226 Remote-Controlled Boss

Remote-Controlled Boss
Part 1 of 3

The photo might seem like a standard removable, metal Prince Albert or “PA” for short, in the tip of a large penis. That’s Bruno’s dick. If you are unfamiliar with these, this particular PA is larger than usual. Normally, a PA doesn’t have these oversized ball ends, so it can easily be pulled through the hole made in the tip of the dick. But this particular PA has these oversized metal balls on each end. With the surgical procedure used to “install” this one, it is impossible to remove without minor surgery. The metal rings encircling the base of the dick and around the balls is a series of three attached rings in which the dick goes through two and the balls go through a different combination of two. This type of body jewelry usually gives men an erotic look and an erotic sensation.

However, Bruno is not wearing either of these metal gadgets for a pleasant erotic feel or look. I tricked him into getting these, which are not exactly what they appear to be. This metal “jewelry” was altered to accommodate a microelectronic shocking device, which responds to a remote control. Its purpose is to keep him erect anytime I wish him to be. It’s quite clever, really.

Let me back up a bit to explain. Bruno and I work at a national department store re-stocking facility. He is 19 and has just been promoted to junior foreman even though he’s worked there for less than a year. His dad had connections with the company’s CEO. My name is Rick. I’m 26, a hell of a lot smarter, with four years of experience, and I was passed over for that same promotion. I could live with that. I really could. But the issue was not only that he was a weak supervisor. He was arrogant, snotty, and behaved like an overall asshole to his employees. Anyone who has worked for him would tell you that.

He had the habit of wearing more jewelry than most men. It wasn’t a gay thing (he is straight). He just enjoyed flaunting his possessions to ensure everyone knew that even at 19, he owned a lot of stuff others did not have.

I have to admit that I think in devious circles and was trying to devise a way for Foreman Bruno to be taken down a peg or two or … three. Certainly, none of his “underlings,” as he would refer to his subordinates, would mind him being knocked off his high horse.

If you did not know he was such an asshole, you might be fooled by his youthfulness, cute looks, and of course, the tons of jewelry he usually wore. I wanted to use his love of jewelry to set him up and bring him down big time. So I started a conversation with him, pretending to be respectful, “Say Bruno, Sir, I just wanted to tell you that your jewelry sure looks neat. I love those gold wristbands and both of your rings.” He thanked me with a proud smile.

Then I added, “I have a friend who makes special jewelry for his important clients, and it’s the type worn on various body parts, you know, like a diamond nipple stud and stuff like that. It’s really for guys who can take a piercing here and there to show how manly they are. Yeah,… silly, girlish guys can’t take a simple piercing. Well, Sir, I got a Prince Albert and, Oh my God! Do the women love that, and the guys that happen to see it on me in the locker room … well, I guess that puts me on a pedestal, knowing I must be a real man’s man.”

“Prince Albert? Rick, you mean a PA? Is that where they make a hole in the tip of your penis and slip in a metal ring? And it’s all removable?”

“Something like that, but it has to be done in a proper medical way so all is sanitary. Of course, you won’t want a plain one like mine. You’d want one with a diamond in it. Fuck, now that would suit a man like you.” Bruno started to smile, and I could tell he was seriously considering it. Funny, he did not ask to see mine. That’s good because I don’t really have one.

“Did the procedure hurt you when you had it done?” Bruno asked.

“To be honest, it can and can be uncomfortable for a few days afterward until it heals. Nowadays, most people just do it under a general anesthetic so you don’t feel anything.” That was a lie, but I was setting him up. “Say, if you are truly interested, I can have my doctor friend give you a half-price deal, like he gave me, so instead of the $1,000, it’s only $500, including the surgery and the diamond PA. But the guy will be going on a long vacation soon, so it must be done in the next day or two. I’m not rushing you, but if you want it, you need to go for it now. “course, ... if you are that confident man, I know you are ...” I wanted Bruno to commit now before he started talking to many of his friends who might have other suggestions. I wanted to control his choices. “Say … since you’ll be groggy after surgery, I’ll even take you there and bring you back.

“Think about this, Sir, you’d not only be the foreman but the manly king of the hill. You’d be ‘the man.’” Bruno’s eyes lit up, and I guess it just fed into his ego.

“You’d do that for me, Rick? Well, it sounds like a good deal. But could we wait a week, you think?” Bruno asked.

“Actually, the only time I have to spend the day with you is tomorrow. I was going to see that doctor tomorrow anyway, so I know he is in, and we could just go together. Besides, Sir, if you did not like the PA for any reason, you’d just take it out, and the hole would eventually just heal closed. So, there is nothing to lose.” That seemed to convince him to have it done, so I agreed to pick him up at 9 a.m. the next day.

Knowing this would be done in an unusual way, the doctor wanted me to usher Bruno in through the back way and directly into a small, previously set up exam room. My family’s doctor, Dr. Carl Rinehart, had been my best bud for several years. We shared common interests in kink, so none of this was unusual for him, and we had discussed this last week at length. He was fine with everything I planned for Bruno.

As I brought Bruno in, Dr. Carl immediately said, “OK, Rick, I guess we are all ready. Bruno, nice to meet you. This will not take long. We will sedate you, make a hole in your penis through the urethra, and put a temporary metal ring to keep the hole open while it heals. Then you’d return in a week so I can remove the temporary PA and put in the actual one. Rick said you wanted a precious stone. That’ll look great. You can pick it out later today.” Bruno smiled, probably envisioning his dick dripping with diamonds. What an idiot.

“Please remove your clothes, put on this gown open to the front, and then lay down on the table. I’ll speak with Rick and give him your antibiotics and the post-op instructions for your safety. We left Bruno to get undressed and prepare himself, physically and mentally, for the sensitive surgery.

