405 Straight Ass

405 How to Fuck Straight Ass
Part 1 of 5

My name is Joffrey. I'm a big, built, 25-year-old, 6’ 2” black guy with a taste for white college boys. I know what you're thinking. There are plenty of white pussy-boys who dream about guys like me. I ought to have `em lining up, right?

Wrong. Those needy twats get on my nerves, pawing at me all the damn time and giving me their big Bambi eyes.

I like straight boys. The straighter, the better, and jocks are best. Those guys don't just bend over and beg you for it. You must get creative to get `em to let you pop their cherries. You must work for it, but it's SO DAMN GOOD when you break one of `em open and make him your bitch.

But I'm not happy with getting lucky a couple times a year. I need it regularly, so I've devised some tricks to even the odds. Some are legal, and some aren't exactly, but hey, they work.

Luckily, I ended up moving to a big party spot in Florida. Lots of beaches, lots of clubs, lots of straight college guys coming to chase pussy on weekends, spring break, holidays, you name it. Some of these guys have the money to do whatever they want, but many are just skating by, sharing rooms with buddies, or riding somebody else's coattails. A couple of days into the partying, there's always some kind of drama—a fight over a girl, no more cash for booze or drugs, getting kicked out for puking on your friend's bed. You name it, there's always something.

Somebody else's trouble is good for me.

Next, I gave myself a way to start conversations with the guys. Business cards are my friend. It turns out that nobody checks to make sure your business is real when you have the cards printed. You'd be amazed at how many jobs I “apparently” have. The ones that get me the best results are Beverage Market Research Coordinator, Entertainment Developer, and - my favorite - Video Talent Manager. These are the cards I have on me now. I'm not even sure what that last one means, but it always works.

If you want the quality ass and not the strung-out druggies who do anything for the next fix, then it's easier to approach guys when they're in groups of two or three. You can find quality loners, but most guys let their guard down more when they're with buddies. Then you can play them off against each other or cut the one you want away from the others after you get the ball rolling.

One of my first great successes was with a couple of buddies named Bryan and Mark after I decided to perfect the art of getting my dick into straight white jock ass. They were sitting at one of the bars in the club I was hunting in, slowly nursing beers just a few feet away from me. I could hear everything they were saying. They were only a couple days into break week, and it looked like a bust—no luck with the women and already almost broke.

I waved the bartender down and quietly told him to get them a double kamikaze shot on my tab and stay close by. The confusion on their faces was priceless when he set the shots down in front of them. I grinned and shifted over a stool to get next to them.

"Hey." There's the universal straight-dude greeting. "I just heard you talking about your week and figured I'd do my good deed for the day to help you turn it around. Nobody should have a sucky break." I raised my glass to them. "Hope you have better luck tomorrow."

They grabbed those drinks like free milk at a titty bar and slammed them back.

Bryan made a face. "God damn, man. Thanks." He was a taught ginger dude with pale skin and lots of lean muscle. Just looking at him made my balls tingle. I found out later he was a gymnast.

"Fuck, yeah. Thanks!" Mark said. He was a bigger guy—Italian looking with a dark tan and dark hair. He was smaller than me but a lot bulkier than his friend. He turned out to be a rugby player.

"No problem. I've been there. You want another one?" I pointed at the bartender at their empty glasses without waiting for an answer. "Oh, I’m Joffrey, by the way."

They shook my hand like I was their new best friend. When the next round came, they kicked it back just as fast. I was starting to see why they were running dry on cash.

Mark glowered at his empty glass. "Damn, those are good. Everything here is so much more expensive than I thought it'd be. We're gonna have a dry week from here on out. It's gonna suck."

I laughed and pointed at the bartender and to their glasses again. "This must be your first time here. The trick to having a good week in a party town like this is knowing how to make money as you go. You can make shit loads of quick cash and then go out and have fun and do it all over again the next day. Hell, you can make it through the whole week and never spend a dime of your own money." I shrugged. "'Course, you're gonna do stuff you wouldn't do at home, but who gives a shit? What happens on breaks stays on breaks, right? It's not like anyone at home is gonna know."

They downed their third double shot. A flush was starting to creep up Bryan's neck. His eyes were wide. "Really? Like what?" I could see it on their faces—salvation for their break was at hand.

I pointed at the bartender to their glasses again. "Well, it's a party town, man. People come here to have a good time. So, if you want to make money, you gotta help people have a good time. It's simple as that."

Mark was already grabbing his drink. "Yeah, but how?"

"Well, you don't want to do anything that'll cause you problems, so you probably want to stay away from drugs and shit like that. It would really screw your break if you ended up in jail. Modeling is the easiest and safest thing if you're in shape."

Bryan made another face around his drink. "Modeling? Like clothes?"

"Modeling, like porn. You know, like an escort."

Mark almost coughed up the drink he was swallowing. Finally, he got his breath. "You're shitting us. Like somebody's gonna pay us to fuck. We can't even find a baby to take it for free this week."

I discreetly shook my head at the bartender. I didn't want them so smashed that they couldn't do anything. I chuckled at Mark. "You're not looking to make a big-time video `cause you don't want something that'll get all over the internet anyway. You want to find somebody local who wants to have a good time and who isn't gonna spread it around. You show them a good time, collect your money and then go off and have your own good time. It's like a part-time job, but the pay is a fuck- sight better than mowing yards."

Bryan's flush was growing, but he looked at me intently. "How do we get in on something like that?"

I shrugged like it was no big deal. "I'm local. I can put you in touch with people if you want."

They looked at each other, and I saw the questioning going back and forth in their expressions. Bryan looked back at me. "Let's do it."

I tipped back my drink and set it down. "Sure, happy to help. Let's head back to my place."

Mark had to blink a couple of times, but he made his way to a puzzled expression. "Your place? Why?"

I clapped them both on their shoulders and herded them toward the door while talking. "Dude. Do you know how many guys say they want to model, and when the time comes, they can't even get it up? If you want somebody to pay you, you must show you can do it first. Plus, I don't want to get a reputation for introducing guys that turn out to be a let-down."

They seemed to accept that, if only because they couldn't think of a flaw in the logic. I bundled them into a cab, and the alcohol sank deeper as we rode to my apartment. When we got in, I pointed them at the couch. "Have a seat. Go ahead, kick off your shoes, remove your shirts, and dig out your driver's licenses. You must prove you're not a minor, so nobody can get in trouble later." I took close-up pics of their licenses and handed `em back along with a form I'd made up. "OK, now sign this. It's the release form—it says you understand that you're auditioning for a job as an entertainer, and the job will include sex, and the sex may be videotaped, and you only get paid when you do the real job, not the audition. Duh." They laughed and scribbled their names.

I turned on some straight porn, and their eyes snapped to the screen where a woman with big tits was swallowing a cock. Bryan's flush spread across his whole chest, and Mark's nipples were standing up from his tanned pecs. I grinned. "You like her? I know her manager. Maybe I can introduce you if you make it through the audition."

I pulled out a video camera and set it up on a tripod pointed at them. "OK. We're just guys, so none of us is into each other, but you must fake it for the audition. Understand? You might have a client, find a lady you find ugly and fat, but you want to get paid, so you need to make her feel fabulous."

They nodded without looking away from the screen.

I tapped the camera. "We're just making this for the ladies to show them why they want you. We'll do the stuff we normally do with them. Since none of us normally messes around with guys, we'll just make a game out of it, so no one gets stuck pretending to like the faggy shit the whole time. We'll all have to do a little bit. OK?"

Bryan managed to tear his eyes away from the woman getting cum spurted into her mouth on the screen, but his voice slurred. "How far is this gonna go?"

I shrugged like it wasn't important. "We're gonna try everything you'd do with a woman. If you can't fake something, we'll work around it, but you won't make nearly as much money if you can't do everything. Let's see how it goes." I held up an iPad to my face so that only I could see the screen, which was actually blank. I pretended it showed a long list of erotic acts numbered from one to 100. I was scrolling as if to quickly scan them all, seemingly to check out the list. "OK, Mark, pick a number. One to a 100."

"Um... Thirty-seven."

"OK. Let me scroll down to… Wow! You went straight for the hard-core shit. Well, that's OK. This will break the ice. Now pick Bryan or me."


"OK. Mark, you get on your knees. Bryan, stand up in front of Mark. Face sideways so the camera can see you both." “Wait, you going to video us?” Brian asked. “Of course, shithead, this is your big test. I need to see if you are camera shy.” I waited until they both got into position. "Now, Mark, you pull down Bryan's pants and start sucking his dick."

Mark looked like I'd punched him in the head. "What?"

"Pull down his pants and suck his dick. I'll tell you when to stop. And don't forget you both need to pretend hat you like it, or the ladies won't buy it."

Bryan laughed and ruffled Mark's hair. He shoved his crotch forward. "Oh, baby, your mouth is so hot and wet. Oh, fuck, you suck so good."

Mark scowled and batted him away. "Shut the fuck up. I can't do that. I want sex with women, gorgeous women. I’m not having sex with a guy. Period!"

I shrugged. "Makes no difference to me. This is why you have to do an audition like this. No lady will pay for you if you can't perform and pretend you like it. You can have a shitty week-long break sitting in your room wishing you had money and babes you like."

"Oh, come on, Mark," Bryan said. "This is the way we can have an awesome week. It doesn't mean shit, and nobody is gonna know."

Mark scowled. "Sorry. This makes no sense. Joffrey, why? What does sucking a guy’s dick have to do with sex with women?”

OK, fair question. Let's say a woman will pay you $3,000 to have sex with her for a couple of hours. And she wants the full treatment, kissing, having you suck her titties, licking her ass, munching her cunt, and then a good solid fuck.”

“Super, sign me up!”

“But wait, when you meet her, she is obese and ugly. She has warts on her face, and she even stinks. She says, ‘Start by sucking my toes.’”

“Well, for three grand, I’ll try. But…”

“BINGO! That’s the problem. You CAN NOT try. Not only do you need to have sex, get a huge boner, and work her over as requested… YOU HAVE TO PRETEND YOU LOVE PLEASING HER. Your dick has to cooperate.”

Mark thought about it and might miss out on the three grand.

That would be awful. “But I can’t just get a bone when I’m with some ugly gal. It’s impossible.” Bryan was nodding in agreement.

“EXACTLY! But I can train you to get those boners and earn more than just three grand.” Bryan and Mark smiled. “But you have to trust me.” The young men nodded. “What is worst than having sex with a fat ugly bitch?” No responses. “A man. Having sex with a man, any man. Isn’t that even more disgusting?” Still, only a couple of blank stares.

“Look, shitheads, I will teach you to have sex with a man and show you how to pretend you enjoy it. Now, would you both agree that if you learn to pretend that sex with a man is fun, exciting, and wonderful, you could also pretend that having sex with an ugly bitch is also fun? I mean, pretend fun?”

Bryan agreed and said, “Of course. Especially for those big bucks. I’m in.”

