419 Dear Sweet Robbie

419 Dear Sweet Robbie
Part 1 of 6

Robbie’s main Saturday chore was to clean out the hall closet, sort out a lot of items the family was just no longer using, and store them in the garage. He found one sealed, unmarked box while going through the shelves jammed with all sorts of stuff. To his surprise, he opened it and found it filled with a small stack of S and M magazines. He surmised that this must be stuff from his dad, Matt. He felt sure it had nothing to do with his mom, Rachel; that just seemed too weird. He thought that S and M is more of a guy thing as he thumbed through the photos in the magazines, finding them very intriguing.

To back up one step, Rachel and Matt were his adoptive parents. They were middle-class white people. Robbie was only an infant when they adopted him. Eight years later, they adopted another son, Jamar. He was eight. So now Robbie had a brother the same age as him. One big difference was that Jamar was black. Jamar’s parents had died in a car accident, and Rachel had known them well, so she’d wanted to adopt their only child. So, cute Robbie then had a brother who entered “his” family when he was just a kid. Robbie was not a racist; he did not dislike anyone, regardless of color or anything else. But, after being the sole child and the center of attention for the first eight years of his life, he now had to share many things, including his parents’ attention. And, as kids can do, especially boys, he would tease Jamar and embarrass him as he played harsh jokes on his new brother. He even went so far as to introduce him (to his peers) as his nigger slave brother. That hurt Jamar the most. This continued for years until it wore off with Robbie; he grew out of it when he entered his middle teen years. Now, as an 18-year-old, he was far beyond all that harassing sibling rivalry. He had forgotten all about doing that mean stuff to his brother.

This photo shows Robbie and Jamar about the time they graduated high school. It was when Robbie thought all the childhood and childish issues were behind them. At 18 years old, he was far beyond all that harassing sibling rivalry. He had pretty much forgotten all about doing that mean stuff to Jamar. However, Jamar was not past it at all. His being a sensitive black child and feeling insecure in his new white family made him feel like he came in second with his folks, which was not true. He suppressed his feelings of resentment toward his brother. So here they were, both eighteen; they did refer to each other as brothers, but Robbie and Jamar were never close. They just acted cordial, with Jamar doing most of the “acting.”

Back to Robbie’s kinky find, the box also contained some leather cuffs, a dog collar, a chain collar, wooden clothespins, and a few other items. He looked more carefully at more of the magazine articles, especially the photos. There were images of men and women tied up in restraints, and he became engrossed in those. More than that, he was getting a hard-on from all he was seeing, reading, and thinking. He picked up the chain collar and fastened the dog collar around his neck, as he saw in some of the photos. He closed his eyes and was fantasizing about what this all meant. He yanked on the crotch material of his pants again, seeming to make room for his dick to expand. It was all so new and exciting to him, not to mention erotic. He was more than a little lightheaded.

There were a few items for which he did not know their use. He tried to match stuff up to the photos in the magazine, but some of the items were not shown. One of the photos he saw showed a young man on his hands and knees wearing clothespins on his nipples. Robbie also could not resist trying those out, so he placed them on his nipples. At first, they hurt a lot, but in a short while, he felt the pain replaced by an erotic sensation.

Not wanting to be caught by his folks or his brother looking at the erotic magazines and the other S and M stuff, he packed them back in the same box and pushed them all the way back on the shelf. Putting some other stuff in front of that box. He quickly returned to his room. His mind was a jumble of thoughts and emotions, but he tried to put them out of his consciousness and get on with his college homework. But he also sneaked back into that closet box many times over the next couple of weeks to check out more items in the privacy of nighttime. He drooled over these treasures, trying everything on, at least those things, he could figure out what they might be used for.

Robbie did not realize that his dad had seen him from around the corner of the hallway, looking at the kinky magazines. It was about two weeks after Robbie first found the kinky “treasure chest.” Matt was both surprised and curious about his son. It was not that Matt wanted to intrude on his son’s privacy. Still, he very much wanted to know of any reactions Robbie had, positive or negative. He saw his son flipping through the pages, fingering the dog collar he was wearing, and even noticed him occasionally pulling on the groin of his underwear. Matt quietly left Robbie there to enjoy himself in secret and went to talk to his wife to discuss with her what he had just seen.

They needed to explain one thing or another to Robbie and determine what to do about it. Those S and M magazines were not Matt’s alone. They belonged to Matt AND Rachel. They were both into kink and were even members of an extreme S and M club that met once a month, but they had kept this a secret from their two kids. They had told Jamar a year ago simply because he was a lot more street-smart than his brother, and they thought he could handle it just fine. He had been okay with it. Even though Robbie was the same age, they had always considered him a little more needy and sensitive. So, they had not told him. It was just the way they had read the situation.

That night, 18-year-old Robbie thought he was dreaming as he lay under a single sheet in his bed. He thought he felt something pulling at his arm. As he rolled onto his back, his eyes were met by the brightness of the table lamp bursting into life. He blinked his sleepiness away and pushed himself up the bed to rest his upper back against the cast iron scrolled bedhead. Focused now, he saw and felt Matt, his stepdad, sit on the edge of his bed. “What's the matter, dad?” he asked.

“I think we need to talk about something, Robbie,” Matt said with concern. “I had wondered when, or even if, the time would come for us to have this conversation. You are a smart kid, good at many things - sports, making friends, and you’re good-looking to top it all. We, Rachel and I, trust you and hope you trust us. That’s why I have decided to tell you something you might find, well … weird. Ever since I became your father, your mother and I have kept some secrets from you. As adults, we are entitled to them, and now that you are 18, you are entitled to know the truth. You know Rachel and I love you and Jamar like any mom and dad loves their kids, but recent events have been brought to my attention that required mom and me to let you in on our big secret.” Matt spoke in a low, curious tone.

Robbie was taken aback when he felt his dad’s hand move to rest on the thin sheet covering his thigh and gently squeeze it. Matt went on. “Your mom and I have noticed something that causes us to know more about you.” He picked up a small black leather bag and unzipped it. To Robbie’s surprise, Matt removed a chain dog collar and placed it directly on the bed in the sheet-formed valley between Robbie’s wide outstretched legs. Matt leaned forward to stare at the opened collar of the boy’s pajama jacket and slowly unbuttoned it all the way down.

“Robbie, what are these strange marks on your neck?” He asked as if he had no idea. “They look familiar to me.” He laid open the pajama top, baring Robbie’s well-toned upper body. Robbie's abdomen twitched as he picked up the chain links. He watched Matt place the cold steel over the marks on his neck, matching the pattern. The cool chain slid down and rested on his navel when Matt released it. Again, Matt reached into the bag. Robbie’s pulse raced when he saw the leather dog collar emerge. It looked like the one he had seen in the box. Matt told him to sit up as he now pulled Robbie’s top off completely and discarded it on the bedroom floor. The boy’s upper body was now naked and face-to-face with his dad. Raising the collar to Robbie’s neck, he matched the marks on his neck exactly the width of the leather collar. He matched the point where the buckle had left its indentation. He placed a hand on Robbie’s chest and pushed him back onto the pillows. Again, Matt’s hand dipped into the leather bag. Robbie was aghast now seeing his dad now holding up two clothespins in his hand. The red marks around Robbie’s nipples matched the wood peg clothespins exactly. He did not need to place them on his son to tell.

“Dad? … I ... I …” Robbie was stopped in mid-sentence by Matt’s raised hand.

“Mom brought this to my attention this morning, Robbie.” Matt held up a pair of Robbie’s white underpants. “She said that she had always noticed small dry stains on your underpants and felt it was just piss dribbles. But yesterday, when she was doing laundry, she felt the sticky, wet cum-soaked crotch of your underwear. She was more than curious and showed me.” At this point, Robbie wanted a large hole to appear and swallow him up. Robbie recalled that he had not wiped his cock clean in his frenzy to get back to his room. Matt carefully placed them on the boy’s shoulder just so Robbie could smell them as Matt continued to discuss what he needed to do. “Tell me, son, did you take one of my magazines out of the box in the hall closet to keep it? You don't need to lie. Since your mom and I bought new kink toys a few years ago, we forgot all about that box of sex play stuff. Did you use some of that kink stuff to beat off boy? I saw your splashes on the mirror yesterday.” Robbie felt humiliated and wriggled further up the bed until the white cord around the waist of his pajama bottoms became visible. His movement also pushed the pillows up further. That exposed the corner of the magazine Matt was asking about. Matt grabbed the corner and pulled it out from behind the pillow.

Robbie's eyes welled up with tears of embarrassment as he began blurting out his innermost thoughts to Matt. How he knew he had feelings about things and how unsure he was about them. How he was confused. He said that he was sorry for taking the magazine and touching all his parents’ stuff. How he knew what he wanted but had nowhere to turn for advice. He sobbed as Matt placed a hand on his chest and rubbed it to console him. Matt was, of course, not at all upset. Then he brushed away the tears from Robbie’s eyes with windshield wiper motions of his thumb. He knew the agony and possible ecstasy that Robbie was going through.

Matt produced a magazine. One he knew Robbie had never seen. Placing it in the boy’s lap, he began to turn the pages. The shots in this magazine were of young men in extreme bondage, humiliation, and torture. As Matt turned the pages slowly, he sincerely asked Robbie, “Is this what you want?” Robbie was sobbing.

Without further thought, he said, “Yes. I don't know why ... I just feel it calls to me. It stirs up emotions deep inside me. I don’t understand it, dad.” Robbie spoke between sobs. For another fifteen minutes, Matt threw all kinds of questions at Robbie. It may have seemed harsh and insensitive, but Matted needed to know, there and then, what his boy wanted, at least as far as he could understand.

Robbie soon stopped sobbing. He had opened up to Matt and told him in detail how he had found the S and M stuff and the magazines and borrowed one to copy some of the photos. He had explained that he beat off to the pictures and stories but intended to clean them up so no one would know what he had done. But he had forgotten.

“If you want what you think you want and can prove it to us by next Tuesday, we will do everything we can to help you.” Robbie returned a half-crying smile to his dad. “The fact that we are not your natural parents makes it okay and easier for us. We have friends who will also be helping you and us. Think now, before you answer. If you are certain this is the road you want to take, just say, ‘I submit to you.’ Because, from that point on, there will be no turning back - unless you want to give up – and, at which point, should it occur, you will have to leave here. You will have to leave your home. This is all or nothing.” Matt stated very firmly.

It seemed an age before Robbie responded with considerable thought. He raised his knees up to his chest. Then he straightened them back down the bed, pushing the sheet off himself with his bare feet. He closed his eyes tight, then spoke solemnly. “I submit to you.” And again, this time with more conviction and determination as he looked his dad in the eyes. “I submit to you, Matt.” Matt’s smile back was reassuring. Now, it seemed more appropriate for Robbie to call him Matt only instead of sometimes calling him Dad.

Robbie was made to stand up while Matt stripped away all his bedding, leaving only the mattress on the cast iron frame. Matt turned his attention to Robbie after wrapping all the bedding and pillows into a bundle and throwing it outside the bedroom door. “Give me your pajamas,” Matt commanded. Robbie picked up the top from the floor, handed it to him, and then pulled at the drawcord on his pajama bottoms, which caused them to fall and puddle around his ankles. Robbie stood there in only his white underpants. Since Robbie had become aware of his developing body, and as he was also a naturally shy boy, he never let anyone at home see him undressed or even in just his underwear. He had wandered from the bathroom to his room and sometimes downstairs with a towel wrapped around him. However, that was as far as he dared to reveal his well-toned body to Matt, his mom, or even his brother, Jamar. Matt put out his hand, and Robbie knew to pick up his bottoms and hand them to him, which Matt also tossed out the door into the hallway.