Of course, getting a PA does not involve a visit to surgery or anything of that sort. It can be done under normal sterile conditions in a jewelry shop set up for that. But Bruno’s PA is not the normal type.

“OK, Rick, let me show you what we discussed over the phone. Here it is.” Doc presented a 6-inch-square, red-velvet jewelry-type box. In it was a rather large “C”-shaped PA with no wires and a remote control device about the size of a pack of cigarettes. Then Doc picked up the third item in the box. “This is the automatic switch which will cause him to maintain an erection or get shocked.”

It was a 3-ring metal structure that encircles the balls and dick separately. At the same time, it holds them snugly. It also pushes them away from his body. Doc continued, “Inside the ring that fits at the base of his dick is a built-in sensitive, micro-pressure switch. When his dick is soft, the micro-pressure switch pops out to turn on the electrical current. When his dick is firm, very firm, the dick applies sufficient pressure to the inside of the ring to keep the switch button depressed, thus preventing the electricity from coming on.”

“However,” Doc added, “we need to wait until the PA hole heals, in about a week, then we can fit this all on him when you bring him back. I will explain and demonstrate the simple working then, OK?”

We both laughed, and I took the box with the three parts. I put it in my pocket and went to the waiting room. After injecting his arm with a strong sedative, Dr. Carl returned to his patient, completed the simple surgery, and inserted the temporary metal ring. Then he applied one tiny blob of solder to each end of the “C” shaped PA and squeezed it closed with a pair of pliers. Now it was an “O-shaped” PA, so it could not be removed during the healing process. This way, Bruno could not back out and simply remove it. We left nothing to chance.

I browsed magazines in the waiting room for 30 minutes until I was informed Bruno was ready to go home. Groggily, I helped him from the wheelchair to my car, and off we went. I drove him home, gave him his meds, and explained the cleaning care needed. I saw him daily at work but avoided too much conversation. When I got home, I pulled out the red velvet box to further examine the unique device, drooling as I reflected on my plans to use it to free all the other “underlings” from Bruno’s obnoxious authority and me.

The week passed quickly. There was no legitimate reason to accompany Bruno back to the doctor just to have the actual Prince Albert inserted, but Doc and I had other plans to work out. And I wanted to watch him “implant” all parts of the permanent, remotely controlled, shocking device. So I suggested to Bruno that I was going to that doctor anyway, so why not carpool. We did. I insisted on driving. It was a part of the plan.

When Bruno was called in, I followed him, which must have seemed odd to him now. “There you are, Bruno, come on in … and you too, Rick, have a seat,” Dr. Clark greeted us. “Bruno, recline on the exam table, please. I will give you a final shot to stem off any infection; it may make you a little sleepy.” Without waiting for Bruno’s approval or even a comment, the needle went into Bruno’s arm. Within a minute, he was out cold.

Doc and I undid Bruno’s belt and pulled down his pants and underwear to expose the surgery result. Doc noted that it looked great and healed enough to proceed to the next step: surgically putting on the full electric erection-control device. Without needing to contemplate anything, the doctor quickly cut off the temporary PA ring with surgical pliers and thoroughly cleaned out the hole in the tip of Bruno’s dick. Then Dr. Carl started on our diabolical plan …

While my disgusting boss, Bruno, lay unconscious on the exam table to have a simple surgery of Prince Albert put into the tip of his dick, little did he know that the doctor surgically “installed” a device that could deliver powerful shocks. I engineered a fiendish scheme to punish this 19-year-old, snot-nosed kid who became foreman only because his dad had company connections. Worst than that, he was a liar, abuser, and a totally arrogant asshole, and everyone he stepped on, like me, wanted revenge. Doc was a friend of mine, and both of us were into extreme kink, so we worked on this plan together.

“Rick (that’s me), hand me the automatic switch, that large conjoined 3-ring metal configuration,” the Doc said. Then he slipped both the balls and dick through the largest of the three rings that would be seated tightly against the trunk of Bruno’s body, then placed Bruno’s relaxed dick through one upper of the other two rings and the balls through the lower of the rings. (The photo does show it well.)

Dr. Carl explained, “This metal gadget does a couple of helpful things. One, it separates the dick and the balls into separate rings, pushing them out away from the body and causing them to continually erotically rub against the wearer’s underwear or pants. The second thing, Rick, is that the ring that the dick goes through also serves as a type of constrictor, sort of like a metal cock ring. It does not cause an erection but encourages one’s dick to grow with even minor stimulation.”

The doctor went on to explain the most important function of the 3-ring device, which was that there is a tiny micro switch on the inside of the ring which encircles the dick. ”Rick, if the dick is ridged, its girth is fatter, and it would hold the micro switch button “in” (meaning off), so no electrical shock would be delivered. However, if the dick is relaxed and flaccid, the narrower girth of the dick would not hold in the tiny switch. There would be enough space to allow the tiny button to pop up and turn on the current. The dick would feel a shock. In brief, a stiff dick will not receive a shock. A soft dick will.” I smiled at the Doc, understanding that the wearer would be highly motivated to force himself to get and stay erect to avoid being shocked.

“And the purposed of the Prince Albert itself?” I asked.

“The heavy metal Prince Albert will cause the electrical shock to run the full length of the dick, from the base to the tip. You might say it just causes the shock to travel farther. The entire thing is a receiver and transmitter setup. The tiny switch in the ring base, when ‘open,’ causes the shock mechanism to be set off in the Prince Albert. That’s why the PA metal needs to be so thick, so it can house the little shocking receiver. It’s ‘little’ but powerful enough to deliver a mean shock repeatedly.”

