411 Shinhead

411 Skinhead Next Door
Part 1 of 7

I had just finished a grueling workout in my home gym and had showered and dressed. I was meeting friends down at my local gay bar, I was horny and looking for sex. So, I dressed in my favorite skintight bleached jeans and T-shirt. I selected my black knee-high steel toe-capped boots and yellow laces with yellow braces to complete my horny look. It was a warm evening, so I decided against wearing a jacket.

Right at that moment the heavens opened, and torrential rain came down "fuck it." I shouted and looked out of the window. "Where did this come from, it was sunny before I changed, it was still hot though." Out of the window, I saw my neighbor across the road standing in the rain, he looked as if he was crying, and I went to the door and shouted at him "Hey, Little Lee. You okay?"

"I've lost my key and Dad won't be home for a couple of hours." He managed to get out in between the sobs.

"Well come in here and wait, you'll get a chill waiting there." He shook his head "I won't bite unless you want me to?" I said, trying to inject some humor into the conversation. He looked up and sort of smiled. "That's better, come on." And I beckoned him in. He came over albeit reluctantly. I shut the door "you are soaked through. Strip off everything and I'll get it dried."

He looked up at me scared but did as he was told. He was soon naked, and I took his things away and put them in the kitchen to dry. "I don't have anything that will fit you, come into the lounge." I took a bath towel and dried him off and he sat opposite me still looking frightened.

"Why are you scared of me?"

"My Dad told me that all skinheads are racist thugs that go around robbing and stealing and live off the state." He said looking at the floor.

"Well, some maybe but I assure you I am not, first off I don't work because I don't have to. My boyfriend who died three years ago of cancer owned his own company. When he died, I sold it as I do not really have a head for such things and I earned enough money to live very comfortably for the rest of my life, not bad for a 25-year-old," I said smiling.
“But take a look at me. Don’t I look hot? My tats, my muscles. I may look different than most people you know, but that doesn’t make me a bad guy. The kid shook his head and gave a smile in relief. “By the way, I’m Mr. Skeets. What’s your name?”

He looked up at me, “Lee, but everyone calls me Little Lee because there are a few other relatives named Lees in my family. It’s from when I was little, and it just stuck because I have a slight build. But now I’m grown up. I’m 18." He said.

"Is it just you and your Dad, I don't seem to have seen a Mum?"

"No, she left when I was four and we haven't seen her since." A tear appeared and I went over and picked him up in my muscled arms and sat him next to me. I noticed he kept staring at my knee-high boots, so I crossed my legs to give him a better look. He looked up at me smiling "I like your boots, nice and shiny."

"Thank you, Little Lee." I took his hand and rubbed it over my boots. I removed my hand and he kept going. "Get on the floor Little Lee and keep doing that, it feels nice." He smiled, got on the floor between my legs, and used both hands to rub my boots. "You know Little Lee, my boyfriend used to lick my boots using his tongue as well as caressing them with his hands." He looked up at me unsure, but I gave him a huge grin and nodded. He stuck out his tongue and gave it a quick lick. He looked up at me again unsure, but I calmed him and he shrugged his shoulders and got back to work. I could see he was enjoying himself and all tears and thoughts of crying disappeared.

"You've done a good job, Little Lee," I said encouragingly "Stand up." He stood up and covered his crotch with his hands "Arms behind your back Little Lee." He shook his head again, "Little Lee," I said with authority. He quickly moved his hands behind his back. His little dick was rock hard standing proud against his hairless crotch. "So, you enjoyed licking my boots then?" He nodded and looked down, I lifted his head "never be ashamed Little Lee, be proud and stand firm." He smiled "You really do have a lovely smile. I think you deserve a treat."

I got on the floor and took Little Lee's small dick and balls into my mouth and sucked away. He soon shuddered and had a dry climax in my mouth. "How was that then?"

When he recovered, he managed to say, “Mr. Skeets, may I clean them again, soon? Doing that was the best thing ever!”

"Of course, I can, any time you want. Now get back on the floor and lick my boots and I'll think of something else you can do." He looked at me with a smile and licked my boots. I let him continue to do this as he was clearly enjoying himself as I could see his small hairless dick rock hard once more.

He stopped licking "Please Mr. Skeets, Sir," he said begging. "Can you do what you did earlier?" he said looking directly into my eyes with a huge beaming smile.

I smiled back and got to my knees and took him into my mouth and sucked away. He automatically grabbed hold of my head and shuddered once more and had a second dry cum.

"Feel better Little Lee?"

"Yeah, I feel fantastic, thank you so much. Can I come over and do it again?"

"Of course, maybe I can teach you to suck me, do you think you want to?" He looked at my skintight jeans and the bulge from my large dick.

He smiled and nodded. "I'd like to try."

"Good. Now the rain has stopped, and I think your Dad will be home soon, you had better go." I went and got his things that had dried nicely, and he dressed, I noticed he was not ashamed anymore and did it in front of me without trying to hide. He came over and kissed me on the cheek and I showed him out.

I went and sat by the window and looked as he went over to his house just as his Dad arrived home. Little Lee told his dad where he had been, and I hoped that he didn't tell him everything! I noticed his Dad looking over to my house and taking Little Lee indoors.

The following day I was just arriving from a long run and as it was a super-hot day, I was more than a little sweaty. Little Lee's Dad came over "My son tells me you’re Mr. Skeets, and that you took him in when he lost his key, I wanted to say thank you. My name is Thad. I have no idea what you said and did but he keeps smiling and humming to himself." I noticed that he was staring at my shorts and that of course gave me a half-erection.

"Fancy a drink, Thad? I know I need one after that run." He nodded and we went into my house. I stripped off my vest and stood in my running shorts whilst I got a couple of cold drinks. He kept staring at the bulge in my shorts which made me bone up totally and my dick fell out of my shorts and came to a full hard-on. He looked up at me and fell to his knees and took me in his mouth and started sucking.

He had done this before, and I was soon entering his throat. My entire 10-inch fat dick felt quite at home lodged in his tight throat. I grabbed hold of his head with one hand and started face fucking him, as I did so I used my other hand and felt his ass, I managed to get a couple of fingers inside him and as he moaned on my dick, he was used to this. I took my fingers out and pushed him away, I pulled his baggy shorts off and spun him round. I got on top of him and shoved my dick into his ass pushing the whole thing into him in one long push. I heard him scream as I entered "Yeah that's good, scream for me bitch, and let me know you are enjoying my dick."

"Thank you, Mr. Skeets, for taking me hard, oh shit," and I felt him clench his anal muscles and heard him pant as he shot his cum all over the wooden floor. I grabbed hold of his hips and gave him a couple of more lunges and unloaded deep in his ass.

He turned and cleaned my dick for me, when he finished, I sat on the sofa and he at my feet. "Thank you for taking me so hard, I enjoy a hard fuck and that was so fucking good, I haven't been used like that for fucking ages."

"You are a good fuck. Now lick up your mess." I said pointing to his cum on the floor. He looked at me unsure. "Just fucking do it, Thad," I said with authority in my voice. He got to the floor and licked his cum up. He sat back on the floor on his heels.

He smiled "I am sorry I told Little Lee some lies about you, but I think Little Lee is gay and I was trying to keep him away from such things until he is older, I have to be careful and keep my activities well away from home or at least I did."

"Well, Thad, I can tell you that your son is most definitely gay. He licked my boots, and he got off on it as his little dick was hard all the time, I even sucked him, and he had two dry climaxes."

"Shit, he is only 15."

"Maybe, but I think he now knows what he wants. Why do you think he is humming and smiling all the time?"

Thad started to cry. "Hey why cry, have you seen Little Lee any happier than he is at present?" He shook his head. "Well then, you should know you cannot hide your sexuality, I take it that is why your wife left you?" he nodded looking at the floor. I bent over and lifted his head "Don't be ashamed of what you are or what your son is. Be proud and never look down at the floor like that again."

He looked at me and then leaned forward, thought for a moment, and kissed me on the lips "Thanks." He said and kissed me once more, our lips parted and we gave each other our tongues. "Please Sir, he said pulling away" can I suck you?" I smiled at him and pulled his head to my dick; he got to work and took me down into his throat.

I managed to give him some piss as he was sucking me, I felt him moan on my dick as I pissed. As soon as the flow stopped, he resumed sucking me. I grabbed hold of his ears and pushed into him harder and harder. I could see tears in his eyes but he didn't stop, he carried on letting me use him violently.

I soon felt myself wanting to shoot, so I slowed down and pushed into his throat, and unloaded deep in his gullet. As he pulled off me, he took a deep breath and gasped a bit. "Oh, fuck that was good," he said "I had forgotten what hard sex was."

"Hmmm, I enjoyed it too. I have missed using a guy that can take it hard like you, there aren't many around. You are welcome here anytime; I will ring you when I want you and you will drop everything and get here. Is that clear?"

"Yes Sir." He said smiling "and thank you again." He pulled on his shorts and left smiling and humming.

Skinhead Master – Chapter 2

I went upstairs and showered and dressed in my skinhead gear as I knew that Little Lee will arrive straight after school and probably didn't know his Dad is already home.

I made a few phone calls, dealt with my emails, and had a light lunch. I don't usually drink at lunchtime but today I fancied a beer, so I raided the fridge and sat on the sofa drinking. I must have dozed off as the next thing I heard was the front doorbell going. When I opened it, Little Lee was standing there with a huge smile on his face. "Come on in." he went into the lounge and stripped off his school uniform and knelt on the floor in front of the sofa "Somebody is eager."

"I have been thinking about sucking your dick all day, all the teachers wondered what was wrong as I have had a grin on my face all day." I sat down on the sofa and opened my skintight skinhead jeans. I took my dick out which was half hard and getting harder.

"Shit, that is huge. How will I manage that?"

"Practice Little Lee and plenty of it if you want too. I won't push you to do anything that you do not want to."

"Oh, I want to, I have known I was gay for ages. I mean I know I am only 15 but whenever I see boys and men, I get a tingle that just does not happen with girls. Besides, I know Dad is gay too, but he doesn't know that I know, and he wants me to grow up liking girls."

I pulled Little Lee to my dick "Now lick it all over and when you have done that take the head in your mouth." He got to work and began licking my balls and working his way up towards the head on the underside of my long and fat dick. He got to the tip and licked at my piss hole before licking his way down the other side of my dick. "You sure that you have never done this before?"

"Never. But I know Dad’s passwords for parental restrictions on the internet." He said smiling, I smiled back "I have seen videos and know how to suck a dick, but this is the first I've tred. Do you think I could get fucked by this monster?"

"If you want to yes and I would be pleased to take your cherry."

"Good, I can't wait." He got back to work licking all over my dick before taking the head in his mouth and licking all round, he slowly took more into his mouth and had 4 inches before he stopped, his small mouth was full and could not take any more.

I could see he was annoyed with himself. "Don't get annoyed Little Lee, you are doing fine, with practice you will slowly take more and more as I want to be balls deep in your mouth and throat Just as much as you want it." He continued his work, I was enjoying the feeling of a 15-year-old boy sucking my dick, I had never been interested before but the feeling of this young boy sucking me was turning me on and I was soon getting close to shooting my load.

"I am going to cum soon Little Lee, you can pull away if you want to but when I cum in your mouth, you will have to swallow." He looked up at me and didn't move, I smiled back at him and nodded, closed my eyes, and shot into his young mouth. I felt him swallow every pulse that shot from the end of my dick. When I had finished, he continued to lick away cleaning me.

I pulled him up "you have done a great job, Little Lee. Thank you."

"I enjoyed it, I love the taste of cum, and I can't wait to get some more, I want you to show me how to take more of your dick into my mouth as I want it all."

"Good boy, I am glad you trust me to teach you and I would be only too happy to be your teacher. Now I think it is time for you to go home now. Come round tomorrow after school if you like."

He stood up and kissed me but this time on the lips, I gave him my tongue and he gave me his. "Thank you." He quickly dressed and left; I saw his Dad looking out of the window as he left.

I rang his house, and his Dad picked it up immediately "Get your ass round here now, I have cum in your son’s mouth but now I need your ass" And put the phone down. two minutes later the door went, and Thad was standing there in his running shorts. I could see Little Lee looking at us from the window. As Thad went in, I waved to Little Lee. Thad pulled his shorts down and took off his T-shirt. He stood naked and I noticed for the first time his pathetically tiny dick.

"How the fuck did you manage to Father a beautiful boy like Little Lee with that?" I saw that Thad was getting hard as I had worked out rather quickly that he liked being dominated and humiliated.

"I don't know Sir; just lucky I guess." He said looking at my knee-high steel toe-capped boots.

"Get on the floor and worship my boots with your tongue." He hesitated "That wasn't a request fucker." And he fell to the floor and started to lick my boots. "Come on you pathetic piece of shit, your son does a better job than that. He looked up at me and I could tell he was horny and in need of a fuck "if you want me to fuck you do a good job on my boots first."

He got to work, and he learned very quickly, “Now lick harder, I need to feel your tongue through the leather." He got to work and was actually doing a good job. I let him lick both my boots for 15 minutes and knew he must be getting tired.

"Good job," I said looking down at my boots. Now get on your back with your legs high in the air." He moved quickly and was soon ready for me. I felt his ass "Oh I see you are already lubed up; I like that. Ready for a real man to use you? I can't call you a man with a tiny thing like that" as I swiped his tiny dick he shot his load all over himself. "You stupid cunt, you need to learn restraint. From now on you will only shoot your load when and only when I give permission is that clear bitch."

"Yes Sir. Sorry Sir but you turn me on so much."

"I should fucking hope so, but if you cannot learn restraint I will lock your tiny dick away in a cage." I lifted his legs higher and put the head of my dick to the opening of his ass and fell on him, shoving my entire dick into him. "At least you are good for one thing." And I started fucking him hard. I kept up the relentless hard fucking of his ass enjoying his tightness and stamina as I do like to fuck hard and long but I soon felt myself getting close. I pushed into him as deep as I could and leaned down and kissed him as I shot my load deep inside him.

"Hmmm, that was nice Thad." I stayed deep inside him and when my dick went a little softer I pissed deep in him.

"Oh fuck, you are pissing in me. Please, Sir. Can I cum?"

I thought for a moment "No." he closed his eyes and I guess thinking of anything to stop himself from shooting his load, whatever he did it worked, and he didn't shoot. I pulled my dick out and reached over for a butt plug that I keep handy just in case. I put it againist his asshole and shoved it inside him. That will keep my essence inside you, never take it out unless you are cleaning yourself inside or taking a shit. If I find you are removing it I will lock it inside you and you know I will, don't you."

"Yes Sir. Thank you for fucking me so hard and I am sorry for cumming earlier without permission, I will try to learn not to." He moved away and looked out of the window at his house.

"You'd better," I said with a little menace in my voice and noticed him get hard once more.

"Come here cunt." I said, pointing to the floor in front of me. He came over and stood with hands behind his back and his head slightly bowed. I moved in and lifted his head and kissed him giving him my tongue. "Now fuck off, I'll ring when I am horny." He dressed quickly and left.