He now firmly guided Robbie onto the bare mattress, reached into the leather bag, and pulled out four pieces of rope. Robbie's ankles and wrists were secured to each corner of the bed frame. Lastly, he peeled off an eight-inch strip of black duct tape and placed it over Robbie’s mouth. Matt took the several copies of magazine photos that Robbie had made for himself and scotch-taped them to the wall near his head so he could see them. After all, Matt assumed that since Robbie had chosen them to copy and beat off to, they must be his favorites. Now Robbie could enjoy them all he wanted – except beating off to them was now impossible. The warm summer night air invaded the room as Matt opened the windows. He gave the tied-down boy one final glance as he shut the door behind him. Robbie felt the caress of the night air on his body as he drifted into sleep, staring at the pictures on the wall and contemplating his destiny.

He could just make out the time as he twisted his head around to focus on the clock on the bedside table. 5:10 AM. The sun was up, and the cold early morning air filled the bedroom. All became apparent to Robbie as he saw the pictures again before him. Lifting his head, he looked down at his body. His eyes fell upon the usual early morning erection pressed against the inside of the scant white underwear that was his only covering now. However, on this occasion, there would be no free hand to relieve the pressure built up in his rigid cock and swollen balls. He hoped it would go down before his dad entered his room. His mind raced as he recalled his statement to Matt about submitting to him. Since he could not touch his dick and was now desperate to climax, he wondered if he had made the correct decision.

Matt and Rachel had had a restless night after falling asleep in mid-discussion. It was 5:30 AM when Robbie's bedroom door opened. Matt entered wearing only his blue pajama bottoms. He was quite youthful and moderately toned. His thick jet-black hair and dark eyes complimented the mustache he had grown recently. Robbie was about to speak when Matt held a finger up to stop him.

“You will speak only when asked a question or when you wish to indicate that you cannot comply with an instruction. You have a lot to learn, so you had better concentrate on listening. When you do say “yes” or “no,” you will look the person directly in the eyes and always end with a firm “Sir” or “Miss,” irrespective of age or relationship. Do you understand?” Robbie could only reply with a nod. “When you are untied, come down to the kitchen.”

Matt turned and left the room, leaving the door open and Robbie tied up. That was strange, he thought. Robbie wondered what he was supposed to do. He fell asleep thinking about what would happen to him now that his choice was to go all in … or leave his home.

Then came his brother Jamar, dressed in jeans, a T-shirt, and tennis shoes. He went over to his brother, who was tied up spread-eagle and gagged, and sat on the side of his bed.

“Dad wants me to untie you so you can go down for breakfast. Is that okay with you, Robbie?” He spoke kindly but with a hint of an evil grin. He was stunned at how Jamar looked at his underwear and thankful that his erection had mostly subsided. Robbie had always been too shy to willingly let his brother see him in underwear, let alone naked. Jamar pretended not to notice his white brother’s nervousness and discomfort. He knew Robbie was totally embarrassed and humiliated lying there, tied hands and ankles to the frame of his bed.

Feeling a sense of superiority over his “bro,” he asked again, “You ready to be untied?” Too embarrassed to speak, Robbie could only nod. Jamar did not move. He was waiting to be addressed appropriately. But Robbie said nothing. He still had the black tape over his mouth. “Okay, then. I’ll see you later.” Jamar insensitively ripped the black tape off his lips. “Owe!” – and got up and started to walk to the door to leave him there. “No, wait. Please, Jamar, please untie me. I’m your brother.” Jamar looked back, stared at his very “white” brother, and proceeded to leave again, not hearing what he wanted. Robbie blurted out, “Sir, please, sir. Please untie me, Mr. Jamar.” Robbie was in tears as Jamar returned to him and sat on the edge of his bed again.

Dear Sweet Robbie
Part 2 of 6

“That was not too difficult, Robbie, was it? To show your superior brother the necessary respect?” Robbie was just quietly sobbing. “You must stop calling me Jamar. To you, I'm Mr. Jamar or sir. You got that straight?” Jamar spoke calmly; he did not need to yell. He had the power, and he knew it, and so did Robbie. But Robbie did not realize until now that Jamar was part of his group of controllers. Just as soon as he realized it, he knew he did not like it.

“Yes, Mr. Jamar, I will always show you respect, sir.” He said as he sobbed a bit more. Hearing that submissive tone. It was like a switch flipping in Jamar’s brain. He flashed a big smile. “Won’t we have fun from now on?” Robbie was going to answer, but then Jamar rested his hand on Robbie's chest. Both he and Jamar were straight. So, he worried he might start getting sexual with him.

“My, your heart is beating fast! You must be so excited to see me. You love your wonderful Black brother, don’t you?” Robbie nodded in a daze. “You just discovered the secret Mom and Dad kept from you. They told me about their S and M group two years ago. But they thought their little white, innocent, shy son could not handle knowing that secret. So here you are in your little white undies. You are so white. Everything is white about you: your skin, your underwear, the way you behave. No wonder you need a strong black brother to take care of you. Teach you stuff, train you.” Robbie stopped crying. He wanted to hear every word Jamar was saying. He wanted to know everything that was in store for him.

Jamar pinched his left nipple, and Robbie moaned. “Yes, all of a sudden, things are so right.” Jamar smiled broadly. I will untie you soon, and then we can both go downstairs to see mom and dad while you are still in your little white undies.” Robbie slowly shook his head ‘no’ but knew it meant nothing. Jamar was not even paying attention to his tacit communication. “Mom and I have never seen you in your undies. Maybe she’ll like you this way.” He slowly teased his hand down Robbie's tummy and tickled his belly button nonchalantly as he spoke. “I mean, it will be so nice having a hunky white stud around to do chores for me, serve me, and even entertain my friends. Don’t you think?” Robbie was not listening. He released a moan as he took in the erotic touches Jamar was giving his belly ever so lightly. There he was, stripped to his white Jockey underwear, still tied to his bed frame, and fondled by his Black brother.

Jamar thought that the best power he could exert now was for their mom to see Robbie in his underwear and with a huge boner inside it. So, he gently moved his hand to his underwear and rested it lightly on him so his fingers touched his hip bone. He took his time, talking hum-drum stuff that Robbie could not concentrate upon with all the erotic teasing he was receiving, as he “unconsciously” wiggled his fingers and tickled his hip bone. Robbie’s dick was almost fully expanded, stretching the material of his underwear once again. Since his dick was positioned in his underpants, pointing up his belly, the tip of it was trying to poke out from under the elastic waistband. So far, the band has barely succeeded in holding it in. As Jamar continued his nothing words and absentmindedly fondled his brother's underwear, his dick became fully erect. Not only that, but it lifted off his belly about an inch, raising his underwear waistband in the process. To further embarrass Robbie, he overtly stared into his brother's now open tent, held open by his tent-pole-like throbbing dick.

“Oh, Robbie. I may be your superior, but I am still your brother. So … I don't understand why you are obscenely pushing your briefs wide open. Is it because you want me to see your big dick?” Robbie was just starting to answer that he wanted nothing of the kind, but before he could say so, Jamar continued. “Well, obviously. I mean, it would be rude and unacceptable if you refused my permission to see your dick. That is laughable. So … you want me to see your dick because it is mine to see?” Robbie was floored. He nodded yes, thinking that that fitted with his brother's desires. Jamar never touched his bobbing dick; he only stared at it as if it was begging for a touch.

“You probably want me to fondle it for you too. I mean, you’re still all tied up, and your dick is so hard. Why, it's stretching your undies so wide, it’s gonna tear them apart!” Robbie's face was red with humiliation. “Oh, silly! You are such a dumb ass, dufus! It's nice that you are presenting your man-pole to me for my inspection and approval, but don't you think Mom and Dad should see it first?” Robbie just shuddered in fear and looked at him with bulging eyes.

“I wonder if you need to pee first.” Robbie nodded excitedly to indicate yes, but Jamar was not looking at his head - just his stretched-out underwear. Of course, he knew his brother needed his morning pee, but why be so generous and comforting? It was Jamar’s time to bask in the glow of his new power and superiority, and he was enjoying it now. This was his revenge for all Robbie's nigger slave jokes of so many years ago. Jokes that Robbie forgot and was part of his past, but hurtful jokes Jamar NEVER forgot. So, without looking at Robbie’s face, he lightly touched his brother's twitching dick. It was not enough to make it shoot, just enough to ensure it was at full attention before they went downstairs for Robbie's … “show and tell.”

“I know you are not allowed to ask a question. That’s Dad’s rule, so I could just ask you and let you answer, or … I can decide for you so you are not burdened with the need to think for yourself. So … I think you are fine not peeing, and we can just go down to breakfast. First, though, I need to pee.” Jamar left his tied-up, all-boned-up brother and went into his adjoining bathroom. Robbie could hear a long piss and a flush, then Jamar returned, carrying Robbie’s bathroom glass with a tiny amount of yellow liquid.

“Here you go, Robbie, I saved a bit of my precious fluid just for you. Your underwear is way too white.” Then Jamar dribbled the small amount of pee over his brother’s underwear, making a pee stain that spread to cover the full front panel of his Jockeys. How clearly his hardened dick could be seen right through the growing yellow wet fabric.

“If you tell anyone I did this to you, I will have your ass, and you will strongly regret challenging me. Instead, be the good little stud bro, and fess up to wetting your pants. OK, bro?” Robbie knew how this was going to go. He just nodded yes. Jamar smiled broadly. He finally untied Robbie and started getting up off his bed. Jamar, for the first time, actually yelled at him, “Who the fuck said you can get up?! You fucking idiot! Who do you think you are to move at all without my permission?!” Although he had been untied, Robbie immediately replaced his hands and feet at the bed's four corners as if he were still tied. So, he waited for permission to get up. Jamar wanted Robbie’s dick as hard as a steel pole before taking him downstairs to his folks. So, he lightly touched every erotic zone on his brother’s body and tickled and teased him until he was constantly moaning. He was untied yet had to stay spread-eagle as his black brother tickled and erotically teased him to near climax. Jamar, proud of his work, told Robbie, “Let’s go down to the kitchen and meet my folks. Remember to keep your hands behind you.”

Dutifully, he moved through the doorway ahead of Jamar and went down the stairs with his bouncing, pointing dick leading the way as he told Robbie that Matt and Rachel were “his” parents now and not “their” parents any longer. How odd that felt to him. Jamar pushed ahead of him and entered the kitchen first. Then Robbie entered. He saw Rachel, his mom, with her back to him. Matt was sitting at the table having coffee. Matt called his wife, and she turned. Robbie flushed red as he now stood before his mother, almost naked. He watched, intensely embarrassed, as her eyes fell directly to his very noticeable pole-like boner, pushing his briefs out away from his body. Jamar took a seat and just acted innocently.

Then Rachel sat down next to Matt. They were both extremely pleased to see Robbie with a boner and assumed it was his own making. Even though Jamar had something to do with it, Robbie was erotically excited to be humiliated like this. The coffee smelled good, as did the aroma of the toast that had been cooked. Matt pointed to the floor, indicating that Robbie should move to that spot. He now stood beside the table so that his still trapped erection projected over the table edge. “Stand tall and place your hands behind your head,” Matt commanded. Robbie obeyed. “Come stand next to me, boy,” Rachel commanded. “What is that inside your underpants?” His belly drew tighter as she reached out and stroked the fine hair that ran from his belly button down and inside the waistband of his pants.

“Miss, my ... my ...” Robbie stammered and shuddered. This was his mom he was talking to. She was the one he had always confided in. She had cleaned and cooked for him, kissed him on birthdays, and anytime he needed to be consoled. She had played and laughed with him, and now he had learned that she had been checking his soiled underwear and plotting his future. He stammered more as he said, “My... my … cock, Miss.” She asked if that was all as she pushed a sharp fingernail into his belly button. Looking straight into her eyes, he replied, “And my balls, Miss.”

“Tell me, what is inside your balls, boy?” “Semen, Miss.” She replied. “Don't you mean boy cum?” Robbie politely nodded in agreement. “Say it. Say I have boy cum in my balls.” He repeated it word for word. If anyone was a mistress of humiliation, it was her. She and Matt had participated in their secret S and M club for years. But Robbie had yet to come to grips with that idea or that lifestyle. It caused Robbie’s dick to bob. Matt and Rachel loved his reaction. They were going to work things out just fine. “And what is this? All this yellow wet stuff all over your underwear, boy?” She chided him.

