140 Teen Soap Opera

Teen Soap Opera
Part 1 of 5

My name is Jack Castle. I'm no stranger to show business. I got my start in high school when my drama teacher kept pushing me to star in our school productions. I suspected that my drama teacher, Mr. Curtis, was a faggot - he was a good-looking guy lacking a wife or girlfriend despite being in his early forties. Okay, so I shouldn't call homosexuals "faggots," but that's what they are. I'm not mean. I treat them like anyone else as long as they keep their hands to themselves. To Mr. Curtis' credit, he never tried anything funny with me. If he did, I would have done something regrettable, like how I handled those sissies in gym class who kept staring at my body in the showers. I'm talking about the ones who touched me on the shoulder and said, "Excuse me." Yeah, right, like they really were only trying to get to the other shower heads.

Even before I started hitting the gym daily, I could get by on my face and charm. Good cheekbones, wavy hair, brown eyes, and creamy smooth skin. Those sound like a queer description, but I can't deny that it has helped my sex life - probably a lot. There's no end to the chicks who want a piece of me, and I'm glad to give it to them. Fuck 'em and dump 'em, that's my M. O. I hate it when they start crying - that's my cue to leave. What do they expect, an engagement ring? Jeez. Why marry the cow when the milk's free?

The gym helped me develop a perfect six-pack, solid pecs, and nice biceps. I even paid attention to my lower body and exercised my thighs, calves, and butt. Didn't want to end up top-heavy like some guys - you know, those idiots with over-inflated chests and chicken legs. My hard work paid off; I even landed a few modeling gigs. Nothing too exploitative, of course – that sexy part of me is only for the babes! The most I was willing to do was take my shirt off and flex my pecs a little.

That's what really puzzles me about my current situation. I finally landed a soap opera gig as a walk-on, a two-line, bit-part actor. The daytime soap opera "High School Drama." was in its second year when I joined the cast. That's me and my new co-star Randy on the locker room set. I'm the one seated. I started as a background member of the high school wrestling team. Although I was 21, I did look like a 17-year-old high schooler. I did a few locker room scenes in Speedos. I never had more than a few lines here and there. And BANG! For whatever reason, I think it was fan mail. My character was made a regular and soon became prominently featured in the storyline. It really was my first big break. This is why I never wanted to rock the boat. I might rock myself out of a wonderful TV show. So most of the time, I did what the director told me to do.

In the next season, I went from a regular to the main co-star of High School Drama. But still, how do I let myself get talked into wearing the skimpiest, most revealing clothes on this show? I honestly cringe when I see myself on screen in those tighty-whiteys! Larry, the director, who also became my mentor, says it's because my character is the star on the high school wrestling team, and it is natural for me to be in the locker room dressing or undressing. When I was just a walk-on, I wore Speedos. When I was promoted in the story, I was often in underwear.

I just saw the script changes, which included wardrobe changes. I was expected to wear a pair of white designer briefs for this episode. These are not even the full-fitting tighty-whiteys. These low-rise briefs were too small and barely covered anything - the fabric on the sides was barely an inch wide!

I did raise a stink to Larry, saying, "This wasn't what I signed on for. The actress playing my girlfriend and all the other female cast got to keep their clothes on while I conversed with them in skimpy underwear. Even the few other male cast members keep fully dressed. "Larry, I don't believe a guy of my manliness should wear anything skimpy, not these bikinis, not even the other briefs." I am getting a little loud.

"Now, Jack, calm down. You know how this works. You play the script, no questions asked. I mean, if you were Brad Pitt or Ethan Hawke, sure, you'd have a say. Hell, you'd be able to change any details in the script. But Jack? Jack? This is just your first real experience. If the producers find you combative, they just might let you go and pick the next cute guy on the list. Look, so what if you spend the whole episode in underwear? You've got a great body, so you shouldn't have a problem showing it off."

"It's not that, Larry. I want to be taken seriously as an actor," I whined. "I don't want to be just some eye candy for bored housewives or faggots to gawk at."

"Jack," Larry interrupted, "you'll have the chance to show off your total assets when the storyline reveals that your character, Max, starts to use dangerous steroids. I know you recognize what an integral part of acting body language is. With you in your undies, the audience sees Max's physique. I mean, body language would be encumbered by clothes. Wouldn't you agree?" Larry's words did make sense.

Larry certainly hit the jackpot with me and told me as much. He said I'd done a great job turning my character, Max, into a sex symbol. I should have been annoyed, but hearing praise from Larry was flattering. Maybe that's why I didn't question all the subsequent scenes I had to perform in my underwear. It became a daily occurrence. It was not just the locker room scenes, but every scene in Max's apartment had me in tighty-whiteys. They did try to mix it up a bit with colored briefs or even in just a towel once in a while.

It didn't matter whether it was his relatives or friends paying a visit – my character Max would always come out of his bedroom to greet them in his briefs and carry on the conversation without getting dressed. It got pretty humiliating after a while. People would see the reviews, with photos, and ask if I'd ever get to wear clothes. It really didn't seem like it because even my scenes outside the apartment set typically involved me jogging shirtless through the town square, hanging out in a towel at the country club steam room, or changing out of sweaty sports gear in the newly focused-on, high school boys' locker room set.

Well, I can't blame Larry for trying to get the most mileage out of the locker room set. Scenes in there prompted the most fan mail. This set was rebuilt and expanded to facilitate its increased use as the storyline progressed. Max getting into steroids was the big break I needed to make my name in the acting sphere. With my character on these drugs, I was to act moody, incoherent at times, and even a little mean to my classmates. That's a wonderful challenge that would expand the depth of my character. It was a role that could net me a daytime Emmy nod.

The next phase of this storyline involved Max becoming the high school's wrestling team's captain. Unfortunately, it got off to a rough start. I was dismayed to see the tan wrestling singlet that wardrobe had set aside for me. The costume was skin-tight and accentuated every contour of my body. Worst, they required that I wear no fucking underwear! I would not wear this without underwear. No.

Larry explained that this was because the underwear would be clearly outlined beneath the form-fitting Lycra, which would spoil its smooth, sleek look. It would create ridges in the Lycra that would belie the smooth muscle contour I had. After all, the full effect of steroids needs to be seen.

"But isn't this even more revealing?" I protested. "I mean, look!" I gestured down at my crotch frustratingly to point out where the Lycra outlined my cock and balls obscenely. "You can tell my religion as clear as day! It's not like I had anything to be ashamed of with my more than average endowment, but I don't need that revealed on national television, Larry!"

Larry was very assuring. "Wow! I mean, it shouldn't be a problem. We'll film the wrestling scenes mostly from the back. If anything slips into the shot, we'll edit it in post-production. But really, there's absolutely no reason for you to be more covered up. In fact, your next scene is in the locker room, and you'll be sitting totally naked on the locker room benches."

"Totally naked?" I yelped.

"It's just going to be a side profile to show the audience that you're really bare-assed ... I mean, vulnerable. Your character, Max, has vulnerabilities. It explains why Max ends up taking steroids. This is the meaty storyline you wanted, remember?" But his remark about Randy, my younger co-star, sealed the deal. "Randy's barely 18 and did a nude scene last week. Don't tell me you can't match his artful abilities and talent?"

I bristled at the insinuation that I was to chicken to do a nude scene. I'd been on set when Randy filmed that scene. I was surprised that he was genuinely naked, without even a cock-sock to protect his modesty. I thought cock-socks were standard procedure for nude scenes in American studios. Instead, those on set caught occasional glimpses of Randy's dick when he failed to cover up fully. But Larry was correct. Any shots that showed his dick were removed during editing. So the film crew and our live audience might get a peak, but the national TV audience never would.

I was sure Larry would be just as careful to avoid exposing my nudity on national TV. Besides, I couldn't lose out to an 18-year-old kid! "Yeah, of course, I'll do it," I declared with more confidence than I actually felt.

Larry grinned. "That's great. So we're done here, yeah? I'll see you on set in 10." 10 minutes later, I was on the wrestling mat laid out in the gymnasium set. I was being manhandled by this huge guy. His character's name was Rex, and he was playing Max's wrestling opponent. I didn't catch his real name, so "Rex" it was. He was seriously huge! Massive! How he was supposed to pass for a high school boy, I really didn't know. But the producers call the shots. That's just what I've been learning to accept.