“The last piece of the device,” Doc went on, “is the smaller remote control than a cell phone. You see, you don’t want him shocked all the time, of course. It’s not designed to work that way. The remote unit, which has a range of about 1,000 feet, turns the whole thing on or off. If the remote is off, he will not get a shock under any circumstances. However, at certain times, you will turn on the remote to activate the shocking device. You have several options. You can deliver shocks one at a time, each time you press the button, ranging from low to high, or set this other button to automatic to deliver shocks in a pattern.”

I knew most of this but did not fully understand the workings until Doc’s show-and-tell. “You can have this set on manual and shock him as you wish or on automatic, which shocks him anytime he is flaccid, without you doing anything. When you use the remote control to turn the device on AUTO, it gives the wearer, in this case, our Bruno, the ‘power’ to allow himself to get a shock by going flaccid or avoiding a shock by pumping his dick to get and keep himself erect.

That’s the fun part. He will quickly learn that when his dick is hard, the remote shocking function is locked out. Even pushing the button to shock him won’t work. Keeping an erection will be extremely important to him, which he will learn after a few jolts due to being flaccid. Do you have further questions, Rick?”

“Actually, I do Doc. Tell me again why he can’t just remove the PA himself and end his nightmare?”

The doctor smiled at the thought of his ingenious solution. “Well, we lied to Bruno when we told him it would be easily removable, but look at how this is made.” He held up the heavy metal “C” -shaped PA and slipped it into Bruno’s well-healed dick-hole where the temporary one used to be. Then Doc took one oversized pea-sized ball with recessed screw threads, added a drop of metal adhesive, and proceeded to screw it in one end of the PA. He then did the same thing with the other end.

Now the PA had the shape of a bent barbell. As a precaution, Doc added some micros stitches at each end of the hole to close it as tightly against the PA as possible, so the skin could not stretch open. “Rick, it is now permanently secured in the tip of Bruno’s dick, and removing it will not be a simple matter. He’d need to know how, and we aren’t going to tell him, at least not until you have finished training him.” We both laughed aloud.

“ So the PA isn’t coming out, but what about the 3-ring device that contains the on-and-off switch that controls the electrical current? Can’t he just pull that part off and be free of me?” I asked, knowing the Doc would have an answer for that too.

“Rick, you’re getting ahead of me, but what I am going to do next is to squeeze a line of liquid medical adhesive under the large metal ring that presses against his body. That adhesive is strong, which we use instead of string stitches when doctors need a substitute. Then I will add several micro stitches actually sewing the main ring to his pubic-area skin. These will be so tiny, and with his bit of pubic fuzzy hair around his dick, he will not notice them. Now, true, neither the glue nor the stitches will last more than a few weeks. However, we will tell him the ring has been permanently adhered to his skin and cannot be removed.

He will try to remove it by pulling on it, perhaps several times and fairly hard, but the glue and string combination will hold it on fine, especially during the first week when he will likely test it the most. He will assume that it is indeed permanently attached and give up trying. Plus, you will tell him it’s permanently, medically attached. Your words and his failed attempts will cause him to believe it.”

“Rick, you will be giving him a lot of misinformation, which after testing it, he will come to understand as truth. What is critical is what you do today and tomorrow and how you introduce him to the ‘permanently’ attached shocking device. You’ll have to stay with him and train him as soon as you take him home. You’ll keep him at your place since you live alone. You must begin to train his mind how to behave. I know your kinky side and believe you are clever and manipulative. Keep me posted.” The Doc ended his comments and smiled broadly, as did I.

Bruno was nearly fully awake as I drove him to my place, which he had not yet comprehended. He was focused on undoing his belt and taking a quick peek at his new Prince Albert. I reached over to push his hand away, telling him to wait until we got home because I had some important stuff to explain to him first.

As we arrived at my place, Bruno, now fully alert, asked, “Why are we here? I just want to go home and rest, Rick. I have work tomorrow. ”

“Well, come on in ‘Sir,’ we need to talk about a few things.” I ushered him into my living room and sat him down on the sofa. I invited him to remove his shoes and coat, to relax. He did. He wasn’t wearing socks, so he was actually barefoot. “Well, Sir, your surgery went fine, but I want to explain the full apparatus you are now wearing. It’s really neat.”

“Apparatus? I’m wearing?” Bruno immediately unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, and without pushing his clothes down, he just lifted the waistband of his underwear. He looked down at his dick to see the Prince Albert and the metal circles around the base of his dick and balls. “I don’t understand, Rick. What are these extra metal circle things, and why is this PA so much bigger than the one you showed me?”

“That ring thingy complements the PA, and it’s bigger because I wanted that specific one for you.” Bruno was stunned at how I talked to him, my “boss.”

“I don’t feel right about this,” he said and immediately tried to push and tug the PA out through the hole, but the large ball ends would not slip through. “Ouch,” he shouted to himself. I said and did nothing except watch him get frustrated at his attempt to remove the PA. Then he tried to pull off the larger ring that was surgically glued to his groin, and again, he complained: “Ouch! What the fuck! … Rick?!”

Getting the Chair
Part 2 of 3

Bruno cried out as he tried to get his fingernails under the ring to lift or pull it off, but no luck. His skin was being pulled too. ”Rick, what the fuck is going on here! Get these things off me, now!” I didn’t move. “Rick, just consider yourself fired. Tomorrow I’ll do the paperwork. And that quack doctor you referred me to will be sued big-time.” He tried again in vain to remove the metal objects but could not figure out how without ripping off his skin.

“Hold on there, boss, I need to get us something,” I said flippantly as I went to the kitchen to pour us each a strong drink and returned quickly, handing one to him. Boy, did he guzzle that down in a hurry? He must be more than just a little freaked out at not knowing what was happening. I smiled.