I sat down on the sofa thinking about Thad and Little Lee as I rested. I needed a pint, so I went out and into my local gay pub. All heads turned as they looked me over, my muscled build and big fat dick hard inside my skin-tight jeans and tall black boots gleaming. I saw nobody I knew and got my pint and sat watching, I love people-watching.

I little later a guy came in with cropped hair and motorcycle leathers cut tight. He went to the bar, got his drink and looked at me, and just stared. I pointed to the floor in front of me and he came over and got to his knees and looked up at me. "I like a boy who knows his place. Lick" He got to work with gusto, and I could tell he enjoyed licking my knee-high boots.

I could tell he loved it as I could feel his tongue through the leather. Some of the other patrons in the bar looked over at the lad worshipping my boots, some with disgust and some with a little envy. I finished my pint and pulled the lad up from the floor. I gave him a tenner "Go and get a couple of pints." He walked over to the bar and got two pints and came back and gave me my change.

I noticed him staring at my dick "That doesn't need attention at the moment." He looked up at me disappointed. "But give me your number, I'll ring when I need you." He thought for a moment "you took too long boy, fuck off." And I pushed him away.

I finished my pint and left for home. I looked over at Thad's house and pondered for a moment before going indoors smiling to myself. I busied myself for a while getting a few things done before changing into my shorts and vest and going for a nice long run. As I left the house, I noticed Thad looking at me from the lounge window and Little Lee looking out of his bedroom window. I waved and ran off wondering if the others knew that they were both looking out at me.

I went in and made myself a light meal. I ate that and watched television for a while, but I was a little restless. I rang Thad, he picked up immediately "been waiting for my call?"

"I hoped you might Sir."

"Good boy, but not tonight. Before you go off to work tomorrow post a front and back door key to your house in my letter box, when I get horny, I will come over and use you as I see fit.

Oh, and by the way get your hair cut tomorrow, a number one crop will do, for now, we'll see about shaving totally in good time."

"But Sir."

"Shut the fuck up bitch and just get it done."

32 Skinhead Next Door
Part 2 of 7

"Yes Sir." And I put the phone down. Happy with what I had done, I undressed and got into bed. I slept better than I had done for ages. When I got up the next morning, I found two keys on my doormat, I smiled happy that Thad was following instructions. I walked round the house naked as I always do, and the front door went, it was Little Lee "I thought I'd look in on my way to school as My Dad was on edge all morning. It was you who rang last night wasn't it?"

"Yes, it was me, why was he on edge? I only told him to get me spare keys to your place and get his hair cut." I showed him the keys.

"Yes, it was me, why was he on edge? I only told him to get me spare keys to your place and get his hair cut." I showed him the keys.

"Ah, he loves his manly look. I remember the day I first met Thad. I’d never admit that he was a fox. He was a handsome stud.
Can’t let him know that, just not part of my dominating men. He looked the top, but I saw something sub about him. Deep in his soul. It was my mission to get his mind right, sub-right. I’d never admit that he was a fox. He was a handsome stud. Can’t let him know that, just not part of my dominating men. He looked the top, but I saw something sub about him. Deep in his soul. It was my mission to get his mind right, sub-right. Well, he ain’t gonna look like that any longer, not in looks, and not in mentality. Funny how becoming a sub changes all other aspects of your personality.

"Tough, now you are here you might as well have some more practice. I warn you I haven't showered yet so I might be a little ripe." He looked at me not knowing what I meant. But too me into his small mouth and gently licked and sucked. I know he tasted me but to his credit, he didn't complain he just sucked harder. He managed another inch today before he gagged. "Good boy, another inch today." Being a fucking permanently horny bastard, I was soon giving him my seed in his mouth.

"I shall enjoy myself at school today knowing I have a belly full of your hot cum." He turned to leave but before he did, I gave him a key to my front door telling him to come and go as he pleased as I trusted him, he thanked me and left. I had a quick shower and dressed and went into my home gym and worked out. Actually, it was more than a home gym, it was a large building at the bottom of the garden full of everything you would need from a major gym. I worked out for a couple of hours and felt pumped by the time I had finished, I had another shower and dressed in my skinhead gear, and went out for some shopping.

I was going for food but decided that I would first go into the sex shop and get a cock cage in case Thad needed locking away, the threat might do it but if I showed him one that might also work. If it didn’t, I would enjoy locking him away. I got to the shop in good time since the underground was working at full capacity with no delays. I told the assistant what I wanted, and the size of his dick and he smiled and pulled three different types for me to look at. I chose the stainless-steel tube that would show in anything he wore. I would just love the embarrassment it would put on him. I looked around before paying and picked up a couple of jock straps for myself and a couple of extra small ones for Little Lee. Happy with my purchases, I did my food shopping and went back home.

I looked at the time and of was around 2 p.m., so Little Lee would probably be round in 90 minutes. So, I stripped off and put one of my new jock straps on put my boots back on, and sat on the sofa listening to music. The door went and Little Lee came round the corner saw how I was dressed and smiled and stripped off his school uniform and got to my feet and started licking my boots. "Suck me, Little Lee, I need to get off." He looked up at me, smiled, and moved to my jock strap. He pulled the pouch aside and released my monster, it reared up to full hardness and took it into his mouth.

He descended until he started gagging "now Little Lee swallow as you gag." He tried a couple of times and was a little hesitant and resisted, I didn't get angry I talked him through, and eventually, he took more of me and was soon balls deep in his tight throat "Fuck, Little Lee, well done, you deserve a present for that." He was I admit a little uncomfortable, but he soon got the hang of it and was breathing nicely and bobbing up and down.

He pulled off and jumped up on my lap. "I am so happy now that I have taken all of you in my mouth and throat, does my Dad take you all too?"

I smiled and nodded at him "Now get back on me as I need to cum in your cute throat. He smiled and went back to the floor and took me in, this time he knew what to expect and he was soon all the way down on me. I shot my load deep and as I was deep my load went directly into his stomach. He pulled off to taste the last drops.

"Hmmm," he said licking his lips "that was wonderful I love the taste of cum." And he sat back on my lap feeling my big dick resting nicely on his ass.

"Come on Little Lee let me suck you now." He stood up and I took his dick and balls into my mouth and sucked away. Like me, he was a horny fucker and was soon shuddering and dry cumming. "Lie across my lap with your ass upwards." He did and I reached for the lube and coated a couple of fingers.

I used one finger and played with his ass pushing slightly "relax Little Lee, completely relax now." I pushed the smaller finger inside and felt him tense slightly, I moved very slowly but purposefully. Digging deeper and deeper until I found his prostrate. I wiggled it with my finger, and I felt him jump.

"Wow, that feels nice."

"Thought it might." I continued with the one finger pushing in and out and occasionally playing with his prostrate making him squirm from the feelings I was giving him. I tried a second finger and that too went in but he was in a little pain, so I stopped. "That's enough for today, Little Lee." I smacked him lightly across the ass and he got off. I pulled out the jock straps I got for him and threw them at him. "Get rid of all your underwear and wear these from now on. Never wear anything else."

"Yes, Sir thank you, Sir." He pulled on his school uniform and left. I stayed as I was as I would call Thad as soon as he got home from work as I needed a fuck, playing with Little Lee's ass got me extra horny, and besides I also wanted to check if he got his hair cut.

I took my boots off and went into the gym and worked out for a while, I wanted to be all sweaty and stink for Thad as I wanted him to lick me as I wanted him to appreciate a real man's smell. I finished the workout and felt fucking good, I smelt my armpits and they did stink. "Excellent." I got back to the lounge just as Thad came home from work, I saw him at the front door about to go in and his hair had not been cut. I rang his cell "get the fuck over here now bitch" and I hung up. He looked over and saw me at the window waiting, I thought he was going to shake his head but thought the better of it and lowered his head in shame and came over.

I opened the door and pulled him in "Why can't you follow a simple instruction, you stupid cunt." I grabbed hold of my dick still encased in the jock strap "you fed up with getting fucked by me then, don't you want a real man fucking your ass pussy hard like you know I can." I was really quite angry. I pulled him by the hair into the lounge. "Well answer me bitch."

"Yes Sir, I do want to be used by you, only you can make my pathetic dick cum when you use me as hard as you do. I am sorry for not getting my hair cut but."

I interrupted him "I don't want any fucking excuses. Now strip off." He cowered and took off his clothes. "Get up to the bathroom NOW." He went upstairs and I followed behind. I sat him on the toilet whilst I went into the bedroom to get my handcuffs.

I handcuffed his hands behind his back and moved him to the bath and sat him down. I grabbed hold of the scissors and cut all his long hair as close as I could, he was tearful now and sobbing his pathetic heart out. I got my shaver and took most of his hair away and it left a close-cropped number one. I then got the shaving cream and coated his head and shaved the rest away, now he was completely bald like me. "Now you are done, just remember I gave you the option of a number one to keep some of your hair, now you will remain bald and shave it every second day otherwise there will be trouble. Do you understand me bitch?"

"Yes Sir," he said still sobbing his heart out. I took the handcuffs off and took him downstairs. I showed him a mirror and he sobbed again "Get used to it bitch, as long as you want my dick you will stay that way." He nodded. "Right sit down." I found the cock cage and put that onto him and locked it in place. "I was going to use this only when you shot a load without permission but as you failed to follow a simple instruction you will stay locked up until I feel you have learned your lesson."

"Yes Sir, thank you, Sir." He said when he finally stopped crying. "Sir, I know I don't deserve to get fucked but can I suck you off?"

"No. Little Lee sucked me off earlier, as I told you I need a fuck and you are right, you do not deserve it. Get dressed and fuck off. I'll ring you." I left him in the lounge, I heard a little sob of tears as he was getting dressed. I next heard the front door close and watched him go across the road.

I was still in need of a fuck and Thad didn't deserve it and Little Lee needed more opening up before I even attempted to mount him. I wondered what to do. I decided to dress in some shorts and trainers with a T-shirt and go off to the local cruising area, they are usually full of old men, but I need a fuck and hopefully a nice guy might turn up. I went out the door and saw Thad watching me. I smiled at him and walked off.

I got there and went up the slight hill that led to the area, it was very secluded and only guys looking for dick ever went up on top. I stripped off and carried my clothes as I love walking around naked. I saw a few guys but nobody interested me until I saw a guy around my age, he too was well muscled and wore a tee that read `I prefer to be fucked' across the front. "Well, hi there, you are just what I am looking for right now."

He smiled and looked at my dick which had risen up and was beating against my belly button. "So, I see." He turned round and as he only had a jock strap on he bent over and showed me his ass. I approached and put the head of my dick to his ass and entered. I started to fuck him and held his hips and fucked him hard. As I pushed in, he pushed back.

I was finding it difficult to get excited as he was quite slack "Clench those ass muscles, I want to feel your ass round my dick." He clenched a bit but he was still quite loose, I pulled out "sorry friend but this isn't going to work out." I turned and walked off. I thought for a moment and started on the walk home.

When I got near, I saw Thad still looking out of the window. As it was quite dark, I grabbed hold of my dick and rubbed the bulge in my shorts. He looked at me expectantly, but I shook my head and walked on home, Thad needed to learn a lesson no matter how much I needed a decent fuck.

I stripped naked and plonked myself down in front of the television for the rest of the evening, I was watching some rubbish not paying attention. I still needed a fuck as I was so fucking horny, I thought to myself I could go over to Thad's house and up to his bedroom later in the night and take him in his bedroom and then get Little Lee to clean my dick for me. I moaned to myself at the thought but ignored the thought as he still needed to learn a lesson.

I tried to get into the program I was watching without success, so I decided to go for a run, it was getting late but it might help take my mind off Thad's cute fuckable, and tight ass `shit' I said out loud here I go again, I thought. I put my running shorts on and a vest with my trainers and headed out into the late evening.

I managed a nice long run, around 15 miles. I felt much better about it too. I looked at the clock and it was time to get some sleep, I had a quick shower and jumped into bed. I slept quite late and woke around 15 am which is unusual for me as I sleep quite lightly normally. I got up and made myself a light breakfast.

My dick was rock hard and pointing skywards needing attention, Little Lee would be at school and Thad at work. I picked up my phone and dialed Thad. He was a while in picking up "What are you doing at this moment bitch?"

"I am in the middle of a difficult spreadsheet that needs to be finished by tonight, Sir."

"Well, I need a fuck and I think that you have learned your lesson, you have earned it, haven't you bitch?"

"Yes Sir."

"Come here right this minute and let me use your ass. You can always work late to finish that spreadsheet; I can look after Little Lee until you come over and collect him."

"Yes Sir." He said very eagerly.

"I know where you work, so be here in 20 minutes otherwise don't bother."

"Sir it takes me 25 minutes usually?"

"I know and you need to get fitter so do it in 20 minutes or fuck off again."

"Yes Sir," he said dejectedly. I put the phone down and looked at the clock.

Exactly 20 minutes later the front door went. I opened it and Thad stood there looking very hot and disheveled. I showed him in "Please Sir can I have a drink of water?" he said panting.

I gave him his water and he took a couple of gulps, "I couldn't get a taxi, so I had to run all the way and yes Sir I am unfit. Can you help get me into shape?

"Of course, all you needed to do was ask. Now get upstairs and strip off."

He ran upstairs taking his clothes off as he went. By the time he got to the bedroom, he was naked and on his back with his legs in the air. I noticed that he was still plugged "Good boy"

I said pushing the plug. "How have you coped?"

"Sir every time I sat down the plug pushed deeper causing me to get an erection, but the cage stopped it. It had been very uncomfortable, but I know I have a lesson to learn."

"Good boy" I got on the bed behind him and pulled the plug out, I put the head of my dick to his ass and fell on him shoving my entire dick inside him, I moaned lustily as even though I had only known Thad for a few days, my dick felt right at home in his cute and very fuckable ass. I fucked him hard; I pulled all the way out and fell onto him. Thad started crying.

"I thought that I would never get your wonderful dick in me again, shit you are such a fucking horny cunt, yeah fuck me hard Sir."

I grabbed hold of his legs and pushed them further towards his head, so his ass was virtually pointing upwards. I moved with him, and I was almost on top, this enabled me to fuck him even harder. "Here I cum bitch." And I unloaded my hot skinhead cum deep in his ass.

I stayed where I was and followed up with some piss-filling his ass nicely. I pulled out and put the plug back in. He moved to clean me but I stopped him. "I will stay like this until Little Lee comes from school, he can clean me. He loves cleaning my dick knowing cum and his Dad's anal juices are on it."

Thad kissed me "Thank you Sir for forgiving this stupid cunt for his transgression, I will try not to fuck up in the future."

"I'll soon tell you if you do boy. Now get dressed and go back to work, you can come in when you arrive home Little Lee and I will both be here." He dressed and dashed out the door to get back to work. I thought as I watched him go back to his office, how he would get on with an ass full of piss held in by the plug.

