. This is common. David, hold up on the baby kisses. Scoop up the little puddle of jock football-smelly cream under his dick and feed it to him. Usually, a man’s cum tends to calm him down.” She watched David as he coated two fingers in dick slop and brought his hand to Terry’s face, and pushed those fingers into his mouth. “OK, now bend over and whisper to suck your fingers in his ear.” HE DID IT! Terry was sucking that teen boy’s fingers and eating his own pre-cum! Amazingly, David didn’t have to be told to keep feeding him. He did it anyway. But Susan reinforced that, “Good. Just continue feeding him his football juice as he continues to drip.”

“Now, Charles, feel around with your fingers. Your hands are small, so go ahead and slip in all your fingers and feel around for his prostrate. Feel the lobes feel the shape. I know you didn't know what to feel for or what the lobe size or shape means. This is just a ‘get acquainted’ poking inside him. Explore.”

“This is awesome, nurse. My hand is fully up to such a manly superhero.”

“Go ahead and make a fist inside him. This helps to stretch and relax his large intestine. that's is, gently move your fist around.”

“Ah… Excuse me, Ms. Nurse Susan, but… But I’m going to…. to… climax. Oh god, this is so embarrassing.” Terry was horrified that he was so sexually aroused. “Please stop it. I can’t … these kids… please…”

“Now, gentlemen, you heard the patient. He feels he is about to climax and finds that would be too embarrassing for… as he put it…. ‘you kids.’ So, what do we do?”

“Should I remove my fist?” Charles asked.

“No, we need to complete the examination. Besides, you other three boys also need your turn at fisting… I mean… ‘examining’ the patient's rectum. But, the patient just told us he does not wish to climax. They don’t teach this in med school, but my solution is to resolve it. Julian, you may now stop pulling or holding onto Mr. football player’s junk.” Julian let go. As soon as he did, Terry showed that he was sporting a huge, eight-inch stiff boner log that was pointing toward his face. It was twitching and dancing and spitting out thick drippy blobs of pre-cum puddling on the table.

“I'll instruct you further, but first, let’s all switch to a different position and task. This time, let’s have Jessie lube up his hand and begin to fist… I mean,… finger our patient.” Jessie was so eager to take on this most erotically adventurous role. He wasted no time in lubing his hand AND forearm to the elbow.

“Great, now, since you, David, are holding our patient’s dick-ball handle, let’s change that. Let go so he won’t climax. Instead, use your fingertip to lightly touch all around Mr. Football’s hair-trigger dick. Tease it. Tickle it, but don’t grab it or hold it. Light touches only, especially around the mushroom head.”

Terry’s entire body was trembling. He could not help twisting and thrusting his hips, fucking air, since none of the boys were pumping his dick. No one was touching him in a way that would allow him his much-needed climax. He was shivering, and jerking, causing his dick to bounce and dance.

“His moving a lot now, but it isn’t interfering with my fisting him. So is that OK?” Jussie asked.

“Yes, so, Listen up, students. This is a good way to distract the patient so we can complete our examinations. Yes, twitching as he is doing down is fine. It’s all an important distraction. And, Julian, you assumed the head position, so it is now your turn to feed him all the jock juice he spews out. Make sure he knows what he is supposed to do, Julian.”

“Dude, you must lick my fingers. Lick all your cum off them. OK?” Julian ordered.

“Yes sir.”

“Tell me what you need, just like you told nurse Susan. I'm here for you.”

“Oh, please feed me my dick slop. Let me have the pleasure and honor of worshiping your slime-coated fingers. Please, kind sir, please feed me my mess. Thank you for training me, kind sir.” Terry was lost n a world of utter helplessness and subjugation.

Julian seemed a natural Dom. Where did that come from? Who knows. “You have one job here: pump out as much slime juice as possible. If you do and eat it all, I promise not to allow you to climax. We all promise that. Understood?”

“Yes, sir. Yes, SIRS!”

Terry broke down and bawled, surrendering to these four twink teenagers he had never met. Susan was full of joy. She debased a stupid football hero to the max and seemingly revealed hidden dominant traits in some of these boys. She liked that.

“We are all here for you.” He repeated. Then Julian turned to Susan, ”What if he climaxes anyway. I that a problem?”

“Yes, you can not allow it. He will feel uncomfortable having his ass stretched out and examined if he shoots his load. Not to worry, Nurse Susan has the solution. When he is close to climax, Charles, who is now in control of his nipples, will pinch them hard. Very hard. OK?” Susan clarified.

“Did you hear that?” Julian asked Terry.

“Huh?” Terry was listing all the contradictory erotic and pain sensations. The fist inside him was pumping and out unmercifully. Susan watched all the interactions and let the students go with the flow.

“Listen. When you feel the need to climax, you must tell me you need your tits pinched very hard. You must beg Charles to squeeze them with his fingernail. Like he wass usingpliers. If he does not pinch you hard enough, and you climax because he was too gentle, IT WILL BE YOUR FAULT! Then he will fist you all the way up to your throat!” Julian was beyond learning to be a Dom. He was already there. He was on some sadistic high, like he was drugged.

“Oh, MY GOD! It may be too late. I’m gonna shoot and…”

“Tell me what you need.”

“Sir Charles, please pinch my tits. OH GOOD, hurry! Please pinch them off. I can’t control myself… Charles, master, please help me…”

“OOOOWWWWEEEE!” Terry let out a primal scream. It’s a good thing Susan had closed the door in anticipation of noise a bit earlier. The good news is Terry’s big fat dick deflated. The pinching stopped. The bad news is, Jessie continued fisting him and continued, and Charles restarted the nipple work, but this time he returned to erotic, playful teasing, as Susan instructed. That big jock dick began to enlarge and stiffen. Soon Terry was gyrating his hips uncontrollably and trembling. Moaning non-stop.

“OK, OK, we are finished here. Do you feel better, Mr. Foootball hero?” “Oh, thank you, Ms. Nurse Susan. Oh god… thank you, my mistress. I want to get dressed and go home. I can’t take any more abuse by these punk twinks. Sorry, I mean… my new Masters. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Terry collapsed flat on the table. Finally. Exhausted.

“Oh, but you misunderstood. I meant we are all finished in these positions. Let’s see, Charles and Jessie, got to examine your prostrate, but Julian and David hadn’t had a chance to learn. So we are only halfway through your exam. Aren’t you lucky, Mr. Hero? We have another hour to help you. We are here to take good care of you.” Susan smiled broadly.

Without being told, Terry did three things. First, he positioned himself as he knew they wanted him to be. He lifted his ass high in the air, placing his head sideways, flat on the table, and spread his legs wide apart. His dick and balls, once again, hanging there for abuse control. Actually, his dick was not hanging. It was jutting forward like a steel rod. Second, he began to softly cry. He blocked out everyone in the room. He said nothing, tried to control nothing, objected to nothing, he became nothing as the next nerdy, twink kid took charge of his asshole, and the three descended on his body. He surrendered with his huge boner twitching and dancing all on its own. Ready.

The end.

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