“Miss, I peed myself this morning. I am so sorry. But I peed all over myself,” Robbie whimpered in intense embarrassment. Both Rachel and Matt noticed that his dick remained erect. They knew he needed this treatment. They ignored that comment.

“Are you hungry?” Matt asked. Robbie responded positively. Taking a piece of toast, his father threw it to the floor, telling the boy to eat. Falling to the floor, Robbie ate the toast almost like a hamster.

He was then asked if he was thirsty. “Yes, please, sir.” Begged Robbie. The water was cold as Matt emptied the jug's contents over the kneeling boy’s head. Rachel smiled as it ran down his naked torso and soaked into his white underpants, revealing the outline of his pink bubble butt. It now showed his flesh color right through it. Rachel instructed him to stand up against the table with his thighs touching the table edge.

“Now,” she said, “put your hand inside your underpants and tell me what you find. And then describe it.” Robbie put his right hand into his briefs. “Well?” she said.

“I am holding my … my … cock.” He stammered out its dimensions to her and said it was a cut dick. Then Rachel asked him what else he had in there. She watched his hand push down further. “I am holding my balls, Miss.” She wanted him to describe those, too. She made him fondle himself even more by asking which side the largest one was on, and she was delighted in watching him squeeze himself to find the answer. Robbie had never felt so much humiliation. Jamar sat quietly and took it all in. He knew he would have many, many opportunities to dominate his white “slave” brother.

“Rachel?” Matt asked, “Did you say you had not seen Robbie's cock and balls since he was a toddler?” She nodded. “Well, do you think they are like he just described?” She said she wasn’t sure and couldn’t recall having seen Robbie naked since he was about nine or ten. Matt turned to Robbie and told him to pull his filthy underwear down. Could he refuse? What would be the penalty for failing to comply, he wondered? Robbie didn’t want his mom to see his private parts because he was shy and modest. Matt's order to pull his briefs down resounded in Robbie’s head. For a man - even Matt - to see his most intimate body area was one thing, but for Rachel to see it was another!

Matt had instructed him to push down his Jockeys and stand with his legs apart, hands again behind his head with his groin thrust forward, and to focus on the wall directly in front of him. He slipped the underwear down to bunch around his thighs. He was so embarrassed at having his dick and balls exposed to his parents, knowing they were looking at them and discussing them. Robbie felt fingers touch his hanging balls, then lift them to feel their weight, then fingers on the tip of his erect cock. All the while, not breaking his stare, facing the wall. His dick was once again bobbing up and down. He needed to cum, but not here, not like this. Fingers touched the tender glans all over. Matt stood up and moved behind him. Matt caressed the skin on the nape of the boy’s neck, knowing the effect this would have. Robbie then felt Matt's hands run tiny circles on his firm, tensed buttocks - every sensation going straight to his cock.

Rachel sat back in her chair, coffee in hand, taking in the sight of their new trainee. She had dismissed from her mind the fact that he was their adopted son. Before their discovery yesterday, they loved him like their own son. But after they surprisingly found out that he had a deep need to be a sub, which Matt had then discussed with him in-depth, they had to make a life-changing decision concerning Robbie. Rachel and Matt could either maintain him as their loving, adorable son or accept him into their private world of S and M as their slave. They had chosen the latter, not because of their desires but because Robbie hungered for it. Without completely understanding S and M and its intense content, he knew it was “where” he belonged. Rachel was now one of his teachers and a good one. It was easy for her to switch herself into the mistress role even as she gazed at the naked, boned-up boy she was now humiliating.

Interestingly, Rachel and Matt were both gay. The relationship she and Matt had had since their first meeting twenty years ago was one of pretense. In their middle-class neighborhood, they felt strongly that they should come across as “strait-laced.” Even adopting these two children was to help hide their darker, true interests and practices. Of course, they engaged in S and M practices in their home when totally alone. Still, the main expression of their erotica was saved for when they went to Hardington, a small town about thirty miles away. They maintained separate connections and friends where they lived, from where they “played.” Hardington was an older hippie/punk safe haven. It was not a dirty town but one that was revived by the liberal artists’ community. The several blocks of the restored downtown district were more pedestrian-oriented and featured shops like tattoo parlors, sex toy shops, piercing stations, custom leather-making establishments, and so on. The police understood and accepted a wide mix of social and public behaviors. It had a large gay population and a lot of straights into S and M. Many fringe groups found it a neat and comfortable town to live in or visit. Hardington was where Matt and Rachel would go, at least once a month, to join their power-exchange group to play out their dungeon games.

Rachel continued to look at every square inch of Robbie's naked body. She could see the humiliation in his eyes as Matt's touches were causing his body to tremble and shake. Rachel was pleased with his dick size, which would be critical to her plans. She continued to take in his body. He was pretty athletic in all the sports and swimming he did. Dark circles surrounded and emphasized his nipples, which were now standing proud of his taut pectoral muscles. She looked down and followed the trail of blond hair down again to his pubic bush and the thrust forward hips. At that moment, Matt reached between the boy’s legs. Robbie's balls rested in Matt’s palm, which he used to push forward and upward to give Rachel a better view. Robbie’s underwear, now just bunched under his balls, was not removed to make him naked. No, it was more humiliating for Robbie to feel his underwear on his upper thighs. It was a false sense of security. It was so close, and it would be easy to just reach down, pull them up, and reclaim their privacy. But Matt made it remain there to taunt him. It made for a more indecent display for the family to see, his dick jutted out, and his balls were being pushed forward like some animal being inspected for sale or use.

As a final touch, Matt curled a finger back to spread apart the two spheres enclosed in the taut bag of skin. The boy’s ball sac swung a few times when Matt let it go. Rachel was enjoying Robbie's humiliation, but her mind was busy planning her part in the few days ahead, which would be crucial to the boy’s training.

“Do you think you will be able to handle pain?” Matt asked Robbie as he took one of Robbie's erect nipples and gave it a slow, slowly intense-building pinch that caused the boy to wince and cry out a “yes sir.” “You will now go to the shower and bathe. I shall be there in eight minutes. Do not use any hot water. That's not to be wasted on you. Now go.” Then he told Jamar to start on his housework. Robbie made for the door but stopped in his tracks when Matt spoke again. “I expect to see you in the same state of arousal when I get up there, do you understand?” He shouted, “Yes, sir,” he replied.

When Matt entered the bathroom, he saw that the boy had run the shower at half-power. At least he was thinking on his feet. Looking at Robbie’s backside, he could also see that his right arm was moving in a regular pumping motion, his hand working to keep his cock erect as the naked slender body shook under the constant flow of cold water. Had it been winter, the water would have been icy cold. Robbie jumped when Matt's voice sounded, telling him to turn the water off and turn around. In desperation, he continued to pull at his cock. When ordered to let it go, it stuck out from his groin. It looked red and sore to Matt, which pleased him.

The little hand towel Matt had given him soon became soaked as he tried to dry himself. As a further humiliation, he handed Robbie a cloth-backed scrubber about three inches wide and two feet long, with a grab handle on each end. Typically, one would soap this up, loop it over the back, and pull in alternation directions to scrub clean what could not be reached with one’s hands. It is made of a very coarse, rough material, and it certainly felt good over the back. Matt gave him this without soap and told him to pass the dry back scrubber between his legs and draw it hard and firmly back and forth over his balls and erect cock. It must have felt like a kitchen scouring pad and brought him a lot of pain. He was only allowed to stop when tears ran from his eyes.

“OK, now listen up.” Matt told him more sternly, “You now have rules. There will be many rules. First rule: At any time you are told to “WAIT,” immediately strip naked, beat yourself to a full erection, spread your feet three feet apart, thrust your hips forward to display your dick and grasp your hands behind you just above your buttocks. Remain like that until you are told otherwise.” Then Matt added, “Never try to cover up your private parts when naked. This is a punishable offense. It should be obvious to you, but I wanted to say that officially.” The instructions were confirmed with the usual “Yes, sir.”

“Now go to your room and “WAIT,” Matt ordered. The boy was gone. Matt allowed two minutes before entering the room. Matt's cock hardened when he saw Robbie beating himself. He had visualized it many times when he had seen him in his baggy, running shorts and T-shirt, wishing he was not so shy and would expose more of his body to the world. But, for years, Matt could only imagine what Robbie’s hunky body was developing into. He had to wait for the boy to declare his desires to be controlled before what he had imagined could become a reality. Just as the WAIT command required, Robbie stood there with his feet awkwardly three feet apart, with the required boner, thrusting his hips forward to openly display it while grasping his hands behind him just above his buttocks. Matt was very pleased but did not want to show it - not yet.

Dear Sweet Robbie
Part 3 of 6

“Now for a second command. When anyone, and I do mean anyone, tells you “AT EASE,” it is a command for you to drop to your knees, with knees apart, hands on your thighs, and display your boner as if to offer it to anyone present. Then, look forward and do not move until told otherwise. Let’s try that one now.” Robbie assumed the position as instructed. Matt stood just behind and to the boy's side so that he could not see the look of pleasure on his father’s face. He wanted to take the stiff cock and continue to bring him to climax, but he knew he could not, not at this early point. He watched as a small drop of precum oozed from the slit at its tip. He then looked at the shaft, at the tender red flesh below the shaft, still sore from the harsh towel scrubbing he had made Robbie inflict upon himself.

Matt told him he would go with Rachel to Hardington to buy new clothes. Matt found Robbie's black training shoes, his regular baggy shorts, and a plain T-shirt and placed them on the bed, which was now a stripped-down mattress on a bed frame. Matt thought, “My god, doesn’t this boy have anything sexier? Colorful? More revealing?” He instructed Robbie to dress only in the items on the bed, no socks or underwear and told him to be in the kitchen in ten minutes. Matt and Rachel waited for Robbie to appear as they sat drinking coffee.

Robbie arrived, dressed exactly as he had been told to dress. His blond hair, styled to hang halfway to his shoulders, now dry and brushed, framed his face nicely. Rachel said, “I think we will have to pay a visit to the barber in Hardington and have your hair cut short or shaved off.” Robbie’s face fell. He had spent hours in the past year getting his hairstyle right. He did not want to have it removed. His stomach kind of knotted up at the thought. She went on. “Yes, and we must pick out a swimming outfit, underwear, and something to wear to our group. In fact,” she said, “a completely new wardrobe. And look, while we are gone, Matt will rearrange your bedroom for you to make it appropriate for your new lifestyle.”

It was not a warm day, just an average temperature, but she made Robbie remove his tee shirt before they got into the car. The whole mood had changed as Rachel played a cassette of sultry music. No conversation took place as they drove to Hardington. Robbie felt strange as he sat silently next to his mom. Or was it his former mom and current mistress?

As they got on the highway to Hardington, Robbie felt uncomfortable when he thought about passers-by seeing his naked upper torso. As they drove by and noticed him, younger female drivers smiled. Eventually, they entered Hardington. Rachel drove slowly through the traffic in the busy little town, and Robbie noticed how people would look, even stare at him, because in his nakedness, his brawny chest and well-toned arm could be seen. He wished Matt had let him wear underwear, especially since these shorts were so baggy and loose-fitting.

The air was cooler when they arrived at the parking structure. The concrete, multiple-story parking levels were shaded and cold. The cold air caused Robbie’s nipples to stand erect and his body to break out in goose pimples. He gripped the T-shirt in his right hand, and holding it out to Rachel was his way of asking her to let him put it on. She could see that his eyes were asking for permission. She locked the car and ordered Robbie to her side. Taking hold of his baggy shorts, which she had always hated, she quickly snapped off the only button that held his shorts up. Now, they were only held together by the closed zipper. Robbie swallowed hard but just stayed still. Then Rachel tugged his shorts down firmly to rest on his hip bones and to expose the trail of hair that ran from his navel to his dick. Normally, his underwear would cover his midsection, but he was not allowed to wear any. He prayed that his zipper would at least prevent his pants from falling.