I felt good, I had just fucked and cum in his delicious ass and had his son to look forward to later. I put my tightest skinhead jeans on with a white Fred Perry and my knee-high brown steel toes capped boots, they were a bit dull and in need of a good tongue to clean them, which is exactly why I decided to wear them.

I headed out the door and walked towards the shops. I didn't really need anything, but I wandered to my favorite skinhead shop and looked around. I saw some boy's skinhead clothes and smiled to myself. I knew what size Little Lee is and got everything he would need. Stay press trousers, Ben Sherman shirts, jeans, Fred Perry T-shirts, football socks, braces, and of course, some boots just like mine.

I was pleased with my shopping, I paid the man and walked round the other shops but not looking for anything. I made towards home but stopped as I passed the sex shop. I went in remembering a couple of things I saw inside when I got the cage for Thad. I bought some rubber items for Thad, a pair of leggings and a long-sleeved T-shirt, both in black rubber. I wanted to get this for him and thought that I would take his cage off and would make him wear the new rubber items under his work clothes as well as the plug. I smiled at that thought, keeping him horny all the time.

I made my way home and made a coffee and a sandwich for myself. As soon as I finished, I logged onto my laptop and read my emails, and dealt with those that needed responses. I checked a few sites that I visited regularly. I looked at the time and noticed Little Lee would soon be here, I laid out his new clothes for him, so that as soon as he came into the lounge he would see them, and I wanted to see the look on his face.

After some cleaning and washing the dishes, the door went and Little Lee came in, he heard me in the kitchen and stripped off, and came in naked. He dropped to his knees in front of me and got to work on my boots. "Good boy."

I picked him up in my muscled arms and carried him into the lounge. He saw the things on the side, and he smiled "are those for me?" and he went over and looked at everything "Wow" and "gosh" were all I could hear. "I can't wait to try them on."

"First off, if you are serious about this you need to get your hair cut. A number one will do, completely bald is not good for school." He nodded and pulled me up and dragged me to the bathroom where I cut his blond hair and shaved it to a number one crop. I washed his hair and carried him downstairs. "Now try these things on and let me see what you look like.

He tied everything on and luckily, they all fitted perfectly. He settled on jeans, Fred Perry, and boots. He looked like a mini-me, I was pleased, and I could tell he was so very, very happy. "Please may I suck you off Sir?"

I pulled down my jeans and hauled out my dick for him, he got to his knees "I've been practicing on cucumbers and Zucchinis." He took me into his mouth. "You taste funny," he said pulling off me for a minute.

"I fucked your Dad earlier; you can taste my dried cum and his ass."

He took me into his mouth again and down into his throat "Fuck Little Lee, you took all of me in one go without gagging. Well done." Little Lee sucked me off expertly and in no time at all, I was shooting cum in his throat. He stayed on me and looked up. I smiled knowing what he wanted. I nodded, relaxed a bit, and gave him my piss in his throat.

"So since when were you into drinking piss?"

"I wasn't but I read up on it and wanted to try it, and nobody better than you to try it with.

Please Sir, can you play with my ass again I want you to try fucking me as soon as you can."

I pulled him up and kissed him "Pull down your jeans and lay across my lap again." He did as asked and I lubed my fingers and entered his tight 15-year-old ass with one finger, quickly adding another. "You okay." I heard a moan of delight, so I carried on. I continued making sure I played with his prostate as I used the two fingers. After a while, I used a third and it entered his hole nicely, no pain could be heard from him, so I wiggled the three fingers around loosening him up for me.

After about 20 minutes of playing with his ass, I pulled my fingers out which elicited a moan of disgust "shut it." He stopped and I picked him up and laid him on the floor. I lifted his legs and knelt in between them. I lubed up my dick and added more to his ass, I moved to kiss him and used my hand to put the head of my dick to his ass. "Now relax, totally relax and trust me." He nodded and I pushed inside. I made sure that only the head went inside his incredibly tight ass, and I only just managed to stop myself from shoving the entire thing inside like I would his Dad.

I saw him grimace from the intrusion but left it inside "Now relax Little Lee, please trust me, I know it hurts but in time only total and utter pleasure will follow me and you." I left the head inside him and felt him start to relax his anal muscles. I pushed very slowly into him, inch by inch. How the fuck I managed to restrain myself I shall never know.

After 30 minutes and entering Little Lee for the first time, I felt my balls banging against his ass.

"Are you inside me all the way?"

"Yes, Little Lee I am, how do you feel?"

"Full, but okay."

"Can I start fucking you now?"

To be continued tomorrow…

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32 Skinhead next Door
Part 3 of 7

"Please, Sir." So, I did, nice and slow.

"Fuck, this feels good Little Lee." I was pulling in and out slowly, ever so slowly, getting faster, I kept a good eye on him and noticed no pain from him, he was smiling now. I sped up a little and was getting a good head of steam up and knew I would soon be shooting my load inside this once virgin ass. I leaned down and kissed Little Lee several times whilst I was fucking him. I felt myself come to a boiling point "I am going to cum any minute Little Lee." And I did, shot after shot of skinhead cum entered his tight ass.

I slowly pulled my dick out. "Now a good fuck boy cleans his man's dick after being fucked. He took me in his mouth and licked all round cleaning off cum and his anal juices.
"Hmmm," As he finished. He stood up and dressed again as did I. He looked into the hall mirror and came back and kissed me "Thanks for doing my hair and buying me these clothes. I am so happy."

"How do you think your Dad will take it?"

"I secretly think that he wants to become a skinhead like you and he wants to be your bitch.

He hasn't exactly said anything, but I hear him talking to himself through the bedroom wall and I know it is what he wants."

"Thanks, Little Lee. Want something to eat?" he nodded so we went into the kitchen, and I prepared macaroni cheese for us both. We were finishing up when the door went. "That must be your Dad, go into the lounge and sit down behind the door." He smiled and went and did as requested.

I opened the door, and he came in. "So how was your afternoon?"

"Difficult, everyone wanted to know where I dashed off to and why I looked flush when I say down, and by the way, I have not removed the plug." I smiled and he continued "Even my boss asked if I was okay. He did enquire why I had shaved my head, I just told him I was going thin on top, and I don't think he believed me but accepted it and left me alone." I took him into the lounge and Little Lee popped his head round the corner.

"Fuck me," Thad said looking at his son. "You look." He stopped for a moment "great son."

Little Lee ran to his Dad, and they hugged each other.

Little Lee whispered something to his Dad and Thad looked round at me "I hope you have some left for me, Sir."

"More than enough" and I rubbed my dick to hardness through my tight jeans. "Take Little Lee home, Thad, I have some things to deal with, I'll ring you and you can come over later on."

"Yes Sir." And they left.

Little Lee looked good in his new gear. I needed time to think, did I want to turn Thad into my bitch, and did I want another lover. I would have to make him into a proper skinhead like me if I did take him as a bitch. I had a beer and thought.

I decided that Thad was a great fuck the best since my lover died. I knew deep down that I wanted another good fuck bitch. "Fuck it," I shouted out. I had another beer and called Thad over. He stripped naked as soon as he got in the door and as I sat on the sofa, he sat between my knees looking up at me.

"Look Thad, you are the best fuck I have had since my last lover, I never thought that I would find someone to replace the sexual part of that relationship, but I think I have. You will have to obey anything I say without question. You will wear what I decide without question. You will come running without question no matter what you were doing. You will put me first without question. I will be looking after and training Little Lee. I believe, as he gets older, will develop into a mighty top like me. He will soon be bossing you around. Now, are you up for all the changes that this will bring, no matter what the consequences?"

"Yes Master." Then Thad asked, "Master, if you are going to run my life, clearly that makes you my Master." I smiled and pulled him up and kissed him.

"First. You never ever sit on any of the furniture in this house, they are for the exclusive use of Little Lee and I and my guests."

"Yes Master."

"Second. You will put your house on the market and you and Little Lee will move in here with me, all your money will go into an account that I will have no access to and neither will you, if you are my bitch I will pay for anything needed."

"Yes Master."

"Third. You will be naked all the time and only ever wear clothes outside the front door and then they will be what I decide."

"Yes Master."

"Fourth. As my bitch you will keep house, cook, clean, and everything that goes with it."

"Yes Master."

"Fifth. Little Lee goes above you in the pecking order. He will always come before you. You become the lowest of the low, you only serve me and in time Little Lee as a fuck bitch."

"Yes Master."

"Sixth. You never speak unless Little Lee or I are speaking to you directly."

I could see him thinking for a moment "Yes Master"

"Why the delay bitch?"

"Sorry Master, I had to think for a moment whether I could speak or not, I don't want to fuck up on my first day." I smiled at his reply.

"Seventh and the last for now. If you break any of these rules or any other that I have not told you about yet, you will be beaten with a cat of nine tails that you will buy tomorrow."

"Yes Master."

"Make a table with your back bitch, and by the way that is your name now. Little Lee will also call you by your new name." I noticed a small tear form in his eyes as he knelt to make a table with his back. I rested my booted legs on his back and picked up my phone. "Little Lee, come over here please, I have some news for you."

Little Lee came in the door and noticed his Dad's position on the floor. "Little Lee, your Dad is now my bitch and my property. He is selling his house and moving in here to look after you and me, he will be my fuck bitch and I will be controlling his entire life from now on. He is only to be called bitch and nothing else. Do you understand that Little Lee?"

"I think so, Sir. Does that mean you become my Daddy?"

"No, it doesn't, you don't have a daddy anymore. You have a bitch that will look after you" I said pointing to his Dad "and a friend that will help you, guide you, and anything else you may need in life. I will also be helping you to build your body, I think that inside that small frame, muscles are waiting to pop out. You will follow a regime that I will build for you in the gym."


"Now go and get a shower and get into bed, you know where the spare bedroom is don't you?" He nodded, kissed me on the lips, looked at the bitch, smiled, and went upstairs.

"Take my boots off bitch." He got to work and gently removed my boots caressing and kissing them as he did so. "Good bitch, now take my socks and jeans off. He did that and I pulled my T-shirt off and sat naked. Bitch sat there looking at me and I noticed he was in a little pain as he was trying to get hard inside the cage.

I pulled him up to my level and kissed him "I am going to remove your cage now bitch but of course, if you cum without permission it will go back on again." He smiled but did not speak as I did not ask a question. I smiled and kissed him once more "good bitch, you will train nicely." I got the cage off his tiny dick and he immediately got erect. "That for me bitch?"

"Yes Master."

"Come on time for bed, the only piece of furniture you will be allowed to use will be my bed but not all the time, sometimes you will sleep on the floor. You will find out which each night."

The bitch smiled at me and followed me upstairs to the bedroom. "Have you worked out how you are going to ask to go to the toilet bitch?"

"As you are controlling my life now Master, I guessed that you would tell me when I can go to the toilet."

"Good bitch, come here." He came over to me and I pulled him to my lips, and we kissed.

"You learn quickly bitch, but I do hope to transgress some rules as I do want to beat you in front of Little Lee," I said smiling and kissing him again. He nodded his understanding. I pulled him into bed. "I am looking forward to this bitch." And I got behind him and entered his ass pushing deep. I heard a moan escape his lips as I entered him. We lay together spooning my long fat dick in his tight ass. We both lay together not moving for a short while, I was just enjoying being inside my new bitch. I kissed the back of his neck and whispered in his ear. "I am not always going to be a hard Master, I love the snuggling and the quiet moments like this, but in front of anyone else including Little Lee I will be the hard-nosed skinhead."

I heard a slight giggle "Be careful with the noise bitch." He stopped immediately. I picked him up and moved his ass upwards, I needed to fuck properly and besides, I wanted to test him to make sure he would not cum unless I told him too. I grabbed hold of his shoulders and started my hard fuck, I was pulling him onto my dick as hard as I was pushing into him, and other than moan uncontrollably he didn't utter a word, I could tell he was enjoying the fuck as his little dick was rock hard.

I grabbed hold of his tits and twisted them as I fucked this caused more moans from my bitch, I fucked and fucked and fucked him enjoying his tight ass, but all too soon I felt myself getting close. I left his tits and grabbed his shoulders once more and pulled him towards me and I lunged in hard and unloaded into his delightful ass. "Yeah, that was a good fuck." I said as I came down from fucking his cute ass. "Well done bitch, you didn't cum. Do you want to?"

"Oh yes please Master, only if I have pleased you."

"You have pleased me, and I will give you a treat." I went down the bed and took his tiny dick and balls into my mouth to give him a blow job, it wasn't really a blow job as his pathetic dick was so small but in five seconds flat, he unloaded into my mouth, and I swallowed all he had, for such a tiny dick he shot rather a lot. "Don't expect that all the time bitch."

"No Master, thank you, Master." He said with a huge grin.

We snuggled back together my large dick nestling comfortably in the crack of his ass and went to sleep. In the night I woke and needed a piss, I prodded bitch and he turned. I pointed to my dick, and he moved down the bed and took me in, he already knew better than to suck and just left the head of my dick in his mouth. I gave him my piss and we snuggled down and went to sleep again.

I was just about to kick him out of bed to make me a coffee when Little Lee came into the room with coffee for me and the bitch. "Thanks, Little Lee but that's a job for the bitch." I kicked bitch out of the bed "Go and clean up inside and out bitch and piss if can."

"Yes, Master." And he went into the bathroom.

"Now Little Lee," I patted the bed and he got in with me. "You will never wear PJs to bed anymore, you will sleep naked like me and the bitch. If you want to be sucked off you can call the bitch to do it for you and if you need fucking then of course that's my job, as the bitch cannot fuck with that tiny thing, the bitch came back into the room. In fact, Little Lee your dick at 15 years old is bigger than his. Hopefully you will grow and be more like me."

Bitch knelt on the floor not knowing what else to do. I whispered into Little Lee's ear. He smiled and nodded. "Come on bitch into my room, I need sucking before I go to school. Bitch groaned at the humiliation, but his tiny dick reared up and went hard instantly. He followed his former son to his bedroom, and I went downstairs with just a jock strap on and walked down to the gym and had my morning workout.

After a two hours set, I went back to the main house and bitch was naked cleaning the kitchen, and stood still as soon as he saw me with his hands behind his back and his head slightly bowed in reverence. "Good bitch, you learn quickly." He smiled and went to speak but remembered and stopped himself in time. "We are going shopping later and then into your office so you can resign. I have laid some things on the bed for you to wear. My cell phone went, I looked, and it was Little Lee. I answered and Little Lee was pleased to tell me that he shot his first load of cum when bitch was sucking him. "Well done boy, no stopping you now."

I ended the call. "Well bitch you took Little Lee's cum, you okay with that now?"

"Yes, Master." And he busied himself getting together a nice breakfast for him and me. He served me and then sat on the floor at my feet eating his as I settled down to eat mine.

"Hmmm, very nice bitch thank you. Come on we have a lot to do today." We went upstairs and he dressed me in my skinhead gear and then he dressed in the items I laid out for him. I had been over to his place and looked through all the clothes he owned. Everything would go to the charity shop, I decided that he would wear the rubber leggings and the matching long-sleeved T-shirt. "I need to do some more clothes shopping for you, everything you own will go to charity."

