146 Teen Soap Opera: The Sequel

Teen Soap Opera: The Sequel
Part 1 of 4

As you may recall from the original High School Drama story, Larry is the director of High School Drama, a daytime TV soap opera, and he is a trusted friend and mentor of the main star, Jack Castle, a straight young man. Jack plays the part of Max, a straight, macho student and the captain of the school's wrestling team. Randy is the newer cast member, a few years younger than Jack, and a gay man who pretends he is straight since Jack does not really “approve” of gays and would quit the show if he found out Randy’s true sexual orientation. Randy plays an openly gay student who is also on the wrestling team and who has erotic fantasies about Max. That is part of the storyline.

In the previous story, the continuing plot of the soap had a few twists. Straight Jack (as straight character Max) is struggling with his role. In this part of the script, his co-star Randy (as his gay character Jake) fantasizes about Max and, in his daydreams, has wonderful romantic sex with him. This is the scene. This is a television show, so no nudity is ever shown. The actors usually wear skimpy G-string or bikini underwear in the supposed nude scenes. But in this particular scene, actual nudity works best. Any private parts caught on film are edited in production.

Still, camera angles are always from the waist up, or at least the actors' private parts are blocked by some object on the set, or as in this scene, by another actor’s body. However, the camera and stage crews, as well as the live audience, can see a lot more than the TV audience. Even so, when Randy is very close to Max, his body blocks what his hands or mouth is doing since the camera is usually behind one actor or the other. Since Randy is gay in real life, he has been teasing and manipulating Jack sexually when he knows he can get away with it - when he is close to Jack and when he knows his actions are in some way obstructed.

In this scripted scene, Randy’s character Jake is supposed to PRETEND to be sexual with Jack’s character Max, but Randy is being sneaky and devilish and pushing Jack’s straight boundaries. And … he is doing it in front of this live audience! Every time Jack feels uncomfortable, he backs off.

Continuing: There we were in the school showers, both naked. Randy was washing my hip as he pinch my nipple with the other hand. I tossed my head back and moaned, and, this time, I leaned into him. I moaned again, just as dictated by the script. Randy is spreading my ass cheeks, and then his head must disappear below the camera view. I felt something tickle my ass lips. I was not sure, but it was softer than a finger. I just moaned. Then Randy stood in camera view again and turned me around to face him. Now my naked back was facing the camera, and he was in front of me, facing me. My back was blocking the camera view of our groins.

“CUT!” Larry stops us. “Jack, you cannot step away. It’s Jake’s fantasy. In that fantasy, you are being seduced. You give in to his playful seductions. Come on, Jack, we talked about this. Look, Randy is method acting. He is doing a great job in being gay, Jake. You, Jack, are stuck in being straight, Jack. But in this scene, it's Jake's fantasy. Act as Jake’s fantasy wants you to act … gay. ” I nodded, knowing everything Larry said was absolutely correct. I must stop being Jack, the faggot hater, and become Jake’s pleasant gay experience. I can do this. I am a good actor. “OK, let’s take it from the ass washing. And this time, Jack, instead of stepping away, step back into his touch and moan … you like it. Roll 'em!”

Per the script, “Max, I have waited so long to embrace you. I love you, Max, I really do,” he said as he hugged me and rubbed my back up and down. The camera is creeping a bit sideways, but not enough to show our dicks, but if they show, they will be edited out. Then without saying anything, his lips approached mine, and he kissed me on the mouth. I could feel his tongue but kept my mouth closed since the back of my head was now to the camera.

“Cut! … Jack … what was that? The script says …” Larry looks for the exact wording, “it says, 'a long, mutual, romantic kiss.' Not a peck on the lips.”

I stopped him and just agreed. “God, I am really fucking this up. I'm sorry, Larry, really. I can do this.” If Randy, who is getting married soon, can act his gay role, I can act mine. So went my own pep talk.

“OK, Jack; let’s take it from Jake’s line, ‘Max, I have waited so long. Roll ‘em!”

“Max, I have waited so long to embrace you. I love you, Max, I really do,” and then he slowly, hesitantly, moved his lips to mine. His mouth is open. My first reaction is to keep mine closed. But then I think I am being stupid again, so I open my mouth fully. I feel his tongue snake into my waiting, gaping hole. His probing tongue rubs my still tongue. And I say to myself, “Method acting, method acting time.” So for the first time in my acting career, the first time in my life! I willingly and aggressively engaged in a deep French kiss. It's only a wet kiss, but that's a lot of male-to-male sex for me! I move my tongue, and the camera zooms into a side view showing us in a deep French kiss.

I am thinking of my own sex fantasy of kissing Angelina Jolie. Jake embraces me more fully and tighter, and I reciprocate by placing my arms more completely around his naked firm male body. We hold our deep kiss. I was waiting for Larry to say “cut,” but he apparently liked what he saw. I gently try to nudge Jake away to end the kiss, but he does not loosen his embrace. In fact, he moans and teases every part of my mouth. It is weird for me to kiss a man, even though I am pretending it is Jolie. But it must be working; my dick is starting to become erect at the thought of Jolie. Since Jake and I are about the same height, our dicks are side-by-side, horizontal with each other.

It seems like we are holding this long kiss for an hour, but it is likely 40 to 50 seconds. Now Jake is moaning more and rubbing his chest against me. I do the same to him. No one is yelling “cut.” I notice the set is extremely quiet. No one is giggling or making a sound, so I guess we are doing what Larry desires.

Finally, Jake breaks away from our kiss and says, “Oh, Max. You are so hot. I love you and every part of your handsome, muscle body.” Max's line is to say, “Oh yes, I love you too, Jake.” But I am hesitant and end up just staring at him. Noticing my nervousness, he moves on and places his mouth on my right nipple. He is supposed to gently kiss it, but he nibbles it and molests it between his front teeth, sucking it, pulling it, teasing it. The camera is right there, filming it all. I know I need to vocalize a positive response, so I moan and mutter, “Oh yes.” It just slipped out. I think it was part of my method of acting coming through. Then he works the other nipple, and I thrust my chest forward to encourage him this time.

The script says to “make love” but does not say how or for how long. I wait to hear “Cut!” but the stage set is dead silent. Randy … I mean gay Jake … is moving his mouth lower and lower, very slowly, licking and nibbling my belly, and yet still exploring lower. I have my hand on his shoulders, unaware that I am pushing him down to his knees.

I see the camera sneaking in closer on my face while Jake's face is below the camera view. But I wondered if it was pointing downward at all, catching his head, or at least the back of it, bobbing around my dick. Most of the time, my eyes are closed as if I am ecstatic. But the real reason is that I don't want to actually see Jake's mouth on my dick. I suppose Randy … I mean gay Jake, is going to pretend to suck my dick. Fuck, I think to myself. I know I have a huge erection, and I hope that does not mess up the camera angles. Jake's face is right there. My eyes are closed, and my hands are resting on his muscular shoulders. I feel Jake's mouth licking the side of my dick. I feel my dick freely bouncing up and down. My dick is brushing the side of Jake’s face. God, I wish Larry would stop us. I need a break.

