091 Truman High

91 Bullies at Truman High
Part 1 of 6

Eighteen-year-old Brian Huff, a senior at Truman High School, was running late for school and urgently needed to pee. He opted to take a shortcut to use the restroom on the football field, expecting to save time and get to his first-period class before the second bell rang.
He slipped through the stadium gates, which were chained together and locked with a padlock, but his 5'7", 140-pound muscular body easily fit through the large gap between the two gates since the chain was not pulled tightly together.

He opened the bathroom door, walked up to the urinal, hauled out his dick, and started to piss. He smelled something funny and thought he heard noises on the other side of the wall. After he'd finished pissing, his curiosity aroused, and he poked his head around the corner to look.

As his head appeared around the wall, someone grabbed him by the neck and got him into a headlock, smashing the side of his face firmly against his captor's lower chest. "What the hell are you doing here?" the guy holding his head inquired.

Somewhat strangled and with his hands attempting to pull the captor's arms away, "Ju … ju … just taking a leak, that's all." Brian choked out. He saw two more pairs of legs and feet appear in front of him, but with his head down and pressed tightly against his captor's chest, he could see no faces.

"Come on," he gasped, "let me go!"

Half bent over and his head still in a headlock, Brian was dragged into the middle of the room. As he approached the handicapped stall, the smell became much stronger. Weed—the three guys were smoking dope in the school's stadium restroom.

"What the hell are we going to do with him?" one of the others asked. "We can't let him go and rat on us."

"You're right," the other replied.

"Let me go." Brian pleaded. "I promise I won't tell anyone. Promise!" The guy restraining him pulled his head closer to his chest, making Brian's face turn red. His captor stood motionless for a few minutes, contemplating his next move.

"Slip off your shoes, Huff," he decisively told Brian as he jerked the boy’s head back a little harder to emphasize his point. Whoever his captors were, they knew who he was. Brian did nothing, and the guy tightened his hold around his neck.

"Aaaugh!" Brian gasped as he desperately tried to escape his captor's arms. "Ya' ... ya … You're choking me!"

"Then take off your shoes," the guy insisted. Brian used the toe of each foot to get his shoes off.

"Turn him around," one of the guys said. His captor pulled Brian's head around until he was facing outward and had his arm firmly around his throat. Brian could now see the two other guys. Jeff Summers and Chris Collins smirked at him as he looked up into their faces.

"Oh shit," he thought to himself, "two of the biggest bullies and troublemakers in the school."

Brian Huff knew if these two were around, their best friend, Bo Dunner, was with them too, and Bo was probably the one with the iron grip around his neck. All three sophomores had a notorious reputation and were always generating trouble. Every kid in school knew of these three ruffians and stayed away from them. The three were always rowdy in school, and teachers just got tired of dealing with their shenanigans. All three of these students' parents were predominant citizens within the community, with lots of money, and people just overlooked the three miscreant's behavior.

"Ok," Bo said, "Summers, take his belt off."

"Nooo!" Brian screamed as he grabbed his jeans and tried to double over to prevent Jeff from unbuckling his belt. Bo pulled the boy’s head back sharply, straightened his captive up, and tightened his grip around his throat, choking him. Instinctively, Brian put his hands on Bo's arm, attempting to loosen the chokehold.

Jeff quickly unbuckled the belt and whipped it out of the senior boy's belt loops. Jeff looked up at Bo. Bo nodded and motioned down at Brian's pants. Jeff reached over and unbuttoned Brian's slacks. Brian tried to kick him as Jeff tugged down the zipper and pulled his pants down.

"Step out of them," Bo snarled and really squeezed his arms tight as he leaned back, stretching out Brian's body, which raised him slightly off the ground. Brian was getting light-headed as Jeff grabbed the cuffs of his pants and pulled them off. Then he pulled Brian’s socks off. Bo released him, and he slumped to the floor, gasping for air.

The three bullies circled him as he sat on the tile floor, recovering from the stranglehold. Once his breathing became somewhat normal, Bo told him to stand up. Still a little unstable on his feet, Chris grabbed Brian's backpack and pulled it off his shoulders. Now in his white skivvies and t-shirt, Brian stood before his captors. He looked at the three sophomores. He felt he could probably take any of them, but there was no way he'd be a match for all three. They'd make mincemeat out of him.

"Give me my pants back, and let me go." He demanded once he was able to talk. "You've had your fun. I won't tell anyone, so let's just forget this happened and be on our way." The three sophomores snickered as they looked at Brian in his underwear. They circled him like vultures on a dead animal.

"You ever been fucked?" Bo asked.

"What? No way!" Brian responded, totally shocked and caught by surprise. All three laughed.

"Unless you do as we say, we're all going to fuck you," Bo scoffed. All three guys snickered again as they looked at Brian's horror-stricken face as he gradually backed away. The three guys stalked him until he was pinned up against the wall.

"Give me your T-shirt," Bo ordered. Brian didn't move. Bo grabbed Brian's balls through his briefs and began to squeeze.

"Take off your shirt," he reiterated as he squeezed harder and gave a sharp yank on Brian's ball sack.

"Aaaaagh!" Brian yelled and doubled over. Jeff and Bo grabbed the senior's T-shirt and pulled it off. Now in just his white skivvies, Brian stood before them nearly naked. His chest was totally hairless and deeply tanned from being a lifeguard all summer long. The tops of his legs were white where his swim trunks covered his mid-torso, but the rest of his body was golden brown. His chest was chiseled, and his dime size nipples stood out on his well-developed pecs. His washboard stomach was taught from the numerous workouts he did weekly, and a small lump was evident in his Calvin Klein briefs.

Jeff put his arm around Brian's shoulders while he grabbed Brian's nipple with his other hand. He started to gently pinch and pull the boy's nipple.

"Brian," Jeff snickered, "you're a pretty good-looking kid." Brian balled up his fist in preparation to punch the guy out, but Chris promptly grabbed his arm and pinned it against the wall while Bo stepped up closer.

"I wouldn't do that, Huff, if I were you," Bo said. Brian cringed as Jeff played with his nipple while Chris pinned his arm against the wall. Chris firmly put his hand on the senior's 6-pack stomach and rubbed it. Both guys played with Brian's upper torso for a few moments before Jeff removed his arm and started to feel up the senior's ass cheeks. He slipped his hand down the back of Brian's underwear and started rubbing his finger up and down the boy's ass-crack.

Brian Huff looked with contempt at Bo as Jeff rubbed his ass. Chris grabbed one of his nipples and pulled on it. As Jeff was about to finger his asshole, Bo piped up, "We want to see the whole package." Reluctantly, Jeff let go, and Chris stepped back a little.

"Lose the shorts, Huff," Bo ordered.

"Fuck you, Dunner!" Brian spat. Bo nodded to his two friends, who quickly grabbed the boy’s arms and pinned him up against the wall again. Bo balled up his fists and punched Brian squarely in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Brian doubled over in pain. The guys pulled him back up, and this time Bo laid a double punch right into Brian’s abs. He fell to the floor, and doubled over, trying to catch his breath.

"Huff," Bo said, "you just don't get it, do you?" Brian lay on the floor, panting and clutching his stomach. The three sophomores circled around him, watching him closely. He lay there for several minutes, and when his breathing was somewhat normal, Jeff and Chris grabbed his arms and pulled him to his feet.

"Too bad you had to go through all that pain," Bo said as he grabbed Brian's briefs, "just for a little bit of cotton fabric." The guys snickered.

"Because these are coming off anyway," Bo said as he pulled Brian's underwear down and off his feet. Now totally naked, Brian stood before his captors. His head lowered in embarrassment. His flaccid dick was about five inches long. His pubes were short around the top of his cock, and his hairless balls rested snuggly in his scrotum. Bo grabbed the senior's dick and started to stroke it.

"Brian," he hissed, "you've got a nice little body here." Bo smiled maliciously while his other two companions shook their heads in agreement.

"Now let me explain the plan to you," he said. "Otherwise, we're going to have to fuck you up a little bit more, which could get really ugly." Brian Huff looked up at the sophomore, a look of defeat and total humiliation on his face. Bo kept stroking Brian's dick as he started to lay out the plan.

"I’ll explain how this will go, Brian, my boy." He continued to say. "Jeff here will record a video of you in compromising positions to ensure you're not too likely to tell anyone what you suspect you saw us doing. Should you decide to tell anyone, that video will be sent to all your classmates and your parents and put up on the Web." Bo toyed with Brian's cock while Chris collected the boy’s clothes and piled them in the corner.

"Then, you'll be free to go." He grinned. The other two guys snickered as Jeff pulled his cell phone from his school book bag. Bo quickly stepped back and dropped Brian's dick.

"Go stand over there against the wall," Jeff instructed. Brian slowly walked over to the bathroom wall.

"Now start stroking and get that dick hard," Jeff ordered. Brian's face turned red as he grabbed his cock and started jacking off. Jeff recorded him stroking his dick and, eventually, after a good bit of wanking. His cock got to its full 6.5-inch length. For the next 30 minutes, Jeff put Brian in various humiliating positions, fully exposing his asshole, balls, hard dick, taint, and tits while he recorded Brian stimulating his own body. All the while, his cock was to remain hard, or he was threatened they'd rough him up again, and then all three would fuck his ass. Jeff had him stand up just as he thought the video session was about over.

"Ok," Jeff said, "jack off and shoot a load for the camera." With great resentment, Brian grabbed his dick and started jacking off. His face burned with embarrassment as he shut out all activity around him. He worked his fingers up and down his hard pole and massaged his cock head. Precum started seeping from his piss slit as he collected it and swiped it across the head and shaft to further stimulate himself, so this horrendous scene could end.

Jeff recorded from all angles to ensure he clearly captured the session. Brian pumped his cock furiously and started to feel his cum work up from his balls. He ran his slickened palm over his cock head while his fingers stroked his shaft. He closed his eyes to concentrate solely on the feelings in his dick as his fingers played with his balls, cock, and dickhead. He moaned softly. He slightly increased the tempo of his strokes, jacking his hard cock.

"Oh, Gawd!" He said under his breath. He began to pant a little. He stroked his dick a little faster. "Oh, Gawd!" He said a little louder. "I'm going to cum!"

He arched his back, then shot his full load onto the concrete floor. He pumped his dick again, and another long spurt shot from his cock. He continued to stroke his dick until he'd shot a couple more volleys. He opened his eyes and continued to milk his prick until it was fully empty and soft. His hand was coated with cum.

"Looks like you really enjoyed that," Jeff said. The other two guys just looked at the naked senior on the ground, recovering from his orgasm.

"Lick it off," Bo commanded, referring to the cum on Brian's hand. He had never tasted his cum before, but he said nothing, knowing it would do no good, as he licked the jizz off his fingers.

"Ok, you're free to go." Bo finally spoke up. Embarrassed once again, Brian turned around to get dressed. All three boys snickered as they observed their naked captive's shocked face.

"Where are my clothes?" Brian gasped when he found his clothes were nowhere in sight.

"Out there," Chris said as he pointed to the sports field.

"What are they doing out there?" Brian gasped as he scoured the field. He saw the women’s soccer team in practice and other students milling around, but he saw no pile of clothes. He couldn't see any of them.

“While you weren’t looking, Chris sneaked out and hid them … somewhere around the field, or maybe in the bleachers, or in trash cans, or maybe in the women’s locker room, or ...” Then a pause. “And we will video you running around the school naked like a sick faggot flasher.” All three laughed. “Maybe you’ll get arrested. And we’d love to post that video online. But … the good news is, you’re free to go. We’ll leave you alone as you begged us to earlier.” And all three pretended as if they were leaving.

“Wait! Guys, don’t leave! You've had your fun, so get my … I mean … PLEASE get my clothes, OK?”

“Oh, so now you want us to do you a favor, do ya?” Well, I guess we can help him out.” he said, looking at his cohorts, then turning back to Brian. “But it will cost you,” Bo said sheepishly.