"Yes, Master." He put on a yellow pair of trainers he had and headed out.

We went into town and into the skinhead shop "I need some clothes for my new bitch, he needs everything. The two young skinheads got to work and soon we had everything he needed. We went straight to the shop next door which did tattoos and piercings. "I want the bitch to have his ears, his tits pierced, and a septum put in," I announced. I paid up and the guy got on with his work. The bitch was in pain but to his credit, he didn't cry or complain.

"Look in the mirror bitch." He looked and sort of half smiled. I think he liked what I had done to him. "Come on bitch time to sell your house."

We walked into the estate agents, I had decided against selling his house, I would get it rented and the money would go into Thad's account for his son's future. "This bitch is moving in with me and I want you to rent his house for the foreseeable future." The agent looked surprised as if he never saw skinheads before. The deal was soon done, and they would look after everything and pay the money into his bank account. The rent easily covered the mortgage with some on top.

We left and made our way to his office. "You okay bitch?"

"I am scared Master; I have accepted everything and will continue to do so but this bit frightens me."

"Leave everything to me." We walked in and I asked to see the HR Manager. The receptionist didn't recognize my bitch as the former Thad. A lady appeared with a badge showing that she was Veronica and was head of HR.

She showed us to an office behind reception. "Thad, what have you done?"

He looked at me for permission and I nodded. "You may speak bitch."

"I have accepted my new place in life, Veronica. I am owned by this hunk of a man; he is now my Master and my lover. I will not be returning here ever again, please can you terminate my employment immediately."

"I don't know what to say Thad, other than good luck, and may this bring you the happiness you never had with your wife."

A tear formed in his eye "Thank you Veronica for being so understanding, you have made a very difficult thing so easy for me to deal with."

She smiled and stood to usher us out "I'll make everything up and send a letter to you with any monies due to you."

We left and I noticed a huge grin come across his face.

Skinhead Master – chapter 5

I took him to the sex shop next and I got him a leather collar which I locked in place. "Home now I think bitch as I need a fuck." Bitch looked at me and grinned broadly.

We got home and I pushed him into the lounge and pulled his leggings off, he got on all fours, and I got on top. I felt his ass and caressed it with both hands. Despite such a tiny dick, his ass was round and firm, a delight to play with. I released my dick and put the head to his cute ass. "Here it comes bitch" and I pushed my entire length into him from tip to root, I was quickly buried to my balls banging against his ass lips.

I fucked my bitch, and I fucked him hard, I love a hard fuck and my new bitch takes it without any complaints, the only thing I could hear was moans of total lust at being filled by his Master. I grabbed hold of his hips and pulled him onto my dick as I fucked into him, both of us now moaning "Here I cum bitch, and if you want to cum you had better do it NOW" I yelled and I felt my bitch shoot his load which of course tightened his ass as I filled him with my seed. I rested deep in his ass "Clench and relax your ass bitch." He did as instructed. I love the feeling of his anal muscles clenching my dick when it is deep in his bitch ass. "Fuck yeah, that feels good bitch." I enjoyed the moment and my dick deflated slightly and I was able to fill his ass with piss. "That's much better I said pulling out." And reached for the plug and shoved that into his sealing all my juices inside. "Now go and get me a drink bitch."

He got up and went into the kitchen, he came back double quick with some tomato juice "Just what I wanted; how did you know?"

"I am a good bitch Master as I know what my Master needs and wants." He said cheekily but let it go and just smiled at him. I am going to the gym for a while, come and watch me workout. He jumped up and you would have thought I had given him a present or something. I pulled him towards me. "Do you really want to watch me work out? He nodded grinning broadly. "You had better strip me off then and your things too, you should have stripped as soon as you came in the door, but my fuck was more important. Bitch stripped me and then took his clothes off, he ran upstairs and bought me a jock strap which he was smelling and licking as he came downstairs. He saw me looking and lowered his head in shame. "Don't be ashamed bitch, I know you like my essence, and you get hard when you smell me and look at me, you could not pay a better compliment to your Master. He looked up and smiled at me. "I must clean your piercings later, come on bitch." And I made my way to the gym and started my workout, my bitch sat on the cold tiled floor watching me intently his tiny dick hard the entire time.

I finished my two-hour workout and stood directly in front of my bitch flexing my muscles at him, he grinned and loved the show. "I can't wait for Little Lee to start working out, he will be looking all aces with muscles, just think bitch, a 15-year-old with muscles, he will be the envy of all his schoolmates and even the teachers. I can't wait to turn him into a little Master like me." Bitch looked down his dick still rock hard. "I see you are rock hard bitch, do you like the thought of your former son dominating you as well?"

Bitch started to cry, uncontrolled sobbing but through the sobs, he managed to say, "Yes Master, but it feels so wrong."

"There is nothing wrong with being subservient or being dominated, the fact that the one dominating you is only 15 is immaterial. Put that thought right out of your mind bitch and just enjoy it. I know I will, and I shall enjoy training him."

Bitch looked up at me, dried his eyes, and smiled nodding. "Come on bitch I need to clean up and I will allow you to lick me all over and then you can shower with me and clean me."

"Thank you, Master."

I stood in the bedroom naked with my arms behind my head and flexed my muscles, bitch just stared at me with pure lust in his eyes. "You know I am trying to make you shoot your load without permission don't you bitch?"

"Yes, Master. Do you want me too?" he said grinning. I nodded and the bitch relaxed and shot his cum all over the wooden floor of my bedroom.

"Now look what you have done bitch, you know this means a beating bitch." He ran and got the cat of nine tails that I instructed him to buy. He lay on the bed and waited. I hit him and hit him hard. It took the breath out of him, I was as vicious with my beating as I was with my fucking. Bitch turned to get a look at me as I beat him bitch noticed that I was rock hard again, I gave him six extremely hard whacks with the cat, and I could see that bitch was in a lot of pain. "Maybe that will teach you not to cum without permission bitch."

"Yes Master."

"Now come and lick me bitch." Bitch came over to me and started licking my hard chiseled body. He started with my armpits enjoying the taste of his Master. He worked down my body licking all over me and leaving my dick to the very end. He looked up at me expectantly "Lick only bitch." He looked down again and got to work, licking my dick all over and not taking me into his mouth. "Come on bitch shower time." We got into the shower and bitch cleaned my body all over, I was hard all the time he did this as I love the feeling of my bitch serving me like this, it was a new experience, and I must admit I loved it immensely and stayed rock hard all the time. Bitch finished cleaning me and I stepped out whilst I stood and watched him clean himself. He got out dried me and then himself.

He got clean clothes for me and dressed me in my tightest skinhead jeans, black knee-high steel toe-capped boots, and yellow socks and braces. He didn't select a shirt for me.

"Where's the shirt bitch?"

"I prefer to see you bare-chested indoors Master, your tight muscled chest turns me on and I don't like to see it covered." He said looking down in embarrassment.

I walked over to him and lifted his head and kissed him. "How can I say no to that? Come on I have some work to do." And we went downstairs.

I wanted to work on a regime for Little Lee to follow, but I had to be careful as at nearly 12 he would in the early days be unable to take a very punishing schedule. I got what I thought would be a good program for him to follow, very easy in the early days and getting harder over time, to push his young body to build more and more muscle. I emailed it to a friend who runs a gym with his husband. I went to see what the bitch was up to and he was doing the washing and cleaning. I noticed his ass was still very red and looked painful, I caressed it and it felt hot, he just moaned in pleasure "Come on bitch, time to clean your piercings."

32 Skinhead Next Door
Part 4 of 7

I took him into the lounge and sat on the sofa and he sat on the floor between my knees. I got the saline solution and cleaned his piercings for him. "Thank you, Master." And he returned to cleaning the kitchen. My email pinged and Jerry sent back my workout regime for Little Lee with a few minor changes. I decided that he would start tonight.

The front door went "Door bitch" I heard him gulp and went to see who was at the door, this is the first time he did this naked.

It was Little Lee, he forgot his key "thanks bitch" I heard him say as he came into the lounge and hugged me.

"Good day at school Little Lee?"

"Yes Sir, I am going up to do my homework." He turned to go upstairs and stopped as if to say something but didn't.

I went upstairs a little later "You looked as if you were going to say something earlier."

"I was, I need sucking off but didn't want to ask Dad again."

"Little Lee, you need to understand that he is not your Dad anymore, he is my bitch, and you can use him anytime you want if you want to try fucking then just do it." “But I think of him as my straight dad, still”
Picture this, the real Thad sucking my dick and loving it. I tell you, Little Lee, he’s my bitch, our bitch, he’s nothing more and a cum dump hungry fag, skinhead whore.?” I kissed him and went back downstairs.

About 45 minutes later Little Lee came down wearing his skinhead gear. "I've finished my homework now I need some action, come on bitch up to my bedroom."

Bitch looked at me "Well go on then, you stupid cunt, You have had an order from a superior, are you looking for another beating?" He turned and followed Little Lee upstairs.

Little Lee appeared much later with my bitch behind him, Little Lee was grinning from ear to ear and as bitch turned, I could see cum dripping from his ass. "You okay Little Lee."

"Yes Sir, I did try fucking and it is much better than getting fucked."

"Good boy, how many times did you fuck the bitch, he's dripping?"

"Three Sir."

"Wow, that's great, and remember you can fuck the bitch anytime you want to unless I am using him of course."

Little Lee smiled "I'm going out for a while." He was still dressed in his skinhead gear and went out.

"You okay bitch?"

Yes, Master, it felt strange being fucked by my 15-year-old son but as soon as I got my head round the idea that I am just a fuck bitch it became easier to handle and I am ashamed to say that I enjoyed being used by him."

I bent down to the floor and kissed my bitch on the lips giving him my tongue. A moan escaped his lips "Still horny bitch?"

"Always for my Master and my Sir."

"Good bitch." Now sit quietly between my feet. I noticed that bitch was looking intently at my boots, I didn't ask him to lick or worship them but, he wanted to get to work on them, his tiny dick was hard at the thought of licking my boots. He could not help himself and moved further to the floor and started licking and caressing my boots. "I thought I told you to sit quietly?"

"Sorry Master but I could not help myself, I just wanted to lick and worship your boots, Master.

Please don't beat me Master I am sorry Master."

"I knew bitch that you would lick my boots bitch, a good bitch always wants to lick and worship his Master's boots." Bitch looked up at me with a worried look on his face, I smiled down at him "Carry on what you were doing bitch, you can do that anytime no matter where we are, in fact, you will always do that no matter where we are."

"Yes, Master." And he got back to work. A little while later I looked down at my bitch, He was still rock hard, his tiny dick hard and pulsing. I smiled to myself thinking that he wants to cum from licking my boots.

"You need to shoot a load, bitch?"

"Yes Master, I really get off on licking and worshipping your tall, knee-high, steel-toe-capped boots."

I smiled at my bitch "well maybe later you can cum but not at the moment."

"Yes Sir," he said a little upset.

"Now I am going into the gym for a workout, so strip me bitch." He took my boots off first and then my socks. But before he got to work taking my jeans off he started licking my feet. They were more than a little sweaty being encased in smelly socks and my boots. "Oh yeah, bitch that feels nice. Hmmm." He looked up at me smiling. "You are full of surprises bitch" I said when he had finished. "That was nice, did you enjoy that?"

"Yes Master, I am pleased that you enjoyed it."

"What made you lick my feet?"

"I don't know Master, but I know that I wanted too, and if you didn't like it I would accept the beating willingly knowing that I was a bad bitch."

"No beating bitch, you have pleased me." I undid my jeans and bitch pulled them down and off and he dashed upstairs for one of my jock straps, he came back with it between his teeth sniffing the sweat and dried piss. I could not help but laugh. "You get off on my manly smells, don't you?" He nodded and looked to the floor in embarrassment.

I put my jock on making sure the bulge looked good, bitch just stared at it. "I am off to the gym, please ask Little Lee to join me in his jock strap when he comes in."

"Yes Master."

A little while later Little Lee appeared wearing his jock strap. "Good. Now you are going to start working out, the sooner you start the sooner your body will change for the better, and you will soon have all the boy bitches after you. If that is what you want?"

"Yes Sir, since fucking the bitch, I needed to try it again, so I went to the local bogs where I knew men hung out, I soon found a guy that needed a good fucking. He didn't want to go with me, but I sucked his dick which was leaking, and he soon succumbed, and I took him into the toilets and fucked his ass, I managed to cum three times in his ass. He would have followed me anywhere after that. I know now that I am going fuck rather than get fucked like my Dad."

"Excellent, just as I hoped, I knew you would turn out like me, a skinhead cunt that likes to dominate men." I showed him the regime that had been worked out for him and I showed him all the equipment. He got to work following all my instructions. After an hour we stopped.

"How do you feel?"

"Good Sir. How often will I have to work out?"

"Daily, one hour every day for a month and then we will increase the schedule to two-hours after four weeks slowly increasing the weights and all the other equipment to aid you in building muscle. I can't wait to see you with muscles like mine. Come on let's see what my bitch is up to.

We walked back into the house and bitch was doing some housework, as soon as he smelt us he stopped and came over and dropped to his feet in front of us both looking up. "See Little Lee, just the smell of a real man turns on the pussy boys, just look at his tiny dick." Little Lee looked at the bitch and turned to me and smiled. "Go and dress in shorts and trainers, we are going for a run now." I turned to bitch and dropped my jock strap. "Worship my dick bitch." He looked at me and smiled, his way of thanking me for allowing him to lick my huge dick.

He got to work, licking my balls first savoring the sweat on them, he took my dick and licked round the underside, and then along the top, I of course got harder and harder until my dick was almost touching my belly button. Bitch stopped and looked up at me wantonly.

"You want your prize I suppose bitch?"

"Only if it pleases you, Master." I smiled down at him and nodded. He took me into his mouth and I gave him some piss and slowly entered his throat, I grabbed hold of his ears and face fucked him to orgasm and he drank my seed. He licked the end as he pulled off my dick and looked up at me with a huge smile on his face. "Your welcome bitch." He disappeared and came back with my shorts and trainers for my run, Little Lee appeared, and off we went, I took it easy as Little Lee although fit wasn't as quick as me.

We got back after a nice run and bitch had prepared a meal for the three of us. He first served me, and then Little Lee. As soon as we started eating, he got to the floor and ate his close to me, I could hear him sniffing the sweat. "Just eat bitch, plenty of time for you to clean me with your tongue later." He stopped immediately.

After the meal was done Little Lee and I went into the lounge whilst bitch cleaned everything away. As soon as he had finished, he came into the lounge, and Little Lee and I were sitting together on the settee naked sporting hard dicks. Bitch looked at us both and got to his place at my feet trying very hard to ignore our two stiff dicks.

Little Lee turned to me smiling "Bitch cannot help himself, he keeps staring at our hard dicks."

"Yes Little Lee, it just proves that he is a real bitch and loves the sight of a hard dick. He wants nothing more from life than feeling a hard dick in his tight ass or throat and serving real men."