“That's easy for you to say,” Mark complained. “You're not the one getting a dick in your mouth."

"He still might," I jumped in. "This is just the very first number you picked. There's a lot more on the list."

Mark was unhappy with the way things were developing. But Bryan pressured him for another few minutes, but finally, he said, "Fuck it. Let's get this over with." He started unbuttoning Bryan's jeans.

I slowed him down. "Don't forget, you both must pretend you like it, but don't make it silly. Try to make it look real. I'll give you directions and tell you when to stop if you need 'em. Mark, start by wiping that frown off your face. You're trying to make him feel good, remember?"

Mark took a few deep breaths and got his face to a neutral expression. He slowly unzipped Bryan's jeans and pulled them down to his ankles, exposing his toned legs. He hesitated but plucked at the waistband of Bryan's plaid boxer shorts and pulled those down too. Bryan's cock was hanging in front of his face. His balls were either shaved or naturally smooth, but a trimmed ginger bush was clustered around the base of his shaft.

Mark looked at it for a long time. A grimace flitted across his face, but he mastered it quickly. He slowly leaned in and tentatively licked at the head and then very, very gently sucked it into his mouth.

I mentally gave him credit—he didn't make the bullshit move of opening his mouth so wide that nothing touched his buddy's dick. He nursed on it instead, sucking lightly at the head.

Bryan's limp dick started plumping immediately. He took several deep breaths, and when he spoke, he didn't sound like he was being silly. "Oh, man. That's good! Nobody's done it like that before." In thirty seconds, he was at full mast. His dick was about eight inches long but not very thick. I could see almost all of it because only the head was in Mark's mouth.

"Good Mark," I murmured. "Now start taking it deeper. Keep making him feel good."

Mark tentatively slid down Bryan's cock, a little at a time, then drew back, over and over, working his way further each time. I started seeing spit on Bryan's dick when he pulled back.

Bryan groaned, and his hands went to Mark's head, but they just rested there. "God damn. That really is good! Try to take it all the way, Mark!"

"Perfect," I murmured. "It's good if you give each other direction like that."

Mark did as he was told. He gradually slid further toward Bryan's root, backing off a few times with a cough or quick choke. It took several times, but finally, his nose was getting buried in Bryan's red pubes on every slow plunge.

"Good. Good," I said. "Mark, hold still now. Bryan, take his head and start fucking his mouth. Go easy on him. Mark, you keep the suction up and give us some moans to show us how much you love it."

Mark's eyes popped a little, but Bryan didn't hesitate. He held the back of Mark's head and started an easy fuck of his face with long, gentle strokes, pulling back until just the tip of his head was on Mark's lips and then diving in until his balls were up against Mark's chin. After a few thrusts, Mark got himself under control, closed his eyes, and started moaning around Bryan's cock.

Bryan gasped. "Holy shit! That's what they mean by a hummer! Keep that up!"

Once again, Mark did as Bryan directed, and his moaning intensified while Bryan fucked his mouth. I let it go for about five minutes but cut them off when Bryan started panting, getting close to climax. They were getting sexually charged up, even if they did not realize it. And I did not want them to climax and lose that helpful pent-up sexual energy. "OK, time's up on this one. Take a break." They fell back on the couch, and Mark avoided looking at either of us. "Bryan, you may as well go ahead and kick off the rest of your clothes. Mark, leave yours on at least until we know what's coming next." Bryan kicked off his shoes and pants and whipped his t-shirt over his head, exposing his amazing gymnast body. I couldn't wait to break him open. He sat on the couch with his cock sticking up stiffly from his groin.

I pretended to consult the iPad screen. "OK, Bryan. It's your turn to pick a number."


"And now pick Mark or me."

"Mark." He nudged his buddy. "Turnabout is fair play, right? I guess I get to make you happy now."

I laughed. "These things are all shuffled up. You never know. OK, this one is more pretending than real sex. Mark, you stretch out on the couch on your back. Keep your clothes on. Bryan, you're gonna go up his body like he's the sexiest woman you've ever met, you know, show us how you love feeling her up, the whole way. And Mark, you're loving how he's treating you. Bryan, when you make it all the way, you're stretched out on top of him and start making out with each other. Mark is your woman, and you've been gone for weeks. Bryan is your man, and you're desperate for him."

Bryan laughed and elbowed his friend.

Mark shook his head. "Oh, god damn it." He lay down on the couch with a sigh.

Bryan nudged Mark's feet apart and knelt in between his legs, gently caressing and squeezing his thighs. He managed not to sound too corny when he spoke. "Oh, baby, I've been looking forward to this so much. It's been so long. I was thinking about you the whole time I was gone." His cock was still jutting up as he knelt over his friend.

Bryan was taking this all very seriously, following Joffrey’s directions earnestly, which was great. He worked his way up to Mark's torso and started to keep going. I cut in quietly. "Bryan, would you slip a hand under your lady's shirt as you fondle and feel her up, as you move your hands up to her breast?"

Bryan paused and grinned down at Mark, then started massaging his flanks and gently teasing the bottom of his shirt up until he could slip a hand under. I could see the hair on Mark's belly and the thicker treasure trail disappearing into his pants as Bryan's hand roamed.

"You feel so good, baby," he cooed. He started slowly unbuttoning Mark's shirt from the bottom, giving himself more access to Mark's belly. He caressed and stroked and then moved up to the next button and the next, finally exposing the valley between Mark's muscled pecs. He ran his hands out over Mark's hairy chest. "I missed these so much. I had dreams about them."

He pinched Mark's nipples lightly, and for the first time, Mark reacted. His eyes clamped shut. He hissed, and his back arched.

"Oh, my baby misses that, doesn't she?" Bryan's hands tugged and twisted, and Mark's groaned out loud. His head thrashed back and forth.

Bryan slowly slid the shirt halves open, peeling it back to expose his whole muscled chest. "I remember what my baby likes." He bent his head down. Just as Mark started to protest, Bryan flicked his tongue back and forth across his nipple. Mark's objection was lost in a groan, and his back arched up again.

Bryan's hand reached up to the other nipple and gently pulled and twisted, making Mark buck and pant. Just when he got a reaction, he bit Mark's nipple.

"Jesus Christ!" Mark yelled. His knees jumped up, and for a second, I thought he would wrap his legs around Bryan's waist. Instead, his hands snapped up, and he grabbed the sides of Bryan's head, forcing his mouth tight against his pec. "Oh, fuck! Don't stop! Don't stop!" His head was tossing around uncontrollably, and his hips were thrust up, grinding against Bryan's erection.

Bryan didn't stop. He chewed and sucked and bit and pulled and twisted Mark's nipples while Mark thrashed and moaned and spewed obscenities underneath him. It went on for a good ten minutes.

Now Joffrey was about to broach a milestone. Was he going to get the two buddies to French kiss? Would they actually do that? It was an important step, but was Joffrey too confident?

How to Fuck Straight Ass
Part 2 of 5

“Ah… Bryan? Time to advance upward.” Joffrey implored in a whisper. But he stayed put on Mark's nipples. “OK, buddy, begin to lick and kiss your way up Mark’s neck.” He did. He licked and kissed all around and up toward Mark’s face, kissing his chin and cheeks, but then he stalled there.

“Great,” Joffrey whispered. “But plant baby kisses on his lips, too.” Finally, Bayan did. He kissed closed lips. “Now, place your hands on each of Mark’s ears and hold his head firmly.” Mark began to moan again.

“Mark, open your mouth. Welcome your buddy’s tongue.” Mark was OK with this. He obediently opened his mouth and waited.

“Bryan, close your eyes and keep them shut. Pretend you are on top of gorgeous naked Beyonce. Beyonce has her mouth open. She thinks you are the sexiest man alive, and she wants you. She wants your tongue in her warm, wet, juicy, sexy mouth. So… just…”

Bingo, Brayan could no longer hold back. Beyonce desired him. He could not believe he was making love to his queen, He thrust his tongue in and all around her mouth, and she responded by tonguing back, and they dualling with their tongues, and at the same time, the two guys were lost in lust, and each groped and squeezed the other, rubbing their hands everywhere. Since Bryan was naked, Beyonce was groping his ass and pinching-pulling his bare flesh. Beyonce was even reaching way down, stretching his hand to tickle-tease Bryan’s furry ass crack. Bryan went crazy. He was so happy, so excited. His dick was never stiffer, and he was now leaking his man juice.

Softly, Joffrey told them to open their eyes. It took a second for Beyonce’s image to morph back into his friend’s face. It was weird. But he accepted what had happened in his mind. He understood. He would never admit that he liked it, but he was OK. They each blinked back to full reality. Bryan slowly pulled himself back, and a trail of glistening pre-cum stretched from the head of his cock down to Mark's belly button. He was panting, and the heat in his face was obvious when he looked at Mark.

Mark was panting too, and he looked even more disheveled, with his mangled shirt bunched up around him and his hair tossed everywhere. He looked fixedly down at the couch, and his face was flaming red under his tan.

"That was really good, guys. You're starting to get how it works. If you can act that well with everything, you're gonna make a shit load of money on the real thing.”

After a moment, “OK, it's not fair for me to pick since I've seen the list, so Mark, you pick another number. One to a 100."

He took a deep breath, mentally saying goodbye to Beyonce, and said, "Twelve."

"And Bryan or me."


Finally, I get to get into the action. That’s my plan! Mark might have been hoping to make me do something faggy. He'd have had a chance if there were actually a list on the screen. I pretended to find that item. "Oh, this is an easy one. Go ahead and strip down, Mark." I pulled off my clothes, as well.

He started stripping, but I could see the alarm on his face. Mark was a relatively beefy guy, but I'm a lot bigger. And when I pulled my pants off, my thick nine-inch dick was clearly plumped. Whatever Bryan's treatment of his tits had done for him, his dick had shriveled back up with embarrassment since.

He looked at me nervously. "What do we need to do?"

I picked up a little brown bottle. "You ever do poppers?” Mark shook his head. “No? Well, you just sniff `em, and they give you a nice little buzz." I held it up to my nose and inhaled deeply through each nostril. "See? Like that." I passed it to him.

He sniffed tentatively, and I laughed. "No, man, take a deep huff.” I just reached up and pinched one of his nostrils closed as he inhaled and then did the same with the other. A few seconds later, I saw him rock as it mixed with his alcohol buzz and hit him. His eyes lost a little bit of focus. "Feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yeah. It's nice." He smiled a little.

I shrugged and pushed him back down on the couch. "That was number twelve. Told you it was easy."

He looked confused. "Wait. Why did we strip?"

"Oh, it was just time for you to catch up with Bryan, and I didn't want you to think I wouldn't do it. I mean, You guys are being ballsy, and I need to join you and be as fucking daring as you. I mean, what’s good for the students must be good for the teacher. You guys are great. And if you guys can be outlandish and daring, I must be too. I can’t let you show me up.” I joked. “Bryan, your turn to pick a number."

"Um... fifty. And Mark. I still feel like I owe him something for the blowjob."