Randy … I mean gay Jake … is just holding his face near my hard-on, and every once in a while, he flicks his tongue to tease the underside of the tip of my dick, which is now pointing upward. He is being so patient. Obviously, he does not really want to suck it, so he is just pretending to tease it. Now I feel one hand tickling my large hanging balls. I feel his fingernail gently scratching my ball sack. I moan, and my body trembles. I’m feeling weak-kneed. The script says that this is Jake’s fantasy and that Jack … I mean Max, lets it happen. Jake controls his own mental imagery, which is what we are shooting. Max just allows it and enjoys it. None of this is real, so it does not bother me. It’s all Jake's fantasy. It’s just an unbelievable fantasy inside Jake’s head.

Suddenly, I felt my dick slip into Randy’s open mouth. I mean ... Jake’s … no Randy’s. Shit! It feels so fucking good in there. I want him to suck it, but he is motionless. My entire rigid dick is fully in his mouth, and his lips are lightly sealed around it. But … he is just staying still. His tongue is not moving. He is doing nothing! The tip of my dick is bobbing upward to some primal, erotic, rhythmic beat, bobbing up to the roof of his mouth, tapping it, then twitching down to rest on his still tongue, then bobbing up again to tap the top of his mouth. On and on. “Fuck! Why doesn't he just fucking suck me off?!” I feel his fingers continue to tickle my balls and tease them. But my dick is getting no attention because he keeps the inside of his mouth wide open, though his lips are sealed against my skin. FUCK! I thrust my hip forward, and I make a growling sound. I feel the head of my dick poke the back of Jake’s throat. I pull it back, waiting for him to suck me.

Nothing. I push in again and hold it there. My dick tenses and flexes, and Jake’s only movement is to tease my balls. There are now 2 cameras shooting close-ups, one at the side of my face, the other maybe shooting the top of Jake's head. I don't know why two cameras are needed. I don't even care. I feel Jake's mouth FINALLY sucking, not hard, but sucking. OH YES! I pull back and push in a few times. The running shower heads are not spraying us. They are behind us. Now I feel Jake’s tongue come to life. His tongue is titillating my dick. So I stop thrusting. His tongue stops too. Fuck! He is training me to do the fucking. He does not want me to be passive but rather aggressive.

Jake is motionless. So again, I thrust. I keep moving in and out this time, and Jake’s tongue is teasing my dick on all sides. I don’t want him to stop, so I don't stop. I keep my in-and-out hip action going. He is training me to do what he wants. After all, it's his fantasy we are doing. It feels so fucking good. My dick is ready to shoot. It has swelled fatter and heavier. When it bobs up, it is pushing firmer against the roof of Jake's mouth. It's going to blast loads down his throat. Then … then … his tongue stops. He is keeping it absolutely still. He relaxes his mouth more, though he keeps his lips sealed around the base of my dick. He is allowing all the room my dick needs to jerk and bob without making contact with the inside of his mouth.

“Fuck! I need to climax!” I yell inside my head. I try to thrust in and out, but Jake's mouth moves with my thrusts, so I can't get much friction. “Please?” I just said that out loud. I can't help it. “Please?” I whimpered. Jake did not move. He just allowed my dick to stay in his mouth. “Please?” I whimpered, and my body shook. I know the sound boom picked up my whimpers. I figured I messed up, and Larry would yell, “Cut!” But I don't care. “Randy, please?” I know I will call him Jake, but my mind was fucked up. I realized Jake wanted me to clearly express what I wanted. “Please … Jake … suck me off. Please?” Still nothing. “Jake, I love you so much. I am yours, Jake.”

As if the heavens opened up and smiled, Jake began to tease and suck my dick. His sucking was always light and gentle. But at least he was sucking me. “Oh, god, thank you, thank you, Jake. I love you so fucking much.” I needed to climax now. But I was not in charge of my doing that. I keep thrusting in and out, plunging deeper and harder. I firmly grab the sides of his head in both hands and shove the head of my dick firmer with each forward thrust of my hips. I am guiding, jamming, and forcing his head to move fully onto me, pushing his nose hard into my shaved lower belly. I hold it there, jamming my dick down his throat. I feel him suck hard and harder, plunging his mouth over my dick to bury his nose in my hairless groin. Then he pulled his mouth nearly off and plunged it fully into it again.

As he did, I thrust my hips, pushing my dick down his throat! My hands were on his ears, pulling him onto my hair-trigger canon. “AHHHHHHHHHH! I am cumming.” I was exploding. I am not letting go of his head. I'm just holding him on my dick as I arch my back jamming and holding my dick fully down his throat. I don't consider if he can breathe. I am solely in my own erotic mind. I am holding him glued to me. Spurt after thick, forceful spurt, I empty my entire ball sack full of man juice. We are both coated in sweat, both shuttering with tremors, panting. Then slowly I loosen my grip on his head, but still, he holds it over my dick.

Larry yells, “Cut!” but I don’t hear him. I am in a daze. The shower heads are turned off, but I don't notice. I think I have shot all my rounds, though my dick still dribbles. My heart is pounding, but I am coming down. I have not let go of Randy's ears, but he was not fighting for release either. I am empty. I wait until every drop of me is down in his throat. His tongue is licking my dick, kissing it. Only when I hear applause echoing in my head that I finally let go of Randy, I mean gay Jake, and I nearly collapse. I look down at Randy and wonder if he came too. I mean, his character climaxed. I really did not care. This was all about Jack Castle … I mean Max. Yes, all about my character Max. Straight Max.

I guess Larry saw something additional he wanted on film, and without any other words, he said in a whisper to the crew, “Keep rolling, continue…”

Wow, I thought to myself, I need a break. But Randy picks up on the script where we left off. The script said we were to “improvise.” Randy stood up and was now kissing my neck, and I was astounded to hear him say, with unexpected conviction, "Now it's your turn to suck my cock." That language will not pass the sensors, but I figured editing would cut out most of the simulated -- pretend -- sex and all of the foul language, anyway. So I was a little shocked, but I continued my method acting.

But the bigger shock was that I actually obeyed! I think I was really out of it. I did not actually feel it, but apparently, Randy slowly pushed my shoulders down so I was kneeling. He pointed his beautiful, stiff dick to my lips and pushed gently at first. For the life of me, I don’t remember opening my mouth. But his dick was in it. And fucking shit, I was sucking it. I was sucking Randy's cock! I mean Jake's beautiful cock. Look, I'm straight, so method acting or not, I wasn't about to deliver a stellar blow job. That was my concession to doing this “supposed” simulating sex queer shit. I'll keep it as pretend as possible.

I was thinking, or better put, not thinking, what was all happening. I was in a mental haze. I was here, kneeling, his dick was in my mouth, and I guess I was actually sucking it. I snapped out of my daze when I felt Randy start to cum. His dick was not buried deep in my mouth, so the cum landed on my tongue, not down my throat. I tried to pull away to spit it out now that I was more clear-headed, but Randy’s hands held my head from backing off. I gagged and nearly wanted him to release his hold on me so I could spit. As I choked a bit, some of his cum came out of my nose. But I was not going to swallow the rest.

I didn't have time to ponder the question. He soon released my head, and I was about to spit it all out, but Larry interjected. "Don't spit it out, Jack! You'll ruin the scene.” Cameras were still rolling. “I want to see you both, snowball." We both looked blankly at him, and I freaked but kept my mouth shut. "Pass the cum back and forth between your mouths while you kiss," he explained.