"I think that I prefer fucking to getting fucked and cannot wait until I have muscles like you."

He said again dropping the Sir.

I looked at Little Lee and then at my bitch "I knew you would prefer being a top, I am going to love training you."

Over the next 6 months, Little Lee's bodybuilding schedule took priority, and his body was looking good. His dick had started to fill out too as the rest of him grew. I had just come in from a long run and I stood in the doorway as Little Lee was fucking the bitch. "Come on bitch fuck yourself on my dick, yeah tighten that cunt for me bitch." I smiled and coughed Little Lee turned "This is the third fuck on the trot. I can feel cum and piss as I fuck the bitch it turns me on so fucking much." I walked over and stood in front of my bitch. He leaned down and licked my boots as Little Lee fucked him.

I took my shots off, bitch looked up and I presented him with my rock-hard dick, I nodded, and bitch took me into his mouth and down into his throat. "You like that bitch. Being used by your Master and your Sir?" All I heard was a moan of delight from my bitch.

Little Lee moaned again and filled the bitch with even more cum that caused me to unload deep in his throat. Little Lee and I switched places and bitch cleaned Little Lee whilst I shoved my dick into bitch and let go with a huge load of piss. I pulled out and sealed it with a butt plug.

"Right Little Lee time for a different kind of workout," I said, and we went upstairs and changed into our jock straps, and headed over to the gym. Bitch was allowed to follow and sat on the cold tiled floor watching intently as the both of us went through our long session. We were both working out for more than two hours and Little Lee was lapping it up, he looked pumped by the time we had finished. I looked at Little Lee, he was now 16 and had the body of a 20-year-old, and he looked awesome. He walked over to my bitch, took his jock strap off, and stood arms behind his head looking down at my bitch.

"Lick me bitch, I know you love licking muscles and sweat." Bitch crawled over to Little Lee and got to work, licking each and every muscle group in turn leaving his dick alone. "Now crawl to your Master and lick him." He crawled over to me and I took my jock strap off and my bitch got to work licking me, in the same way, he licked Little Lee.

"You looked uncomfortable bitch?"

He looked up at me and I nodded "Yes Sir, I need to cum so badly and I am finding it so difficult to stop myself."

"Okay, bitch you can shoot your load then." And he immediately relaxed and he shot so much cum from his tiny dick that it went everywhere.

"Thank you, Master, thank you Sir for allowing this bitch to lick both of your tight-muscled bodies." And without asking he licked his cum that had gone onto the floor. Little Lee and I went back to the house and left the bitch to his task.

By the time Little Lee reached his 16th birthday, his body was fantastic, and his dick was a full 9 inches long and nice and fat. His now teenage body was almost complete and just needed constant work to keep it looking as good as it did. He started spouting hair on his chest which he likes me shaved off as he wanted to show off his muscular tight chest.

Little Lee came into my bedroom dressed in his best and tightest skinhead gear. "I'm wearing this to school today and fuck the consequences."

"You sure, it will probably lead to trouble."

"Since you took me under your wing and showed me what I am and worked my body till I was fit to drop and then pushed it even harder, I am top in all the classes and the best sportsman they have ever had, besides I keep seeing the headmaster staring at me, so I think I might be able to swing it." He said with a wink and left.

"Your former son is getting more and more like me bitch." I kicked him out of bed "Have a piss and make me my morning tea." I turned and lay back down and snoozed until bitch bought me my tea. "Thanks, bitch, now get down and drink my piss." He grinned as he loved serving me as his Master. He took my dick in his mouth and waited for me to start. I heard him moan as he gulped down my piss.

I got up and put my shorts and trainers on and went for a run, as I headed out the door I shouted at bitch "I'll be 45 minutes tops bitch, get breakfast ready for then."

"Yes, Master." He shouted back.

As I was running all sorts of things were going through my mind, all of them happy ones. I ran further than I thought, and it was 60 minutes before I got home, I could tell that bitch was upset as his breakfast was ruined. "So sorry bitch I was running and thinking, and I lost track of time. How do you fancy more piercings and make those you have even larger, this is not an order or instruction."

"Master, I love all the piercings you made me get, so yes please Master, I would love it, and thank you."

"Good we'll go on Saturday, and I have decided that Little Lee will get pierced as well, he doesn't know it yet mind you," I said smiling at bitch.

We ate breakfast and I caught up with one or two things that needed doing while bitch cleaned the place. When we finished, I dressed in my skinhead gear and got some things for bitch to wear. I bought some new things for him recently and I wanted him to wear them. I laid out his back knee-high boots like mine and a rubber kilt cut extremely short to show off his ass which was his best asset and a matching rubber T-shirt. I selected blue socks and matching laces to complete the outfit. "Come and get dressed bitch, we are going out." He came into the room and rather than get upset he smiled and quickly dressed in the new things. He looked in the mirror and grinned back at himself and looked directly at me. "Speak."

"Thank you, Master, I absolutely love it."

I smiled back "I've tried to upset you so I can beat you, but you love dressing as a whore, don't you?"

"Yes, Master and you do not need an excuse to beat me." He said looking at the floor.

"I've told you before bitch, don't get embarrassed by what you want or say. Be proud and accept it." He ran from the room and came back with the cat of nine tails for me. I sat on the bed, and he came and lay across my lap and lifted the short kilt above his cute ass.

"Beat me, Master, I want to go out with you knowing my ass is red hot and glowing."

"Well, bitch you have surprised me." I beat the fucking shit out of him, not only was he very red by the time I had finished he had some welts too. I took a bit of pity on him and reached for the cream and rubbed it in. he moaned in delight now "You okay bitch?"

"Yes, Master. Thank you, Master." He got off my lap and got to the floor and looked at the huge bulge in my tight skinhead jeans.

"Yes, bitch, letting me thrash you has turned me on." And I rubbed my bulge just to confirm. "Come on let's go to the pub, as it is Friday lunchtime it should be busy."

We walked to the pub; bitch was a little unsure at first, but I could tell he soon felt fine and strode along a step behind me. When we got to the pub, I got a couple of beers and he got to the floor at my feet and started on his beer. There was only a small lunchtime crowd but as the afternoon wore on it got busier and busier. Guys were staring at us as they were not used to a guy sitting at his Master's feet, despite this being a gay pub. Bitch finished his pint and moved down to the floor and started licking and worshipping my boots. "Raise your ass bitch." He moved and got his ass in the air, as the kilt was so fucking short anyone could see his red ass and I heard a few comments which made me smile.

I had finished my beer and I wanted to give bitch my piss. I opened my jeans and pissed in my glass. "Here you are bitch." And he took my glass filled with my piss and drank it down. I put my dick away in my tight skinhead jeans and made sure it looked good and on show to anyone who wanted to look.

"Finished bitch?"

"Yes Master."

"Good I need a fuck. Come on." And I took the bitch home. He got indoors and took his kilt off and lay with his back on the floor and lifted his booted legs high in the air, I opened my jeans and hauled out my very stiff dick. I lay on the floor at his ass the head of my dick teasing his anal slit. Bitch was trying to push himself onto me, but he was unable to move as my muscled body was on top of him stopping him from moving.

I wanted to tease my bitch for a while longer, but I could not help myself and fell on him shoving all the length of my big dick into his cute tight ass. The bitch moaned out loudly as I entered him filling him to the max in one thrust. I started my fuck pulling almost all the way out and falling on him once more, in and out using slow deliberate moves but soon I sped up and my fuck got quicker and quicker until I was pounding him so hard, I felt the heat of his still sore ass radiating off my crotch.

"Here I cum bitch" and I fell on him to get even more into him if that were possible. I unloaded deep inside my bitch filling his tight ass with a huge load of hot skinhead cum.

I stayed deep in my bitch and leaned down and kissed him giving him my tongue. We exchanged tongues, each fighting for space in the other's mouth. "Good fuck that bitch. I could feel your sore ass as I fucked you that turned me on, you okay?"

"I could tell Master." He said with a small giggle followed by a moan as I pissed in his ass. "Tighten your ass bitch." I pulled out and reached for the plug and shoved that inside him. "I want to keep all that inside you for later, Little Lee will want a fuck when he comes in from school and he will have to learn that he only gets sloppy seconds from my bitch."

I wanted to work out and put my jock strap and trainers on and walked over to the gym whilst bitch followed naked except for the plug filling his ass. I did a hard two-hour session whilst my bitch watched me intently his tiny dick rock hard all the time "Bitch you are going to take up running with Little Lee, I want you to stay nice and lean but running will give your small body a little definition and get you fit. You will start today."

"Yes, Master." I had finished my workout and walked back to the house with bitch dutifully following. I took off my jock and threw it at the bitch. He caught it and sniffed and licked at my sweat and dried piss whilst I took off my trainers.

"You fucking love it, don't you bitch."

"Yes Master, I love every part of you or any clothes that had been near you."

"Come and lick me then bitch." He grinned and came over to me and started on my armpits, he moaned all the time he was licking me "you turned on bitch"

"Yes, Master."

"I suppose you need to shoot a load?"

"Yes, Master."

"Don't stop licking and worshipping my body and I will allow you to cum."

"Yes, Master thank you, Master." He relaxed but kept on licking me all over and he shot his load all over my legs, he moved down and licked that up and got back to licking my chest and nipples.

32 Skinhead Next Door
Part 5 of 7

Bitch was moaning in delight at every lick and every muscle he worshipped. I wasn't used to such adoration but relished it. Both of us lost track of time enjoying ourselves, me looking at and enjoying my bitch working my body and bitch enjoying himself just licking and worshipping my muscled skinhead body.

I heard the door go and Little Lee came in looking good fresh from school in his skinhead gear. Bitch continued his task "How did school go Little Lee?"

"Fucking great." He sat down and told me his story while bitch got to my feet and started licking.
"Well, the kids loved the look on me and I could tell a few were afraid of me but I noticed a few staring when they thought I wasn't looking and noted who they were, and I might search them out later. I got into class and the first teacher looked at me smiled and carried on with the lesson, the second teacher, Mrs. Jones took an immediate dislike and sent me to the headmaster. When I went into his office, he looked up at me `what gives you the right to ignore the uniform code?'

I told him that I loved wearing this gear and I felt constantly horny, he looked at me and tried not to smile and tried to look uninterested, but I could see a glimmer in his eyes. I took the bull by the horns so to speak `I love to fuck a nice, cute ass and the pussy boys come running with me in this gear and my muscles and one muscle in particular' I groped my dick showing off the growing length. The headmaster just started at it involuntarily licking his lips. I smiled to myself `get over here and kneel at my feet' he looked up and said nothing `NOW' I added with an air of authority in my voice. He came over and did as he was told, I took my jeans down and pulled out my stiffening dick `suck' he looked up at me and something told him not to disobey and the headmaster took my dick into his mouth and started sucking.

I grabbed hold of his head and face fucked him until I unloaded into his mouth `swallow' and he did as he was told. I put my dick away, “Now headmaster, where were we.” he returned to his desk and looked at me smiling, “Since the changes in your build and demeanor, you have gone to the top in everything you do. I will allow you to wear what you want in school as long as you remain top in all classes, I would like to suck on your dick again and hopefully have you fuck me.”

I told him that I think that is guaranteed and I would need a private lesson from him every day after school and he was to arrange his schedule to accommodate it. ”I’ll speak to Mrs. Jones, she won't mention this again, trust me on that.” I left the headmaster's off smiling at the course of events and carried on with my lessons.

"Wow, Little Lee that's amazing, well done, you'll have to get him to start licking and worshipping your boots."

"Yeah, I will next time, I can't wait, my very own bitch. Not bad for a 16-year-old. Please may I have my ears pierced? I know that it is not really skinhead to have pierced ears, but I really want them done."

The bitch looked up at me and smiled, I winked at him. "Well, I am taking bitch for more piercings today, so you came come along and be done at the same time, know what you want?"

"No Sir."

"Well, I do. Come on, let's get dressed and go. Bitch you can wear shorts and trainers I have laid on the bed. We all showered and dressed, I dressed in my brown boots and tight skinhead jeans with a red Fred Perry and white braces. Little Lee changed from what he wore to school but looked fantastic in his oxblood boots with tight jeans and a sleeveless jacket and no shirt that showed off his muscled arms to perfection.

We left the house and made our way to the piercing studio. I knew the piercer and he was a guy I had fucked a few times over the years. We went in and he was in reception, he shook me by the hand "I need the bitch to have his piercings enlarged." We went into the studio, but I told Little Lee to wait outside. The piercer enlarged his septum to one that was double the size and extremely heavy. His tits were treated the same and made his tits hang nice and low. I had larger rings put into his ears also. I had his eyebrows pierced, and his belly button as well. "Wait outside bitch." Bitch went out. "Little Lee wants his ears pierced, I want him to have flesh tunnels inserted. I know you are supposed to build up, but I know you can put in one fairly large straight away and he will take the pain."

"Does he know what he is in for?" I shook my head "good, I'll enjoy this." He went out and bought Little Lee in "This may hurt so I am going to strap you down for safety's sake."

Little Lee looked at me with a worried look on his face. "You wanted this remember Little Lee and you are not a wimp remember? So be the butch boy I know you are."

"Okay." He said with as much bravado as he could. The piercer got to work and soon the first ear was punched, and the flesh tunnel inserted. Little Lee to give him all the credit didn't cry out, but I could see a small tear in each ear. The second went in and Little Lee closed his eyes at the pain. The job was done and the piercer cleaned everything up nicely and what little blood there was soon dried up.

Little Lee got up and looked in the mirror "Fuck I never expected that." He said looking at himself. "Wow, they look great, thank you."

"My pleasure. Bitch will make sure you keep them clean until they are healed. We went out to the reception desk, I paid the receptionist and we left to do some shopping.

I was pleased with both my bitch and Little Lee, so I wanted to treat them both. Little Lee, I bought him some more skinhead clothes and with his muscles, most of his things were too tight on him and looked wrong, I mean he loved tight clothes as indeed I did as we both loved to show our muscles but his things were a bit too tight. I also bought bitch some new things that I wanted him to wear. With the shopping done, we made for home.

As soon as we got in "Go to the gym Little Lee, you need to work out." He went upstairs and changed and came down to see my bitch licking my boots, they got a little messy from the walk home. Little Lee being a teenager got hard in his jock strap, like me he only wore that and trainers to work out. He smiled and left for the gym; bitch continued working on my boots.

The door went and bitch looked at me for permission to move, I nodded, and he jumped up and went to see who it was. It was the delivery man. I heard a laugh and bitch bought the parcel for me. "Why did he laugh?"

"He took one look at my tiny dick and burst out laughing, Master."

"Hmmm, I'm not surprised, now open the parcel bitch, it is for you."

Bitch opened the parcel and took out the things inside, a couple of catheters, a huge metal plug, a large rubber paddle, a contraption with a set of weights, and 12 bottles of poppers.