“OK, ‘Sir,’ I’m sure you are full of questions, and I will answer all of them, but you have to agree to relax and let me explain everything to your satisfaction. “First, I need to see the surgery area, so go ahead and lower your pants.” Bruno looked up at me with his mouth gaping.

“Look, Sir,” I said, “Do you want a full explanation or not?” Every time I said “sir,” I made it sound more condescending. I wondered if he picked up on it. He stood up, and I moved next to him, so as he loosened his pants and started to lower them, I quickly pushed his pants, along with his underwear, to the floor, which he unconsciously just stepped out of. I tossed them aside. He sat down as he stared at his PA and the other metal-ringed contraption.

I took the remote-control box out of my pocket and showed it to Bruno. “See ‘Sir,’ this remote works your metal electro-shocker, which the Doc permanently ‘attached’ to and around your dick. See here? There are several buttons and settings: LOW, MED, and HIGH. Then there is a button labeled AUTO, which I’ll explain later.” Bruno only stared in disbelief. “Right, we need to test these other settings and see how you respond. OK, here we go.” I pressed the first button ...

After I took my boss to my house after his Price Albert surgery, he pulled down his pants to examine what the doctor did. Bruno was flabbergasted at seeing the oversized Prince Albert, PA for short, and an additional series of metal rings he had never asked for. (They show clearly in the photo of Bruno’s dick above.) He just stared at his penis. Then I showed him the remote control device and explained his new life.

I did not explain this to Bruno yet, but this remote had a setting for LOW for a mild, erotic sensation, MED for moderate pain, and HIGH for intense pain. Then there was the AUTO button, which I had to the OFF position. This automatic setting activates the delivery of individual shocks based on the thickness, or girth, of Bruno’s dick. In short, when the ring at the base of his dick senses a full, hard erection, no shocks are delivered. However, when that ring senses a flaccid or soft dick, it causes a shock to run up the full length of his dick every 10 seconds until the dick is made fully erect again.

Obviously, the wearer would want to maintain a hardy erection to avoid these very unpleasant electrical shocks. That’s the genius of the AUTO setting. The device is designed to not cause permanent injury, but there is no need to tell Bruno that. It’s better if he thinks I can fry his dick off.

To be continued tomorrow…

I looked at my former ‘boss’ at our little party, all naked, with a boner, and I had to admit he was a skinny but cute guy. With the electronic device I had surgically placed on his dick and balls, he had to keep an erection or be shocked.

“OK, ‘Sir,’ ” I said to my boss, Bruno, pretending to be respectful, “I set this control box on LOW. Let’s see what happens.” Then pushed the button. The LOW setting is erotically pleasant. I wanted to get him to relax more, so I could explain everything quickly. I saw him adjust his body as he moaned ever so slightly, and I did notice his dick was very slowly filling out. I knelt down at his feet and showed him the control box close-up.

“See, Sir,’’ this is an automatic self-stimulating Prince Albert. Do you feel that very gentle current massaging your dick?” He was mesmerized in bliss but still nodded. He was no longer angry with me; he was sitting there in nothing but his dark blue T-shirt as his dick began to become increasingly erect. “Isn’t that great, ‘Sir?’ ” And again, he was in a pleasant erotic glow and just nodded in agreement. That glass of scotch I gave him went a long way in getting his cooperation.

“Would you like me to keep the setting like this on LOW, or do you want me to turn it up to HIGH? You’re the ‘boss.’”

“Oh, yes, please, Rick, turn it up, oh yeah.” For a cocky, near-naked 19-year-old, he was sure in a state of bliss. He thought the higher the setting, the more erotic the feeling would be. So I turned it to MED, and he immediately jumped up and screamed, “Turn it off! Turn it off! Turn it off!” as he danced around the room, holding his dick and trying to make the pain disappear.

“Sure, kiddo, no problem.” And I turned it back down to LOW. He calmed down quickly, sat back on the sofa, and asked me why that happened. “Well, you see, a low voltage is very soothing and erotic, while a high voltage is very painful. Now, that higher dose you just experienced was only at medium. Shall we turn it to the very highest setting? You probably want to see what high feels like. God, I hope we don’t burn your dick off. Gosh, that would be awful. But let’s give it a shot and …”

“No, please. No. Please. Let’s just take this thing off now. OK, Rick. And, and … forget all I said about your being fired and all. OK?”

“Well, for now, we’ll leave this on low so you can relax, OK?” He frantically nodded in agreement. “Right now, I need to do something in the other room. I want you to play with your dick and get it firmer, OK? It looks OK now, but it does not seem worthy of a young buck boss like you, so let’s get the boner looking really fine.” He didn’t move a muscle but watched me pick up the remote, and as if to dare me to shock him, he just squinted at me.

I turned it up to HIGH and pressed the button. OMG, he was rolling on the floor, screaming at the top of his lungs, OH GOD, PLEASE, PLEASE TURN IT OFF I AM SORRY, PLEASE …“ I didn’t know a man’s voice could hit that high an octave. So, I turned it way down to LOW. He slowly got off the floor, coated in sweat, and asked for another drink, to which I responded by getting him a light one. I did not want him drunk but rather fully aware of everything that would happen to him. I handed it to him and asked him if he’d like to play with his dick now to show me a boss-sized boner. And he grabbed his dick and immediately pulled up and down on it, nodding continuously in agreement.