Larry yelled out, "Roll 'em!" Rex came at me in full force. He wasn't playing around, either. He kept slamming me into the mat with such brute force that a less well-built guy than me would probably have been injured. Maybe he didn't get the memo that this was acting. His forcefulness spurred me to give the match my all, even though my character was supposed to lose. It didn't make a lick of difference, though. I was still like a rag-doll in Rex's strong hands. His wrestling moves were a distraction too. He constantly had me in a headlock under his shoulder, smelling the funk of his hairy armpit or between his thighs, shoving my face in his musky bulge. Otherwise, he was on top of me, practically humping my butt with his dick - I would've sworn it was hard! I noticed that his wrestling suit was not made of skin-tight Lycra like mine. It was a thicker material and covered him up more. Also, he was not free-balling it either. He had underwear on. I later asked Larry why his suit was more modest. He explained that, of course, Rex was playing a character from another school, so obviously, that team had different singlets. Also, Rex was not the hero. I could see Larry's points.

By the time we were done with multiple wrestling takes, I was sweaty and battered. I wanted nothing more than to go home and soak in a hot bath. But my day was not yet over. It was time for my dreaded nude scene.

I stumbled into the locker room and passed the full-length mirror on the set. The tan color singlet was absolutely indecent. If you take a quick look at me wearing it, you'd think I was nude. It pretty much matched my skin tone. Worst! I realized for the first time that the singlet was even more revealing, sweaty-wet, practically translucent. I really hoped that the editors would be thorough! In my current state, the lack of a cock-sock was the least of my worries.

The locker room set was all ready for filming. Everyone got into their position in and around the set. "Roll 'em." As the cameras rolled, I sat down and self-consciously peeled off my sweat-soaked singlet.

"Cut!" shouted the director suddenly as I stood bare-assed, one hand covering my crotch. "Jack, you've got to be less self-conscious. Max wouldn't be shy about stripping off in the locker room. This is the boys' locker room. Your character is in here everyday dressing and undressing. Instead of feeling self-conscious, focus on the fact that your character is pissed at himself because he lost an important wrestling match. Be frustrated at that."

"I know, Larry, but he wouldn't have an audience either," I protested. High School Drama was always filmed in front of a 100-seat bleacher of a live audience.

Larry persuaded me, "Come now, Jack. You are an actor. Act like you don't have an audience, either. Everyone's just really excited to see your big storyline kick-off. You can't begrudge them that, right? We hyped it in TV previews all week." He smiled at me, and I had to admit that helped lessen the nervousness in the pit of my stomach, albeit only a little.

"But can't I at least have one of those cock-socks?" I pleaded.

"We've been over this before," Larry said patiently. "It's called method acting. We need to look and feel real." I couldn't dispute his logic. The best actors were method actors. I agreed to re-take the scene. I peeled off the singlet again, trying not to think about my audience. I sat down heavily on the bench, holding my head in my hands. "Cut!" Larry yelled again.

Larry approached me and explained that he wanted me to be angry at losing the match, take my singlet off quickly, throw it across the locker room, and then sit down on the bench straddling it with one knee on each side. I put the singlet back on, and we took it from the top. And I did as directed. I took my suit off and threw it, and sat down in frustration, straddling the bench. The camera captured a side shot of my sweaty, pumped-up body. I did not realize that straddling the bench meant my knees were spread wide for everyone on set to have an unobstructed view of my dick and balls placed on the bench. "Cut. Good. Stay in place." Larry spoke loudly. While sitting there waiting, I would have picked up my singlet and laid it over my lap just to cover up. But the scene called for me to toss it away, and now I had to sit there naked and wait as I heard ooh's and ahh's and a few giggles for some girls watching. Finally, we continued. "Roll 'em."

"Hey, dude. You want to beat Rex next time?" The speaker was another high school wrestler, just as muscled bound as Rex. He was to sell Max his first batch of steroids.

I made the mistake of looking up because the guy's bulging posing pouch was at eye level. That was all he had on! Jeez, I thought, he could at least have stood further back instead of thrusting his package right in my face. I caught a whiff of his crotch and felt sick. Method acting, I reminded myself, and I soldiered on.

"Hell, yeah!" I acted enthusiastically, "But how on earth could I possibly do that? He basically wiped the floor with me out there. He's as built as you are."

"Hey, dude. I have a way," said one of the guest stars, moving closer. I was hit by a stronger wave of his manly musk, but the script required my constant stare upward to his face. The guy had to be shaving his pubes, the posing pouch was so low on his hips, yet I couldn't see even a trace of pubic hair. "At the next wrestling meet, I think that is in a month. It can be you wiping the floor with him. You interested?"

Of course, my character, Max, was interested. Over the next several weeks, the soap would chart his downward spiral as he endeavored to build up his body through exercise and stimulants. Larry was having me hit the gym twice a day now, and I was becoming seriously ripped. Despite that, I still wasn't comfortable with the near-naked scenes they kept inserting into my script. Max was always working out shirtless and then checking himself out in the mirror, wearing only a towel or a posing pouch. I'd thought the tighty-whiteys were bad. These posing pouches were ten times worse! They were practically a string around my waist, and, as I'd discovered in that locker room scene, they put half my pubes on display.

I mentioned that to Larry, and he realized the problem, "Jack, we'll get you shaved smooth. That'll do the trick." Larry explained, "If you want to be a method actor, you'll need your entire body shaved, just as real bodybuilders frequently did to show off. If you are playing the part of a bodybuilder, you have to look like a bodybuilder. The steroids will make you feel you need to show off."

"Please, Larry. Do I really have to?" I hoped Larry would see reason.

Larry looked disappointed. "I thought you appreciated the importance of method acting, Jack. You're the only one with something to gain from it. It doesn't make the slightest difference to me whether you shave your body, but it'll make your performance much more believable when it's time to submit a scene for your Emmy bid." Larry thought further, "Tell you what. We will be taping your next scenes during the studio open day. Why don't you invite some of your friends to come over?"

"Er … I don't want them to see me like that."

"Nonsense," said Larry. "You want to show them how far you've come as an actor, don't you? You're becoming the leading man on a daytime soap opera. You want that, don't you? How many of your pals can claim that success at your age?" It would be pretty sweet to show off my success. I didn't have many friends, but several acquaintances I'd often run into at auditions or acting classes. I could invite them to the open day and watch their faces burn with jealousy. So I made the invites.

Teen Soap Opera
Part 2 of 5

[Note: Larry is the respected director of a top-rated daytime teen soap opera called ‘High School Drama’ and is a trusted friend and mentor of the central star, Jack Castle. Jack is homophobic in real life. He plays the part of Max, a straight non-bias student and the captain of the school's wrestling team. Randy, who is gay in real life, is the newer cast member and plays a gay student named Jake, who is also on the wrestling team. Larry told homophobic Jack that Randy is straight and is now only PLAYING gay character Jake. Larry created this ruse so that Jack would not have difficulty working with gay Randy. So Jack believes Randy is a straight actor. The tension kicks up when the soap opera storyline inserts a twist that has gay Jake (Randy) coming onto straight Max (Jack)]

On the day itself, Larry decided, on his own, to fetch my friends from the live audience bleachers and bring them into the makeup room, where I was ready to be worked on. The three struggling young actors I invited swaggered into the room behind Larry. A couple of them had invited their girlfriends to join them. Their eyes widened when they saw me stretched out on the horizontally-reclined makeup chair, naked except for a small face clothe draped over my junk. My makeup gal, Connie, was about to shave one of my armpits. Unfortunately, she was taking her time, being extra careful. She had explained that she would first apply lotion so the electric razor would not chafe my tender skin and then shave as much hair off with the electric razor. Then she would soap up my armpit and shave it smooth with a disposable safety razor. I was supposed to be on set in 20 minutes, and she just started.

But Larry just brought in these five "guests of mine." Obviously, I assumed they would stay in the audience bleacher. I was so embarrassed. "Oh … wow! Oh … hi, guys. Um … sorry, I can't get up." I was reclined, and Connie had my left arm over my head stretched horizontally.

"No shit," joked Lenny, one of the invitees.

"Jack's preparing for his next scene," explained Larry.

"As what? A male stripper?" Another of my guest, Steven, joked sarcastically.

"His hair does seem a little unsightly to me," remarked Lenny. "I should know. In my regular job, I work as a barber. Maybe you want my help." He joked.

But Larry thought that would be great since the stage crew was all on standby, waiting, and costing him money. "It would really help a lot if we could hurry this up. So … would you mind, Lenny?" Larry asked sheepishly. "If you're okay with it, you could start with his other underarm."

It did make sense to everyone. So Lenny removed his coat, picked up the bottle of lotion, and looked at Chris, another one of my invitees, to come over behind my head. Lenny gently took my left arm, brought it over my head, and "handed" it to Chris. "Chris, gently hold his arm back here to stretch the underarm skin. It'll make it easier to shave without nicking him." Lenny spoke more professionally as he took the shaving job seriously. He then began to apply lotion to that armpit.