The sun was welcome on his chilled body as they entered the main downtown street of shops. He could feel the eyes of girls, women, and men staring at him as they passed. Rachel was not fazed at all by anything. In fact, the more attention they got, the more she seemed to like it. She knew that, without underwear, he showed more of his skin around his slim waist. She also knew that without underwear, his sizable cock would swing freely as he walked, causing the tender head to rub against the heavy, rough material. She wanted him to feel erotic as well as embarrassed.

It was just after 10:00 AM when they arrived at the barbershop. She was greeted on entering by one of the two barbers. He addressed her as Miss Rachel. He was of average height, around thirty, very slim, and had pinkish hair and piercings on his face; he seemed gay. He gave Robbie a glowing smile, his eyes fixed on the half-naked beauty before him. The barber introduced himself, and Rachel said, “José, this is my dear sweet Robbie. We need to do something about his hair.” Without her asking, José gave Rachel a portfolio of pictures showing many different styles of men’s hair. Then, the barber invited Rachel and Robbie to the private salon seating area, assuring Rachel that he would soon be finished with his current customer.

As they were waiting, Rachel finished looking through all the photos. She then handed the portfolio to Robbie to check them out for himself. Robbie was surprised that he would get to pick out his hairstyle and feasted his eyes on a couple that he thought would look good on him. He felt a sense of relief that he was not going to leave here looking like a weirdo or freak. After all, his hair was important to him and was a major part of his look. He picked out two styles and was debating over which he would choose. These were not too different from what he now had; both were on the long side and in current fashion. In ten minutes, José entered the private waiting area to escort Rachel and Robbie to the empty barber chair. Robbie carried the book open at the page of the cut he had picked out. For the first time today, Robbie was smiling with enthusiasm. He thought that maybe he was being too judgmental of his mother.

“Up here, Robbie,” José said cheerfully, patting the blond leather chair seat. And Robbie stepped up to it, still bare-chested. Somewhere along the way, he had misplaced his white T-shirt but could not figure out how it had gone missing. He wanted it to cover up when they left.

José looked at Rachel and asked her if she had chosen a style. Robbie held up the book and pointed to the one he wanted. José held up the wrap-around cape to cover Robbie’s body from falling hair cropping. Rachel shook her head, meaning there was no need to cover his body, so José replaced the cape on the hook behind him and smiled. Being gay, he would enjoy looking at Robbie’s body as he styled his hair. Robbie sat there, waiting to be covered, and was surprised when he realized he would not be. So, he just sat there holding the book open at the page showing his desired style.

“OK. Now, which style?” José asked as he looked at Rachel. Robbie thought he was talking to him, so, again, he pointed at the photo of a haircut the students in his school would envy. At least he felt relieved he would come out of there looking sharp. Rachel responded, “Oh, just a buzz cut for today.” Robbie was shocked! He sat there horrified as his finger was still stuck on his desired hairdo. José gently took the book, closed it, and returned it to the shelf. Robbie knew he was going to look like a freak, a nearly bald one. He mouthed the word “please.” But Rachel did not respond to that. Instead, she said, “Sweetie, just keep your eyes closed and your arms glued to the armrest. Don’t move until I tell you too, OK, dear? If I hear you have not been fully compliant with José, I will put you over my knee, right here, and spank your cute little butt in front of all these nice people.” Robbie knew she meant it. Robbie closed his eyes and placed his forearms on the chair armrests.

José asked if she wanted the tiny, almost invisible hairs on his ears and nose trimmed.

“That’s fine; just do your usual good job for my dear sweet Robbie. I’ll be next door getting some coffee. Be back in a short while.” Robbie kept his eyes closed and sat there, hearing the buzz of the clippers and feeling chunks of his precious hair fall all over his naked shoulders, chest, belly, and arms as José worked to get rid of the boy’s mop of blond hair.

José went over and over his beautifully shaped head. Then Robbie felt the clippers lightly rubbing his outer ear. The hairs there were so fine that most people would not notice them. Still, he was a barber, a specialist in body hair. Then he felt it over the other ear. It tickled a bit. Then José, using his thumb, pushed the tip of Robbie’s nose upward, making a funny pig-nose image. A couple of his waiting customers quietly giggled at the animal face. José used a much smaller nose-hair removal gadget there. Finally, he was done, and Robbie felt the wispy, soft hairbrush swishing away the hair on his face, bare shoulders, and chest. He started to release his tight finger grip on the arms of the chair, but José stopped him, so he remained in position and closed his eyes again. José concentrated on flicking the brush over Robbie’s nipples, lingering there, and smiling as he knew the erotic feeling his customer was receiving through his now erect nipples. Then he whisked the brush over the rest of his upper body and arms.

José stated, more to himself, “These hairs are sticking to your chest,” and returned the brush to Robbie's nipples to tease him more. José smiled as he noticed that Robbie’s waist button was missing from the front of his shorts. Shorts that Rachel had previously tugged down obscenely low. José laughed to himself at the thought that only the closed metal zipper was holding his shorts up. With Robbie’s eyes kept closed, as he had been ordered, he did not realize that José was moving the zipper down fully with one hand because he disguised the maneuver by flicking the brush over his belly and pants-covered groin with the other hand at the same time. Now Robbie was shirtless and sitting there quietly, unaware of any details, including his zipper opening. Now he was showing his pubic hair as well as the top portion of his dick.

José then knelt in front of him and lightly brushed away the clipping on his bare legs from the edge of his baggy shorts to his tennis shoes. Robbie was happy; it seemed that he was all done. But then … he heard the buzz of the clippers again. This time, they were tickling his nipples. Robbie opened his mouth to say something, but José mumbled something about, “Relax, you have unsightly hairs all over you, don’t you?” José continued to use the vibrating clippers all around Robbie’s sensitive and hard nipples. He then gently grabbed one nipple and pulled it out as he pretended to shave around it. Actually, he was just touching and lightly rubbing the backside of the clippers against Robbie’s skin, just to give him the erotic vibrating, tickling sensation caused by the electric clippers.

There were just about a half dozen other customers in the shop. None of them were bothered by the bare-chested boy. They had seen subs before. With Robbie having a nearly shaved head, they all figured he was the newest sub in town. Gentle people would sit back and enjoy the creative “show” these barbers would put on.

José was a master at erotically teasing cute boys like Robbie. He could be much bolder in this case because Robbie was not allowed to open his eyes. José was staring at the wide-open crotch of Robbie’s shorts. The huge dick tucked in there was trying to expand. Robbie kept his eyes closed and his arms on the armrest, but he sensed he was getting aroused by the accidental tickling on his nipple. He tried wriggling his butt and scooting himself further back in the seat of the chair. Unbeknownst to him, that caused his loose, opened shorts not to scoot back WITH his butt, and, unintentionally, he was succeeding in scooting himself further out of his shorts.

He did not appear to notice what was happening to his shorts because his nipples were being tickled so much, sending waves of erotic sensations through his body. He hoped José did not notice any bulge in his shorts. He continued to assume he was fully covered and was content his shorts were so baggy that an erection would not be noticed. He also figured José would say something if that was not the case. But the case was this: Robbie’s shorts had slid further down, and almost his entire dick was showing. Only the tip was bent down and tucked into the bottom “V” of the opened zipper.

José did not have Miss Rachel’s permission to touch the boy’s dick, so he avoided doing that, though he thought she would not have minded. But he loved looking at the growing bulge and wanted to see more. He acted quickly to prevent Robbie from inadvertently opening his eyes. Another distraction was needed. Quickly, he leaned the chair backward, saying, “Oops, I almost forgot; Miss Rachel wanted me to give you a face treatment, too.” Robbie was trying to understand what that meant when José grabbed a medium-sized wet, hot towel out of the towel warmer and, without a pause, gently wrapped it fully around Robbie’s upwardly pointing face.

“Don’t worry if it seems too hot at first. It will soon feel only very warm. Just stay still while I get your face ready to be treated.” The hot towel surprised Robbie, and he immediately wriggled his hips again and fidgeted in the chair. Since he could not move his hands off the armrest, it was the only way he could react. He did release an initial “Ow!” But soon, I found the towel very comforting. “Just relax, Robbie.”

That little bit of fidgeting caused the shorts to lower a bit more, and his stiff dick popped free through the open zipper. José picked up the clippers and, this time, caused them to vibrate around the other nipple. He heard another moan and saw Robbie’s body shiver. He was sure with all the distracting stimulations happening to him, the boy had no idea his dick was rigid, fully out of his shorts, and now pointing to the ceiling. Now, a couple of customers took photos with their cell phones. With Robbie’s face buried in a towel, he would never know.

Then José held the vibrating clippers so the back barely touched the tip of the nipple. He heard a moan. Then he lifted it off a tiny bit, waited, and then barely touched the tip again. He heard another throaty moan from under the towel. He lifted the clippers again. It was so slight, and Robbie must have sensed it was just out of his reach. He inadvertently lifted his chest to make contact with that most pleasant, erotic tingle. He was not doing it consciously. But his body did it, and he felt that wonderful vibrating. Then José lifted the electric clippers a bit higher, and this time, Robbie used his hands to push down on the arms of the chair to lift his chest further.

In doing this, his butt was now off the chair seat by about an inch. The space under his ass allowed his unzipped and very loose shorts to slide down to his ankles. There were more photo flashes and a lot of smiles and whispering among the other customers. Robbie was oblivious to it all. He was in the barber chair, totally naked down to his shorts, now bunched around his tennis shoes. Of course, he still had the warm towel over his face. José, with a satisfied “mission accomplished,” murmured, “Ahhhhhh,” and gently put pressure on his chest to have him settle comfortably back in the chair. Robbie’s dick was sticking up like a steel flagpole.

José wanted to do his best to entertain his customers, so he went to another level. “OK, Robbie, relax now. I will apply this moisturizer to where I trimmed your chest hair.” Of course, he did not actually trim his chest hair; he just teased the hell out of his nipples. And then Robbie felt warm hands gently rubbing his chest all over. It was a massage-like firm touch at first but gradually became a very light touch. He rubbed the silky-smooth lotion all over his upper torso, but more and more concentrated around and on Robbie’s nipples. His face was still covered with a moist towel. José noticed, as he expected to, that each time he “accidentally” flicked the tips of his fingernails over one of Robbie’s now hard nipples, Robbie’s dick would give an up-and-down nod. Then, a moan would escape from under the towel.

“Sorry if this stings, but I must rub this anti-inflammatory cream on you. I see irritation around your nipples, and the nipples themselves look a little puffy. It will just take a minute to rub this in completely, so relax.” The lotion did not sting. It was just a regular, greasy hand cream. José was just making some technical justification for playing with his muscular chest.

Again, José’s fingertips teased and tickled Robbie’s nipples, lightly scratching over the nubs. His dick twitched up, paused, and twisted down. José pinched both nipples at the same time, rather firmly. Again, Robbie’s dick twitched up, paused, and twisted down. José was enjoying himself, as were his customers when Rachel walked in. She looked at Robbie reclining in the barber chair, naked, with a bobbing boner, and stood to watch José as he teased Robbie’s nipples, making him moan. One might assume a stern mistress like Rachel would have been upset, walking in on this obscene and public spectacle involving her “son.” But she took a seat and smiled broadly as she told José, “I see you are putting on the medication cream. I hope my dear, sweet Robbie has cooperated fully.” She asked and was pleased when Jose nodded yes.

Rachel watched José erotically massaging her son. It was not the first time she had seen him do that to other subs. She was enjoying it very much. Then she told José, “We need to go and do some shopping now.” José nodded, wiped the excess cream off Robbie’s chest, and removed the towel from his face. The boy kept his eyes closed. He was boned up and yet relaxed and sleepy.