I could scarcely believe that Larry was suggesting such a repulsive practice - even Randy was looking a little queasy - but Larry's stern look was like a command. So I rose off my knees and stood before Randy. We puckered up and went for a deep French kiss as he let me spew his cum into his mouth, and I let him push it back into mine. We did that a few times, and then Larry yelled, “Cut!” As soon as he said that, and without thinking, I swallowed Randy’s entire deposit of cum. “Oh shit!” I exclaimed.

"That's a wrap!” Larry said. “I'll see you both back in the studio tomorrow. I'll be working with the editors. There's a lot of editing to be done around our shoot today. So don't worry, nothing inappropriate will be in the final cut.”

As I headed to my dressing room, I turned around to find that my “friends” had followed me. I had completely forgotten about their presence. I was so embarrassed about their seeing me do a sex scene; I totally forgot I was still naked. So I did not even try to hide my dick as they talked to me. It suddenly occurred to me that they'd seen me acting out a blow job. The broad grins that showed on their faces heightened my sense of embarrassment.

"Well, Jack, I'm certainly glad we got to see you ... ah … in action today," said Lenny.

"Boy, you certainly go for it, huh?" added Chris. “I mean, you certainly had me convinced.”

"You know me, guys - I'm totally method," I said with as much bravado as I could muster.

"Yeah, method acting. So … THAT'S what they call it," smirked Steven.

"It was definitely, uh, revealing," remarked Chris as the girls giggled.

I turned red. The guys slapped me on my bare ass, which made me realize I was walking down the hall to my dressing room … nude. Then they strutted off with the girls. Why did I get the feeling they weren't actually impressed?

Teen Soap Opera: The Sequel
Part 2 of 4

[Note: Larry is the respected director of a top-rated daytime teen soap opera called ‘High School Drama’ and is a trusted friend and mentor of the central star, Jack Castle. Jack is homophobic in real life. He plays the part of Max, a straight non-bias student and the captain of the school's wrestling team. Randy, who is gay in real life, is the newer cast member and plays a gay student named Jake, who is also on the wrestling team. Larry told homophobic Jack that Randy is straight and is now only PLAYING gay character Jake. Larry created this ruse so that Jack would not have difficulty working with gay Randy. So Jack believes Randy is a straight actor. The tension kicks up when the soap opera storyline inserts a twist that has gay Jake (Randy) coming onto straight Max (Jack)]

It can’t be surprising that Randy and I did not speak as we were getting ready to leave for the day. I felt awkward, and I know he did too. I did catch up with Larry in the parking lot and mentioned that it was nice that Randy was getting married. Larry looked as if I caught him off guard and sputtered, “Ah ... yah … yes, he'll be getting hitched in a few months to his beautiful Susan.” l corrected him and said, “Shelley.” He repeated, “Of course, Shelley.” And off he hurriedly went. That was strange. [Randy's romance with Shelley was all made up by Larry and Randy to make me think Randy was straight. It was their scheme that if I believed Randy was actually straight and just playing his gay character, Jake, I'd be more comfortable. I did not know that at the time. But it did work. I did believe Randy was straight and would soon be married. And it had the intended result of making me feel relief that I was not co-starring with a fag actor.

After all this “method acting” fag sex, I really needed the comfort of a good woman. Maybe not Angelina Jolie, but any real woman would do. I had been sexual with several over the past six months, just not lately. With all the tugging my character went through and all the conflict I felt from shooting various scenes with a gay character, I had not had the romantic mindset to go out on a nice, comforting date with a beautiful, soft, sweet-smelling woman. Now I needed to. I could put all this fag shit aside and refocus from Max to Jack. I called Gina, a gorgeous redhead I went out with once a couple months ago. It was time to rekindle that budding romance. I called her with all the good vibes I remembered having with her and set up a date. She was a little hesitant to see me because she was a regular viewer of High School Drama. Getting her to come over for a little TV took a lot of sweet talking. I did not mention that my real intent was my much-needed sex with her.

We made up for lost time when she came over as we smooched and necked on the couch. We were down to our underwear, and I could tell she was all ready to get romantically fucked. But … something was wrong. Maybe I was too tired or nervous because my dick was not getting hard. I prolonged the heavy petting to get myself charged up, but I was experiencing a dead battery. She sympathetically asked me if I was really more interested in men. “What! Hey baby, I’m not Max. This is old Jack you are talking to.” I told her I was tired, and we ended the night early. I went to bed very disappointed.

I lay there thinking about tomorrow's shoot. I was going to be in a near-naked scene with Randy. It takes up where we left off in his fantasy shower room scene and continues with his ending his daydream, where my character is finally back to being straight Max. His character and mine have a long passionate kiss. And the dream scene ends with us telling each other we love each other. Then he wakes up, and I return to being his straight friend. It was a difficult script. I had a lot of lines to remember, which I was rehearsing as I rested my eyes. I was playing with my hard dick and reciting lines to myself, ensuring I would remember them all. “Jake, I will love you always.” I noticed my dick was as hard as I have ever had it. I guess it was just nerves; I went to sleep.

Though the soap was getting more popular, I was not, at least not with women. I had no luck pulling in the girls at bars with my newfound celebrity. When I went out these days, I got a lot of unwanted attention from gay men. That made me feel awful.

I just had to get a date, the sexy embrace of a woman who kissed me with her luscious lipstick lips. The next day I happened to go to a bar with a hot young crowd. I wanted to be in the presence of some women. I met Shelly there and tried to figure out how to invite her to my place, but she asked me to go with her before I could think of a good opening line. That was great. I don’t think she knew who I was. Shelly was just hot to trot; that was exactly what I needed. As we entered my apartment, she went for my shirt and pulled it off, exposing my bare chest. She was kissing me and turning me on.

Well, I wanted to get turned on. She was hot, kind of trampy, just the thing to get me all hot and bothered and bring my confidence back. I was feeling, trying to feel all energized. My dick was warming up, I think. I was getting ready for action. I’d soon fuck her brains out! In a cute, teasy way, she pushed me onto her sofa seat and knelt to remove my shoes and socks. Then she yanked me upright and began to unfasten my belt. Love aggressive women! With her other hand, she hungrily rubbed the front of my crotch. Oh lord, I couldn’t wait to fuck her pussy!

We were kissing and shoving our tongues every which way, my favorite maneuver to start into heavy sex. I tried to remove her blouse, but she said, "Oh baby, let me do it all. You’re just my kind of hot man!” This was great.

I was full of anticipation. My heart was pounding, maybe not as quick as usual in these situations, but I was ready for her. Shelly snapped open my pants, and down they fell. I just worked my feet up and down until I was free of them. Then her hands went to my briefs and squeezed my dick so hard. I was imagining what her hot wet pussy looked like and how I would love shoving my big hard dick inside her cave hole. I did not notice the surprised look on her face. I didn’t really think about my dick not being hard or even semi-hard. If I had opened my eyes, I would have seen her look of disappointment.

I felt my underwear forced down, and I, just like with my pants, used my feet to get stomp out of them. Then … nothing. I felt no touching, no kissing, nothing. I was ready to fuck, and it was like she disappeared. I snapped my eyes open to see her staring down at my dick. She had a look of confused amazement, staring at my dick. I looked down and … and … my dick had all shriveled up. It was all relaxed. I realized she was shocked that I, “a man of her type,” was not excited at all. We both just stood there, she fully dressed, me totally naked. I cupped my hands over my limp dick and felt totally embarrassed. I’m sure my face turned a bright red. There was nothing said, not exactly. But she commented more to herself, “What are you, a fag?” She grabbed her purse and abruptly left. I stood there naked and alone and confused. “Why am I not hard?” I collapsed back on my sofa and wondered what was happening to me. Extremely frustrated, I went to bed.