I was feeling really weird. I was laying there, stretched out on this horizontal recliner, totally naked, now with both of my arms extended and held behind my head. It was comfortable, but it did stretch out my body fully. Connie worked on one armpit, and Lenny started on the other. I felt very vulnerable, positioned so helplessly, and there was only a small 12-inch square face cloth over my groin, covering my dick and balls. I really could not move to cover myself. I hoped the small cloth would not vibrate off, so I was careful not to wiggle my hips.

Chris asked, "So we just have to shave his armpits?"

"Oh no," said Larry. "All the hair must be removed from his legs, chest, and groin area. Jack is a true method actor. He knows he needs to feel the part of a professional bodybuilder who is also a wrestler. Guys into their bodies do this. Thanks for your help, Lenny. We can speed things up and minimize any wasted set time. But, still, be careful. I do see this will take longer than I thought. So, could you please have him ready in … say … 40 minutes?" Larry was not directing anyone in particular, just explaining to the small group in general. Then he added, "I’d better check on the set for readiness. I’ll be back in 40 minutes.”

As soon as Larry left the room, both Connie and Lenny turned on their buzzing electric clippers. I was just about to ask the two girls and Steven if they would not mind waiting outside. Being on “public display,” wearing only a small washcloth over my groin, was embarrassing. But before I could utter that request, I screamed with jolting laughter as I thrust my ass up off the chair seat. The two clippers simultaneously surprised me with their intense tickling on my underarms. No one thought that I would freak out and react so frantically. I’m just very sensitive. Of course, we were all surprised. I was flipping all over the reclined chair like a live fish on a hot pavement and laughing hysterically. Chris was still trying to hold my left arm, so Lenny could use the vibrating clippers on my pit. Lenny waited for me to calm down. Connie motioned to one of my female guests, Lisa, and she went over to stand behind my head. Just as Chris held onto my left arm for Lenny, Lisa held onto my right arm for Connie.

I wasn’t trying to make things difficult for them. Really I wasn’t. But I was reacting to a whole lot of maddening, vibrating, tickling on my tender underarms. When both electric clippers were held away from my body to let me recover, I soon composed myself. Lenny took the lead and said, “There really is no other way, Jack. We got less than 30 minutes to do this. And with you fighting, we are wasting our time. The director said this is a must. So what do you expect us to do? Leave you here? Have the entire studio upset with you? Lose your job?” I now felt foolish at my childish reaction and really tried to cooperate and stay still.

Lenny was a take-charge type of guy, especially in light that Larry was not around. So Lenny wanted to do what he was asked to do. I felt weird having my friends here, and they were not really friends. I did not know who to invite to the shoot. I wanted to say something, but Lenny did not wait for my response. He simply added, “Please be still, Jack. Try not to move. I know this tickles big time, but there is no other way to do this quickly. We’ll be as careful and quick as we can. OK, Chris and Lisa, try to hold him. Hopefully, he will stop trying to pull his arms down.”

“Hahahahaha, hehehehe, hahahahaha,” I burst into more uncontrollable laughter as soon as I felt the vibrating clipper again. I could not stop, but at least I managed to leave my arms as they held me and not physically pull them away from their grips. I really tried to take it like a man. I think I succeeded, though I continued to laugh my head off. Since I was reclining horizontally and looking up at the ceiling, I did not realize that the small clothes covering my dick slipped onto the floor. Steven, who was standing near me, was doing nothing but smiling. I had no idea why.

With Connie and Lisa working on my right armpit and Lenny and Chris working on my other, Steven and Millie, the only other people in the room, looked like they wanted to help but did not know how. They were now both giggling at me. I must have really looked funny. Steven spoke up and wondered if they could assist in some way. Lenny said, “Well, we don’t have much time. I do see another clipper behind you. Since this cloth fell off, I see he needs a lot of shaving around the groin. Go ahead and shave his pubes. Make sure you use this lotion to prevent chaffing from the electric clipper. ”

“WHAT … hehehehe, hahahaha. What … the …. Hehehehe, pleaseeeeeee, …hehehhehehe, … noooooooo, … ahahahah, … ahahahahaha, … Pleaseeeeee, noooooooo.” But I could not say more than a word between my hysterical laughing from all the underarm tickling. Millie and Steven each squirted lotion into their palms and were ready to lightly rub it around my groin.

I later discovered that Steven was jealous of my blooming success and would love to embarrass and humiliate me. I heard him tell Millie to work on shaving my legs since women often do that. She would feel comfortable shaving mine. I felt her hands on my legs, not applying lotion but shaving cream. My legs were not very hairy. They did not need trimming, just shaving.

Then Connie and Lenny finished with the electric clippers on my underarms, started with the shaving cream, and used the disposable razors to shave them smooth. At least the tickling had stopped, and I wasn’t laughing, but I was so embarrassed and uncomfortable to be naked in front of these people who were just would-be actors I had met recently.

When Connie finished my armpit, she worked on my other legs. Millie did the right, and Connie did the left. They made quick work of them because they did each in one step, with shaving cream and disposable razors.

Then Lenny, the “friend” with barbering experience, tried to move things along. OK, the arms and legs are done. Let’s do this. “Jack, I need to get to your ass hair, so would you lift up your legs. You girls can help you hold them up high.” They were not petite women, so they managed. The women guided them to the outside of my torso. So my legs made a “V” with my upper body between my knees. My knees were bent, and my ass rose off the seat of the chair. A firm, rigid cushion was squeezed under my lower back to stabilize me in this position. I saw my limp dick pointing to my face above my large hanging balls. My ass crack was opened up too. “Jack, keep your knees separated as wide as possible so we can simultaneously work on your chest, ass, and around your dick. I felt so foolish, but I held my legs wide apart. I had one hand grabbing each leg behind the knee.

This was the most humiliating thing ever. Everyone was looking at me like a piece of meat to play with. My asshole was in the air, and Steven and two ladies were feasting their eyes and snickering. Then there was a knock on the door, “15 minutes to be on set, Mr. Jack Castle.”

Then Lenny began to assign jobs. “OK, Steven, you work the clippers on Jack's chest. Connie and Millie can work around his dick and balls, and I'll take a crack at his ass crack.” Everyone giggled. That left Chris and Lisa to sit back and watch.

Steven smiled wickedly, “OK, Jack, I need a little more room to work on your chest. Could you spread your knees apart more?” He had enough room as I was, but he seemed to be trying to humiliate me as much as possible. Then Steven flipped on the clippers. I felt the electric clippers on my chest and working around my nipples. It did not tickle, just the opposite. It felt great. I did not have a lot of hair there, so I assumed it would not take long. I could not help but moan. It felt warm and fuzzy to me then vibrating clippers ran up and down his ass crack. It was extremely erotic. Jack felt he would get an erection if they did not stop soon. The girls were putting lotion all around my dick and balls, preparing the area for clipping.

I decided this was not working. “Guys, I can’t do …” was all I got out. Steven was running the vibrating clippers all over my other nipple, and I was moaning again. Then there was another knock on the door, “10 minutes to be on set, Mr. Jack Castle, 10 minutes.”

Lenny seemed to want me to shut up and let them all work. He began lightly rubbing lotion over my ass cheeks. Then he got bolder and rubbed the lotion along my ass crack. I was starting to feel aroused. Not an erection, not yet, if they stopped now. I’d tried to speak up, but then Lenny used his fingertips to tickle-tease the full length of my crack, even lightly touching my ass lips. He lingered there, wiggling his fingers. That did it. My dick stretched full size as it sneaked longer over my belly button, pointing at my face. The added embarrassment was that I was assisting in being my own victim. I was the one required to hold my legs up and fully apart. I got lost in the wonderful erotic sensations of my tingling nipples and my ass crack. I was the one moaning and now starting to twitch uncontrollably.

Suddenly, the girls start to use clippers around my dick. They were buzzing all my pubic hair off. But what got me ready to cream was when the girls ran the clippers over my ball sack. At the same time, Steven attacked the first nipple and then went back and forth lightly over it. I know I had little hair there, so I do not know why he was still buzzing the clippers all over my tender nipples.

Then Lenny was using the soap and disposable razor around my ass hole. He seemed to be placing a finger inside my hole to stretch my ass lips as he gently scrapped the razor over the remaining hair. My body was trembling. “Lenny, please,” I whispered as if the ladies could not hear me, “Please, I'm getting a … I can’t have a ... you know ... not here. Not … now … Please …” I begged. “PLEASE STOP! I am going to … to … I am ready to ...”

Then there was an abrupt knock, making everyone stop and move their hands away from my body. My dick was bobbing off my belly at a 45-degree angle, and no one was touching me at that moment. “Mr. Jack Castle, you’re needed on set in five minutes.”

