419 Dear Sweet Robbie

419 Dear Sweet Robbie
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But instead of starting the car, she pushed a button and a familiar motor sound started. The convertible top was retracting back. When the top was fully down she adjusted the mirrors and started up and pulled out of her space. She slowly drove to the garage exit and got in a short line to pay for parking. Robbie crouched down as she approached. “Oh Robbie, don't be such a baby. Straighten up properly. Play with your dick - it’s big enough - you might as well enjoy it. And don't stop pumping it until I tell you to.” Then a brief pause, “or, I'll put you on the bus.” Immediately Robbie grabbed his dick and rubbed it up and down, nonstop.

As it came her turn to pull up to the window, she greeted the teenage attendant there with a big smile. His name tag said “Toby.”

“Hi, Toby, what's the fee for today?” as if she did not already know. Toby stared at the well-toned, naked teen in the back, playing with his dick. Toby was motionless with is mouth open.

Then, “Why is he naked, ma’am? … And … and … you know...?”

“Oh, my dear sweet Robbie and I were here to shop for clothes, but he did not like them. He said he'd rather be naked. And he actually stripped naked as we walked back to the car.” Toby was in shock, trying to think of what to say.

“But how come he is … you know … with his thing?” Toby asked hesitantly.

“Oh, well he …” she stopped and looked at Robbie pumping his dick, “Robbie, why don't you explain why you are doing that? Robbie was puzzled. “Don't be shy, dear. You were telling me you noticed Toby before, and you thought he was hot looking. Go ahead, explain yourself.”

“I … I … I saw you and thought you … you … were hot and I got hard … and I find you so sexy … and … and ...”

“Oh Robbie, stop messing around and just tell him what you said to me a few minutes ago …That you wanted to ask him out on a date? Remember?” And what you wanted to do to him?” Toby’s face turned beet red, and could not believe what she was saying.

“I … thought … I thought you were hot and … and … I wanted to ask you out on a date … I really just … just ... wanted you to … to …” He paused and Rachel just gave him a deadly look to signal that he needed to obey her wishes, anywhere she led him. “To have you fuck me … I mean ... my ass … I mean my asshole. And I would beg you to ... to let me suck your ... your ... your dick ...”

Toby pressed the button to lift the motorized gate arm in a daze, not even bothering to ask for the parking fee. He was too weirded out. Rachel waved and pulled the car onto the street and Robbie slouched down, being naked, in the back seat, with the convertible top down. True, people walking on the sidewalk would assume he only had his shirt off. But people in other cars, especially higher SUV's and in all kinds of trucks - large ones, and even the standard pick-up trucks - would notice that he was naked if they glanced his way. Rachel was so very pleased. She was just ecstatic … inside.

But that was not enough for Rachel. The look on her face remained sober and displeased. Her “job” was to push Robbie … continually. “What did I tell you back in the garage?” Robbie had no idea to what she was referring. “I told you to play with your dick, and don't stop until I tell you.”

“But … Miss … Miss, I am … I don't have any ... I mean people will see me.” Robbie pleaded in a whisper even though no one could possibly hear him. Rachel said nothing further. She did not even look at him except to notice in a quick glance that he was once again pumping his big fat dick.

“And sit up straight! Always use good posture!” He did. She approached an intersection where the light just turned amber. She could have driven through it easily, but she slowed to let the light change to red. There was a small van that slowed and then stopped in the lane at her right. It was a VW bus and the driver in it had his window down. He was talking to his lady passenger. “HONK. HONK.” Rachel beeped the loud horn to get the guy's attention,

“Sir! Sir!” She got his attention and he looked at her as if to ask what she wanted. “Do you know how to get to Elm Avenue?” It was a street that she knew was some way away.

“Oh, Elm, yes, I do.” Then he noticed Robbie was not only naked in the back seat, but also beating his dick. Rachel, pretended to not notice him, but the van driver was shocked.

“Oh, please, sir, don't be bothered by my son. My dear sweet Robbie can't help himself sometimes. Just ignore him.” Rachel

“Okay … well. Ah … you go four or five blocks straight ahead and … then … you … ah … make a left on Main Street and then a right, two blocks after that.”

“So I go down here a few blocks until I get to Main Street, and then turn right?” She was mixing up the instructions on purpose to keep the conversation going. The lady passenger soon stuck her headway across the driver’s lap and practically pushed it out of the window, and she did not miss a thing. She smiled at Robbie.

“Don't be rude, dear. Wave hello to the nice people with your hand that is not preoccupied.” And with great embarrassment, which showed broadly across his face he waved “hi” to the woman. Rachel heard Robbie moan a couple of times with erotic humiliation, then the light changed and they all took off.