To my surprise, I received an early phone call that the shooting was halted for a week. Actually, the set was closed for over a week because the producers were apparently having problems with the storyline. I was not in the loop, but I had heard that there was disagreement on how the story should progress from where we left it. I appreciated the rest and the time away from the mental confusion that was difficult for me to shake off. I had attempted two other dates, but I was not getting anywhere. It was just too much stress. During that time, Larry worked with the editors to assemble the complete episode. It aired with a lot of positive excitement.

I arrived at the studio ten days later and met up with Larry. He shared that the ratings showed a marked increase in male viewership after the fantasy shower scene aired. I was surprised by how tame the broadcast version was - surely, the scene we filmed had gone on for much longer and much further. But I was too relieved at not being seen on national television sucking off a teenage boy to question what had happened to the extended footage.

I wasn't the only one suffering. I figured Randy was getting teased even more at school because of his overtly gay role in the show. At least my character was manly and straight and only a friend of Jake. I have Larry to thank for that. After all, he was trying to propel my career, and I could put up with the shit in the meantime.

Larry started to notice something about me that appeared to be a problem on the set that he never mentioned. But it was a huge problem for him. He noticed that every time my character interacted with Randy's character, my dick seemed to get a little erect. Maybe it was not much. Certainly, I never noticed it. I guess it would come and go like any horny young male. Plus, I had had no successful sex with women I wanted to bang on recent dates. It's just frustration. So I never thought about it.

[Again, there was more info being kept from me. At the time, I never knew Larry was involved in several heavy meetings with the head producer, Phil, of the High School Drama. They were strategy sessions to resolve an issue about the storyline. Larry noticed that our ratings were going through the roof. I knew that part. But he concluded that that was because of the “pretend” sex that was shown between Max and Jake. He felt strongly that viewers liked the fact that my straight character, Max, was open to being sexual with gay Jake. It caused a lot of viewer interest. The current storyline ends that sexual interest. It was all a daydream in Jake's head. If so, the ratings would no longer increase but start falling. Phil wants Larry and the writers to alter the storyline to have Max become gay or at least bisexual. In this way, the viewers would have an ongoing story with lots of twists and unresolved emotional conflicts to follow, episode after episode.

Larry agreed that that sea change in the story would have a lot of viewer appeal but that I, as straight Max, would not go along with my character being gay or bi. [Unbeknownst to me, Larry had worked out a scheme with the writers to gradually change my character to gay. But they would not tell me that that is where the story is headed. They wrote in subtle changes, and some were not so subtle. There were more daydreams where I was gay inside Jake's fantasies. But Larry had the writers swear not to tell me any of this plot. On the other hand, Randy was in on everything. He was gay. But I still did not know that. All I knew was what I was told, that he was getting married soon. And Randy's character, Jake, was given carte blanche by Larry to ad-lib and brought me seductively along into this new storyline.]

“Larry, you're correct.” Jerry, the head writer, chimed in at a writer's conference, “If Phil and the other producers want this change for Hollywood High Drama, we can do it. We are writers, for Pete's sake.” Jerry said confidently. “Jack Castle has shown that he can be a good sport. He still believed Randy was straight and that he was getting married, right?” Larry nodded. “Then let's use that. Let Jack believe that Randy is considering leaving the show because acting gay is too difficult for him now. He is too embarrassed. Jack will feel like his role and his career will be threatened too. That will cause Jack to go to Randy's aid, help him, and be there for his buddy Randy.” The room was silent. Everyone was reflecting on the cleverness of this scheme. “Larry?” Jerry continued, “Do you think Randy will cooperate and faint embarrassment and convince Jack he is leaving the show?”

“Jerry,” Larry said, “Randy is gay. He tries hard to keep his personal life secret, but he is gay and proud of it. He told me he loves his gay character. He also loves it when his real-life straight friend, Jack, is scripted to fondle or kiss him. He acts hesitant in front of Jack, but in truth, Randy is ecstatic to have touchy-feely scenes with macho Jack. So, of course, Randy is on our side and eager to 'perform' for us. He will get Jack sympathetic to his pretend need for support to play his gay character.”

Larry turned to a key grip in the room and asked him to bring in Randy. Shortly, Randy arrived. “Randy,” Larry said solemnly, “We need you to act off-camera with your friend Jack. The powers that be want Jack's character to become more and more accepting of your gay character, Jake. We already know that if this is directly and bluntly presented to Jack, he might object and leave the show. That would be disastrous for all of us. He has become the main star. No offense Randy, but Jack Castle is the reason for all the high ratings. The audience wants Max to start to realize he is gay.” Randy just continued to nod; he understood all this very well. “We can't replace him.” Randy understood and nodded. “So we need you to do a preemptive strike. We need you to tell Jack that YOU plan on quitting the show. Present him with your issue that you are too embarrassed to continue to play a gay character. Mention your pretend fiancée, Shelly, and how she also wants you to quit. Let Jack come up to rescue you, support you, comfort you, save you, save your role, and save the show.”

“Larry, gentlemen, I am an actor too.” Randy smiles. “Of course, I can do this. We have already introduced my supposed girlfriend to Jack, and I already mentioned my difficulty in continuing to perform the gay role. So, yes, I can step it up a notch and let Jack know I will quit the soap. Not a problem. I'll have Jack eating out of my hand … or eating some other part of my anatomy.” They all laughed. And Larry felt comfortable that Randy could handle it.

I needed to discuss the next episode with Randy on the weekend, so I called him to come over to my place, which he did. I was shocked when Randy told me he was quitting the show. I knew he had some minor difficulties with his role, but I never thought that bothered him so much that he would outright quit! Just like that. A bombshell!

“WHAT?!” I was in shock. “RANDY, YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS. WE HAVE THE MOST SUCCESSFUL DAYTIME SOAP ON TELEVISION! YOU WANT TO END THAT?!” I could not help it. This was my career. This could end my career. I'm stunned.

In a low weak voice, Randy spoke in frustration. “Jack, I'm getting married. I have a private life. Not only am I getting typecast as a gay actor, but the public is starting to believe I am gay. This has to stop. I need to up and quit. I cannot do this. Even your character is often mean to me, rejecting me as a person. I know that is all acting, but the TV audience believes it. They see me as nothing more than a silly, worthless queer.

“Look, Randy, I'll talk to Larry. I'll make him write in that my character is more supportive of yours … that my character respects you more and more. I'll demand that Larry have the writers transition Max into a kinder, more supportive character for Jake to relate to. I know Larry. He has been my mentor; I'll get him to understand.” Randy got teary-eyed and told me thanks.”

I did have that talk with Larry the next day, we were not shooting this week, and I expressed my concern about Randy feeling emotionally beat up. Ok, maybe it was more my being selfish, my concern for my own career, but it would still help Randy too. So I’ll insist that Larrry have the writers tone down my character's anti-gay attitude and let Max befriend Jake more sincerely. Larry looked at me, “Oh really, Jack? That OK with you?” I told him, of course, it is. Then I told Larry we can't have a hit series like this end so soon. “Jack, it really is up to you. We wrote the part as you suggested, but acting more as a companion to Jake will require subtle nuances in your delivery and your tender and compassionate looks toward Jake.” I told him that I'll do it.