Brian was silent and terrified, waiting for the other shoe to drop. “Please don’t go. Don’t leave me like this.” Brian whined in a pleading whisper, almost in tears. This big boy senior star of the baseball team.

“First, you want us to leave you alone, and now you want us to stay,” Bo smirked. He looked as if he were thinking of how he could screw Brian up even more. “OK, Brian, here’s what we’ll do for you, our new best buddy. You have three choices. One, you can go out naked and search the school yourself.” Brian was slowly shaking his head. He could not do that. “Two, you can suck the dicks of my boys here, Jeff and Chris.” Brian was in shock, with his eyes bugged out, still shaking his head slowly in disbelief.

“But I’m not gay!”

“Or, you can suck just my dick,” Bo said proudly.

Brian was shaking, his body trembling. He was not gay and would not run around the campus naked for hours, looking for his clothes, all while being videoed. That’s the worst. And sucking dick? Could he actually do that? The last thing he wanted to do was be subservient to Bo Dunner! How in the world would he ever get any self-respect back if he sucked the dick of the bad boy honcho? He’d prefer to be humiliated by either Chris or Jeff because, at some point, he knew he could smash their faces in. But then, the deal is, he has to suck BOTH their dicks!

“OK, you win. I’ll do it, and then you will tell me where my clothes are, right? “

“You’ll do what, suck off Jeff and Chris? You love dick so much that you want to suck off two guys? Is that it?” Bo beamed, knowing what Brian meant but wanting him to say it out loud.

“No. I mean, I’ll suck your dick,” he said with his head angled downward, yet his eyes looking up at Bo.

“Oh. I see. You would love to suck my dick.” Bo told him. Brian nodded, fully embarrassed. “Well, then, say it like that. Tell me that you’d love to suck my dick.” Just then, Brian noticed Jeff filming him. He didn’t realize his total conversation was being recorded on video. AND NOW HE WAS GOING TO BE RECORDED BEGGING FUCKING ASSHOLE BO TO LET HIM SUCK HIS DICK! What the fuck could he do?

Brian waited momentarily, trying to collect himself, “Yes, Bo, I would love to suck your dick.” There, it was out. He made a fool of himself, but he said it. He took a deep breath.

“Ah … no …I don’t think so.” Bo looked at his two buddies. “Let’s get out of here.”

“WHAT? I just said I wanted to suck your dick? Why are you leaving?”

“Honestly, Brian, you’re a senior here, Captain of the baseball team. I can’t let you do something that your heart isn’t into. Let’s go, boys.” he said and again started to leave the naked and fully humiliated school hero.

“NOOO! Please, Bo, don’t go. Don’t leave me like this. Please. For God's sake, please let me suck your dick. Please.”

“Oh, so you really want to suck my big juicy dick? Really? Is this a game? You willingly and freely want to suck my dick. Wow, I didn’t realize you were serious. So, you really are a fag.” He looked over at his two buds. “Our school hero is a fag begging me to let him suck me off. Wow.” Bo rubbed it in. “Look, Brian. You’re a good guy. I have always admired you. Our school loves you. But let’s be very clear here, you are a what? And you want me to let you do what?” Jeff zoomed in for the big moment.

“YES! I am a fag, begging you to please … Oh god … please let me suck your big juicy dick.” Brian said and nearly collapsed onto the tile floor.

“Well … OK, Brian. Ok, don’t cry. I’ll help you out, my little senior fag. Just crawl over here and unbutton my pants.” He was making Brian actually unbutton Bo’s pants! He did, and then Bo leaned back.

“Well, silly, my dick is not going to come out of my underwear all by itself.” The three bullies laughed their guts out.

“Oh, right,” with shaky hands, he opened the fly and pulled Bo’s underwear down, and there it was a coiled-up monster.

“Well, you actually have to take it out if you want to suck on it.”

“Ah … right.” And so, he placed his fingers inside Bo’s wide-open fly and scooped out a flaccid dick, much bigger than his own. He was wondering how to proceed.

“I know you must have done this a million times, but I want you to kiss my dick and then kiss each of my balls.” Brian didn’t even have Bo’s balls out of his underwear. So he lowered the waistband further down his thighs and out flopped those big balls. For some reason, he kissed the balls first. When he did, Bo’s dick twitched. “Oh God,” he thought to himself. And then he licked Bo’s dick. He just wanted it over with without any more instruction. He just went at it and put his lips over the quickly expanding monster dick. He sucked.

“See, you like it, and it likes you.” Brian wasn’t listening. He was just sucking as his girlfriend did to him on occasion. He was hoping Bo was a quick cummer. Bo was enjoying himself and cooing. Soon, Brian felt Bo’s hands on his head, and he was being forced to swallow as much dick as he could. He was gagging with each thrust of Bo’s hips, pushing his dick deeper into the senior’s mouth.

Brian was choking. Bo ignored him and plunged his hard eight inches deeper and quicker into that nice wet senior hole. And then it happened. Bo shot, erupting hard time after time down his throat, and Brian tried to pull off of Bo’s dick, but Bo would have none of it. Cum was squirting out of his nose, cum and saliva out of his mouth. Bo loved it, and Brian collapsed on the tile floor, exhausted, his face all covered in spit and Bo’s manly juice.

“Oh ya, that was great, fag. Ya, we will have to do this again … soon. I’ll send you a copy of the vid. See ya.”

“Wait! My clothes? PLEASE?” He begged.

“Oh ya, they’re in the trash can at the far end of the field.” Brian drew a blank. He didn’t believe what he just heard.

Bo and the two cohorts walked the naked Brian out of the bathroom, and they all stood in the doorway, staring at the sports field. “Now, you see the women practicing soccer there, way, way over at the other end of the field?” Brian dumbly nodded. “Just go over to the trashcan where the group is watching them. I think I see the coach … is that the principal there too? Oh well, you’re on your own. See ya around, fag.”

Brian stood there in the doorway. As he was coming to reality, taking in his situation, he knew he was not going out there to get his clothes. No, he decided to wait until the field was empty. He’d be late for his next class, but that is how he’d handle it. He waited, hiding in the restroom until he could make his move.

Bullies at Truman High
Part 2 of 6

The next day, Brian was very down. Hopefully, that insanity would never be repeated. He told no one of his encounter with the three sophomores, not even his best friend, Sal. He had very little contact with any of the three bullies for several weeks. They had no classes together since they were sophomores and he was a senior. He figured they were wrapped up in their football practices as all three were on the varsity football team.

On Wednesday morning, after his first-period class. He found an envelope stuffed through the air vent in his locker door. He opened the envelope. A note from Bo Dunner was enclosed.

“Meet me in the third-floor restroom at the start of fourth period. Say nothing to nobody.” The note read.

Enclosed was a picture of Brian clearly showing him sucking Bo's dick in the field bathroom. It must have been taken from the video. A little shaken, Brian put the note in his pocket, tore the picture into a hundred pieces, and proceeded to his second-period class.

The second period was only 55 minutes, but it seemed like an eternity to Brian. Finally, the bell rang, and he was immediately out the door. He went to his third class, and after, he went to his fourth-period class, but only long enough for the roll to be taken. He then snuck out the side door.

Brian sprinted up the steps to the third floor, pushed open the restroom door, and walked inside. He gasped as he looked around. Posted on every wall were pictures Jeff had gleaned from the video he'd recorded at the field restroom: pictures of him sucking Bo; pictures of him totally nude; pictures of him jacking off; and pictures of him cumming. Everywhere he looked, color photos were on letter-size paper of him in some compromising position. He was appalled. He walked to the back of the room, past the urinals, and pushed open each of the toilet stall doors. The walls were plastered with pictures of him in each stall.

Suddenly, he heard the door open. Quickly, he turned around, getting ready to either hide or bolt out the door. In walked the three sophomores, Bo, Chris, and Jeff.

"So, what do you think of our art gallery?" Jeff said with a grin.

"Pretty neat, huh?" Bo chimed in. Brian was angry but knew he was no match for these three, especially with all their evidence.

"What are you guys doing?" Brian asked disgustedly. "I kept my end of the bargain and told no one what I saw you doing in the restroom."

"Yeah, we know," Jeff consented.

"But we just wanted to have some fun today," Bo added. All three boys started to snicker as they walked toward him.

"We're all a little horny and thought maybe you'd be willing to help us." Chris sneered. Brian turned around and started pulling the pictures down off the wall. The three guys quickly grabbed him and pinned him against a bathroom divider.

"Brian, Brian, Brian," Bo said. "You just don't get it, do you? These pictures remain in place until you help me and my friends out."

"However, you can leave anytime you want to," Chris quickly added. "But should you decide to leave before we've had a good time, we'll bring the whole school to our new art gallery.” Brian scanned the bathroom walls again.

"Now, do you want us to do that?" Bo asked sarcastically. Brian didn't move for the longest time, standing motionless, looking at all the compromising pictures plastered on the wall. The guys eventually let go of him. They knew he had no real choice.

"You're free to leave, Huff." Bo said, "Or you can stay, but if you stay, you'll take off your clothes and be on your hands and knees at my feet."

He looked Bo straight in the eye, hoping to call his bluff, but Bo did not back down. For what seemed like an eternity, both boys tried to out-stare each other. Finally, knowing he'd not win this contest, Brian cast his eyes toward Jeff and then back to Chris. Reluctantly, he kicked off his tennis shoes and pulled off his T-shirt. He unbuckled his belt and opened his pants. He pushed his pants to the floor and stepped out of them. When he was clad just in his briefs and white socks. He turned to Bo and, with an imploring look in his eyes, hoped to at least keep some dignity and leave his underwear on.

"Underwear?" Bo hissed.

Brian pulled off his briefs, and Jeff took all his clothes. No one can feel more vulnerable than when he is naked and has no way to quickly grab his clothes back. Bo knew that and had the clothes removed from sight. Now, he was totally naked. He got down on his hands and knees and looked up at Bo with a look of resignation.

All three guys looked down at the naked senior. Their dicks were already tenting their pants. Finally, Bo knelt down and ran his finger down Brian's ass-crack. He ran his finger around the senior's asshole, then gently tapped his puckered ass ring a few times. He grabbed Brian's cock and started to stroke it while he palmed the teenager's balls. Brian's face turned bright red as Bo took liberties with his body.

"Ok. Now you are doing well. Except … you are not totally naked as I nicely asked you to be. Are you?” The socks! His fucking socks. Can’t they at least allow him to wear his fucking socks! No, that is not Bo’s way. Control means total control. One who is wearing socks is not naked. It’s just that simple. Brian knew what he was telling him, and he reached back and stripped off his socks, and held them out to Bo. “No, Jeff is in charge of your clothes, so ask Jeff nicely to take them.”

“Jeff, please take my socks.” And Jeff took them from him, saying, “thank you, Jeff,” in a low, threatening voice.

“Now, this is how this will go down." Bo explained, "Your job is to please all of us. So, we will lower our pants to our ankles, and you tease our dicks, balls, and asshole. You can use your fingers, tongue, or mouth on us, but you better be creative. You will edge us until we are all hard with a big boner. AND I MEAN ALL FOUR OF US. YOU INCLUDED. Then, and only then, you will stop the touching so none of us shoot. Then you can take down five photos, tear them up, and flush them down the toilet. Hopefully, you can do this during one class period, so you won’t miss fifth-period class. That means you’d better hurry.” Bo was very explicit. “If you cause any one of us to shoot his load. It will take a much longer time to give that guy a second erection. Right? So, give us boners, but don’t cause us to climax, or you’ll be here all day.”

Bo, Jeff, and Chris all stood naked from the waist down and close together, so Brian could work on them one or two at a time. He figured he could do this with his hands. So, Brian massaged their dicks and worked them all over. He had to learn who could be aroused easily and who took longer. He really had to time it and psyche them out. Chris came to an erection first, so he backed off on his stimulations and worked the other two. Jeff was the most difficult and did not respond very well to Brian’s stimulation.