Then Rachel said to him with a big smile, “Hi, my dear, sweet Robbie. You are all done. You can open your eyes now but still do not move, OK sweetie?” He finally opened his eyes and looked at Rachel, and about a dozen customers gathered around looking at him. Then he looked down at his naked body. Then he freaked out that he had a huge boner. The chair was still reclined, so the jutting dick stood upward, more indecently. He forgot the rule of not speaking, “MOM, I AM SO SORRY! I AM SO EMBARRASSED. I DON’T KNOW WHAT OR WHY … OH MOM, PLEASE, LET’S GET OUT OF HERE! OH GOD, PLEASE …” Robbie cried out loudly.

“Oh, of course, dear.” Rachel proudly smiled, as any Mistress would seeing her son publicly humiliated. “But these nice people have asked to take a photo with you. Aren’t you so precious, darling? Is that OK with you, dear?” He knew Rachel was putting on a pretentious, sweet manner for these people. And he knew better than to tell his mistress no. He wept with embarrassment as he nodded his head. Of course, the customers did not make such a request, but now that they heard her offer, they all wanted to. Robbie pleaded, still reclined in the chair, “Yes, oh please, may I pose for you?” One by one, each came up and stood beside Robbie and smiled. Then FLASH. One put her arm on his shoulder, one pinched his nipple. FLASH. Another, a middle-aged guy, smiled and touched the tip of his erect dick. FLASH.

“OK, sweetie, get up and pull up your shorts. You are such a cock-tease, aren’t you, my dear sweet Robbie?” She pinched his cheek and smiled sweetly. Robbie’s face was red with shame. He quickly pulled up his pants and the zipper, which barely hugged his waist. “Adjust them as I showed you, dear,” she reminded him. And Robbie tugged them down carefully so the waistband rested on his hip bones. There was no tab to pay since Rachel had allowed the shop to “borrow” her boy to entertain. As they were about to leave, a teen approached Robbie and asked, “Hey dude, where did you get those neat tennis shoes? I’ve got to get me some of those.”

They were the latest fashion, and very expensive, like $300.00. Robbie had good taste. But before he could reply with the name of the store where he had bought them, Rachel jumped in, “Oh, do you like those? My dear, sweet Robbie would like you to have them. They don’t fit him properly anyway.” She looked at Robbie with a very “hard” stiff smile, and he knew what he had to do. Still standing, he bent down and untied and slipped them off his feet. He hesitantly handed them over to the kid. Robbie was now barefooted since he was not allowed to wear socks when he left the house this morning. No footwear, no shirt, no underwear, not even a head of hair. Robbie was slowly being stripped naked and molded into accepting his new sub-behavior. He was down to only his shorts, which did not even have a securing fastener.

Dear Sweet Robbie
Part 4 of 6

Sporting his “submissive” new buzz cut, Robbie followed behind Rachel as they left the barber. They walked around downtown for a while. Robbie thought Rachel was having difficulty finding a particular store. Still, she just wanted to publicly parade her boy, wearing only his hanging shorts. Without asking him, they stopped at a public restroom. She told him to use it. “OK, Mom.”

“What the hell did you call me?! Boy?! Do you want me to pull your shorts down right here, pull you over my knees, and spank your ass until you cry for me to stop?! Then I will leave you here!” She was feigning being upset.

“Oh, I am so sorry Miss. I disrespected you.” Robbie immediately became frightened and felt so bad at how he stupidly addressed his mistress. “Oh, please forgive me, Mistress Rachel. I won’t ever do that again. Please, I am so ashamed. I was so fucking rude to you.” And Robbie broke down. “May I please use the bathroom, Mistress Rachel? I mean, if you think I should. Please, Miss?” She accepted his profuse apologies, sternly warned him against repeating such behavior, and allowed him to use the restroom. He was so thankful that she allowed it.

Then, they entered the sportswear clothing store. Rachel led the way to the rear of the shop, where the male teen section was. Rachel began sliding the hangers of Speedo swimsuits along the rail as she looked at the different designs. Two more teen boys were in the area, one with his parents, the other with his mom. The parents were clasping a variety of new school clothes they had selected for purchase. A middle-aged male clerk inquired of Rachel if she needed any help. “Yes,” She said. “I would like a pair of pale blue Speedos for my dear sweet Robbie.” The clerk opened a long counter drawer and produced several packets of the required item, which he placed on the counter. He took several sizes from their packets. Rachel was not interested in cost, the practical use of the item, or even the right color. Only the size at that moment in time was her main interest. She selected a pair. “Nick, could he try them on?” The clerk told her yes.

“I think he should be remeasured to be sure of his size.” “Certainly, but let me finish with this other customer…” Rachel saw a somewhat unkept, T-shirted man mopping a back area. He was obviously the janitor. “Nick, you mind if that gentleman measures his up,” pointing to the janitor. “But he’s the… Well… of course, Mis Rachael, of course.” Nick found it odd to have a janitor do her son’s body measurements, but he knew Rachael had her own ideas. Nick went to speak to the janitor, and he nodded to her from a distance. Turning to Robbie, Rachael said, “OK, sweetie, go into the dressing room to get measures. The janitor is going to measure you again.” “Janitor? But…” “Ye, janitor. Now, go in there and… WAIT. She stared at Robbie sternly so he would remember and obey this command. Robbie freaked out when he realized what the command meant. As his dad told him, “At any time you are told to “WAIT,” immediately strip naked, beat yourself to a full erection, spread your feet three feet apart, thrust your hips forward to display your dick, and grasp your hands behind you just above your buttocks.” Robbie hesitantly went to the small change cubicle, took off the bikinis, beat his dick, and stood as previously ordered. The janitor entered the cubicle and was pleasantly surprised to see Robbie naked. All boned up, standing tall, hip thrust forward. He wanted to grope the boy but resisted. All Robbie could think of was that his uncouth, T-shirted broom-pusher would control him! “Ah, you’re Robbie, right? Please stand normal. I need to measure you. It seems it takes a custodian to measure you correctly. So, let’s get right to it.”
“Yes, sir.” The janitor was unaccustomed to being called ‘Sir’ but loved it. The black guy fumbled with the measuring tape and encircled every part of Robbie’s body in all directions, including his dick and balls, as he ‘accidentally’ fondled the boned-up boy. This was some treat for the janitor and a horrific humiliation to Robbie, who even began to dribble precum. After an eternity, they emerged with Robbie wearing the bikini. Nick came back over to continue to assist. “Ok, Nick. Those bikinis still fit him even though he is hard and stiff. That means they are too big.” Rachael reflected, “No, no, these won’t do. I don’t care what the measurements show.” – The janitor never measured anyone! – “You see, the waist would come up to his belly button. I want the low rise.” The clerk then pulled out a low-rise pair. Rachel held it up, “No, not like this either. It’s a low rise, but it would still be too high. I want it lower so all his pubic hair will show.” The clerk again sorted through the various skimpy Speedos and bikinis styles, came up with super skimpy ones cut much lower, and handed them to Rachel. “Okay, Robbie, dear, try these on and come out here to show us how they look.” Robbie took the pair and went into the changing room and changed into the bikini he was just given

“Oh, my god.” He said to himself. “These are obscene. I can’t wear these, and I can’t come out there!” But Rachel called him to hurry up, and he finally came out to a small gathering of customers staring at him. It was a very low cut. There were only about two inches of material around his waist at the hip. And you could see his lower belly and almost all his pubic hair. Luckily it was cut high enough in the back to fully cover his ass cheeks.

“Walk around, Robbie. Let us take a look.” Robbie was feeling more and more like a piece of meat. And what was all this, “Let US take a look?”

“NO, no, these are not right either. Sorry, I just don’t want my dear sweet Robbie to look more like a cute little whore, just as he told me he did.” Robbie was getting hard with all the humiliation and the stares from a dozen customers, all pretending not to be paying attention. None of them would leave the area in front of the dressing room. “Look for a pair no wider than one inch at the hip, please.” The clerk opened a different drawer marked “string bikinis,” found one in there, and offered it to Rachel. “Well, let’s see how this one fits, shall we?” The clerk got called away to assist another customer upfront. So, Rachel thought she had a free hand to embarrass Robbie further. “Robbie, we want to see you in these.” Robbie put out his hand to take them, but Rachel told him he couldn’t take both pairs into the dressing room. “Take those off first, dear,” she said, pretending to be kind.

Robbie just stood there, aghast. He was not crying, but his eyes were seeping a tear or two. Rachel snapped her fingers, and he pulled the low-cut Speedo down and held them up to cover his rigid dick. Again, Rachel snapped her fingers, and he handed them over, expecting to get the other ones immediately. He was standing there stark naked; he had left the house without being allowed to even wear briefs. A few people flashed a camera phone photo. Rachel pretended to be deciding the difference between the two styles. “Okay, Robbie, put these on so we can check them out.” He quickly grabbed them and made a beeline for the changing room, about fifteen feet away. The clerk had to step away to deal with a cash register problem.

Robbie tried them on and saw that the fit was awful. His dick could barely fit in the pouch. He knew he had no choice, so he reluctantly came out and showed how they fit. His dick and balls were all smashed together. “Well, sweetie, how do you think they fit?” Rachel asked. Finally, he was actually asked for his input.

“I … I … I don’t … don’t think …” Robbie was trying to say no to these bikinis.

“Oh, dear. I see the problem.” She had him turn around and pulled back the back panel covering his butt to check the size. It said size 32. That was his size. “Let me check the drawer myself.” She opened the drawer that said bikinis and found one marked size 28. She mumbled the size to herself, not wanting Robbie to hear her. “Okay, these should fit better. Let me have those.” And immediately Robbie stripped naked once again, right in the store in front of everyone. And again, as he stood there with a boned-up dick, Rachel pretended to be examining the color of the material she had just chosen. “No, I don’t think this orange is a good color for you.” A couple of phone flashes went off. She returned to the same drawer, found another size 28, but a bright yellow, and told him to try that pair on.

He grabbed it quickly, a little too quickly; he was just way too nervous standing there naked. He didn’t even leave to go into the dressing room. What was the point? He just stepped one foot and then the other into the bikini. But then a surprised and puzzled look came over his face as he struggled to pull up the tight suit. He had to wriggle his thighs and hips as he slowly pulled it up. Even though it finally stretched over his butt, it was certainly way too small. He did manage to jam his balls and dick in the pouch, but he could feel the back side would no longer cover his ass. When fully pulled up, he reached behind him, felt his cheeks, and realized that he was showing two inches of his ass crack. “Okay, dear, turn around. Let us take a good look.” And he did as ordered. “Now stretch your arms way up high; we want to be sure they won’t fall off.” He did. “OK, I see the problem,” she said.

In front of the gathered customers, Rachel pulled down the front of his bikini a little to find the pull string and untied it. She then put her hand inside the front pouch, pulled on his jammed-in “folded dick,” straightened it out, and angled it to his right hip. Then she reached deeper inside and gently grabbed and readjusted his balls so they bulged in the front of his suit rather than hiding down and under his groin. Now, instead of a big general mound in the front, Robbie was very clearly, showing his firm dick pointing up and to the right with a ball on each side at its base. More obvious, it could not be.

There was a full-length dressing mirror on a nearby pillar, which he looked in to see himself. There he was, totally naked but for this squeezed-in bikini. He thought he looked like a slut. He was so embarrassed, and that caused his dick to get even stiffer. He was not even wearing shoes since his mother gave them to a teen who had simply admired them. He wanted to die there and then from the humiliation as he saw the faces of the customers, especially the two teen boys who were chuckling at him. She made him turn and twist and bend over.