The producers were pushing the writers to have more physical contact between Max and other wrestling teammates on the show where one or the other was naked or near naked. It crept up on me slowly over several episodes. I was bare-chested in almost every episode and, on occasion, caught in my jockstrap. After script changes, more scenes had me getting a bear hug from other teammates. Or, it would be written in that Max would be involved in shower room horseplay and even pretend to fuck a teammate when he bent over to grab the soap. I assumed that all of these subtle changes were to support Max's change toward his teammates as well as toward his gay friend, Jake. So I supported all of it. After all, Max was still straight, just not an asshole.

[When Larry was with the film crew, he told them, “Don’t mention this to Jack, but I want to fill you all in that Jack's character, Max, is going to start having some gay feelings for Jake. You have already noticed, I'm sure, that Max is a lot friendlier toward his male wrestling teammates. That is step one in getting Jack to act more gay. You might have also noticed that Jack has been getting little erections or bulges in his underwear when interacting with the guys. The scriptwriters are continually making Max nicer, friendlier, and more touchy-feely. As Jack acts, he is unwittingly becoming more gay in his role. Perhaps it reflects his real-life feelings too. But we are not going there.” Then Larry got very serious, “I strictly forbid any of you to mention anything to Jack about his changing role or to point out or comment to Jack about his getting erections. His metamorphosis from straight to gay will occur in its own time. Jack will play into it intellectually because the script will guide him that way. Psychologically speaking, his tell-tale erections here and there probably mean that he is personally connecting to his gay inner self. Jack needs to feel comfortable in his role as a straight man, slowly becoming aware that he is gay. However, this is to be subtle. Let Jack use his character, Max, to bring himself out … slowly.” Everyone nodded that they would abide by Larry's order. The group dispersed to their pre-set stage positions.]

I had noticed my character getting friendlier, which was fine with me. As long as Randy agreed not to quit the show, I'd go along with developing my character as a much nicer Max. And I didn't even mind the comradely with my wrestling team members playing grab-ass in the showers.

In the following day's shoots, as the newly revised script stated, my character, Max, was the last guy in the locker room. I had showered and just finished dressing in my jeans, tee, and tennis shoes, ready to leave school. As per the script, I yelled out for help. I had a terrible cramp and gripped my leg in extreme pain. “Help. I need help in here.” I crumpled to the floor. I’m pounding my thigh, trying to get his thigh muscle to relax. Charles, the towel boy, entered the room and approached me. “Oh, you’re Charles, aren't you?” He nodded. “Help me up, will you?” I said as I painfully struggled to help myself stand.

“CUT! Jack, you are in excruciating pain. I want you to be in so much pain that the towel boy has to lift most of your weight. Remember, you can't put any weight on your right leg. You let him help you lay flat on the locker room bench and your back. You limp there with his help. Jack, you need to really lean on him, so don't use your right leg when he is helping you.” I nodded as I replaced myself on the floor, gripping my legs. “Then the towel boy is going to help you by rubbing liniment on you, and he's going to help you into the Jacuzzi.” Larry paused, then, “And towel boy, just take the lead and be as helpful as possible. This is the school's star wrestler. You are star struck by Max. He's your hero. Got that? … Okay? Just take care of Max, ad-lib, Okay? ROLL 'em!”

Teen Soap Opera: The Sequel
Part 3 of 4

Again, in came teen Charles, “Hey Max, what's wrong?” the towel boy said in shock, seeing me, a strong muscular athlete, on the floor. “Should I go get the school nurse for you?”

“No, just help me up.” And the teen struggles to help lift this star athlete up to his feet. Charles had one hand wrapped around my waist, and with the other, he pulled my right arm over his right shoulder. Charles was a little guy, maybe five foot six. But he managed to bring him over to a locker bench and set him down. “Ouch! Damn it. My leg is all cramped.” I yelled.

“Max, let me get the nurse. She'll need to do a report.” Charles pleaded.

“No, I have to wrestle tomorrow. I can't be injured. I'm not injured; see if you can find the coach's first aid kit.” Charlie was off and back in a flash carrying a bottle with yellowish oil.

“Relax, Max, I've seen coach apply this stuff hundreds of times. First, let me roll up your pant leg.” Charles tries to roll the pants up from the cuff, but the form-fitting jeans would roll no higher than his mid-calf. “Oh, sorry, can't get to your thigh this way.” Then Charles just unbuckled my belt and opened the zipper. He was about to pull my pants down, but then he realized he needed to remove my shoes first. I put my hand up to object, but Charles used his free hand to push me back flat on the bench. He then went about his business, removing one shoe, sock, and the other.

“Okay, relax, Max. I know how to do this. Stay still." Little skinny teen Charles, the lowly towel boy, never got to do anything but look at all the hunky muscle jocks on the wrestling team he worshiped. Now, he had me, the team captain, in his hands. I never realized that he placed me on such a high pedestal. I really never knew more than his name and that he was just a towel boy. Once he got my feet naked, he grabbed both pant cuffs and pulled my jeans completely over my muscular legs and off my feet. Without waiting for my permission, he opened the liniment bottle, and we both pretended to take a strong, offensive whiff. He began applying it to my right foot and massaging it in.

“Charles? It's not my foot; my right thigh hurts.” I told him, acting a bit frustrated.

“Ya, I know, but coach always works the liniment from the foot up. He said it brings the healing circulation up your entire leg.” Charles worked slowly and methodically. I laid back down flat, resigned to be patient. None of this was in the script, but Larry had just told us what he wanted and for us to ad-lib. Charles worked his oily hands over my ankle and up to my knee. It took him a while, and I must admit it felt good. He was starting the upper leg. He moved so slowly, repeating his massaging motions as he inched his way up my painful thigh. “Let me know if I am doing this too hard, though it is supposed to be hard to work out the kinks,” I told him he was doing fine. He worked up to where my Jockey leg hole was. Since my right leg was to the camera, and he seemed to want his face to the camera, he bent over my left leg to work on my right leg. It seemed odd and awkward for him to do. I was starting to feel uncomfortable because the camera fully saw how he was massaging me. It also had the full view of the bulge in my white Jockeys.

“Yes, Max, I can feel your quadricep is one big knot. I'm massaging around from the inside of your leg.” Charles placed his thumb and index finger fully and tightly into the “V” crotch of my leg. The back of his hand was rubbing against my jockey-covered dick and balls. His index finger was pushed sort of under me and rubbing the line, or butt crease, that formed the bottom of my bubble butt that I was lying on. His other hand was on the outside of my hip, and it was like he was choking the uppermost part of my leg where it connected to my trunk. He whispered in my ear so only I could hear him, “You're supposed to moan. Pretend this feels good.” I did. It felt a little too good. I felt my bent dick begin to straighten out as it got firmer. Charles seemed to really love touching me. I don't know if he was acting or just likes playing doctor. Is that a gay thing? I asked myself. I could feel an oncoming erection. And the camera was zooming in. I wanted Larry to call “CUT!” so I could relax. But he did not.