Lenny said, “OK, let’s quickly finish him up. Everyone, get those final hairs off, his buddy.” I needed to stop all of this, get up, and prepare for the next scene. I can’t have a boner?! I screamed to myself. Then Lenny spoke, “Oops, sorry, Jack, I might have nicked you just a bit.” I felt nothing. “Yea, just a little nick. I'll put something on it.” He got some of the same shaving lotion and, this time squirted directly the lips of my ass hole. “Let me smooth this a bit, Jack.” And then Lenny's finger rubbed circles on my ass lips, gently pushed his finger into my ass, and held it there. “Let me apply a little pressure. Just stay still.” He didn't nick me, I'm sure of it. My eyes rolled in my head, and my breathing was getting gassier. And that fucker was NOT holding his finger still. No one could tell but me. I felt him wiggling it inside my asshole. FUCK! There I was, posed, on my back, with me still holding my knees to the outside of my chest. My ass propped up in the air, steadied by a cushion under my lower back, and I was being finger fucked!

I felt so humiliated. What was he trying to do? Give me a full erection and make me shoot all over myself? I was mumbling “Please” in a low moan. “No need to thank me, Jack. I’ll keep this in you and help stop any bleeding,” Lenny said as if he was doing me a favor. “Steven, use some skin cream to smooth away any chaffing on his chest. Ladies? Please do the same around his dick and balls. This should make him feel a lot better.

Suddenly, Steven was rubbing lotion on my nipples and even pinching them. One girl was lubing up my dick, and the other was coating and tickling my ball sack. And there was still a finger wiggling up my asshole! I was so on the verge of climax! I COULD SCREAM!

I made an animal growl, signifying that I was ready to shoot. The girls sense that and let go of my dick and balls. Steven stopped teasing my nipples. I was breathing heavily, grunting and gasping as I tried hard not to shoot. I saw my dick was in automatic dancing mode. When all the others moved away from me, Lenny still did not pull out his finger, and he never stopped wiggling it inside me. I yelled to myself, “What the fuck. Man, I am all boned up and ready to shoot!”

The only thing I can think of right now is climaxing. I'll beat off in two strokes the second they all leave the room. I have to. I got to get rid of this boner before going on set. “PLEASE, everyone, leave NOW” I yelled inside my head. Steven’s phone went off, and he stepped into the hallway to get the call. But he left the door wide open. SHIT! And people were walking in the hall.

Lenny resumed his “commanding role.” OK, guys, I think we are done. You all did a great job. And we finished shaving Jack right in time, and he is smooth as a baby!” But no one left yet. They were all standing around, looking at me. OK, Jack, you can stop holding your legs up like a fucking whore wanting her pussy to be filled.” I was so embarrassed, stupid me, I needed to be reminded to put my legs down! I did it immediately. That made my dick stand straight up like a rocket, ready to blast off. “Whoa, Jack. Look at your dick, man. I never saw a guy’s dick so hard. It’s even bobbing and twitching.” I did lift my head to look down the front of my body to see my huge boner twitching. I was never going to live this down. And I would never put myself in such a humiliating position again. NEVER! I was so humiliated! I really just wanted all of them out.

Then Lenny leaned down, very close to my face, to whisper, “Jack, you should thank me for keeping my finger up your shitty asshole, man. I made sure you stopped bleeding from that nick.” What the fuck is he talking about? He never nicked me. I would have felt it. I just wanted him to leave me alone.

Teen Soap Opera
Part 3 of 5

[Note: Larry is the respected director of a top-rated daytime teen soap opera called ‘High School Drama’ and is a trusted friend and mentor of the central star, Jack Castle. Jack is homophobic in real life. He plays the part of Max, a straight non-bias student and the captain of the school's wrestling team. Randy, who is gay in real life, is the newer cast member and plays a gay student named Jake, who is also on the wrestling team. Larry told homophobic Jack that Randy is straight and is now only PLAYING gay character Jake. Larry created this ruse so that Jack would not have difficulty working with gay Randy. So Jack believes Randy is a straight actor. The tension kicks up when the soap opera storyline inserts a twist that has Jake (Randy) coming onto Max (Jack)]

Then Steven chimed in, “And don’t worry if you ask nicely. I'm sure one of us will beat you off. I guess you don’t want to go out on the set with a giant, raging hard-on, do you?” Steven was grinning so devilishly. The ladies giggled at the erotic vision of this naked, muscleman TV star. “You do realize, Jack, that this is the role I tried out for and should have gotten.” Oh shit! It just dawned on me why Steven, my “friend,” had seemed so jealous of me. He was. I got the part he tried out for.

“Look, Steve, I am sorry. Could you go and close the door behind you? Please?” I said meekly, covering my dick with my hands. “And no, I don’t need anyone to toss me off. Please, all of you, just leave?” Somehow I did not come across as self-confident as I intended, but more pleading like a little boy. After all, I could just stand up, push them out, and close my door, but my mindset was that they were in charge. Stupid, I know.

“OK, we will all leave on one condition, that you place your hand behind your head and stay like that. If you really want us all to leave, obey.” He continued, “We are just about done here, but I gave my word to Larry we’d finish you off, so please be still.” I stupidly nodded and placed my hands on my head. I gave away all my power. I was like a little boy.

“Jack, just let me lotion up your dick one last time to prevent chaffing, and we are out of here.” He took the bottle of lotion, squirted a puddle in one palm, and coated my dick with it. Weirder yet, he placed the other hand's index finger in my asshole, just as Lenny had done previously. He was pumping my dick up and down as he slid his finger in and out of my asshole. I was going to cum any minute. What the fuck. OK, I’ll come. My dick needs to go down anyway. I can't go on set until I shoot.

“Jack Castle, two minutes to be on the set,” came that manly voice. The guy looked into the room this time, but fortunately, Steven’s back was blocking his view. Then Steve whispered something to Lisa, who fished around in her purse.

“OK, Jack, you need to be on set. So, I better climax you now, if that suits you. But I want to capture this, your proudest moment.” I didn’t quite catch that. I was moaning and gyrating my hips with all the sensations I received and concentrating on finally shooting. Then all this humiliation will be over. FLASH! FLASH! FLASH! went Lisa’s cell phone. It was just after Steven had pulled his finger out of my ass and let go of my dick bobbing. The photos show muscle star Jack Castle reclined in the chair, with a huge and now dripping hard-on, with his hands on his head. The angle was downward, so it captured my face to my dick without anyone else being in the camera view.

“Okay, Jack. You ready to blast off? I just nodded. What else could I do. Steve very lightly teased my dick up and down. My dick was so ready, I closed my eyes and …

“Come on, Jack! Let’s get to the set.” Larry shouted as he abruptly came through the open door. Then he noticed my boner.

“Larry,” Steven said politely, “Jack can’t lose his boner. He got all excited during the shaving. I guess he's an exhibitionist, or a fag, or whatever. But we tried to get his dick to go down, but he is just stuck on boner.” What a liar he is. And Steve had the nerve to continue, “I guess you did not know, but Jack told me … told all of us ... he really loves being looked at naked. It obviously gets him all excited.”

I was shocked. “But, Larry, no, I … I … it’s not … please, let me ....” I tried to explain. But my boner was waving in the air.

“Jack, Jack, I don’t care. The crew is waiting for you, and union rules are that if you are not out there right NOW, they can just up and leave.” He was not angry, just insistent. “We’ll both get fired. Let’s go.” And Larry picked up the posing strap from a small table. It was just a pouch and a string around my waist, and he tossed it to me. I eagerly put it on, but my dick was so hard it stuck out of the top waistband string. I was about to object when Larry took my arm and pulled me out of the recliner and out of the room. My mind was in a daze. Larry ushered me physically to the set and sat me down, straddling the locker room bench as was my position in the scene opening. I was totally obscene. My dick was visible to all who looked. I looked out from my seat and saw the hundred or so visitors there watching from the bleachers, some with smiles of surprise. We always used a live audience when filming. An advanced notice that I would film a big nude scene today bought out everyone. My boner was not just erect. It was pointed up, flexing, and leaking precum on the straddled bench under me. I must have been in a haze while trying to pull myself together.

Then I heard Larry talking to the shocked spectators in his megaphone voice to explain my appearance. “Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t be alarmed that our star is … well … ah … excited to see you all. Jack Castle just gets excited when anyone sees him naked. For him, being nude in front of others takes a lot of courage. So let’s all give Jack a big hand.” And applause, catcalls, and laughter broke out. “For some exhibitionists, like our star, this is normal. Please don’t be offended or distracted by it. Now, if everyone calms down, we will begin to film the scene. More applause, a few whistles, and then quiet.