Bitch looked at me "These are some play toys for you. I will insert at some stage the catheter and will therefore control you even more when you piss. The huge metal plug will replace the rubber ones and when I take you on holiday, I want to embarrass you by making you wear it as you go through departures at the airport, it will make the scanners go mad and cannot wait as they inspect you. The rubber paddle is for me to use alongside the cat. The weights, well I want to see if I can stretch those tiny balls of yours, nothing I can do with the dick but the balls, well I want to see how much I can stretch them."

Bitch gulped "yes Master."

I got up and took the weights, they were extremely heavy but would start easy. I read the instructions "stand up bitch." I attached the device to his balls and added a couple of light weights. "You will wear this all the time indoors, the only time it will come off is in bed or when we go out. I will add more weight in time. When you feel pain sniff some of the poppers that will take the pain away and keep you high."

"Yes Master."

Little Lee appeared from the gym after his long workout, he took one look at the bitch and the weights attached to his balls, and he burst out laughing "I love it" and he swung the weights making the bitch hurt in pain, he quickly opened the poppers and took a large snort. His tiny dick went immediately hard giving him a little more pain and he snorted the poppers again, what the bitch failed to realize was that the poppers were making him horny and making the weights hurt even more, he was in a never-ending cycle.

"Go and lick Little Lee, bitch, clean him up from his workout in the gym. You know you love that."

Bitch walked over to Little Lee the weights swinging in between his legs, he sniffed the poppers nearly all the time now trying to take the pain away from the weights hanging and pulling his small balls lower, and I could see he was sky high. He licked at Little Lee's bulging muscles taking in all his sweat. I have to say I was getting fucking horny watching the scene before me and I needed to fuck. I walked over to my bitch who was licking Little Lee still and bent him forward and entered his ass still wet from the last fucking.

"Take me in your mouth bitch" yelled Little Lee. Bitch took Little Lee into his mouth and slowly down into his throat. As I fucked his ass, I was pushing the bitch onto Little Lee's dick lodged deep in his bitch throat and as Little Lee fucked his throat he was pushing the bitch back onto my dick.

"Cum bitch" I yelled and felt the bitch shoot his load all over the wooden floor, he also tightened his ass as he shot which send me over the edge and I yelled as I filled his ass with my cum. Little Lee moaned out and filled his former Dad's throat with his hot and muscled teenage cum. "Fuck that was good."

"Yeah," said Little Lee "It was fucking great. Nothing like using your old Man for getting off." He said with a snigger as he pulled out. Bitch looked up at Little Lee but rather than get embarrassed he licked at the last couple of drops of fluid at the tip of his dick.

Bitch looked at me and instantly knew he wanted to speak, I nodded. "Thank you Master for using me and giving me your precious load in my ass and thank you, Sir, for allowing me to take your hot cum into my throat."

Little Lee reached over to the rubber butt plug and handed it to me, and I shoved it into bitch's ass sealing it off for later. Little Lee and I rested on the sofa with bitch at my feet. I felt bitch licking my booted feet, I lifted my feet off the floor urging him to clean the soles, I didn't ask, I wanted to see what he would do. He looked at me and got to work on the soles of my booted feet. He looked up and his eyes never left my gaze. I smiled and nodded, and bitch grinned and got back to licking my boots and the soles. Little Lee got up "I'm off, I may bring back a bitch to use." He went upstairs and came down dressed in his tightest and best-fitting skinhead gear. His 17-year-old muscled body looked great with muscles popping out in all the right places and looking down at his dick that too was on show.

"I've done a great job on you, Little Lee, you look great, see you later." Little Lee smiled and went out the door. Bitch just moaned in lust as he watched his son go out the door. "Still horny bitch?"

"Yes Sir."

"Well take the plug out and sit on my lap facing me." He jumped up, pulled out the plug, and sat on my half-hard dick taking it into his ass all the way. I grabbed hold of the back of his head and pulled him towards me, his tongue entering my mouth as we kissed. I felt him tighten his ass around my dick, causing me to moan into his mouth. I looked into his eyes as we kissed, and his eyes were smiling. I pulled away from his mouth. "You bitch, are one horny fucker and know how to turn me on." He smiled and leaned in and kissed me once more.

I picked the bitch up in my arms and carried him upstairs to the bedroom my big dick still lodged in his ass, I lay him on his back and engineered his legs over my neck. I started fucking him properly. "Hmmm, that's better" I moaned as I fucked my bitch long and hard, in and out. "Yeah, I can feel your ass full of cum bitch and it feels fucking great. Think I'll add some piss." I stopped deep in my bitch and started pissing. I was in full flow giving him all my piss. I started fucking once more and I could feel my piss slosh around my dick as I fucked.

I sped up my fucking and felt myself getting close. I pushed his legs over even further the ball weights I rested on his chest; I kissed my bitch as I unloaded cum deep in his ass. "Good fuck bitch." I pulled out and put another plug into his ass this one was new and larger than the last one, my bitch smiled as it went in not making a sound until the last inch when he moaned as I shoved it home. I presented my dick to his mouth, and he took it in eagerly sucking and licking away the last remnants of cum and his anal juices.

Bitch was all smiles as I pulled my dick out of his throat. "Happy bitch?"

"Yes Master, I could not think of anything better than being used by my Master and serving all his needs, you will never understand how much I wanted this when I was married, how I wished that I was the one getting screwed hard. I used to daydream whenever I saw you passing my window. Sorry, Master." And bitch looked to the floor.

"Embarrassed?" He nodded. "Don't be." I pushed him to the floor, and he landed on the mat by the bed with a thump. "I need a snooze; we are off out to get you some more dick in your ass later and I don't want to get distracted. Go and lay in your bed by the window. I saw bitch crawl over to the window and lay quietly on the cushions looking at me lovingly. I soon dozed off.

I woke a few hours later and bitch was still looking at me, he smiled, I looked down at my dick, and he came crawling over his weights still hanging. "Hmmm, I must increase them later, you have got used to those bitches, and now have a drink." Bitch took me into his mouth, and I pissed long and hard bitch reveled in taking my waste fluids into his mouth and down into his stomach. "Right bitch let me take off your ball weights as we are going out to get your cunt filled." I took off the weights and his balls were hanging lower than they were, but they needed a lot more work until I was happy with my bitch. "Dress me bitch." He selected my jeans and brown boots with red socks and laces. He took a while and finally chose a red checked Ben Sherman shirt with red laces. He dressed me and stood back taking me in.

Bitch smiled and his dick which was hard all the time got even harder from looking at me in the clothes he had chosen. "I see you approve then bitch?" He fell to the floor and licked my boots for me. "Right let's get you dressed." I selected his black knee-high boots with yellow socks and laces. "I want everyone to know you are a piss bitch." I flung him a yellow jock strap that was well used and stank of piss and cum, it belonged to a guy I used to fuck occasionally and he left it here one day. "Put it on bitch and fucking stop sniffing it." He put the smelly jock strap on. I gave him a rubber T-shirt that had PISS HERE and an arrow pointing down.

"Hmmm, you look good bitch" and I threw him a pair of shorts for decency's sake, I would love to take him out looking as he did, but I didn't want him to get arrested. "Come on then bitch." And we left the house.

We went to a pub in London where the owner lets anything go as long as he is involved.

As soon as I got my drink, I took bitch to the back of the pub "remember bitch" I said so anyone could hear "the only drink you get is my recycled beer." And I looked to the floor. He got the message and dropped but not before taking off his shorts and getting down to my boots and licking them "get your ass up in the air bitch." He moved quickly and put his ass in the air and continued to lick and worship my boots as I drank my pint.

Several guys looked on taking in the sight of a Master with his bitch at his feet. The owner of the bar came over. "Can I fuck your bitch?"

"Sure. He needs constant fucking and filling to keep him calm." I said, not meaning it.

He smiled and hauled out his dick from his denim shorts. I noticed he was pierced, and this would be a new experience for my bitch as he had not been fucked with a pierced dick before. He knelt on the floor and offered the head of his pierced dick to my bitch’s ass. He pushed inside nice and slow.

"You can fuck harder than that, he loves it rough." He took me at my word and fell on the bitch shoving the rest of his substantial dick inside.

"Fuck, this feels good. Nice and tight." He grabbed hold of his hips and power fucked my bitch until he stopped deep and unloaded in his cute ass. "Sorry it was quick, friend," said the bar Manager "but I needed a fuck so badly, my BF is away at the moment, thanks."

"You do not need to thank the bitch; his place is to be used by my real men and is only happy when being filled with a real man's cum and piss." He went back to the bar and continued serving.

My bitch kept quiet and returned to licking my boots. Bitch looked up at me wanting to speak. "What is it bitch?"

"Master, I cum in my jockstrap and without permission, I am so sorry Master for cumming without your permission, but the piercing turned me on rubbing against my prostate, although that is no excuse." He looked down at the floor again not wanting to meet my gaze.

"Look at me bitch." He looked up "you have done well bitch, thank you for being honest and admitting to your failure, I hadn't noticed. You will of course get beaten when we get home, but you will only face 5 with the cat and not 10, you know that they will be very hard don't you bitch?"

"Yes, Master thank you, Master." And bitch got back to licking my boots.

A very muscular guy walked over wearing nothing but tiny but extremely tight denim shorts with a huge leather studded belt and short DM boots. "I need a piss; can I use your bitch's man cunt?" I noticed that my bitch had raised his ass in case, I couldn't help but smile to myself.

"Looks as though my bitch has answered your question for you." The guy looked down to see his ass upwards ready for another fuck. "My bitch knows I like him used and full of cum and piss." The guy smiled and took his denim shorts off and got behind my bitch, he put the head of his dick to his ass and pushed the entire length into his ass. The guy moaned in delight as did my bitch; I knew him to be filling my bitch with his hot piss.

When he finished pissing, he spoke to his friend standing in the background "pass me your butt plug Andy" I saw Andy drop his skintight skinny jeans and turn round and pulled out a large plug from his ass. He passed it over. The muscular guy pulled out of my bitch's ass and shoved the large plug into him "that'll keep everything inside until your Master wants to use you." He turned to me "thanks for allowing that, my brother Andy won't allow me to piss in his man cunt" he smiled and walked off carrying his shorts.

"Come on bitch time for home, I need to fuck that piss and cum filled ass of yours." I deliberately didn't give him his shorts as I wanted to see what he would do. He looked up at me as we got to the door "anything wrong bitch?"

I saw him gulp as his Adam's apple bobbed up and down "Nothing Master."

"Come on then," I said with a little firmness in my voice, and we walked towards home, everyone looked strangely at us or my bitch, after all, he was nearly naked. We got indoors and he dropped to the floor and licked my boots clean of the grime from the walk home. As he was licking my boots the door went and Little Lee came in.

A man came in behind him wearing running shorts and trainers. "This is my Headmaster, he is staying the night, I've only fucked him four times and need to get more of his ass before morning."

"Okay Little Lee, no problem" and they went upstairs.

Bitch looked up at me smiling "you approve bitch?"

"Yes Master, I am pleased that Little Lee has turned out to be a Master like you and not a pussy like me. I hated the thought of him turning out like me, I will be eternally grateful for what you have done for him."

"That's okay bitch, now go and get your cat. You still need that beating." He ran from the room and arrived back in double time, passed me the cat, and lay over the arm of the sofa waiting. "Good boy." I raised the cat and bought it down very hard on his ass. He squirmed a little "move like that again bitch and you will get double" I shouted. He stayed still as I bought down the cat once more, I knew the bitch was hurting as he still had the plug in his ass. I had not permitted him to remove it. I hit him three more times extremely hard and after the fifth had been given I put the cat down and rubbed his very red ass.

"Hmmm, so sexy bitch. Just look at what you have done to me."

Bitch turned and looked at the huge bulge in my tight skinhead jeans. He looked up and smiled at me. "Bitch I need your ass."

"Thank you, Master." I pulled down my jeans and my rock-hard dick bounced out pointing to my navel. I heard the bitch moan in pleasure as I pulled out the huge plug from his ass and put the head of my dick to his ass lips and pushed inside. Unusually for me, I went in slowly as I wanted to savor the piss and cum filled ass first. By the time I was balls deep bitch was trying to push back to meet my dick deep in his ass.

"You're an eager bitch." I grabbed hold of his hips and pulled the bitch up to give me better access to his cute ass. I started fucking hard and fast "your ass is so full of other guys’ cum and piss it feels fucking fantastic." I kept up the onslaught on his ass pulling all the way out before falling on him and going balls deep again. I managed to keep this up for a while until I had to explode inside my bitch. "Here I cum bitch." I yelled out and filled my bitch with a huge cum load.

I rested for a while staying inside my bitch whilst I came down from the orgasm. I pulled out and grabbed hold of the plug and shoved it back inside his ass. "Fuck your ass is still red and so hot bitch. Get me a drink will you." I patted his red ass, and he went off to the kitchen.

"Bring some beer up here bitch" I heard from upstairs. Bitch ran back to the lounge and handed me my beer before running upstairs and handing Little Lee 2 beers. "Thanks, Dad." I heard Little Lee yell out.

I knew that Little Lee wanted his headmaster to know that my bitch was his Dad. I had redressed myself and was sitting on the sofa and bitch placed himself at my feet caressing my boots. We rested until I heard a commotion from upstairs. Little Lee appeared still in his skinhead gear pulling his headmaster by his dick, Little Lee opened the French doors and kicked him with his steel toe-capped boots out into the garden. "If I tell you, you are staying here with me for the night it is not open for discussion. It is about time you realized that you fucking do what you are told and stop answering me back." He spat on his headmaster and closed the French doors leaving him in the garden, naked and crying in the chilly evening. "Why can't he," he said pointing outside "be more like you bitch. At least you know how to behave in front of a real man."

"I think you should let him in Little Lee, it is a bit cold out there," I said a little concerned.

"Fuck off, do I tell you how to treat your bitch?" My bitch left me and crawled over to the French doors and went outside. He hugged Little Lee's headmaster, and I could see that he spoke softly to him.

32 Skinhead Next Door
Part 6 of 7

After a few minutes, they both came crawling back indoors. "I'm sorry Sir, please forgive me. I will of course do as I am told. Please forgive me, Sir."

Little Lee smiled at my bitch and dragged his headmaster back upstairs. "I should fucking think so, you fucking stupid faggot bitch. You getting sick of serving me or what. You know you love my teenage dick filling your sorry cunt ass." And we heard the door to his bedroom slam shut.

"What did you say bitch?"

He looked up smiling "I told him that he should feel very lucky that my son wanted to fuck him so many times and keep him overnight. I told him that my life was complete now that I had a real man look after me and control my life. Why not go with the flow and see what happens, as long as you do as you are told, my son will look after you and look out for you."

"Good bitch. You have done well. Come up here and drink my piss as your reward.
Oh, and by the way, your weights will be going back on also." He looked to the floor in submission. I got my dick out of my skintight skinhead jeans and my bitch took me into his mouth, and I let go giving him what I know he wanted, to drink my piss.