I went to the other room, made some phone calls, and returned to his more cooperative behavior. “I was thinking, kiddo,” I was now showing my true disrespect for him, talking to him more like a child. “I need to give you another one of those super-duper shocks that makes you feel like your dick is being torn off. I think that that might help you understand who’s in charge here and …”

“OH MY GOD, PLEASE JUST GIVE ME A CHANCE - I FUCKING PROMISE I WILL DO WHAT YOU SAY, AND I SWEAR TO GOD I WON’T FUCKING FIRE YOU. OH GOD PLEASE, JUST PLEASE …” Bruno pleaded as if his life depended on it. He may very well have believed it did. “Oh … all right,” I mumbled disappointingly. “But don’t make me regret it, OK, kiddo?” Bruno thanked me profusely. It was quite funny, my boss, pumping his now huge boner up and down like he was playing a video game and at the same time thanking me for … for … not shocking him.

“OK, kiddo, you have been behaving so well. I will not shock you anymore, at least not tonight.” I’m sure he was pleased and stopped pumping his dick, hoping this little electrical game was finally over.

I took the remote, held it close to his face again, pointed to the AUTO switch position, and pressed it. “You see, ‘boss,’” I loved calling him “boss” just to remind him that he was anything but in charge. “You see when this is set on automatic as it is now, I am giving you the power to shock yourself or to avoid a shock. This AUTO setting activates a tiny micro pop-up “button” switch inside that metal ring around your dick and balls. When that button is allowed to pop up, it sends a shock to your dick that runs from the base to the tip of it. However, if your dick is fat from an erection, that creates enough pressure on the button, so it cannot pop up and not give you a shock.”

“The thing is, ‘Sir,’ just keep your dick happy and erect, and you will be fine. If you let it loose just a little firmness, you will get shocked every 20 seconds, starting out at the medium level charge and gradually building to the highest level charge. So, in a sense, I’m giving you total control over electricity flowing the length of your dick … or not. I advise you to keep working your dick nonstop, or at least work it anytime you feel it is just starting to deflate.”

Bruno started to ask a question, actually several parts of questions, and could not quite figure out what to say. He was not touching his erect dick, and I could see it slightly becoming less stiff. It was as if a balloon had a prolonged leak in it. I watched eagerly to see when he got his first shock on auto and how he reacted.

It did not take long, “OW! Goddamn, it! Fuck!” He yelled, not quite getting it. It was a medium current passing very briefly through his dick. He cuddled his dick to soothe it as it became more flaccid. 20 seconds later, a louder cry of pain, this time at a slightly higher current level. Finally, he understood and started to pump his dick hard to stop the shocks. In fact, he was so afraid of getting shocked that he quickly developed the almost subconscious act of pumping his dick nonstop, just to be sure.

“You see? I’m not pressing any buttons, ‘sir.’ In fact, I will leave this on automatic and place it in my desk drawer.” I took a few steps toward my desk and showed him as I placed it in the drawer. Then I let him watch me as I took my keys and locked that drawer. “So, ‘Boss,’ this now has nothing to do with me. If you want to stop pumping your dick, it’s up to you, but the next shock you will ask for will be harsher than the last one.” I smiled.

He was looking around the room as he was slowly pumping his dick. “Can … can I … ma … ma … may I … please … have my clothes? I don’t see them, Rick. Or … may I at least borrow a bathrobe … please … Rick?”

I looked up at the ceiling as if to give it careful thought and whispered, “No.”

I guess he didn’t notice when I put his clothes in the other room. “I will help you out since you seem sick and need to play with your dick a lot. Here is some slippery medicated lotion that will soothe your dick skin.” I took it and applied a dab to his dick as his pumping action worked it in. He thanked me. That was funny. I’m sure it felt soothing to him, but actually, it was a type of electrical lubricant that created better electrical contact between his skin and the metal device, so the shocking device would have more “bite” to it.

“Ding Dong! Ding Dong!” It was the doorbell. “Oh ‘Boss’ do you mind answering the door? I invited a few friends over. He swallowed hard and begged me not to make him go to the door naked.

“Pay attention, ‘sir,’ and listen well. I assume you want that electro-shocker turned off at some point so you can get on with your life … and even have me remove it soon.” “Yeah, right,” I uttered to myself. I had no plans on removing it soon or otherwise. “Or … maybe you’d like to have it on auto all night long and become a zombie in the morning due to lack of sleep. Perhaps I could sneak you into a filthy public restroom that the city’s vice squad is known to stake out looking for perverts and have you playing with your hard-on in front of whoever enters. How about this. I get you completely dressed, but in pants with a broken zipper that won’t close, and take you to a child’s playground at high noon, and let you do your thing there?”

Bruno repeatedly mumbled, “Oh please don’t. Oh please, please don’t,” mumbling, begging, sweating, trembling.

“Or, ‘sir,’ I could …” I saw that I had his full attention as his wide-eyed stare ate up every word I spoke. “If you continue to be the obedient ‘boss,’ I will turn that gadget off later, so you can get some rest. However, if you hesitate to do what I want you to do, EXACTLY as I want you to do it, … well … you will very likely burn your dick off or go to prison, … probably both.”

Of course, that was not true. The shocks were moderate but more like a searing pain rather than anything truly harmful. The worst that would happen to him is losing a night of sleep and being a nervous wreck the next day. But he didn’t know that. At this point, he’d believe whatever I told him.

He nodded in agreement as he worked his dick up and down. “No, I DON’T WANT YOU TO AGREE. I want you to get your sexy 19-year-old bubble-butt ass off that goddamn sofa and answer the fucking door, and, …. be very, very careful to greet whoever there is in a bright, cheery voice and welcome them inside. These are MY guests; you’re just the fucking bimbo entertainment.” There, I finally called him what I really believed he was. Bruno was physically shaken by the dramatic turn of events which brought him from a highly respected boss (he thought) to a silly party favor, like a slut-in-a-box, over-sexed bimbo whose new job was to provide the party with laughs. He figured he’d play it exactly as I told him, hoping this evening would be over soon.