“What in the fuck is Larry talking about,” I yelled inside my head. “I was in the dressing room being molested by my “friends” and totally humiliated. And Steven! What a bastard to edge me to such an obscene erection, letting me think I’d be able to climax, and then … I’m unceremoniously yanked on set before our live audience. He set me up to look like a silly sex addict faggot! I will never talk to him again or any of the other “friends” who were there.” I had to cup my face in my hands as if I was reflecting on my lines. “I pray to God this does not ruin my career. Me? A faggot?! I don’t even want a guy touching me.” I had to put that all aside. I’d talk to Larry later and explain. For now, I need to collect my thoughts and start this filming. At least my dick did subside somewhat, but just enough to barely jam it in my pouch. I had to bend it to get it all inside.

“OK, we need all the extras on stage on the locker room set,” Larry shouted. “You guys are just part of the team members surrounding Jack as he gets dressed. Now the match is over, so all you extras exit the locker room.” Then Larry turned to me, “This is your big locker room scene with Randy, so the posing strap doesn’t work. They’ll bring you a jock.” I said OK. Larry left, and some teen girl brought me a red jockstrap. I turned my back to the audience, quickly sipped off the posing strap, and pulled on the jock. WHAT THE FUCK! First, it was soo small, and second, it was tattered. I guess they wanted it to look really used. BUT MY STUBORNLY HARD DICK WOULD NOT STAY IN IT! With all these people watching in the bleachers, and probably my so-called “friends” in the mix as well, we were ready to film this high school locker room scene. I carefully pushed my hard dick inside and somehow adjusted the pouch to contain my bent pole. “Roll ‘em,” Larry shouted.

On cue, the extras left the locker room as if they had just dressed, leaving me on stage. I stood there wearing only my over-stuffed, bulging jockstrap and flexed my muscles in the mirror, admiring my body development. Suddenly, Randy's character, Jake, hurries in and bumps me. He looked down at my bulge - an action that was not scripted - looking shocked into my eyes, trying to ignore my almost hidden boner.

"Oh, sorry, Max, I didn't realize ..." Randy's voice trailed off as he absorbed the sight of me nearly nude.

"What do you think, Jake?" I flexed some more, making my muscles pop. The whole thing was pretty ridiculous and embarrassing, but Larry had impressed the importance of this scene upon me, so I didn't want to let him down. This is the scene where after I've been taking steroids for months, I built up my muscles a lot. Not huge, but nicely built. I was supposed to be proud of my success as I did arm-flexed poses.

Randy's character, Jake, gulped. "Um ... when did you get so jacked?" He asked me. Since Jake was also straight, I mean, he had more girlfriends than I did. I guess it was difficult for him to play the role of a gay character who was appreciating another man’s body. Even the way he looked me up and down was most likely uncomfortable to him as well.

"I've been hard-pumping for a couple of months now," I announced proudly. My extended muscle mass was supposedly due to my taking the steroids, but my character tried to hide that fact and pretended it was all from rigorous workouts. "Do you want to feel my muscles? Go on." As I said, it was a silly part of the script. What straight guy would invite another to feel him up? Jake looked amazed as he tentatively reached out to feel one of my powerful biceps.

"Wow, that's rock hard, Max!" He exclaimed.

"Yeah. I've been working on my pecs, too. Go on, have a feel." My character told his.

Emboldened by my encouragement, Jake began to more or less grope me. I was squirming inside, aware that many people were watching and oohing as the scene unfolded. Out of the corner of my eye, I could finally see Steven, Lenny, and the girls, all with big smiles.

"Hey, you know, I was about to snap selfies of my progress for my bodybuilding diary. But if you took them, they would look a whole lot better. You want to help me out?" I asked him in my character's excitement.

"Of course!" Jake was totally enthusiastic. We were both following the script pretty well. And, of course, I knew the script forward and backward. So I knew my co-star, Randy, was playing a closeted gay character. My straight role to play opposite a gay character was challenging. But Randy playing gay Jake had to be more difficult and maybe a bit scary for him. I mean, some guys get type-cast, and who wants to be typed as a faggot. When I objected to Larry about this part of the storyline, he told me that my character is taking steroids, which shows how steroids can impact mental health and personality. So, here we are.

I told Jake to shoot some photos, and he took out his cell and then … paused. "Max, your skin is dry. Let me get some skin oil to shine you up and make your muscles pop. The photos will look much more professional.” I readily agreed, just as the script indicated.

As I stood there, Jake started on my upper back and worked his way down to where my ass was exposed. But my jock pouch was facing the audience, so no one saw it. Randy oiled my ass crack fairly deep and did it as if he was acting his gay Jake character. I stood as I was, facing the camera, and Jake moved in front of me. The audience saw his backside, and, of course, he was dressed in regular gym clothes. Depending on how he stood, most times, he was blocking the audience/camera from seeing my full body front, which I was praying he would continue to do. But he was controlling that. He could move about while I was supposed to stand still. He oiled up my shoulders and chest. He even accidentally flicked his fingernail over my nipples. Under my breath, I told him to cool it. Then he ad-libbed a line as he overtly tweaked my nipples, “Your nipples need to stand out, Max. It'll make much better photos, don’t you agree?”

I had to ad-lib back to him, not wanting Larry to yell “cut,” “I guess so.” I was determined to get through this scene and get it over with. Now that he actually said he was pinching my nipples for effect, and I voiced my agreement, he was free to work them any way he wanted. Then he pinched them harder, and my dick stirred a bit. Luckily his body was blocking the view of my over-stuffed jockstrap. I wanted him to move on. “Yes, that’s much better, Jake. Now can you hurry to finish me up, please?” Jake took my cue, moved down my belly, and spread more oil. I felt my folded, bulging dick makes an attempt to expand. “OK, that’s great, Jake. Now let’s take the photos.” But Jake was not finished yet. Since my friend and director, Larry, was not stopping the scene, I certainly could not interfere with Randy's ad-libs.

“Don't be in such a rush, Max. You want to show all your hard work. I need to do your legs too. Can't have half your body shiny and half dull.” Jake said. This part of the scene where he knelt before me to oil up my muscular thighs was so provocative that I wondered how it would make it past the censors. He pushed his right-hand fingers up under the left leg hole of the front jockstrap. His head was blocking the audience's view. Thank God! “Spread your legs wider apart, Max.” I did as “commanded,” the audience stared intently and motionless, probably waiting for Randy to move his head out of the way. His right hand moved under the material from my groin to my left hip and back again. I could feel his fingertips on my balls. My dick was struggling to expand. But then, Randy dropped the small squirt bottle of oil out of his right hand, and it rolled a few feet away. He had to bend his body down to reach for it with his left hand while keeping his right fingers where they were, barely poking under the material. My bulging basket was in clear view of the audience. I swear that I was turning all shades of red with embarrassment. I stood there locked in a tense steel stance. I would not look down to check out my level of indecency. I refused to draw any further audience attention to my groin area. But … why was Randy taking so long, crouched down, fumbling with the oil bottle? I needed him to straighten up, so his head would once again block the view of my twitching bulge from the audience.

Worse, as Randy's fingertips remained up under my jockstrap as if massaging oil into my “skin,” they continued to tickle my balls. I realized the audience could not see that detail, but it sent erotic shocks through my body. I stopped my knees from buckling as I pretended nothing was happening. I was just about to call Larry to stop the scene and tell him that I had had enough. But just then, Randy, in his character voice, said, “Sorry, Max, the top of the oil bottle rolled off somewhere, but I found it.” And at least Randy's torso was back up straight, blocking the view of my crotch from the audience.

“Cut!” Larry yelled to pause the scene. I think he sensed I was getting weirded out. So I felt a pep talk coming. He came up to us and smiled. “That was really great.” Larry beamed, “Just great. Now, I saw where you both enhanced the script and in this scene, it works. But try to stay on script, OK? Then he turned to me and said, Jack, I am so proud of you. You encouraged Randy to start acting gay. That was so perfect. In my book, that makes you a great actor.” Just those few words made me want to please Larry all the more, to put my discomfort aside and get this episode filmed! Then I heard, “Roll 'em.”

Without needing specific direction, Randy and I returned to our positions, me standing upright and still, feet apart, and him kneeling in front of me with his back to the camera. He continued with the oiling. Jake lifted one of my feet, lifting it higher than necessary, and then, most oddly, held it up for a bit before placing it on his thigh. Did I say odd? It was a weird sensation. When he lifted and held it up, I felt my balls slip out from under the skimpy jockstrap. They were now hanging and showing. Normally, I'd yell “cut” to Larry, but Larry had just stopped us. Plus, after his pep talk, I wanted to keep the scene going if possible. Much like a ventriloquist in a faint voice trying not to move my lips, I whispered to Randy, “My balls are out.” He did not acknowledge my concern, but I think he heard it. I did notice that as he finished oiling one leg and worked quickly on the other, he never moved his head away from the front of my crotch. He continued to use his head to prevent the audience from seeing my exposed balls. I guess he was the acting pro to do what he needed to protect me. He did not look up at me. We just went on even though my balls were hanging out.