[break_free] Rachel easily found her way to the freeway. She'd been to and from this town many times. They were now headed for home at a good clip. The only time she altered her speed was when she approached a slower moving truck. Those times she would slow to match its speed and pace it so that Robbie was clearly in the direct downward view of each truck driver she sidled up to. Rachel would notice each time she paced a track, Robbie would moan uncontrollably and his body was even trembling as he was forced to expose and exhibit himself to strangers. Most truck drivers honked, some howled, and a few just stared down. Robbie never stopped pumping his dick, though he did learn very quickly to barely touch it, or he would have caused himself to climax. It was clear to him that his climax was not acceptable behavior - at least not without being told.

Few words were spoken between them; none were necessary. Robbie was so relieved to return home. When Rachel pulled into their driveway and then turned off the engine, she finally told Robbie he may stop playing with his dick. They got out of the car and Robbie followed her to the door, his dick sticking right out and preceding him.

They entered the house and right away, Rachel told him, “Don’t forget the rule about no clothes for you in the house or backyard.” He wanted to go up to his room and see what his step-dad had done to it. When they had left the house that morning, he had been told that Matt was going to rearrange his bedroom to make it appropriate for his new sub lifestyle.”

He went to his room, which was down a short hall and saw that his door was open. As he entered, he realized there was no door; it had been removed. He wondered if his dad was going to put in a new door. Strange, he thought. He looked around and found most of his furniture missing. The chest of drawers that contained his socks, underwear, t-shirts, sweaters, etc., was gone. He turned around and his computer desk was gone too … and his computer. There was a small hanging cabinet, with a couple of exposed shelves that used to be just to the right of the desk. That was gone as well. He used those small shelves to plop his key, wallet, and cell phone on, anytime he came home. But … now missing were his keys, wallet, cell phone, and whatever other personal pocket items he kept there. His high school ring, loose change, and the key to the family mailbox … even his good luck charm and some mints for bad breath were all gone.

At least his bed was still there, but it only had a bare mattress with no sheet or blankets on it. He saw he still had a pillow. Thank god for small favors, he thought. In place of his desk and the other furniture that had been removed, there was a simple folding card table and one folding chair. Those two pieces of furniture were all he had in his room. Next to the bed used to be tall bookcase that had held his many school books, as well as other books and magazines, but the entire case was missing. His mouth stayed open in awe as he turned further around, and found that his private bathroom, which adjoined his bedroom, had also had the door removed. He could see inside that the shower curtain was also gone. Something about the word “curtain” caused him to turn back and look at his windows. He had two large windows in his room which looked out to the front of the house. There were no longer any curtains or pull down-shades, or anything, to block the view of anyone looking into his room.

A horrid thought washed over him - his car, his precious car - was that gone too? It was not in the driveway, so he looked out of the window and up and down the street, Just then, Matt and Rachel came into his room and saw their naked (adopted) son looking out the window. “AT EASE, boy,” Robbie responded as told, to the command with feet a normal shoulders’ width apart, standing tall, placing his hands at the side of his body with all ten fingertips pressed against his outer thighs, and looking forward. “That’s right, boy.” He had the most contorted face. He eyes were scrunched up and he seemed ready to explode with questions. “Boy, I know you have a lot to ask. This is a huge change for you and you need to understand what is going on here. So, until we change the rule, you are free to speak to ask questions.”

“Mom, dad … I mean … Mistress and Sir,” Robbie almost exploded, “My car? Where is my car? I don’t see it anywhere. I …”

“Oh, that. Yes, let’s take care of that little formality right now, just to get it out of the way.” Matt was holding an envelope and pulled a form out of it. Robbie noticed it as the pink slip to his car. “Here, come over to your new card table, and sign this.” Robbie was confused. “You are giving your car to Jimar. Your brother’s car has been having a lot of problems and you don’t need one anymore, so … sign here.” Matt pointed to the line on which Robbie had to sign. In a daze, he signed his name. “I’m sure, if you treat your brother well, he will be glad to drive you to places at times. But it is up to him, so be very nice to him. As for going to and from school, we will worry about that in a couple of months when your summer vacation ends. If we allow you to go, we’ll likely just have you take the bus. But school is not a pressing issue right now.

“But what about my laptop? I need it for emails and the Internet, even if it’s summer vacation.” Robbie respectfully argued.

“Actually, you don’t,” Matt told him. Robbie's life was becoming less and less … ah … human.

“Nor do you need a wallet or a cell phone or any of a normal person’s personal items. Your life just got so much easier.” Matt told him. Robbie slumped in his naked stance and was in shock. “My car?” he whined to himself. It would take a while, several days to fully realize just how meager and limited his lifestyle had just become.