Bruno got up and walked swiftly to the door, pumping his dick. By now, pumping his dick had become second nature to him. He probably was not always aware he was doing it. Upon seeing a large group of our coworkers, he opened the door, dropped his jaw in horror, and shook his head “no,” thinking that this couldn’t happen. He quickly collected his thoughts, remembering my warning and the dire consequences if he disobeyed me.

With tears in his eyes, Bruno manufactured a big happy face. He shouted, “Well, Sally, David, Peter, Mary, and Sue, come on in. Great to see you.” Right behind them came more coworkers, including dock workers, a couple of secretaries, the bookkeeper, and two teenage stock boys, and all were greeted by their “foreman,” Bruno, pumping his huge boner. “Yes, Mr. Rick is here. Please, won’t you all come in? I know he is expecting you.” No one dared to shake Bruno’s hand, the pretend game of liking or respecting this conceited asshole of a boss was over, and now they all laughed at him.

“Hey guys, glad you all could make it,” I said with my arms wide open to welcome them. “As you can see, our ‘boss’ Bruno is so happy you are all here. He’s been so ‘excited’ for a long, long, long time.” Everyone laughed at him openly, releasing their true, pent-up feelings about him. Of course, all these coworkers either knew ahead of time or were informed afterward that Bruno was now their subordinate who they would train and subjugate.

I continued, “Yes, while we party tonight, Bruno said he’d like to show us his greatest asset, the only thing he knows how to work well.” The crowd roared as they watched Bruno pump his dick nonstop. He got into a steady, slow, and light, up and down motion, even too aggressive with his own dick because he knew that he should not lose his erection.

Sue spoke up more jokingly than to ask a serious question, “What happens if he climaxes, Rick?” I explained that men being men, once we climax, we lose our ability to have another erection for at least 30 minutes, maybe an hour. So, Bruno, I mean our ‘boss,’ will most likely get shocked every 20 seconds until he manages to work himself up into another erection. But allowing himself to climax is … is … well, it’s really his own decision. He is set on Automatic, so I am not controlling anything right now. He can cause himself to get a series of painful shocks if he lets his penis deflate, or he can avoid all shocks if he maintains his erection. He’s our ‘boss,’ and damn it, he can do whatever he likes!” More cheers and giggles.

Getting the Chair
Part 3 of 3

So there was Bruno, naked and wearing an electronic Prince Albert, controlled by a remote. Whoever controlled the remote could deliver shocks to his dick. Bruno’s only way to avoid a shock was to keep his dick erect. As long as his dick was fat and firm, the micro switch in the metal cock ring would not allow the remote shocker to work; it only worked if the dick went soft or semi-soft. That is why we see Bruno constantly pumping his dick, even in front of this private gathering of his coworkers, coworkers he sorely abused.

It was a fantastic sight to see this handsome 19-year-old naked man, our former ‘boss, continuously playing with his big stiff dick to keep it as firm as possible, as everyone gathered around him took out their cameras and photoed him from every angle.

Bruno, seeing that there was no escape from the shocking device and no way he could ever return to work as even a lowly employee, let alone as their boss, came up with his final solution. He spoke up as soon as there was a lull in the laughter, “Pa … pa … please let me say … say ... say ... something.” As he continued to gently beat his stiffy, he lowered his head in shame. He announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, (that was new-found respect) I will resign my foremen position tomorrow and … and … request that Rick, or whoever you want, become the new foreman.”

He continued, “Yes, I have been an asshole. And … and … I will quit the company altogether. You will never have to look at me again, ever. I promise. I’m so sorry for overstepping the boundaries. You are right. I apologize. I give up. I will be totally out of your lives.” The gathering of his former “underlings” cheered his decisions as he hung his head in humiliation and disgrace, feeling that that was the only way to permanently end his shocking nightmare.

I spoke up, “Whoa! Did you hear that, guys? Mr. Bruno will resign his foremanship as well as quit the company altogether.” Applause broke out, along with some catcalls.

“Folks,” I addressed the group after putting my arm around Bruno in a fake sign of friendship. “Folks, I think Bruno should not quit, and furthermore, he should retain his position as our ‘beloved’ and very … ah … well …. let’s say … very well-endowed foreman.” Bruno looked up at me in surprise as he lightly pumped his dick up and down, slowly, up and down, never wanting to climax. He carefully stroked it gently, very gently, needing to keep his dick firm and on edge but not allowing himself to shoot. That’s what he learned so far. This was his new role as long as he was at my “party.”

The group remained silent, wondering where I was taking this. “I think that Buno can be a wonderful benefit to us. First, let me ask our ‘boss,’” I said, turning to face Bruno directly and speaking out so all could hear, “’ Sir,’ would you write a letter for company files, recommending that each of us get a raise?”

Bruno replied with a low voice, realizing he had no choice. “Of course.” More applause.

“Wait just a minute, sir,” I said, turning to one of the secretaries who happened to be filming the party with her video camera. “Mary, please come forward with your camcorder and get this on tape.” She repositioned herself for better video and audio.

“Now, ‘Sir,’ please tell us and the camera once again, and please speak up.”

Bruno stared at the camera, forgetting to work on his dick momentarily, and said most sincerely, “Yes, you all deserve a raise. I will write to the corporate management recommending it, and you will all get copies of those letters.” A big cheer went out.

“And will you treat us all and every other company employee with respect and courtesy?”