Teen Soap Opera
Part 4 of 5

[Note: Larry is the respected director of a top-rated daytime teen soap opera called ‘High School Drama’ and is a trusted friend and mentor of the central star, Jack Castle. Jack is homophobic in real life. He plays the part of Max, a straight non-bias student and the captain of the school's wrestling team. Randy, who is gay in real life, is the newer cast member and plays a gay student named Jake, who is also on the wrestling team. Larry told homophobic Jack that Randy is straight and is now only PLAYING gay character Jake. Larry created this ruse so that Jack would not have difficulty working with gay Randy. So Jack believes Randy is a straight actor. The tension kicks up when the soap opera storyline inserts a twist that has Jake (Randy) coming onto Max (Jack)]

“OK, I am finished with oiling you down. These photos will be fantastic with you all shined up and all. Look how the light makes your skin shimmer.” Jake was taking pride in making me photo-ready.

Now, this is where the script has Randy's gay character making a pass at me in a cute way. As he kneels in front of me, he is supposed to reach behind me and place his hands on the ass mounds. Then he is supposed to notice that my briefs (if there was enough material to call them briefs) are not positioned correctly in the back. So while he is in this “bear hug” position on his knees, his face is brought to within one inch of my jockstrap-covered dick. With him pretending to have his face up against my crotch – the audience/camera can only see the back of Randy's head, so he is not supposed to actually touch me – he then pretends to make seductive little kissing sounds on my jockstrap pouch as he adjusts the back of it.

This is Jake's first overt, sexual move on my character as he finally lets the cat out of the bag. Jake was plainly hitting on me. My character, Max, is to respond by gently turning him down. Since our characters are best friends, Max would not be cruel or rude to Jake. But Randy is ad-libbing, just a bit. I know our director, Larry, usually approves if we are method-acting, even if we stray from the script occasionally. The difference here is that my heavy balls are hanging free. I could feel his hot breath.

“Oh, Max, look at your briefs. They are so uneven. Let me level them on your hips for the photos.” He reached behind to stretch them out level. As he reached behind, he put out his tongue and licked my balls. In between secret licks, Jake stuck to the script. “Max, I just love the smell of your briefs.” Then he moaned loudly. “Oh yeah.” He moaned as he rubbed his face over my crotch, which meant he rubbed my balls with his face. “Oh yeah, Max.” Then Randy's character opened his mouth, engulfed my balls, and moaned loudly. Course, the audience/camera could only see the back of his head, so they thought he was just smelling my briefs. Actually, he began to suck my balls into his mouth. He slurped them in one gulp. I wondered if the back view of his head showed his cheeks bulging out. Though erotically molested, I could only stick to the script and pretend he was only kissing my brief-covered pouch.

“Jake, Jake. Come on now. You know I'm straight.” I placed my hands on his shoulders and tried to push him away. As I moved my hips back slightly, he maintained my balls in his mouth by keeping his lips tightly pursed around them. Jake just moaned louder. I try to ignore the erotic sensation. “Jake. This is Max, your good buddy. Let's just do the photos and pretend this never hap … hap … ha ...”

I could not speak. I now felt his tongue rubbing all over my balls, tickling them as they were held captive in his mouth. THEN … I felt his fingers slowly maneuvered into my ass crack, teasing my ass hole. I moaned. It was like he was tapping at my back door. All eight of his fingertips were either tickling up and down my crack or teasing my ass lips directly. My eyes were mostly closed, my head lolled back, and I moaned. I squinted a peek at Larry. The film crew and the audience behind them were all in a state of silent tension.

No one knew how Randy … I mean … Jake, was molesting my front and back. The camera was behind him, shooting the back of his head. No one could see that he had my balls out of my briefs, in front of his face, and into his mouth. But I had to try to stop him. I responded with the next line of the script. “Jake. Please. This is making me uncomfortable. Don't. Stop. OK? Buddy? Don't. Stop. Please don't stop.” Just then, he took his mouth off my balls and let them plop free to hang from under the pouch. I thought he would sneak a hand in front of his face and gently tuck my balls back under the triangle material of the front of my briefs. But he just left them there, hanging like a pair of large plums. At this part of the script, I was supposed to push him off me more firmly, and then he would fall to the floor. But if I did, everyone would see my swinging balls and know we were having sex! Plus, he still had a firm grip on my ass and holding my hips to his face. At least one of his fingers was exerting pressure on my asshole like it was asking permission to come in. Again, out of sight from the camera. I clenched my butt cheeks tightly together to signal, “No.”

“Max. I know you have feelings for me. You haven't even stepped away. You know I love you. I have always loved you, but until now, I did not dare to tell you.” I felt his finger poke at my asshole. But I held my hole tightly closed. Then he used less pressure, tickled it, and teased all around my ass, begging for entrance. “Oh, Max. Please, loosen up, Max.” I felt his fingernail teasing my ass lips. I clinched, and I moaned. “Come on, Max, let me in. You can level with me. Relax. You don't need to keep me out. It's your bud, Jake. Let me in.” He pleaded with me to let his finger in my asshole … right on stage! I could not resist his erotic teasing and tickling of my asshole any longer. I relaxed and let his finger slip inside my hole, right on stage - in front of everyone. He was finger fucking my ass. No, they could see nothing. No one knew what Randy was doing to me as I stood tall and still, legs apart and him kneeling in front of me. But it was futile to resist. I fully relaxed my ass cheeks. I moaned. He was controlling everything. I felt like his puppet. I only had my lines in our script to recite.

This stage set was of the locker room. My character was supposed to be nervous, but I did not need to “pretend” to be nervous. “Jake, you've had your little tease. OK. You showed me your feelings. But this is as far as it goes. And you'd better get up off the floor now, or someone will see us. We'll both get kicked out of school.”

“Do you really want me to get up now?” Jake asked me softly. Now I was confused. I mean really confused. If he got up now, my balls would be shown to the crew and the world. I was forced to say “No.” But I am supposed to say “yes” in the script. We were going into ad-libs. I need ad-libs and method acting to get out of this with my self-respect intact. Specifically, I needed Jake, I mean Randy, to get me out of this. I had no choice but to follow his lead. So I needed to signal my cooperation.

“Look, Jake, we are best buds, and I can be patient. So think about this, all of this. And let me know when you are ready to … to … to … let me go.” I paused, then added. “If we get caught, we will get kicked out of school.”

“Well, let me fix your briefs.” His hands moved away from my ass hole and my ass altogether. He brought them around to the front of my briefs. With his head still blocking the view of the camera and the audience, he placed both hands on m dick bulge. I assumed he would tuck my balls back under the material, so this scene would end … thank God! He finally pulled my briefs away from my thigh and eased my balls back inside. I was decent at last.

But a moment later ….“Oh god, no.” I yelled to myself. Sneakily, Jake pulled the front of my briefs down and eased the waistband under my balls. Now BOTH MY DICK AND BALLS were out right before his hungry mouth. I could feel his breath on my sensitive mushroom head. Then he had the gall to ad-lib, “There, now our sexy briefs are all properly fixed.” I panicked immediately when I thought he would get up and walk away. I'd be ruined. My career would be over -- at least my part in High School Drama -- would be crashed if the audience saw even a peak of my fully exhibited cock. And worse, my dick was not exactly just “hanging” there. I was obscenely erect and blatantly posed.

Then, what did Jake do?! The bastard began to stand up! He would walk away and leave me standing there like a sex-starved asshole with a huge boner. I began to plead and beg, first in my mind and then in a soft tone that only he could hear. I prayed he would not walk away and leave me.

“Please?” I desperately ad-libbed back. “Please? Jake? Good buddy?” Of course, I was begging him not to leave me like this with my erect dick and large balls sticking out.

But he continued to stand up, fully, facing me. It was a moment of truth. I searched his eyes for help. For him to take pity on me. I pleaded with my eyes for him NOT to expose me so indecently. I'm sure he could see the sweat running down my face, my tense and worried frown, and my complete capitulation to do whatever he wanted. Anything except move away from the front of me.

He seemed to accept my unconditional surrender because he suddenly pivoted as he stood facing me, so his back was to me, and his front was to the camera. He made sure he turned quickly to remain my visual barrier to the live audience. I was near naked, standing on stage with my dick and balls hanging obscenely out. Well, my balls were hanging, but my dick was pointing like a horizontal flagpole. Randy's character was in gym clothes. He wore a string top muscle t-shirt, baggy mid-thigh shorts, socks, and tennis shoes. “Max? Do you hate me?” I did not know where he was going with this, but I had no choice but to follow his lead. I told him “no,” and that we were still best buds. “Really, Max?” Jake responded cheerfully.