I glanced at the non-existent list. "Actually, fifty is for all three of us, but Mark gets to be in the middle. Mark, get on the floor on your back."

He slowly slid down off the couch. I thought he was looking nervous again, so I pushed the poppers at him, and he took a couple of deep hits. And then a couple more.

I passed them on to Bryan. "You try `em too. See if you can catch up with Mark." He didn't hesitate. I think he'd have inhaled half the bottle if I didn't take it back. He had a glazed look and a silly grin when he gave it up.

"OK, now we're gonna pretend-fuck. Bryan, you get between Mar’s legs." I knelt with a knee on each side of Mark's head and lowered my balls to his mouth. "Mark, you go ahead and make my nuts feel good." I gently pulled and twisted his nips, and he groaned and squirmed. His tongue started lapping at my sack, and my big black pole expanded from plump to nice and hard. I noticed that his own dick started to fill out just a little.

I tossed Bryan a bottle of lube. "Slick yourself up with this and start rubbing your dick around his hole. You know, hump his crack. You’ve fuck bitches’ asses. It’s the same here.” Bryan never fucked anyone’s ass, but he faked a nod in agreement. “Now, lift your buddy’s legs up. Don't forget to talk it up. Smile. Make it sound fun and exciting."

Bryan got in position and picked Mark's heavy legs up as I gave his nipples a serious twist. He groaned, his back arched again, and he sucked my ball sack into his mouth and started working on it desperately. His dick turned out to be about seven inches, uncut and thick. I know because that's when it snapped up.

While Mark was moaning and sucking my balls, Bryan leaned over him and started fucking motions in his crack. "God damn, Mark, your ass feels good. It fits around my dick like a nice pair of tits. Fucking hot! Oh, Jesus, I could blow my load all over you this way."

I let it go on for a few minutes, but I cut it off before Bryan could blow. He needed that pent-up sexual energy. Thanks to the rough treatment I was giving Mark's tits, I don't think my balls have ever had better mouth action. I released his nipples. "OK, guys, that's good. I'm starting to think you both have what it takes.” I tossed them a fake bone to conder, “You know, a couple of days ago, we had a customer. It was a pair of straight women who wanted a three-way with someone like you guys. They paid him $5,000. Just think, that could have been one of you!” They both ooohed and ahhed. “Let's do one more and call it a night."

I could tell Bryan was reluctant to put Mark's legs down, but he backed away, leaving a smear of lube and pre-cum on Mark's taint. Even Mark had a little drop forming at the head of his cock, and this time his dick didn't go limp as soon as we separated. They were both breathing hard.

"Mark, the last choice goes back to you. Pick a number."

"Let's try number one."

I pretended to consult the pretend list and raised my eyebrows. "Are you sure? That one is kind of advanced." I looked thoughtful. "Conversely, it would definitely put you guys over the top if you can do it."

"Why, what is it?"

"Oh, no," I laughed. "That's not how we play this game. I can’t tell you. You have to follow me… I mean… the program’s directions. It it’s a problem…"

Bryan punched Mark lightly. "Of course, we're doing it, right? We didn't do all this just to bail at the last second and get nothing out of it."

Mark nodded. "Yeah. We're in. What is it?"

"This one has some light bondage. We're gonna have to go into the bedroom. I'll take the camera. You guys follow me and take a few more sniffs on the poppers." My dick was already hard, and as I turned toward the bedroom, the first bead of cock-drool started oozing out. I was looking forward to this.

I turned on the light and gestured at the bed. "There are some ropes with Velcro cuffs in the headboard for both of you. Bryan, why don't you cuff Mark's hands while I get the camera set up?" They fumbled around, giggling and joking, and I deliberately wasted time with the camera until Bryan had Mark on his back with his hands cuffed to the bed's headboard. Then I wandered over and checked his work. "Good job. Now you lay down alongside your buddy, and I'll cuff you."

I fastened Bryan's hands down, and he kept laughing. "Fuck, man. This is kinky as hell."

I grinned. "Women love this stuff. Some women will pay you a fortune to tie them up like this. Or… for them to tie you up! Here, have another hit." I held the poppers under their noses for a long time. "OK, now let's take care of your ankles." The wrist cuffs they both had on were fastened to the headboard. But the ankle cuff had loose ropes, not attached to the bed. I slipped the ankle cuff on both sets of ankles. All were snuggly secure. Then, working first with Mark, I threaded the long ropes attached to his ankle cuffs and, through a pair of eyebolts, screwed into the wall high above the headboard, about three feet apart. I had to get on my tiptoes to fasten them.

Once everything was attached, "Now relax, Mark... I'm gonna start pulling on these ropes, and it's gonna pull your legs up in the air and apart. Don't tense up." He did as he was told, grinning at the silliness of it.

Bryan laughed at how his friend was splayed open. "Damn, man, you look like a total whore, opened up like that."

I tied Mark's ropes off. "Well, now it's your turn, Bryan, to look like a whore," I said as I did the same to him. "So don't you tense up either." I pulled his ropes, gently raised his legs, and spread them wide. He really showed his gymnast training by how wide open he went. I have a king-sized bed, but each pair of legs made a “V” in the air, and together, they formed a “W.”

"All right, now, let me check my iPad. I think there were more instructions for me.” I pretended to look and then to be surprised. “Oh shit! Guys, do you believe this?”


“Well, it says here you must be gagged. Geez, I’ve never gaged anyone before. How weird. I wonder if we can avoid this part.” I pretended to scan the screen. “Well, if we don’t, you will fail the test. You can never be hired. Fuck. What do we do?”

“It’s OK, gag us.”

“But I don’t want to be so cruel, guys?”

“Please, just do it. Gag us.”

“But, I.. I.. don’t think I…’

“For Christ's sake’ just fucking gag us. Please!”

BINGO. They are begging for it. I’m letting them think they are in charge. PERFECT! “Well, OK,” I said reluctantly, reaching into the nearby drawer for a gag. These shitheads never wondered why I had gags in my bedroom. That is because of the booze, the poppers, and the pent-up sex urges they each had worked against them.

"These are called ball gags. I'm going to put one in each of your mouths. Open up, Mark, and when you close your mouth, your teeth sit down into the rubber ball's ridges. Let me know if I am doing this right. It should be tight… it says.” They each obediently accepted one, and I strapped it closed around the back of their heads.

"Comfortable?" They nodded, their eyes still crinkling with laughter.

"Good. You guys are so great. When it’s my turn for you guys to tie me up, I hope I act adult and allow you to have your way with me. If I hesitate, just force me to accept your control, OK? That’s fair." I turned on some music and filled the room with a nice easy beat before I turned back and climbed up on the bed at Mark's ass. I smeared a heavy coat of lube on my overly anxious dick. I could see a little concern in his eyes, which were laser-focused on my cock.

I leaned down over him so my thick 10-inch black pipe rested on his balls. His seven-incher started to shrivel and looked like a little boy dick next to mine. I reached up and started teasing and tweaking his nipples. He moaned around the ball gag and reflexively arched his back again. With the ropes holding his legs stretched up, it displayed his asshole like it was begging to be fucked, and fucked hard.

I laughed and twisted his titties harder, making him groan and squirm helplessly. "Oh, yeah. You have bitch titties, don't you? They gave you away. You want people to think you're a big tough jock, but you're really nothing but a bitch for a real man to use. I'm gonna show you how much of a bitch you are."

Then, even though it did not matter whether he cooperated, I still wanted to hear from him. It’s my thing. It’s like icing on the cake. I leaned way forward, between the ropes holding his legs straight up, to place my mouth to his ear, “Remember, you have to pretend to enjoy this. We’ve come so far, don’t fuck it up now. You are both way ahead and ready to be hired. Now, you must beg me, plead with me to fuck your pussie. And don’t worry, I will be extremely gentle, But your job is to moan and yell with pleasure. Yell out how much you want me to fuck your pussie. You need your cunt pussie fucked. Remember that. Be convincing on the video so you will pass. This is your last challenge.” He nodded.

I sat back, kneeling upright. I dragged my pole back and forth through his crack, loving the feel of my fat head raking against his cheeks. I made sure I was sliding across his pucker every time. I looked at Bryan and grinned. "You're right about his ass, dude. It does feel good. I never did this before, so I’m trying my best to enjoy this, no matter how gross sex with men really is.”

Then I bent my head down to his real titty and started sucking and chewing on his nipple. "UUUUHHHHHH!" was the only noise he could make through the ball gag, but his whole body spasmed and bucked so hard that he bent his knees, which, in turn, lifted his ass a bit.

I didn't give him any relief. When he arched his back the next time, I slid my arm under his body, pushing his torso upward and holding it “locked” there. I love this. With his arms and legs all positioned and secured as I wanted them, I was in total physical control with my hands under his back. He just became my toy, my plaything, my inanimate sexual equipment for me to use in any way I wished, whether he cooperated in begging or not. He is mine. He knew he was mine. I loved that power and control. I clamped my mouth on his nip and chewed and chewed and chewed until he was screaming in ecstasy through the gag and shaking so hard he was sweating. When I let it go, his nip was swollen and purple, but I just moved to the other one and did it all over again. When I finally broke away that time, he was limp with exhaustion, except for his pecker, which was rock-hard and drooling like a firehose between us.

I stretched out on top of him through the wide V of his tied-up legs. "Let's see what other sensitive spots this little bitch has." I started licking and chewing on the hollow of his neck, earning me a long whine. "Oh, you like that too, don't you?" I sucked and chewed for a good five minutes, deliberately raising hickeys all over his neck while he whined and panted.

Then I moved on to his ears. Sure enough, he squirmed and moaned when I licked and sucked at them. "Damn, baby. Looks like you have every hot spot a good bitch has. I wonder if you have the best one of all?" I pulled myself off him and knelt up, looking at him, quivering through the frame of his raised legs. "I guess there's only one way to find out, huh?"

I touched the tip of my dick to the little dark knot at the center of his pucker.

I removed his gag. He got the message, “Please fuck me. Please fuck my pussie cunt. My hungry pussie needs to be fucked by a big strong man like you. Oh god, Please ram your big fuck pole in me hard and fast. Please.”

“My dick is fat and throbbing. “Oh? Are you sure? My dick is so big. You sure you want it, sweety?”

“Please, I need to be fuck more than anything in the world.”

I leaned to Bryan and whispered, “See how this is done? I need you to learn from your buddy. I want both of you to be accepted as male escorts. So, you must follow Mark’s lead.” Bryan seemed nervous, but I ignored him for now. And… there was nothing he could do to stop me anyway.

I shoved my hips forward and applied a small amount of pressure at Mark’s asshole with my firm pole. His eyes snapped open wide, and he shook his head violently.

I grinned and ran my hands down the inside of his shaking legs, but I didn't back off. "Relax, baby," I cooed. "Relax. I promise it'll feel good. I've opened up lots of bitches like you." I leaned in a little more and felt the heat of his warm ass lips on my cock.