Bo leaned down and whispered to Brian, “Jeff likes his ass fingered.” He took that info to heart. With one hand on Jeff’s dick, he used his other hand to finger-tease Jeff’s rosebud lips. Wow, that didn’t take long. Jeff had a big boner. And Bo, who liked his balls licked, soon found Brian’s tongue on his ball sack. Bo moaned. Brian revisited the other two to ensure they were all hard. YES, they were. He got up to pull down some photos, but Bo stopped him, “You’re not hard, Brian.”

Brian pumped his dick and worked it for a few minutes. Then, seeing that the other three were still hard. He got it up quickly, went to the back wall, and pulled five photos down. He quickly tore them up and flushed them.

That gave him some relief. He returned to his three “Masters” and noticed all were at least semi-hard. So, as he learned, he pumped Chris’ dick, fingered Jeff’s asshole, and licked Bo’s balls. He was well on his way to three hard boners but realized he needed to pump his own to get it hard. He did this as he licked Bo’s balls and dick. He went back and forth until all four of them were bonerized. Then back up to take down five more photos.

This actually got easier for Brian in a couple of ways. First, he learned what touches each Master would respond to most. Second, since the guys never came. They didn’t lose much of their erections so quickly. He just had to tune them up a bit to a full boner. What Bo noticed was that after a couple of rounds. Brian kept hard all the time.

Bo, being a natural dominator, knew a lot about tactics. The most important thing going on here was not the removal of the pictures. No, that was not the object of the game. What was important here was that Brian was quickly learning how to please each man. The fact that Brian was erect most of the time meant he was ripe for the taking and owning.

The whole ordeal for Brian went rather quickly. Within 45 minutes or so, all the pictures were down. Brian was relieved. He rested on the tile floor, and he still had a boner. He asked, “So we are done?”

“Not exactly. Can’t you see we all have boners that are aching to shoot?” Brian was at a loss. He didn’t understand. He had just completed an intensive task and did it successfully. For which he felt some pride.

“Get on your knees and suck us off. At least this will be quick since we all need to shoot our wads.” Bo told him.

There was no getting out of this. He thought that when this day finished. He won’t ever return to this school. He will be done with Bo and the rest of them.

Slowly, he got to his knees, went over to Bo, and sucked on his dick. He knew to lick and finger his balls as well. Bo shot down his throat. Jeff was next. Brian sucked on his dick, and he knew from today’s lesson that he needed to get his asshole fingered too. So, as Brian sucked Jeff’s big dick. His fingers, two of them, went into Jeff’s hole. He wiggled them inside there. That did it! Jeff yelled out and shot his load into Brian’s throat.

Chris was last. He was the one who held his erection the longest. So, Brian did his dick slow and easy, and BINGO. He came in gallons.

Exhausted, Brian was done – FINALLY – so he just rested. He lay on the floor. On his back and just rested. He was done, thankfully.

The three bullies started collecting their clothes to get dressed, and Brian watched. He just wanted to be left alone and to get to his last class. But after they were dressed, they started to leave.

"Come on, guys," Brian said, "where are my clothes?” The three sophomores just snickered.

"You want your clothes?” Bo asked. Brian shook his head yes. He was willing to do most anything.

"Lie down on your back as you are but raise your legs up. Then spread your legs," Bo instructed. Brian did as he was asked. "Ok, Huff," Bo continued. "Lick your finger and stick it up your asshole."

"I'm sticking nothing up my ass," Brian said emphatically as he lowered his legs.

“Fine! Then we’ll be on our way.”

Brian threw his legs up in the air, licked his middle finger really well, then reached around and found his asshole. Slowly, he pushed his finger up into his ass.

"Real good, Huff," Bo said. "Now start fucking yourself with your finger."

Brian initially suffered some pain as his digit entered his hole, but surprisingly, the pain soon subsided. He twisted and probed his asshole with his finger until, quite by accident, he rubbed his prostate. His cock jumped, and a bubble of precum oozed out of his dick. He rubbed his little nut again, and his cock lurched up once more.

Now fully exposing his ass, cock, and balls, he kept rubbing his prostate while his dick oozed a steady stream of precum. He moaned as he finger-fucked himself. His face contorted with sheer pleasure. Finally, Bo knelt in front of the prone teenager, grabbed Brian's leaking dick, and pumped it up and down a few times. Brian couldn't hold back. He let out a loud moan and started shooting long ropes of cum. Bo aimed Brian's shooting dick at the senior's face, and soon Brian's face, chest, and stomach were coated with his own boy juice. Bo pumped Brian's dick further until it started to deflate, and he lay on the floor, trying to catch his breath. The three thugs got dressed as he panted on the floor, and his breathing slowed down to normal.

"See ya' later, Huff," they all three said, walking out the door. Brian looked at his watch. He had missed lunch and had 12 minutes to get to his next class. He quickly got up and, in a quick search, found his clothes in the trashcan. Brian got dressed and went to his next class.

The three sophomores did not bother Brian again until three days later when there was an assembly where a film was to be shown about Martin Luther King. It required attendance for grades 9-12. At that time, they all went to the gym to watch a 55-minute documentary commemorating the slain leader.

Brian had English during the seventh period, the last period of the day. He was seated in a bleacher seat, about five rows up on the main floor. When he saw Chris and Bo approaching him shortly before the bell was about to ring.

"Hey Brian," Bo shouted as he approached Brian, "you wanna join us?"

Brian shook his head. "No, not right now, but thanks anyway," he murmured nervously. He did not want to draw attention to himself or his reddening face and ears.

Bo and Chris walked up to him. Chris threw a large overstuffed vanilla envelope into his lap and sat on his left. Bo grabbed the seat on the other side of him.

"We'd sure be glad if you'd join us up there," Bo said, pointing to the uppermost bleacher row. Brian grabbed the envelope, turned around, and looked up. He saw Jeff already seated in the top bleacher row. He waved at Brian. Brian turned back around in his seat, not acknowledging Jeff's wave.

"You wanna' see what's in the envelope?" Bo asked as he grabbed the envelope and started to open it.

"No!" the senior said emphatically, quickly grabbing the overstuffed, unopened envelope from Bo's hands. "I'm sure I know already." Bo and Chris both snickered.

"Then you'll be joining us?" Chris asked. Brian looked at the two guys, reluctantly got up, and started toward the upper row. When the three approached the last row, the gymnasium lights went out, and the film's opening credits and titles appeared on the screen. The three scooted sideways in the last row where no one else was seated.

Chris led the way across to the middle of the row toward Jeff as Brian followed. Bo brought up the rear. As the guys got closer to the center of the row. Brian felt a hand on his ass cheek. He reached back and swatted Bo's hand away. Bo grabbed Brian's belt loop and pulled him back.

"I wouldn’t do that again if I were you." He hissed in Brian's ear. He grabbed Brian's ass-cheek and squeezed it hard. He didn't let go until all four were at the center of the long row.

Bo guided the senior to sit down beside Jeff. Chris sat down on the other side of their senior pet. Bo sat directly in front of him in the next row down. Bo grabbed the envelope out of Brian's hands and opened it. He pulled out the contents and shoved them at the senior.

As Brian had suspected, the envelope contained about 20 pictures of him taken at the field bathroom. Bo grabbed the pictures. He laid them on top of the envelope and placed them on the footrest behind him. He leaned back on the bleacher against Brian's legs. Brian pushed him forward with his foot. Attempting to inhibit the sophomore from leaning back against him. Bo turned around with his fist clenched and raised. Jeff and Chris grabbed each one of Brian's arms.

As the movie was playing, the gym was very dark. Not completely, but they were all in dim light. "Scoot forward a bit and open your legs. I want the back of my head lying against your dick and nuts like a pillow, or I'll pop you square in the balls," Bo threatened.

Reluctantly, Brian slouched forward and spread his legs apart, and Bo sat back and then leaned back to rest his head on Brian’s junk “pillow.” Brian's feet ended up at each side of Bo’s hips.

For the next few minutes, everyone watched the opening of the documentary. Unexpectedly, Jeff reached over and started playfully fucking with Brian's tit through his shirt. Brian pushed his hand away.

"Do that again, and those pictures get “accidentally” dropped under the bleachers to the main gym floor." Jeff threatened.

Jeff grabbed Brian's polo shirt and pulled it out of his pants. He reached his hand up under Brian's shirt and again started playing with Brian’s nipple, tickling and pinching it. Soon Chris, seated on the other side, had his hand up Brian's shirt and was doing the same with the senior’s other nipple.

Bo grabbed Brian's foot which was planted on his right side. He lifted it and untied the lace of the tennis shoe, then pulled it off. He did the same with Brian's other shoe. Now Brian’s socked feet were resting at each side of Bo.

Jeff and Chris tweaked, twisted, and pinched Brian's tits, and in a short time, his nipples were hard and sticking out. "Take off your shirt," Chris whispered in Brian's ear.

"What?!" Brian whispered in his surprised voice. "Are you . . ." Bo quickly grabbed the pictures. He stood up and started down the bleacher stairs to the first row down from where other students were sitting. He was about to pass the envelope to the nearest boy, saying, “Here, take one photo out and pass the rest down so everyone gets one.” Bo said this loud enough for Brain to hear.

"Wait," Brian said a little too loudly. A few students in the bleachers below turned around and looked up. Bo gave them a nasty look, and they turned back around to watch the movie. “Please don’t.” Bo retrieved the envelope before the boy opened it and returned to his seat in front of Brian.

"Look, Huff," Bo said with his face to Brian's, "If you don't want these pictures out amongst your fellow students here today. You'd better do as you're told. This is your last warning. Understand?" Reluctantly, Brian nodded his head in agreement.

"Now take off your fucking shirt," he ordered in a harsh whisper. Brian grabbed his polo shirt and pulled it off over his head. He had a T-shirt on underneath, so he didn’t feel too bad.

But then Bo added, "That too." Brian pulled off his T-shirt and was now bare-chested. Bo sat back down in his seat in front of him. He was obviously blocking some of the views of Brian’s body if anyone looked up to that last row.

For the next ten minutes, nothing happened. All four boys watched the movie. "Take off your pants," Jeff whispered in Brian's ear. Totally astonished, Brian looked at Jeff. His eyes followed as Jeff's head motioned toward the pictures again placed on the footrest. Brian looked back at Jeff with a pleading look, but Jeff was serious.

Apprehensively, Brian unzipped his fly, slightly raised his ass, and pushed his pants down to his ankles. Bo grabbed Brian's foot and slowly pulled Brian's pants off one foot, then did the same with the other. Fully embarrassed and trying to ignore that he was now clad only in his black briefs and white socks, Brian's face was beet red as he watched the movie. Jeff and Chris again started to toy with his nipples. They tweaked and pinched the senior's tits. This time, pinching much harder. His nipples hurt, but he was afraid to yell out or even whisper, fearing students would turn around and see him. Even so, Brian’s dick hardened, even though he attempted to will it down. When the two hooligans noticed Brian’s dick tenting his shorts. They alternately played with his nipples and rubbed his cock through his underwear.

“Please don’t,” Brian whispered. “Please.” Chris opened the fly of the senior’s Jockey briefs and let his stiff dick pop out. “Please,” Brain whimpered, nearly in tears.

Chris fished inside the Jockey’s and gently pulled his big balls out as well. Chris tickled his balls with his fingernails, and Jeff lightly stroked the senior’s stiff dick.

Bullies at Truman High
Part 3 of 6

Brian was lying on the foot suport between the two rows of bleachers, with his arms tucked under him in the dimly lit school gym in only socks and Jockey briefs, with his big stiff dick sticking out like a sword. His hands under his body made his hip thrust upward obscenely. He was mumbling to himself, barely audible, as if he were praying, “Oh no, please stop, please, oh God, please stop, please stop, please stop, please stop …”
Maybe the “prayer” was working. Jeff did not stop, but the bullies went no further. His breath was shallow, and his body was extremely tense. Brian was so totally freaked out. What if the movie ended now? It will end soon. What will they do? “Oh, God.”

Five minutes later, Jeff whispered in Brian's ear, "Raise your ass up."

"No, please, no" Brian whispered, once again pleading with the three thugs.