“Then hug me just like best buds.” He told me. I knew it was not a request but a command. He then placed his arms over the top of his head, I guess to get them out of the way so I could bear hug his torso. I hesitated but slowly moved my arms around his front and clasped them together in a loose hug. We were facing the audience, my front to his back, but I kept the front of my body from touching his back. “No silly,” Jake said, “squeeze me tight, like best buds, OK?” I moved a little closer. “Max? I mean, like a real bear hug.” Oddly, he did not move. He did not push himself back into me. He was making me move closer to his backside. I had no choice. I did. I took a half-step closer and embraced him fully. Now Jake moved his ass crack to align with my jutting dick. His shorts were made of a thin material, and because he wore a jock, only that thin material covered his asshole. Now he pressed backward just a bit to make sure the tip of my dick was forced more against his … his … fuck hole.

“Did you know, Max, that I am so flexible I can put the palms of my hands completely flat on the floor?” I thought that was a weird question. “Yeah, I know how you work on your muscle body, but I'll bet I'm more flexible than you.” Jake stretched his arms upward. “Watch this.” And Jake bent at the waist and brought his hands down fully to rest his palms flatly on the floor. I really can't do that myself. I was impressed. In the process, the top half of my body was now exposed to the audience. Luckily, his buttocks still covered my waist. He left me in the perfect fucking position. “Hold onto my hips while I stretch.” I did. Jake kept his palms on the floor but swayed his hips forward and backward, especially back toward me. He was pushing his stretched-open hole against the head of my rigid boner. To anyone in the know of the gay lifestyle, I mean, we were clearly in a fucking position. I would be inside him if he had a tear in his shorts. He was pushing back that hard. He maneuvered his asshole to kiss my dick and pushed. The material of his gym shorts was thin nylon, so I think I started to enter him.

Then Jake straightened up. And quickly, as he turned away from me, he stood facing me again. He pivoted with precision, always blocking the audience from seeing me. My private parts remained private, thanks to Jake's machinations. “OK, Max. You have been a good sport and humored me. I appreciate that. But can you give me a friendly kiss? I know you are not gay, but it would still show you are not angry with me. OK?” He stared into my eyes, and I just nodded, not knowing what else to do. But I saw this as an end to this indecent and obscene performance. I really had no choice. If he so much as stepped to the side, everyone would see my huge, hard boner. Weirdly, he became my protector.

He brought his face to mine, lips to lips. But before I realized it, he snaked out his tongue and forced it into my mouth. I yielded and opened my mouth. The sooner we get this over with, the sooner it ends. His tongue rubbed and washed against every part of the inside of my mouth. I could not put my tongue in his mouth. I could not do that. I kept my mouth open for him to do as he pleased. I was his puppet boy. For the life of me, I have kissed dozens of women. More even. I enjoyed it. But not this. Yet my dick was sticking out like a proud sword, jutting into the front material of his thin nylon shorts. He broke the French kiss. I supposed … I hoped it looked respectable from the audience's point of view. I don't think our open mouths could be seen by them. They could only see the back of Jake's head.

“Thank you for that little friendly kiss. Max. Now I know you really are okay with me.” He paused and added, “Aren't you, Max?” I just nodded yes. “Okay then, let me fix your shorts again. I see they are all bunched up. Then we can take those muscle photos of you and be done here.” I was so relieved to hear that. We will be done here. He said that exactly.

Jake slid down to his knees again, with his face directly in front of my protruding, now twitching and oozing dick. The audience could only see the back of his head. “Max? Is it okay if I kiss your briefs goodbye? I mean, you have been such a great friend to put up with all my silly, gay antics.” He looked up at me, and I stared down into his eyes.

“I mean, Max, I want to put our differences aside. I'm serious. OK? I can now clearly see that an important problem has come up between us. And I want to put this big problem to rest.” My mind was a blur. He was asking me – out loud – to let him suck my dick! I felt intense waves of erotic sensations. I was practically naked in front of 100 live audience members and a dozen crew members. There I was with a huge boner. I had only Jake to protect me from view. All he had to do was tilt his head to one side a few inches, and I was exposed and ruined. He held that much power over me at this point, on this stage.

“Max? Are you listening? I want to resolve this main issue you have. It is so obvious. It's like … like … like staring me in the face. Yes, it's huge, but let me take care of it for you. I fully understand what you need. And I am in the position to resolve this massive buildup of tension.” FUCK! He repeated it! He is publicly asking me to let him suck my fuck stick! ON STAGE! IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!

I nodded mindlessly. But he went on with his taunts. “It's like when you give a dog a huge bone, and he does not know what to do with it. I'm your friend, Max. I want to take your bone and wrestle it under control for you. It might seem like a mighty sword, but it is standing between us right now. If you let me rub my face against your little brief and say goodbye to them, I will be happy. Your stress is due to false pride. I want to swallow your pride and drain you of all tension. OK? Max?” His words echoed in my ears. “...my big issue … swallow my pride … take my bone … “I know my dick was dripping. I felt it bobbing right in front of Jake's face. I just kept nodding for him to just fucking get it over with. But still, he went on. “Max, if you want me to up and leave right now, I will. I can get up and go. Or you can use me to remove the tension between us. But … this is important … YOU have to ask me to.” I nodded.

“No, Max, speak up,” Jake said very calmly. “Your pride needs to be swallowed. Is that correct? Can you allow that and stand there with your hands behind your back?”

As my body trembled from erotic overload, I could only say, “Yes.” But Jake just looked up at me, expecting more. “Yes, Jake, you are correct. My pride needs to be swa … swa … swallowed. Ple … ple … please. Right now, I know you can handle my big problem better than I. Please make the big, huge obstacle that is stuck between us disappear. I beg you to kiss my briefs so you will know I am not upset and that we are still best buds.” I placed my arms behind me as Jake ordered.

That was it. I finally spoke the words and took the required position.

Teen Soap Opera
Part 5 of 5

[Note: Larry is the respected director of a top-rated daytime teen soap opera called ‘High School Drama’ and is a trusted friend and mentor of the central star, Jack Castle. Jack is homophobic in real life. He plays the part of Max, a straight non-bias student and the captain of the school's wrestling team. Randy, who is gay in real life, is the newer cast member and plays a gay student named Jake, who is also on the wrestling team. Larry told homophobic Jack that Randy is straight and is now only PLAYING gay character Jake. Larry created this ruse so that Jack would not have difficulty working with gay Randy. So Jack believes Randy is a straight actor. The tension kicks up when the soap opera storyline inserts a twist that has Jake (Randy) coming onto Max (Jack)]

Jake smiled. Jake engulfed my dick so deeply that I felt the back of his throat open and receive the head of my dick. I stared down into his blue eyes, helplessly watching him swallow my dick and imprison it hungrily in his mouth. The camera was shooting from behind his head. He wrapped his arms around my waist again to squeeze me tightly. I lifted my arms higher behind me to not interfere. I wanted to thrust my hips in and out to fuck his face, but the audience must not see those movements. As far as the audience's view, it had to appear as if his lips were gently planting baby kisses on my briefs, not sucking me off. I was surprised when I felt one of Jake's fingers slowly slip into my asshole again. He pushed it into the first knuckle. I gave him no resistance. I wanted so bad to allow my body to naturally shake in response to his erotic barrage on my sensations. But I could not. I had to try to control even my involuntary movements. I needed to hold myself tall, still, and submissive. I tried like hell to not jerk, twitch, or shimmer.

In a mechanical tone, I forced a smile and recited lines in the script, “That's great, Jake. Yeah, give my shorts all those baby kisses. Do whatever you want to bring us closer as friends. I respect you, and you respect me.”

In constant character, Jake eased off my dick and then pushed his mouth fully onto it again, making my boner push into his throat. The audience could only see the back of his head. He made an inaudible humming sound which I felt as a vibration from the shaft of my dick up the spine of my body. His finger slipped deeper into my ass hole. He teased my prostate, making my dick swell even more down his mouth hole. He wiggled and twisted it in my ass hole. I knew I wouldn't last. My main concern is that no one sees any indications of what was really happening. I smiled and surrendered to a few shivers but spoke over them, “Yah, Jake, as soon as we finish up here and take a few photos, we can blast off into the showers.” I was beyond self-control. Now it was my job to stand still and appear as natural as possible. It would be my fault if my body twitched and spasmed.

Jake knew. I feel he knew I was on display. He knew I had no choice but to allow him to suck me off so my dick would go down, and we could soon end the scene. Then he gave the low hum again, just as he tickled my prostate with his long finger. It sent tremors throughout my body all the way to my finger and toes. I lost it. I blasted off, volley after volley, down his throat. Yet … I held my stance, and to distract the audience, I started to sing a stupid, made-up song. “Oh, best friends we'll be, you will see. there is no longer the issue between you and me.” And I placed both hands on Jake's shoulders, mainly to steady myself from teetering. He slowly released my deflating dick and let me calm myself. Then he snuck his hand in front of his face, out of audience view, and tucked my now semi-flaccid dick AND my hanging balls back up under the hem of my skimpy jockstrap. Randy waited a few more moments to ensure my privates settled down. Although they still presented quite a bulge, they were finally fully covered, at least.