When I had finished pissing, bitch went over and got his weights and handed them to me. I put them on for him and added an extra one weighing him down even more, I gave him his bottle of poppers and he opened them and took a huge snort from the bottle. He got instantly horny, and his tiny dick rose upright. I could see he was in a little pain from the weights, but he kept on snorting the poppers and he soon didn't care about the pain from the weights.

He moved to all fours and the weights were hanging down and he was swinging them between his legs whilst snorting his poppers. I couldn't help but laugh at my bitch who went red in embarrassment. He looked up at me laughing at him "It is fine bitch you carry on; I love to see you enjoying yourself." I crossed my legs to raise my boots off the floor "Now lick my boots whilst swinging your weights.

He started licking my boots in between snorting his poppers. He continued swinging his weighted balls as he licked. "Do you like your weights bitch?"

"Yes, Master."

"Do they keep you horny?"

"Yes, Master."

"Do you like being horny and snorting poppers?"

"Yes, Master."

"Stand up." My bitch stood up and I followed him. I pulled him towards me and we kissed, I gave him my tongue and he pulled it into his mouth, he knows I like a little pain and sucked it in his mouth hard. I grabbed hold of his pierced tits and gave them a huge twist, really pulling them hard. He snorted his poppers once more. "Fuck bitch, you don't even moan in pain anymore. You must like the pain I inflict on you."

"Yes Master."

I kissed my bitch one more "come on let’s go upstairs." As we walked upstairs, I heard the headmaster moaning in delight, I opened the door and Little Lee was ramming in and out of the headmaster’s ass whilst pulling and squeezing his tits. I winked at Little Lee and closed the door.

"He's having a good time bitch." I saw my bitch smile. I closed the door to my bedroom.

I fucked my bitch four times during the night and each time I shot my load we both heard Little Lee next door still fucking as well. Nobody got much sleep that night.

The next morning, I was awoken by my bitch with his mouth around my dick sucking it. "What the fuck do you think you are doing bitch?" I said very angrily. He stopped and looked up at me "What the fuck is wrong with you, I tell you what to do and when to do it. What the fuck gives you the right to take it upon yourself to suck my dick and more to the point why do you think you deserve to suck my dick?" he stuttered a few times, looking very scared. "Well.

Answer me bitch."

"I, I, I." He said stuttering, with a very scared look on his face.

"Come on bitch, all you have managed to say is I three times. Fucking speak."

"I thought that you might need a piss, Master."

"Well maybe I did but I am the Master around here and as I said I tell you what to do and when to do it."

"Yes, Master. Sorry, Master."

I kicked him out of bed. "Get out of my sight you fucking useless cunt." He left the room in tears. I went back to sleep waking around one in the afternoon. I had a shower and dressed in my jock and trainers and went downstairs and out to the gym, I heard bitch still crying in the lounge so I ignored him and went for my workout.

I came back after a hard workout and got rid of most of my pent-up aggression. Bitch was not crying now but didn't look at me and looked at the floor averting his gaze. "Look at what you are missing bitch." He looked up and sniffed "yes I had a fucking hard workout and I have to waste all that on a shower just because my bitch put himself first." He looked up at me with a sorrowful look on his face. "I cannot beat you as it turns you on, how can I discipline you eh?"

"I don't know Master."

"Let me give it some thought, I'm sure I can come up with something to make you learn your lesson. I'm off to the shower and get dressed as I am off out, I need a fuck." I saw another tear form in his eyes as I turned to go upstairs. I dressed and came down in my tightest and best fitting bleached skinhead jeans, black boots, and white laces and socks, and just to wind my bitch up a bit more I decided against a shirt and wore white braces across my tight muscled chest. I went back downstairs where bitch took one look at me and shot his cum everywhere. "You just can't do anything right can you bitch?" I picked him up by the collar and dragged him into the lounge and took the ball weights off. I then proceeded to put on his cock cage locking him away "That'll stop you getting erect and shooting your fucking useless cum everywhere."

I turned and left. But before closing the door, "I have decided what I am going to do with you and you will find out later." I shut the door and walked up the road knowing my bitch was looking at me and probably crying.

"You're not shy are you, cunt?"

"No Sir." He looked at me as if pleading, but he knew I would not allow him to hide away and he stripped off in the middle of the shop showing off his new piercings and tattoos.

The assistant took all the measurements and made careful notes of exactly what was needed, he worked out a price and I paid up, and he said he would ring when it was ready. The final port of call was to get him a load of skinhead gear. We got extremely tight bleached jeans all with a rear zip and two with no ass in them at all. Knee-high boots in three colors, three pairs of football socks, one red, one yellow, and one blue, and matching laces. 4 Fred Perry and braces to match the laces. "Come on cunt time for home." I made sure that cunt had all the bags and we headed home. He was still looking embarrassed as we headed home, I needed to get that out of him like my own bitch. I would get bitch to deal with that.

We got home and as we went inside bitch came to meet us. "Fuck you look good cunt. Love the piercings and the tattoos across the forehead." He mumbled a “thanks.”

"Go and strip off cunt." He went upstairs and I spoke to bitch "He still looks very unsure and gets very embarrassed, can you deal with that for me?"

"Yes Master, I'd be pleased to."

"Thanks bitch." Bitch went upstairs. I stripped off and put on my stinky jock strap and trainers and got ready to go into the gym. I went into the kitchen and had a drink of water. I was daydreaming for a few minutes when bitch and cunt appeared.

"Sir. I am sorry I have not shown my appreciation for what you have done for me. I was destitute and had nothing, you have given me a new life. I admit I am very unsure about all this but without your help, I would be on the streets right now and probably turning tricks just to stay alive and God forbid doing hard drugs. I had never sucked a man's cock until you made me suck yours and I am ashamed to say that I did get a hard-on and that scared me. After chatting with my brother here please Sir will you forgive me and continue my training to be a good cunt to Little Lee? I know now that my brother is completely happy with his new life, and I would like to think that I can be happy with the new life you have chosen for me."

"That's a good speech cunt, I just hope you mean it. I will of course continue your training as soon as your new piercings and tattoos are healed properly. You will sleep on the sofa for the next week or two whilst you are healing and you will get more practice sucking my dick, bitch will give you lessons on deep throating. I will be taking your cherry and fucking you deep and hard before handing you over to Little Lee."

"Thank you, Sir, I think." He said half smiling.

"Now be a good cunt boy and come and lick my jock strap." Bitch looked at me a little upset. "You can lick me and the jock strap when I have completed my workout." He cheered up straight away. "Now fuck off and leave us alone for a while.

"Yes, Master." And he turned and left.

"Now get on with it cunt." He knelt on the floor in front of my jockstrap, sniffed, and turned his nose up. "You will like the smell of a real man. Trust me, bitch loves licking my well-used and smelly jock strap and licking my muscled body after a workout, I think he prefers that to get fucked, well maybe not." Cunt looked up and smiled. "That's much better, you need to smile more. You realize you have a hard-on don't you."

He looked down and saw his dick was rock hard. "Oh fuck."

"An alpha male like me gives off a certain smell that girls and pussy boys like and they get horny. You are horny, aren't you?"

"Yes Sir."

"Good. Now lick my pouch and do it now. That's an order."

He approached and started licking the pouch of my rank jock strap, at first he was unsure but he soon got into it and was licking and sucking in the dried piss, cum and sweat. "Take my dick out of the pouch and start sucking me." He looked up, smiled, and pulled the pouch aside and my hefty dick flopped out nice and firm and getting harder. He took the head of my dick in his mouth and sucked; he started moaning which meant he was getting into his task. "Take me deeper cunt." He did and soon my dick was in his mouth and slowly entering his throat. "Keep swallowing cunt, don't you fucking dare gag." He gulped and swallowed and all of me was deep in his incredibly tight throat. "Oh, well-done cunt. Now rest and remember to breathe through your nose. I stayed deep in for a short while, so he got used to a big dick being lodged in his throat. I pulled out and he took a huge inward gulp of air.

"That was very good, well done. You will soon love taking a dick into your throat and just wait until they unload all that man cum."

He looked up at me "Yes Sir," and smiled, and for the first time, he looked contented.

"Now go and rest in the lounge, Little Lee will not bother you until you are ready."

I was relaxing with my bitch, Thad, working on my nipples. He started nibbling lightly, but then worked more roughly, as I had trained him. I enjoyed the slight pain he gave me as he serviced my nipples.

"Hmmm, I could have you do that all day bitch, but you can now do as I promised." He looked down and my dick was once more rock hard and pointing directly at my navel.

"Thank you, Master." He switched positions e moved and sat down facing me, he lined up his ass with my dick and pushed himself on me. He was sitting on my lap with a huge smile across his face "Hmmm, thank you Master for allowing me to fuck myself, I adore it so much when I am filled by your manhood.

"So, you should bitch." He looked up at me and as I was smiling, he knew I was jesting. I moved closer to his face, and we started kissing. "Do you want to fuck yourself?"

"Master, please can I just sit on you like I am and kiss you for a while, I mean I love you fucking me more than anything but this sensual kissing whilst I am sitting on you is so nice."

"For once bitch you can do what you want to please yourself. Now kiss me." We kissed deeply, exchanging tongues, just as Little Lee and cunt appeared.

"We need some food as I need to a hell of a lot more fucking before morning and I need the energy and I know cunt does too, I have nearly worn him out. Turn round cunt." He turned and showed us his ass, it was dripping cum and piss and very relaxed due to the constant pounding from his new Master.

"Come on cunt, you can cook me something to eat." And they disappeared into the kitchen, I noticed a very satisfied grin on his face as they walked off, bitch noticed too.

Bitch and I kissed each other "I think cunt is happy, Master, don't you?"

"Yes bitch, I believe he is loving attending to his new Master despite him thinking he was straight." Bitch started fucking himself and he bobbed up and down on my lap sending waves through us both. "Yeah, that's more like it bitch, fuck yourself on my dick, Hummm, so nice. As he fucked himself, he clenched his anal muscles giving me better vibrations. "ARRGGGGGH" and I unloaded more cum. Bitch sat down so my dick was lodged deep inside him, he clenched and unclenched his anal muscles as I unloaded rope after rope of hot skinhead cum. "Fuck that was good." I kissed my bitch "Thanks bitch."

"I am glad you enjoyed it, Master, I love serving you, and thank you for filling me, and I only feel complete when I have my Master's cum deep inside me."

"Do you need to shoot bitch?"

"Desperately Master." I smiled at him wanting to shoot his cum but couldn't until I told him he could do it. Little Lee and cunt came through with the food and disappeared upstairs.

"Right bitch, on the floor." He pulled on my dick and got to the floor; I got down with him but in a 69 position. "I think after the fantastic fuck you deserve a treat." Bitch took me into his mouth and down into his throat, I took bitch into my mouth balls as well, his dick was so fucking small but at least his balls were hanging down more due to his “weight training” but I could still get all of him in my mouth. Bitch shot his load straight away and it never ceased to amaze me how much cum his small tackle produced. I pissed into his throat and directly into his stomach.

"Sorry bitch no cum at the moment, I'm running on empty after that session." We moved and kissed.

"Thank you, Master. I" Bitch stopped talking.

"Carry on bitch, what were you going to say?"

"Nothing Master."

"Yes, you were, go on say it."

"I'm embarrassed Master."

"Look bitch, I think I know what you were going to say. So, I will say it for you. I thought that after the death of my boyfriend, I would never find love again, but I have. I love you so very much and I have Little Lee to thank for bringing you to me, I shall remember that forever." Bitch started to cry and he hugged me deeply. I pulled him away and we kissed each other.

"Now go and get me the suit for cunt, I need to look at it and check it over oh and remember this bitch, nothing changes. If you fuck up, I will lock you in your cock cage and if you fuck up severely, I will lock you in the cage for at least a week and make you eat your shit."

Bitch shuddered at the thought of eating his shit again. "I understand Master." And he ran out of the room to get the package he left by the door.

He came in and sat at my feet and handed me the parcel, I got the suit out and looked it over. The rubber suit was perfect and would fit his muscled body to perfection and show all his muscles nicely, of course, I particularly loved the hole at the ass, so anybody could fuck him. "What do you think bitch?"

"I think he'll hate it, Master."

"Yes, I think you are right, and I can't wait to get him into it in the morning before he goes to work."

Bitch sat at my feet quietly while I looked at the suit and imagined cunt wearing it at his new job. I felt my feet being licked, I looked down and bitch looked up at me. I smiled and gave a simple nod "Would you like something to eat or drink Master?"

"A drink would be nice bitch thank you." He disappeared and came back a few minutes later with two beers. "Perfect just what I need right now." I took them both and put one on the side and started on the other. Bitch got back to my feet and lay quietly and occasionally licking my bare feet.

Cunt came down with the empty plates and took them into the kitchen. "You look knackered cunt?"

"Yes Sir I am, Master has so much energy and his cum seems never to end and his hard-on hasn't gone down yet." He said with a huge smile. "Please may I go, Sir, Master told me to hurry." I nodded and he left to go back upstairs.

"Come on bitch let's go for a run and see what happens." Bitch ran upstairs and came down with shorts, tops, and our trainers. I pulled on my shorts and top whilst bitch put my trainers on. He then dressed. We went out the front door and I turned towards the park, and we made off. I took it easy as bitch wasn't yet that fit but he was getting better, faster, and had more energy. At one point I decided to speed up as I wanted to see how he was doing. I was a little shocked as he managed to keep up and didn't show any signs of flagging. We reached the park and stopped for a drink of water from the fountain. "Well done bitch, you are doing very well."

"Thank you, Master, I am starting to enjoy running now my fitness levels are getting better."

"Right then, I was going to go into the park to get us some dick but now I think that we will run a little longer and further before the dick. Come on bitch." I heard bitch moan as I set off on a slightly brisker pace than the one, we used to get here, to his credit and my surprise bitch managed to keep up with me.

We managed to run for another 30 minutes, I looked at bitch and noticed he was starting to tire out, so I stopped turned, and jogged towards the park. We went to a shop and bought some water as I had a few coins inside my shorts. Bitch started to drink it quickly. "Slowly bitch, just sip it and do not gulp, it will satisfy your thirst more." He did as he was told, and I drank mine. We walked into the park and made our way to the back of the park and into the hedge to get to the cruising area.

Bitch stripped off his T-shirt and shorts and I did the same and handed them to bitch. "Not shy of your pathetically tiny dick anymore then bitch?"

"No Master, wouldn't do any good if I was, besides it is down to you that I am not." I pulled bitch towards me and kissed him. "Now go and find yourself a man to fuck you." He smiled and walked off. I went by another path looking for some ass or throat to fuck. I wandered around and the place was quiet, too quiet for me and walked into the clearing and sat on the grass in the hot sunshine.

I didn't doze off, but my mind was wandering, and I lay with my eyes closed thinking of the last few months. I was woken but a nice feeling on my dick, I opened my eyes and assumed that bitch had found me and was pleasing himself again, I was ready to remonstrate with him until I noticed that it wasn't bitch sucking me "Well hello." I said not wanting to scare him.