Just then, Jake came in and saw me getting my leg massaged by the towel boy. “Max, what happened? Are you hurt?” He asked a bit frantically. I told him I had a severe cramp in my thigh, and Charles was working it out. Then I added that I'll be fine for tomorrow's match if I get in the Jacuzzi.

“Okay Charles, the coach is looking for you. I'll take over.” Charles took off, but it was obvious that he was thrilled to have fondled his wrestling idol, me. He's harmless. Jake took his place, standing on the camera side of me, blocking part of my midsection from the camera view.

“I see Charles splashed liniment all over your T-shirt, and it’s gonna stain.” Jake chuckled, adding, “If it dries, it'll look like you're pissed all over yourself. Max, put your arms over your head and stretch out flat.” Jake told me. So I did, and I stretched my entire body. Without warning, he grabbed the bottom hem of my T-shirt, pulled it up and over my head, and dropped it on the floor. “We can rinse that in the sink later and … and … how did he spill this stuff on your undies too?” I tried to shake my head in a way that only Jake could see to signal my underwear was fine.

But, again, without even asking for permission, Jake placed his finger in the waistband of the Jockey's and pulled them down over my hips. Then, “OK, lift your legs up, Max.” I did. Then he pulled him up over my legs and off my naked feet. I snuck a sideways glance at Larry to see if he would yell “CUT” or at least make a comment. But Larry just remained motionless and watched. Jake was protecting me by positioning himself between me and the camera so his legs were blocking my groin from view. It had just occurred to me that that is why he did not naturally remove my Jockey underwear by pulling them down my stretch-out legs. Because if he did that, he would have had to move to my feet to slip them off. My dick would then be captured on camera. By his telling me to lift my legs, he did not have to move his position away from my hip.

I was totally naked on stage. Only in the dream sequence was I totally naked on stage, but this was different. That was not a dream. This is reality. And I had no clue where Randy was “taking” me. Plus, neither the camera crew nor the live audience knew I was naked. They likely thought I still had a posing strap (hidden under my Jockeys). I mean, I HOPE they thought I was in a sock jock or posing strap! After all, my character, Max, is straight, and Randy's character, Jake, is gay.

There was no indication from the director there was a problem. I just lay there, sweating and suppressing my nervous trembling. Jake pretended to drop something on the floor so he could stoop down and whisper in my ear, “Moan, with relief. I am supposed to be working out your cramps.” I wanted the scene to end, or at least for Jake to offer me clothes or even a towel. Nothing. But ... he was correct. I needed to respond to the soothing massage. I moaned once in a while.

“Maybe I can apply more pressure if I kneel down.” When he was standing and leaning over, the back of his muscle legs blocked the view of my junk. With him now kneeling at my side, his broad back blocked my nudity from camera view. Thank God! “Okay, tell me if it hurts or feels good as I try different massage techniques on this muscle.” Jake kept his hands in front of his body and worked my “muscle.” The camera was at his back, so his hands were not in view of anyone. The muscle he was working on was my hard dick. “Max, I can't hear you. Does this make your muscle feel good or not?”

“Oh, yeah, Jake, that does feel good.” I cooed, and he lightly pumped my dick. “But the liniment is getting warmer; I think it is too hot. Please ...” The liniment was only to be used on muscles, not sensitive areas like someone's dick balls and ass. It was way too hot for those areas. The bottle of liniment was supposed to be filled with yellowish water. But somehow, there was something hot in there. It was the actual hot stuff.

“Max, of course, it makes your muscle warm. It's supposed to.” I can tell by Jake's smile he loved giving me erotic torture. He knew very well that the yellowish liquid had something in it to heat me to nearly burn me. “I'll spread it around more; maybe that will even out the healing warmth.” It took a few minutes for my tender parts to go from a cool sensation to warm, to hot, and then to … to VERY HOT … there was an erotic component to that burning pain. My dick was getting stiffer. I had difficulty standing it. Yet my dick was now pointing straight up at the ceiling. It was imperative that Jake not move away. I'd die if anyone saw me on stage with a steel-pipe boner.

“Max, is this liniment too hot for you? If so, I can go to the bathroom, get a wet towel, and wash it off. It only takes a minute to get a wet cloth. I mean, if it's too much for you to take.”

“No, please don't leave, it's not too hot, it … it … feels … ouch … it feels good. Like it is … ouch … working.” I pleaded with him to not leave me on stage, not in this erect condition. “Please, keep doing what you are … ouch … doing.”

“So, it's working? Max?” Jake looked into my eyes and flashed a devilish grin. I nodded with teary eyes to be sure he would stay where he was until the scene ended.

“Great, let me spread this healing liniment around.” I felt him coat my balls with it. At first, it felt cool, but then they, too, were on fire. Then Randy blew a full breath on my balls, which was like torture! My balls were so sensitive. I howled but quickly changed the sound into a loud moan, trying to make it sound like I was receiving pleasure instead of burning up. “I guess this must feel good how you are moaning.” He paused, “But you sure you want me to keep working this into your muscle, Max? Are you really sure? Because I can go get a washcloth and wipe it off if you prefer.”

“Please? Jake, it feels good. Please don't leave me now. Please keep working the healing stuff into my … my … my … stiff muscle. I need to be well for the match tomorrow. Please don't stop now. Ouch … I need this liniment treatment. Please keep spreading it around.” I begged him as he prompted me to. I had no choice.

“Okay, let me work on this area here.” I then felt his oily finger push into my asshole, pushing in lots of cool liniment, nice and cools. He had one hand between my legs and pushed it under my balls to find my asshole. When he did, he worked his finger in and out and around and around. It felt warm and warmer, and then HOT. I could not stifle my few mumbled “ouches.” God, my ass was burning, my balls and dick too. He kept applying repeated coats of that fucking hot liniment all over my private parts.

I swear it was some sort of liquefied chili essence. When he got my asshole heated to his desired effect, he removed his finger from there. Then he said something odd, “Well, since this liniment is working so well, let me get this last part of your stiff, sore muscle.” I had no idea what he was talking about. He had already fondled and tortured every sensitive part of me … as I lay NAKED … on a fucking PUBLIC stage! To my surprise, I felt his fingers on the very tip of my dick. He was opening my piss slit. He held it open with the thumb and forefinger of one hand, and with the other hand, he picked up the bottle of liniment and held it over my opened piss slit.

I raised my head to see what he was doing and nearly fainted. “Fuck! Oh Please! Please, Jake, Oh God, Please don't. …. Stop! Please don't stop.” I whispered in a low but desperate, frantic hush. “Of course, I won't stop,” Jake flashed the devilish grin again, ready to pour that hot liniment drop-by-drop down my piss slit. He then managed to use his fingers, spreading my mushroom head to open my piss into a gaping hole. He was waiting for me to freak out more. His body blocked the camera and audience view, so only he and I knew what he was doing and what he was about to do. He was teasing me. He was grinning and playing with me – controlling me.

“So, do you want me to stay with you until you feel better? “ I could not respond except to nod. Tears were running down my face. My mind was blown. “It's okay to cry, Max. I know your thigh hurts, but this will help a lot. I want to hear you that you want me to continue.”

I busted out crying loudly. “OH, FOR GOD'S SAKE, JAKE, PLEASE, PLEASE ...” I cried and sobbed. “Please continue. Please. You know what I need. And I sobbed more as I held my head up to watch him torture me.