Then Rachael turned to the customers watching and asked, “Doesn’t my dear sweet Robbie look so sexy in his new bright yellow bikini? Look how the strings hang down on the sides as a decoration. Robbie, I think you look great. Yellow is your color.” The watchers also nodded their approval and took photos. She followed Robbie around the store and asked another clerk, “Do you carry the Onion Skin brand running shorts? My dear, sweet Robbie likes to show off his body in tiny, skimpy shorts.” The clerk pointed to where they were, and she went to that display with Robbie in tow. Onion Skins were extremely light-weight, nearly see-thru, and made for jogging. They were low in the hip and very short in length, so runners noticed no material causing friction on their thighs. In addition, each side had a slit up to the waistband. If the wearer lifted his knee-waist high, you could see the curve of his ass through the slit. So, they were designed to be very lightweight and non-binding on a runner’s legs and crotch. For normal modesty, the shorts came with a silk cup or pocket where a man’s dick and balls would be placed for support when running or walking. The cup snapped to the inside front of the waistband. The ass cheeks had no extra covering, just the paper-thin “onion skin” material. Rachel examined several pairs, noticing how the cup was removable and snapped securely to the inside front of the waistband. She thought it worked as a flimsy, skimpy mini jock so the wearer would be decent. Again, Rachel selected a white pair, knowing that if this thin, white material got wet in any way, Robbie’s dick and ass would surely show through. She never asked him to try them on; she wanted him to stay in the embarrassing bikinis.

“Robbie, let’s check some T-shirts for you.” She looked up to notice that they were in the very front of the store. “Oh, there they are, near the front display windows. Come along, dear.” The T-shirt display was right inside the huge bay window. And the passers-by stopped and stared at Robbie as Rachel pretended not to notice. She had him linger there for quite a while as she pretended to browse. Then, it was off to the checkout.

“I shall take these two items, the yellow bikini he’s wearing and these Onion Skins.” She told the clerk, a salesman she knew, who just called her “Miss Rachel.” She watched for any reaction from Robbie when he said, “Miss Rachel.” There was none. Robbie was too concerned and nervous about the bikinis he was wearing and wanted to get back into the baggy cotton trunks he had walked in with.

“Would you like to pay in the normal manner, Miss Rachel?” She nodded. The clerk beamed an approving smile.

“Robbie, go to the changing room, remove your bikini, and wait.” She stared at him momentarily to make sure he understood that this request was a command. Once again, “Wait” registered with him. But this time, the purpose was to give the clerk his reward, or “pay.” He was too embarrassed to look up when the cubicle curtain was pulled open. He recognized the lower half of the clerk’s body and saw the bulge in the front of his trousers. In this stance, Robbie presented his dick to the clerk. The clerk fondled and rubbed every inch of this hunky teen’s body. He licked him all over, including his dick balls and ass crack, and asshole. He was one happy clerk. He left the cubicle and went into the office to beat off.

Rachel knew the clerk had been well paid by the erection he was showing in his trousers as he left the cubicle. Robbie got no such relief. He heard Rachel’s voice call out, “OK, sweetie, get dressed and come on out. It’s time to go.” He looked around the cubicle for the knee-length shorts he had walked in with but could not see them. He wondered if he was in the right dressing room, and he was. There was no sign of his baggy, heavy cotton shorts. The only thing he had to wear was that tiny, obscene bright yellow bikini. And just then, he realized that that is what Rachel meant for him to put back on by her “get dressed” command. So, he did as best he could, trying to get the back panel of the bikini to cover his ass more completely. As he emerged, Rachel took one look at him in the undersized bikini and shook her head. “No, sweetie, fix your private parts as Mama showed you. You'll crush your balls if you try to sit down with your equipment all bunched up under you. Now, do as I showed you … or do you want me to fix it for you again?”

Robbie did not want Rachel, who he still thought of as his mother, to fondle his dick, especially not in public. Robbie wanted to turn his back on her and fix it himself, but he already knew better than to turn his back on “Mistress Rachel.” So, he stuck his hand in the front bikini pouch, pulled his still erect dick fully upward, and pointed it to his right hip. Then he reached inside again and maneuvered his balls, bringing them forward and separating them so one was on each side of his dick. He could not help but glimpse into the mirror and see just how nasty and obscene he looked. Then he stared open-mouthed in horror as he now noticed what everyone else had noticed earlier. Because the waistband strap of the bikini was so narrow, the tip of his fat dick could be seen slightly above and below that strap. He was actually showing his dick in public. He knew he was not allowed to ask a question or to make a comment without permission, so he just pointed at the tip of his dick, displaying an intensely nervous look. “Oh, see, now you are wearing that properly. You are such a fast learner, my dear sweet Robbie. I was going to have you wear the Onion Skin shorts home, but you look so perfect in those I know you’ll want to wear them home instead. Oh, my dear, sweet Robbie, you are finally learning to dress properly. And everyone can see that.”

It may seem that getting a haircut and buying a “swimsuit” and a pair of jogging shorts is not worth driving thirty miles to another town. Still, Mistress Rachel and her “charge” had a very full and important “training day. Rachel seldom expressed the joy she felt in Robbie’s submissive behavior because she wanted him to always feel the need to try harder, obey without hesitation, and please her more. But Mistress Rachel was extremely pleased. She was ecstatic and could not wait to get home to tell her husband, Matt, all about their adventure.

Rachel escorted Robbie onto the downtown street, walking away from where she parked. They strolled quite a way, with, at least, Rachel enjoying the stroll. She obviously was wandering down the main streets, enjoying making a public spectacle of her charge in his bright yellow bikini. She especially liked the dangling strings hand on each of his hips. They made him look a bit girlish. Each time he stepped down from a curb or up to a curb, his dick would pop free and stick out. He would immediately poke it back under the tiny waistband strap, catching the tip of his dick behind the narrow band of fabric that was jokingly, the waistband. It was more like a “waist string.” Rachel had an idea. She was a treasure trove of ideas, or, as most might call them, schemes. She guided Robbie to a nearby sidewalk ice cream cart and smiled each time she glanced over to see him re-tuck his hard dick back inside his bikini pouch. She ordered two triple-scoop ice cream cones, which were super-size waffle cones. She handed them both to Robbie, who took one in each hand while she paid. Then, oddly, she ordered another one for herself. Robbie looked at her puzzled, and she explained he was probably super hungry, so she got him two huge cones.

Then, in front of the ice cream man and the few others around them, she instructed Robbie, like a little child, how to eat his ice cream. “Sweetie, we are a long way from the car, so as we walk back, I want you to lick, not bite into, each of those cones. Focus on the cones. On a warm day like this, they will soon start to drip all over you. So be careful, and lick each one once, alternately.” Robbie thought this was all very weird, but he was thankful for the cool treat on a day that had started overcast and had now become rather warm. She spoke again, knowing everyone was eyeing his well-toned body, dressed only in not much more than a G-string. “Honey, they're starting to drip all over your hand. I'll never know why you wanted TWO cones, but if you make a mess, I will spank you good, right here and now, so focus on those cones and lick up every drip.”

Robbie nodded, bringing one up to his face and holding the other down at his waist. But that was not what Rachel wanted. She told him to hold both up near his face so he could be ready to catch the drips. Her purpose was three-fold: She wanted him to concentrate on the dripping cones as a distraction. Two, she wanted him to keep his eyes up and not look down where he would notice that his dick sprung out of the confines of his bikini and was now, again, hard and pointing to his left hip. And third, she wanted both his hands away from his waist, so passers-by had a good, unobstructed view of his big hard dick.

It was so hilarious, at least to onlookers. There was this hunky 18-year-old, muscle-toned, six feet tall man with a buzz haircut wearing what, at first glance, seemed like a woman’s skimpy yellow panties. Worst, at a second glance, his big, rigid pole was sticking out from his groin, pointing upward to the side. WORST yet, he had his hands in front of his face, licking one dripping ice cream cone and then the other, as he appeared blindly unaware of his state as he walked down the main street of the quaint little town of Hardington.

A young couple approached Rachael and said, “Your boy looks so cute. May we have a photo with him?” Dear Sweet Robbie
Part 5 of 6

“Oh, of course. My dear, sweet Robbie would love that. Robbie, put your cones down and stand with these lovely people.” And Robbie had to swallow hard and not object, though he hated being seen, let alone photographed, in such an obscene… skimpy, tiny, indecent… nothing. “OK, give me your cell so I can photograph all three of you. Now stand back in front of the restaurant and smile.” Rachel was so proud, not of Robbie, but of herself, for manipulating this entire scene. In his new bright Yellow bikini, there was adorable Robbie looking like a deer in the headlights, and the young couple was taking it all in. At least his dick went down some. The couple and Rachael exchanged thank yous and parted. His deflated dick did not do it for her or his training. “Robbie, pick up your ice cream cones.” He did. Oh, and let me adjust you again.” She inserted her hands, front and back, into his bikini and pretended to adjust his dick and balls, but really to tease them to erection again. Robbie was busy licking up the quickly dripping ice cream as Rachael worked his good to the point where his hard dick was poking out above his waistband. Now, she was satisfied. She led him further down the street. Then, it dawned on her, does Robbie know how ridiculous he looks walking on a public street in a girlie stringy thing with his dick greeting the world? She needed to do something different if he was not feeling the public humiliation, which was the whole purpose of their shopping trip today.

“Robbie dear, I hope that you are enjoying our stroll.” He did not know what she meant as he quickly licked one drippy cone and then the other. “I mean, I don't have a problem with you wanting to flaunt yourself, and as I see all these folks with big smiles, I guess they do not either.” He was focused on the new drips running down his hand, down his wrist and arms. He was not aware that more people were keeping up with his pace. It was not difficult; they were not walking very fast, but no one passed him. They were creating a group around him. He finally noticed some of these people were smiling and others outright laughing. He hadn't a clue why, and he followed the direction of the gaze of one guy, which caused him to look down at his bright yellow bikini and … OH, MY GOD!

He could not believe his dick was sticking out. His hands were unavailable, so he squeezed his thighs together, trying to hide his dick from view. “Oh, god, Miss, oh, Miss … Please! I need to stop and fix this!” He was in a panic. “Please miss, please hold these for a minute,” referring to the cones.

“What is your problem, sweetie? I don't want to hold those sticky, dripping cones. Look how they’ve dripped all over you - not just your hands, but now on your chest and even your thighs. My dear, sweet Robbie, you want Mama to get her dress all messed up, too?”

He only repeated “Oh please … oh … please … dear Miss...!”

Then, with a slightly sterner tone, “Look, if you don't lick that mess off your hands and lick those cones so they stop dripping, I'm not letting you in the car. I just had it all cleaned. You can take the bus home.” Then she added a cruel touch of humiliation. “If you want to walk all over town with your penis sticking out just because you think everyone should see it, I don't care. You are embarrassing me. And why in the world did you insist on buying that ridiculously tiny bikini?

Rachael stopped walking, and the group following them caught up and surrounded them closely. She turned to Robbie and spoke loudly for all to hear. “As I think of it, I think it’s for a girl. Why did you insist on getting this girl’s G-string? I should have bought the bra and panties you wanted also. Don’t you know these are underwear, and not for the public street? But I suppose you are old enough to do things your way.” Robbie was in shock. He just heard his “mother” tell everyone that he wanted to dress up in lingerie and parade down the street. If there had been an open manhole, he would have jumped into it.

“I love you, son, even when you want to parade in public like this, with your big stiff penis sticking out. And you don't even have the decency to cover your junk up with your hands.”

That’s exactly what Robbie wanted to do. Still, he knew what his Mistress wanted, so he kept his hands behind his back and thrust his pelvis out, making his dick as prominent as he could… to please Rachael.

Then, for the audience's sake, she pretended to calm down, “Look, sweetie, I'm not passing judgment on you, if you want to wear that tiny … itsy-bitsy … G-string … Well, that is fine with me. And if you want everyone gawking at you as a public spectacle, that's fine too.”

“Please? Oh god … please? Please?” were all the words he could utter to get his mother … his mistress … to allow him to cover up. Robbie squeezed his thighs tighter together and wriggled his hips, hoping that his gyrations would cause his dick to get pushed back under the bikini material. He was so embarrassed and tried so hard to will his dick to make it deflate, as well as retreat from view. Suddenly, there was a roar of laughter. So, he looked down and was in a state of absolute horror. All his wriggling of his thighs and shaking of his hips had caused his balls to be pushed out, too. Not only was his dick now fully out, but his balls were hanging out, too, big and loose. His juggling movements had merely caused that tiny front patch of material to give way, and it had accidentally worked fully to one side.