Jeff quickly grabbed the envelope with the pictures, removed one, and started to fold it into an airplane, preparing to launch it down the bleachers to whoever would catch it. Brian quickly grabbed his arm. Jeff looked at Brian with a resigned look on his face. Unwillingly, he raised his ass. Jeff and Chris grabbed the waistband of Brian's briefs and pulled them down, causing his stiff dick to snap upward as it cleared the fly. His dick bobbed up and down as his briefs were pushed down below his knees. Then, slowly, very teasingly, Bo slid the Jockeys down the boy’s calves. Then he slowly raised one foot and slid the brief off it, and placed that foot back beside him.  Then Bo lifted Brian’s other foot and slowly pulled the briefs off that one.
Now Brian was again sitting up behind Bo. Bo seemed to act with pride as he placed each of Brian’s socked feet at each of his hips. It was a sense of power, of total control, and he loved it!

Bo had his back to Brian and his two cohort sophomores, but they all knew he was smiling. And he was, indeed, smiling broadly. Bo had his right hand on Brian’s right foot and his left on the senior’s other foot. He was feeling the toes through the socks Brian was still wearing.

Hundreds of students and their teachers were all seated on the bleacher in front of him. Brian was utterly humiliated and totally naked except for his white socks. Jeff and Chris teased his nipples and cock for several minutes, and soon soft sighs escaped his lips. Brian’s six-and-a-half-inch dick, maybe a little small but nicely shaped, was nothing to feel embarrassed about except for the fact it was exposed to the world. If any of the world cared to look at it, and then it started dripping precum.

Without turning around to face Brian, Bo held up his hand and wiggled his fingers to signal for Brian to lean forward. Brian put his face near Bo’s head. “Dude! I can’t play with your toes,” he whispered, replacing his hand on Brian’s foot again. Each of his hands was on one of the senior’s feet. “See, the socks are in the way,” Bo spoke calmly and patiently.

Brian was confused. What the fuck was he talking about? Brian was sitting there all naked – in a public high school – all boned up -- with hundreds of people around – and … and … Bo was bothered ABOUT HIS FUCKING TOES?! The other two sophomores were also leaning forward so they would not miss any of the juicy humiliation Bo was dishing out.

“You see, dude, I am trying to play with your individual toes, and I can’t. Your socks prevent me from touching them directly. I want to feel them out.” Brian was in shock, daze, really. He just leaned there with his mouth gaped open.

“Look, stud, I own these toes.” He grabbed the toes through the sock material. “I own you! So I own these toes too. Right? And with your socks on, well … it’s like you think they belong to you, and you can cover them up whenever you want.” Brian was silent. “It’s a sign of disrespect,” Bo whispered calmly. Knowing he had all the power.

“Sho … sho … should I take them off?”

“Only if you think showing me full respect is important.” Brian didn’t move. He was not trying to be disrespectful. He was just so fucking stunned. Being publicly naked and at the hands of Bo. He was just out of it. “Dude, hand me that photo Jeff made an airplane out of. I want to see if I can toss it down there and watch it fly to the very front row.”

Brian didn’t know exactly when or how he removed his socks, but he was now handing them to Bo. “No, I told you before, Jeff is responsible for your clothes, not me.” So, he handed them to Jeff.

Now, Brian was completely theirs’. He was just as Bo wanted him. There he was. A senior at Truman High School. The star of the Truman Baseball team, totally naked, in a public-school gym. With a dozen teachers and hundreds of students present, with a boner, “enjoying” a documentary on Martin Luther King! His only “protector, his only hope, was Bo. He had to do as Bo wanted. Bo was his only salvation. He belonged to Bo, body, and soul. Awesome.

[break_free] Again, Bo held up his hand and wiggled his fingers, signaling Brian to lean forward again. Brian did. “You have pleased me so much. It’s time I reward you. I am going to let Jeff have the honors this time.” Brian was all ears. He could use some comfort. Maybe he was getting his clothes back. After all, the movie would end soon. “I want you to lean back, way back, and scoot your ass way forward. I want to see your asshole when I decide to turn around. And then, after you scoot your ass forward, place the heels of your feet on the bleacher you are sitting on. That should expose your asshole quite nicely.”

Brian was out of his mind. He was babbling to himself. Chris and Jeff just helped him slowly ease into the requested reclining position. He offered no resistance. He was like a rag doll or a puppet being manipulated. Brian found himself leaning back after the sophomores pushed his ass to the forward edge, then a little beyond the edge of his bleacher seat. Then, as required by Bo, Chris and Jeff each pick up one of Brian’s bare feet from where there were on Bo's seat, up higher to his own seat. This trusted his pelvis slightly upward. Then Chris and Jeff each placed a hand lightly resting on the senior’s bare muscled chest. It was just enough weight to aid him in leaning back.

Bo finally turned around and saw Brian’s asshole so beautifully displayed. “Great. OK, Jeff, go ahead and give him his reward. Massage his pussy hole for him.”

Jeff coated his finger in the dripping precum the senior was seeping out and pushed it up his asshole. He worked it in and out slowly at first and then a little more aggressively. Chris also began to tease his nipples again.

The sophomores played with his body for quite some time. They waited for him to moan loudly so that it might draw attention up to the top of the bleachers. Chris pinched and tweaked his tits as Bo pumped his dick, running his hand up and down the senior’s stiff, trigger-sensitive pole. Brian’s cock was rock hard. Jeff had his finger up Brian's ass, stroking the senior's prostate. Brian was breathing heavily. A whispered moan occasionally escaping his lips. He was very close to cumming. He reached for his cock to start jacking off. Jeff slapped his hand away.

"Don't touch yourself unless we tell you too," Jeff said emphatically.

Brian dropped his hand with a slight whimper and subconsciously spread his knees wider. His rigid dick was quivering with anticipation.

Jeff and Chris toyed with his tits, ass, and balls while his dick leaked copious amounts of precum. The senior was going wild and moaning rather loudly. They were several feet away from the students seated below them. It was really a good thing that the volume of the movie was turned up rather high and apparently loud enough so no one except his three tormentors could hear his moans. He wanted to cum badly. He wanted to grab his own dick and beat it to a climax.

Finally, Jeff whispered something in his ear: "Ok, Huff, it's time you pumped out a load for us. Grab your dick and shoot it off."

Brian grabbed his hard cock. He pumped it up and down a few times before loudly moaning and shooting a long strand high into the air, hitting Chris in the face. He frantically pumped his dick, and four more volleys of cum shot out onto his face, chest, and stomach. Brian was breathing heavily as he stroked his cock, milking out the last of his cum.

Suddenly, the closing statements flashed on the movie screen. The documentary was ending. Startled, Brian quickly sat up and looked around.

"Where are my clothes?" He whispered, now desperate to get dressed again.

"Down there," Bo pointed through the bleachers.

Unbeknownst to the senior, Bo had pushed all his clothes through the opening of the bleachers. He glanced down at the floor. His clothes were scattered all around on the gym floor about 30 feet below. But there was something else to notice. Standing below the clothes was his good buddy, Sal. "What the . . ." Brian started to say.

"Don't just sit there, Huff. Slip your bare ass through the bleacher opening and slowly let yourself down here to the floor if you don't want to be seen naked." Bo urged.

Brian slipped his legs down through the opening. The heavy cross-beam supports worked as a ladder for him to climb down on. Sal climbed up as well to assist his descent. Just as Brian slipped down, out of sight under the bleachers, the house lights came on. He climbed all the way down and was now there, standing next to Sal.

"Are you ok?" Sal asked, concerned.

"Yes, yes. I'm fine. Help me get dressed!" Brian said breathlessly. "Where's my T-shirt?"

Sal quickly grabbed Brian's T-shirt and handed it to him. Brian hastily wiped the cum from his chest and stomach. While he quickly got his underwear and pants back on. Sal was excitedly blubbering something about pictures of his best friend being naked. Afraid something was going to happen to him. Being forced to come to the gymnasium, and on and on. Brian was grasping the concepts about which Sal was blubbering but was not catching all the details.

"Sal," Brian said rather sharply. "Help me get dressed, and I'll explain later. We need to get out before they come down here."

Sal handed him his shirt and gathered up his sneakers and socks. Brian quickly pulled on his shirt, socks, and shoes. He didn't bother to tie his sneakers, preferring to leave immediately. Finally, being somewhat presentable, he grabbed Sal, headed toward a nearby back door, and exited.

"Going somewhere, boys?"

Jeff, Bo, and Chris stood outside when Brian opened the gym's back door. Bo grabbed him while Jeff and Chris grabbed Sal, and they pushed the two back into the gym. Bo put a finger to his lips. Indicating they were to remain quiet. He ushered everyone to a small clear area behind the bleachers and motioned for everyone to sit down.

By then, the gymnasium was nearly empty, and the last few students left the area. Bo pulled the pictures from the envelope again and started looking at them, ensuring everyone could see them as he reviewed the stack individually. Sal occasionally gasped whenever a picture of Brian was shown sucking dick or with cum on his face or chest. Brian was both angry and embarrassed as the pictures were being displayed. Soon the lights were turned out, and the night lights under the bleachers came on.

"What did I tell you, Sal?" Bo said.

"Brioan," Sal started to say. "They made me do it. Please, you've got to believe me."

"Shut up, Huff," Bo snapped.

Bo looked right at Sal, saying. "Believe what you want, but unfortunately, you, too, are now involved." He snickered wickedly as he looked Sal up and down.

Eighteen-year-old Sal and Brian had become fast friends about three years ago when Brian moved to town from Utah. Brian's Dad, as the new Pastor, relocated to the city. Sal really hadn't had a close friend until he met Brian. The two just seemed to hit it off right away.

Earlier that day, Bo had told Sal that his buddy sucked dick and that they had pictures to prove it. Sal was told if he didn't show up under the bleachers this afternoon. His best friend was going to get hurt. Sal didn't believe any of the stories Bo told him until he saw the pictures this afternoon. Now he was confused.

"Huff," Bo said. "I want you to shoot another load. So your boyfriend can see it all before his eyes.”

Brian groaned but said nothing.

"Now get your fucking clothes off and get that wimpy dick of yours hard like it was during the movie."

Totally embarrassed, but not knowing what else to do. Brian stood up. Slipped off his sneakers. Pulled off his shirt and slipped out of his pants and briefs. He was now nude except for his white socks.

"I said everything, Huff," Bo said, and Brian also slipped off his white socks. Now totally naked. Brian stood before his blackmailers. His face was totally red with humiliation.

"Now get that dick hard," Bo ordered.

Absolutely mortified before his friend. Brian could not look at Sal as he grabbed his dick and started to masturbate, but he couldn’t get a boner with his friend watching him. After ten minutes of pumping and his still flaccid dick, Bo turned to Sal and said, "Help your buddy out here."

Sal's face turned stark white, and his jaw dropped. "Aaaaaahh," he stammered, "I don't think I can do that."

"Sure, you can, Merker," Bo encouraged. "And Huff will help you, won't you, Huff?" Brian just stood there and looked at Bo. He was still too embarrassed to look at Sal.

"Now, just shuck out of those clothes there so Huff can take care of you," Bo ordered. Sal didn't move. He just stood there frozen. Suddenly, Sal heard a thump and a loud groan. He looked over at his friend, who was doubled over, holding his stomach.

"Will that convince you to help out your friend?" Bo asked. He'd just sucker-punched Brian in the gut. Knocking the wind out of him. Hunched over, Brian held his stomach and moaned in pain. Bo punched him two more times. Brian turned to his friend and looked him in the eyes.

Shaken from his stupor. Sal saw the hurt, anguish, and embarrassment on Brian's face. He slowly stood up and slipped off his sneakers. He pulled off his T-shirt and set it on top of his shoes. Sal's chest was totally hairless and not necessarily muscular. A thin layer of fat made his quarter-sized aureoles and pointy nipples stand out. His dark-olive skin was smooth with absolutely no blemishes. The hair under his armpits was short and jet-black. Sal was about the same height as Brian, 5'7", and probably weighed about 155 pounds. His jet-black hair was short and naturally curly. He unzipped his pants. He pushed them down to his feet and stepped out of them. He stood straight up before his tormentors. Now clad in just his white socks and white boxer briefs.