”I promise that I … Oh, fucking Christ! Oh, Goddamn it!” The jolt went through his softened dick, taking everybody by surprise (except me). He fell to the floor and grabbed his genitals, and rolled around while he feverishly yanked on his dick and stroked it exactly as needed to make it quickly return to full erection. Maintaining a constant erection is the only way to stop the shock, as long as the remote device is set on AUTO, as it is now. That was the last time (that night) he would forget to work his dick nonstop. The crowd oohed, ahhed, and laughed as their “boss” slowly stood up again with a huge, stiff boner, recovering from the surprise and intense shock he had just received.

I prompted him to continue. “Yes, I will treat everyone with care and respect, without question.”

“And, just for the record, ‘Sir,’ state your full name, where you work, address, Social Security number, and today’s date.” He did without hesitation.

“Now that we all see that you have been masturbating in front of all of us and displaying this wonderful body jewelry, would you please tell the camera how you talked me into helping you get this body jewelry at half cost and how wonderful it was for Dr. Carl Rinehart to do you this huge favor?”

“Oh, yes. Thank you so much for helping me find such a wonderful doctor and assisting me in every way, even being so kind as to let me stay at your home tonight. Oh yes, thank you so much, Rick.”

“Tell us why you are at a birthday party I am hosting (of course, I was making this all up to guide him in making a humiliating confession), and you are totally naked and playing with your penis. Is it because you are a harmless nudist, or because you are a true deviant and get off on flaunting your penis to all these women … and maybe the guys too? Yes, I’ll bet that’s it. You are an uncontrollable pervert, aren’t you, ‘Sir?’ ”

“Rick, I am so ashamed to admit I am a sexual deviant. I can’t help that I want women and men to see me with a … a … “ and he sobbed out the final words, “big boner.” The tall 19-year-old Bruno was truly ashamed he uttered such disgusting crap, but he felt he had no choice.

Then I continued to humiliate him, “Why did you insult me when you first entered my house wearing clothes? Did you want me to believe you enjoy wearing clothes? Or that you deserve to wear clothes? Out you trying to fool me into believing part of you is … is … normal?”

“I am so sorry,” Bruno said, pumping his dick to avoid more shocks. “I am so sorry, Rick, and I apologize to you and all of you for trying to trick you into believing that I am anything other than a complete degenerate. No, I am not worthy to use clothing.” Bruno was wiping his tears away with his non-busy hand.

“One last question, and then we can return to the party, ‘Sir,’ we all see you constantly playing with your penis. Do you have a sex addiction that makes you need to always fondle yourself? I’ve heard you do it in dirty alleys, filthy restrooms, and on public trains, anywhere you can get innocent people to watch you? I suppose you have as much sex with men as with women, don’t you, ‘Sir?’ ”

Bruno, the self-proclaimed “lady killer,” broke down in tears and released a few hardy sobs as he continued to beat his dick. This was completely out of character for him. None of this was true, he never touched a man sexually, but he was strongly compelled to play along as guided by me. Bruno regained his composure and said, “Yes, I do. I can’t stop myself. It’s a sickness. I just can’t stop. I frequent alleys on the way home from work and go into restrooms and … and … all those things you said are true.” Bruno prayed and dearly hoped that the video was part of the prank and that it would be destroyed.

“OK, folks, your attention, please. Mary, you can turn the camcorder off if you wish.” I went to the desk drawer, unlocked it, retrieved the remote control, and held it up. “Listen up, everyone. This device controls Bruno’s ability to be shocked; it works with the two-part metal contraption he had surgically “installed” around his private parts. The metal cock ring, of sorts, that encircles the base of his dick and balls contains the micro switch, and the other part that causes the shock to run the full length of his dick is the PA ring in the tip. The electronics make this device impossible to removable without causing permanent damage to both his penis and tentacles, so I am sure he won’t be foolish even to try to do that.” That was another lie, but an important one to convince Bruno not to try to remove the contraption. No one wants to lose their manhood.

“Before you arrived here tonight, Bruno told me he wanted to apologize to each of you individually to make up for his rude behavior. He’s said he would make himself available after our workdays at the plant to go home with anyone who wants him to spend a night or two with our new, improved, boner bimbo boss.” Of course, Bruno neither said nor agreed to any of this, but it did not matter because he would do it anyway. I continued, “All you do is sign out for the remote. There’s a little instructions sheet, but you can ignore that and just experiment on our ‘boss bimbo.’ ”

Bruno’s eyes bulged out, and he felt faint and weak-kneed, but still, he never stopped playing with his dick - he never wanted another shock again in his life. He was mumbling to himself, “They’re loaning me out? To all these people? Who will shock me into submission? I’ll be their entertainment, their boner bimbo?” Most did not hear him, but I did.

“I suggest we let Mary be allowed the first reservation, especially considering that our dear ‘boss’ slid his hand under her dress while they were alone in the lunchroom. As you all know, when Mary filed a harassment complaint against Bruno, and the case went to the board, Bruno testified that it never happened. The harassment board threw the case out due to lack of evidence, her word against his.” I turned to Mary in a moment of deep sorrow, “Mary, you may have your pound of flesh.” Then, turning to stare at Bruno’s dick, I added, “Well … it looks like about a pound to me.” The mood of levity came back into the room as many laughed.

“There is only one rule, you must turn off the device for at least four hours at night so he can sleep that long. Four hours should be plenty; we don’t want to spoil him. However, letting him sleep longer could be a reward you give him if, and only if, he behaves and obeys you. After a night or two of little sleep, I’m sure he will be even more eager to please you.”

I continued, “If you want to take him out to a movie, a bar, to Grandma’s house, or for a walk in the woods, you might want to put some clothes on him, or at least a loose-fitting wrap, but that’s up to you. No rule on that. I’m sure he’ll remain as cooperative and compliant as he is now. When it’s your assigned day, pick him up after work. It’s better if he strips naked at work before putting him in your car and taking him out of the back exit. He’ll want instant access to his dick as soon as you turn on the remote, so he will have the best chance of avoiding shocks by getting his dick hard ASAP. It’s a good idea not to tell him when the device is on or off. That’s for you to know and for him to find out. Telling our ‘boss’ too much is not good for his bimbo brain.” Everyone chuckled.