"OH! OH! OH!" he yelled while he thrashed his head `No.' He yanked hard at his ropes, causing his ass to open up. I shoved a bit of my cock into his hole. His ass lips snapped closed behind my fat cockhead as if grabbing onto it.

He froze like he was paralyzed and then screamed, “No, no, no.” His eyes were bulging, and tears of pain started pouring out. He tried to pull up and away, but my hips followed his and kept sealed against his ass.

I sat there with the head of my dick, plugging him up, and chuckled. "Damn, baby. Don't be greedy. You can't take a real man's dick all at once. This is a big piece of meat. It's not like your little pinky dick. But don't worry, you're gonna get it all. I always know what a bitch can take."

For the record, what a jock bitch can take is as much as I want to give him, and that's always the whole thing. His ass was crazy hot and tight around my cockhead, but it was easy for me to keep my dick in his man cunt. I just gave him a couple minutes to lay there and adjust, to let his ass accommodate my dick, which was not even very far. Finally, his breathing calmed, and his tears stopped leaking out of his eyes. "Good, baby, good. Your bitch pussy feels so good to me, baby. I can't wait to open it all the way up." I let my hands trail up his body, and my palms drift in slow circles across his bruised, swollen nipples. "I'm gonna make you feel so good."

I gave it plenty of time. It took a while for his nipples to fully react, but finally, his eyes tracked back to my hands, and his chest started to rise and fall with deep breaths. "There we go," I murmured. "Now my bitch is ready to make her man happy. But this is important, you must tell me. You know the words.”

“Oh, thank you. Please don’t pull out.” He started to cry because it was difficult to pretend he was enjoying this fucking – this rape – really. Lease fuck me good; I’ll be a good girl. My pussie cunt needs you so fucking bad. I’ll be the best girl ever for you.”

I pushed another inch into his chute and waited while his eyes watered, and he groaned again. I kept working his nips, and adjusting that time didn't take him quite as long. Before long, he was ready. I fed another inch of meat into him. It was ten minutes before I bottomed out, and my heavy ball sack rested on his taint. I stretched out to lean on top of him and licked and sucked at his ear while I murmured to him. "There you go, baby. Your Black stud has got your cherry now. He's popped you wide open, and now he's gonna make you the happiest little bitch in the world. Is that what you want?"

“Oh, please, stu, make me the happiest bitch. I need to please you. Be your best cunt fuck girl ever.”

How to Fuck Straight Ass
Part 3 of 5

I started a gentle rocking with my hips, shifting back and forth by an easy inch and then building a little more and a little more as he adjusted. In another five minutes, I gave him a slow long, dicking, dragging my fat cockhead along his chute all the way up from the deepest part of his guts to rub against his prostrate and then pull, slowly, oh so very, painfully slowly back in. And extremely tauntingly, torturously pushing in again, repeatedly. His panting slid into moaning. I felt movement under my abs and glanced down... his dick was climbing up to attention. "Now you're getting there, aren't you bitch? You like what your Black boy's big dick does to you, don't you?" I twisted his sore nipples, and his ass bucked automatically.

He nodded feverishly. For the first time, Mark was not acting, not pretending. He was in heaven. He was floating on clouds in erotic bliss. “Yeah, I knew you would. You just needed me to make you admit it." I spoke low and soft while I kept up the relentless smooth, extremely slow fucking, and gentle nipple twisting. "You're gonna be nothing but a cunt from now on. Your pretty ass is all the way open, and you'll need to fill it with dick to make you happy. You're gonna spread your legs for any man that wants in, and you're gonna do whatever you have to for him."

I picked up the pace and started drilling him for real. His head was thrashing, and his dick was bouncing and leaking everywhere. I kept talking, digging into his head and his ass at the same time. "A bitch never forgets when she lost her cherry. You're gonna remember this for the rest of your life. Feel the way my fat dick opens you up. You love that, don't you? You'll have to have this all the time, but nobody will ever be like me `cause your sweet, hot ass is shaped to my cock now. I'm the one that opened you up, and for your whole life, you're gonna dream about having me in you again."

I started drawing back and slamming all the way into his guts. My hips smacked into his muscled ass cheeks as my balls bounced off him. I started grunting. "Your Black boy's gonna knock you up, baby. I am making a huge load of my macho manly juice just for your girlie ass cunt." I slapped his face lightly. "You want my load in you, don't you? Tell me you want it, bitch."

“Yes, please, yes, please, fuck, yes, please!” Then his eyes rolled back, his ass clamped down and molded itself to the whole length of my cock, and his dick explored, spraying rope after rope of cum up his body, matting it into his chest hair and even coating the bottom of his chin.

The squeeze of his ass clicked the cocked trigger on my dick gun, and as I plunged to the depth and fully sealed my groin to his ass, I held it there and exploded. Jolts of cum shot so deep into Mark that I swear I saw it seep out of his mouth. Jolt after jolt. I held onto his body, refusing to let up, even a little until I was completely empty. I eased my body forward again onto him, keeping my shaft buried to the hilt while it twitched and jerked inside him. His eyes were completely glazed, and drool was running down his chin.

It was time to make the change in him stick. I caressed his nipples lightly, dragging my fingertips over them, and gently nuzzled and sucked at his neck. I worked my way up to his ear and licked and kissed. "You're my baby, now, aren't you? Are you glad I'm the one who took your cherry, baby?"

He struggled to focus on me and nodded slowly. He tilted his cheek against mine and caressed my face with it. "And you'll do what I said and open this sweet ass for other guys, won't you? You'll make as many men happy as you can, right?" He nodded.

"That's my baby. Now you rest for a little bit." I slowly hauled myself up off him, and my dick slid out with a wet slurp. His chute hung open and empty, and a stream of cum poured out and soaked the bed. I grabbed the camera and got some great shots showing how totally fucked he was and what his gaping, cum-hungry hole looked like as my juice was bubbling out. I untied his ankles and lowered his legs to give him some relief.

I gave myself a second to catch my breath before I looked at Bryan. "Your buddy did great; he'll be a big hit. I'll have to take a break before I do you, though." I patted his washboard abs and laughed. "Don't go anywhere."

I wandered into the kitchen, made myself a drink, and got a snack. I took a couple of those pills. Well? I’m only human. I flipped through the channels on TV and watched part of a game. You know... recharged. I fucking loved knowing that there was a crazy hot piece of straight ass tied up in my bed just waiting for me.

Finally, after about 40 minutes, I wandered back in and went to Bryan's side of the bed. His legs were still in that “V” shape, of course. His eyes were huge, and his cock was shriveled as I stepped up and ran my hands over him, feeling his tight lean muscles. I made sure my cock was dangling just a few inches from his face when I asked, "You ready for your turn?"

No surprise, he shook his head violently. I pretended to misunderstand his answer. "Oh, right, I forgot the poppers. Here." I pinched one nostril and then the other, forcing him to breathe the fumes for a long time until his eyes glowed. "There you go. Now you're ready."

"Oh, don't worry. I know you're straight, but so was your buddy.” I glanced at Mark in time to see him blush hard and turn his head away. I slapped Bryan's ass. "May as well get this over with, right?"

I slicked a thin coat of lube on my cock. I don't like to use too much lube with real straight boys because I like to feel the guy's ass breaking open. I knelt on the bed again. This time I scooted my thighs against Bryan’s raised legs and put my dick against his nicely displayed asshole, just like I'd done for his friend. Bryan's ass was creamy white and smooth, and it looked amazing under my veiny black dick.

With Mark, I knew he was a bitch in his heart, and I wanted to ensure he knew it too. With Bryan, I already knew that wasn't gonna happen, so there was no reason for me to make him feel good. I would enjoy myself this straight jock’s ass for as long as I wanted to. And that was gonna be quite a while.

Bryan was smaller than Mark, and his asshole seemed smaller too. I place the tip of my dick on its target, the center of his pucker, and leaned-pushed against it. It started to give way and open, so I “gently” jammed my swollen cock-head in. No far, just inside his asshole. He thrashed and screamed into the ball gag, but I didn't even look up at him. I was too busy loving the sight of his tight ass lips locking down on my dick, trying to stop the invasion. But as my flared head entered, I felt his warm wet, wonderful ass tube swallowing me. Jesus, his ass was hot!

I had to have more. I had to. I couldn't go inch-by-inch with this one, and it did not matter. He was going to remain straight. He was going to give me nothing. It was for me to take what I wanted. Maybe if I eased up and waited a bit, but I wanted in him and now. I plowed into him with one long slow shove. His chute resisted, and my fat head plowed right on through the whole way down. It was beautiful.

Even with his legs secured high and wide, Bryan resisted me in any way he could. He was jerking, struggling, flexing his hips, bending his knees, which moved his ass up and down a bit, But FUCK! He did not realize that all that struggling only caused my dick to squirm into his asshole deeper. My black balls bounced around, as were his. He was becoming hysterical. And all of a sudden, he stopped yelling and went limp. He seemed to have passed out. That happens sometimes. He wasn't unconscious, just in shock from the pain and humiliation. I waited and enjoyed the feel of his hot ass stretching around my shaft. It only took him twenty seconds or so to come back to life. He started shaking and pouring sweat and groaning.

I laughed. "God damn, I love breaking open a straight boy. You may not be a bitch like your friend, but you will be a bitch for me. I bet you'll never let another man in this ass, will you? My cum is gonna own you. I'm gonna fill you up with it. Fuck, I'm gonna put so much cum in you. You're gonna be knocking your ladies up with black babies."

Then I fucked him ragged. I put my whole weight into him and fucked him until tears ran out of his eyes. I got my hands underneath him to lift him, cradle him like a baby, so I could plow him at an angle pleasing to the camera. I wanted footage that showed great shots of his ass swallowing my whole cock. Then I kneeled up and power-fucked him into submission, beating his ass with my hips so hard that the whole bed was banging and jumping. This time, I was jolting his body at my will.

When I decided he had no fight left in him, I unfastened the ropes attached to his ankle and wrist cuffs. But I left those cuffs on him and the gag in his mouth. I rolled him on his stomach and powerfully pounded his ass him. I showed him no mercy. He was not going to cooperate. So, this was all about me. Me and my pleasure. Me and my need to fuck straight boy ass. Then I dragged him up onto his hands and knees, took him doggie-style, and spanked his ass while his head was on the mattress. I refrained from climaxing for now. He remained mostly out of it. That’s fine. But I knew he’d soon come too and fight me.

To prepare for that and to keep feeling helpless, I wanted to put him in the position I loved most. When I got off the bed and stood, I first cuffed his wrist together behind his back, leaving his legs free. Then, I picked him up and held him against me. We were belly to belly. Then I lifted him like a rag doll, placed my hands firmly on his ass, and used my elbows to push his legs up and back to extend his legs behind me.