He looked up at me with a huge smile in his eyes. "This is very nice." I noticed he too was naked, and his clothes were lying beside me.

"You have a nice big dick, much bigger than my friend."

"Do you get fucked?" I reached and felt his ass not allowing him to refuse, it was nice and loose and wet. "You have a nice sloppy ass. Yes, very nice. Turn round as I need a fuck." He hesitated but his lust for my huge dick won over. He moved and hovered above my dick. I shoved my dick into his ass and pulled him down onto me. I was a mean fucker when I wanted to be and he was cute and I needed to be balls deep.

He moaned partly in pain and partly in lust. I fucked up and down as he raised and lowered his ass. He was small, and I wanted a harder fuck, I picked him up in my muscled arms without taking my dick and managed to maneuver him so I could fuck him properly.

"Hmmm, that is much better," I said ramming in and out of his ass.

32 Skinhead Next Door
Part 7 of 7

The guy was moaning all the time and he had a smile plastered across his face as I fucked.

I leaned down and shoved my tongue into his mouth, as I leaned in for the kiss I was able to fuck harder and deeper. "You." I said in between kisses "Have a great ass to fuck and I love fucking hard, just ask my bitch who is around here somewhere, and hopefully getting fucked himself."

He smiled at me, and I closed my eyes and rammed into him a few more times before I yelled out "Yeah fucking take my hot skinhead cum, you bastard." And I pumped out rope after rope of hot cum filling his ass.

"Wow that was great thanks," he said after I pulled out. "I don't think I have ever been fucked that hard before." He leaned up and kissed me and he dressed and walked off into the bushes. I lay back down on the soft grass my dick still half hard and in need of more attention being the horny bastard I am.

I got up and walked around, I noticed my bitch on his knees sucking on a dick "turn round" the guy said with authority, bitch turned saw me, and smiled, he pulled his ass cheeks apart and the guy entered him. I smiled back and walked off looking for more dick of my own.

I was walking along when out of the bushes appeared a skinhead in full gear "Well what the fuck do you think you are doing you fucking queer cunt."

I smiled at him "Looking for guys to suck my dick. Why? What are you doing here?"

"I certainly `ain't queer, I'm even known to do a bit of queer bashing." And he approached me ready to kick me in the nuts with his steel toe-capped boots. I was too quick for him and grabbed his boot and he kicked me and he fell to the floor. I quickly got on top of him and managed to subdue him.

I was so positioned that my dick was at his crotch and my face very close to his. My dick responded and started to get harder and harder. I pushed his arms above his head and lowered my face to his "So, they say that most queer bashers are usually gay themselves. I would like to find out if it is true or not."

"Fuck off you queer cunt." He snarled and spat in my face.

I wiped it away "You'll regret that." I forced myself on him and managed to get my tongue in his mouth, he fought back trying to push me away. "Hmmm, I like a boy who resists and makes the sex worthwhile. I kissed him again and this time he was unable to resist. He tried forcing me away but, in the end, he gave up and accepted me as the stronger of the two.

I moved away and he was by now totally relaxed and accepted my kissing him, in fact, he returned the kiss. I smiled "I knew I was right."

"I thought that all queers were limp wristed handbag carrying poofs."

"Well, I am not like that and as far as I am aware, none of my friends are either." I got off him and he sat up. I rubbed his crotch, and his dick was hard as mine. "Now, where do we go from here?" I grabbed hold of his Fred Perry and ripped it off him as I wanted to look at his chest.


"Shut the fuck up, I am in charge here." I squeezed his tits, and he moaned but not in pain "You are a good-looking skinhead, and a lot of my friends would be very interested in getting to know you." I stood up and my huge dick was in his face dripping pre-cum. "Well?" He shook his head "Just fucking do it, boy." He licked the head of my dick with his tongue once and pulled away. "I fucking knew you were interested." I pulled his hard to my dick and shoved it inside not caring if he could breathe or not, I felt his dick getting harder and harder as I fucked his face.

"You like it rough then, I fucking knew you would." He moaned as I fucked his face. I was getting close, and I was going to give him my load. As I felt myself cumming I pulled him onto my dick as hard as I could and dropped my load deep in his throat.

After I pulled out "Thanks I needed that, you took that like you have done it before."

"That was the first time truly."

"Give me your cell." He hesitated "Now fucker." He handed it over and I programmed my number into it and handed it back "You have my number. When you want more of the same, ring me and I'll introduce you to a mate of mine who's looking for a nice skinhead boy to train as his bitch, oh, and he is a rougher bastard than me." I said with a huge grin "He loves to wrestle in full skinhead gear and if it is muddy then so much the better."

He smiled and nodded. "Thanks." He reached in and kissed me and walked off, just as bitch came round the corner.

"Had a good time, Master?"

"Yes bitch, time for home." We walked off and just before we hit the park we put on our shorts. "I need a piss bitch." We were in the middle of the park in view of everyone who wanted to look. "Well bitch?" Bitch looked around and noticed a bench a little out of the way but still in view. He took my hand and led me to the bench, I sat down, and bitch got on the floor in between my legs, he pulled my shorts and my dick flopped out, he looked up at me and I smiled and gave a nod. Bitch took me into his mouth and down into his throat. I let go and bitch just moaned at me as he took my piss, his eyes closed in ecstasy.

I finished my piss and put myself away after pushing bitch away from me. "You bitch bring out the worst in me." He looked up a little scared but I just laughed and grinned at him "I have always wanted to do that in public, one day I want to fuck you in public too."


"Yes bitch."

"I always wanted to fuck my ex-wife in public, but she said I was a disgusting pervert."

We looked at each other not caring who was around and we kissed each other deeply. We heard sounds of disgust from passers-by, but I didn't care, and I know bitch was okay as he was with me. "Come on bitch" I said loudly "let's go home as I want to fuck your sloppy ass." I took his hand and we ran home.

As soon as we got indoors bitch stripped off and went into the lounge and laid on his back and got his legs in the air. I stood in the doorway and looked at my bitch eager for my dick.

"Push out bitch." He pushed his ass and a few spots of cum leaked out "fuck that is so horny to see, let me add to it?" Bitch moaned in delight at that thought and I got in behind him and shoved the head of my dick into his ass. "Do you want me to fuck you hard or do you want me to make love to you bitch?"

"I don't care, Master, please fuck me. Nobody fucks me as you do." I lifted his legs higher and reached down and kissed him, my arms under his legs pushing his ass higher and ready for me to fuck him hard. As I kissed him, I fell on him pushing my huge length and girth into him. "Yeah, fuck me, Master. Fuck me good." He screamed out.

"You can never get enough of me can you bitch" he shook his head "you would have me do this to you all day every day and never stop, wouldn't you?" bitch whined and shot his cum everywhere. "Hmmm, I see you would then is that what made you cum without permission bitch?"

"Yes Master, but you are such a fucking horny bastard talking like that, I just couldn't help myself. After you fuck me, Master, please beat me." He said almost begging.

I smiled at him and leaned in for a kiss "Who am I to disappoint my bitch when he begs me for a beating." I rammed in and out of my bitch whilst I kissed him and I moaned into his mouth as I unloaded cum deep inside his ass, as I unloaded, he shot another load all over the two of us. "Hmmm, that means even more beating bitch, losing two loads without permission."

"Yes Master," he said with a smile knowing that after a severe beating, I would be horny again and would want to use his ass or throat for another rough fuck.

I pulled out of bitch, and he moved to clean my dick for me, he looked up wanting to know if I needed to piss but I shook my head and he stopped and moved away. "Go into the lounge and get your ass over the coffee table." He ran into the lounge as I went upstairs. I chose a new rattan cane and the paddle; I would start with the paddle and then introduce the cane.

I made my way downstairs, but Little Lee stopped me and saw the cane and paddle in my hands "bitch been naughty again."

"Yeah. Shot his load, twice, both without permission. I think he does it on purpose." I looked into Little Lee's bedroom and cunt was fast asleep "worn him out?"

Little Lee smiled. "He is one well fucked Uncle, I'll let him sleep for a while and I can recharge my batteries before I start using him again."

"Okay, no problem but he needs to be up at 6 am for work." Little Lee nodded and went downstairs, he turned and looked at me my dick was rising once more. He smiled and shook his ass at me.

"Maybe I'll let you at my ass again one day when cunt is a work."

"I can't wait." And Little Lee disappeared into the kitchen, and I went into the lounge and shut the door. "I see you are waiting as instructed. See this bitch" and I showed him the new cane. "This will hurt more than anything else I have used on you, but first the paddle to warm you up."

I got to work and started hitting him with the paddle, soft strokes to begin with, I got harder and harder. His ass started to go red, so I slowed down and stopped. I rubbed his ass; it was nice and warm to the touch and very red. "Hmmm, nice. That was for cumming once without permission bitch are you ready for round two?"

"Yes, Master." I picked up the cane and swiped it in the air, it made a whoosh sound. The next swipe went on his ass, I saw him tense up which made me smile as it would give him more pain. I used my arm muscles to hit him five times with the cane before stopping. He was quietly sobbing to himself, but his tiny dick was hard, so I knew everything was okay. I rubbed his ass gently and went round to his dick and rubbed that too, through the tears he started moaning.

"You're okay then?" He nodded and I picked up the cane "five more should do it bitch." I swiped at his ass harder and harder, and by the final 10th hit, I used all my strength on his ass. I put the cane down and his ass although very red and had a few welts was okay, I had not drawn any blood. I used the cream and caressed his ass. He started to moan again, and the tears were all gone. I used a finger and entered his ass.

"Oh my God Master please don't stop." Before I used more fingers on him, I reached for the lube and liberally coated my fingers and hand. I used all four fingers this time and pushed into his ass, I curled my thumb into my hand and gave one almighty push and my hand disappeared. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," he screamed out."

"Am I hurting you bitch" I said with a little concern in my voice, I love my sex rough, but I wouldn't want to hurt him.

"No Master it feels so fucking nice, I need to cum so fucking badly, please, please, please, let me shoot!"

"Okay bitch since you asked so nicely. Yes." And his whole body shuddered as he unloaded his cum all over the coffee table and the floor. He started to cry once more and through the tears "Oh Master that was the best orgasm I have ever had, I have never felt anything like that before, I feel totally drained."

I pulled my hand from his ass and picked up my bitch and took him upstairs and into the bath. I used the shower head and cleaned him all over and put him to bed where he fell asleep immediately. I sat on the bed with him and looked at him sleeping soundly and with a smile plastered across his face. I kissed his forehead "I love you bitch, more than you'll ever know." I left him and went downstairs in just a jock strap.

I decided to go to the gym and work out, I would go to bed without a shower and let bitch smell my sweat when he woke up next to me.

I had a hard workout and as it was a hot evening, I had built up a nice sweat. I went back to the house and upstairs, bitch was still asleep. I took the jock off and laid it in front of him on the pillow. I got behind him quietly, he stirred and pushed back automatically but he was still asleep.

I woke up just as bitch was stirring from his slumber. "You okay bitch?"

He turned to face me "yes Master." He reached over and kissed me. "You smell nice Master."

"Thanks, bitch, what was the kiss for?"

"For giving me the best orgasm I have ever had, and I apologize for falling asleep on you when you were probably horny after having to beat me."

I grinned at my bitch and kissed him, I leaned in and whispered in his ear. "I am still horny and in need of a piss"

I have never seen my bitch move so fast, he was down at my crotch and had my dick in his mouth and down into his tight throat, quick as a flash. He looked up at me and saw me grinning, which quickly turned to laughter. "I do love you bitch." A small tear appeared in his eye, which I swept up with my finger and licked it.

I let my piss go and bitch pulled off slightly as he wanted to taste me, which I let him do. As soon as I finished, I pulled him up to me and kissed him only to find he had kept a mouthful and passed it to me.

"Naughty bitch." I said, not meaning it. "Come here this instant." I pulled him towards me and we lay down together on the bed snuggling with each other. "Time for sex later bitch, I want to hold you for a while." He looked up and another tear appeared. "I know bitch." And I kissed the top of his head and pulled him into an embrace, and we rested for a while.

Some hours later I came too, and I was still cuddling my bitch to my chest. I looked at the clock and realized it was morning. I kicked him out of bed "Sorry bitch but it is time to get up and get cunt ready for work. Go and make breakfast."

"Yes, Master." And he disappeared downstairs. I had a very quick shower and pulled on a pair of satin shorts and went down to meet him. Cunt and Little Lee soon appeared.

"Right cunt, this is what you wear to work." I handed him the rubber suit. He looked at me pleading with his eyes. "Bitch, show cunt how to put the suit on, take him in the lounge while Little Lee and I eat." They went off and Little Lee and I ate the breakfast that bitch had prepared.

A while later they came back into the kitchen, I have to say that cunt looked fucking ace in the suit, his muscles showed through the rubber, and it fitted him perfectly. "Turn round" he turned, I saw the hole in his ass, as did Little Lee.

"Hey, a fuck hole."

"Just think Little Lee." I said "He can get fucked all day long when at work and he won't have to undress.

"How do I piss?"

"Duh – inside the suit, where the fuck else do you think you'll piss?" I threw him the waders that Martin sent over for him "Put these on to complete the outfit."

He looked at me questioningly. "They fucking stink."

"You are going to work in the sewage, all the workers love muck and mess and love to fuck a nice bitch cunt like you. Just then the door went. "That'll be your boss. Go and let him in."

Cunt went to the door and bought in a good friend of mine "cunt this is pig boss, pig boss this is cunt."

"You and I will get along nicely cunt. I am a horny fucker and always in need of a nice cute, muscled hole to fill."

"Just make sure you come home with your ass full cunt; you know by now that I love fucking a loose sloppy hole."

"Yes, Master." He turned and left with pig boss.

"I hope you are trained in piss cunt." We heard as they left the house.

"Right thanks for breakfast bitch, I'm off to school."

"Okay bitch what do you want to do today?" he was about to speak but I stopped him "apart from having me fuck you all day." He closed his mouth and smiled. "I know you only too well don't I bitch?"

"Yes, Master. I can tell you have showered Master, how about going for a run or to the gym, then I can lick you all over."

I looked at bitch and laughed "Okay bitch, I need to work out anyway. Come and watch me."

As we walked towards the gym, I felt as if my life was now complete. I had a bitch I loved and Little Lee a bitch of his own too. I loved my bitch so very much, as we walked over to the gym I stopped and turned to bitch and kissed him deeply and lovingly. "I love you," I said to him as I pulled away. The bitch cried, and I picked him up and carried him the last few blocks. "I never thought that I would find somebody to love after losing my boyfriend to cancer. I love you so very much." And I kissed him again.

"Master, I have always loved you, when you used to walk past my house before that bitch of a wife left me, I used to cum without even touching myself. I always thought that you would never look at a pathetically tiny-dicked bitch like me. But I love you too and I adore what you have done to me." I kissed Master on the lips again.

"Enough of this fucking slop," I said grinning "Let me get on with my workout, I'll soon build up a nice sweat for you to clean," I said winking and went over and started my workout.

The End

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