“OK, Max, this will feel a little warm. But that's a good thing, isn't it, Max?”

I was still sobbing, “Yes! Yes, please.” I knew it would burn like hell.

“I need to use as much liniment as I can work into this big stiff muscle.” Jake was talking as he held the mushroom head of my dick, playfully forcing the piss slit open. He held the bottle of burning liquid in his other hand, yet he was waiting to pour it into my open dick hole. He obviously enjoyed my agony. “But, I want to be very helpful to you. Just say the word, and I'll run and get a damp towel to wipe this off.”

“No, don't go. Please use more liniment. Oh god, please be careful.” I begged him for more torture. He asked me “to beg” him to drip hot liniment oil down my urethra! I was sweating like a roast pig!

He pulled each side of my piss slit to open the “throat” of it, then he dropped some liniment inside my dick tube. The drops slowly seeped into my piss slit. It was pleasant at first, but it soon became a hell hole. I was just whimpering. He slowly poured more drops in my urethra as well as all over my dick head. As the fiery liquid disappeared inside my dick, he placed more drops into the hole. My body was shaking and trembling. I was sweating and silently weeping. Before placing the bottle down, he fully coated his other index finger with the stuff. Then that finger was once again wiggled into my asshole while he slowly tickled my tortured dick with the other hand.

He pushed his finger as deep inside my ass as possible, and with his other hand, massaged my dick and balls. My dick was waving frantically, twitching upward toward my face, and then back to a straight up position and back to pointing to my face. I did not think it was possible, but suddenly, that hot sensation became even hotter. My asshole was on fire. My dick and balls were burning. My hips were raising and lowering. I glanced down and saw my fierce-looking angry dick bobbing and weaving like a prizefighter. At that moment, he was not even touching my dick which was now burning from both the outside in and from the inside out. His wiggling finger in my hot asshole felt like sparks were being set off inside me. I wanted him to stroke my dick, but he allowed it to dance erotically all on its own. It was ready to throw up in a violent, fiery explosion.

I was dizzy with the mix of the horrible burning pain and wonderful erotic simulation from the intense heat of the liniment. I needed to explore. But as soon as I reached for my huge boner, Jake said calmly, “No, Max, keep your hands above your head. Just grab onto the bench. I will apply some harder, deeper massage techniques, and I don't want you to get this oil all over yourself.” I reached behind my head and grabbed the wood bench, gripping it tight. This position caused my slim belly to suck in, which made my dick stand taller. “Oh yes, Max. That is perfect.”

Teen Soap Opera: The Sequel
Part 4 of 4

Now Jake stuck a second oily finger into my asshole as his other hand stopped massaging my balls and began to slowly pump my dick. I was twisting and jerking my torso, still holding onto the bench. “I guess you like this massage technique. Do you, Max?”

“Yes. Please do whatever you need to. I've got to have that muscle completely relaxed for the match tomorrow. Please, don't stop now. I really need you, Jake.” I spewed out sentiments that were now coming from my gut. I wanted him to hurry up and get me off. But Jake moved his hand over my dick, only lightly. At times he would use his fingertips to tickle the full length of the shaft.

“Did you just mean what you said? Do you really need me? Do you really want me?” Jake said most sincerely.

I had to think about it. And I knew he was working my dick and my erotic mind into a frenzy, but I repeated the question in my mind, “Do I really want Jake? Meaning, do I love him? Meaning, do I want a gay relationship? Meaning, am I gay?” These questions swirled in my head. I was thinking of all the erotic scenes we were doing, and they were increasing in each subsequent episode. I was having a great deal of trouble admitting that I wanted or liked it. “Jake, I want to be completely honest with you. But right now, I am so confused. I am in … in …. so much … much … ah … pain. Please don't hate me. Could you give me some time to think clearer about who I am and what I feel?”

“Actually, Max, I kind of have you by the balls.” I felt his hand cup them gently. “Here I am, helping work out a stiff muscle,” he grabbed my dick. “And this is not the right time for me to ask you such a serious question. Your answer will have long-range consequences.” Jake paused. “So, I respect your need to reflect on your inner feelings.” He was right, of course. He is a few years younger, but he is right.

“Right now, big fellow,” Jake shook my dick and smiled, “you need me to finish you off so we can get the hell out of here.” He pumped my stiff dick slowly and lightly. I hadn't noticed that he removed his fingers from my asshole, but now he replaced just one and worked it in and out. “Okay, I'm going to do an intensive massage maneuver. I will press on a nerve, a trigger point that should release all the pent-up energy pent up- in your stiff muscle. Your body might actually shake as the energy dissipates. Ready, Max?” I nodded. He was teasing my prostate with one finger, and with the other hand, he was tweaking my nipples. Nothing was touching my dick.

As Jake's body continued to block my mid-section from the camera view, no one could see his hand working my asshole. However, the hand pinching and tweaking my nipples, one and then the other, could be seen. “Yes, the nipples can hold in a lot of tension. That’s why I am very gently touching them.” But he was not being gentle at all. He was twisting them harshly and pulling on them. And the liniment covering his hand caused my nipples to burn too.

My dick was waving and bobbing. Nothing is even touching it. My hips were thrusting off the bench. Then at the same time, he massaged my prostate harder, he pinched my nipple with his plier-like fingernails, and I could feel my manly juice bubble and boil up from inside my volcano dick. I blasted off, my body shook with a vengeance, and I groaned and moaned. Spurt after spurt shot out of me. My arms and legs continued involuntarily twitching and jerking as I tried to rest flat on the bench. I released my grip on the bench, and my hands slipped to the floor. Jake was waiting there for my dick to fully subside. It did not take long. I looked up at his face and saw deposits of cum dripping from his forehead, which he tried to lick off. He quickly wiped the rest with his fingers and pushed them into his mouth.

“Okay, Max, let me help you up and over to the Jacuzzi so you can relax for 20 minutes. You'll be fine for tomorrow's match.” And without regard for what the camera would see or the 100-member live audience, he just picked up my upper body and helped me limp-walk, fully naked, the few steps to the Jacuzzi prop. He lifted my "injured" leg, and I lifted the other one, and he assisted me in settling in the pretend hot water. I moaned. I thought that everyone saw me nude, limping to the Jacuzzi. By now, with all Jake and I had been through in various scenes of High School Drama, it was fine with me. Larry and the editors can edit out whatever they need to. I was all done feeling embarrassed. As the filming of this episode was concluding, my main thoughts now were about Jake … I mean Randy. Randy and me. It was a lot to think about.

Later that evening, Randy and I talked at a coffee house. I was still conflicted, but I certainly was not upset with Randy. I was trying not to admit that a lot of our interactions on set were erotic, though very daring. For some fucked up reason, the fact that I was put into embarrassing and daring situations, like being tricked-naked on stage, enhanced my erotic sensations. But I still needed time. He did explain about the hot liniment. He said it was a sexual stimulant made to get super-hot and always causes enormous erections. He said he used it on himself a few times, so he knew what I was experiencing, both in sensations of heat and pleasure. And, of course, the heat dissipated fairly rapidly within 10 minutes of being applied. That was why he applied it several times. We laughed about it.