There he was, he was sitting on my strong muscular arms. My hands were on his ass cheeks, more on the outer side of his cheeks, casing his body weight to spread his cheek apart, much like when you sit on a toilet seat. His trim thighs were wrapped around my waist, and his legs extended behind me. He was coming to a little. He was aware enough to realize he was in a very precarious position. He mumbled something, which I ignored. Then he tried to lean back away from me to escape. But he quickly realized that his hands were cuffed behind his back, and therefore, if he wiggled free or caused me to drop him, he’d fall on his unprotected head. Maybe break his neck. So, he did just want I wanted him to do. His natural instinct caused him to hook his ankles together, hug my waist with his legs, keep himself safe, and keep himself from falling. Now, his position was nearly perfect. Nearly.

This position takes strength, but Bryan, with his tight, athletic body, was smaller than beefy Mark and a lot smaller than my huge, muscular, 6’ 2” frame. Plus, the way I was holding him, he was seated on my muscular arms, which I held against the tops of my hips. I lifted a lot more weight at the gym five times a week. Yes, no problems. Also, he was not fighting me. I wore down his ability to resist. But I’m sure he will become more fully awake, and I will be able to fight more, maybe fiercely.

The final touch to make his position favorite and perfect? Ah, yes. As can I easily carry him in my arms, I knew my dick was hard. My dick knew what was coming as well. My nine-inch dick was pointed upward and firm and stiff as a steel rod. The way I held his ass, my dick was sticking way up on the side of his hip. So, I used my hands to lift his ass up, about a foot, which allowed my dick to spring straight up, and then I maneuvered his hole over to the tip of my pole.

Bryan’s head went from lolling to one side to full alertness. He looked confused and then troubled and then a little terrified. With his hands cuffed behind his back, I think he was afraid I would drop him.

“Hey, good buddy. Don’t be afraid, I won’t drop you. I can hold you like this all day.”

“Ah… wha… wha… let me go… Please. Don’t drop me. I have no balance. I can’t…”

“Sssshhh. I know you have no balance. That's why I’m holding you. I’m your balance.”

“But this is over, isn’t it?” He said with a shaky voice. “I can’t stay like this; I mean, my hands are tied behind me. I can’t get loose. If I fall, I can’t… I mean. I can protect myself. I can’t… I can’t do anything. I can’t reach out and grab anything. To… to… protect myself? Please…”

“‘Please?’ You said please? Please, what, my good buddy?” I taunted him while laughing inside. “Ah, Joffrey, Please put me down. Please.”

“Oh, so you want me to put you down? Certainly, of course. If that’s what you want.”

“Oh, thank you, Joffrey, thank you.”

“Then down you go. Slow and easy.”

Bryan was so relieved. He felt his body slipping downward. But immediately, he felt something at his ass. His ass hole, to be exact. “Wait. What?”

“Sssshhh, Just take it easy. I’m lower you down, nice and slow.”

“But… it’s… It’s…YOUR DICK!”

“Sssshhh, calm down. You’ll be fully down soon. We need to take this slowly.”


“Oh my, doesn’t that feel so good?” My huge black dick was slipping into Bryan’s opening ass. As I lowered Bryan’s ass down on my stiff tool, Bryan’s body was waiting to do the work. All I was doing was easing him down as he asked.

“Please stop. Joffrey, Please. I can’t take it anymore. Please.”

“Did you say, ‘Your cunt takes anymore?’ Let’s see. Let me wiggle your body and ease it down. I think there are only a few inches to go, baby.”

“I’ll make you a deal, Bryan, my good buddy, similar to what I had with your buddy, Mark. You beg me to set you all the way down on my dick as I carry you around my hotel room, and I’ll set you free in one hour instead of waiting until morning.”

“Please. I can’t, Please…” then Bryan cried like a baby.

“Look, I‘ll tell you what, let’s make this better for you. YOU wiggle your hips as best you can and let yourself settle down all the way on my shaft. There are only about three or four inches to go until you are fully and properly seated.”

Bryan, the straight, athlete, trimmed-tone young man, started to cry. He shook his head no.

“Well, since you are delaying and drawing this out, I need to add more punishment for you. So, now you need to beg me and thank me and plead with me, humiliate and degrade yourself, tell me what a pussie cunt girlie whore you are, and be much more imitative than that.” Bryan only cried.

“I’ll give you three seconds to begin, or I will add another punishment of a hard paddle spanking to that lovely ass of yours.”

Joffrey began to count. “Oh God, Joffrey, please let me wiggle my pussie ass onto your beautiful dick, please. I need it to do bad.”

“Oh, wow, OK, go ahead.”

Finally, Bryan wiggled his hips and his whole body. He had no use of his hands, but he did his best. And I gradually lowered him fully onto my very happy pole. He screamed all the way down.

“See. Nine inches of raw steel. Isn’t that great? Tell me how your cunt feels now?”

Bryan calmed down; he leaned forward to wipe his tears on my shoulder. “Oh, Joffrey, sir, you feel so good. I am so pleased. I’m just a common slut whore. And you are so kind to me, to treat me like this, you are like a god. If my hands were free, I’d hug you so much. I’d squeeze you, my most powerful master.”

Now that Bryan’s ass was full on my dick. I walked around the rooms. Since it was a two-story hotel room, I walked him upstairs and downstairs to feel his ass bounce on my dick. I jiggled his body and made him squirm and jerk about, all while pegged on my mighty dick.

“You know what would be fun for both of us?” I said with my eyes full of child-like excitement. “I can balance you on the back of that chair. Don’t worry, I won’t drop you. You know I am one mighty strong Black bastard of a hunk, right? And, as I balance you. I can use my hands to tickle you all over. And with your hands fastened behind you, you cannot even resist. You’ll even need to hug me tighter with your legs to ensure you don’t fall as I tickle-torture you. Won’t that be fun? Of course, so go ahead, beg me to tickle-torture you.”

“I… I… Oh please… kind master. Please amuse yourself and tickle-torture me. I am defenseless, so please do your worst. Oh god… please…”

I set him precariously on the top of a chair back and attached him mercilessly with my wiggly finger. He jerked his body in all directions, foolishly trying to avoid my touches, and laughed his head off. My dick loved it. I pinched his nipples and stuck my fingers into his armpits. And wiggle them there. He was giggling, yelling, screaming, crying, and mostly laughing. His knees squeezed my sides, and he was trying to balance himself, which he couldn’t do. I was his support. I used my fingernails, all of them a once, to rake over all parts of his pale white skin, and that set him off. He screamed with laughter. In fact, In my experience, sometimes a tied-up, tickled guy can faint if you don’t give him a break to rest.

I kept going. He did that. He passed out. Then he peed. That’s fine on both counts. Now that he was all quiet and breathing fine, I took a moment to check him out. I put my fingers in his mouth, toyed with his tongue, and then fingered his cute ears. I appreciated that his shin, though too white, was smooth and blemish-free. I tweaked his nipples. They were small but nice. OK, now to revive him. Since our bodies were tightly held together by me, there was a pool of pee ponding at our bellies. A spoon was within arm’s reach on the nearby kitchen counter, so I spoon-fed him half a dozen spoonfuls of his own piss. He came too and spit and sputtered.

Finally, I carried him back over to the bed and dropped him on his back beside his buddy, Mark, who was watching the whole time with his dick sticking straight up. He was still tied to the bed. I pinned Bryan's legs to his shoulders and started long-dicking him while I looked at Mark. "You see, bitch? Even the straight boys give it up to me. My nuts are getting tight. His ass is gonna be full of cream."

I felt my balls simmering, and I focused on Bryan. "You hear that, Mark? You're gonna know what a cunt feels like when she's got jizz running out her pussy and down her leg. Here it comes, pussy! Oh, fuck! I'm dumpin' in you right now!" I dropped down on him, crushing him to the bed, and just lay there while my cock repeatedly spurted into him. I knew he could feel my dick jumping and shooting off inside his ass when I blew, especially when he was still. I held him still so he would KNOW I was knocking him up.

I stayed right there until the last twitch of my cock was done, and then I stayed until I caught my breath and I felt my shaft starting to go soft inside him. Damn, even that felt good. I kept my hips pushing against him so I couldn't slip out, but I reached up, unsnapped his ball gag, and tossed it away. "Damn, man. You did a pretty good job with that. When you guys picked challenge one, I swear, I thought you'd pussy out and quit the audition. You two are gonna make some real money."

It took him a long time for Bryan to focus. Finally found his voice and croaked out words. "You didn't say... we were... gonna get fucked. We were pretending... for women."

"Oh hell, man. Don't you know anything about this business? I told you this one was advanced, and you insisted you wanted to do it anyway. You ought to be happy, though, now that we know you can act with guys, you can make much more money. They don't pay shit for a man to fuck a woman `cause guys will do it for free." I reached down and smacked the side of his pretty ass. "OK, let's wrap this up. Hold your legs up while I grab the camera."

I eased back. Bryan gasped when my soft cock slithered out of his ass with a wet noise, but he did what I told him to do, he used his arms to hold his quivering legs up. I got good shots of him and then focused in on the cum that was rolling out of his sloppy, open hole. "This is a great video, dudes. When the customers see this, you're gonna have guys lined up around the block, lookin' for a shot at your ass."

Bryan dropped his legs with a groan. "Hell, no. I'm not gettin' fucked again. It ain't worth it."

I laughed. "I figured you'd say that. You're not a bitch like your friend here." I nodded at Mark, who was still bound. He was watching us, and his dick was still mostly hard. "You gotta play if you want to get paid, though." I pretended to look thoughtful. "You can get it up and fuck a dude if you need to, right? You didn't have a problem getting hard earlier."

"I guess. If I had to."

"OK. Well, I was gonna wrap up after that last one, but I guess we need to do one more. If you want to make money that way, you gotta show you can do it. Let's have you fuck the bitch." I thumbed at his friend Mark.

The eyebrows shot up on both guys. "You're shittin' me! I can't fuck Mark!"

"Sure, you can. Why not?"

"'cause he's my damn friend! We've known each other since we were kids!"

"You've gone through all this, and now you're gonna pussy out just because you know him? That's stupid. Besides, he just figured out tonight what a bitch he is. You need to get to know the new Mark. He WANTS you to fuck him. Here, let's give this a try." I ripped the Velcro cuffs off Mark's wrists and removed his ball gag.

I stepped back and watched them through the camera. I groped myself. "Mark, tell Bryan how it made you feel to have my big black dick open your cunt."

Mark blushed and looked away, but his uncut dick jumped. "I liked it," he whispered.

"And want more, don't you?"

He nodded.

"You sucked Bryan's dick earlier. Let's see you do that again. Bryan just lay back and let him do his thing. If you decide you like it after all, then you just take over when you want and... see what happens."

Mark got between Bryan's legs, looked up at him shyly, and lowered his mouth. He took Bryan's limp dick in and started gently nursing it as he had done earlier.

"God damn, Mark," Bryan said. "I can't believe you like this shit. I thought you were playing around before." Mark didn't respond except by sucking in a little more of Bryan's cock. br>
Bryan sighed and looked at me. "This is a fuck-sight better than what you did to me." He grimaced. "Shit. I think I have cum running down my ass."