“Now look at you! What am I going to do with you, honey? You've been trying to push your balls out and finally managed it! Well, at least you're proof our family has nothing to be ashamed of.” There was some applause and a few catcalls. “Okay, I give up. Yes, you may walk to the car like that. Can we now go so we can minimize the embarrassment for all these fine folks?” Robbie hung his head in shame and stepped behind Rachel to block the view of his dick and balls from passers-by.

“No, you don't. Get in front of me so I can see that you don't drip ice cream all over my new dress. And please keep licking.”

If Robbie could have just been rid of those two ice cream cones, he could have quickly reached down and tucked his private parts away. But that was not to be.

Finally, they reached the parking garage and then the car. Rachel got in but did not let Robbie in right away. “Toss the mess away; we passed a trash can at the entrance to the garage. Drop those things in there.” he did not want to walk back as there were people all around finding their cars, but he had no choice. Rachel waited. Robbie was glad to get back to the car and hop in. But still, she did not give him the nod. Instead, she looked him up and down and sighed, “Robbie, you are one big mess! Here, take these and clean yourself off before you ruin my seat covers.”

She handed him several wet wipes, and he used them on himself. But he had drips of ice cream all over him, on his chest, his thighs, his feet, even on and under his bikini, where drips from his belly had run down. He did the best he could do. He just wanted to get into the car and out of public view. After all, he was wearing nothing but the sting thing, not even shoes. She had forced him to give away all his clothes to teenagers. She was still not satisfied. “Here, use these too,” and she handed him several more wet wipes, and this time, he felt like he had managed to get it all off his skin. He even wiped the bikini front, making a large wet spot - well, as large as a three-inch triangular piece of material could have.

“Please miss, please? May I get in now?” Robbie started to reach for the passenger door handle.

“No, look at that bikini; it's not only wet, but I'm sure it is all sticky. Just take it off.” Robbie looked like a deer caught in the headlights. He knew he could not disobey. She had already threatened to leave him there and make him take the bus home. He didn’t know whether she was serious or not, so he looked one way, then the other, visually scouring the parking garage for any people coming his way. There were people around, but none too near him. He could quickly strip and hop in the car. Yes, he could do that and end this nightmare. He quickly slipped off that fucking silly, obscene bikini and, without knowing what else to do, offered it to Rachel. After all, she had bought it.

“No, dear, they are a mess. Just walk over to that trash can by the entrance and put them in there. Make sure you walk. I don't want you to slip on this smooth concrete floor with your bare feet.” Rachel smiled.

He walked rather quickly, trying to cover up his crotch in his hurried walk mode. Rachel could see him drop the yellow bikini into the trash. A couple of teen girls were there, and they gawked and giggled in disbelief. He acknowledged them with a nod, then quickly returned to the car. Rachel was so proud of Robbie. But she could never tell him that. He could never know how pleased she, or Matt, was with him. Now standing fully naked just outside the front passenger door, Robbie waited.

“Robbie, I wish you would just fucking obey me. No hesitation. Just do what I want. Well, you did OK, but on the next trip here, I want you to strip naked in the public mall and yell out, 'I'M A PERVERT!' and then beat off. I think that would be so entertaining.” Did she really mean that? Wouldn’t he get arrested? How could she do that to her son? Or … maybe she could do that to her slave! Robbie had a lot to think about. His dick was never soft. “OK, come on and get inside before you get me arrested,” she said complainingly. No one had to tell Robbie twice. He hopped in immediately, finally safe! He was naked as the day he was born, sitting there in the car seat, with his dick bobbing and nodding, waiting for Rachel to put the car in gear and take off home.

But instead of starting the car, she pushed a button, and a familiar motor sound started. The top of the car was retracting back. It was, of course, a convertible. When the top was fully retracted, she adjusted the mirrors, started up, and pulled out of her space. She slowly drove to the garage exit and got in a short line to pay for parking. Robbie crouched down as she approached. “Oh Robbie, don't be such a baby. Straighten up properly. Play with your dick - it’s big enough - you might as well enjoy it. And don't stop pumping it until I tell you to.” Then, a brief pause, “Or, I'll put you on the bus.” Immediately Robbie grabbed his dick and rubbed it up and down nonstop.

As it became her turn to pull up to the window, she greeted the teenage attendant there with a big smile. His name tag said “Toby.”

“Hi, Toby, what's the fee for today?” as if she did not already know. Toby stared at the well-toned, naked teen in the front, playing with his dick. Toby was motionless with his mouth open.

Then, “Why is he naked, ma’am? … And … and … you know...?”

“Oh, my dear sweet Robbie and I were here to shop for clothes, but he did not like them. He said he'd rather be naked. And he actually stripped naked as we walked back to the car.” Toby was in shock, trying to think of what to say. “But how come he is … you know … with his thing?” Toby asked hesitantly.

“Oh, well, he …” she stopped and looked at Robbie pumping his dick, “Robbie, why don't you explain why you are doing that? Robbie was puzzled. “Don't be shy, dear. You told me you noticed Toby before and thought he was hot-looking. Go ahead, explain yourself.”

“I … I … I saw you and thought you … you … were hot and I got hard … and I find you so sexy … and … and ...”

“Oh Robbie, stop messing around and just tell him what you told me a few minutes ago …That you wanted to ask him out on a date? Remember?” And what do you want to do to him?” Toby’s face turned beet red, and he could not believe what she said.

“I … thought … I thought you were hot and … and … I wanted to ask you out on a date … I really just … just ... wanted you to … to …” He paused, and Rachel just gave him a deadly look to signal that he needed to obey her wishes, anywhere she led him. “To have you fuck me … I mean ... my ass … I mean my asshole. And I would beg you to ... to let me suck your dick ...”

Toby pressed the button to lift the motorized gate arm in a daze, not even bothering to ask for the parking fee. He was too weirded out. Rachel waved and pulled the car onto the street, and Robbie slouched down, naked, in the front passenger seat with the convertible top down. True, people walking on the sidewalk would assume he only had his shirt off. But people in other cars, especially higher SUVs and in all kinds of trucks - large ones and even the standard pick-up trucks - would notice that he was naked if they glanced his way. Rachel was so very pleased. She was just ecstatic … inside.

But that was not enough for Rachel. The look on her face remained sober and displeased. Her “job” was to push Robbie … continually. “What did I tell you back in the garage?” Robbie had no idea what she was referring to. “I told you to play with your dick, and don't stop until I tell you.”

“But … Miss … Miss, I am … I don't have any ... I mean, people will see me.” Robbie pleaded in a whisper, even though no one could hear him. Rachel said nothing further. She did not even look at him except to notice in a glance that he was once again pumping his big fat dick.

“And sit up straight! Always use good posture!” He did. She approached an intersection where the light had just turned amber. She could have driven through it easily but slowed to let the light change to red. A small van slowed and then stopped in the lane at her right. It was a VW bus, and its driver had his window down. He was talking to his lady passenger. “HONK. HONK.” Rachel beeped the loud horn to get the guy's attention.

“Sir! Sir!” She got his attention, and he looked at her as if to ask what she wanted. “Do you know how to get to Elm Avenue?” It was a street that she knew was some way away.

“Oh, Elm, yes, I do.” Then he noticed Robbie was naked in the front seat and beating his dick. Rachel pretended not to notice him, but the van driver was shocked.

“Oh, please, sir, don't be bothered by my son. My dear, sweet Robbie can't help himself sometimes. Just ignore him.” Rachel

“Okay … well. Ah … you go four or five blocks straight ahead and … then … you … ah … make a left on Main Street and then a right, two blocks after that.”

“So I go down here a few blocks until I get to Main Street and then turn right?” She was mixing up the instructions on purpose to keep the conversation going. The lady passenger soon stuck her headway across the driver’s lap and practically pushed it out of the window, and she did not miss a thing. She smiled at Robbie.

“Don't be rude, dear. Wave hello to the nice people with your hand that is not preoccupied.” And with great embarrassment, which showed broadly across his face, he waved “hi” to the woman. Rachel heard Robbie moan a couple of times with erotic humiliation, then the light changed, and they all took off.

Rachel easily found her way to the freeway. She'd been to and from this town many times. They were now headed for home at a good clip. She only altered her speed when she approached a slower-moving truck. During those times, she would slow down to match its speed and pace so that Robbie was clearly in the direct downward view of each truck driver she sidled up to. Rachel would notice that each time she paced a track, Robbie would moan uncontrollably, and his body trembled as he was forced to expose and exhibit himself to strangers. Most truck drivers honked, some howled, and a few just stared down. Robbie never stopped pumping his dick, though he did learn very quickly to barely touch it, or he would have caused himself to climax. It was clear to him that his climax was unacceptable behavior - at least not without being told.

Few words were spoken between them; none were necessary. Robbie was so relieved to return home. When Rachel pulled into their driveway and then turned off the engine, she finally told Robbie he might stop playing with his dick. They exited the car, and Robbie followed her to the door, his dick sticking right out and preceding him.

They entered the house, and Rachel immediately told him, “Don’t forget the rule about no clothes for you in the house or backyard.” He wanted to go up to his room and see what his stepdad had done to it. When they left the house that morning, he had been told that Matt would rearrange his bedroom to make it appropriate for his new sub lifestyle.”

He went to his room, down a short hall, and saw his door open. As he entered, he realized there was no door; it had been removed. He wondered if his dad was going to put in a new door. Strange, he thought. He looked around and found most of his furniture missing. The chest of drawers that contained his socks, underwear, T-shirts, sweaters, etc., was gone. He turned around, and his computer desk was gone too … and his computer. A small hanging cabinet with a couple of exposed shelves used to be just to the right of the desk. That was gone as well. He used those small shelves to plop his key, wallet, and cell phone on whenever he came home. But … now missing were his keys, wallet, cell phone, and other personal pocket items he kept there. His high school ring, loose change, and the key to the family mailbox … even his good luck charm and some mints for bad breath were all gone.

Dear Sweet Robbie
Part 6 of 6

At least his bed was still there, but it only had a bare mattress with no sheets or blankets. He saw he still had a pillow. Thank god for small favors, he thought. In place of his desk and the other furniture that had been removed, there was a simple folding card table and one folding chair. Those two pieces of furniture were all he had in his room. Next to the bed used to be a tall bookcase that had held his many schoolbooks, as well as other books and magazines, but the entire case was missing. His mouth stayed open in awe as he turned further around and found that his private bathroom, which adjoined his bedroom, had also had the door removed. He could see inside that the shower curtain was also gone. Something about the word “curtain” caused him to turn back and look at his windows. His room had two large windows looking out to the houses across the street. There were no longer any curtains, pull-down shades, or anything to block the view of anyone looking into his room.

Jamar poked his head into Robbie’s room. “Like your new digs, bro?” Robbie just stared out the window, wondering what people saw from the outside. “ Let me see what you look like pressed against the window. After all, you need to get used to it.”

With great hesitation, he walked naked to the large window, “Hey, you asshole.” Jamar threw a black jockstrap, “Here, put this on first.” He did. “Now show all our neighbors what a pathetic exhibitionist you are.”
Robbie did. “Now, stand on the actual window ledge.” He complied. Now, when you turn around and ass the world your ass, I want you to spread your cheeks apart so everyone can see your slave asshole.” Robbie felt the full weight of zero privacy. It was sinking in, little by little. Then… as he looked out the window, a horrid thought washed over him - his car, his precious car - was that gone too? It was not in the driveway, so he looked out the window and up and down the street.

Just then, Matt and Rachel entered his room and saw their Jock-strapped son in a panic. “AT EASE.” Yes, that was a specific command.” Robbie responded as told. He stripped off his jock, dropped to his knees, placed his hands on his thighs, and displayed his upward-pointing boner as if to offer it to anyone present.