Jimar came bounding into Robbie’s room with a big smile on his face. “Hi Mom, Dad, I just got back from doing a little shopping. And, wow, does my new car drive great! Did you tell our boy that I now have his car?” He was all a giggle. Finally, he was the boss of his adopted white slave brother who had treated him so mean in the past.

“Yes, Jimar, he just signed it over to you. Here you go, honey.” And Matt handed him the pink slip.

Robbie interrupted his brother; he was not normally rude to him, but … his car? “He got my car?” He said to himself. That was a little too much to take. He yielded to a burst of anger, “Jimar! Out of my room! Now!”

“Hold on boy. Whoa, calm down!” Matt said strongly, “In the first place, this is no longer your room …”

“It’s just the place where we let you sleep. You’ve noticed there are no doors, that’s because anyone can come in here anytime they want.” Matt was not yelling. He knew this transition would be difficult for Robbie, so he talked firmly, but unemotionally, and in a low tone.

“Now, to help you out, I am going to give you some quiet time. But first, do you need to use the toilet to piss or shit?” Robbie said yes both. “That’s fine, just hurry it up.” Robbie did not know what he meant; he was waiting for them all to leave. “Go now, we don’t have all day,” Matt said a little louder. Robbie went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. He was so embarrassed trying to take a shit with his family in the other room and no door on the bathroom; he just sat there in a state of humiliation for a while, looking at them.

Then Matt said, talking to his wife, “Honey, come here a minute, let me get your opinion.” And then Matt and Rachel and … Jimar all walked into Robbie’s small bathroom. It was a tight fit, especially with naked Robbie on the toilet, but Matt wanted to ask Rachael what other changes should be made in there. “You see, the shower curtain is down, but I’ve left the rod up, thinking we might want to use it for bondage for the boy, but on the other hand, it is not very strong, so I was thinking…”

All of a sudden, Robbie unintentionally let out a few loud trumpeted farts in the process of taking a dump. Robbie covered his face with the palms of his hands and was turning red. He was shaking with nervousness and he mumbled the words “I’m so sorry, so very sorry” whining like a little boy. His mom and dad were one foot from him on one side, and his brother was on the other side with his shins actually touching Robbie's thigh as he sat there. Then Robbie released a few more turds and everyone heard the “plunk, plunk, plunk” of the turds dropping into the toilet water. Then he released another long, higher- pitched fart. Everyone broke out in laughter.

Rachel giggled, “That gives me an idea, before our next party let’s feed him a big bowl of chili so we won’t have to hire a band!” They all laughed. Robbie teared up and could not remove his hands from covering his handsome face. He was just too humiliated to look up from his seated position on the toilet.

Robbie said he was finished. He thought his family would then leave to give him some privacy. His dad, still thinking about replacing the curtain rod, mumbled, “That’s nice.” And then he asked Rachel if they should put up a crossbar for better support for when they have to tie him to it.

Robbie waited for them to leave, but obviously, they did not. He reached out for some toilet paper to wipe his butt, but the roll of paper was gone. In fact, the little indentation in the wall where it was, was plastered over, though not yet painted. Now there was no holder for his toilet paper. Again, he was shocked and confused. He was trying to ask the question about needing toilet paper. But all his said, very sheepishly was, “Ah, dad … I mean Matt, sir, I don’t see any toilet paper. Don’t I get any to …”

“Of course you do boy, of course. Do you think we are all stupid? Just ask for some whenever you need it. And, of course, you never flush until one of us makes a note of your … ah … ‘deposit.’”

“But sir, I need some now.” Robbie gently whispered.

“Rachel and I are busy, so just ask your brother.” Matt said, and then added, “All this delay in getting toilet paper from one of us could have been avoided if you simply showed more respect to Jimar. It's quite obvious, that in this difficult transition period, you will need a lot more supervision. So, here is the new rule on your toilet etiquette. In order for you to take a dump, you are going to need a monitor to watch you; it’s for your own good. What if you are having a difficult bowel movement or a loose stool, or were farting too much. How are we going to know? All YOUR toilet paper is now in the hall pantry, a cupboard you are no longer to open. When you need to take a dump, you will need to ask someone to supervise you. That person will also be the one to obtain the toilet paper and the one who will dictate how many squares you will get. All of this will be written down in your new toilet log, your “Book of Deposits.”