Still hunched over, Brian looked at his friend. He was sorry that these three thugs had gotten Sal involved. Knowing exactly how he felt, Brian felt sorry for his best bud. He watched as his friend pulled off his socks and laid them on top of his pants.

Sal briefly glanced at Brian and then looked at Bo. He was pleading with his eyes that this would stop. Bo just snickered. "Everything, Merker," Bo ordered.

Regaining his breath, Brian straightened back up. The pain in his stomach was subsiding. Sal grabbed his briefs and pulled them down. He lifted each foot off the floor, stepped out of them, and laid them on his socks. He was now totally naked.

Sal's flaccid dick was no longer than 3.5 inches. He had a big bush of jet-black pubic hair around his cock and balls. Which covered up most of his genitals. His legs were nearly hairless. Which made his pubic hair seem even more prominent. Brian had seen his friend with no clothes on several times in the shower at the gym. This was the first time that Brian really saw Sal naked. Sal stood up and covered his dick with his hands.

"Ok, Huff," Bo now instructed, "since you couldn't pump out another load. You’d better get started sucking one from your friend."

Brian reluctantly stepped over to Sal. He got down on his hands and knees and looked up into his buddy's face. Sal looked like he was about to cry. Brian moved Sal's hand away from his genitals. Brian grabbed his buddy’s cock and sucked it into his mouth. Very gently. He started to suck the teenager's limp dick.

He curled his tongue around his bud's dick head and then slid his lips up and down the short little shaft, licking the boy's balls once he had the dick fully in his mouth. Brian was still embarrassed but wanted his best friend to enjoy the blowjob.

Soon Sal began to respond to Brian's manipulations, and his dick started to stiffen. As Brian gently sucked his buddy's cock, it started to lengthen. He was really surprised when, after five minutes, Sal's cock grew to a healthy seven inches and was at least three inches thick and a good six and a half inches around. Christ, what a mouthful!

He started to work his buddy's cock and balls, and soon Sal moaned. His dick was leaking precum. He was getting turned on by the taste of his buddy's dick slop and sensed Sal was about to cum. Suddenly, Jeff pushed Brian over. Pulling Sal's dick from his mouth. Causing it to slap up against his buddy's stomach. Sal groaned loudly when he was denied his orgasm. Sal grabbed his cock and started to jack off, but Bo slapped his hand away.

"You're not to cum yet, scumbag." Bo scolded. Sal groaned disappointedly. He and Brian were so involved with each other that they hadn't realized the three sophomores were now naked and sporting huge boners.

"Huff," Bo ordered, "get over there and service Chris. He's been horny all week."

"And Merker," Bo continued, "you're about to receive instructions in cock sucking. Get your ass over here and put your mouth on my dick."

Brian crawled over to Chris, put Chris's 7-inch hard dick into his mouth, and started to suck. In the meantime, Bo stood in front of Sal. Forcing his dick down the senior's mouth. Sal had never sucked dick and continuously gagged and choked on Bo's huge cock. Every time Bo felt the boy's teeth on his dick. He'd slap Sal in the face. When Sal sucked cock properly, Bo moaned in pleasure.

Brian slathered up and down Chris's hard pole, licking the sophomore's balls and tonguing the thug's cock head. Soon the only sounds heard were the moans of the two sophomores getting their dicks sucked and the two seniors' lips smacking on the huge cocks as Jeff recorded Sal sucking Bo's cock. Suddenly, Chris started yelling.

"Aaaww! Oooohhhh! I'm going to cum!"

Brian bobbed his head up and down Chris's cock and rubbed the sophomore's balls.

"Fuck, oh fuck, I'm going to cum!" Chris yelled.

Chris flooded Brian's mouth with cum. Brian swallowed every drop and didn't choke or gag as jizz inundated his mouth. Soon Bo was moaning.

"You're doing good, Merker," he moaned. He thrust his dick deeper into Sal's mouth. Sal quickly grabbed Bo's cock and started licking his dickhead. "Oh, just like that." Bo hissed. "Suck that dick. Oh fuck, that feels good."

Bo thrust his dick all the way down Sal's throat. Sal choked and gagged as his mouth was flooded with boy seed. But that didn't deter Bo from unleashing his load. Cum dripped from the senior's mouth, spilling onto his stomach as Bo pumped him full. Soon Bo's cock was flaccid, and he pulled it out of Sal's mouth. Sal hung his head down in shame. Jeff put the cell phone down. His dick was rock-hard and leaking.

"Huff," Bo instructed, "you suck Jeff's dick and Merker, you play with Jeff's tits. He really gets off when someone plays with his nips. I want to see how fast you can get him off."

Jeff lay down on the floor. Brian grabbed Jeff's cock and started to suck the sophomore off. Meanwhile, Sal sat down with Jeff's head between his knees and started to tweak and gently pull on the sophomore's tits. In a matter of minutes, Jeff was moaning in pleasure as the two seniors toyed with his body. Brian sucked the sophomore's cock and played with his balls. He slid his tongue around the sophomore's dick head, then ran his slippery fingers up and down the sophomore's hard pole. Sal bent down and gently sucked and nipped Jeff's tits with his lips. Soon Jeff exploded. His dick shot long globs of cum straight down Brian's throat. Brian swallowed it all, not spilling a single drop.

When all three sophomores had been serviced, they all got dressed. Bo gathered the two seniors together again. "Follow me," he ordered. Both seniors reached for their clothes, but Bo quickly kicked their hands away. "You'll remain naked," he said emphatically. “Follow me.”

Bo opened the door and led them outside to the back of the school. The sun shone brightly on this unseasonably warm afternoon, temporarily blinding them. So everyone shaded their eyes with their hands after being in the dark gym. When their eyes finally adjusted. The two boys scoured the area. They saw no one watching them. Twenty feet away was an eight-foot brick wall with an alleyway on the other side that fed the driveways of the numerous homes built behind the school. About 50 yards away, on the west side of the building, was the same greenbelt that ran behind the church where Brian's father preached. The two seniors continued to search the area as Bo led them over to a grassy section of the schoolyard.

"You know what 69-ing is?" He asked. Both boys nodded their heads `yes.'

Bullies at Truman High
Part 4 of 6

"Huff, lay down on your back," Bo instructed, "and Merker, get down on your hands and knees over Huff's body but facing the opposite way."
The seniors did as he instructed. Surprisingly, the tall grass provided some cushioning. More so than the hard floor in the gym, both senior boys were almost comfortable on the ground but humiliated to be naked outside on the schoolyard lawn.

"OK, start sucking. I want you two to play with each other's dicks and assholes. You're not to let your partner cum until we tell you too, but you're to keep your partner erect at all times." Bo instructed. "You understand?" Both guys nodded their heads.

"OK, then, get started," Bo ordered. Jeff grabbed his cell phone and started recording again. Brian grabbed Sal's cock and started to suck his best friend off. Sal did the same thing with Brian's dick. It didn't take Brian long to have Sal's cock fully hard once more and dripping precum, but Sal wasn't doing so well with Brian's dick. After all, Brian had already cum twice.

"Wet your finger, Merker," Bo instructed once he realized Sal was experiencing problems stimulating his friend. "And stick it up Huff's asshole." Sal looked at Bo with a puzzled look on his face. Was he kidding?

"Do it, Merker!" Bo shouted. Sal put his middle finger in his mouth and got it good and wet. He pulled Brian's ass up close to him and placed his finger on his friend's anal opening. Gently, he worked his finger up into his bud's rectum. He was afraid he'd hurt him, but Brian worked his ass muscles and kind of "sucked" Sal's digit up his hole. Sal found Brian's little nut, and when he stroked it. Brian let out a pleasurable sigh. He rubbed it again, and Brian started to moan. He worked his friend's asshole while sucking his bud's dick. Soon Brian's dick was hard and leaking precum again.

Both boys pleasured each other, sucking and licking each other's cock and balls, bringing each other to near orgasm, then "cooling" down and starting all over again. For over 30 minutes, these two were in various 69 positions while Jeff recorded the two gratifying each other.

Finally, Sal couldn’t hold out any longer. Brian was sucking Sal's dick and playing with his buddy's balls when Sal let out a loud gasp and started shooting cum straight down his friend's mouth. As soon as Sal started shooting, Brian started to cum in Sal's mouth. Both boys sucked each other's dicks fervently, milking every single last drop of boy juice out of each other's cocks.

They separated from each other, gasping as their orgasms subsided, gently stroking each other's softening pricks. Finally, they looked up. No one was around. All three sophomores had left. The two looked at each other, both humiliated and red-faced. They quickly stood up, cupped their hands over their genitals, and ran over to the gym door from which they exited. It was locked. They looked at each other and started to run around the building, checking all the doors to gain entrance. Every door was locked. They circled around to the dumpsters. Luckily Festus, one of the janitors, was emptying the trash. The two boys sprinted toward the door before Festus realized what was happening. The two naked teens dashed inside the building and ran down the hallway to the gym. They ran under the bleachers, quickly sought out their clothes, and hastily dressed. They said nothing to each other. When they were both clothed. They went their separate ways and went home.

Both boys were too embarrassed to talk to each other about the activities that occurred Friday night at the school. Brian was having mixed emotions about the events. He knew he was straight and enjoyed the company of girls, but some things that he was forced to do Friday night excited him. For some reason, he enjoyed the sensation of a finger up his ass. Sal's body turned him on.

Sal was also embarrassed and confused about his feelings about the things he was made to do. He was still uncertain why Brian "caved in" so quickly to those hoodlums and was doing things that he'd never expected Brian to do. The two did not talk to each other over the long three-day weekend.

On Tuesday morning, Brian purposely loitered on his way to school, so he would not have time to meet Sal before school started. Instead, he went directly to his first-period math class. Usually, Sal and Brian would meet between classes and get together again after third period for lunch.

As he walked out of his third-period class, Jeff and Bo were waiting for him.

"Huff," Jeff called out," over here." Brian pretended he didn't hear him, but Jeff called out his name once more, this time a lot louder. Brian couldn't ignore him this time and was afraid Jeff would make a scene, so he walked over to the two sophomores.

"Follow me," Jeff ordered. He led Brian into one of the bathrooms as Bo brought up the rear. He pushed open the door, and Chris was waiting inside.

"You guard the door," Bo told Chris. Chris stepped outside while Jeff and Bo circled him.

"Get your clothes off, Huff," Bo ordered.

"Ah, come on, guys," Brian said, but Bo stopped him and pulled out his cell phone.

"Huff, I want to show you something." Bo stepped through the various apps, and when he found what he was looking for, he showed it to Brian. A website was clearly displayed on the monitor.

"See this website?" He asked. "I've placed some interesting videos on this site, which I've protected with a password on a public domain." He gave the phone to Brian. On the screen was the video of him and Sal sucking each other's dicks. He looked despairingly at Bo.

"Now, Huff, you got any more objections?" he snickered. Dismally, Brian shook his head.

"Then get your clothes off," he wickedly smiled. Brian reluctantly started to strip and soon was totally nude. Bo grabbed Brian's limp cock and pulled on it a few times.

"Seems you really enjoy having something up your ass." Bo said, "So we brought you something we thought you'd love." Bo pulled a thick, 5-inch long purple ass plug from his backpack.

"Know what this is, Huff?" Bo asked. Brian's jaw dropped down to the floor. He nodded his head `yes.' Bo pulled out some lubricant from his backpack and handed the plug and bottle to Brian.

"Squirt some of that lube on your hand and then generously grease up that plug," he instructed. Finding no alternative, Brian did as he was told. When the plug was generously greased, Bo grabbed the bottle of lube and put it away.

"Ok, now shove it up your ass," Bo instructed. Brian thought Bo had to be kidding, and the look on his face apparently expressed that exact sentiment.