“If he gives you any problems or resistance, I will simply leave the remote on the full-time he is at work. It will make a very hellish day for him. If you report that he behaved well, I’ll keep the remote off for that workday so he can manage to work.”

“Question.” Johnny, a 16-year-old stock boy, asked, “But what if he decided to just leave the area, like slip out at night when his assigned keeper is sleeping, or during the work day, … he … he just leaves? Then the remote won’t work, and he would be as free as a bird. Right?”

I smiled at the little rascal and responded, “Not quite, Johnny. You saw the video we just made that stays locked up in my safe as promised unless … our ‘boss’ here decides not to obey our terms. Then, Johnny, where do you think that video goes? To the police?” Laughter rippled across the room. “Ouch! And, of course, the video would also be released if he went to a doctor to try to have his electric PA removed. We will see, but I think boss bimbo would like to limit his ‘exposure’ to just us.

Then the teen asked, “What about me? Can I take him home too?” I told him “no,” but that we would work it out so he could use our boss at work during his lunch hour.

“Yeah, you could take him in the storeroom, play ‘Remote Control Boss’, and have your turn, too. “I paused, then added. “Johnny, I was going to give you some suggestions, but, you know, you are one of the most inventive employees we have. And, I know, as a prank, he hid your shoes one day, and you had to walk home barefooted. He thought that was very funny. I felt sick when you told me you felt humiliated and that his parents spanked him for losing your expensive shoes.”

The room was quiet as a little 16-year-old explained the embarrassing result of Bruno’s prank. Then Johnny’s face lit up, and he asked, “Rick? Could I give him a spanking like my dad gave me? And make him clean my feet, too, as punishment for getting them so dirty back on that day?”

“I don’t see why not?” I told Johnny. “Doing those things aren’t going to hurt him ... much.” More laughter came from the gathering. “Knowing you, you’d devise a special technique for spanking him. Would you use your hand or belt?” Johnny was pondering the possibilities. “And how will you direct him to lick your feet clean? You’re going to get them really dirty first? Even better, will you make him beg you for the honor of licking your feet clean? Our ‘boss’ needs to learn lessons in humiliation.” Johnny was smiling and contemplating as I spoke.

Sally, one of the secretaries, suggested we were getting too mean with Bruno. I reminded her that it was Bruno who placed a joint on the custodian’s desk. He did not like to get him fired. We only learned that it was Bruno’s doing a month later when he accidentally joked about it. Sally nodded in agreement and was now OK with our plan of action.

I looked at Johnny again, “So, I’d say, Johnny, just enjoy your hour of power when it is your turn. You’ll be alone with him in the storeroom, and I think you’ll do fine. I’m sure what you choose to do with him will be just retribution. We don’t need to know any details.” I could tell by the look in Johnny’s eyes that his mind was busy with devilish ideas to act out some stinging revenge.

Bruno started mumbling again, more to himself. “Now this skinny teenage little kid is going to take me in the storeroom and make me his fucking dog? He’s going to make me lick and kiss his filthy feet? And worship him? Oh shit! I’m totally screwed. He’s going to whip my hairy ass raw with my own fucking leather belt? Oh god! I just know he’ll make me beg for it to be harder. I will be this scrawny, pimple-faced kid’s fucked-up, boned-up toe-sucking slave? He’s going to make me his brown-nose, ass-kissing play toy? Lick his mud-coated shoes, and then make me take them off him and suck his sweaty toes? Like I’m his fucking servant? Like I’m his fucking stupid-ass bimbo?” He whispered, repeating, “I’m so fucked, I’m so fucked.”

Bruno was drooling saliva out of the corners of his mouth as he babbled. Buno’s dick started leaking strings of precum on my nice clean floor. His body trembled, and his eyes seemed a bit glassy. He had already learned, innately, to slow down on pumping his dick to avoid climax. But he was at the point where he needed to cool down, or he would squirt. Johnny was a bright young man and was surely realizing more and more that his time with his big, powerful, arrogant, prankster “boss” was going to be the total domination of him. Bruno seemed to be unknowingly rubbing his dick lightly as he stared into Johnny’s smiling, wicked-looking eyes.

“Folks, the video that Mary took was made at my request. It will be locked up in my safe, and no copies will be made of it. I will keep my word to our sweet, cute, adorable 19-year-old boner bimbo. As long as he follows our rules, he will have no fear of anyone seeing the video. Period. In return, he will become our ‘shocking’ entertainment for 30 days. He needs that hope of ending our electrifying control. That’s only fair.” I told our group.

“However,” I continued sternly, “at the end of the 30 days, we will vote to release him, and if anyone of you votes ‘no,’ then we have him for an additional 30 days. So every 30 days, he has the chance to be freed. This lets him know that any one of the 16 of us, if not thoroughly pleased with his behavior, has the power to keep him longer as our trained bimbo boss. Now, folks, I have a sign-up sheet here on this clipboard. Starting tomorrow, anyone can reserve our ‘boss’ for a day at a time. Just return him to work the next morning through the back way and drop off the remote to me, and I’ll sign the sheet to show that our bimbo boss was returned as good as new.

Or … maybe more accurately put, in ‘used’ condition.” The group chuckled, and most lined up immediately to make their reservations. Mary took the clipboard first and signed up to “own” Bruno tomorrow. Johnny signed up second, followed by seven others. I’m sure everyone will eventually want a turn. Bruno’s dance card would probably be booked up for quite a while.

The End

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