"You've got a bitch right between your legs," I said. "He'll do anything you want. Just tell him to lick you clean."

How to Fuck Straight Ass
Part 4 of 5

They both jumped just a little, and Bryan looked startled at Mark. "What? Would you do that? Fuck, you would, wouldn't you?"

Mark only hesitated for a second and then answered by pushing his face down onto the bed and trying to lick behind his friend's balls. AND… even his asshole!

Bryan's dick snapped up. "Holy fuck, you really are a bitch!" He raised his legs to expose his sloppy ass. "Get your mouth in there and clean me up! Get it all!" While he watched Mark licking and sucking his ass, his expression was a mix of disgust, fascination, and humor.

He let his buddy keep licking long after he was clean, but finally, he pushed Mark's head back and dropped his legs. He looked at his newly submissive friend and shook his head. "So, you really want to have some guy shove his dick in your ass?"

Mark nodded and hung his head. "Yeah," he whispered.

I jumped in. "Speak up for the camera, bitch! Tell everybody watching this video what you want!"

He blushed furiously and sounded strangled, but he forced the words out. "I want to get fucked again!"

Bryan shoved him sideways. "Lay down. On your belly. I don't wanna look at your face."

Mark dropped down and buried his face in his arms while Bryan got behind him and kicked his legs open. "Jesus Christ, I can't believe I'm gonna do this." He lined his dick up and shoved it in with a grimace. "Oh fuck, you're wet in there. I think I'm stirring up his cum. Raise your ass up, dude."

Mark pushed his bubble butt up, and Bryan went straight to slamming it, bouncing off it, making it jiggle, and filling the room with smacking sounds.

I spoke up from behind the camera. "How's his ass feel, Bryan?"

"Actually... pretty damn nice!" He had the wicked grin of a little boy doing something he knows is wrong. "He's all hot and slick!"

"You think you could fuck him in front of a customer?"

He slapped Mark's ass once. "Fuck yeah. Why not?"

"He'll help you get off whenever you need it, too. If you strike out with a lady, you don't need to go to bed horny. Just tell this bitch to bend over, and he'll take it."

"I bet he fuckin' would!" He laughed and slapped Mark's ass again. "You're gonna take care of me from now on, ain't you, buddy? Any time I need it, right?" He wasn't paying attention, but I saw Mark's head nod in his arms.

He pounded away on Mark's ass for another couple of minutes before he spoke again. He was starting to breathe hard. "Tighten your ass for me, buddy. Squeeze your cheeks together." I saw Mark's ass flex, and Bryan growled. "Oh yeah. That's good. Keep it that way for me. Fuck! It's like fucking right through a pair of titties into a bitch's throat!" He started drawing out until his dickhead was outside his buddy's ass-ring but still trapped in his cheeks and then plunging back in.

It didn't take long after that. Five minutes, maybe, and Bryan was panting and groaning. "Fuck, buddy! Fuck! I'm gonna cum in your ass! You're gonna be my bitch too! Oh god, you bitch!" He drove in, and his head rolled back. He looked up at the wall, clenching his teeth while his balls emptied into his friend.

His shivering stopped as soon no sooner than he yanked himself out and rolled off the bed, leaving Mark behind with his ass in the air. He paced around the room, shaking his hands at his sides and not looking at the camera or his friend.

I shut the camera off and put it down. "OK, that seems like it'll do. You guys can get dressed." I threw on a robe but left it hanging open. They pulled their clothes on silently without looking at each other, but Mark kept looking at my cock.

Nobody said anything until they were ready to walk out the door. Finally, Bryan spoke up. "What do we do now?"

"Just give me a few days to show some people the video. That'll give your asses some time to stop being sore too. Then call me on this number."

I handed them each one of my made-up business cards with a fake phone number.

After a day of rest, I decided on a more challenging hunt. I heard that there was some fancy gathering of celebrities at the Ritz-Carlton here in Miami. So, I thought I could find some famous straight ass to fuck there. I never stay at the Ritz because… well… it’s too luxurious for me. But it’s a magnificent place to go for a drink. I went there to laze out while scoping out the prime beef. I’m thinking muscle, man. Someone famous, maybe a movie star, singer, or some everyday TV personality.

I’m relaxing there and on my second drink when I spot that world-famous bitch, Kim Kardashian. I had seen her in the lobby an hour early. She was alone. But here she is in the lounge with none other than Mr. Muscleman himself, Dwayne Johnson. Shit! To conquer Dwayne and make him my bitch, well, it’d be like dying and going to heaven. I mean, Mr. Macho himself would be the ultimate challenge. Fuck! Would I ever like to slide my fuck pole between those mounded muscle ass cheeks?

I kept tabs on them from my corner knock of the bar, but that's it. You don't want to scare them off. They mostly did the usual bar shit, giggling and laughing at each other’s comments. In an hour or so, Dwayne left the bar, for the night or for temporarily, I didn’t know. Then, Kim got up and walked past me. She found a way to pass me twice within minutes. I never cared for that total air-brain bitch, but I’d have to say, she looked the knockout in her classy black, low-cut dress. I’ve always heard that she likes big Black dick. And, boy, was she obviously staring at the bulge in my slacks in passing me.

You might wonder why I was following her ass when I wanted Dwayne’s. Trust me. Five minutes later, Kim and I were still having a nice friendly chat at the bar when Mr. Muscles returned. He came looking for her and spotted us. His eyes went straight to her nipples poking up through her thin black dress material.

"Dwayne!" She called him over to him. As he approached, “This is Joffrey. He's been telling me about a party tonight."

"Hey, dude." I offered my hand, trying to seem unimpressed to meet such a celebrity. He put his other arm around her waist.

"What party? We’re going out clubbing tonight."

I laughed. "Clubbing? Dwayne. Really? It's the same old Miami shit in the clubs every night, man. The real fun is at the private parties. But some people don't like to hang with the big dogs. Whatever floats your boat, right?" I shrugged, took a sip of my drink, and started to turn back to the bar.

Kim jumped in just like I expected. "Who cares about clubbing, Dwayne? We can do that any night. We're only here for a week. How many private parties do you think we'll get invited to?" Seems like a strange thing to say. It’s not like super celebs aren’t invited to parties; they are the high-society, stuffy ones, not the exciting ones, and Kim rightly thought that.

He argued. She got waspish. I kept facing the bar and acted like I didn't even notice the mini-spat taking place two feet away. I even raised my eyebrows when she hit him with, "My agent is the one paying for this trip, and I think we should do something I want to do for once!" Ouch. I was pretty sure she got her way a hell of a lot more than `for once.' In chatting with her before Dwayne returned, she mentioned that they had recently broken up in their relationships and were more like friends with benefits, perhaps, a bit more serious than that.

Kim’s bitchy routine worked for her this time, too, and after another minute of arguing where it was obvious Dwayne had already lost, she put her hand on my arm. She was all smiles as she practically dropped her eyeballs in my tenting lap. Then a bit more discussion and finally, "Hey, Joffrey, we talked it over. It sounds like a great time. We'd love to come."

This wasn't the time for one of my fake business cards, so I jotted my address and time down on a napkin. “Oh, and casual is the dress of the day there.” She flounced off with a walk that I'm sure was supposed to make me zero in on her wiggling butt, and I guess it would have worked if I wasn't already imagining ripping the shorts off Mr. Muscle’s amazing ass.

They showed up 30 minutes late, which was fashionably late in Miami. Kim wore a light crop top that left her flat belly exposed and skin-tight jeans. Dwayne wore khaki cargo shorts and a black V-neck muscle Tee that showed off his definition well. I think it was his way of trying to keep her eyes on what he had to offer. It definitely got my attention.

I waved them into the living room, where my friend Andre was waiting. Andre is the straight buddy I pull in when I need to split a lady away from her man. He loves to help me run this routine `cause he gets what he likes, and I get what I like. He's another tall, built black dude—not as broad as me, but with an easy smile and a smooth way of talking that ladies love. He wore a mesh shirt that showed off his chest, and Kim was checking it out up close and personal when she shook his hand.

I'd gone with a breezy linen button-down to encourage her to take Andre's bait. I went into my good-host routine and poured a round of strong cocktails. "The party is just up the street. We've got plenty of time for a little early party of our own before we head that way." I set a pill down beside each glass.

Dwayne looked at me suspiciously. "What's that?"

"It's the new thing around here, man. It's not too strong, but it'll make you feel damn good when you're dancin' and rubbin' all over your lady." I winked at her, picked mine up, and pretended to swallow it. "But don't feel like you have to do it if you can't handle it."

Andre picked him up and faked washing it down. Kim snatched hers up a few seconds later and popped it in her mouth. Dwayne slowly followed.

I held up my glass and laughed. "Awesome! I knew you guys were cool! Now, here's one just for the guys..." I dropped different pills for the three of us and waggled my eyebrows at Dwayne. "This one is a boner pill. It'll start to work by the time we make it to the party, and we'll be the most popular dudes there."

Kim squealed with laughter, and Dwayne's eyes widened as Andre, and I pretended to take ours. Well, I pretended. I'm not sure about Andre on that one. Dwayne blushed and grinned and washed his down. We all had another toast, and I refilled our drinks. We had that one out on the balcony of my apartment, watching the sun go down and the city lights come on. When they started acting a little touchy-feely toward each other, I knew the pills had kicked in, and I winked at Andre.

I put my hand on Dwayne's thigh and grinned when his eyes widened for a second, and then his face settled into a smile. "Hey, Dwayne, let's do one more round of drinks, huh? Come help me carry `em." That's all we did inside, but I found a dozen reasons to touch him—squeezing a shoulder, casually turning a pat on his back into a rub, doing the buddy pat on his amazing bubble butt, you name it. He soaked it in, the pill making him love every sensation. I could even see a little tent starting in his shorts.

When we got back to the balcony, Andre was sitting next to Kim, pointing out things down on the beach, leaning against her, making sure his arm and leg brushed hers, taking her shoulders to turn her toward one thing or another, and so on. Her nipples were poking up again, and her eyes kept drifting from whatever he was pointing at to his face.

We set the drinks down, and I squeezed Dwayne's shoulders, massaging them gently before he could sit down. I whispered in his ear, "Hey, Dwayne, let's give Kim a little show. Go along with me—she's gonna love this." Then I looked at her. "Hey Kim, check this out. That boner pill has started to work on Dwayne here."

I reached my arms around him, ran my palms around his chest and across his nipples, then slid them down across his abs. He sighed with pleasure and dropped his head back onto my shoulder. "Push your crotch out where she can see it," I whispered. He did exactly what I suggested, and I slid my hands down and gently cupped his package so she could see his little tent. Behind him, my tent was going up fast.

She laughed and clapped, "Oh my god! It's working!" Andre laughed with her and stood up, brushing the side of her tit as he did. "I think it's workin' on all of us. Check this out!" He grinned like it was a silly joke but stood right before her and pulled Dwayne up beside him. "Hey guys, if we're gonna give her a show, let's give her a real one. Kim, tell us which of us is working it up the most. Hardest one wins! Alright, guys, drop your pants on three. One... two... three!"