“That’s right, boy.” He had the most contorted face. His eyes were scrunched up, and he seemed ready to explode with questions. “Boy, I know you have a lot to ask. This is a huge change for you; you must understand what is happening here. So, until we change the rule, you are free to speak to ask questions.”

“Mom, Dad… I mean … Mistress and Sir,” Robbie almost exploded, “My car? Where is my car? I don’t see it anywhere. I …”

“Oh, that. Let’s take care of that little formality right now, just to get it out of the way.” Matt was holding an envelope and pulled a form out of it. Robbie noticed it as the pink slip to his car. “Come over to your new card table-desk and sign this.” Robbie stood up, confused. “You are giving your car to Jamar?”

“Your brother’s car has been having a lot of problems, and you don’t need one anymore, so … sign here.” Matt pointed to the line on which Robbie had to sign. In a daze, he signed his name. “I’m sure if you treat your brother well, he will be glad to drive you to places at times. But it is up to him, so be very nice to him. As for going to and from school, we will worry about that in a couple of months when your summer vacation ends. If we allow you to go, we’ll likely just have you take the bus. But school is not a pressing issue right now.

“But what about my laptop? I need it for emails and the Internet, even if it’s summer vacation.” Robbie respectfully argued.

“Actually, you don’t,” Matt told him. Robbie's life was becoming less and less … ah … human.

“Nor do you need a wallet, cell phone, or any other personal items that free people commonly have. Your life just got so much easier.” Matt told him. Robbie slumped in his naked stance and was in shock. “My car?” he whined to himself. It would take several days to fully realize just how meager and limited his lifestyle had just become.

Jamar had a big smile on his face. “Mom, Dad, thank you so much for my new car!” More and more, Robbie was coming to grips with his loss of power, place, dignity, position, family… everything. Now he realized that his new Black boss, his adopted brother whom he had treated so meanly in the past, was now in charge of him.

“Yes, Jamar, he just signed it over to you. Here you go, honey.” And Matt handed him the pink slip.

Robbie interrupted his brother; he was not normally rude to him, but … his car? “He got my car?” He said to himself. That was a little too much to take. He yielded to a burst of anger, “Jamar! Out of my room! Now!”

“Hold on, boy. Whoa, calm down!” Matt said strongly, “In the first place, this is no longer your room; it’s just the place where we let you sleep. You’ve noticed there are no doors. That’s because anyone can come in here anytime they want.” Matt was not yelling. He knew this transition would be difficult for Robbie, so he talked firmly but unemotionally and in a low tone.

“Now, to help you out, I will give you some quiet time. But first, do you need to use the toilet to piss or shit?” Robbie said both. “That’s fine, just hurry it up.” Robbie did not know what he meant; he was waiting for them all to leave. “Go now. We don’t have all day,” Matt said a little louder. Robbie went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. He was so embarrassed trying to take a shit with his family in the other room, and there was no door to the bathroom; he just sat there in a state of humiliation for a while, looking at them.

Then Matt told his wife, “Honey, come here a minute, let me get your opinion.” Then Matt, Rachel, and Jamar walked into Robbie’s small bathroom. It was a tight fit, especially with naked Robbie on the toilet, but Matt wanted to ask Rachael what other changes should be made there. “You see, the shower curtain is down, but I’ve left the rod up, thinking we might want to use it for bondage for the boy, but on the other hand, it is not very strong, so I was thinking…”

All of a sudden, Robbie unintentionally let out a few loud trumpeted farts in the process of taking a dump. Robbie covered his face with the palms of his hands and was turning red. He was shaking with nervousness and mumbled, "I’m so sorry, so very sorry,” whining like a little boy. His mom and dad were one foot from him on one side, and his brother was on the other with his shins touching Robbie's thigh as he sat there. Then Robbie released a few more turds, and everyone heard the “plunk, plunk, plunk” of the turds dropping into the toilet water. Then he released another long, higher-pitched fart. Everyone broke out in laughter.

Rachel giggled, “That gives me an idea before our next party. Let’s feed him a big bowl of beans so we won’t have to hire a band!” They all laughed. Robbie teared up and could not remove his hands from covering his handsome face. He was just too humiliated to look up from his seated position on the toilet.

Robbie said he was finished. He thought his family would then leave to give him some privacy. Still thinking about replacing the curtain rod, his dad mumbled, “That’s nice.” He then asked Rachel if they should put up a crossbar for better support when they tie him to it.

Robbie waited for them to leave, but obviously, they did not. He reached out for some toilet paper to wipe his butt, but the roll of paper was gone. In fact, the little indentation in the wall where it was was plastered over, though not yet painted. Now, there was no holder for his toilet paper. Again, he was shocked and confused. He was trying to ask the question about needing toilet paper. But he said, very sheepishly, “Ah, dad … I mean Matt, sir, I don’t see any toilet paper. Don’t I get any to …”

“Of course you do, boy. Do you think we are all stupid? Just ask for some whenever you need it. And, of course, you never flush until one of us makes a note of your … ah … ‘deposit.’”

“But sir, I need some now.” Robbie gently whispered.

“Rachel and I are busy, so just ask your brother.” Matt added, “All this delay in getting toilet paper from one of us could have been avoided if you simply showed more respect to Jamar. Obviously, in this difficult transition period, you will need a lot more supervision. So, here is the new rule on your toilet etiquette. In order for you to take a dump, you need a monitor to watch you. It’s for your own good. What if you have a difficult bowel movement, loose stool, or farting too much? How are we going to know? All YOUR toilet paper is now in the hall pantry, in a cupboard you are not allowed to open. When you need to take a dump, you will need to ask someone to supervise you. That person will also be the one to obtain the toilet paper and the one who will dictate how many squares you will get. All of this will be written down in your new toilet log, your “Book of Deposits.

“This brings up another point, so I might as well explain it now. For example, let’s say we are having Aunt Judy and your little son, Eddie, over for dinner, and we are all seated at the table enjoying our meal. Of course, you would be on the floor with your dog dish, waiting for someone to give you their scraps. But I’ll explain that part later. But during dinner or any other occasion when we have company over, you are to speak up loudly and announce when you need to fart. Give everyone an alert beforehand so they don’t miss it. Or if you need to take a dump, that too, you will announce. These occasions will be some of the few times you are allowed to speak on your own. Then you will ask, 'Will someone here take me to the bathroom and supervise me taking a dump?' You will always ask our guests first since we want to show them how well we have trained you. But if they prefer not to, then you will ask one of us.”

Robbie was shaking in fear. He was naked on the toilet; his mom and dad and now controlling brother were all standing within a foot of him, giggling at him for farting and stinking up the room, and now was told someone had to chaperon him each time he took a shit. And he had to beg for toilet paper, and they had to record everything! His dick was getting bigger and bigger the more they humiliated him. It was now pointing to the ceiling and bobbing.

“After your dump, you will stand up and show whoever is supervising you what you deposited in the toilet. After that, and not before, you may ask that supervisor for whatever squares of toilet paper they choose to give you. We will start you out with six squares of toilet paper and see how that works. He or she will then go to the hall pantry, fetch them, and bring them to you. You will use it to wipe yourself and then present your wiped ass to the supervisor. That person will decide how well you did and if you need another square or two.” Robbie listened to his dad telling him about his new bathroom procedures and that he always needed someone to watch him. Could anything, ANYTHING, be more humiliating for a mature, muscular 18-year-old? Robbie wallowed in frustration. All these procedures? Just to take a dump? Then he heard Matt say that there was one more step.

“After you are all finished in the bathroom, you will show your supervisor your ‘Book of Deposits.’ You are not allowed to write in it yourself, so you will ask the person with you to record the day and time of your dump. You will describe the number of turds, the size, the thickness, and the color, which the supervisor will make note of. Then you will tell him or her how many farts you released in the process and how many squares of toilet paper you used. We want to try to reduce the squares you use so as not to waste paper on you. Then, you will thank that supervisor for his or her assistance. If it happens to be a young woman who helps you, do not use words like ‘shit.’ Use … ah … ‘poo-poos’ or ‘poopies.’”

Rachael continued, “Since this is summer, and we may all be in the backyard playing a game or sipping iced tea with friends, no one will want to take you all the way in the house. So, you would go and fetch your ‘Book of Deposits’ and bring it out where we are. Then you will ask, starting with any guest we may have over, to supervise you taking a dump on the lawn.” Matt paused, noticing that as Robbie squirmed on the toilet seat, his hard dick leaked precum. Robbie was not even thinking about erections; they were the furthest thing from his mind. He was too dizzy thinking of how embarrassing it all just became for him to take a dump. As tears seeped down his face, he never noticed that his dick was slowly bobbing and dribbling. Rachel and Matt were so pleased. They gave each other glances and nods of tacit approval at just how far Robbie had come just today. And how much they would be able to lead him, unwittingly, down into the depths of submission and degradation.

“Mr. Jamar? Sir? … Plea ... plea … please, may I have six squares of … of … toilet paper, sir?” He could not look up at his brother as he pleaded.

“Of course, Robbie,” he said, feigning care. “I know what you are going through.” He stooped down to be eye level with his naked former brother, now his slave toy, seated on the toilet. He put his arm around him and lighted patted his back as a contrived expression of kindness. Robbie thought, just for a moment, that Jamar would be nice to him, and he looked up at him with a tear-wet face and smiled. Jamar then brought his mouth to his ear and whispered. “Sure, I’ll get you the six squares, but first, you have to make another big fart and then announce loudly how much you love smelling your farts. You’d better sound and act convincing, or I will leave you here, my dear sweet slave whore.” Rachel noticed the whispering but did not interfere with Jamar's control. In fact, his initiative made her feel so proud.

Robbie had no choice. He had to do as Jamar told him, or he would never leave the bathroom. He scrunched his face and twisted his body, paused awkwardly, and … released a loud fart. “Wow! I am so happy when I fart. God, I love the smell of my stinky farts! I love to breathe them in deeply. What a wonderful stink I make!”

Rachel now knew what Jamar whispered about. Said to her now sole son. “Honey, that was very clever of you. We are both so proud. We can leave you in charge of ‘your dear sweet slave boy’ anytime.”

Of course, you know generally about our interest in S and M. We share that with you and not with Robbie because you seem so much more mature than your brother. You have always shown respect for our choice of kinky interest. I’m sure you have had questions for the past few years, so Matt and I have a surprise for you now.”

“Oh, Mom, I'm fine. You don’t need to tell me anything about your private life. I just hope you fully enjoy your kink club.”

“Jamar, that’s what we love about you. And… that’s why we want you included. With Robbie’s declared interest in being a slave and his strong inner need to be submissive to all of us, including you, you must learn more about being his Master."

Jamar's face lit up. He was pleasantly shocked and excited to be included in such an important way. “Wow! I… I… I don’t know, want to… Wow!”

“And because you are 18, we will take you to our kink group, the Overseers Club in Hardington.” To Jamar, this was like a birthday surprise and getting the best gifts. “Now, this particular event is not one of our regular meetings. It’s a once-a-year celebration of our achievements. Let me warn you: You will be there as an observer. It’s your first time. OK? So, just listen, enjoy, and learn. Learning is a process; you have years to develop into a Master for Robbie.”

“I still don’t know how to thank you. I am amazed and so excited. This is a whole new life for me.”

“Yes, it will be. And a new life for your slave brother. Wouldn't that be grand? We’ll be like a big happy family there ... well … maybe Robbie won't be too happy, but it will be so much fun for the rest of us.” Rachel and Jamar laughed their heads off as they left the room.

The End

What the FUCK! “the end?” What about Robbie’s transformation? What does it all mean? What about the kink club in Hartington? Does Robbie get to go there? As what? And what becomes of the “brotherly” relationship between Robbie and Jamar?

You’ll find all these answers as this story continues. Read Dear Sweet Robbie, the Sequel in 2 days.

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