"I'm not kidding, Huff," Bo continued. "Lie down on your back and slip that thing up your asshole. Just as if it were your finger."

Brian sat down and then lay down on the floor. He brought his slippery finger to his hole and started to circle his sphincter. He inserted his finger into his ass and generously lubed up his asshole. He put the plug tip to his virgin hole and looked pleadingly at Bo, but the sophomore didn't balk.

He slowly inserted the plastic toy into his tight, puckered hole. He was experiencing pain as the cone stretched his ass muscle. He looked Bo in the eye as he gradually pushed the toy up his rectum until he felt his sphincter clamp around the slender end. The pain subsided a little, but his ass felt full.

When it was fully inside. He lay there, panting from the exertion and tension he experienced during the ordeal. Bo and Jeff looked down at the naked teenager. They smiled as they knew what was coming next. Bo picked up his cell phone, sorted through the various screens, and brought up another app. He looked down at Brian as he tapped the screen.

At first, Brian had a puzzled look on his face, but then his expression changed as the ass plug started to vibrate and rub against his prostate. "Pretty cool, huh, Huff?" Bo said.

Brian said nothing. He didn't know what to say or do. He just lay there. Bo tapped the screen again, and the vibrations increased in intensity. A few moments later, Brian's dick started to react to the vibrating toy. He was getting a boner. Bo tapped the screen one more time. The intensity of the vibrations increased drastically. Brian's dick got very hard as the plug vigorously stimulated his prostate. He reached for his cock, but Bo gently kicked his hand away, lightly stepping on it.

"Not so fast, Huff," he said. Brian felt the vibrating plug in his ass rub against his hard-little nut. The intense sensations were driving him crazy. His cock was fully erect and leaking copious amounts of precum. It was dripping down his shaft. He had to shoot. He arched his back. Trying to fuck the air to gain enough friction to let him cum. He was moaning and started to plead with his blackmailers to let him shoot. Finally, Bo turned the plug off. Brian slumped back down on the floor, panting from the activity. When he'd finally settled down, Bo told him to stand up. Jeff grabbed Brian's pants and pulled out his billfold.

"My wallet. What the . . ." Brian started to say, but Bo interrupted him.

"If you want that back, you'll meet us after school in the third-floor bathroom," he snickered. "Get your pants on and get to your next class." Brian reached under him to pull out the plug.

"Oh no, that stays right there, Huff." Bo said emphatically, "Until you meet us after school."

"But I can't . . ."

"After school, Huff or I release all those videos on the web." Jeff put Brian's billfold into his backpack and then picked up Brian's underwear.

"Maybe you'll get these back, too," he said as he threw the briefs into a pocket of his backpack.

The two boys walked out the door. Brian looked at his watch. He had no time for lunch and had six minutes to get to his next class. Chris walked into the bathroom.

"I'm to escort you to class and ensure the ass plug remains in your ass," he said as he walked over to him. "Now bend over." Brian stooped over, and Chris reached down and felt the plug.

"That's a good little boy," he cooed.

Brian Huff ignored the comment and quickly threw his clothes on. Chris escorted him to his fourth-period class. Just as he entered the door. He felt a stirring again in his ass. Bo had turned the ass-plug back on at a really low speed. Just then, the bell rang. Brian quickly hurried to a seat and gingerly sat down.

During the entire hour, the plug slowly vibrated in his ass, keeping his cock hard and leaking profusely. When the bell finally rang. He looked down at his slacks, with no underwear on. He had a wet ring of precum staining the front of his pants. He pulled his polo shirt down to cover the mess and walked out. Jeff was waiting for him outside the door.

"To the bathroom, Huff," was all he said. Brian followed him to the bathroom. He walked into the handicap stall and motioned Brian in.

"Stand up on the stool. Drop your pants and bend down so no one sees you. I don't want anyone to get any ideas if they should happen to come in," Jeff said. Brian dropped his pants. Crouched down and stood on the commode so only one pair of legs showed below the partition door. Jeff reached between Brian's thighs to feel for the plug.

"Good boy, Huff," Jeff said. He reached for Brian's dick.

"You're pretty hard there," he said, flicking Brian's dickhead. Brian groaned. His dickhead was getting really very sensitive. He pulled up his trousers and fastened them.

"Can't you turn this thing off?" He pleaded.

"Sorry, little fella," Jeff said, "but I don't have the app."

Brian followed Jeff out the bathroom door to his next class. One of the three bullies met him after his fifth and sixth-period classes to check that the ass plug was in place and then escorted him to his next class. By the time the dismissal bell rang after the seventh-period class. His dick was really sensitive, and his balls were aching. The stain on the front of his pants nearly extended from his crotch to the waistband and all along the front. He quickly unloaded his books in his locker and almost sprinted to the third-floor bathroom. He wanted to get his billfold back and get out of there.

He flung open the door and quickly darted in. No one was there. He checked all the stalls. They were all empty. He headed for the door when suddenly it burst open. In walked the three sophomores.

"Huff," Bo said, "glad you could make it."

He had a wicked smile on his face as he walked up to Brian. "Ya,' horny?" He reached over and pinched Brian's tit, tweaking it a few times.

"Brian, my boy," he started again, "whenever we set up a meeting like this. You should be greeting us naked." He pinched Brian's tit a little harder. "Because we like to see your weenie hard dick and oh-so-sumptuous ass." He started to twist Brian's nipple, and Brian winced in pain.

"Now get your fucking clothes off." Bo brought out his cell phone as Brian quickly stripped off his clothes and stood naked before his blackmailers. His hard dick was pointing straight up, and his pubic hair was plastered to his skin from the precum that was leaking from his cock.

"I bet you'd like to cum," Bo said. "Huh, Huff?" Brian nodded his head and breathlessly agreed. The sensation in his ass was driving him crazy.

"Well, first, you've got to earn it." Bo unzipped his pants and pushed his pants and underwear down to the floor. His dick was already hard.

"Get your ass over here and wrap those sweet lips around this dick," he ordered. Brian didn't hesitate and quickly got down on his knees and stuck Bo's hard cock into his mouth. He sucked fervently. Chris grabbed Bo's cell phone and started increasing and decreasing the vibrations in Brian's ass.

Soon Bo was moaning as Brian sucked him off. By now, Jeff had switched the ass plug to 'high.' The sensations in Brian's ass were phenomenal, and he could hold back no longer. He grabbed his dick and pumped it one time. He shot clear across the bathroom floor. As soon as Bo saw him explode. He, too, started to cum. Brian pumped his dick with abandon, shooting three blasts of cum out onto the floor. All the time, the ass plug vibrated against his prostate.

Exhausted, he collapsed on the floor. Shuddering from the terrific orgasm, he'd just experienced. Jeff shut the ass plug off. Allowing Brian to recover. Bo rubbed his dick and milked the last drops of cum from his deflating tool.

When he had mostly recovered. Brian Huff looked over at Jeff. Jeff was naked, and his dick was hard and leaking precum, also. He walked over to Brian, knelt, and put his cock on Brian's lips. Brian opened his mouth and took the big shaft down his throat. He gently sucked the huge organ, eventually massaging Jeff's dickhead with his throat muscles.

"That feels really good, Huff." Jeff sighed as his dick responded to the gentle throat massage. "Now, rub my balls." Brian reached up and massaged Jeff's balls as he bobbed up and down on Jeff's shaft.

"Lick `em," Jeff ordered. Brian slid his tongue all around the hairy orbs while pumping Jeff's dick.

"Oh wow, that feels awesome, Huff," Jeff moaned. "You're really getting good at sucking dick." Jeff moaned as Brian pleasured him with his mouth. Chris grabbed Bo's cell phone and turned the ass plug back on to 'medium.'

"Oh, Gawd," Brian sighed as the sensations started to quickly build all over again.

He sucked Jeff's cock and balls with new enthusiasm as the ass plug gently massaged his little nut. Jeff's moans were getting louder as Brian sucked him off. Brian's dick once again got hard and stood straight up.

"Suck it . . . suck me good, Huff," Jeff moaned. Brian increased the tempo on Jeff's hard cock, sucking the stiff pole and massaging Jeff's balls.

"Oh fuck, keep it up, Huff," Jeff moaned. "I'm about to cum." Brian attempted to deep-throat Jeff's dick. Just as it slid down his throat, Jeff squirted his first shot.

"Oooooooooooooo FFFUUUCCCKKK!" He shouted. "I'm cummmmming!"

Bullies at Truman High
Part 5 of 6

He thrust his dick further down Brian's throat and shot four more loads of cum directly into Brian's stomach.
Brian milked the last drops of cum out of Jeff's dick, and Jeff pulled his cock out of Brian's mouth when it was fully soft. Meanwhile, Chris's dick was hard. He got up. Removed his clothes and walked over to Brian. He grabbed the boy's face and shoved his hard cock right down the senior's throat. Brian lay, exhausted and naked, on the bathroom floor. His dick was hard again as the ass plug vibrated in his ass. It was well after 5:00, and he'd sucked off the three sophomores twice and had dumped two loads of cum onto the bathroom floor. Chris and Jeff had left much earlier, but Bo was there to take him home.

Brian reached around to pull the ass plug from his ass. "Leave it in there," Bo ordered as he picked up his cell phone and turned it off. Brian looked around for his clothes. He found his T-shirt but looked around for his pants.

"Where're my pants?" he asked. Bo just snickered. He pointed to the window.

"Out there," he laughed. Brian quickly got up and looked out the window. His pants were hanging from one of the goalposts on the football field.

"What the . . . " he started to say.

"Your billfold is in your pants pocket," Bo said, chuckling as he headed for the door. He picked up Brian's backpack, pulled the door open, and held it.

"If you want a ride home from me, you've got ten minutes to get your pants and get to my car." He said. "Otherwise, you're on your own." He dropped Brian's underwear on the floor and hastily exited the bathroom. Before Brian could get to the door, Bo was gone.

Brian picked up the T-shirt and looked at it closely. This was not his T-shirt, but he put it on. It was too small and just barely went over his chest. Two holes were ripped in it, exposing his nipples, and the bottom half had been ripped off, exposing his midsection. He walked over to the door and picked up his white briefs. The whole front panel had been ripped out, and a large hole was ripped open in the back. He put them on. His cock and ass were fully exposed. The side panels were also shredded.

Brian didn't know what to do. He couldn't go out looking like this, but, yet, his billfold was in his pants pocket, and he had to get it. If he didn't get back to Bo's car in ten minutes. He'd have to walk home like this.

He went to the bathroom door and opened it slightly. He looked up and down the hallway and saw no one. He snuck his way to the back stairwell and dashed down the steps. He made it to the back door with no one seeing him. He quickly opened the door and ran outside. A few feet away was Mr. Jenkins, another janitor, who, along with his assistant, Festus, was coming back in after cleaning up some classrooms. The school day was over.

"What do we have here?" Mr. Jenkins asked as he reached for Brian's dick.

Brian's face turned 25 shades of red as Mr. Jenkins looked down at the near-naked senior with a broad smile crept upon his face. Festus, his assistant, stopped and stood beside him, blocking Brian's exit. Brian stepped back and was about to run past the two when Festus grabbed his arm, twisted it behind his back, and pushed it up against his back.

"Not so fast, young man," Mr. Jenkins smiled. Brian yelped as his arm was forced up his back.

"Please, sir, I've got to go, or I'll miss my ride." Brian pleaded, but Mr. Jenkins just smiled, grabbed Brian's cock, and started stroking it.

Jenkins, and his nephew, Festus, were hired by the school district back when the application process did not include a very thorough police background check. If it had, the district would have discovered that each of these men had complaints filed against them for child molestation in another state where they came from. Those charges were never proven. So, these men were never convicted. Even so, they did have great interest in high school-aged boys. That was the whole reason for working at a high school. So, Brian was, indeed, in trouble.

Brian struggled to break free, but Festus held him tighter, forcing his arm upward. Brian howled as he felt the pain in his shoulder from the leverage Festus put on his arm. Mr. Jenkins knelt down, took the senior's dick into his mouth, and gently sucked it before plunging it deep down his throat. He bobbed up and down Brian's shaft, grabbed the teenager's balls, and started to massage them.