“Actually, this brings up another point, so I might as well as explain it now. For example, say we are having Aunt Judy and your little cousin Eddie over for dinner and we are all seated at the table enjoying our meal. Of course, you would be on the floor with your dog dish, waiting for someone to give you their scraps. But I’ll explain that part later. But during dinner, or any other occasion when we have company over, you are to speak up, loudly and announce when you need to take a dump. It will be one of the few times you are allowed to speak on your own. Then you will ask, 'Will someone here take me to the bathroom and supervise me taking a dump?' You will always ask our guests first since we want to show them how well we have trained you. But if they prefer not to, then you will ask one of us.” Robbie was shaking in fear. He was naked on the toilet; his mom and dad and now controlling-brother were all standing within a foot of him, giggling at him for farting and stinking up the room and now was being told someone had to chaperone him each time he took a shit. And he had to beg for toilet paper, and they had to record everything! His dick was getting bigger and bigger the more they humiliated him. It was now pointing to the ceiling and bobbing.

“After your dump, you will stand up and show whoever is supervising you what you deposited in the toilet. After that, and not before, you may ask that supervisor for whatever squares of toilet paper they choose to give you. We will start you out at 6 squares of toilet paper, and see how that works. He, or she, will then go to the hall pantry and fetch them and bring them to you. You will use it to wipe yourself, and then present your wiped ass to the supervisor. That person will make a determination as to how well you did, and if you need another square or two.” Robbie listened to his dad telling him his new bathroom procedures, and that he always needed someone to watch him. Could anything, ANYTHING, be more humiliating for a mature, muscular, 18-year-old? Robbie wallowed in frustration. All these procedures? Just to take a dump? Then he heard Matt say that there was one more step.

“After you are all finished in the bathroom, you will show your supervisor your ‘Book of Deposits.’ You are not allowed to write in it yourself, so you will ask the person with you to record the day and time of your dump, and you will describe the number of turds, the size, the thickness and the color which the supervisor will make note of. Then you will tell him or her, how many farts you released in the process, and lastly, how many squares of toilet paper did you use? We want to try to reduce the squares you use so as not to waste paper on you. Then you will thank that supervisor for his or her assistance. If it happens to be a young person … say, under the age of 12, do not use words like ‘shit’ with that child. Use words such as … ah … ‘poo-poos’ or ‘poopies.’”

“Since this is summer, and we may all be in the backyard playing a game or sipping ice tea with friends, no one will want to take you all the way in the house. So you would go and fetch your ‘Book of Deposits,’ and bring it out where we are. Then you will ask, starting with any guest we may have over, to supervise you taking a dump on the lawn.” Matt paused, noticing that as Robbie squirmed on the toilet seat, his hard dick was leaking precum. Robbie was not even thinking about erections; they were the furthest thing from his mind. He was too dizzy thinking of how embarrassing it all just became for him to take a dump. As tears seeped down his face, he never noticed that his dick was slowly bobbing and dribbling. Rachel and Matt were so pleased. They gave each other glances and nods of tacit approval at just how far Robbie had come, just today. And how much they would be able to lead him, unwittingly, down into the depths of submission and degradation.

“Mr. Jimar? Sir? … Plea ... plea … please, may I have six squares of … of … toilet paper, sir?” He could not look up at his brother as he pleaded.

“Of course Robbie,” he said feigning care. “I know what you are going through.” He stooped down to be eye level with his naked former brother, now his slave toy, seated on the toilet. He put his arm around him and lightly patted his back as a contrived expression of kindness. Robbie actually thought, just for a moment, that Jimar was going to be nice to him and he looked up at him with a tear-stained face and smiled. Jimar then brought his mouth to his ear and whispered. “Sure, I’ll get you the six squares, but first you have to make another big fart, and then announce loudly how much you love smelling your own farts. But, you’d better sound and act convincing or I will leave you here, my white stud bro.” Rachel noticed the whispering but did not care about what she said to him.

Robbie had no choice, he had to do as Jimar told him or he would never leave the bathroom. He scrunched his face and twisted his body, paused in an awkward position, and … released a loud fart. “Wow! I am so happy when I fart. God, I love the smell of my own stinky farts! I love to breathe them in deeply, what a wonderful stink I make!”

Rachel now knew what Jimar whispered about, and she was so proud of her now sole son. “Honey, that was very clever of you. We are both so proud. We can leave you in charge of … “your boy” … anytime. In fact, your dad and I were thinking it’s probably about time, now that you are eighteen, to take you along to our next dungeon session in the S and M group in Hardington.” Jimar’s face lit up with excitement. His parents had told him of their lifestyle two years ago, with which he had had no problem. Until now, he had never been invited to go with them to their monthly leather-kink club sessions. “Oh yes, and we will have to dress you up in full leather with motorcycle boots and all. Oh, Robbie will just love worshiping your boots ... would he ever! And everyone around will be taking photos and video of your new found submissiveness. Wouldn't that be grand? We’ll be like a big happy family there ... well … maybe you won't be too happy, Robbie, but it will be so much fun for the rest of us.” Rachel and Jimar laughed their heads off as they left the room.

The End

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