Andre whipped his pants down, and his uncut eight-inch dick snapped out and up, bouncing in front of her face. I wasn't in a hurry, but I got mine down in a few seconds, and my thick nine-incher swung out, certainly bigger than his but definitely not as hard yet. Dwayne was flustered and frantically started unbuttoning his shorts when he realized it was happening and that Andre's cock was already out and waving around. He had a stiff five-incher sticking straight up over his tight balls.

Kim squealed with laughter and fell back in her chair. Most of us believe pro bodybuilders have small dicks because they use a lot of steroids. I’m just sayin’.

Andre reached down and took her hand with a grin. "OK, now you have to judge. We can already see that Joffrey there ain't hard, so it's between me and Dwayne. Who wins this round?" He steered her hand to his cock, wrapped her fingers around it, and slowly pumped back and forth through her hand, peeling the hood back from his head with her hand right in front of her wide eyes.

"Now put your other hand on Dwayne." He was still talking like it was a silly game, but I could see the spark in his eyes. She put her left hand on Dwayne's dick and pumped it as much as his length allowed, which wasn't much. She was grinning and giggling like a naughty schoolgirl. Dwayne groaned in his throat.

Andre let her go on for a good minute, and I stepped behind Dwayne to massage his shoulders and rub across his chest while she jacked him. I didn't bother to pull my pants back up. Finally, Andre spoke again. "So, who wins the first round, Kim?" I noticed how this had suddenly become `the first round.'

Kim continued to giggle and look back and forth between them. It was obvious that she was focusing almost all her attention on Andre's dick, but finally, she said, "Well, if hardest wins, then it's got to be Dwayne. He's as hard as a rock." She dragged her fingernails across his balls and made him squirm. "I don't think I've ever seen you this hard, baby." Even through his haze, Dwayne looked pleased.

"Oh, I was robbed!" Andre said in mock outrage. He wasn't too robbed... her hand was still on his dick, stroking slowly, and her other hand had dropped off Dwayne. "OK, we have to go best two out of three. I'm not gonna let this guy beat me. Kim, you keep doing that, and then we will check again in a couple of minutes."

"Wait a second," I said. "it's not fair for you to get help if Dwayne doesn't get any. Here, Dwayne, take your shirt off." I pulled it up and off without waiting, and I unbuttoned my shirt quickly and pulled him back against my broad chest. "Alright, lean back against me." I reached around him and started gently pulling and twisting his nipples. He started humming with pleasure, and his head dropped back on my shoulder.

Andre let her jack him for longer than a few minutes while I worked Dwayne's nipples and ran my hands all over his body. With the pill he'd taken, I knew I was lighting fires all over him, and he kept humming and sighing. Kim barely glanced away from Andre's cock, and he was also working her by stroking her hair and massaging her shoulders. Finally, he clenched and forced his dick to swell in her hand. "OK, Kim—who wins round two?"

Her eyes widened, and she grabbed Dwayne's little dick just long enough for one quick squeeze without ever letting up on Andre's cock. "I think you have it this time," she giggled.

"Uh, Oh... Two studs in a dead heat. We're gonna need a tie-breaker," I said. "Here, drink up, and let's go inside." Kim downed her drink and practically poured Dwayne's down his throat to make him keep up. We were in the living room about a minute later. Andre led Kim to the couch, and I dropped down into a big chair and pulled Dwayne down on my lap.

"OK, since Kim is helping Andre and I'm helping Dwayne, I guess that makes it two against two. I got your back, man. Go, team Dwayne!" I slapped his abs lightly and twisted his nipple, making him groan in his throat.

Andre looked at Kim. "Team Dwayne? Looks like we're partners now. Are you gonna let him get away with that?"

"Hell no!" she shouted. "Team Andre! Go, Team Andre!"

"Let's put him in his place," he smirked. "What are we gonna do to win this once and for all?"

"Fuck you guys!" I shouted. "We can do anything you can do. Team Dwayne all the way!"

Dwayne was glazed but grinning like an idiot. "Yeah, man! We got this!" He grabbed his little dick and shook it at them threateningly.

"Well, we can't trust her to judge anymore `cause she's the enemy now," I said. "Let's play chicken. Whatever one team does, the other team must do too. If you chicken out, everybody else goes to the party without you."

"No chickens on Team Dwayne!" Dwayne shouted. Oh yeah, the alcohol and pills were hitting him hard.

Andre looked at Kim and grinned. "Oh yeah? I'll bet he bails on the very first thing. Let's make out. They won't do that." He put his arm around her with a wicked grin and leaned in for a long kiss. We could see his tongue probing her mouth. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kept it going.

Dwayne looked a little startled, but I said, "Big fuck. Don’t let them show you up. They kissed, so you got to kiss… me. Let's show `em how it's done, Dwayne."

“I can’t kiss you, Joffrey. It’s too weird.”

How to Fuck Straight Ass
Part 5 of 5

“Remember when you did that show where you kissed that Back comedian, Kevin Hart, as a prank?” Dwayne nodded. Hold that image in your mind.

Just think of that fun moment when you kiss Kevin. Remember how you did that? It was fun, right?”

I twisted him around, pulled his head to me, and started a gentle kiss while I stroked his flanks and swept my palms over his pecs. I let him get used to that and then darted my tongue out to stab at his lips. In seconds, we were locked in a full-blown Frenching session.

I let it go on for quite a while because I wanted him to get comfortable. He was humming with pleasure by the time I broke away. I grinned and winked at him and interrupted Andre's session. I noticed his hands were all over her tits while kissing. "OK, our turn to call. We're getting naked. You might have to go to the party without Kim, Dwayne." I stood him up, yanked his shorts and shoes off, and then ripped off my clothes. My thick cock was at attention now.

"You think I won't do it? Nobody's going anywhere without me," Kim said. She stood up, peeled off her crop top and jeans, and then slipped out her bra and panties. She was smooth as a baby around her pussy.

"Well fuck, you've all already seen my junk," Andre said. He pulled his mesh shirt off and kicked off his pants. "Our turn. Let's stop this high-school shit and win this game right now. Here's something they'll never do." He grinned at Kim and whispered something in her ear.

Give the girl credit. She laughed, shot a wicked grin at us, and promptly knelt before Andre. She cupped her hand around his nut sack and leaned in, kissing and sucking at it.

Andre laughed. "Oh, fuck yeah! She's totally got her mouth all over my balls. Game over, man."

Dwayne cringed, but I just snorted. "Please. Dwayne's not a chicken, and he sure as hell isn't gonna let you go off to the party with his girl without him." I put my hands on his shoulders and gently squeezed while I pressed him down. "Go ahead, Dwayne. Show him you're not a pussy."

I loved looking at him on his knees. My big dick stood out, cutting across his whole face from his chin to his forehead while he looked up at me. His expression was just a little queasy, but his little boner wasn't in his control anymore, thanks to the pill, which still stood straight up.

I put my hand behind his head and gently pulled his nose into my sack while I massaged his scalp with my fingertips. "Yeah, Dwayne. Show `em you're not a pussy. Lick my nuts, man."

Very hesitantly, he did exactly that. First, just the tip of his tongue flicked out across my balls and then disappeared. Then he did it again and again. Each time, a little more tongue came out, and it stayed on my balls a little longer. After a few minutes, he gave me a full-blown tongue bath and even sucked my heavy balls into his mouth one at a time while I grunted and moaned encouragement. I winked at Andre and gave him a thumbs-up over their heads.

I grabbed the base of my dick and bounced it off Dwayne's forehead several times to get his attention. When he looked up, I grinned at him and gave him an exaggerated `quiet' sign like we were about to give Andre and Kim a big surprise. I ran my finger around his lips and gently pulled his mouth open with one hand while I positioned my fat cockhead in front of him with the other. His eyes were wide, and he shook his head just a little, but he didn't fight when I pulled his mouth down onto my dick.

I gave him a minute to adjust while I fucked just the head of my black dick in and out of his white mouth. Then I shouted. "Team Andre is gonna lose the game if they don't keep up. Dwayne here already got my balls clean, and now he's workin' on my dick."

Kim whipped around, and her mouth dropped open when she saw Dwayne sucking my cock.

"What the hell, man?" Andrea said. "You can't expect us to keep up if you don't tell us what you're doing. That's cheating." He looked down at Kim. "I guess we can't trust them. I know--" He sat on the couch and thumbed at the seat beside him. " Joffrey, sit your ass down. Kim will get here, and Dwayne can get there—" he pointed to the floor in front of each seat "—and that way, we can keep an eye on you two."

A few seconds later, Andre and I were on the couch. Kim was between his legs, sucking his dick like she was trying to suck the chrome off a bumper, and Dwayne was between my legs learning to be a cocksucker. He had a lot to learn, and I gave him plenty of time to learn it. After about ten minutes, he had a little more than half of my dick stretching out his mouth every time he dove down on me, and I could tell he was getting tired.

I pulled out a bottle of poppers and held it under his nose. "Inhale deep." Then I switched to his other nostril and did it again before I passed it to Andre to hold under Kim's nose. It had exactly the desired effect, and when Dwayne started sucking enthusiastically, I grabbed the back of his head and shoved it down onto my cock, breaking open his throat. "Oh, fuck yeah, Dwayne! Choke on it, man! Fuck, that's good!" I held him down until he was turning red and struggling to breathe before I let him come up for air.

Andre laughed. He gently pushed Kim off his dick with a smile and then looked at me. "You're so full of shit. You can't win by trying to sound all tough. We'll show you how it's done. You losers try to keep up." He stood up, pulled Kim upright, then scooped her up in his arms and headed for my bedroom.

I laughed back. "You can't show Team Dwayne anything. We got this." I pulled him to his feet and scooped him up in the same way to follow Andre. We dropped them on my king-sized bed, and I gave Dwayne another long hit of poppers.

Andre crawled on top of Kim and slid beside them. I heard him talking softly in her ear while he slid his dick back and forth in long strokes across the outside of her pussy. "You ready to be on Team Andre for real, baby? Do you want me to make love to you while your boyfriend is beside you? Fill you up like he never could?"

She shivered and gasped. "Oh, god yeah. Fuck me, Andre. I need a real man in me."

He reached down, positioned his dick, and slowly penetrated her pussie, slipping into her a little at a time while she moaned and clutched at him. He took his time but smirked at me when he bottomed out in her. "Your move."

Dwayne was watching them, his glazed eyes almost popping out of his head. He seemed unable to speak. I gently pulled and twisted on his nipples and then sank my face into the hollow of his throat, licking and sucking. His groan was loud in the room, and I dug into his neck until his head thrashed, and I was sure he would have a huge hickey. Then I kissed and sucked his jaw to his ear, making him shiver like his girlfriend. "Don't you worry, Dwayne," I growled. "They're not gonna win this one. I'll take good care of you."