He finally looked up and said, “Max, thank you. I promise to respect you as my straight buddy. Now, let’s take your muscle photos to show your progress.” He finally rose to a standing position and stepped aside to grab the camera. I looked decent. Hopefully, no one noticed. Randy's character took flash shots of me in various positions. He told me how to pose and flex. When he was done, “I'll upload these on my computer at home and make prints for you, OK?” My character, Max, nodded, knowing that was the plan.

“CUT!” Larry yelled. He came over to us, “Thanks to both of you. I know it was complicated for any straight man to act gay, and even though we were only pretending to kiss, it can be challenging.” Then he turned to me, “Jack, the way you showed Max to be OK with his best friend being gay and also showed some residue hesitation was … was … fabulous. It was sensitive yet thought-provoking. I am so proud of you both.” Larry beamed. “I'll see you both bright and early tomorrow.” Then he went off. I was about to turn to Randy to tell him not to ad-lib so much groping and to cool it. But he had already stepped away. I was upset.

I felt so drained. As I was driving home, I was having weird feelings about Randy. Is he really straight? He just sucked me off. I mean, a straight guy could do that, true, but he would not enjoy it. I think Randy enjoyed it. Or ... was that just his good acting? I was getting dizzy thinking about it. I know one thing for sure, I ain't no fag. And no one is going to make me into one. If I have to let Randy act his gay role, I can be the consummate actor, support him, and allow him to act his rollout completely. That's what co-stars do. I need to talk with Randy and tell him to back off a bit and cool it down. Yes, that's what I will do.

The next morning I caught up with Randy on the shower set to talk quickly to ask him to back off. As soon as I opened my mouth, he interjected by introducing me to his girlfriend, Shelley. After we chatted for a few moments, she returned to the live audience and sat in the bleachers. Randy said smilingly that she and he would marry in a few months. After he said that, I felt horrible. I was just about to tell him to keep his fag hands off of me. “What a selfish idiot I was!” I yelled inside my head. Here the guy is about to be married, and he dares to play a flaming fag on stage – in front of his fiancée! What a small-minded asshole I was. To think he was a pervert all the while he was being a brave, courageous, straight guy and risking his own reputation, both public and private. Wow! Now I know what Larry meant by method acting. “You be your character. Live your role, don't pretend it.” So I congratulated Randy as we got to the shower room set. Randy and I were each wearing towels; according to the script, we had just stripped and were ready for the next scene.

I had read this part of the script over and over again. This scene was going to be very challenging for both of us. In the storyline, gay Jake goes home and prints out the pictures he took in the little photo shoot of me. And in this scene, he becomes engrossed in the photos of me in that skimpy jockstrap as I flexed my muscles. He fantasized that I was privately posing for him. This is all a fantasy daydream about us. He fantasizes about having sex with me. The camera angles were very tricky because we were both wearing jockstraps, and any pretend-grope we do will be below the camera frame. If any private parts come into view, that part has to be edited out because we are supposed to be naked. Well, if you are going to have a sex fantasy, you might as well be naked. So, it is difficult for our cameramen to turn and twist in all angles to avoid showing any clothing. That's why, as Larry explained, the straps must be minimal. Still, the idea of any man groping me is weird, but it’s also weird for Randy, which made me feel better. Plus, it is not the characters getting sexual. It is just Jake’s fantasy images playing out visually.

Just before filming the scene, Larry approached me and said I needed a flesh-color posing strap. I was waiting for him to hand it to me or to walk me over to the dressing room, but he put out his hand, and I took one short step to the side to stand behind a set prop for a four-foot-tall towel rack and took off my red jockstrap. I was anxious to get the flesh-colored posing strap as I stood naked on the set. The towel rack stand covered my body from just below my belly button down. Actually, it probably showed the base of my dick. The nearly 100-member live audience was all straining to see me. But Larry walks away with the posing strap to discuss something with the camera crew. Now Randy and I watch an animated discussion between Larry and the crew. They were making camera zoom-in gestures and camera-panning motions. It goes on for a long time. They finally nodded in agreement.

Larry returned and said to both of us, “We can’t shoot this if you are wearing anything. It is just too difficult for the camera crew to do and too costly to do all that editing out of glimpses of your posing straps. Plus, we would likely have to shoot it all over again to get enough usable footage to present you both as nude. So, I need you guys to be OK with doing this scene in the nude. Jack … Randy. OK?” And he stares at me in the eyes. As if I can say no at this point. I’m already naked and on the set. I grumbled but consented. Then Randy, who also hesitated, takes his posing strap off, handing it to Larry.

“I cannot tell you how proud I am of both of you. You know the Emmy nominations will come up shortly after this episode airs. It is absolutely perfect timing in that regard. This show is top-rated and is viewed as being on the cutting edge. So, do I need to say more? One or both of you winning an Emmy is not out of the question. You are in the perfect show, daring at the perfect time. Please, please don't let each other down. My honest advice to you both is to engage in method acting. Be-your-character. Live your role. Jack, don't act the part of Max, be Max. And Randy, don't act the part of gay Jake. Be gay, Jake. Be gay. It's your daydream.” With that blunt suggestion, Larry walked away to discuss new positions for the camera crew.

Randy whispers something very personal and touching, “Jack, please support me in this role. My girlfriend is watching, and it’s OK with her, but please encourage me to act queer, OK? I know I acted queer earlier, but now we are both totally naked. I’m not sure I can do this.” I put my arm around Randy’s shoulder and told him that, of course, I support him. I again felt embarrassed that I would accuse Randy of being a faggot. Now I am telling him that he needs to let loose and act his best, meaning … gay it up. I felt that we would both get through this just fine.

[Note: it is important to know that the director, Larry, a man I trusted with my career, tricked me. When Randy introduced me to his fiancée, Shelley, he had never met her before that day. Larry schemed against me to have me believe that Randy was really straight. I was always told that he was straight, but his gay acting came across to me as real and natural. So I started to doubt his sexuality. But now, being told that he is getting married to a beautiful girl and meeting her, there is no doubt that he is straight. Randy was a great method actor … or so I was led to believe. And … I bought into it hook, line, and sinker. Months later, looking back on it, I did not consider that Randy and Larry were mean-spirited toward me. They felt it was the best way to allow me to lower my concerns and to allow my character, Max, to engage in gay or semi-gay behavior. But all this information was kept from me. And … perhaps … it was for my own good. I ended up being nominated for an Emmy. But I digress.]

In this upcoming daydream sequence, I am in the shower washing, and Jake comes in and joins me. But this is a dream scene. My character Max is not acting like Max. I am acting like Jake sees me in his fantasy. Here I need to be responsive to all of Jake's come-ons. I am to be as Jake is fantasizing me to be.

“Roll ‘em,” shouted Larry. And I’m in the large gang shower room (like they have in most high schools) with actual working shower heads, standing under its spray, totally naked, washing.

“Hi, Max,” Jake says as he steps in under the showerhead beside me. He starts to soap himself up and then (as the script requires) says, “Do you want me to wash your back?” I tell him no, but he just says, “Here, let me get that for you.” He reaches over to me and does it anyway. “Just hold still. Let me do it.” And my character stands still as he works the soap over my upper back. Then he works his way down with his upper body in camera view, and his hands roam below the camera view. I feel him soaping my ass and then fingering my asshole. I instantly react and automatically move away from him.

I almost get used to Randy playing his gay flamboyant character, Jake. I mean, let’s call a truce between us. His character is gay, and he must act out that role. I learn to accept it. I’m just being overly sensitive. And I learn to accept gay Jake and actor Randy. Our hit soap opera, High School Drama, is all about drama. It’s about conflict. So our characters are in conflict. Or is it I who is in conflict with Randy? Either way, the show is a smash hit. And I’m a big reason for its success. .

The End

Really? “The end?” But there are so many loose ends. There must be more to this story. We know what happens to the character Max and Jake. That’s all scripted, even if we don’t know where the plot goes. We can’t do anything about the plot development. That’s up to the writers. But what about Jack and Randy? Their lives aren’t scripted. Do they become friends? Jack’s never going to become gay. It’s not in his nature. But is Randy going to become straight? Or maybe bi? Does one of them leave the show? The producers would not like that since their conflict keeps the viewers interested. We have to know. This teen soap opera, with all its drama, has not played out yet. .

Stay tuned for the sequel. It’ll be here in two days.

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