The producers were well aware that the rating and fan emails would pop when Max and Jake interacted in any way physically. In other shows where two gay characters were touching each other or kissing, there was no such increase in viewer interest. It was just two gay guys kissing. Nowadays, that is not usually the case, even in public. But in this show, High School Drama, my character being straight or conflicted sexually is what made the tension and the show interesting. It was much more shocking when a straight character, like mine, kissed a gay character or when my character engaged in “pretend” sex. The idea that this straight guy might actually discover he was bisexual was the hook. People could not stop watching. It was important and clever for this twist in sexuality to be drawn out painstakingly slowly in episode after episode. It was all riveting and clever writing to shock the audience. Of course, this was all choreographed masterfully by Director Larry.

This was the last show of the season. There was a cast party at the studio, and it was a blast. I never mentioned any of my awkward moments, and neither did anyone else. After all, I was the star, and I was responsible for keeping the show going, and, in a real sense, they owed their jobs to me. Randy was doing a lot of horsing around and drinking. He was, after all, just a teenager. As the party broke up, I saw that Randy could not drive home. “Come on with me. I'll drive; you can crash at my place.”

He looked blurry-eyed at me and asked in the most slurred speech, “Why? You wanna suck my dick. Don’t cha?” It was more of a statement than a question. What a silly kid. Cute and silly.

“Come, let's get you home.” I half carry him, half drag him to my car, and pile him in the front seat. Just as we pull away from the curb, he leans over to rest his head on my thigh. It did not interfere with my driving, and – I have to admit it – I liked the feel of his shaggy-haired head on my leg. I kept thinking about Randy and all the episodes that we did. How I was an asshole when he first joined the cast, and how I came to respect him. I looked down and noticed my right hand was stroking his head. I wonder when I started doing that. But I liked it. I petted him; there was an erotic feel to doing it. Was he asleep or just drunk? Did he plan this? I really did not care.

I continued to steer with my left hand and stroke his mop of hair with my right. I even moved my finger over his face to pet it too. He moaned. The drive to my place took us a few miles out of town. I noticed his body adjusted. He looked so comfortable, so trusting, so at ease. I let my fingertip move to his lips. I felt his luscious baby-boy lips were so soft. I traced them with my fingertips. I was getting an erection. But this was different than pure animal desires. I moved my fingers between his lips. And felt his teeth which immediately parted and let my finger enter his warm, juicy oral cavity. My three longest fingers curved gently into his mouth. I was driving calmly, the warm, gentle wind blowing into the window as I gazed at the stars in the full moon night. I had no plan. I wanted nothing from Randy. For the first time, I wanted to give him something. Some friendship, care, kindness … love. I was not sure. I felt my fingers being gently sucked on. Was Randy awake? Was he aware of what he was doing? I let my fingers remain in his mouth and let him enjoy sucking them. The night sky was big and beautiful.

We arrived, and I woke him gently. “Hey Randy, we're here.” I push him upright in his seat. His hair was a floppy mess. He looked at me and blinked slowly, and yawned. “Oh, let's get you inside,” I told him. I got out of my side and went around and helped him out of his. He clung to me as he mostly walked on his own up to my front door. And as we entered, I guided him to my queen size bed and carefully deposited him onto it. I didn't even turn on the light. I know how that hurts your eyes when you're sleepy. Besides, there was a lot of moonlight coming in through the windows. He was awake and a little less drunk than when we left the studio. He lay on my bed, fumbling to get his shirt unbuttoned, but instead, he pulled it open, and a couple of buttons went flying. “Whoa, there, partner, let me do that.” He smiled and let his hands fall to the mattress, welcoming my assistance.

I unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and peeled it off to expose his most handsome, well-toned chest. Yes, I was a bit more muscular (the script calls for that), but not by much. Then I removed his tennis shoes and socks. I lingered as I sniffed his damp socks. When I opened my eyes, he smiled at me, and we giggled. I unsnapped the button on his pants, pulled his zipper, and slid his jeans down his sexy legs. I left him in his black underwear and took my clothes off, including my briefs. When I look back at Randy, he was so beautiful, lying on his back, waiting for me.

When you think about it, he had been waiting for me (to come around) for months. There we were, two naked actors. Well, he had his brief still on. I wanted to unwrap the “little “package and take my time. I know what I wanted. More importantly, I finally knew what I wanted. I gently climbed on the bed, on top of him, and so slowly, so gently, set my full body weight on his as I brought my mouth down to his. I was met with an open mouth welcome. And we kissed, our tongues played like we were kids at Disneyland. No cameras, no Larry, no 100 members of a live audience.

Nothing in the entire fucking world is as wonderful as two uninhibited people exploring each other for the very first time. I was in such awe. My dick was hard as a rock, but more importantly, my mind and my heart were open. For the very first time, the word “gay” never entered my thoughts. There was no straight, no gay, no right, no wrong. There was only this beautiful man I had never met before. I have never even seen him – in this way – before. He was kissing me, but more importantly, he hugged, accepted, and wanted me. The two of us were in unison. Not just in our movements and what we were doing, but in sharing our thoughts and desires.

I broke the kiss and looked at him. He said, “You didn't answer my question.” I must have had a puzzled look on my face. “You know, I asked you if you were doing to suck my dick.” He smiled, and so did I. I licked his body down his chest and belly, kissed his black underwear, and lingered in heaven. Then I slowly pulled the waistband down and let his big gorgeous dick pop up like an airport tower, signaling me to come in for a landing. I gently held his dick, kissed its tip, licked it all around, and then tenderly placed my mouth on it. I licked and sucked him for what seemed like hours. Finally, I pulled his black briefs down and off his feet. I resettled my body between his knees and raised his legs so his knees touched his chest. He held them there as I kissed his asshole, his lovely rosebud. I licked it, licked his entire ass crack. He groaned and moaned.

Then I pushed my tongue into it. There was no resistance. I pushed saliva into his love bud. Kissed it and got more upright, and pointed my hard dick to his wonderful hole. As he kept his knees up, I slowly pushed my stiff dick in and continued moving my hips from side to side as I pushed deeper. I moved in slowly deeper until I was finally home in his warm ass. I held myself still, wanting to enjoy the love, the desire, and being home for the very first time. Holding my dick inside him, I leaned into his mouth and kissed him most passionately. We slowly moved our hips, flicked our tongues, and truly made love for the first time. I was afraid Larry would yell “CUT!” or the audience would applaud, or I would wake up from a wonderful dream. But it was no dream. I massaged the inside of Randy's ass and the inside of his mouth, and I loved everything about him and being with him. He squeezed his ass tight, and that caused me to climax, and I let my life force flow into him. Somehow we slept entwined.

The sun woke me from my sleep ... or was it Randy who had his dick in my ass. He was letting me sleep with his dick in my ass. It felt so good. I don't know how long he was fucking me or how he got inside me, but I loved it. I loved everything about it. I loved Randy. I loved him just as he was.

Over the next few days, Randy and I clarified our relationship. We were definitely in love. We told only Larry. As the director, he insisted that our lover status remains our secret. He and the producers wanted the sexual tension between Max and Jake to remain a constant, unresolved dynamic and have that weaved through occasional future episodes. In the past, I did not have to act conflicted in accepting gay Jake as my wrestling team member. It was real and scary to me back then. But now, I had to turn my acting into high gear and pretend I was still struggling with Jake. That would take tremendous acting talent on my part. But I guess I had it in me. I did get nominated for the Emmy for High School Drama. But that was no longer the most important thing in my life.

The End

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The End