I gave him one more hit of poppers and grabbed the lube. I smeared just a thin layer over my thick cock. When I tear out a straight guy's cherry, I like to feel it—too much lube, and you feel like you're fucking a swamp instead of a hot, tight ass.

I lifted his legs slowly. No sudden moves to break through the haze of alcohol, pills, and poppers. I pinned his knees to his shoulders and rested the fat head of my cock on his tight little asshole. Beside me, Andre was smoothly pumping Dwayne's girlfriend while she whimpered and squeezed his ass.

I let my weight shift onto Dwayne, and the tip of my cock stretched open that hot spot at the center of his pucker. The heat of his guts touched just the slit of my dick, and it was like an electric shock for me. Apparently, it was for him because his unfocused eyes popped open, and he started thrashing his head back and forth. He might have been shaking his head no, but I decided he was probably just that turned on.

I leaned in, and my fat mushroom head broke his ass bud, causing it to open. His ass lips swallowed the whole mushroom head, and his ass lips clamped back down behind that ridge. His eyes bulged out, and his head thrashed harder while he made incoherent groaning noises. Out of his control from the pill, his little stiffy was still rock-hard between us and even drooling onto his abs.

I didn't jam him hard, but I didn't give him time to adjust, either. Half the fun of breaking open a straight virgin ass is watching him struggle with it. I pushed in, driving in inch after inch after inch. With every inch, I could feel that part of his chute desperately squeezing to force me out and then collapsing in submission when I plowed on through.

He gave a long, wordless cry, and, right beside him, Kim answered with a short sharp wail and a long shudder.

I decided she needed to know exactly what was going on. "Oh, fuck Dwayne, your ass is tight! Bet you didn't plan on gettin' fucked by a black dude with a nine-inch dick, did you? God damn, that sweet ass feels so good on my balls! And your little dick is all hard and leakin' for it, too—you wanted this after all, didn't you? I bet you set all this up to get my dick in your ass."

Andre laughed. "You hear that, Kim? Your boyfriend likes big black dick just as much as you do. He even got Joffrey to fuck him. My buddy is balls-deep in Dwayne, just like I'm balls-deep in you. God damn, you two are perfect for each other. Tell Joffrey he can have Dwayne, baby. Tell him you want him to use Dwayne's ass all night." While he talked, Andre shifted to long, steady strokes, punctuating his words with the soft slap of his balls against her.

Kim craned her neck to look, and I slowly drew back and plunged into Dwayne again so she could see my cock disappearing into his hole. Her eyes were almost as wide as his as she panted and whined around her words. "Oh god... you're really... fucking Dwayne! That's so hot! ... Don't stop!"

I laughed, but it came out as more of a growl. "Don't worry. I'm in him now, and I won't stop till he gets what he wants." I started long-dicking him to match Andre's strokes, and the bed bounced as we fucked them. The slapping of our balls on our boyfriend/girlfriend bitches was almost in stereo. Dwayne latched onto my biceps and held on like his life depended on it, and his mouth was hanging open in a breathless `O'.

We stuck to that rhythm for a good ten minutes. Kim started a continuous moaning babble while Andre power-fucked her, and Dwayne was gibbering and groaning non-stop with the occasional "Oh... god!" thrown in.

Finally, Andre broke the rhythm and started picking up speed. "Oh, fuck baby! I'm getting close. You want me to put it in you, don't you? Let Dwayne hear you say it!"

"Fuck... yes!" she gasped. "Don't pull out...!" she cut off with a strangled cry as he sank into her and locked down. His head rolled back, and he grunted repeatedly.

I usually hold off if I want to, but I decided it was a good time. I picked up speed, drawing all the way out and then slamming balls-deep into Dwayne repeatedly. "You hear that, Dwayne? Your girl just got knocked up by a big black stud, and now you'll get it too. I'm gonna make you a woman." I started panting, and I broke out in a sweat. "I'm gonna... fill you up... with cum!"

My balls churned and clenched, and I drove down into him and held still while my dick jumped and spurted rope after rope of cum into him. I know from experience that they can feel it inside of them if we're not moving when I cum, and I wanted him to have no doubt about what was happening.

When my orgasm faded, I stayed in him, nuzzling and chewing on his neck and gently twisting his nipples until my balls gradually unclenched and my dick softened. Then I shoved the poppers under his nose again and made him inhale. Finally, I let myself slip out, and his clenching ass milked me all the way.

I grinned at Andre. "Guess the game is still even. Why don't you two pull out the sofa bed and keep playing, and I'll see what Dwayne can do in here? We can compare scores later."

"Nah... we'll just head back to her hotel room. You can send him back in the morning when you're done with him." He gave Kim a quick kiss. "Is that OK with you?"

She laughed, took Andre's hand, and ran out of the room with him without even looking at Dwayne.

It was a long night after that. I laid into Dwayne's ass. I had him on his hands and knees, and I spanked his amazing ass bright red while my mushroom head raked back and forth in him. I pinned him down on his back and covered his neck with hickeys and chewed on his nipples, and slapped his tight little ball sack around. I forced him to yell and beg me to fill him up with cum again, shouting it so the whole apartment building could hear. I made it last, and when I was damn good and ready, I locked down onto him again and froze everything except the throbbing and spurting of my cock to make sure he could feel it was going off inside him for a second time.

Then I rolled him onto his side with my dick still plugging his ass and pulled him against me so there was no room for me to slip out of him. I put his head on my bicep for his pillow and draped my other arm over him, and went to sleep with his warm, wet guts cradling my cock.

The sun was up when he woke me up hours later, trying to slowly lift my arm off so he could slip away. I folded my pillow arm across his neck and hugged him to me. My dick twitched and started to grow, and I knew instantly that it was still inside him. Yeah, partly I could feel the fresh wave of heat around my head as it probed a little deeper into him, but the big clue was his reaction. He froze, then his hand whipped down and grabbed my hip with a hiss.

I grinned behind his back, teasing and pulling at his bruised nip with the hand draped over him. "Mornin', baby. You put out real good for your Black boy last night. You took my dick like a champ, like you white boys always do." I let my hand roam down from his chest across his abs and then down to caress and squeeze his still-tender ass cheek. "And FUCK! This beautiful ass of yours really soaked up my cum. I make big loads, baby, and they've been swimmin' around inside you all night long." While I was talking, my dick was still growing inside him, pushing further and further in. It hit full mast just then and throbbed inside of him.

He hissed again and clutched at my hip. "Please... I'm sore." My arm wasn't pressing on his neck, but he sounded choked.

Well, it's not my fault if he couldn't think of a complicated word like `stop,' is it? I pulled my arm out from under his head and pushed him onto his stomach, rolling myself on top of him and stretching out on him with my whole weight. "I know, baby. I know. Your Black boy took your cherry, and that always hurts a little. But you can take it. A pretty white ass like yours is made for it." I started a slow rocking with my hips, sliding out by just a couple of inches and easing in again, staying in the deepest part of him.

His head was turned so I could see the side of his face. He was pale except for a bright red spot on his cheek, and he hissed again through clenched teeth, but he didn't say anything.

I started taking longer strokes. Now I was getting enough motion to enjoy myself. "I'm gonna knock you up one more time before I send you back to your girl. You don't need to worry about her—my buddy's been taking care of her for you. He's had her in your bed all night. Fuck, she probably has almost as much cum in her as you do." I started long-dicking him for real. "But don't worry baby, this wad is gonna put you back on top."

I didn't need this fuck to last a long time. I'd already busted him open, and that's what I really care about. This fuck was just to seal the deal. I wanted to nut in him without all the booze and pills in his system so he'd remember everything. I started jack-hammering him, slamming my hips down onto his beautiful ass, making the bed bounce and the room echo with the slaps. He clutched at the sheets and buried his head in the mattress to muffle his sharp cries.

I rode him for ten or fifteen minutes while he whined and gasped. I smacked his tender ass a few times along the way to freshen up the sting and gave him orders like "push your ass up in the air for your Black boy" and "squeeze your ass to milk my cock" just because I wanted to make him participate. I knew it would get in his head later to remember actively participating in getting fucked. He did what he was told every time—probably because he hoped to finish it immediately.

As always, I ensured he knew it when he got knocked up again. "Oh yeah... you're gonna take another load, baby! You're a woman just like your girl now. Oh, god damn... here it is!" I blasted my morning load into him, letting him feel my cock swelling and jumping as it sprayed. When it finally settled, I could sense his relief that it was over.

"Damn, you're good, baby," I cooed into his ear. "Now, keep your ass nice and tight while I slip out. I want you to squeeze out every drop." I felt him trying to comply, but I laughed to myself when my cock slid out with a wet noise. His asshole was hanging wide open after a whole night of being plugged by my thick shaft. My cum was rolling out and running down his balls.

I dropped down on the bed next to him and ruffled his hair. "Good job, baby. You're a damn nice piece of ass. Now clean me up, and then you probably need to head out. I've got stuff to do today."

He looked up at me, pale and shaking. "What? Clean you up?"

"Sure." I pointed down at my slimy black dick. "You gotta finish the job. Get your mouth on it and suck it clean."

He was exhausted and defeated. He crawled between my legs without saying a word and took ahold of my dick—which was still semi-plump—and lowered his face down with an expression of disgust. I was soft enough that he could get a fair amount in his mouth.

"That's it, baby. Just nurse on it nice and easy. Your Black boy gave you all his loads, and now you get to do something nice for him in return, right? You take your time and make it feel special." While talking, I picked up my phone from the nightstand and videoed him. I got great shots of him slowly sucking me in. "That's good, baby. Now take care of my balls." I let him suck my nuts for several minutes while I traded text messages with Andre.

Finally, I patted Dwayne on the head. "That's good, baby. Thanks. You can go ahead and get dressed and head out." He practically dragged himself into the living room and pulled on his clothes, and I was laughing to myself at just how totally fucked he looked with his hickeys and wild hair and the way he was almost bow-legged when he walked.

I didn't say a word about it when he turned around, and I saw a big wet spot on his khaki shorts right under his asshole. I wondered how many people would see that he had cum running out of his ass.

Just as he stepped out the door, I called after him. I held up my phone. "Oh, hey, Dwayne. Kim just tested me. She and Andre will be spending the week together. You’ll need to find a motel room or something for the rest of your Miami visit.” Then I walked to the door and said, “Don’t bother with Kim. We all know she’s a bitch.”

Dwayne felt dejected and so sad about losing Kim Kardashian. So, I told him, “If you need a good fuck, call me and beg me to plant my big black love pole up your muscle asshole.

Dwyane Johnson’s face lit up in a bright pink blush. He smiled broadly and walked away like he won the biggest prize.” Well, it must be the biggest dick he’ll ever find.

The End

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face lit up in a bright pink blush. He smiled broadly and walked away like he won the biggest prize.” Well, it must be the biggest dick he’ll ever find.

The End

Copyright 2023 GayTies.com. k he’ll ever find.

The End

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