"What's this?" Mr. Jenkins asked when his hand bumped up against the ass plug. Brian's face once again blushed red when Mr. Jenkins asked the question. The janitor fingered the ass plug and then went back to sucking the senior's cock.

Mr. Jenkins was an experienced cock sucker and loved sucking dick. He had Brian's dick hard and near orgasm in a very short period of time. Just when Brian was about to shoot, he stopped sucking.

"Aargh!" Brian groaned. "I'm just about ready to cum!"

"I know," the janitor said with a grin. He motioned to his nephew.

"Let's take him to the teacher's lounge."

After they had firmly escorted him to the nearby lounge. Festus and Mr. Jenkins grabbed Brian by the arms and pushed him inside. The janitor grabbed Brian's T-shirt and ripped it off with one mighty pull, then ripped it into strips. The assistant grabbed Brian's hands and pulled them behind his back. Mr. Jenkins secured Brian's hands with the torn strips of his shirt. He grabbed the teenager's briefs, ripped them off, and stuffed them into Brian's mouth. He pushed the teenager down on the sofa, grabbed Brian's feet, and pulled off his sneakers. He was sockless. Now totally naked, he grabbed the teenager's legs and started to suck Brian's sexy toes and feet while Festus grabbed the senior's cock and started to jack him off.

But Festus stopped due to his curiosity. He had to ask, “Why the ass plug? Someone make you wear it?” Brian was in a state of full embarrassment. “You’d better tell me. You’re in no position to disobey.” Brian nodded yes with a bug-eyed stare like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Must be the Bo Dunner gang. Right?” Again, he nodded. That answer was of some importance to the janitors. No one wanted to fuck with Bo and his crony bullies. Those families were wealthy high-class socialites and had a lot of influence over others. The janitors went about the business at hand.

Mr. Jenkins and his nephew assistant played with the naked teenager's buff body for nearly an hour, keeping him aroused the whole time. He sucked Brian's dick and licked and massaged the senior's balls. He pulled the ass plug from Brian's ass and rimmed the teenager's asshole. The janitor's assistant kept massaging and licking the senior's tits, gently sucking on his nipples and jacking his cock while the janitor ate his asshole. The two men stripped down and shoved their hard dicks into Brian's face. Brian sucked both their cocks and licked their balls until they shot a huge load down his throat. The two men then pumped a load out of Brian before they untied him and left.

Brian sat naked on the sofa, rubbing his wrists and arms and getting the blood flowing in his extremities after being tied up for so long. His flaccid dick was shriveled up into his pubes. He pulled on his shoes and noticed something. Oddly, the ass plug was nowhere in sight. The janitors must have taken it. He was sure glad he’d never see the likes of that again.

He stuck his head out to determine if the coast was clear and saw no one in the hallway. Except for his socks and tennis shoes, he was still naked as he worked his way to the school's back door. This time, he cracked the door open slightly to see if anyone was out there. Once again, he saw no one. He looked at the goalpost. It was now close to dusk, but he was pretty sure he saw his pants still tied to it.

He ran out the door and streaked toward the football field. He doubted anyone saw him, but he didn't slow down until he reached the goalpost. He reached up high and quickly untied his pants. His billfold was still in the back pocket. He opened the waistband to step into his jeans, but the whole front of his pants had been ripped out, and both inseams to the legs had been torn open. He examined his jeans and found the back was still intact. He slipped his legs through the waistband and turned the back of the pants around to the front. It looked a little weird wearing his pants backward, but at least his cock and balls were covered even though his ass was fully exposed.

He sprinted the 1.5 miles home, passing two joggers on his way, but by the time they realized he was half-naked. He was well down the road. His parents were in the kitchen when he got home. He could quickly dart up the steps to his room before they even realized he was in the house. When he got into his room. He stripped down and went to bed.

The next day, Thursday, when he got to school, Brian found his backpack stuffed in his locker. Bo had scribbled a note: “Waited for you for 20 minutes, but you never showed. Here's your backpack.”

Brian pulled his backpack out of his locker and went to class. Sal and he still avoided each other at school the whole week. Not wanting to talk about the incident last week or their "feelings" about each other. At the end of the school day, on Thursday afternoon, Bo met Brian outside his last period English class.

"Hey Huff," Bo shouted. "I need to talk to you." Brian wanted to run but knew it would be useless because Bo would hunt him down.

"Huff," Bo said when he'd caught up with him. "My girlfriend is having a party Saturday night and wants you to come." Puzzled, Brian looked.

"Why would she want me to come? I don't really know her." Brian knew Bo was dating Alisha only because she was a cheerleader for the football team. He had never spoken to the girl. So he was really baffled why she wanted him at her party.

"She thinks you're cute, and she wants you there. So you're going to be there. Got it?" Bo dictated. "I'll pick you up around 8:30." Having no other option, Brian reluctantly agreed, and the two left.

On Saturday morning, Bo texted Brian. “See ya' tonight at 8:30,” was all it said, and along with it was a video. He tapped on the video. It was him sucking off Jeff and Chris. He quickly shut it down and deleted both the text and video.

Early that evening, he showered and wore cargo pants and a nice Polo shirt. He slipped into his Nikes and was ready when Bo pulled into the driveway.

"Hey, Huff, glad you could make it." Bo snickered when Brian got into the car. Brian sat in the passenger seat and glanced at the car's dash cam. Bo had his cell phone connected to it, and the video of him and Sal sucking each other's dicks was playing on the dash cam's monitor. He looked over at Bo disgustedly but said nothing, knowing it would do no good. Bo snickered again as he put the car into reverse and pulled out of the driveway and onto the street.

Bo told Brian to remove his clothes a few blocks down the road. Reminding him that he would be naked in Bo's presence. Brian was still pissed but now resigned to his fate. He unfastened his seat belt and pulled off his Polo and T-shirt. He kicked off his sneakers, pulled off his socks, and then unsnapped his pants. Raised his ass up off the seat and pushed his pants down and off his bare feet. Next, he slipped off his briefs. He was now totally naked, and his dick was flaccid.

Bo momentarily looked over at the nude senior and told him to give him his underwear. Brian looked at him quizzically but bent down, picked up his briefs, and gave them to him anyway. Bo grabbed them, opened his window, and threw them into the street.

"WHAT THE … " Brian started to shout, but Bo quickly interrupted him.

"You won't need those tonight," he said emphatically as he slapped Brian across the chest. "Now start jacking off and get your dick hard."

Brian unwillingly grabbed his cock and started to masturbate. Thankfully, it was dark outside, and no one could see him in the car, jacking off. His dick got hard quickly, and he continued to stroke it as Bo drove down the highway. When they were about two miles from Alisha's house. Bo told him to reach around and get the bag on the back seat floor.

Brian grabbed the bag, opened it, and took out the small package. It was a black see-through G-string. He looked at Bo in disbelief.

"Open it up and put it on," Bo directed.

"I can't wear … " Brian began to protest, but Bo interrupted again.

"You're going to wear it, so just shut up and put it on," he said sternly.

Brian opened the package, pulled it out, and examined it. The G-string consisted of a black 6-inch wide see-through pouch wrapped around a half-inch waistband with a simple half-inch elastic strap that ran from the back of the waistband to the base of the pouch.

He slipped his legs through the straps and pulled it up around his waist. The elastic strap went up his ass crack and mostly disappeared between his ass cheeks, except for the top two inches. He shoved his balls into the pouch and had to rearrange his hardening cock several times before it was completely inside the pouch. Bo grinned as Brian fiddled with his cock and balls to fully conceal them inside the pouch. When he was done. Brian's dick was visible through the sheer nylon fabric. His face was red from embarrassment once he finally got the garment in place.

"Get dressed," Bo ordered. Those were the best words he could hear. Yes! He’d be dressed! Brian put on the rest of his clothes and sat there. Infrequently glancing at the video on the dash cam monitor. Which was now showing him sucking Bo's dick. Bo informed him that Alisha's parents were out of town, she was having a few friends over, and that there would be special entertainment for the party. He looked over at Brian with a glaring and demanding look.

"You do whatever my girlfriend wants, or those videos you've been watching tonight will be sent to your folks and a few select people at school." he threatened as he punched Brian in the arm. "You understand?"

Brian momentarily rubbed his arm and, once again, resigned to his fate, just nodded in agreement. Those videos could not be released, especially to his Dad. It was about 9:00 PM when Bo pulled into his girlfriend's driveway. They both exited the car and went up to the front porch. Bo rang the doorbell, and his girlfriend opened the door and invited them in.

"Brian, you know my girlfriend, Alisha, don't you?" he asked. Brian stuck out his hand to shake the girl's hand, but she never put out her hand. She just laughed and winked at Bo. Feeling embarrassed with his offered hand sticking out. He quickly put it down.

"He'll know us really well by the night's end," she giggled. Brian followed his hostess into the living room. Five other girls were all seated on the sofa and chairs. Brian recognized three of them but not the other two.

"This is Bonnie, Cathy, Lori, Sally, and Brenda," Bo said as he pointed to each girl. "Girls," he added, "this is Brian."

He looked over at Brian one more time with another threatening look on his face. Brian clearly understood that he was to do whatever Alisha asked of him. He nodded his head slightly as Bo walked into the foyer.

"I'll see ya' around 11:00," he yelled, quickly exiting the house.

Alisha walked into the foyer and ushered Brian into the living room. He was embarrassed to be the only guy there, and she did nothing to ease his humiliation or welcome him. She motioned for her friends to gather around her.

"Let's begin tonight's activities," Alisha told her friends. "The first thing on the agenda is a little poker game." She looked over at Brian. "Strip poker," she added. "Boys against girls." She winked her eye and giggled when she said that.

"Wait a minute," Brian said. "I don't think that's fair. I'm the only guy here."

"Oh, it's fair," Alisha said, Because Bo will be very upset if you're not willing to play the game with us," she said with a threatening voice.

Bullies at Truman High
Part 6 of 6

"OK," she started. "Here are the rules. They're very simple. A team member pulls off one card from the top of the deck and looks at it. The opposing team gets one chance to guess if it is a low card, high card, or Royalty; two through five is low, six through nine is high, and the ten, Jack, Queen, and King are royalty. The Ace is special: if you draw that, you get to put something back on."

She giggled when she said that. "Every time you guess wrong, an opposing team member takes something off you." She looked at her five girlfriends. "Understand?" she asked.

All the girls giggled and nodded their heads. "Ok, since Brian is the only guy here, he can cut the cards, and we'll begin. Do you want to go first, or do you want us to?" she asked him.

"You can go first," he said as he cut the cards and returned them to Alisha.

"Ok, take the card on the top of the deck, Brian." Brian pulled the top card. It was the four of hearts.

"Bonnie, you go first," Alisha said. "Guess the card category."

"High." Bonnie guessed. Brian turned the card outward, exposing the card's face value.

"Wrong," he said.

"Whoa," Bonnie said. "Not a very good start for the girls, huh?"

"Brian, take something off Bonnie," Alisha said to her.

Brian took her shoe off and threw it behind her.

"Ok, Brian, it's your turn," Alisha said as she took the card off the top of the deck.

"High," Brian said.

Alisha turned the card outward. It was the seven of hearts.

"Good guess," she said. Brian breathed a sigh of relief.

The game continued as the girls rotated every round, with one girl guessing each card for the "girls’" round and Brian guessing every time for the "boys’'" round. At the end of ten rounds, Bonnie had both shoes off, and Alisha, Cathy, Lori, Brenda, and Sally each had one shoe off. Brian was barefoot and bare-chested. He only had his pants and G-string on. It was Brenda's turn.

"High," she said. Brian had picked the Eight of Cubs. He turned the card around.

"Very good!" Alisha said. Alisha took the next card off the deck. Brian studied the back of it intently as if hoping to find a clue as to what it was.

"Low," he said. Alisha turned the card around. It was the King of Spades.

"Aaaaaaaahhh," all the girls moaned mockingly. "Too bad." they chuckled as they intensely looked at him. He had a pleading look, hoping to end the game there.

"Looks like you have to lose something, Brian.” It’s Cathy’s turn to strip something off you.” Cathy reached over, unbuttoned his pants, and pulled them down.

“Wait, ladies, let me just concede that you all beat me. You’re much better card players than I am, so let’s move on to something else.”

“What? And spoil Cathy’s fun?” Alisha said. “Go ahead, Cathy, go for it.” After loosening his pants, she motioned for Brain to raise his ass off the floor so that she could slide his pants down his legs and then pull them off. Alisha grabbed them and threw them on the other side of the room.

Suddenly, all the girls started to whoop and holler upon seeing the sexy transparent G-string. Alisha smiled wickedly, telling Brian to stand up and put his hands behind his back.

Brian stood up, turning all shades of red, and put his hands behind him. His cock was flaccid, but his dick head was visible through the sheer pouch. Alisha stood up and walked over to him. She looked him directly in the face as she reached down and stroked his limp penis with her soft hands. Brian felt humiliated as she toyed with his cock.

By this time, the other five girls had circled around him. Some reached over and stroked his bare ass while one grabbed the elastic straps, pulled them away from his body, and let them go, snapping them against his bare skin. All of the girls then took turns rubbing his dick through the pouch, and soon his cock was twitching upward and getting hard.

"It's Lorie's turn," Alisha announced after all the girls had a chance at Brian's body. Brian grabbed a card from the stack.

“Hold on, let's have a rule change,” Alisha announced. “Whenever one of us loses, Brian gets to remove an article of clothing from one of us. But whenever Brain loses, we get to do something for, or … to him.” All the girls cheered.

"High," Lori quickly said. He turned the card around. It was the Four of Diamonds.

Lori held up her foot so Brian could remove only a sandal. Even though the rules were that it was his choice as to which item of hers to remove. He didn’t want to upset these ladies. Bo would give him hell. So, he removed her sandal.

"Hurry up, Brian," Alisha finally said. "We don't have all night."

"High," Brian blurted out.

Alisha smiled a wicked grin. She turned the card around. It was the Two of Hearts. Little did Brian know that Alisha had in fact stacked the deck and was pulling three cards at a time for every one of his turns. So regardless of what he called out, she'd likely be able to show a card other than what he'd called out.

"Come on, ladies," Brian started to plead. "Can't we call it quits for now?"

"Bo will be very disappointed if you don't play the game with us throughout," Alisha reminded him.

She walked over to Brian, grabbed the waistband of the G-string, and yanked it down to his feet.
His hard six-and-a-half-inch cock immediately popped straight up. A bubble of precum oozed from his piss slit. She wrapped her supple fingers around his cock and started to pump it as she reached down and fondled his balls. Brian's face was still red with humiliation, but he soon started to moan as she jacked his dick and massaged his balls.

By this time, Alisha and the other five girls had circled around him and were now toying with his naked body. Lori was holding a long wooden frat paddle. Brian realized that these games were all planned out. Then Brenda announced a new game. “OK, Brian, put your hands up as high as you can and keep them there. If you lower them, Lori will swat your ass as hard as possible.” And Lori was the most muscular girl there. She was on the women’s wrestling team.

Brian raised his hands. No, not like that. Lock your elbows. Make your arms as straight as possible, really stiff and straight.” Totally naked and feeling very humiliated. He did as he was told.

“No. I said raise your hands as high as possible. Higher.” Lori demanded with a smirk on her face.

Brian, with his dick stiffly, pointing outward. Tried to reach higher. His entire body was thrust upward. His arms were locked straight.

“No, Brian, I said to reach as high as possible. Hold on.” then Lori turned to the other girls. “Let’s move the dining table out of the way.” The girls slid it over to the side of the room. There was a small chandelier hanging down over the table, but now it just oddly hung down over their heads.

“Sally, hand me those two textbooks. That’ll help.” Sally took two books off an end table and passed them to Lori. She placed them on the floor under the hanging light fixture about a foot apart. “OK, Brian, stand on these, one foot on each book.” Brian did not see the point of it since the books were only a couple inches thick, and so were not going elevate his body very much, but he did as he was told.

“No, that’s not quite right. Step down.” When Brian did, she moved the books about three feet apart. “OK, now try it.” Again, Brian stepped up and placed one foot on each book, but this time it was a bit awkward to have his feet so far apart. He wasn’t that tall in the first place.

But Brian did look very sexy and now very vulnerable, being completely naked with a stiff boner and his feet far apart.

“OK now, Brian. Raise your hands as higher. Try to touch the chandelier.” He stretched upward. His trim stomach naturally sucked in as he reached as high as he could, but the light fixture was still about two inches beyond his reach. “No, I need you to reach higher. Get on your tiptoes,” Lori commanded.

Brian did, but this was most awkward. He needed to balance and stretch and, at the same time, reach up. This time, he could barely place his fingers on the bottom of the fixture. It was a little difficult, but he did it. Oddly, his stretched-out body made his average-sized dick look longer as it stuck out horizontally to the floor.

“OK, that’s exactly right. Now, Brian, can you hold that position for this next game?” Alisha asked.

“Well, I don’t think so. I mean, this is difficult, and … and … I don’t have much balance like this,” Brian said, hoping he could convince them to let him get down.

“Oh, well … don’t worry. We’ll help you keep stretched upward like that.”

Brian was struggling as much to keep his fingertips on the hanging light as to keep on his tiptoes. Finally, when he thought it was OK, he set his feet flat on the books, which caused him to let go of the chandelier.

“HEY! GET BACK UP THERE!” Lori snapped loudly. That startled Brian enough to cause him to lose his balance and fall on the floor.

“Get up there and stay up there!” she told him most seriously. Brian scurried to place his feet back on the books and then onto his tiptoes and, again, struggled to reach up to the light fixture with his fingertips.

“Now stay like that as we examine your body in more detail. If you remove your fingers from the chandelier, even just for a second, Lori, our prize wrestler champion, will give you a hard swat. Understand?”

“Ya ... ya … yes, Ma’am.” Brian stuttered. In order to stretch to the max as he was. He had to look upward. So, he could no longer see or watch the girls doing anything. He was on his toes, with his legs spread wide, and keeping his balance was difficult. He had to concentrate to maintain this position and not let his fingertips leave the fixture.

“OK, girls, let's see what we’ve got here. And here we have some implements to use,” Sally emptied a small box of some common items as well as some oddities onto the floor.

Brenda picked up a feminine cunt vibrator and turned it on. Then quickly shoved it into Brian’s asshole without any mercy. Immediately, Brian recoiled and let go of the light. Thereby letting his feet go flat on the books.

Then “SMACK!” Lori used her long wooden paddle like a baseball bat in a split second. Squarely hitting Brian’s ass cheeks. It was really a hard hit. Lori was prepared for it at the onset. Knowing Brian could not possibly comply. She wanted to give him a hard smack to cause a lot of pain in that one swat. Her intention was that he likely would not need any further reminders. The vibrator caused his ass to sting from the inside out, too!

“OK, Brian, stop whining and get back up there.” He slowly did, but this time he had a lot more respect for the girls’ rules. “If you just hold your position. You won’t have to be paddled repeatedly,” Alisha told him. “But if you like getting paddled. I’m sure Lori can do it much harder next time.”

The girls giggled. Knowing they communicated their intentions very well. He was theirs for the night. So, the girls continued. A bag of wooden clothespins was ripped open and spilled out onto the floor. Several girls placed some on Brian’s nipples, ball sack, and even his earlobes.

Brenda continued with her cunt dildo. Inserting it fully and then turning it on. “Look, girls.” Alisha said, “He’s oozing bad-boy juice.” All the girls laughed.

His nipples were being tweaked and pinched, and his ass cheeks were massaged. Cathy rubbed his tight abs while the taller Lori nibbled on his ears. Brenda got tired of holding the cunt dildo, and so just pushed it all the way into his asshole, which closed around it. The vibration was now churning up inside his gut. Brian was at maximum stimulation and was about to cum.

Alisha sensed Brian's imminent orgasm, and she abruptly stopped. Telling the others to do likewise. She was quite the vixen. Something of a sexaholic and very experienced in erotic touching and fondling. That’s why Bo was dating her. She was a whiz at pleasing him.

Kinks096A Brian groaned as the stimulation ceased, and his impending orgasm was denied. When the urge to cum had diminished. The girls again edged him close to climax and then suddenly stopped touching him just when he was about to climax. Brian thought, “This is true of cock teasers!” For an extended period, these six girls kept him on edge and never allowed him to climax … or let go of the light fixture. Lori was right that one good hard smack with the paddle was all he needed to comply fully all night.

When he had been denied his climax for the seventh or eighth time. Alisha stood up and boldly announced, "Bo said that you like to eat your cum. Is that right?"

Brian was dizzy, all stretched out, with his face still pointing upward. How could he tell these girls that? “What the fuck!” he thought. His face once again blushed in shades of red as he was mortified and had no idea what to say. Alisha went to the end table, picked up a glass, and handed it to Cathy. “Here, start collecting his pee-pee juice.”

“OK, Brian, time for you to shoot your load. But it must be in the glass. Since you can’t jerk yourself off because your fingers must stay touching the chandelier. We’ll help you shoot.” Alisha said. “Tell us what a disgusting turd you are. Tell us how you love to eat guys’ asses. How you love to get fucked and drink piss and how you suck the toes of your team members and lick their holes. Go ahead, NOW! TELL US WHAT SLIME SHIT YOU ARE AND WHAT FAGGOTS LIKE TO DO!”

Brian was so out of it. He had a vibrator up his ass. In fact, his ass swallowed it up. He was stretched on his tiptoes, with his legs spread wide apart. He was trembling and sweating. He whispered, “I am a fucking ass licker. I love to eat ass and get fucked.” Brain said in a whimpering voice.

“No, yell it out loud, so the neighbors can hear you.” Lori chimed in.


“And?” “I LICK GUYS’ ASSES AND SUCK THEIR DICK!” Somehow, Bo had entered the house and stayed low as he quietly waited for his cue to enter the room. Brian was sobbing as he maintained his stretched-out position. He was yelling and-and screaming due to his own humiliation.


“Hiya girls!” Bo said, finally announcing his presence. The girls started to cheer.

Brian opened his eyes and could not hold back. All the humiliation overwhelmed him, and he shot six blasts of cum all over the place. None of it got in the glass. In the process of cumming. He fell on the floor and then grabbed his dick to milk it dry. He was a trembling, shivering, sobbing mess, now coated in sweat and cum. Embarrassingly, he even shits out the vibrator.

"Looks like you girls got quite the show," Bo said with a smile as he watched Brian in his unstoppable ejaculate sequence.

"I told you he loves to have something up his ass," Bo said. "He'll shoot every time." The girls nodded in agreement and watched Brian as he lay on the floor, recuperating from his intense orgasm.

Finally, Bo grabbed him by the arm. "Come on, Huff, the show's over." He pulled Brian toward the door.

"But my clothes," Brian protested. "I need my clothes!"

Alisha handed him the sheer G-string.

"I need my clothes, please,” Brian begged.

“You have your clothes, Huff," Bo said. "And now you need to take care of me."

Bo pulled the naked senior out the door and pushed him into the front seat of his car. Brian was grasping his G-string. Alisha came running out the door and then quickly kissed her boyfriend goodbye.

"Thanks for lending Brian to us," she cooed. "We’ll make you a copy of the video we took tonight. We all had a really good time with Brian."

The End

NO! It isn’t! - It’s the end of the game, and his misery with these young ladies. But now there is this mention of a video. Is it an incriminating video of all the stuff the girls made him do? And how strong is this hold that these bullies have on Brian Huff? Can he break free of them, once and for all? Read the sequel in two and find out. Copyright 2018 GayTies.com. Each story part is displayed for only 24 hours, and is reposted only once every couple of years. So, log-in every day (or upgrade) so you don’t miss a one of them!